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  1. AoMythology

    Naruto Thousand Hands (Mokuton Naruto AU)

    Somewhere I Belong, AKA Thousand Hands (Naruto AU) Naruto teams up with (Fem-)Sasuke, known as Uchiha Biwako. This story won't have pairings until the involved characters are well into their teens. Even if they share a bed, it's innocent (they're eight!) Inspired by Ginjaa Ninjaa’s...
  2. AoMythology

    Harry Potter On a Similar Path (a ruthless, clever and powerful Harry Potter story)

    The Threadmarks below are the corrected version of the chapters. On a Similar Path Harry, the ruthless and powerful wizard This uses Tom Riddle as inspiration to how Harry develops. True, he won’t be nearly as villainous as Tom, but he will be clearly similar to him regardless. ----- I...