A Batman/Harley type idea

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This is an idea for some Batman/Harley interaction based in the animated DC universe. It begins just after the events in Batman Beyond: Return of the Joker; Tim and Barbara have left, and the Batman is left confused and unable to continue the fight. While he drowns himself in his sorrows, a battered Harley Quinn emerges from the depths, ready to retrieve vengence for her beloved "Mistah J." After a bitter knock-down, drag-out fight, the two relieve their sorrows on each others shoulders, and Harley becomes a resident at Wayne Manor.

The interaction between the two could either be romantic or platonic, depending on how it's written. Regardless, the ideas I like to touch on are as follows: Bruce learning to believe in Harley again, Harley's apparent need to be controlled (whether it be by Joker or Batman), the echoes from the Joker's death and Tim Drake's suffering, and how Harley became the reformed granny seen in ROTJ. What do you think?


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Sounds interesting but I'm not entirely sure how beleveable it is for Wayne to take another borken person under his wing after the death of the Joker; he blames himself utterly for Tim's shattered sanity and given his usual 'clam up' approach to dealing with angst reaching out to someone who helped break his charge seems unlikley.
However I would still love to see this, if you can pull it off the idea sounds like the making of a very deep and thoughtful side-story to the movies events

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Decided to answer this post after the better part of a year. Thanks for your comments Maelgrim. I guess my best answer to your believability concerns will be that Batman won't be pulling any punches in the opening fight; he'll be royally pissed. (I'm thinking of a scene where Batman and Harley are rolling down the stairs of the Batcave, clawing at each other) I'm thinking Batman and Harley will have a strange love/hate dynamic in the story, though it'd be cut from a different cloth than the Ranma/Akane standard. Remember, if it's not a dysfunctional relationship, then it's not a Batman relationship!

I'd also like to work Nightwing in the story. Dick would arrive sometime after Harley, but instead of rubbing his failure in Bruce's face, he'd stay at the manor actively trying to help his old guardian out. I think that'd add a nice ironic twist, and Bruce could really use Dick's help after the Joker incident.