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A Proposal for an Avatar/ Naruto Crossover

Okay, its my belief while the stories of the two series are incompatible due to themes and narrative style the settings are VERY blendable without outright contradiction of key and important elements to the story and would tell an interesting tale in and of itself.


The real tough part is the combining of narrative. Avatar is planned and defined epic with good character development geared to very thought out narrative/story. Naruto is more free action and adventure character drama with the most driving and attractive narrative points being plotlines reflective of certain characters. The most current Naruto has no exact status quo. Things are in motion, changing. The thrust of the current plot is Sasuke and his drama as well as the quickly executing schemes of the Akatatsuki.
Avatar: the Last Airbender is the story of Aang and his gang and rivals as they try determine the fate of the world and two main characters face their destiny.

In short the physical properties of the settings are easy to combine. The spirits of them, along with some characters, especially the ones that are important and most compelling to each, will require a lot of work to merge and meet. Having some Avatar have a history or affect causes a plothook, or a point of contagion at the least. But mainly even if you find a reason to get them together. . .What the hell ya going to do.

The extra hard problem is that where as in the Naruto manga Shippuden has really only taken place over the course of three months you can speed things up and slow them down and put the story at a number of safe points. Avatar however has a massive countdown on the way, every bit counts and if you divert the group from their course you will end up without direct action affecting the narrative ôpurityö of Avatar while at the same time if you pick the group from the wrong point in time you end up with a team so much less competent you might as well just have them be the other charactersÆ towel boys. Hell even a 24/Naruto crossover would be easier. Have a terrorist event, the conventions of 24, a Jack Bauer, and have him have to work with the ninja, not necessarily a team up but they are a faction/element of the ongoing story which for the Naruto side would be mission same as BauerÆs side. Easy.

There are a number of political and mystical points. We can use the Avatar and spirit world as a connect. Heck maybe Aang just wants to stop by somewhere he remembers or see all the cool ôweirdö animals in the region. Maybe Sokka goes there to recruit muscle for the FN-invasion only to find the FN is there first with a nonaggression treaty and group of countries who wonÆt stop fighting each other. It could be a post/prewar fic where the avatar makes his power/authority known to the Region at last.

I think the final one is the best bet. It runs into some problems in that we donÆt know how book 3 will end whereas, sad to say, Naruto isnÆt being that unpredictable, plus has a number of plateaus that can be where you insert the influence of Avatar the only ôsafeö status quo was Season 1 and for the most part the gang woundnÆt be up to full strength. It would also help enable you to change the avatar characters just enough so if you feel their personalities need some slight tinkering you CAN and put them with the Naruto Region people.

The change in assumption about what is a ninja, how the world works, would be massive so at least some implicit worldbuilding might be needed. Knowing when and where and with who to set things up in the crossover might be needed as well.

Someone told me they think, settingwise, Naruto and Avatar are incompatible. I believe world wise, they could work. There are thematic clashes but ones I think would be worth seeing on paper. He also suggested a powerful barrier. I admit there needs to be ôwallö but I prefer one not so à blatant. Hopefully the bits in the ôAssumptionö part of this proposal act as enough of a passive and invisible one barrier.


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Ideas for how the X-over starts

Tsunade met Senbau during her depression and lost big time
Hakoda knows sheÆs a healer because Shizune helped treat his men, they were docked due to damages from harrying raid against the fire navy, he views the healer girl a malleable but na´ve girl chained by bonds of family and obligation to a millstone of a person with an appreciable talent and drive for the medicinal arts. Like little girl force to grow up to run damage control against unreliable parent. She lingers in his memory for some reason he doesnÆt quite get.
Shodai was condemned/harangued due to his ability to control the essence of spirits plus make and twist life, even produce creatures with souls and such. Roku harassed him several times and spread word against him. These actions were meant to be moderate as he was a go between, many of the spirits wanted the young man slain, and Shodai quickly fell into the shinobi world.

Shodai in defiance learned to manipulate and create all sorts of monsters and creatures and even summoned a great and terrible power chasing away the elder Avatar.

Shodai, passed his hatred of the Avatar down to his family without realizing it. Coming to power and responsibility himself after creating the village and forced to make a million hard choices to make that happen and after he began ruling he had, by his death, come to appreciate what his power meant to those who werenÆt him and those responsible for the peace and upkeep of others and the world had to do in relation to him. He was a man shaped by ostracism due to an accident of birth, and community by the dint of his desires and will, and war due to all prior traits and circumstance. He never stopped viewing the Avatar and the ways are antagonistic to the shinobi way and even opposed, but after Madara and many more fights and struggles he couldnÆt truly hate those sorts of enemies.
Tsunade blames the Avatar for the misfortune of the ninja and even some of the ninja wars fought in both his absence and due to his historical condemnation in general and her family in the specific.

The Emperor of the Naruto region rests in the Cloud Country with the Daimyo of the Fire country maintaining a rank akin to Shogun of the Edo Period. Both struggle with irrelevance as technology and individual improvement in smaller and smaller communities outdo their positions from such antiquated systems.

The Earth King has been elevated to a divine position to make his vassal (the Emperor) in turn seem higher.

All other ôkingsö of the Earth kingdome are vassals. Bumi wasnÆt born a prince. The title of the Vassal of the fief of the city of Omashu retains the traditional one from its heyday of ôKing.ö He just earned it due toà well that would be telling. In Ba Sing Se this conceit is met with responses varying from confusion, disbelief, patronization, disinterest, to appall all depending, as well as any other title of an EK vassal. The full title of the King of Ba Sing Se is something akin to King of All Those Below Heaven Born Within the World Encompassing River Trodding His Earth. The shorter title is much preferred even amongst the traditionalists. Fire Nationers incidentally were believed to have been born out of the World Encompassing River along with snakes who would somehow steal pieces of the KingÆs own Earth as coats to make the Islands and capable of growing suns/fires within their bellies. Airbendenders æfell in loveÆ with the clouds and were drawn high up into them until they became them and then descended onto earth again only to rise up, again. No traditional ideas for Waterbenders. Note this is an old, and somewhat offensive idea not held even in as proper mythos or tradition. But still common. Aang loves the idea of airbenders as a kind of rain, but was dissuaded against taking the concept to heart when he first heard it. Firebenders donÆt believe their origin but some adapt it for use to inspire fear or hate.

The Cloud region has much history but is ænowadaysÆ behind the times due to constant restraints to uphold tradition. These traditions are tied into being the vassal of the Earth King and the fear of his armies or power if he should ever increase commitment or compel the Emperor to go to war, which they would if the examiner/collector would believe the EmperorÆs people were of ôhigher meansö than proper in relation to Ba Sing Se (and the utter lies of their reports every suitably disproven beyond the power of sizable bribe and some ledgermain to verify). This would be bad the Emperor hasnÆt truly ruled the whole land EVER, most of the power is feudally divided and the strongest power of that level is in the hands of the Fire Daimyo, BUT the Elemental Countries are mostly isolated from the outside world and sometimes EACH OTHER. For generations, though claiming to be on the level of proper monarch of the Earth Kingdom the EmperorÆs power has been on the decline as nobles depend on ancient landrights to tax the peasants who freely truck and use modernized technology and amneties with an undeniable, no matter the efforts, alternate high class growing up.

The Fire Daimyo maintains the most potent and stable ties through the Region via which the Hokage is a key aspect of this power.

Each Daimyo speaks for and harbors a Kage (or several) taking the æshameÆ of hiding such creatures from the Earth King. This lends to the ôsecrecyö about the ninja. They officially donÆt exist on any documents or in society dealing with outsiders (or high society within itself) they have no honor or true face (but for the mediocre aristocratic bumpkin lines that had some before they dared lock their hands in with the swine). They have little status and ultimately could be wiped out. Or at least set against by any DaimyoÆs armed legitimate forces. Ninja villages are subsisting on continued pardon and sponsorship and backing of their Daimyo (on paper, some places the Kages just ARE the power and the Daimyo just signs this and that and lives on their coffers and such and such).

The Village Hidden in the Leaves is different as it seeks to build itself as a true and proud ninja community, the best and only one around, that it will stand on its own. That is its long term and complete ambition to be a True Community with no ninja being dogs kept in kennel to serve at a DaimyoÆs whim. The Region is utterly dependent on the ninja and those in ôtheir worldö but the ôgreater worldö wonÆt acknowledge them for any number of reasons. The fox attack couldnÆt have been more devastating. The 9tails was sealed by the Avatar with part of his own spirit and so anytime it broke out before being reclaimed it was thought to have done so as a result of the negative actions of whoever it attacked empowering it to overcome the spirit of balanceÆs seal. Its complicated but there is an overwhelming belief that Bijuu only attack people who have brought fault onto themselves. It hurt KonahagakureÆs image plus deprived them of a charismatic, powerful, and young leader who had implemented several plans to secure a future for the place which were loss with his death and villageÆs shaming AND weakening, after such a serendipitous end to the last Ninja War that had put them so far ahead too.

The EmperorÆs personal ninja, the Cloud, are all said to be of a serving branch to aristocratic lines whose status seconds only to His Excellency and often are members of said houses or family lines. This is why despite the blatantly obvious attempt of HinataÆs kidnapping Cloud can demand sacrifice or promise war. They could mobilize an offense using the crime of attacking an imperial relative (though no one near inheritance the ninja in question was the grandson of the third previous emperorÆs third concubine, a kin to the current emperor himself or his son etc.) and the resentment of the VillageÆs prosperity. It wasnÆt so much Cloud would start a Ninja War so much as they would have riled up an actual one against Fire Country over an imperial assassination. The mere preponderance of holding that situation before the Daimyo was so suicidal the Hyuuga and the Hokage were dead-set that it would be a finished matter once it came from their lips to his ears because otherwise the entire village would be disinherited and then forced to take swords against every other country including their very own.

The Raikage is traditionally either mayor of the imperial city or one of the high ranking ministers of court. The position is even traded or shared about as one Raikage may be busy just with court or administrative affairs of the nation (what of it can still be grasped from the Palace Closet to Heaven) with a ôfield Raikageö in the Village Hidden in the Cloud. There is usually no need for distinction amongst the populace and most ninja just donÆt know. The Raikage is given to change or update his orders more than other kage, as if still refining or taking back on an assignment after ordering it done, but direct conflict of ideas is handled very discretely and usually doesnÆt come up, The Raikage just canÆt afford to. The Cloud ninjaÆs closeness with the heart of the Region is like being in a gryphonÆs nest so much view, status, and gold but any moment itÆs owner could eat you, sit on you, or feed you to their young. It is why the Cloud are so desperate that theyÆve risked starting war and sent foreign spies beyond the EmperorÆs borders. They are deeply tied into the Region but rigidly so. They canÆt change or grow without risking immediate admonishment or destruction if it makes anyone with the slightest influence worried.


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Huh. That's actually pretty neat.

I know jack all about Avatar. Sorry. I've never seen the show, so I don't undestand the power dynamic or indeed any of their motivations, other than apparently there are two cute girls and two dominant groups of people who want them to bone the main character.

That being said, you've put forth a pretty interesting and well reasoned take on this modified Naruto world. I have no complaints at the moment.

However, all you have here is a setting. It's a pretty good setting. Sets up Konoha as an underdog, which I'm not enthusiastic about, but not complaining about, either, depends on what you do with it.

And that, ultimately, is the big question. What are you going to do with it? Given my current lack of Avatar knowledge, and your already high level of reasonable detail you've worked out, I can't really comment on your setting until I see plot.

Having a well reasoned setting as a solid foundation for a plot can only help your story. But there's no story without the plot, so you have to come up with a series of events and themes to go along with it. You've got some world building skills, which is good.

Now, the question is, are you going to go with a logical plot, a free form, a genre, or a personal?

Judging by your thoughts so far, I'd peg you as a logical type. War. Or some other major shift in the grand power dynamic. Such things are complicated, require lots of thought, and careful planning. You'd need to make detailed outlines, then follow them. You'd have a list of scenes to write, and you'd set down and write them. The inspiration would largely be limited to small scenes and execution details for the planned events. Harry Turtledove, SM Stirling, and most military fiction writers, as well as a lot of mystery type authors, tend to write like this. Their characterizations tend to be minimal, focusing more on actions than thoughts. But the overall story tends to be extremely interesting. These people also tend to write faster, and usually finish their projects. Very very few fanfic authors write this way. Alpha Zulu is the only one I can think of offhand, and that's probably because of his military background, heh.

Or, you could go with a personal type story. The setting is backdrop, the focus is on the characters, their interactions, and their growth. Usually minimal violence, if there is, enemies tend to be rather shallow and generic, with no clever motives. Often has the best single scenes. Stories tend to be short, so it's not really suitable for full length novels. Orson Scott Card is the only major author I know of to use this style, and Ender's Game is a great example of how you do it for a large plot. You see it in other books, too, mostly found in the 'general fiction' section, but I don't read a lot from that section, so my knowledge of other authors in this style are weak. Random is a pretty good example of this type in fanfics. Done right, this type evokes the most emotions. Done wrong, this type evokes the most disgust.

Then there's genre. Pick something, horror, mystery, fighting, magical girl, whatever, then mimic the established conventions of the style with your own touch. Surprisingly rare in fanfics, despite most anime fitting this to a T.

Or, there's free form. No plan. Write what you feel like at the time. Lots of fics are written like this, and, naturally, they depend heavily on the individual authors. For obvious reasons, I don't think you're going to be much of this type.

Obviously, you can't completely categorize something as personal as writing, but it is important to know what works for you. Some people find that, if they plot too far ahead, they lose interest in the story, since they already know what's going to happen and they have no further incentive to write. Then they start telling everyone 'don't plot too far ahead, you won't want to write the fic!'

Good advice, to the people who are like them. Not everyone is like them. And you have to write, a LOT, to find out what you're like. You can guess, you can figure, you can assume, and you may be right, but proof is in the doing.

Other people are best when they plan ahead. A lot of fairly decent writers who end up losing track of their own stories and going off in weird directions that lose a lot of readers are people who should have planned more.

And then there's those of us in between. I'm an in between type. If I make long term DETAILED plots, I lose interest. But if I don't plot ahead some, I run into spots where I'm not really inspired, and I have no idea where to go from there. A plan, knowing what scene NEEDS to go there, helps me through the writers block. Maybe I'm not inspired, but I can use the skill I've learned to just plow through the bad spot.

In terms of style, I'm a mix of logical and personal. I leave room for inspiration, but I have a framework designed ahead of time so I know where I'm going and don't get lost. ...most of the time.

Remember, we all screw up sometimes.

Now, I don't know you, and I've never read any fics by you that I know of. You could be experienced and I just haven't seen you, or you could be a beginner, you haven't said.

If you're a beginner, I recommend starting small. Ninja World War is a little ambitious unless you've got a lot of experience under your belt. That being said, I've seen beginning authors launch into an epic fic, do it well, and finish it. Some people are freaks of nature.

The rest of us have to work at it. <_<

If you're not actually writing the story, though, few people are interested in helping you work out plot details. Thought like that requires actual brain sweat, and most people don't want to put that kind of effort into it, especially since, and here I reuse the word especially, beginning authors ofter talk big, but never deliver. We all know it, so we don't want to put a whole lot of effort into something that's just going to be abandoned when the potential author sees a new shiny idea and runs after it.

It's sad, its disappointing, its true. *shrug*


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(other general mental stuff and a drabble)
FriendÆs Ideas

The kyuubi was a spirit animal of Roku, killed by ninja, got revenge.


When Aang sealed himself in Avatar mode, it concentrated all of his power into himself. Weakening the seals of the bijuu. Within time each was broken, starting with Shukkaku and ending with Kyuubi. (explaining its sudden appearance and rampage as well as the BijuuÆs prior presence to it.)

Another reason not use Avatar State is that if the power of the Spirit is tied to sealing other things use of it may free the sealed or destroy a maintained structure. The AS is connected to things.

Aang held the AS for 100 thus depleting some of his strength, its rebuilding but it takes time.

10 tail beast, why Akatatsuki need the 9 Buuji to destroy the world, grant wishes, or drain the power of the ôcomet creatureö into themselves.

It is the comet beast which the Fire Nation is trying to access as well. Done simultaneous it will release. This creates holes in the barrier holding the beast back. The more holes the easier to break the barrier.

Taingou, the metoer/comet beast, eats the sun prior to its attempted breaks through the barrier, thus having a direct portion to grant to Sozin for his exchange. 3 theories. Sozin sacrificed large portion of Airbenders and Ozai will repeat with the Earthbenders. Or an array was used. Something Roku had may have been used to tap into the power for the Fire Nation.

Taingou (look it up on wikipedia) is a powerful shapeshifting comet beast. God of Tengu, infinite tails.

Drabble break.

The object STOPPED, in the middle of the day on the left side of the sky. It was visible as the sky darkened about it until it was as sackcloth. The head seemed to press out against something a pointed nose or beak or muzzle, it was blurry in the firey outline of the comet but it was a face poking out past the night and then followed by wafting thin plumes behind and beneath it. It had shoulders and haunches set level with many lesser legs beneath it its exact figure not discernable in the glare of a anima of fire and the chakras of the bijuu. But it looked canine. The rump seemed to squeeze last out the tear in the sky pulling out slower, much slower than its comet self traveled, it looked more compact as well..

Pain began the compulsion of the stars as Itachi assisted with Tsukiyomi. KisameÆs chortle was sharp in the air.

ô42 from earth nets one in the sky. Just like you said.ö

His compatriots didnÆt share his confidence. The thing kept emerging its legs scurrying like a roach and striding like pincer proudly. Behind itÆs dog shape the tail of the comet squeeze into a shape like a bulb. A loud gasp came out and then there was a shudder through the bijuu prison.

The bulb blossomed out until long arcs in the sky were as scratches on a sandblasted mirror.

Pain swallowed deeply and Itachi managed to stumble to his feet. It was Tobi that spoke.

ôIÆm sorry. But I got dizzy at senhappun,* someone with two eyes can make it to 216 for me? Itachi-sempai, could you?ö

ôNO. This is too many, its not possible its like windstorm of- and each one-ö He deactivated the sharingan audibly and then promptly leapt off. Kisame turned confused as Sharkskin pulsated and tore through its bindings feeding wildly. Pain fell off from his vantage silent. Teleportation jutsu fired off as well as leaps and one mole dive. Like dandelion seeds the ribbons centered and descended to the Bijuu container. Only the chakra feasting nature of the sword protected its bearer as the sky became blind.

(one-hundred eight long thin things.)

End Drabble Break.

Hidan worshipped the Taingou as his god.

Katara was just managing not to break out into tears as she applied her hands to the injuried back. The scar would not dissipate, even though healed with the spirit oasis water it remained. And Aang had yet to move more than his eyes.

ôAll, IÆm saying is that perhaps if we returned immediately we could break the hold they have on the city and all the people in it.ö

ôIf you could tell me the first thing about the layout, who controlled what, or ANYTHING at all useful I might in a month risk it. But we still have wounded from the raid andàquiet. Stay out here.ö

ôHmmph, some way to treat your king.ö

The uncharacteristically bitter voice supplied, ôHeÆs not your subject.ö

The flap to the tabernacle opened and the illumination fluttered and wavered on the inside of tarp panels. The askew cushions were stepped over as a father made that perilous journey to his daughter to do what every one needed but all dreaded.


ôIÆm not leaving him,ö somehow she managed to not have a trace of weariness in her voice. The darkened lower eyelids betrayed her actual needs.

The thump on the ground was firm, ôI am telling Katara you canÆt save someone if you can barely.ö

ôI know what IÆm doing.ö

ôNot from what Sokka tells me. WeÆve kept camp for ten hours. YouÆve attended no one else and we canÆt assume with the Fire Navy based on one side and the captured city on the inside.ö

ôIt hasnÆt even been a DAY. They canÆt send warshipsàö

ôKatara I know how,ö Hakoda stopped himself. She was being stubborn. Before, as a girl she was sweet about it, asking if he had looked everywhere, only after being extra dutiful, looking for another waterbender to teach her. There was none of that now. He couldnÆt tell where it had gone. But he knew he had to appeal to her own maturity and experience to get her to see reason.

ôYouÆve been with him how long?ö

ôSince winter,ö she hadnÆt lost any of her insight, she could tell where this was going.

ôAnd youÆve been on the run, fugitives, no permanent residence. Like us. WeÆve had to live as a mobile unit, a home on the sea, a base nowhere, assignments anywhere. ItÆs been more sedentary for us. IÆm asking you, in your experience knowing the situation. What would you be doing.ö

The illumination in the water dimmed as it slid down into the sheets, cushions, and mats used earlier that day to plan out strategy. So much could change in a day. HakodaÆs son pulled from the planned raid by the same boy who now lay drifting in and out of consciousness on his furniture. Guilt accompanied the feeling of annoyance he felt for the whole situation. The matter felt at least to deserve more profound emotions. But still Hakoda felt annoyed as he was struggling to get his daughter now a young woman and accomplished waterbender, and the emissary from the heavens out of his tabernacle so they could pack it up and leave.

ôSo we are just leaving? To where? I need my seal, the orders from the council of five, my attendants

ôWhen we left you specifically indicated Bosco,ö

ôI just thought that was going to be for a few hours. How will anyone know IÆm the king without my attendants. And my wives, theyÆre likely being put on display for horrible honor-less firenation scum.

ôMore like horrible honor-less Dai LI scum, and maybe one angry jerk.ö

* * *

Kirin was not enjoying the interruption. She couldnÆt believe any event required her to be summoned suddenly in the middle of the night by her lord. Let alone with all the other ladies of his EarthinessÆs favor and house.

She had been in the middle of a rather stimulating piece from the archives.

She sighed, barely made for the evening but glad to keep her head. Lady Gao had finally been caught with that low ranking official so that meant a beheading at the least.

ôIÆve been wounded out of assignments less boring,ö she thought to herself led by a member of the cultural preservation society. That martinet Long Feng had to be behind it. Some new responsibility the king no longer had to oversee due to the landÆs prosperity, or just some way to show off. The man had endless hot air to blow.

* * *

The bustle at the camp was constant. Footsteps in the ground with crates, barrels, bundles and trip mines loaded via rickety planks via lugging runs or handoffs onto the barely discernable outlines of what she hoped was a seaworthy vessel. Toph was dozens of yards from the activity and could tell the contents of every container but wasnÆt looking at it, not with her pale gray-green eyes, or with her hands and feet to make more clear picture from the vibrations. Her hands were on the side of her head her chin between her knees.

The familiar heartbeat, smell of meat, and panicking steps made him hard to ignore.

ôToph, cÆmon, we have to help back up camp.ö

ôOh, got anything here thatÆs ours.

ôYeah, our protection and family

ôI donÆt.ö

ôThatÆs because you ran from yours.ö

Her cheeks burned she rose her hand only to swing it down before she felt the firm grip on the young water tribe warrior about her bracer. She shifted an ankle instead and he slid, hitting the ground as if the topsoil had shifted suddenly under his feet, because it had. He still held on.

ôToph, we donÆt have time for this. YouÆre the best earthbender in the world and youÆre letting the fact its boats on an ocean stop you from packing up luggage for others.ö

ôItÆs not about the ocean.ö

ôThen what is it?ö

ôI donÆt know.. how about the fact my parents sent my two worst enemies to capture me? How about the fact I spent about a month flashing my seal in an unconquerable city that we managed to get conquered, or even, novel idea, about the fact AangÆs heartbeat is messed up and all katara can do is panic and try to fix some of it while everyone else figures where to run?ö

ôThe Fire Nation has Ba Sing Se and the Dai Li along with all the five generals. They can send along one or two ships with little suspicion down the river loaded with soldiers from both and we only have you, Katara, and Appa.ö

Toph sunk her head in lower.

ôToph, can you make out the ships on the river.ö

She ground her teeth.

ôWe canÆt, its too dark and there is no telling what will happen if we stay but everyone knows we are here. Time means distance. Get the lead out, get up andà

ôWe failed.ö

ôItÆs just setback we can.. we canà.

ôAang, could die, the world could die and weÆre running!ö

ôToph, please, My dadÆs here, we have the Earth King, AangÆs going to pull through, remember, positive attitude.ö

ôThatÆs what you said a week ago.ö

ôYeah, well you wanna sit here and feel sorry because you were powerless fine. But let me let you in on a little secret. Responsibility finds you. Be up for it, or not. But if you think creeping here with your head between your knees makes you feel better remember, weÆre already ahead of you.ö

Sokka was leaving, his grip leaving a slight impression on her arm as he crawled away and stumbled to his feet and almost vanished from her sight into the hustle and bustle of activity.

Senbau was stout man with fine goatee and necklace of teeth heÆd made himself. He didnÆt know it because of fever and the shock but he had, in best conditions, a month to live, with treatment. And all he could see on the edge of death and delirium was a green parlor jacket with pink splotch and writing on it.

She still owes me my retirement money.

He was lain out in the berth of the turtle seal. The ship like its name sake known to struggle against all odds to bear its mostly doomed young to life. He knew he was there and he was trying not to think about it because he couldnÆt remember a member whoÆd been here who made it when the fleet was on the move. There was no sound of activity about the tribeÆs greater actions. ThatÆs why it was this ship. No planning, no talking went on here. Just isolation.

* * *

ôLady Jyoie, you are the twelfth consort of the tenth highest standing in our majestyÆs household. You are said to come from foreign merchants,ö the man looked like bearded fish on the cutting board, no hair but at the face with long slick tendrils of a mustache that wavered. His glasses were too large and the glare too much to make out his eyes in viridian gem-light.

ôI am an Earth Kingdom citizen,ö the woman was proud, sheÆd managed to have the appearance of a queen, in makeup and hair as being the only one with her handmaidens. Kirin hated how she had that teeny bit of her lower lip done red.

ôFrom outside the great city of Ba Sing Se,ö Beard Fish clarified, ôYour marriage was insisted by Long Feng, am I correct and the status awarded to your house, you were even given military accolades for your dowry. Well, it seems in light of recent events thatàö

No one in attendance needed to know what was coming next. She was being sent back home, on whatever pretense, as the beginnings of a divorce.


Kirin focused hard on the official. He kept sweating. There were also only Dai Li in attendance as their minders. KirinÆs lips set along with her jaw. The airy and distinct tones of Lady Jyoie echoed in the room even as her mouth opened.

ôWhy has my husband not sent any of his personal staff to tell me, and am I not worth dismissal by his own guards,ö her brows became cross as stifled giggles sounded in the background. The rhythm stone tiling beneath their cushioned chairs where they sat changed.

ôIn light of recent events-ô he managed to even sound like a fish, glottal pops in between each vowel and consonant. Amusement at the scene was shared by the ladies in attendance. Their fates were already decided and it seemed everyone was enjoying the possibility

ôIt is because of recent events. He receives three island bumpkins by royal reception to rival my own father who, he STILL has denied access-ô she spoke through bared teeth and open lip, with extra dainty charming little dot.

ôThe Grand Secretariat has seen to it that the kingÆs needs are met and that we must serve him. The Dai Li in reconciliation, seeing as his suspicions have been validated about the anarchist cell, are taking on personal matters as the King pulls himself into greater spiritual reflection to lead us through this crisis. The Ministers of the Foreign Affairs, Commerce, and the Council of Five have joined him in heartfelt service and sponsorship to see us through this troubled times.

Bingo, Long Feng pulled off a coup and is, from the guest list of captives planning to negotiate a treaty with the Fire Nation to save his own neck. Now, Lady Jyoei needs to faint.

Kirin covered her mouth with her hands managing to be the only one to remain silent and closed mouth through the whole event. The women standing afore of the row of noble chattel was on her knees propping herself with one hand, her breathing labored before sprawling to a faint which, could she be anything but, was perfect.

Kirin had planned on beginning a parley with her social network to stay in the city as long as possible, get the skinny and then volunteer to go home over the next three weeks. This would be big enough she had to come home with something.

That fell apart when a curved knife caught her sleeve in an arc that pulled it down and fixed it to the side of her own chair. It told her many things, the location and existence of her opponent, that the coup was likely more difficult than she had expected, that her cover was blown but most of all it told her, She was good.

* * *

Katara was satisfied with the pallet for the Avatar. But she still wouldnÆt leave much farther than a few feet. Hakoda wanted someone to be with her but he couldnÆt personally be on the Seal. Bato would seem too distant and at the same time too cloying. So he did what he tended to do for the women in his life. He bent for her.

ôThere isnÆt a bed without animal skins?ö she sounded so regretful and condemning at the same time.

ôNo, Mother.ö

KataraÆs shoulders haunched up, skin and veins popping in her skin before her arms went limp. Hakoda nodded to his tribemen. TheyÆd have to set to the work of sailing his vessel. He was right behind his daughter holding her just as she crashed.

* * *

Momo caught some grubs and leaned to gnaw at them when another


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If it's that bad maybe someone could sceam necro and our attention would be diverted.


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I found an excellent version of the Naruto and Avatar crossover that I wanted to plug. Thank you.<a href='http://www.fanfiction.net/s/4584868/1/Elements_of_War' target='_blank' rel='nofollow'>Elements of War.</a>
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