A W.I.T.C.H. idea

Neko Hibiki

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Will is 9. At Fadden Hills. Other girls, and some boys, are making her life miserable.

She is out walking when a rip opens in the sky and a sword falls out of it and the rip closes.

Will picks up the sword and it whispers to her. That it can give her friendship. Take away her loneliness. That it can protect her. That it will guard her. It can give her magic. It can give her power. It can give her all of this. All she has to do is let it eat her soul.

This Will is so alone, miserable, sad that she is seriously considering the offer.

She weighs the pros and cons.

And Will decides to do it then.

Like cannon Will, she is not evil.

She might not have a soul but she would still be herself.

The sword keeps it's word and forms a bond with her.

By the time Will moves to Heatherfield she has the sword on her at all times. It's shrunk down to look like a charm. She always keeps it with her always.

When she goes to the Silver Dragon the Heart knows she is there, but is puzzled by her lack of a soul.

It can sense she is a good person, it scans her memories and her emotions, and sees she's good.

It debates on whether to choose her, or seek someone with a soul.

There is no one else available, and little time to find one.

It accepts her.

When she transforms for the first time her uniform is... different.

It looks like the cannon uniform, but has sword symbols all over it.

When the other Guardians ask why that is, Will says it must be because she's the leader.

They buy it.

And accept that.

When Cedric chases Caleb through the portal, Will pulls her sword and attacks him. (Cedric not Caleb) Cedric takes one look at the sword and says, "You wield THAT?! Hmmm...! You are damned!" Then he knocks her back with his tail. He grabs Caleb and goes back through the portal.

When they go to report back to Yan Lin they tell about Will's uniform being covered with sword symbols. And that Will pulling a sword out of nowhere when she fought Cedric. And that he had looked at the sword and said that she was damned.

Yan Lin has a little chat with Will.

Will debates on whether to tell the truth, or lie through her teeth.

The sword tells her to tell the truth.

The sword's real big on honesty.

And it's never steered her wrong yet.

So Will tells them about the sword.

Will : I found this sword when I was 9. It found me during a miserable, lonely, sad part of my life. It said it could give me everything I ever wanted if I would let it eat my soul. Since I was seriously contemplating suicide, I agreed. It kept it's word and gave me all I ever wanted. It formed a bond with me. It brought me friendship, happiness, magic, power, joy, safety, privacy (when I requested it). It's never steered me wrong. This sword is my only friend.

She enlarges the sword and pats it lovingly.

She lays it on the table so they can see it.

Yan Lin takes one look at the sword and recognizes it.

She looks at Will and says, "Emmm... He was right too. You are damned... forever."

Will just shrugs.

And takes the sword back and shrinks it back into a charm.

She just looks at them.

She says "I don't mind, as long as I can keep my friend, it really doesn't matter."

The girls look at her and go "What the hell?!" and then "Poor Will."

Will explains things.

Many important things.

The sword grants her a perfect body, perfect health, perfect regeneration, immunity to all diseases existing, and other such things.

It will also stop her aging once she reaches 17.

She will then be healthy, young, and perfect forever.

As far as Will is concerned she got the better part of the deal.

Once she tells them all that...

It'll still be poor Will given how she was when got the sword.

And then some thinking it's awesome for Will now.

The name of the sword is 'Icelands Sword Azure'.

It comes from the 'Icelands'.

A demonic plain far away from Earth and Krandrakar.

As far as the magic and power it gave to Will.

She demonstrates this by enlarging her sword, holding it aloft, and saying the activation phrase for it.

"Icelands Sword Azure, SET UP!"

Sword : Stand by. Ready. Drive Ignition.

One transformation sequence later and Will is standing there in her Barrier Jacket. Which looks like a set of Power Armor. And Will is now radiating massive power.

Yan Lin's eyes widen and she comments it's a Lost Logia. She pales farther. Then she comments that it must not have taken her soul but her Linker Core.

Will comments it is a demon sword. Forged by the demons there. And it did take her soul, and her Linker Core.

The demons knew of such tech because of their trade with Ancient Belka.

The demons were really technologically advanced then.

She cancels the transformation, turns back to normal, and shrinks her sword back down to a charm.

The TSAB will eventually be after her.

Oh they will, just not yet though.

The whole witch thing happens in the late 90's.

Nanoha doesn't get Raising Heart until the early or mid 2000's.

The TSAB will be after her.

But that will occur after she has defeated Phobos, Nerissa, and whoever else too.

She's almost 13 right now.

She'll be 17 or almost 18 by then anyway.

Which means the sword will be keeping her at 17.

The TSAB can home in on that power signal when the sword begins keeping her at that age but they can't before it does that.