Nasuverse Adventure in the Cedar Forest


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Day N

After about three weeks without seeing even one other human, I have decided to keep this journal.

Based on the inclination of the sun and the length of the day, I'm somewhere in the temperate zone. The only constellation I can certainly identify is Orion, but I see it in the night sky, so I'm in the northern hemisphere. The moon looks the same. It is not crimson.

Based on the temperature and the growth of the plants around me, it's late spring. I have been surviving on wild plants--berries and edible grasses--and on hunted game.

This world is a wilderness. There are no cities, or towns, or villages. Even after three weeks of wandering, I have seen no other humans, despite looking for them everywhere.

There are ruins. Ancient cracked roadways in straight lines. The rigidly square shape of building foundations. The use of concrete, the traces of asphalt, the buried fragments of rebar, no matter how rusted: based on these signs, the technology level of civilization was definitely at least the 20th century.

But there are no people.

There are no signs of war, either. At least, I haven't found even one molecule of chemical weapons, and I haven't detected any high amounts radiation.

But there are certainly no people.

What happened to the Earth?

Day N + 9

This forest is huge. I do not mean that the forest as a whole is many kilometers wide. It is not exceptional in that sense.

No, the trees are individually massive. They have the same height as those redwoods in America. No matter what time of day it is, the sun cannot be seen through the canopy. They are definitely not normal, this place belongs in a fairy tale.

Day N + 21

I encountered a monster today.

It... was definitely a phantom existence. It was too light to be physically real. Not that it was shiny or glowed; it simply lacked mass inside its volume. Its physical reality denies common sense.

It was humanoid, about two meters tall. A grinning manchild. The hands and feet are disproportionate; the limbs are about the right length. They cannot (will not?) talk.

It picked me up, and was going to stuff me in its mouth, so I cut myself free by slashing up its hands, and then I cut its Achilles tendons when I landed. But, even as I dashed around to kill it, its flesh... boiled, and in that heat, it regenerated its wounds. With a great scowl on its face, it clambered back onto its feet to attack me again.

Therefore, other swords were necessary.

Even without its regeneration, it did not bleed to death. It doesn't possess anything that functions like vital organs in the places a human would have them.

After decapitation it burned away. The only remains was the charred ground.

Giant.... There are doubts in my mind, it is not certain, but I can completely imagine one explanation.

Day N + 23

I found some wild onions. I definitely missed that flavor after this month.

Day N + 34

Today I was attacked by a group of five of these monsters. The range in height was surprising. The shortest was barely even twice my height, and I estimate the tallest was fifteen meters.

They lack intelligence. They have poor instincts. They are fast, but only because they are large. Their strength isn't surprising and they have poor agility. They don't coordinate, they just swarm.

Killing them is annoying. They are too tall. They heal unless they are decapitated.

If they are decapitated too high on the neck, they regrow their heads. If they are decapitated too low, their heads try to grow new bodies.

From now on, I'd rather drill out their necks with arrows.

Day N + 39

A building!

Sized for humans. Made of plank construction, carved with steel hand tools. One-and-a-half stories tall. Abandoned for decades and weathered.

Not as old as those ancient ruins. But built with less technology. There are many things that could mean. I cannot decide what is correct yet.

Day N + 41

Over a dozen. The largest group yet. Using that as an arrow so many times is just too exhausting when I do not know how many more are waiting.

Even though I thought it was not what I needed even when I tracked it down, that mattock is definitely useful; smash their legs out from under them, and run along their backs to plunge it into the base of their skull and lever out the top of their spine. The mess is not great. The chance of falling is high. But, if I prepare my body I can handle it, and anyway it only requires one weapon for each battle, compared to a more exhausting weapon for each giant.

Day N + 53

I saw a sliver of white on the horizon. When I looked closer... a wall dozens of meters tall. With humans walking around on top, among their cannons.

There are no doubts.

There cannot be any questions.

That is definitely the place I must go.

end, Prologue

1) You might have already guessed, but this is a crossover.

2) The conceit is pretty straightforward: "During the 5th War, a wish was successfully made. Master and Servant? Kotomine and Gilgamesh."

3) The prologue is the only bit I plan to have in this diary format. After this... 3rd person. The diarist is Shirou, and he alluded to quite a bit of magecraft.


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The Cedar Forest part got me to think Gilgamesh. I've never seeing this manga, so I'll be reading it first before reading any more of this. But you have intrigued me. please continue!

EDIT: Read the manga enough to know that whatever you plan will be awesome.



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Well i guess this is a world were Shirou would flourish.
It's interesting please continue.


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One thing thought, you might have meant "N + 39" not "N + 29".


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*reads the first few chapters of the manga*
*normal humans score kill rations of one giant for every thirty people lost*
*Shirou kills them by the dozen like a boss*

Yeah, that sounds about right. Looks like Shirou might wind up a genuine Heroic Spirit in this timeline, too. I sort of wonder how they'd react when Shirou nails the 50m giant with an exploding arrow right between the eyes when it sticks its head over the wall.

B.B. Rain

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Day N + 34, Line 1, Sentence 3. The first 'tallest,' I believe, should be 'shortest.'


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#7 so awesome. I'm wondering though, what was the wish that was made? Would telling us spoil the story? Or do we find out in the later snippets?


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Fixed some typos. Deviatesfish, BBRain, good catches; thanks.

Gil's wish... in the game, it was something like, "I wish all the unnecessary people would die, because such excessively huge populations are ugly. Also because I'm having a really hard time finding Enkidu's reincarnation."

Kotomine just wanted interesting things to happen.

So really, a "Gilgamesh route" is a pretty good excuse to make FSN responsible for any vague back-story apocalypse. Just make the specifics match whatever method the tainted grail used for actually implementing Gil's wish.

But what really crystallized it for me, a certain grail is already associated with "giant" type familiars....

Next bit up soonish.


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Also, unless I'm missing my guess, Shirou is currently inside the outermost wall which was lost to the giants, and is now approaching the second one? If so, I think he would realise the abandoned log cabin would have only been about five years old, unless he arrived decades after the manga was set. He does have the ability to analyse history, you know, and I don't think they built any structures outside the wall judging by the casualty rates the Scouting Corps has just going out for a ride outside the Wall.


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nick012000 said:
*reads the first few chapters of the manga*
*normal humans score kill rations of one giant for every thirty people lost*
*Shirou kills them by the dozen like a boss*

Yeah, that sounds about right. Looks like Shirou might wind up a genuine Heroic Spirit in this timeline, too. I sort of wonder how they'd react when Shirou nails the 50m giant with an exploding arrow right between the eyes when it sticks its head over the wall.
There are other people who kill dozens of giants themselves. The thirty to one is the mooks (which, granted, is the majority of the cast).


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At this point, people who could kill dozens of giants alone could be counted with one hand. Perhaps just three fingers.


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More. Shirou can literally walk up naked to group of giants and slaughter them all, while anyone else needs 3D-combat equipment(something that's very hard to use for most people) to even stand a chance. Even more if you consider that 3D-combat Equipment is almost useless unless you are in forest(with big trees) or have any other high points to hook yourself up to(buildings for example).


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Nonetheless, the point stands that it's not completely unprecedented for humans to have high kill counts. So when you take into account Shirou's powerset it's actually pretty reasonable to have him lolno-ing the giants by the score.


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Read through the manga quickly, craving more. Sasha abuse is hilarious.

On that topi c, who will Shirou be banging? :angel:


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As fun as I'm sure character assassination is for you, I kinda want to read about Shirou in grimdarksville mcgrimdark, not Shinji with Shirou's abilities.


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That's what happens when you put someone who can create building-flattening ranged weaponry at will into a setting where combat is done almost entirely by normal, un-enhanced, nonmagical humans.

Of course the guy who can summon exploding swords and shoot them like cruise missiles performs better than the people swinging around like Batman with sabers.


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To all the people who are complaining about Shirou being too good at killing giants. Again, exploding cruise missile swords, they go a long way.


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deviatesfish said:
Everybody hopefully.
I'm not asking for a harem, just is saying that I would imagine that Shirou with the whole unique (one of two asians in the known world), powerful, kind and heroic thing would be getting the bitches.

Canon he arguable had 4-6 women per timeline who wanted (and two who got) into his pants.

It would be stupid for him to have a harem (doesn't really seem to fit in this story) but I expect at least one to at least have a noticeable attraction to him.

I'm not saying that by the end of next chapter he should been fucking every female in the series, but I expect at least a few crushes by the stories end.

Lord Raine

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Shirou would be a walking legend to these people. The Yakuza could take my arm off, and I'd still have fingers left over from counting the number of people who could reliably take down multiple giants consistantly. Shirou doesn't just do that, he does that and barely even breaks a sweat. Even if he wasn't able to run over giants like they're swarms of goombas, he'd still be The Man if only by virtue of being the only person who can use magic. Do not underestimate the innate pimp powers that wizards possess. Magic is a gamechanger. When you're the only guy who has it, you Win?.

And that's without the exploding cruise missile swords. With them, and he's basically Jesus.

At the very least, they should be in absolute awe of him. I'd consider it odd if women didn't throw themselves at him. How he responds is up to the author, but realistically, the offers would be there.


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Shirou must say: "You are already dead."

Preferably after invoking Gae Bolg.
trevelyan1983 said:
Shirou must say: "You are already dead."

Preferably after invoking Gae Bolg.
And then he shouts "Fuck!" and is forced to dodge as remembers that only decapitation can kill a Titan