American Dragon Ideas

I've had quite a few ideas regarding the Original Disney cartoon, American Dragon: Jake Long, and at the moment, i'm more concerned with three:

1. A Sequel series called "American Dragon: Way of the Firebreathers", complete with new wardrobes, new villains and (perhaps) new heroes.

2. A 3-way crossover between "American Dragon: (whatever)", "Danny Phantom" and the "Life and Times of Juniper Lee"


3. A regular crossover between "American Dragon" and "Kim Possible"

However, a longtime writer problem is still bugging me: how not to make your characters sound and act stupid (especially the ones that have personalities that don't allow such behavior). What's more, for the crossover ideas, my dilemma is that i don't one character from one show to look inferior to the other from the other.

Any thoughts?

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Hm, well as far as superior/inferior goes I don't think it's that hard to keep some balance with those four stories. They're all about a more than normal teenager dealing with some form of more than normal problems. They have similar themes and I don't think the power levels are that skewed. The only real offender in that respect is Danny Phantom, and that's easily enough fixed by having it be early Danny rather than late Danny.

The issue as I woudl see it would come up the with the Kim Possible part if anywhere. She gets by on skill and intelligence where the others have at least some degree of supernatural power, so she might come across as more of a Batman sort than any of hte others. Interestingly of the four groups named she's also the only one who really travels much regularly, making her useful as a linking aspect if you want.
The issue lies in these facts;

1. While Jake is (as a dragon) much stronger than Kim, she has proven time and again to be incredibly accomplished and competent. She rarely, if ever makes a mistake, while Jake makes a habit of that, which actually makes him look like less of hero. If i brought these two together, Kim would have to be the more competent one if i want to keep to their original characters.

2. Danny Phantom is shown to be very mature for his age and Juniper Lee is not only more mature, but has also shown herself to be highly knowledgeable in her field of expertise. Jake always needs to be told about magical creatures and at times makes immature choices. If i bring these three together, Jake would only end up being the weaker of the three, which actually goes against my initial ideas for the crossover. I wanted the trio to function like The Argonauts or The DC Trinity or at least the animal trio from "The Incredible Journey" movies, with Jake in the lead. A subplot would be that Danny and June are fighting and Jake is the mediator of the feud, but now, that just doesn't feel right; it doesn't fit.

As for the power thing, my solution to that in regards to the 3-way crossover is a "Rock, Paper, Scissors" sort of thing: Danny's Ghost powers can beat Juniper Lee's magic, but Jake Long's Dragon Powers allow him to hurt Danny, while still being vulnerable to June's power.


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I'd be most interested in American Dragon: Way of the Firebreathers. Sounds like a great excuse to tell a great story while expanding the world and characters.

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Y'know I feel somewhat ashamed of this, but I didn't really parse the Firebreather aspect until Glimmervoid's post, and that reminds me of Duncan Matthews. Probably an unnecessary crossover to your original idea Srebak, but I'd see an interaction between Duncan and Jake to be pretty interesting given the vastly different nature of their heritages.