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As it should be obvious, this is the place to post pics - fan-created or otherwise - about the Haruhi series' characters. Sky's the limit, go nuts, try to keep it safe for work. ;)

The following came from a Japanese fan-artist's site, with accompanying text. The anons at the SOS-dan imageboard have kindly translated it.

Haruhi: Since Yesterday Mikuru and I did the bunnygirl advertising, today it's Kyon's turn.
Kyon: Wha?
Haruhi: Weren't you listening? Today you'll be advertising the club dressed as a bunnygirl.
Kyon: Are you stupid? I'm a guy! Who would want to see something like that?
Haruhi: Oh, I see. So it's fine if you're a girl? There we go!
Kyon: Gyah! W-What's going on? I've been turned into a.. g-girl!?
Haruhi: Now it's ok, right? Come on! Just suck it up and strip!
Kyon: Gah! ..Wait, even my voice is girly? Hey, stop it! Watch the hands! Ah... Aaahhh!
Mikuru: Kyaa~
Haruhi: Don't just stand there Mikuru, give me a hand!
Mikuru: Kyo, Kyon-san...
Haruhu: Alright! We're done. The costume looks good on you. Not quite as good as on Mikuru though.
Kyon: Oh my god... I-I don't belive it.. I'm... A bunnygirl...
Haruhi: All good! Let's go! Follow me, Kyon!
Kyon: L-Lemme go~

Kyon: Aah... Oh dear. I can't believe I'm doing this.
Haruhi: Yo! Kyon! How's it going? I've brought somoene to help you.
Kyon: What do you mean 'help'? What more could you... Gyah! I-Is that you, Koizumi?
Koizumi: Oh, you must be Kyon-san. You look good in that costume.
Kyon: You say 'You must be Kyon-san' but... You too...
Koizumi: Yes, I'm afraid so. Before I knew what was happening, I was a bunnygirl.
Haruhi: Although this time it's my costume that's being borrowed.
Koizumi: Oh, but the size is still a perfect fit!
Kyon: That's not the problem here! Y-you! You've been turned into a girl! And a pretty sexy one too... I think you should be a little more concerned!
Koizumi: Is that so? I thought this was because we had work to do? And you're pretty sexy yourself, Kyon-san. Come on, we've got to do our best.
Haruhi: That's right! Put your back into it, Kyon!
Kyon: T-this can't be...
Koizumi: How is everyone out there~ If you join the SOS Brigade, your every day is bound to be more interesting~
Haruhi: Alright, that's the right sort of attitude! You two have to get at least ten people interested in the club!
Kyon: Y-You're kidding me...
Koizumi: How is everone~ It's fun~ Please join the SOS Brigade~
Here's a few I found hilarious and cute. Again, thanks to various folks at the SOS-dan imageboard for the translations, where applicable.

Kids:"Kyon-ku~n! There's nobody over there! Hurry up, let's go!"
Kyon : "Hey! Aren't you kids supposed to call me 'Dad'?!

Disrespectful, but it's not like Kyon is used to being respected or listened to anyway... :sweat:

Kids + Haruhi: "Welcome home, Kyon-kun!" (note: Haruhi calls him Kyon, the kids add -kun)

Haruhi: "Th-that's mine, right? Hurry up and give it to me!" (note the shaking ring finger; this is Haruhi's acceptance of Kyon's proposal, it seems.)



I guess Kimidori is a stage magician at the kids' birthday party. Either they're skeptical about the magic tricks, or they're in a pout because Kimidori won't tell them how the tricks work.

Considering who - and what - Kimidori really is, the answer probably wouldn't be understandable by human minds.

This one's pushing the bounds of SFW standards, but I'd rate it PG13, maybe R, since nothing explicit is shown...

Pre-translated by various, edited by anonymous, found on 4chan. It's been around. ;)

Enough outta me for now. It's your turn, forum!


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While I am of the opinion that Haruhi needs to be slapped repeatily at various times, I find the acceptance proposal pic so her and so adorable O_O

The one with Kyon and his daughters is cute ^^


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(Tsuruya-san gets a bit TOO into the movie...)
I love those :lol:

Koizumi's weird. Srsly.

But, he has his moments. Especially moments like these:

And yes, that IS a gender-bent Itsuki in those. It's shocking how much better Itsuki seems to fit as a woman than as a man. (And trigger Kyon's ponytail-moe, but that's beside the point.)

Which raises an interesting point: Haruhi keeps her eyes out for the most important archetypes to be members of the SOS-dan... so why do we never see an Onee-san type? The "mature young lady" (e.g. Miyuki of Lucky Star) is quite a moe standard, yet remains sadly unaccounted-for.

Danchou must be informed! :snigger:


Oh, god... :rofl:


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Probably Haruhi doesn't want even more distractions for Kyon, from herself that is.


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Well, technically, Gears aren't human, Haruhi. But they're not aliens, I'm not an Esper-ish sort of Gear, and I don't have any ability like sliding or time-travelling.

"But you just said Gears were invented in the future! That makes you a time traveller!"

No, actually, it makes the guy who made me into a Gear a time-traveller.

"Last time I follow Axl around," Sol Badguy groused.


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What is that.


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grant said:
What is that.
Ever watched those shows where a team of mecha/ship pilots would combine their mechs to form their ultimate mech? Yeah.


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More haruhi gender bending

Kyon - If I had know this 'new world' thing would have turned out like this I would have kissed her like yuki told me... *sigh*


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Two more quickies. The Time paradox of Haruhi Suzumiya



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This should be added to that collection Ryoga. :lol:



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...pardon me whilst I pick up the pieces of my exploded brain. :huh!:


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Yo know... she could probably do it too...

Ouran!Haruhi has a habit of running into troublesome people... Hm I wonder what would happen if Kyon met ther other Haruhi. They seem to have a lot in common...

I just find this one amusing


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I found these images awhile back, and I feel I need to share them.

...yes, that is a life sized Haruhi figure, created perhaps as part of a promotional for the new game that was just recently released. Yes, it is also quite awesome.

However, take note that Haruhi's wearing a skirt. You know for sure that eventually, somebody - potentially perverted - is going to want to look up the Obnoxious Goddess's skirt and perhaps take pictures of goodness knows what for whatever reason.

...well, the store that put the figure on display apparently knew that was going to happen, and so they did this:

:rofl: :rofl: :rofl: :rofl:

Oh, and for those who are familiar with Kannazuki no Miko, you might be familiar with a certain wallpaper showing the two main characters partially stripped and hugging one another in a perhaps suggestive manner. Well, that same wallpaper is subject to a lot of different modifications via Photoshop, but somebody had apparently did one for SHnY. The end result?