Aquaman-Manta: Pacific War (Gene Killer)

This is a patriotic tale about Aquaman (DC Comics) protecting the good Earth from the clutches of his sinister mad genius rival Black Manta.


Aquaman had been battling his ugly nemesis Black Manta in the Pacific for about two years now, trying to destroy his diabolical cyborg-squid called 'Gene Killer.' Black Manta was once a respected patriotic U.S. Navy-man named Steven Douglas who was disfigured in a battleship attack near North Korea. Steven sighted Aquaman swimming around the battleship on the day of the attack and cried out to him for help, but Aquaman couldn't hear his cries above the sounds of the attacking flying enemy planes/jets overhead(!). Steven went insane after his injuries left him disfigured though not weakened! Steven fashioned himself a glowing helmet and war-suit and called himself Black Manta and swore vengeance on Aquaman, the aquatic superhero whom he blamed now for his terrible fate. Black Manta stole genetics blueprints for aquatic cybernetic 'creatures' and used them to construct his fear-inducing cyborg-squid 'Gene Killer.'

Aquaman managed to wrestle Black Manta off the pilot-seat of Gene Killer and fought with him hand-to-hand for about half an hour before Black Manta conceded defeat. Aquaman hauled off Manta and Gene Killer to a California government aquatic containment/incarceration and research center (a classified location!). Aquaman was relieved Black Manta was incarcerated and Gene Killer was no longer being 'used' to create apocalyptic terror in the Pacific. Manta had used Gene Killer to devastate various government boats/battleships all over the Pacific. Aquaman was thrilled that Earth was now safe from the clutches of a self-proclaimed 'prophet of doom.' Black Manta demanded Aquaman interview him on national TV so his perspective on terrorism could be shared with the people of modern Earth. Aquaman had no choice but to honor this demand to assuage the rage-filled Black Manta(!).

AQUAMAN: Why did you use Gene Killer to create the awful Pacific War?
BLACK MANTA: My role here is to spread terrorism, Aquaman!
AQUAMAN: Are you an agent of evil, Manta?
BLACK MANTA: I'm merely a servant of darkness...
AQUAMAN: You blame everyone for the appearance of your jaded mind!
BLACK MANTA: Earth will suffer when it defies my special imagination.
AQUAMAN: You're in jail now and will receive proper treatment!
BLACK MANTA: When I escape, I will build a new 'Gene Killer.'

Aquaman was happy Black Manta was incarcerated and commissioned a government artist to create a portrait of his triumphant fight with Black Manta. This comic book stylized portrait was hung in the White House and the U.S. President declared it to be one of the most historical representations of 'human hope' ever made! Aquaman swore to never allow Black Manta or anyone like him to create sort of terrorism and anarchy that made Earth temporarily a cauldron for awful/ugly terror. Black Manta never disclosed to Aquaman the reason he held a grudge against the aquatic superhero (or against all of Earth itself!), but Aquaman wisely reasoned that Black Manta was a deformed criminal who used rage and angst to justify anti-social platforms (i.e., terrorism). However, when Black Manta escaped from incarceration and told the Washington Post he'd find a way to fight Aquaman to the death, the aquatic superhero knew/realized his defense of grand Earth had just begun...


The Dominion of Mordred

Here's a cool chapter about Aquaman and Manta engaging with a new 'force' of conscience --- the mysterious Mordred (an allusion to the Arthurian character/warlord!).


Alas, Black Manta now had a new being to contend or pair with, and his name was Mordred. Originally thought to simply be the Arthurian era rival of Camelot, Mordred was discovered to be some kind of 'mystical immortal.' Mordred in the days of King Arthur was merely an incendiary warlord, but he survived through the eras that followed the Medieval Age, and he now was roaming around modern-day America/Earth and sometimes donned his distinctive/iconic gold-armor and helmet for Mardi Gras masquerade/color-festivals in New Orleans (Louisiana). Some conjectured Mordred may even be some kind of vampire. Black Manta wanted to meet Mordred and see if they could join forces to fight the defiant/heroic Aquaman, 'king of the seas.'

MORDRED: Many believe I'm a mere 'diplomat' of warfare-consciousness, but Alas, I'm much more(!). For example, I study the intricate links between black holes and immortality(!). I believe I'm 'akin' to the mysterious figure described in the Book of Revelation (Christian Bible!) called Apollyon (or 'Abaddon'), apparent 'master' or 'keeper' of the cryptic/enigmatic 'bottomless pit' of the sea (or perhaps darkness itself!). I'm not sure why Black Manta wishes to ally himself with me, but I imagine he wants me to help him fight the mighty Aquaman, 'king of the seas.' I'm undecided if I should help Black Manta or engage Aquaman on my own (on my own terms!).

Black Manta realized Mordred was not simply a 'negotiable warlord' who could simply be assuaged/persuaded to create convenient political pacts(!). Therefore, Black Manta decided to chat with Aquaman and see what he thought about the mysterious Mordred. When Aquaman told his rival/nemesis Black Manta that he considered Mordred a 'force of the forest' whose gold armor/helmet signified an imagination about complete control over governance-conspiracy, Black Manta realized Aquaman simply wanted to 'allow' the strange Mordred to just 'reside' peacefully n his own dominion(which in modern-day America/Earth was simply New Orleans!).

Aquaman was shocked to discover that Mordred was actually scheming to help the super-terrorist organization known as 'Cobra,' which was emerging as a new 'force' of evil in the modern world. However, what Aquaman did not know was that Mordred was contemplating working with Cobra since he fell in love with the gorgeous/attractive Cobra female war-consultant 'the Baroness.' Aquaman demanded Mordred explain why he was suddenly intrigued by terrorist-plots of Cobra, which was perhaps dangerously already building bridges with the insidious Black Manta. Mordred told Aquaman that he only wanted to court the Cobra executive Baroness. Aquaman gave a giggle and sigh of relief and told Mordred, "That's extraordinary; court your affair with Baroness --- avoid terrorist-entanglements with Cobra (and Black Manta!) and all will in your dominion in luscious New Orleans!" Peace was suddenly (and temporarily) imaginable!


A Diamond Theater: Phantom Daylight

I felt the compulsion to return to Fan Fiction Forum to post a Chapter about Aquaman working alongside the vigilante-hero Phantom to end the dangerous/illegal diamond trade in South Africa. This addendum speaks to my general political interest in 'resource-respect activism' and was inspired by the film Blood Diamond (Leo DiCaprio).




When Aquaman and Mordred parted ways, Aquaman was still curious about the contours of governance and danger in civilization and what comprised the bonds and bounds of ethics and virtue in mankind. Aquaman decided to travel to the dense and lush forests of South Africa to investigate the lucrative but dangerous illegal black market diamond trade. Aquaman encountered a masked vigilante named the Phantom who was trying to curb the evil crimes and piracy created by the illegal diamond trade in South Africa.

PHANTOM: Your interest in virtue has drawn you to diamonds.
AQUAMAN: I can walk on land (above water), you know!
PHANTOM: I suppose I could use your help here, Aquaman.
AQUAMAN: What can I do, Phantom?
PHANTOM: Can you create a tidal-wave to destroy a black market village?
AQUAMAN: Yes, but what would that accomplish, Phantom?
PHANTOM: Destroying that evil village will rid the area of diamond-pirates!

Aquaman decided to help the courageous Phantom who seemed genuinely interested in ending South African crime linked to the illegal diamond trade. Unlike the horrible ivory trade in Africa responsible for the brutal slaying of countless elephants, the illegal diamond trade in South Africa had catalyzed multiple forms of piracy and merchant-clan rivalry associated violence between human beings! The Phantom was obviously trying to save man's mortal imagination...

Aquaman knew that if mankind persisted in evil activities such as eco-pollution, elephant killings, narcotics trafficking, biochemical weapons development, and dangerous black market diamond trade corruption, the Earth would become marred by the 'dark sores' of 'unnatural imagination.' Aquaman concluded that the daring Phantom in South Africa reminded him of the 'natural virtue' of fighting corruption. Would Aquaman continue to work alongside Phantom to save mankind's basic genetic integrity? Would the vile nemesis Black Manta generate a new Pacific War to compound humanity's problems with governance?