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He was awoken from his slumber by an incessant pounding upon his door.

Hardly the first time he'd been awoken in such a manner. Griselda could be such an excitable gryphon.

His joints cracked as he lumbered to the door, his first attempt at hollering for her to stop trying to break his door down interrupted by a jaw-cracking yawn.

His claw gripped the bronze doorknob and ripped it towards him.

Honey brown eyes were open wide and her beak was greedily sucking in air.

She'd run up here.

"Archmage Ritter! There's an emergency, on the ground floor!" One talon was holding on to the doorframe while she caught her breath.

"I figured as much, but what kind of emergency?" He slipped his robe over top himself, already reaching for the rest of his wardrobe.

A silver circlet, a pair of rings and a necklace later he was walking down the winding stairs that lead up to his tower.

"-and this pony absolutely refused to leave because she insisted we see to her friend! I told her anything life threatening could be seen to by our professor of medicancy, but she just threw a fit! Insisted you come down yourself!" A pushy mendicant was hardly anything new, his reputation certainly preceded him these days.

It didn't explain why they hadn't just fobbed her off to one of professors or thrown her out.

"Slick Caster was just going to throw them both out, but the ramifications of it! Imagine what the tabloids would say!" That explained a little bit.

Griselda hadn't made such a fuss since Sapphire Shores had shown up, incognito, asking for a cure to a particular... Condition.

"Alright, alright, this probably won't even take a..." He very carefully swallowed his words after opening the door to the main hall.

Rainbow mane. Cyan pelt.

Rainbow Dash.

And if she was here with someone who 'Couldn't wait', it was probably one of the other Elements of Harmony.

"Hey!" Between one blink and the next, she was directly in front of his face. "You the archmage guy, Blaze somethin'?"

"Blaze Ritter, yes." He carefully sidestepped her, looking at the skid she'd brought with her. He grabbed a hold of a piece of the insulated fabric and pulled.

Slender legs, massive wings, all lavender.

Even growing into the size of a full alicorn, he'd recognize her anywhere.

Princess Twilight Sparkle.

And her horn was shattered.

"You're like, the smartest healer this close to Equestria, right? You gotta be able to do somethin'! No... Nopony else could." Rainbow Dash trailed off uncomfortably, looking down at the flat stonework of the floor.

A curse fracture, if the smell was anything to go by.

Of course the backwards mules in Equestria couldn't do anything. They'd jumped so far forward they'd forgotten their own history!

"Griselda. Go and prep..." A negligent flip of his wrist fed him an update on the keeps enchantments, telling him who was where. "Exam room three. Have Slick and Wispy clear out rooms one and four."

The stone beneath Twilight Sparkle melted, a table with six short, stubby legs rising up and carrying her with it to skitter off to the room he'd specified.

He raised his claw, rolling it over so the palm was up and holding a tiny, glimmering light.

"Miss Dash, if you'll follow the light you'll be taken to the guest quarters so you may freshen up. I'm afraid the preparations for Miss Sparkle here will take the better part of an hour. When you're ready, simply open the door and the light will lead you to our waiting rooms." She looked torn between hugging him and following the light.

Thankfully for his nerves, she chose to follow the light.

Once the pegasus, both of the unicorn professors and his secretary, Griselda were all clear of the room he sank down against the nearest wall.

His nerves were shot. He was trembling and anxious, terrified.

It... It had been a decade now, or close to it since he'd learned what he was. Since he'd watched his friends... -Her- friends grow distant and disturbed at his presence.

Since he'd started trying to fix -her- mistake.

He'd be in an operation in less than an hour, and he couldn't even keep his hands still!

Thank Discord magical healing was only rarely the same as surgery.

With a deep breath, Spike the Dragon stood once more upon two feet and, ensuring that the enchantment that kept his purple scales the color red, he walked to the exam rooms.

The sooner he was done, the sooner his past would go back to where it belonged.

AN/ This is supposed to be the hook before a series of flashbacks, then another scene in the present, followed by more flashbacks.

Odds are I won't be doing anything with this for a while, so I'll come clean with where I was intending to take the plot.
Basic Premise is that, Spike wasn't alive when Twilight hatched him. Yeah, undead Spike, zombie dragon fetus. Celestia doesn't believe he's anything more than a particularly well animated golem, tells Twilight after disturbing things happen, that spreads to the rest of the mane 6 and things break down from there as everypony starts to feel even more uncomfortable around the dragon. Spike eventually leaves and I'd intended for him to suffer from a degenerative magical condition which eventually leaves him an inanimate husk when Twilight isn't around to 'Recharge' him off her ambient magic. He'd find his solution in a school of relatively unpopular but versatile magic, enchanting.
The meat of the story is supposed to be about determining the value of life. He may have been made, but does that make him less alive, does that somehow mean he's soulless compared against the rest?
I don't know. I was just kicking this around at work today.