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Was inspired by the PV for this song to write more Arknights after "A Ring" but never finished it. Figured I'd share it here for my fellow DOKUTAHs.

Ash and Memory

“Do it.”

Her eyes rose, a gleam in them as her lips turned up in a smile. His gloved hands slipped across the glass as the sound of a revving chainsaw filled the world beyond. Behind the mask, the Doctor felt something deep within as he watched the Felinid Operator crashed through the line of men wielding haphazard melee weapons, heading towards where Amiya was positioned on the high ground.

The men and women in their bulky armor advanced steadily, unfearing- or perhaps no longer able to feel it? A loss of what had ever made them human. Beneath the glove, his forefinger itched.

Was he, too, no longer human? Without the memories that made him who he had originally been? His hand moved, pressing the comm system on the throat of his suit. “All Operators-” He choked, the tightness in his throat making it hard to form words---

No, he was still human, deep inside. That was what he believed.

“-provide retreating cover for Operators Amiya and Blaze.” A chorus of agreements filled the comms, while his hand came away from the glass to brush against the throat of his suit. Through the display, he saw the smile on the long-haired guard’s face as she dove into the chorus of battle.

Fires built, the revs of her weapon filled the air, even while his sight turned inwards.

“I’m turning her over to you.” Kal’stit held the sheaf of papers out to him, and he took them in hand, distracted once again by the ring on his pointer finger. The white-haired feline crossed her arms as he leaned back in his chair to consider the information all across the pages. “She’s worked with and for Amiya for awhile now, so you know who she’ll do well with.”