Avatar Fanfiction recomendations


The Collector
all the choirs in my head
In which the Fire Ferrets play in the tournament, Bolin and Korra are best friends, Mako is aloof, and Asami is—just what the hell, Asami, what the hell.

Body Language
There is an art in bending, she sees it now. She sees it in Korra's motions as she moves like the tide to push and pull water through the air. It's in the flex of her muscles as she sends dirt flying, the twist of her fingers as she forms the air around them, and the arc of her body as she flies through the air to send flames shooting into the blue skies. Asami can not help but be entranced.

I Don't Want to Set the World On Fire
“You already have the dress on,” he replies. “Every dress deserves at least one good dance.”
“True.” Bolin nods, and even Pabu squeaks in agreement. “Totally true.”
“Stop encouraging him!”

We Are Many Now
Asami is raised as an Equalist.

In The City, In The Streets
[Sequel to We Are Many Now] - At eighteen, she has no one now, except herself. It is not a new concept, with a dead mother and a distant father. Being homeless, however, is quite a new experience.

"What do you mean I've been...banned?" /complete

Rebuilding Lives
Republic City needs to be rebuilt, but so do the lives of Avatar Korra and her friends. A set of interconnected short fics set during the finale.

Tales of Republic City
Vignettes of Kataang family life in Republic City.

And the series that preceded Three Families:

Children of the War, Book 1: Water
Thirty years ago, a good man gave in to his own evil. Because he did, everything changed. Now, the Avatar must navigate a harsher world, less friends, more peril. But there is hope: An accident left an acrobat where she ought not be. AU.

Children of the War, Book 2: Earth
Sequel to Children of The War, Book 1. Aang's journeys in the Earth Kingdoms come upon unexpected obstacles, and old friends become new enemies. AU. Hints of Ty Lokka.

Children of the War, Book 3: Fire
Sequel to Children of The War, Book 2. Aang wakes up after six months comatose with the summer of Sozin's Comet looming close. Will he be able to stop Fire Lord Ozai in time? Slight AU, Ty Lokka, all else canon...ish. Complete.

The War of Flames
The sequel to Children of the War, Part 3. Six years after Sozin's Comet, Azula finally awakens from her madness, to find she is going to be used as a figurehead. But she has a nasty surprise in store for her puppetmasters. AU, Ty Lokka, Complete.

Not as good as Three Families altogether but good nonetheless. The fourth story is best, imo. I'm not sure why all the summaries mention Ty Lokka when the characters and pairing don't stand out any more than the rest of the cast.


California Crackpot
Wow, has it been almost a year since someone posted links in here? Sorry about the necro...

hollow bones
Summary: For your first promotion Lin takes you out for drinks and you tell her, flushed and elated, that you can’t imagine ever doing anything else.

No Matter What
Summary: (Spoilers ahead!) While spending quality time with her mother, little ten-year-old Lin wonders what her mother would do if Lin didn't have her bending. Years later, after losing her bending, she remembers her mother's response.


California Crackpot
The Last Airbenders by Feneris
Summary: The Fire Nation didn’t kill all the Air Nomads. They tried. They very nearly succeeded. But the Air Nomads have always been a mobile and scattered people. The temples may have been destroyed, but the Air Nomads lived on, hidden wherever they could find shelter. It wasn’t easy. There was many things they had to sacrifice in the name of staying hidden.

But other things they were able to keep safe. Despite the Fire Nations best efforts, they were not destroyed. Now after 100 years, the War is over, and the Avatar sets out to find the last of his people. (Not LoK compliant)