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I was recently reading this fanfic by Hotspur called Two Roads where history could have taken a different turn in Avatar: The Last Airbender. In the episode The Avatar and the Firelord Sozin proposes to Roku that they ally themselves in the conquest of the world. In the episode, Roku refused him and told him that he would never agree to such a thing.

So what if he agreed instead. How different would things have turned out if you had a corrupted Avatar trying to conquer the world along with Firelord Sozin?


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who says the avatar needs to be corrupt.

A fic a read a few year ago presented the idea that each avatar has to decide for his or her self what the balance is. If Roku believed that a unified world would achieve balance then he would try to achieve balance that way.


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One difference would be that the Air Nomads probably wouldn't be wiped out in the opening move of the war. Conquered maybe, but not slaughtered to extinction. Or they'd be left alone for the opening move and the power of the Comet used to crack open either the Earth Kingdom or the Water Tribe in a single day(probably Water Tribe, considering how huge the Earth Kingdom is. I'm guessing the reason Ozai chose to torch the Earth Kingdom instead of doing a blitzkrieg was because there was just too much ground to cover in a single day and not enough soldiers to do it all at once, even with the airships) If the Avatar supported the Firelord's bid to unify the world once, why take the next one out of the equation? Also, with Roku influencing Sozin's conquest policies, I think suppression of Benders would be reduced somewhat, maybe Benders from the conquered regions would be required to swear fealty to the Fire Nation and all children found to have talent for Bending would be indoctrinated before being allowed to begin training in the Bending arts.


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Now this would be interesting.

The political fallout would be insane, 4 different governments under one standard is a bureaucratic nightmare.

Even if he thinks the world needs to be united, somehow Roku doesn't strike me as the type to support unilateral destruction of entire cultures and countries.

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And so that wouldn't happen, the Avatar is in charge of balance right? Just because a nation get concured doesn't mean their way of life dies with the country, new leadership really doesn't mean much a unified world WOULD bring about peace, what's the point of fighting over land if it already belongs to everyone?

The Air Nomads (why are they called nomads if they have temples?) are pretty much passefists a world with no war? Not that bad of an idea.

Earth Benders would give them the most trouble and resistance, they're rock heads, stubborn and would refuse to change for anyone. But if you pretty much just let them govern themselves then it should be okay, Ozai might have been going for that kinda thing. But with a Firebender as the leader.

Water would also oppose this system too but from where they are living its not like they has a say in it anyways, hello people no one wants to visit!

Strickly speaking though if the fic was more about a "what if" the Avatars were supposed to be the supreme rulers of the world? Think about that, the last Avatar Aang was supposed to rule the world but maybe Roku wasn't as nice as he could have been and people were pretty burned by him - get it "burned" by him? ahhh right- Sozen did the world a great favor by getting rid of the Avatar at the time using the Comet to strengthen his powers enough to fight Roku and win.

Then when the next Avatar learned who he was (Aang) he fled because he found out that they were coming for him the next day. Sure it could have been a misunderstanding but maybe not and he ran away.

Well a Hundred years later the Avatar hasn't shown up for a very long time but without a strong leader to guide the people and keep them unified (weather they want to be or not) In fighting has started. ALL of the nations are enemies to each other though the Air Benders have managed to stay neutral.

Think about how THAT story would go.