Batgirl Beyond AU Ideas


So recently I've been watching Batman Beyond as well as reading the comics based on the show and I came up with relatively simple idea of Melanie Walker aka Ten of the Royal Flush Gang becoming Batgirl Beyond (I know there's already one in the comics), an old and not really unique idea to be sure. I know most people would say that Max would be their first choice for "Batgirl Beyond" and that Melanie is Terry's Catwoman. However, I liked where things were going for Max in the comics with the whole "Oracle" like hacker scheme she's has going on.

Originally the idea was that a now reformed Melanie would instead become a hero and use her talents for good instead of quitting the lifestyle entirely like she did in the cartoon. I mean she’s already got the training, albeit as a villain, but now that she’s turned her life around; why not use that training as a hero.

Course the problem there was “How could she become Batgirl in that scenario?” I mean Terry more or less burned his bridges with her and decided to leave her alone.

Then I decided to think up of a couple of alternate scenarios and I came up with these:-
  • Sometime before "Dead Man's Hand" (The episode she was introduced in) Melanie realizes that her family cares more about their criminal lifestyle, than what she would like. She decides enough is enough and runs off to Gotham, to get away from them and their lifestyle. While in Gotham she hears rumours that Batman is back and perhaps wanting to do some good in her life and perhaps as an afterthought, a "screw you" to her parents and their lifestyle, you could say, creates a costume much like Batgirl’s, Soon after Terry + Bruce find out, and after persistently trying to get her to quit, reluctantly decides to bring her in as part of the “Bat family” to Barbara’s dismay.
  • Bruce, Barbara, Tim and co have passed away long before the events of BB and since there was no one to inherit it, Wayne Manor was made a National Heritage site (Do they have those over in America?). The Batcave however, was never discovered until decades into the future (How they found it would be the question) by Terry, Melanie (who like in the previous idea has decided to run away from her parents and their lifestyle and perhaps came friends or BF/GF with Terry) + Max. Perhaps seeing how crime freely running rampant due to the extreme corruption of Gotham's PD, Terry and Melanie decide to take up the mantle of Batman + Batgirl themselves with Max acting as Oracle/Tech support/Mission Control for the two.