Bleach Bleach Fanfic Plan: The Devil Inside

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So, the following is something I've been working on adhoc for the past year, the story plan is complete but I have yet to write the actual story. I'm not sure if I will write this, but the essence of the story is here for those to see.

I've proof read it a couple of times but some punctuation, spelling and gramatical errors may still remain.

Hope you enjoy reading this!

You find the file for this document here:!OywmwKoB!UGwrdcsSupmS9SPJmHhP_7sNHfzazYSN7GQfEtL9B0Q

Bleach Fanfic: The Devil Inside
Character Bio:

Isao Mizota:
He was the 19th Arrancar of the Arrancar Army and is the protagonist of this story. He is 6ft 1inch, weighs 14st, born on the 22nd of July and is 23-year-old.

His Zanpakuto, Excalibur (meaning ‘Holy and infallible sword’) is a shock wave type, resembling a medieval blade with a platinum coloured guard. It is holstered on his back in a slanted angle, with the handle pointing toward the right, matching his right handedness.

His main attacks are various advanced sword manoeuvres and he is able to create blunt but powerful bursts of pressure waves that act like a hammer, he can also compress the force into thin waves of power with much more cutting ability, similar to Ichigo Kurosaki’s Getsuga Tenshou.

His hollow remnants consist of 2 rhino horns on his forehead, with a large one above a smaller one, as well as the hollow hole in his chest.

His resurreccion puts him in the form of what somewhat resembles an Ironclad medieval knight, with the colour being a very dark metallic blue with platinum trim, as well as his rhino horns on his forehead now metallic (platinum coloured). The advantage gives increased speed, power and endurance, as well as improved defence capabilities and allows him to release his signature technique, Cero Terminus.

He is an outgoing and arguable cocky personality but is also often a reserved person as well as a deep thinker and intellectual. He doesn’t reveal this often, in fact the only person to know this is Nelliel, given they read books together and discuss complex topics in the grand library of Las Noches. He thinks things through and mostly acts on what he can deliver, while sometimes fighting uphill battles where he feels is necessary regardless of the challenge and cost. He is very good at taking initiative, solving problems of many calibres and with a strong resolve to see it through and lead a team.

He has a Cero specialty, called Cero Terminus, in which it creates a very dark blue sphere that sucks all selected in the area into it, it then can be moved to another location that explodes and releases the force according to the level of spiritual pressure absorbed from the beings it engulfs, so it can create a devastating explosion, putting humanities current strongest bomb tested so far, Tsar Bomba, to shame.

Fudo Mizota:

He was the 21st Arrancar of the Arrancar Army and is the Antagonist of this story. He is Isao’s older brother and is a polar opposite of him in many ways. He is 6ft 3inch, weighs 15st, born on 3rd August and is 25 years old.

Fudo differs as an arrogant, overconfident and disrespectful person who believes he is too good for most other people, and spends the majority of his time alone, often reading books on how manipulate people and acquire power, due to his ambition of dominating the realms and proving his superiority as a hollow and Arrancar. He builds up his frustrations and then outbursts against people who he has problems with, such as Arrancars who think they are better than him and go to lengths to insult him.

His Zanpakuto is a Lava type called Amaterasu, takes the form of a katana, with a gold guard, black handle and dark orange trimming for decoration. It can produce storms of magma and turn the ground in a wide radius into a pool of lava.

His hollow remnants consist of his hollow hole in his chest, as well as two bull horns above ears.

His resurreccion dons him in a suit that resembles a samurai warrior, but black coloured with gold and orange trim decoration, with his bull horns gold rather than a typical hollow white mask hue.

His Cero specialty is Cero Overdrive, a luminous dark orange coloured cero blast that overloads the spiritual energy production of its victim, causing them to explode from the inside out on a cellular level.

Nelliel Tu Odelschwanck:

Well, you already know about her background, but in this fanfic, she develops a relationship with Grimmjow, despite their differences especially regarding views about war and philosophy, they have a deep connection which has grown from mutual respect and teamwork, since Hueco Mundo does often require people to work together to survive the harsh environment. Her hair is turquoise in my fanfic, but I suppose that is irrelevant giving it is all text. Still, the anime depiction was better in my view.


Based 15 years after the Quincy blood war, which is 5 years after the epilogue, two arrancars return from an expedition sent from Aizen to another dimension to chart and explore it. They are back very late due to the time dilation in the dimensions they explored, their clocks say they have only been away for a few weeks.

These two arrancars are brothers, Isao Mizota (19th Arrancar) and Fudo Mizota (21st Arrancar) who were recruited Nelliel Tu Odelschwanck (Tres Espada) and Nnoitora Gilga (Octavia Espada) for Aizen when they found them as Vasto-Lorde defending themselves well against the fierce rivalry other more savage Menos Grande.

Nnoitora just wanted to kill them and reduce competition for spot as the best hollow. However, Nelliel overruled on her superior authority in terms of strength and rank, on the grounds that Aizen’s orders are to seek vasto-lorde, and that they both seemed promising to fulfil Aizen’s wishes.

And so, Isao and Fudo were recruited into the Arrancar Army, after they were transformed by the hogyoku of course. During the transformation of Isao and Fudo, unusual levels of spiritual pressure were released, both generating bursts of spiritual pressure that blasted off the roof of the experiment facility in Las Noches, as well as briefly gripping tightly the attention of anyone nearby Las Noches, as the spiritual pressure comes close to crushing the audience of the transformation.

Isao worked his way up into the ranks as 19th Arrancar but never was able to become an Espada, his inability to harness his full potential as well as being critical of the leadership diminished his opportunity for promotion. However, Nelliel persuaded Aizen to appoint Isao as Fraccion Commandant, in which the person of that rank has the duty of training fraccion heavily and reviewing the performance they provide to their master. She saw a quality in Isao that see never seen before, a strong sense of initiative and resolve and to learn and tackle new problems, no matter how big or small.

Isao is loyal to Aizen but critical of his leadership, being concerned over the direction he is taking, a path towards war and destruction of immense proportions, with both sides sustaining heavy losses as a best-case scenario. Isao was also aware of the threat Quincies posed to Hueco Mundo and the security of all realms, but no one would listen to his warnings.

Isao formed and led a faction within the Arrancar Army known as the Arrancar Independence Movement (A.I.M), formed of members also critical of Aizen. Their main purpose is to conduct a form of peaceful protest against Aizen’s plans to wage war on the soul society, achieved by seeking evidence and information on the soul societies positive and negative attributes, and using this research to back up the idea that war against the soul reapers is unnecessary, costly and suicidal.

This has weakened Aizen’s position somewhat but holds on to power as ruler of Hueco Mundo well. Aizen has offered Isao a place as his Noveno Espada if he discontinues his protest and disbands the A.I.M. Isao refused, being a man of principle and dignity, putting his beliefs first before titles, ranks and luxuries.

Fudo never moved beyond the rank of 21st Arrancar because he was more of a loose cannon than Isao was, thinking quietly, sticking to himself but acting boldly and recklessly. This is the opposite of Isao, who is more outgoing and banterous as well as acting carefully in matters of real importance.

Isao had his reservations about Aizen’s leadership, due to his fear of it leading to the destruction of the Arrancar Army and the Espada Elite at the top. The only Espada at the time that recognised his concern was Nelliel, however she ordered Isao to stop delving into business which isn’t his concern or authority. Fudo was not concerned with such matters, as he was eager to kill the soul reapers and the people who they protect.

Anyway, they didn’t return before the arrancar war, so Aizen forgot about Isao and Fudo, assuming they will return eventually, or that they were dead. It never did concern him really, as Aizen sees his subjects as expendable assets regardless.

Isao and Fudo return, overwhelmed with confusion to see Las Noches mostly wrecked and scarcely populated, however they are soon spotted and confronted Tier Harribel and her Fraccion, them demanding who they are, what their business is or to leave. Fudo draws his Zanpakuto, eager to fight, however Isao instructs Fudo to stop, and he briefly outlines their rank and mission, Harribel’s Fraccion are not convinced and draw their swords eager to fight as well as Fudo, Harribel orders her fraccion to disengage and remarks that this is a strange situation, but it seems they are not enemies.

Fudo demands to know what has happened, exclaiming that they were only away for a short time. Harribel explains what has happened since, that it has been over 20 years since they have left, and a lot has happened.

Fudo is shocked and angry (due to him missing out on action), while Isao is surprised but soon acceptant, due to the fact that he read up on the risks of inter-dimensional travel on uncharted and unstable realms, using logs, documents and books as sources that are in the Grand Library of Las Noches, where Nelliel spent most of her spare time and recommended it to Isao as ideal reading for his assignment.

Nelliel, her fraccion and Grimmjow arrive shortly after to back Harribel up if it is necessary, however Harribel ensures them the situation is fine and they retain their posture. Nelliel remembers them from the past of course and is curious and quite happy to see Isao again, and given that most people from her past as the Tres Espada are either dead or missing, she gets excited and dashes onto him, knocking him over in the process to give him a tight hug. Isao attempts to pry the smothering grip of her arms and body off him but struggles and she is eventually pulled off by Grimmjow, groaning and berating her for her childish behaviour.

Nelliel retakes her posture and observes Isao’s surprised and awkward reaction. He approaches Nelliel and gently lifts up her fringe, revealing the scar that runs along the area with the missing teeth and crack on her ram skull. Isao asks who did this to her, with a quiet but irritated demeanour, she reluctantly and quietly answers that it was Nnoitora Gilga, showing an emotion on her face and stance that shows hatred of discussing the subject. Isao asks where Nnoitora is now, however, Grimmjow steps in between him and Nelliel and exclaims with bitter anger that it’s none of his business, after being stared out by Isao, he backs off and answers the question, he explains it was Kenpachi Zuraki, Squad 11 Soul Reaper Captain killed him during the Arrancar War.

Isao steps back, and despite feeling empathy and bitterness for what happened to Nelliel, he remarks he is glad the bastard got what was coming to him.

Anyway, Isao is surprised that Nelliel is behaving in a very childish way but soon learns from Tier why, due to the crack on her skull inflicted by Nnoitora Gilga (shorty after Isao and Fudo set off for the expedition), some her cognitive abilities have been reduced, making some of her behaviours more erratic and childish.

Isao asks who else is left at Las Noches, Nelliel and Harribel explain to him that them, their fraccion and Grimmjow are the only people left at Las Noches, as everyone else has fled or has died.

Isao enquires about the ruler of Hueco Mundo, to discover the Harribel is the defacto ruler of Hueco Mundo and has the respect of many Menos Grande and Hollows, however they are free to go where they please in Hueco Mundo and are thus free from command and orders. Isao and Fudo have a look around Las Noches and stay the evening in an intact quarter that Tier suggested to them.

The next morning, they exchange goodbyes with Harribel and the others and leave for the desert, with an old bunker that they know of in mind as a home to refurbish, use and live in. Isao promises to Nelliel he’ll return to spend time in and help out with maintaining the Grand Library of Las Noches, even though she has done a great job, he still wants to lend a hand given that it’s just her and her fraccion looking after it.

Isao and Fudo move far out from Las Noches to an abandoned bunker in the desert, to settle down in the old bunker that will be refurbished to their needs and some tastes where feasible.

However, Isao and Fudo now have a new power, while away on their expedition, they shortly soon encountered humanoid beings consisting of a jet black colour with pure white trim around their faces and body outlines, however parasitic entities that look like leeches entered Isao’s and Fudo’s bodies and gave them this power that all beings in this dimension share, called The Devil Inside. With this, they were able to hold the attackers off and learned to contain and control this power, then they returned to Hueco Mundo, with time dilation throwing them years ahead of plan.

This is a difficult power to control, similar to the difficulties the Vizards had in controlling their hollow powers. Isao and Fudo are consciously and physically straining themselves to moderate the influence of the parasite that gives them this power in exchange for a stable flow of rich purified raichi, rather than its ability to leech crude and impure raichi from the environment, which is the method of its immense power, by rendering the enemies powerless by taking the power from them and using it as the source of power to defeat them.

Weeks later, with Isao’s and Fudo’s bunker now renovated into a basic but comfortable home by hard work and resourcefulness, and with the essentials to live on a daily basis, they were able to recuperate and recover from their exhausting expedition. However, Fudo now wants to use this power to destroy the soul society and finish Aizen’s work. He attempts to convince Isao join him in his quest and is absolute in his believe that the soul society and the humans must perish.

Isao refuses, being an Arrancar of reason and only fighting for a valid reason, resembling the philosophy of Nelliel Tu Odelschwanck. Fudo counters him by listing the sins of the soul society and its authorities, like the absolute power and corruption of the Gotei 13, Noble clans, Royal family etc. Isao reasons that they are not perfect but have their merits and that we should only fight if they threaten them and their allies within Hueco Mundo, such as the ex-espada remaining at Las Noches.

Fudo laughs and insists the soul society are not redeemable and the ex-espada are not allies, but only loose ends to be tied up. This concerns Isao, and when he isn’t doing maintenance jobs or sourcing means of sustenance, mostly confines himself to his private abode in their refurbished bunker, while mostly thinking Fudo is posturing and not meaning what he has said, while also contemplating what to do next.

The next day, Isao awakes to find a note on the kitchen counter top at their bunker, outlining what Fudo plans, insisting that Isao will come around and join him after he has proved himself by rallying hollows across Hueco Mundo and freeing and hollowfying sinners of hell to charge Las Noches and kill the remaining ex-espada, then proceed to overwhelm the Gotei 13 and other soul society authorities.

Isao acts fast, quickly assembles some relevant gear to hand and rushes to Las Noches as fast as he can, unsure whether he is too late while traversing the immense distance across the dimly lit grey sand like desert landscape to the colossal fortress of Las Noches. He doesn’t know much about the others of course, but from the past, he knew Nelliel and her fraccion quite well, and only hopes she can hold her ground and ward off Fudo and his insurgents, at least long enough for himself to get there and stop his scheming brother.

Meanwhile, Fudo arrives at Las Noches, with Tier Harribel enquiring his reason for being here. Fudo asks her, her subordinates and ex-espada friends to join him in his quest to crush the soul society. She refuses, stating that they have no reason to fight with the soul society, and the chances of success regardless are miniscule. Fudo then says that he expected her response and then laughs, and exclaims that due to her refusal, they will all die. Fudo uses his sonido mastery to dash into the distance, following shortly with a massive horde of hollows and hollowfied sinners emerging over the horizon, prompting Tier to rally everyone at Las Noches to prepare and brace for a mass assault.

Nelliel asks where Isao is and whether he is involved, Tier Harribel affirms that she has not sensed Isao nearby, and that he is probably not involved giving the temperament she observed when she met him previously. Nelliel agrees, given that she knew him in her past as the Tres Espada, although they had large differences in terms of conduct, they spent many hours at the Grand Library together or nearby reading books of relevant or desired interest, as well as standing up to rogue elements of the Arrancar Army such as Nnoitora Gilga and Szylopparo Granz. However, Grimmjow and Tier’s Fraccion disagree, stating that they hardly know him and besides, he could have changed in their time away regardless.

Regardless, they convene on edge of Las Noches facing the horde, and they plan a formation for a counterattack, more of a defensive posture though. At first, the horde consists of lesser hollows, no match for the arrancars, however the sheer number and intensity of the horde starts to wear them out as Menos Grande start to approach as well as hollowfied sinners. Hollowfied sinners have more power as their time of suffering in hell as riled up their hatred and thus increases their drive for revenge and destruction. They struggle against the horde and begin to faint from exhaustion and injuries on the Las Noches floor, where they were defending a tactical position while in retreat, the horde gathers around the fallen arrancar, and converge on them, however Fudo tells them to stay in position around them, as he wants the pleasure of finishing them off with his own sword.

As Fudo approaches Tier Harribel fainted body to impale her, a large burst of dark blue energy is seen to immerge over the horizon, it then coalesces and forms a large sphere and sucks all of the horde into it. The dark blue energy sphere ascends dozens of miles into the air explodes and unleashes an explosion on par of 1000 Tsar Bomba nuclear bombs, the force cause sky to light up a pure and overwhelming bright white hue and the spiritual pressure unleashed intimidates Fudo as it comes close to crushing point, he then panics and flees Las Noches, dashing off far away from the place. Isao arrives to tend to the injuries of the fallen espada, while fatigued from unleashing his signature technique, Cero Terminus. He starts with person with the most injuries, Nelliel Tu Odelschwanck.

She later awakes, with all of the fallen arrancar in his former quarters place on makeshift beds and cushions, she thanks him for his help and humility, but asks why he is helping them and why Fudo is opposing them. Isao remarks that she should know why, he believes in peace and humbleness while Fudo believes in war and superiority, Nelliel nods in agreement, but remarks that he is not humble, he lightly chuckles and accepts that observation.

They have a conversation about their past, to Isao, it is only weeks ago, to Nelliel, it is over 20 years, however, there is still mutual tension about what happened the night before Isao set off for the expedition, for as you see, Isao came by Nelliel’s quarters while her fraccion were away on a recon mission on that night, to talk about general things as well as the expedition, when Isao wished her good night and attempted to leave her quarters, Nelliel gently grabbed his arm, he turned around and saw the glistening shine of Nelliel’s hazel eyes, this visually communicated the bond between each other, and given that they both felt alone in the world in their interest in books, philosophy and decency, and even despite differences that divided them such as behaviours, attitudes and work ethic, like magnets they kissed each other passionately and one thing led to another. While it was a source of comfort at the time brought on by a strong bond, lust and a degree of loneliness, this is now a source of regret for both of them, as it makes their relationship as friends complicated, however they agree to continue as friends and put it behind them, with a strong hug to consolidate that sentiment. However, she does remark they if he ever mentions what happened, he is dead. Isao perfectly accepts that sentiment and tries not to gulp. However, Isao is not the type to gloat about such things anyway, Nelliel knows this, but it’s all in good spirit.

Later on, Grimmjow awakes and confronts Isao as he attempts to remove his bandages for his lighter injuries, Nelliel stops Grimmjow sword with her bare hands and tells him to stop, because Isao is a friend and is not a threat, if anything a benefit, with Nelliel’s death stare terrifying Grimmjow. Grimmjow grumbles but stands down, to remain in good graces of his girlfriend Nelliel.

Once they all awaken, they discuss what is happening and debate whether it is their duty to stop him and inform the soul society. While they agree they are not prepared nor willing to fight the soul society if they can help it, despite however all being disgusted on the past actions of the soul society and the unnecessary slaughter, brutal experimentation and torture of hollows by units such as the Department for Advanced Research and Development. Grimmjow wants to kill Fudo to prove his superiority and stub Fudo’s demeanour of smugness. Isao somewhat understands Grimmjow’s emotions so doesn’t respond to that. Isao reasons that in principle they should only fight if their lives of them and their friends and allies are in direct danger. However, given that Fudo’s plans also threaten their existence and he is his brother, he sees it as his responsibility and duty to deal with this and stop him. Nelliel and Tier agree, but add that revenge is also something they may consider if it is felt as an action to be taken, Isao disagrees, saying that we should rise above petty savagery and learn to control our emotions and vast powers as Arrancars, adding that this is more of a battle within on moral integrity than it is a battle against an outside enemy. This leaves Tier and Nelliel stunned and reconsidering their views, while Grimmjow and Tiers Fraccion grumble and shake their heads in disagreement.

Later on, an expedition team of soul reapers arrives at Las Noches, led by Rukia Kuchiki, captain of the 13th squad. Tier notices their presence as well as everyone else, rushing the source of the spiritual pressure, they all sonido to their location and stand in front of them a few healthy paces to give some clearance. Tier demands to know what their business is here, releasing vast amounts of spiritual pressure to intimidate them. Rukia’s team are either eager to fight or eager to flight, but Rukia orders her team to retain posture and formation and she steps forward.

Rukia insists they come in peace and are under orders from the head captain to enquire whether they know anything about the breaches in the hellverse that have been causing mass disturbances across the soul society and the world of the living. Tiers fraccion remark that they don’t have to answer to them and that they are no match. Tier orders to shut up and step back, insisting it’s only fair we hear them out. She recalls Fudo with his army of stubborn, twisted and slightly more powerful hollowfied sinners attacking them and causing chaos at Las Noches that had just recently occurred.

Rukia thanks Tier for her understanding and says that her description of the sinners matches the reports, but she is eager to know more about this Fudo and his motives. Isao steps in and speaks, he explains to Rukia that he is his brother, and has been away with him on an expedition of their own for a while, hence not being here to fight the wars that took place.

He explains that it is a part of his plan to destroy the soul society by assembling enough hollows and sinners to overwhelm her authorities, while also enhancing his own power by consuming many enriched souls of high spiritual pressure density, such as fullbringers, Quincies, bounts, sinners, Menos Grande hollows and even arrancars and soul reapers. The last word stuns Rukia with shock, knowing that she and her allies could be up for lunch.

Now with both sides knowing there are not enemies, Tier invites Rukia and her team to stay and exchange more information and what’s going on. Rukia agrees, stating that giving the severity of the situation they face, it only seems right to cooperate more closely.

Rukia asks why Fudo is doing this, Isao explains that he believes as an Arrancar that he has the right to conquer and rule all the dominions, and to fulfil Aizen’s grand plan of absolute rule and destruction, in other words, he believes he is superior and should control everything, no matter the cost to everyone else.

This revelation shocks Rukia but is somewhat accustomed to being having twisted and maniac-like people as her enemies. Nelliel adds that it seems that Fudo believes in war and superiority, while we believe in peace and humbleness, a statement referring back to what Isao said to her earlier, giving a smile on his face of agreement, understanding and unification of sentiment, as they both looked into each other’s eyes briefly, in which implies a friendship that can never be broken. Non-the-less, Rukia agrees, but insists they are not humble, Nelliel and Isao both laugh gently and then mildly shake their head at that response, leaving Rukia slightly confused.

Shortly after, Rukia and her team thank Tier and the others for their humility and explain she’ll report back to the head captain and will try to improve lines of communication, co-operation and understanding, Tiers welcomes this and wishes her a good journey back to the soul society.

In the Central 46, Head captain Shunsui Kyoraku appeals a motion rejected by the court he proposed following Rukia’s return and report of the situation in Hueco Mundo, in which to form a loose alliance with the Arrancars to tackle the problem of Fudo and his army of twisted hollows and sinners. The court refuses the appeal, and overrules the head captain’s proposal, stating that the arrancars could be in kinship with this Fudo and are playing deception games on them, as well as their immense power and status, making them dangerous and hard to hold accountable for their actions.

However Shunsui reasons that they wouldn’t be playing with them if they just intended to overpower them with sheer brute force regardless, he adds that the Arrancars have a strong sense of conscience and dignity, and that the ones left in Hueco Mundo use this ability best and don’t intend harm against the soul society, or any of its allies and protectorates, such as the world of the living. He accepts the risks of working with arrancars, buts adds that the chances are they will work with us well and be a valuable asset and in skill, power and versatility to assist the mounting crisis they face.

The court maintains its position and overrules again, saying it’s decision is absolute and set in stone, leaving the head captain stuck and having to assemble an emergency captains meeting to discuss alternate courses of action. The majority of captains don’t trust the arrancars but accept their contribution during the Quincy Blood War to stop the Quincies from fulfilling their conquest of complete uni-realm domination. Rukia insist the Arrancars in question are friendly, mean well and could be invaluable in tackling this crisis. The head captain agrees but insists that the court considers this matter closed and no further contact is to be attempted with them, and they are to proceed as ordered to address the issue.

At Las Noches, while the arrancars are busy training and learning to unleash new forms such as Segunda Epta and Tres Epta, they receive a hell butterfly sent in secret by Rukia, in which relays an encrypted message to avoid interceptors knowing what it is. Isao reckons he knows how to decrypt the message and proceeds to the grand library of Las Noches to look up commonly used Soul Reaper encryption cyphers and keys. Nelliel insists she should come along to help him, looking through many encryption cyphers and documents and comparing them to the scrambled-up message relayed until eventually, they crack the encryption.

The message encodes warning that Central 46 has overruled any co-operation with them and is assembling Squad Zero (The Royal Guard) to assemble a strike force capable of taking the arrancars out and what is hoped to weaken Fudo’s position, but the truth is that it will make it stronger.

Nelliel’s fraccion insist they should leave las Noches and hide, while everyone else believes they should stand and fight. So of course, they unify behind the idea and brace for an attack from the soul society this time instead. However, unbeknownst to them, they have Isao on their side with an immense power from another dimension, in other words, The Royal Guard doesn’t stand a chance.

As expected, they arrive, pretending to be diplomats wanting to improve co-operation, but they shortly drop the act and attempt to kill Tier, however the arrancars in question quickly ambush them and rapidly dwindle their numbers, however, the most powerful royal guard members just about defeat the arrancars. However except for Isao, as he faces the verge of defeat from a prominent captain, releases his Devil Inside power for the first time in front of the other arrancars, and then shortly losing control of the parasite within and thus loses his inhibitions, proceeds and massacres the Royal Guard, mostly by ripping out organs and flesh with his parasite-transformed, sharp and scaly hands. With their corpses mutilated and splatted with guts and blood all over the battlefield, this horrifies Nelliel, her fraccion and Tier, but is somewhat envied by Tier’s Fraccion and Grimmjow.

He then turns on the Arrancars and attempts to kill them all, however he faints when his Devil Inside mask cracks and is pried off by his hands, due to his infighting with the parasite to stop it forcing him to kill them.

Isao regains control of his body and mind after being controlled by the parasite and battling the arrancars almost to the death. He deeply regrets this happening and apologizes, explaining everything that has happened and not holding back details. While Tier and Nelliel are horrified, annoyed and upset that he needlessly mutilated the Royal Guard, information was withheld and thus were almost killed by him, they proceed to contact Urahara to remedy a treatment to help Isao control this power better. They are also seeking a way to get the soul society off their back given their attack and Isao’s murdering spree on their most powerful, sacred and respected fighters, Squad Zero.

Sure enough, Urahara has some medicine to hand, originally synthesized to help new Vizards control their new power.

Isao thanks Urahara for his help but raises concern about his ability to fight with this medicine. Urahara insists that it is to help Isao help control his parasite, not control it for him, if Isao try’s hard enough, he can release the power he has been infected with, and quickly lose control as he did last time.

Nelliel makes Isao promise he won’t allow the power to come out under any circumstances, Isao promises that he won’t, but raises doubts about whether he can help that from happening in any meaningful way. She punches him hard in the face, knocking him over and dominantly insists he will stop the parasite taking control, she then lifts him up off the ground and hugs him very tightly to smothering point, showing that she is being bold, brass, brutal and assertive, but does care very much about him. Unusual behaviour for Nelliel, but like anyone else with a sensible perception of the situation, she is concerned and fearful of the dire situation they face.

Urahara refers the matter of the soul society to Yoruichi, who explains that evasion is the priority rather than fighting or resolving the conflict with the them, however she does say they will probably disengage once they realise this Fudo is the real threat and are unable to fight both Isao and Fudo, given they will have to fight the ”greater evil” in order to actually win. She begins to teach Isao and the arrancars how to increase their speed and evasion techniques to avoid detection and being caught, while Isao practices how to release his Tres Epta and use the full power of the resurreccion without losing control to the parasite inside him, The Devil Inside.

Urahara and Yoruichi don’t make the same mistake again and gather spiritually aware counterparts alike they know of such as Ichigo Kurosaki, his wife Orihime Kurosaki, Uryu and fullbringers to discuss the imminent invasion of the world of the living and Soul Society, and to establish with them which hollows are a threat and which ones are not.

While Isao is alone practicing on the basement of Urahara’s shop, which is a giant complex that simulates land battles, Ichigo decides to meet Isao and get an idea of what he is like. However, at first, Isao briefly greets him and then ignores him, practicing discharging sword attacks, cero blasts and sonido techniques. Ichigo decides to take the initiative and transforms into spiritual form, using his giant blade, Zangetsu, to block Isao’s sword carving a large hole in the complex in a pressure wave attack.

Stunned by the surprise attack and power of it, Isao becomes much more engaging with Ichigo, practicing together and learning more about each other in the process. However, for a brief moment, the Devil Inside Isao takes form as a black mask with white trimming over Isao’s face and stuns Ichigo, leaving him confused, suspicious and cautious. While Urahara filled him in on the circumstances about Isao, it still caught him off guard.

Isao apologizes, insisting he is working to fight this power that is threatening to remove his self-control and free will. Ichigo responds in a bold but understanding manner and refers to the time he had to learn to control his hollow powers and makes the point that the circumstances are not that different. They both agree on that sentiment and meet up with everyone else involved at Urahara’s shop floor to discuss what to do next.

However, Rukia walks through the shop door and many are alarmed by her arrival, although the situation calms down fast when she reassures them that she is alone and wants to help, and explains the stubbornness and suspicion of the Central 46, which is of course unintentionally obfuscating efforts to stop Fudo and his quickly rallied pawns and conscripts.

Isao remarks he was busy working on his new abode and sourcing means for sustenance, not planning a war. After what has just transpired, being a man out of time, he just wanted to settle down and live a simple life in Hueco Mundo, only fighting to ward off occasional troublemakers at the worst. While others were disinterested, Urahara, Ichigo, Orihime and Nelliel saw in his eyes and demeanour what he truly wanted, a peaceful and humble existence.

Nelliel understood him most, being the one who knew him the longest and sanctioned the removal from his home in Hueco Mundo and conscription into the Arrancar Army under the directive given by Aizen, to seek Vasto-Lorde. She could also understand his position from the fact that she was reduced to child form and lost her memories for many years, while her fraccion looked after her and put her wellbeing before the truth, effectively being a woman out of time in some sense.

Rukia asks Isao if there is anywhere Fudo may be at this time. Isao is unsure but suspects he may be at their original abode that they lived in as Vasto-Lorde before being recruited, before the surface level was destroyed by Nnoitora Gilga’s cero in his psycho-crazed killing spree. Nelliel remarks that she was disgusted by that and against him acting that way.

Anyway, Isao explains to the group of arrancars, soul reapers and fullbringers that the underground level is still intact and has links to many underground caves and subsurface systems, a valuable source of minerals for constructing the abode that differs in nature to the renovated bunker, and also a potential source of many hollows for Fudo to conscript into his army.

Nelliel backs up his theory, on the grounds that the attack on Las Noches came from the direction that Isao and Fudo were recruited from.

With only that lead to act on, Isao, Nelliel, Tier and their fraccion, go back to the ruins of Las Noches in Hueco Mundo, and then proceed towards the old abode. The others either go home or stay at Urahara’s shop, preparing for a potential mass assault on the world of the living.

A few days later, after traversing many dozens of miles of grey desert under the eternal night sky of Hueco Mundo, the old bunker crater appears into view.

Isao first enters what is left of the bunker cautiously, with his right hand gripping his Zanpakuto hoisted on his back in anticipation of an ambush. However, the bunker is empty, wrecked and dark, as he enters the main room with water leaking from a rusty pipe adding to the water on the flooded floor and old wires sparking electricity into the room, in which next to it is a hole in the wall that leads to a cave system. Isao activates the built-in computer smart maintenance system, which turns off the electricity in the old wires causing sparks, drains the flooded floor, turns off the water flow to the rusty pipe and red emergency lights illuminate.

The rest follow in to find a back room, and find a large chalk board full of plans for attacking the soul society and destroying the realms to build a new one using the power of the Devil Inside and hijacking the power of the Hellverse to bind all souls in chains and control their every move and thought.
This revelation fills them all with disgust and contempt, and with a drive to find Fudo and put a stop to his madness.

While they are searching through the bunker for any items of use, Nelliel uncovers a smashed framed picture under some rubble, showing Isao and a female vasto-lorde before he was conscripted and transformed into an Arrancar.

She asks Isao who this person is, and Isao says it’s no one important, and resumes searching through the bunker. She removes the tarnished and crumbled picture from the defunct picture frame and puts it in her bag. Nelliel is now both suspicious and curious, she has never heard of this woman before, she has very short crimson red hair, with red eyes and hollow matter on her ear lobes and parts of face, she has a slim and athletic and yet curvy form, she has mild but confident smile, depicting a content demeanour and ease. Isao is in his vasto-lorde stage in this picture of course, with his entire face being masked by hollow matter, with dark blue luminescent eyes and the two rhino horns on his forehead which he still has as a remnant from that form. Isao has a calm appearance but reluctant to be in the photograph, with his left arm around the woman’s shoulders.

She shows the picture to the others while Isao isn’t present, none of them have ever seen this woman before either, and thus, they become intrigued as well.

As Isao re-joins the other on the main bunker room, they awkwardly retain their posture and attempt to act normally, while Isao is confused, their attention is quickly diverted however when Fudo walks in through the main entrance, Grimmjow attempts to ram his Zanpakuto through him, but Fudo grabs his face and pushes him back so hard he smashes into the wall, leaving heavy damage. Before the others can react, he waves a white cloth, and insists on a short truce while he deliberates with Isao.

The others back off and restrain Grimmjow as he attempts to get back up. All with a strong hatred in their faces, they stare down Fudo as his presence infects them all with thoughts of violence. Fudo passes Isao a silver amulet with a ruby in the centre, and he says “I know you won’t change your mind brother, but I’m not an animal, I found this here earlier, I know would have wanted you to have it, until we meet again”.

Isao, stunned by what has occurred, and before he can say anything, Fudo dashes off with his sonido quickly beyond spiritual pressure sensing range.

Grimmjow shouts, “I’m not done with yet you bastard!” and smashes his fists into the wall, followed by Nelliel restraining him and insisting he calms down.

One of Tier’s fraccion, Mila Rose, grabs Isao by his collar and demands what is going on.

Tier pulls her back and insists she stops her childish acting.

Isao attempts to retain his posture, but as he looks at the amulet, he can’t help but shed a tear from his eye.

All he says is that it was someone he knew well once and removes his handkerchief and attempts to covertly removes his single tear.

Nelliel’s fraccion merrily demand to know who it is, making suggestive and cocky remarks, while Nelliel just shakes her head in disapproval of their clownish behaviour. Isao only remarks with a degree of pent-up frustration that Fudo is the primary concern.

Unable to catch up or see where the high-speed Fudo went off to, they decide to go back to Urahara’s shop to discuss the new events they were involved in.

Shortly, Rukia comes out of a senkaimone dimensional tunnel from the soul society, battered, bruised and exhausted. As they attempt to look after her urgent needs, more and more soul reaper captains and other officers begin to pour out of these senkaimone.

While many are confused and shocked as to what is going on, Urahara, Isao and Nelliel already figured it out, the problem being is the time dilation between the realms, Fudo had enough time to assemble another horde of hollows and sinners, refining his skill and growing his power. They only got back to the world of the living for a few minutes.

More and more spiritually aware allies or friends of Urahara and Ichigo begin to help the fallen soul reapers recover and rest.

Meanwhile Isao warded off a premature attack on karakura town, as Fudo attempted to go there, Isao started to manifest his Devil Inside while discharging a Gran Rey Cero into a garganta, raging and retching within to inhibit its influence.

With another close call with Fudo and the Devil Inside causing problems for Isao and everyone else as well, they figure that they have the upper hand being in precipice world, as they will have the most time to heal soul reapers, arrancars and others that can help fight Fudo and his hordes of evil.

However, they begin to time freeze and transport large areas of human residences far out corners of the soul society in order to put them out of harm’s way as much as possible.

Urahara and Kurotsuchi exam Isao and his parasite infection closer and make some interesting discoveries about this terrible power.

They develop improved medicine to help control this power and dampen it’s controlling effects more effectively.

Seeing the havoc Fudo is causing, Isao decides to go fight Fudo in the seretei in the soul society, as that’s where is he based now, as he took it over during his large battle with them before they went fleeing to the world of the living.

Isao attempts to convince Fudo to give it up and hide and end the madness. Fudo just laughs and insists he is not gonna give up anything, and he intend to dominate all the realms and mould them to his will. Fudo offers Isao a spot as ‘vice king’ as Fudo would be ‘king’ of ‘everything’.

Isao gives a laugh of disbelief and disconcert, and reaffirms he will do everything he can to stop him, even if it means killing his own brother, the only person he had by his side for survival, interaction and cooperation for a long time in the past as Vasto-Lorde and Adjuchas battling against other hollows of Meno class or lower in the grey barren desert of Hueco Mundo.
Fudo sighs, but then starts to laugh like a maniac, beginning to manifesto his Devil Inside power and warps a hellverse gate behind his throne, the now massive red chains of hell now under Fudo’s control, each link of the chains being the size of a city block.

Isao quickly struggles against this, even at maximum stage of resurrection he can achieve with his Zanpakuto, Excalibur Tres Epta, he is unable to damage Fudo nor stop or break the chains beginning to course more and more damage to him and the landscape and many people left on the ground. As Isao strains himself off the crater surface he is smashed into by a massive red hell chain. As he attempts to move against sheer exhaustion, injury, shock and pain, Fudo laughs at him as the Devil Inside begins to manifest on Isao’s face and body, gradually losing control of his free will again.

Isao refuses to give up with every bit of energy he can muster, but to no avail, as his body becomes a black and white trimmed vessel for a parasitic monster, the being that now controls his new physical features begins to relentlessly attack Fudo like a sadistic maniac…

As Isao discharges a modified and incredibly powerful cero towards Fudo, Nelliel dashes into the firing line, and swallows the cero whole, struggling dearly but straining herself to contain the cero so combine it with her’s and discharge her cero secialty, Cero Doble. She unleashes the cero, aimed at Isao and Fudo, hoping to knock them both out with one hit. However, while the cero first hits Isao and renders him back to normal but leaves him nearly dead and unconscious, the residual blast force is absorbed by Fudo and redirected back towards her, and before she can react, she is heavily injured and knocked out.

Grimmjow attempts to rescue Nelliel, but he is also incapacitated by a huge hellverse chain that Fudo wields and slams him into the ground.

Other soul reapers, arrancars, quincies and others try to attack the now giant and transformed Fudo, but they are all either knocked out or killed.

Isao interfaces with his Zanpakuto and deliberates their mutual desire to fight back and protect what is meaningful to them. They decide to use a technique that can defeat Fudo, similar to what Ichigo to defeat Aizen, however, with soul reapers, using such a power leaves them ill and then without powers, for arrancars, it is uncertain as it is unprecidented, in other words, using this sacrifice attack “True Excalibur” may kill him.

Despite the risk, Isao now awakes, discharging immense amounts of spiritual pressure, it destroys the hellverse change nearby as well as reviving nearby allies or non-hostiles to full health.
The nearby arrancars rally up with the now dark blue coloured scaley and ironclad style iron Isao for a brief moment, while they attempt to consider a combined attack, Isao insists that he’ll be the one to deal with his brother and they should all step aside, with some argument, he manages to convince them to oblige his request.

Now free from the Devil Inside parasite, Isao can have full control over his attacks and proceeds to contront the giant Fudo, now the size of a large city skyscraper.

Fudo is ranting amid his anger that Isao is back up and fighting back, while Isao makes it’s clear he’ll sacrifice himself to stop Fudo causing this distruction.

Fudo attempts to use the hellverse chains as well as his lava manipulation and cero abilities to attack Isao, but all of his attacks were in vain, Isao just destroys the chains and cools the blasted lava into cool and static rock, so it all falls to the ground, as well as disrupting the cero’s integrity, so it collapses into a dim and fading pulse of light and air pressure.

Fudo asks again why is fighting to protect the soul reapers. Isao insists he is fighting for his fellow arrancars and to preserve some form of sanity and order, even if society is chronically broken.

And with that, Isao says goodbye to Fudo, as he unleashes his true and final Excalibur attack, generating a blast force so powerful to it punches straight through Fudo and as he fades into nothingness, the environment begins to revert to its original state, the hellverse regains autonomy and drags all sinners back into hell and closes up, and the lesser hollows scramble back to the Hueco Mundo underground.

While everyone rallies around Isao to give cheers, he collapses while blood is leaking from every orifice. Now without hollow or soul reaper powers, he has become a whole, a human soul in essence.

After heavy and intensive treatment from the healers from the soul reapers and some healing from Orihime, Isao regains consciousness.

He is shortly greeted by pretty much all of the Arrancars that were left after the Quincy war. Nelliel is quick to hug him too tight of course, while her fraccion joke about him being a whole. Tier asks what he’ll do now. Isao grins, unwraps his bandages, gets up from his treatment bed and makes it clear that his home is Hueco Mundo, and that’s where he belongs, so that’s where he’ll go.

Loly is quick to question his ability to defend himself in Hueco Mundo, berating him for his apparent idiocy. Isao just takes it on the chin and responds that he has contacts in the world of the living, in which he can get armament. However, Nelliel and Tier insist that they’ll stay with him. Isao outlines his plans for living arrangements, a renovated bunker far out in the Hueco Mundo desert with supplies from local sources as well as the world of the living, where it is out of the way and allows breathing room for leisure and to work on projects and hobbies. Unintentionally, that sells his pitch to basically everyone else amongst the arrancars, and thus they all go to live together, however Isao makes it clear that they’ll be put to work, helping with construction and maintenance of the bunker, as well as other duties.

The end.