Bleach Bleach Fanfic - The Devil Inside

In Hueco Mundo, Aizen has organised a team of vasto-lorde and Arrancar engineers to create a portal capable of reaching a dimension thought to hold an awesome power, able to turn the users into a kind of demi-god. The two people chosen to go through the portal are Isao Mizota and Fudo Mizota, both brothers and members of the Arrancar Army and designated 19th and 21th respectively. The are fully equiped with advanced expidition gear and tools to assist them in traverse the any terrain and to capture a being embued with this power in question.

Isao approachs the portal gate and Fudo follows, waiting for Aizen to order the portal to be opened.

"Dear Isao and Fudo" Aizen says in his rather patronising voice "It is time to go to this dimension and claim the power we seek, so we can proceed to crush the soul society and destroy the royal family".

Fudo grunts, while Isao says: "Just following orders sir" in his confident and somewhat smug voice.

The 1st Generation Espada are present and are observing the event take place, among them is the Tres Espada Nelliel Tu Odelschwanck, while not hoping for a successful power grab for the hollows, she wishes them returned safely.

Isao and Nelliel have a friendship that stems from their mutual interest in books, philosophy and standing up to rogue elements of the Arrancar Army such as Nnoitora Gilga. Beyond that, she considers him immature and a loose cannon, as he is known for questioning Aizen's leadership and the functionality of the Espada.

The portal opens, and vast amounts of spiritual pressure blast out of the portal as Isao and Fudo use their hands to push back the spiritual pressure that's starting to crack the roof, walls and floors of the room in which the portal is being opened.

The portal and it's apparatus is shaking violently and is starting to brake down, Isao and Fudo charge small ceros to create enough force to jump through, they succeed, but the portal breaks down and collapses, leaving them out of contact with Hueco Mundo or anyone else for that matter.

The both reorient themselves and watch all angles, alert and curious at this vibrant and green lit dimesion, with black and cracked cliffs, plains and large momument faces with white trim.

Isao remarks "What is this place, it's nothing like we've seen before!"

Fudo replies "Well yeah, whatever, let's get this over with and get back to make dinner in time".

Then, it seems that thousands upon thousands of mysterious entities the size of a bat, fly over and converge on them both.

"Looks like we got company" Isao remarks.

"No shit" Fudo replies.

They both attempt to hack them off with their Zanpakutos', but it's no good. With one bat-like being each entering Isao's and Fudo's body and then seems to merge with them, knocking them over and rendering them stunned for a few seconds, while the rest of the swarm of bat-like beings fly off into the distance.

Fudo gets up followed by Isao and wonder what just happened, they check their vital signs and take other readings with their equipment and detect nothing unusual.

"That thing didn't enter me, did it?" Fudo questions.

"Nothing unusual according to our equipment scans" Isao says.

"I bloody hope so, I don't want a parasite infection" Fudo exclaims.

Isao says "Perhaps we ought to go back to Hueco Mundo, make sure we aren't ill with anything, besides, we'll need more help capturing one of those speedy buggers".

"Fine, lets get the return portal set up!" Fudo agrees.

They set up the portal, and plug their Zanpakutos into a duel input slot, generating enough power to open a portal to get them back (as a garganta is not effective in this realm).

To be continued...
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