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Not sure if this has been thought of but what about Kisuke and Aizen switching places. Keeping their personalities, Kisuke the bad guy Aizen his true self Calculating, cold and a dozen other things but he never crossed the line where as Kisuke at some point does. I always thought Kisuke could have easily go e over if things were a little different.


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I just kinda had this strange thought that Ichigo x Mashiro x Nel would work beautifully. Two crazy-playful green-haired hybrids fighting over Ichigo? Potential crackfic right there.


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With the whole 'Zangetsu looks like Ywhabach a thousand years ago' thing, that really makes the whole Muramasa arc interesting, because what happens if Yamamoto or one of the other guys who was around 1000 years ago sees Zangetsu then?


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A world without Aizen as a villain:

Aizen doesn't hide his true capabilities, nature or his zanpakuto's power (not entirely). The Aizen we're shown during most of the Arrancar is the one we get here, tempered by being less of a dick. His ambition is to take Yamamoto's place as Captain-Commander and to rebuild Soul Society in his ideal image.

The would-be Visoreds, Urahara, Tessei and Urahara don't become involved in a Hollowfication Incident. Some probably die anyway during the next century since that's simply the way of things.

Kaien and Miyako survive since there's no Modified Hollow attack, and he probably becomes a Captain at some point with his wife as his lieutenant if she's got the skill. Maybe Ganju becomes a Shinigami without that trauma hanging over his head.

There's also no Modified Hollow to attack the students which potentially has a negative impact on the Kira, Hinamori and Renji who miss out the possible motivation it provided. Hisagi doesn't get his scar or see his friends wounded, perhaps resulting in a different personality without that fear and subsequent admiration of Tousen. If he's a bit more honest with himself, he could end up in the 11th.

Tousen becomes assimilated into the system and lets go of his hate without Aizen around to sustain it with his plans to destroy the Gotei 13. Gin either stays away from the Gotei 13 with Matsumoto or joins the 2nd Division without Aizen dictating his path. It always struck me as a fitting division for him.

Masaki isn’t harmed by a Hollow and remains a Pure Quincy. But Isshin meets her in the human world and leaves SS because of the Power of Love and Plot™. Or he ends up as an absentee father for Ichigo and the twins. No Hollow powers for Ichigo though I can't imagine him as that Shinigami/Quincy race I came up with. Masaki doesn't get murdered which would have a huge impact on the family.

The Shiba Clan might keep its original status though whether that would actually change anything...

More Quincy around in the modern day since Urahara probably wouldn't sanction murdering them for a century for study. Unless Mayuri does it in secret but there'd probably still be a fair few more by the present day. And so Souken isn't killed by the late arrival of Shinigami and Uryuu doesn't get a grudge.

Less Arrancar in HM and less powerful overall, except perhaps Starrk. But Barragan reaches the point where he's so bored he launches an active war effort against SS to pass the time.

Aaaand that's all I got. Just a creative exercise more than anything.
Uh, Ichigo can still get Hollow powers. Keep in mind, the original explanation made total sense, he just barely escaped becoming a hollow at the last second thanks the the natural hollowification process (accelerated thanks to Urahara's gas) thanks to getting his zanpakuto. It's not like he just wouldn't have become a hollow had the stupid parasite thingy not happened after all, all human spirits would become hollows after that.

Granted however, maybe the hollow form wouldn't be 'as strong' but really the only thing we pretty much know it would probably negate would be that REALLY stupid second hollow form that was utterly irrelevant other than saving his ass with Pat. And even that's arguable since I could argue Orihime did that. So really the only change would be the potential for his 'real' hollow form to have something actually interesting other than 'generic superpowered cero'.

Pat would still kick his ass though, but I can argue that despite being a natural arrancar he had been modified by the orb. You'll note that on his first appearance his mask form is completely different than his later appearances. Exposure to the orb could be the cause for that certainly (Starrk by comparison completely looks the same, same with Lilynette though so not so much on his end). One could even argue he might not even have segunda etapa without this change, and that his original first res wasn't as silly looking. Granted, wouldn't help since R1 defeated Ichigo completely, but at least it's not a much of a completely massive asspull to turn it around.


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I wasn't saying that he couldn't ever get Hollow powers, just that he wouldn't be born as a four-way hybrid with a Hollow zanpakuto if the idea's developed according to the most recent info on the subject. If it's not then yeah, you've got the original explanation right there.
Ah, read that wrong then. Yeah that works I suppose. Granted though then the thing with the Zanpakuto nonsense doesn't work with the Asuachi retcon. Frankly I'd ignore that, not only did Ichigo blatantly have an Asuachi even after he regained his powers (The broken blade he'd previously been using with Rukia's powers earlier was what transformed into Zangetsu after all, that's an Asuachi RIGHT THERE), the thing doesn't even make sense by itself, both Ichigo and Hitsugaya could 'see' and in Hitsugaya's case even use the power of their Zans well before ever even touching an Asuachi.

Though honestly I'm committing one of the cardinal mistakes of a divergent story, going down canon rewrite territory. Ichigo pretty much wouldn't have met Urahara period under these new parameters early story so the Hollow thing doesn't really make sense unless he's knocked out of his own body and taken to Hueco Mundo or something to corrupt at anywhere near the same speed (And that requires to use the anime version of what happened to Sora). Honestly it's arguable he'll even meet Rukia because of how stupid the whole thing was with Aizen's Machinations. At the very least Rukia wouldn't completely be depleted of her powers, as no orb.

Hard to say how things develop and where they go from there though. Would be interesting to respin the old 'Xcution arc earlier in the story' scenario with this, particularly if Ichigo develops differently. Doubly so since Rukia is actually on the table as a combatant rather than a completely incapable fighter (if she's there at all). Now she's only mostly incapable, since she gets two shot by base Hollows. :snigger:

Orihime and Chad developing powers is still on the table at least, since even with the orb retcon both versions of the origins state that they couldn't have developed powers were they not already capable of it. It'll just take more to draw them out though, which is going to be hard to spin because both were in as desperate of a situation as they could have been when they busted them out.

Well that or they undertake training with Don Kanonji. Not necessarily to actually develop the powers, but at least get them to the point where they can sort of see the things, which will help them move things along better later to actually naturally develop them. :snigger:

Might actually help them along even further in fact if we grant Kanonji a few supplementary skills, like the ability to call forth spirits already passed on. Bringing down Sora and Chad's Grandpappy to actually help their developments along. :sisi:


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A random thought in regards to Ichigo's possible powers here: Copycat Moon Cutter To elaborate, you could have a reversal of "White becomes Zangetsu" this time with "Yhwach becomes Zangetsu" so his Quincy and Shinigami powers are one, and we end up with OMZ as Ichigo's zanpakuto just like we always thought he was. The copying thing sounds legit for a power related to reishi manipulation.

Some kind of early dilemma seems necessary for a story like this since there's not much going that screams "conflict". At least for the humans. I like to think that with Masaki surviving the meeting with Grand Fisher, she and Isshin might stop playing ignorant about the spirits and start teaching Ichigo about that side of things. So he could be getting involved with spirits from a much younger age like Uryuu. I'd find it strange if the Shattered Shaft was the only way to bring out Ichigo's Shinigami powers; I always thought it was deliberate on Urahara's part to create a Shinigami-Hollow Hybrid. And the guy was originally meant to be the villain, after all.


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Alternate idea: Ichigo manages to "resurrect" Masaki, when Grand Fisher pulls her out and she rebels against him, by stabbing her with his Zanpakuto and giving her Shinigami powers, like Rukia did to him. This succeeds better than he could have reasonably expected, because it turns the Hollow that had infected her (and which she passed down to him) into a copy of Zangetsu, and she promptly winds up forcing Grand Fisher to fight her for control inside his mind, while his body goes on an instinctive, mindless rampage. She wins, though, and hilarity ensues.


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I am thinking of doing a oneshot about 4 characters monologues. This is the first attempted part. I plan to write one with Barragan, one with Yhwach and one with Ichigo.


That is what I, no, we represent.

Everything has its rightful place. Everything is connected.

The world was Hell when I was birthed. The Soul King despised that and sought out souls who yearned for two things.

Order and Justice.

Order to turn the Hell right.

Justice to keep order intact.

I was the first choice and vassal of the Soul King.

I thirsted for justice. To ensure that no one would have to endure what I had endured in Hell.

So I tamed Hell.

A smith and a monk aided me. The blasphemic flames scarred my very being, but I would not yield. I had chased of the Time King out of the realm and bound the unholy flames in a mere fragment of a soul in the aftermath of my victory.

One hundred years we crafted. The hammer fell countless times. The prayers were constantly chanted. One hundred years was the price and cost for the strongest weapon.

Ryūjin Jakka. The only thing that could turn the world to ashes.

When it finally bowed to me, I rejoiced. I, the harbinger and first general of the Soul King, reshaped Hell to fit my imaginary.

Soul Society.

A world of Order. Of Peace. Of Justice.

I trained and taught the young souls the way of the sword and the demon arts.

Soon the souls grew up. And suddenly I had an army that bowed before me and the Soul King.

I ruled for over 2000 years. Unchallenged. Unmatched.

I did not want to admit it, but I could feel the rust. The dulling of my soul and my power.

But now, I understand. I understimated the enemies. I allowed them to regrow their strength. And now, they come to undo all that I have worked for.

The feral hollows who blindly obey their instincts.

The heretic Quincy who foolishly listen to the unholy whispers of the corpse of their father.

And the ignorant humans who suicidally follow the abomination into certain oblivion.

All against me. None with me.

Just the way I liked it.

I couldn't help but to chuckle as I stand on the overlook, gazing down on my lifework that was being invaded by the three enemy armies.

The enemy worked hard to extinguish my hard work.

I will show them the true meaning of Justice. All will burn and turn to ashes. A small price for Order.

I drew my sword.

"Zanka no Tachi".

Glory to the Soul King.

And then the sky lit up as the world burned...


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Herdo said:

The heretic Quincy who foolishly listen to the unholy whispers of the corpse of their father.

And the ignorant humans who suicidally follow the abomination into certain oblivion.
Yhwach is Chtulu?


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beorn91 said:
Herdo said:

The heretic Quincy who foolishly listen to the unholy whispers of the corpse of their father.

And the ignorant humans who suicidally follow the abomination into certain oblivion.
Yhwach is Chtulu?
Not quite but not very far off either.:huh.:
If anyone is curious, while I tried to write Old Man Genocide as Order/Justice, I intend to try to write Barragan as Chaos/Instincts, Yhwach as Loyalty/Madness and Ichigo as Hope/Evolution.


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Has there ever been a massive AU where Bleach doesn't go beyond SS? As in, we take what we have of at the start, and build a completely different world from canon. This was based off of a comment I read somewhere, but I can't remember. All I remember is that the person that made the comment said that he liked Bleach better when it was just about a boy and a shinigami day-to-day life doing spirit things.


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Only one I can think of is Stray Cat Strut which has Ichigo in the ghost busting business prior to Rukia's appearance and was abandoned before reaching past that point. Didn't do much beyond the norm other than a fox youkai, the witch from xxHolic and an exorcist chick from somewhere else. And my Swing The Blade Down story idea is set pre-SS involving the Fullbringers.

We've sort of got the makings of such an AU in the Create Your Own Race thread which has groups of martial artists, magicians, vampires/werewolves adapted for the Bleachverse and all kinds of different Hollows that would fit the bill for such a world. The All Hollow's Eve idea could also be adapted for such a venture.
knight504 said:
Only one I can think of is Stray Cat Strut which has Ichigo in the ghost busting business prior to Rukia's appearance and was abandoned before reaching past that point.
To be fair, Fosfor has said repeatedly that no fic of his should be considered abandoned until he specifically declares it so, and I haven't seen him declaring that about Stray Cat Strut.


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I'll believe him when he updates the fics he hasn't touched since 2007-2009.

Some storylines to go with that AU:

- Some of the mod souls that were meant to be destroyed survived and landed themselves in the Material World. Paranoid and desperately afraid, they started hijacking anything that could host their souls to escape SS detection.

- A group of alleged "shapeshifters" and "animal summoners" have been making the news as a violent gang known as the Wild Hunt, roaming from towns to cities and wreaking havoc all the way.

- Unsafe disposal of SS' experiments has caused the subjects to land in the Material World, causing danger to its environment and people as they try to adapt.

- A spiritual artifact capable of manifesting the imagination was added to a collection of more mundane artifacts and books. Some of those books in particular contained tales of the Hyakki Yakou, a group of youkai, which were brought to life by the artifact's power.

- An exorcist with the power to control ghosts and hollows has been making a living by using them to haunt unsuspecting victims and reaping in the cash when he removes them.

- A group of magicians have settled in Karakura Town to take advantage of the spiritually enriched land to enhance their spellwork as they try to reach into the "great beyond".


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An idea that I'd been bandying about is a power up arc for Ichigo where he goes to fight a powerful and ancient ghost/spirit, who had been too stubborn to either move on or turn into a Hollow.

My mind immediately supplied Lu Bu of the Three Kingdoms. Also because I'd been playing Dynasty Warriors at the time.
Three pronged war really. Doubly so if the Quincy keep up the whole take arrancar to use as forces thing, pissing the espada off for the most part (Baring those who want particular dudes to be taken I suppose). Yamamoto's up an arm too so won't be as easy for Bach to take him down (As utterly retarded as that take down was with the slowest weapon summon ever and him just standing there the whole time), and since they didn't see the Shinigami going all out in the war they also likely don't have the full breadth of the data to use meaning they aren't quite as prepared for a few abilities some of the Shinigami bring to the table.

They might not even have the bankai stealer either, which is probably quite the necessity so that the shinigami side doesn't get utterly stomped by the overwhelming number of forces against them here, though the fact that the other two forces also need to fight each other probably helps keep the heat off of them quite a bit. But without bankai the number of useful players dwindles dramatically since they can't use it even against the Arrancar for fear it may get taken by a hidden Quincy watching them.

Course the Vizards arguably have the auto counter for that (Shame we didn't see that in play prior to Urahara showing up), so them stepping up to the plate earlier is probably a necessity. Once Urahara figures out the counter too things go a lot smoother and the Quincy would be lacking without their Angel forms and a bankai they don't know how to use immediately when Aizen's forces are bringing the heat on them.

Really though with the sheer number of people in play this can go many different ways depending how things develop.


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Inspired a bit by a fic I'm reading and A Goofy Movie.

Lately, Ichigo has noticed he's been acting... weird. Nothign to do with Hollows, or Shinigami, Fullbring, or whatever. It's almost like his dad is posessing his body. In a moment of weakness, he talks to his dad about it, and Isshin gets a very serious look on his face.

"Ichigo, I was once like you. I was a motherfucking badass. Men quavered at the thought of messing with me. Ladies swooned when I walked down the street. But then, one day, when I became a man, I was filled with... urges. Strange urges, urges that seemed so gaddamn stupid I couldn't believe I was having them. But I was, and no matter how much I fought them, they always won, and grew stronger, and more frequent. Within a few short years, I had become the lovable goofball you see before you. This is the curse of the Kurosaki family, and now you too, shall know its touch."

"Wasn't Kurosaki mom's last name?"

"Not important. You're cursed."


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So this is something that's been on my brain recently. It's something I've thought about off-and-on for years; I thought I'd share.

This is the working hypothesis I had. From about the time the Invasion of Soul Society Arc started up until not too long after the Fullbringers, when I dropped the manga, this was something I mentally matched against the events to see if it worked.

Remember when Rukia was getting slowly turned into a normal human, after the Special Body that Urahara prepared for her, that contained the Hougokyu?

And Isshin was heavily implied to be an ex-Shinigami, a normal person with a normal human body, who used to have all those Soul Powers.

And Aizen mentioned that the Hougokyu in Rukia was the second one, that Urahara had put the first one somewhere that Aizen couldn't get to as easily.

So my theory was this:
The reason why Ichigo's powerlevel fluctuated so dramatically, that his power went up or down to match his opponent regardless of anything else... the reason was that he was that even if he had exceptional natural spirit power, it wasn't that special. It was just that the Hougokyu inside Isshin was responding to his wish, that his children could succeed at what they set out to do in life.

Whenever he needed it, that first Hougokyu artificially, temporarily, pumped Ichigo up to whatever powerlevel he needed to be.

That's what I thought was going on.


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The reference to multiple orbs was Aizen's (or the one Aizen had for a long time before canon at least) as versus Urahara's one that he put in Rukia. That was the whole point of him realising the one he actually needed was Urahara's absorbed by his, which is the final singular one he fused with.

Also wasn't the whole point of the thing that it couldn't just give you power from nothing? It allowed you to achieve ends that you had the power for even if they would be otherwise impossible, but didn't actually give you straight up spiritual power. So it gave Orihime and Chad that were already full of energy from Ichigo (and maybe natural potential anyway) access to abilities that they couldn't have gotten otherwise, and turned Aizen into a hybrid transcendental being that was automatically above everything else (which is sort of a workaround loophole, but cheating like a bastard is kind of what he does), but didn't actually give spiritual energy to anyone directly. In fact when creating the Arrancar with it Aizen had to give it his energy to be able to transform them rather than the hollows wishing on it themselves.

Basically for that to work wouldn't Isshin have to have the spiritual energy himself and therefore not be depowered in the first place?


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A shadow of an idea, but imagine a Sekirei - Bleach crossover where Kenpachi is the protagonist and gets Karasuba as his Sekirei. What would that be like? :D


Strawberry-Ashikabi' target='_blank' rel='nofollow'>The Strawberry Ashikabi</a>: like in that fic and Veiled Moon, a Bleach character enter into the Sekirei Plan.

The difference with the quoted fics?
The character that Soul Society has sent here is (thanks of a fit of insanity,lack of staff or random plot device) is KENPACHI ZARAKI!!!
May the Kami have mercy on the poor Sekirei Plan, on Minaka and the so-called Great Ashikabi... well, Karasuba will certain meet her True (Battle) Love...
Oops, someone else has already thought it up!
(This has probably been proposed before)
Hollows killed/purified by a reaper's blade go to Soul Society, right? Unless they were evil enough to deserve Hell.
So... what happened to Coyote Stark?

Second idea:
Soul reapers (when they die) don't get reborn. Soul cutters do.
--- Upon Yamamoto's death, Ryujinjakka gets a new future host.

Third idea (also unlikely to be new):
When Rukia killed Aaroniero (Espada 9, however the hell you spell his name), Shiba Kaien and his wife were released before the Espada went to Hell.
nuclear death frog said:
Second idea:
Soul reapers (when they die) don't get reborn. Soul cutters do.
That would work with Ichigo having Kaien's zanpakutou, which would lead to an interesting reaction from poor Rukia (I think there's been a fic that did that).