[Buffy the Vampire Slayer] Late night challenge idea.


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So this is a challenge that I posted at TTH and was wondering if anyone here was interested in tackling it. To be honest, I was half-asleep when I thought it up. It's a Buffy the Vampire Slayer fic that I want our demented minds to take a look at and hobble together!

We all know that Xander's a demon magnet but what if Buffy realizes this early on?

Xander's dated/been seduced by numerous women who are supernatural either in origin or by fate. What would happen when Buffy is convinced that every new female the group encounters is, without a shadow of a doubt, going to fall in love with Xander? Naturally she starts investigating them with the intention of protecting her best-guy friend.

This starts in Season 3 after Faith shows up and flirts with Xander. Buffy watches this and has a "Slayer Dream" about Xander's 'mishaps' with love; a.k.a. Ms. French, Ampata, Marcie Ross, Amy's Mom, Drusilla, the girls from the Hyena incident (I can't remember their names), Darla, etc...

When Buffy wakes up she then realizes that 'naturally' Faith is next on the list, so to speak, and instead of trying to end anything before it happens pushes them to get together; for some weird, convoluted, reason.

Rules of the challenge:
1) Buffy 'knows' that Faith destined to be with Xander
2) Buffy decides that no one else can know about her dreams (the reasoning is left up to the author)
2a) Giles realizes that there's something going on with Buffy and tries to find out what's going on, or he finds out what Buffy is doing and just figures that she's trying to pay 'Cupid' as it were
3) Faith, upon hearing Buffy talk to Xander, thinks that Buffy is crushing on him and tries to play 'Cupid' with them, because she missed out on half of the conversation
4) Xander and Cordelia either never dated/broke up before Faith arrived to Sunnydale
5) Include at least one woman from other series as one of the ones who becomes romantically interested in Xander

1) Faith has a secret stash of romance books that she doesn't want people to find
2) Willow see's everything happening and pulls out popcorn (from a bag of holding) that she shares with Giles at the end
3) One of the crossover women could be a 'rival' who is trying to vie for Xander's attention

I would prefer at least 3k words for this story but I'm not adverse to this being made into a full length fic. Also, this could be played as a crack fic however, I challenge authors to attempt to make this as serious as you can.

The end result can end with a Xander/Buffy or Xander/Faith or have both relationships at the same time, but no Xander/Faith/Buffy.

I look forward to see what you write! I'll be working on my own version in my spare time.

Please note that I've made this Xander-Centered due to him being the focus of Buffy's, and later Faith's, attention.
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