Bug: lists won't go past one item?


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When I try to make a list, the first item works fine, but when I press the return to start the next item, I can't move to a new line. I'm on Safari iOS 10.3.3 if that's relevant.


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Test from Firefox on Android,
  1. Hello
  2. This
  3. Seems
  4. To
  5. Work


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No... I think there is an issue, at least, depending upon how that user is making the list.

Making it using BBCode tags, I had issues in LunaScape (Lunascape and Avant are triple Engine Browsers) using the FireFox (Gecko Engine), Internet Explorer (Trident Engine), and Webkit engines, I have issues.

In all, it correctly bulleted the first entry, but not the rest



  • 1. item 1
    2. item 2
Hmmm... in the above it dropped the first line under the bullet. I wonder if it is BBCode... Lets try something more complex

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Interesting... in the more complex example, it did not preserve line spacing on the last bulleted line.

Also, it is not preserving BBCode tags when editing a post made with them, even if preserving the formatting of the bulk of the content.

That can be potentially annoying for anyone whome likes editing the tags.


Ah, I have it, at least in part... BBCode in this forum is taking a slightly less flexible stance on tags... The spacing issue on last bulleted lines being lost is a spacing issue of the tags... syntax that is apparently acceptable on PPH and Icyboards and Invision, is not here. This forum *requires* the bullets have spacing between the tags and any content... Annoying, but liveable...

That does mean were I to check, most of my posts in the last several years with entries with multiple links are going to likely be spaced slightly off on the links portion... Oh well.

That does not, however, solve the original issue.

EDIT3: Ok... it can work with the BBCode tags as long as extra spacing provided... the following example works:
  • 1. item 1
  • 2. item 2
  • 3. item 3
Code used:
[*] 1. item 1
[*] 2. item 2
[*] 3. item 3
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I'm going to test the BBCode. It still isn't working for me when I click the list button in the editor bar (above the comment box).

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Well I can't make an edit below the list in my post above since I can't create a new line, but the list itself seems fine. I'll just use the code from now on. Thanks @PCHeintz72 ! Still, if ever the reason for this comes to light it would be really convenient to have it fixed.


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I actually prefer raw direct manipulation of information in posts by way of the BBCode tag system rather than the icons...

The problem with that is if you need to edit such a post this forum destroys the tags upon posting... no other forum software I've come across that uses BBCode does that. The solution is simple, if annoying, use copy paste and set up BBCode active posts from either a text editor or off line BBCode editor.

In my specific case, for when I post links I will need to slightly modify my Lister generating program to add spacing to the generating BBCode reports, this should not break it on any other forum since no other forum would care about the extra space... I'll get to it eventually, not as big a deal since I stopped posting for the most part of my lists, only specific requests or tests.