Building Worlds


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Tick Tock

Though pleased by the sight of his newest creation as it soared through space and time, the god of time was most sorely displeased as the land beneath him was sundered.

The other gods were most... restless.

And so he walked.


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Heramont drifted along, standing atop his rock as he watched the wretched waters below pulsate dizzyingly. Feeling like he'd moved far enough away from where his first creation resided, the rock below his feet dropped away into the ocean, barely making more than a small splash. After a few moments, there was a rumbling and then stone and soil burst forth from the blue depths. A mountain shot up, and then another. Before long, everything as far as the eye could see was filled with his stone creations, a massive range of mountains that extended far out into the distance.

Heramont was pleased with himself, but he found something odd. When he raised the new continent, something had been pulled up from deep below along with the stone. It flowed like water, but it burned, unlike the cold and wet liquid that surrounded his masterpiece. He was intrigued and so he drew more up from the world below, until it bubbled up across the continent. He watched as it exploded out of the rocks and then spewed out into the waters, sizzling and then hardening into more stone, and then he smiled. His new continent would grow, perhaps until it encompassed the world, and then he wouldn't have to worry about the annoying waves.

There was a desire to do more, but he was feeling tired again, and so he lay down beside one of the pools of the liquid, finding the warmth to be pleasing as he drifted off into sleep.


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Zervas watched Delsinum. It had a body, a heart, but it lacked...something... a mind? Yes, but that was not all.

A soul.

Zevras reached out to her world, her child, and shared herself with it. Delsinum took it's mother's essence into itself and changed. The world did not change, not observably, but there was something else, a presence, the first vestiges of awareness, like an infant opening its eyes for the first time. All life upon the world was connected, with Delsinum herself at the center.

It was not done yet, but the ordeal had drained her. She would require rest before completing her work.


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It looked upon the small world, and saw, without seeing.

It's creations had used the great power it had temporarily given them to spread across the whole of the small world at startling speed, they filled the sea, covered all of the lands, flew in the sky and seemed even now to be spreading on the new continent Heramont had made, and even into the lava flows.

They had expanded far to much. The Creations of Jeth and Vexarian Were not varied or numerous enough...

Something would have to be done.

As it was It's mistake, It would fix it.

This time It would not simply give them the power to adjust on their own, It would adjust It's new creation for each environment it was needed in.

First, it stretched a line.

Lithe, hydro and aero dynamic.

It placed triangle's upon it, and placed upon it markings that would glow with It's power, so that the non sapient hunter's could speak amongst themselves.

These Creatures it would call Selachii.

The first would be a breed of sea creature, it would swim from the shallowest to the deepest depth's. They would be Sea Selachii.

Next, It took the triangular 'fins' on it's side, and stretched them, and widened them, the four fins became four wings, It made them to breath the are, and drink from the clouds, using the gills the sea dwelling ones used to breath to sift the water from the clouds. Sky Selachii.

The next breed it made the fins into legs, so they could chase over the land, and still swim, these would go across the shattered isles and the shores of the new continent, these were amphibious ones, that could hunt in shallow sea or river and on land for a short time. Beach/River Selachii.

Inland It made a version of that breed that would hunt the yellow plains, jungles and forests of the lands. Earth Selachii.

In the dead wastes, where the soil could grow no life, it sent down a different kind, this breed had smaller, lithe legs, not made for chasing, this breed would bite the ground and grind it into sand and loose soil, so that it could burrow through the ground, and in times of need, eat the land itself. Land Selachii

In the Desert (if there even is one, with all the mountain/volcanoes Heramont made there most likely are some on the new continent at least) it revised that breed, as there was already loose ground to burrow in, so the legs were not needed. Sand Selachii.

And in the lifeblood of Delsinum, a breed that could survive on pure heat, but would treat the lava beasts like snacks, a creature that could swim through the lava flows, and down into the magma. This breed It made to glow with the whole of its body, as there was no point in it having merely marking in a place so bright and yet dark. Volcano Selachii.


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Tick Tock

Vexarian looked upon the world around him and he was displeased. Looking toward the skies the God of Time stared and then left the world of Delsinum, entering the void surrounding it.

He looked toward the stars in the heavens and decided to indulge his whim.

And so from each star hanging in the heaven he forged a faerie of time to match and released them all into the world to maintain the flow and act as guardian in his stead.


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Having recovered, Zevras continued to complete her child, imbuing it with a consciousness, giving it true sentience. Zevras shared her knowledge with her child, but that was all. She watched as Delsinum processed the universe around her, the various powers and the minute creatures that composed it. She felt each and every one of them, their individual selves adding to the whole she represented.

Zevras watched, as Delsinum explored the universe that had been crafted, reaching out to understand it, to find her place in it.

Finally, Delsinum paused, like a child before taking its first steps, and decided her purpose. She would be the vanguard of this tiny universe, protecting it from those who would destroy it as well as the darker impulses of its inhabitants. A silent sentinel, always watching the myriad of stories unfolding upon the world.

She told her mother her choice, and Zervas smiled, speaking the first words Delsinum had ever heard.

"I am so proud of you, Delsi, my beloved daughter."


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And the world turned.

Having finished her work, Zevas turned her eye to the life that dwelled upon her child. She found it... limited. Drawing her power into herself, she reached out and created a vast wave of new shapes and species. No longer limited to a few, there were dozen, hundreds, thousands, millions and more types of life, from creatures invisible to the naked eye, up to gargantuan creatures rivaling, if not surpassing, Aoradah's Dragons.

And she spoke to them.

Go forth, and spread


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Helka gazed upon waters and was caught in their neverending beauty. She did not know how long she watched the water flow and change, but slowly the changes gained her notice. She gazed upon the newcomers to her domain, and smiled when she saw the Helkats. She turned her attention to the one whos power she sensed on the creatures and sent a tought out: Thank you for these creatures.

Extending her senses, she found that there was a larger area denied to her, and she could not sense anything from it. But the curious hot fluid and its interaction with the sea gave her an idea. Taking a measure of water from the sea, tearing it into small drops, she sent the water across the sky to fall on the area. She sensed some power there, so she directed the water to avoid it, first she needed some more information on what it was.
Her power and senses were diminished the farther the water travelled from her domain, but she hoped she will gain new information when the water again reached the sea.


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It looked upon the small world, it looked upon the faeries, and it looked upon the new life spun into being.

It could not fathom the creation of life in such an impersonal fashion.

If not for the base minds of these creatures, would that not seem as favoritism?

It believed it would not be a problem, because the current creatures upon Delsinum where to base in their thought's to even understand favoritism.

It hoped the Dragons did not find out about this, their breath was far to hot for the small world and them coming to it would cause problems with all the super heated plasma that would be exhaled everywhere.

They simply weren't designed to walk on it.

But, this impersonal method of creating life...

Currently, the only sapient life are the Dragons, on the small world of Delsinum, there are... Possibly the Faeries?

It would have to ask Jeth.

But with so much life, overflowing across the Small World, who would manage all of this?

It could not ask the Dragon's, as they had not yet settled fully upon their home upon the Sun, and they where not designed to walk this world in the first place.

Even if the Fae where possessed of keen minds, they had already been given a duty, and It would not infringe upon the works of other gods unless truly necessary.

Hmmm, It was outside of time, It could simply ask the other god's at the same time it went to work.

(To be edited, just assume sapient life is being created until I do this.


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Lartne was smiling. He had snuck in during creation. The impundent godling had followed the others in secretly and quietly as he could. While being a little late had hurt his chances at increasing his power by way of being a creator of something important like the ocean, land or the stars. He had one advantage over the others. Secrets do hold the talent for a certain skill after all. No one else noticed the lack of it after all.

He gathered a Smell, a Taste, a Sound, a Color and a Feeling. He borrowed Fire from the Sun, Earth from the Ground, a Sapling from the Forest, Water from the Oceans, Wind from the Morning Sky, A bottle of Darkness from the Night Sky, a Shard of Shining Metal, Lightning from Himself, and finally Light from the Stars. He collected them together and wrapped them up in a Secret.

Then he dropped his creation into the world below and a song of creation flowed into his ears. The young godling had stolen the domain of magic right under the noses of all of older gods.

Looking down on the planet below he notices two openings that no god has claimed again and cackles.


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Jeth saw that much life had changed, since he had last paid attention to the mortal realms. Another god had emerged, thinking himself a trickster, and sought to steal magic from it's rightful owner. It was not to be, however, as the laws of universe, greater even than Jeth, kept the lofty title out of the wretches hands. The lax security of this realm had made it possible, and the lack of vigilance of it's inhabitants had almost allowed one god to seize the realm of another. Such a thing could not be allowed without due process, and Jeth would keep vigilant.

Helka enjoyed the cats named after her, which Jeth thought a nice gesture. The magnificence therein required a gift, even if none should know. Perhaps, in the future, more dealings would be possible, but it seemed her great works had tired her, so he would depart in a crescendo of light. Admittedly a parlor trick, as both knew, but Jeth felt a strong association with light. Perhaps because it was revealing? Truth would be important in the search for just laws, and importantly, in upholding them.

Still, what of the trinket made? While it was not the mantle of magic, like the little god (who thought he could sneak around! Ha!) desired, it was still an object of some power. While Jeth had no interest in mothering the other gods, he would definitely watch for those who sought to disrupt the order of the realms.

To this end, he would need mortal agents. Sentient life was on the cusp of awakening, merely needing a small push to start the competition. Life had flourished, and as things tended to be, it would get more complex as time went on, Jeth felt. There would need to be an impartial agent of his will, to set and uphold the laws regardless of the circumstances. Tempered with mercy, yes, but firm as iron.

Moving across space as a god was little more than a matter of will for him, perhaps less so if he were more corporeal. While limiting his ability to directly influence the world, it also allowed him greater presence and sight. These new archon, though, would have physical bodies, and limited sight. Perhaps through maintaining a relationship with them Jeth would be able to grant insight into not merely the word of law, but the spirit as well. And allow them to adapt to the sentience life to come.

Law is a powerful and just source, but turned against it's people, it is oppression. Jeth did not seek such an action, and would have to implement a mroe advanced code of action than the simple Helkats.

Tall by any standard, these Archon would be embodiment of law and order. A radiant metal would create an outer shell for these beings, forming plate mail to defend the bodies of those who would seek to deny justice and law. While at first, the suits would be empty and filled with divine will, eventually, Jeth hoped, those who would be worthy to take up arms against the fight of chaos and deception, and the power infusing the armor could be used more directly in combat. Metallic wings would allow them flight, and a great halbard offer them protection in both lethal and non-lethal options. Attached to the arm would be a large kite shield, imbued as the rest with a strong magic of protection.

How to allow them to communicate? Until a biological entity resided within them, they would be unable to speak. And an unknown law is one that cannot be followed, so Jeth would allow them short-ranged telepathy. This would also allow them to know when an accused or accuser would lie, a brilliant side affect. Innately, all the metal the Archon was made of would glow with radiant yellow light, reflection of the sun of this world.

Being not biological, they would never be able to reproduce. Jeth, howeve, would always be able to make more and, given time, the sentient races might also be allowed the secrets of their creation. To start, though, Jeth felt it would not be necessary to create more than 100. Worried about the devilssong he made previously, he protected them against corrupting influences, both physical and spiritual. Hopefully these protections would be enough, until such time as Jeth could revisit them.

At some later time, for Jeth felt tired now, he would have to instill them with their "basic programming" as it were, the things that were not to be allowed under any circumstances. The later symbiosis with biological entities would allow them to adapt with the times, but these laws would be immutable.


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The world turned, and a new day dawned.

Zevras turned her hand to the trees, and as she had done with her daughter, breathe dlife into them. She watched as the twisted and moved, changing their shapes to one more suited to her purpose.

Two legs, two arms, a head, a body. A creature that stood between plant and animal. She gave them minds, gave them the freedom to determine their own purpose in life. She gifted them with language, to commune with each other and their lesser brethren.

They were the Treefolk. They called themselves the Gaeans.


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Maybe it was a bad idea to link all of the magic to him. Lartne was feeling his own desires influencing magic beyond what he had wanted. To keep everything equal and balanced he couldn't just get angry at a race and suddenly magic would stop working for them, now could he? His father had told him that just because he was annoyed he shouldn't reject his duties. So he had to create wellsprings of magic that weren't connected to his whims. To make sure magic flowed even if he was angry at the world or not. Natural points where magic would flow and life would florish, in it's own way of course. Lartne needed to create or borrow nine places for this to work. Nine points where the elements could latch onto.

For the element of Water, the magic of Flow and Purity, he decided to make use of a river. Turning the point he liked the best into the center, a waterfall spring where the magic would be centered and be strongest. Feeling a little bit vain he made the waterfall look like a rainbow falling into the spring.

For the element of lightning, the magic of movement and animation, he created a massive never ending storm that painted the skys with bolts of many colors. Spiraling winds, pelting rains, the song of his storm was enchanting. He'd hope it would inspire many a mortal with it's majesty.

Tapping a naturally existing resource for the element of fire, the magic of Rebirth and Renewal, he turned a volcano into a never ending eruption of fire and earth. Magma seeping above ground and forming new land. volcanic soil passed to new areas through winds. His volcanic island was growing and moving. Over the years it would create it's own fertile island chain.

Starlight was a song. He would respect it's creator's decision. Light that was a music on it's own. Well Crystals could sing and be illuminated right?. He found himself a cavern open to the night sky and changed it. The rock walls of the cavern flowed and changed into crystals that were tuned to the song of starlight resonating along to the magic of Illumination

Along the cracks in the world that angry god had created ugly rents and tears were changed into art. Sand filling in the scar canyon to provide a place to admire his art. The painted cliffs would support the magic of the earth, strength and determination. After all they still held even after a temper tantrum from a god.

For the magic of metal he'd have to cheat. Metal isn't infinite in the same way his other tools were. A mountain would need to be changed for this wellspring. Living metals growing in the way of plants would be needed. A resource that never ends. Creating beautiful art in it's growth. With a little tending his garden of metal could be more beautiful then any mortal garden. It was the magic of Creavitiy after all.

Wind was hard. It didn't like to be grasped. Inspiration for it had come to Lartne. He didn't need to focus the wind. He just needed a place for it to sing to him. A place of standing spires the wind danced through as it willed. The magic of Freedom couldn't be caged after all. He let the magic flow through the area as it wished.

The magic of shadows, was the power of deception, many would wish to destroy it because they thought it evil. Many would forget that shadows are a form of protection. He'd need to make sure that it would be hard to find. A pool of darkness in a massive labyrinthian cavern. It would need protectors eventually.

A forest was a beautiful place without his help, but it could be so much more with magic flowing through it. The forest was growing strong. It was growing old. The tree in the center was growing faster then the rest. It's roots grabbing on to the magic better then the rest. Lartne wondered what the magic would do to this tree. Nothing bad of course it was the magic of life after all.

Lartne wonders how his wonders will affect the world around it. It's not like he's creating monsters is it?

Yes I have permission, Yes this isn't very pretty, no this isn't the finished version as that's being beta'd right now, and yes I will write the OoC post for this later.


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Reclining among the kelp, Helka felt something tap into her domain, touching and transforming a part of it. But it was hard to find it, and since her attention was on the clouds carrying the water to the area untouched by her powers, she missed it.

Shaking her head, Helka looked around. She will need something to help her watch over her domains, to keep track of whatever happens, but nothing she has seen was perfect for it. There were Helkats on the ground, but they could not venture into the water. There were selachii in the water but could not visit the ice or shores.

But what if they were combined? Taking a couple of exceptional Helkats and Selachii, Helka started to change them. They would be granted a gift to shape change from Selachii to Helkat, so they would be able to traverse her domain fully. A small connection with each other and Helka, so they could tell/show what is happening at a place. Perhaps a small increase in size, so they will be the leaders of their kind. And a small touch of her power, so they could call upon it. She also imposed a limit on that only the most exceptional of their offspring should receive her powers, then turned them loose.


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The world turned, and a new day dawned.

Zevras looked upon the product of divine will, upon the myriad creatures she had created, and upon her Gaeans. The Gaeans, with their intelligence, would someday rise

This would not do.

Zevras turned her gaze towards the plains, where apes roamed in small tribes, desperately struggling against the numerous predators, and she granted them intelligence, transforming the apes into something more, something that could rival her Gaeans for dominance over the races of Delsinum.

They lacked the Gaeans innate powers, but she gifted them with an unstoppable drive to exceed their own limitations. No matter how doomed they may seem, they would fight until their dying breath for their right to survive, to thrive.

Humanity, she called them, and watched with great interest as another race stood above the rest.