Nasuverse Carnival Phantasm/Overlord Idea


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So a few people on have expressed in terest in a full fic based on this idea, and recently I've caught myself looking over Overlord fanart, or watching clips on Youtube so I decided, why not?

Then I remembered why not: I've no clue where to actually start.

Should Shirou start off with all his minion hives, or just the Browns and the Reds? How would I go about keeping Shirou true to his canon persona, even as a hammy villain? What about a training arc? Do I carry on after the war?

And most importantly, how to handle the comedy, given quite a bit of it lays in watching the Minions antics.

Also, naturally this would have to be the Carnival Phantasm version of the Type-Moon universe, or this wouldn't work.
If it's a crossover with CP than at least you don't have to worry about characters being OOC :)

I think that a plot about Shirou falling into a minion hive and crowned as an overlord (I don't think being raised by them is a good idea).
He should have all of the hives (so he is a credible threat) and after they hear about the holy grail war they start attacking Fuyuki and tries to kill all the other servants (a thing which they aren't good at). Naturally Kotomine will declare that all masters and servants must fight against Shirou (despite him not having any idea how to control the minions)

Since we are talking about Carnival Phantasam it should be very comical. Saber should have no idea on which side she should fight, Shirou will suck at being an overlord and will be targeted by most of the cast to either kill him or exploit him (Have Illya kidnap him, Rider chases him with Bellrophon etc etc) but will always be saved by the minions. Have Archer not really taking anything seriously and enjoying Shirou's suffering.

The Tsukihime cast should also be a part of the fun (Shiki getting blinded from all the death spots the minions have because they are so easy to kill).

There are so much possibilities for comedy here. Truly, Carnival Phantasm is the best type moon work so far.

(Also, the minions should be afraid of Taiga)


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itaywex said:
I don't think being raised by them is a good idea.
Why? The Overlad was raised by them, and he turned out alright.
MastaofBitches said:
itaywex said:
I don't think being raised by them is a good idea.
Why? The Overlad was raised by them, and he turned out alright.
a. Than Shirou will be different from his FSN counterpart (and from the CP Shirou for that matter).
b. After so long being with the minions he will probably be capable of controlling them, and why would you want a capable Shirou in Carnival Phantasm Xover?

I personally think that him falling into an underground cave beneath Fuyuki, filled with the minion's hive and becoming their overlord will be much better- Assuming you are planning a comedy/crack fic.
If you are planning a serious one than crossing anything with Carnival Phantasm is not a good idea.


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I was planning an action/comedy that's closer in tone to the Overlord game series than the Grim seriousness of the type-MOON universe.
I haven't played Overlord so I don't know exactly how serious/comedic it is.
But while "Grim seriousness" is something that's part of almost all of Type Moon's works. Carnival Phantasm is an exception, it's not on the same galaxy as "Grim seriousness".
If you want something very comedic and funny (maybe a series of one-shots) than do Overlord X CP.
But if you want something more serious than you should cross Overlord with normal FSN .


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It's the type of humor where your Minions will club baby seals to death, and wear them as a hat.
MastaofBitches said:
It's the type of humor where your Minions will club baby seals to death, and wear them as a hat.
I must say, the more I think about it the more I understand that Overlord X Carnival Phantasam would make an excellent comedic fic (my only knowledge about Overlord is the fic "Overlady" in which Louise from ZnT fails to summon a familiar but ends up becoming the overlady of the minions. So I understand what minion antics is).

Think about the possibilities! Have Medea try to kill Shirou with a barrage of magic, just for it to be blocked by a minion that just sacrificed his life while Shirou tries to explain that if they just stop fighting everyone can be happy.
Or that Lancer starts a holy-grail wide competition on who can kill the most minions (which probably only Illya/Berserker will compete with him).
Saber will start having withdrawal symptoms from not eating Shirou's cooked food.

In one chapter Gilgamesh should be irritated and declare that he is going to end this all by himself. When he opens his gate of Babylon have the minions jump inside and starts stealing his treasures!
Have Sasaki hire Kuzuki to kidnap Shirou so that the minions and servants will come to visit him at the temple, he also wants to be part of the fun

Carnival Phantasm is not serious, Overlord is not serious. It's a perfect match. I don't think a serious story can be made with those two works, but it would make an excellent comedy one.

And of course, Lancer should die every chapter.


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I can't say I really agree with things being that crack-ish. Overlord does have a really good story, and I don't really like the idea of tossing that out for cheap laughs. Visual humor dosn't really work in a written media anyway, which means killing Lancer isn't as funny.
Well, that's true.
Than the question is, why do you want to cross over Overlord with Carnival Phantasm? Why not Fate Stay Night?
Carnival Phantasm is the same anime that brought us Grail Kun:
How can it not be crack-ish?

If you want something more serious I would go with something like...
When Shirou summons Saber, he doesn't summon Arturia. He summons the Overlord (from Overlord) into himself!
Basically he merges with the heroic spirit and it gives him the ability to fight servants (he is his own servant, in a way). All the minions and whatever over stuff that comes with being an overlord will be a noble phantasm of Shirou.
(Probably a minion summoning NP, an armor + weapon NP, and maybe a territory creation one that allows him to create your tower of doom somewhere).

Start it when he is kicked into the shed by Lancer and have Rin and Archer walk into the scene of many minions ganging on Lancer and Shirou having ominous glowing eyes.

That's 1 way of doing it, alternatively you can have him being saved from the fire by minions and becoming the new overlord way before the HGW starts.
But than I'm pretty sure his personality will be very different from canon Shirou (and than what's the point of the MC being Shirou?)
Hmm... you could also have him discover the minions during one of his training sessions few weeks/months/years before the war.

All in all, I think that having a crack-ish crossover with Carnival Phantasm is the best move. But if you want to cross Overlord with FSN and make it more serious that's also possible.


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Because crossing over with FSN means being pretty strict with the characterization, the lore the mechanics. The Type-Moon fandom is usually very unforgiving when the mechanics and history of the verse are blatantly ignored, of course there are exceptions. Having "Mr. Nice Guy" running around, commanding a bunch of goblin styled creatures, with a penchant for sticking anything they can on their heads... It won't fit with the tone of the series.

I also don't particularly care for people bitching that the Blue's shouldn't be able to eat Rin's jewels, or Archer's Reality Marble.
Hmm... So FSN is too serious but Carnival Phantasm is too comical?

While Carnival Phantasm is much less strict with it's mechanics, it is a pure comedy story. If you want to cross it with Overlord it's fine, but if you don't kill Lancer every chapter I will not forgive you!!!
If you cross it Carnival Phantasm, than it doesn't really matter what you do. So long as it's funny (there is so much potential in this, I will definitely read it).


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If I was going to kill a character off once-a-chapter, it would be Sakura, as she can feasibly regenerate between chapters, whereas once Lancer kicks the bucket, that's him.
1. The reason Lancer gets killed is because of his E ranked luck, there is no reason for Sakura to get killed.
2. It's Carnival Phantasm. Berserker can use Lancer as a noble phantasm, Rider can ride a bicycle to the moon and Lancer dies every chapter and comes back in the next. It's just one of the rules of the CP universe (he doesn't die when he is killed ^_^).
3. Sakura is a person who has been abandoned by her father, got raped consistently (by worms controlled by her adopting grand-father), is treated like shit by her brother and hates herself for what she is. And that's before Heavens feel started, hasn't this girl suffered enough? (hurting them is not funny).
4. The only reason she can regenerate is if she is being possessed by Angra Mainyu, if she isn't than she will die when she is killed.
5. If she is possessed by Angra Mainyu (AKA "All the evils of the world") I don't think it will be a very funny story, to AM comedy is the screams of infants (actually not, it doesn't understand comedy. It just wants to curse every human on the planet).

Killing Sakura every chapter... I think it's a bad idea (It could work, but it will be very OOC. Not to mention being very weird since it's clearly Lancer's role).


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Sakura can resurrect, Lancer. It's not a collection of unconnected oneshots. It's a full story, with overarching plot. People die when they're killed, with justifiable exceptions. If you can give me a good reason for Lancer to revive every chapter, a reason that can be justified in story, I'd consider it. Besides, I like Lancer. He's a Bro, and a Badass.

As for suffering enough? No. No she hasn't.

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The only real consequence one gets from killing Sakura off every chapter would be Cherry Lover crawling up your ass for it.


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I'm Scottish. I'm used to having an Englishman try to force their opinions onto me.


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...That was low.
Firstly, none of the reader will actually care if you don't supply a reason for Lancer to come back every chapter.
It's Carnival Phantasm, where the servants fight by racing around town in cars. Where they hang out in the light of day with Arc and without caring about the whole dark side of the nasuverse (Church, Magus Association, dead apostles).
I don't think they ever explained these things in Carnival Phantasm, it's not Fate/Stay Night (in which you must explain Everything in excruciating detail while cooking).

It's okay to have an overarching story, but it doesn't mean you can't do stuff like breaking the forth wall or bringing Lancer from the dead every chapter without explaning.
Case in point:
It's a Fate/Stay Night X Monty Python. The only servant who isn't from Monty python is Archer (Saber is still Arturia, but acts like Arthur from Monty Python and the holy grail).
Archer dies each chapter and comes back later, Illya summoned the killer rabbit as Berserker. And yet, this fic has an overarching plot (it goes over the entire holy grail war, although it's very short- 15K words).

I think that the fic you describe does not fit with the tone of Carnival Phantasm, so IMO you should change things.
Remember, it's Carnival Phantasm, not fate/stay night.


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And while you have a point, it doesn't change the fact that I want to kill Sakura in a variety of comedic ways.