Child of Hope


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It has been almost five years to the day since I last updated Child of Hope, my first multi-chapter story that didn't indisputably suck (My absolute first multi-chapter story turned out so badly that I destroyed it. I still think the basic concept has potential, just not if written by me). Since I have completed Black Hands of NERV and written White Devil of the Moon in that time and have no other writing projects on hand, I thought I'd try continuing this.

However, since it's been so long since I last wrote a chapter of this (Among other things, before I even got an account on this site), I have to wonder, does the story as it stands need major revisions? I thought I'd post a link to the story as is and ask for the opinion of the people here. If you have issues you think need to be addressed, please be detailed and specific.

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If I'm remembering right there was nothing wrong with what was already written, but it has been a while and an overhaul is probably called for. Glad to see this getting attention, I really liked where this one was going.