Chuck Vs The Arrow


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Felicity's hacking of government files draws the attention of a hacker just as skilled as she is, the Piranha.
Would be an Olicity and Chara fic.
I'm not going to lie, I kinda want to see an Intersected Chuck go up against a fully capable, highly trained Green Arrow.


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I agree with Wata; this is interesting. Would you mess with the timeline at all? Because the Queen's Gambit sinks in 2007, the same year that that the first half of Chuck season 1 happens, while Oliver returns to Starling City and becomes the Arrow in 2012, the same year that that the latter half of Chuck's last season occurs in.

So if you have the crossover occur in 2012, you'd essentially have a seasoned Team Chuck against an inexperienced Team Arrow.


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I was envisioning the story taking place around season 2 of Arrow. As far as Chuck goes, he's had the latest intersect in his head for over two years so while the combat skills are still good, the info is two years old.

I'm not sure if any of Oliver's information about his time in Hong Kong would be in the intersect because A.R.G.U.S. isn't apart of the CIA or NSA so that might be a good reason that Chuck won't flash on Oliver.

Felicity might be looking to see if any of the alphabet agencies have any information on (take you pick on villians). She happens to have the bad luck to hack into the CIA servers while Chuck (working as a consultant) is busy upgrading the system/firewalls/doing-his-own-hacking. 

This causes a digital game of cat and mouse between Chuck and Felicity who bring in their respective teams into the game. Team Chuck is tasked to find the hackers while Team Arrow is, under Felicity's direction, leaving false physical trails to match Felicity's digital trails.

If I think of anything else for this challenge, I'll post it up.


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The largest issue I couldn't figure out how to tackle here is how to meld the intersect with A.R.G.U.S.

In a shared universe there would be a ton of overlap, to the point you could consider Casey being a member of A.R.G.U.S. a more likely scenario than N.S.A.

Ring and Hive and infiltration and all that jazz gets ugly. Throw in that Chuck should have ran into someone with powers at some point, or at least had knowledge of that...

And even then the level of importance he has to to government would be much smaller.