[Clementine] My Guardian Angel

Another night, and another nightmare. She was now burning in that demon's flames. More often than not, she would wake up in cold sweat. She was aware that her opponents were a fire demon and his pawns who he put in power. Due to her father having a bit of power himself, the odds were a little more balanced. But still....his pawns were akin to kings of their respective countries. Some had money, some were actual kings, some were mad priests who commanded respect, but generally, it was all the same.

The only thing that kept this demon from getting her was her guardian angel, but Clementine wasn't sure whether that would be enough. From the stories that she read while she was younger, they had no real power over the human realm. This was why Malmoth himself needed human pawns in the first place, and this was why she needed to defeat all of those pawns on her own in order to weaken their master. The thought wasn't exactly comforting....

(Hope you enjoyed this little tease preview. Of course, Clementine will win at the end, but these are mostly her thoughts)