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3) What if Lelouch's off-hand comment to Euphie was less "kill the Elevens" and more "Get me a harem that would make Father jealous/proud"
I mean, that order kind of leaves a lot to interpretation, so it should be pretty hilarious, depending on what kind of view Euphie has of her Father, and of Lelouch.

Something that allows her more staying power, maybe, so that she can go up close and personal despite being a VIP? (Repairs damage and heals injuries on self and equipment such as Knightmares.) Or something that keeps her from being captured / allows her to escape captivity. She REALLY wouldn't like not being in control in such a way like being imprisoned, I feel.
Aren't Geass abilities all mental in nature?

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Regarding the harem, is Euphie a quality over quantity type of person? Does she believe that variety is important?

Does she feel that a little taboo would be good and help keep things from getting too out of hand? She does like Lelouch, after all.


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Aren't Geass abilities all mental in nature?
I mean, Rolo could freeze time. I don't remember if it worked on inanimate objects, though. On the other hand, maybe all physical Geass effects take a lethal toll on the user's body... well, okay, let's stick to mental ones.
Regarding the harem, is Euphie a quality over quantity type of person? Does she believe that variety is important?

Does she feel that a little taboo would be good and help keep things from getting too out of hand? She does like Lelouch, after all.
Well, the order was to specifically build him a harem to make his father jealous or proud. Keeping the bloodline strong would probably make him proud...

I mean, Rolo could freeze time. I don't remember if it worked on inanimate objects, though. On the other hand, maybe all physical Geass effects take a lethal toll on the user's body... well, okay, let's stick to mental ones.
He stopped a person's perception of time. He was basically pausing their brain.

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New idea time. Instead of being fabulous, Lelouch is GAR. Like 2 metres (6'7") tall and 120kg (260lbs) of solid muscle and still as smart as canon.

This is mainly because of a slight genetic tweak, since Marianne and Charles are looking for optimal Geass potential. It's also enhanced Nunnally's moé factor somewhat. Nunnally is also less hurt - she can see and is only partially lame. She also likes/liked to pretend that she's a Knightmare Frame pilot and Lelouch is Knightmare Frame.

Lelouch, now an absolute unit who dotes on his sister, is in possession of a different Geass. Instead of absolute obedience, he's got something that makes people listen to him.

Still working on details, but here's a scene:


Lelouch Lamperouge was showering after his latest workout. Today was leg day and he’d ended his session with 100 squats with a 150kg load on his shoulders.

The young Britannian man let out a contented sigh as the hot water eased the dull ache in his muscles and washed away the sweat he’d worked up.

Outside the bathroom, curiosity got the better of a young woman and she found herself peeking into the room. As the domestic help, Sayoko Shinozaki was well aware of the frequency of Lelouch’s workouts and made sure that there was always a clean set of gym clothes for Lelouch.

She told herself that she was just taking away his dirty, sweat-soaked clothes to make sure that they didn’t stink up the place. That she could have waited until later to collect them from his room was entirely immaterial. In fact, it barely registered as an option to the young Japanese woman.

She opened the bathroom door, intent on just taking the shirt of the muscular Britannian when the shower was suddenly turned off. Sayoko froze in position, willing herself to become invisible.

Lelouch stepped out of the shower, seemingly oblivious to the fact that the door had opened. He reached for a towel and began to dry off his muscles, starting with his chest. Something told him to check the door, and casting a glance towards it, he could see an outstretched arm.

‘Got a visitor, I see…’ the Britannian mused. A second glance told him that it was the clad in the uniform of a maid. ‘At least it’s not Nunnally peeping on me.’

Lelouch doted on his little sister, Nunnally. She’d been hurt during many years ago, though had made great progress in her recovery, barely needing a cane to get about most days. He suspected that he would soon have to keep an eye out and protect her from the more predatory boys at school.

As he was the tallest and strongest student at Ashford Academy, he didn’t expect there to be too many problems with people trying anything on with Nunnally.

Lelouch went to pick up another, larger towel to give him a small measure of modesty as he returned to his room to dress. As he picked up the towel, he noticed the arm was being quickly retracted.

The Britannian wrapped the towel around his waist, his thoughts turning to the possibility that he’d have to upgrade the security of their home.

So Lelouch got a bit more Charles genetics than his mothers.

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Got a title for this terrible idea: Conspicuous Gallantry.

Also, have a snippet.


Sayoko had quickly and silently fled the scene, her heart racing as the image of Lelouch Lamperouge standing before her in all his glory was replayed in her mind. She knew she had crossed a line with her peeping on the young master, and had it been someone peeping on Nunnally, she would have used force to punish them.

But this was Lelouch. He wasn’t a helpless young girl who exemplified the concept of “moé”. Lelouch was a man.

A young man, yes, but definitely a man. The kind of man who would go far in Britannian society, what with his good looks, physical prowess and keen intellect.

Before she knew it, Sayoko had found herself in the drawing room. Nunnally was sitting there quietly embroidering. The young Britannian had a serene look on her face.

“Would you like some tea?” the maid asked.

“Yes please. If Lelouch is finished in the shower, he’ll want tea, too,” Nunnally smiled. She turned her attention back to the image she was embroidering, a stylised image of her brother dressed in a suit of medieval plate armour.

“Yes, he should be down soon,” Sayoko nodded.

The doorbell chimed, and the maid announced that she would get that before attending to the tea.

“Oh, Lulu…” Nunnally sighed. She loved her brother and the way he could carry her with so little effort. He was so strong, so handsome. She was sure that he could snap a man in half, and would happily do so to protect her.

Not that any of the boys in school interested her in the slightest.

Officially, Nunnally agreed with her brother that she was too young to date anyone. Unofficially, she wanted someone like Lelouch.

The young Britannian let out another sigh, this time it was in the realisation that there wasn’t anyone else like Lelouch. She thought about the girls at school, how he could have his pick of them and yet, he didn’t bother with dating anyone. Not that most of the girls at Ashford were worthy of her brother.

Sure, most of them were noble or at least from well-to-do families, but having money or a title didn’t mean you were good enough for her Lelouch.

He was selfless, almost to a fault. In fact several of the students had commented that he treated her like a princess. It would have been easy for Nunnally to wallow in the attention and let herself be spoiled by Lelouch’s doting. Somehow, Nunnally had managed to not let that happen.

Still, it would do him good to put himself first for a while.

Sayoko returned with Milly Ashford in tow.

“Please take a seat, Miss Ashford. I will return with some tea shortly.”

“Thank you, Sayoko,” the blonde smiled as she took a seat next to Nunnally. When they were alone, Milly spoke again. “So, about the school festival…”

“Obviously, we’re happy to help out in any way we can, but I’m not sure that I’m comfortable having Lelouch as the prize in a lottery,” the brunette replied.

“I’m not talking about pimping him out,” Milly insisted. She knew that they could make an absolute fortune if they were to offer the elder Lamperouge sibling as a prize. “It’s more like we are offering him to a sports team for a short while.”

“Oh, hi there, Milly,” a deep male voice said from the doorway.

“Ah, Lulu, you’re out the shower. Sayoko is making tea,” Nunnally smiled. “We were discussing the festival.”

“Yeah, I gathered,” Lelouch said as he took a seat opposite the girls. “There has to be a better option than offering a date with me as a grand prize.”

“I can’t do it, I’ve got an arrange…” Milly trailed off as she realised what she was saying. She wasn’t entirely against the idea of an arranged marriage, but she wanted to have a little bit of fun first.

Ideally, that fun would be with Lelouch. The blonde could imagine his strong hands gripping her and pulling her onto his hard cock, its girth stretching her to her limits. Milly had been one of the two female Ashford Academy students to actually see Lelouch naked and so she knew just how big he was.

During a sleepover a year ago, Milly had “accidentally” walked in on Lelouch while he showered after a workout, the memory of his body all lathered up had kept the blonde company ever since.

“An arranged marriage?” Lelouch asked, a look of concern marring his dashing looks.

“It… Well, it’s…” Milly fumbled for the right words. She cast him a look that showed how troublesome this conversation was becoming.

“I see,” the elder brother nodded. He knew that the Ashfords had made many sacrifices to protect him and Nunnally, and that to secure the family’s future, she would likely have to be married off to the son of a noble. He was well aware of the politics that could surround an arranged marriage and that interfering could make things much worse, but that didn’t mean he was prepared to see a friend suffer at the hands of a bad husband. Lelouch knew that he had to make it up to Milly. This raffle would be a good place to start.

“Have you sold any tickets yet?”

“No, we were waiting to get you on board before we made any announcements,” Milly explained. “But there was some interest already.”

Lelouch took a deep breath, hoping that he wasn’t making a terrible mistake. “I’ll help you out. I’ll be a prize if you really think it’ll help.”

“You will?” the blonde asked, her eyes opening wide with a mixture of surprise and excitement. ‘If Lulu is a prize, I can double, no triple the price!’

“Yeah,” the muscular youth nodded. “I’ll be available to the winner of that particular draw and do what they want for up to five hours.”

“He’d be mine for five hours…” Sayoko repeated with a whisper, her heart racing as she thought about the things she could do with Lelouch at her beck and call. She could introduce him to the Japanese style of bathing. She could tie him down and ride him for most of those five hours.

“Ah, tea’s here,” Lelouch said, breaking the maid from her reverie.

“Yes,” Sayoko nodded. She placed the tray down and began pouring the drinks. She wanted to ask more about this prize draw; who the tickets were available to and what the limitations were on what Lelouch was available for, but to do so now would be improper.

Instead, the Japanese woman stepped away from the room, but kept an ear out for more pertinent details.

“Just so we’re clear, you’re willing to do what the winner wants for five hours?”

“As long as it’s legal,” Lelouch clarified. “And remember, I’m still only 17.”

“Of course, I wouldn’t let anyone drag you into aiding and abetting a criminal enterprise,” Milly smiled. ‘There goes the plan to sell nudes of him…’

He was selfless, almost to a fault. In fact several of the students had commented that he treated her like a princess. It would have been easy for Nunnally to wallow in the attention and let herself be spoiled by Lelouch’s doting. Somehow, Nunnally had managed to not let that happen.
So she's a better little sister here than in canon?

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Out of context snippet for this terrible idea?

Well, why not?


The following morning, Sayoko Shinozaki was enjoying a brief respite from her duties in a local café. She was drinking a cup of tea with three of her fellow maids that were in the employ of the local Britannians.

Hiromi Kagawa had noticed that Sayoko had a distant, dreamy look on her face. Given that Sayoko was professional and devoted to the family she was employed by, it was clearly evidence that she’d found someone.

“So, Sayoko-chan, have you met someone special? Is it a man?”

“I… Well, I mean,” Sayoko blushed as she fumbled for words.

“You have, haven’t you,” Hiromi smirked. “So, give us the juicy details, Sayoko-chan!”

Shinobu Aoyama placed her teacup on the table and leaned forward. “Yes, we need to know more about the man who’s swept you off your feet.”

“I… Well, he hasn’t swept me off my feet,” Sayoko replied. Though she wouldn’t object to the young man she was thinking about gathering her up in his strong arms and carrying her off to a secluded place for many, many lewd things. “He doesn’t know I like him.”

“You should tell him,” Hiromi said.


“Are you in love with a Britannian?” Haruka Kozuki asked.

“Yes…” Sayoko answered, looking away.

“Are you sure about this, Sayoko-chan?” Haruka asked. “This is the kind of thing that can lead to heartbreak.”

The others realised that Haruka was speaking from bitter experience.

“I know… I shouldn’t feel this way about him, but he’s… Well, here,” Sayoko pulled out a photo of the two Lamperouge siblings.

The other maids leaned in to get a better look at the man who’d attracted Sayoko Shinozaki’s attention. In the photo, Nunnally Lamperouge was riding on the shoulder of a tall, handsome Britannian man.

“He’s got a daughter? That complicates things,” Shinobu opined. “Even if his daughter accepted you, if he’s of high standing, you might not ever be seen as anything other than a mistress.”

“That’s not his daughter. It’s his sister. He’s a bit younger than I am,” Sayoko admitted. This time her blush was embarrassment rather than just her thinking about the things the strong man she’d been fantasising about might do to her.

“How much?”

“Well, he’s… He’s…” Sayoko looked around nervously. “He’s seventeen.”

“Seventeen?!” Shinobu hissed. She picked up the photo and examined it closely. “I… How can he be seventeen? He’s twenty-something if he’s a day!”

“Did you take this photo, Sayoko-chan?” Hiromi asked. “How did you meet him?”

“I… I work for the family.”

“This is a bad idea, Sayoko-chan!” Haruka warned, thought it was a little more forceful than she had wanted.

“You can’t blame her for thinking about a handsome man like this, Haruka,” Hiromi defended her friend. “You know you can’t help who you fall in love with.”

“But a seventeen year old Britannian?”

“He must be two metres tall!” Shinobu commented. “Is his…”

Sayoko’s face turned crimson as she thought back to the times she’d caught a glimpse of Lelouch’s manhood. She nodded as she held her hands a fair distance apart.

Silence descended on the table as the maids processed the implication. Two of the maids were more than a little jealous of Sayoko and the beefcake she looked after as their employers were either boring old couples or dirty old men. To have someone like this… well, if he got a little lonely, then they would certainly help make his loneliness a little more bearable. Haruka, however, was thinking that this fine young man might be a suitable choice for her own daughter.

“A young man like that should be with a girl his own age. It wouldn’t do to give him some kind of complex,” the motherly maid said in her best wise tone. However, her thoughts were filled with an alternative scenario. ‘And if Kallen doesn’t like him, well, I suppose I could help make him comfortable…’


Yes, that is Kallen's mother in the group. There could be some milfy fun in a later chapter.
Well yeah, but even then I'd still call it a bit too crack.

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Sure the story is light hearted, but most of my stuff is and this is still first draft.

The idea that Lulu is able to hide his secret identity when he wouldn't be out of place in JoJo is inherently silly to me.