Creating a Poster for an IT fanfiction

I would like to create a poster for a fanfiction that I am writing for myself. It involves keeping the Georgie character alive in the story. I have tried doing it with photo editing, but no photo really matches what I want. I'm not a very good drawer to do it myself. I will provide details in PM if this is possible as I'm not posting this fanfic on the internet. It's just for me, and my family that reads it. I would like a poster kind of like this creation(The coloring is what I mean, maybe a bit brighter). I will admit its a poster for an alternate universe fanfiction for IT where the Georgie character survives the attack(whole with both arms). If needed I will reveal story details via PM since Im not releasing it to the public. This will also have to be free, I can't afford any payment. Hope I don't sound horrible.

I would rather do it myself with Photo Editing since I really illustrate with actors in my mind like the cast of the movie. But for me the challange is for Georgie himself Jackson Robert Scott. His career is just beginning. His only really available project right now I can use is IT itself. The only footage that works for me is the first 10 minutes of the movie. That really only complies with the first couple of chapters. All of his stuff afterwords isn't applicable since in my story he survives, and he survives whole. It doesn't make sense to me to use stuff of him armless when he doesn't lose the arm. There is his criminal minds ep, but he's way too young in that. For Fear The Walking Dead, you only see him through tape, its got all these lines I can't seem to get rid of no matter how much deinterlacing I do. Plus he's around alot of people so its hard to mask him out. He's got some kind of short film called Skin, but his character there doesn't seem to fit Georgie at all. Then there is Locke and Key, but all thats been filmed is the pilot, who knows when that will come to fruition. Plus his latest movie annoucement doesn't sound like I would want to use that character for Georgie. There is the personal photos he posts on his instagram here but none of them seem to really fit what I would want to use. He looks happy, and most advertisements for IT doesn't make the characters look happy.