Crossover To End All Crossovers

I kid, I kid. Nothing can end crossovers.

But I do have a fic that I consider my best one because I take it more seriously and have the basic ambition of continuing it to create a story of sorts.

Imagine it being like a more serious variation of the kind of crossover that Wreck it Ralph is, but more on anime and video games than just video games. So check it out, and leave a review. Don't bother reviewing grammar cause I know it's ass compared to a lot of others.

Summary: The fictional realm is much like ours. They have their celebrities and their normal people. In this world, our fictional entertainment comes from them and their world. The canon are like actors. OC's are treated as the middle and lower class citizens. Thus OC stands for Ordinary Character. But there's one other way to get fame. To become a Death-Guard. Normally fictional characters can't die. Unless it's a Death-Guard. To them, Death-Guard's are like an extreme measure force. They can take care of whatever crime they like. But they are also in charge of any major crisis.

Because of their power, they are feared by most and respected by few. The main character of this story is Murakami Kai. An OC working a middle class job at a restaurant with aspirations to be a part of a big action series. Little did he know he would run into a Death-Guard... Who was dying. In a ritual of tradition, the status was passed to Kai. The mystery? Not who killed him, as only a Death-Guard could kill another, but WHY. Description: The fictional world is in peril! Who can save them? A... Band of OC misfits? Join an ascended action fanboy, a "harem" seeking Otaku, a battle maniac, and an blood knight attorney in training as they seek the truths to deadly mysteries and try to deal with their estranged worlds shenanigans. Expect lots of over the top behavior, everyday life problems, and action in a universe to big and odd to be visualized in a normal manner.*

*Updates at random since I take my time like tfs does for dbz abridged*?

Like with most fics, the first few chapters aren't up to snuff when compared to the later ones. Currently up to 8 chapters. Below is a pic of my main OC/MC and then a link. Share some ideas if you want.

Crossover Of Crossovers... Or not.

PS: My favorite fic isn't actually my own. Just a place holder.