Dance with the Devil


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This fic is what happens when you shoot ideas back and forth with Innortal for months before something finally sticks while listening to Breaking Benjamin's "Dance with the Devil" on repeat.

Note that this is a rough draft and Innortal, being my co-writer, is actually working on editing it before I post to FF.Net. And, yes, I have several chapters already written.

And before I begin, I want to point out that this is a multi-crossover. That is all.

So, without further ado, here is the prologue of "Dance with the Devil".


Eight years ago, Makai

"At last!" Jedah, the blue-skinned Devil grinned at his latest masterwork. "I knew that I could easily convert that wandering soul into a physical body." He looked at the naked body on the table in front of him. A slender, petite female with short, purple hair was laying on her back, her eyes closed. "Time to wake up... Lilith." He didn't know why, but the name felt... Appropriate.

Blinking her red eyes, the naked girl sat up and turned to face Jedah. "Huh?" She looked at him, around the weird room she was in, there wasn't much there, just walls all around them and then down at herself. "...Where are my breasts?" She patted her chest and found to her annoyance that she was flat as a ten year old boy.

"Really? That's the first thing you ask about?" Jedah was amused as she used her power to call up a red leotard, red boots and blue leggings, on her back popped out two bat-like wings with a smaller pair attaching themselves to the side of her head. He knew they were just magical bats that she made out of thin air with her magic.

"Succubus, duh!" Lilith huffed and leaned forward. "So why did you make me flat-chested and... Why am I so short?"

"Well, for one, some guys like lolis with big butts."

"My butt isn't..." Lilith trailed off as mirrors formed around her, letting her see her butt from all sorts of angles. "Okay, so maybe my butt is big, but I still want big boobs!" She glared at him as the mirrors disappeared.

"Secondly, the body is your ideal form."

"Then where are my boobs?!"

Jedah rolled his eyes at her. "Maybe because your current soul is young and you might be child-like? Or maybe the lack of breasts means that you're free of expectations. I do not know. Besides, you could easily be a man if you wanted to."

Lilith blinked and tapped her chin. "Maybe, but I figure it wouldn't be that easy."

"Of course not, I'd have to help regulate the energy."

Lilith giggled as a thought came to her. "You make it sound like you'd be shoving your dick up my ass to help me become a guy."

Jedah stroked his chin. "Hmm, tempting as it is to take your anal virginity," and really, what kind of Demon WOULDN'T want to take a succubus's virginity? It was a pretty rare thing indeed! "I'm not really too interested in that right now."

Lilith stretched and sat back down on the table. "So..." She trailed off realizing something. "You never told me your name."

The Demon grinned at her. "My name is Jedah, future ruler of the universe."

"Sure, sure, whatever." She waved him off. "Listen, is there a way out of here? I want to go exploring."

"Makai?" He shrugged and was about to point to the door behind her.

"No, the human world, I want to see what's going on there."

"First thing you want to do after getting out of Belial's seal is see the human world, huh?" He shrugged and pulled out a scythe, slicing the air next to the table. "That should send you to the human world. Don't blame me if you die up there."

Lilith grinned and got up. "Thanks! Bye bye!" She waved before skipping into the hole in space and time.

As she disappeared, Jedah frowned to himself. "I don't think my portals flashed like that." Oh well, at the very least he'd have something new to research. After all, he wasn't going to let a research project as powerful and valuable as Lilith run free without some sort of surveillance on her at all times.

*Meanwhile on Earth*

Eight year old Ranma Saotome sat in the middle of a circle his father was drawing with chalk. "Are you sure this will work, pops?"

"Quiet boy! I know what I'm doing!"

"Did you make sure to see if there was a third page full of warnings this time?"

"Of course!" Genma said as he held up the book in question. "See? Just a single page of text, three pages of images and no warnings." He rolled his eyes as Ranma snatched the book from his hands. "Sit still, I'm almost done, just need to finish the symbol here and... Done!"

"Hey, pops, it looks like there's a page that's missing." Ranma said as he held the book open.

"Bah, don't worry. If this works then you'll be able to get a lot stronger with no worries."

Ranma nodded and threw the book over his shoulder. "Can you even do magic?"

"No." Genma admitted, causing Ranma to fall over to his side. "But that doesn't mean this won't work. I figure I can cheat if I use Ki." Energy was energy after all, what was the worst that could happen?

Ranma shrugged, it couldn't be worse than the Nekoken after all.

Genma's first warning that something was wrong was when the circle started to flash different colors, had he used magic it would have been a single color. His next warning was that black lightning crashed down out of the clear sky, crashing down on the edges of the circle and blowing him back. "BOY!" Genma quickly got to his feet and gasped as a black pillar of energy surrounded his son. "Hang on, I'm OOF!" Genma groaned as he slammed into the pillar and bounced back. "...I made a terrible mistake."

Inside the pillar, Ranma stood up and looked around nervously. He wasn't scared, not him, no siree! Just because every part of his body was tingling and crackling with energy didn't mean that he was scared.

"Hi!" A pair of red eyes and a smiling face said as a person with purple hair and wings appeared next to him.

"H...HUH?!" Ranma yelled and fell on his butt, just in time for the energy pillar to dissipate.

"Boy! Are you... What?" Genma stared at the person that wasn't there before. "Who are..."

"Ahhahahahaha!" The person yelled and stretched. "I wasn't aiming anywhere specifically, guess you summoned me for some reason, huh? Name's Lilith Aensland, Succubus of Makai and I guess I'm here to grant you a wish."

"Succubus?" Genma gulped, he had summoned a Demon? And a high-tiered one at that? His dreaded Master, may he forever rot, had mentioned that Succubus Demons were among the most powerful of supernatural beings and that they ate men's souls and lots of stuff that was so perverted that Genma blocked it out.

Right now he wished he had paid more attention to what his dreaded Master, may he forever rot, had said about the supernatural.

"You summoned me?" She pointed at Genma before looking at Ranma and licking her lips. "Well, I am pretty hungry. Sorry boy, no offense, but you're the sacrifice."


"Get away from, OOF!" Genma grunted as the Succubus kicked him in the gut and sent him flying into a tree before a bunch of bats came out of nowhere and pinned him to it.

"Sit down!" Lilith glared at him as the wings on her back transformed into large hands and held Ranma up. "Don't worry, as soon as I'm done with him, I'll grant you whatever wish I can that's within my power." Looking at the struggling boy, she licked her lips and hovered up to him. "Now then, time to dine."

Ranma shook his head, his eyes tearing up as she kissed him. He could feel his life being drained away by the kiss. "NNNGGGG!"

Suddenly Lilith stopped and broke the kiss, tilting her head. "What the..?" She frowned and looked at Ranma a little closer before turning to Genma. "What the hell? Why would you summon me and offer him as a sacrifice?" She pointed at Ranma. "Seriously, I'm confused."

"I didn't know it would do that! I was trying to make him stronger!"

Lilith scratched her head and looked at Ranma before nodding. "Alright then." She dropped Ranma and recalled the bats back to her body before sitting down next to him. "Sorry about that, if I had known, I wouldn't have done that."

Ranma scooted back. "But you tried to..."

"Yeah, you're really tasty, but wow, I've never met someone as young as you with that much life force and magic before!" Lilith got up, bouncing in excitement. Granted, they were the first humans she had ever met--second and third beings aside from Jedah, but that was all semantics, and they didn't need to know that--helped make her more mysterious. "Usually everyone like you is at least an adult or a Darkstalker and has natural abilities! You're human!" At least she thought he was human.

She pouted as Genma grabbed Ranma and ran off. "Well then, guess it's hide and seek, huh?" She tapped her chin and decided to follow them invisibly. This could be a lot of fun!

A week later, as Genma was sparring with Ranma, the two stopped as they heard a giggling.

"So that's what you're doing! You're fighters!" Lilith said as she formed out of Ranma's shadow, causing the boy to jump in shock and surprise. "Can I join too?"

"Uh... What?" Genma was dumbfounded, he had thought the Demon had went home after he didn't see her for a week.

Lilith grinned at Genma. "I might be a succubus, but I do love a good fight. I need to get stronger too! Help me get stronger and I'll teach your son how to use magic to help his fighting."

"But you..."

"Misunderstanding." Lilith waved Genma off. "Don't worry, I can hide in your son's shadow when you move."

Genma looked at Ranma, who was understandably worried. "You're just going to drain my son again, aren't you?"

Lilith shook her head. "Nope, I thought you wanted a wish and were sacrificing someone as payment." She shrugged at the looks she was getting. "That's how it worked in the old days."

At least that's what the information Jedah had shoved into her brain when he made her body was telling her.

"Besides, I'm bored!" She whined. "Think of it like this, if I'm too busy training him to use magic and getting stronger than I'm too busy to drain him. Otherwise..."

Genma was concerned, the girl was a powerful Demon and had already demonstrated that if she wanted to she could have drained him and Ranma dry and they couldn't do much to stop it. On the other hand, she could sense Ranma had magic of some sort. "...Boy, this is your choice."

"...I can do magic?"

Lilith shrugged. "Some people, even if they have the aptitude for it, can't use it. I can at least teach you how to tap into it."

"No more draining kiss thing?"

"No more Drain Kiss, I promise!" Lilith nodded. No way she was going to give this up, this kid had enough potential that he might one day be able to challenge Jedah, unless that fool got himself killed before hand.

Besides, she mentally grinned, it would be *FUN* to sculpt him into a lover that had the size to satisfy her and any woman he bedded and the skill to back it up.

*End Prologue*


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I can picture the Ranma storyline being fubarred right quick with a succubi living in him, hleping to raise him to her values, and giving relationship advice. I can also see a very, very fustrated Genma over things not going to his way of thinking.


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Figures I'd get sick on the day that I post the first thing I've written in forever.

Anyway, here's the next chapter.


Chapter One

Eight years later...

A short, busty redheaded girl walked through the rain, giving the panda next to her an annoyed glare. "You SERIOUSLY couldn't have told me about this before we got back?"


"No, seriously, go ahead, don't let me know that you chose someone for me to marry before I was born. Don't you think you should have told me at some point in the past, I dunno, six or so years?"

"Come on, Master Ranma!" Lilith's voice spoke from the redhead's shadow. "I told you not to go near those springs."

The redhead nodded and sighed. "Yeah, I had a bad feeling too." Undoing curses was beyond his ability. At least she was human. Had it been something like a pig or those furry little devils that try to eat you, she would have killed her old man for taking her to those cursed springs.

"Besides, you got awesome boobs to play with now!"

"...Lilith, no."


"GROWF!" The panda growled and pointed at the door.

"Well, shall we?" Lilith asked as she got out of Ranma's shadow. The girl hadn't changed much, except that to everyone looking at her they saw her in a pair of tight pants and a loose shirt. Her succubus wings that she had on her back and on her head were nowhere to be seen.

Rolling her eyes, she knocked on the door and waited. A few moments later a tall man with long black hair and a moustache answered the door. "Genma, old... friend?"

"Daddy, who's..." A girl that looked to be about Ranma's age in a kimono stood behind the man and stared at the three, going a little pale. "There's a panda here."

Lilith tilted her head as she looked at the girl behind the man. Something about her was a bit off.

A few minutes later, Lilith sighed as she listened to the man, who apparently had three daughters, cry about Genma lying to him. "Master, can I throw him in the rain? His crying is making me embarrassed."

"You certainly have some interesting friends, father." The tallest of the three smiled kindly. "My name is Kasumi, this is my younger sister, Nabiki" she gestured towards the girl in the kimono, "and my youngest sister, Akane" she gestured to the girl in a yellow gi. "Please forgive father, today was a bit of a shock to all of us."

Ranma shrugged, "No problem." She said and stood up before looking at Akane. "You practice martial arts?"

Akane nodded and smiled. "Yep. Not to brag but I'm the best in the district."

"Neat!" Ranma grinned, it had been awhile since she face an actual martial artist who wanted to spar that she wasn't traveling with. Facing people who wanted to kill you for one reason or another wasn't very fun. Hell, she had a notebook full of names of people who vowed to kill her for one reason or another stashed away.

It was too hard to remember all the names.

"Here, let me show you to the Dojo." Akane smiled as Ranma followed after her.

Lilith, meanwhile decided to look around the house and had to admit that it wasn't bad.

"Excuse me, little girl..." Kasumi spoke. "Um, I never caught your name."

"Lilith Aensland, I've been traveling with Ranma for the past eight years."

Kasumi blinked and looked Lilith over. "...You must have been a toddler... Oh no, don't tell me that that poor dear is mother at her age!" That had to be hard, Ranma couldn't be any older than Nabiki, and this girl looked like she could be anywhere from ten to fourteen years old.

Lilith's eyes widened before she fell over laughing. "Oh my! Don't tell Master that! Besides, Master was eight when I met her."

"Anyway, would you like to take a bath and get cleaned up?"

Lilith was about to disagree, but something about Kasumi's smile and aura just made it hard to disagree with her. "I suppose so, it's been awhile since I took a bath."

After getting inside, Lilith willed her outfit away and stopped in front of the mirror, sighing. Even after eight years she was still as petite, tiny and flat-chested as ever. Her butt and legs were more muscular than they were in the past, as was her arms, but that was the only thing noticeable. "Oh well." She shrugged and started to wash herself off. Genma and Ranma had been kind enough to teach her how to wash off in Japanese baths at least.

After rinsing off, she looked to the side as the door opened. "Master, done already?"

"Hmm?" Ranma said as she walked in naked. "Yeah, I'd say she's decent for someone with no real training. I don't think she has any magic aptitude and her aura's really unfocused." Nothing that couldn't be fixed with a couple of months of serious training. "Anyway, I need to wash off." She sat on the seat and started washing herself off, blinking as Lilith started washing her back. "Thanks."

"No need to thank me, Master." Lilith giggled as she gave Ranma's butt a squeeze.

"Hey!" Ranma pouted at her giggle.

"Don't worry, Master, I won't make you do anything in your girl form." Not yet anyway, but Lilith wasn't going to tell Ranma that she planned on slowly corrupting her Master even more than she already did. She didn't know if she could convince her Master to let a man bed her, but at least she could try to get the lesbian lover option available in her Master's mind.

"All clean!"

"Good, now I can..." Ranma blinked as a stream of hot water hit her in the face. "Thanks." The now male Ranma sighed in relief. "I hate being in female form."

"Now now, Master, I don't care." Lilith grinned as she walked over to Ranma and pushed him onto the seat. "To me, right now..." She whispered as she knelt down between his legs. "I need a little something extra."

Ranma didn't fight as Lilith used her mouth to lick, kiss and suckle on his crotch. He closed his eyes and just enjoyed the sensations. "We can't go..."

"I gno." Lilith said with her mouth full of his dick.

"Just get me off once then, I'll take care of you more fully later."

"Mmmm!" Lilith bobbed her head more enthusiastically.


"Hey sis." Nabiki looked at Akane who was walking back from the kitchen. "You look happy."

"I just got beaten in a sparring match by that Ranma girl." Akane couldn't believe it! A girl that was better than her? And living in the same house? This was just what she needed, a bit of training and sparring and she'd be ready for the city-wide martial arts tournaments in the future!

"Uh huh..." Nabiki trailed off. "You should be thankful she's a girl then, huh?" She said, half-joking. "By the way, have you seen that purple-haired girl?"

"No." Akane shook her head. "Ah!" She yelped as a towel hit her in the face. "Kasumi?!"

"Ranma and miss Lilith are taking a bath, you should join them, Akane."

Akane nodded and walked off, leaving Nabiki to cup her chin and narrow her eyes. 'So that's that Devil's name, huh?'

"Say, Nabiki..."

"Yes?" The middle Tendo sister looked at her elder sister curiously. "What is it?"

"Do you know who that man with father is?"

Nabiki shook her head as she looked out to the engawa. "Not sure."


"Nnngh..." Ranma's eyes were screwed shut as he felt himself getting close to release. "Lilith..." This only encouraged the Succubus as she doubled her efforts. "Gunna..."

"Hey, Ranma, Lilith, I was..." Akane trailed off, not noticed by either Ranma or Lilith, and stared so hard her eyes practically popped out of her skull.

"PAH!" Lilith pulled her head off of Ranma's dick and grinned as she opened her mouth showing off some milky white fluid before closing her mouth and swallowing. "Mmm... Still good, hmm?" She noticed that there was a third person in the room. Turning her attention to Akane, who was staring at the two of them in shock, Lilith looked her up and down. "A little plain, but that's fun too. Want to join us, Akane?"

Hearing her name caused the girl to stiffly turn around and walk out quietly.

"Huh, her butt isn't really that great to look at, huh?" Ranma commented casually.

"No, oh well." Lilith sighed. "So, shall we..."

A glass-shattering scream filled the house at that moment.

"...Seriously?" sighed Lilith, knowing their time was up. "It’s not like we broke into her house to do this."

Ranma shrugged, working on beating his time for quickest bath. Like Lilith said, they didn't break in ... anymore.

But public baths really frowned on this sort of thing ... no matter how many guys or girls clapped and egged them on.

"Oh well, at least that was enjoyable." Lilith grinned at her Master. "Hey, if they don't kick us out over this at least we'll have a place to stay."

"Remind me to set up some boundary fields." Ranma muttered as he finished washing up. "No need to make ourselves easy targets for Devil Hunters, huh?"

"I think there is one in place, but I can't tell." Lilith shrugged as she willed her outfit back on her. "Should I have my wings out?"

"Might as well, it would be easier for them to understand that you're a Succubus that way."

"Then shouldn't I wait to unleash them?" she asked. "Otherwise, they'll think I'm a cosplayer."

"True, but you only do it after you say some sexualized phrase, like, "let me show you my ... bountiful power", or something like that."

"... It is called, 'presentation', and some of us take joy in our style of expressing ourselves."

"Your last expression had us paying a public nudity fine."

"The one time a gay cop stops us!" Lilith growled. "Just let it go!"

Ranma rolled his eyes and got dressed. "Well, shall we go face the music?" Lilith nodded and walked out, still with her wings hidden.


"PERVERTS! PERVERTS!" Akane was yelling and babbling about something being too big and gross and there was no way and how Lilith was a bad girl and... "GAH! PERVERTS!"

"I think she broke." Nabiki muttered, thankful that Kasumi had gotten her a big robe to wrap up in, seeing as Akane didn't have enough comprehension to put panties on. "Oh?" She blinked as Lilith and some black-haired guy came down the stairs. "So you're..."

"Ranma Saotome and Akane walked in on Lilith and I..."


"Doing that stuff, yes."

Nabiki raised an eyebrow, the fact that he didn't deny it, wasn't flustered and wasn't blushing told her that this wasn't the first time those two had done...


"Thank you, Akane." She muttered.

"Now, now, we should calm down." The tall man with the moustache said as he walked into the room. "You must be Ranma." He smiled. "My name is Soun Tendo, you've already met my daughters."


Kasumi sighed and pulled out a small mallet from somewhere and bonked her sister on the head. "Dear sister, please calm down."

Akane was panting hard and blushing hard. "R...Right." She looked at the floor, there was no way she could stand to look at those PERVERTS! What were they doing even?! Why would she have her mouth on his oversized... "GAH!"

"Anyway," Soun cleared his throat and mentioned for everyone to sit at the table, this is my old training partner Genma Saotome and his son, Ranma, and..."

"Lilith Aensland." The purple haired girl was still in her human disguise. "They picked me up eight years ago."

Soun looked at Genma, who sighed. "It's complicated, leave it at that." He didn't like the distractions from the art that the girl provided, but he couldn't deny Ranma was far better than he would have been otherwise. Of course, part of him wondered if it was because of that incident that happened four years ago.

"Anyway, near the end of our training, Genma and I made a pledge to have our children marry and unite the two schools of Anything Goes." He looked rather proud of the fact that his dream was going to finally come to fruition. "These are my daughters, Kasumi age nineteen, Nabiki age seventeen and Akane age sixteen, choose one and she'll be your fiancee."

Ranma groaned as the girls got upset at hearing that. "You didn't tell them either?" He rubbed his forehead.

"Oh, I saw this game show, Master!" chirped Lilith. "One of them is a Zonk!"

"I'm not marrying this pervert!" Akane yelled and pointed at Ranma, seething in anger. "Not after what he and she and..."

"Found the Zonk!" Lilith grinned before rolling her eyes. "I was sucking his dick in the bathroom, and it was delicious."

"BWAH?!" Soun, Akane and Kasumi said at the same time.

"What?" Ranma shrugged, confused as he looked at Nabiki, who was trying to hold back her laughter. "She's been my partner in those matters for years."

"Unfortunately." Genma muttered, not denying it.

"Hey! You can't complain!" Lilith glared at Genma and poked him in the chest. "Didn't you say your wife wanted a son who would sleep with lots of women? And he's got THAT experience down pat!"

Genma thought about it before nodding. Even if Nodoka hated the curse the fact that Ranma had so much experience with women would surely off-set any anger.


Ranma shook his head and stood up. "We haven't even explained the curses yet and this happens."

"Curses?" Nabiki asked, curious as to what he was talking about.

"This!" Lilith giggled as she pulled a glass out from behind her back and poured cold water on Genma. "He turns into a panda and Master turns into a cute redhead when splashed with cool water." A second glass with steam coming out of it appeared in her hand. "And hot water..."

"YEOWWW!" Genma yelled as the water was splashed on his face. "WHY DID YOU USE BOILING WATER?!"

"My bad. Anyway, warm to hot water turns them back to normal."

"Wow!" Nabiki was honestly surprised, she had never seen stuff like this before.

"Oh! So he's a pervert who can play with his own girl body then!" Akane yelled in anger, twitching horribly. This was a nightmare, it had to be a bad dream.

Ranma rolled his eyes. "Why would I want to when I have a willing woman next to me? Plus there's probably at least a couple dozen women across Japan and China who would vouch for what I can do in the bedroom."

"Oh my." Kasumi's ears were steaming, sure this was... HIGHLY inappropriate, but this spoke to a lover with a lot of experience. Maybe it wouldn't be so bad?

"You, you..."

"Besides, why would he want your average ass when he has my glorious booty?" Lilith huffed in annoyance.

"THAT'S IT!" Akane yelled before picking up the table and slamming Ranma under it, she had wanted to get them both, but Ranma was closer.

The next thing she knew she was slammed into the wall as a giant hand attached to Lilith's back held her in place and squeezed her with enough force to knock the wind out of her. "Listen up," the purple haired girl hissed, her eyes glowing brightly, "I'll let you off with a warning since this has to be a shock to your system and you have no idea of the hell we've been through for the past few years, but if you ever, and I mean *EVER* try to hurt Master outside of sparring, you won't live to regret it."

"...Wings?" Nabiki asked, gulping, this was bad, very, very bad.

Lilith let Akane drop to the ground and sighed as she formed the other wing on her back and the two on her head. "I should have said this sooner, but I'm a Succubus, not a human and it's all Genma's fault that I'm here."

Genma sighed at the looks he was getting. "Well, I told you it was complicated Tendo."

Ranma groaned as he got out from under the table. "Okay, that's a new one." He made a mental note to watch out for things that could be lifted off the ground and used as a makeshift weapon from now on.

"I thought you only blamed the Boy for your problems," Genma pondered.

"I blame him if I'm horny or want a fight and he doesn't put out," Lilith declared.

"A hospital or a classroom DURING CLASS is not time for that!" Ranma yelled.

"Hey, that class was the perfect time for it!"

"Sexual positions are not used for geometry!"

"Yes they are! Angles of attack are important!"

Nabiki reached under the table and grabbed a small box of snacks. "I just love floor shows," she muttered, thankful Ranma had put the table back after Lilith removed Akane from it.

Of course, judging by the looks the part-time panda was giving the box, she was going to have to hide her supplies ... again. He reminded her too much of her last ... employer.

Hopefully, with 100% less wandering hands.

"That's good and all, but would someone..." Soun started slowly, an aura of menace forming around him before his head suddenly grew many sizes larger, his eyes slitted, his tongue slithered out and his hair went in all directions, "EXPLAIN WHAT IS GOING ON?!"

Ranma, Lilith and Genma immediately jumped back, their eyes widening, it was so unexpected that the younger two had no idea how to react and in Genma's case he had forgotten just how scary his friend could be when he was mad.

"C, calm down, Tendo! I'll explain! Ranma, Lilith, why don't you two go outside and let me try to calm everyone down?" Genma was sweating, Soun's Demon Head was so terrifying that you had to be some sort of inhuman monster, like his dreaded Master, may he forever rot, or that scary guy with the glasses and red fedora they met a few years ago.

"F, fine..." Ranma twitched and walked out, he didn't know WHAT kind of attack that was, but it was obviously some sort of fear-based attack that mixed in some paralyzing force. Had Soun used it and had someone firing poison, explosive arrows or some sort of other attack he could probably have killed a lot of people with ease.

Grabbing Lilith, the two vacated the house in a flash causing Soun to dissipate his Demon Head Attack. "Well, Saotome-kun? What is this?"

"Too many details, but I can give you the basic rundown. After accidentally causing Lilith to come to this world, she began following us and even helped as a training partner for the boy."

Meanwhile outside Ranma and Lilith were quietly walking around the back yard, pointing out various places and discussing things between them. "This'll be a good spot." Ranma muttered as he put his hand on the back wall, a small, complicated looking glowing yellow circle appeared under his hand on the wall before disappearing. "Okay, only a couple dozen more to go."

"And then we do it again, Master." Lilith sighed, she hated setting these things up, they were always so time consuming.

"It's not like we have any of the tools to make this go faster." Ranma rolled his eyes as the two continued to work.

Twenty minutes later Kasumi came out to the back yard as the two were back at the place they started. "What are you doing?" She asked curiously.

"A bounded field." Lilith answered as a blue circle appeared under her hand. "We got enough people after us that we're trying to keep any potential attackers to a minimum."

"So you're using the wall?"

"Hell no!" Ranma shook his head. "All it takes is a tree or some idiot with too much strength crashing through it to disrupt everything then. This is just the edge of the field."

"Okay, so what kind of field is this?"

"This is the final layer," Ranma answered, "we set up two other layers already, the first was a "nothing to see here, move along" field to keep people from snooping around."

Lilith rolled her eyes. "What he means is that it keeps people who might be looking for us but don't know what this place looks like or where it is exactly from even seeing this place, it makes them see this place and go "there is nothing there, no reason to even look into it", so they go away, it doesn't keep people who know the place from finding it, but it'll keep most bad people out.

"The second one keeps people from using crystal balls from seeing us." Ranma stretched as he finished the last bit. "Basically if they use something like familiars or crystal balls or something to see this area magically all they'll see if they look at the outside is just an empty yard, maybe you or your father walking around."

"Yep!" Lilith grinned at that. "Master and I could be having bed breaking sex in the middle of the yard and none of them would see it." Of course those who were really good with foresight and scrying would see through it anyway, but most weren't that good.

"Final one's simply an alarm, we'll need to expand it later for a few blocks to prevent anyone who has bad intentions from catching us off guard."

"Is it that important?" Kasumi was blushing at the thought of the two of them having bed-breaking sex.

"This is the most basic stuff," Lilith said as she stretched and yawned, "anyone who has any amount of real training can do this. So, anyway, how much did he tell you?"

"That you two have been training partners for eight years and that you entered some sort of contract?" Genma had been vague about that, saying that he didn't know all the details to it. "That Lilith is basically your slave?"

"It's more complicated than that." Lilith muttered, making a note to beat Genma up the next time they had to spar. "But that's the basic gist of it. Master is my Master and I'm his servant."

"I can't order her to do something that she truly wouldn't do, order her to die or anything really cruel. There's other things to it, but, no offense Kasumi, we can't really let you know."

"No, I understand, everyone has secrets." Kasumi wasn't offended, but she was curious. "You just met me, how can you trust me with secrets?"

Both of them blinked and looked at Kasumi, who smiled gently at them. "I'm sure that you'll tell me in the future when it's important, but for now it's late, will you be sleeping in the guest room or..?"

"Probably not." Ranma muttered and looked at the dojo. "If it's okay, we'll make that into our room." Kasumi looked at him in surprise and Ranma shook his head. "It's not your house or anything, but we'd like privacy."

"Oh!" Kasumi blushed as she realized what he was saying.

"I don't care. I'll do it the middle of an amusement park!" Lilith grinned as Kasumi's blush intensified.

"And that's how we got banned from Disneyland."

Still blushing, Kasumi nodded and turned to leave. "I'll get you a futon and blankets, but please, clean up."

"Don't worry, we will." Ranma said as he grabbed Lilith and made his way to the dojo.

In the house, Akane twitched as she watched the two head to the dojo. "What are those perverts going to..." She was stopped by a hand on her shoulder.

"Girl, unless you want to join them in becoming a pervert, I suggest you just leave them be." Genma sighed, he still had a few more hours of arguing with Soun left before things would be settled.

Akane twitched and spun around to go up to her room. "If you'll need me, some of us non-perverts have things to do!"

Nabiki sighed, she understood better than most the dislike of perverts, but so long as those two didn't try anything with her, she didn't care.

Well, Ranma wasn't too bad looking, maybe if she needed to relieve some stress, but right now she wanted to avoid the two as much as she could. "Of course that won't be easy." She whispered to herself, just WHY did there have to be a Devil like Lilith here? "I think I'll go to bed." She was pretty tired after everything, maybe it would make sense in the morning.

"You usually stay up much later than this, Nabiki, are you okay?" Kasumi asked, concerned, getting a nod from her younger sister.

"Mentally worn out, I could stay up all night if I needed to, but my brain needs to recharge." Nabiki waved her off.

"Alright." Kasumi nodded and went to get Futons and blankets for Ranma and Lilith. It certainly wasn't... Appropriate for the two be doing what they were doing, but Lilith was apparently a Succubus and they needed to do that constantly.

End Chapter One


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Reasonably standard addventure setup. Needs more changes from the generic start with the Tendos. And sex god Ranma stories are so boring and played out at this point, usually veering into rapey territory.


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I found it enjoyable, Darkstalkers is a rare enough crossover that I'm looking forward to where this goes.


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Hoo, I feel better now!

Chapter Two

"RANMA!" Lilith yelled as she stared in shock at the young boy. "Why?!" Blood ran down her face from a shallow cut on her forehead.

"Heh heh, can't call myself a man if I let you get hurt." Ranma groaned and looked up. "Think those Devil Hunters wil be here soon?"

"Don't talk! Don't talk!" Lilith yelled at him and tried to think. "Listen, you can't, just don't, stop bleeding okay?!"

"I don't heal that fast." Ranma groaned and coughed in pain. "You should..."

"NO!" She screamed and squeezed his hand, tears forming in her eyes. "I know it's not proper and I know that if any of the other Darkstalkers saw me they'd be laughing, but..." She blinked and gave him a determined look. "I'm not letting you die."

A circle formed under them and Lilith bit her lips. "I know you won't forgive me for what I'm doing, I'm being selfish, but I won't let you just die." A black ring formed on her right finger before she took it off. "A Devil's pledge," why it was called that when she was a Demon she had no clue, "with this..." She picked up Ranma's right hand and slid it on his finger.

Black lightning surrounded the two and Lilith let out a painful scream as she felt the energies swirling, mixing and transferring from herself to Ranma.

As the energy faded, Lilith stayed on her knees, but slumped, barely breathing.

"Lilith?" Ranma stared at her and shook her. "Hey! Are you..."

"Yeah, I'm fine." She wasn't, she was drained pretty badly. Looking up at him tiredly, she smiled softly. "Good, it worked."

"What worked?"

"I gave up half my life to save you, Master." She slumped forward.

"Master?! What? Lilith?!" He grabbed her as she flopped onto him. "Come on, what do you mean?"

"You're my Master, I'm your servant." She yawned. "Don't worry, it's not bad, I'll explain more when I wake up, Imma nap in your shadow now." Her body turned black before slipping through Ranma's hands and disappearing into his shadow.

"What the heck?" It wasn't the first time she had done that, but what did she do?


Lilith cracked an eye open and blinked. "Huh, haven't thought of that in awhile." She yawned and looked around before getting up and stretching. "Morning, Master!" She smiled at Ranma, who looked at her from the open door and waved. "Sun's not up yet?"

"Not for another ten minutes." He shrugged at her. "So what was that dream you were having?"

"Oh you know, the day you became my Master."

"Oh, you mean when you..."

She clapped her hands and blushed hard. "And I'm sorry about that, Master! If you weren't dying I wouldn't have done that. But hey, at least you don't wear out when we have sex, that's always good, right?"

Ranma had to admit, it was nice, but the fact was that by using the Devil's Pledge to become his servant and heal him, Lilith had accidentally flooded him with so much Youki that Devil Hunters and Magical Girls thought he was a Demon even though he was still human. "Maybe, but you gave up..."

"Oh hush!" Lilith sat on his lap and wrapped her arms around his neck, smiling at him. "I'd do it again in a heart-beat, besides, I have a few centuries before I'll die of old age even now. Who knows what will happen? Besides, I'd rather be bound to you than with the other half of my soul."

"Are you.." Ranma was stopped as Lilith kissed him on the lips, it wasn't passionate, just a simple chaste kiss. "Lilith?"

"I've told you a thousand times before, yes." It was easy to forget that despite looking like she was only thirteen or fourteen the girl in front of him wasn't a normal girl. "Master, no matter what happens, even if I die from old age way too soon for my race, I don't have any regrets."

"That's good."

"Wanna get a bath?" Ranma gave her an amused look. "We both know that you put up bounded fields to clean up the mess after we leave and shut out the noise so long as the doors are closed, but that won't work on us."

"I'm more concerned that we'll need to change the water in the furo when we're done."

"Don't worry, I'll control myself! I won't have sex in the furo with you."

"Good, because others need to use it too."

A few hours later...

Kasumi hummed to herself, preparing the food for the morning's meals, when...


She blinked at that. Had they been...

"You're the one who ignored the sign and came into the furo!" Ranma yelled.

"Do you always do that?" Lilith stated, her voice seeming to carry throughout the entire how, despite her normal tone. "Were you hoping to see someone else naked? Sister? Father?"

"WHAT!? NO!"

"Oh no!" cried Lilith. "SHE WANTED GENMA!"

"DIE, SAOTOME!" Soun cried from the dining area, tossing the shogi board aside as he launched himself at the man who he now saw as trying to seduce his baby!


"Out of the furo and we were even being quiet and no one was awake when we went in." Lilith huffed, it wasn't THAT perverted, she wasn't using her wings or anything for crying out loud!

"Please no naughty things in the furo, others need to use it as well." Kasumi pouted, if she had to clean up the furo, why, she would be a bit upset.

"We didn't!" Lilith protested. "I swear! We sat in there for like thirty minutes before I got out! I was hungry!"

"SO YOU WERE DOING THAT?!" Akane screeched, causing Lilith to sigh.

"Succubus, girlie, what do you think we eat? Food is tasty but doesn't work that well for feeding my kind." It was a lie, she could get by without sex, but it required finding something entertaining to do otherwise she'd die in three days.

Nabiki walked down, disheveled and grumbling about the sun being too bright and glaring at everyone. "Okay, some of us like to sleep until noon if we can help it, so you early birds need to keep it down."

"Now, now, it's almost time for breakfast." Kasumi smiled at her younger sister. "Nabiki, go get washed up."

"Don't worry, the furo's clean." Ranma mentioned to her, we cleaned up before we left.

"Fine, but if I find anything sticky in weird places I'm chopping your balls off." Nabiki grumbled and walked to the furo to get cleaned up before school.

"...I like her." Lilith muttered, getting a look from Ranma. "What? I do."

"I'm not making a harem."

"Not yet." Lilith muttered, getting a glare from Ranma, who was the only one who heard that.

"Hmph! At least the pervert has one redeeming value." Akane grumbled as she sat at the table. She couldn't believe it, who did stuff like that?! It was so... "BLAH!"

"Are you okay, Akane?"

"I'll be fine." Akane grumbled as Ranma and Lilith sat on the other side of the table and started talking about things she didn't understand.

It was nearly twenty minutes later as Nabiki, freshly showered and changed, was walking down the stairs. "Ah, that was good, smells nice in here, Kasumi."

"Almost done with breakfast."

"So where's Genma?" Lilith asked, looking around and not seeing him. "I meant what I said as a joke."

"I don't think daddy took it as one."





Spectators wondered why that nice Mr. Tendo person was chasing a portly man across the rooftops so early in the morning before shrugging and going about their business.


"Oh, Ranma, your father told me to tell you that you were already registered to Furinkan High School and that you and Lilith would have to go."

"Fine." Ranma huffed, not seeing the purpose of school, but unless his father was here there was no point in arguing.

"Considering that the perverted hussy looks like she's fourteen, maybe she should go to the middle school?" Akane suggested, not wanting to deal with the flat-chested floozy.

"I already graduated from middle school." Lilith stuck her tongue out, giggling at Akane's expression.

"Figures." Akane muttered as they ate their breakfast in relative peace.

"Hmm? Ah shoot, I gotta get going." Nabiki muttered as she took a look at the time. "Thanks for the food, Kasumi."

"Aren't you going to leave with us?" Ranma asked, getting a shake from Nabiki.

"No, I gotta go do some stuff early in the morning at school."

"I'll come with you!" Akane stood up, only for Nabiki to shake her head. "But..."

"Someone's got to show them to the school."

Twenty minutes later, Akane, Ranma and Lilith were making their way to the high school, and other than an incident with an old lady who splashed Ranma with cold water, it had been mostly peaceful, even if Akane thought it was stupid for the two to be walking on the fence, and where did Lilith get a Furinkan uniform from anyway?

"I just copied what you and Nabiki were wearing." Lilith said as if it answered everything. "So you were saying something about this doctor?"

"Ah!" Akane said as they turned the corner and came across a Chiropractor clinic. "Right here, lemme just run inside and get you some hot water."

The two shrugged and waited around. "So, Master, what do you, EEEK!" Lilith jumped up so high that she landed on top of a power line as she felt a hand on her shoulder and saw it was bones.

"Ha ha ha, sorry, I was just using Betty to introduce myself." A man wearing a black Gi who had to be in his twenties laughed softly before adjusting the glasses on his face. "I'm Doctor Tofu Ono, and this is my skeleton Betty. It's not often that a Demon and a Hanyou stop by."

The two stared in shock and Lilith quickly climbed down the pole. "Master, how does..."

"Oh, I'm sorry, are you a Devil instead? I'm not as well versed in the differences between a Devil and a Demon as Hunters are."

"...How do you know I'm a Demon?!" Lilith hissed, looking around to make sure that there wasn't any others in the area that would jump in and make the situation messy.

Doctor Tofu held his hands up to try and calm the two down. "Please calm down, I'm a Doctor, not a Hunter, I treat all manner of people, from humans to the supernatural, so long as you're at my clinic, you're safe."

Ranma relaxed a little bit. "What do you mean?"

"My clinic is officially recognized as a neutral ground for all supernatural beings and humans." He smiled and waved his hand. "So a Demon and a Hanyou, and the Hanyou is the Master? I'm surprised, most Demons wouldn't dare let a half-breed be their Master."

"I'm human."

"Oh?" Tofu tilted his head in confusion. "But the young lady is radiating Youki similar to other Hanyou's I've met in my life." He said, gesturing towards Ranma.

"Master's human though!" Lilith insisted, sure Ranma's Ki was replaced by Youki, but he was still human!

Ranma shrugged. "Youki's easier to get."

"By contract?"

"Nah, more primal so easier to draw on," Ranma replied. "I'm still a bit away from drawing out reiki."

Tofu slowly nodded. The fact the teen was still trying to even reach higher domains of energy to use... "But won't that affect her?" he asked, pointing to Lilith.

"Nah, probably kinky though," the succubus offered. There had to be a reason so many realms put angels and devils sleeping together in a bad light.

Tofu shrugged, it wasn't important. "Well, if you say so, oh, Akane." He smiled as the youngest Tendo daughter came out of the clinic. "What are you here so early for? Did you hurt yourself again?"

"No!" Akane blushed and smiled. "Just getting some hot water for Ranma."

"Oh?" He blinked as the redhead took the water and splashed herself, becoming male in an instant. "What DID you run into?"

"Ever hear of Jusenkyo?" Ranma asked, half sarcastically.

"Ah, that old place. Heard of it, but I've never seen anyone who visited it before." This could be interesting, even if the two weren't here long, he still needed to know more about them, both for their sake and for the sake of the people in this district. "I know that you three have school soon, so, if you two could, I'd like you both to show up some time when you don't have school to talk."

"Doctor Tofu?" Akane asked, confused. Why would he want to talk to these two deviant perverts?

"It's okay, Akane, I know a bit about occult stuff, I'd like to update information about Jusenkyo for my colleagues who study this stuff more thoroughly is all."

Akane nodded while Lilith and Ranma looked at each other and then back at Tofu, who was smiling pleasantly. Neither of them thought he wanted to talk about Jusenkyo.

"Sure, maybe after school or something, we'll let you know." Ranma nodded and looked at Akane. "Shouldn't we get to school?"

"AHH! We'll be late!"

Tofu chuckled as he watched the three run off. "Well, this should be interesting at least."


"Listen, could you two perverts not act like you know me at school?"

The two shrugged, they didn't have a problem with that. "Sure, I guess, Akane?" Lilith blinked as Akane started muttering that she hated boys. "...She's going to be thirty, single and have a couple of cats." The Succubus muttered softly.

Ranma just watched as Akane ran off screaming about hating boys. "I wonder if we're not the first people she's walked in on before." The two shared a laugh as they turned the corner and watched in bemusement as a large crowd of people in various sports outfits charged Akane yelling out... "...This is the weirdest dating ritual I've ever seen."

Lilith felt like laughing, these boys were barely trained and they felt they had to face off against someone who actually had a little bit of skill to prove themselves? "Man, they should be thankful my other half isn't here." Morrigan would trounce the whole lot in three seconds, get disappointed, then drain all of them dry for being such a bore.

While it was amusing to watch Akane trounce such boring opponents, the two quickly got bored.

"Honestly! Every day!" Akane huffed as she finished the last of the opponents off. She threw her hand up and grabbed a red rose as it fell at her. "Kuno-sempai."

"Ah, the Firey Tigress, how you shine with such beauty while defeating those who hope to date you. Yes none of them are worthy of you, only I," a tall boy with shaggy brown hair in a deep royal blue Dogi shirt with black pleated hakama pants. Interestingly enough, the shirt remained closed even in the absence of the obi belt; likely due to being tucked in but still... made one wonder if the man wasn't just a serial flasher in disguise. "Takewaki Kuno am worthy of dating you. Have at thee!"

While the new boy had a level of skill far beyond the other boys, like them, he didn't last long before being punched into the outer wall of the school and knocked out.

"That was... Really sad, huh?" Lilith asked as the two walked over the fallen bodies.

"Almost as sad as you were in junior high school." Ranma quipped, getting a pout from Lilith.

"I swear, if I had more control I could have been a boy and slipped into your school with you."

"How DID you graduate anyway?" Ranma had been meaning to ask, but had forgotten until today.

"A girl's gotta have some secrets, Master." Lilith giggled as they walked inside.

"Lovely..." The wall painting formerly known as Tatewaki Kuno muttered as he saw Lilith walk past him. "Truly..." He groaned as he peeled himself off of the wall. "Is she an angel?"

He would need to find out more about her and if there was one person who knew, it would have to be...


"Nabiki Tendo!"

Said Tendo gave the taller boy an annoyed look. "You know you don't need to yell." She always hated the mornings, it was worse when someone was yelling. "What do you want anyway?"

"Today, as I was recovering from the love and affection your sister showed me, I saw the most beautiful Angel walk into the school, a lass with purple hair and red eyes! Surely you must have some information on her."

Nabiki raised an eyebrow. Sure, Lilith was interesting, but she was the farthest thing to an Angel that she knew. "I wouldn't call her an Angel, you'll anger actual Angels you know." Seeing Kuno's annoyed look, she grinned and held out her hand. "Come on, you know the drill, if you want information, I need money."

"I hate you."

"I'm so glad." Nabiki smirked as he handed over the cash. "Her name is Lilith Aensland, she's staying over at my house for awhile."

"Ah, the Gods have blessed me, to be able to court such a lovely Angel and the Fierce Tigress from the same house, truly this can only be described as bliss!"

Nabiki twitched as he spoke, "I can almost guarantee that no one from Heaven would bless our house," she muttered before clearing her throat. "Be that as it may, Kuno-baby, there's a small problem."

"What?" He looked at her in seriousness. "For my Angel, nothing is too severe to overcome!"

"Yeah, see, she's got someone else to herself." He blinked in confusion. "Kind of complicated, but she's bound to a Ranma Saotome and it would kind of get in the way of you trying to court her." Sure, Lilith might not mind, but Ranma was the Master in their relationship and who knew how he would feel about it.

"I see, I see. And who is this Ranma Saotome?"

"He's staying with us as well and..."

"WHAT?! In the same house as the Angel of my Dreams and the Fierce Tigress Akane Tendo?! I, Tatewaki Kuno, shall not allow this!"

As he ran out of the room, Nabiki sighed, she had tried to warn Kuno, oh well, now maybe her headache could subside a bit more.


Just after introducing themselves to the class and sitting down, the door burst open and Tatewaki Kuno burst in. "Ranma Saotome!"

"Yo!" Ranma raised a hand lazily. "What can I do for you?"

"I shall not allow it! To live under the same roof as the Fierce Tigress Akane Tendo and the Angel of my dreams!"


"I believe her name is Lilith Aensland!"

Ranma twitched and stood up. "First of all, even if her element is light, don't call her an Angel, you'll make actual Angels mad, secondly, Lilith follows me and lastly," the next thing any of them knew a burst of wind filled the room and Ranma's elbow was in Kuno's gut, causing him to gasp in pain and his eyes to bug out, "you're bothering my class. I got no love for school but others want to learn. You want to fight, I'll fight you after school, not a moment sooner, got it?"

Kuno nodded and Ranma smiled before pulling his elbow out of Kuno's stomach and allowing him to collapse to the floor, gasping in pain.

As Ranma walked back to his seat, he looked at Lilith, who was looking a little bored. "Well?"

"He doesn't smell good." Lilith wasn't talking about his physical scent, that wasn't too bad, but his sexual scent was something that put her off badly. He may not have been a bad lover for a human girl, but he would be way below her standards. If it was an orgy of some sort, she wouldn't mind, but he didn't excite her at all in that regard.

Ranma nodded and sat down.

It took ten minutes of the teacher droning on for Ranma to promptly fall asleep.


Ranma stretched as he and Lilith walked out of the school, other than that Kuno person and the people of his class asking about him and how far he had gotten with Akane, which he had shot down several times over, it was pretty peaceful.

"Halt!" Ranma raised an eyebrow as that Kuno person stood in front of the gates. "Ranma Saotome, I heard how you have the Angel of my dreams bound to you by foul magics, you sorcerer!" He pointed a wooden sword at Ranma for emphasis.

"Don't call me a sorcerer, you'll make actual sorcerers upset." Seriously, magic users tended to get pissy if you got what they were wrong.

"Enough talk, I strike!" Kuno launched himself with far greater speed than anyone had ever seen him move as he slashed down at where Ranma was.

"Oww, that would have hurt if I was standing there." Ranma said from behind Kuno, the boy spun around and swung his wooden sword at where Ranma's head was. "Nice try, my turn then." His hands glowed and crackled with blue electricity. Reaching up, he touched Kuno in the chest and sent him flying with lightning crackling all over his body, causing the kendoist to spasm and twitch as a loud crackling sound filled the air.

"WOAH!" Several people yelled in shock as they stared at Ranma, who rolled his eyes at them. "Kuno was right about something!"



Ranma sweat-dropped heavily. "I never said I couldn't use magic, I'm not a sorcerer though."

"I... Fight... On!" Kuno stood up, spasming and twitching as lightning continued to crackle around him. "F..Fool! The judgement of the Heavens is on my side! The Blue Thunder of Furinkan High shall smite you!"

"You know, I REALLY wouldn't say Heaven's name in vain if I was you, that tends to..." Ranma trailed off as lightning from the skies crashed down on Kuno, causing him to glow like a Christmas Tree before falling over and breathing out smoke. "Yeah, Heaven doesn't like people doing that."

"Master, what are you talking about? That was me. You know only Devils get punished for that, not humans." Lilith whispered to him

Ranma looked at Lilith with a flat expression. "Just once, just ONCE I would like Heaven to smite my enemies for me!" He whispered back to her and walked off, a giggling Lilith following after him.

The courtyard was silent for several minutes as people stared at the charred body of Kuno. Someone finally got the courage to go over to the crater he was in and poked him, causing him to groan and struggle to stand up. His wooden sword was nothing but ashes in his hand. "I... Am... Not... Done."

He groaned as his legs gave out on him and he flopped forward.

"He's okay!" The student who poked Kuno said and the others nodded before leaving.


It was hours later with the sun getting low in the sky and the color of said sky slowly turning from blue to orange and Ranma and Lilith found themselves on a bridge overlooking a canal with a small river that ran through it, well, Ranma was, Lilith was sitting on the railing with her back to the river. "So..." Lilith began after awhile. "Who do you think finds us first? The magical girls, the Devil Hunters or one of the people after you specifically?"

Ranma tapped his fingers on the railing and grumbled before reaching into a pocket of his and pulling out a small, but thick notebook and flipped through several pages. "Have we seen..."

"A week before we left for China."

"How about..."

"A year ago."


"I can't even remember on that one." She slid off the railing and floated in mid-air to peer over his shoulder. "I'm betting this one."

Ranma blinked and looked at the name. "That cosplayer? Are you sure?"

"Only reason we got out of there was because she ran out of bullets, remember? I did a bit of research, once she finds a target she won't give up."

Of course the reason that none of the people in the book had been successful in tracking them down was because Genma kept them on the move constantly. Neither thought it would be that simple this time. "Should we go see the doctor?"

"Wanna try the shadow walking ability?" Lilith grinned as Ranma nodded and the two walked behind a tree before finding themselves in front of Dr. Tofu's clinic. "So useful!"

"Only for you, I can't do it, and how do you do it?"

"The old man who taught you how to harness your magic and Youki taught me how to do that."

Ranma shivered, that old man had called himself a sorcerer and had such power that Ranma never wanted to try and challenge him, even if he lived a thousand years he doubted he could match that guy. "Good thing he found us interesting and decided to help rather than the alternative."

Lilith's eyes widened as she nodded empathetically, she had no doubt that even with her power she would have been crushed with ease, that old man reminded her of Jedah in terms of sheer power.

"Ah! Welcome." Tofu Ono smiled as the Succubus and her Master walked into his clinic. "I'm open for the night, am I to assume you just need to talk?"

The two nodded and Tofu motioned for them to go around back to the room. "Let me just lock up then, we'll need some privacy for this."

After nearly a half an hour, the older man came back with some tea. "I don't have much, but I hope this works."

The two waved him off. "So what did you want to talk about, doc?"

The man smiled as he pulled up a chair. "Oh just general stuff, things like the differences between Devils and Demons and information about Jusenkyo."

The two blinked in surprise and he laughed. "What? Did you think I was lying to Akane when I told her that? No, I really am curious and this will help others like me who treat the supernatural."

"Is there a lot of you?" Ranma asked, curious, getting a shake from Tofu.

"No, sadly in the modern age people think the supernatural is just stories by unenlightened people to explain things they didn't understand." He sighed, wishing that it was a requirement, there were so many doctors that had tremendous skill but were wasting it by limiting themselves to just humans. "Oh, one thing, before I forget, have you told Akane much about what you are?"

Lilith blinked and shook her head. "She knows that I'm a succubus and what I feed on, though..."

"She screams about it." Ranma rolled his eyes.

Tofu nodded in understanding. "She's a good girl, just sheltered. If possible I'd like to keep her out of the loop as much as I can."

"The loop? Oh! You mean you don't want her knowing much about the Moonlit World?" Lilith asked, getting a raised eyebrow from Tofu. "That's the general term to describe anyone with supernatural powers." Funny enough, martial artists that could use high level Ki arts were not considered to be part of the Moonlit World, she wasn't sure why and the old man hadn't bothered to explain it either.

"Hmm, never heard of it like that, but that works, I'll have to get that passed around in the community. But yes, I suspect that her father has some passing knowledge of it and I have no clue about her older sisters, but I know she doesn't know much about it."

Lilith frowned as she thought about it. "I dunno, maybe they know more than you think?"

Tofu nodded, it was possible that the older sisters knew about the Moonlit World in passing. "No offense to Akane, but she has never been able to keep a secret and not letting the fact that there are things that go bump in the night exist allows for a peaceful world. Imagine if someone with malicious intent found out about the Moonlit World and used the information to manipulate politicians around the world even if that person was never elected and pretended to be doing stuff as a humanitarian but he was doing all he could to destroy countries with reckless policies that he used to trick gullible politicians."

The two grimaced, they didn't want to think of something like that.

"Anyway, do try to keep anyone who doesn't know out of the loop, you can get away with doing some of the crazier things in Tokyo, there's too much weirdness to cover it up, but if you leave Tokyo..." He trailed off, causing them to nod. "Okay then, now that we got that out of the way, let's chat." He smiled and pulled out a notebook and pen.

Ranma laughed softly as he picked up a tea cup. "You really do want information, huh?"

"Like I said, people who can heal and know about the Moonlit World are rare, so any information we can pass along to each other is really important."

Ranma nodded, he could understand, after all, serious martial artists were a dying breed in the modern world.

End Chapter Two
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Alright, chapter 3.

Now this one, I admit, is the one that will most likely have the largest amounts of changes to it, Innortal and I were of two different opinions on this one and I can see his POV, so he's going to get back to me on this one when he does.

But! For the meantime, I'm running with it.


Chapter Three

Nabiki groaned as she woke up to the sounds of fighting outside. "Don't those three ever take a freaking BREAK?!" She screamed into her pillow as she got out of bed and looked out her window to the back yard. She grimaced, hating how they had to be early risers. "Too early for this shit." She grumbled and turned away from the window as Genma threw Lilith away from him only to catch a kick to the side of his head from his son.


Kasumi smiled as Nabiki came downstairs. "I should thank Uncle Genma for moving in, you're up early enough to get cleaned up and join us for breakfast."

Nabiki gave her a bleary-eyed stare and shook her head in dismay. "If I had my way, the sun wouldn't rise until noon and I wouldn't go to school." She muttered, thankful when Kasumi handed her some coffee.

"Now, now, I know that you've had jobs when not in school, but you need to at least interact with people if you want to get into college."

"I've already got some job prospects lined up." Nabiki yawned and sat down at the table, drinking the black drink. "Nectar of heaven, oww!" Kasumi turned and looked at her in concern. "Stubbed my toe." She grimaced in pain, getting a nod from Kasumi.

"Be careful." Kasumi said as she walked back into the kitchen.

Once she was gone, Nabiki groaned and rubbed the top of her head in annoyance.

Ranma came in dripping wet, slightly singed and her shirt in tatters and sighing in annoyance. "Invisible land mines, really?!" She glared at Lilith, who was giggling. "Seriously, it was just a spar for unarmed combat!"

"I don't use my wings in the morning and I thought you could handle a little explosion, Master."

"A little one, sure, not one that destroys my shirts." At least it was just a tank top, even if it was white and now see through. "Oh, hey Nabiki."

"..." Nabiki blinked a few times and looked away. "You shouldn't wear white shirts if you're going to take a dip into the pond."

Ranma shrugged, doing interesting things to her chest before she peeled the damaged shirt off and walked upstairs topless. "It's not like I don't have anything you haven't seen before."


Ranma blinked as she looked up at Soun, who was openly gawking at her large breasts. "Oh yeah, forgot about you." Shrugging, she walked past him and into the bathroom.

"And now Daddy's broken for the day," she muttered, taking a sip of her drink again.

"What does that mean?" asked Lilith, entering in after Ranma, her clothes also soaked ... and made extra revealing because she wanted them to.

"Not a damned thing will change for the next few hours ... so no change to how things go here," she replied.

"Won't he question himself that he was solely focused on the ripe breasts of a cursed teen male?" Lilith didn't mind, her Master needed to stop worrying about that stuff, but she still had to find a guy suitable enough if her Master ever decided to test her female form out like that.

"I think the guys who would worry about that are in a very small minority."

"Fine," Lilith started counting down softly, "two, one, z..."


"You're off today." Nabiki grimaced at the noise. "Sheesh, he's walked in on her in the bathroom more than once and she still reacts like this?"

Lilith shrugged as she heard Akane storm out of the bathroom before heading up there. "You'd think after a couple of weeks she would have gotten used to it. It's not like Master's even touched her." Lilith really thought that Akane needed to get laid. When it became known that Ranma wasn't dating Akane, the boys at school doubled their efforts against Akane, apparently they thought if they didn't hurry that Ranma was going to steal her away from them.

"Maybe that's why she's so cranky?" Nabiki joked, getting a sharp look from Lilith, though Nabiki didn't notice as she was looking away from the succubus. "God, oww!" She groaned as the table jumped. "Dang it, banged my knee on the table!"

"Be careful with that!" Kasumi called out from the kitchen.

"Right, as I was saying, I know I'd be cranky as hell if I was her."

"Oh?" Lilith walked over and sniffed at Nabiki, who gave her a weird look. "You're still a virgin though." She tilted her head in confusion. "But you smell a little off, almost like..."

"Ah! Kasumi! I just remembered I needed to take care of something this morning! I got a call last night about a job." Nabiki stood up, banging her knee on the table again and running out of the room.

"... Strange girl," Lilith muttered, making a mental note to get her Master to plow said girl. Maybe getting sex regularly would make her less accident-prone.

"Well, time for a bath!" she chirped, letting her clothes dissolve away, and leaving the room.

Soun just sat there, barely breathing, as all the images kept cycling through his mind, what he had just seen in the last few minutes ... and became very thankful none of them were his baby girls!


Meanwhile, somewhere South of Tokyo...

"Excuse me!" A young man wearing a green shirt, brown pants and a bandanna on his forehead waved at a random person. "Can you point me to Furinkan High School?"

"Hmm?" The person in question, a short blonde with blue eyes and a red dress with a hood on her head and a basket in her arms looked at him in confusion. "Why would you want to know where that is, Mister?"

"I'm not that old." The boy muttered before clearing his throat. "I'm looking for someone. I was supposed to have an honorable duel of martial arts combat, but when I arrived I found that he had already left."

"Oh wow, how horrible!" The girl frowned as she heard that. "What a coward!"

"Exactly! So I decided to try and track him down, but when I found out where he went, he apparently left the country and spent a year in China!"

The girl blinked and muttered something that sounded like 'that's weird', but the boy ignored it.

"I tracked him across China, but I never found him. So I returned home and, low and behold, I heard that he was back and going to school at Furinkan High School."

"Uh huh, so who are you looking for?"

"Oh, I'm looking for Ranma Saotome." For some reason the name caused the girl's eyes to light up in surprise.

"Really? Golly gee, Mister! I'm looking for him too! What's your name?"

"Ah! Ryoga Hibki. And why are you looking for him?"

She smiled at him and winked. "You can call me Bulleta Hood and I owe him and his traveling partner. They did something really nice for me and I need to pay them back."

Ryoga blinked, but he shrugged at that. "Okay. So, do you know where it is?"


"Yes, Mistress?" An older man in a suit said as he seemed to come out of nowhere and bow to her. "I already took the liberty to find out where it is and I already have a route to it. Should we hurry we can make it by noon."

"Very well!" Bulleta grinned and put her hands on her hips. "Onwards!" She pointed to the North. "Hey!" She yelled at Ryoga. "You're going the wrong way!"

"Oh, sorry." Ryoga blushed and walked in another random direction.

"Jenkins," Bulleta stared as Ryoga walked away the wrong away again.

"Yes, M'lady?" He asked, pulling out a cell phone and preparing to make a call.

"Why do we keep running into idiots?"

"No clue, excuse me, I'll call for a rental limo, please go fetch Mr Hibiki."



Lilith laughed as she finished gym class. Who knew that Akane couldn't swim worth a damn? The mere fact that they had given her a life jacket and she STILL almost drowned was absolutely hilarious. "Did she eat some sort of cursed fruit or something?"

These school swimsuits were amazing too! Sure, they were one pieces and they were designed for functionality, but damn the one she had really clung to her ass and drew eyes. If she wasn't a succubus she'd be embarrassed at how nearly everyone was openly staring at her butt.

It was too bad gym was the final class of the day, she wanted to really bathe in the sexual energy everyone was putting off. Shivering, she had to fight the urge to use her magic to enhance it and start an impromptu orgy right then and there.

Although, if Master was ever depressed...

And it was a gender-segregated gym class...

"Well, one present in reserve," she said to herself, hitting the showers. It would give her time to scope out the local talents ... before the school nurse let Akane off the oxygen tank, and she came in here, spoiling Lilith's view.

Oh well, it was time to get cleaned up anyway. While it would be easy for her to clean herself with her powers, she had another reason for taking a shower.

Scoping everyone out for potential partners, rivals and who knows what else! After all, some of them might be Hunters or Magical Girls and it never hurt to keep an eye on them just in case.

Lilith's interest to see if people were Hunters or Magical Girls wasn't just to make sure that they weren't enemies, but people who ended up as either also ended up with really crappy love lives, and if she could turn a potential enemy into a lover for her Master, it was win-win in her book.

It wouldn't be the first time that her Master had to sex up a Hunter after all.


"Master!" Lilith called out, waving at Ranma as she ran out of school. "Oh, did Kuno bother you again?" She asked as she saw the crumpled body on the ground.

"Yeah, but at least he's a good practice dummy. He never seems to take permanent damage!" Ranma grinned as he looked at Kuno's smoking body. "Man, you are really durable." He gently kicked the charred and smoking body.

"Nnnnrgh..." The charred pile once named Tatewaki Kuno growled out.

Ranma chuckled and stepped over Kuno. "So now that the annoyance is dealt with, do you..." He trailed off as the two jumped back from a dive-bombing body. "What the hell?" It wasn't often he found someone who could make a crater by crashing down and kicking up dust as a result.

"Finally found you, you coward!" A male voice stood up, growling as the dust cleared away to reveal a boy around the same age as Ranma. "You ready to finally face punishment?"

He twitched as Ranma looked at him in confusion. "Don't tell me that you forgot who I am! It's me, Ryoga!"

"Ryoga Hibiki?" Ranma's eyes lit up. "Oh man! I remember now! Sorry about not making it to the duel, but we had to skip out of town after one day."

"Someone you know, Saotome?" Nabiki asked as she and Akane made their way through the crowd.

Ranma nodded and grinned. "Yeah, his name's Ryoga Hibiki, he was a pretty good fighter back in middle school, people always said that he was the best fighter of the school until I showed up, since I kept beating him to lunch every day."

"Huh?" The two Tendos looked at Ranma in confusion. What did lunch have to do with it?

"What Master means is that the middle school was run by someone insane and there wasn't enough to feed a bunch of growing teenage boys, so lunch often devolved into a brawl for things like bread, pudding or even cartons of milk." Lilith thought it was amusing, until she saw it in action, then she thought it was just insane.

"Enough!" Ryoga yelled, glaring at Ranma. "How dare you just up and leave?! It only took me three days to get to the duel!"

"I told you, Lilith would have been happy to show you the way so you would make it on time."

Lilith grinned as Ryoga paled. "Are you still traumatized by the leather outfit?" Ranma, Akane and Nabiki looked at her and she just grinned.

"What did you do to him?"

"Ranma! Because of your slut I've seen Hell!" Ryoga pulled the bamboo umbrella off of his backpack and pointed it at Ranma.

"Hey!" Lilith pouted at hearing that. "I never took you to Hell or Makai, okay?!"

"Not denying the slut part?" Nabiki asked, amused.

"I'm a succubus, by definition I'm a slut."

Akane just buried her face into her hands and moaned about perverts all around her.

Ranma dodged as Ryoga swung his umbrella down, cracking the asphalt as his umbrella smashed down and causing everyone to bolt from the area. Growling, he used the tip that was embedded into the ground as an impromptu springboard and slammed his foot into Ranma, who grunted and slid across the ground, seemingly taking Ryoga with him. "Good one!" Ranma grinned and Ryoga paled as he realized Ranma had his leg, "now, how about you take a trip?"

Ryoga groaned as Ranma spun around three times and threw him straight into the air. "RANMA! WHEN I GET DOWN I'LL MAKE YOU PAY FOR THAT!"

Smirking, Ranma jumped up after him. "Well then, how about I give you a HAND?" He emphasized before slamming his fist into Ryoga's solar plexus, driving the wind out of him and sending him barreling into the ground while Ranma landed gracefully near him. "Come on, Ryoga, that can't be all you got."

The next thing Ranma knew, he was falling to his side as Ryoga's umbrella hit him in the leg, causing him to lose his balance.

"I got more than you can handle!" Ryoga growled and punched Ranma across the yard.

"I don't get it!" Akane yelled as she looked at Lilith, "if he's mad at you, why is he attacking Ranma?"

"Because he's super shy." Lilith grinned at them. "All I need to do is show a little skin and he blushes and can't focus." It was really cute, but it really limited any sort of potential partner he could have in the future.

Nabiki raised an eyebrow. "I would think he wouldn't be affected by someone with a flat chest like you."

Lilith glared at Nabiki. "I'll have you know that even as flat as I am I ooze more sexuality than most porn stars." She tilted her head and sniffed at Nabiki. "I swear, you smell off, like you're..."

"Hey, watch out!" Ranma yelled as he grabbed the umbrella out of mid-air casually before dropping it to the ground where it landed with a heavy thump. "There isn't a lot of room here and there's a lot of people around, don't you look before you fight?"

"Shut up!" Ryoga yelled, his hands glowing a neon green and Ranma staring in shock as he grinned. "I found some Chi masters while hunting for you, they helped me out." Punching forward, a green wave of energy flashed out and slammed into Ranma with enough force to send him crashing through the courtyard tree and into the school building. "I told you I was going to beat that stupid energy trick of yours!"

Ranma simply looked up and grinned as he kicked out of the hole he made. "Awesome! Now I can actually stop holding back."

"...What?" Ryoga gulped as Ranma seemed to disappear before reappearing in front of him. To his credit, Ryoga did manage to dodge and block the attacks before Ranma slammed his foot down and a wave of yellow energy sent Ryoga flying across the street and over a hill.

"Man, didn't think he'd get so far so fast." Ranma grinned, that had been fun. "The guy needs some speed training and energy defenses, but man, it'll be fun to see how far he can go."

"Aren't you concerned he's going to just come back right away?" Nabiki asked, looking at the craters that he had caused by his attacks. Considering that Ranma didn't seem the least bit worried about them, she wondered just what kind of training he had gone through.

"Nah, Ryoga's got the world's worst sense of direction, he's probably halfway across the district by now." It was kind of sad, but what could he do about it?

"So it was just over lunch?" Akane asked, wondering why that would cause so much problems.

"Master also has a big ego and says he's the best fighter his age and Ryoga took exception to that and said he would prove he was better." Lilith giggled at Akane's look. "So they set up a date to fight and" She trailed off and gulped as she saw the person standing by the street with her arms crossed over her chest grinning. "Um, Master..."

"...You were right." Ranma sweated nervously at the look he was getting. "Hi, Bulleta..."

"Don't you hi me!" She yelled as she adjusted her picnic basket. "After what you did to me... NO MERCY!" Reaching in, she pulled out an Uzi and pointed it at Ranma, who immediately bolted.





"DIE, SAOTOME!" Bulleta screamed as she pulled the trigger and ran after him.

"HEY!" Lilith yelled as she hit Bulleta with a flying kick. "Knock it off, Baby Bonnie Hood!"

Rolling with the kick, she grinned at the succubus as she got to her feet, her legs spread to give her a wide base and her arms curled upwards. "Don't worry, slut! I got something special for you too!" Pulling off the cover of her picnic basket, several apples, bannanas and pears came flying out at Lilith at high speeds.

"Oh shit!" Lilith screamed and backpedaled as the fruits all grew boosters on their bottoms and accelerated after her. "To hell with secrecy!" She grumbled as she willed her outfit into her normal fighting leotard and wings to sprout on her back while she took to the air to avoid the attack.

"Don't fly too far!" Bulleta grinned as Lilith took off. "And don't call me Baby Bonnie Hood!" She teared up and pouted as she looked around for Ranma. "After what your master did to me, slut, I'm no baby anymore!"

Looking around, she couldn't see him, but then grinned as an idea came to her. "Ranma, if you don't come out this instant I'm going to blow up all the buildings in the area!"

"Incoming!" Lilith yelled as she flew past Bulleta at high speeds, the fruit still chasing after her.

Falling on her butt, Bulleta could only stare in shock as her own attack was turned against her. "You all suck!" A moment later, the fruit crashed into where she was, exploding messily.

Flapping her wings in an attempt to catch her breath, Lilith winced as the fruit exploded all over the poor girl. "I mean, I know she's a Hunter who wants me dead for being a Darkstalker, but I still feel a little bit of pity for her." Landing, she willed her wings away and looked around. "Master! Where are you?"

Ranma popped his head out from a bush and she stared at him. "She would think to look behind something more substantial, not in a bush."

"What the hell!?" Akane yelled as she and Nabiki ran over to them and tried to avoid the smoking hole in the street. "Who was that? What the hell was that? What's going on!?"

"That's Bulleta, she's known as B.B. Hood to some." Ranma chuckled nervously, "as for why she's after me, well..."

"Master popped all of her cherries a few years ago and we had to leave before she woke up, so she's been hunting after us ever since to get back at him."

"Wait!" Nabiki looked at Ranma, then at Lilith, then back at the smoking crater. "You," she pointed at Ranma, "slept with the American gun nut?!"

"She's British actually."

"THAT'S NOT THE POINT!" Nabiki and Akane yelled at the same time.

"Well, yeah, I did sleep with her, it was..."

"RANMA SAOTOME!" Bulleta's voice came out from the smoke and the girl walked out of the smoke... Nearly butt naked, except for a pair of plain white panties covering her. "For taking my chastity and then running off, I will kill you!"

"It's not my fault that you thought it was more than just a one time thing!"

"...Ranma, you lolicon pervert!" Akane yelled, causing everyone to stop and stare at her. "First you bring this... This..." She pointed at Lilith. "Flat chested pervert who looks like she's thirteen into our home and now I find out that you slept with this little girl.." She pointed at Bulleta, who screetched about being old enough to drink alcohol anywhere in Europe, "I see now! You're just a perverted Lolicon!"

Lilith blinked and tilted her head. "You know, Master, she's not wrong, you do tend to sleep with under-developed girls a lot."

"I blame you for that! Besides, I never sleep with girls more than three years younger than me!"

"And you're sixteen." Nabiki smirked at Ranma. "So you DO sleep with thirteen year olds!"

"...I lost my virginity when I was twelve, give me a break."

"So you've slept with nine-year-olds?" Nabiki looked at Bulleta and nodded. "That explains why you went after her. I'm suddenly glad I have boobs, you won't be coming after me then."

"Hmm, I guess I've been aiming at the wrong crowd then, I'll have to try younger girls if I want Master to sleep with more than just me more often."

Bulleta was trembling and blue in the face. "You mean the only reason you had sex with me was because I looked like a little girl?! I even let you use my butt! You JERK!"

Before Ranma could say anything more, Bulleta let out a yell and touched a watch on her right wrist that they hadn't noticed until now. "Meet my newest weapon!" Her voice echoed as the area glowed around her, blinding everyone looking at it temporarily. "Courtesy of Mishima Heavy Industries!"

It was... Rather big, at least seven feet in height, standing on two legs that were bent at the knees and where the calf muscles would be if it was flesh and blood, the upper body had a dome on top with an open-air cock-pit where Bulleta sat. On the sides of the top were two, Ranma wasn't sure how to describe them, but he guessed they looked like the sidecars motorcycles had, just with wings to the side and thrusters attached to the back. Bulleta grinned as she leaned forward and a harness that doubled as a chest protector slapped over her chest and a green-colored windshield appeared in front of her. In fact, the only parts Ranma could see of her that was vulnerable were her arms, which were gripping flight sticks.

"Oh, she has gun arms..." Nabiki muttered as she looked at the two gattling-like guns that would be in place of where arms would be on the suit.

"It looks like a T-Rex with no head or tail." Akane pointed out, getting a look from the others. "What? Dinosaurs are cool!"

"Well, I don't care how cool it is!" Lilith yelled as she punched at it and a large bat-like creature made of white light flew forward at the suit.

Bulleta grinned as a barrier appeared in front of the suit, nullifying the attack. "You think I didn't prepare for stuff like that?" She yelled and squeezed the trigger, the hands on the mech revving up and spinning before energy blasts came out, exploding on the ground and scattering the group as they moved out of the way.

Reforming her wings, Lilith flew into the sky and grinned as she got behind the mech. "Yeah, but let's see you..." The top of the wing pods opened up, revealing missile pods. "Oh, you can defend from this side." She yelped as tons of missiles were fired at her. Flapping her wings, she got above the missiles and turned to see them chasing her. "Well, it's a good thing that, OWW!" Lilith yelled as her back exploded in pain. "What?" She gasped as she lost altitude and the missiles converged on her. "...This is going to suck!"

Bulleta grinned as all the missiles converged onto Lilith, exploding violently in mid-air. "I am *SO* glad I told them to put a homing laser on the top of this thing!" She turned the mech and snarled as she saw Ranma and fired blasts at him again. "Come on come on come on come on come on!" She yelled in rapid succession. "Can't you fight back?"

Ranma jumped high into the sky and Bulleta grinned and hit the thrusters, causing her suit to take to the sky too. "You think I didn't prepare for you? Huh?! I've been preparing for years! You'll pay for what you did to me!"

Down below, Akane gulped as she watched the battle unfold. "Sheesh! She needs to get a hold of her temper." She ignored the look Nabiki gave her.

"I told you." Ranma seemed to stop in mid-air and crouched before launching himself forward. "It's your fault for thinking it was more than a one-time thing." His fists slammed into the barrier in front of the mech and Bulleta smirked and pulled the trigger.

"Too bad! You were my first! Now fry!"

"Frozen flame!"

Bulleta blinked before shivering and sweating at the same time as her mech suit was surrounded by blue fire that was both cold and hot at the same time. How this worked, she had no clue, but it had to be that blasted magic stuff. Kind of reminded her of Donovan for some reason. 'Bloody half-vampire.' She mentally grumbled as she felt the engines stalling. 'Hmm, I'll need to report that this thing can't take rapidly changing temperatures.' Rubbing her forehead, she realized that neither could she. "YOU JERK!" She yelled and had the mech punch out, missing Ranma but dissipating the attack completely. She screamed in anger as she landed roughly, but still on her feet.


"WHAT?!" The blonde loli yelled as she and the mech spun around to see an injured Lilith standing there, her wings in tattered and her right hand in the air.

"You need a time out." The air above her hand flashed and exploded brightly, flooding the area with super intense light.

"AHHH!" Bulleta screamed, covering her eyes. "OH FUCK! THIS BURNS!"

Nabiki would have agreed with her, if she was capable of thinking straight. "IT HURTS! OH DAMN IT FUCKING HURRRRTTTSS!" She screamed and thrashed on the ground, covering her eyes and trying to block out the light. "TURN OFF THE EVIL LIGHT!"

Akane was kneeling next to Nabiki and trying to help her, but it was hard as she couldn't see much either as the light was drowning out everything and making it impossible to see.

The next thing Bulleta knew, her mech rocked to the side and slid back before falling to its knees.

Ranma grimaced and rubbed his shin. "Shit that hurt!" Whatever that mech was made out of, the fact that it took a kick to the glass and only had a few cracks on it was testament to its durability. "Whoever made this better not be working for the military." He could just see some country using these things and causing massacres.

Thankfully for him and everyone else Lilith canceled the light show and everything slowly returned to normal, with the shapes of buildings, cars, plants and each other coming back into view, along with their shadows as the intense light faded. Sighing, Ranma walked forward, preparing to tear Bulleta out of the suit, he knew she was a bit insane, but she wasn't a bad person, just...

"FUCK ALL OF YOU!" Bulleta screamed as it looked like she tried to tear her eyes out. "FIRE EVERYTHING!" Missile pods popped out from everywhere on the mech and started firing at random locations. The gun arms started swinging from side to side, firing Gatling-like laser blasts in a sweeping motion.

"Ah fuck!" Ranma jumped away and grabbed Akane and Nabiki before throwing Akane under his arm and Nabiki over his shoulder and running as several missiles crashed into where they were a moment ago.

Lilith blasted missiles and grunted as several strong laser blasts hammered her in the back and legs, causing her to tumble and crash into the ground. "Holy fuck!" Screaming, she rolled and moved as best she could as a wall of missiles seemed to be heading her way. "Doesn't that thing run out!?"

Unseen to anyone, a figure stood on top of the school, watching the scene play out.

"DIE DIE DIE DIE DIE DIE DIE DIE DIE!" Bulleta was fully pissed as she tried to force the mech to move. She made a mental note to ask for mini-thrusters in the legs to get the thing standing when it was forced onto its knees for some reason, it should have been easier to get up than this.


Bulleta blinked as she heard a soft voice picking up in strength coming from behind. "What the?"


"WHAT?!" Bulleta yelled as her suit was rocked and she lurched forward, landing face-first and breaking the windshield completely.

"Bad Eimi!" The voice said as Bulleta found the mech being lifted up and flipped onto its back with a loud crash.

*Beep Beep Beep*

Bulleta's eyes widened as she heard that. "Ah crapbask..."

Ranma, Lilith and Akane all stared as Bulleta was rocked forward by someone from behind before being lifted and suplexed into the ground behind her and exploding violently. Thankfully the missiles that were fired weren't of the homing variety and missed them.

The hills, walls, school, buildings around the school, the streets and cars in the area weren't so lucky.

"Who was that?!" Lilith gasped out as the person in question walked out of the ball of fire, pulling a body with her.

"AH! You're not Eimi! Nuku Nuku is sorry!" The girl, about average height, with long dark red hair, green eyes and wearing a school outfit bowed as she dropped Bulleta down outside of the fire. "Nuku saw Mama-san's newest toy and thought Eimi wanted to play, but then Eimi wasn't playing with Nuku and played with others and Nuku really is sorry!"

"Excuse me." An older man stepped out from somewhere and bowed to the girl. "Miss... Nuku was it?"

"Atsuko Natsume, but you can call me Nuku Nuku!" The girl grinned and rubbed the back of her head.

"Yes, well, I apologize, but I need to collect my mistress." He turned to look at Ranma and Lilith. "I shall try to calm her down, but Mr. Saotome, you must realize that this is all your fault."

"She didn't need to bring a freaking mech after me!"

"Indeed, but you could have stayed and told her that you had to go, the young miss doesn't have many people who aren't terrified of her." He then turned away from Ranma, as his business with him was done "May I please have the young lady you are dragging behind you?" he asked.

The android catgirl blinked. "Huh?" She looked down and smiled. "Oh yes, the Not-Eimi! She is yours?"

"Yes, I am under her employ." the man said.

"Nuku-Nuku is sorry for destroying her machine," she replied, handing over the barely clothed and smoking figure. "But if you tell Mama-san that Nuku-Nuku broke it, she'll give you another one. I heard after I break five, you get a free yogurt!"

"I shall keep that in mind." The man bowed, took Bulleta and disappeared into the night.

Which was really impressive, seeing as the sun was still up.

"HI!" Nuku ran up to the four and smiled. "Sorry I didn't come earlier, but I was pretty far away trying to find some good food for Ryuunosuke-chan and Papa-san but then I saw that and thought Eimi wanted to play so I had to come over here and I didn't have my bike so it took me longer than I thought and then it got super bright and I had to wait until my eyes adjusted and..."

"Woah woah woah! Calm down!" Ranma waved her down, smiling at her exuberance. "Thanks for the save, ah, Atsuko?"

"You can call me Nuku Nuku if you want, ah..." She tilted her head. "What are your names again?"

"Ah! I'm Ranma Saotome of the Saotome School of Anything Goes Martial Arts, this is my Servant, Lilith Aensland" he gestured towards the slightly injured Succubs, "and these two are..."

"Akane Tendo and this is my sister, Nabiki," said girl waved weakly while rubbing her eyes.

"Ah!" Nuku smiled and grabbed Ranma's hands, shaking them. "You're all now Nuku Nuku's friends!"

Ranma sweat-dropped, that was the fastest anyone ever declared him to be a friend. "Ah, thanks?"

"No problem, Friend Ranma!" She tilted her head in confusion and took a sniff of Ranma. "Nuku doesn't know why, but Friend Ranma reminds her of a cat, a big alpha cat."

Lilith chuckled and winced as her body flared up in pain. "That's fine, Nuku Nuku, but we need to go home and rest."

"Oh! Don't worry, Nuku Nuku will help her new friends get home." She wasn't worried, Ryuunosuke and her papa were safe from her mama and just seeing her friends home wouldn't take too long if they didn't live too far from here.

"Why not? I've got a headache, all I want to do is curl up and sleep for a week." Nabiki grumbled as the new girl exclaimed joy and asked Ranma to lead them away.

After walking a couple of blocks, Akane frowned as something came to her. "You know, I feel like we forgot something."


Back at the school, a piece of rubble shifted and moved as various chunks of debris moved and slid around as a body stood up and stumbled forward.

"That... Did... Not... Urgh." The person said as they fell flat on their face, revealing Tatewaki Kuno as he slowly crawled away from the fire.


"It probably wasn't important," waved off Lilith. "But Master needs to train now, even harder than before!"

"... Ryoga is that strong?" Akane asked.

"Well, physically yes, mentally ... meh," Lilith stated. "But that isn't what he challenges Master for!"

"... Is this a loli-thing?"

"IT IS NOT A LOLI-THING!" Lilith yelled. "Ryoga seeks to take the title of Loli Master from Master! And that girl ... DD? CB?"

"Bulleta," Akane muttered.

"Right, her!" Lilith declared. "Surely she seeks to supplant me as the Loli-Prime to Master, and this, I shall not allow!"

"... You all need serious help." Akane muttered before changing the subject. "Okay, so why is that guy attacking Ranma if he was so mad at you?"

"You remembered that?" Lilith asked, looking back at Akane, slightly tired. "Well, I suppose I could tell all of you, even Master doesn't know."


"So I heard you challenged my Master to a fight." Lilith grinned at the 14-year-old boy.

"That's right!" He squeezed a fist and pulled his backpack onto his shoulders. "Saying he's the best, just because he beat me a few times for food."

"Every time."

"WHATEVER!" Ryoga yelled and then blushed as he looked at the cute girl in front of him. "Sorry, but he makes me so mad."

"Master tends to do that. He also told me you have a really bad sense of direction."

Ryoga grumbled, he couldn't deny it, but it sucked when others pointed it out. "So?"

"I can lead you to the fight so you can prove you're the best fighter in middle school."

Ryoga's eyes lit up in joy. To think that this cute girl would show up in the middle of Okinawa, offer to lead him to the lot behind his house and to the fight, surely she had to be an angel of some sort.

Meanwhile actual angels felt a twinge of anger and they weren't sure why.

Ten minutes later...

Lilith rubbed her forehead and twitched. "Okay, Master clearly understated how bad your sense of direction is. HOW DO YOU GET LOST IN AN ALLEY WITH ONLY ONE WAY IN AND OUT?!"

"I don't know! I swear! The door gremlins stole all the doors after dropping me off here!"

Lilith was a little concerned, not for his sanity, but the fact was that she had followed him into a coffee shop for some cold water and followed him back out and somehow ended up in this alley. Which was really impressive, seeing as there were three other businesses before the alley and she couldn't remember passing any of them. "Hold on a second."

"What?" Ryoga asked as he spun around and stared at Lilith, his eyes bugging out in shock as he saw her outfit.

Lilith giggled as she stood there in fishnet stockings, black panties and nothing on her top, other than nipple tassels. "You need someone to get you there, so hold still."

"Wh, wha, wha?" Ryoga stuttered as she walked up to him and put a collar around his neck and attached a leash to it.

"There, now you have to follow me." She grinned and tugged on it. "Come on, we'll take the fast route!"

"Fast Route?" Ryoga blinked and blushed more as he got a look at her back, the black panties she was wearing only covered the front, the back was completely exposed! "Bu, buh, buh..."

That was the last thing he said as Lilith pulled him into a shadow and disappeared.

*End Flash*

"That's it?" Akane asked, getting an annoyed look from Lilith.

"I'm not done yet! Sheesh!"

"...Nipple tassels?" Ranma asked, looking at Lilith and wondering what that would look like on her.


"Where the hell are we now?!" Ryoga asked as he looked around a store he knew for a fact he was too young to enter into.

Lilith looked around the store and had to admit, at least it had good tastes. "Some sort of sex shop." She picked up a magazine. "That uses English as a primary language, I have no clue how we got here." She put the magazine down and pulled on the leash. "Well, anyway, we'll have to..." She trailed off as she realized the leash was slack and Ryoga was missing. "...Well, where could he..."


"There he is!" Lilith giggled as she went to the back rooms and stared in shock as Ryoga ran out of the room he was in. "Oh."

*End flash*

"...I have to ask, what room was it?" Nabiki asked, genuinely curious.

"A multiple glory hole room, he walked in and was greeted by ten..."

"What's a glory hole?" Nuku asked, innocently, blinking as her internal internet search was blocked by firewalls that she didn't know where there to begin with.

Ranma slapped his hand over Lilith's mouth and coughed softly. "Don't worry about it. At least now I know why he was so mad at you. How'd you get back?" He asked and removed his hand from Lilith's mouth.

"Same way I got there, got lucky we didn't end up in Antarctica or one of the famous Hong Kong brothels by accident." Lilith giggled as Ranma rolled his eyes.

"What's a brothel?"

"Ask your father." Nabiki muttered, wondering how anyone could be this sheltered.

"OKAY!" Nuku Nuku smiled widely as they continued to walk.


"Thanks for seeing us home, Nuku Nuku." Akane bowed to the bubbly girl. It was hard to stay mad around her, she was just so... Energetic.

"No problem, friend Akane!" Nuku was confused as she looked around, up until the moment she walked onto the property, she could have sworn that there was nothing here, her sensors were picking up something there, but her eyes weren't seeing it. "Friend Ranma! Nuku will come over to play sometime!"

Ranma waved and bopped Lilith on the head. "She means sparring."

"I know!" Lilith pouted in annoyance. She wasn't THAT sex-crazed! Hell, she looked forward to sparring with Nuku Nuku more than the thought of having her Master screw her to Makai and back for crying out loud!

Some people would be surprised if they knew that, but they would also be surprised to know that neither Lilith nor Morrigan needed sex to survive, but they did need to stay entertained and combat was always a fun time for them.

"But, Master..." She pouted and pawed at him. "Please?"

Ranma picked her up and threw her over his shoulder and walked off to the dojo, getting squeals of delight from the needy succubus.

"Honestly!" Akane huffed and marched up to her room.

Nabiki didn't care, with the school in the shape it was, it would take at least a few days to repair it. She could finally sleep when the evil sun was out!


"Nuku Nuku's home!" The girl grinned as she walked into the hidden home that her father and brother were in. "Nuku brought pizza!"

"Ah, good." Ryuunosuke stuck his tongue out at his dad. "Dad was so worried about you."

"Hai!" Nuku smiled as she put the pizza down at the table and sat down at it. "Oh, Papa-san."

"Hmm?" Kyusaku Natsume looked at her through the shaggy hair covering his eyes. "What is it, Nuku?"

"Nuku heard two terms she never heard before and couldn't find them on an internet search." Nuku pouted and Kyusaku nodded while taking a drink, motioning her to continue. "What is a glory hole and a brothel?"

Nuku blinked in confusion as her papa-san spat out his drink in shock.

Kyusaku looked at the honest curiosity of his android daughter with a cat's brain and sighed, this was going to be a LOOOONG discussion with her. "I knew those firewalls would cause more trouble than they're worth." He muttered as he prepared to explain things to Nuku Nuku.

End Chapter Three
That escalated quickly. Jarring my so, in my opinion. Ranma is also usually about Martial Arts and, you know, not guns and giant robots. While I don’t mind them as such it’s a pretty big divergence from where my expectations were when I set out to read a Ranma story, which is somewhat SoD breaking.


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It's Bulleta, the girl dresses as Little Red Riding Hood, goes "la la la" to introduce herself and uses guns, missiles and pulls out two giant spirits that can fire more guns and missiles for her supers. You think she wouldn't use a Mech as part of a super move in Darkstalkers if it was available? Oh, and she's so absolutely terrifying that her name is used to make little Darkstalker children behave.

Anyway, here's chapter four


Ranma smiled as he walked through Nerima, it had been over two weeks since Bulleta had appeared and the school had just gotten repaired enough that they could start classes again tomorrow. Two weeks of sparring with Lilith, screwing Lilith, sparring with Nuku Nuku, and sparring with Genma. He still couldn't believe his old man had tricks up his sleeve after all this time, but then again, new techniques were fun to learn.

Privately Ranma wondered if Genma had anything substantial, a neat trick or two only went so far and Ranma was pretty sure he could beat his father for the right to be recognized as a Master of Anything Goes by now.

One thing he was disappointed in was how Akane had refused to train with him, saying something about not needing the training he was doing. "I wonder why, she's not that good." He muttered to himself.

If Ranma knew Akane thought that he was talking about sex training, he would have understood.

Deciding he wanted to get back in time for some of Kasumi's cooking, he jumped over a fence and was prepared to run home quickly when he saw a girl with black hair in a ponytail and a dress surrounded by what looked like three guys covered in bandages. "Wait, no, they're girls." He muttered, thankful Lilith had shown him how male and female auras differed from each other.

He wasn't sure what was going on, but it didn't take long for the three girls to attack the one they surrounded. The fact that they used things like short clubs, a rod and a hoop left him confused, but he was rather impressed when the girl they were attacking used a ribbon to trip them up and then beat the hapless girls while laughing.

"Huh, reminds me of that ghost we ran into awhile back." Shrugging, Ranma seemingly disappeared from the top of the fence in a swirl of wind.

"And now the finish!" The black-haired girl yelled as she swung her ribbon at her downed opponents.

The three heavily bandaged girls all winced and prepared for the final strike, when it didn't happen, they opened their eyes to see someone in a Chinese Maoist uniform, complete with a cap, standing between them and their opponent.

"Hey now, I don't care that you beat them, but surely you can see that they can't fight back anymore."

"Hmph!" The girl flicked her ponytail back and smirked at him. "If you get challenged to a fight, is it not foolish to let your opponents off easy?"

Ranma chuckled at that. "Depending on the opponent, sometimes it's best to just barely defeat them and make them think that if things had been slightly different that they could have won so they'll challenge you again later." He let go of the ribbon and the girl put her hand in front of her face.

"Ohohohohohoho! It's so rare to see that someone gets it. Truly, finding someone who doesn't go," the girl cleared her throat and started speaking in a lower tone, "Kodachi, you can't do that, it's not fair to attack your opponents before a match."

Ranma nodded as she cleared her throat. "Hmm, to most people that is true, but there's plenty of scoundrels out there who have no problem attacking at any time and any place."

"I agree, why look at those three, attacking poor innocent me before our big match. If I were any less skilled I would have been in trouble." She huffed and pulled out a black rose. "May I have your name, good sir?"

"Ranma Saotome... Kodachi, was it?"

"Yes, but you can call me the Black Rose of St. Herbereke School for Girls. But, alas, I must go and prepare for the match between my school and Furinkan High." She winked at Ranma and jumped away, laughing.

'Hmm, nice legs and a tight butt.' Ranma admitted to himself, there was something a little off-putting about the girl, but most people would say the same thing about Lilith if they knew her true nature.

Sighing, he turned to look at the three girls. "So... Anyone want to explain what that was about?"


Later at the Tendo Dojo...

Ranma rubbed his forehead as he listened to the girls explain what happened with Kodachi and how she unfairly attacked them ahead of their match. "So she does this constantly, huh?"

"Yes!" The lead girl sniffled and looked at Akane. "Please! The honor of our high school is on the line! You need to take our spot in the Rythmic Gymnastic meet up in four days!"

"Excuse me." Lilith raised a hand with an annoyed look on her face. "Why didn't you come here sooner if you're so unskilled that even a three-on-one matchup was no good for you?"

"The better question is, why didn't you train to get better after she beat you the first time?" Ranma asked, getting an angry look from Akane. "What?"

"You think we had time to train?" The lead girl sniffled in dismay. "She attacked us just yesterday."

Both Lilith and Ranma gave them a flat stare in disgust.

"...What?" The lead girl sniffled.

"You... Seriously didn't train?" Lilith asked, twitching, seeing them shake their heads she got up and stormed up to them. "YOU IDIOTS!"

"Hey!" Akane yelled at Lilith and grabbed her. "What's gotten into you?"

"Think about it, Akane." Ranma looked at the girls with barely contained contempt. "At their best they couldn't fight her off, then they just bandaged themselves up and went after her again with no training to improve their skills."

"So what? Not everyone is like you are." She had seen the sparring matches Ranma had been in, she didn't want any part of that. Plus the way that he asked her to get some training, "lolicon pervert" she muttered, glaring at him. There was no way she would join for THOSE training sessions either!

Ranma rolled his eyes and left the dojo, Lilith following after.

"...Maybe the lolicon is right?" The girl in the back said softly. "We could have trained more."

"As if we could have raised our skill high enough." The lead girl muttered and grabbed Akane's hand. "Please? Help us! Prove that lolicon wrong and help us!"

"Leave it to me!" Akane smiled and shook their hands.


"Master?" Lilith looked at Ranma in worry. "What are you going to..?"

"I'm going to go for a walk."

Lilith sighed heavily. "Please don't bring any bodies back home."

"No promises."

With a gust of wind, he was gone.

Sighing, Lilith turned around and walked back to the dojo, throwing open the doors, she looked at the four girls and snapped her fingers. "You three, out. Tendo, you're my bitch for the rest of the day." The three girls immediately fled the building.

"What?!" Akane yelled and gulped at the way Lilith's eyes hardened. For some reason she felt like her life was in danger.

"Master's mad, he took a walk, I'm not going to get laid tonight and if I can't have sex, I'm going to work off my frustration in fighting, and since you need to know how to fight in this style..." She trailed off and grabbed the rules book and quickly read it. "Okay, got it."

"...You learned that fast?" Akane yelped as Lilith pulled out a whip. "Uh..."

"I've got four days to make you somewhat skilled in some martial art." Lilith gave her an evil grin. "And just so you know, I like fighting more than fucking."

Akane suddenly paled as she realized just how screwed she was.

"Now then!" Lilith whipped her arm back and snapped it forward, cracking on Akane's ankles and getting the girl to jump back in pain. "Learn to dodge the whip or you're going to have welts all over your body!"

Akane jumped to the side and grabbed the hoop and threw it at Lilith, who batted it aside with her weapon. A loud crack filled the air and Akane yelled in pain as her arm was struck. "That's not fair!"

"Nothing in the rules against using whips, weighted weapons or unusual weapons, so long as I don't touch you with my body or touch the mat with anything other than my feet. Now dance!"

Akane cried out in pain as her upper leg was struck.

"We're not stopping until you dodge effectively, Kasumi calls us for food or you pass out as one big welt." Lilith's grin transcended evil and became flat-out terrifying as Akane started moving frantically to avoid the whip. "Oh, and you'll miss school tomorrow."

"What? Why? OWW!" Akane yelped as her butt was struck.

"Because you'll be too sore to sit down." Lilith swung the whip around, cracking the air and getting screams of pain out of the youngest Tendo. "Now," Lilith called out, making her ribbon snap like a whip. "Do a backflip for your Mistress!"

"I ... wha-"





It was hours later when Ranma returned to the dojo, looking a bit scuffed up and tired, but he was a lot calmer. Walking in, he blinked as he heard the crack of the whip and Lilith yelling about how Akane needed to learn to dodge when she was tired or her enemy would crush her with ease. "Well, looks like she'll be busy." He muttered and walked into the house. "Hello, Kasumi."

"Ah! Ranma, how are you? Lilith said you were going for a walk."

"Feeling better, ran into Nuku Nuku, had fun thrashing some helicopters together." He yawned and shook his head. "Hey, is the guest room open?"

"Yes, your father..." Kasumi trailed off and looked at the living room, where a panda was passed out. "I'm not certain."

"...How much booze has he been drinking today?"

"None as far as I know." Kasumi almost frowned, "he doesn't smell like alcohol, but I can't get him to wake up."

"Hmm, well, if he's not up in the morning, I'll be worried." Ranma trudged upstairs. "So I think I'll just get some sleep tonight."

"Okay, goodnight."

Rolling out a futon, Ranma didn't even bothering getting under any covers as he just flopped down on it and passed out, enjoying a full night's sleep for the first time in a long time.


"Ranma..." A female voice spoke up and Ranma cracked his eye open.

"Huh?" He started to ask who it was, but was stopped by a finger on his lips. Blinking a few times, he wondered why Nabiki was standing in front of him wearing nothing at all before mentally shrugging it off as a dream. It wasn't the first time Lilith entered his dreams and disguised herself as someone else after all.

When she leaned forward and kissed him on the lips and pressed her body against his, he decided to just go with it. After all, if his dreams were going to be like this, he wouldn't complain. His hands went to Nabiki's ass and squeezed, getting a moan out of the dream figure in front of him.

"Don't..." She whispered as she reached down and freed his penis from his clothes. "Don't bring this up tomorrow." She whispered and shifted her hips down.

Ranma grunted as he felt a warm, wet and tight sensation around his dick. Lilith had really outdone herself in this dream. Of course he didn't think that Nabiki would be like this in person. He put his hand on her back and pressed her against him tightly as she sank down onto him more fully. "So tight..." He muttered and kissed at her neck, causing the dream figure to let out a moan and yelp. He sighed as his hips met hers. "Do this often?"

"Not... ngh... Really." She grunted as shivered. "Just feeling really stressed out and my vibrator's out of battery life."

Ranma snorted, that was so plausible that he almost woke up laughing.

The dream girl sighed and rolled her hips, bouncing up and down on his lap and hugged him tightly, mashing her decent-sized breasts against his chest. "Fuck... You're... Bigger than my toy."

Ranma wasn't complaining about the compliment, even if he wasn't bigger than it, he was confident in his lovemaking skills.

Her eyes widened as he squeezed a section on her ass, causing her toes to curl and she had to bite down on his shoulder to keep from screaming out in pleasure. Ranma sure didn't complain as she tightened up tremendously as a result. "Amazing what old temples have in regards to sexual pressure points." He whispered before shifting and putting her on her back. "Roll over." He commanded as he pulled out.

Nabiki did so and groaned as he slid back in when she was on all fours. "You..." She whimpered as he bent over and grabbed her breasts from behind. "So good."

"You're a dirty girl, aren't you?" Ranma said as he slid in. "Bent over and begging for my dick like a dog, what would your sisters say if they saw you like this?"

She grunted as he tweaked and fondled her nipples and breasts. "Akane would, ooh, say we were perverts and Kasumi would sit and watch."

Ranma laughed and licked the dream girl's neck. "I doubt she would."

"Ooooh! Nnngh! Youuuu... Don't know her..." Nabiki grunted as Ranma picked up the pace with his thrusts. "She...She's got a huge stack of porn in...Oooooh!" She shuddered as she felt another orgasm building up. "In the dresser under her bed!" She put her head down and bit into the futon as Ranma slammed in hard, cumming deeply into the dream version of Nabiki.

Grunting, Ranma grinned and pulled out of Nabiki, letting his cum leak out of her. "I bet..." He crawled up to her and put his dick by her panting face. "Clean it."

She gave him a bit of a dirty look, but did as he asked, licking and slurping at his penis, which was covered in both of their fluids. Looking up at him, she smirked slightly and waved her hand as she finished cleaning him up.

"Yeah, this has to be a dream..." Ranma muttered as he slumped down. "I don't wear out this fast."

"Sorry, Ranma..." The dream Nabiki said softly as she faded away from his vision.


The next morning, Ranma walked downstairs rubbing his eyes and found his father, in his normal form, sitting at the table and twitching. "Hey pops!"

"Ngh, hey." He waved and grimaced. "Got a stiff spot in the middle of my back, could you..." He let out a yell as Ranma pushed the middle of his back with his foot, causing a loud cracking sound to be heard. "WOAH!" Genma crumpled down and sighed in relief. "Thanks! Feels good."

"You should stretch before bed if your back's stiffening up." Ranma smirked at him, Genma could only nod in agreement.

"Good idea! I'm sure I've got some Tai Chi scrolls in the backpack, there's bound to be some good stretch exercises to use."

Ranma smirked and looked at the rest of the room. "Huh, only you?"

"Ah! Ranma!" Kasumi said as she poked her head out of the kitchen. "Could you go check on Lilith and Akane, they're still in the dojo." She blinked as Ranma disappeared. "Oh my! Where did he go?" Shrugging, she went to the stairs. "Mr. Saotome, if you sneak any food before the rest of us get a chance to have any, I'll be putting you on a diet of bamboo for a week."

Genma sweated and nodded, no way he would tick off the person who made them such delicious meals!


"Nnngh!" Nabiki groaned as she sat up in bed and stretched. "Oh wow..." She sighed in delight. "First time in a long time I've not been tired when I woke up." She'd have to do what he did last night again. Rolling her shoulders, she blinked as she felt something on her back. "Huh?" She looked back and blanched. "Ah shit!"

"Nabiki." A knock was heard on her door. "Time to get up, breakfast is almost ready."

"Don't come in! I'm naked!"

"Nabiki, unless you're doing naughty things in there, there's nothing you have that I haven't seen before."

"Just give me a second here to get a top on, sheesh!" Nabiki grumbled as she grabbed at a top. "Gah!"

"Are you okay?"

"Yeah! I tried putting my panties on my head."

Kasumi's laughter was heard through the door. "Well, in that case I guess you're okay. Just hurry up or I'll send Ranma in here next."

"Is that a threat or a promise?" Nabiki muttered under her breath as she dropped the panties off and got out of bed. "As for you..." She grumbled and rolled her shoulders, before sighing in relief. "Gotta be more careful." She muttered as she found a sports bra and slipped it on.


"Hey! Lilith!" Ranma rushed into the Dojo and blinked as he saw Lilith sleeping next to Akane, both were still clothed, though Lilith was spooning Akane. That was unusual, but the green bubble that surrounded them was the most unusual thing. Walking over, he put his hand into it and sighed as he realized it was some sort of healing bubble. "Okay, time to wake up."

"Nnngh." Lilith muttered in her sleep as he squeezed and shook her shoulder. "I got a cuddly girl."

There was a loud slap and Lilith jumped up, crying out in pain and rubbing her butt as she glared at Ranma.

"No fair!" She whined and stood up. "You disappear for hours and I don't get laid and the first thing you do when you get home is spank my glorious loli booty?!"

Ranma rolled his eyes and looked at Akane, who was just waking up. "So... How badly did she hurt you?"

The next thing he knew, Akane was behind him, trembling. "She's a monster! She wouldn't even let me go get supper last night and had Kasumi bring it here!"

Lilith gave her an evil grin. "I bet you can dodge a wrench now!"

Ranma facepalmed, sure, that training worked, but it was still painful and often lead to concussions. "You trying to bash her brains in?"

"No, just trying to teach her to dodge."

"She's evil!"

Ranma sighed and looked around. "So... Where's the blood then?"

"Oh, that was dream training." Lilith giggled as Ranma face-faulted. "I wasn't going to risk her body getting horribly hurt, so I let her body rest and entered her dreams and taught her full-on in there."

"I still say it doesn't help me dodge!" Akane yelled and yelped as Lilith pointed a finger at her. "YEEP!" She jumped up and moved as a green energy blast hit where she was a moment ago.

"Come on! You can do better than that!" Lilith cracked out the whip and smirked as Akane twisted and bent in all sorts of directions to avoid it. "BALL!" She screamed and kicked it at Akane, who snarled and headbutted it back at the succubus.

Ranma was impressed, sure Lilith was going slow with the whip, ball and random energy blasts, but she was dodging each and every single one. "Wow! Akane, that's pretty good."

"Huh?" Akane blinked, a confused look on her face as Lilith made the whip disappear. "What?"

"You dodged over twenty attacks, sure they're slow, but that's still impressive." Ranma hadn't seen much agility in Akane over the past few weeks when she asked to spar with him or Lilith, but this was a remarkable improvement. "Good job, Akane."

She blushed and looked away. "Um, thanks." It was nice hearing someone praise her for martial arts skill instead of other reasons.

"So, Master..."

"Keep training her. You've got a few more days."

Lilith grinned as Akane paled and gulped. "Oh the fun I'm going to have with her cute little butt."

"Putting me in clothes that tear apart from a sneeze is unfair!" Akane pouted, she thought the clothes looked pretty good, but they tore so easily!

"Sounds fun, anyway, almost time for breakfast."

"Okay!" Akane rushed off.

"Hey, Lilith..."

"Yes?" She looked at him in confusion. "What is it, Master?"

"Thanks for the dream last night, felt really good." Ranma smiled as he walked off, leaving Lilith to look at him in confusion.

"But I didn't enter his dreams last night." Did her Master have naughty dreams without her?! That would not do!

After all, if he could have naughty dreams without her help, then what use was she?


Akane sighed, thankful that Kasumi, her father and Genma, of all people, had convinced Ranma and Lilith to let her to go to school, stating that she needed her education and that time to relax was important too. She was irritated when Genma said that most people couldn't handle what the two of them could for training, basically hinting that Akane was pretty weak, but she couldn't deny she looked forward to school today.

A moment later and she found herself jumping back several steps to avoid a mallet the passed through where she was a moment ago.

"Hmm, nice dodge." Lilith commented, wondering if maybe she could do surprise attacks at school.

"Hey, Kodachi." Ranma waved at the girl holding the mallet. "I thought you didn't go to school here."

"Of course I don't." Kodachi flipped her ponytail over her shoulder and smirked at him. "How are you doing?" She raised an eyebrow as she saw Lilith and Akane near him. "Oh? You know my soon-to-be opponent?"

"Hey! Why'd you attack me like that?!" Akane yelled at Kodachi. "Our match is in a few days!"

"Indeed, but I believe in the beauty of a fair fight before and during a match." She grinned as Akane glared in anger.

"While I can appreciate the sentiment of attacking an opponent before they're ready, can I ask you to wait until the match?" Ranma asked, causing Kodachi to look at him in confusion. "I have no problem with it, but it seems like you're afraid of competition."

Kodachi crossed her arms over her chest and huffed. "Don't tell me that you're a goody-too-shoes like so many others are."

"Hardly." Ranma scoffed at that. "But most people are, besides," he grinned at her. "Don't you think it's more fun to beat them when they're ready, slowly sending them into despair as they realize that they're no match for you and force them to go all out, only to realize that you're holding back and then you see the little bit of hope they had in their eyes die out?"

Kodachi blinked, stared and turned bright red. "Oh...Yes, yes, you're right. Well, I must be off." She jumped away.

"You're scary!" Akane yelled as she backed up from Ranma after Kodachi left.

"What?" Ranma blinked innocently.

"Master, I think she's not used to seeing you do stuff like that." Lilith rolled her eyes as Akane nodded. "Well, whatever, that was kind of fun to watch."

Akane shook her head and muttered something about monsters as she looked at the mallet before picking it up and giving it a couple of test swings. "I kind of like this."

"...It fits you for some reason." Lilith nodded. "Well, we can find a way to work that into your moveset."

Akane shrugged, this could be a lot of fun.


Days later, on the night of the gynmastics match.

Nabiki looked around and shook her head, it looked like most of the school had shown up for this little match-up. "This should be interesting." She muttered as she walked to the school building with Ranma, Genma, Kasumi and her father. "And why are you two here?"

"Lilith's my servant, I need to make sure she did a good job training Akane."

"I needed to get out of the house." Being in a house by yourself was never fun, even if there was stuff to watch on television.

"Friend Ranma!" A familiar voice spoke up and Nabiki stared as Nuku came barreling through the crowd to greet them. "Thanks for inviting Nuku Nuku." She turned and waved at a man in a lab coat and shaggy hair and a young boy. "Papa-san! Ryuunosuke-chan! This is friend Ranma that Nuku Nuku told you about!"

"I see that." The man gave her a wry smile as he made his way over to Ranma. "Well, I suppose you could do worse for friends."

Ranma half-saluted the older man. "Well, I guess we sit together, huh?"

"Yay!" Nuku Nuku threw her hands up in the air doing interesting things to her large chest.

"Ah! You're miss Nuku?" Kasumi smiled at the energetic girl. "I heard you helped my younger sisters out, thank you."

"No problem! Nuku is happy to help!" She grinned and chatted with Kasumi as the group made their way to an area in the gym large enough for all of them.

"Hey dad, there's some spots really close to the ring."

"That's for the team." Nabiki pointed out, "however..." She grinned and made her way towards them. "There's no team here, so..."

"We're cheerleaders?" Ranma asked, getting a nod from Nabiki. "So..." He pulled out some outfits. "Anyone got cold water?"


"Well, you ready?" Lilith asked Akane in the visitor's locker room.

"No, but I feel like if I lose you'll do worse to me than what Kodachi could ever do." Akane shivered as she recalled that week when Tatewaki Kuno had admitted that Kodachi was his younger sister. The fact that he had a sister was a shock to everyone.

Adjusting her pink leotard, she looked at Lilith and sighed. "Is that what you're wearing?"

"What's wrong with it?" Lilith asked as she looked down at herself. "Nothing naughty is showing."

"But a tube top that only covers your chest and short shorts?" Granted, Lilith made it work, but with her wide hips and large rear end, well, large compared to the rest of her, the shorts were riding up the crack of her butt, showing off an indecent amount of bottom butt flesh.

"So? We're at an all girls school. I figure there's more than a few lesbians in the school." Akane gave her a weird look and Lilith sighed. "I'm a succubus, you know, demon that lives on sex? I have no problem with lovers of any gender, but I'm just trying to get reactions, that's all." Akane didn't need to know that people letting out a ton of sexual energy made her giddy.

"Well, it's time." Akane took a deep breath and grabbed a gymnastics ribbon. "I'm honestly surprised Kodachi hasn't tried anything sneaky. Oh, you're sure that the equipment I need is ready?"

"Of course." Lilith rolled her eyes and snapped her fingers as a shopping cart with miniature clubs, a hoop, a large ball and a rod of some sort appeared. "Now, let's go out there and show them what I taught you!"

"How to dodge?" Akane muttered, getting a giggle from Lilith.

"You'll be fine, my whip has more range and twists more than a ribbon ever could."

Akane sighed as they walked out of the locker room and towards the gym. Thankfully it wasn't too far of a walk, but for some reason they were hearing a lot of groans and moans of pain. "What the heck?!" Akane yelled as she and Lilith ran forward only to stop and stare in shock.

Even Lilith couldn't believe what she was seeing.

Seeing Ranma, in his girl form, Nabiki, Kasumi and Nuku Nuku in matching cheerleader outfits and pompoms, that was kind of sexy, the skirts were just long enough to cover their butts and all four were doing their best to get the crowd excited for the match. Seeing a little kid in the same outfit was weird, but cute, even if he was a boy, he seemed to really be into it.

No, that wasn't the problem.

The problem was seeing Soun, Genma and a man neither of them had met before in the same cheerleader outfits, complete with make-up and in Genma's case hair, dancing and cheering and trying to get the crowd into the match. "Genma! Natsume-san!" Soun smiled as he shook his pom-poms from side to side. "Let's give our all for Akane!" Tears ran down from his eyes comically. "Also, Genma, I have to say, your boy sure knows how to pretty everyone up."

Genma nodded and fluffed the glorious locks of burgandy colored hair on his shoulders. "I agree! I haven't had this much hair since that time when I was fifteen and I tried to grow it out."

"Well, I doubt a bald guy would be very good, pops!" Ranma, in her girl form grinned as she bounced up and down.

"This wig is excellent." Genma nodded in agreement.

"I don't care, this is actually a lot of fun." Kyusaku grinned as the group bounced up and down, kicking their legs into the air and causing some people to scream in terror.





Ryuunosuke nodded in agreement, he could see why so many girls grew up and became cheerleaders. This was awesome!

"Saotome, I'm going to kill you." Nabiki growled under her breath, there was no way she could show her face at school after this! As she spun around, she and the others bent over and flipped their skirts up, causing more fresh screams from the crowd. "And why are they screaming in terror so much?"

"I never got to do this in school, I'm so glad I came tonight!" Kasumi gushed in happiness. "Thank you, Ranma."

"Nuku Nuku thinks they're screaming because of our papas!" Nuku said as they got into an upright position and did little hops up and down while shaking their pom-poms.

"Oh my god." Akane's face was bright red as she buried her face into her hands. "This is so..."

"Hilarious!" Lilith giggled, getting a weird look from Akane. "I mean it! This has to be Master's doing, though how he knew everyone's measurements, I have no clue." She slapped Akane's back a few times. "Well, whatever, get into the ring."

"Ladies and gentlemen!" A voice was heard over the loudspeakers. "If you can all stop screaming for a few moments, we can proceed."





"Okay, now that the over-reactions are over, shall we begin?" The announcer asked before clearing their throat. "Welcome to the St. Herbereke vs Furinkan matchup! I'm your announcer for this matchup and..."

The announcer got drowned out as music filled the arena.

"I guess my introduction will have to wait, but in from the home entrance, it's the Black Rose of St. Herbereke, Kodachi Kuno!"

Black flower petals filled the air before spinning around violently and obscuring the vision of everyone for a moment. When the pedals stopped falling, a girl in a black leotard stood in the middle of a pile of rose pedals.

"And there she is! The top rythmic gynmastics user in the district! What an entrance! Though you have to wonder if anyone in the stands has a pollen allergy, I swear that's got to be at least fifty centimeters of flower pedals piled up."

"Fifty-three centimeters and sixty-nine milimeters." A new voice spoke up. "Hello, everyone! This is the announcer's partner and my name is..."

"OHOHOHOHOHOHOHOHOHOHO!" Kodachi's laugh over-powered the name introduction as she jumped onto the ring. "As per my agreement with Ranma Saotome, I have restrained myself for the past few days." She gave Akane a nasty grin. "However, I shall not hold back, I have several days of pent up aggression to work out."

"What did you do?" Nabiki whispered to Ranma, who grinned at her. "...Nevermind, I don't want to know."

"It wasn't sex," he replied.


"With me or Lilith," he added, seeing her disbelieving face ... though for some reason, he swore he'd seen more pleasurable visages on her face. "I don't know who she might have gone to afterwards."

"Then what do you think is making her act that way?" she grumbled.

"... Her family name is Kuno?"

"... Besides that."

Huffing, Ranma looked at Kodachi. "She's the type who burns out hormones through physical activity, domination of opponents, in place of relationships and even just sexual relief. Without that option, for the last few days at least ... she's got blue balls."


"Blue ovaries?" he asked. "I'm not sure what it is for women, like what is the female equivalent of cock-blocking?" he pondered.

"Dad, what are they talking about?" Ryuunosuke asked his father, who told me that he'd understand when he was older.

Akane climbed into the ring and grinned at Kodachi. "Well, I'm glad you held yourself back, I'm going to vent some frustration on you over this as well."

"Alright! The rules are simple! No using your body on your opponent, only the tools around you, your feet are the only things allowed to touch the mat, if you land outside of the ring, it's considered a loss! Anything else goes! Ready, FIGHT!"

A bell went off and Kodachi twirled her ribbon in front of her. "Let's start with something simple." Snapping her arm forward, the ribbon lashed out like the whip Lilith had used on Akane the past few days. "Oh ho?" Kodachi raised an eyebrow as Akane dodged away faster than she thought the girl could move. "Impressive." Kodachi grinned and twirled a small club in her left hand. "How about this then?!" With that, she leaped forward, a massive grin on her face as she closed the distance in the ring.

Akane slid into a martial arts stance automatically to defend. "Come on, I'll..."

"Akane! You can't use your hands or feet, remember?!" Lilith called out from the side, causing Akane to falter as she realized what she was doing. "Move! She's too close!"

Akane jumped back just as Kodachi swung her mace foward. "Too slow!" Akane yelled as she got out of range.

"Am I?" Kodachi gave her a bored look.

Akane was wondering what Kodachi was talking about when she felt something unusual happening to her outfit. "What the?" Her eyes widened dramatically as she looked down.


The fabric on her outfit tore from the bottom and inbetween her breasts down to just above her crotch, revealing her toned stomach, ribs and a little bit of her underboobs to everyone.

"WOAH!" Everyone in the crowd yelled in delight.




Nabiki twitched in annoyance. "Will they stop saying that?" She growled and turned to look at her father. "Now daddy, calm down..."

"I am calm, Nabiki." Soun stood there, completely stoic as he looked at the crowd, his eyes narrowing. "I refuse to put on a spectacle in front of everyone."

Both Nabiki and Kasumi sighed in relief.

"I plan on tracking down every single one of these boys later and showing them my displeasure personally."

Both Nabiki and Kasumi sweat-dropped and Kasumi prayed for the boys continued safety in her mind.

"Come on, Friend Akane!" Nuku Nuku was bouncing and jumping with Ryuunosuke and Ranma. "Don't give up! Rawr rawr!"

Lilith sighed, well, it wasn't like she hadn't prepared for this. If that tear had gone any further down, Akane's panties would have been exposed!

Or rather, fact that Akane wasn't wearing any panties would have been exposed to everyone.

"You!" Akane growled as she stood up, her hands twitching in annoyance. "Why am I surrounded by such perverts?!"

"Oh please!" Kodachi giggled as she twirled her ribbon around in the air. "It's not my fault that your clothes are made of papier-mache and tear so easily, but enough! Hoop!" She called out and someone in a dark outfit threw a hoop up at her. "Take this!"


Lilith threw it up at Akane and raised an eyebrow as Akane used her knee to knock it into the air. "I mean, I guess... AH!" She grinned as Akane jumped up after it, dodging the hoop as it sliced through where she was a moment ago, literally. "Wait, is that thing bladed?!"

"PERFECTLY LEGAL!" The referee yelled from the stands.

Kodachi looked up and grinned as Akane spiked the ball down at her. "Oh my, such a powerful blow, I might get hurt." She jumped back and blinked as the ball hit the mat and spun a few time before rocketing itself at her and drilling her in the stomach at speeds far greater than she could have anticipated.

"Is that..?" Soun stood up, gasping as he saw what happened. "It is! The Tendo Style Missile Strike! It's a trick shot meant to be used with arrows fired from a high distance, but seeing Akane use it with her bare hands? So inspiring!" He literally cried out, doing all he could to avoid bawling loudly as tears fell out of his eyes comically.

As she landed, Akane took the chance to look at her father. "Wait, what? I did that by accident!" She was suddenly annoyed with her father for hiding something like that on her. She was going to need to have words with her father.

"Oww!" Kodachi huffed as she landed on the ropes at the edge of the ring.

"Hey! She's touching part of the ring with something other than her feet!" Lilith called out.

"Perfectly legal!"

"WHAT?!" Lilith turned and glared at the referee. "What do you mean?!"

"She didn't touch the mat with anything else!"

"Fine! Akane! Volley fire!" Lilith threw dozens of clubs at Akane, who grabbed and threw them at Kodachi, who was rubbing her stomach from that attack.

"Ohohohohohoh! Such an easy attack." She twirled her ribbon quickly and smirked as the clubs that were flying her way were sliced into pieces and flew off in random directions. "Now, allow me!" She threw her ribbon back and grinned as she saw what it snagged onto. "Why thank you, brother dear! I knew I could count on," with a heave, she swung her ribbon back, pulling not only it, but Tatewaki Kuno into the ring, "you to help me out!"

"Hey! That's outside help!"

"Perfectly legal!"

"Ah, the Fierce Tigress Akane Tendo! I apologize, but I must support my sister, as twisted and demented as she is, even though I love you, the most I can do is sit here and..."

There was a crack as Akane uppercutted Kuno out of the ring and through the roof.

"That's legal, yes?" Lilith had to ask.

"Perfectly legal! Contestent Tendo's hands did not come into contact with her opponent's body."

"You're not bad, Akane Tendo. I can see why my brother is so enamored with you." Kodachi grinned as Akane panted and glared at her. "I must admit, this is a lot more fun than I thought it would be, now then... Rod!"

A metal pole flew into the ring and Kodachi grabbed it before pushing a button, causing it to light up and crackle.

"Oh! And contestant Kodachi has some sort of cattle prod! Surely this can't be..."

"Perfectly legal!"

Even Ranma gave the referee a weird look when that was announced. "I'm all for doing anything to win unless the rules state otherwise, but this seems to be too much."

"Ohohohohohoho! Don't worry, I'm not so stupid as to try and hit you with this, I know that I'd never hit you with it, but..." Kodachi grinned as she snapped her ribbon out several times, dodging to the side when Akane almost wrapped her ribbon around Kodachi's feet to pull her down. "This is the end!"

There was a snap and Akane's eyes widened as the ribbon wrapped around her right wrist and squeezed tight. "So now what? A test of strength? I can win that easy!"

"Ohohohohohoho! Of course not!" Kodachi touched the end of her cattle prod to the ribbon and grinned as it quickly became obvious what she was planning. "OHOHOHOHOHOHOHOHOHOHO!!"

"AHHHH!!!" Akane screamed as electricity charged through her arm and into the rest of her body, causing her to spasm and twitch in sheer pain.

"MY BABY!" Soun tried to jump forward to save Akane, but he was being held back by Nuku Nuku, Genma and Ranma. "LET ME GO!"

"Calm down, Tendo!" Genma yelled at him. "She needs to win this on her own! You don't want to dishonor your daughter, do you?!"

"But my baby girl!"

"Nuku Nuku understands! It hurts to see Friend Akane like that, but Nuku knows that she'll be fine!"

"Besides!" Ranma grunted as Soun slowly calmed down. "You need to believe in her. If you can't believe in her, believe in Lilith who believes in her!"

"...Yes, yes you're right. Come on, Akane!"

Kodachi was laughing as Akane spasmed and twitched while stumbling backward. "Come on! All you need to do is fall and this will stop!"

"Y...You're right!" Akane gritted her teeth and turned to grab the ropes at the edge of the ring.

"Hey, what are you?" Kodachi's pupils shrank as she realized what was happening. "Oh, I just need to..." She looked down and gulped as she realized something. "The rod's fused with the ribbon..."

"AAAAAH! SUCKS! OWWW!" Akane's hair was starting to smoke as the ropes and corner posts glowed blue and started crackling.

"And contestant Akane has turned contestant Kodachi's own plan against her as the cattle prod is..."

"A big lightning rod!"

There was a flash and an explosion a moment later and by the time everything cleared, everyone looked at the ring anxiously and saw several new bodies that weren't there before.

"What the?!" Lilith yelled in shock. "I thought I felt some extra auras! Were they under the ring the whole time?!"

"Wait, where are the contestants?!" The announcer yelled as they looked around.

There was a groan a few feet from where the ring was. Running over, Ranma blinked as she saw Kodachi twitching and spasming. "Found Kodachi!" She yelled out to everyone. "I think she's unable to fight."

"Plus she's on the ground! Kodachi Kuno is out!" The referee yelled and looked around. "Now where is..."

"Friend Akane!" Nuku Nuku yelled as she pointed up. Looking up, everyone gasped as they saw Akane, still spasming and jerking around, suspended in mid-air by Kodachi's ribbon as it was wrapped around the rafters in the air.

"Contestant Akane Tendo is still in the match and thus, I, the referee declare that she is the winner and thus Furinkan High School wins the match!"






That immediately shut up all the perverts.

"So... How do we get her down?" Kasumi asked, concerned as her baby sister was still spasming and not reacting much.

Nuku Nuku looked up and crouched before launching herself up, grabbing Akane and pulling herself up to the rafters. "Nuku Nuku has friend Akane! But she's got no clothes on!"




"Nuku!" Nabiki yelled up at the other girl. "Get Akane out of here!"

"On it!"

Ranma blinked as Nuku took off at such high speeds that even she would be hard pressed to keep up with her. "What kind of training did that girl go through?"

"She's an android." Ryuunosuke said, getting a confused look from the redhead. "See, Nuku was my cat," he wondered why Ranma twitched when she heard that word, "but she got shot and was dying, but I couldn't let her do that, so we put her brain into an android's body."

"Huh... That makes more sense than I thought it would." Ranma nodded. "Well, thanks for playing along, come on, let's go back to the locker room."

"Do I have to?"

Ranma looked back at the young boy and smirked at him. "Only if you want to stay in a miniskirt all night."



"Well, she's alive." A female voice that she couldn't recognize right away was saying. "She should be, ah, yep, she's waking up."

"Ngh..." Akane blinked a few times as she saw Lilith, Nuku Nuku and Kasumi all, all back in normal clothes and all standing above her. "What happened?"

"You turned the ring into a giant electric coil!" Lilith shook her head. "That has to be the most insane, stupid, brain-dead thing I have ever had the displeasure to witness!"

"Lilith, that's not very nice." Kasumi gave her a disappointed look.

"However!" Lilith grinned at Akane. "That was pretty awesome. But don't do it again."

"No worries." Akane groaned as she tried to sit up. "I can't even move, it feels like all my muscles have locked up and won't move."

"Ah, that's just the over-stimulation from the electricity." Nuku Nuku added helpfully. "It should return to normal after a day."

"Lovely..." Akane groaned.

"WHAT?!" She heard her father's voice a moment before she was glomped by Soun, who was bawling. "MY BABY GIRL IS PARALYZED! WAAAAAHHH!!!"

"Friend Akane is paralyzed?! Nuku thought her muscles were just cramped!" Nuku Nuku looked at Akane in a panic. "Papa-san! Help! Get friend Akane a robot body!"

"Even if I did, it would have to be four meters tall." Kyusaku, back in his normal clothes sighed. "So if she is paralyzed, there isn't much I can do."


"Friend Ranma! Can you help?! I don't want friend Akane to be stuck in a wheelchair forever! ...Unless she gets psychic powers, then she can run a school and teach others with super powers how to protect everyone and..."

"Nuku!" Ryuunosuke yelled, getting the android to quiet down. "One, you need to stop reading American manga."

"YES!" She grinned widely at her little brother.

"And two, she's not paralyzed, her voluntary muscles are just cramped up really badly, she should come back to normal, like you said, in a day. Faster if she has someone give her a massage."

"And that's my cue to step in." A familiar male voice spoke up, causing everyone in the room, except for Ranma to turn and see Dr. Tofu walking into the locker room. "Good evening."

"Why are you here?" Akane asked, though she was grateful.

"Ah, a young lady calling herself Ranma gave me a call and asked me to show up." Tofu looked at Ranma and then back at Akane. "Now, if you'll all move away."

It was a good thing that Tofu was focusing on Akane completely, because otherwise he would have noticed Kasumi in the room and things would have gotten worse.

"Oh dear, this might be... Hold on." He knelt down next to Akane and pressed several points on her thighs, calf muscles, ankles and feet, before going up to her arms and repeating the motions. "There, that should help your limbs out."

Akane blinked and moved her arms and legs. "Yeah, but I can't seem to move the rest of my body."

"Hold on, you, miss with the burgandy hair, can you help me turn Akane on her side and hold her please?"

"Nuku Nuku can do that!" She grabbed Akane and helped turn her to her side. She watched in interest as Dr. Tofu pressed several points from her neck down to the girl's hip before standing up. "What did you do to friend Akane?"

"It's alright." Dr. Tofu smiled as he stood up. "I just tapped some pressure points that caused her muscles to relax, under most circumstances, that would cause her to lose all feeling in her muscles and she'd fall to the ground like she had no bones, but in this case..."

"With the amount of cramping in her muscles, Akane would relax enough to be able to move freely." A female voice spoke up and Dr. Tofu's glasses immediately fogged over.

"Ah hah ha hah... K-k-k-kasumi?! What are you doing here?"

"I was supporting my sister."

"Ah, yes, of course! Far be it from me to think you were back at school in gym clothes."

"Are you okay?" Kyusaku looked at the trembling man and touched his shoulder.

"Ah, yes! I'm fine, thank you for noticing Soun." Tofu said as he grabbed Kyusaku and everyone winced as they saw the reason for the Hippocratic oath in action as Kyusaku was twisted and bent in all sorts of directions.

"Um, doctor, I don't think the human body is supposed to bend that way?" Nabiki pointed out, sweat-dropping as Tofu looked at her and grinned.

"What are you talking about, Betty? This is fine, now if you'll excuse me, I think I hear dance music."

Ranma, Lilith and Nuku Nuku stared, wide-eyed as Tofu hugged a locker, ripped out out of the wall and then proceeded to dance with it... Through another wall and out into the night. "Well... That just happened." Ranma said after several moments, wondering what kind of monster Dr. Tofu really was.

"He's such a silly man." Kasumi giggled, causing everyone but Akane and Kyusaku to face-fault.

"So..." Lilith looked at Kyusaku. "Should we just head back to the dojo?"

Ranma nodded at that. "Yeah, don't worry, I'm sure it's not permanent." He patted the former human turned pretzel gently.

"What about the car that Papa-san drove us here in?"

Ryuunosuke shrugged at that. "Well, I'm sure that it'll be fine for awhile."

"Oh, it's fine." Soun smiled as he recovered from his face-fault. "You're friends with Akane, you can spend the night at our place, I mean, it's the least we can do." After all, Kasumi was the reason Tofu had acted like that.

"Ah, okay, but how do we..?" Ryuunosuke started to ask.

"You have two legs, we can walk." Akane said as she stood up and wobbled a little bit. "I'll be okay, my muscles are moving at least." At least she was changed into gym shorts and a white t-shirt. Sure it wasn't the best, but it was better than that paper-mache leotard outfit.

"That's good." Nabiki nodded as Nuku picked up her father. "Shall we go?"

"Sure!" Nuku said as she followed Nabiki out of the hole, followed by Kasumi and Akane, who was gingerly moving.

After a few minutes, a Panda came running through the locker room. "GROWF!" The panda yelled, trying to get them to stop and wait. 'Blasted water pipes bursting on me when I'm in the stalls, those things aren't designed for Pandas! I'm going to write a letter and complain about it!' The sign at the end of a pole held in the beast's right hand stated in big bold block kanji.


It was about twenty minutes later when the group got to the Tendo Dojo. "I'm hungry." Akane muttered, wondering if they could get a meal at this time.

"Well, it is late, I could cook something up quick." Kasumi looked at Akane's hair and bit her lower lip, it was just the worst right now! She'd have to cut and trim it up later.

"Nah, don't bother." Nabiki said, as she went inside. "Let's just order a pizza or something."

Ranma looked at Lilith and whispered to her. "Go weaken the boundary fields so that the delivery guy can find this place, okay?"


"Anyway, Ms Nuku, you can put your father on the couch. Dr. Tofu's accidents always wear off after awhile."


"Well, let's get ready to eat then." The panda said via hand signs, not caring what they got, but that they got enough, he was hungry, darn it!

Unknown to the group, a figure watched them enter the house and nodded. "Found you," a female voice said as the girl stood to her full height, her figure cast in shadow as her hair fluttered in the wind. "Soon." She whispered before jumping away and disappearing into the night.

End Chapter Four


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Chapter Five

A few weeks later, Nabiki grumbled as she waited in a park after dark. "Will you hurry it up? I want to get home before they send someone out to find me." She grumbled. When she heard a noise from the bushes, she stood up and grimaced as she saw who it was. "Took your time, huh?"

"Don't be like that," the figure was tall and wore a dark trench coat and a dark fedora on its head, clouding the features in shadow, "there's been an uptick in interested persons looking at this district lately." The figure's voice was deep, hinting that it was male.

Nabiki scoffed at him. "Oh gee, you think? There's a succubus living here, not to mention that there's that android catgirl on the other side of Nerima, the damn aliens up North and random ghosts and other spirits that live here."

"Not to mention you." The figure chuckled at her glare.

"Yeah, I'm trying to keep that a secret from everyone." Oh how she hated this guy, but there was a need to work with him.

"Indeed, do try to keep things under control, would you?" He turned to leave. "We'll be setting up a base soon, not near here, but we have the lead of an interesting human close to a Devil's territory. Are you sure that he..."

"Yeah, I'm pretty sure that he lacks one." And even if he had one, there was no way she'd let this guy know. "You know this district has a history of weird and unusual things that happen to it."

He chuckled and adjusted his hat. "Indeed. Farewell, Nabiki Tendo, the next time it will be a different one of us."

Nabiki glared as the man disappeared in a flurry of black feathers before sighing heavily. "Fuck me, what am I going to do?"


"Akane!" Kasumi called upstairs. "You have a letter!"

A few minutes later, Akane came downstairs, confused. "I wasn't expecting anything." Taking the letter, she looked at the envelope and was rather impressed by what looked like an embroidered black rose on the envelope. "I wonder who sent it." Opening it up, she took the letter out and blinked, several times, at the contents.

"Dear Akane Tendo,
I hope this finds you in good health.
I was wondering if perhaps you wished to meet up this Saturday.
If so, please meet me at the local ice skating rink between 2 and 4.
I wish to speak with you.
Kodachi "The Black Rose" Kuno

"I didn't expect this." Akane wondered what Kodachi wanted, it had been a while since that match and Akane had long since recovered from it. "Maybe she wants a rematch?"

"It wasn't a challenge letter, was it? So maybe not." Kasumi looked at her in concern. "Maybe you should go?"

"Hmm..." Akane looked at the clock. "Well, it's only one, I guess I could go." She just hoped Kasumi was right and that Kodachi just wanted to talk.

"Why do I have a bad feeling?" She asked no one in particular as she got ready to leave.


Watching his daughter leave, Soun looked back at the shouji board. "Shouldn't your son go with his fiancee?"

"We agreed, Tendo, to let the kids make their own decision on this. Whomever the boy chooses will have to share with that succubus."

"If only we could get rid of her."

"Old friend," Genma looked at Soun seriously, "that succubus saved my boy's life. Things got weirder after that, but there's no way that you could get them to split apart at this time." Ranma wouldn't allow it and would fight with all his might to stop it and Lilith couldn't leave even if she wanted to for the most part.

"She's getting in the way of our dream!"

Genma shook his head. He understood Soun's position, he had been there himself, but he couldn't do it, not because he had sentimentality towards Lilith, but rather because as much as it galled him to admit it, the succubus was good for his son.

'Besides, Nodoka can't call Ranma unmanly, even with the curse, if he's slept with more women than a porn star.'

"Soun, with how things have gone, I think it would be best to wait a bit longer before bringing it up again."

Soun frowned softly. "But..."

"I don't think it will be as bad as you think it is." Genma smirked as he put a piece down. "Just give it some time."

"But they'd have to share?"

Genma nodded to him. "Yes, my boy will have what every single man wants and what every married man dreads."

Soun chuckled as he heard that. "Well, I suppose I can wait a little more then." That didn't mean he wouldn't try to push things in the direction he wanted though.


Kasumi was humming as she swept up the hallway towards the dojo and knocked on the door. "Is there anyone in there? I'm coming in, if you're doing naughty things, please let me know."

Of course, Kasumi couldn't have known that even if there were naughty things going on inside, she wouldn't be able to hear them unless the door was opened.

Sliding open the door, she was surprised to see Lilith, wearing a tube top and short shorts, laying on her stomach and kicking her legs randomly while reading something. "Huh? Oh! Hi, Kasumi." She smiled as she saw the other girl. "Did you need something?"

"I was going to clean the dojo, but it looks like it's spotless."

"To be fair, Master and I haven't been having sex much the past couple of days." Lilith sighed as she rolled onto her butt and pouted. "I don't blame him though, we've been putting up some really high level bounded fields around the area, but I'm getting worried."

Kasumi tilted her head in confusion. "Are you worried that Ranma is seeing other women?"

"Heck no! In fact, I encourage him to get as much booty as possible." Lilith grinned as Kasumi blushed. "Heck, if you want, I'll send him your way to warm your bed and have sex with you if you want."

"N, no, that... That's fine." Kasumi looked away, steam coming from her ears as she imagined Ranma, naked, in bed with her, doing such... "No, no, it's fine, I shouldn't..."

"Why not? You're engaged to him too, shouldn't you sample the goods before marriage?" Lilith tilted her head in confusion. "Or is this one of those weird human hangups that I don't really get because Genma isn't the best teacher?"

"Well, it's just... Not proper." Kasumi couldn't look at Lilith, who sighed. "Lilith?" She was still blushing, but managed to look at the succubus.

"Darn, I was kind of hoping you'd help."


"Because if Master doesn't get laid in the next couple of days, he's going to be so pent up that I won't be able to fully satisfy him." She sighed at Kasumi's started look. "A few years ago, when Master and I made the Devil's Pact, he was flooded with Youki and now he can't produce regular Ki, okay?" Kasumi nodded, knowing what Ki was, she did practice Martial Arts when she was younger after all. "Well, that Devil's Pact was mine, and I'm a succubus, so even if it wasn't intentional..."

"He's got some of your characteristics?"

"Namely an increased libido, stamina and a sex drive to make anyone who's ever been at the Playboy Mansion look like a celibate monk."

"Um, oh my..." Kasumi felt her legs wobble and she leaned up against the wall before sliding to the ground.

"Hey, Kasumi..." Lilith crawled over, her eyes practically shining. "You really should give my Master a go."

"I mean... It's tempting, but... Would he want an old maid like me?"

Lilith blinked, her eyes stopped glowing for a moment before she started laughing and fell on her face. "You... Hahahahahaha! You're not an old maid, not yet. You've got... Ten to sixteen years yet."

Kasumi pouted, she didn't want to think about that. "But I..." She sighed and placed her forehead on the palms of her hands as she held them up. "I never got to date anyone, I had to be home when I was in middle school, I had to take care of the house, father was a mess and, I love my sisters, but neither Nabiki nor Akane were up to the challenge at the time. I had to..."

Lilith tilted her head and crawled up towards Kasumi. "Hey, what's wrong?"

"Lilith, I just... What would I do, even if I married your Master?"

Lilith shrugged at her question. "Hey, think of it this way, at least he wouldn't disappoint in bed."

Kasumi laughed and leaned back against the wall, putting her hands down. "Sometimes..." She looked up and gave a sad smile. "I wish mom was still around."

Before Lilith could say anything, Kasumi's eyes widened and she lunged at the smaller girl, causing Lilith to get tackled with Kasumi on top of her. "Lilith! You're a succubus, so you must know what happens after someone dies, right?"

"Huh?" Lilith blinked at Kasumi, who was looking at her with a somewhat desperate look on her face. "I'm no expert, if I could get ahold of Jedah, he might know." The guy did make her this body after all, and he was extremely good at soul manipulation as well. "But I can answer as best I can, why?"

"What happens when a person dies?" Kasumi asked her again.

"Hard to say, there's lots of destinations, all things considered. I mean, there's Heaven, Hell, Makai, but the most likely destination is the Realm of the Dead."


"I don't know, sorry, it's one of those "one way only" realms that once you go in, you can't get out of. I can't really tell you what's there. Other than those that go there typically get put away for the rest of time."

"So it's..."

Lilith shrugged at her look. "I don't know, I've never been there. It could be a place where everyone's put in a little box, a retirement home or the greatest frat party reality has ever seen."


Lilith smirked at Kasumi and leaned up, her eyes practically glowing. "In fact, just think of it where everyone goes to have an eternity of fun. Life is hard, so the afterlife is really fun."

Kasumi giggled and nodded. "That makes me feel better, thank you." Her eyes widened as Lilith suddenly wrapped her arms around Kasumi's back, put her hand on the back of Kasumi's head and smirked. "Lilith?"

The next thing Kasumi knew, Lilith's lips were on her own. Kasumi's eyes widened as Lilith kissed her for what seemed like several minutes. After breaking the kiss, Lilith giggled at Kasumi's expression. "I'll take that as thanks, okay?"

Kasumi nodded mechanically, got up and walked out of the dojo.

Lilith pouted as she crossed her arms behind her head. "Maaaaaaster...." She whined. "Where are you? Your Servant needs a recharge!"


Meanwhile, not too far from the Tendo Dojo...

"WHERE ON EARTH AM I NOW?!" Ryoga yelled as he looked around, confused. He could have sworn he was at the Narita International Airport just a few minutes ago. Or was that Atlanta? He could never tell, since so many of those places looked the same to him. 'Seriously, why do all the global airports look and feel the same?' It was kind of annoying and if someone spent a lot of time flying around the world, they might think that every country was identical or something.

"I HAVE NO CLUE!" His traveling partner yelled at him. "How the hell did you get lost in a freaking linen closet?!"

"Sorry, Bulleta, I told you, it's a curse."

"Yeah, and I didn't think it was THAT bad!" She yelled, clearly annoyed. "Have you gone to an exorcist?" Maybe she could convince Donovan to have a look at this idiot? She wasn't on bad terms with the half-breed, even if he didn't like her that much. 'Then again, do any of those bozos like me much?' Bulleta thought to herself irritably. 'Then again, no way I'm trusting a bunch of Darkstalkers with anything other than dying.' Heck, she couldn't even count on that, how many times had she shot Felicia in the butt or Talbain with silver bullets and the two had somehow managed to survive?

That reminded her, she would need to find some of the Catholic Church's executioners, she was going to need some more blessed bullets soon. "Hmm, I wonder how the old woman is doing with those two, they got pretty skilled when I saw them last year."

"Who are you talking about?"

Bulleta just waved off Ryoga's concerns. "Oh, just a couple of young nuns that have Holy swords and hunt things that go bump in the night. Their master and I are old friends, she gives me blessed silver for my bullets when I go Darkstalker hunting."

She doubted they would come to Japan anytime soon, unless one of those failed wannabe Holy Swords somehow ended up in Japan.

"You!" Both Ryoga and Bulleta turned around to see Tatewaki Kuno pointing his wooden sword at them. "To see the dishonorable ones who destroyed the school return, I, Tatewaki Kuno, the Blue Thunder," lightning crackled behind him, "shall not abate you."

"Really?" Bulleta put her hands on her hips and scoffed at him. "You're going to fight me with a twig? If you're going to fight me you better have something like, I dunno, the Demonic Sword Gram or something."

"Isn't that from Norse Mythology?" Ryoga asked, getting a shocked look from Bulleta. "I have plenty of time to read when I'm traveling."

"Surprised you knew that. You'll be surprised to know that all myths and legends are true, but probably not to the extent that the stories make them out to be."

"Enough!" Kuno yelled as he pulled his sword back and rushed forward. "I strike!"

"Feh!" Ryoga stepped in front of Bulleta and pulled out his umbrella and swung it upwards, knocking the sword out of Kuno's hands. "Kendo? Please, I mastered that when I was five." Well, as much as he could, his instructor had given him scrolls on forms to practice when he wasn't around.

"Truly, you know the art of the sword it seems."

Ryoga grinned, revealing fangs in his mouth. "There are things you can't touch with your hands, so knowing how to swing a stick or umbrella helps keep you alive."

"With all your skill in unarmed combat?" Bulleta asked, getting an annoyed snort from Ryoga.

"That came later, obviously."

"Alas, my skill is only in the way of the sword." Kuno shook his head. "But against that foul sorcerer, Saotome, my skill is useless."

"Don't call him a sorcerer, you'll make real sorcerers upset." Both Ryoga and Bulleta said at the same time, causing Kuno to jerk backwards in surprise.

"I... He says that as well, what do you mean?"

"Just trust me." Ryoga shook his head.

Kuno blinked, before coughing and clearing his throat. "I see. However, he is a Demon, or will real Demons get upset about that?"

"Nope. There are humans that even Demons fear." Bulleta grinned and jerked a thumb at herself. "I can make Werewolves and catgirls run in terror just from being near them and I've killed my fair share of Vampires too."

"Well then, I would like to find some way to defeat him, but I am at an impasse, so to speak, for the foul Demon has abilities that I, an honorable human, cannot replicate."

"That's because you're too slow." Ryoga muttered, getting a blink of surprise from Kuno. "Your speed, you're too slow to have a chance to hit him, he can move so fast that even I can't keep up with him."

"I see. Then perhaps I should undertake some serious training, however, leaving that cur to run freely is..."

"Don't worry," Bulleta sneered. "I will take him out, lay him on the ground, and pound him until he breaks!"

"Ah, your promise of service is simply too much not to purchase. Though ... your nose is bleeding."

"Ah, excuse me," she replied quickly. "More of his ... magic he dabbles in."

"Ah, then I shall hire you to protect the city while I train, but alas, I have no idea where to start."

"Here." Ryoga reached into his backpack and pulled out a notebook. "I've already made three copies of this, in case one of them gets lost or something." If he ever had kids, he was planning on teaching them from the notebooks in his backpack, as well as the scrolls he had in there. "It's some basic to intermediate strength and speed training. Just follow the instructions and in days you'll see improvements."

"Forsooth!" Kuno smiled as he took the notebook. "Hmm, yes, this is very doable indeed. I shall go at once to find a river and attempt to swim against the current like a salmon!"

"Wait, what?" Ryoga asked as Kuno slapped him on his back. "What do you..?"

"Good luck against the foul Demon Saotome, I have work to do!" Kuno ran off, grabbing his wooden sword along the way.

"What's wrong?"

"Those are the advanced training methods for increasing your strength, speed and endurance."

She shrugged. "So if he screws up he'll cripple himself, you do have copies right?"

"Well, yeah, but..."

"Then there's no problem!"

Ryoga sweat-dropped, but supposed that was true. "So..." He looked around. "Where are we?"

Bulleta blinked and looked around, wondering how they ended up in a rice field. "HOW THE HELL DO YOU DO THIS?!"


Standing in front of a museum on the far end of Nerima, Ranma, in a gray Chinese Mao outfit, frowned softly as he looked at the building. Sure, it was in the middle of the day, but there was something in the building that was bothering him.

"Now, what could it be?" He wondered aloud as he walked into the building. According to the sign outside, the place was full of replicas of famous Japanese swords throughout history. "Obviously can't have real swords, some idiot would end up stealing them and use them in crimes."

There was always a weirdo who thought he was the reincarnation of a famous Samurai or something. "Case in point." Ranma said as he got inside and saw someone dressed in a red Samurai armor, a Katana sheathed at its side and... "Okay, so you're not some random crazy if you've got a couple of lesser spirits hovering around you, who are you?" What unnerved him was that the armor had pale blue arms, legs and a featureless face.

"HuH?" The armor turned to look at Ranma and he grimaced as he saw what looked to be two eyes on the chest and the mid-section of the armor was jagged enough that it looked like teeth. "So ThErE wAs SoMeOnE WhO cOuLd GeT iN, hUh?" The armor said while the mid-section moved slightly and the ghosts around it started to move around erratically.

"Now, now, Hannya..." A female voice spoke up, quieting down the spirits. "We agreed that I would give you and Kien all the bodies you wanted so long as you let me have complete control."

"YeS, hOw FoOlIsH oF mE tO fOrGet."

Ranma stared as the armor's head, arms and legs seemed to solidify and turn into skin. "Who are you?"

"Who I used to be is no matter, but I guess you call the three of us Bishamon." The woman said and bowed. "But no offense," she said as she stood tall, "a half-breed Darkstalker has no chance against us."

"Okay, fine, let's just assume you're right, why are you here?" He frowned as Bishamon turned and walked away from him. "Hey!"

"Ah! Here it is! The Murasame! The cursed blade said to get stronger the more it kills." Bishamon smashed the display cabient around the sword and Ranma stopped, his eyes widening as he felt raw power coming from that sword.

"What the hell? I thought these were replicas!"

Grabbing the sword and unsheathing it, Bishamon giggled. "Dear boy, don't you think that letting people know "hey, powerful weapons are here, come get them" is a bad idea?" Unsheathing the sword, the person in the armor nodded and turned to Ranma. "In fact, you should know, this sword has anti-Holy properties. Very useful against Holy Swords, Angels and other annoying pests that want to destroy beings like you and me."

"You aren't leaving with that sword."

"Oh, come on, please? I promise that I won't kill you."


"Calm down, Hannya, he's not worth it, besides, we need to do other things first."

"Sorry, I might not be a nice person, but I can't let you get away with whatever you want."

Bishamon sighed and unsheathed its other sword. "Kien, Murasame, let's go."

Seeing the new sword glowing blue and the Murasame glowing black, Ranma narrowed his eyes as a yellow aura surrounded him.

"Ooooh! Both magic and Youki?! Maybe this will be fun."

"ToO bAd He DoEs NoT hAvE fUlL cOnTrOl."

"Indeed." The person in the armor nodded and grinned at Ranma. "Oh, don't worry, you can start at any time."

"I usually wait for people like you, but I think I can be forgiven for making the first move." Ranma seemingly disappeared from sight.

"Too slow." Bishamon said as it took a step back and slashed upward, cutting across Ranma's shirt and slicing the boy in half. "Too, huh?" The image of Ranma disappeared and Bishamon had only a moment's warning before being kicked in the head, sending the armor crashing through a few display cases.

Touching down, Ranma rushed forward, his hand glowing a bright yellow. He twisted at the last second to avoid a slash upwards, only to gasp out in pain as the Masamune clipped the underside of his arm.

"Not bad, boy." Bishamon said and stood to its full height. "If I had more time to play with you, I would, but you're hurt and, Aiyayayayayayayayayayayah!" The armor danced around and spasmed as a bolt of lightning came out of nowhere and struck the swords directly.

Ranma grinned as his good hand had sparks flowing from it. "I agree, not bad, but I think I'll have to end you." Rushing forward, a complex array appeared on each of his hands. Exorcism wasn't something he was good at, as it wasn't a form of magic that appealed to him, but he could do it. The problem was...

He had to be close to the body to do it.

"Oh dear, if you would have just let me go, you would have been able to live a long life." The next thing Ranma knew was pain as Murasame stabbed him deep in the gut while Kien left a deep cut on his back.

Gasping in pain, Ranma fell to his knees and staring in shock as Bishamon sheathed its swords. "See, Hannya, I told you he wasn't worth it."

"W," Ranma coughed as blood came out of his mouth, "wait..."

"No." The armor faded away. "If you survive, pray we never meet again."

"Flame," Ranma whispered and put his hand on his stomach, igniting the wound and stopping the blood there. "I won't die... Not..." His eyes rolled up into the back of his head and he flopped onto his face, passing out. "Yet..."


"Master!" Lilith's eyes widened and she felt a chill cross her body. Not even questioning it, she ran out of the dojo and found a shadow to jump into. "What happened?!"

A moment later, she came out of a shadow on a wall and gasped as she saw Ranma in a pool of blood. "Master!" She tore his shirt off and put her hands on his back, pouring magic and Youki into him and sighing when the wound closed rather quickly. Rolling over and putting his head on her lap, she did the same to his stomach and noticed that he had already did some healing to it. "At least it's not too serious, huh?"

"Nnngh, gah."

"Good." Lilith gave her Master a smile as he opened an eye. "You know how to worry a girl, Master."


She smiled at him and poked him on the nose. "For making me worry, you owe me."

"Well... Can we go back to the Dojo first? I'm feeling light-headed." Lilith nodded and helped Ranma stand up before the two of them disappeared into a shadow.


"OH MY!" Kasumi gasped as she saw the two come out of a shadow. "What happened?! You're covered in blood!" And topless, but she wasn't concerned about that.

Ranma chuckled at Kasumi's concerned look. "I'll be fine in a couple of hours." He sighed as she dragged him into the kitchen. "I said I'd be fine."

"I don't care, we need to wash you off and get your wounds cleaned!"

"What wounds? I already healed them." Lilith muttered and stepped aside as Genma charged into the room. "Here we go."

"Boy?! What the hell happened?!"

"Was taking a walk, found a museum with a nasty aura, checked it out, found a living armor walking around and stealing a magical sword, got into a fight and this happened."

"Master..." Lilith frowned softly. "Didn't you..."

"Remind me to practice exorcism more." Ranma sighed and let Kasumi wash his back and stomach areas. "Anyway, I'm gunna go to sleep in the dojo now."

Kasumi looked at him in concern. "Ranma, if you're still hurting..."

"Nah, don't worry, so long as I don't die I can heal from anything with some sleep." Ranma smiled at her and looked at Lilith, who was looking at him in concern. "But have some food ready to go when I wake up, I'll be hungry."

Kasumi nodded as Ranma got up and made his way out of the kitchen.

"Boy," Genma put his hand on Ranma's shoulder, "you said you fought a living armor?"

"Red Samurai Armor with a couple ghosts around it. Couldn't sense anyone alive in it, but there was some sort of woman controlling it. Dunno who she was, but she was definitely a spirit of some sort."

Genma nodded and let Ranma go before heading to the stairs.

"Uncle Saotome?" Kasumi asked, concern evident in her voice.

"Nothing, Kasumi, I have something I need to look up." He passed Nabiki on the way up stairs.

"What happened?" She asked Lilith, who was walking behind Ranma quietly. "Kasumi?"

Her elder sister shook her head. "Nabiki, I'll tell you later, okay?"

Nabiki nodded but looked at the Dojo and bit her lower lip. 'Then why do I sense some spirit magic?'



"Ah! You did come!" Kodachi Kuno smiled as she saw Akane Tendo. Her smile soon faded as she saw Akane's concerned look. "Is something the matter?"

"Well, to be honest, I haven't heard good things about you, so I wasn't sure if I wanted to show up today."

"Ah, no doubt my brother told you the most awful things about me." She sighed and looked at the cup in front of her. "I do admit that I am, shall we say, not the easiest person to get along with."

"You did attack me at school and electrocuted me at the ring." Akane sighed and was thankful Lilith knew how to fix her hair. "So excuse me if I think that Kuno-sempai isn't wrong on this issue."

"An... Understandable anger." Kodachi nodded and looked at the ice rink. "However, I must admit, other than the outcome, that match was the most fun I have had in a long time."

"Really?" Akane raised an eyebrow as Kodachi nodded. "That's fine and all, but I don't see what..."

"I was wondering, would you care to have a... Oh what is the term that people use when they don't wish to fight seriously?"

"A friendly match? A spar?"

"Yes, that." Kodachi snapped her fingers. "I admit, I find you to be interesting. Enough that I understand why my brother goes on and on about you, despite your looks being..." She trailed off, not sure how to put it. "Not quite up to the standards that I would assume he would go for."

"Well excuse me for being plain!" Akane yelled and stood up. "Really, if you're going to insult me, you don't need to bother asking me to show up and talk then."

"Please wait, I did not mean it as an insult, my initial impression of you was a girl who was not bad looking, but rather plain, however, after seeing you in action, I can see why my brother would become enamoured with you." Akane blinked at hearing that. "Your passion, your tenacity and your drive actually is impressive, even more so seeing you in action."

"Please don't tell me that you're in love with me."

Kodachi blinked before throwing her head back in amusement. "Ohohohohohohoho! Oh goodness no. While amusing, I would rather spend the night in that delicious Ranma's arms."

Akane snorted at that. "You can have him." Kodachi blinked in surprise. "He's a big pervert, he's got a loli that he's doing perverted things with practically every night, another loli blew up our school because she wanted him or something and with my luck there's probably a loli catgirl out there that will show up within the year and make a move on him or something."

"Oh dear, I had no idea he was... Into young girls." It saddened Kodachi that such a prime example of manliness would be into young-looking girls, but to each their own, she supposed.

"Yeah." Akane said as she sat back down, "So, why did you call me out here?"

"Would you believe that I would just like to... What is it that people do when they are on good terms with each other?"

"Hang out?" Akane blinked slowly and Kodachi snapped her fingers and nodded. "You don't hang out with your friends?"

"I... Have never had friends before. I was kind of hoping..."

Akane smiled at the other girl. "Well, that's okay. But if you wanted to be friends, all you needed to do was ask." She held her hand in front of her. "Hi, my name's Akane Tendo, I practice the Tendo Style of Anything Goes Martial Arts, I have a bit of a bad temper and hate perverts. Do you want to be friends?"

Kodachi looked at the hand offered in front of her and shook it. "My name is Kodachi Kuno, one of the best gymnasts of my age group, I have a pet named Mr. Green Turtle, I live with my brother at the Kuno Mansion and I have no idea what I am doing. I would love to be friends."

Akane smiled as they shook hands. "So, you said you wanted to hang out, what would you like to do then?"

"Since we're here, would you care to go ice skating?"

"Sure." Akane nodded at her.


Hours later, Akane smiled as she walked in. "I'm home!"

"Welcome back, Akane." Kasumi said from the kitchen. "Are you okay?"

"I'm fine, Kodachi was actually a lot of fun to hang out with. There was a pervert that tried kissing me though." Akane was thankful that Kodachi had pulled him off and offered him a black rose that caused him to fall onto the ice, paralyzed. "He'll be getting out of the hospital in a month."

"Oh dear." Kasumi sighed, causing Akane to look at her in confusion. "After Ranma came back hurt, I'd rather not think of others getting hurt, even if they deserve it."

"Huh? Where is he?" Sure, Akane didn't like Ranma, but that didn't mean she wanted him hurt.

"The dojo but you..." Kasumi trailed off as Akane rushed off. "Wait! Akane!" She ran after her little sister. "You may want to wait!"

"Why? I'm just checking to make sure that he's okay!" Akane yelled as she grabbed the door to the dojo and flung it open.

She stopped and stared at the scene in front of her, her eyes wide.

"Yes! Master! Ooooh!" Lilith moaned as Ranma drove into her from behind. "Right, nnngh, there! Ooh yes!"

"I'd say he's doing well." Nabiki smirked as she pulled out a camera and started recording while Kasumi stood there, her face red and buried into her hands while she peeked through her open fingers.

Ranma groaned, his fingers squeezing Lilith's ass as he came inside of her again. "Again."

"Hehehehhehe... Knew you'd be like this." Lilith giggled as he picked her up and spun around. "OOooh! We have guests!"

Ranma stared as he stood there, balls deep in Lilith, her legs spread due to his right arm under her right leg, his left arm on her bare chest and exposing the two of them completely to the three sisters. "...Could you close the door? I'd rather not have the whole neighborhood know."

"PERVERTS!" Akane screamed, her face bright red as she slammed the door closed.

End Chapter Five


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Chapter Six

Nabiki chuckled as she and Akane walked to school in the morning.

"It's not funny!" Akane muttered, her face red.

"Sure it is! Your attempt at making waffles somehow summoned a tentacle demon from somewhere." She laughed as Akane buried her face in her hands. "Too bad you nearly killed it."

"Mooooou! How was I supposed to know that he was going to hug me for getting him out of the Abyss?! He was a tentacle demon!"

Nabiki started laughing as she remembered the creature flattened by Akane's mallet, the screaming and then when everything had calmed down, the creature had said he would have left to explore the world but had decided that it was safer in the Abyss. "I'm still not sure how you did it."

"I blame the cookbook! I followed the instructions!"

"And all because Kasumi had to leave early to restock the pantry." Nabiki shook her head in amusement. "Well, at least the kitchen is still in one piece. That's an improvement from your usual attempts."

Akane groaned in dismay.

"But, seriously, Akane," Nabiki stopped laughing and gave her sister a soft smile, "even Kasumi was impressed with the fact that everything, other than the cracked floor where you hit the Tentacle Demon, was in one piece. Good job."

"Thanks." She sighed and looked down.

"What's wrong?" Nabiki looked at her sister in concern.

"Just thinking about that lolicon pervert."

"You mean Ranma?"

"Who else?" She snorted, "can't believe father lets him live with us."

"Well, if he's a true lolicon at least we don't have to worry about him trying to sneak into our rooms to do perverted things with us."

Akane blinked and gave a small smile. "Yeah, I guess so." She couldn't argue against that. "Still, it would be better if he wasn't..." She trailed off as the two got to the school and a party was being held outside. "What's going on?"

"Oh, Akane!" One of her friends came up to her, smiling. "It's wonderful! Kuno-sempai is taking a leave of absence!"

"Wait, so that means..."

"No more bad poetry!"

"No more daily challenges!" Akane's eyes sparkled in happiness.

"No more easy money, drat." Nabiki muttered under her breath. "So, anyone know why or where he is?"

"Something about training to defeat a foul Demon or something."

Akane and Nabiki looked at each other in surprise. "But I thought he liked Lilith?"

"Maybe he had a change of heart?" Nabiki shrugged and walked inside. "Well, either way, maybe things will be quiet for awhile."

The loud sound of thunder had everyone looking around and wondering why there was thunder on a clear day.


"So Master, why are we skipping school?" Lilith asked as they moved in the opposite direction of the school. "Don't tell me that you found a new plaything and want to get rid of me."

Ranma rolled his eyes as the two jumped from the building they were on to the top of a light pole and across the street. "As if I'd get rid of you."

"You're right! I must get you a harem!"

"I told you, I'm not interested."

Lilith sighed as they ran across rooftops. 'Maybe you aren't, Master, but at your current growth rate, I won't be able to keep up with you for much longer.' She thought to herself. It was kind of humiliating, whoever heard of a succubus unable to keep up with their partner anyway? "Where are we going anyway?"

"Just follow me."

It was ten minutes later when they touched down in an alley and Ranma looked around. "Okay, there should be..." He trailed off and jumped away as an arrow hit where he had been a moment ago. "Thought so."

"Well, now I see why you didn't want to be the dojo or the school." Lilith muttered as she saw who had fired the arrow. "How did you know?"

"I didn't know it was her specifically, but someone was trying really hard to get through the anti-scrying field last night." Ranma narrowed his eyes. "So, Shampoo... I didn't know you were that good with magic."

Standing on top of a tree, a teenager with long purple hair was holding a bow with a quiver of arrows on her back. "Nihao!" She smiled and jumped off the tree and into the alley. "Shampoo happy to see Demons again, get new chance, yes?"

"You can speak Chinese, I can understand you." Lilith said to her. "So why are you trying to kill us? I thought this was settled in China?"

"Oh, it was." A new voice spoke up and Ranma and Lilith spun around to see a figure with long white hair, a staff that was taller than either of them, and green robes over its two-foot tall body. "Heh heh, long time no see, boy."

"And you are?"

"Ah, that's right, we didn't meet properly, did we? I am Cologne of the Jokenzuko." She cackled at him. "After being run out of the village, did you really think that we wouldn't come after you?"

"I was kind of hoping, those weapons you had hurt."

The small figure grinned at Ranma. "Well, that's what happens when you have weapons designed for fighting Devils and anyone with Youki."

"So what? You're going to try and kill us?" Lilith could escape in an instant through the shadows and escape back to the dojo. Sure it wouldn't stop the old woman, but at least it would give them enough time to flee the city before they were found.

"Of course not." Cologne laughed as the two face-faulted. "If we're being honest, we've been in Nerima for some time observing you."

"Shampoo was chasing across China." The girl grimaced and hated how she couldn't speak Japanese very well. 'If only grandmother hadn't told me to speak this language.'

"Yeah, I know." Ranma grumbled. "So what was with all the probes?"

"Merely testing you, nothing more, boy." She cackled at his disbelieving stare.

"Really? I would think you had a law stating "all demons, devils and monsters must be killed on sight."

"We do." Cologne nodded, causing the two to tense up. "Oh please, if we were going to kill you there would be three Elders, a hundred elite warriors and we would have magic users casting a spell blanketing the city to eliminate you in case the warriors and Elders failed."

"Great-Grandmother, Shampoo thinks they should..." Shampoo trailed off, not sure how to say what she wanted to say in Japanese.

"So, what is your purpose here then?" Lilith asked the old woman. 'If you could call that thing a woman.'

"Think of us as your social workers." Cologne answered her. "I'm also impressed that you lead us across the city, but like I said, we had been observing you for some time, so we know where you live. Impressive bounded fields I admit. I couldn't sneak in there even if I wanted to."

"When Devil Hunters and Magical Girls keep coming for your life, you need to learn some sort of defense."

"Indeed, girl, indeed." Cologne nodded at Lilith's answer and pointed at Shampoo. "Come, grand-daughter, we need to finish the store in time for its grand opening."


Cologne gave Ranma a grin. "We're just your social workers, nothing more." Of course, if the two ever did become a threat, Cologne had several wards, talismans and other magical items that could seriously injure or even kill either of them if it came down to it.

The two jumped away and Lilith looked at Ranma, who was frowning at where Cologne was. "Master?"

"I... Am not sure what to think about this."

"You could always try sleeping with Shampoo and getting her pregnant, that would probably stop all threats against us from them." She giggled at his look.

"Are you kidding?! I'd probably have MORE people trying to kill me then! Besides," he sobered up and looked at where Cologne had been, "you felt it too, right?"

"Of course, it's faint, but it's there."


"Master?" She moaned as he grabbed her and kissed her in the alley. "Feeling frisky?"

"Right now I'm spoiling for a fight, but since the only one around is you..."

Lilith moaned as his hands went down her back and down to her ass. "Well, I wouldn't mind a spar, but I agree, this is better."


As they moved across the rooftops, Shampoo looked at Cologne curiously. "Great-grandmother," she spoke in Chinese, "why would you let them go with just a warning? The council..."

"Is not here, Shampoo." Cologne replied as they jumped across the street. "Surely you have felt it, haven't you?"

Shampoo frowned as they moved through the air. "I have felt plenty of things since coming here. If I did not know better, I would swear there are several powerful Devils in the city somewhere."

"Exactly. Using anything to harm a lowly Hanyou and a succubus may attract the attention of more powerful enemies, ones we're not equipped to deal with."

"Should we?"

"No." Cologne shook her head. "Calling for allies should not be done lightly, if we did, you know that the council would be here within three days with enough warriors that the local government and military would take notice." As much as the Jokenzuko prided themselves on being warriors, there was no need for agitating the world governments. "Unless it's a serious matter where those two become a threat to the world, I see no problem letting them live."

"But we'll keep an eye on them, right?"

"Of course." She grinned as she saw Shampoo blush. "Tis a good thing that the succubus explained about the Jusenkyo curse before you made a fool of yourself, huh?"

Shampoo nodded as she thought back to that day.


"Hey! What's going on?" Ranma, in female form and a white Gi asked as she was kissed on the cheek.

"Oh no! Honored customer! The village champion gave you the Kiss of Death. You must run if you do not wish to die."

"Oh, is that all?" Lilith, in a similar outfit to Ranma, said as she grinned. "So if anyone beats them they have to hunt them down and kill them, huh?"

"Only if female."

Lilith blinked and sighed. "Hey! You!" She yelled in Chinese to someone.

"What is it, outsider?"

"Could you bring me hot water?"

"Why? Have you been to Jusenkyo or something?"

"Yes." Lilith nodded and pointed at the redhead. "She is under a curse. She's actually a guy." A moment later, hot water was splashed over both Ranma and her. "I didn't ask for any myself!"

Shampoo stared at Ranma's male form and blushed. 'Holy cow! He's hot! Why'd I try to kill him again? I should be tying him up and pinning him to the bed!'

Lilith grinned as she felt raw lust forming up from Shampoo before she turned her head sharply as she felt a strong surge of hostility coming her way. "What the, YIPE!" She yelled and jumped as an arrow struck where her feet were. "What the?"

"Shoot!" A young woman in her twenties frowned. "Missed the Demon."

Lilith grimaced at the looks she was getting. "Master!" She called out in Japanese. "Panda! We need to go, now! They know what I am!"

Shampoo blinked as Ranma, the panda and the girl all disappeared in a cloud of dust.

*End Flash*

"If only Lotion hadn't interfered! I could have bedded the stud!"

"Unlikely," Cologne sighed heavily, "now that I've had a chance to meet him personally I can tell that he's as much of a Demon as the succubus is."

"But he's only part Demon." Not that it made much of a difference to the people of the village. "Pretty damn hypocritical of the village to hate part Demons when we want strong bloodlines."

"Yes, but we can't go against Athena's rules."

"Bah! It's stupid!"

"I agree, anyway, enough, you must practice your Japanese more and we have to finish setting up the Neko Haten."

"Yes, Great-Grandmother." Shampoo sighed in Japanese.



Nabiki frowned softly as she didn't see Ranma or Lilith at school. "Now where are they?" She knew they could handle themselves, but after that injury that Ranma sustained the other day, she wanted to keep a closer tab on the two of them. She had ways to do it, but she was certain that the two would notice.

"Hey boss, got some juicy info for you." One of her subordinates grinned. "Looks like we got a new teacher starting school tomorrow."

Nabiki raised an eyebrow. "Anything special about this one?"

"Apparently she was raised in an orphanage and, get this, she tried to be a dancer to get famous, but apparently there was something that kept her from getting her big breakout."

"Huh, interesting." Nabiki knew the world had discrimination going on in it, it really got in the way of letting the best get to where they should go. "So, what's her name?"

"Ah! Her name's a miss..."


"Felicia!" A nun looked up from watering the flowers outside the church as a bunch of young children ran up to her. "Are you really going?"

The nun knelt down and reached out with large, fur-covered hands to rub the child's head. "Yes, unfortunately. The orphanage needs money and I do have the ability to teach, so I'll be gone for awhile."

"AWWW!" The children pouted.

"Now, now..." Another nun came forward, smiling, she was an older woman who was slightly large, "don't be like that, if you are it will be hard for Felicia to leave. So let's wish her well and keep our spirits up."

"Don't worry." Felicia smiled at the children. "I'll be back every weekend."

"Okay!" The children cheered and Felicia smiled at them.


Later that night...

"What happened to you?!" Nabiki and Akane yelled as they saw Ranma and Lilith walking home, dirt everywhere, scuff marks and several cuts all over their bodies.

"Rough outdoor sex followed by sparring followed by breaking helicopters that tried to shoot us." Ranma yawned and winced. "Explosive helicopters."

"At least they were unmanned." Lilith added and stretched. "I'm hungry, what's for dinner?"

Both Nabiki and Akane face-faulted.


The next day...

"You know, you'd think that they wouldn't be so irritated with us." Ranma groused as he and Lilith ran across the fences towards the school. "Didn't even get us for breakfast, sheesh!"

"I know, first time we sleep all night and no one comes to get us, honestly!" Lilith huffed as they stuck out their hands to grab a light post and use it to help them take a corner. "You think they were mad about something."

"Yeah, I... Huh, what's going on here?" He blinked as the two touched down outside the school yard. "What's..."

"Nihao!" Shampoo, wearing a Furinkan School outfit, waved at the two of them. "Shampoo here for school, yes."

"...Huh?" Ranma gawked at her. "Um, okay, but..."

Shampoo smiled and walked up to them. "Great-grandmother say Shampoo need learn Japanese." She mentally sighed, hating how speaking Japanese made her sound like a moron. "Shampoo need learn outside world if be next leader."

"Ah." Ranma nodded, that made some sense.

"Also," Shampoo leaned in, whispering in Chinese to the two of them, "she wants me to keep an eye on you two."

Lilith sighed and rolled her eyes. "Fair enough, I suppose, guess I can't blame you." To be fair, it would be stupid not to.

"Good, Shampoo is..." She trailed off and sighed. "Shampoo sound stupid, no?"

Ranma chuckled and walked in, wondering what else was going to happen today.


As second period ended, Ranma blinked as a new person walked in. "When did this happen?"

"Dude, there was an announcement yesterday, you missed it." A boy with brown hair said to him.

Near the window, Lilith frowned, unexpected things always seemed to turn out badly. "Why a nun though?"

"Hello, everyone!" The nun smiled as she held her hands in front of her, her baggy robes concealing her hands. "My name is Felicia." She looked at Lilith, her eyes narrowing slightly. "As of today, I'll be your English teacher, now then..." She turned around and grabbed a piece of chalk. "Will everyone..."

"Sensei!" A girl raised her hand. "Your hands!"

"Huh?" Felicia looked down and sighed. "Well, the cat's out of the bag, literally." Turning and smiling, she rolled her sleeves up, revealing hands that were much larger than a normal person's, furry and with sharp nails. Flipping her hat off, a large mane of blue hair came flowing down and two white cat ears on top of her head. "Well, as you can see, I'm a catwoman, if that's going to be a problem, you can always..."


"A real catgirl!"

"I no longer need to look on the internet for images of it."

"GYAAAAH!" Everyone stopped and looked at Ranma as he stood up and bolted out of the room.

Through the wall.

And outside of the school.

Lilith was trembling in her chair uncontrollably, rocking back and forth as she tried to fight off the uncontrollable sensations that her Master was sending her.

"How rude!" Felicia pouted, "I haven't even done anything yet."

Akane and Shampoo looked at each other in confusion before looking at Lilith, who, after getting her trembling under control, stood up. "Sensei, I need to go."

"Miss, can you tell me what's going on?"

"No time, excuse me!" Lilith bowed and ran out the hole Ranma made. "This is great." She muttered sarcastically as she went to hunt her Master down before he did something stupid.

Seeing the trail of destruction left in his wake, she let out a deep sigh, this qualified as stupid.


"So..." Felicia said and mentally sighed, she knew that her kind wasn't always well-received in the world, but to find someone this racist against her? It kind of hurt. "Class, let's begin with our lessons."

Shampoo mentally frowned, why would the school hire a catwoman? And why would Ranma react so badly to her? And how the hell was she supposed to pronounce 'rubber baby buggy bumpers' anyway?

'Stupid English language.' She mentally groused, she could barely speak Japanese, how was she supposed to learn English too? Sure, her grandmother could speak English, Japanese, Spanish and French, but she had a couple of centuries to learn!


It took Lilith about twenty minutes to find Ranma.

In the middle of a crater.

By the river.

In cursed form.

"Master!" She yelled and jumped down to the redhead, who was panting hard. "Master, I'm so sorry! I knew she was a Darkstalker from her aura, but I had no idea that she was a catwoman, please forgive me."

"Lilith..." Ranma turned and took a few deep breaths. "It's not... Your fault. I already had this problem before we met, you know that."

"It's my job to protect you though." She sighed and looked down, "not that I've done a very..." She trailed off as Ranma hugged her into the redhead's breasts. "Master?"

"It's okay," she smiled and rubbed Lilith's back. "You didn't know that she was a cat. I'm going to need you to go back to her and explain the situation, okay?"

Lilith nodded and sighed as she nuzzled her face into Ranma's breasts. 'Wish that she'd be willing to experiment with this form.' But even if her Master would be willing to experiment in her female form, Lilith would only accept the best of the best to play with her Master.

"OWW!" She yelped as she felt her butt being pinched. "That hurt, Master!"

"You were starting to giggle like a pervert." Ranma gave her Servant a flat stare. "No I'm not doing what you want me to do with this form."

"Oh come on! You know how many guys would *KILL* to have the chance to play with their own female body?" She wilted under the redhead's intense stare. "I can still fantasize about it, right?"

"No, because you'll invade my dreams and I'll start dreaming about it and I don't want that, got it?"

Lilith pouted, she had only done that one time when her Master was fourteen and she never heard the end of it.

"Anyway, why don't you head back and I'll catch up after I get changed back?"

"Sure." Lilith stood up. "But, Master, should I tell the class or..?"

"If the class pesters you, just say that we got attacked by a bunch of werecreatures or something and I had a bad flashback, but tell the teacher the truth." There was no way Ranma could even face that teacher.

"If only I knew how to help you overcome your trauma."

Ranma threw his hands up. "You tried giving me a dream where I was surrounded by catwomen and that didn't turn out well."

Lilith grimaced, that had been a big mistake on her part. One of the few times that they had been in a motel and she had tried to help her Master out.

The motel did not survive the subsequent Neko-Ken outburst.

That hadn't even been the first time that she had tried to help her Master out either. She had tried using sex and hypnosis in his dreams to help out.

She vowed to *NEVER* do that again. The concussion and destruction of the forest they were in was not worth it, even though the orgasms were the most intense she had ever had up to that point.

And the less said about the American manga about some werecat girl, the better.

That ... there were no words to describe how that turned out.

Though last she heard, the convention in the town it had occurred in now took the catgirl theme to extremes, and was probably more popular than Pokemon.


It was later in the day when Felicia heard a knock on the teacher's room. "Come in!" With the exception of that rude Ranma boy, the rest of the day had gone pretty well, the rest of the student body was rather happy to have a catwoman as a teacher. It was too bad that outside of a fight she would have to leave her nun outfit on, but she doubted anyone would appreciate her fighting in the nude with fur covering strategic spots.

Well, she was certain the teenage boys would, but no one else would.

"Hello." Lilith stuck her head in and smiled softly. "Can I come in?"

"Certainly." Felicia smiled and turned to face Lilith. "What can I do for you?"

"It's about this morning in English class." Not that Lilith needed the class, she and her Master were fluent in nearly every language, barring some of the more unusual ones that existed. "But Ma, ah, Ranma," she rarely called her Master by his real name anymore, "has an extreme case of ailurophobia."


"Fear of cats."

"I know what ailurophobia is, I'm just... shocked to find someone with a reason to dislike me outside of being racist towards me for being a catwoman."

Lilith scoffed at that. "He's not like that. And believe me, he's so scared of cats that one time he saw a newborn cat that couldn't even open its eyes yet and he ran off screaming."

"...What happened?"

"Not something that he likes to talk about..." Lilith sighed and began to explain the horrors of the Neko-ken to Felicia.


Students were enjoying their lunch when they all ducked for cover upon hearing a loud scream shatter more than a few windows.


Nabiki blinked and looked around in mild shock. "That was in English even."

A few of the students wrote it down. Teachers rarely--if ever--taught them how to cuss in a foreign language.

You seriously needed to know that when you traveled.


Lilith uncovered her ears and blinked a few times. "I'm sorry, could you repeat that? I don't think they heard you in Juuban."

Felicia let off several dark curses as she started pacing around the room. "So, why would anyone... GAH!"

Lilith sighed and shook her head. "Ma, ah, Ranma's father trained him in martial arts and was looking for an invincible technique."

"SO HE PUT HIS OWN SON THROUGH TORTURE?!" Felicia's fur was standing on end and her eyes were slitted. "SERIOUSLY! Morrigan, I don't know what your deal with that Ranma kid is, but even for you, not dealing with..." Felicia trailed off as Lilith started to glow and tremble. "Morrigan?"

"Don't." Lilith's form shifted slightly, revealing her succubus outfit. "Call." Her eyes glowed as her hands crackled with Magic and Youki. "Me." She started to hover off the ground as the air around her started to warp. "By." Her wings grabbed Felicia and lifted her up. "That." The next thing Felicia knew she was thrown to the ground. "Name AGAIN!"

"ACK! I'm SORRY!" Lilith glared, her eyes blazing as Felicia coughed. "You just felt so much like Morrigan that I thought you were here playing a game or something."

"HMPH!" Lilith returned to her human disguise, her wings disappearing in a flash. "Sorry, but whenever I hear that name I just get really pissed off."

Felicia nodded and stood up. "My apologies then... Lilith, was it?"


Standing up, Felicia dusted herself off and sat back down. "Well, this has been awkward, huh?" Lilith nodded and Felicia was honestly surprised to see an embarrassed look on the succubus's face. "Alright, so, why do you feel like Morrigan and what is your deal with that Ranma boy?"

Lilith looked at her in surprise. "You expect me to tell you when we just met?"

"Well, either that or we can fight and if I win you tell me everything, but I figure such a fight will destroy most of the school and I need this job."

Lilith sighed and rubbed her forehead. "I've been in the human world too long. Fine, I'll give you a brief run-down. Do you know who Jedah is?"

"One of the rulers of Makai, creepy bastard?" Felicia asked, getting a nod from Lilith. "Okay, I know about him."

"Let's just say that he's responsible for me being on Earth, okay?" Felicia nodded at that. "As for my "deal" with my Master? I entered into a Master-Servant pact with him." Felicia stared at that. "What?"

"Okay, so, that's impressive, he must have left an impression on you if you did that."

Lilith shrugged and stood up. "Yes, well, Master is pretty unique. Anyway, is that all?"

"So, what should we do about your Master then?"

Lilith shrugged as she walked to the door. "Let him leave before you show up for class so he doesn't cause a distraction? Stay in your nun outfit? I dunno."

"I'd talk to the principal, but apparently he's not around." She stood up as Lilith grabbed the door handle. "Maybe there's something I can do, you know, offset the horrible memories with good ones."

"No." Lilith shook her head. "I've already tried that. Believe me, you don't want to be around him if he freaks out too much." She paused before opening the door. "Unless you know a cat goddess or something."

Felicia sighed and flopped back into her chair. "Well... Fuck." How was she supposed to be a teacher when there was a student who was so afraid of her that he would barrel out of the room at the mere sight of her?


Later in the day, Ranma was walking home with Lilith, Akane and Shampoo following him.

"Shampoo want to know."

"Ever hear of the Neko-ken?" Ranma asked, getting a shake from Shampoo. "Forbidden training technique that made me scared of cats."

"Scared he says." Akane scoffed. "That wasn't scared, that was pure fear."

"Yeah, for all of you!" Ranma snapped and walked off, getting a sigh from Lilith, who turned to face them.

"I'm sorry, if you want to know, ask Genma, and don't fall for his dramatics." She turned and ran after Ranma. "Master! Wait for me!"

"Shampoo not sure what to think."

"I agree." Akane bit her lip. "So... Want to find out?"

"Yes." Shampoo nodded and followed Akane to the Tendo Dojo. After all, this could be very important information that her grandmother would need to know.

The two walked in relative silence back to the dojo. Entering, Shampoo had to admit that it was a nice place, the layers of protection on it that Cologne said were on it made sense. Walking into the living room, she and Akane saw Genma and Soun playing some game on a table over-looking the back yard. "Hey dad!"

"Ah, Akane, how was school?"

"Just fine, Shampoo here joined our class today." Soun nodded as he saw the purple-haired girl wave at them. "And we had a new English teacher today."

"Must have been interesting." Soun idly commented as he focused on the game board.

"Yeah, but something weird happened. Mr. Saotome, would you know why Ranma would freak out when a catwoman appeared in class?" Seeing Genma stiffen and slowly look at her, she narrowed her eyes at him.

"I have no idea what you mean."

"Shampoo think that Neko-ken might ring cows loose." Shampoo frowned at the older man. "Shampoo also think that we is having panda for dinner, yes?"

"Saotome, what is this Neko-ken that they're talking about?" Soun narrowed his eyes. "Surely you didn't do something reckless, did you?"

Genma sighed and hung his head. "Old friend, I shall not lie to you about this. When Ranma was six, shortly after we left for our long training journey, I found a martial arts manual that described a powerful technique, one that could not be defeated."

"An unbeatable technique? Surely it must have been complex?" Such techniques were hard to pull off and were closely guarded by everyone who knew them.

"You would think that, but the manual was only a couple of pages long, and it's a very simple method, but only works so long as the trainee is under the age of ten. And thankfully Ranma was the right age." Everyone nodded, following along so far. "The training was deceptively simple. All one had to do was dig a hole that the trainee could not jump out of, then fill it full of cats and starve them for three days." Genma sighed as he remembered the next part. "Then you tie up the trainee and attach fish sausage to them and throw them into the pit and close the top. The training manual states that it takes a few days, but the trainee will gain strength, speed, agility and the presence of a cat."

"...What?" Akane and Shampoo asked at the same time, staring at Genma like he was a moron.

"Alas, the training was a farce! A folly! It was only after Ranma had completed the training that I discovered the true horror of the technique! While it did make Ranma an unstoppable force when using it, it came with a terrible, horrible downside."

"So it succeeded then? I'm not seeing the problem." Soun said, getting a shocked look from Akane and Shampoo over it.

"Bah! The technique is useless! Ranma became a berserker, unstoppable and lashing out at everyone! I ended up severely injured and only then discovered the truth! Hidden on the third page of the manual was a warning stating that the Neko-ken is something only an idiot would attempt and that it had been banned since the 1930s!"

"Shampoo agrees, you is an idiot."

"Akane agrees too." Akane nodded, wondering why she spoke in third person. "So the training left him with a severe fear of cats?"

"Oh woe is me! To have a weak son that can't stand looking at a newborn kitten without crying in fear! On the plus side, I've taken the time to read all training manuals fully to see if there were downsides."

"The path of the martial artist is fraught with peril indeed."

The next thing that Soun and Genma knew, they had a mallet and bounbori slammed into their heads, knocking them through the game board.

"Honestly! Any moron should have known that was a bad idea!"

"Moron maybe, but not idiot." Shampoo nodded.


Ducking under a kick, Ranma grabbed Lilith's leg and spun, throwing her across the room. "Either you're going slower than usual, Lilith or I've gotten better, I'm willing to bet that you're going slower."

Flipping and landing on her feet, though sliding across the floor, Lilith looked up, her eyes gleaming. "Oh, so we're getting serious, huh?" Her hands glowed and she snapped her arms forward. "Shining... BEAM!" A lance of energy snaked out and passed through where Ranma was a moment ago.

Reappearing in mid-air, Ranma smirked as energy formed in his hands and he launched two energy blasts towards Lilith, the strength of which sent him back into the air.

Grimacing, Lilith realized she was still off balance from launching that last attack. "Ah crap..." She grimaced as the energy balls slammed into her, sending her flying across the room. "Oww, that hurt." Since it was a spar, even if one throwing energy beams around that seriously hurt, she was staying in her human guise. Still, she may have lacked wings and some of her abilities that she could only do in her true form, but that didn't mean she was helpless.

"Dark pulse!" Lilith snapped her hand up and black rings shot out.

Ranma snorted from his spot on the ceiling of the Dojo and swung his arm in an arc, sending a curved lance of energy into the rings, causing them to detonate. "Come on, Lilith, that's too..." He trailed off as an emerald ball of energy came through the smoke and slammed him in the stomach, causing him to bounce off the ceiling and fall to the floor.

"Obvious, Master?" Lilith said as she seemingly materialized below him with a nasty smirk on her face. Before Ranma could react, her legs shot up, slamming him in the gut and launching him back into the air. "Of course, but so is this." As she was propelled back down, she snapped her wrists up and energy tendrils wrapped around Ranma's wrists before going tight. "Got you." She grinned and flipped in mid air in an attempt to slam him onto the ground.

Ranma was heard chuckling as he felt the energy tendrils pulling him down. "Nope, got you." The next thing Lilith knew, Ranma used the force of her pull to slam his foot into the middle of her back, causing her to gasp as she crashed into the ground, a pillar of energy exploding upwards upon contact with the ground. As the energy tendrils disappeared, Ranma rubbed his wrists and smirked at Lilith's twitching form. "You would have had me if you had made sure that I was fully bound when you did that."

"N...Noted..." Lilith moaned, her feet, fingers and butt all spasming from that last attack.


Up in her room, Nabiki panted and looked at herself in the mirror, naked, sighing and wondering if maybe she would have to take the engagement after all. "He might be willing to help, at my current rate I probably don't have more than a year without him."

The thought of what would happen if she didn't get it taken care of actually terrified her.

Turning away, Nabiki looked out her window, placing her hands upon the opening, as she looked out onto the small balcony, the clouds in the nighttime sky, with the moon slowly starting to peak out into an opening.

"Well, times are a-changing," she murmured. "Maybe it is time for me to change with them ... again."



"Nabiki?" asked Akane, as she opened the door, but saw... "Huh? I thought I heard her in here," she muttered, before shutting the door. "Just like her to be all mysterious when we need to talk."

End Chapter Six
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Chapter 7

It was dark outside, lightning crashing and rain falling in sheets so heavy that one would be lucky if they could see more than a couple of feet in any direction.

"Been a long time since there was rain like this." An old male voice said from inside a small building. "Oh well, it's nice to see things like this from time to..." A knocking at his door, caused the man to turn and give an angry look at the door. "Whatever you want, go away, I'm in no mood to do anything today."

Another knock came at the door and the man grumbled as he stood up and walked to the door. "What do you want? I don't imagine you need any...thing?" He trailed off as he opened the door in time to see lightning flash across the sky, revealing a two pair of glowing eyes and a red armor.

"ArE yOu GoInG tO jUsT sTaNd ThErE lIkE aN iDiOt Or CaN wE cOmE iN?" A distorted male voice spoke.


"It HaS bEeN a LoNg TiMe." The armor said as it walked in when the old man let him in.

"What do you want? I'm retired now."

"Let me speak, Hannya." A female voice came from the mouth of the armor.

"A new host? And one that's not consumed yet?"

"I'm a special circumstance." The woman giggled softly before pulling out a small lasso. "Do you know what this is?"

"A rope?" The man answered, before narrowing his eyes. "But what's with the power I'm feeling from it?"

"It's a Pasha. I collected it today from India." Bishamon pulled out a sword that had an unsettling feeling in it. "This is the Murasame."

"Lovely, that cursed thing again." He sighed and cupped his chin. "Hannya, or should I say, Bishamon, I don't know what you want from me, I've long since retired."

"You still have your skills, do you not?" The old man snorted as if it was an insult to him. "Then I wish for you to turn the Pasha into a sword similar to the Murasame."

"...A rope into a sword?" He could do it, but he knew it wouldn't be easy. "Is there a reason for it?"

"This is a holy artifact used by Hindu gods themselves." The voice giggled softly. "I wish to use its powers and properties in a sword, that's all."

"Bah! I'm a spirit blacksmith, not a holy blacksmith, I don't get why you'd come to me."

"Because you're not watched like the holy blacksmiths are."

He sighed and closed his eyes. "That may be true, which is also why I was asked by that blasted Devil Jedah Dohma to make this armor in the first place." He sneered at the Murasame. "A foolish amateur who had no idea what he was making when he made this thing."

"Was there anything else you needed besides the sword? That alone will take me some time to do, unless you just want a new sword that emulates whatever this Pasha can do?"

"No, I need the Pasha itself as a sword, oh, you made this armor, huh?"

"It was supposed to be a living armor that could be used as a guard, but Jedah took it and twisted it." The man narrowed his eyes. "Even if I wanted to, the armor itself no longer can be restored to its original state."

"ToO bAd, I lIkE mYsElF lIkE tHiS."

Lightning and thunder crashed across the sky, temporarily lighting everything up. "In addition, I need you to do some work on Hannya here." The female voice said.

"If YoU rEmOvE mE, yOu WiLl DiSaPpEaR."

"Only if I remove you completely, if I leave part of you on, I'll remain in this world."

"True, what do you need done?" He raised an eyebrow as she told him. "Well, fine, I guess, but can you..?" He blinked as the armor, except for the helmet, fell to the ground in a heap, leaving a naked female ghost in front of him. "I guess so." Grabbing the armor, he tilted his head as he looked at her. "If I was a couple of centuries younger and you weren't a ghost I would do so much to you."

She giggled and sat in mid-air, hovering with her legs crossed and spread. "I imagine that I could have fun with you, but for now..."

"Of course." It was a real shame she was dead, the woman was a real looker. It was another shame that being a ghost made it impossible for any sort of naughty fun even if he was a couple of centuries younger. "This might take a few months, for everything you want done."

"Don't worry, I'm dead, all I've got is time."

Sighing, the man wondered why he had to be the best spirit blacksmith in the world. If only his ancestor hadn't been the personal blacksmith of the great Demon of the Western Lands so many centuries ago, he might have not had to do this.

"Oh well, I do love a challenge." Still, what was the purpose of a Pasha anyway?


Months later...

Ranma looked at the calendar and blinked a few times. "Huh, interesting." He was honestly surprised when he saw that he had been living at the Tendo Dojo for two months now. "Surprised we've been here so long."

Other than Ryoga's challenges and Bulleta's attempts to kill him, which was fine, since she agreed to not attack at the school anymore, though why, he wasn't sure, it was pretty peaceful in Nerima.

Peaceful in that morning sparring matches were used by the neighbors as alarm clocks, crashing helicopters all over the district was often used by scavengers looking to get scrap metal for one reason or another, the random martial arts fight that happened all the time. "Seriously, Martial Arts Takeout and that stupid Parley De Fois Gras technique." He honestly was more embarrassed by the fact that he had nearly gotten engaged to Picolette Chardin.

Thankfully Lilith helped him cheat in that last one. She had been disgusted by those bozos and she knew ACTUAL demons!

"Speaking of, where is she?" He hadn't seen her in a few hours and he wasn't feeling that she was in danger, mentally shrugging, he decided to just ignore it.


"I knew there was something unusual about you, Nabiki." Lilith, in the living room, narrowed her eyes at the middle Tendo girl.

"...What?" Nabiki had a cool face as she looked at the succubus. "What did you find out?"

"It took me some time, but I finally discovered why things felt off with you!" Lilith slammed her hand on the table and pulled something out from behind her. "How the heck did you get these limited edition manga signed by the authors?!"

Nabiki face-faulted as she saw some of her rarest manga spread across the table. "That's what you found out?!" Honestly, she was more surprised that Lilith hadn't found out something more serious than that.

"Oh, and those pictures of me." Lilith giggled as Nabiki twitched. "If you wanted to get a few naughty pictures of me, you could just ask." A naughty grin came over her face and her eyes started to shine. "Or maybe you want a naughty dream? If you're interested in Master, I can give you a dream that won't disappoint."

"No, that's fine, I've already..." Nabiki slapped her hands on her mouth and Lilith's eyes started to glow as her grin widened.

"Oh! Been sneaking in on Master when I'm not around, huh?"

Nabiki sweat-dropped heavily. "Well, I've spied on you two having sex a few times, so I had a toy made and..." Nabiki hoped that the succubus bought it, because getting things special ordered to this house was a near impossibility.

"Bah!" Lilith snorted and crossed her arms over her chest. "That's not as much fun. Tell you what, you can sleep with Master tonight."

Nabiki's face turned red at hearing that. "Well, I can't say that I'm against it, but if I did that, daddy would say that I'm engaged to him in an instant and we just went through that whole..."

"BLEAH!" Lilith shuddered. "That was horrible, and I've met Zombies that tried to seduce Master."


"Very eww!" Lilith nodded in agreement.


Munching on a cookie, Cologne narrowed her eyes at the fool in front of her. "So, you actually managed to come all the way here, huh, Mousse?"

The long-haired boy with baggy robes stood in front of her, his eyes narrowed. "You know that nothing will stop me from being with my Shampoo, you old bat."

There was a cracking sound and Mousse found himself on his back, rubbing his head.

"Show me some respect, boy. I let you get away with a lot, if I was more of a hardliner I would have had you tied up in the central square of the village, naked so everyone could watch as we castrate you." She rolled her eyes as Mousse turned blue and grabbed his crotch in an attempt to shield it. "Fool, we haven't done that since I was your age." Cologne was honestly glad for it, a little spirit among the men of the village made for a stronger village.

"And dinosaurs roamed the lands too." Mousse muttered as he got up, only to get smacked on the top of his head by Cologne's staff again. "GAH!"

"Mind your manners, dinosaurs existed when my great-great grandmother was your age, obviously." Cologne cackled, remembering the bruises she had gotten in her youth for saying that same line to her great-great grandmother.

"So..." Mousse stood up and pulled out an envelope from his sleeve. "The other elders actually asked me to deliver this to you."

"Hmm?" She took the letter and opened it up, reading it. "Interesting."


"Oh nothing." Cologne shook her head. "Anyway, if you're going to be living here, you're going to work here, and I can't trust your eyesight boy." She pointed to the back. "So you'll be dishwasher and stocker, you don't need very good eyesight for that."

"Fine fine," Mousse grumbled as he walked into the kitchen. "...Are you worried about that Hanyou?"

"Hmm, the half-breed may be an interesting person, but so far he's been rather restrained." She would need to test him some time. "Anyway, get to work!"

"Sure, sure." He muttered and rolled up his sleeves.

Privately Cologne was worried, if the letter that she got was true and those with power were moving, she wondered what was going to happen to her village in the future.


The next morning Ranma was heading to school with Lilith, Akane and Shampoo, the latter two were talking about various things. Ranma looked back and smiled softly, for some reason seeing the two of them being friendly with each other felt off, no matter how much he saw them. "Oh, Akane!" Ranma just remembered something. "Didn't you have a date with Kodachi today or something?"

"It's not a date!" Akane yelled, her face turning red before she coughed and cleared her throat. "We're going to hang out and see that new magical girl movie that came out."

"Totally a date." Lilith muttered, mentally laughing as Akane glared at the two of them. "Well, whatever floats your boat, I encourage you to get out there and experiment while you're young!"

Akane scoffed at that. "Look, Kodachi's actually changed a lot since that match. She's not attacking people before the match anymore and isn't doing anything lethal." She had seen a few of Kodachi's matches over the past couple of months, the girl was still sneaky, dirty and twisted as they came, but at least she fought fair. Well, as fair as anyone with a ribbon that could be used to slice boulders apart could fight at least.

"Shampoo agrees, is not a date, if was a date, Akane would do kissy dinner."

"Your Japanese has gotten a lot better." Lilith commented, making Shampoo blush.

"Thank you, Shampoo trying but still get wrong answers." Shampoo frowned, that sounded wrong even to her.

"I think you mean you still get it wrong sometimes." Akane smiled at the Chinese girl. The girl was fairly nice and bubbly, though she could admit that the Amazon was far more skilled than she was in combat, since she had actually had the chance to spar against Shampoo once.

It had been so one-sided that she didn't last more than a few seconds.

"Shampoo would love to go, but has work and training with great-grandmother tonight."

Akane nodded, she knew Shampoo had her own circumstances and even staying in Japan seemed to be a tricky thing for her.

"Well, Master, I wonder if we'll see Kuno, Ryoga or Bulleta today."

Ranma rubbed his forehead in annoyance. Sure, Ryoga was actually a bit of a challenge these days, he could take a few blasts without going down and Kuno had gotten a lot better after his training trip but Bulleta...

"I hate fighting her." He grumbled, not because he didn't like to hit women or fighting women in general, but because Bulleta honestly didn't feel like a bad person to him.

Of course Ranma had no idea that if any of the other Darkstalkers heard him say that they would have beaten him stupid for even thinking that.

"What the heck?" Ranma stared in surprise as he saw the school coming up. "What's with the crowd?"

"Yahoo!" A female voice screamed from the middle and jumped out of the crowd and landed in front of the group. Before the dust settled, a figure ran up and hugged Ranma tightly. "Friend Ranma! Nuku Nuku is now a student here too!"

"ACK! Nuku!" Ranma gasped and kicked his legs wildly as she lifted him up in the hug. "GRK!"

"Nuku, please put Master down before I zap you with enough lightning to overload your circuits." Lilith twitched, causing Nuku Nuku to drop Ranma into a heap. "Thank you."

"Nuku Nuku sorry, but Nuku is so happy!"

Shampoo sweat-dropped as she listened to the excitable girl. "Shampoo wonder if that what Shampoo sounds like."

"What about your family? Aren't you worried about your mother coming for your brother?"

Nuku Nuku grinned at Akane. "Mama-san and Papa-san worked that out finally!"

Everyone blinked in surprise.


"Seriously!" Kyusaku yelled at his estranged wife, who, for some reason, had come down to try and capture their son personally. "Do you have ANY idea how stupid this was?!"

"Not like you to get upset." Akiko coughed, her short brown hair dirty and her business suit in tatters.

"Of course not! I don't care what you do normally." He walked up to her and pulled her from the wreckage of the helicopter she and her minions were in and held her up. "But what makes you think I want you to do something that could get you killed?!"

"You dare talk to me like that after stealing the NK-1124 prototype and kidnapping our son?!"

"I didn't kidnap him." Kyusaku sighed and put his wife down. "He came with me willingly. Don't you think that you're being too demanding?"

"I'm not being demanding wanting the best for my son! I'll stop at nothing for that!" She threw her arm back. "I want him to have the best education, the best foods, the best future, everything!"

"But are you willing to let him be a kid?" Kyusaku asked her sharply, getting a gasp from his wife. "Look, Akiko, Ryuunosuke's smart, really smart, if he wanted, he could take over your company tomorrow and there wouldn't be a problem." He turned and looked at Ryuunosuke and Nuku Nuku, the latter of whom was pulling out a small girl and Akiko's two personal secretaries from being buried under some nearby rubble. "Don't you think it's time to stop?"

"...What do you know about what our son wants?"

Kyusaku shrugged and helped his wife get to the street, clear of the debris. "Have you ever asked him?"

"No, but beyond that, I can't forgive you for stealing the NK-1124 prototype!"

"I told you! I made that for saving people, not for war!" He yelled, before sighing. "What would it take for you to NOT turn her into a weapon of war?"

"Do you know how much money can be made by making weapons?!" She screamed as he sighed and shook his head. "The only people who make more are those who manipulate governments or work for the largest of large banks!"

"Akiko..." Kyusaku shook his head. "The world is becoming more peaceful. All you're doing is creating weapons that will lead to slaughters."

"So what? When the fighting's over you just discard the weapons, they're just tools."

Kyusaku growled and did something he never thought he'd ever do in his life.

He slapped his wife so hard she fell onto her butt, staring up at him in shock.

"YOU COMPLETE IDIOT!" He yelled, his temper finally lost. "LOOK AT THOSE TWO!" He pointed at Nuku and the little girl who were both staring in shock. "They're androids and both have their own personalities, feelings and lives!"

"That's just the A.I., they aren't..."

"Aren't real?! What determines if something's real or not? If it was created naturally?" He snorted at her. "Whether or not you were born naturally or created artificially, experiences and memories that you make are unique to you! Don't you ever think of the ethical ramifications of what you do!?"

"So what?!" The little girl yelled at him, her short, bushy orange hair swaying in the wind as her tattered outfit was barely holding itself together. "Who cares about that?! I might be an android, but I know that I'm not going to last much longer!"

"Eimi-chan..." Nuku frowned softly as the girl spun on her and glared at her.

"You! Miss perfect android, if I had your body I wouldn't have to worry about blowing up because of overheating!"

"Oh, is that all?" Kyusaku asked, scratching his head. "I could fix your body up no problem, fix all the problems you have."

"You can?!" Eimi spun around, her eyes wide. "HOW?!"

"It's simple, but I need to have access to my lab again." He turned to look at his wife, who was still looking up at him in shock. "Of course, that depends if someone's going to be trying to make more weapons of war, I won't come back."

"But..." Akiko looked at him. "The company needs to make money or it will cease to exist!"

"Hey mom," Ryuunosuke spoke up and tapped his fingers together, "there's another way to make money."

Akiko blinked in surprise. When her son explained the ideas to her, she cupped her chin. "Using Mishima Heavy Industries to make figures, robo maids, collectables and other stuff? I'm not sure."

"There are plenty of lonely people out there." Kyusaku mused, "I'm sure that the thought of coming home to a lonely apartment isn't fun, but if someone was there to greet them warmly every day..."

Akiko sighed and stood up. "Fine... I guess it wouldn't hurt to try, but what am I going to do about my weapons division?"

"I can help you with that!" A new voice spoke up and the group blinked as they saw Bulleta walking forward with a grin on her face. "Let's just say that while wars may be dying down, there's always things to deal with in the world, I could use more fun toys."

*End Flash*

"So now Papa-san and Mama-san are back together, Mama-san is only making weapons to hunt things that go bump in the night, Eimi-chan's getting fixed up and Nuku Nuku is going to school here!" Nuku summarized, grinning wildly. "Yay! I get to go to school with friend Ranma and Ryuunosuke won't get attacked anymore!"

Everyone blinked several times as they tried to absorb everything that she said.

"So... Everything's good then?" Ranma asked, getting a nod from Nuku Nuku. "So, no more breaking helicopters then?" That actually made him sad, it was a lot of fun to break those things.

"Nope! Nuku Nuku wonders what to do now."

"Well..." Akane smiled at her. "How about just try to be a normal girl? Or you could turn into a lunk-head like the lolicon."

"Who's a lolicon?" Ranma muttered before grinning. "Well, either way, we'll support you, Nuku."

"YAY!" Nuku Nuku jumped and threw her arms up in the air, causing an interesting reaction to happen to her chest. "I can't wait!"

Lilith sweat-dropped heavily. "I wonder if she speaks in first person just out of habit and doesn't really need to."

"Nyu?" Nuku tilted her head to the side in confusion.


Hours later...

"Ah! Akane!" Kodachi smiled as she saw her friend walking up to greet her. "You're right on time!"

Akane, dressed in casual pants and top, smiled at Kodachi, who was, much to her surprise, wearing form-fitting jeans and a long-sleeved shirt. "I'm surprised you're not wearing your school uniform or a leotard."

"Ohohohohohoho!" She put her hand over her mouth. "Perish the thought, I do have other outfits after all."

"Well, shall we?" Akane smiled as they walked towards the theater to see the movie. As they got close, they were surprised to see a girl of average height, wearing a magical girl outfit with her long black hair done up in twin pigtails looking somewhat sad.

"Oh, pooh! I had hoped my sister and her friend would come with, but 'no, I'm sorry, I'm busy', and I worked *SO* hard to get today off too! And finding a theater that sold the figurines was even harder! What am I supposed to do now? I have three tickets and I don't want to go alone, but going home would be so boring and too much work!" She crouched down and scratched her head. "ARRRGH! If only little Sona had decided to come here! I could have had so much fun and we could watch the movie and just forget about our duties for a few hours!"

"Um..." Akane spoke up, getting the girl to look up at her and Akane was surprised by the bright pink colored eyes that the girl had. "Are you okay?"

"Oh yes!" The girl immediately hopped to her feet. "I'm just so sad," she pouted and looked down like a small child, "I finally get a day off from work and I wanted to spend it with my baby sister and her best friend but they said no. I sometimes think that my little sister is embarrassed to be with me."

"Nonsense!" Kodachi snapped, causing the girl and Akane to look at her in surprise. "Even though siblings may argue, fight and sometimes be at each other's throats, you are still family and I'm sure that your younger sister loves you deeply but is at a stage where she wants to be her own person!"

The girl's eyes sparkled in delight. "You mean it?!" Her naturally high pitched voice squealed in delight. "You think that my little sister loves me?"

"Of course!" Kodachi nodded at the girl. "Why, my father and brother, as much as I disagree and argue with them on various things, are still my family and I still care about the two of them." After all, without her brother, she wouldn't have anyone to test some of her powders on and her father... Well, he was a loon and she was glad he was out of the country.

"I'm so glad I heard that. My name is Serafall Leviathan and I was wondering, are you going to see the magical girl movie too?"

"Well, yes." Akane smiled at her. "You just looked so sad that I had to see if you were okay."

Taking a pose, Serafall winked and Akane swore she saw a heart come out of the girl's eye. "I'm fine now! Come on! Let's go in! I want to get those limited edition magical girl figures before they sell out!" She wanted to hurry, after all, everywhere else in Japan had already sold out their stock of figurines and only this theater had extras.

Serafall wasn't sure why and she wasn't going to complain! If there were extras maybe she could get the whole set with one ticket?


Meanwhile at the Neko-Haten...

"So..." Ranma looked up from his spot at the counter and out to the city. "You felt that, right?"

"Of course, Master." Lilith muttered as she took a bite of her meal. "To make it worse, that's a Devil, a really high ranking one."

"What would a Devil want in Nerima, I wonder?"

"I hope you two aren't thinking of facing that Devil in a fight." Cologne said to them, thankful that there was no dinner rush yet. "From what I can tell this one's power far exceeds the two of you together."

"Yeah, that much is obvious." Ranma muttered as he turned to look at the old woman. "This feels way stronger than anything I've felt before, but..."

"It's not active." Cologne nodded to him. "In fact, none of us would know about this Devil if not for those wards you two put up across Nerima."

"We'll have to keep an eye on it, but this one doesn't seem hostile." Of course, if this one became hostile there was nothing any of them could do.

"Mousse..." Cologne turned to look at the boy. "How many sacred weapons do you have?"

"Around fifteen." He answered and Cologne nodded to him.

"Sacred weapons?" Ranma asked. "What are those?"

"Weapons that were gifted to humans by the gods to protect us." Cologne narrowed her eyes. "In terms of classification, they're weaker than Holy Weapons but stronger than Spirit Weapons."

"Spirit Weapons are mostly useless pieces of junk, except against spirit creatures such as Ghosts, Lesser Vampires or Zombies." Lilith supplied. "They can be useful for warding off low to mid-level magical attacks, but aren't really effective against Demons, Hanyou, Devils or the like."

"Sacred Weapons were made to protect humanity from Monsters and Demons," Cologne offered to him, "perhaps you've heard of the legend of Medusa?"

"Wasn't she turned to stone by looking at her own reflection?" Lilith asked, getting a nod from Cologne.

"The truth is, the shield used to turn her into stone had special properties to reflect magic, and that's why she was turned to stone." Cologne smiled, glad that they weren't totally ignorant of the legends of the world.

"And I guess Holy Weapons are the strongest of all?"

"Yes and no." Cologne admitted to him. "They're extremely effective against the likes of Devils, Demons and Fallen Angels, but are just powerful magical weapons against anything else." Of course, that was a very simplistic answer, but explaining everything would require an actual Holy Weapon or Longinus and she didn't have either one laying around.

"I take it even if you had a Holy Weapon you probably wouldn't take this one on, huh?" Ranma asked, getting a laugh from Cologne.

"Only if I was insane. No, I would need at least a hundred warriors with Holy Weapons to try and face this one down."

"Good to know."

"So we're just going to sit here and wait, huh?" Lilith sighed and went back to eating. "Well then, what did you want from us anyway?"

"I was wondering something, in all your travels, have you ever met a group of warriors with skill and power far beyond that of yourselves?"

"Other than the occasional Magical Girl or Devil Hunter, not really." Ranma shook his head. "None of them would be what I would call very skilled either. Why?"

"No real reason, just curious. There are fighters out there far stronger than I am after all." Cologne chuckled, causing Ranma to raise an eyebrow. "You seem unimpressed."

"Not really that, but I've been curious about how skilled you really are. Your aura's pretty compact."

"I, unfortunately, have to use my aura to keep myself going, so using high level techniques like crazy isn't something that's available to me like it was when I was in my prime." Cologne shook her head and sighed. "Oh well, if you wanted to challenge me, sonny, feel free to do so at any time."

Ranma gave her a grin and stood up. "Well, if you're free..."

Lilith rolled her eyes as Ranma and Cologne went outside. She knew her Master was strong, but she wondered just how good Cologne really was. Oh well, she'd find out later.

Still, something had been bothering her for some time and she really needed to get a handle on it sooner or later.

"We're going to have to have a talk sooner or later..."


Sitting in the dojo at his mansion, Tatewaki Kuno was in deep thought. "Hmm, original recipe or extra crispy? Which would be best to order for tonight?"

Or not.

"Ugh, really?" A female voice groused, causing Kuno to look up in surprise. Adjusting her hood, Bulleta's had a severe eye-twitch. "Couldn't you order something that isn't so greasy that I'd rather wash my hands in a river of blood than eat it."

"But it is delicious."

"Not denying it! Now where is that idiot, Ryoga?" She blinked as Kuno jerked a thumb into the corner and saw Ryoga looking at the wall in confusion. "HEY! RYOGA!"

"Huh?" The Lost Boy turned and blinked in surprise. "Kuno? Bulleta? Why are you two in Hiroshima?"

"He walked in a few minutes ago." Kuno supplied for Bulleta.

"Well, that explains why the crazy girl in the power armor and that redhead aren't fighting over that blonde loli anymore." Ryoga scratched the back of his head and laughed softly.

"Lovely, well I'm glad you're both here. I actually got a hold of one of my Devil Hunter contacts and he should..." She trailed off as she felt a presence enter the building. "Be here right now actually."

Walking in, both Ryoga and Kuno stared at the tall, dark skinned man in a robe with one arm exposed, as he walked in. The sense of power coming from the man was intense, as was his focus. But what really drew their attention was the large sword on his back.

Or maybe the little girl on his shoulder, they weren't sure which.

"These are the two you wanted me to look at, B.B. Hood?"

"Yeah, Donovan, they're the ones."

"Interesting," he looked them over as Kuno stood up. "They're far too weak to do anything."

"And that's why I called you."

Popping his neck, Donovan took a stance in front of them. "Both of you, attack me at once. We'll go until I say stop, or if you make me use this Sacred Sword on my back." The girl on his shoulder jumped off and ran off to the side. "Now come, let's see what I've got to work with."

The two charged him, Ryoga reaching him first. Throwing a punch at Donovan's mid-section, he was shocked when the man grabbed it with his right hand and squeezed, spinning around and throwing his left hand up to grab Kuno's wooden sword between his index and middle finger. "Is this really all you two have?"

"Not even close!" Ryoga didn't even bother pulling his hand back, he jumped at Donovan and sent a kick towards the taller man's head, but Donovan let go of his hand and moved his suddenly free hand up and redirected the blow away from him, sending Ryoga sailing off to the side.

As he tumbled through the air, Ryoga let out a yell and fired a Chi blast at the man, catching him by surprise.

Kuno was even more surprised when Donovan swung him in front of the blast and used him to stop the attack. Letting go of his sword, he fell to the ground with a thud, whimpering out a pained "owwie".

Flipping Kuno's sword around, Donovan held it by the hilt as he watched Ryoga flip in mid-air, land on the wall and bound right back at him. Seeing the sword in Donovan's hands, Ryoga snorted and pulled off a bandanna, and another, and another, before spinning them around and throwing them at the man. "Take this!"

"Interesting, so you can use Chi for more than just energy blasts, I'm impressed." Donovan could admit that much at least. "However!" A blue glow covered the wooden sword, much to Ryoga's shock and with a quick flick of his wrists, the bandannas turned into scraps of cloth. "The weakness of powering anything with Chi or other energy is that someone who knows how to do the same can counter it with a touch." It was useless against a living body as the energy flows were chaotic and always moving, but in any non-living object, such as a belt, sword or even bandanna, the amount of energy they could hold was limited and set for what the user wanted out of it.

"Good to know!" Ryoga grabbed at the back of his bandanna with both hands and pulled to the side, revealing a bandanna between each of his fingers, eight in total. "Now eat this!"

"Fool." Donovan muttered and stiffened as he felt something wrap around his legs. Looking down, he was surprised Kuno was looking up at him.

"That... Did... Not... Hurt!"

"Feh!" Donovan threw his arm in an arc, slicing through the bandannas with ease. "What was..." He let out a grunt as Ryoga barreled into him, both feet extended and sending him crashing into the floor and across the dojo.

"Did we get him?"

"Impressive teamwork." Donovan stood up, dusting himself off. "You two have more potential than I thought." He gave them a small grin. "This might be somewhat fun." He tossed the sword back to Kuno and turned his back on them. "Very well, I shall help you two realize your real potential."

This could be... Fun.


"Master?" Lilith, completely naked, asked as she rubbed his back down. "Are you okay?"

"Yeah, I'm fine." Ranma groaned as she found a tense spot. "That old ghoul's pretty good. That punching technique was kind of neat." He'd have to practice, but he already figured out the basics just from having it used on him, besides, he was pretty fast already, he'd just have to find a training method to increase his speed. "But that tornado attack. She punched my aura, I have no clue how, but it was like they clashed and the tornado was just a by-product of it."

"And you said it felt like she turned your aura against you?" Lilith asked, getting a nod from her Master. "Hmm, not something I know much about, you're probably going to need to get hit by it again."

"Yeah... Right."

"Master?" Lilith pouted as she realized he was asleep. "Well, if he's asleep, he can't say no, and I'm a bit hungry right now." She grinned, got off of him and rolled him over. "Time to eat!" She cheered as she undid his pants.



"It's finished." The old blacksmith looked at Bishamon. The armor had been finished for over a month now, but the Pasha sword he had been working on had taken some time. "I still have no idea what you can use this for. There are plenty of cursed swords that can cut a person's soul instead of their body out there."

The woman spirit in the armor giggled as she took the sword. It was a firangi in design, with a three foot double-edged blade. People who didn't know better would confuse it with European or American Calvary swords.

"Excellent." Bishamon took the sheath that was offered and put the sword away. "I would have liked a smaller sword, but this will work for what I need for now." Turning and walking to the door, the armor stopped and turned to look back at the old man. "Just one question, do you know where one might find a sword that can cut anything?"

"Not at all, if there was one, it's probably being held by the Church."

"Very well, thank you anyway." Walking out the door, the armor disappeared into the morning mists.

Shivering, the old man wondered just what the armor was doing gathering up swords. "Oh well, it's not my place to know."

End Chapter 7


Ending Notes: I looked it up, a firangi sword looks a LOT like an American Calvary sword, so, yes, they do exist in real life. They're just from India. Also, Pasha is a real thing in Hindu mythology, look it up.

And, yes, that is Serafall Leviathan from High School DxD, there's a reason Bulleta said "All mythologies are true" in a previous chapter after all.