Dance with the Devil


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Chapter 3

Mittelt was walking out of the school and waving to the children, smiling while mentally she was seething. 'Ugh, why do I have to go to class anyway? It's so boring!'

As she walked off of school grounds, she mentally sighed as the crowds started to disperse. 'Finally!' Now she could go home, relax and forget about everything.

Or at least, that was the plan when someone tapped her on the shoulder and she spun to see Ranma grinning at her. "...What?"

He tapped her on the nose. "You're it."

"Huh?!" She yelled as he took off. "HEY! GET BACK HERE!" She screamed and took off after him on foot. "WHAT WAS THAT FOR?!"

"CATCH ME AND FIND OUT!" Ranma called back, mentally smirking as she grinned and put on the speed to try and catch up to him.

The chase went all over town, up trees, behind garbage cans, up telephone poles, across rooftops and into alley ways. When Mittelt saw Ranma stopped and kneeling in front of something, she landed on the ground, panting hard. "Where... Did you... Get..." She spun around before falling on her butt, groaning. "How can you run like that?"

"Training since before I could walk." Ranma nonchalantly replied. "Anyway..." He narrowed his eyes at the charred object and touched it, jumping back as it groaned and stood up. "Is that you, old lech?"

"No respect." Happosai groaned and fell over onto his back. "Ranma..." He teared up as he looked at the boy. "The panties... They betrayed me."

Ranma and Mittelt both gave him a disgusted look and turned to leave.

"Wait!" Happosai coughed and stood up. "Listen! There's a dangerous Devil running around and trying to kill little girls with sweets!"

"Huh?!" Ranma and Mittelt looked at Happosai in confusion.

"I was just doing my daily runs, getting to know the city more, when I came across an open apartment. I heard a little girl crying out in pain and, as a true gentleman, I walked in to see if I could help and there was this little white haired cutie that looked like she was about to give birth, so naturally I helped her out and it turns out that it... Ooooh, dizzy." Happosai fell down and shook his head. "There was some sort of Devil that was using the cute little girl's body as a host and would have killed her if she didn't throw up right then and there."

"Mittelt, do you..."

"No! That sounds sick and wrong. I think even other Devils would be grossed out by such a thing!" The Fallen Angel cupped her chin. "Any idea where it is now?" Happosai shook his head.

"No! And then, and then... The panties betrayed me!"

"Great, so what do we do?" Mittelt asked Ranma. "I don't think I could just fly around and call it out or... EEEK!" She jumped as she felt a hand grabbing her ass. Spinning around, she glared at Lilith, who had half her body in the alley and the other half in the wall. "Dammit, whore! Don't do that!"

"You totally loved that, you slut." Lilith giggled before sobering up and saluting as she pulled herself out of the shadows on the wall. "You needed me, Master?"

"Yeah." Ranma picked up Happosai and held him in front of Lilith. "See if you can find out about the Devil he ran into earlier today."

"...You want me to look through HIS head?! EWW!" Lilith held her hands up and pushed away. "Nah uh! No way!"


"Look, Master, I love you, but I have to have some standards."

"When do whores have standards?" Mittelt muttered from behind Lilith and pushed her forward. "Just get it over with, there was some sort of Devil that he fought and we need information on it."

"Ewww!" Seeing Ranma's look, she sighed heavily. "I'll do this on one condition!"

"What?" Ranma asked and blinked as Lilith jerked her thumb over her shoulder. "What about Mittelt?"

"You're training her to be your butt slut after this."

"HEY!" Mittelt yelled, her eyes white, blank and angry as she glared fire at Lilith.

"Either you do that or I don't look."

"Fine!" Ranma snapped, causing Mittelt to give him a betrayed look. "We'll talk about it later, just get to looking."

"Fine! But if I find something I hate in there, I'm sharing with you tonight!" Lilith grumbled and put her hand on Happosai's head. "Listen, could you just focus on the Devil so I don't have to see anything else?"

Happosai nodded and Lilith grimaced as she did a mental dive into Happosai's mind to find out what happened.

Two minutes later, Lilith pulled her hand off of Happosai and shivered. "There are levels of depravity that no one should be able to obtain. You're so far beyond that that I'm actually impressed!"


"Yeah, I saw it. Happosai was at Koneko's apartment. On the flip side, I can safely say that if there was a puking competition that Koneko would win every one from here until the end of time."

"Did you..."

"Yeah, yeah," Lilith grimaced as she went over the memory. "Some sort of black crystal and a puppet body. Not that it does me any good, I can't smell things in memories, so what should I do?"

"You know what the crystal is and what the Devil looks like, right?"

"Yeah, but I don't..."

"YOU don't, but you can give that information to Nabiki, can't you?" Ranma smirked as Lilith's eyes lit up. "Just go give it to her and find out where the Devil is." Standing up, he dropped Happosai onto the ground. "Can you make it back?"

"Yeah, I'm fine now."

"Good. Now where's Nuku?"

"She said she was going home." Lilith responded.

"Alright, you head to Nerima, we'll get back to base and meet up with her there and then wait for information from Nabiki."

"Okay." Lilith jumped into the shadows, disappearing as the other three quickly vacated the alley.


Sighing as she entered her room, Nabiki closed the door and flopped onto her bed, groaning. Today was just the worst! Kuno wouldn't stop reciting tales of how he had won over the foul Demon Saotome, the Hentai Horde, as Akane called them, had doubled in size now that Ranma was gone and were trying even harder to beat Akane and at their current rate they might just succeed even! "I guess I'll ask Shampoo to train Akane, because that's just disturbing."

To make matters even worse, she was actually missing Ranma around and the silliness he brought forward. She hadn't heard a scream of...


"Yeah that!" Nabiki nodded, sighing and smiling. It had been a long time since she heard that.


Nabiki blinked, sat up and walked to her room door. "What the?" She asked as she left her room and went downstairs. "What's going..." She stared at who was in the dining room.

"Ah, Nabiki." Kasumi smiled at her younger sister. "Lilith came to visit."

"THERE YOU ARE!" Lilith yelled and dramatically pointed. "I need to talk."


Lilith coughed heavily. "Believe it or not, I didn't want to, when I warp longer distances I can't always accurate land where I want to."

"Whatever, you pervert." Akane huffed and walked off.

"So, what did you need to talk about?" Nabiki asked and sighed when Lilith told her to go to her room. "Fine, fine."

When they got into Nabiki's room, Lilith closed the door behind her and sighed.

Nabiki turned around and looked at the shorter succubus. "So what did you WOAH!" She yelled as Lilith pounced on her and tackled her to the bed. "What are mmmph!" Her eyes widened as Lilith suddenly started making out with her, not only kissing her but fondling her chest and rubbing her leg between Nabiki's legs.

That lasted for nearly a minute before Lilith broke the kiss and sighed. "Thanks, after what I did earlier, I needed that." She put her head on Nabiki's chest and smiled. "Mmm! Breast pillows, so comfy."

"Um... You didn't come here for this, did you?"

"Maybe? Master won't let me use his boobies when he's in girl form like this." When Nabiki complained, she pouted. "Please? Just let me rest like this? Warping that long actually wore me out, and I gotta do it again, plus I had to do a mind dive and then I have to give you the information, so I'm a little exhausted, okay?"

Nabiki sighed and rubbed Lilith's head. "You want me to take off my shirt or something?"

"You can, but I'm good like this too." Lilith sighed and snuggled against Nabiki's chest. "Ten minutes, okay?"

The next thing Nabiki knew she had a sleeping succubus using her boobs as a pillow. "Alright, fine, ten minutes."

Twenty minutes later, Nabiki finally jostled Lilith enough to get her up. "Finally, my everything's fallen asleep."

Yawning, Lilith grinned and looked up at Nabiki. "Thanks, I feel much better." Getting off of Nabiki, who was moving slowly after her. "Anyway, Master needs you to look for something."

"Hasn't he heard of the internet?" Nabiki groused before sighing. "I'm guessing that it's something that can't be found easily?"

"Yeah, now hold still." Lilith put her hands on Nabiki's forehead. "Close your eyes, I'll send you the memories of what Master needs you to find."

"Okay, got it." Nabiki muttered as she opened her eyes, which were glowing blue. "Looks like the Devil you're looking for is at some sort of abandoned bakery and... Oh dear."


"It's cloning itself."

"... In a bad way, or a kinky--Master now has Tentacles--way?"

"We are Legion sort of way."

"...Oh crap."


Ranma was pacing back and forth as Nuku and Mittelt watched in amusement. "She should have been back by now."

"She's probably tired. Long-range teleportation magic is pretty draining." Mittelt offered, getting a sigh from Ranma.

Before Ranma could respond, there was a flash of darkness and Lilith appeared in front of them, looking exhausted. "Ugh, this sucks. We have a problem."

"Problem how?" When Lilith explained to him, he grimaced. "Well, fuck. We need to..." The next thing he knew, Lilith was tackling him to the floor and working on undoing his pants. "Hey! What are you..."

"I'm tired, hungry and low on energy! I'm sucking you off." She glared at him as she freed his penis and started rubbing it. "Just a quick blowjob, okay?"

"Right now?" Ranma asked, groaning as Lilith instantly lowered her head and started licking and sucking on his penis. "Dammit, nnngh. Lilith."

"I really shouldn't watch this." Mittelt muttered, unable to tear her eyes away.

Next to her, Nuku watched with great interest, making sure to take mental notes on what Lilith was doing. She tilted her head as Lilith reached down to cup and massage Ranma's balls, causing him to gasp while she opened her mouth and took his whole length into her mouth and down her throat while bobbing her head up and down.

"Sheesh, Lilith..." Ranma groaned, not trying to fight the sensations. "Fuck..." He grunted, feeling a familiar tingling sensation building up in him. He could normally keep from cumming too fast, but since she was wanting his cum quickly and was sucking REALLY hard it was hard to ignore.

Both Mittelt and Nuku's faces were flushed as Ranma groaned and bucked his hips into Lilith's mouth, twitching as he obviously came in her. Mittelt shivered as she watched Lilith swallow what seemed like a copious amount of cum before bobbing her head up and down on his penis again. "HEY! Aren't we in a hurry?"

"PAH!" Lilith pulled her head off of Ranma's fully erect penis with a smile. "Much better! And I was sucking the rest out of his shaft. A good cock-sucker makes sure that the penis is cleared out so that there's no mess when he puts his pants back on."

"That's fine, can you pull your pants up now? That's distracting and we have something we need to deal with." Mittelt turned away, blushing hard. The last thing she wanted to see was Ranma's shaft, because she'd start thinking about it being used on her and then she'd... "GAH!"

"Yeah." Ranma nodded as he did just that, adjusting so that his dick wouldn't hurt. "Let's get going."


Ten minutes later, the four of them touched down near an abandoned bakery and Mittelt looked around. "So why didn't we fly here?"

"No need to reveal that we're Devils just yet." Ranma replied. "You could have flown, you still have your Fallen Angel wings you know?"

Hearing Mittelt start swearing, Lilith giggled before sobering up. "I can feel it. Lots of them in there."

"Probably going to need some help." Ranma muttered and reached into his pants pocket and pulled out a cell phone.

"Who are you calling?" Nuku asked as Ranma held up a finger.

"Ah, Rias Gremory? This is Ranma, don't ask how I got your number. Anyway, are you and your group anywhere near the old bakery down on Baskerville Street? Because if you don't get down here now, the city will be over-run by a Devil in a chef's hat that likes to make sweets."

"How did you get her number?" Lilith asked as Ranma flipped his phone closed and put it away.

"Stole Issei's phone when he wasn't looking and put Rias's number in my contacts."

"... Did you return it?" Lilith asked.

"Of course," Ranma replied.

"And what else was on it?"

"Wa~ay too much porn," Ranma said. "Not even any good ones either. Just mainly images with one person, all in the same position."

It was two minutes later when Rias, Akeno, Kiba, Koneko, Issei and Asia ran up to the gate where Ranma, Lilith, Nuku and Mittelt were at. "Hey." Ranma waved at them.

"So why are you here? You're not Devils, are you?" Issei asked, obviously confused.

"Does it matter?" Lilith asked. "We got a Chef Burrodee in there making clones of itself and we got here first."

"No point in arguing over this," Rias tried to calm everyone down and looked at Mittelt and Nuku, "is it okay to involve them?"

"I'm only here because I was ordered to be here." Mittelt pointed at Rias. "Just don't shoot me in the back and there won't be a problem." She sighed when Rias blinked in confusion and did a pirouette, revealing black feathery wings.

"A Fallen Angel?!" Issei, Akeno and Rias all hissed and Mittelt ducked behind Nuku.

"Relax, she works for me." Ranma held his hand up. "There's reasons for it, but she won't attack any of you." He looked over his shoulder and she nodded.

"R, right! I promise! No backstabbing anyone! We have a bigger enemy to fry."

Rias gave her a dirty look before taking a deep breath. "You're right, and very well, so long as she keeps herself in check, I suppose I won't try to kill her."

"She will." Ranma nodded.

"What about Atsuko?" Asia asked. She didn't see how the taller girl could possibly help out.

"Don't worry, she's fine." Ranma waved off the blonde girl's concerns before looking up. "And we're out of time."

Standing on top of the bakery, the Sweets Devil was looking at them with its arms crossed. "Greetings! Greetings! Oh, my former host! You're up and moving, huh?"

Koneko growled and squeezed her hands into fists. "Yeah, and this time you're going down!"

"Oh dear! But I think you need to stay for my opening act!" The Devil flung its arms out wide and everyone stared as the sky turned yellow and pies seemingly came out of the sky, causing ripples in the air. "PIES OF BABYLON!" The Devil snapped a finger. "Have a free sample!" One pie flew at the group and they all jumped away as it hit the ground, exploding violently.

"Well..." Akeno muttered as she saw the crater that had been made. "That's absolutely terrifying."

"And I have plenty more!" The Devil laughed and held its left arm up before lazily dropping it down, causing the pies to launch out, one after the other.


"On it!" The blond pulled out a flaming sword and rushed at the Devil.

"Naughty naughty!" The Devil waggled its finger and Kiba stumbled as the ground itself turned into bubbling hot chocolate and he sank into it up to his shoulders. "I've had all day to set this up! There's no way you're going to beat me that easily, now why don't you just... Blow up?"

Kiba watched as the pies came rushing at his face. "SHIT!"

Several bolts of lightning crashed over the pies, causing them to explode.

Up in the air, Akeno, now dressed in Miko robes, looked on with her eyes narrowed. "None of that, try that again and I'll introduce you to levels of pain that even the most extreme masochist couldn't handle."

"Fine." The Devil pointed a finger at Akeno and dozens of exploding pies went flying at the Miko, who took off into the air. "I've got plenty where that came fro, OOOMPH!" Its body was rocked to the side as an emerald green energy blast hit it in the head, causing it to loose its balance and fall onto its head. "Oww! Who did that?"

"Nuku, get him out of there!" Ranma yelled from his position on top of a nearby roof before launching himself at the Devil.

"Right!" Nuku jumped down, grabbed a nearby chain link fence and ripped it out of the ground and threw it across the hot chocolate. "HERE!"

"Thanks!" Kiba grabbed on and was about to pull himself out when Nuku did it for him, pulling the fence up and launching the blond boy into the air. Extending his wings, Kiba shook his head in amazement, he was used to seeing Koneko doing that, not others.

"Kiba!" Issei called out as he saw a pie flying towards Kiba from behind.

Turning in slow motion, Kiba saw it too late and mentally braced for an explosion that would hurt when a pink spear pierced the pie and caused it to explode early.

"Seriously!" Mittelt groused as she formed another spear of Light, "pay more attention. You!" She pointed at Issei with her spear. "Why aren't you doing anything?"


"It takes a bit to get going." Issei muttered as he looked at his gauntlet. "And I can't hold too many charges."

Meanwhile Ranma had to stop his charge in mid air as he flipped and pushed off what looked to be an invisible wall so that he could land on the street. "The hell?" He stared as a giant chocolate rabbit came out of the hot chocolate soup. "Figures."

"What did you do?" Koneko asked him.

"It's a trick I learned from some Devil Hunters who specialized in making barriers, not as useful as flying, but in a pitched fight you can make footholds to use like you're standing on the ground."

"Enough of this." Rias threw her hands out and red and black energy blasted the chocolate rabbits, destroying them instantly.

The next thing she knew a pie slammed into her stomach, exploding and sending her flying into the street below.

"RIAS!" Her peerage called out, clearly worried about her.


"Right!" The blonde ran to where Rias had been last seen.

"Now that the annoying one is, oh man!" The Devil jumped back as powerful blasts of lightning struck down where it was a moment ago. "Oh come on, what's a little..."

Kiba was there a moment later, screaming as his sword cut the Devil in half, causing the pies to disappear completely.

There was a clapping sound and everyone turned and paled as dozens upon dozens of identical Sweets Devils came out of the shadows.

"Impressive teamwork. However, if you had trouble with one Pies of Babylon..." Suddenly the sky lit up as if it were on fire. "How will you handle this many?"

"Oh poopie." Lilith summed it up for everyone.

"Indeed!" All of the Sweets Devils said at the same time as the pies started launching in all directions.

"Okay, anyone got a plan?!" Issei yelled as he dodged an exploding pie.


"Yeah, I need to..." Issei trailed off as he realized there were some not far from where Asia and Rias were. "Oh no!"

"Go take care of them then!" Ranma yelled as he fired several Youki blasts at the pies. "Protect your friends and trust us to get out of this!"


Akeno glared as she sent several lightning blasts to try and defend against the pies, causing the sky to light up with explosions.

"Heads up." Was her only warning as a spear of light went past her face and struck one of the Sweets Devils in the chest, causing it to scream out and spasm before turning to dust.

"Hey! Watch it!" Akeno shot back and growled as Mittelt ignored her and threw another spear at another Sweets Devil. "Give me more of a warning!" She snapped her fingers and lightning crashed down on the spear, more out of annoyance at being nearly clipped by it than anything else.

When the spear stopped in mid-air and started to spin, sending powerful lightning bolts in all directions for several moments before the spear shattered into particles of energy. Both Akeno and Mittelt stared for a moment, before they started to grin.

"Are you thinking what I'm thinking?" Akeno's grin was shark-like as she threw her arms out to the side and electricity started to form around her.

"I think so, but can the enemies keep up with us?" Mittelt had a similar grin on her face as she formed another spear and threw it up and towards the Sweets Devils, only to laugh as Akeno dropped lightning on it and both the pies and the Sweets Devils started getting pelted with lightning.

"Oh my! This is so hot." Akeno giggled as she kept up the assault. "Who knew it could be used like this?"

"Well," the Sweets Devils started to focus their attention on Akeno and Mittelt, "flying annoyances need to be dealt with first."

Akeno just smirked as pies flew at them from behind before turning into slices and exploding harmlessly in the air.

Landing on the ground, Kiba shook the custard off of his sword and looked up. "I don't think so."

On the other side of the lot, Koneko, Nuku and Lilith were facing off against more than a dozen Sweets Devils themselves.

"I have an idea." Nuku looked at Koneko and held her hand out. "Know what a fastball special is?"

Koneko nodded and jumped on the taller girl's hand. "I usually do it to others though."

Nuku grinned as she spun and prepared to throw Koneko like a baseball. "Fire on."

Koneko didn't have time to wonder what was going on when Nuku's arm was covered in fire, and then her whole body was. "...I'm on fire."

"You hurting?"


"Then you're fine!" Nuku yelled and threw the flaming loli at the Sweets Devils. Looking at her arm, she wondered why the fire was gone before shrugging it off. 'Must have sent everything to that other girl.' Nuku realized that she never got the girl's name yet.

As she flew through the air, Koneko crossed her arms over her face as several pies came flying at her. 'This might hurt.' When the pies exploded harmlessly against the aura that was surrounding her, she had a small grin cross her face. "Payback time." Doing a few flips in the air, she did a dive kick into the gut of one of the Sweets Devils, destroying it and spinning around to punch another one in the face before grabbing a third one by its throat and slamming it into the sidewalk.

Standing up, her body still wreathed in flames, her eyes started to glow. "Who's next?"

Frowning as his phone rang, Ranma jumped into the alley and looked at it. "Nabiki?" Opening the phone, he answered it. "This better be important, we got a situation."

"Shut up, I know. You're fighting puppets, the real one's inside and he's already laughing because he's making more of those things, he's going to wear you all out and then kill you."

"Lovely, alright, got it." Ranma hung up the phone and ran out of the alley towards the bakery. "I'm going after the real one, you guys keep the clones busy!"

"Right!" The others nodded.

In the air, a Sweets Devil flew over the battlefield and pointed at Ranma. "Too bad I shall not allow you..."


"Huh?" The Sweets Devil turned to see a pie flying right at it. "...Oh the irony." A moment later, the pie splattered it in the face and exploded as though it was an anti-matter bomb.

When Mittelt threw another spear in the general direction of the Sweets Devils, she didn't expect it to be in the middle of a black and red circle. "Um..."

When lightning crashed down on it and covered an even larger area than before, wiping out over three dozen Sweets Devils in an instant, she spun to see Rias standing there, her school outfit in tatters, her face dirtied and a VERY angry look on her face.

"You know, I can forgive trying to kill me, I'm trying to kill you as well, but you tried to kill my Servants," a scary red and black aura formed around Rias, "and that is something I won't EVER forgive!"

Kiba smiled as he saw Issei, holding a pie, and Asia, holding a pie in each hand, walk back onto the battlefield. "Good to see you made it, but how are you...?"


"Simple!" Issei grinned as he threw a pie at one of the Devils and grinned as it countered with another pie, creating an explosion more than four times as powerful as before and nearly knocking everyone off their feet. "The pies only explode if you break the top. The pie pans won't explode!"

"CURSES! HOW DID YOU KNOW?!" The Devils all cried out at once before yelling as several pies started to bombard them.

Lilith grinned as she used her succubus wings to slice the Devils into pieces and grab the pies. "Well, either way... Time to die!"



Inside the building, Ranma looked around for the main Sweets Devil and frowned, even with his enhanced eyesight he couldn't see anything. Suddenly the lights in the building all lit up and Ranma stared at the huge throne that a Sweets Devil was sitting on. "You're the real one, I assume?"

"Oh yes. Your friends are doing a great job fighting my clones, but alas, it will be for nothing." The Devil snapped its fingers. "There, that'll fix everything."



Kiba was the first to notice something was wrong when he sliced through a Devil, instead of dying like the rest, it laughed and seemingly put itself back together in an instant. "Hey guys! We got a problem!"

"I'VE NOTICED!" Everyone yelled at the same time as the Sweets Devils that had turned into dust and powder were reforming instantly.

"That was fun!" The Devils all said at the same time. "Let's play some more!"


"So as long as you're alive, they won't die, huh?" Ranma asked, getting a nod from the Sweets Devil. "Too bad for you then."

"Yes, yes, is that it for banter then?" Several holes on the throne opened up. "Have some pound cake!" The Devil sighed as Ranma dodged so fast that it was hard to follow him. "Another one? Are you like that old man? Oh well! ANIMAL CRACKER FARM!"

Ranma was on the ceiling and dove at the Sweets Devil when something slammed into him from the side. Grabbing it, he punched it hard enough to shatter it and twisted to land on his feet. "The hell?"

"Do you like it?" The Devil laughed as animal crackers started walking onto the battlefield. "We have eagles, bears, lions, moose, rhinos and others!"

"Feh!" Ranma pulled his hands back, both glowing green before he rapidly thrust his hands forward, causing several energy blasts to destroy the animal crackers. "You're a joke, are animals supposed to scare me?" When one landed on his face, he pulled it off and punched at it when he saw what was in his hands.



Lilith suddenly fell to her knees and started screaming as the psychic link she shared with Ranma was being overwhelmed with fear and anguish. "FUCK! FUCK! NO NO NO! GET AWAY! GET AWAY!" She couldn't even think straight, everything was being overwhelmed by Ranma's fear at that moment. "SHIT! GAH!"

She knew exactly what was happening and she was powerless to stop it.

Lilith didn't even notice when she was grabbed and pulled into an alley. She didn't notice someone calling for her and shaking her as she screamed in pure fear.

She did notice when her face was slapped so hard that it stunned her for a few moments. Blinking and looking up, she saw Mittelt looking at her in fear and worry. "What the fuck is going on? The others have to cover for you and watch their asses now that you've..."

"We gotta get out of here!" Lilith yelled, fear and panic visible on her face for the first time since Mittelt had known her.

"What do you..."

"We need to leave, now! All of us, because..."

There was a rumbling from the bakery before an explosion of green energy rocked the area, blowing not only the bakery up, but the surrounding area and sending everything flying backwards at least a block in distance.

In the center of it all was Ranma, who was on all fours, chunks of the Sweets Devil around him and shards of black glass on the floor of the crater.

Moments later all of the Sweets Devils seemed to pixilate and fade into particles as if they never existed.

"Yeah, we're fucked." Lilith muttered, gulping as Ranma let out an inhuman sound from his throat and his aura shot up, causing everyone to shudder in fear.

"What the hell is that?!" Issei gulped, he didn't know why, but he had the urge to grab as many people as he could and run as far away as possible. Heck, he swore his Sacred Gear was trembling and he had no idea how THAT was possible!

"Neko-ken." Lilith muttered softly and gulped as Ranma looked at them, his eyes inhuman as dark energy rolled off of him in waves.

"Any suggestions?" Rias asked as Ranma slowly moved towards them on all fours. She couldn't describe it as walking, crawling or anything of the such, but rather an inhumane grace that she couldn't describe fully.

"Well, we could always hope he's in the mood to mate, though I don't recommend it since you might end up carrying his brats if that happens." Lilith bit her lip. "We could try to fight him, but I don't recommend that, right now he could probably dodge you even if you went the speed of light. I have no clue, before we waited until he fell asleep, but I'm not sure if that's an option here."

"Falling asleep, huh?" Akeno muttered and nodded. "Fine, then I'll zap him with enough electrical energy to knock out a Cerberus."

Ranma growled and suddenly pounced at Akeno, only to get punched from the side by Koneko and knocked down. "Hurry up!" The small girl yelled and yelped as Ranma's aura suddenly took on the form of a very large, very angry cat and slashed at her, shredding her clothes and slicing into her body horribly as blood sprayed everywhere in response.

"Koneko!" Issei called out and glared at Ranma. "Hey! You don't need to, YIKES!" He jumped away as Ranma pounced at him. Forming his wings, Issei flew into the sky and gulped as Ranma looked up and gave him a cat-like grin before crouching down and wiggling his body, preparing to pounce.

Thankfully for Issei, lightning struck down at Ranma at that moment, though the berserk fighter nimbly dodged out of the way from each strike.

Asia was thankful that Ranma was running away from her as she worked to heal Koneko. "You'll be fine." She smiled as Koneko nodded. "He's not himself, I'm sure that this is unusual."

"Why is he acting like a cat?" Koneko asked through the pain she was feeling, which was thankfully subsiding.

Asia shook her head and looked over, gasping as she saw the lightning strike the aura around Ranma and dissipate harmlessly. "What the?"

"Okay, now I'm worried." Kiba pulled out two swords, one of fire and one of ice. "I just hope this works because otherwise we're in trouble."

"Ice?" Lilith gasped as she realized something. "That's it! Make water! Cold water! If you can splash him with it, he might snap out of this state."

"Are you nuts?! You saw what happened when Akeno blasted him with lightning."

"That's because it's energy." Lilith pointed to the feet of the aura. "That's going through the ground, he has to focus, even if he's berserk, to have it affect physical matter."

"You sure it'll work?" Kiba asked, but prepared to do what she asked.

"Nope, but at this point what do we have to lose? At worst we'll have a wet, angry kitty that might run off to try and dry itself off."

"Or kill us." Kiba muttered and blinked as he felt a hand on his shoulder, turning he saw Issei giving him a thumbs up. "Issei?"

"Hey, I don't know if it'll help, but I can do this much at least."


Kiba felt his energy skyrocket as Akeno kept Ranma busy by taking pot shots at him, keeping him away from the rest of them. Letting out a yell, he jumped above Ranma and crossed his swords and watched as a torrent of water came rushing out, passing through the aura harmlessly and splashing Ranma directly.

Seeing the aura instantly evaporate, Kiba let out a sigh and landed on the other side of the puddle that he had made.

"Master!" Lilith ran forward and picked up Ranma and sighed as she saw the now redhead groaning and shaking her head. "Thank goodness!" She hugged Ranma, who looked around in confusion.

"Lilith? What was I doing? Why am I wet and why are we outside? You weren't doing kinky things again, were you?"

Lilith laughed and kissed Ranma on the lips. "No, you're just fine, you had a Neko-ken attack."

Ranma's eyes widened and she stood up, freeing herself of Lilith's grasp. "Oh shit! That's right! Where's the Devil? Is anyone hurt? What... Why is everyone looking at me?"

"My my... I didn't know you had a younger sister, Rias." Akeno giggled as she tried to figure out what was going on.

"Holy cow! Ranma's tits are amazing!" Issei proclaimed and then shook his head. "I mean, how?! Can I get a pair like that too?!"

"Not fair!" Asia pouted while she finished healing up Koneko. "Even the boys have better boobies than me!"

Ranma looked around, looked down at herself and laughed. "Well, I guess I can explain this." She opened her mouth and blinked as she heard sirens in the distance. "Surprised it took them this long."

"How about we meet at the Occult Research Club?" Rias suggested, getting a nod from the others. "Very well." She couldn't WAIT to hear THIS one! As the others of her peerage got closer, they all disappeared in a red flash.

"Lilith, get us to the school." Ranma sighed and rubbed her forehead. "Cat's out of the bag, huh?"

"The fuck was THAT?!" Mittelt yelled. She knew about the Jusenkyo Curse, having seen it before, but the berserk thing was brand new.

"I'll explain when we get there." Ranma said as Nuku came over and they all disappeared into the shadows on a wall.

Not far from them, a figure in long pants, a casual dress shirt and heels watched them with interest. "Finally found you." A female voice said as her long hair fluttered in the breeze. "Soon."

End Chapter 3


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Quite enjoying this story, just one thing though, are you sure that you shouldn't be placing this in the Restricted Forum? It seems pretty borderline for what is allowed in the main part of the site.


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Chapter 4

As they reappeared behind the school, but outside still, Mittelt looked around and sighed as she made her wings disappear. "Wait, why am I hiding my wings and grateful that humans don't see me with them out?"

"Because humans who don't know of the Moonlight World shouldn't know about what we are." Lilith answered her with her arms crossed. "It's a pain in the ass, but it keeps everyone safe. Last thing we need is a bunch of panicking mortals who use their stupidly over-powered weapons on themselves trying to kill us."

"It was a rhetorical question." Mittelt responded flatly. "Anyway, Ranma, why can't we show them that we're Devils?"

"Do you know anything about Devil society?" Ranma asked, getting a negative response from Mittelt. "Okay, so from what I've been told, the only way you're supposed to be a King is if you're a High-Class Devil or something. Now, ask yourself this, how do you think they'll react if they find out that a part Demon not only became a Devil without them knowing, but also became a King with a chess set?"

"...Point taken." Mittelt muttered, wondering why Devils would allow humans and other races to become Devils in the first place.

"Anyway, Fallen Angels are known to work with other races to get stuff done, so just keep it under wraps for now." Ranma waved her off. "Anyway, shall we go?"

"You sure they won't try to kill me?" Mittelt asked, feeling a little vulnerable as she walked inside. "I mean..."

"If you told them you were changed they'd want to know who your King is, and as Master pointed out, that's not a good idea right now." Lilith interrupted her and looked at Atsuko. "You too, don't tell them that information." Atsuko nodded, no way she'd betray Ranma like that.

Mittelt grumbled as she followed them to the Occult Research Club. "Um, stupid question, but how are you going to show off your curse?" She asked the redhead, who looked down at herself and blinked. "You forgot, huh?"

"Easy to forget, other than the tingling I feel when I change I don't feel any different." Ranma jumped a bit when she was splashed with warm water, returning to normal. "Thanks, Lilith."

"No problem." She smiled and made the glass in her hands disappear.

"Wait!" Nuku Nuku narrowed her eyes at Lilith. "You could have done that back at the fight, why didn't you?"

"I had no clue that triggering the curse would cause Master to return to normal, nor was I in any mental state to do it. The last time Master was in Neko-ken, I ended up with a concussion, several broken bones and other injuries from when he mounted me." Lilith sighed and shook her head. "So all I could think of was "I don't want to go through that again" and when Kiba pulled out those two swords, my mind snapped back to the present and I took a stab in the dark."

The next thing she knew, Lilith's face was buried in Ranma's shirt. "Master?"

"Shh..." Ranma rubbed her head and back and she sighed, practically melting into it. After doing that for nearly a minute, he let go. "Sorry."

"Master, you know you can't control yourself in that form. I healed up just fine." She hated how he blamed himself for the things that happened when he was in Neko-ken, especially after what happened to her. "Besides, that was my fault, okay?" She cupped his cheeks and smiled at him. "Now, you're going to stop moping, go in there and talk to them, okay?"

"Heh, thanks, Lilith."

"You know, I just realized something." Mittelt narrowed her eyes at Ranma. "You sound a LOT like Nuku when you're in your cursed form."

"I do?"

"He does?" Nuku was surprised, when did that happen?

"Eh, just a coincidence, I'm sure." Lilith shrugged, it wasn't that important. "Shall we go?"

"Yeah, okay."


Sitting behind her desk, Rias looked at her peerage, Akeno and Kiba on the couch to her left with Issei, Asia and Koneko on the couch to her right and some chairs straight across from her. She was actually worried, since she was certain that neither that berserk state nor his transformation ability was something he wanted others to know about, but now that it was known he'd have to explain.

Well, she'd worry about it later.

"Are you sure he's..." Issei began as a knocking on the door was heard. "Oh, that's him isn't it?" It was strange, he couldn't feel any of them out of the room, but he just chalked it up to not knowing enough about his Devil abilities to feel them.

"Come on in." Rias called out and gave a small smile as she saw Ranma, Lilith and Nuku walk in. Her smile disappeared when Mittelt followed after them. "Before we begin, I wish to let you know that I officially object to a Fallen Angel being in here with us. Lately they've been nothing but trouble for us."

Mittelt held her hands up as she sweat-dropped and tried to look harmless. "Hey, I'm not stupid enough to try and challenge a bunch of Devils on their own home turf, okay? I'll be good, I promise."

"Besides, she needs to be fully trained by Master tonight." Lilith's perverted expression left no doubt as to what she was thinking about.

"Pervs." Koneko still couldn't believe that there was someone out there more perverted than Issei. If there was someone even more perverted than the succubus and her master, she shuddered to imagine who it could be.


"ACHOO!" Happosai sneezed, dropping several pairs of panties out of his pockets. "NO! The silky darlings!"


"So..." Ranma began as he sat down, Lilith next to him, Mittelt on his other side, and Nuku next to her. The blonde looked grateful to be where she was. She knew that Ranma and Nuku were strong and fast enough that they might be able to escape if things turned pear-shaped. "Where do you want to begin?"

Before Rias could speak, Issei blurted out "how did you get those rocking melons?!"

Akeno giggled and Rias shook her head, an amused grin on her face. "Well, as my pawn so graciously asked, how do you turn into a girl?"

"Simple, I went to China, spent about two years in the country, ended up in a valley in the distant part of the country near Tibet. Found a bunch of springs where a bunch of different things drowned from ages ago."

"I take it that has something to do with why you change then?" Rias asked, getting a nod from Ranma.

"Fifteen hundred years ago, a girl in her teenage years ended up at the pools of Jusenkyo, fell into the pools and drowned. Now whomever falls into that spring..." Ranma was splashed with cool water by Lilith, losing height, gaining large breasts and her hair turning red, "becomes a girl with a splash of cool water. Warm water returns them to normal."

"And you just so happen to look like Rias, except shorter." Akeno giggled and looked at Rias. "You know, you could use her to act as a double for you so that you don't have to deal with certain things."

"Absolutely not. For one thing, her hair is way too short to pass as me. Secondly she doesn't sound like me. And lastly, she's too short!"

"But at a distance no one could tell. And we could easily give her hair extensions or something." Akeno giggled as both Ranma and Rias shot down her idea. "Oh pooh! I thought it was a good one."

"Maybe the girl that drown was one of your ancestors?" Kiba looked at Rias, who shrugged.

"I wouldn't know, fifteen hundred years is a long time after all, it could be or it could simply just be a coincidence."

Akeno started giggling and Rias gave her a tired look. "What?"

"I was just imagining someone saying 'go fuck yourself' and then you grabbing Ranma when she's in girl form and going 'already have'."

Rias didn't say anything, but her face matched her hair in coloring at that suggestion. The others in the room likewise turned red at that, though there were some exceptions.

"AH MAN! NOW I'M GOING TO HAVE DREAMS ABOUT THAT!" Issei cried out as tears fell out from his eyes. Double the redheaded boobies, double the redheaded naked bodies, double the fun!

Lilith started giggling as she imagined it. "Ooh yes! Maybe get some and... YEEEE! Orgy!" She squealed and clapped her hands rapidly while bending her knees up and shifting from side to side.

Ranma just put her face in her hands. "Why am I not surprised someone would make that suggestion?" Though as she looked at Rias, she admitted it wasn't a bad suggestion, the girl was tall, curvy in all the right places, had a pleasant face and her breasts were incredible. Though from what Ranma could tell, the other redhead was a virgin, which wouldn't be a problem, but Ranma was pretty sure that if Rias gave her first time to him that she wouldn't be able to be satisfied by any other man in the future.

Atsuko looked around in confusion, she wasn't understanding why everyone was acting like that, though for some reason she was imagining Ranma and Rias, both in girl form and both naked with their breasts pressing against each other and she wasn't sure why.

"So..." Rias coughed to try and dispel the atmosphere that Akeno had created. "Is there just one spring?"

When Lilith poured warm water over her allowing her to return to normal, Ranma shook his head. "No. There's the spring of the drowned panda and hundreds more. Hang on." He reached into his pocket and pulled out a small, soft-cover book. "I just got this in the mail yesterday." Flipping it open, he began to read. "Spring of the drowned piglet, drowned duck, drowned cat, drowned saber-tooth cat... Wait, what? These springs are THAT old?! Spring of the drowned duck, drowned octopus."

"How does a duck drown?" Kiba asked, shock on his face. "HOW DOES AN OCTOPUS DROWN?!"

"Spring of the drowned Buddhist Monk, Virtuous man, spring of the drowned..." Ranma tilted his head. "This is the weirdest one so far, no way that's real."


"Spring of the drowned Yeti-riding-bull-carrying-crane-and-eel."

"...You're right, that can't be real." Rias shook her head. "Anyway, I think I understand the curses. They seem to be pretty old, especially if that one is any indication."

Ranma shrugged as he put the book away. "You're telling me. But, before we continue, do you mind if I ask you some questions?"

"So long as they aren't anything too personal, I could answer them."

Ranma nodded at her, grateful she understood. "I was told that only high ranking Devils get to have peerages, is that true?"

"Indeed." Rias nodded. "You know me as Rias Gremory, what you don't know is that I am the next heir to the house of Gremory, one of the seventy-two pillars of Devil society."

Issei looked at her in shock. 'Woah, I knew she was a big deal, but to hear her say that. I'm even luckier to have her as my master.'

"Is that all?" Rias asked and Ranma narrowed his eyes as he thought about it.

"One more question then. Why are you in Japan?"

Rias was surprised, most didn't ask that question. And it was true, she could have been anywhere in the human world, but she chose Japan for a very simple reason. "I happen to like Japanese culture."

"Oh." Ranma laughed softly at that. "Makes sense." He took a deep breath and sighed. "So now you probably want to know about the other thing that happened out there, I assume?"

"Please." Rias nodded. "Understand, Saotome, I don't wish to cause you pain by remembering, but after what I saw, I have to put the priority of my, my family above your concerns."

Ranma waved her off, though mentally he was impressed, the only families he had seen had been his, the Tendos, the Kunos and Atsuko's family, there was plenty of insanity and dysfunction in all of them to make him not really appreciate families like Rias was. "That was the Neko-ken."

"Cat fist?" Issei asked. "How did it get that name?"

"Because of how I was acting, that's where the name comes from. The training is simple, really. Just dig a hole so deep that the trainee, who has to be under the age of ten, can't jump out. Then widen it and find a bunch of cats and throw them in and put a cover over the pit, starve them for about three days..." Ranma noted that Koneko was looking at him in a mix of shock and disgust, but he ignored it. "Then take the trainee, tie them up so they can't move, wrap them in fish sausage..." There was a growing sense of outright shock forming on Asia's face, as well as Rias and Akeno's faces as they realized what was being said. "Then throw the trainee into the pit. Repeat every day until the trainee is dead, insane or learns the Neko-ken." Shockingly the only person who wasn't looking absolutely disgusted, other than Lilith, as she already knew this, was Kiba. 'Cool customer, that one.' Though Ranma wondered why, he ignored it.

Asia's face was green and she put her hand over her mouth as she ran to where the shower was in the club-room, never more thankful that it was there than at that moment as she threw up violently and loudly.

"I..." Rias was at a loss of words, she couldn't imagine the most disgusting of Devils doing something like that. Hell, she couldn't even imagine Fallen Angels doing that! Considering how Akeno and Mittelt had similar expressions of shock and disgust on their faces, it was easy.

Ranma waited for the usual pity or outrage, it never failed when he told this story and he hated it. Sure it sucked to be absolutely terrified of cats, but what could he do about it?

The next person to react was, shockingly, Koneko as she stood up, walked over to Ranma and hugged him tightly.

"Koneko?" Ranma asked in surprise. He REALLY didn't need more ammo for his damn reputation at this point.

"The cats didn't want to hurt you." She said softly. "They were scared and hungry, they couldn't help themselves, they just wanted to live too."

Ranma smiled and gently hugged her back. "I'm not mad at them, but I can't even look at a cat without freaking out." Koneko nodded, she understood. If someone had done something similar to her, she doubted that she would have a different reaction.

Ignoring the sound of running water in the background, Rias coughed into her fist. "I truly am sorry that you went through that."

"What can you do? Unless you know someone who can fix it."

"Not personally, no." Maybe her brother knew, after all, he was one of the four Devil Kings in Hell and he might know of a pantheon that could help Ranma out.

The water sound shut off and Asia walked out, tears falling down her face and looking a little pale. "Um, Ranma-san... How old did you say you were again when you did that?"

"Hmm... I was six when I went through that training." He jumped, Koneko still hugging him as a crack was heard and both Akeno and Rias started glowing. "Um... You two look like you're going to murder someone."

Rias took a deep breath and slowly let it out. "Sorry, I just couldn't imagine someone doing that."

"Yes, I might... Enjoy causing others pain, but there's a difference between pain and torture."

"What kind of idiot would do something like that?" Issei muttered in shock.

"You'd be surprised what people will do when they think they find a way to obtain ultimate power, whether for themselves or for others. The amount of pain that is caused by people who do things either maliciously or ignorantly shouldn't be underestimated." Kiba replied and Ranma looked at him with a raised eyebrow.

"Yeah, but..."

"I hate to interrupt." Ranma let go of Koneko. "But there's some sort of energy forming..." He stood up and stepped away, pulling Koneko and the chair out of the way. "Right here." Unsurprisingly Lilith had done the same as a red sigil formed where they had been a moment ago.

Rias was shocked, how had he felt that so easily? She'd have to ask him sometime. When a relatively tall, busty woman wearing a blue French maid outfit with white over her chest and a white apron in the front of her skirt, complete with a white head-dress, long silver hair done up in two long braided ponytails behind her back and two short braided ponytails hanging in front over her shoulders and silver eyes, appeared in the room, she wondered what she was doing here. "Grayfia?"

"Ah good, you're here. I would be upset if I had to track you down." She gave the younger girl a small smile to let her know that she was joking. Turning around, she raised an eyebrow as she saw Ranma, Lilith, Nuku and Mittelt. She narrowed her eyes at the blonde, who looked like she was about to piss herself out of fear. "You have some interesting friends."

"It's alright, they know about us." Rias smiled at Grayfia as she turned around. "And don't worry about that one, she's been pretty docile despite being a Fallen Angel."

"Very well." Grayfia nodded to the younger girl. "But that is not why I am here. I'm here in regards to your engagement."

Most people in the room cried out in shock, though Rias was twitching in anger.

"Let me guess..." Ranma spoke up, causing Rias and Grayfia to look at him. "Arranged marriage and your parents chose the engagement, probably set it up before you were born or were really little, you've been trying to put it off for a long time and probably can't put it off anymore?" He smirked as both women looked at him in mild shock. "Welcome to the club."

After a few moments and everyone calming down, Rias looked at Grayfia in annoyance. "He knows that I'm going to school still."

"Unfortunately, after dealing with unusual weather in Hell, he has... Gotten tired of waiting." Grayfia shook her head.

"Dammit! I don't care what my parents arranged, I'm not marrying that..."

"I knew you would be like this." Grayfia held up a hand to forestall what would probably be an epic rant that would actually be fairly impressive use of creative swear words. "After some negotiations your fiance agreed to have a Ratings Game over your engagement."

"I barely have enough members in my peerage to participate." Not that Rias doubted her peerage in the slightest, they were all really strong, but Riser had yet to lose a Ratings Game after all!

"Indeed." Grayfia nodded. "However, there's another stipulation. Should your team lose... You are to wed him immediately."

"Are you kidding?!" Rias slammed her hands on her desk and stood up.

"If you win, you would get the right to dissolve the engagement." Grayfia didn't think it was right, but it was a way for Rias to get out of it. Of course there was another way out, all she had to do was...

"Hoo boy!" Lilith rubbed the back of her head and everyone turned to look at her. "Sounds like this fiance of yours is a real piece of work." Rias nodded and Lilith tapped her chin while looking up. "Man, he sounds like he'd probably love to blindfold you, tie you up in bondage and have unending sex with you until your brain turned to mush."

Rias twitched, she had thought of that possibility. After all, Riser was likely using the marriage as a way to improve his own social standing rather than caring about what happened to her.

"Of course, that's if he's just self-absorbed. I mean, he could probably do all of that and then after you're docile and submissive he could loan you out to a bunch of guys when he's tired of you."

"What?" Rias asked, her pupils shrinking. There was no way Riser would do that, was there? Yet in the back of her mind she couldn't help but imagine herself in some sort of slave bondage gear, on her knees and surrounded by a lot of faceless men.

"Yeah, and then if he's really bad, he'd probably do the same to Akeno, Asia and Koneko." Lilith looked each of them over and tilted her head. "Yeah, with Asia, I could so see him putting her in a stockade and giving her to demonic beasts."

"Lilith..." Ranma whispered as he felt the tension in the air starting to skyrocket. "What are you doing?"

"And Akeno... Well, he'd probably just do the same to her that he does to you, Rias. If he's as scummy as I think he is, he might just put Akeno in the wall and have her act as a glorified glory hole."

Atsuko frowned, she knew what a glory hole was now, but what did having someone stuck in the wall have to do with that?

"And Koneko? Well, I can imagine him training her to be an anal slave and..." Lilith stepped back as an aura surrounded Rias, Akeno, Koneko and Grayfia. "...I went too far." She whispered.

"THAT BASTARD!" Rias yelled, her eyes seemingly lighting up with fire. "That's it! Kiba, Koneko, Asia, Akeno, Issei! We're going to train our asses off and we're going to show that sunnvabitch that we won't lose! Grayfia you can tell him that we'll meet in two weeks for the game."

"Very well, young mistress." Grayfia bowed to her.

"Alright, let's go!" Rias stormed out of the room, followed by the rest of her peerage, though Asia stumbled along behind.

When the doors closed, Ranma smacked Lilith on the back of the head. "WHAT THE HELL WERE YOU DOING?!"

"Sorry! I didn't know it would turn out like this!" Lilith whimpered and looked at Grayfia, who was still glowing. "I wasn't serious! Calm down!" When the aura disappeared and Grayfia blinked in shock, Lilith sighed. "I'm sorry! It's my fault."

"What did you do?" Grayfia asked, concerned that she had lost her temper. She never lost her temper that easily before.

"I was using a low level hypnotic suggestion to get a reaction out of everyone." Lilith looked down as Grayfia gave her a stern look. "I'm sorry! It was only meant as a joke to see the reactions. From the way you were all reacting it seems like all of you think he would actually do all of that!"

Grayfia took a deep breath and let it out slowly. "I admit, that was unprofessional of me. But I will admit that all of those horrible things you described have crossed my mind in the past. If you'll excuse me, I need to let Riser Phenix know about Rias's acceptance for the Ratings Game."

"Wait!" Ranma called out. "Before you go, can I ask you one thing?"

"Be quick about it."

"The Evil Pieces, do you know who made them or who has a lot of information on them?"

"Of course, the person who made the Evil Pieces and knows more about them anyone would be Ajuka Beelzebub, one of the four Devil Kings." Grayfia looked at him in confusion. "How do you know about the Evil Pieces?"

"Came across them awhile ago and I was curious about them. Thanks."

Grayfia nodded and disappeared in a flash of red light. 'Wait, came across, what did he mean by that? It's not like they're laying out in the open after all.'

"So..." Ranma turned and walked to the door. "Let's go catch up and hope we can clear up the mess you made."

Lilith pouted and looked down. "Fine."

As Ranma and Lilith walked out, Atsuko looked at Mittelt, who was shivering. "Are you okay?"

"No I'm not okay! That was... GAH! That was one of the most powerful Devils in all of Hell! Right here! She could have wiped me out and there was nothing anyone could have done to stop her and..." Mittelt fell to her knees and started crying. "WAAAAAHHHH!!! I WAS SO SCARED!"

Atsuko knelt down and picked Mittelt up, carrying her out as she cried into the Cyborg's chest. "Shh, shhh... The scary Devil isn't here anymore."



Meanwhile back in Nerima...

Nabiki frowned as she tapped her finger on her desk. "This is so fucking useless!" What was the point of having a Sacred Gear if it was so useless. Hell, having a Sacred Gear that did nothing but give her an extra arm would be more useful than the thing she got. She knew there was supposed to be a more powerful form to the Sacred Gear, but she had no idea how to unlock it.

This would require... Research.


After catching up to Rias and calming her and the others down, along with a thorough chewing out of Lilith, Ranma asked a question that was on his mind. "So you Devils have to train as well?"

"Well, yes. What, did you think we got stronger by sitting on our asses and just letting our power grow naturally as we age?" Rias asked, getting a shrug from Ranma.

"From what I know, Demons, Devils, Angels and Gods tend to live extremely long lives."

Rias nodded, that was very true. "Yes, but Devil society respects power, and the best way to get more is to train."

"Mind if I join in?" Ranma asked, getting a surprised look from them. "I spent my entire childhood in the wilderness training and fighting, I think I know a thing or three about it."

"Oh my," Akeno smiled suddenly. "This could be good. Maybe the rest of your friends could join in as well?"

Ranma shrugged and looked at Lilith, who nodded. "Well, why not? Could be fun for us too."

"I have to ask you to restrain yourselves from doing anything... Untoward anyone while we train."

"Oh, that's no problem." Lilith smiled brightly. "I enjoy fighting more than sex." When everyone gave her a weird look, she shrugged. "I do!"

"Well, in that case... Why not?" Rias looked at the others and they mostly showed indifference towards the idea. "But even so, you won't be able to help us in our Ratings game. Unless you were part of my peerage that is."

Ranma shook his head at that. "Thanks for the offer, but no."

"Very well. We'll start training tomorrow."

"But we have class tomorrow." Asia pointed out. "We won't be..."

"Training's at five in the morning at the school grounds." Ranma spoke up, getting shocked looks from the others. "You show up late I'm going to come to your houses or apartments and drag you out in your underwear."

"...What if we don't wear clothes?" Akeno asked, just wondering what he would do.

"Then you train naked." Ranma smirked at them and walked off. "Don't worry, I'll be there."

"Five in the morning?!" Issei cried out in shock. "But that's..."

"Go get some sleep then." Lilith bowed to him. "If it wasn't for school he'd let you sleep at least until six. Just put up with it." She turned and ran off.

"...We're going to need to get to bed early, huh?" Issei asked, sighing when Rias happily admitted that's what they were going to do.

Well, tomorrow morning couldn't be that bad, could it?


It was exactly five in the morning when Issei looked around blearily, he was somewhat grateful that none of the others were really awake either. "Where's Ranma?"

"Right behind you." Ranma said, causing everyone to jump. Spinning around, they were shocked to see Ranma, Atsuko and Lilith all awake and looking sharp.

"Where's Mittelt?" Akeno asked, getting a giggle from Lilith. "What?"

"One, she'll get her own training and two, she probably won't be able to walk straight today after last night."

Ranma rolled his eyes and ignored Lilith's giggling. He knew the reason Mittelt couldn't walk straight, and riding her ass, literally, for more than a few hours, tended to do that. "Anyway, I'm going to spend this morning judging you on your fitness level."

"Why are there couches here?" Koneko asked.

Ranma just grinned.


"Faster!" Ranma called from on top of Issei's couch as he and the others were running laps around the school yard. "Seriously, is this the best you can do? I was able to do this when I was eight! And I was running through swamps and chased by wolves while my old man sat on the couch."

"He's not kidding! I did it too!" Lilith called out from her spot on Asia's couch. "Of course, Master and his father were sparring when I did it while the wolves chased me."

"I don't believe you." Issei muttered and he blinked as Ranma's head appeared in front of him, though upside down. "What?"

"Just for that, Issei..." Ranma's face broke out into a grin, though it looked like he was frowning from Issei's vantage point. "Lilith! Do it!"

"Too bad I couldn't get any Demon Dogs, oh well!" Lilith shrugged and snapped her fingers. "I guess Demon Rats will have to suffice."

"...What?" Everyone turned slowly and paled as they saw a bunch of rats suddenly materialize behind them. "AAAAAH!"

"Yeah, you better run!" Lilith laughed as the group picked up the speed while the rats ran after them. "Run!"

Atsuko sat on Koneko's couch and looked back. "Isn't that a lot of rats?" She narrowed her eyes as she looked at the moving shadow.

Lilith was laughing until Asia tripped and fell over. As she tumbled off the couch, Lilith sighed and watched as Asia screamed, threw her hands over her head and was covered by the rats, which slowly started to fade away.

"H...Huh?!" Asia blinked in surprise and uncrossed her arms. "Not that I'm complaining, but..."

"It was an illusion." Lilith helped Asia back up as the others had stopped and were staring at them. "What? No way I'd do what Genma put us through! You think I'd summon rats, wolves or bees from Makai? Are you insane?"

"Don't worry about it." Ranma got off his couch. "Most of you are in decent enough shape that this won't be useful. Issei, you and Asia need a lot of work though."

"So... Now what?" Kiba asked as Ranma smirked. "I won't like this, will I?"


Two hours later...

"He's evil, I hate him." Surprisingly it was Asia who was saying this as she and the rest of them limped into the school. Ranma had given them enough time to get cleaned up and changed for school.

It had mostly been running, which was easy enough, but then Ranma and Lilith had started randomly attacking them with energy blasts while Atsuko threw bricks and other stuff at them. Every time they got hit by an attack they had another ten laps on top of what they already had to do.

"I made a mistake." Rias muttered, thankful that the blasts had only enough power to sting and not do any real damage.

"Good thing school's out for a couple of weeks after today." Ranma smiled as he and Lilith walked off. "See you tomorrow!"

"Are we really bringing them with us?" Kiba asked and sighed when Rias nodded.

"He said that this was just to test us, hopefully it won't be so bad tomorrow."

"Well, I have to admit, that was kind of fun." Akeno giggled at the looks she was getting. Her inner masochist actually enjoyed what happened.


Mittelt groaned as she woke up and grimaced as she felt how sore her ass was. "Damn you, slut..." She cursed Lilith for convincing Ranma to do anal stuff to her last night.

Sure, it had been enjoyable... Once the initial pain and awkwardness of having something that big shoved up her rear had subsided, but that didn't mean she wasn't sore from it.

Getting up and wrapping a towel around herself, she made her way to the bath and stared at Happosai, who was sitting in the hallway, looking at some scrolls. "What are you doing?"

"I'm going to start Ranma's training soon. Considering that he defeated that Devil, he's going to be diving into the deep end soon and is going to need help learning to swim in that end of the pool."

"I don't get your metaphor." Mittelt grumbled and winced as parts of her body started to act up. "If you'll excuse me, I need to go clean up."

Happosai waved her off and mentally sighed. 'Dammit, if only you had just let the Devils deal with the problem instead of getting involved.' He just knew that things were going to get ugly and soon. He didn't know what exactly, but one didn't live to be over three hundred years old as a human by ignoring your instincts after all.

"I hope that young Devil girl is okay."


When Mittelt heard that Ranma, Lilith and Atsuko were going to be out of town, she wondered why they told her, why she was being told to join them and Lilith was grinning at her.

Well, she had a few ideas as to why.

She just hoped that it wasn't for the reasons she thought Lilith was grinning at her for.

"Have fun." Happosai said, getting a surprised look from the others. "Basic training isn't my idea of fun. Besides, Ranma, when you get back you're going to need to go through some advanced training from me."

"To be a giant pervert?" Ranma snorted, getting a laugh from Happosai.

"No, you're already on your way. I have other things to teach you, however. And you still need to learn to let go of your hesitation when it comes to your female form."

"And I told you, that won't happen." Ranma shot back and stood up. "Anyway, let's go, we'll be late for school if we wait any longer."

Mittelt sighed, she just knew it was going to be a pain in her ass to sit down today.


Sona frowned as she saw her friend's exhausted figure that morning. Sure, Rias was hiding it well, but she could tell that her friend was absolutely exhausted. "Are you okay?"

"Hmm, yes. After this morning though, I'll be more okay as the school day goes on."

"...What happened this morning?"

Rias gave a small yawn as she walked through the hallway. "Was busy all morning doing some crazy workout with Issei and the others."

"Crazy morning workout? Why was Issei there?"

"He was helping." Rias grimaced softly as she remembered the attacks she took. They didn't hurt that much, but the way they added up really was annoying. Kiba had mostly avoided them, until Ranma had gotten a crazy idea to use some sort of weird barrier attacks to get in the blond boy's way and knock the wind out of him. "Took lots of hard hits this morning."


"Yeah, they didn't hurt much, but there were so many all over me. I swear, if not for Asia's help my breasts would be all bruised after what happened." Rias looked at her chest for a moment and missed Sona's shocked look. "My clothing was in tatters too. Good thing that I was told to use clothes that I wouldn't miss."

"What about the rest of your peerage?"

Rias looked at her a little bleary-eyed. "They were all there as well. Poor Kiba, he got it the worst too, all because he was so dodgy."

"I... I see." Sona adjusted her glasses. "If you'll excuse me." She ran off, her face red.

"What was that all about?" Rias asked in confusion.


"ISSEI!" Two girls yelled angrily as Issei walked the halls.

"Huh?" Issei was by himself since he was just using the bathroom. "What do you two want?" The last time Katase and Murayama showed up like this, he had to run for his life.

"We heard! You were doing extremely bad things to Rias-onee-sama!" Katase yelled, tears welling up in her eyes. "And not just her! We heard you were REALLY hard to Kiba as well!"

"Uh... I didn't do anything to them, I was too exhausted to do anything. I couldn't even see the President's jubblies!"

"Silence! You lie!"

Issei started to sweat. "I'm sure that whatever you're assuming I did, it's not as bad as it sounds."

"So you admit you did worse! I heard Rias's clothes were in tatters!" Murayama yelled and Issei nodded at that. "SEE?!"

"Yeah, so were Akeno's, Asia's, Koneko's, Kiba's... Uh..." He started sweating as everyone in the hallway started glaring daggers at him. "Come on, guys! Mine were pretty messed up too."

"ISSEI YOU PERVERT!" The two girls pulled out Shinais and pointed them at him. "What other horrible things did you do this morning?"

"This morning? We were all doing extreme exercises!"

"So that's what you call it, huh?" Katase muttered and Issei gulped as a black aura of doom filled the hallway. "How dare you?!"

"Uh... heh... Um, uh... Bye!" He turned and ran, followed by a very angry and yelling crowd of girls who were screaming obscene things at him.

As they passed Ranma, he had to nod in satisfaction. "Issei's improved this much already, huh?" That was good, it meant the training was working, and it had only been for two hours even! Then again, it could just be due to adrenaline, but he would have time to fix that after two weeks.


Issei slid into class and hid under his desk, panting heavily and waited for several moments before chancing a look out and blinking in shock as the girls weren't running past the room, yelling in anger.

"Dude, what's the hurry?" Matsuda asked him.

"Was running from the kendo club. They think I did something bad again."

Adjusting his glasses, Motohama looked at Issei in surprise. "You do know that you were moving much faster than you usually could, right?"

"I hope so! I spent all morning running. My legs still feel like jelly." Issei wasn't sure how much longer his legs would work, all he wanted to do was sit down and just relax for the rest of the day.

He was NOT looking forward to the training trip. Other than Asia, he had found out just how far behind he was compared to the others in physical fitness.


The next day...

Issei was panting as they climbed up a rocky hill towards their destination. The only thing making him not feel like a complete loser was the fact that Asia was struggling as well.

Of course, then he took a look at the hiking pack that Ranma was carrying and suddenly felt like his balls had just been chopped off as Ranma's pack was at least five times larger than his and he had no problem keeping up with the others, chatting about various training methods and ideas for the upcoming trip.

"Come on, ladies!" Lilith called back at him, Asia and Mittelt, who was only a bit ahead of Issei. "Fall any further behind and you'll have to chop a tree down without a tool!"

"You wouldn't make them do that, would you?" Rias asked her and Lilith giggled.

"Why not? Master and I learned to break wood by chopping trees down with our bare hands after all."

Rias just sighed and hoped that everything worked out on this trip.

Ranma, meanwhile, wondered just how far he could push the group, since they seemed to mostly rely on their Devil powers, not that that was a bad thing, but he had no idea how to train those. Oh well, he'd figure something out. Rias had some good ideas.



"Interesting." A tall woman said as she watched the training that was going on. 'More like torture.' She enjoyed combat, thrived on it some would say, but this was too much for her. "What do you two think?"

"Feh, most of them are pretty pathetic." The lone male, a Chinese young man wearing long pants, a sleeveless shirt and wrist-bands looked down in disinterest, his short hair flowing in the breeze. "That redhead and the girl with the long black hair, wouldn't want to deal with them though."

"ArE yOu SaYiNg YoU cOuLd HaNdLe ThE rEsT?"

"Feh, not all at the same time, I'm not stupid. There's a couple of others I don't like."

"Indeed. And as much as I hate it, we'll have to wait a little bit longer." The woman said, glaring at the man as he chuckled. "And what's so funny?"

"I thought you hated to wait."

Her eyes flashed an emerald green in color. "Of course I hate to wait, but if we're going to deal with them, we need to pick the right moment." She scoffed and turned. "Now come on."

"Yeah, yeah." The guy muttered as the trio walked through a portal and disappeared.


Issei groaned as he slumped down on the ground at the end of training. It had been over five days since the training started and his whole body felt like one big bruise. Even Asia's healing couldn't make the pain go away completely.

Hearing something snap next to him, he turned and his eyes widened as he saw Rias, wet, topless and wringing her shirt out. "What?! President?!"

"Huh?" The girl turned to look and blanched. "Sorry! Not Rias, Ranma! One of the trees had some water in the branches and it soaked me. Didn't notice you were here."

"Oh..." Issei muttered and slumped. "Man, I haven't seen nice boobies like those in so long that I thought you were Rias. I mean, your boobs are almost as big as hers are!"

"I'm sure." Ranma muttered and sighed. "How'd you get me confused for her anyway?"

"Boobs, red hair, boobs, red hair, and mostly boobs."

Ranma sweat-dropped at hearing that. "You certainly are honest."

"I haven't jacked off in almost a week!" Issei cried out, causing Ranma to fall over. "Man, I'd probably cream my pants right now if..."

"I get it." Ranma muttered and sighed as he looked at Issei's trembling form. "I can't believe I'm considering this, but I actually feel bad for you."

"Huh?" Issei asked and blushed as Ranma walked over and sat down next to him, still topless.

"I get it, you don't get off for more than a few days and you're feeling really frustrated and pent up, right?"

"Like you wouldn't believe." Issei grumbled and sat up. "I'd love to have a few moments alone to... To..." He averted his gaze. "Could you put your shirt on? If you keep those things out I might grab them."

"I'll give you ten seconds." Ranma said flatly, causing Issei's eyes to widen comically and he spun to look at the redhead. "Ten seconds, any longer and I hurt you."


"You can't grab my ass." Ranma told him flatly. "I haven't even let Lilith do this, but if it helps you concentrate, go ahead."

"I.. I... I..."

"Fine, guess you don't want..." Ranma trailed off as Issei's hands grabbed her breasts and she sighed, grimacing as he squeezed and fondled them rather roughly. "Nngh, remember, I'm only doing this because I feel bad for you." After the ten seconds were up, she grabbed his hands and pulled them off. "You're lucky no one showed up." Ranma put her shirt back on and Issei was panting and grinning. "Dude, really?"

"I haven't felt boobs in a good long while! That was awesome!"

Ranma sighed, her face was red. "Can't believe I felt sorry for a perv like you. Also, you squeeze too hard and you're clumsy with your groping."

"It's not like I have a pair of breasts I can practice on constantly." Issei pouted. Sure, he got to squeeze boobs once in awhile, but it wasn't consistent.

"If you want to be harem king, you better learn how to make a woman cum from just her breasts." Ranma laughed as Issei gave her a shocked look.

"But I thought that you..."

"Didn't care about your dream? Dude, if you're going to have a harem you better learn how to fondle and play with breasts of all shapes and sizes. Small ones are actually more sensitive."

"Really?" Issei asked as Ranma leaned back and looked up into the sky. "I would think bigger ones were."

"Nah, man. I love me big boobs myself, hell, I have a pair right now." Ranma put her hands under her boobs and lifted them up before dropping them down, laughing as Issei's eyes followed the bounce. "But the bigger they are, the more area there is to cover, it takes longer to feel it."

"But shouldn't bigger titties have more nerves and be more sensitive?"

"Yeah, but big boobs are more abused compared to smaller ones." She smirked at Issei's shocked look. "Trust me, the big funbags are great to play with, fondle, bounce, suck, squeeze, grope and all other fun things, but smaller boobs are great too."

Issei laughed at that and leaned back. "Say, where are the others?"

Ranma closed her eyes and focused on feeling out everyone's energy. "Hmm... I think Kiba's the closest one back to camp and he'll be another minute. Mittelt's the farthest one away and she'll be here in three. So not..." She trailed off and opened her eyes as she felt Issei's hands on her boobs. "And why are you squeezing me again?"

"...I want a minute of squeezing time so I have something to masturbate to?"

Issei gulped at Ranma's darkened expression.


Rias sighed as she made her way back to camp, at least today's training was over. "I am never looking at hide and seek the same way again."

"I know what you mean." Akeno groaned and stretched, grimacing at how stiff she was feeling. "At least..."


There was an explosion that followed the yell and the two looked at each other and rushed to see what happened, though they had an idea.

When they got close, they saw Ranma storming off, grumbling about how she couldn't believe that she felt sorry for Issei in the slightest.

Hurrying up, they saw Issei, his body twisted in ways that they were sure weren't possible with him grinning lewdly. "Heh heh heh... Worth it."

End Chapter 4


Couple of notes. 1: Ranma, in canon, felt bad enough for Happosai to let him grope her boobs, and we know that Canon Ranma is a LOT more of a prude than this one. 2: I originally was going to have them train at 3 in the morning but then I was like "no, too harsh" and made it 5 in the morning, which is hard, but doable for high school students.
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My only warning for this chapter is this.

Mood Whiplash.

I really let my sadistic side take over for this chapter.

Also, I wrote this and even I'm like "YEE GODS!"


Chapter 5

Four days later Issei found himself packing things up as he got ready to leave. "Finally, I'll get to sleep in a real bed." He couldn't wait to get back home and relax. Looking up, he saw Kiba limping around as he tried to put his stuff away. "Hey, Kiba! Are you okay? I thought Asia healed you?"

"She did." Kiba laughed at Issei's look. "Just phantom pain." Sparring with Lilith the past couple of days had been an... Interesting experience. Sure, they had been using wooden practice swords, Kiba had severely underestimated just how much the girl liked combat. He had first thought she was just an untrained brawler who liked to punch things and fling energy blasts around. He still mentally laughed at how he felt when she disarmed him the first time they practiced. Sure, he hadn't been taking it too seriously, but that was still impressive.

"Oh." Issei nodded and looked over at Koneko. The girl had been sparring with Atsuko the past few days. The first time they had seen Koneko with bruises had shocked most of them, especially since Atsuko didn't seem to be bothered by the bruises she had, saying that she had taken worse in the past. Privately Issei wondered if Atsuko had some way to nullify Koneko's Rook abilities, since he knew how durable the young girl really was.

"You and Asia were training with Ranma and Rias the past few days, right?" Kiba asked and blinked as Issei nodded stiffly. "How did that go?"

"He's evil, I hate him." Surprisingly it was Asia who answered as she walked by.

"Like that." Issei answered and shivered as he recalled some of the training ideas Rias had and when Ranma pointed out some ways to improve it, Rias had been all for it. Between the two of them, well Issei wasn't sure he could find a more brutal taskmaster if he tried.


Back in Nerima, both Cologne and Genma sneezed at the same time, wondering what brought that on.


Kiba nodded and saw Akeno laughing at something Mittelt had just told her. 'Speaking of surprises.' He thought to himself, he never would have thought that those two would be able to get along, especially with what he knew about Akeno's history. He suspected that part of the reason they got along was because Mittelt was actually fairly submissive, at least when it came to Ranma.

Kiba might have been shocked to know that the reason the two got along so well was because Mittelt had accidentally let slip on the first day of training together that she and Ranma were lovers. Akeno's romantic tendencies had come out and getting details of Mittelt's sex life during training sessions left the ponytailed girl's panties soaked after every session. Not that Akeno was complaining, the details that Mittelt had given her were better than the porn she consumed.

Not far from the group, Ranma and Rias were finishing putting stuff away. "This was a lot of fun." Rias smiled at Ranma. "I'll have to ask you to help with training again. I think we made a lot of gains here."

Ranma laughed and imagined the scared looks that Rias's peerage would have when they heard that. "It wasn't just me, you had some really good ideas there, I was just expanding on them. So, do you think you'll win?"

"Of course." Rias smirked at him. "I'm certain we'll win." She looked over at the group and her eyes rested on Mittelt. "I have to say, I'm glad that I was wrong about one thing."


"I'm glad I was wrong about Mittelt. I didn't trust her and was prepared for her to try and backstab us this whole time. I'm glad I was proven wrong."

"Eh, I wouldn't worry about that." Ranma shrugged at her. "We all make mistakes and she knows that she's technically your enemy."

"Yeah, but..." Rias shook her head, if they had to fight against the Fallen Angels again, she would hate to have to face against Mittelt, the girl was a bit bratty sometimes, but she wasn't a bad person. Heck, Akeno was laughing with her over something and that wasn't something she would have ever thought was possible before this trip.

"I said don't worry about it, so don't worry about it."

"Fine." Rias wasn't going to argue over it. "Are you sure about giving them four days off though?"

Ranma nodded as he saw the others finishing up. "We worked them pretty hard over the past nine days. If they just do some light workouts, they'll be fine. Besides, they might come up with a new special technique or combination or something."

Rias giggled at that. "I can just see Akeno and Issei coming up with some sort of nipple clamp lightning combo attack."

Ranma burst out laughing at that. He could see it as well.

"So..." Ranma began after a few more moments. "Just asking out of curiosity, but is there any other way out of this engagement of yours?" It was obvious she wanted out and he wasn't in any position to lecture her on honor or anything, considering his own situation.

"I suppose if I slept with someone and they got me pregnant I wouldn't have to get married then. Being damaged goods and all that." She knew her parents would be upset at her, but frankly Rias didn't care about that. They didn't care about her feelings when they made the engagement in the first place. "Hey..." Rias leaned forward as Ranma turned to look at her and she smiled shyly. "How about you? Want to make me pregnant?" She frowned when he shook his head. "But why..." She blinked as he put a finger to her lips to silence her.

"First of all, Rias, you're a good person and not to say you aren't good enough, I'm sure that we would have an amazing time together." He dropped his finger and sighed. "However, a child? No. I couldn't just have a child and leave them." An image of a little girl with sandy blonde hair and yellow eyes sniffling and crying flashed in his mind as she begged him to not leave. "I can't do that again."

"Again?" Rias wondered what he was talking about.

"It's not just that either. The biggest problem with virgins is that most of them equate sex with being in love with someone."

Rias gave him an annoyed look at that. "Really? You'd rather have a slut than a virgin?"

"Not at all, but my love life is fairly complicated." Ranma shook his head. "Besides, if I took your virginity, it wouldn't be fair to you. You wouldn't be able to have any other lovers."

"I fail to see how that's a problem." Rias muttered and Ranma laughed at her. "What?"

"You really think you could share me when I have a succubus, a Fallen Angel, a fiance back in Nerima and at least one other woman waiting on me?" He laughed at her annoyed look. "Besides, Rias... Would you be happy if you did that?"

Her annoyed look melted away into one of quiet contemplation. "I could..." Rias blinked as he shook his head.

"No. Rias, would you really be happy if I got you pregnant to get out of your engagement?" He purposely looked at her peerage and she turned to look with him. "I like you, you're a good person, but I don't think you'd be happy like that. Don't be rash with stuff like that."

Rias was silent while Ranma went to finish packing his stuff up.

"I'm sorry." Ranma said after the two had finished their stuff. Putting a hand under her chin, he turned her face to look at him. "Had things been a little different, I would have loved to take you up on your offer."

"...Why?" She whispered to him.

Leaning in, he put his mouth by her ear and whispered to her softly. Her eyes widened as he pulled away and smiled to her. "How?" She asked him and he shrugged and shouldered his backpack. "What makes you so sure?"

He shrugged and didn't say a word as he started to walk towards the others.



Nabiki groaned as she slumped at her desk. 'This sucks, if only I knew more about Sacred Gears, I might be able to do something with this.' It had been ten days and she was no closer to figuring out how to make hers better than she had been at the start of it. Out of curiosity, she had tried to see if she could find someone who had gone beyond the basics of it but she couldn't find a damn thing. 'Figures, even if I know what to look for, I can't find anything.' It was possible that someone was blocking her, but she had no clue who could do it.

"Now what?" She got up and walked out of her room, down the stairs and into the living room where she saw Genma out in the yard practicing martial arts. "Gotta hand it to him, I wouldn't have thought he'd still be practicing." It wasn't as intense as his sparring sessions with Ranma had been, but that was to be expected. 'Hmm, how is he doing anyway?' She wondered and closed her eyes, nearly gasping in surprise as she saw him super clearly talking to a blonde boy and a brown-haired boy and laughing at something. "Sure is amazing, too bad it's so useless." She sighed and opened her eyes, nearly jumping out of her skin as she saw Genma no more than a foot away from her. "GAH! DON'T DO THAT!" She screamed and put her hand over her heart to try and calm it down while she panted.

"The boy was right, you do need protection." Genma shook his head.

Nabiki snorted as she calmed down. Turning, she crossed her arms and huffed. "I'm fine. There isn't too many people I'm worried about."

"People? Sure, I'm sure you'll be fine. But what about Devil Hunters and the like?" Genma asked and Nabiki looked at him with a raised eyebrow. "You think I don't know about you? Both the boy and Lilith keep me up to date on all sorts of going ons."

"So you know about..."

"Everything." Genma said as he motioned towards the couch. "Before we begin, is there anyone else here?"

Nabiki closed her eyes and shook her head. "Akane's with a couple of her school friends, Kasumi's returning a book to Dr. Tofu and daddy's dealing with some city stuff." Opening her eyes, she looked at Genma seriously. "The fact that you asked me that and aren't surprised by what I can do..."

"You have some sort of special ability that lets you see things." Genma shrugged at her. "I don't know all the details, but I am kept up to date on everything." He shook his head and sighed. "I even know what he did for you."

"Believe me, I'm very grateful he did that." Though Nabiki wondered how it was possible. She knew enough about the Evil Piece system that it shouldn't have been possible, but Ranma seemed like he could pull off the impossible constantly.

"There's more things out there than the boy knows." Genma narrowed his eyes at her. "I've tried to shield him from the worst things, but that wasn't possible after he and Lilith bonded when he was twelve."

"What happened?" Nabiki asked, growling as Genma shook his head. "Why won't you tell me?"

"Because I don't like to remember that time." Genma never forgave himself for what happened. "You know about the Neko-ken, correct?" Nabiki nodded at him. "That wasn't the only mistake I've made, nor the only regret I've had when training the boy. But what happened when he was twelve was my biggest regret ever."

"Because he almost died, right?"

"No." Genma shook his head. "He did die." Nabiki's eyes widened. "I don't know what magic Lilith used, but it brought him back to life."

"How do you know he died? I mean, he's obviously alive, right?" She really hoped that she hadn't been banging a zombie. Necrophilia was illegal after all.

"Oh yes, he's very much alive now." Genma nodded and looked away, sighing. "But when you die, your body stops producing Ki at all." He looked back at her and adjusted his glasses. "When she brought him back to life, his body was jump-started using Youki and all the Ki his body used to make? Replaced with Youki."

"Isn't that because he's part Demon?"

Genma shrugged at her. "Truthfully, there isn't a person in Japan who doesn't have a supernatural ancestor somewhere in their past, yet they all produce Ki."


Genma shook his head. "The boy isn't any different than any other human out there, other than having Youki. No, girl, you being a Devil and my boy becoming one himself to help you doesn't change anything about him, other than having a longer life-span."

"You think you can protect me against the forces of Heaven, Hell or Hunters?"

Genma snorted at her. "Give me some credit, girl. I'm not a complete fool." Getting up, he walked off. "But if you need to talk about stuff, I can listen."

"What do you do when you're stuck trying to improve in martial arts?"

Genma smirked at her. "Find a rival, if that doesn't work, meditate and figure out what's blocking you from improving. It's all in the mind after all."

As he left the room, Nabiki frowned as she thought about it. 'All in the mind, huh?' Now if only she could find some way to get over her current mental block.


The next day, around noon...

Bulleta found herself walking down a street in Tokyo, grumbling how things hadn't turned out the way she had expected. 'Seriously, why couldn't he just either die or take me after the mech blew up, stupid Jenkins being worried about me, stupid Ranma, stupid...' She growled and rubbed her head while gnashing her teeth. "GAAAAAH!" Ryoga had proven to be shockingly stubborn about wanting to stay at his home, now that he could actually get around without getting lost, until his family came home. So far that had been a no go, but at least he had a bed to sleep in every night.

Really, Bulleta actually felt bad for the idiot, but she needed his help if she was going to deal with Ranma. "And then after I deal with him, I'll tie him down and..." She had a shark-like grin on her face as she blushed and started panting. "I'll show him who the best loli is, it sure isn't that damn succuslut!"

"Mommy, why is the weird lady talking like that?"

"Shhh! She's obviously one of the crazy people around here, we don't talk about them." The woman quieted her child.


Of course, that required being able to FIND Ranma! The bastard decided to move on her! "Kuoh City, huh?" She remembered her contacts in the Devil Hunter world saying not to go there unless chasing a dangerous prey and only sticking around long enough to deal with said prey and then leaving. Turning a corner, she cupped her chin and frowned in confusion. "What's so special about Kuoh City anyway?"

"Would you care to find out?" A deep male voice spoke and Bulleta looked up and raised an eyebrow.

"Dimitri? No, you're not him. Who are you?" The guy was tall, very tall, with long black hair and he had a face that looked more like a Vampire's face than actual Vampires.

The man gave her a wide grin. "I heard that there was a Hanyou and a Demon in this city and I came to check them out, but I found you talking about a city I've taken... A vested interest in."

Bulleta pulled out an Uzi and pointed it at him. "You didn't answer my question."

"As if bullets can..."

"WRONG ANSWER!" Bulleta screamed as she pulled the trigger.

The man's eyes widened as bullets shot through his shoulder and side. "FUCK!" Jumping back, he looked at the bleeding in his arm and then snarled at the girl. "You'll pay for that!"

"GET 'EM BOYS!" Bulleta threw her hoodie up into the air, revealing a red tank top underneath and the guy watched as two large spirits appeared out of nowhere, each holding a rifle of some sort. "DIE!" Bulleta pulled out a Gatling gun from somewhere and the three fired as many bullets, missiles and other ammo that they had at the guy.

After the fireworks ended, the spirits disappeared and Bulleta put her red hoodie back on and walked over to the smoldering and burnt pile.

When Bulleta got close, several yellow spears formed around her, creating a perimeter.

"Not bad!" The smoldering pile said as he stood up, only looking slightly worse for wear. "I can see why you have the reputation you do."

Bulleta smirked at him. "Oh please, you're bleeding like a blood bag after a Vampire bites into it, don't act tough around me."

The man laughed at her. "You are a treat."

Bulleta narrowed her eyes and pulled the trigger to her Gatling gun, only to find a yellow double-bladed spear piercing it.

"Ah ah ah..." The man wiggled his finger at her. "None of that."

The next thing Bulleta knew she had spears sticking out of her shoulders and into her legs, causing her to gasp out in pain.

"You're the second one. And to answer your question, my name is Kokabiel." The Fallen Angel commander chuckled as he made Bulleta disappear into a teleportation sigil. Grimacing at the bullet wounds he had, he looked around and smirked as he saw no one around. "Too bad, little miss gun nut, no one saw your defeat." Ten wings formed behind him, each one made up of raven-colored black feathers, he took to the sky and disappeared.

As he flew through the air, Kokabiel gripped at his right arm and cursed, he was going to need this healed up. 'Why the hell am I having trouble teleporting in this god-forsaken town?!' He had no problem teleporting that blonde brat, but he himself couldn't teleport? That made no sense! 'This whole freaking...' He trailed off and stared at a large cat ghost that hovered over a shrine.

"Hello." The cat waved. "Can you help me find my bride?"

The ghost disappeared when Kokabiel snapped a lance of light through its body and he took off again.

"My original plan is shot to hell, I'll have to regroup and heal first."


Meanwhile, Cologne was frowning as she felt her wards going crazy. 'First that high ranking Devil and now a tainted Angel that's just as powerful? What's going on in this city?' She had been getting the last of the paperwork ready so that she could pack up her business and move it to where Ranma was, but this took priority. "Shampoo! Mousse! Quickly! Keep up with me!" She yelled and took off out the door, followed by the two younger Amazons.

Something was telling her that things were about to get really ugly, really fast. The three were zipping across rooftops as they made their way to where Cologne had felt the powerful magical attacks being flung around. 'Whoever it was is probably dead.' She was surprised that the city was still standing, the amount of power she had felt from the tainted Angel was enough that it could have laid waste to the whole city with no problem.

"Where are we going?" Shampoo asked and Cologne was glad to note that it was in perfect Japanese.

"I felt..." Cologne trailed off as they got close to the spot. "Around here..." She narrowed her eyes at the residual energy. "What happened around here?"

"Elder..." Mousse spoke up and picked up something off the ground. "A duck feather?"

"No." Cologne narrowed her eyes. "That's not a duck."

"Bulleta was here." Shampoo held up a bullet casing. "Shampoo know no one else who uses guns for fights." She sighed in annoyance. "Shampoo still have a long ways to go."

"You're getting there." Cologne didn't have a problem with the occasional slip-up that Shampoo had, she was still much farther ahead than most people who were trying to learn a new language. "Hmm, a tainted Angel and Bulleta..." The fact that there were two pools of blood, a small crater and several holes in the sidewalk showed some of what happened.

"What you think happened?" Shampoo asked and Cologne sighed and pointed at the small crater.

"From what I can tell, Bulleta encountered a very dangerous enemy and managed to wound it before being defeated herself."

"You sure?" Shampoo asked and instantly felt stupid at the look Cologne gave her. "Sorry."

"Don't worry, but I felt that powerful being leave under its own power." Looking at the feather in her hand, she narrowed her eyes. "The question is, why would a tainted Angel of such power be here?"



"Wakey wakey!" A crazed voice laughed a moment before a loud crack was heard in the air.

"Oww!" Bulleta cursed as she opened her eyes. "Okay, either the world turned pear-shaped or I'm upside down."

"You're upside down, and chained to a upside down cross! Aren't you lucky?!"

"Yeah, look, I'd love to keep this conversation going, but considering that you look like you're on your head and the blood is rushing to my head, I'm going to pass out, get loopy or both." Bulleta was very thankful when she was flipped up to a proper upright position. "Well, this is better."

"I don't know why the boss wants you." Bulleta got a good look at her captor and snorted as she saw the outfit. "What?"

"Member of the Church, huh? Always heard you losers hated decent competition for purging the world of Demons and the like." When he started laughing, she wondered what was wrong with him.

"Competition? Oh you flatter yourself." He ran a hand through his short, white hair and continued to laugh. "You're nothing more than a pathetic little..."

"Freed, that's enough." A short, elderly man wearing a priest outfit walked in and adjusted his glasses. "I'm terribly sorry about that, it's hard to control him some days."

Bulleta snorted in disgust as Freed continued to chuckle darkly and looked at the old man. "So why am I here, who are you and why are you working with freak face and laughing man?"

"I assume you're talking about Kokabiel and Freed when you talk about those two?" The old man smiled at her. "I have my reasons, but there not for a worthless little part-human hunter like you to know."

"Feh..." Bulleta sneered at him and snorted as the doors to the room opened up and Kokabiel walked in, nursing his right arm. "What's the matter, freak face? Can't heal properly?"

"Tsk," he sneered at her, "if not for your lucky shot, I would have gone for my other objective."

"Let me guess, there's some sort of randomly powerful artifact in Nerima that you want for your collection? Or perhaps there's someone that you thought was there and you want to hunt them down?" Bulleta struggled against her chains. "Get in line, there's about a hundred people ahead of you."

"Wait!" Freed pointed at Kokabiel. "You hurt him?! HIM?! WITH BULLETS?! HOW?!"

Bulleta gave him a shark-like grin. "I'm the most terrifying mother fucker in any dimension of reality. Vampire Lord, Succubus Queen, Elemental that can turn the planet to ash if it's too close? I'll face them all down and shoot them with bullets. Give me enough money and I'll make sure it's extra painful. A little birdie with some spears of light doesn't scare me."

Kokabiel snarled and snapped a light lance into both of Bulleta's hands, causing her to cry out in pain. "Say that again, you little bitch, I'll carve your heart out next."

"HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA!" Bulleta ignored the pain and laughed at his threat. "That's it? Boy, don't you have a lot to learn?" Kokabiel looked at her weirdly, as did the other two. "I've had my skin boiled away, been bitten by a vampire and made its thrall, drowned by monsters that live in water, had my limbs and intestines cut open and off by a half-vampire with a Sacred Sword and even had a succubus try to suck my soul out. I'VE SURVIVED ALL OF THAT, BITCH! YOU THINK YOUR THREATS SCARE ME?!"

"Wait..." Freed trailed off, his voice trembling. "You're B.B. Hood? As in Baby Bonnie Hood? As in the crazy girl that no one in the right mind would face without having overwhelming power or an army?!"

"What are you talking about?" Kokabiel asked him, confused.

"FUCK! This skank is at the top of the 'do not fuck with' list that every exorcist has!" Freed pulled out a book and flipped it open. "She's in the top ten things you don't want to see unless she's dead."

"Ex-CUSE YOU!?" Bulleta gave him a glare, her eyes seemingly shining red. "Only top ten?! What do I need to do, find an orphanage of Demons, Devils and Fallen Angels and go full Murder Santa on them or something?!"

The old man frowned at Freed. "It's not like you to sound so scared, Freed."

"He's just jealous that I make the boogeyman piss his pants in fear and he's just an unknown little exorcist who will be long forgotten when he's gone."

"As amusing as this all is," Kokabiel snorted at her. "I'm wondering how she's alive."

"She's half Demon." Freed pointed out, getting a snarl from Bulleta. "Or half-Darkstalker, whatever that is, I'm guessing it's a Demon. Anyway, that's gotta be the reason she's survived all those things that should kill her."

"I'm not half-anything, you fucker! Let me go and I'll pump you so full of lead that x-rays won't be able to see though you!" Bulleta screamed and struggled against her chains.

Kokabiel sneered at her and walked off. "Valper," the old man looked at him, "I require some assistance to deal with the wounds she gave me. Freed, you can do what you want with her, but don't kill her."

"BAH! That's no fun." Freed grumbled as they left the room. "If not for that informant, we wouldn't go through this."

"Informant?" Bulleta asked, tilting her head.

"Some blue guy, never paid attention to him, just said something about an interesting Demon that's in Kuoh City and that you have a connection to that Demon." Freed pulled out a light sword and walked up to her. "Now then, I wouldn't give a damn what he said, I think we should kill you."

"Go ahead and try, better creatures than you have tried." Bulleta sneered at him as he put the blade of his sword against her throat.

"On second thought..." Freed started to chuckle as he pulled his sword down. "Other than your nasty as hell attitude, you look a lot like that Saint bitch that Raynare wouldn't let me punish and, BOY! Let me tell you that cunt wouldn't even have sex with me after I saved her dickgirl ass from Gremory!"

"You sure you're not gay?" Bulleta asked as his sword cut through all of her clothes, including her underwear, leaving her outfit in tatters.

"Hey, I don't discriminate."

Bulleta's eyes seemingly glowed red. "You better hope that you die to whomever you're attacking, because when I get free and get my hands on you, you're going to wish you were dead."

He licked his lips and grinned. "Hey, you're scary as fuck when you're free, but you're not free right now. Hmm, your legs are in the way. You said you survived having them chopped off, right?"

"I thought you were terrified of me." Bulleta glared at him as he put his sword against her legs.

"Oh, believe me, if you weren't tied up, I'd be out of here and in another country so fast that I'd set speed records." Freed grinned at her. "However!" His blade cut into her skin, causing her to scream in pain. "I'm a here and now kind of guy. I'll worry about your wrath later if it comes up."


Three days later, Ranma found himself with Mittelt at the school saying goodbye to Rias and her peerage as they prepared to go into Hell for the Ratings Game. "Too bad I can't help."

"It's fine, if Riser let me use other people not in my peerage I'm sure that my brother or parents wouldn't mind sparing me their peerages for the match." Not that Rias would accept them, she had her pride after all.

Ranma gave her a grin and held out a hand. "Well, just in case this is the last time we ever see each other again, Rias Gremory, good luck."

Rias gave him an identical grin and shook his hand. "Likewise. But don't worry, we'll win."

"Confident, huh?" Ranma's grin turned into a smirk that Rias matched perfectly.

Letting go, she walked over to her peerage and nodded at Grayfia, who had arrived a few moments before. "We'll let you know how it goes."

Waving goodbye as the group disappeared in a flash of red light, Mittelt looked at Ranma. "You like her, huh?"

Ranma looked at her in surprise. "Well, she is a good girl, smart, pretty, powerful and she actually takes training seriously." He was shocked at that last one. Sure, he met a few girls who had supernatural powers and abilities that trained, but most of them would have rather did other things. Not that Ranma didn't blame them, there were times during his training trip that he would have rather had gone home or played with kids his age instead of training after all.

Mittelt raised an eyebrow and put her hand on her hips. "Really? Enjoying training is something you enjoy?"

"That's not it. It's like... Lilith likes sparring and fighting, there's others I met that train hard over the years, I respect those that take training seriously more than those who treat it as a hobby."

Mittelt snorted, she wasn't like that, she didn't like to train, but she couldn't let that slut show her up, after all, she was a former Angel! No way she could just let a Demon slut beat her that easily!

"So... Want to go get lunch?" Ranma asked as he gave Mittelt a light slap on the butt. When she glared at him while her face flushed, he scratched his cheek. "What?"

"What, he says knowing full well why he shouldn't slap me on the butt!" She huffed and walked off, blushing the whole time.

Ranma sighed and walked after her. "Just because you're a little sensitive..."

"A LITTLE?!" She turned and screamed at him, grabbing his shirt. "You..." She had tears in the corner of her eyes and she bit her lip. "You've been having so much anal sex with me that my whole butt is really sensitive when you touch it!"

Ranma gave her a smile and hugged her. "I know, that's why I did it."

"You..." Mittelt growled before sighing and letting go of his shirt and resting against his chest. "Why do I let you get away with that stuff? You're such a jerk."

Ranma said nothing and just held her, just enjoying the feeling of holding her.

It was ten minutes later when he let go of her and she turned away, her face bright red. "You... Grrr!"

"So... Want lunch?"

Mittelt sighed and nodded. "Sure." No doubt it would be some cheap, greasy fast-food place.


"I was wrong." Mittelt admitted as they sat down with the food on their plates. "An all-you-can-eat buffet?"

Ranma shrugged. "I don't have the money for a fancy place to eat, none of the sit-down places or food stalls felt right and you seemed like you wanted to talk about something."

Mittelt gave him a look that he couldn't describe before sighing and nodding. "Yeah, I wanted to talk about a few things, actually." Ranma nodded and motioned for her to continue as they ate. "Namely, why didn't you kill me when we first met? That's always bothered me."

Ranma shrugged and thought about it. "I have a policy of not killing people I just met, even if they're enemies, unless they're trying to kill me." He chuckled at her flat look. "You weren't an enemy at the time nor were you trying to kill me."

"Yes I was. I just didn't know you were a Devil. Doesn't mean I'm not your enemy."

"Why?" Ranma asked her, causing her to give him a confused look. "Why should we be enemies, just because the Fallen Angels and Devils are natural enemies? I mean, you knew me as a Hanyou, so..."

"Demons and half-breed Demons aren't natural enemies of Angels. Gods on the other hand..." Mittelt trailed off and the two sat in silence as they ate.

"Then I have a question for you. How come you didn't try to attack us after I released you from the seal?"

Mittelt's eyes twitched with one raised upwards. "Well, that is, um..." Her face flushed and she looked down at her food and mumbled something.

"...What was that?"

She sighed and looked up at him, her cheeks still red. "I liked the sex and you were nice to me." She groaned, unable to believe that she had just admitted that. "I am such a fuck up."

"Huh? I don't think you are."

"I was created as an Angel serving God in Heaven." She sighed and shook her head. "I became a Fallen Angel because of the stuff I did. And now I'm a Devil, though that's not well known."

Ranma kept quiet and walked back to get more food while Mittelt picked at her food. After getting back with another plate full, he started to eat again.

"There had to be another reason you didn't kill me, right?" Mittelt looked at him, seemingly desperate. "You didn't because you knew I'd be a useful asset, right? Or simply because you felt like it?"

"Hmm, no." Ranma shook his head. "Nothing like that. I simply had no reason to kill you. Plus killing a cutie like you would have been a waste." He scratched his cheek and Mittelt felt her face turn bright red and she looked down to at her food some more.

"Thank you." Mittelt said softly.

Ranma smiled and the two continued to eat their meal in peace.


An hour later...

"Why are we here?" Mittelt wondered as they wandered around the clothing store at the local mall. What surprised her was how it was a specialty store that had lots of cute gothic lolita outfits.

"Well, you only have that one dress and some casual clothes that you got from Kasumi that don't fit her anymore, so I thought you'd like some of these."

Mittelt didn't hear him as she wandered through the store, surprised they had mini-skirts and even swimsuits that appealed to her. "I wonder..." She trailed off as she found the lingerie and smiled. It had been so long since she had proper panties after all! She was wearing regular ones, they just didn't sit well with her. 'Besides, I'd rather have sexy underwear than plain when...' Her eyes widened and pupils went blank as she realized what she was thinking. "No, no, I'm not, I mean..." Her face was as red as a tomato as she looked at the underwear. "No, doesn't matter, I'm getting these!"

Standing at the front of the store, Ranma wondered just what she was talking about.


As they walked through the mall, with Ranma holding several shopping bags, Mittelt was looking down and blushing hard. "Thanks for buying all of those." He had even bought the crotchless panties for her!

"You needed new clothes." Ranma shrugged, it wasn't a big deal to him.

"Still, thanks. But... Um, why are you doing this? If I didn't know any better, I'd say you were taking me on a date."

"Huh?" Ranma looked at her in confusion. "I thought I told you we were going on a date today."

"HUH?!" Mittelt yelled in shock, her eyes wide. "Bu...Bu...But you didn't tell me!"

"Oh." Ranma laughed and looked up in confusion. "Could have sworn I told..." He muttered before remembering.


"You want to what?" Lilith raised an eyebrow.

"Spend some time with Mittelt tomorrow. Alone."

The succubus shrugged. "Sure, have fun, take her for some food, shopping and movie, then stop at a love hotel on your way home."

"So... Take her on a date?"

Lilith grinned at him. "Yep! Don't do anything to her that I wouldn't do."

Ranma gave her a flat look.

*End flash*

"Huh, guess I didn't tell you. Sorry."

Mittelt shook her head and gripped her shirt. "No, um... It's nice, thanks." She knew Raynare often bitched about her male targets taking her out on dates like this, Kalawarner also complained about it, but Mittelt wasn't seeing the problem. 'Then again, they were trying to kill their targets, not spend time with them because they liked...' Her face turned red again and she shook her head. 'No no! I mean, sure, he's nice, he's a GREAT lover and he protected me from those Devils. I guess...' She looked at Ranma more closely as they continued to walk through the mall.

Smiling, she walked over and hugged his arm tightly. 'Yeah, I could do much worse than this guy, even if he did turn me into an anal slut.'

"So... Want to see a movie?" Ranma asked.

"Sure!" Mittelt nodded, smiling brightly.



Atsuko frowned as she sat in the middle of the training area in just a pair of black biker shorts and a tube top over her breasts and looked at her flaming arm. "So..."

"Yeah, I can't figure it out either." Lilith, in a similar outfit, shook her head. "We tried touching the other spots that light up and it just did this." It was pretty neat to see Atsuko's lines of magical energy, it made her look like sort of like those robot girls from the video games that she saw a few times a few years ago.

"You even poured magic into it." Atsuko sighed and shook her arm to dismiss the flames. "This is all I can do though? I thought I was supposed to have Devil powers or something?"

Lilith waved her concerns off. "It probably has something to do with you being a cyborg. Or maybe you just lack the experience with manipulating higher forms of energy to do anything more."

"But why fire?" Atsuko had been wondering that ever since she unlocked it. "I mean, it's not really fire, but still..."

Lilith shrugged at her. "I have no clue." She snapped her fingers as a thought suddenly came to her. "OH! OH! Maybe? Maybe it's like that because of how you became an android in the first place! When you got shot as a kitten."

"You think so?"

Lilith nodded at her. "Yeah, Bulleta shot me in the leg once before, let me tell you, it BURNS like no one's business when you get a bullet tearing through your flesh."

"So because I was shot to death... I get fire?" Atsuko looked at her arm and then smiled. "COOL!"

"That's the best I can think of." Lilith said as she stood up and her succubus wings formed behind her. "Come on, I got some new moves I want to work on."

"Sure!" Atsuko got up and held her arm in front of her, grinning as flames covered it. "I'm ready."

"Good!" Lilith spread her wings out wide and focused her energy around them.

Atsuko's eyes widened at the attack she was seeing. "You aren't going to shoot a bunch of exploding pies, are you?" She blinked when Lilith face-faulted and her attack dissipated. "Uh..."

"No!" Lilith shook her head and stood back up. "But now that I think about it, this looks a lot like it. Oh well." She threw her arms to the side and flapped her wings. "Shining Blade Ripper!"


More than two hours later, Mittelt and Ranma, still carrying her bags, walked out of the movie theater, both of them laughing at the movie they had seen.

"Oh man!" Mittelt ran a finger over her eye to wipe the tears out. "I can personally tell you that Heaven is NOT like that at all."

"And that was supposed to be Satan?" Ranma shook his head. "What kind of movie was that supposed to be?"

"Well, I'll give the movie makers some credit." Mittelt smiled. "They did get one thing right. Angels aren't supposed to fall in love." Her smile slowly died off and she sighed. "Kind of sucks, you know?"

"I wouldn't know." Ranma shook his head. "I thought love was supposed to be the strongest emotion or something. I mean, lust is a by-product of love when you find someone who you're attracted to." He knew there were different kinds of love, his love of martial arts, certain foods and, even if he wouldn't admit it, his father were far different than his feelings for Lilith were after all.

"Don't ask me, I can't comprehend dad's way of thinking." She sighed and hugged Ranma's arm and rested her head on it. "I asked him once why people had to suffer and you know what he told me?"


"He said 'suffering, as bad as it is, is a reminder that you have free will' and I still don't understand."

"You know, in a way, that makes sense." Mittelt looked up at him and Ranma smiled at her. "Think about it, everyone goes 'if we could just remove this bad element from humanity, we'd live in a utopia', but in order to do that, you have to strip away what makes humans, human."

"...But neither of us are human."

Ranma gave her a wry grin. "You know what I mean." When Mittelt giggled, he led her out of the mall. "Today was pretty enjoyable."

"Yeah, thanks." Mittelt couldn't believe how nice and relaxing today was. "So now what?"

"Well... You want to head back?" He smirked as she shook her head. "We got some time to kill then."

"Hmm... What to do now then?" Mittelt just didn't want the day to end just yet.

Ranma was silent and the two walked for some time in silence. Turning a corner, Mittelt's face turned red as she saw where they were. "Ah, this is..."

"We don't need to stop." Ranma answered her without looking at the love hotels on the street. "I can tell you aren't comfortable."

Mittelt squirmed and rubbed her legs together before shaking her head. "Just... use more than my butt this time, please?" When Ranma raised and eyebrow, she buried her face in her hands. "Mouuu... Don't..."

"Shhh, it's okay, I won't tease you." Ranma said as he led her inside one of the hotels.


"I was expecting a heart bed and a mirror on the ceiling." Mittelt muttered, disappointed that it was just a really big bed. It was a nice bed, it looked comfortable as all hell, but it wasn't what she was expecting.

"We have the rest of the day." Ranma said as he put the bags down in the corner. "Besides..." He walked up and put his hands on her shoulders. "Wouldn't you be embarassed by a mirror?"

Mittelt blushed and shivered as he rubbed her shoulders. "Maybe I want to watch myself?"

"If you want, I can record us having sex sometime so you can watch later." Ranma smirked as he felt her shiver. "You want that, huh?"

"Shut up." Mittelt turned and wrapped her arms around his neck. "Make tender love to me today, please?" She kissed him on the lips as he carried her over to the bed and put her down tenderly. "Before you ask," she said between kisses as he undid her clothes and slid them off, "you can use my ass too." She gasped as she felt his finger slide into her rear-end. "Ahhhng!"

Ranma grinned as he fingered her before getting out of his own clothes. "Here." His erect dick was pressed against her cheek and he grinned as she opened her mouth and took it in and started licking and sucking on it. "Mmm... Good."

Mittelt didn't answer as she reached up and caressed his balls while sucking and licking on him. She squealed as he got over her body and buried his face in her pussy. Even if she was almost a foot shorter than he was, it wasn't awkward at least. Though with the way his finger was pumping in and out of her butt and his tongue was sliding around inside of her, it wouldn't take long for her to cum.

Oh well, they had time and she was looking forward to having him shower her with all the attention she could handle.

She just hoped she would be able to walk properly after he was done with her.


Meanwhile in Nerima...

"Okay, I give up!" Nabiki groaned and banged her head at the table.

"What's wrong, Nabiki?" Kasumi asked, looking at her sister in concern. "You've been looking stressed for the past two weeks."

"Been wracking my brains, been trying to figure out how the hell to get over a problem I've been having and NOTHING comes to mind." Trying to force her Sacred Gear to evolve wasn't working and she was sick of it being useless to her. 'Come on, if I could just get that enhanced form unlocked.' She had spied on Azazel after going to him for protection and heard him talk about something called a Balance Breaker since he was working on some sort of artifical Sacred Gear.

"Perhaps you should ask father or uncle Genma? They might know how to help you."

"Suppose it couldn't hurt." Nabiki stood up and walked over to the engawa where the two were playing Go. "Hey, daddy, uncle Genma..."

"Yes?" The two said at the same time.

"What can we do for you?" Soun asked as he put a white piece down on the table.

"I've got a bit of a problem, I've been working to solve it, but I just can't seem to get past the last stage. There's some sort of block on it."

"Sounds like a mental problem." Soun narrowed his eyes before turning to look at her. "Have you tried meditation?"

"Yeah, but still, nothing is coming to me." Nabiki sighed and fought the urge to rub her head with both hands in exasperation. "I'm at my wits end!"

"Hmm... Well, if it's a problem that's bugging you, why don't you just look at the source of the problem?" Genma suggested to her. "That's what I would do in the past."

"Oh yes! I remember how you were having trouble with those two schools of martial arts you created. How did you solve it?"

"The Master, may he rot wherever he is, gave me the inspiration, actually." That reminded Genma, he would have to teach his son those techniques soon. 'Hmm, I think I'll head to Kuoh City in a couple of months, see how he's doing and teach him those schools.' The boy was more than skilled enough to use them and he was certain that Ranma wouldn't be stupid enough to accidentally kill himself.

"Look at the source..?" Nabiki blinked in confusion, before her eyes widened in shock. "That it!" She hugged Genma tightly. "I don't care what anyone says! You're a genius!" Letting go, she ran to her room, leaving the two men blinking in confusion.


Meanwhile in Hell...

Issei was panting as he looked at his opponent, Riser Phenex, who was a tall man with blond hair.

"Goodness me! To defeat Riser's Queen like that! Riser is actually impressed! Yubelluna isn't an easy opponent to face." Riser laughed in amusement. "And to do it like you did! Riser gives you praise, boy! Really, making her clothes explode and leaving her naked?" Riser scratched his chin and nodded. "Riser likes that attack and will find a way to use it on all female opponents going forward!"

"...Thanks?" Issei felt like crap, taking that damn mad fire bomber's attack after leaping into the air HURT like a bitch, but at least he got to plant his face in her tits and grab her ass. It wasn't like he meant to do that either, he was just trying to hold on since the explosion knocked him loopy for a moment.

"But, alas, this is the end." Flaming wings came out of his back. "You defeated most of Riser's peerage, but now he will crush you!"

"Bring it!"


Issei grinned, that was his fourth boost, he was certain he'd be knocking this guy stupid with his next blow.

Rias called out to try and warn him as the two charged at each other. "Issei! Be..."

At the next moment, ten feet of wet, heavy snow fell down on the battlefield, covering them, the battlefield, Ravel, who was the only member of Riser's peerage who hadn't been taken out, the surrounding areas and everything as far as could be seen.


Up in the viewing box for VIPs...

"What the heck?!" Sirzechs asked as he stood up in shock. "Right now of all times?!"

Behind him, Grayfia pursed her lips. "Lord Sirzechs, perhaps Cocytus is leaking magic up here? We never did check."

"You have a point, send the request to Serafall and have her people look into it." She was the foreign affairs minister after all.


Back on the battlefield, the snow erupted upwards as Riser let loose a yell. "THAT IS IT! RISER IS NOT A GLORIFIED SNOW REMOVAL SERVICE!" He screamed as he walked on top of the snow and noted that Ravel had burned her way out of the snow and was climbing out and Rias had used her power to do the same. "Riser is done!" He snarled and looked around. "Now where is Riser's opponent so Riser can put an END to this farce!"


"Huh?" Riser looked down in time to see a red gauntlet coming out of the snow and heading straight up...

...At his crotch...

...At high speeds.


The resulting crunch and scream from Riser as he flew up into the air had everyone, including Ravel and Rias staring wide-eyed and hunched over in sympathy pain. And Rias HATED Riser.

Riser continued to scream as his body turned into light particles and disappeared while Issei climbed out of the snow, panting.

"Hey, Rias!" Issei smiled at her, wondering why she looked horrified and was doubled over. "Where's the jackass?" He blinked in confusion as she coughed and turned away, stumbling the whole time. "...What?"


Issei stumbled as he heard a high pitched scream off in the distance. "What the hell was that?!"


"Well..." Sirzechs said, his voice pitched upwards out of sympathy. "I think Rias won." He couldn't even BEGIN to imagine how painful that had to be.

Even Grayfia was grimacing in pain from what she had watched, and she was one of the coolest people in all of Hell.

"FOR ONCE RISER WISHES HE COULDN'T HEAL AND COULD JUST DIE!" A high pitched scream was heard all through out the area.

"I agree with him." Sirzechs muttered, his voice still pitched upwards and strained.


Issei wondered why Riser would scream that, but was glad his team won.

"Issei..." Rias asked as she finally got herself back to normal somewhat, she still found it hard to speak properly. "How many boosts did you have stored up?"

"That was my fifth one, why?"


"...What?" Issei paled and looked at his gauntlet-covered arm. "I did what?"

"You hit Riser in the crotch, as hard as you could..." Rias said softly.


Issei fell to his knees. "GYAAAAAH! WHAT HAVE I DONE?!"

End Chapter 5


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no more Oppai dragon for you, Issei....

it's the Nut Cracker Dragon now.... :p


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welp I gotta say this for Riser "Game over man....Game Over."


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Chapter 6

Nabiki took a deep breath as she lay on her bed and closed her eyes. "No point in risking falling over and hitting my head in case Heaven has some sort of anti-Nabiki defenses up." With a slow exhale of air, she activated her Sacred Gear. "I really need to find the name to this thing..." She muttered to herself and waited for the usual static to come back when she tried searching for things and failed.

When she got an actual view of Heaven, she was rather shocked. 'Okay, it has to be because I know what I'm looking for.' Well, in a sense, she had no clue where to look, but at least she could see into Heaven. 'So where do I start?'

Three hours later and Nabiki was starting to get extremely tired. 'How freaking HUGE is Heaven anyway?! This is like the third level I've been on and I don't even think I've made a dent in it!'

"Lady Gabriel!" One of the Angels spoke up. "What are you doing on the third level?"

A blonde haired woman, though Nabiki noted that all Angels seemed to have blonde hair and a fair complexion. "I merely wish to see if everything is alright, is that so wrong?" The, Nabiki noted, rather beautiful Angel smiled at the other Angels.

"Of course not, we were merely curious as to why one of the Great Seraphs would come to this level."

Gabriel just smiled at the other Angels, not bothering to answer.

'I have to admit, when God made Angels, he sure knew what he was doing.' Nabiki felt incredibly plain compared to this Gabriel woman. It wasn't like she excluded an aura of sexuality either, she felt more like Kasumi. Her beauty was just so pure that it made Nabiki want to vomit. 'Though that's probably because I'm a Devil looking at an Angel with... Holy fuck, TWELVE WINGS?!' She had seen Azazel with his wings out and the man had twelve wings as well. 'Then again, she's supposed to be a Great Seraph, aren't they supposed to be the last Angels before you meet God or something?' Nabiki had, after being turned into a Devil, did a little bit of research on Christian mythology. 'Which is really freaking hard to do when even seeing the words of the Bible messes you up.' She had even tried to use a public library to look up stuff on the Bible after being turned into a Devil.

That... Had been a mistake, to put it mildly. The ways the computers exploded and the out of control fire that happened as a result of her doing that was not something she liked to think about.

'Oh well, I need to get out of here before God decides to look at me and smite me.' She sighed, about to cut off the connection when a thought raced through her mind. '...If Heaven has multiple levels, then the Sacred Gear system has to be deeper, or higher, I guess, than this.' With that thought in mind, she set out to use her Sacred Gear to find the deeper layers of Heaven.


"Is something wrong, Lady Gabriel?" One of the Angels looked at the Great Seraph in concern as she looked around in confusion.

"It almost felt like Father looked in on me." Of course, that was impossible, but not many knew that. "Excuse me, I shall head back to the Sixth Heaven now." With that, she disappeared in a flash of light.


'Still nothing, and this is the Sixth level.' She had seen other Angels that had Twelve Wings in this area and decided to risk it. 'Great, I'm actually heading to the Seventh Heaven.' She had NO idea what she would see. 'Guess I'll be meeting God then.' Nabiki mentally laughed as her ability took her inside.

She wasn't sure what she expected, but the first thing she saw wasn't the Throne of God but something else entirely. 'What the...' Suddenly her vision started to get filled with static, the colors faded out, faded back in, but inverted and then became neon green and black, before swapping to colors she had never even seen, then the image started to swirl, spin and move in directions that she couldn't fathom. 'Mistakes were made!' She cried out in her mind as her hands gripped the sheets while she tried to cut off her Sacred Gear. 'Stop! STOP! STOP!' She mentally screamed as she saw a dog... That looked at her, barked and melted, only to be replaced with some sort of multi-headed snake, each head broke off and formed various patterns, one became an inverted pentagram, another became a cross, another one became a bolt of lightning, another one turned into a beast that Nabiki couldn't comprehend, another one became a giant bird, another one turned into a monkey. The symbols melted and changed, though Nabiki had no idea what a giant red Dragon, a red armor with a tail, a white armor with wings, a little, black clad and under-dressed little girl, a bi-pedal Dragon, a giant fox and some sort of large fetus had to do with anything. "STOP!" She screamed and snapped her eyes open, panting as the symbols stopped and she laid there, her body trembling. "What... The... Unholy... Reality... Was... That?"

Sitting up, she rubbed her forehead as she tried to ward off a painful headache. 'Note to self, kill Genma for his advice.' She started chuckling as she remembered hearing about how if one saw God in his true form that they would be driven insane because they couldn't comprehend it. "Screw seeing God, just seeing that level of Heaven was more than I could comprehend." Groaning, she felt like her head was going to burst. 'The Unholy Heaven is going on?'

Looking up blearily, she blinked as it looked like a semi-transparent sphere was around her. "Now what?" In the front there was a button labeled "START" and she tilted her head before reaching forward and touching it. "So, what's..." Her eyes widened as boxes of images, data and other stuff flashed in front of her, moving around and bouncing off of each other. "This is..." She looked down to see more information, off to the side and she saw information and images. "I did it..." She started laughing softly and bit her lip so she wouldn't get people to rush in here and check on her. "Okay, first thing's first! What is this damn Sacred Gear of mine called?"


Nabiki blinked at the words that appeared before her. "God's Eye, huh? Neat." Looking up, she felt like she was in a pool of information and she could see forever. "I wonder, can I see into the past?"

Suddenly all the images disappeared, only to be replaced with stuff that happened in the past, her face flushed as she saw a lot of naughty stuff happening all at once. "Oh sheesh! Don't tell me this thing has no filter, does it?!"

On the other hand, she was quickly learning some interesting things. "Who could have guessed that some of the Roman Emperors were women?" And total sluts from the looks of things. Turning, she spied a large and explosive battlefield and looked at it. 'Why are those two Dragons fighting? How long ago was this? Where was it?' When the location and time popped up, she raised an eyebrow. "That was quite some time ago and in Europe even." Considering that the forces she saw around them seemed to be made up of Angels, Fallen Angels and Devils, it explained why the Christian religion was so strong there. When the scene started to rewind, she was prepared to find some rather epic reason for why the Red and White Dragons were fighting.

"You cheated!" The red one bellowed at the white one. "You know that's not how the game works!"

"Sucks to be you, but I win this match, I get all the gold."

"Over my dead body!"

"That can be arranged, Ddrag!"


With a roar the two Dragons started to battle and Nabiki watched, stupidly. "...You mean the two started fighting over a freaking CHECKERS game?!" She looked around in annoyance. "So where's God? I want to voice a complaint about stuff!"


"What do you mean Error?!"


Nabiki stared at those words while more images and information flew past her. "...God is dead? But... But how?!"

She watched, terrified as the images cleared away and she saw God's final moments in this reality before everything disappeared. "...How come the world hasn't ended yet then? Don't we need God to control things?"


"Lovely." Nabiki grumbled and narrowed her eyes in thought, trying to ignore the images and data that flew past her. "Can I see the future?"


Nabiki's eyes widened as everything seemed to move at warp speeds forward and she gasped as she saw everything clearly, cleanly and... "Wait, what? But that didn't happen, and that did and then that didn't happen that way and, what's going on in China and..."


"What?" Nabiki gasped as her vision started to get filled with static and images started jumping out at odd angles. 'It's like seeing a real life computer simulation failing.' Groaning, she gripped her head and flopped onto her bed. "What... What will happen if I keep this going?" She gasped as more and more information flooded her brain.


"Lovely. God's Eye off!" She gasped as everything stopped flooding her brain at the same time. "Oh thank the Infernal Netherworld that I'm not being bombarded with information on how to make grape ice-cream submarine fighting mecha snowlaser."

Nabiki had a weird look on her face as she heard that. "What the Valhalla was Odin's Beard?! Magical energy does not genetically engineer catgirls like Gabriel's perfect titties."

"Oh Touched Soul, I Tri-Hexa'd God's Fetus." Nabiki groaned, realizing that she had gone insane and it was all her Sacred Gear's fault!

On a fundamental level, she knew that she was just suffering from information overload and had no idea how to handle the flood of information at that moment.

"Loli Athena Devil Hunters Perfect Cake recipe!" She blinked, that one sounded good, she'd have to ask Kasumi to make it once she was able sort the information in her head out.

"Nabiki..." Kasumi knocked on the door. "Are you okay?"

"Misty Rainforest Golden Garden Gnomes Goddess Belldandy!" Nabiki would have groaned if she thought she could trust anything to come out of her mouth at that moment.

Kasumi blinked and opened the door to look at her sister in worry. "Um, what was that?"

"Robin Williams eats flaming flying monkey!" Nabiki groaned and grabbed a piece of paper to try and write out a message.

After ten attempts it became obvious that she couldn't even write properly.

"Should I call Dr. Tofu?" Nabiki nodded, desperation in her eyes. She didn't want to be insane forever!

"Azazel likes big boobs!" Nabiki blinked, that was the most normal thing she had said yet! Maybe there was hope!

"...Who's Azazel?"

Nabiki shook her head. "God's boob lover and Angel fearing pancakes!" Those also sounded good, Nabiki made a mental note to keep all the food recipes for later.

"I'll be right back." Kasumi walked off and went to get to the phone. This was serious!

Nabiki just groaned. "Plasma ion charges!" She couldn't even curse properly, this sucked!


Tofu frowned as he looked at Nabiki, thankful that the rest of her family had stayed out of her room, even though they were waiting right outside the door. "So what happened?"

"The Devil died in Georgia and God caked elderberries under a Vampire's pale Dragon God."

Tofu sighed and rubbed his eyes. "Are you taking this seriously?"

"MASH 4077 Monty Python and Mecha Power Armor!"

"Okay, Nabiki, take a deep breath and concentrate, try saying what happened slowly if that helps."

Nabiki took several deep breaths and realized if she wanted to say what was going on she was only going to get one chance at this. "IwasusingmysacredgeartolookintoheavensawsomethingweirdmybrainturnedweirdandIunlockedmybalancebreakerbutIgotfloodedwithinformationandnowIcantthinkortalkrightbecauseIsaweverythingthathappenedinthepastpresentandfutureexceptthatthefutureisntwritteninstoneandmybrainhurtsandIwontbeabletoreactafterthisbecauseitstakingeverythingIhavetoholdbackthefloodofinformationfrom final number of Pi is 4!"

"I see." Tofu said slowly, nodding as he tried to figure out exactly what she said. "Ah, I got it, so anyway, you can... Nabiki?" He looked at her worriedly as she looked straight ahead, not responding. Putting his hand up to her face, he waved, not getting a reaction. Putting his hand by her nose, he was thankful she was still breathing, even if slowly. "Alright, I'm guessing your brain shut down everything while it tries to figure this out." Reaching behind her, he tapped a few spots on her back and was thankful that her body still reacted as she slumped over and relaxed. "Just get some sleep, your brain will filter through that information eventually."

As he stood up, he wondered what to tell her family before remembering that they knew about magic, so...

"Well, couldn't hurt to try." Tofu said as he walked out of the room and into the living room.

Looking around the room, he was thankful that Kasumi wasn't there, otherwise he wouldn't be able to tell them what happened. "It seems that Nabiki was hit with a stray magic spell."

"What?" He wasn't sure who said it, since it seemed like everyone said it at the same time.

"My boy put anti-magic wards over this place, it should have protected us against it."

"Under most circumstances, yes," Tofu agreed, "however this wasn't an attack spell." Adjusting his glasses, he continued at their confused looks. "Had it been an attack spell, I have no doubt the wards that are in place would have stopped it." He could feel them still active after all. "My guess is that whoever cast the spell was an amateur in magic."

"Will Nabiki be okay?" Akane asked and sighed when Tofu nodded.

"Yes, but she's going to need bed rest. From what I can gather the spell was designed to give the mage near unlimited information, but..."

"There was a screw-up." Genma nodded, understanding immediately. "Even if the spell was a success, the person probably just wanted the short-cut and went 'give me everything' but screwed something up along the way and lost control of it."

"Well, magic is unpredictable." Soun said, his calm face was belied by the restrained fury in the tone of his voice and the tears coming out of his eyes.

"No." Genma shook his head. "Magic is actually very well researched and understood. The only time it gets unpredictable is when you have amateurs trying magic far beyond what they're capable of, or rituals, those are always unpredictable, especially since you might introduce an element that wasn't meant to be used in them."

"And in this case, it's probably both." Tofu said, glad that they bought it. "Anyway, if she doesn't get bombarded with any more stimuli for a few days her brain should be able to filter it out and allow her to think and speak normally."

"So, what's going to happen to her?" Soun asked, worry obvious in his voice.

Tofu gave him a small grin. "Well, when she recovers I have no doubt that she'll probably be one of the smartest people in the world."

After bidding them farewell, he left the Tendo compound.

Walking out of the kitchen, Kasumi sighed as she looked at her father. "Father, why did you have me stay in the kitchen until Dr. Tofu left?"

"I... Um..."

Genma coughed and turned to look at Akane. "Do you know of anyone in your school who practices magic of some sort? Even if they're inept we should check to make sure."

"I don't... Wait." Akane snapped her fingers. "There's one, he's a bit weird and he supposedly practices voodoo."

"Great..." Genma grumbled in annoyance. While he had never ran into a real voodoo practitioner, he heard enough about them to know that a skilled one was not someone you messed with. "Well, shall we go see this... What's this one's name?"

"Gosunkugi. Hikaru Gosunkugi."


"EEEK!" A small, scrawny boy with bags under his eyes gulped as three bigger boys stood over him. "H...Hey, listen, I don't have any money today, so could you just leave me alone?"

"Listen, you just need to..."

"Excuse me." A female voice spoke up and the three turned to see Felicia, in her nun outfit, standing there with a frown on her face. "I thought I warned you three to not bully anyone again."

"Ah! Sensei!" The boy who was being bullied smiled at the catwoman.

"Tsk, back off." The three pulled out knives and the boy gasped.

Felicia sighed and shook her head. "Really? You've decided to become Yakuza thugs?"

"Just back off, we were doing a business deal."

Felicia shook her head. "Well, guess I'll have to teach you three a lesson."

The boy who was being bullied watched in shock as Felicia quickly disarmed and brutalized the bullies, bending out of the way of their pathetic attempts to attack and even breaking a few bones, causing the boys to scream out in pain.

As the third one dropped, Felicia dusted her outfit off. "Oh Lord in Heaven, forgive me for the violence I partook in under your name." Felicia was a performer after all, and since she was in her nun outfit she had to play the part. "Are you okay?" She asked the boy, who nodded. "Okay, good, now you should get going, Hikaru-san."

His eyes widened. "You remembered me?"

She smiled at him. "Very few aspiring magic users out there who don't have a teacher. Now you should go before other bullies show up."

"R...Right." Hikaru Gosunkugi nodded and ran off, glad he wasn't being bullied for once.

Felicia smiled as she dusted her hands off and turned to leave, only to run face to face with a tall man in a brown kimono who had brown hair with blond front bangs. "Can I help you?"

"It's not often I see a woman of the cloth who can fight like that." The man smiled at her. "Most nuns are pretty peaceful."

"I have my reasons." She nodded to him. "Although I'm sure you do not wish to hear them." He gave her a confused look. "Shall we go for a walk?"

The man smiled and nodded. "Of course, I'd love to walk with a beautiful woman like you."

"Oh dear." Felicia smiled at him. "You should be careful, sir, attempting to seduce women of faith may bring God's anger upon you." For some reason the man laughed at that.

"It wouldn't be the first time the big guy got upset with me for stuff like that."


Gosunkugi was practically beaming as he walked home. He wasn't bullied, someone remembered who he was and the birds weren't pooping on him! Today couldn't get any better!"

"Gosunkugi-kun?" He blinked as he heard someone speaking and he shook his head to see his angel, Akane Tendo, smiling at him. "Gosunkugi-kun, is that you?"

"Ah, ah... Akane... What..." He cleared his suddenly high-pitched throat. "What can I do for you?"

Akane gave him a gentle smile. "Say, you're into magic, right?" He nodded, wondering why she was asking that. "You don't happen to know of any magic spells that can be used to increase a person's intelligence, do you?"

Gosunkugi cupped his chin in confusion. "I SUPPOSE there are spells like that, I've never heard of one, and even if there was, it might only let you know how to turn every single bug into a delicious meal."

"Eww..." Akane blanched at that. "So you haven't been trying to use magic to increase your intelligence?"

"No, but it might help." Gosunkugi pouted as Akane looked at him in confusion. "See, I've done some research and I found out about this group, they're pretty hush-hush, so finding out information was really hard to do."

"The Illuminati?" Akane gave him a wry smile and Gosunkugi shook his head.

"No, they call themselves the Khaos Brigade or something. Anyway, turns out they're looking for people who are good with magic, martial arts, are descended from a Legendary Hero or something."

Akane gave him a look. "And just how do you know all of this?"

"I found a personal blog run by someone in their group." Gosunkugi smiled, he was so proud that he found it, especially since none of the search engines had that website. Heck, he had even typed the address into the search bars and none of them could find it.

"If it's supposed to be hush-hush, who would post information online?"

"Someone who uses a lot of cat phrases in their typings. I don't know, but I've seen pictures of lots of people and they look like they're really strong."

Akane scratched her head. "That's just crazy."


"ACHOO! Nya..." She looked down and saw that her breasts had popped out of her kimono again. 'Maybe I should wear something that covers up a bit more.'

"You okay, Kuroka?"

The woman, a dark haired, busty and two tailed catgirl looked at the person who asked that and nodded as she put her breasts back under her kimono. "Yeah, I'm fine, Biko. Anyway, say nimbus." She held up a tablet and snapped a picture of him.

"What do you do with those pictures anyway?"

Kuroka just smiled at him.


"So you didn't do anything magic like that then?"

"Nope, wish I had thought about it. Anyway, that's all I know."

Akane smiled at him. "Well, thank you."


Meanwhile, in Kuoh City...

Happosai looked up from a corner in the training area as Ranma and Mittelt walked in. "Hey there! Did you two enjoy yourselves?" He laughed as Mittelt blushed hard. "You don't need to answer, your auras tell me all that I need to know."

Ranma rolled his eyes as he walked upstairs to Mittelt's room to put her stuff away. He didn't care what the old pervert did. Really, he didn't see what Genma had been complaining about. The fact that Happosai was a panty thief, a thief in general, petty and vindictive didn't really bother Ranma. Well, so long as it wasn't directed at him.

Mittelt blushed and fidgeted as Happosai leered at her. "I don't know what you're leering at me for, don't you like boobs or something? I'm pretty lacking in that department."

"I'm enjoying the aura you're putting out." Happosai sighed in contentment. "So long as he's keeping you and Lilith sexually satisfied I don't need to go out and liberate silky darlings as much I normally do."

"So why do you do it?" Mittelt asked, glad that he had never taken her underwear.

"Mostly because it's fun." Happosai laughed at her. "But also because it keeps me alive." Seeing her confused look, he clarified. "Do you really think humans can live to be three hundred years old under normal circumstances?"

"Not since the time of Lott." Mittelt answered him, causing Happosai to raise an eyebrow. "What?"

"I didn't know you studied the Bible."

Mittelt snorted and formed her Fallen Angel wings behind her, there was no point in hiding it from Happosai, since he knew about it already. "Fallen Angel here, I've talked to Father directly before I fell." She dismissed her wings before she made a mess all over the floor with her feathers.

"Huh, interesting." Happosai nodded at her. "So why do you follow him? Surely it can't be just because of the sex." Mittelt was silent and sat down on the floor, not answering. "...Don't tell me that you're in love with him."

"WHAT?!" Mittelt yelled, her face turning bright red. "I don't, no, maybe, I..."

Happosai shook his head. "Don't worry about it, emotions are difficult to understand."

Mittelt let out a slow breath as she looked up. "I don't know if I love him, but... He could have done so many bad things to me, but he didn't. No one would have blamed him if he did."

"Ah, the old 'because he was nice to me' story?" Happosai nodded, he knew more than a few people who found someone to fall in love with that way. "It's alright, you could do much worse than him."

Mittelt thought about it and thought about some of the Fallen Angels she knew and nodded. "Yeah. At least he's not a creepy pervert."

"Just a non-creepy one, right?" Happosai laughed, getting a giggle from Mittelt. The Fallen Angel didn't know why, but things really were relaxing in this place.

Sitting on the stairs, Ranma smiled as he looked at Mittelt. He, himself, wasn't sure how he felt about her, but he did like her. At least Mittelt looked like she was enjoying herself, though she had complained about the lack of things to do outside of school, sex and sparring.

It was something to look into at least.

'Huh, where are Nuku and Lilith?'


"WHEE!" Lilith cried out in glee as she hugged Atsuko from behind. "You were right!"

"I KNOW!" Atsuko grinned as she rang the bell on the bike she was riding and zoomed around town. "I haven't done this since moving here!"

"Hey, Atsuko, I was wondering." Lilith began as they biked up a ten story building, up the flag pole on the top and stopped on the top on the front tire. "Just how complete is your cyborg body?"

"What do you mean?" She asked before zooming down the flag, the building and taking a perfect angle to get onto the street without losing any speed or damaging her bike. Lilith wasn't sure how she did that, but she wasn't complaining.

"Well, I'm kind of curious to know how biological you are now that you have a cyborg body."

"Oh!" Atsuko nodded at her. "If you must know, I have a fully functional digestive system, my heart beats, I have to breath air, though I can hold my breath for over an hour with ease. Mama and Papa were very thorough before we moved here to see what I would need. Why?"

"Just curious, that's all." Lilith smiled and wondered just how potent those Devil Pieces were. "WOAH!" Lilith yelped as Nuku jumped the bank, landed in the water and was... "Are you Jesus?!" She stared in shock as Atsuko was pedaling so fast that they were skimming the surface while kicking up large waves on either side of them.

"No, I'm just Atsuko Natsume!"

Lilith laughed as the cleared the river and continued their bike adventure.


Walking out of a cell phone store, Sona Sitri sighed in irritation. "Can't believe they forced me to buy a new phone. 'Oh no, we don't carry that model anymore, you need the newest model to replace your damaged phone.' Stupid Saji bumping into me like that." She knew it wasn't his fault, he had been helping the theater club out by moving props around and couldn't see her when she walked in the room. The resulting impact with her pawn caused her to drop her phone on the floor, which unfortunately broke it.

Her Devil hearing picked up the sound of something barreling her way. Turning in what felt like slow motion, she could only stare in shock as she saw that nice Atsuko girl...

...On a bike...

...Breaking several laws of physics...

...And heading right at her.

Less than one second later Atsuko drove past her so fast that Sona found herself upside down on her head, her butt in the air and thanks to her wearing a skirt, her panties exposed to everyone who bothered to look at her. "Nnngh..." She quickly got up and blinked as everything looked blurry. "Where are..." She looked down and sighed in relief as she found her glasses by her hand. Picking them up she was even more relieved that they didn't have a scratch on them. "Oh thank sister." Standing up fully, she took one step forward and heard a crunch. Slowly looking down, she paled as she saw her brand new phone...

...Broken in several places...

...And under her foot.

"SUNNVABITCH!" At least she had the foresight to get the one year protection plan for it.


"Was that the Student Council President?" Lilith asked as Atsuko turned a corner and pedaled into the residential area of the city, before mentally shrugging. It wasn't too important even if that was.


After more than four hours of joyriding around town, Atsuko stopped at their place, kicking up a storm of dust as the long-haired girl somehow stopped all momentum in an instant. "And we're home!" She grinned and got off the bike, followed by Lilith.

Adjusting her hair, Lilith grinned at Atsuko. "That was fun! We should do it again." Before Atsuko could respond, Lilith glomped the taller girl and gave her a quick kiss on the lips. "Thanks." Letting go, she walked towards the door.

Atsuko blinked a few times and touched her lips, smiling softly as her face turned a light pink. "Hey! Wait up! I need to bring this inside so it doesn't get stolen!" She cried out and grabbed her bike, pulling it inside.

Walking inside, they both watched as Mittelt chased Happosai around the room, yelling something about not grabbing her ass and Happosai laughing. It didn't look like the blonde was too angry, she wasn't even using magic against him after all.

"Oh, hey!" Ranma waved from the kitchen. For some reason she was in her cursed form. "Have fun?"

Lilith nodded, laughing softly as both Mittelt and Happosai greeted them while running all over the room. "Yeah."

Atsuko laughed as she put her bike inside and closed the door. "Good to be home!"

"Home..." Lilith said softly and nodded. "Yeah, this is our home, isn't it?"


The next day Ranma was running across rooftops in the early morning, getting some fresh air when he spied a couple of girls that he recognized from the school walking towards it. "Huh, isn't that..?" Mentally shrugging, he changed directions and landed behind the two, kicking up a wind and causing their skirts to flutter up. 'Pink and a thong?' He mentally made a note of their underwear as they turned to see him. "Hey."

"Ah, you're..." The taller one, the one wearing the thong, he remembered, spoke first. "One of the newer students, Saotome, right?"

Ranma nodded at her. "Tsubaki, right?" She nodded and he looked at the shorter girl. "And... Sona, right?"

"Yes." The shorter girl nodded and adjusted her glasses. "What are you doing up so early?"

"Just going on a run." Ranma smiled at them. "What about you two?"

"Rias gave me a call last night, saying she was coming back, so I thought to greet her."

"Neat. I guess she won, because otherwise she'd be on a honeymoon right now." Ranma's comment got a laugh out of both Tsubaki and Sona.

"Oh, I imagine she'd hurt you for that one." Sona gave him a wry grin. "But I imagine she won as well. If you wish to follow us."

"Of course." Ranma nodded as he followed the two.


Standing in the Occult Research Club room, the three watched as Rias and her peerage appeared out of a red flash. "Welcome back." Sona smiled, but looked at Issei in confusion as he looked rather... Dejected for some reason.

"So, how'd you do?"

"We won." Akeno smiled at him. "Kiba and Issei managed to take care of most of Riser's peerage by themselves, I'm rather impressed."

Koneko grumbled something about getting a mad bomber taking a cheap shot at her. "I'm still surprised the perv won against her."

"Oh?" Ranma asked, genuinely curious.

"Riser's Queen," Tsubaki started to explain, "is known as the Mad Bomber Queen and is one of the strongest Queens of our generation. It's rumored that she was a Fallen Angel that Riser turned into a Devil, but I can't confirm that."

"Ah." Ranma nodded, that made sense. "So what did you do?"

"I face planted into her boobs and grabbed her butt before making her clothes explode." Issei sighed in dejection.

Ranma, Sona and Tsubaki all gave him confused looks. "No offense, but how did that take her out?"

"Apparently," Akeno giggled, "when Issei grabbed her butt, he put a ward you gave him on her right butt-cheek that activated at the moment when he made her clothes explode."

Kiba laughed and patted Issei on the back. "That was impressive, I doubt I could have gotten as close as he did."

"Wait, which ward?" Ranma frowned in confusion. "The only one I gave you was... Oh."

"Yeah, the teleportation one, Riser's Queen ended up butt-naked tangled up in vines." Akeno giggled heavily. "I have the images on my phone if you want to see them sometime."

"Maybe later." Ranma and Sona said at the same time.

"So..." Tsubaki pushed her glasses up her face. "Why does Issei look so dejected then?"

"Because at the end of the fight..." Issei groaned and shuddered.

"Somehow about three meters of snow fell on the battlefield." Asia answered, "and everyone but Issei got out instantly. Riser apparently climbed on top of it and..."

Rias looked a little queasy as she answered what happened next. "Issei already had four boost charges built up, and when he dug through the snow, he got a fifth one as he punched up..."

"I thought I was going to hit him in the chest or jaw! I SWEAR!" Issei cried out in dismay.

"Instead, Issei hit Riser... In the crotch and ruptured his testicles."

Tsubaki and Sona both looked green while Ranma immediately hunched over and tried to cross his legs in sympathy. "HOLY FUCK DUDE!"

"He did heal, right?" Sona asked trepedly, getting a nod from Rias.

"It took him over an hour, but he did heal fully, but... Um..." Rias looked at Issei, who was groaning and crouched down. "He was still talking like he inhaled helium afterwords."

"GEE I WONDER WHY!" Ranma cried out, his voice pitched up out of sympathy for how pain Riser had to have been going through.

"I... Oww..." Tsubaki still looked ill. "Issei, please, in the future, do not strike people in the genitals, even if they deserve it, it's not usually a good idea to do so."

"But I didn't mean to!" Issei whined out pathetically and hung his head, groaning.

"Alright..." Rias spoke up after a few more minutes. "As you can tell, we won, so I don't need to get married to Riser." Which she was thankful for, but she still felt really bad for the guy. She had been getting nasty looks from Riser's entire peerage until they left over the whole affair.

"Yes, and I'm glad to have you back." Sona nodded, thankful she didn't have to lose her friend. "Anyway, you know that school is tomorrow, so get plenty of rest."

The others nodded in agreement.

Issei just wondered how much worse things could get.


The next day...

"Issei!" The boy looked up as he walked onto school ground and blinked as he saw Katase, Murayama and several other students, both male and female, standing there, waiting for him.

"Um... I'm not in trouble am I?"

"We heard what happened." Katase said, smiling at him. "That you and Rias-onee-chan were attacked by thugs and one of them said he was going to rape Rias-onee-chan and you fought them off for her."

"Yeah, even punched one of them in the dick!" Murayama pumped a fist. "Rapists deserve that much! Good job."

Issei blinked, he wasn't sure why they were thanking him, he didn't fight any rapists off. 'What's going on?'


Looking out on the school grounds from an upstairs window, Tsubaki gave a smirk as she adjusted her glasses. "Enjoy the present, Issei, after everything you went through, I hope you like it." She whispered to herself.

End Chapter 6


Notes: If you can't figure it out, Nabiki now has Omniscience thanks to her Balance Breaker
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Also, Atsuko's crazy bike riding makes its appearance.


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Chapter 7

It was three days later that Issei found himself biking to a fancy hotel. "Wow, some of the people who want stuff from Devils..." Issei muttered, but decided he couldn't complain, after all, even Asia was beating him in getting contracts lately and if he wanted to become a High Ranking Devil and get his own harem he was going to have to do stuff like this.

Double-checking the room number, he knocked on the door. "Just a moment." A deep male voice said and Issei was slightly disappointed he didn't get a cute girl. When the door opened an a tall guy wearing a brown kimono and two toned hair stood there, Issei waved.

"Yo, you asked for a Devil?"

"Ah, yeah, come on in." The man gestured for him to come in.

"So... What can I do ya for?" Issei wondered what the man would call him for.

"Eh, I was just wanting some company tonight." The man sat down on a chair and gestured towards the TV.

"Oh, is that all. I hope you're not... Um..." Issei wasn't sure how to make this sound without hurting the man's feelings but...

The man suddenly started laughing. "No, I don't swing that way." A grin came to his face as he looked at Issei. "I spent the past couple of days with this really sexy catwoman in a nun outfit." He whistled and pulled out his phone, showing Issei the image of the catwoman that he took. "That was just before we got to a secluded hotel."

"Really?" Issei had to admit, the girl was really hot and naked! "Is it legal to go out like that?" Sure, her naughty bits were completely covered by fur, but she was still completely naked.

"Nope." The man smirked as he put the phone away. "She only runs around like that when she fights."

"Huh?" Issei looked at the man as he laughed. "What do you mean?"

"Apparently she's a pretty good fighter. She's got the muscles for it." He winked at Issei. "And she's really great in other ways too."

"Sounded like you had fun."

"Yes, but unfortunately," the man sighed and shook his head, "she's a teacher back in Nerima and I had business in Kuoh City. It sucks when you go a couple of nights of uninterrupted sexy fun time and then have to be alone."

"I wouldn't know." Issei admitted miserably.

The man laughed at him. "You're young, I'm sure you'll find more than a few girls willing to share their beds with you. Just don't come across as too desperate and things will work out."

"Thanks." Issei smiled, surprised this man was giving him advice. "So..."

"Well, I ordered some Chinese food, and I picked up this old fighting game." The man gestured to the television where an old game system was hooked up.

"Oh cool! Fighting Street Champion Edition!" Issei exclaimed in surprise. "This is one of the more popular versions of the game. I think the Deluxe Turbo edition is considered the best, but it's like an arcade exclusive or something."

"Nah, not an arcade exclusive, but the definitive home version is on a system that was too expensive for most people and only had that one game as its only good game."

"You're an old gamer?" Issei asked in surprise and the man shook his head.

"Nah, I just like to research and collect stuff. Besides, I was wanting someone to play with."

Issei picked up the controllers and tossed one to the man. "You're on." He was slightly surprised at how long the cord was, but shrugged it off, he had some digital butts to kick!


Issei waved the man a farewell and adjusted the large painting under his arms. He thought it was too much for spending a few hours playing games until his thumbs started to blister. That old system had a great controller for fighting games, having six face buttons, but the D-pad was hell on his thumb. 'That Chinese takeout was amazing.' He'd have to take Rias, Asia, Kiba, Akeno and Koneko to that place sometime in the future.

When his cell phone went off, he reached into his pocket and answered it. "What's up, President?"

"There's reports of an unusual Devil on the South side of the city, where are you at?"

"Um, a bit far away, but it shouldn't take me too long, fifteen minutes I think, where's the address?" He nodded as he got it. "Alright, I'll hurry up then."


Sixteen minutes later, Issei got off his bike panting. "Sorry that took so long, forgot about the hill on the way here." He was surprised to see that it was an old, abandoned house and not a warehouse or the like.

"It's fine." Rias waved him off. "Anyway, there's some sort of weird Devil here."

"Please don't tell me that it's another Devil like that crazy pie loving Devil." Issei groaned as he remembered that incident.

The others groaned as well as they remembered the Sweets Devil incident.

"I sure hope not." Rias muttered to herself. "Okay, this is what's going to happen, I want Issei, Kiba and Koneko to go inside, the rest of us will wait outside in case the Devil tries to run."

They nodded and the three went inside.

After kicking the door down, the three looked around and didn't see anything out of the ordinary.

"Huh?" A female voice spoke up and the three spun to see a messy mop of blue hair sitting on the couch. "Now why'd you do that? I only just got here, I was tired and wanted a nap." The woman stood up and the three were surprised to see that she was still normal looking, well, except for one thing...

"Holy hell!" Issei, Kiba and Koneko all exclaimed at various levels of volume as they saw the woman's breasts, which were barely contained by her white shirt.

"Those jubblies are huge!" Issei openly leered at them.

The woman smiled at him. "Why, I thank you. It can be a bit of a pain sometimes, but with a little magic the back pain goes away."

Koneko gave the Devil an annoyed look. "Boobs that big aren't natural."

The Devil giggled at the young girl. "You'll find that these are completely, one hundred percent natural. Would you three like a feel?"

"YES!" Issei cried and tried jumping at her but was stopped as Koneko grabbed his ankle.

"Don't trust her. Those boobs must be man-eating monsters and you'll die and then Rias will be upset."

"But... They're so big!" Issei protested, whimpering as the Devil bounced on her feet, causing her tits to nearly tear through her shirt. "They're like... Another level of boobs! If Rias and Akeno are epic level, these boobs are Legendarily Epic boobs!"

The Devil giggled at him. "You must really like boobs, huh?"

"OH YES! The big boobs are awesome, but they can't be too saggy and they can't be so large that they look like mutations, your boobs are one step removed, but you're pretty tall and muscular, so you can get away with it." The woman had to be a bit over 180 cm in height, so her giant titties didn't feel out of place on her body. "Plus your hips aren't too narrow, so your boobs look completely natural, and with the way they're jiggling I just want to sink my head on your sweater puppies and, WAAAH!" Issei yelped as Koneko threw him into the ceiling.

"Bad perv."

"OWW!" Issei groaned as he hit the floor. At least it was a standard height and not two or three stories tall.

"You remind me of a student I had almost three hundred years ago. He was more of a thief than anything else and stole my bra." She pouted at that. "Do you know how hard it is to find bras in my size?!"

"I can imagine." Kiba muttered, knowing it had to be hard. "But we needed to make sure that you weren't going to be a danger to the people around here."

"You mean any more than you Devils, the Fallen Angels and other supernatural forces in Japan are?" The woman gasped in surprise. "But I'm just here for a couple of weeks and then I was going to head out again and find more fun things."

"What kind of fun things?" Koneko asked and wondered why the Devil suddenly grinned at her.

"Well, lots of fun adult things." She winked and Koneko and Kiba suddenly found it hard to concentrate on much of anything as they squirmed.

Issei on the other hand was drooling hard. "Woah... Your boobs look even more amazing now."

The Devil walked up to Issei and crouched down. "Want to feel?"

"YES!" Issei pounced at her, planting his face deep in her cleavage and his hands grabbed the sides of her large boobs. "Is this Heaven?"

"I would think Devils wouldn't be allowed in Heaven." The Devil said as she rubbed his back.

"HNNNNGH!" Issei groaned and the Devil looked at Kiba, winking at him.

"Come here, surely you want to feel my boobs too, you too, little girl."

'Something's not right.' Koneko thought, her face flushed heavily as she felt herself squirming. 'Why do I want to act like the perv and bury my face on her boobs? Something's wrong.'

And yet, she found herself being drawn to the Devil and planting her face on the Devil's right breast while Kiba put his hands on her left boob.

'The perv was right, this must be Heaven.'

After a few minutes the Devil gently pushed them off of her and stood up, grinning as Issei and Koneko were trembling on the floor and Kiba looked like he wanted to join them. "Thanks for that, kiddos. Felt refreshing."

"What..." Kiba fell down, feeling both frustrated and tired. "Did you do to us?"

"Made all of you feel of surge of naughtiness and then absorbed it and part of your aura to give me strength." She smiled at him. "And that was a weak surge. If I used a strong surge the two of you would have that little girl on a spit-roast trying to satisfy your urges." She giggled as they all blushed at that. "I'm not cruel, I just like to have fun." Turning, she walked over to the couch. "Now you can go tell the others outside that I'm just here for a vacation. They can either leave or not, but if they try attacking me I'll bombard you all with enough sexual desire that all of you will need a week-long orgy just to be able to think of anything more than your aching dicks and vaginas."

After hearing them leave, she settled down on the couch and yawned. "I wonder how my student's doing. Is he even alive? He was only human after all and it's been almost three hundred years."


Rias looked at the three as they came out, all flushed and trembling. "Are you okay?!" She, Akeno and Asia ran over to them in worry. "What happened?"

"The Devil's a big pervert." Koneko muttered and planted her face on Akeno's breasts. "And she said she's on vacation."

Issei was helped up by Asia and it was taking every ounce of will power he had not to grope, fondle and do every naughty thing he could think of to her. "She also said that if you attacked her that she'd make it so that all of us would be in a week-long orgy."

"Oh my." Akeno blinked in bemusement. "That could be fun."

"She didn't hurt any of you, did she?" Asia asked, concerned and Kiba shook his head.

"No, I have a feeling that was just her way of saying she doesn't want to cause trouble."

Rias looked at the house before standing up and putting Kiba down. "One second." She walked in, ignoring the way the others were crying out for her to stop. "You!"

"Huh?" The blue-haired Devil sat up and gave Rias a tired look. "I thought I told them to tell you..."

"You did," Rias nodded to her. "I'm giving you a warning however. Seeing as you didn't harm my servants, I'm willing to let you go, however if you cause problems while you're here..."

"Oh, is that all?" The woman yawned and slumped back down on the couch. "That's fine, the worst thing that'll happen while I'm here is that there will be an increase in people trying to make babies."

Rias found herself blushing as she turned to leave. "Right, well... Just don't do anything that would force me to come back here and deal with you."

"Whatever you say, princess. Though if you ever want to lose your virginity, I'll help you out with that."

Rias stumbled as she left the building, her face as red as her hair. "Everyone! We're leaving."

They nodded and most of them stumbled their way out of the yard.


The next day in Nerima...

Nabiki groaned as she stumbled downstairs, rubbing her head tiredly. "Tazmanian chocolate devil shakes." She blinked as she realized that was actually a food that could be made, without needing actual Tazmanian animals. "Might have to try that... Hey! I can medusa's sweet ass again." She sighed and hung her head. Why was reality so perverted?

"Oh! Nabiki!" Kasumi looked on in shock as she saw her sister. "Are you sure you're okay?"

"My brain's dodgeball enough that I can cherry explosions..." Nabiki paused and took a deep breath. "Almost speak FAJITAS! normal again."

Kasumi giggled softly. "Well, I'm glad you're okay, I imagine you're hungry."

"Starving Unicorn breadrolls YES!" She hadn't eaten anything over the past few days and if it hadn't been for Kasumi making sure she had water to drink, she might have been dehydrated. "But first, bitchute break!" She ran off to the bathroom and Kasumi nodded, figuring that this was probably going to be normal for a bit longer.

A few minutes later, Nabiki walked out and was thankful to see plenty of food at the table. "Diamond vol." She slapped her head and groaned before sitting at the table.

"Don't worry, I get what you were trying to say." Kasumi smiled and Nabiki nodded in gratitude before digging into the food.

Several minutes later, Nabiki leaned back and sighed in contentment. "Energon biscuits that was amazing."

"You're almost able to speak normal again." Genma noted as he walked into the room.

"It comes and robotic overlords." Nabiki shrugged at him. "Mostly cannibals eating pigs!" Sighing, she tried again. "Mostly it's random information that diamond earrings flashes loli foxgirls through my head."

"Random information flashes loli foxgirls?" Genma raised an eyebrow getting an annoyed look from Nabiki.

"Lilith's perfectly big ass aside, no!"

Genma nodded and threw something at her. "Go get changed into that and meet me in the dojo. I'm going to teach you some techniques to help you focus."

"Zombie brains?"

"Why the change of clothes?" Genma asked, getting a nod from Nabiki. "Simple, I'm going to teach you some martial arts to help you focus." He held up a hand to forestall her arguments. "You aren't my son, I'm not teaching you what he went through."

"Good, because you should be in covete next to Pucca." Nabiki muttered and went up to to her room to change. She didn't like the idea of letting Genma teach her, but at least he seemed like he wasn't going to do something stupid and crazy.

She hoped.


"Come on!" Genma yelled at Nabiki. The girl was in biker shorts and a sports bra, standing on one leg with her left leg raised in the air while she tried to touch her toes with her fingers. "If you don't get this right, I think a few images might appear online."

"Don't you dare!" Nabiki warned him before losing her footing and falling over. "WAGH!"

Genma shook his head. "You can't even do the splits effectively?"

"Never did stretches like that as a Transformer." Nabiki groaned and slumped. "You diamonds what I meant, turtles?"

"Yes, I get that." Genma nodded at her. "Alright, I guess I have to start even simpler with you. Sit on the floor, spread your legs and try leaning forward as much as you can." When Nabiki did that, she gasped as he walked behind her, put his hand on her back and pushed forward.

"What are you root beer?!" She cried out and grunted as he continued to push.

"You need to stretch those muscles in the area around your butt and groin for you to gain flexibility."

"How will this air freshener!?" Nabiki groaned in discomfort.

"Because if you're doing this your brain is distracted from all that information in your head and you can start talking normally."

"Are, oww, you sure?!"

"You're doing it right now, aren't you?" Genma smirked, much to Nabiki's shock. "Now, stop questioning me and do what I say, it'll work."

Nabiki groaned, she was going to hate this.


Hours later, Kasumi saw Nabiki limping into the living room. "Oh no! Are you okay?"

"He's evil, I hate him." Nabiki grumbled as she looked back at the dojo. "But he did get results, I can actually speak normally."

"For how long?"

"Who knows?" Nabiki slumped onto the couch, groaning, her legs, thighs and groin area were more sore than when Ranma went to town on her in the dojo. "On the plus side, I can do the splits now." She was certain her screaming when she pulled that off should have made Genma go deaf.

"So what will you do now?"

"While I'm sane, I'm going to go use the computer and write up a program for something that will be useful later." Nabiki stood up, staggered a bit and wandered up to her room.

"I wonder what." Kasumi shrugged, she supposed it wasn't too important right now.


"Freed..." Valper sighed as he saw what the exorcist had done to Bulleta. "You really don't need to do that." Between the blood and other fluids on the floor under her, it was... A disturbing scene. Well, it would have been disturbing if Valper had any shred of humanity left, the rotten priest just thought what Freed was doing was a waste of time.

The girl was giving them both smoldering glares as Freed chuckled and laughed sadistically.

"It's absolutely amazing! I get done with her, leave the room and when I get back she has a new leg where the old one was!"

"Or her old leg was reattached." Valper wondered how that was possible but he didn't see any extra legs laying around, so that was the only thing he could think of.

"Bah! Even Vampires don't have this level of regeneration." Not the ones the crazed exorcist had met at least. Leaning in, he licked Bulleta's face, getting nothing but a more intense glare in response. "So..." He stepped away from her when she tried to spit at him. "How much longer do we need to wait?"

"A couple more days, a week at most." The old man grinned at Freed.

Freed grumbled at that.

Ignoring them, Bulleta seethed in anger. Oh she was going to make the one who harmed her suffer in ways that even Satan himself would find disturbing.


It was two days later in Kuoh City when Kiba found himself walking down the streets, deep in thought. Earlier that day he and the rest of the Occult Research Club had met at Issei's home. It was kind of cute and funny when Issei's mother pulled out photo albums to pass around, but seeing that boy with Issei in the one photo had him thinking hard. Not about the boy, Kiba didn't care about that, but about the sword he had seen in the background. 'A Holy Sword?' Just what could he do? Even though Rias knew about his past, she couldn't understand, not completely, and he doubted Koneko or Akeno fully knew or understood what happened to him.

Then again, while he knew Akeno and Koneko's stories, he couldn't fully comprehend what they went through either.

He knew he wasn't alone, he knew he had friends who would talk to him, it was just...

Kiba sighed, maybe he was taking this too personally, but he had to clear his head, he knew that he'd...

"Watch out!"

"Huh?" Kiba looked up just in time to get an apple slamming him in the face so hard that it exploded and knocked him over. "...That's the first time I've ever been assaulted by fruit, oww."

"Sorry." He blinked as a person stood over him. "I didn't mean to... Kiba? Is that you?"

"Rias? Is that you?" Kiba blinked, the face, the hair, her breasts, they were all Rias, but the voice was...

"No, I'm Ranma." The redhead smiled and helped him to his feet. "Sorry about that, that one got away."

"...What were you doing?" Kiba asked and jumped as Ranma threw her hand up and stopped a banana cold.

"Playing catch."

"With fruit?" Kiba asked, staring as Ranma spun around and threw the banana back to where it came from.


"Isn't that a waste of..." Kiba yelped as Ranma suddenly grabbed a pear, an apple and a pineapple, of all things, out of the air.

"Nah, the stuff was going bad, the market wanted to get rid of it, so we took it." Ranma returned fire and Kiba looked around.


"Several blocks away." Ranma replied.

"So... If it was going bad, shouldn't it be like super soft and squishy?"

The redhead grinned at him. "That's the challenge, to not have it break when you throw it and then catch it without breaking it. Trains dexterity."

"...That seems like something that shouldn't be possible." When the boy-turned-girl shrugged at him, he sighed and shook his head. "Seriously, how?"

Catching a pear out of the air, Ranma just winked at him. "I'm just that damn good."

"Can I join?" Kiba asked and the redhead smiled at him.



"Well, that's amusing." Mittelt giggled as she saw Kiba, the school's heart-throb, looking more like a fruit salad than a person.

"Sorry about the watermelon, I was aiming at Master." Lilith apologized to him.

"It's..." Kiba spit out a few seeds. "Fine. I should have figured I couldn't do it."

"It's not that hard once you know how." Mittelt said to him and offered him a large water bottle.

Nodding in thanks, Kiba took it and dumped it over himself, washing the fruit and juices off of his head. "Even if I knew how, I probably couldn't catch a baseball hit right at my face right now."

Ranma raised an eyebrow. "Something wrong?"

Kiba looked at the group and sighed. "Actually, can I just talk to you alone?"

"Sure." Ranma smiled at him. "Hey, Mittelt, didn't you say you wanted to use your spears in different ways?"

"Yeah, might as well go and practice." She frowned and looked around. "Not exactly sure... Oh, wait, I know of a place."

Atsuko, who was quietly giggling at Kiba, looked at the Fallen Angel. "Oh?"

"Yeah, it's not far from here either." Mittelt motioned for her to follow after her.

"Lilith." Ranma reached into her pocket and gave the succubus some blank paper slips. "Use these so you don't disturb anyone."

"Sure thing, Master." Lilith nodded and ran after Mittelt.

"What was that?" Kiba asked, confused.

"Some temporary wards, useful for keeping people from sensing where you're at when you're training." She smiled at Kiba's surprised look. "One of the first forms of magic I learned was barriers and seals. I'm not the best at it, but what I know I'm pretty good at." She still needed work on magic the purified spirits, but that was something she could work on later. "So... What's up?"

"Can you tell me something... When you suffered through the Neko-ken, what was your thoughts?"

Ranma bit her lip as she looked at Kiba. "Mostly I wanted the torture to stop. I would have done anything to make it end. When I finally snapped, I don't really remember, everything shut down." She sighed and looked up at the sky. "Actually the Neko-ken did more than just make me terrified of cats."


"I actually can't remember anything from before that."

"But you were six." Kiba frowned in confusion as Ranma shook her head.

"No, not that. I can't remember who my mother was, I can't remember where I used to live and for the next few years, even after Lilith joined us, I can't recall much of anything." She remembered Lilith joining them, the old man teaching them magic and some other stuff, but a lot of details were vacant from the first dozen or so years of her life.

Kiba frowned in confusion. "The effects were that bad?"

"Kind of, I remember some of the training, besides the Neko-ken, everything up until I was twelve is a big blank." She shrugged, it wasn't a big deal to her.

"I wish I could forget what happened to me." Kiba said bitterly, causing Ranma to look at him. "I was at Issei's today and saw a picture that reminded me of the time I worked in the Church."

"You worked for the Church?" Ranma asked in surprise. "Boy, becoming a Devil must have been hard for you."

Kiba gave the redhead a wry smirk and sighed. "Yeah, but I wasn't the only one who was there..."

When Kiba squeezed his hands tightly in anger, Ranma put her hand on his shoulder. "What happened?"

"That damn Holy Sword... Dammit!" Kiba clenched his teeth so tightly that the neo-girl was worried he'd break them. "If it wasn't for..." The next thing Kiba knew, he found his face in Ranma's breasts with her hugging him.

"I don't know what happened to you. But it sounds bad." Ranma said as Kiba nodded into her chest. "Tell me something. What do you live for?" She asked and let him go.

"Revenge..." Kiba growled as he remembered all the torture that he and the other children of his group, the suffering they endured and how they all died while he lived. "I want to destroy the Holy Swords, all of them, but especially Excalibur!"

"Might be hard to do." Ranma told him. "May I ask what brought this up?"

"I was at Issei's today and I saw a picture of him and a boy from about ten years ago, they looked like they were having fun, but in the background there was a Holy Sword." Kiba shook his head. "That reminded me what I'm living for."

"Oh, I..." Ranma trailed off as something occurred to her. "Wait a second, you said a Holy Sword?" When Kiba nodded, she gulped. "Sunnvabitch... That's gotta be what Bishamon's after then. Is that sword still here?!"

"No, Issei said that the boy, Irina, and his parents moved to Europe shortly after that picture was taken."

"Well..." Ranma rubbed her forehead and gave Kiba a small grin. "I dunno if this is good or bad news, but I think you're going to get your chance at some Holy Swords pretty soon."


"Lilith and I never told you, but that armor we're chasing?" Kiba nodded, he remembered them talking about it. "It seems to be collecting swords of some sort and that it's going to be here, in Kuoh City shortly."

Kiba's eyes widened in shock.



"So what did you want to learn how to do?" Atsuko asked as Lilith put temporary wards up around the forest near the church that Mittelt had used as base when she was working with Raynare. She had felt somewhat uneasy being near the church before ignoring it, if something bad happened she'd deal with it then.

"Throwing a Spear of Light is good to keep up appearances, but it's eventually going to come out that I've been turned into a Devil." Mittelt didn't want to think of the problems that was going to cause. "And, um..."

"You don't know how to do anything but throw spears, huh?" Lilith asked as she walked up to them. "That's fine, we can help you learn."

"But what can I use? Even as a Pure Angel all I used were Spears of Light. And my Devil powers are just the same, but Darkness rather than light."

"Did other Angels use things besides those spears?" Atsuko asked, getting a nod from Mittelt. "Oh? Like what?"

"Some used rings to fight with, but I'm not good enough for that, so..."

"Don't worry about it." Lilith smiled at her. "I've got some ideas."

Mittelt started to sweat, she hoped they weren't perverted. As Lilith's grin widened, her hope slowly died off. 'Just don't be too perverted.'


Holding a ball of shining light in one hand and a ball of pulsating darkness in her other hand, Mittelt had to admit, at least this wasn't as bad as she thought, although... "You want me to do what?"

"Combine them and then see what happens."

"It'll explode in my face!"

Atsuko jumped up, pumping an arm into the air. "Go on, Mittelt, I believe in you! Besides, we do the impossible in this group, don't we? Kick reason to the curb and find your own path! Who cares what should be possible!"

Mittelt smiled at her friend. "Yeah, you're right, let's see what happens then." Bringing her hands together, she focused on seeing what would happen when the energies mixed together.

As the two spheres got closer and closer to each other, arcs of energy traveled between them, causing Atsuko to look on in interest.

Lilith on the other hand was backing up. "Mittelt, cancel that, now!"

"Huh?" Mittelt's eyes widened as the spheres suddenly turned red. "AHHHHH!"

The resulting explosion took out several trees, put a crater in the ground and caused smoke to cover the area.

Laying on her back, Mittelt stared in shock, panting as her adrenaline started to come down. "...Lil...ith?"

Standing above her, her arms and both succubus and Devil wings extended, Lilith smiled down at her. "Hey..." She coughed as smoke and dust started to clear, making it easier to see what happened to her. "Don't look at me like that." She staggered as blood ran freely across her body from several cuts and lacerations. "Can't let you get hurt." She coughed and slumped. "Oh dark lords of the Abyss, this hurts."

Mittelt grabbed Lilith to keep her from falling down completely. "Atsuko! Can you call Rias Gremory?"

On the other side of the crater, Atsuko stood up and nodded, mechanical ears popping out of her head. "Come on, answer." She was actually grateful that some of her android abilities were still available to her even as a Devil cyborg. "Hello, Rias Gremory? This is Atsuko Natsume and..."

"Ask her if Asia Argento is there. She's got healing powers." Mittelt picked up Lilith. "Don't you die on me, you slut."

Lilith gave her a pained grin. "Don't worry, whore..." She coughed. "This just hurts, oww..."

"Yes, okay, that's where you're at? Okay, you'll..."

"What's the address?" Mittelt asked and when she was told, she unfurled her Fallen Angel wings and took off into the sky, heading straight for Issei's house.

"Correction, it looks like Lilith will be air-lifted in, okay, thanks." Her mechanical ears slid back into her head and Atsuko blinked in confusion. "I thought Mittelt didn't like Lilith. When did they become so close?"

As she flew through the air at high speeds, Mittelt gripped Lilith tightly and noticed that the girl's wings, both pairs, weren't out anymore. "Hey! Come on!"

"I'll be fine." Lilith grimaced slightly. "I can't die yet. I need to have lots of... kids... With Master."

"DAMMIT!" Mittelt wished she could fly faster. She gasped as she spied Rias Gremory standing in front of a two story house. That red hair was thankfully unmistakable. "Rias! Help!" She flew down, panting as she stumbled while she landed, her wings disappearing behind her.

"Asia!" Rias called out and the short blonde ran out, gasping as she saw Lilith's condition. "Quickly, bring her inside, Issei's parents are out right now."

Mittelt nodded and did just that.

"What happened?" Asia asked as Mittelt put the succubus down.

"She was trying to help me use some new magic and I screwed up..." Mittelt didn't care about the others in the room, she just watched as Asia healed Lilith and sighed in relief as the cuts disappeared and her complexion got better.

"Training accident huh?" Rias asked, narrowing her eyes at Mittelt. "And what would Ranma say about it?"

"Master would ask that you don't hurt his whore so he can do it when we tell him later." Lilith groaned in pain and slowly sat up. "You did this?" She asked as she looked at Asia, who nodded while still healing her. "I like you." Smiling, she turned to look at Mittelt, who was looking at her and shaking slightly. "Hey, I'm alive, that just hurt really badly."

"YOU IDIOT!" Mittelt yelled as soon as Asia finished healing her and tackled Lilith to the ground, hugging her tightly. "Why'd you do that!?! HUH?!"

Lilith smiled and hugged Mittelt back as Mittelt cried loudly. "Master rubbed off on me. He would do the same for any of us. I guess being bonded with him has some unpredictable side-effects, huh?"

"Stupid idiot!"

After calming Mittelt down, the two saw themselves out and thanked Rias, Asia and Issei for everything. They would have thanked Koneko and Akeno, but the two weren't there.

"Before you go..." Rias began and narrowed her eyes. "How do all of you have my cell phone number? I never gave it to any of you."

"Master stole Issei's phone but I don't know how Nuku got your number."

"I hacked into the entire cellphone database." Atsuko said as she walked up to the house. She blinked at the looks she was getting. "What? It wasn't that hard to do. So long as governments keep going 'we need backdoor encryption' to all electronics, they're easy to hack into." It wasn't the most honest thing she could do, but it was an emergency.

"I'll have to remember that if I send a selfie." Rias muttered, annoyed that humans would do that.

"Anyway, we'll head home." Lilith bowed to the taller girl. "Thanks again."

Rias waved her off. "Your master helped us out, the least I could do was help his cute servant out."

Lilith grinned at Rias. "I could do more than, oww!" She cried out as she felt someone pulling on her ear. "AtsukOWW!"

"I called Ranma and told her what happened, she told me to keep you in line."

Lilith pouted as she was forced to follow after the Devil cyborg.

"...She?" Rias looked at Mittelt in confusion. "Isn't Ranma a boy?"

"Only when there's no cold water around." Mittelt responded and followed after Lilith and Atsuko.

"You know, swapping genders might sound fun, but I bet it's a pain in the butt if you can't control it." Rias shook her head and went back inside. She did have to have a talk with Ranma in the future about getting her cell phone number without her permission though.


After getting back, and Lilith was thankful that Atsuko let go of her ear after a block, the succubus looked at Mittelt and sighed at the dejected look. "Alright, follow me, Mittelt."

The blonde grimaced and followed after Lilith. She just knew that she was in trouble, there was no way Lilith was going to let her get away with nearly killing the succubus. 'I just hope she doesn't demand anything too demeaning.'

After getting to Lilith's room, which was rarely used since Lilith generally slept in Ranma's room, Mittelt closed the door behind her when she entered the room. "So... I just..."

"Shut up." Lilith growled as she spun to glare at Mittelt, her eyes glowing brightly. "You..." She jumped at Mittelt, who closed her eyes and braced for something painful.

The next thing she felt was Lilith's hands on her back, squeezing her and soft kisses and licks on her face and neck. Gasping, the blonde shivered and her eyes opened up in surprise. "What..?"

"You want to make it up to me?" Lilith asked and Mittelt nodded. Lilith grinned and kissed Mittelt on the lips, pushing her tongue into the blonde's mouth, causing the Fallen Angel to moan and open her mouth.

Mittelt felt her body shivering from the kiss alone. By the time she was on the floor, she was already naked and Lilith was standing over her, also naked, and grinning at her. "What?" She gasped as Lilith grabbed her left leg and started licking it while lowering her crotch down towards Mittelt's. "Um..."

"Master never does this with me, and I'm in the mood for this." Plus her Master would never do something like this with her, she wanted to play with Ranma's female form so much. Oh well, Mittelt was still cute and sexy all the same.

Mittelt gasped as she felt Lilith's pussy pressing down against hers. "This feels..." She groaned while Lilith rocked her hips and pressed their privates together.

"Mmmm!" Lilith smiled as she rocked her hips hard. "Just give in, Mittelt." Her eyes flashed at the petite blonde. "I'm in charge. And it's either this or I use my wings for tentacles."

Mittelt nodded and relaxed, moaning as Lilith went to work on her.


"So why are you walking with me?" Kiba asked Ranma as the redhead walked with him.

Ranma gasped and gave him a shocked look. "Why! I never! Asking a defenseless girl to walk around at this time of night by herself?" She threw her arm over her eyes and looked away. "Oh cruel sir! To just abandon me in the middle of nowhere! What would all your fangirls at school say?"

"That you're trying to seduce me and I should leave you?" Kiba shot back dryly. If someone thought the redhead was defenseless they were in for a world of hurt.

"Why? Is it working?" Ranma looked at Kiba, who fell over in shock. "...What?"

"Nothing." Kiba muttered as he got up. "Seriously, did you have to ask like that? You almost looked eager there."

Ranma blanched at that and scratched her cheek. "Sorry, I guess Lilith rubbed off on me a little bit." When Kiba laughed, she joined him. "Yeah, sorry, Lilith is always trying to seduce anyone who she thinks is cute or sexy."


Ranma rolled her eyes. "Just because we're both guys doesn't mean that I don't recognize that you're good looking, okay? It's not like I'm trying to hit on you."

"Well, I'm glad to know that you aren't serious about it, because I might have taken you up on your offer otherwise." Kiba had the satisfaction of watching Ranma face-fault upon hearing that.

"Wha, wha, WHAAAA?!" Ranma yelled as she stood up, her eyes blank and her face red. "Please tell me you aren't serious." When Kiba shrugged and walked off. "Oh come on!"

After a few more minutes of walking, Kiba started laughing and turned around to point at Ranma, who was still blushing hard. "Your face is so hilarious right now." He cleared his throat after laughing at the pouting redhead. "I was just kidding, don't be so serious."

Ranma let out a sigh of relief. "Seriously, man! I thought you were coming onto me. You're good looking and all, but I'm not doing anything in this form like that."

"Oh, so you'd be okay with me if you were in male form?" Kiba laughed as Ranma face-faulted again. Now he understood why Akeno liked to tease so often, this was fun!

"What?! No!" Ranma stood up and shook her head. "No offense if you are."

"Nah, it's fine, I mean, you probably crushed the dreams of more than a few of my fangirls out there though." Kiba laughed softly at him. "And just so you know, I prefer women." He turned and walked off.

"Oh." Ranma blinked as Kiba walked off. "Wait, prefer women?" She ran off after him. "Please tell me that you don't..."

"I was part of the Church when I was little, put two and two together." Kiba smirked as Ranma felt a little queasy. "No, I didn't have any pedophilic priests after me." Which was probably the only good thing to come out of his time in the Church.

"I was beginning to wonder." Ranma muttered before narrowing her eyes and stopping, Kiba following suit as they heard someone shuffling out from an alley and onto the street, groaning as they fell to the ground. "A priest?"

"How'd he get so..." Kiba trailed off as a familiar face walked out of the alley behind the priest. "Freed Sellzen."

The white haired, red-eyed crazed man grinned at Kiba and Ranma. "Well well, I went out to deal with a naughty member of the Church and I find a Devil and that redheaded bitch he calls a master wandering around." Swinging an elegant sword in front of him, he smirked. "Excalibur Rapidly, such a useful tool, but since I've got two Devils to gank..." He gripped the hilt tightly. "I guess I can't..." He jumped out of the way as an emerald blast tried to bisect his head. "HEY! You bitch! Can't you let me monologue a bit more?!"

"No." Ranma said as she moved after him, shocking the exorcist.

"Well, shit, when did the Gremory bitch get so... HEY!" He blocked a sword of darkness from Kiba. "Goddammit, can't you Devils let me finish?!"

"No." The next thing Freed saw was a foot connecting to his face and sending him crashing into a wall.

"GOD FUCKING DAMMIT!" The crazed priest screamed out as he stood up. "I fucking hate unfair fights. Unless I'm on the side with the advantage. Maybe I shouldn't have taken off after that priest right after fucking that crazy blonde up again. YIPE!" He jumped as a redheaded missile crashed into where he was. "Shit, I'm out of here!" When the sword he was holding glowed, Freed seemingly disappeared.

"...What crazy blonde?" Ranma asked, wondering what he meant by that.

"Nevermind that, he has an Excalibur." Kiba grumbled in annoyance. "What I want to know is why he took off so fast."

"Well, he did think I was Rias Gremory..." Ranma trailed off. "What DID she do to him?"

As he landed street level in the alley, Kiba looked at Ranma, who bounced down the walls and joined him. "Rias is known as the Ruinous Princess and she has a really powerful ability from her family that can vaporize anything." Kiba hadn't seen anything that could survive the Power of Destruction yet and if there was something that could, he didn't want to face it.

"And since he thought I was her..."

"And you hadn't used it yet, he was worried that you were going to use it when he couldn't fight back." Kiba nodded to her. "Well, at least now I know who has it. He'll be back. After all, we've got a score to settle from last time."

Ranma slapped him on the back, grinning. "Good, come on, let's get out of here, dead bodies start to stink after awhile." She looked back at the dead priest and mentally sighed. The redhead had no love for the monster-slaying side of the Vatican, but she still hated seeing dead bodies in front of her.


"YOU BITCH!" Freed yelled and punched Bulleta in the gut, causing her to cough up blood out of her mouth. "If it wasn't for you making me all tired, I could have taken those two!"

Bulleta grinned at him, blood running out of the corners of her mouth freely. "What's the matter?" She said hoarsely. "Tired from raping me so much? I have an idea, why don't you take your tiny little prick, cut it off and shove it up your ass?" There was a crack in the air and Bulleta's head whipped sharply to the side. "Oh, did that hurt?" She looked back at him, her left eye swelling up. "The thirteen year old that took my virginity had a bigger dick than you do, and he knew how to use it too."

Freed snarled and put the gun that he used to pistol whip Bulleta away. "Whatever." Turning, he walked away from her.

"Remember, little man..." She groaned out painfully. "As soon as I'm out of here, I'll make you suffer in ways that will make Satan himself piss his pants in fear."

Freed laughed in amusement. "Yeah, but too bad you're stuck there, huh?"

As he left, Bulleta spit the blood in her mouth out. "Fucking one inch dick." She'd make him pay. Her eyes started to glow in anger. She was so going to make him pay for everything he did to her.

End Chapter 7


If you want to know how big those boobs are, think Iruru from "Miss Kobayashi's Dragon Maid". She's a Manga only character.

Or, if you don't want to look her up, she's only slightly taller than Kanna, but with boobs bigger than Lucoa.

I like to call her the "Tiny Little Boob Monster".


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Chapter 8

The next morning Sona Sitri was walking towards the school, next to her was Tsubaki as they walked and discussed upcoming events. "Make sure that my sister does not find out about the upcoming family day." As much as she loved her sister, the current Leviathan was... SO embarrassing with her love of magical girls and the way Serafall doted on her... 'Ugh, she needs to get a boyfriend or something.' Anything that could take Serafall's attention away from her would be a good thing.

Of course, finding a boyfriend for one of the four Devil Kings would be hard as hell. Even if Sirzechs was married to his maid, Grayfia, though Sona had no idea why such a powerful Devil was content at being a maid for the Gremory family, such a union was rather uncommon. As much pressure Sona felt from her family, she could only imagine how things would be for Millicus when he got older.

There were times that Sona found herself envying Devils from less noble households, they didn't have to deal with the stress of being an heir or running a large extended family or the craziness involved in keeping things going through marriages and what-not.

'At least I don't need to deal with fiance messes for awhile.' At least until she found someone who was smarter than she was. But that was about as likely as finding someone who was either crazy enough, brave enough or horny enough to bed her sister. 'Now the only question remains is...' She was shaken from her thoughts as Tsubaki called out to her. Focusing on what was ahead of her, she raised an eyebrow as she saw two girls about her age, both in overly flowing robes that covered their bodies, yet revealed the two were very busty girls, that designated them members of the Vatican. While they had hoods to cover their heads, both of them had their hoods down at that moment and Sona could see one had blue hair with one green stripe in her bangs while the other one had long, red-orange hair tied up into long twin ponytails. 'So why is a carrot top and a blue-haired girl...' Her eyes narrowed at the large bundle on the blue-haired girl's back. 'I don't like that.' Walking up to them, she cleared her throat. "Weapons of any sort are expressly forbidden on school grounds, though as you are not students I would be willing to over-look this provided you have a reason to have them?"

"We do." The blue haired girl nodded at her. "Three of the Excaliburs that were watched by the Church are missing."

"I see..." Sona adjusted her glasses. "I assume that's why you're here then?"

"We've tracked them down to this city. Although pinpointing them will be difficult." The blue-haired one nodded to her. "You are one of the more prominent Devils in the city from our intel, we ask that you do not interfere."

"I have no problem with that, but I can only speak for myself and my peerage. You will need to speak with Rias Gremory about her peerage as well." She narrowed her eyes at the two of them. "Know that the only reason that I'm willing to work with you this much is because of the truce between our groups."

"Calm yourself." The blue haired one held up her hand. "Regardless of how our sides view each other, our superiors gave express orders to not antagonize any of the Devils in the city if we can help it."

"...What about Demons?" Tsubaki asked, getting a confused look from the two. "There are two, from what I have gathered, powerful Demons who live in the city and attend this school. They are currently seeking a criminal from Makai who they have tracked to this city."

Sona was glad that Tsubaki remembered that bit, she had forgotten it herself. "If you could wait a day, I shall set up a meeting with the other two."

The girls nodded at her. "How will we contact you?" The blue-haired one asked as Sona held up a card with a pentagram on it. "This is..?"

"A summoning card, usually used to summon a Devil to forge a contract. When we set the time up, either Tsubaki or myself will contact you."

"Very well." The blue-haired one took it. "I should note that merely touching this makes me feel like chopping my arms off."

Sona smirked at her. "Don't tell me that you have a cybernetic arm or something and can easily replace it."

"If only life were that easy." The girl pocketed the card and the two bowed to her. "I'd pray for your soul, but I'm sure that you wouldn't appreciate it."

"I thank you for your consideration." Sona replied as she and Tsubaki nodded back at them.

As the two girls walked away, Sona and Tsubaki overheard the two talking to each other.

"Xenovia, are you sure..."

"No." Xenovia answered and the two continued in silence.

Sona sighed heavily as she turned to look at her taller Queen. "So... Could you find Saotome or his pet succubus? I'll have a talk with Rias."

"What time would be best to set up then?"

"About four-thirty tomorrow afternoon."

Tsubaki nodded and walked off to find the two in question.


"You feel that?" Asia asked Issei as the two got close to Issei's home.

"Yeah, it's like when I took you to the church when we..." Issei's eyes widened and he ran inside. "MOM!" He cried out, hoping that it wasn't a Fallen Angel that had found out where he lived and decided to ambush him. The last thing he wanted was another situation with that freak exorcist that ended up with Asia dying.

Running past the kitchen, he got to the living room and yelled out. "MOM! Are you... Huh?" He stared as two girls, both with fancy cloaks on, though Issei noted that they both had the same symbols that freak Freed had worn around their necks. "Uh... What's going on?"

"Issei!" His mother smiled at him. "We were just talking about you."

"Hello, Issei!" The girl with twin long ponytails smiled and waved at him. "Long time no see."

"Uh..." Issei looked at her in confusion.

"You don't remember me?" The girl pouted, looking genuinely hurt. "It's me!"

Issei was about to answer until his mother caught his attention and showed him the image of the boy he used to play with. "What?"

"Your mother was really surprised too, but this girl is Irina Shindou. Back then," she shook her head, "back then she was more like a boy, but she grew into a real beauty, didn't she?"

"Huh?" Issei looked at the picture of the short-haired boy and then at the girl in front of him, his eyes widening in shock. "EH?!"

"You remember?" Irina gave him a small smile.


Irina giggled as Issei's mother chided him. "No, no, it's fine. I was a total tomboy when I was a little girl, and I had a really masculine face back then too. Even my own parents lamented that I was more like a boy back then too. You couldn't help but get confused." The girl smiled and waved them off. "Though..." She gave Issei a sad look. "A lot of things happened before we could meet again, huh?"

'Shit, she noticed that I'm a Devil?' He supposed it had to be easy to do for exorcists, but that didn't mean it made him feel any better. Looking at the blue-haired one, he mentally shivered, the feeling he got from her was one of a really dangerous opponent to face. 'And whatever that thing next to her is, if she unwrapped it, I'd probably be dead in an instant.'

"However, I have to take my leave today." Irina sighed dramatically as she stood up. "Thanks for having us over."

Issei's mother pouted as the two got up to leave. "Leaving already?" Behind her, Issei and Asia followed the three quietly.

"Yes, I'm just in town for a little bit and I wanted to show Xenovia all my old stomping grounds before we leave." She smiled at Issei as she opened the door to go outside. "Goodbye, Issei, it was nice seeing you again."

Xenovia gave Issei a dark look and followed Irina out of the house.

Issei stood there, panting softly, his heart beating incredibly fast, a cold sweat forming across his body as he fought down the urge to panic. 'Why do two hotties have to be my enemies? Why couldn't they be ugly old men instead?'


"So..." Xenovia looked at Irina as the two walked away from Issei's home. "He was your childhood friend, was he not?"

Irina shrugged helplessly, her palms pointed upwards as she bobbed her head from side to side. "While seeing someone from my childhood having fallen to the Devils pains me to no end, if he becomes an enemy, I shall strike him down. In fact, Xenovia, if he becomes an enemy, allow me to strike him down." She looked back at her friend pleadingly. "At least I can apologize to him as I extinguish his life."

"I have no qualms about that. If I were to be controlled by a Devil I would wish that you would be the one to stop me. I would feel better knowing that you stopped me rather than someone else." Xenovia had no desire to die, not yet at any rate, but if it was in service to God, she would have no qualms about laying down her life.

"So, shall we..." Irina started to say as she looked up and stared at an oncoming dust cloud. "What is that?"

"Whatever it is, it's getting close at a fast..."

The next thing they both knew, a ringing sound was heard as a high-speed object whipped past them so hard that they found themselves tumbling in the opposite direction of where they were headed before they crashed into some open garbage cans while being upside down, revealing skin-tight outfits under their robes that did nothing to hide their shapely rear-ends.

"Irina..." Xenovia groaned as she shifted and sat up. "What in the Lord's good name was that?" She blinked as she realized something. "SHOOT! My sword!" Standing up, Xenovia ran up the street where she could see her sword still wrapped up and laying on the ground.

Irina stayed on the ground, her eyes swirling and what looked like mini-people on bicycles riding around her head, all ringing bells.


"I hope I didn't hit someone back there." Atsuko muttered, she had sworn she saw a couple of girls in weird robes walking down the street but decided it wasn't a big deal, she didn't feel like she ran anyone over. She knew what that felt like after all. "Let's see... Where to next?"


The next morning Ranma, in male form, groaned as he woke up. Sitting up, or trying to as he felt a weight on his hips, he threw the blanket up to see Mittelt and Lilith licking at his hard dick. "Good morning to you two as well."

Running her tongue up Ranma's shaft, Lilith grinned at him. "I wanted a morning meal and I thought I'd share with Mittelt."

The blonde had a flushed face as caressed and licked at Ranma. She had been heading back to her room after using the bathroom and had seen Lilith walking into Ranma's room. She had wondered what Lilith was doing and was pulled into the room by Lilith.

Then again, she wasn't complaining, Ranma's scent was really enjoyable, especially when it was like this.

Ranma laid back and just enjoyed the sensations.

"Can I..." Mittelt asked, getting a nod from Lilith, who slid back and sat on Ranma's face, shivering as he grabbed her butt with both hands and buried his face into her crotch.

Mittelt stood over Ranma's hard prick and slowly lowered herself down on it, much to Lilith's amusement and arousal, she watched as the blonde pushed his dick into her anus. "Nnngh! I blame you two..." She whined as her butt easily took Ranma's shaft. "You made me like this."

Lilith grinned at her as she rocked her hips on Ranma's face. "Just admit you're Master's butt slut."

Mittelt bit her lip and groaned as Ranma bottomed out inside of her. "FINE! I'm Ranma's butt slut! I love his dick in my ass! I love it!" Tears were falling out of her eyes as she screamed that out.

"Hey now..." Lilith reached forward and pulled Mittelt's body forward a bit. "No crying." She kissed the blonde on the lips. "We love you too."

Mittelt blushed and moaned as she rocked her hips up and down, enjoying the sensation of Ranma's dick in her ass. "This is so dirty."

"And we love it." Lilith groaned in pleasure from what Ranma was doing to her.

Ranma wasn't even trying to say anything, he was just enjoying the sensations from his two lovers as he drove his tongue into Lilith's folds and his hands squeezed and groped her ass. Privately, Ranma was thankful that he had met Lilith when he was so little, who knows what he would have been like without a succubus teaching him to be a good lover?

'Probably some simpering fool who would freeze up anytime I'm in any sort of romantic situation.'

Oh well, no time for that, he had pleasurable sensations around his dick and a face full of needy succubus pussy to attend to.


It was almost two hours later when Atsuko looked up from where she was working out and saw Ranma, Mittelt and Lilith stumbling down the steps. "Morning! Having too much fun in your room?" She grinned at Mittelt blushed while Lilith gave her a naughty grin.

"And how do you know what we do?" Ranma asked her, wondering if he needed to strengthen the wards around his room.

"Lilith gives me detailed reports about the fun stuff you do." Stretching, the redheaded cyborg bounced around and threw a few fast kicks. "Really, it sounds like it could be interesting."

"Lilith..." Ranma began and gave the succubus a flat stare. "No corrupting Nuku Nuku."

"Too late." Lilith giggled before yelping as Ranma flicked her forehead. "Master!" She whined as she rubbed her forehead and the three finished walking down the stairs and into the dining area.

"Anyway, to answer your first question, yes we did." Ranma looked at Atsuko and shook his head as he remembered what happened next. Not that he didn't enjoy it, because he would be lying if he said he didn't.

"And then we spent over thirty minutes taking a shower." Mittelt muttered, blushing hard as she remembered the naughty things they did in there.

"And another fifteen getting clean after that!" Lilith giggled, causing Ranma to sigh in feigned annoyance. "Come on, Master. Do you know how many guys would kill to be in your position? You get two hot pieces of loli ass to bang every day if you want."

"Don't call me a loli." Mittelt muttered as she reached up to fix her hair in its short twin-tails style.

"You know..." Ranma spoke up as Mittelt started to grab her hair. "You look better with your hair hanging down loose."

The blonde blinked and then blushed hard and lowered her hands. "You...You think so?"

Ranma nodded to her. "Yeah." He smiled and cupped her cheek, causing her to blush as his fingers traced her jaw line.

"Ah, oh, okay." She stammered and blushed, letting her hair hang down loosely. It wasn't like it was too long anyway, but she felt weird without her hair in pigtails.

"I know!" Lilith slapped a fist into an open palm. "Master! You know how all the magical girls have transformations that make them naked for a moment but changes their clothes and sometimes their hairstyles?"

"Yes?" Ranma asked, raising an eyebrow. "What about it?"

"I think I could teach that to Mittelt." Lilith grinned at the blonde. "It's easy! That way you can be in whatever you want, but when you fight, you'll be in that goth loli outfit you love and your hair can be in your pigtails without needing to put any work into it."

"I wouldn't mind that."

"You don't need to do any silly dances or poses." Ranma told Mittelt, causing Lilith to pout, that was her favorite part of magical girl transformations.

"Well, if the bathroom's open, I'm going to go take a shower." Atsuko said as she walked past the three of them and up the stairs.

"Don't." Ranma said to Lilith without looking, who had her mouth open to say something as Atsuko walked past them.

Lilith closed her mouth in some annoyance. It wasn't her fault! She liked people with sexy bodies.

Ranma shook his head and walked over to the kitchen area. "Enough of that, let's get some breakfast and get going to school."

"When did you turn into such a studious student?" Mittelt asked, getting a snort from Lilith.

"He's always been that way. Even if he's bored at school or falls asleep in class a lot, he still gets good grades."

Ranma snorted as he took stuff out of the fridge to make for some food. "And who threatened to withhold sex from me if my grades ever slipped too far down?"

"Hey, it worked, didn't it?" Lilith stuck her tongue out at him.

"Why am I not surprised?" Mittelt asked, an amused smile on her face. As the food started to cook, she bit her lower lip as she looked at Ranma, who was cooking, then at Lilith, who was concentrating on the energy that was dancing around her hands, to the stairs where Atsuko went up to shower and then she stood up and walked out to the training area and looked around, before nodding and smiling to herself.

'I'm happy with this life.' Even if nothing else changed, she could honestly say that this was the happiest she had ever been. 'I just hope that the good times last.'

"Oh, hey, Mittelt." Ranma spoke up as he finished cooking. "Lilith and I have to see Rias Gremory after school. You can come with if you want."

"Huh?" The blonde tilted her head in confusion. "What for?" When he shrugged, she looked a bit nervous at him. "Do you need me, I mean..."

"Hey." Lilith said as she let the energy she was manipulating dissipate. "Enough of that. If any of them have a problem with you being there, they'll have to deal with me, okay?"

Mittelt smiled and nodded. "Thanks." Walking over to the table as Atsuko came back down, drying her hair while Ranma brought food over to the table, Mittelt said something that surprised the group. "I blame all of you."

"Huh?" Ranma, Nuku and Lilith looked at her in confusion.

"I used to be a sadistic bitch who put up a friendly exterior. Ever since I hooked up with you guys..."

Lilith smirked at her, knowing what she was trying to say. "Master has that effect on people. I used to not care about anything other than being entertained and myself."

Ranma mentally shrugged at hearing that. "How about you, Nuku?"

"Nuku Nuku used to talk like this and have an android body that was as artificial as could be." She then smiled at him. "But thanks to you, I can talk normally, I can feel the air, water on my skin and lots more." Atsuko closed her eyes and grinned in delight. "I don't care how things go after this, I'm happy to have met you too!"

Lilith suddenly snapped her fingers, suprising the others.

"... Why did you snap your fingers, Lilith?" Ranma asked.

"I just realized, since Mittelt's well adjusted, it ruins some fun because that means you can't reach up her ass with your massive package and knock any sticks loose." She sighed in disappointment.

"... I don't put things there," Atsuko said. "I was told that it hurts."

Mittelt blinked. "Wait, are you saying anal sex made me nicer?!" She couldn't believe that. How could having sex like that help her like that? "It only hurts if you don't lube stuff up enough and your partner isn't gentle with you until that hole adjusts and..." Mittelt trailed off, her face red and she buried her face in her hands. "I'm such a degenerate."

Lilith laughed at her. "Go on, explain how Master slides in super easily into your ass these days."

Mittelt just groaned in dismay. Why did she have to love these idiots so much?

When the other three started to laugh, she looked up from her hands and gave them an embarrassed smile. "You guys..."

"Oh come on!" Lilith said between giggles. "What's a little teasing between family?"

Mittelt blinked at hearing that before looking at the three smiling face and her face went from curious to a gentle smile. "Yeah..."

Even if she and Lilith teased each other and got after each other constantly, they were family...

...A weird, dysfunctional and overly sexual family, but a family nonetheless.

'I can live with this.'


It was later in the day when Ranma, Lilith and Mittelt found themselves in the front of the Occult Research Club after school. Knocking on the door, they waited for a response.

"Come on in." Rias was heard from inside. Walking in, Ranma looked at Rias, Akeno and Koneko. "Ah, you're here." She smiled at Ranma from behind her desk. "Lilith and Mittelt as well." She gestured for them to sit next to Koneko and Akeno. "The purpose of this meeting isn't anything you did, our two guests aren't here yet."

"Are we expecting some big shot from Hell?" Ranma wondered why they asked him to show up if that was the case. 'Did they find out that I'm a Devil?'

Akeno and Rias both fought the urge to laugh at that, though Rias was far more successful. "No, no, though from our point of view, they might as well be agents from Hell." Akeno said while smiling impishly. When the door opened, the group looked up as Issei and Asia walked in. "Ah, Issei."

"Yo." He waved and grabbed a chair for Asia so they could sit down. "I'm not late, am I?"

"No, you're..." There was a knock at the door. "Enter." The door opened and two figures, both dressed in church robes, entered the room. "Ah, you must be the representatives from the church?"

The blue haired one nodded and sat down on the empty couch across from the group. Looking the group over, she turned to Rias. "I assume that all of them are your peerage?"

"No." Rias shook her head. "Those three are allies, however." She motioned towards Ranma, who waved at the two other girls.

"Oh." The one with orange-red hair gasped in surprise. "You're the Demon?"

"I'm a succubus." Lilith corrected her. "Master's a Hanyou and Mittelt is contracted to us."

"Master, huh?" The blue-haired one looked at them cautiously. "Very well, let's cut to the chase, I doubt any of us wish to be in the other's presence any longer than we have to."

"How kind of you." Lilith drawled out. "Mind if we get your names?"

"How rude!" The twin-tailed girl huffed at her. "If you're going to ask for someone's name, you should at least offer yours first."

"Fine, my name is Lilith Aensland, my Master is Ranma Saotome, now, if you would..."

"My name is Irina." The girl with twin-tails smiled at Lilith. "And this is Xenovia." The blue-haired girl nodded.

"So why are two executioners from the Vatican here?" Ranma narrowed his eyes at them. "Considering how many Hunters and Magical Girls are in this country, the Vatican never makes a move into this country unless it's something very dire."

Xenovia sneered at the mention of Hunters and Magical Girls. "Bunch of worthless nincompoops." Beside her, Irina showed a similar level of disdain.

"Um... I'm missing something." Issei spoke up, confused. "What's with the sudden hostility?"

"Yeah, even I'm confused." Mittelt admitted and noticed that the only ones not expressing confusion were Ranma, Lilith, Xenovia and Irina.

"Should we explain or do you wish to?" Lilith asked the two girls.

"No, please, go ahead." Xenovia offered, getting a nod from Lilith.

"Most Hunters are part supernatural in some way, shape or form, most magical girls are considered to be unskilled magic users who throw around splashy spells and give the executioners a bad name." Lilith clarified for the group.

"Just to be clear, we're exorcists, not executioners."

Lilith huffed and looked away in annoyance.

"Ignore her, we've had bad experiences with members of the Church in the past." Ranma continued. "But as Lilith pointed out, executioners or exorcists, as these two are calling themselves, take great pride in the training and gifts from God that they get. Magical Girls tend to have little formal training, though I've met a few that actually did train, and most Hunters are considered heretical because of the blood they have in their veins."

"You're very well informed." Xenovia nodded at Ranma. "It's too bad that you're putting out that blasted Demonic energy."

"Youki is just an energy that I have, nothing more, nothing less. If you consider that enough to consider me a Demon then that's all on you."

"Very well." Xenovia nodded to him. It was almost too bad he was part Demon, his experience in Japan would be a great benefit to the Vatican against heretical things in the world, especially this segment of the world. "As for why we're here, we're chasing a criminal who stole several Excaliburs from the Church."

"Shouldn't those be heavily guarded?" Rias asked, getting a nod from the two girls. "How many?"

"Three have been stolen and we were given two more to fight against whomever stole them on equal footing." Irina answered her. "The one not stolen is under his Holiness's direct watch and is under strict guard at this point in time."

"I would hope so." Rias mentally frowned as she heard that. "I thank you for the head's up, but why tell us?"

"Because we're sure that the Fallen Angels have stolen them." Xenovia looked at Mittelt and narrowed her eyes. "You wouldn't happen to know anything about that, would you, Fallen?"

Mittelt tensed at the look Xenovia was giving her. 'This girl's dangerous.' Shaking her head as more of the room looked at her, she gave Xenovia a glare of her own. "One, I don't know what the current leaders of the Grigori are doing, I haven't had any contact with them for months." She held up one finger before raising a second one. "Two, I'm under a long-term contract with Ranma and Lilith." She raised a third finger. "And lastly, this is the first time I've heard about any of the Excaliburs going missing."

"I have a question." Ranma spoke up as he looked at them. "I have no doubt that you two are very talented, but why did the Vatican only send you two? Are you being sent to die? If someone can steal those sword fragments, you two probably..."

"As I said," Irina interrupted him, "we were given our own Excaliburs to help us in our quest." She pointed to an arm band around her upper left arm. "This is Excalibur Mimic, it can become any shape the user desires."

"And this..." Xenovia patted her bundled weapon. "Is Excalibur Destruction. Between the two of us, we should have no problem dealing with those who stole the swords." She narrowed her eyes at the group. "That is why we're here, to hunt down the thief who stole the Excaliburs and take them back. And for that end, I have one question to Rias Gremory." She looked at the redhead, who raised an eyebrow at her. "What will you do with this information now? Will you join the Fallen Angels against the Church?"

"No." Rias answered immediately. "My personal feelings aside, I would never team up with the Fallen Angels under the current conditions, such a thing would quickly raise tensions and escalate the current cold war between our three factions."

"Good." Xenovia gave her a relieved look. "No offense, but our superiors had to make sure that you wouldn't do something like that."

"No, it's fine." Rias gave her a small nod. "Were I in your shoes, I'd be wary as well. Is that all?"

Xenovia shook her head and looked at the others as she and Irina stood up. "We only request that all of you stay out of our business while we take care of this."

"I can only speak for my peerage and myself, but I have no problem with this request." Rias said as they started to leave. "I merely ask that you do not take too long."

"Of course." Xenovia nodded and walked a few more steps before stopping and looking at Asia. "Excuse me," she gave the blonde a confused look, "are you not Asia Argento? The Saint that could heal all injuries?"

The girl gasped and gave a slow nod.

"Woah, really?" Irina tilted her head in confusion. "Oh yeah! Now I remember. I never saw her in person, but didn't you get exiled from the church as a witch for heresy?" Asia gave a shallow nod at that. "And you're a Devil now?"

"That is quite far to fall, to go from being a Saint to a lowly Devil." Xenovia shook her head. "It would have been better for you to have died rather than fall so low."

Asia gave them a surprised look, shocked they could say something like that.

"Hey!" Issei stood up and got in front of Asia, anger on his face. "Who are you to say things like that to Asia?! You don't know what she's been through!"

"We're just speaking the truth." Irina sighed at her childhood friend. "To think that a Saint would fall so far as to become a Devil, why it hurts to think that a member of the Church would become one of our sworn enemies."

"Enough with your crap." Issei growled as he clenched his fists.

"It's true, it would have been better for all if Asia Argento had died instead of becoming a Devil." Xenovia sighed at the angry looks she was getting. "Are you really that upset?"

"Yes! Dammit! If you don't stop running your mouth I'll stop it for you." Issei growled at her.

"Are you going to become an enemy of the entire Vatican for one little girl?" Xenovia asked him.

"I don't see why not." A new voice spoke up and everyone turned to look as Kiba walked into the room. "I have no qualms about it."

"And you are?" Xenovia asked the blonde haired boy.

"Your sempai."


Outside of the old school building, Kiba and Issei stood across from Xenovia and Irina. The blue-haired girl spoke up first. "Just so we're all clear, this match is just that, a match and nothing more."

"Of course." Rias nodded, "I'll only step in if a lethal blow is about to be landed."

Xenovia nodded and looked at Ranma, who merely shrugged. "I've got no skin in this, do what you want." It wasn't like he didn't care about stuff like this, but he wasn't all that close to Rias, Issei and the others.

Nodding, Xenovia and Irina threw their cloaks off, revealing skin-tight black body outfits that clung to their every curve. Ranma had to smack Lilith on the back of the head when she started to openly pant and drool. "Very well..." Xenovia unwrapped her bundle and the others looked on as an impressive looking broadsword with a wide head was revealed. "Then let's begin."

"Yes, let's." Kiba nodded and several swords appeared around him, the tips sunk into the ground.

"Sword Birth, huh?" Xenovia narrowed her eyes, she had thought that this blonde was a fool, but if he had a Sacred Gear that could do stuff like that. "I see..."

Gripping the arm band, Irina tugged on it and the others watched as it became a Katana in her hand. "Don't worry, Issei, out of respect for our friendship and current ceasefire, I won't use the full ability of Excalibur Mimic." She sighed and folded her hands in front of her. "This must be a trial by God and Saint Michael. To think that my childhood friend would stoop so far as to be lured in by the Devils." She closed her eyes and shook her head. "Oh God, forgive me, for I must teach Issei humility in your name!"

"Uh..." Issei sweat-dropped before shaking his head. "Well, we don't need to fight, I said what I wanted to say."

"No! I must show you the error of your ways and maybe I can help your soul find peace."

"I find that every night in Rias's boobs though." Issei muttered, getting a sweat-drop from Irina and a blush from Rias. "But I guess..." Holding up his left hand, a red gauntlet with a green gem over the back of his hand, his fingers looked closer to claws thanks to the gauntlet and near his elbow two yellow spikes formed, pointing backwards at him.

"BOOST!" The gauntlet cried out as he called it out.

"A Longinus?!" Irina gasped as she saw it. "And Boosted Gear at that?!"

"A weapon that can slay Gods, Twilight Healing and Sword Birth?" Xenovia shook her head. "It seems that your King has quite the collection of heretical Sacred Gears. Now some things make sense." She put her hand on her hip and shook her head. "To think that a reject of the Holy Sword Project would appear before me."

"What..." Kiba's aura erupted around him. "Did you say?" Beside him, Issei gave Kiba a concerned look.

Xenovia gave him a bit of a confused look. "But you went through the Holy Sword Project and you were found lacking and unable to wield Holy Swords."

"You..." Kiba snarled at her. "Have no idea what kind of Hell we went through in that project!" He charged at Xenovia, a black glowing sword in his right hand.

"Kiba, wait!" Issei called out, surprised at how Kiba was acting.

"You should never take your eyes off your enemy." Irina called out and gave a slash at Issei, who dodged out of the way. "Nice dodge."

As Ranma watched the fights, he shook his head as Kiba's sword was shattered by Xenovia's Excalibur Destruction. Seeing the crater that was formed when the sword struck the ground, he had to admit, at least the sword lived up to its name. "Kiba and Issei are going to lose." He muttered, getting a nod from Lilith.

"Oh?" Rias asked, though privately she thought the same thing. "What makes you say that?"

"Just watch." Ranma replied.

As the fight went on, it became pretty obvious that Kiba was too blinded by his anger over what Xenovia said and that Issei wasn't fast enough to keep up with Irina.

"You're dodging well." Irina complimented. "It's such a shame you're a Devil, you would have been a great help to the Vatican."

"I dunno, I've heard bad things about priests." Issei dodged under a slash at his head and started to grin as he got a third boost. "Now then, time to unleash my special technique!"

"Huh?" Irina suddenly shivered as she looked at his leering face. "Special technique?"

"Be careful," Koneko said, her tone flat, "the perv makes people's clothes explode when he touches them."

"KONEKO!" Issei cried out in despair. "Why would you tell her that?!"

Irina gave Issei a disgusted look as she heard that. "To think that my childhood friend would turn out to be a pervert of such an order! I guess becoming a Devil changes you in many ways."

"Ah, no, I was always like that." Issei rubbed the back of his head.

"I'm terribly sorry." Kiba sighed and Xenovia gave him a look full of pity.

"Hey!" Issei cried out in anger. "There's no need to be like that!" Squeezing his gauntlet-covered hand into a fist, he charged at Irina, seemingly disappearing. "Now then, how about..." He pouted when his lunge for Irina's outfit had her dodging out of the way.

"Oh Lord, why must you allow such perversions to exist in this world? Between Issei and that succubus, surely the world would be better off without this?"

"HEY!" Lilith cried out in annoyance. "Master, can I spank her?"


Issei took that moment to leap at Irina, who screamed and ducked under his jump. "Oh crap!" He realized as not only did he miss, but his lunge carried him over Irina and towards Koneko and Asia, where he touched them on their shoulders, and since his Dress Break skill was active...

...There was a tearing sound as the two had their clothing explode everywhere.

"You..." Koneko's eye was twitching as she stood there, butt naked, while Asia crouched down and covered her breasts, "pervert!" Punching Issei in the gut, she sent him flying towards Irina.

"GAH! That hurt!" Issei gasped in pain as he struggled to get up.

"You know..." Irina said as she stood over him. "This is probably God's way of punishing you for being a pervert. Maybe you should try to be a virtuous man and use your talents for good?"

"No way..." Issei clutched his stomach as he tried to stand up. "I had a choice between Dress Break and seeing girls naked with my eyes and I put all my ability for Dress Break."

Irina grimaced and stepped back. "Does he have the ability to fight solely on his sex drive?"

"You'd be surprised at the amount of people that can do that." Ranma answered her. "I know an old man who survives by his perversions."

"Ewww!" Irina shuddered, not wishing to meet such a person.

"I guess I can end this now." Issei tried lunging at Irina again, but this time she took a single step back before slashing her sword upwards.

"It's over." She looked really upset about that and Issei wondered what she meant before his mind was consumed by PAIN.

Trembling, he fell to his knees and then onto his face, his Sacred Gear disappearing as he passed out from whatever Irina did to him.

"I'm sorry, Issei, even that small scratch was too much for you, huh?" Irina looked at him apologetically and then at Rias, who was giving her a dirty look. "Don't worry, it's only a shallow cut, but you know how Holy Swords are to Devils."

Not far away, Kiba was charging Xenovia with a large, two handed broadsword, which didn't last as Xenovia struck it down with Excalibur Destruction and then drove the hilt of her sword into Kiba's chest, sending him flying onto his back. When he tried to get up, Xenovia stood over him, her sword pointing at his face. "Yield. This fight is over." Kiba glared up at her but nodded. Putting her sword over her shoulder, she walked away from Kiba. "The moment you pulled out that sword, you lost. The speed you're so proud of was useless when swinging around a sword that large."

"I'd say the moment he got mad at you was the moment he lost." Ranma answered as he and Lilith walked up to them and helped Kiba to his feet.

"I care not for the opinions of lowly Demons and their ilk." Xenovia looked back at him. "As well informed as you are, the mere fact that you are part Demon makes me weep for the state of the world."

"And what's that supposed to mean?" Lilith asked her in annoyance. "Lady, I dunno if you know, but there's no one in Japan who doesn't have some supernatural blood flowing through them."

"All the more a pity." Xenovia shook her head as she re-wrapped her sword. "But that's a big part as to why the Vatican leaves this country alone. There's no need to expend forces to deal with lowly Demons when we have Fallen and Devils to deal with."

"What?" Lilith found her eye twitching. "Lowly Demons?"

"Yeah!" Irina spoke up as she walked past them, her sword wrapped up around her arm again. "Demons have always been the lesser creatures in the world. I mean, it's not your fault that nearly everything in the world is better than you are." She tapped her chin as she looked at them. "I mean, you let yourself become a half-breed's slave, right? No way a Devil, Fallen Angel or Pure Angel does anything like that."

Lilith was twitching hard as she glared at them. Oh how she wanted to put them in their place. "Who are you to..."

"Enough, we have more important things to do than deal with a half-demon and his pet." Xenovia walked off, followed by Irina, who waved and smiled as she walked off.

"Are you okay?" Mittelt asked, having been silent as she looked at the two of them. She could feel the anger coming off of Lilith, which scared her, she had NEVER seen the succubus so worked up before. But what was even worse was that she couldn't feel anything coming off of Ranma.

"Lilith, take us home." Ranma grabbed Mittelt as Lilith nodded and the three disappeared in a black sphere.

Watching them leave, Rias sighed and shook her head. "I wish they hadn't done that." Seeing Akeno look at her curiously while Asia, who was still naked, healed Issei from the attack he sustained, she clarified. "Most Demons aren't much stronger than the average person, it's true, but any Demon that can take on a human form is generally a pretty dangerous opponent, you never know what they are."

"And Lilith happens to be a succubus." Akeno shook her head. "Well, that blows."

"Indeed." Rias nodded to Akeno before walking over to Issei as he got up. "Are you okay?" She asked him and smiled before hugging him and burying his face into her breasts. "Foolish Issei, don't do stuff like that, okay?" She looked at Kiba, who was looking troubled. "And Kiba, please... Don't do something stupid, okay?"

"I... I'm sorry." Kiba bowed and turned to leave. "I need to work through some things, please forgive me."

"Kiba..." Koneko, still naked, watched him leave in concern. "Please don't go." She said softly, worry evident in her voice.

End Chapter 8


Well, this chapter got serious in a hurry! Thank you, Atsuko for breaking it up.

Anyway, if someone wishes to write omakes for this fic, go right ahead. I'll give you credit for it, or I may find it useful enough to actually put INTO the story as well somehow down the line.


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Chapter 9

Atsuko was launching a spin kick and gasped in shock as her foot connected with Ranma's face and sent him flying across the training floor, tumbling the whole way. "WAGH! I DIDN'T KNOW YOU'D APPEAR LIKE THAT! I KILLED RANMA! WAAAAH!"

"No... You didn't..." Ranma groaned as he sat up, a bruise already forming on his face. "Luckily you didn't break anything." Groaning, he flopped onto his back as the other three ran over to him in worry.


"Will he be okay?" Atsuko asked Lilith as she walked downstairs. She sighed in relief when Lilith nodded at her.

"Oh yeah, nothing broken, he's got a concussion though, Mittelt's currently healing him." She had complained about it, but Lilith had pointed out that she needed to work on support magic since she was Ranma's Bishop.

"But that's bad! I damaged his brain!" Atsuko gasped in horror. "WAAAHHH! I made Ranma go stupid!"

Lilith shook her head in amusement. "No, he's fine, the healing energy we used should keep him from suffering any real damaging effects from the concussion."

"Is there anything I can do to help?" Atsuko really felt bad by what she did, even if it was an accident.

"Strip naked, go up to see him and have sex with him." Lilith said and face-faulted as Atsuko nodded and took off her shirt. "I WAS KIDDING!" She yelled before Atsuko could pull her pants down. "I mean, you can keep stripping, I'm enjoying the sight, but you don't need to have sex with Master." Besides, she was certain that Ranma would be QUITE upset with her if she talked Atsuko into having sex with him.

Atsuko tilted her head in confusion. "I don't get it, Ranma enjoys sex with you and Mittelt, why does he seem to try and fight against it?"

"Because he worries." Lilith sighed and motioned for Atsuko to follow her to the table. "Leave the shirt off, I wanna ogle your boobies."

Atsuko shrugged, causing some nice jiggling to happen before sitting down at the table, followed by Lilith. "About what?"

"You know that I gave him my Devil's Pledge to save his life, right?" Atsuko nodded, she heard that story already. "And that it imparted some of my succubus essence into him as well, right?"

"Yep, so what..."

"He's worried that if he doesn't fight against his urges that he'll turn into an uncontrollable sex monster." Lilith understood perfectly, after all, her species was the same way.

"Will he?"

"Nah, not so long as he vents his urges often enough." Lilith shook her head in amusement.

"So the reason he needs a harem..." Atsuko trailed off, tilting her head in confusion. "Is so that he can give into his urges without it being dangerous to him?"

"Yep, you got it." The only reason that it was potentially as dangerous as it was to Ranma was because of the fact that he had been human before getting the Devil's Pledge.

"And yet he fights against it?" Atsuko asked, confused as Lilith nodded. "That's so... Stupid."

"It is." Lilith admitted as she watched Atsuko's boobs move when the cyborg moved. "But Master wouldn't be Master if he didn't worry about stupid things like that."

"...Can I help?"

"Again, if I convinced you to have sex with him, I would probably get the butt whipping of my life and trust me, Master knows how to make it hurt!" Lilith wouldn't mind Atsuko joining in, but there was no way she could justify it to Ranma.

Atsuko was silent as she contemplated that information.


Meanwhile in Nerima...

Kasumi blinked as she heard a knocking at the front door. "Huh? Weird." Walking up to the door, she opened it and looked on in surprise at the person in front of the door.

"Hello, I was wondering, is the one known as Akane Tendo in?" A little girl in a weirdly perverted gothic lolita outfit asked as she stood in the doorway. For the most part the outfit looked normal, except for the front chest area, which was completely exposed, as was her belly. Her nipples were covered by pasties, which was the only thing keeping it from being obscene.

"Yes, but oh my, why are you like that? An outfit such as that is entirely inappropriate for such a young girl!" Kasumi ushered the girl inside.

"It is?" The girl asked, blinking at Kasumi. "I do not understand why, nor do I care, I am here to see Akane Tendo and I was being polite enough to use the front door."

"Hey, Kasumi, what's with all the noise?" Nabiki asked as she walked down, took one look at the girl and turned whiter than a ghost. "W...What are YOU doing here?!" It had been brief when she first used her Balance Breaker, but she remembered the image of the little girl in her home with a warning of "Do Not Anger" flashing across her image.

"I do not believe we have ever formally met." The girl looked at Nabiki in confusion. "No, I do not believe so, so how do you know of me?"

"Ophis, what are you doing here?" Nabiki asked, fighting the urge to run as far as she could.

Ophis blinked and tilted her head. "I am here for the one known as Akane Tendo. I have been as polite as I care to be." She pointed at Nabiki, her finger imitating a gun. "Her Sacred Gear, I want to utilize it."

"Excuse me." Kasumi looked at the little girl. "Please do not use that tone of voice in my house."

"Yes, ma'am." Ophis said meekly and looked down, looking ashamed.

"Now apologize to Nabiki for scaring her."

"I'm sorry." Ophis said, causing Nabiki to stare in shock at her. "I do not wish for conflict here, but if I asked any of the others there would have been conflict."

"How did you get her to apologize?" Nabiki wondered how Kasumi got Ophis, of all beings, to act like a sorry child who got caught being naughty.

Kasumi just smiled at Nabiki, not saying a word.


It was only two minutes longer when Akane walked down the stairs, took one look at Ophis and then looked at Kasumi. "Are we collecting girls for that lolicon pervert?"

"I do not know of whom you speak of." The little girl said as she stood up. "My name is Ophis, I want you." The girl pointed at Akane. "Your Sacred Gear will be most helpful with what I want."

"...What?" Akane asked in confusion and looked at Nabiki, who was shaking her head and crossing her arms, trying to tell her to say no to whatever Ophis was offering.

Ophis tilted her head. "Your Sacred Gear, Devil Alchemist, makes any food you cook a lethal poison or weapon and sometimes has randomly weird effects. With my help you can achieve your Balance Breaker and gain control of it."

"Ophis!" Nabiki got the little girl's attention. "Please, she doesn't need to know about this."

"It's too late." Ophis shook her head and turned back to Akane. "If you come with me, there are plenty of people capable of teaching you how to be a good fighter, and if you gain control of it your cooking will no longer be horrible."


"Akane, no!" Nabiki cried out as Ophis nodded and the little girl and Akane disappeared in a black mist. "SUNNVAFUCKINGBITCH!"

"Nabiki?" Kasumi looked on, worriedly. "What's going on?"

"Seeing Ophis caused all the futures I saw involving her and Akane to come into focus." Nabiki shook her head and stood up. "Shit, I need to get that program done and over to the Mishima Heavy Industries quickly!"

"What's going on?" Kasumi asked, starting to get scared.

Stopping at the stairs, Nabiki looked back at her elder sister. "Every future I saw where Ophis found out about Akane's Sacred Gear led to the destruction of the world."

"...What's a Sacred Gear?"

"I'll explain later!" Nabiki yelled as she ran upstairs.

"...Oh dear." Kasumi was worried, what was going to happen next?


The next day in Kuoh City...

Issei, Koneko and Saji were walking down the street, with Saji looking dejected. "Seriously don't know how you talked me into this. I should go now before things go all pear-shaped and things go stupidly bad. You'll see! I'm right on this."

"Quiet." Koneko ordered him. "Help us find Kiba." When the blonde didn't show up at school, Koneko had gotten worried for him and snuck after Issei, who had gone to talk with Saji. "You're in too deep, if you back out now, I'll tell Sona what happened."

"You'll get in trouble too!" Saji protested and sighed when Koneko turned and nodded. "Fine, but this is under duress, I don't like this."

"Noted. Now we have to find either Kiba or those two church girls." Issei said as they turned a corner.

"As if it'll be that easy, it's not like they're on a street corner, begging for money."

When they all turned the corner, they stopped as they saw Irina and Xenovia standing in front of a collection pail, begging for people to give them money and talking about some sort of painting. "Well... Guess I was wrong." Saji muttered to himself, unable to believe it was so easy to find them.


"So..." Xenovia looked at Issei in confusion as she sat across from him at the food place that Issei took them to. "Why did you want to talk?"

"This food is so yummy!" Irina squealed as she chowed down on the burger in front of her. "Oh Lord, thank you for looking after me, even if the help comes from a Devil, know that I only accepted because I would not be helpful to you if I passed out in hunger, amen."

"Yeah... Let's just wait a little bit, we have one more person coming." Issei said, getting a look from the others. "Hey, I sent him a text message, he should..." He heard the door open, thanks to his Devil hearing, and turned to look. "Ah! Kiba! Over here!"

"You could have gotten him at any time?" Saji asked as he was squished against the window. "Why did you need me to help look for him?"

"Because I wanted to have some back-up in case something went wrong." Issei answered and then looked at the two girls and at Kiba. "I have a question for you two."

"What?" Xenovia wondered why he would have Kiba show up.

"How important is it if the Church gets back the Excaliburs in one piece?"

Kiba stared at Issei in shock. "What do you mean?"

"What he said!" Irina exclaimed, shocked as well.

Issei drummed his fingers on the table. "I was thinking, since our match, that you need the Excaliburs back, but if they're in the hands of the Fallen Angels, they could restart the war, right?" The two girls nodded at him. "Kiba wants them destroyed and after what happened yesterday I can agree to it." Issei grimaced as he remembered the pain that made him black out.

"So you Devils wish to destroy the Holy Swords then?" Xenovia frowned, her superiors wouldn't like this, but if they teamed up with the Devils, then the odds of succeeding went up dramatically. "I suppose it would be better to have the swords destroyed than in the hands of Fallen Angels." Besides, so long as the cores were intact and the blades returned, they could be rebuilt.



"It's time." Kokabiel grinned at Valper and Freed. "Tonight is the best time to do it, is it not?"

"Of course." Valper nodded to him. "We just need to steal one of the Excaliburs that those girls have and we'll have all we need to perform the ritual."

"Excellent." Kokabiel looked at the back of the room where Bulleta, still tied to a cross, floated and glared at them. "Rejoice! You'll be at ground zero for the next war! You'll get to kill all you want to your heart's content."

Bulleta said nothing as the group disappeared.


It was later that night when Issei found himself waking up suddenly. "WAGH! Earthquake?!" He yelled as he sat up while the house shook, his hands landing on Rias and Asia's breasts as they woke up as well.

"Issei, while I don't mind this, now isn't the time." Rias smiled at him, glad he wasn't too upset with her for spanking him earlier. She didn't know why he went against her orders to stay out of the affairs of the Church, but he even caught the attention of that crazy exorcist Freed again. Thankfully after a brief scuffle, Freed left, being chased by Xenovia and Irina and, annoyingly enough, Kiba. She was going to have to deal with him when she saw him again, provided he didn't just leave her peerage and go rogue.

"Ack! Sorry!" Issei pulled his hands off of their boobs and got out of bed, wondering what was going on.

"RIAS GREMORY!" A deep voice from outside yelled and the three looked at each other in shock.


"Ah! You finally came out." Kokabiel chuckled at the glares he was getting. "It's good to see you, sister of Sirzechs Lucifer, fallen Saint of the Church and the Red Dragon Emperor himself. My, my, this city is full of surprises. To think that two of the Devil Kings would have their baby sisters be here so defenselessly."

"Kokabiel, one of the Leader-Generals of the Fallen Angels," Rias narrowed her eyes at him, "what is it that you want?"

"What?" He shrugged and looked around the city helplessly. "If you want to know..." His face broke out into a grin and Rias, Asia and Issei were reminded of Bram Stroker's Dracula for some reason. "I want to restart the war between the factions!" He started to laugh as Freed seemingly appeared out of nowhere. "Ah, there you are."

"Yep, job's done." Freed smirked and dropped the person in his hands, revealing a badly injured Irina. Not only did she look pale but her outfit was torn to shreds, revealing several bruises and cuts all over her body. "Have to admit, pigtails there was a lot of fun. Didn't have enough time to enjoy her fully, but that's fine." He licked his lips and jumped back as Issei and Asia ran up to Irina, looking at the injured girl in worry.

"And that makes four." Kokabiel grinned as he looked at Rias. "Well now, why don't you call your brother up? I want to fight him, I want something interesting! But perhaps if I kill you he'll not only come rushing up, but in doing so he'll drag that worthless Michael out of Heaven and the war will start all over again?!"

"Or you could just give up this crazed idea of a war?" Rias suggested. "I'm sure that you could fight against the other powers in the world to get your fix."

"But that's not nearly as much fun." Kokabiel sighed as he and Freed disappeared. "Well, no matter what, by the end of the night, this whole city will be nothing but a sea of death and destruction. If you wish to stop me, feel free to try, I'll be waiting at the school." The last thing they heard was his crazed laughter.

"Asia, take Irina inside and heal her. Issei, you're with me." She reached into her pocket and pulled out her cell phone to make some calls. "We're going to stop him."


"Ah, Sona." Rias said as she saw her friend and the rest of the student council surrounding the school. "Good to see you're awake."

"Just so you know, I've already called your brother, it'll take him almost half an hour to get here though."

"So we'll need to hold out for that long, huh?" Rias had no doubt that they would lose against Kokabiel if he fought them seriously, not that she doubted her strength or the strength of her peerage, but rather Kokabiel was that strong. She looked back at Issei, who nodded, as did Akeno and Koneko, having joined them just as they got to the school. Asia had joined them on the way as well, having healed Irina quickly enough, but leaving her behind as she was still passed out.

"We'll keep a barrier up, that should keep the fight from spilling out too much." Sona said to them. "However your opponent..."

"I know." Rias nodded and looked at her peerage in determination. "Just so you know, I have no intention of letting any of you die. This isn't the same as Riser, Kokabiel will have no problem killing any of you if he wants to. Just trust me and we'll pull through this, I promise."

"Right." They nodded and entered the school grounds just as Sona and her peerage put up a barrier.

"It's not like this will stop others from entering." Tsubaki reminded Sona. "The best this can do is keep them from escaping. Are you sure you're okay with this?"

"I'd be lying if I said yes, but this is all we can do right now." Sona looked at Tsubaki. "Kokabiel would crush us with ease, Rias might have a chance against him." At least, she hoped so.


Sitting on a throne in the air, Kokabiel looked on in amusement as Rias, Issei, Akeno, Asia and Koneko walked into the track field under him. "Just you five? I'm almost insulted."

"Hey, it's that old man." Issei noted Valper off to the side with four swords in a magical circle doing some sort of ritual.

"Ah ah ah, Devil boy." Freed grinned as he walked out, a sword of light in his left hand and a gun in his right hand. "Just try to interfere, I'll put a bullet right between your eyes." Licking his lips, he looked at the women with Issei. "Or you can send them over, I wouldn't mind playing with them."

"...Eww..." Koneko shuddered. This guy made Issei's perversions feel pure and good.

"Enough of this." Rias glared at the them. "You'll deal with us first." Spreading her wings, she took off into the sky, followed by Akeno, who changed her outfit to a red and white shrine girl outfit.

"How amusing." Kokabiel grinned as he watched Issei and Koneko charge Freed. "Come on, show me what you've got." Rias's hands started to glow with red and black energy before launching a wave of destructive power at Kokabiel. "Pathetic." He laughed as it came close to him. Flicking his finger, he watched as it dissipated harmlessly into the air. "Is that all the Ruinous Princess has?"

"Try this!" He looked up as lightning started to form in the sky before Akeno pointed her finger at him. Grinning, he snapped his finger and Akeno and Rias stared in shock as a bleeding and tattered figure formed in front of them, bound to a cross, taking the lightning attack and screaming out in pain.

"Oh don't stop on her account, she can take it." Kokabiel laughed as Akeno stopped the attack. "Oh please, don't tell me that Barquiel's daughter is just as pathetic as he is."

"Don't bring that man into this." Akeno hissed angrily. "He has nothing to do with any of this!"

"Hate you... Bastard... So much." The bloodied blonde figure groaned out.

"Yes, yes, I'm sure." Kokabiel yawned and looked down as he watched Freed struggle to keep Issei and Koneko away from Valper. "Seriously, Freed, you're having this much trouble with a couple of low-class Devils?"

"Hey, give me some credit! I'm not even trying here."

"Maybe you should!" Issei yelled as he tried to deck the guy in the face while avoiding his blasted sword of light. That thing hurt after all.


Issei grinned and Freed had a disgruntled look on his face as the brown-haired Devil's speed doubled from what it was before. "Come on, bastard, I'll crush you."

"Fuck! I hate Sacred Gears like yours! So unfair!" He whined and shot at Koneko, who had to dodge out of the way. "Oh look, I can just keep doubling my power every ten seconds! I'm so special!" Freed said in a mocking tone as he ducked another punch from Issei and slashed up, only knicking the edges of Issei's clothing. "Feh, you're pretty pathetic." He yelped and jumped away as several swords suddenly burst out of the ground and tried to imprison him.

"Then how about me?" Kiba asked as he walked onto the battlefield.

"Kiba!" Issei, Rias and Koneko called out happily as they saw him.

"What took you so long?" Issei called out.

The blonde smiled at him. "I grabbed some help." When Freed looked at him in confusion before yelping and jumping back towards Valper, Kiba's smile turned into a smirk. "Freed, meet Xenovia, I'm sure you met her before."

"Feh. I would have taken care of her if I had more time. Pigtails was fun though."

"Even if Irina were to perish at your hands, she knew the risk. I can weep for her when this is over."

"Well, it looks like you're being over-matched." Rias smirked at Kokabiel, who was looking down in boredom. "Why don't you stop using a human shield and give up?"

Kokabiel yawned before casually snapping a spear of light over to the gym, destroying it completely. "Really? A bunch of low-power Devils and an exorcist is supposed to make me quake in fear?" Snapping his fingers, he grinned as holes appeared in the ground. "How about you entertain me some more?"

Issei's eyes widened as several large dogs, well, calling them dogs would be a disservice to all mutts everywhere, but they were big, with ash gray fur, all smelled like smoldering ash and all had three heads. "What the?"

"Cerberus pups?!" Rias grimaced, glad they weren't the parent, a fully grown Cerberus was on par with any Dragon King after all. "I guess we'll deal with them first."

"Feel free to take your time." Kokabiel grinned as Rias descended down. "Amuse me for a bit longer before the main event starts."

When two pink spears came out of nowhere to spear the centeral head of a couple of the dogs, Kokabiel raised an eyebrow and looked off to the side to see someone he never thought he'd see. "Well, Mittelt, what are you doing, opposing me?"

"I have my reasons!" She snarled at him and threw a pink spear at his face. When Kokabiel flicked it away, she gulped, she knew that he was far beyond her but it was hard to believe he was this strong.

"Now, how to deal with a disrespectful..." He blinked as he heard something. "What is that..."


"Uku? What's an Uku?" Kokabiel asked in confusion, he wasn't sensing anything, so what was going on?

"NUKU PUNCH!" The next thing he knew his chair exploded and a strong punch blasted him in the back of the head, sending him tumbling through the air and crashing against the courtyard before bouncing off the ground and into an outdoor basketball hoop.

Everyone stopped for a moment as they looked at Kokabiel hanging upside down inside a basketball hoop.

It was so absurd that one of the cerberus dogs started laughing when it put its paw over its mouths and wheezed out a "hee hee hee" sound.

"Mittelt? Atsuko? What are you doing here?" Rias asked, though she wasn't going to turn down free help.

"Hey, need some help?" Ranma asked as he and Lilith walked out from some shadows. 'Nabiki, you better be right about this.' He thought to himself.


"Okay, Nabs, why are you calling me right now?"

"Don't call me that. Listen, can you get to the school right barbecue!"


"Ignore it, I'll explain donuts later, okay? Sheesh, thought I was better, anyway, listen, if you don't go things might be okay or not, depending if Kokabiel uses that damn jar in his hands or not. If you go, it'll get worse for a bit, but it's better if you go."

"That doesn't make sense."

"Shut up and do what I say."

Ranma chuckled at that. "Yeah, yeah, love you too." He turned off the phone and walked out of his room, only to be greeted by Mittelt, Lilith and Atsuko. "I'm sure that all of you felt that as well, huh?"

"Hard not to. That's a WHOLE lot of magical power being thrown around out there." Lilith muttered. "So, Master..."

"We're heading out there." He looked at Atsuko and Mittelt. "You two don't need to come with."

"We're going." Atsuko said, getting a nod from Mittelt.

Ranma smiled at them. "So, Lilith, shall we?"

"Of course." The four of them disappeared in a flash of darkness.

*End flash*

With a yell, Kokabiel let his magical power explode outwards, making the hoop he was stuck in explode outwards. Righting himself, he glared at the redhead, who was pulling on the chains holding Bulleta up. "Fine, if you want to play dirty..." He reached into his robes and pulled out a jar. "Let's see if this is worth getting."

"Oooh yeah!" Freed grinned as he jumped away from Kiba and Xenovia. "Hey! Old man, are you done yet?"

"Almost." Galper smiled as his finished work came forth. "Actually, I'm finished right now."

There was a flash of light and hovering in the air was a sword that gave off an ominous amount of Holy energy, however the design of the sword was grotesque, almost a mockery of what a Holy blade should look like.

"About time!" Freed yelled and threw his other weapons away as he grabbed the floating sword. "This fused Excalibur, combining Rapidly, Nightmare, Mimic and Transparency, this is what's needed." Chuckling he gave the sword a couple of test swings and turned to face the group. "Well, between this, the Cerberus and whatever the boss has, I think I'll have fun chopping you Devils up into tiny little pieces!" He laughed as the others glared at him and took defensive stances. "Oh come on, don't be that way! It only hurts for a little bit."

"WhY dOn'T i TeSt ThAt ThEoRy ThEn?" A distorted voice came out of nowhere.

"What the?" Freed asked in confusion before screaming in pain as his hands suddenly detached themselves from his arms, causing the fused Excalibur to fall to the ground. An armored boot connected to his chest, sending him flying.

"FoOlS sUcH aS yOu ShOuLd NoT hAvE tHiS wEaPoN." A red armor seemingly walked out of a black hole in the air and reached down to pick up the sword and removed Freed's hands from it before grabbing it and looking at the group. "At LaSt! I gReW tIrEd Of WaItInG fOr ThIs MoMeNt! CoMe!"

"BISHAMON!" Ranma and Lilith yelled at the red armor, who seemingly smirked at them.

"Hannya, let me take over this one." A female voice spoke up.

"Can an armor have multiple personality disorder?" Issei asked before jumping out of the way of a jet of flame from one of the Cerberus. "OH COME ON!"

"This is perfect!" The woman said and stroked the sword before swinging it out in an arc, cutting off the head of a Cerberus as the blade extended out to an impressive length.

"Well, this sucks." Kiba growled as he pulled out his light devouring sword. He knew it wasn't enough but he had to do something to defend himself against that thing.

"Oh, how can I forget about Kien and Muramasa?" Suddenly the ghosts around the armor's shoulders each transformed into hands that held a sword on each side. "Now then, Excalibur, Kien and Muramasa..." The armor started to glow a golden color while the eyes flashed red. "Let's settle this!"

Kiba grunted as the armor started to put out both Holy and Demonic energies out at the same time. "VALPER! Is this what you wanted?!"

The old man chuckled as he stood off to the side. "What does it matter what I wanted? I still got what I wanted, a fused sword, a working Excalibur and apparently someone who can use it. Though I'm surprised a Demon can do it."

Across the yard, Kokabiel sneered and summoned another Cerberus to his side. "Well then..." Floating into the air, he snapped his fingers and the Cerberus dogs all attacked.

"Don't worry about this armor!" Xenovia called out. "Yuuto and I will handle it, take care of those blasted dogs!"

"Atsuko!" Ranma called out to the redhead, who was still trying to free Bulleta from her restraints. "Don't bother, just help deal with the mutts!"


"Go." Bulleta coughed in pain. "I'll be fine, still floating here."

Atsuko frowned and concentrated. "No! Maybe the others will let you suffer, but you're a friend, aren't you?"

Bulleta looked at her in confusion. "Friend? No one cares about me."

"I DO! So does Ranma! He won't admit it though!" Atsuko's arm was engulfed in flame as she threw everything she had into her next punch, shattering the cross and causing her and Bulleta to fall. "Got you!" She jumped off the fragments and caught the blonde and crashed down onto the ground. "Are you okay?"

"I'll live." Bulleta groaned as she found it hard to move her limbs. "Just watch out for that dog behind you."

Before Atsuko had to worry about that, several pink spears slammed into it from above, pinning it to the ground like some sort of bloody butterfly. "Thanks, Mittelt!"

"So I don't need to hold back anymore..." Ranma grinned as he slapped his hands together and two large crackling balls of emerald green energy formed in his hands. "Well, let's..." He trailed off as dozens more Cerberus appeared on the court. "Pretend we're Americans and this is an all-you-can-eat Buffett!"

"YEEHAW!" Lilith screamed as she fired a concentrated white beam of energy that bisected several of the dogs while Ranma's energy blasts were lobbed like softballs, exploding against them and leaving a large mess everywhere.

"Wow..." Issei was shocked as he watched them work. "I think Xenovia and Irina owe them a big apology."


"That's four!" Issei smirked and kicked a Cerberus so hard that it flipped head over heels into the air, where it was pierced by a spear and blasted with powerful lightning.

"Want to do that thing we did before again?" Koneko asked Atsuko, who nodded and put her hand on Koneko's head. The small girl's eyes widened as her body was shrouded in flame before smiling. "Alright you damn dirty dogs, come get some!"

"Come on! Come on! Come on! Come on! Come on!" Bishamon yelled as it battled against Xenovia and Kiba. "Is that all an Excalibur user and a Devil can really do? Pitiful really."

Xenovia and Kiba would have offered a reply, but between the fused Excalibur and the two swords on its sides, it was taking everything they had just to keep themselves alive.

When Bishamon held Excalibur straight up and the two cursed swords touched it, it started to glow black.

"Oh... Shit! DODGE!" Kiba yelled as the armor swung the sword down, sending out a wave of pure destructive power that not only destroyed the ground they were on, but the Cerberus animals in front of the armor and even the barrier that was being used to contain the battle was destroyed as the wave continued on.

"Impressive. I could have destroyed anything with that attack. The armor seemed to grin in delight at the shocked expressions of Kiba and Xenovia.

"It doesn't even have Excalibur Destruction and it's that powerful?" There were only four fragments in that thing, Xenovia shuddered to imagine how strong that attack would have been with all seven of the fragments fused together.

"Impressive! Seriously impressive!" Valper gushed out praise as he saw what just happened. "This exceeds my wildest dreams!"

"Dammit!" Kiba growled as he looked at the old man. "You were a priest! Why?! How could a human of the cloth be so cruel!?"

"Human?" Valper looked at Kiba in surprise. "Why would you call me human? I threw away my humanity ages ago." He shook his head. "Those fools at the church, throwing me away just because I developed a way to make Holy swords available for everyone. Sure, there were lots of sacrifices, but that's the price we have to pay for progress."

"Sacrifices?" Kiba glared, a dark aura surrounding him. "THOSE WERE MY FRIENDS!"

"Oh?" Valper looked at Kiba in surprise. "OH! I see now! You're the one who escaped. We looked for so long to find you, but you just seemingly disappeared. Oh well."

"How could you be so cruel!?" Kiba had tears welling up in his eyes. "We were just children! We wanted to serve God with all our heart and soul! We just wanted to help!"

"And you did!" Valper smiled at him. "Your worthless lives helped me realize that everyone had a touch of Holy energy in them, but so few could actually use it." He grinned and one of his eyes seemed to expand. "Then I found out why. It's deep in the DNA of humans. So all I had to do was... Extract the little bit that was there. But it's most potent just as the person's dying, so..." He sighed and shook his head. "Alas, much like in the Old Testament when the ancient Jews slaughtered cattle to appease God, so too must I slaughter the worthless so that those more worthy can gain the power to use the Holy swords." He pulled out a blue tear drop and smirked cruely, tossing it to Kiba. He was surprised that the Armor watched this, but wasn't complaining, he enjoyed this talk. "That crystal is all that remains of your group. I have no need for it anymore."

"Kiba..." Koneko looked at him in worry as he fell to his knees and gently held the gem in his hands. Thankfully the Cerberus weren't proving to be too much of a trouble. They were durable bastards, but between her, Akeno, Rias, Issei, Ranma, Lilith and Atsuko they were being beaten down and any that got too close to harming them were taken out by pink spears raining down from the sky.

"Why?" Kiba trembled as he gently picked up the gem. "Why? Why did I have to survive? There were others with bigger dreams! Some who wanted to live more than me. I watched them all die, but they helped me live." Tears flowed freely from his eyes as years of anger and sadness came rushing up. "Why?! We all wanted to help. Some wanted to be Bishops and Cardinals when they got older. Others wanted to be Missionaries and help people in countries that needed help. Why did God have to abandon all of us?"

Freed chuckled as he crawled away from them. "Because someone worthless like you doesn't..." A shot rang out through the air and Freed let out an agonized scream as his left arm went flying from his body at the elbow. "WHAT THE FUCK?! WHO..." He trailed off, trembling as he saw who shot him. "OH... Um... FUCK!"

"Oh..." Bulleta grinned, blood running out of her mouth as she limped up to him. "You most certainly are." Picking up speed, even though she was limping, she kicked him in the gut so hard that he coughed up blood and flipped over onto his back. "That was for the pistol whip."

"H...Hey!" Freed trembled as Bulleta held a glowing sword of light over his body. "You don't need to go that far, right? Um, sorry, right? Sorry, you'll just, GAH!" He screamed as Bulleta slammed the sword into his left shoulder and twisted it.

Still grinning, Bulleta sliced up, causing a spray of blood to erupt from his shoulder. "No." With a few swings of the sword Freed's pants and boots from his knees down were removed.

"Let's see..." Bulleta stabbed the sword down near his foot and Freed screamed out as his big toe was removed. "Yes, just like that..." Her eyes were glowing red as she sliced upwards, causing him to scream out even more as tendons and bones were sliced and severed. "How does it feel? Hmm? Does it feel... GOOD?" She put an emphasis on that as she cut through his achillies tendon. "Remember how you cut my legs off to rape me? Hmm? Oh yes, I remember..." She pointed her gun at his crotch and pressed it up against him. "Sorry, but my vision is blurry and I can't see straight, I don't want to miss a small target."

Freed's face was pale and he shook his head. "N...N..."

A shot rang out and Freed's high pitched scream was heard.

Bulleta pulled the gun away and grinned at the blood soaking Freed's pants as he cried out and thrashed on the ground. "Oh, we're not done yet." She shot his right knee, blowing it off and severing that leg. "I told you..." Her grin became maniacal. "I'm the scariest mother fucker in all realms of reality. And you raped me, brutalized me and worst of all..." She swung the sword of light down, cutting off all of Freed's toes on his left foot. "You pissed me off!"

As Freed cried and begged for her to forgive him, she shook her head. "EH?!"

"The God you pray to isn't here right now, but I am." She pressed the tip of his sword of light into his chest. "And I've been curious... Can I remove your ribs without killing you?"

"AHHHHH!" Freed screamed as the sword pressed into his skin and was used to slowly peel the skin off of his chest. "STOP!"

"Oh?" Bulleta smirked as she continued to pull the sword down. "Did you stop when you were doing what you did to me? I don't think so. I wonder... It's said that human intestines are several miles long. I've always wondered about that."



While that was going on, Kiba was surrounded by the spirits of his dead friends, who all offered him words of encouragement and understanding, not one of them ever blamed him and they wanted him to live.

"But why..?" He cried softly as they smiled at him and pooled together, entering his body. Gasping, he stood up and looked at his hands as light energy formed in his right hand while dark energy formed in his left hand.

"What's going on?" Valper asked in surprise.

"I don't know, but between this and the torture going on over there..." A shot rang out and Freed screamed in pure agony. "It's been interesting.

As she listened to everything around her, Asia wondered if she was really needed at this fight, everything seemed to be going well, even if the big bad guy wasn't doing much. 'Why is he holding a glass jar in his hand? And what's inside of it?' She didn't like this, especially since he was watching in disinterest while the creatures he summoned up and even his own allies were being defeated quickly.

'Well, defeated is a nice term compared to what that girl is doing to Freed.' Asia didn't like him, but she didn't think he deserved what he was going through.

Kiba let out a yell and a European-styled broadsword appeared in his hands, one with runes on the fuller of the blade that glowed both red and gold. "This is..."

"Impossible!" Valper gasped as he saw what was in front of him. "To combine both Holy and Devil powers?! That's not possible!"

"My Balance Breaker... The Holy Devil Sword, the Sword of Betrayal!"

"Ho? To think you would do the same thing as I'm doing. This might be fun after all." The female voice sounded thoroughly pleased. "Let's see if you're worthy of the power or not."

"Well... I guess I can't hold back then either." Xenovia said as she seemingly reached into thin air and pulled out a large broadsword that was wrapped in chains. "Durandall, one of the strongest Holy Swords ever made, wielded by the Paladin Roland and now granted to me."

"Wait! How?!" Valper gasped as he saw the chains on that sword break. "It's not possible! I know my research didn't have enough of a return to allow someone to use that sword!"

Xenovia gave him a grin. "I should have mentioned, huh? I'm one of the few who was born with the ability to use Holy Swords naturally."

"Enough, let's go!" Bishamon yelled as it charged them, swinging Kien in, only to watch as Kiba not only batted it away, he broke it into pieces.

"Impressive, even your cursed sword can't match this." When Muramasa was shattered by Durandal, the armor put the swords away and swung the fused Excalibur at them, using the powers of the sword to keep them at a distance.

Xenovia and Kiba quickly dodged the attack and struck at the blade as it was extended, cracking and breaking it in several places.

"This is not possible!" Bishamon took several steps back, a half-complete sword in its hands. "I should have killed you when I had the chance!"

"Yes, you should have!" Both Kiba and Xenovia said at the same time as they broke the remains of the sword and cleaved both the left arm and right leg of the armor off, causing it to slump over and fall down.

Kokabiel shook his head. "Well, that was amusing." He held his hand up and caught a pink spear as it flew at him. "Really?" He gave the blonde an annoyed look. Sighing, he flew up at rapid speeds, ascending to her position in an instant, where she stared at him, her eyes wide while he grinned. "To think I'd have to punish you like this, in front of everyone." He shook his head at the girl. "In a way I can sympathize with Barquiel, having a naughty daughter is a pain in the butt."

"What?" Mittelt gave him a surprised look. "What are you talking about?"

"Oh nothing, I'm just going to have to discipline my daughter in front of everyone for daring to attack me." He grinned at her as she flew back, shock on her face.

"You...You lie! You're not my father! I have memories of meeting God before I fell, there's no way you're my father! I even remember how I fell!"

"All false memories that I implanted in your head. I didn't want you to be weak and pathetic." He sneered and punched her in the stomach, sending her to the ground before sending several spears of light after her. "But it looks like I failed, alas."

Mittelt gasped and screamed as the spears pinned her to the ground, piercing her wings and clothes, but oddly enough, not hitting her skin at all.

"Oh dear, I guess I have a little sentimentality in me after all." Kokabiel chuckled and looked over at the priest who was babbling out something dangerous. "Oh? Can't have that."

"Yes, it makes sense now! The only reason that this could happen is if GAH!" He cried out as a spear of light bisected him from head to crotch.

"And for that bitch." He sneered at Bulleta, who was still trying to dissect a screaming Freed. Firing a couple of spears at her, he grinned as they cut her arms clean off at the shoulders, blood spraying everywhere. "Well then, that's that." He flew down to the ground and chuckled at the hatred he was getting. "Oh don't be like that, kiddos, I was just dealing with some pests. Now then..." He grinned and threw the glass jar onto the ground, right near some heavily injured Cerberus pups were. "Let's see if what I was told was true or not."

When the glass shattered, a buzzing sound was heard a moment before a surge of Youki had the tiny thing in the jar become taller.

"It's a bee girl, and she's cute!" Issei commented, shocked to all hell.

"A Soul Bee?!" Lilith gasped as the bee girl suddenly latched onto one of the Cerberus dogs and buried its stinger into it, the area that held its stinger became swollen as the girl's flesh started to wither. "FUCK! STOP IT!"

Just as Lilith said that, the Soul Bee fell over into a boneless heap.

"Was that it?" Kokabiel was disappointed, it looked like he would have to... He blinked as the Cerberus the bee had stabbed suddenly bloated up like a balloon before exploding into bloody chunks, revealing five more bee girls in its place. "Well, this is more interesting than I thought."

"KILL THEM!" Lilith screamed as she fired a beam at the girls while the others were a little green. The bee girls scattered and quickly made their way to the other dogs. "FUCK!"

"Allow me!" Akeno called out as she blasted a few of them.

One of the bee girls zipped over to another Cerberus and was about to inject its stinger into it when Issei punched it in the face, sending it flying across the field. "Man, I hate punching cute girls." When a green energy sphere smashed into it, causing it to scream in pain before it died, he turned to look behind him, gulping as Ranma lowered his hand.

"Don't think of them as girls, think of them as Zombies if that helps."


"That's four..." Issei was panting, it was hard to concentrate on fighting, surviving and powering up all at the same time. "Prestident! Akeno!" He called out and rushed over to them, touching them at the same time.


As the two girls cried out in pleasure as they were flooded with energy, Kokabiel grinned at them while the bee girls were flying around, avoiding attacks from all angles. "Come on then! This might be interesting!"

Everyone stopped and stared, even the bee girls as lightning filled the sky so much that all that could be seen was a yellow curtain. When Rias's Power of Destruction joined the lightning, it became a red and black lightning filled sky.

As the lightning crashed down on the ground, vaporizing most of the bee girls that were left, as well as the Cerberus dogs, the majority in the air arched towards Kokabiel, who grinned and folded his ten black wings around his body as the attack crashed in.

When the air exploded around him, everyone had to cover their eyes to ward off the explosion.

"Did we get him?" Akeno asked as smoke covered where Kokabiel was at. When the Fallen Angel spread his wings out wide, she cursed. Even if he was obviously hurting there was no way they could win if even that much of a boost wasn't enough to stop him. After all, he was bleeding from several open wounds and his wings were damaged, but if that was the extent of the injuries he took, they were in trouble.

Chuckling, Kokabiel grinned at them before forming two light spears and holding them like swords to block an attack from Kiba and Xenovia. "Impressive that you two can fight like this." He noted that the little white haired girl of Rias's peerage was coming up from his blind spot.

Koneko growled as she got closer to Kokabiel, knowing that if she hit him she could at least make him hurt as much as Atsuko had hurt him with that punch of hers. Her eyes widened and she gasped in pain as she felt a stab in her stomach. Looking down, she saw Kokabiel had bent his left arm at a seemingly impossible angle and had shoved a sword of light into her stomach.

Flapping his wings, Kokabiel sent Xenovia, Kiba and Koneko crashing to the ground hard where Asia ran over to Koneko to heal her. "Heh heh heh, most amusing." He laughed at them. Forming another sword, he sliced through a swarm of energy bats that were flying at him. Looking at Lilith, he snorted and pointed an open palm at her. "Worthless demons can die!"

"Lilith!" Ranma called out as he slammed the last bee girl that was trying to get to Mittelt head-first into one of the spears that was pinning the blonde down. "Hang on, Mittelt."

"Took you long enough." Mittelt groaned as Ranma's hands glowed and ripped the swords out of the ground and her wings. "Oww!"

"Sorry, had to clean up the mess." Ranma said as he helped her up gingerly. Looking up, he glared at Kokabiel. "Listen, asshole, I'm going to come up there and rip your wings off and feed them to you!"

Kokabiel laughed as he fired several lances at Lilith, who unfurled her succubus wings and smirked at him. "What are you...?"

"Shining Blade Ripper!" With a flap of her succubus wings several small blades of light energy ripped through the night, colliding with Kokabiel's attack and causing a massive explosion. "Nice try, jackass, but those kind of attacks are easy to do if you know how."

"Ah," Kokabiel laughed as he looked down at them. "Demons, Devils, Fallen Angels and the Vatican all working together. Azazel would be proud of you, but alas I'll have to bring an end to all of this." Smirking, he looked at the girl who was healing Mittelt, then at Xenovia and finally at Kiba. "You, boy, you were wondering why God never answered your prayers when you were being tortured? Would you like to know?"

Kiba looked up at him in confusion. "What do you mean?"

Kokabiel's grin was practically splitting his face at that moment. "What I mean, boy... The God you prayed to, the God that the Vatican worships? He's dead."

"What?" Asia asked, shock on her face, her pupils shrinking as she heard that. "But... He can't be..."

Kokabiel laughed as everyone gave him a shocked look. "The only reason things have gone on the way they have is because Michael and the other Seraphs are running things, but that can't last forever. Why let the world be dragged out to a slow and pitiful death when it would be less cruel to just end it all now?"

On the ground, Atsuko looked around, seeing the damage that was being done to everyone, the pain that they had suffered through that day and even the way that the freak in the sky was laughing caused her to feel something she had never felt before in her life.

"You..." Issei growled at him. "You lie!"

"Boy, I'm not lying, it's too bad that fools like you can't accept it."

Atsuko felt herself trembling in anger, the circuits in her skin were going crazy. "How dare you?" She whispered and looked up at him in pure anger. "Everyone here... You're hurting them, for what?!"

"Well, I have no problem with causing you pain, if it'll make you feel better." Kokabiel laughed at her anger. He looked up as Ranma's foot came inches from hitting him in the head. "Not bad, boy." He thrust a spear upwards and grimaced as he twisted out of the way. "Not bad, not bad at all, if you had just a little bit more power you might have been able to defeat me." He snapped his fingers and several spears of light formed around him and filled the sky. "Now then, I think it's time to stop playing around, you all need to die. When Sirzechs shows up I'm sure that seeing his dead sister's body will restart the war for good."

"You..." Atsuko pointed to Issei. "How many boosts do you have in that thing?"

"Ah, after that transfer, I have three..."


"Make it four."

Before Atsuko could say anything, a white streak zoomed through the air and kicked Kokabiel into the ground.

"Well, I was wondering if he would show up." The gauntlet on Issei's left arm spoke up.

"D'drag?" Issei looked at the dragon gauntlet curiously. "What's going on?"

"Just watch, it looks like we won't have to worry anymore."

"What are you doing here, White Dragon Emperor?!" Kokabiel groaned as he got to his knees. "Did Azazel send you?" The white streak stopped just over the ground, revealing a person in a white armor of some sort that looked vaguely like a Dragon and white wings coming out of its back.

"Of course." He pointed at Kokabiel. "You should just give up, you know you can't win against me."

"Like I'll just let you win!" Kokabiel coughed in pain.


Kokabiel gasped as Albion's voice was heard and his power was reduced by half. "You! FUCKER!"


When Kokabiel's power was cut in half again, the spears in the sky disappeared and the white armor person continued to walk towards him. "It's over, Kokabiel, you can just surrender now and lose with dignity." The person sighed as Kokabiel tried to fly at him. "Come on now."


The fight, if it could be called that, was rather short after that as the white armor knocked Kokabiel out cold and threw him over his shoulder. "Well now..." He looked across the battlefield and nodded as he saw Issei. "I see that you've awakened, Red Dragon Emperor."

"Indeed." The Dragon in Issei's Sacred Gear called out to him. "Although this one isn't ready for a match with you just yet, Albion."

"Interesting, for some reason I don't feel the same animosity as usual from you."

"Agreed." D'drag answered him.

"What's going on?" Issei asked.

"I'll explain later." D'drag responded to his host.

Taking off into the air, Albion grabbed the partially dissected Freed and picked him up carefully. "My apologies, but he is useful for what we need." Saying that, he took off into the air and vanished.

"YOU FUCKER!" Bulleta screamed as she glared at him. "Urgh... I wanted to kill that bastard some more." She groaned as she passed out.

End Chapter 9


Well, can't change everything in canon. I *WAS* going to have a different ending, but my beta-reader raised enough points as to why it wouldn't work so I went with the canon ending. Also, I think Bulleta proves WHY she's the scariest thing in all the realms with what she did to Freed.

Oh, that bit with Kokabiel being Mittelt's father, well, I was pointed to some information that hinted that, but when I looked it up, I couldn't find anything. It'll be a plot point to deal with for later. Also, I have created an unintentional plot point for this story that I will cover later as well.


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Yeah, she was, but my beta reader axed it.


Chapter 10

"So..." Rias looked around, grateful everything seemed to be dying down. "Is that it?"

"Yes." Xenovia nodded as she slid down to sit on the ground. "It is..." She sighed, her grip loosening on her swords as they clattered to the ground. 'What am I going to do? If God is dead, what does that mean for me?' Or other members of the church or the world. What did it mean?

Ranma ignored them and ran up to where Bulleta was. "Hey..." He sighed as he saw her out cold, but breathing. "Great..." He found her arms, thankfully not far from her body, and brought them back to her. "Now how does..." He trailed off as he saw her arms starting to reattach themselves as he put them up against her shoulders. Ignoring that, he looked around and frowned as he realized something was missing.

"Where's Bishamon?"


"Really!" A sultry female voice huffed in annoyance. "You should have taken that sword and killed them, or better yet, just left with it."

"AnD hAvE tHeM cHaSe Me DoWn To ThE eNdS oF tHe EaRtH? nO, tHe WaY i ChOsE tO dO iT wAs BeTtEr In ThE lOnG rUn." Bishamon stated as it reattached its leg and arm. The two of them and a Chinese young man were in a clearing some distance from the battle.

"Boy, aren't you lucky?" The male in their group snorted at the armor. "If you were flesh and bone..."

"But I'm not. Hannya will stay quiet now." The female spirit in the armor giggled. "But those two might be pretty good with some more training."

"You lost to them." The woman snorted and Bishamon seemed to grin at her.

"Intentionally, you really think that if I could pull out a sword beam from Excalibur that I couldn't beat two whelps with less than thirty years of experience between them?"

"I dunno, an Angel thousands of years old just lost to the current White Dragon Emperor." The guy pointed out. "And that weird girl, the one with the long red hair, she sucker punched him."

"Being overly cautious?" The woman snorted at him. "That's not like you, Pantyhose."

"DON'T CALL ME THAT!" He bellowed at her. "Just call me Tarou if you have to call me anything!" Scoffing, Tarou crossed his arms over his chest and leaned against a tree. "But anyway, that Angel was pretty damn strong, even if he was holding back. He could have ended that whole group by himself, save for the White Dragon Emperor, pretty easily."

"And that's my cue to appear." A new male voice spoke up as the air itself seemed to crack apart before a very tall and muscled blue-skinned man walked out. He smirked at the trio as the air fluttered his purple outfit.

"Jedah." The woman scoffed at him. "Late as usual."

"Now, now..." The Devil smirked while stroking his chin. "I have to deal with that annoying group. Besides, you agreed with my plan."

She scoffed at him. His plan was stupid and she knew she'd have to kill him later anyway. "Whatever, I'm only going along with this farce for a bit longer."

"Of course, princess." He smirked at her glare.

"So how come you didn't show up during that fight?" Tarou asked the Devil. "You're more than a match for that Angel."

"I wouldn't be able to move freely if I made myself known. There are beings out there that completely dwarf my powers." Jedah grinned and looked at Bishamon. "Do you still have..." He held his hand up and caught the item thrown at him. "Excellent." He grinned at the sheathed sword in his hands. Unsheathing it partially, his eyes seemed to light up in delight. "This is perfect for my plans." Reaching into his pocket, he pulled out a large multi-colored crystal. "There you go, it took me some time to find one of this size."

Tarou snorted as he turned and left them. "So what's the plan now?"

The woman smirked at him. "I'm up next."



"So where are we?" Akane Tendo asked as she looked around the rocky mountain area that she and Ophis had appeared at.

"Unimportant." Ophis responded and nodded as a man with a circlet on his forehead and a staff walked out from behind a tree. "Biiko, where is..."

"Nyaoh!" There was someone yelling from on top of the tree before falling down and crashing onto her back from the tree branches. "I was just napping, Ophis!" The black haired woman with cat ears and, as Akane noted bitterly, large breasts complained as she sat up, rubbing the leaves out of her hair.

What made it worse, in Akane's opinion, was that this bimbo's right boob was noticably smaller than her left and even THAT boob was bigger than Akane's breasts were. 'That's not fair!' She mentally whined.

"Stop your complaining, Kuroka." Biiko muttered as he looked at Ophis and Akane. "So what are you doing with this untrained whelp?" He ignored Akane's cry of indignation when he said that and focused on the small girl.

"You're to train her. As she is, if I gave her her Balance Breaker, she would die."

"Oh? Another Sacred Gear user?" Kuroka raised an eyebrow at Akane. "Please don't tell me that it makes her grow extra arms or something stupid like that."

Ophis shook her head. "No. Anyway, I'll leave her to you. If you train her well, her Sacred Gear could take out Great Red."

"No shit! Really?" Biiko looked at Akane in shock. "Just how strong is her Sacred Gear?"

"Strong enough that she could kill God if he was still alive." Ophis disappeared in a dark mist.

"Well now, I'm curious..." Kuroka grinned at Akane. "I can't wait to test you." She licked her lips, hoping for something interesting.

"One question." Akane raised her hand and Kuroka tilted her head in confusion. "Do you always dress like a floozy?"

Biiko started laughing while Kuroka narrowed her eyes in annoyance at Akane and stood up to her full height. "I'll have you know, girl, that it's hard to, ACHOO!" She sneezed when some dust flew up into her nose, causing her breasts to bounce out of her outfit again. "Heaven forsaken dammit!"

Biiko ignored her as she fixed her outfit and spun his staff around a few times. "Just so you know, girlie, if Ophis has us training you, we won't stop until you're good enough to keep up with us or dead." He narrowed his eyes at her. "I wonder how you'll do." The current Monkey King leaped at her while Kuroka fixed her outfit and ran across the ground on all fours like a cat.

Biiko grinned, this was going to be fun.


"That wasn't very fun." Biiko grumbled as he looked at Akane's unconscious form. "Dammit, why did Ophis get my hopes up?!"

"That was all on you, Monkey Boy." Kuroka answered him as she healed Akane. "Well, either way, we have a lot to work with. She's barely above an untrained person."

"Feh. Might as well train her until either Arthur or Vali needs us." The idea of training a little brat wasn't very appealing to him.

Oh well, he needed something to do to pass the time.



Bulleta groaned as she woke up. "Now where..." She gasped as she realized a couple of things.

One, she wasn't hurting anywhere, probably due to the healing barrier she was in.

Two, she was in some sort of room she had never been in before.

And finally...

She was butt naked.

"What the hell is this?" She muttered and looked to the side as the door opened.

"I swear, people are just..." Ranma trailed off as he saw Bulleta sitting up. "Hi."

"...Hi." She sighed and flopped onto her back. There was no point in covering up, he had seen her naked before after all. "How long has it been since the battle?"

"It's two in the morning." Ranma answered her. "Most everyone went their own ways, I brought you to my place."

Bulleta stared at him and blushed. "You... Me?" She shook her head. "Thanks, I guess... How'd my arms get back on?"

"They healed themselves when I put them on your shoulders. The healing barrier to fix up what other issues you have."

"Other issues he says! HA!" She snorted in anger. "After what that fucker did to me, he gets to live?! I didn't even remove his ribs yet!" She sat up and huffed in anger.

Ranma grimaced as he sat down just on the outside of the barrier. "Well that's a pleasant mental image."

Bulleta snorted at him. "I imagine that everyone wanted to kill me after what I did to him."

"I didn't, if that makes you feel better?"

"It doesn't." Bulleta grumbled and hung her head. "How come you're not disgusted by me?"

"Remember the first time we met?" Ranma asked her rhetorically. "That necromancer?"

Bulleta suddenly grinned at that. "Oh yeah! All those rotting zombies! That town had what? Three thousand people? I think we killed over twice as many zombies that day before we killed the necromancer." That had been fun. "That was when I heard Lilith calling you Master too, wasn't it?"

"I would think so." Ranma rolled his eyes at the naked blonde. "You chased us for two months after that."

"Yeah, I suppose you already saw everything about me, huh?" Bulleta sighed and shook her head. "Just give me a shirt and pants and I'll..." She trailed off as Ranma slid something to her. "My Uzi! How did you..?"

"Nabiki called me up and told me where it was, went and got it while you were out cold." Ranma waved her off. "So what are you going to do now?"

"I dunno, travel a bit, get my bearings again." Bulleta sighed. "After being raped by that fuck-face for I don't know how long I kind of just want to go on a murder-spree."

"Sounds fun." Ranma said dryly. "Your butler's worried about you."

"I'll have to call him then." The naked girl sighed again. "Hey, Ranma, why aren't you freaked out by me?"

"Bulleta, the first time we met, I saw you put a bullet through a four year old girl that had just been turned into a zombie." Ranma said flatly. "And that was after I saw a zombie eat its whole family." It was... a very unpleasant memory in his life. "Not exactly thrilled with what you did to that freak though."

"Feh..." Bulleta snorted at him. "I have one question for you. How come you only slept with me that one night?" It was months after the zombie event and Bulleta remembered that she had been really interested in him and why she followed him for all those months.

Ranma looked at her in confusion. "That's because you said it was a one night stand."

"Huh?" Bulleta gave him a confused look. "What do you mean?"



"So this is a one-night stand, right?" Thirteen year old Ranma asked as the petite blonde spread her pussy lips and rubbed her crotch over his erect penis.

"Yeah, sure, whatever," she licked her lips at the tied up boy, "just make it good, okay?"


*End Flash*

"Oh yeah..." Bulleta chuckled and rubbed the back of her head. "Well, when I first was chasing you down, I was curious how you had a succubus calling you "Master", so I was hoping to find out what you did and then I was going to sell you or that information to the highest bidder."

"So why'd you keep following me?"

"I wanted to ride your dick again!" Bulleta yelled at him, her face flushed. "You weren't bad back then either."

"So that's the reason..."

"Duh!" She snorted and laid on her back. "So how long until you let me out of here?"

Ranma shrugged at her. "Probably tomorrow, you should be fine by then." Ranma stood up and turned to leave. "But, Bulleta..." He looked over his shoulder. "You're welcome to stay here at any time."

She snorted at him. "Don't give me an open invitation like that, you never know when I might pop in and want you."

Ranma smirked at her. "When you get your frustration vented, feel free."

Seeing him leave, Bulleta growled and punched the ground. "Damn you, Ranma! Why do you have to be such a nice guy?! Can't you hate me like everyone else does?!"

Outside the door, Ranma sighed as he heard her yell that. "But I don't..." He whispered and walked off. He had other things to do right now.


The next day...

In the Occult Research Club, Rias frowned as she listened to Lilith explain Soul Bees. "So they're just..."

"Basically Makai locusts, yes. Except that they don't eat plants, they eat fleshy things and then multiply. The only thing they think of is "eat, kill, eat, kill" and nothing else." The succubus shuddered as she remembered what it did to the Cerberus. "There's a reason that their populations are generally heavily watched and not allowed to grow too large."

"I'd ask why they aren't disposed of and made extinct, but I suspect that they're great scavengers." Rias replied, getting a snort and nod from Lilith. "I hope you don't mind if I send a report to the Devil Kings with a warning of "kill on sight" for any Soul Bees that are seen in the future."

"Nope! Those things freak me the fuck out!"

"Good." Rias nodded as Lilith turned and left.

"Well, that was probably the freakiest thing I've ever seen." Akeno said to her King, getting a nod from Rias. "Some day we should find a way to get to Makai, just to see the freaky things it has."

Rias smirked, that would be interesting. "I think that we'd see something that would scar us for life and make us with brain bleach was a thing."

Akeno laughed.


A few days later...

Irina looked at Xenovia in both sadness and anger. "Why?! Why would you let yourself become a Devil?!" She hissed, doing all she could to keep her voice down in the airport terminal. There was a private jet in the runway preparing to return to the Vatican. The remains of Valper's body had already been loaded up and the only thing left was the sword fragments in the bag Irina was holding, as well as the Excalibur Destruction that was strapped to her back.

"I... I have my reasons, Irina, I'm sorry." She couldn't tell Irina why, the girl was far more deep into the faith than she was and Xenovia worried it would shatter her. "I guess this is it, huh?" Xenovia found it odd that her eyes were burning as she looked at her long-time friend.

"Yeah..." Irina nodded, her eyes glistening. "Just because you had a crisis of faith doesn't mean you should give up everything." She turned and stormed off as Xenovia watched her go.

"I'm sorry, Irina." Xenovia whispered and turned to walk off.

As she got closer to the terminal, Irina looked back at Xenovia's retreating form and bit her lip. "Xenovia..."

"Are you really going to let your friendship end like that?" A familiar voice spoke up and Irina jumped in surprise as she saw Lilith walk out from behind a pillar. "Aren't you friends?"

"Yes, but she became a Devil, I'm still a servant of God." Irina looked at Lilith sadly. "And what do you care?!"

"I don't." She shrugged at Irina. "But the instant you step on that plane you're her enemy, right?" Irina nodded at the succubus. "That doesn't mean you're enemies now, right?"

"But..." Irina was faltering as Lilith walked up to her and put a hand on her shoulder.

"If you leave now, hurting as you are, you're going to forever regret it, won't you?"

"Why are you..."

Lilith shrugged at her. "Ra, ah, Master must have rubbed off on me a lot. Anyway." She stepped back, waving her hand. "Go. At least go say goodbye with a smile on your face and get rid of your regrets."

"What about..." Irina motioned to the bag in her hands and the sword on her back.

"I'll watch them." Lilith rolled her eyes as Irina looked at her in gratitude. "Just go."

"Thank you!" Irina put her stuff down and ran back towards Xenovia. "XENOVIA!" She cried out, trying to get her friend to stop.

As she left, Lilith let out a smirk and reached into the bag, pulling out the hilt of the fused Excalibur. "This is exactly what I needed." She said as she used a small spell to make it disappear from sight.


"Irina?" Xenovia looked at the Church girl in question. "What are you, OOOOMPH!" She gasped as Irina suddenly hugged her tightly.

"I'm sorry!" Irina cried out into her shoulder. "I know that the next time we meet, we'll probably be enemies, but right now, I just want to say, I'm sorry. I don't know why you did it, but I'm still your friend."

Xenovia smiled and hugged Irina back. "Thank you. Irina, if... If our sides fight again..."

Irina pulled away from Xenovia and smiled brightly, tears flowing down her face. "I hope you and Issei will be the ones to fight me. If I have to die in battle, I'd rather die to my friends than strangers."

Xenovia nodded at her, tears welling up in her eyes. "Likewise. But, Irina, I hope... I hope that you won't forget me."

"I won't." She took a deep breath and took a step back. "Even though, as soon as I leave, we'll be enemies, you'll always be my friend."

"Likewise." Xenovia smiled as Irina walked backwards from her, the two friends waving at each other and tears running out of their eyes. 'For some reason, I feel a lot better now.'

After getting close to the terminal, Irina turned around to see Lilith still standing there over the bag and the bundled sword. "Thank you."

Lilith waved her off and pushed off from the pillar. "Don't mention it. Anyway, see ya." Waving the twin-tailed girl off, she smiled and started to walk in a direction away from both Irina and Xenovia.

As Lilith walked, her torso slowly got taller, her breasts got bigger with each step, her outfit changed from Kuoh Academy's school girl outfit to a pair of black dress pants and a white dress shirt that was strategically unbuttoned to reveal a healthy amount of cleavage, her hair got longer before shifting from purple to an emerald green while her eyes changed to a similar color to her hair.

"I have to admit, that other form is very useful." Her voice, once child-like was now sensual and seductive. With a snap of her fingers, the fused hilt of Excalibur appeared in her hand. "Let's go." With a crack of darkness, she disappeared in the hallway.



Lilith looked at Mittelt, who was sitting at the kitchen table, moping. "Okay, what's wrong?"

"Just thinking what Kokabiel said..." Mittelt sighed and slumped in her chair. "That I'm his..."

"So what?" Lilith asked as she walked out of the training area and sat down next to her. "Maybe he is, maybe he's lying, who cares?" She poked Mittelt in the chest. "Who cares? You're Mittelt, part of our group, our family, he tried to kill you, we won't."

Mittelt gave Lilith a smile. "Thanks."

"Besides..." Lilith grinned at her. "If he's your father, you're better off where you are right now."

Mittelt chuckled and nodded at her. "Yeah!" She looked over as the door opened, revealing Ranma and Atsuko walking in with groceries. "Yeah, this is our family."

"Ugh, gag me with a cat." Bulleta, in shorts and a tank-top that she was borrowing, groused from the top of the steps. "Seriously, Ranma? You get a harem of lovey-dovey idiots like this?"

Ranma snorted at her. "You're welcome to join."

"Maybe later, after I've had some insulin shots." Bulleta smirked at him as the others laughed. Still, she had to admit, this relaxed atmosphere wasn't bad, even if she was certain that they would rather her be gone.



There was a knocking sound and the old man inside snorted. "Go away!" It was a nice day, why would anyone bother him? When the knocking continued, he sighed and walked to the door and opened it. "WHAT?!"

"How rude." The gorgeous green haired woman narrowed her eyes at him. "And when Bishamon told us that you were the best around."

Looking over the woman's shoulder, he saw a Chinese boy that he had never seen before and Bishamon. "What do you all want?"

The woman held up a sword hilt and then a large magical crystal while Bishamon held up the remains of Kien and Muramasa in its arms.

"Well..." The old man grinned at them. "This could be interesting." He stroked his beard. "I assume that's why you wanted your armor to be able to absorb magical energy, Bishamon?"

"Of course." The female spirit said as he invited them inside and they put the swords on his table. "Give me that hilt."

The green-haired woman snorted and gave it to the armor. "Whatever, what good will..." When an aura in the general shape of the fused Excalibur formed, though it was pulsating between green, gold and red. "What is..?"

"The reason I let that boy win was because I wanted to feel what his Holy Devil Sword was like."

"Interesting..." The old man smirked as he took the crystal from the woman. "Do you want me to repair Kien and Murasame?"

"No." The armor shook its head. "I want you to fuse them into the sword you'll be working on for me. One that's a fusion of Demonic, Devil and Holy energies."

"You know without the core of whatever this sword was I can't get the special properties it held."

"Just do what you can." Bishamon said and turned to leave. "You have only a few days to finish my sword."

"It'll take me ten days at least." The old man sighed as they left. "Well, who needs sleep?"

Besides, he wondered just what kind of Holy Sword this had been before it had been broken.

"This should be fun." The old man grinned and got to work.

End Chapter 10

End Dance With the Devil DXD


Arcs in the future will be shorter so I don't need to delay (Unless I get caught up) the next arc being posted.


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Dance With the Devil New

Chapter 1

"So, why are we helping Rias and her friends out, Master?" Lilith asked as they helped put gym stuff away.

Rolling his eyes, Ranma helped stack stuff up in the equipment room they were in. "Because Rias asked nicely and I don't see a reason not to."

Lilith snorted at him. "Don't tell me that you're attracted to her." She wouldn't mind, but that girl was tall, curvy and had huge boobies! How could she compete with that outside of her true succubus form?

Ranma rolled his eyes and turned to say something when his feet got tangled in a rope and it knocked him off balance. Grabbing onto Lilith, he pulled her down with him as they crashed with a thump. "Ooof!"

Lilith grinned at him. "Well, I can't..." The door to the equipment room opened up and they both got quiet.

"Come on, Issei." They heard Xenovia talking. "I want to have your baby."

"Wha, wha, wha?" Issei was sputtering as the girl with the green streak in her hair pushed him down on the ground. "What brought this on?!"

"Because," she looked at him sternly, "when I found out God is dead, everything I had done was for His sake, so what good was my life then? So I decided, if God was dead I wanted to find something worth doing."

"And you decided that having my kids is a thing worth doing?" Issei thought there were plenty of things wrong with this scenario. Namely, why would she want his kids?

As if reading his mind, Xenovia gave a small blush. "I figure that if I were to have kids, the children of the Red Dragon Emperor would be best." She pulled her shirt and bra off, letting her generous chest bounce out freely. "So, quickly, let's make a baby together."

"Uh, uh, but, but..."

"I was always under the impression that you don't use the butt for that." Xenovia tilted her head and reached down to pull at Issei's pants. "Come on."

"But isn't it a bit soon? I mean..."

There was an overly exaggerated throat clearing sound and the two looked at the door to the equipment room as Rias stood there, an annoyed look on her face. "And just WHAT do you think you're doing with my servant, Xenovia?"

"Trying to make a baby." She answered bluntly and Rias twitched hard. "Is there a problem with that?"

"Yes there's a problem with that! For one, I didn't give permission!" Rias's eyes were twitching heavily. "For two, you were going to do it with an onlooker?" She pointed behind them and they turned to look where Lilith was leaning on the stack of items behind them.

"Two onlookers, but Master is too kind to peep on people when they're trying to make babies." Lilith giggled as Issei's face was turning red. "Besides, Xenovia, if you're going to try and have children at school, a storage room is not the place to do it. You need to be in class, bent over a desk and calling his name out as he mounts you."

"Exactly!" Rias nodded before blinking. "Wait, what? NO!"

"Well, I mean, some people have a problem with being almost caught, but others don't mind." Lilith giggled heavily. "That middle school I was in had a couple of girls that got pregnant like that."

"That's not the point!" Rias yelled, her eyes closed and her hands balled into fists as she held her arms straight down.

"Besides, Xenovia, you're coming on way too hard." Lilith waggled her finger as she gave the blue-haired girl a look of disappointment. "You don't go to a guy and go 'I want your babies' like that, most guys freeze up and won't be able to perform appropriately. If you really want to get a guy in the mood, you just ask him if he'll have sex, or push him against a wall, drop to your knees, drop his pants and start sucking his dick."

"I see!" Xenovia stood up, her bare breasts bouncing with her motions. "Thank you, Lilith. That will be most helpful going forward." Now she just needed to find the right moment to do that with Issei.

"NO NO NO NO!" Rias yelled, shaking her head while Akeno was behind her, writing Lilith's suggestions down.

"Yeah, you're right." Lilith nodded at Rias. "Do you even have any experience sucking dick?" She looked at Xenovia, who shook her head. "Yeah, probably not, priests probably didn't let you practice on them. So! We're going to need to get you some experience! I suggest practice on ice cream bars or bananas."

"ENOUGH!" Rias yelled, her face redder than her hair. "There will be none of that!"

"Why?" Lilith asked her in confusion and pointed at Issei, who was just looking on with bemusement. "He wants to be a Harem King, right? Shouldn't you get used to the idea of him having a harem?"

Rias twitched, turned and stormed off.

"And this is why I don't like dealing with virgins." Ranma sighed as he stood up behind the stack of stuff. "Nice breasts." He nodded at Xenovia, who looked down at her chest in confusion. "You know, most girls would be embarrassed."

Xenovia shrugged, her breasts bouncing around as she did so. "I appreciate the compliment, but I'm not feeling the urge to mate right now." She put her shirt back on and walked out, adjusting her bra as she did so.

"So... Lilith..." Akeno walked in and grinned at the succubus. "Got any more tips?"


Meanwhile in Nerima...

Soun was sitting at the table, a stern look on his face as he looked at Kasumi, Nabiki and Genma. His arms were crossed over his chest as he listened to the story that Nabiki had told him. "So... Akane's been kidnapped by strangers who wish to use her cooking to revive a Dark God?"

"...Kind of." Nabiki couldn't tell her father the full truth, but insane cultists that wanted to use her cooking? That was more believable than some overpowered loli that wanted Akane to deal with another overpowered being that existed out there in reality.

"We need to do something!" Soun slammed his hands on the table. "Insane cultists have my baby girl and I cannot just let her be killed!"

"Well, so long as she doesn't try to feed them her cooking before they try to summon the Dark God, she won't be." Nabiki could only imagine some of the people that Akane was around and how they'd react to trying to eat her food. "Right now, she's... Relatively safe."

"RELATIVELY?!" Soun screeched and looked at Genma. "What should we do!?"

"And I'm supposed to know where to look?" Genma shook his head. "Soun, old friend, if there's no clue where she is, where am I supposed to go?" For some odd reason, Genma thought it would have been easier if his son was there at this moment.

"If it helps, daddy..." Nabiki spoke up. "I made some calls to see if there's any information available. If I find anything I'll let you know."


Nabiki sighed and left the table. She was almost done with that program she had been working on.

"Nabiki..." Kasumi said from right behind her just as Nabiki got to the stairs. "Shall we talk in your room?"

For some reason, Nabiki felt a major chill run down her spine when she heard that.


"So..." Nabiki began as they got into her room and Kasumi closed the door. When she saw Kasumi frown, Nabiki audibly gulped. Kasumi NEVER frowned, but seeing her now made Nabiki wonder how much she had screwed up. "You really think it would have been a good idea to tell daddy that 'hey, your daughter was kidnapped by one of the most powerful beings in reality and there's no way anyone's going to get her back until the world ends'?"

Kasumi took a deep breath and shook her head. "No, but you still owe me an explanation, little sister. Who is Ophis, what is a Sacred Gear and what is going on?"

Nabiki sighed heavily. "Ophis is... A Dragon that looks like a human, and one of the most powerful things alive. Even though Ophis looks like a little girl who dresses like a little pervert, that thing is genderless."

Kasumi nodded, she was following along so far.

"I'm not completely sure what Ophis wants, something about silence and a Great Red." She hadn't used her Balance Breaker since over-loading her brain and she didn't want to use it again unless she had to. "As for a Sacred Gear, it's true name is God's Artifact, but everyone just calls it a Sacred Gear." She shrugged, unsure as to why they called it that. "Anyway, getting one is very rare and only those who are born to humans have a chance of getting it."

"So not everyone has it?"

Nabiki shook her head. "Very rare for anyone to get one. Anyway, they're supposed to help humanity survive against the supernatural."

Kasumi sighed as she heard that. "So what does this have to do with Akane?"

"I don't know!" Nabiki shook her head. "Her Sacred Gear makes her food a lethal poison. Is Ophis hoping to feed it to her enemies or something?"

Kasumi lightly bit her lips. It was true that Akane's cooking wasn't... The most appealing. "But how is she supposed to do that? We've seen her cooking."

"No clue." Nabiki sighed and slumped. "What am I supposed to do, Kasumi? I can see all information at the same time and it's useless to me."

Kasumi walked over to Nabiki and hugged her. "If you say Akane's fine, she probably is. Let's just hope she'll remain fine."

"Well, so long as she doesn't try cooking, she'll be fine."



"URGH!" Biiko gagged as he looked at what Akane was cooking. "What IS THAT?!"

"Stew. I only used what you gave me. Oh, and there was that one bottle that Kuroka had. Looked like it would be good for seasoning."

"...You did WHAT?!" Kuroka yelled and quickly scrambled to find her bottle. "That's my liquid catnip! It helps me sleep!"

Biiko sighed and rubbed his head. "Even if you added catnip to this, it shouldn't have turned into this." He grabbed a tree branch and dipped it into the stew.

"Hey! What are you..." Akane trailed off as Biiko pulled the branch out and the tip that had been in the stew turned into ash. "Ah heh..."

"Yeah, I'm not eating this." Biiko kicked the pot over, spilling the food all over the ground. "I'll go hunt a boar or something and we'll cook it over the campfire tonight." No way she could screw THAT up!"

Akane frowned as the stew she cooked ate through the ground and left a hole there. And she had worked really hard on it too! It wasn't her fault!


Back in Kuoh City...

Sitting in the class-room between classes, Xenovia looked at Issei and wondered if Lilith was correct about what she said. Would it have been better to push him against the wall and use her mouth on his dick? 'But that wouldn't help me get pregnant, would it?' Her experience with sex ed was fairly limited. 'Maybe I should ask the one who has experience then?' She got up and walked over to Lilith, who was using string for something. "Hey, Lilith?"

"Hmm?" Lilith looked up at Xenovia. "What can I do for you?" She pulled her fingers apart and smiled. "Puppy!"

"How you did that with a shoe string, I have no clue." The girl next to Lilith commented as she looked at the string dog. "I saw you do it, but I can't believe it."

Lilith grinned at her. "Don't underestimate me." Giggling, she undid the string dog. "So, what's up?"

"I was hoping to continue our conversation from this morning."

"Huh?" Lilith blinked in confusion. "Wait, you mean the one when we were putting stuff away?" When Xenovia nodded, she laughed. "Well, what did you want to know?"



Twenty minutes later, the teacher walked into class and stared in shock as everyone was looking up at Lilith, who was in front of the chalkboard, and were blushing, well, save for that Saotome kid, he didn't seem to get phased by much for some reason.

"And then, if you really want to..."

"What's going on?" The teacher asked, before being shushed by the whole class.

"Advanced Sex Ed." Lilith waved him off. "Anyway, as I was saying, if you really want to make your partner feel good, just do the following things."

The teacher quietly slipped to the back and started paying attention. After all, this sounded more fun than a lesson in geometry.

"Question!" One of the girls in the room raised her hands, her face red. "How do you let boys know that you're okay with doing that stuff?"

"Be blunt." Lilith answered. "Most guys are pretty simple-minded and don't see subtle signals. Batting your eyes, smiling and looking interested isn't telling them anything, it confuses them. If you want to have sex, just tell them."

A boy raised his hand. "What if we aren't sure if what we want is okay or not?"

"Trust me, if your partner's not cool with it, they'll let you know."

"Not always true." Mittelt muttered in annoyance.

"Quiet, you. Any more questions?"

"What if we just want a date for sex?" Some girl with glasses asked and grinned at Lilith. Surely the girl wouldn't have an answer to this question.

"Oh, that's simple. It's the modern age, girls should be willing to ask guys out too. And, really, if you're going to go on a date, set terms ahead of time, like 'I just want to date you, I'm not interested in sex yet' or 'if I really like the date, I'll have sex with you' or something else. It'll keep a lot of problems from forming later on if everyone's just honest about it. I really don't get the whole yes, no or maybe part of it. Just be upfront with it!" Lilith huffed, it was so annoying seeing people trying to go on dates and then one party feeling let down because the other party didn't want to do anything like that. She found that part of humanity stupid. "Anyway, let's get into the best positions for making children next."

The teacher nodded and wrote notes down. This really was more interesting than geometry. Besides, all the students were paying really close attention, even if some of them were blushing hard. The teacher and most of the class tilted their heads as Lilith started drawing really graphically detailed humans on the board and went into detail about a lot of things.

Watching all of this, Asia felt like steam was going to come out of her ears. She gasped and covered her mouth as her eyes went wide when Lilith explained in great detail the best way for girls to achieve orgasm, the best positions and some of the best places to grope for both partners.

The perverted trio were writing down so many notes that someone looking on was worried they'd run out of paper or pencils before they were done.

Atsuko's face was red, but she was paying attention in great interest. 'So that's what Lilith and Mittelt do with Ranma every day, huh?' Now she was really curious and wanted to try.

Xenovia was taking really detailed notes down. When Lilith went into the best options for more than one partner, gay and lesbian partners, her mind was suddenly filled with the idea of herself and Irina all over Issei and blushed hard. 'Where did that come from?'

Ranma merely sighed and shook his head in amusement. 'So long as she doesn't try to start an orgy like she did in middle school, I guess it's fine.' He always found it hilarious that the reason Lilith graduated from Middle School was because of what she did during Sex Ed.


Later that day...

"See, Master?" Lilith grinned as she walked backwards, her hands behind her back as they left the school for the day. "I can be professional too!"

"You took over for four periods." Ranma muttered in annoyance at her. "We had four teachers and the principal sitting in when you were explaining the special erogenous zones!"

"And no one stopped us!" Lilith grinned at him.

"And I wonder why that was..." Ranma narrowed his eyes at the shorter girl, who gulped. "You wouldn't have been putting out some sort of pheromones that made people not interrupt you or some sort of low-level hypnosis again, were you?"

"Master! I'm offended!" Lilith gasped in shock and turned around. "You should know me better than that!"


"Of course I did." Lilith giggled before yelping as Ranma kicked her in her butt. "Master!" She whined at him. "That hurt!"

"The things I put up with." Ranma muttered as he left with a pouting Lilith following him, Mittelt and Atsuko following after them.


Happosai watched as Ranma and Atsuko sparred in the training area. In terms of martial arts prowess, he had to admit, Genma did a really good job with the boy. Well, he was less interested in Ranma's martial arts prowess at this point than he was seeing Atsuko, in skin-tight biker shorts and a sports bra fight back. Sure, she didn't bounce around freely, which was a shame, but it was still a delicious amount of skin.

"I wonder why I can barely sense her." Happosai narrowed his eyes. He was certain if he looked away he wouldn't be able to tell where she was at. 'A perfect assassin.' Atsuko's personality, thankfully, didn't lend her to being an assassin-type person, but he could tell that if she practiced her stealth that no one who relied on the more advanced senses available to them would be able to feel her until it was too late. Looking past them and to the far end of the complex, really, Happosai thought it was too big for just a few people, he watched as Lilith and Mittelt worked on various magic and other abilities that they had.

"Are you sure this is all you can do?" Lilith asked, getting a nod from Mittelt. "Oh come on! I saw you flinging around a dozen spears easily before!"

"That's not what I meant!" Mittelt grumbled as she formed smaller spears and launched them at the succubus, who dodged out of the way, "I can only do the spear attacks! Never learned anything else."

"Then we need to make it so that you can do more than just stabbing people with them." Lilith smirked at her. "You can make them explode, you can make a bunch of them. Hmm... How about a bunch of exploding spears?"

"Too much magic. I'd be out cold after one barrage." Mittelt shook her head, before gulping at the sadistic grin Lilith was giving her. "Oh come on! I only have one set of Fallen Angel Wings!"

"I'm going to work your well-trained slutty ass off until you can do this."

Mittelt just whimpered, why did Lilith like to train and fight more than she liked sex? It wasn't fair!

Happosai shook his head in amusement as he continued to watch. His use of the Martial Arts was purely a selfish one, to enjoy life's little things, he could tell that wasn't the same thing among this group. Sure, Mittelt complained about things, but she got into the matches just as much as Lilith or Ranma did. Atsuko wasn't a fighter, but she loved to join in and had fun with it. Ranma and Lilith though, Happosai had met Amazons that didn't have as much fun sparring and fighting like these two did.

Some people would find it odd that Happosai was acting like he was. After all, the old man loved stealing underwear and groping females. They would be less surprised if they knew that Happosai was absorbing the ambient sexual energy that the group put off every night. The purity of it was way better than rubbing panties all over himself.

Now if only he could somehow convince Ranma to enjoy himself in female form, then he knew that everything would be alright. Happosai shivered, he wondered just how that energy would feel.

When Atsuko hit the ground with a loud thump, Happosai shook himself of his musings.

"Not bad." Ranma smiled at the downed girl. "Against most things you should be okay, but you're too straight-forward for someone at my level."

"BAH!" Atsuko grumbled in annoyance as she got up. "Not my fault, my fighting style when fighting against Mama's robots was 'punch it', 'kick it', 'throw it' or 'suplex it' and I didn't need anything else."

Ranma laughed at her. "And, again, against most things that should be enough. Hell, I bet you could probably cripple people more powerful than you if you get a clean shot at them."

"Power, power, power!" Atsuko growled in annoyance. "Why does everything come down to that?"

"Because gaining power is easy." Happosai replied to her. "With enough training of a person's endurance and working with the power they have, it's not hard to raise the power a person has."

"While training actual skill to match that power? That's a lot harder to do. However, anyone who gets their skill up to a similar level to their power is a lot harder to beat." Ranma shrugged at her. "Though most people, when they get to a high enough level of power don't need as much skill, since they can over-whelm anyone they're facing."

"Oh." Atsuko nodded, that made sense. "Continue?"

"Sure." Ranma grinned at her.

Happosai just shook his head and left to go do another round of the city. There were things he had to see still!


Hours later...

"Phew!" Ranma, wearing just his boxers, sighed as he laid face-down on the futon in his room in relief. That sparring session with Atsuko had lasted quite awhile, up until it had gotten time to get some food and then clean up for bed. 'Although I'm pretty sure that I'm going to need another shower in the morning.' He was just wondering if Lilith, Mittelt or both were going to join him tonight.

"Hello." A voice he didn't expect to hear spoke from the door way. Rolling over on his side, Ranma stared at Atsuko, who stood there in just a bath robe.

"I'd ask what you're doing here, but I have an idea." Ranma said as Atsuko closed the door behind her and undid her robe, revealing her naked frame to him. "Atsuko, did Lilith talk you into this?"

The girl shook her head and walked towards him, blushing the whole time. "No, I... I've been curious about it for some time and decided that, after Lilith's Advanced Sex Ed class today..." She got on her knees near him. "I know I'm not... Well, what you like, since you like..."

Ranma sighed and rubbed his forehead. "Yes, I like girls like Lilith and Mittelt, but don't get confused, Atsuko." She tilted her head in confusion at him as he smiled. "I have no problem with women who have a nice pair of boobs." He sighed when she blushed more. "I'm just asking you if you're sure. Because if you do this, Atsuko... You won't be able to..." He was cut off as Atsuko pounced on him and kissed him on the lips.

"You know that I was originally a cat, right?" She whispered, getting a nod from Ranma as she reached down to his boxers and slid them down, letting his dick spring free. "Multiple partners are common for cats, both genders." She smiled at him, her face bright red. "And if you're wondering if I care if I have to share you... It's fine."

Well, what could he say to that? "Atsuko..."

"Call me Nuku when we're like this, please?" She whispered to him and he nodded as he pushed her onto her back.


"Why are you grinning?" Mittelt asked as she and Lilith sat in the furo.

"Atsuko just joined us." Lilith's grin was from ear-to-ear. "It's about time."

"After your performance today, I'd be surprised if she didn't try." Mittelt scoffed at her. "But, seriously, what were you thinking?" Lilith gave her a confused look. "Teaching the girls how to get the guys they want."

"I'm not seeing the problem." Lilith rolled her eyes. "From what I've observed, most guys won't bother women if they look busy, unless they're jerks or super confident with how suave they are."

"And most guys are shy and nervous." Mittelt shook her head. "I don't believe you."

"Belive what you want, it's true. If a woman looks even remotely busy or angry or whatever, a guy will be like 'nope, not touching that' and will just leave them alone." Lilith shrugged at her. "So, how long should we give Master and Atsuko?"

"How about all night? I want to rest."

Lilith pouted as Mittelt answered. "Aww! Don't you want a creamy load up your butt?"

Mittelt gave her a dirty look. "Just because I'm his butt slut doesn't mean I don't want nights off, whore."

Lilith giggled at the Fallen Angel. "You just admitted you were his butt slut." Her giggling became full-on laughter as the blonde pouted and sulked. "Oh come on." She leaned over and hugged her. "Those of us in the itty bitty titty committee need to stick together."

Mittelt groaned and hung her head in dismay. "It's not fair. I can't make my boobs grow any bigger."

"I dunno..." Mittelt's eyes widened as Lilith's hands attached themselves to her chest. "I think they're getting a little bit bigger." Lilith nodded as she squeezed and rubbed the blonde's chest. Sure, they were still small, but there was more there than when she had first joined them. "I'd say Master's fondling of them have caused them to grow a bit."

Mittelt just grumbled softly, but didn't fight as Lilith continued to squeeze and grope. At least it felt nice.

End Chapter 1


Ah, Xenovia, your quest to have Issei's babies never fails to amuse me. And, yes, she's VERY much like that in canon too. She even brings condoms to the classroom while openly talking about baby-making.


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Chapter 2

Jedah sat on his throne in Makai, grinning at the Pasha sword in his hands. Waving his left hand, a monitor screen popped out of nowhere, showing him several beings back on Earth he was interested in. "The Red and White Dragon Emperors... I wonder which one of you will win your rivalry this time." He didn't know if there was any animosity between them this time or not, but he didn't care, the mere fact that both were now awake would be fruitful for what he wanted. "I'm sure that others will want a taste of the Red Dragon Emperor." And he was certain that the White Dragon Emperor would have none of it.

"Now then..." He smirked as another monitor popped up and showed him the Aensland Castle.

Or rather, the remains of said castle behind a rather powerful barrier.

"Ah, Dimitri, a Vampire Lord such as yourself..." Jedah shook his head in amusement. To think that the Vampire would storm Morrigan's castle shortly after Belial faded from the world, only to get trapped inside. Dimitri would be useful later. For now it would be best if he wasn't...


Still, Jedah wondered how much longer that barrier would hold Dimitri back, it had been almost eight years now and Dimitri had shown, even back then, that he was almost as powerful as Jedah was, though he was far more foolish and short-sighted than the blue-skinned Devil. Part of the reason that Morrigan bothered working with Jedah was because he knew where Lilith was.

"If those two fuse together..." Well, there was a reason Belial had split his daughter's soul up in the first place. Jedah knew that if Lilith and Morrigan fused back together he would have no chance against her.

Still, he was curious, could they fuse after all these years? Jedah had kept tabs on Lilith over the years and had to admit, her chosen mate was an interesting choice indeed. But even so, Jedah was more curious about Lilith's growth and development. He would have thought that she would have stayed as close to a succubus as possible, but instead she had chosen to live more like a human.

"Either way," he smirked as he looked over both Morrigan and Lilith, "the results will be interesting."

And if they couldn't merge back together, it would go a long way to answer some questions he had about souls in general.

Still, Morrigan, Lilith and Dimitri weren't the only ones he was paying attention to. "Such a short-sighted creature." He chuckled as he looked at the last one he was interested in. Oh well, all the pieces were in place and now all he had to do was wait.

He had time, after all, unlike the fools on Earth, he could afford to wait. Once he made his move, he wondered just how the rest of those fools would react, if they could at all.


Meanwhile on Earth...

Walking out of the karakoe room, Issei nodded at Kiba. "Hey."

"What's up?" Kiba asked as he took a drink from the can he had in his hand.

"Oh, just got a call from a return client," Issei didn't know why that guy wanted to spend time with him, from what he said he had a girlfriend, well, it sounded like a girlfriend to Issei at least, who was a teacher in another city, so why was he here? "Anyway, I'm about to take off and go deal with him, he probably just wants to hang out and either fish or play some video games."

"Considering how late it is, I'd be surprised if he wanted to fish." Kiba chuckled as Issei bought a drink of his own. "Well, good luck. Don't worry, I'll make sure they don't do anything to Asia in there."

"Thanks." Issei smiled, he had been worried about that. Hopefully Motohama, Matsuda and Aika, Asia's perverted friend, wouldn't try to corrupt the blonde girl when he was gone, Lilith had done enough of that with her Advanced Sex Ed impromptu class the other day. "Well, better get going, my client awaits."

"Have fun." Kiba waved as Issei left.


It took Issei over fifteen minutes to bike to the hotel his client was using as a room. "Hey!" He waved as the door opened up. "Isn't it expensive to spend so much time in a hotel?"

The man laughed at Issei. "Oh, don't worry about that, I have plenty of money, plus I'm looking into getting my own place soon, hopefully around here." Motioning for Issei to come inside, he smirked. "So, care to play some more games? I found some awesome under-rated fighting and racing games that exist out there."

"Sure." Issei nodded and stared as he got in front of the television. "Woah! It's like you went and got every single console ever made!" He couldn't believe it, there were the standard old-school consoles he had seen in the past, and some he had never even heard of before.

"Yeah, I'm a collector of sorts, once I get started I just can't help myself, I want all of them if I can get it." The man chuckled as Issei sat in front of the television. "So I heard you had an interesting time not too long ago."

"Oh? What did you hear?" Issei asked as he looked at the collection of systems and the games inserted in each one. "Oh wow! Questing Dragon IV? I heard that was hard to get."

"A little bit. Though probably not as hard to get as surviving a fight against Kokabiel, huh?"

Issei's eyes widened and he slowly turned to look at the man. "What did you say?"

Suddenly twelve black feathery wings spread out from behind the guy. "Kokabiel, I heard that you guys had a hard time against him." He gave Issei a gentle smile. "My name is Azazel, commander-general of the Fallen Angels."

"So what do you want with me?" There was no way Issei could fight this guy, he knew that. If the amount of wings was any indication, he was at least as strong as Kokabiel and it had taken over ten people to stand a chance against that monster.

"Well, I just wanted to talk." Azazel smiled at him and dismissed his wings. "There's no need to be afraid, if I had wanted to kill you over Kokabiel I could have done so from anywhere in the city."

"Yeah, that doesn't make me feel any better."

Azazel chuckled at his nervousness, he supposed it couldn't be helped, all things considered. "Well, if you don't feel safe, feel free to leave." He sighed when Issei scrambled to the door and left quickly. "Smart kid." He was glad that Issei didn't bother trying to fight, that wouldn't have been very good for anyone.

"I just hope the conference goes better." He was glad that both Sirzechs and Michael had been willing to talk in person after the whole Kokabiel fiasco. The current situation was untenable as it was.


The next day...

Yawning while walking to school, Ranma sometimes wondered if it was a good idea to have all those late nights having sex or not. 'Not like I sleep very much some days.' As he got close to the school he noticed a young man in black pants and a light black jacket and silver hair standing against the gate. Mentally shrugging as he watched people walk past him without him speaking, he ignored it and walked past him as well.

"What is it that you desire?" The young man asked and Ranma turned to look at him. "You're strong, but what is it you desire most in life?"

"Honestly, I don't know." Ranma looked at the man, who was looking at him curiously. "What about you?"

"I'd be happy if I could fight forever, facing stronger and stronger opponents." He sighed and shook his head. "For someone who might be lucky if he was in the top fifteen thousand beings of power, are you content with that?"

Ranma smirked at him. "I'd be surprised if there were even a thousand beings stronger than me." The man smirked back at him. "But I take it you think yourself stronger than me?"

"I don't think, I know I am." He grinned at Ranma. "As much as I would love to prove it, you aren't my real target."

"I sure hope you aren't going for Rias Gremory." Ranma smirked as the man raised an eyebrow. "The last guy who did that ended up with crushed nuts."

The man grimaced visibly at that. "No... Not her, though she would be considered stronger than you, wouldn't she?" He tapped his chin. "Then again, you're part Demon, right?"

"Impressed you know that." Ranma narrowed his eyes at the young man. "Who are you?"

"The current White Dragon Emperor, Vali."


"Master?" Lilith asked as she saw Ranma looking up into the sky, a curious look on his face. "Something wrong?"

"Remember the guy who took down Kokabiel?" Ranma asked, getting a nod from Lilith. "I met him earlier."

"Was he the guy that was talking to Issei earlier and had Kiba and Xenovia with swords at his throat?" Lilith asked as she recalled seeing that. "What did he want?"

Ranma shrugged and looked at her with something that Lilith hadn't seen in his eyes in a long time. "I'm going to surpass him."

"Huh?" Lilith tilted her head in confusion. "What do you mean?"

"I'll get so good that I'll beat him." Ranma had an excited grin on his face. "I'm sure that if it came down to pure skill and he wasn't using that armor I could win, but..."

Lilith had a grin slowly grow across her face. "You just saw a brand new world, huh?"

"As soon as this whole mess with Bishamon gets resolved..." Ranma stood up and turned to walk back to class. "I remember now... I want to be the best." Raising his hand up, he squeezed it into a fist. "Even if it's not possible, I'm not going to stop until I get as far as I can."

"Just don't forget me, okay?" Lilith grabbed his raised arm. "I'll be with you every step of the way." She grinned at him. "Someone needs to keep your bed warm at night."

Ranma snorted and lowered his arm, before bending down to hug Lilith and gently kiss her on the lips. "Thank you." Lilith just smiled up at him and the two walked off to class.


"Hey!" Issei waved at Ranma as he and Lilith walked into class. "You ready for the big day?" Ranma and Lilith gave him identical looks of confusion and Issei laughed before clarifying. "The day the school opens up and our families come to spend a day in class with us."

Lilith had nothing to say to that, she was certain her father was long dead by now and the less said about Morrigan, the better. Looking around the room, she saw Mittelt looking a little glum while the rest of the class talked about how embarrassing their families were. "Excuse me." She turned and walked over to the blonde. "Hey."

"Huh?" Mittelt blinked and looked up at Lilith. "What?"

"Don't let it bother you." Lilith gave her a small smile. "Who cares about that stuff? You have us now."

"You are trying really hard to make me love you, aren't you?" Mittelt whispered and smiled at Lilith. "But thank you."

When Lilith left to talk with Mittelt, Ranma was looking at Issei in confusion. "There's an open day for families?"

"Yeah, once a year, it'll be tomorrow actually." Issei was bummed that his parents, even if they showed up, wouldn't be there for him, but for Asia, but at least they would show up, which was something, he guessed.

"Should be fun." Ranma guessed, he doubted that his parents would show up. 'Come to think of it, I don't even know what my mom looks like or who she is.' He'd have to look into meeting his mother sooner or later.

Atsuko wondered if her family would take time off to come visit her or not. 'Maybe I should call them?'


The next day...

Ranma walked through the hallways with Lilith by his side. "Hey, Issei, Asia, what are you two doing?"

"Wondering what's with this crowd." Issei asked as he looked at the large group. "Maybe someone famous showed up?"

"Well, let's find out." Lilith suggested as the four of them pushed their way through the crowd. As they got closer, they found a girl with black hair done up in twin pigtails, her eyes were a bright pink and she was wearing a barret on her head with a fancy pink haltertop over her chest and a pink mini-skirt with pink and black striped stockings on her legs, in her left hand was an ornate staff as she talked to students and giggled.

Issei and Asia looked on non-plaused, they had no idea how to react to seeing someone dressed up like that in school.

Ranma and Lilith both instantly tensed up. "A magical girl?!" Ranma hissed and swore, looking at Issei and Asia. "You two need to run."

"Huh?" They blinked in confusion. "What's going on?"

"I don't recognize her." Lilith muttered and gulped as the magical girl looked at her. "Master..."

"You!" The girl, her voice naturally high, pointed at Lilith and Ranma. "You seem to recognize me!"

"Not really." Ranma answered her. "But I'm suspicious of any magical girls. Which one are you?"

The girl took a pose, pointing her finger at her eye as she winked and everyone swore they saw a heart come out of her eye. "I'm..." She spun around and her skirt flared up, flashing her white panties at everyone, "Mahou Shoujo Levia-tan!" Completing the pirouette, she winked again. "And you?"

Seeing everyone look at him, Ranma held an arm across his chest and held two fingers up. "Me? I'm the natural enemy of all magical girls! The Dark Lord Ranma Saotome." He ducked his head down and put his right hand over his forehead while holding his elbow with his left hand. "Levia-tan, I'm afraid that you won't be walking out of this room today."

"And I!" Lilith took a pose. "Am the Dark Lady, Lilith Aensland! Together, we have crushed magical girls from Tokyo to Kyoto and back again!"

Everyone watched as a sudden background of rocks and rushing water erupted behind the two, which was impressive, seeing as they were inside the school and not outside.

The crowd started to clap at the performance.

"Okay, okay, break it up, you're clogging the hallway." Saji said as he walked onto the group, clapping his hands and sending the students away, much to their groans of dismay. Sighing, the Student Council member walked up to the magical girl. "I'm sorry, miss, but you can't do that here."

"Aww! But why not?" She pouted at the boy. "I wasn't doing anything wrong, it's not wrong to wear this outfit in Japan, is it?"

"Well, no, but..."

"What's going on here?" Sona asked as she and Tsubaki walked up to the group. "I heard there was a... EEEK!"

"SONA-CHAN!" The magical girl squealed and practically pounced Sona in delight. "I missed you so much! I can't believe that I didn't get any letter! I'm your sister!"

"Uh..." Ranma, Lilith, Asia and Issei all stared stupidly.

"Oh, that's Serafall Leviathan." Saji chuckled as he finally recognized her. "She's Sona's elder sister and one of the four Devil Kings."

Seeing Serafall all over Sona, Lilith chuckled as she slowly relaxed. "Well, it's a good thing that she's not a real magical girl then. She sure seems excited to see Sona, huh?"

"Yeah," Saji nodded as he smiled. "Serafall really dotes on Sona."

"Doesn't she have a family or something?" Issei asked, though he thought it was kind of cute to see the stoic Sona looking more and more embarrassed with each passing moment.

"No, she's still single if that's what you were wondering." Saji shook his head.

"Master..." Lilith gave him a sly grin and giggled as she put her hand on her chin. "Seduce the Satan."

Ranma gave her a perplexed look when she said that. "Seduce? What?! NO! I am *NOT* going to seduce the Satan!"

"Aww!" Lilith pouted.

Eventually Sona couldn't take it anymore and ran off in dismay, passing Rias and another woman with Tsubaki following after her.

"Aww! Sona-chan!" Serafall pouted and lowered her arm. "Why'd you run off?"

"Ah, if it isn't Lady Serafall." Rias smiled at the elder Devil. "I trust you're doing well?"

"I would be, Rias-chan, if Sona-chan wouldn't have run off, it would be nicer."

Ranma ignored that and looked at the kimono-clad woman that was next to Rias. The woman had deep blue eyes and short red hair. Mentally shrugging, he was about to leave when she spoke up.

"Excuse me." The woman stepped forward and looked at Ranma. "You wouldn't happen to be Ranma Saotome, would you?"

"Huh?" Ranma blinked as he turned to face her more. "Yes, I'm him, who are..." The next thing he knew, she was hugging him in front of everyone, much to everyone's surprise.

"Oh my manly son! It's been ten years, but I thought I recognized you the instant I saw you!"

"Huh?" Ranma blinked, confused by everything. "Wait, what? Mom?"

"Yes." She let go of the hug and stepped back to look at Ranma more completely. "Yes, I'd say you grew up quite well, though I thought you'd be living in Nerima."

Lilith stepped over to Rias. "Who's this woman and why is claiming to be Master's mother?"

"Her name's Nodoka Saotome and I offered to lead her to Ranma." Rias smiled, it was amusing to see someone else have to deal with embarrassing family and not...

"Well, this is quite interesting." A male voice was heard and Rias's eyes widened as she saw her brother and Grayfia walk from the other side of the hallway into the area. "To see Lady Serafall and my sister here, it's quite a nice sight, huh?"

"Indeed, Lord Sirzechs." Grayfia nodded to him and looked at the group.

"Well, yeah, pops did do a pretty good job I'd say, but it's not like he'd be here right now."

"Wow!" Lilith got next to Ranma and smiled brightly up at Nodoka. "You're Master's mother? I've heard so much about you."

"Master?" Nodoka blinked in confusion while Sirzechs, Grayfia and Serafall all looked on in interest. "Are you my son's servant or something?"

"Yep!" Lilith grinned at her. "And I can safely assure you that your son is VERY manly."

Nodoka smiled, that had been a big fear, that Genma hadn't done enough to make her son manly. She shook her head and looked around seeing the group that had formed. "Pardon me, my apologies."

"Hey, no worries." Issei smiled at her. "Kind of sounds like you haven't seen Ranma in a long time."

Nodoka sighed and nodded. "Indeed, when Ranma was just six years old, my husband promised to take him on a martial arts journey to become the best of his generation. Naturally, I was against it, but Genma vowed to me that not only would he succeed in having Ranma become stronger, but also he would return home a man amongst men."

"Oh?" Sirzechs looked on in amusement. "And just how did he guarantee this?" This was interesting and if the woman had any good tips, maybe he could use some for his son.

"Well, he and my son made a promise that Ranma would come back a man amongst men or they would commit seppuku."

If music had been playing, a record scratch would have been heard, everyone in the hallway stared at Nodoka stupidly.

"...So that's why Genma had no problem with you sleeping with dozens of women across Japan and China then." Lilith knew that Genma wanted Ranma to be manly for Nodoka, she hadn't known the exact reason for it, but at least now it made sense.

"Lord Sirzechs, if you listen to this woman for any sort of advice for raising Millicas, I guarantee you that it won't end well for you." Grayfia said, her voice stiff while the Devil King nodded emphatically.

Rias felt her eyebrow twitching, she couldn't believe what she just heard. "Ranma... Is your family completely insane?"

Ranma just shrugged helplessly, though he wouldn't be surprised if insanity ran in his family. 'All that would be needed to make this day better would be pops to show up.'

"And down here is where your...Oh." Akeno gasped as she saw everyone in the hallway. "I guess we found your son, Mr. Saotome." She giggled as everyone turned to look at Genma, who was pale and sweating as he saw his estranged wife.

"Ah heh heh... Hi, No-chan..." He gulped at the look he was getting from her and the others. Why did he suddenly feel like running very, very far and hoping no one could catch him.

"Genma Saotome, it's been far too long." Nodoka walked up to him, her eyes narrowed. "I haven't heard a thing from you since China, you could have at least sent me a postcard or something!"

"I...Ran out of money?" Genma gulped as Nodoka grabbed him by the ear and walked off, saying they had a lot to catch up on.

Asia, having been quiet the whole time, turned to Ranma and bowed. "I must thank you."


"I now see how insane families can be and am glad that I don't have parents like yours." Asia felt bad for saying that, but it was the truth.

Ranma shook his head in dismay. "That could have been better."

"Gee!" Serafall pouted and walked up to Ranma. "Considering that you haven't seen your mother in ten years, I'd say you're better off without seeing her. I could never do something like that to Sona-chan or any of my kids!"

"But Lady Serafall..." Grayfia bowed to her. "You don't have children."

Serafall pouted and turned away. "It's not my fault! Finding someone who's good enough is hard to do! Not everyone can find love on the battlefield and marry the next Lucifer like you can, Grayfia."

"Lucifer?" Ranma looked at Issei in confusion, who pointed at Sirzechs. "He's Lucifer?"

"My name is Sirzechs Lucifer, yes." He smiled at Ranma. "And you're the Hanyou that my sister mentioned, huh?" Ranma looked at Rias, who nodded at him.

"After the whole Kokabiel thing, I had to tell my brother everything, especially since if I didn't, I'm sure Sona would have mentioned it." She shrugged helplessly. "Don't think poorly of me, but he is one of the rulers of Hell, we have to send information to them from time to time."

"Oh..." Ranma trailed off as he realized something. "So three of the most powerful Devils are in this school right now?" He pointed at Grayfia, who raised an eyebrow. "Mittelt told me about you, you're supposed to be some sort of super powerful Devil or something."

"Ah, I might be." Grayfia nodded at him, glad he wasn't completely ignorant.

"Anyway, class will be starting soon, we can talk more at noon." Sirzechs smiled as everyone nodded to him, with Akeno, Issei and Asia all bowing to him, he was surprised when Lilith, the Demon he had heard about, did the same. "And why are you bowing to me? I thought you weren't part of Hell's forces."

"I'm not, but I still respect someone who should be as powerful as any of the rulers of Makai." Lilith then grabbed Ranma and took off, followed by Issei and Asia.

"Hmm, didn't expect a Demon to be so respectful." Sirzechs was rather impressed.


When they got to class, Ranma and Lilith were surprised to see Atsuko with some people they hadn't seen in awhile.

"Ranma! Lilith!" Atsuko waved at them. "Look! Mama-san and Papa-san decided to visit and they brought Nabiki and Genma-san too!"

Waving from her position by Ranma's desk, Nabiki smirked at the confused looks on Lilith and Ranma's faces. "I'll explain later."

"Actually, there is something you can answer before class starts." Ranma walked over and sat at his desk. "If you're here with Atsuko's parents, how come Genma was with Akeno?"

Nabiki smiled at him.


"Ah!" Nabiki waved as she saw Akeno walking in the hallway. "You're the school idol, Akeno, aren't you?" The raven-haired beauty looked at her in confusion. "Ranma told me about you, don't worry, he had nothing but good things to say about you."

"Oh my! I didn't realize my kohai was talking about me behind my back." She giggled in amusement. "What can I do for you?"

Nabiki jerked her thumb at Genma, who was looking around at everything slowly. "This is Ranma's father and the guy who trained him in Martial Arts, could you see to it that he finds Ranma?" She lowered her voice so that only Akeno could hear her. "And take the long way around."

Akeno raised an eyebrow. "What are..."

"Trust me," Nabiki winked at her. "It'll be amusing."

*End Flash*

"She listened to you?" Ranma asked in amusement. "So..." He motioned for her to get close to him and whispered to her. "What are you doing here? You know there's a lot of Devils here."

"Things are going down soon and I wanted to make sure that I was around when they went down." She whispered back to him. "Just so you know, my little sister was kidnapped."

Ranma was surprised when he heard that. "So what? Your dad wants me to find her or something?"

"No, but if everything I saw was right, then a chance to find her again will happen." Though what would happen in the future, Nabiki had no idea, she had seen every future at once and some of them were just weird, like seeing a crossover episode between the Satan Rangers, Oppai Dragon and Mahou Shoujo Levia-Tan. Though she wondered if that wouldn't be a bad thing to see in the future. 'Oppai Dragon? What kind of show is named that?'

Before Ranma could ask about that, the teacher walked in to start class.

"Good luck." Nabiki winked at him and walked to the back of the room.

"Okay, class, listen up, since today's a special day, I'm going to give all of you a block of clay, I want you to use your hands with it and mold it into whatever you want."

Issei looked at the block he was given and tilted his head in confusion. "Anything I want, huh?" He wasn't sure what he wanted, there were quite a few things he could think of. 'Namely the President's rocking boobs, her butt and those legs, but mostly her boobs, yeah, I'd love to just motorboat her for hours.' He started grinning and chuckling before blinking as people were saying his name in surprise. Looking down, he had an eight inch statue of Rias Gremory...

...With her arms raised up and her hair curled around her...

...And she was completely naked.

"Wow, I didn't know we had a little sculptor on our hands." The teacher smiled as he saw the work of art. "Most impressive, maybe we should get you into art classes, huh?"

"No way!" The girls in the class gasped as they saw the statue. "That's so cool! I'll give you five thousand yen!"

"Ten thousand!"

"Ten thousand and three!"

Everyone looked at the person who said that.

"...What? There's nothing in the rules saying I can't offer just a little more, is there?"

"Since when are auctions run by the same rules as The Price is Right?" one asked.

Issei just chuckled at hearing that. The money was nice, but it wasn't needed, but he was sure that Rias would like it.


"So, Genma..." Nodoka began as she found an empty room in the school and closed it behind her. "Care to explain?"

"Um, which part?" He gulped as her eyes narrowed at him. "Seriously, No-chan, what do you want explained? Ten years is a lot of time."

Nodoka took a deep breath and nodded, this was true, it was a long time. "First, why did I stop getting post cards?"

"I was out of money and only had enough to send one to Soun. I had to steal food to survive out of China." Genma was certain that there was more than a few authority figures in China still looking for him.

"Very well..." Nodoka knew it couldn't be helped, her husband wasn't the best person in the world, she knew that when she married him. "Secondly, who was that purple haired girl with him calling him Master?"

"That's... Lilith Aensland, it's complicated."

Nodoka nodded, she figured as much. "Fine, but then my final question is this... Why were they both radiating Youki?"

Genma stared at her in shock.

"I'm from Kyoto originally, Genma, I knew Lady Yasaka growing up. I should head back and visit her sometime." Nodoka shook her head. "Anyway, I was trained as a Miko for awhile, I didn't have the most talent for it, but I know what Youki feels like."

"That's... Part of the reason why." Genma sighed and slumped. "No-chan, I won't go into details, but the reason that Ranma produces Youki and the reason Lilith calls him Master are related."

Nodoka frowned as she listened to the story in detail. "But they... They should have known our son wasn't a Demon!"

"Apparently the fact that he had a succubus around him was enough for them to try and kill the both of them."

Nodoka grumbled and started pacing the room. "It makes no sense, even if they could have sensed it, the bloodline is too diluted to use Youki unless jump-started."


Nodoka sighed and shook her head. "A small amount of Demonic blood in my family, my great-grandfather stated that it was so weak that the only benefit was living maybe four or five decades longer than an average person and looking good for your age."

"Let me guess," Genma smirked at her, "his great-great-great-great grandfather was probably the last one who could get any real benefit from it?"

"Great-great-great-great-grandmother, but yes." Nodoka nodded at her husband. "And whatever Lilith did..."

"Jump-started his Youki," Genma finished for her. "The boy was pretty far along with his Ki manipulations, so the Youki that was dormant just replaced his Ki."

"Good." Nodoka smirked at Genma. "I have no problem with Demons or Youkai, I just rather not find out what my ancestor was. With my luck it was some sort of Dog Demon."

"And that instantly makes me question the woman that bedded him." Genma said, causing both of them to burst out laughing at the implied innuendo.

Nodoka sighed and put down the bundle in her hands before walking over to Genma and hugging him. "If you leave me again for ten years, I won't forgive you."

"I couldn't even if I wanted to, I'm getting older." Genma hugged her back, glad she wasn't trying to use that blasted sepp..u...ku... "Um, No-chan, there's one last thing I forgot to mention."

"Hmm, what?" She looked up at him. "Is something wrong?"

Genma gulped and began to explain what happened after the last postcard he sent her.

"You... Idiotic, bumbling, moronic... GAH!" Nodoka got away from Genma and started storming around the empty classroom as she muttered dark profanities. "You got him cursed?! And he turns into a girl!?"

"He's been having regular sex with a succubus for the past four years, has bedded more women than I can count, has bedded his fiance and THIS is what you're upset about?!" Genma asked incredulously.

"I'm not upset about him being able to turn into a girl, well, okay, I am, but for different reasons!" Nodoka hissed at him. "I don't even mind the thought of him being able to have a female body, Ranma could probably use that information to help seduce even more women, that's fine! What I'm NOT happy about is that the curse could have been permanent, which wouldn't be very fun. Or perhaps he got turned into something like a little defenseless animal or worse! What if he turned into a soul sucking abomination or something?!" She narrowed her eyes at Genma. "And what about you? Do you turn into a girl?"

"No, a panda."

"...See?! This is what I'm talking about! What kind of girl would want to marry someone who can turn into a panda?!"

"I actually met a couple in China." Genma replied and was suddenly very, VERY grateful that Nodoka wasn't some sort of alien that could fire heat beams from her eyes, because at that moment, she looked like she could melt steel beams from a look.

"I hope, for your sake, you turned them down." When Genma nodded, she took a deep breath to try and calm down. "So... What happens now?"

"Now? I'm not sure." Genma smiled nervously. "I mean, we should go see how the boy's doing."

"Yes, I suppose so." Nodoka nodded and walked over to the bundle she had placed down. Picking it up, she turned and gave Genma a wry smile. "So... About all those girls that my manly son has bedded. Should I expect grandchildren anytime in the near future?"

"Well, the boy has a little girl in Kyoto that calls him daddy, if that makes you feel better." Genma coughed at the look Nodoka gave him. "She's five years younger than him, he didn't have a child yet."

"I was more concerned that she was... Involved with him." Nodoka blinked as Genma laughed at that. "What's so funny?"

"Trust me, No-chan, the last time someone tried to do anything to that little girl, her mother threatened to turn them into Tofu while still alive and then eat them."

"I... See..." Nodoka said slowly, wondering who would say something like that. "Well then, shall we spend the day with our son?"


End Chapter 2


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Chapter 3

Ravel Phenix sighed as she walked past her brother, Riser's room. He hadn't come out of his room since the battle against the Red Dragon Emperor, and she didn't really blame him, even if he had long since healed from the horrible thing that happened to him, it had to be pretty traumatic. "Poor brother..." She wanted to help him, but wasn't sure how.

"Ah, Ravel, how are you?" Another woman's voice spoke up from down the hallway and Ravel looked up to see her mother walking towards her.

The current lady of the Phenix household looked a lot like Ravel, save for having her hair done up in a slightly different style and looking like she was in her twenties.

Which shocked people when they found out that she had four children and some grandchildren already.

"I'm fine, just..." She trailed off and looked at Riser's room. "I hope he'll be okay."

Lady Phenix sighed, as much as she loved her son, and she did, he had been getting too arrogant lately. She had hoped someone could humble him, but to have his testicles get absolutely destroyed by a random punch? Even though she didn't have any male parts, she felt tremendous sympathy for what her son went through. "Tell me, Ravel, do you hate the Red Dragon Emperor for what he did to Riser?"

"I mean... He hit my brother between the legs with a super strong punch and broke him." Ravel bit her lip as she thought about it some more. "I'm not happy with him, I don't think I can be happy with him, brother's peerage are all really upset too."

"Understandably so." Lady Phenix nodded before walking to the door and knocking on it. "Riser, may I and Ravel come in?"

"Riser wishes to be left alone right now."

Ravel squeezed her hands into a fist. It was hearing her brother's pathetic state that had her really upset with Issei Hyoudou, she knew that he was healed by now, she also knew that Issei had shown great remorse for what he had done, which was probably the only reason that her family hadn't requested compensation from the Gremory Clan over the events.

"Please, I need to talk to you and Ravel about a family matter, I'd ask your elder brothers, but they aren't here and you are, so at least allow your poor, old mother this one thing."

"Riser thinks you are laying it on thick, but will let you in."

"Thank you." Lady Phenix smiled as she opened the door, followed by Ravel. "At least you haven't allowed your room to become a mess." She walked over and sat on a chair while looking at her son on his bed and laying on his side, his back to them, in just a pair of pants. "Riser, I have no doubt what you went through was very traumatic."

"Riser can still feel the pain." He groaned.

"And I believe it. But I think what you need is a vacation." Riser turned his head to look at his mother. "Oh, and I have another reason why I'm here." She held up a Bishop piece. "I'm officially requesting Ravel's return to my peerage." She gave Riser a small smile. "I allowed you to have her in your peerage for awhile, but you must admit, people will think that you have an unhealthy attraction to your sister." She was amused when Ravel blushed bright red. "And, let's face it dear, if she remains in your peerage, it'll hurt her chances at romance in the future."

"Ravel?" Riser began as he rolled over to lay on his back. "Is this okay with you?"

"Well, I mean, mom's not wrong. Unlike you and Rias, I kind of want to find someone for me without needing an arranged marriage."

"Yes, I think this whole situation has shaken up the old families." Lady Phenix replied to them. "I hope that they stop trying to have all our children marry each other. Soon we'll be more inbred than Earth Royal families at this rate." She coughed at the confused looks she was getting. "Nevermind that, I was thinking that you and Ravel should take a trip to visit a cousin of yours on Earth."

"Riser has never heard of a cousin of his that lives on Earth."

"He's distantly related to your father." Lady Phenix waved him off. "However, while your cousin is alive, right now, he'd be a young child." She sighed as the two continued to look at her in confusion. "He's a true Phoenix, when his life ends, he turns into an egg and is then reborn. He's currently watching over some bird-like people on Earth as their God-King or something." She reached into her pocket and pulled out a vial with a glowing red substance inside. "I wish for you to go and give him this. It's purified Phoenix blood. He'll return to his adult self with this." She frowned at both of them. "And just so you know, no one else could handle this. If either of you takes so much as a sip your powers will go out of control and you'll burn to a crisp."

Both of her children looked suitably shocked.

"Oh, there's one more thing I should mention. The people that your cousin rules over are incredibly Xenophobic and hate anyone without wings."

"So..." Riser sat up. "Who's our cousin?"

"I do believe that his name is Saffron."



"I have a job for you three." A male voice came out of the darkness and three men, all in Buddhist monk outfits looked at the tall person draped in shadows. "I found an interesting target that I want you to eliminate."

When a folder was dropped on the ground in front of them, the person in the shadows disappeared.

"Feh, I hate this." The first of the three said as he picked up the folder and looked through it. "That's a long ways away."

"If not for that blasted Demon boy and his pet wiping out most of us..."

The third one smirked at them. "Don't worry, we'll just have to take our frustration out on a bunch of Devil Worshipers when we get there, won't we?"

"Of course." The other two said at the same time and the three went to make preparations to leave.

The last of the three dropped the folder into the fire and let it burn, no need to leave any evidence behind.

As it burned, the folder flipped open to reveal a map of China with a circled area on the far West side, near Tibet, as the target location.


Meanwhile, back in Kuoh City...

"Excuse me, Lord Sirzechs..." Grayfia said as she walked behind the Devil King. "Is there a reason that we are walking to the Hyoudou residence instead of just teleporting?"

"I felt like it. It's been too long since I walked just for the sake of it." He smiled at the maid, who nodded. "Besides, I wanted to talk to Issei anyway." It was too bad Rias had something she had to deal with and had to stay behind at school, but that was the way things went.

"Um..." Issei gulped as he and Asia guided the Devil King and Grayfia to his house. "Can I ask you something?" Sirzechs nodded at him. "Why does she call you Lord Sirzechs? I mean, aren't both Lord and Sir polite ways to address someone?"

Sirzechs blinked a few times before bursting out laughing. "Oh man! No one's ever asked that question before!" Behind him, Grayfia put her hand over her mouth to keep herself from laughing too much. "No, my name is Sirzechs, you'll have to ask my parents why they named me that, but the Sir is actually a part of my name."

"Oh." Issei rubbed the back of his head and laughed softly. "Well, that makes sense."

Asia spoke up next. "Um, Lord Sirzechs, I was wondering, is it okay for a Devil King to be away from Hell for very long?"

"Ah, don't worry, my work is being handled by my peerage and Serafall put extra work in, so we can take a few days off to be in the human world."

"A few days?" Asia asked in confusion. "But the open house is only for today."

"Well, to answer your question." Grayfia answered for her husband, "there is going to be a conference between the leaders of Heaven, Hell and the Fallen Angels in a couple of days. It was decided by the Fallen Angel Azazel and Sirzechs that the school would be the best place, as the battle against Kokabiel happened there."

"Azazel..." Issei muttered, wondering what that guy was up to and hoped that it wasn't anything too crazy.

"Hmm, have you met him?" Sirzechs blinked in surprise when Issei nodded slowly. "Really?" The Devil King had no idea what that guy was up to. 'Probably something crazy that I can't even begin to comprehend.'



"Well..." Azazel yawned as he walked down a street seemingly at random. "I knew I shouldn't have taken that nap, I missed my chance to see what those Devil kids are up to." Oh well, if things worked out he wouldn't have to worry about that in the future. Turning the corner, he let out a grunt as someone crashed into him. "Oh dear, I'm sorry m...iss." His eyes widened as he bent over to help the woman up. "Um... Wow."

"Do you look this stupefied to all women with blue hair and a tight t-shirt?" The woman smiled up at him and accepted his hand up. "Or perhaps you're impressed by something else?" She winked at him.

"Forgive me for being crass, but your breasts are by far the largest ones I have ever seen, and I've seen quite a few." Azazel chuckled nervously.

The woman giggled at him. "Silly, I like it when people comment on my boobs, it makes an old woman like me feel a lot younger."

Azazel raised an eyebrow as he looked the woman over. She was wearing hiking boots, tight shorts and a white t-shirt, but he didn't think she looked old in the slightest. "If you're old, then I'm a fossil."

She giggled again. "Well, you're quite the charmer, I should warn you, my breasts have been called man-eating boobs by little girls." She pouted and hefted her large breasts up, pulling her shirt up and revealing her flat stomach. "They aren't that bad, are they? I mean, it's a pain to find a bra in my size."

"Well, I would say that they're almost unnatural, but I don't think they could eat a person." Azazel was fighting the urge to move his hands so he could grab the woman's breasts. It wasn't easy, but he had to look at least SOMEWHAT dignified right now. When she dropped her breasts and they bounced and threatened to rip her shirt apart, he nearly lost control right then and there.

"I thank you." She smiled at him and raised her arms above her head, stretching until there was an extremely loud popping sound from her back. "Hooo! I'll never get used to that. My back stiffens up so much that I have to spend most of my time laying down these days."

"I might know a few massages that can help loosen your back up if you're having troubles."

"That might be nice." She winked at him. "Just don't be too good, I might want something in return."

Azazel chuckled, he didn't get to see those Devil kids, but a woman with breasts as gigantic as hers? That was a treat in and of itself. Besides, if he played his cards right, he'd get to do a lot more than just massage her back.



"So this is where you live?" Nodoka asked as she, Genma, Akiko and Kyusaku, the latter two were kind enough to offer a limo ride from the school to Ranma's residence. "It seems... A bit overly large for just the four of you."

"Well..." Ranma trailed off as he opened the door and let them inside. "Not just four..."

"Ah yes," Akiko nodded and looked at Nabiki. "Thanks to Miss Tendo here, we've been making some serious progress on various projects of ours. With her help we figure that our latest project will be done in only a couple of months instead of a few years." Akiko wasn't exactly sure how, Nabiki had said it had something to do with her unique abilities and hadn't elaborated on it. "So I offered to help her transfer to Kuoh Academy."

"Really?" Ranma raised an eyebrow. "Was this the surprise you were going for?"

"Trust me, I need to get away from Nerima for awhile, plus graduating from Kuoh Academy has some serious perks for me in the future." Nabiki had to get away from her father for now, he had become inconsolable the past few days.

"We've already ordered some movers to bring her stuff here." Akiko smiled at Nabiki. "And after she gets out of college there's a job opening for her at my company."

Nabiki smiled at Akiko and bowed to her. "Thank you."

"That's cool." Ranma smiled and looked at Atsuko, Lilith and Mittelt as they came inside. "So that's six people living here now."

"Six?" The four adults asked in confusion.

"Genma!" A familiar old voice yelled out happily. "Oh! And Nodoka!" Happosai bounded down the stairs and stopped in front of them. "I missed you, m'boy! And Nodoka! You're looking beautiful!"

"Grandmaster Happosai!" Nodoka giggled at the old pervert. "I haven't seen you since before Ranma was born. Please tell me that you didn't end up in Hell for awhile or something."

"Almost!" Happosai pouted and pointed at Genma. "Your louse of a husband and his best friend sealed me in a cave for almost twenty years! I nearly died!"

"Aww!" Nodoka knelt down and patted him on the head. "There, there, I'm sure that you had it coming."

Ranma twitched, his mother was getting along with Happosai? Looking at Genma, the older man nodded helplessly. "Please tell me that Happosai isn't my real father or something."

Genma facefaulted and Happosai started laughing as he heard that. "Ranma, m'boy, I can guarantee you I have no children. I haven't been able to have any for at least two hundred years now."

"THANK GOD!" Ranma, Lilith and Mittelt all yelled at the same time. "OWW!" They all screamed and grabbed their heads in unison.

"Something I should know?" Nodoka asked in confusion.

"No, just Heaven hates it when you say God's name in vain." Ranma groaned as he rubbed his head. "Anyway, this is where we live."

"And this... thing lives here too?" Akiko asked as she looked at Happosai.

"Mama-san! Don't be like that!" Atsuko chided her. "Grandpa Happi saved a little girl from dying not too long ago!" Atsuko actually liked Happosai, he was kind of funny, especially his stories from when he trained Genma and Soun. Atsuko didn't like the stealing parts of his stories very much, but the training that he put Genma and Soun through sounded funny.

She had never heard of using a panty raid through a girl's dormitory to train speed and evasion skills before, but it sounded like it worked.

"Now if only he didn't leer at my butt so much." Mittelt grumbled in annoyance. At least that's all Happosai did, from what she could tell, he could have made her life more miserable than Raynare did when she was in a bad mood if he wanted to. From what Ranma had explained to her and Atsuko, Happosai apparently needed female energy to survive and the amount of sex that she was getting off-set any need Happosai had for things. "So glad that I could be useful in that regard." She muttered sarcastically.

"So, mind showing us around?" Nodoka asked her son, who nodded at her.

As Ranma and Atsuko took their parents through the place, Mittelt walked in a different direction. When she got far enough away from the others she sat down and formed a spear of light in her left hand and spear of darkness in her right hand. "It just doesn't make sense, I get that they're opposed to each other, but how come I can still use my Fallen Angel powers? Heck, why do I still have my Fallen Angel wings?" She couldn't figure it out.

"Seems to me that you're still having some trouble accepting your new role." Happosai said, causing Mittelt to look at him with an annoyed look on her face.

"Yeah, no shit." She dismissed her spears and slumped. "I'm worthless, even I know that. I was the weakest of Raynare's group, I can only throw a few spears around," though she had to admit at least Lilith had helped her shape her magic more and she could throw more than a few spears around, "and healing? That's something the Bishop is supposed to do, right?" She snorted at him. "I got just the most basic healing powers, what good am I?"

"Perhaps you need someone who can teach you more about your Fallen Angel powers?"

Mittelt snorted at him. "There isn't a Fallen Angel who'd be willing to help me, I was abandoned after all." There was no way she'd get any help from any of them, not right now. "Besides, even if someone could overlook me running away, I doubt there'd be anyone willing to teach me anything."


"ACHOO!" Azazel sneezed hard and shook his head. Thankfully he had looked away from his guest, who was laying on a massage table, though modified to let her large breasts hang out freely, so he wouldn't sneeze on her naked body. "Are you sure you don't need clothes?"

"Why? Embarrassed to see me naked?" The woman teased him and moaned as he started to rub her back.

"Nope, just making sure that you're fine with this." Azazel said as he worked on her lower back. "I hope you don't mind me..."

"If I cared where you massaged, I wouldn't have gotten naked." She replied, sighing as she felt the tension in her back slowly unwind. "So please, by all means, rub where you need to."

Azazel chuckled as he continued to work her back. "Be careful, if you keep this up, I might want to give you the happy ending."

"Mmm..." She moaned as his massage went up her back. "You should be careful, a girl might take you up on that offer, and then you might end up regretting it after we're done."

After several minutes of massaging her back, shoulders and neck, getting sighs and moans of relief out of the woman, Azazel found his hands squeezing her butt, getting a squeak out of her. "I find it interesting..."


"That I have no problem with doing this, in fact," Azazel gave her ass a hard slap, causing her to groan out, "I'd almost say that you're manipulating me somehow."

"I have no idea what you mean, and even if I did..." She groaned as he slapped her butt again. "You're not being entirely forthcoming with me either, are you?" She sighed as he worked on her tense legs. "If you want to know, I'll tell you, but only if you tell me who you are."

"I suppose since I asked first, it is customary in this nation to give your name first. Very well, my name is Azazel, and you are?"

"Part Devil, Part Succubus." The woman looked over shoulder and smirked at his expression. "Long time ago, before the war broke out, my father was a low-ranking Devil, my mother was a low-grade succubus, both perished in the war, only child. But I know of you, the Commander General of the Fallen Angels."

"And yet you're trusting me not to kill you because..?"

"I heard you liked large breasts."

Azazel chuckled and shook his head. "You got me there." As he worked her legs, he tilted his head. "So, back to my question, are you..?"

"Can't help it." She sighed as he worked her feet over. "Succubus side, mom told me that her species can make people get so over-stimulated they die from cardiac arrest. I'm constantly putting out an aura that makes it easy to seduce people around me."

"Explains a few things." Azazel muttered as he ran his fingers up her legs, across her butt, up her back and to her neck. "And what's to stop me from trying to hurt you?"

"Because I don't want to fight, I'm just enjoying the massage." She groaned as he reached under the table and grabbed her breasts, pushing them up.

"And if I want more?"

"I can only do it on my back, side or on my hands and knees, my breasts suffocate my partner if I'm in any other position." She answered truthfully and smirked at him.

"Well, thanks for looking out for your partners then."


The next day...

Sona tilted her head as she saw Rias looking absolutely miserable. Well, miserable for her, most people would see her as completely fine. "What's wrong?"

"My brother slept with Issei last night, I wasn't allowed to." The redhead sulked, sounding insanely upset.

"Uh..." Sona blinked a few times. "Slept with Issei?"

"Yeah! And they got along so well too! I swear! Isn't it the elder brother's job to make sure that his little sister finds the right guy or something by testing them?!"

"Um... Rias?"

Rias took a deep breath to calm down. "I'm fine, Sona. Just upset that I wasn't allowed to sleep with Issei last night, it's just not very fun when I don't get to sleep with him."

"...I see."


Issei yawned as he walked into the school with Asia next to him. "Man, last night kind of sucked, you know?" Asia nodded and the two stopped as they saw a large group in front of them. "Not again!"

"Issei!" Katase, dressed in full Kendo gear, pointed a Shinai at him while she yelled. "We heard you not only have been defiling Rias-onee-sama, but that you slept with her brother as well!"


Asia shook her head. "No! You got it all wrong! Issei doesn't defile her! I sleep with both Issei and Rias!"

"And innocent Asia!?" The crowd screamed and both Issei and Asia could feel a dark blue aura rising over the crowd. "DEFILER OF WOMEN! PERVERT! JERK!"

"NOT AGAIN!" Issei took off as the crowd chased after him. "WHY DOES THIS KEEP HAPPENING TO ME!?"


Lilith was in the girls changing room when several Kendo club members walked in in full gear. "Isn't it early to be practicing Kendo?"

"Not if you want to punish that evil pervert!" One of the girls yelled.

"Can't be Master then, if you tried to punish him all of you would be knocked out by him." That is, if Lilith wasn't there, then they might have been seriously hurt. No one tried to hurt her Master without good reason after all.

"That reminds me." Murayama looked at Lilith as she finished getting out of her Kendo clothes. "How come you call him Master? You his maid or something?"

"Or something." Lilith smiled at her. "So, what did Issei do this time?" She blinked at what the girls were saying about him defiling Rias and Asia. "Strange, I thought both were still virgins. I'd say maybe they're trying anal sex, but I can't see Asia being that advanced." Rias, sure, the girl had tried to have Ranma knock her up after all, but not Asia.

Several of the girls blushed at what Lilith said. "How can you speak like that?!" One of them yelled while Lilith blinked in surprise.

"There's nothing wrong with that." Lilith scoffed and closed her locker. "Anyway, I need to meet up with Master, later." As she left, she gave a lingering gaze towards Katase and Murayama before mentally shrugging it off and leaving. She could have sworn she felt their sexual excitement increase when she said "Master" but wrote it off.

Maybe they were just lesbians? Even with her powers suppressed in her human form, she still attracted people of all genders.

A sudden thought crossed Lilith's mind and she almost burst out laughing at it. She just couldn't imagine those two being secretly submissive and wanting someone to dominate them.


After school Rias led her peerage to a room that had been sealed off in the old school building. "My brother thinks it's time for me to unseal my other Bishop." As they turned the corner in the hallway before the door, they stopped as they saw a couple other people there. "Ranma? What are you and Lilith here for?"

"Was I not supposed to be?" Ranma asked in confusion. "I was looking for you actually, but then I saw this door and was examining it."

"Not often I see a multi-faceted seal on a school building." Lilith commented as she turned to face them. "Whatever's behind that door must be pretty dangerous if this is not only meant to seal away their powers but prevent others from getting in or out."

"I was just going to unseal it." Rias commented and looked at Ranma. "What did you need me for?"

"I'll tell you later, I'm more interested in what's behind the door right now. If you don't mind us seeing."

"I don't, actually.." Rias shook her head as she walked up to the door. "As I was saying to them, my other Bishop is sealed behind this door." She focused her power and the seal dissipated in an instant. "But I have to warn you, my Bishop is..."

"NOOOOOO!" A feminine voice screamed out as the door opened up, practically knocking everyone off their feet as they heard it. "I DON'T WANT TO COME OUT! YOU CAN'T MAKE ME!"

"Gasper." Rias sighed as she opened the doors fully. "Come on, you can't stay in here forever."


Issei looked around the room and didn't see anything of note, a television in the corner, a couch in front of it, a laptop not far from the couch and some sort of coffin in the middle of the room. "So, where is this Gasper person?"

"EEEK! THERE ARE OTHERS?!" The voice screamed, this time from the coffin.

"Are we dealing with a Mummy or a Vampire?" Lilith asked as she narrowed her eyes at the coffin. "Because, lemme tell you, I don't like either very much."


Ranma gave Lilith a dirty look and the succubus slumped at the looks she was getting from him and the others. "She didn't mean anything by it."


Akeno, frowning, walked over to Lilith and leaned down at the shorter girl. "I hope you're happy! Gasper is a very shy person and look at what you did."

Lilith sighed and looked down, feeling absolutely terrible. "Gasper, I..."


"No!" Lilith shook her head. "It's not you! I swear! The only Vampires I know are all egotistical jackasses that see themselves as better than everyone else and there was a Chinese Vampire that we ran into shortly after we entered China a couple of years ago."

"Sounds like an interesting time." Rias commented.

"Not really! The thing turned a village of three hundred people into corpses for fun!" Lilith grumbled, that hadn't been fun.

"I WOULD NEVER DO THAT!" Gasper cried from the coffin. "I SWEAR! DON'T KILL ME!"

"Gasper." Rias walked up to the coffin and spoke to her servant inside. "I promise you, Lilith won't harm you. She's like Akeno or Koneko, okay? She's really nice."

"...You promise she won't kill me?"

"If she tries to do anything mean to you I'll stop her myself, okay?" Rias said gently and pushed open the coffin. "Come on."

As the coffin opened up, everyone got a look at the person inside. Gasper had short blonde hair, red eyes and was wearing a Kuoh Academy female outfit while laying on her side.

"Oh man! A cute blonde girl?! This is awesome! Two cute blonde girls as Bishops?!" Issei was ecstatic. Sure, Gasper was a bit smaller than he liked, but she was still seriously cute.

"Actually, Issei," Rias chuckled in amusement, "I know what it looks like, but Gasper is completely male."

"WHAAAA?!" Issei looked around and everyone was nodding, including Ranma and Lilith. "How come everyone but me knew?!"

"I've met him before." Akeno, Koneko and Kiba all said at the same time.

"His aura is completely male." Ranma and Lilith said at the same time.

"NO FAIR! I was looking forward to having another cute blonde girl in the peerage! WHY?!"

Ranma looked at Lilith as she started giggling and panting. "What are you thinking?" When she started drooling, he got worried for Gasper.



Lilith pointed dramatically at Gasper, who flinched. "SEDUCE THE SHOTA!"

"Seduce the... NO!" Ranma smacked her on the top of her head and sent her crashing to the floor. "I am *NOT* going to seduce the shota!"

"Eh heh heh heh... Master and Gasper... GLEE!" Lilith giggled more as she squirmed on the floor.

"NOOO! I DON'T WANT TO BE SEDUCED!" Gasper grabbed the coffin lid and threw it back on top of his coffin, sobbing loudly.

"Well, this was a waste." Rias grumbled to herself.

"Yeah, I'm sorry too." Ranma picked up Lilith and threw her over his shoulder. "We'll talk later when things calm down."

Rias nodded as he took off. "Gasper, they're gone now."


Xenovia looked at Akeno and laughed softly. "Well, there's never a dull moment around here, huh?"


"Um, Master..." Lilith gulped as they stepped out of the old school building and Ranma put her down on the ground. "Are you..." She gulped at the look she was getting. "I was..."

"What were you thinking?" Ranma asked, his voice strangely serene. "Seriously, what? You know that kid was reacting badly from having people just entering the room, why did you do that?"

"I... I..."

Ranma shook his head and walked off. "You're going to have to apologize to him later, but right now, Lilith, I need to be alone."

As he walked off, Lilith held her arm up after him and sighed as she lowered it. "Dammit!" She punched the ground in frustration, leaving a decent sized crater in her wake. "I was only teasing, I didn't mean anything by it."

Getting up, she left the school grounds, visibly upset.


An hour later...

"I'm just glad we were able to help Gasper out." Xenovia smiled as she walked out of the old school building. Who knew all he needed was a paper bag over his head to help with his shyness. "Now we can WOAH!" She screamed as she fell over and crashed, face-first, into the dirt, causing her skirt to flip up and reveal her white panties to the air. "The hell happened here?"

Koneko tilted her head as she and Asia looked at the crater. "Someone strong punched the ground."

"Either that, or it's aliens!" Asia pointed upwards dramatically. "I bet you it's an alien!"

"Come on, why would it be an alien?" Xenovia asked as she got up and dusted herself off. "Besides, isn't all that stuff about aliens just superstitious mumbo jumbo?"

"We're Devils, you've met Fallen Angels, there's a Demon and a Hanyou that goes to this school, plus you fought against a possessed armor and you think aliens aren't real?" Koneko asked flatly, getting a blush from Xenovia.

"Well, when you put it THAT way, I guess it's possible."

"Anyway, we need to get ready for tomorrow." Asia said as she walked around the crater. "There's that meeting tomorrow night."

"Yeah." Koneko and Xenovia nodded as they left the area.


The next day, early morning...

Issei wondered why Akeno wanted to meet him at a nearby shrine, but shrugged it off as he got close to the shrine in question. "Where's..." He trailed off as he saw Akeno step out of the bushes in her Miko outfit. "Hey." He waved at her. "Is it okay to go into a shrine? I mean, we are Devils."

"It's okay." Akeno smiled at him as she led him up the stairs. "This shrine is one of several places in the world we Devils can go into without any downsides."

"Really?" Issei asked in surprise. "I wonder why..."

"Former humans hold onto their religious beliefs as you've seen with Asia and Xenovia." Akeno gave him a small smile. "So some shrines were made where those same people can find some religious solace, even if they can't pray to God anymore." As they walked across the courtyard, Issei couldn't help but notice how well maintained the place was. "In here." She smiled as they entered the building on the far end.

"So what are we..." Issei trailed off as light suddenly filled the room and an Angel, one with blonde hair, twelve golden wings and ornate robes with a white halo over his head, stood in the room.

"Hello, Red Dragon Emperor. I am Michael, one of the four Great Seraphs of Heaven." He smiled gently at the young Devil and Issei felt like a warm presence was filling the room just from him being there.

"I assume that you're like the four Devil Kings then?" Issei asked him, trying not to stutter over his words.

"Indeed, I am to Heaven what the four Devil Kings are to Hell." Michael nodded and held out his hand, an ornate broadsword forming in front of him. "This is Ascalon, a Holy Sword wielded by St. George long in the past. It's true power is that of a Dragon slaying weapon."

"Uh, you wouldn't happen to be needing to use that against me, would you?"

"Goodness no." The Angel said softly, his eyes looking at Issei calmly. "I wish to give this to you, as a sign of goodwill between our factions. You've met the White Dragon Emperor, yes?"

Issei nodded, he remembered the armor as well as the guy in his normal form. "Yeah, he was incredible."

"Indeed. However, from what I have gathered, you happen to be the weakest Red Dragon Emperor in history." Michael said and watched as tears came out of Issei's eyes as he slumped. "Therefore, it was decided that we should give this to you."

"Woah, no way, but, um, how will I use it?"

Akeno answered for Michael. "Just call out your Sacred Gear, it grows with the user and based on the user's wishes, you should be able to merge that sword with it."

"I guess..." A green flash on his left hand occurred and it was covered in a red gauntlet with a green gem on the back of his hand. "So, just like this, huh?" He took the sword and put the hilt against the gem and watched in awe as the sword merged with his gauntlet. "Neat, I can cosplay as Baraka at the next Krucial Kombat tournament."

"With that, I must depart." Michael bowed to Issei and light again flooded the room.

"Wait!" Issei dismissed his gauntlet, glad the sword disappeared with it. "I have a question for you!"

"I'm sorry." Michael shook his head. "I am very busy right now, but I shall answer your question the next time we meet, I promise."

And with that, he was gone.

Issei sighed, he wondered if the guy would remember it or not. Looking at Akeno, who was sitting at a nearby table, he sat down next to her. "So..."

"Just so you know, Issei." She smiled at him. "We used a combination of Angel, Fallen Angel and Devil magic on the sword so that you could use it."

Issei tilted his head, wondering where they found a Fallen Angel who would help them, before ignoring it. "Oh?"

"Otherwise the sword would harm you greatly." Akeno smiled at him gently. "Hey, Issei, can you tell me... What's your relationship with Rias?" She leaned close to him and Issei caught a look down her Miko outfit and saw that she wasn't wearing a bra. "Have you done it yet?"

Issei started to sweat as he gulped. "No..Not yet!" He squeaked, his nervousness causing his voice to crack.

"Really?" Akeno chuckled at how slow Rias was taking their relationship. "Hey... Would you like to? Hmm?"

"Like to?" Issei practically squeaked as she leaned closer to him. "Like to?"

Akeno giggled a little more before standing up. "Issei, do you hate Fallen Angels?"

Confused by the change of topic, Issei gulped. "Well, I don't like them all that much, but Mittelt isn't too bad of a person and she's a Fallen Angel, so I guess they aren't all bad, why?"

"You were tricked by one, tortured and killed by her too, Asia suffered by their hands as well." Akeno said softly. "You know, my mother was a Shrine Maiden. Before I was born, she found an injured Fallen Angel. Taking him in, they fell in love and shortly after, I came into the world." She loosened her outfit, letting the top slide down and her large breasts to be bared to Issei. "I must be detestable to you now, huh?" Behind her right shoulder, her Devil wing formed, but behind her left shoulder, a black, feathery wing formed behind her. "These detestable black wings." She bit her lip. "I once grew up loving them, but after..."

"Akeno? What..."

"My mother, she was killed, all because she decided to have me as her daughter. And father..." She trembled in anger. "He wasn't there. The time we needed him most, and he wasn't there for us. I couldn't stand him, just like you probably think I'm disgusting now, huh? For being contaminated by being a Fallen Angel."

"That's not true." Issei shook his head. "You not disgusting. You might be a Fallen Angel, but you're Akeno, one of the most beautiful women around." He smiled as her eyes widened in shock. "It doesn't matter where you come from, you're still you."

The next thing he knew, she tackled him to the floor and hugged him tightly. "Hey..." She whispered after a few minutes. "Issei, I know you love Rias, I know Asia's close to you too, and you have other girls that want you. But... Would you consider lowering yourself to being with me?"

"Akeno?" Issei asked softly. "What are you..?"

"I don't even care if I'm just a side-girl or if you just want a casual fling." She looked at him, fear, doubt and uncertainty in her eyes. "If you can stomach..."

"Akeno, calm down." Issei put his hands on her shoulders. He wanted to fondle her boobs, but he could tell she didn't need that, not now. "You're not disgusting, Akeno." He repeated for her and smiled at her. "Any guy who you would choose would be a lucky guy."

"Issei..." Akeno looked at him, her eyes tearing up. "You foolish..." She wiped her eyes and smiled more brightly. "You really are a charmer, aren't you?"

Before Issei could respond, there was the sound of a throat clearing and both of them turned to look at the door to see Rias standing there, an annoyed look on her face. "I trust that Issei has the sword then?"

"Yeah." Akeno said, her voice hiding the annoyance she felt, as she pulled her outfit up. "You have wonderful timing." Sarcasm was laced in her words and even Issei picked it up.

"I'd rather you not try to seduce my servant when I'm not around." Rias huffed and turned to leave. "Issei, come on."

"Is that all he is to you?" Akeno asked as Rias and Issei, who apologized to her, left. "Is he just your servant? I know you like him." She knew Rias wouldn't answer her


As they left the shrine and walked down the stairs, Rias was quiet and thinking about what Akeno said as they left. 'No, that's not what Issei is to me.'

"President? Are you okay?" Issei asked and Rias looked over her shoulder at him sadly.

"President?" She whispered and sighed. "Sometimes, Issei, I feel like, despite sleeping naked next to you every night, I feel like I'm the one who's furthest away from you."

Issei looked at her in confusion as she left him standing there alone.


It was around noon when Issei found himself back at the school carrying a large sack behind him. "Hey, Saji, thanks for showing up."

"I wasn't doing anything anyway." Saji replied as they walked across the school yard. "So what are we doing here anyway?" He noticed Koneko, Kiba and a blonde cutie he had never seen before. "Woah! Who's that girl?" He asked as they got closer.

"Eeek!" The girl hid behind Kiba, who just chuckled in amusement.

"That's Gasper and he's actually a guy." Issei replied, causing Saji to fall to his knees and cry out in despair. "Yeah, I know the feeling, I felt the same way when I met him."

"It's not fair! Even the guys around you are super cute!"

"Anyway," Issei ignored Saji. "I asked you all here today because I want to help Gasper control his Sacred Gear. The President mentioned you couldn't control it?"

Gasper peeked out from behind Kiba and nodded. "Uh huh. I don't like my Sacred Gear."

"Yeah, but stopping time? Gotta admit, that's pretty awesome." Issei smiled at him and Kiba, who just groaned.

"You're not going to make Gaspy do something perverted with it, are you?" Koneko asked in annoyance.

"No! I would never force him to do anything." Issei waved off her concerns. "Anyway, Gasper, we're going to play a game."

"I like games." Gasper replied and looked at Issei. "What are we playing?"

"Dodgeball." Issei grinned as he reached into the sack and pulled out a soft foam ball. "But instead of dodging, you're going to try to use your powers to stop the balls from hitting you."

"EEEK! I don't like pain!"

"Actually, now that you mention pain, I have to ask, how come you aren't burning up in the sun?" Issei looked at Gasper, he seemed to be perfectly fine, despite being out in the mid-day sunlight.

"I'm from a vampire clan that can walk in the daylight with no problem."

"Huh, I was expecting a "because I'm half human" answer." Issei laughed. "Anyway, we'll all throw balls at Gasper and he has to stop them with his powers. Don't worry, I didn't get anything like baseballs."

Gasper nodded as Kiba and Koneko walked over to the bag and pulled out various balls. "Okay, I'm ready! I'll stop all the balls!"


"I COULDN'T STOP ANY OF THEM!" Gasper cried from where he laid on his back.

"Well, this was a bust." Issei muttered, he figured it would be when Koneko accidentally threw a ball so hard that it knocked Gasper off his feet. Then the poor kid's Sacred Gear went a bit out of control and everything around him stopped for a little bit.

"Maybe we should call it a day?" Kiba suggested, feeling bad for Gasper. Not only was he a half-Vampire and Vampires were, from what Rias had told him, far more anal about things like purity of blood, but he had a Sacred Gear that he couldn't get under control.

"Well, this is what you're doing, huh?" A male voice spoke up and everyone looked in the direction of the voice to see a man in a brown kimono, brown hair with blonde bangs leaning against a tree.

"You're that Azazel guy!" Issei gasped as he saw the man.

"Hey! Glad you remembered me." He smiled and waved at them. "Anyway, I was just passing by when I saw what you were doing. That Sacred Gear the kid has, that's pretty hard to control."

Gasper sniffled and nodded.

"Anyway," Azazel waved his hand at the suspicious looks he was getting, "you there," he pointed at Saji. "Could you bring out your Sacred Gear?"

On Saji's left wrist, a black device that looked like a lizard appeared on his arm. "What about it?"

Azazel just smiled. "You know, if you use that Absorption line ability of Vritra, you could drain the kid's power and transfer it to either yourself or others. With less power to overwhelm him, he might gain some measure of control with it." He turned and walked away, waving as he did so. "Do what you want with this information, kiddos, I'll see you tonight."



Walking down the street, Vali wondered why the day was taking so long. Once tonight was over, he'd be able to go and deal with...

His train of thought was interrupted by a large dust cloud heading his way. "What the?" He blinked in surprise. Narrowing his eyes, he saw girl on a bike pedaling like an insane lunatic. "Hey! Stop!" He yelled as he saw her about to hit a little kid not far from him. Running and preparing to call forth his Sacred Gear, he watched as the girl jumped off the street, while still on her bike, onto fences and then over him and onto the street again.

Vali blinked several times in shock. First, he was rather impressed by the fact that the girl did that without destroying her bike and that no one was hurt. And secondly he had gotten a good look up the girl's skirt.

"Purple panties?" He asked no one in particular.


The sun was about to set and the time for the meeting was drawing closer. Nabiki, Atsuko and Mittelt had left already, however, Lilith was sitting at the table at home, slumped over and sighing. She hadn't seen Ranma since yesterday and he hadn't come home. "Master..." She whimpered.

When the door opened, she didn't even look up.

"Lilith." Her eyes snapped open as she heard Ranma's voice. "Come on." He put his hand on her shoulder and gave it a squeeze. "I'm sorry."

She turned her head to look at him. "Master?"

Kneeling down next to her, he sighed and ran a hand through her hair. "You didn't sleep last night, did you?" Lilith shook her head and he leaned forward and kissed her on the forehead. "I shouldn't have gotten mad."

"I shouldn't have teased Gasper." Lilith hugged Ranma and sighed happily as he returned the hug. "I'm sorry I made you mad."

Ranma didn't say anything, he knew if he did, they'd be apologizing to each other for the next few hours. "Forgive me?"

"I was never mad at you, Master." Lilith smiled happily and tightened her hug. "Just don't leave like that again."

"Sure." He nodded and let go. "Come on." He stood up and offered her his hand. "We need to get to the meeting, it's starting soon."

Lilith nodded and took his hand. "Sure."

End Chapter 3



"Seduce the Shota" is a line that I thought up awhile back, it was too good to use. Also, Lilith is a sexual deviant.


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Chapter 4

"Are you sure?" Mittelt, in her gothic lolita outfit, asked Nabiki, who was dressed in casual clothes. She looked at the large group of Angels, Fallen Angels and Devils surrounding the school nervously. There was a serious amount of tension in the air and it was taking everything she had not to run away screaming.

"For the last time, yes." Nabiki grumbled and looked at Atsuko, who was wearing a tank top and biker shorts. "You know, considering that we're going to meet the leaders of the three major factions, I feel under-dressed."

Mittelt scoffed at that. "I highly doubt any of them care. None of us are nobility, so we might as well dress the part of rubes who get to talk to rich people."

"Technically, I'm nobility." Atsuko grinned as Mittelt face-faulted. "I mean, mom's one of the richest people on the planet, so..."

"I get it, I get it." Mittelt glared, her eyes white and blank. "But you don't act like nobility."

"I was originally a cat after all." Atsuko answered and grinned as Mittelt nodded at her. "Anyway, looks like Nabiki's right."

Ranma and Lilith walked into the area, holding hands and looking fairly relaxed. "Hey." Ranma waved. "Sorry for keeping you all. Has it started yet?" He was surprised that no one had tried to stop them, but he suspected they were briefed on who was allowed to enter the school at this time and who wasn't.

"We got one more minute." Nabiki gestured to the school. "Come on, we're meeting in one of the conference rooms on the top floor."

"Well, lead the way, since you know so much." Ranma grinned as they entered the building. He blinked as Nabiki tossed him and Lilith something. "What's this?"

"Just put it in your pockets. Only had enough time to make a couple of them." Nabiki answered as they did so.


"Glad to see you make it." Azazel smirked from his spot at the table as Ranma and his group entered the room. "And you three wanted to start early."

"I must admit," Michael spoke up as the five sat down on chairs on the far wall, "I wasn't sure if they would show up."

Ranma looked the room over as he sat down, Lilith next to him and Nabiki next to her with Atsuko next to him on his other side and Mittelt next to Nabiki. On the far left of the wall sat Sona, Tsubaki and Saji, between them and his group was Rias, Issei, Kiba, Xenovia and Asia. 'Strange, I don't see Koneko or Gasper.' He figured Gasper would probably be too afraid to be around this many people, but he found it odd that Koneko wasn't there. Looking at the conference table, he saw a man, though he suspected that the man was an Angel of some sort, with blonde hair and blue eyes sitting at the far left of the table, behind him was that Irina girl, on the far right of the table sat the guy who greeted him and Vali was standing behind him leaning against the wall, between the two guys was Serafall Leviathan, surprisingly not dressed like a magical girl, and Sirzechs with that maid Grayfia behind him.

"Anyway," Azazel continued, "before we begin these negotiations, I have a feeling that all of us have something we need to say to the people sitting here." He smirked at the surprised looks he was getting. "Let's just get this out of the way before we start any negotiations, because otherwise our minds will be distracted."

"In that case, I wanna go first!" Serafall spoke up and smiled as the other three nodded. She stood up and pointed at Ranma and Lilith. "Thank you so much for playing along with me the other day. It was really cool to find people who know how to play the role of a villain! If you want, you can be the villains of my show next season."

Ranma blinked a few times in confusion. "Playing along? I thought you were an actual magical girl."

"No kidding." Lilith muttered. "They're always a pain, going on about this or that. We just adopted the roles that we used so that we can at least talk to them somewhat normally. Because it's always shoot first and never ask questions otherwise."

"I... Must have missed something." Sirzech replied. "What are you talking about?"

"Oh! I can show you!" Saji spoke and pulled out a tablet. "Someone recorded the whole thing and put it up online, I have it saved. Here." He hit a button and showed it to the leaders.

"You!" The girl, her voice naturally high, pointed at Lilith and Ranma. "You seem to recognize me!"

"Not really." Ranma answered her. "But I'm suspicious of any magical girls. Which one are you?"

The girl took a pose, pointing her finger at her eye as she winked and everyone swore they saw a heart come out of her eye. "I'm..." She spun around and her skirt flared up, flashing her white panties at everyone, "Mahou Shoujo Levia-tan!" Completing the pirouette, she winked again. "And you?"

Seeing everyone look at him, Ranma held an arm across his chest and held two fingers up. "Me? I'm the natural enemy of all magical girls! The Dark Lord Ranma Saotome." He ducked his head down and put his right hand over his forehead while holding his elbow with his left hand. "Levia-tan, I'm afraid that you won't be walking out of this room today."

"And I!" Lilith took a pose. "Am the Dark Lady, Lilith Aensland! Together, we have crushed magical girls from Tokyo to Kyoto and back again!"

Everyone watched as a sudden background of rocks and rushing water erupted behind the two, which was impressive, seeing as they were inside the school and not outside.

Nabiki gave the two of them flat looks. "Really?"

"You'd be surprised how much that works to make magical girls stop and listen to you." Lilith replied, not at all bothered by the giggling some of the people in the room were doing.

"Urgh, I can't believe my sister found someone who can relate to her." Sona muttered to herself, slumping in disgust.

Michael found himself smiling in amusement as Saji put the tablet away and sat back down and tried to ignore the annoyed looks of the two young female Devils next to him. "If no one has any objections, I would like to go next then." Serafall sat down and no one said anything more. Turning, he looked at Issei. "You said you had a question for me. I'm willing to listen." When Issei gave him a surprised look, he smiled gently. "I told you, did I not? That the next time we met I would be willing to listen to your question."

"Fine, my question is this." Issei stood up and gestured to Asia. "Why did you allow the Church to persecute Asia and exile her?" The blonde girl in question gasped in surprise, shocked that he would ask a Seraph that question.

"Seeing what young Asia Argento go through caused me serious pain, I never wanted to have her go through that." He looked at Kiba next. "Nor would I have wanted you to suffer what you went through, believe me." He looked at Issei again. "However, I must think of the future of Angels and the Church. If people found out that their Saint could heal Fallen Angels, Demons and Devils, it might cause people to lose faith in us. After God died, the system that he left in place was all that we have left. Sadly, even with myself as the centerpiece, it's a shell of its former self. Faith in God is what allows us Angels to survive. So, in the end, I chose to allow it to happen to protect Angels and the Church." He looked at Asia and gave her a soft bow. "For that, I am truly sorry."

"Oh!" Asia gasped, unable to believe that one of the leaders of Heaven was acting like this. "It's okay. I don't harbor any ill-will towards the Church or its followers. While it hurt to be cast out, doing so led me to meet Issei and Rias."

"Are you and Xenovia happy where you are?"

"I am." Xenovia answered while Asia nodded as well. "It's taken some time to get used to what happened, but I am truly happy here. For the first time, I made a decision of my own free will. I'll live with the consequences, but I don't regret my actions."

"And I've never been happier." Asia smiled softly. "I do miss the Church and the friends I had there, sure, but I wouldn't trade what I have now for anything."

"I see, thank you." Michael smiled, feeling a great weight having been lifted from his shoulders.

Behind him, Irina could only stare in shock. She knew Xenovia wouldn't betray them, but seeing it like this, it made her wonder what else she had been lied to about. She didn't doubt Heaven, and Saint Michael had his reasons after all.

"Can I ask a question or is it only okay if the Leaders do?" Nabiki spoke up, causing everyone to look at her in confusion. "Lord Sirzechs, am I to assume that there is no one looking for me if I came in here freely?" When Sirzechs and Serafall looked at her in confusion, she coughed. "I mean, I did accidentally kill my King when I, ah, struck him between the legs."

"Oh?" Sirzechs blinked as he thought about it. "That sounds..."

"The former member of the Old Satan Faction who decided it wasn't worth fighting. He was rather obese and ugly." Grayfia filled in the details for him.

"Oh yeah! That guy!" Sirzechs snapped his fingers as he remembered that. "No, there was never anyone searching for you."

"HUH?!" Nearly everyone in the room yelled at the same time.

"What do you mean no one was looking for me!?" Nabiki yelled.

Sirzechs sighed. "Your King survived, went to his fridge to get an ice pack, a frozen can of rolls came out, hit his foot, caused him to hop, fall to the ground when his legs couldn't support his mass, and he attempted to scream ... which is when a large fudge bar fell out, lodged in his throat, and he suffocated to death."


"It gets worse."

"Worse than the fact no one bothered to put that on the news?" Nabiki growled.

"He had no pants on."


"Or anything resembling underwear."


"We also found a bottle of lotion and a nearly empty box of kleen--"

"I GET IT!" Nabiki yelled. She couldn't believe this. "Are you SERIOUS?!" When Sirzechs nodded she let out a scream and pointed at Azazel, who was looking at her in sympathy. "I ran to this guy looking for protection from hunters because I thought I was going to die!"

Azazel chuckled softly as people looked at him. "Yeah, she did come to me, I was actually surprised she got to me so easily, and asked for my protection. Naturally I gave it, though I do admit that I was curious as to why a Human turned Devil would come to me."

"And you asked me to give you information on my home district." Nabiki said, her voice strained with how unbelievable it was that everything that happened, her running to Azazel, turning Ranma and Lilith into Devils and more could have all been avoided if she had just KNOWN about her King killing himself by accident.

"Well, when you mentioned you were in Tokyo, I thought that having a spy working there and feeding me information about various things, since Tokyo is known for insanity, wouldn't be a bad thing." He scratched his beard and then sighed as he looked at Mittelt. "Do you have something to say, Mittelt?"

"Yeah," Mittelt nodded at him. "Why did you abandon Raynare and the others? Why did you order me to seduce Ranma to bring him to our side?"

"Wait, what?" Azazel looked at her in confusion. "I never ordered anyone to seduce anyone."

"That's what Raynare told me!"

Not far away Issei grimaced at that name. He hadn't thought of the girl that had asked him out, betrayed him, tormented him in various ways before killing him, since Rias killed her, but now that they were talking about her, he couldn't help but remember her.

"What's the matter, Issei?" His eyes widened as he swore he heard her voice in the back of his head. "Did you forget about me? Don't worry, I didn't forget about you." Her voice seemed to giggle before fading away.

"The letter I wrote said that you were to talk to Ranma there, see if you couldn't get him to be an ally or at least neutral towards us. I never said anything about seducing him."

"Then why bring up the fact that he doesn't mind lolis?!" Mittelt yelled, her face flushed.

"Well, I heard that he had a preference for lolis, I figured if you asked that he'd be more willing to listen than if I had sent in Raynare or Kalawarner. As for abandoning them, I thought that Raynare and the other two were simply causing trouble for the Devils in town." He looked at Asia and Issei. "Speaking of which... You two were killed by Raynare, weren't you?" He sighed when they both looked at him with a start and nodded, though Issei glared at him.

"Yeah, you asshole! Raynare did what she did because she wanted to be like you!" Issei responded, squeezing his left hand into a fist.

Azazel nodded at him. "I am terribly sorry, I figured that Raynare went rogue or joined Kokabiel, so I let them suffer the consequences of their actions, hoping to reign in the rest of the Fallen Angels by showing them what happens if they went rogue. Fat lot of good it did with Kokabiel." He grumbled out in annoyance.

"You would have let me die with them too?" Mittelt asked softly.

"Speaking of Kokabiel..." Michael spoke up before anyone else could answer. "What have you done with him?"

"After he was brought back to me, I punished him by sealing him in Cocuytus. He'll remain there as a frozen statue for the rest of time." Azazel shrugged helplessly at the looks of suspicion he was getting. "I can't completely control everyone around me after all."

"If I might ask..." Sirzechs began, "why were you gathering up Sacred Gear users?"

"To protect myself and my faction." Azazel answered and then saw the looks of suspicion that the other leaders had. "You act like I'm the least trustworthy person here."

"You are." Sirzechs, Serafall and Michael all answered at the same time.

"Feh. Let's just cut to the chase then." Azazel leaned forward and grinned at the others. "At our current rate, with the little skirmishes we keep having with each other, eventually we're all going to go extinct, or be so weak that if the other pantheons decide they want to eliminate us, we won't be able to defend ourselves." He held his hand forward, palm up. "So how about it? Why don't we have a real peace treaty between our groups?"

"Woah..." Issei muttered in shock, he couldn't believe that Azazel would come right out and say it.

Apparently neither could the leaders of the other factions as they stared at him in shock.

"What? Seriously?" Azazel leaned back in his chair and sighed. "Listen, a true treaty of peace between our factions would help in the long run. We can hammer out the details later, but the real benefits of doing so would allow our underlings to live side by side, walk down the street and interact and not have to worry about being forced to fight against each other." He gestured to the group at large. "When facing against Kokabiel, you had a Demon, a Hanyou, several Devils, a Fallen Angel and members of the Church working together to stop him. While the situation was extraordinary and needed immediate attention, the fact that they could work together despite the fact that our factions are against each other proves that it's time to move beyond the war and unite."

"I don't necessarily disagree." Michael nodded at Azazel. "But I am curious as to why you would agree to this?"

Instead of answering, Azazel looked at Issei. "Tell me something, Red Dragon Emperor, do you want peace?" When Issei looked at him in confusion, he smirked. "Let me simplify it for you. Peace means that our three sides won't fight against each other and you get to have all the sex you can handle, make a family as large as you want. But if we go to war, there's no sex, no fun time, and you'll never get to sleep with that hot redhead next to you."

"Peace! Peace is good!" Issei yelled out nervously as he stood straight up.

Azazel grinned as he realized that he had figured Issei out properly. "What about you, Princess?"

"Me?" Rias asked.

"No, not you." Azazel shook his head and pointed at Lilith. "I'm talking about her."

"Princess?" More than one person asked in confusion.

"I had the honor of meeting one of your former teachers who happens to know a thing or three about Makai."

"The Demon Realm?" Sirzechs asked in confusion. "That was sealed away from outside interference long before I was born. There's been no contact from anyone from there ever."

"Indeed," Azazel nodded and looked at Lilith. "But the teacher I talked to mentioned something very interesting to me, about Belial Aensland and his children. You wouldn't happen to be..."

Lilith nodded slowly. "Yes, Belial Aensland is my father and one of the three rulers of Makai."

"Anyway, what about you, Princess?" Azazel smirked at her. "Would Makai like to join this accord for peace?"

Lilith took a deep breath and shook her head. "No." The shocked looks from everyone had her coughing. "Not because we desire conflict with the other realms, though some Demons do wish for that, but rather because I cannot make that choice for Makai. Despite being his daughter, I have no claim to his throne. In fact, my father does not even know that I'm alive."

Before anyone could ask what she meant by that, a weird feeling overcame the conference.

"Huh?" Issei looked at his left hand and saw his Boosted Gear out, Rias's hand was over it. "What's going on?"

"Seems like they've made their move." Azazel sighed and stood up before walking over to the window where he watched dozens of people in magical robes appear out of the air. "Just lovely."

"I'm confused." Ranma looked around as he saw Kiba with his Balance Breaker, Xenovia with Durandal, Irina with that Excalibur Mimic of hers, the four leaders, Rias, Grayfia, Lilith and Vali all moving freely while everyone else was frozen solid. "What happened?"

"Gasper, his Sacred Gear can stop time." Rias said in realization. "But how..?"

"See the people landing outside?" Azazel jerked his thumb at the people out there. "They probably knew about his Sacred Gear and super-charged it or something."

"As for why all of us are unaffected, I'm sure it has to do with our power." Vali commented for the first time. "Not sure why you two," he looked at Ranma and Lilith, "were unaffected."

"Yeah, that's..." Ranma blinked as he felt something in his pocket vibrating. "What the?" He pulled out the item that Nabiki had tossed him earlier.

"Hey, Ranma, if you're hearing this then it means the events that I saw thanks to my Balance Breaker, and yes, I obtained that, oh, by the way, Michael, put a warning on the entrance to the Seventh Heaven, I almost went insane when I looked inside, anyway, only had time to make these items for you and Lilith, it'll block Gasper's time abilities from affecting you."

The message shut off and Ranma shrugged and put the item away. "Well, that explains that."

"I'll have to ask about that Balance Breaker later." Azazel muttered as he watched the forces outside that were frozen get removed from the battlefield. "Well, how nice of them, they aren't killing our forces."

"Yet." Sirzechs replied as he looked out. "Teleportation spells?"

"Yeah." Azazel put his hand on the window after the last of their forces were removed from the field. "Now then, how about this?"

Hundreds of spears came rushing out of the sky and skewered every single one of the magic-users outside in an instant, much to the surprise of the younger people in the group.

When dozens more appeared and started firing magic beams at the building, the four rulers put up a powerful barrier surrounding the room they were in.

"Hmm, judging from the strength of their attacks, I'd say they're all mid-Devil strength at least." Grayfia mused. "If only..."

"Yes." Michael nodded at her and looked at the frozen figures. "We could deal with them, but it would leave them helpless."

"Which is what they were planning on from the beginning, I'd say." Azazel grumbled. "We need to do something about this."

"Brother." Rias spoke up. "I have an unused Rook piece at the old school house. Gasper and Koneko are there. I could use the Castling Maneuver to get there and attempt a rescue."

"That would be risky." Sirzechs muttered. "You could take one other person with you."

"I'll go." Issei spoke up. "I'm not going to let anything happen to Gasper or Koneko if I can help it."

"If it's alright with everyone," Kiba spoke up, "since Xenovia, myself, Irina, Ranma and Lilith can move freely, perhaps we can take on the invading forces since you have to keep the barrier up."

"I'd love to move freely, but," Sirzechs looked at the people still frozen. "Very well. I trust no one else has a problem with that?"

"Mouuu!" Serafall pouted and pointed at Ranma. "You! Dark Lord Ranma! Show these wannabe Magical Girls what their natural enemy can do!"

Sweat-dropping, but nodding, Ranma saluted her and looked at Vali. "You going to help or just sit there looking cool?"

Vali snorted at him. "These fools aren't even worth using my Balance Breaker on, but I suppose it couldn't hurt to deal with them." White Wings formed behind him and Ranma blinked in surprise. "What?"

"Nothing, didn't realize your Sacred Gear was wings. That's neat."

Vali smirked as the window opened. "Well, guess I better deal with them then." He zipped out through the window, followed by Kiba and Xenovia and then Ranma and Lilith brought up the end.


As he flew up into the sky, Vali smirked at the magicians. "Now then, how about it?"

"Vanishing Dragon, Balance Breaker." His Sacred Gear flashed and he was covered in a white body armor that had several blue orbs across the chest and body. "Now then, let's do this, Albion."


"Issei." Azazel spoke up. "Here." He held out a couple of large rings in his hands. "Put this on your arm. You haven't been able to achieve Balance Breaker yet, have you?" Issei shook his head. "Thought so. This will temporarily give you enough ability to use it."

"What's the second one for?" He asked as Azazel put the ring around his arm.

"Gasper. It'll help him gain control of his Sacred Gear." Azazel shrugged. "Of course, if you have him drink your blood, he should be able to gain a lot more control over it as well."

"He hates blood." Rias commented as Issei walked over to her. "Anyway, thanks."

Azazel nodded as the two disappeared and a rook piece replaced them. "Hurry up, kids, I hate..." He trailed off as a magic circle appeared in the room. "Well, this was unexpected." When a tan woman wearing glasses with brown hair, large breasts and a low-cut purple dress appeared in the room, he raised an eyebrow. "Katerea Leviathan?"

"Well, Azazel, it's good to see you." She sneered at him and glared at Serafall. "And the bitch who stole my birthright."

"Hey!" Serafall objected. "You challenged me and I won fair and square! So no whining."

"My ancestor was Leviathan, bitch! You just got the title for no good reason!" Katerea snarled. "But it doesn't matter. I'm here to announce that the Khaos Brigade will be ending this alliance now."

Azazel smirked at hearing that. "Oh really?"


There was a crashing sound and everyone looked up to see Azazel and a tan woman crashing through the window out into the open air. "I have to admit, Katerea, I'm surprised you'd bother to show your face so brazenly." Azazel commented as he punched her in the chest, sending her away. "Shouldn't the Old Satan Faction just admit that they're inferior to the current batch of Devil Kings already?"

"NEVER!" She screamed and pulled out a staff and charged him, only to have her staff blocked by a sword of light.

"Man, that's a lot of power between those two." Ranma commented before throwing some basketball sized Youki blasts at the mages in the air. "Let's take care of them."


"TaKe CaRe Of WhO nOw?" A voice from behind them spoke up, causing them to spin around and see a familiar red armor standing there with its arms crossed.

"Bishamon. What are you doing here?" Kiba asked as he held his Sword of Betrayal in front of him.

"Hannya." The female spirit spoke up as two spirits formed around its shoulders. "Why, we're here to kill you. Or at least send a message, one of the two."

"With no weapon?" Xenovia smirked at the armor. "This will be easier than last time."

"Oh?" The armor tilted its head and uncrossed its arms. "Who said I was unarmed?" A black magic circle appeared in front of it and a familiar looking hilt appeared out of nowhere. "Just finished today, the reforged..." Everyone stared as the familiar fused Excalibur was pulled out of thin air. "Excalibur. Hmm, it needs a name... Oh, I know!" A black and gold aura surrounded the sword and the armor. "Excalibur Betrayal."

"HOW?!" Irina yelled in shock. "I personally returned the fragments of the broken sword! They were used to reforge each Excalibur!"

"Indeed." The armor nodded. "But I got my hands on the hilt and had it get reforged. Sadly, it lacks most of its abilities, but don't doubt this thing's power.

"Think you three can handle it?" Ranma asked, getting a nod from Irina, Kiba and Xenovia. "Okay then, we'll..." He jumped out of the way as a weighted object hit where he was a moment ago. "The hell? Pantyhose?" He looked up to where the pantyhose line went to and saw a young Chinese man with short dark hair, wearing a green Dragon-scale vest, black pants and bracers on his arms. "Who are you?"

"You can call me Tarou." The man smirked at him. "And I'm your opponent."

"Please, you can't possibly match Master." Lilith smirked and was about to help Ranma when a powerful presence made everyone, even the battling Azazel and Katerea pause and look up in the sky as a tall woman with large breasts, wearing a black leotard and purple leggings hovered in mid-air, two wings on her head and two large wings out of her back, her long, green hair fluttered in the breeze.

"Hello, dear sister." A sultry voice spoke up as the woman in question grinned down at her. "It's me... Morrigan. And I've come for you."

End Chapter 4


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Since I love you guys so much, I'll give you the first half of chapter 5 right now.


Chapter 5

"Well, Katerea," Azazel smirked at her. "It's been far too long, then again, a washed up old bitch like you never was very interesting."

"Oh shut up!" She swung her staff forward and several magical beams lanced out at the Fallen Angel. "I'll crush you and then when I'm done with you I'll take out that bitch that stole my title."

Azazel held his hand up and a barrier formed in front of him, blocking the attacks. "Really? Because I don't think this is simply an inter-Devil squabble. I heard your faction was pretty much knee-capped." He smirked at her.

"Don't underestimate me!" She roared and as she cast several powerful spells that Azazel easily blocked.

"Please, is that the best you can do?" Snapping his fingers, dozens of spears formed above him before launching themselves at Katerea, who blocked all of them. "Come on now, surely you can do better." He taunted her as he raised a hand and blocked a torrent of magic that she tried to crash down on him.


"Three on one, huh?" The Armor said as it stood there glowing. "I guess it would take that many to defeat me."

"You know," Irina said as she held Excalibur Mimic in its katana form in front of her defensively, "I don't know what's worse, the fact that thing somehow has that fused Excalibur..."

"Excalibur Betrayal."

"Or the fact that the aura it's putting out is making my skin crawl." When several magic blasts from the hovering magicians forced all four to jump out of the way, she grimaced. "Well, shoot, if we don't deal with them first..."

"Allow me." A black aura surrounded the Excalibur Betrayal.

"Wait, how?!" Kiba yelped as the armor did a wide slashing arc up into the air, sending out a wave that slaughtered dozens of magicians. "I thought you said it lost it's power!" The sword started to glow red as the armor laughed at him.

"The powers of the four Excaliburs it had, yes. The power that I introduced to it? No." The armor twisted out of the way as a whip like attack came right at it.

"Then I must thank you for giving me the chance to fight against it." Irina said as she struck at the armor.

"Pathetic." The armor rushed at her, batting away her attack and kicking her in the chest, sending her crashing to the ground. "Now then." It swung the sword down and the attack was stopped by Xenovia holding Durandal.

"No you won't!" Xenovia glared at the armor. "You won't hurt my friend!"

"Xenovia..." Irina gasped and got up as she reformed her katana sword.

"Is that what they call it these days? Are you sure you weren't more when you were at the church?"

Xenovia's frowned in confusion. "What are you, ACK!" She grunted as the thing twisted its wrists, causing their swords to move down before being headbutted by the armor.

Spinning around, Bishamon parried Kiba's attack and jumped away from Irina's downwards slash. "You three work well together."


Ranma grabbed Tarou's punch and threw him into a magician before holding up a hand and creating a barrier blocking several attacks. "Nice try, ladies, but you didn't have enough postage on it, so I'll have to return to sender."

"Reflection magic?!" Several magicians gasped as they were blasted by their own attacks.

"Not bad." Tarou grinned as he got up. "Fighting them and me at the same time? I can see why you've got people interested in you."

Ranma snorted as pillars of ice flared up around magicians that got too close to him. "You aren't that good, pantyhose boy."

Tarou sneered at him. "You half-demon freak!" He held out his right hand and a mass of dark energy formed there before several snake-like tentacles wrapped around his body. "Heh heh heh heh... You're just a half-Demon freak, but me?" An insane grin covered his face as his body was covered in darkness. "I'm sure you've heard of Jusenkyo, yes?" Ranma nodded and Tarou continued to laugh. "Thanks to my benefactor I no longer need water to change into my cursed form. So much better than my human form."

"What?" Ranma watched as Tarou laughed as his form started to grow and shift. "...Oh... My..."

The beast was HUGE! Ranma figured he and four others could ride on the thing's neck no problem. It was bipedal, the upper-body was muscular and covered in thick fur, the bottom part looked like a cow's legs, on its back were a pair of white wings and lashing behind it was a tail with a snake for a head.

"...I don't believe it. A Yeti Riding a Bull Carrying a Crane and Eel spring?!" Ranma gulped and took a step back.

"MOOO!" The thing bellowed and punched at Ranma at a speed that caught him off guard, knocking him across the school yard where several magical blasts converged on him, kicking up a cloud of dust and obscuring everyone's vision.

The next thing that anyone knew, a green aura surrounded Ranma causing the dust cloud to disperse. "Not bad." Ranma tilted his head from side to side, popping his neck. "But if that's all you got, Pantyhose boy, then you're going to lose."

"MOOOOOOO!" The thing bellowed out and thrust an open palm at Ranma, a powerful black energy wave came crashing out.

"Well don't that beat all?" Ranma asked as it came crashing down on him.


Lilith hovered into the air, bats erupting from her body, leaving her nude before they circled her and reemerged with her body. Her body increased in height several inches, stopping a little under Morrigan's height, her chest, while larger than her human form, was very modest, her outfit was much like Morrigan's, a leotard that was a thong from behind, her legs were covered in purple leggings with bat designs on them. "So we finally meet." She said as two wings formed on her head and two large wings formed out of her back.

"My sister, or perhaps I should say," Morrigan narrowed her eyes at Lilith, "the other half of my soul. I don't know how you got your own body, but it's time to remerge with me."

Lilith smirked at her as she was shrouded by an intense Youki aura. "You want me to rejoin you? Too bad, I like my life! Soul Flash!"

"Soul Fist!" Two bats of energy flew at each other, slamming into each other and exploding outwards. Flapping her wings, Morrigan seemingly teleported in front of Lilith and grabbed her face before her wings transformed into a jet booster and rushed her as speeds that even Vali would have found impressive as Morrigan slammed Lilith into and through the school building...

...Several times before her shoe turned into an ax and Morrigan kicked upwards, cutting Lilith upwards from her hip to her neck, causing a spray of blood to erupt from her. "Is that all you..." She blinked as that Lilith grinned and disappeared into light particles.

The next thing she felt was a powerful kick to her back, sending her tumbling through the air. Flipping upside down, she looked at Lilith, who was grinning at her. "Okay, how?"

"The instant you let go." Lilith chuckled, her body slightly scuffed up before she flapped her wings and took off after Morrigan. When she got closer, she grinned and spread her wings wide. "Shining Blade Ripper!"

Morrigan righted herself and smirked as her wings transformed from the rocket pack back to normal and she flapped them. "Shadow Blade Ripper!"

Lilith's eyes widened as dozens upon dozens of dark blades lanced out and collided with her light blades before they exploded and kicked up a dust cloud. "How did..?" She gasped as Morrigan came crashing through the dust cloud, her wings wrapped around her arm into a spear as she aimed at Lilith's chest.

"Shadow Blade!"

"Shining Blade!" Lilith countered, her wings wrapping around her arm and forming a spear as well as she rushed forward to meet Morrigan head on.

When their attacks hit, the two grunted as the tips of their make-shift spears pressed against each other. Lilith had a grimace on her face while Morrigan grinned at her. "Tell me one thing, Lilith, did you really think you would be able to stay away from me forever?"

"I don't know, ask dad, he split your soul apart, not me."

Morrigan narrowed her eyes at Lilith. "Father's dead."

The shock Lilith felt was enough to distract her as Morrigan did a flip in mid-air and sent her crashing to the ground hard enough to leave a crater in its wake. Her spear reforming into wings, Morrigan descended to the ground. "Is that all?" She asked, disappointment in her voice.

As Morrigan's feet touched the ground, a stone fist erupted upwards, hitting her in the gut so hard that blood came out of her mouth, her eyes wide and a stupid look on her face before she was flipped up into the air before she crashed onto her back hard.

"Hardly." Lilith said as she staggered to her feet and wiped some blood off of her lips before dismissing the fist. "I still have enough energy to fist you good and hard."

Morrigan just groaned in response, both from the pain from the attack and the pain from that pun.


Kiba was finding it harder than he expected against Bishamon, even with Xenovia and Irina working together with him, the armor was seemingly dancing around their attacks, ducking, twisting and dodging at impossible angles while countering when it couldn't dodge. "Got you!" Several swords erupted from the ground, trying to skewer Bishamon when Irina and Xenovia jumped away from it.

"You sure? Bishamon asked as it jumped away from the swords that erupted. "Nice try, but too SLOW!" The sword came swinging down and several lines of destructive energy came crashing down, tearing up the ground and damaging the school building behind them.

Letting out a yell, Kiba struck at Bishamon from above. The armor raised its sword up to parry the downward strike and only realized, a moment too late, that it was wide open as Xenovia and Irina struck its chest with a cross-cutting attack, sending the armor flying through the air and crashing into the ground.

"Did we get it?" Xenovia asked before holding up her sword to block several magic attacks.

"Not bad. Bishamon said as it stood up, the armor looking cracked and cut, but otherwise was still in good condition. "But you'd be amazed how protective an aura really is." Bishamon sneered as Excalibur Betrayal had a black aura surround it. "Now then..."

"We've got one chance, as soon as it fires at us, we'll have to take it out." Irina said as she tensed up, preparing to move, Xenovia and Kiba nodded at her.

"Excalibur Betrayal... Since it's a Holy Sword..." Bishamon's chest lit up as it turned and faced the room where the Devil Kings, Michael and their frozen friends were located. "USING IT TO DESTROY THE LEADER OF HEAVEN SEEMS APPROPRIATE! FLY EXCALIBUR!"

"NO!" Kiba, Xenovia and Irina yelled out as Bishamon brought the sword down and a black wave of pure destructive energy lanced out towards the classroom.


Tarou chuckled as he saw the smoldering ashes erupt where Ranma had taken his attack. "MOOOO!" Turning, he looked for another fight to help out in.

"Now that you've done that, I have a question for you." Ranma's voice was heard from above. Tarou's eyes widened as Ranma's face came into view, though upside down as Ranma stood on his head and bent over to look him in the eye. "You were pretty skilled, but your aura didn't tell me you could do something like that, I know that bulls, cranes and eels can't do that, though if it was an electric eel I could see you shooting lightning at me. And Yetis aren't known for being anything other than strong, scary monsters."

Mooing, Tarou attempted to slap Ranma, who jumped out of the way, causing the Minotaur to slap himself on the face. "MOOOOOFF!" The next thing he knew he was on his ass and his face was hurting.

"Hey, don't facepalm so hard, I didn't even tell a bad joke yet." Ranma grinned at Tarou, who snorted as he got up, his face marred by a red hand print on his face. "Anyway, I figure none of your animals have that and you couldn't do that before, so, what allows you to, hmm? I'm betting it has something to do with those black snakes, am I right?"

"MOO!" The large Minotaur bellowed and charged Ranma, punching at him. His eyes widened as he realized Ranma was under him and hitting him in the stomach hard and fast enough that his eyes bugged out as he was launched into the air. "MOO!" The only answer he got back was an emerald energy orb that crashed into his chest, exploding and sending the large creature tumbling through the air.

Before Ranma could comment, he was forced to dodge as several beams pierced where he had been a moment ago. "Sheesh! Are you all just waiting for a clean shot at me or something?"

"Yes." Was the unanimous answer.

Ranma sweat-dropped as he heard that. "Thank you for being honest."

"You're welcome." The magicians all said at the same time and fired more magical beams at him.

When the beams converged, they were returned to the magicians, some of whom had seen him do that before and were able to dodge out of the way.

"This doesn't make sense!" One of the women yelled in frustration. "Reflection magic is pretty high-tier!"

"Relax." One of the other women said as they hovered through the air. "I'm pretty sure that he can't keep doing that."

"MOOO!" A large fist slammed where Ranma was, breaking his reflection barrier and sending him flying across the school yard and landing, butt-first, in a basketball hoop.

"Oww, that hurt." Ranma shook his head and looked at Tarou in surprise. "Are you getting bigger?!" When the Minotaur took to the air and fire started to form in its mouth, Ranma grimaced. "You can breathe fire too, huh? Lovely." A burst of power broke the basketball hoop. Lightning danced around Ranma's right hand before he snapped it forward and sent a bolt at Tarou, who merely grunted as his body continued to get larger. "Fuck."

Tarou opened his mouth to blast at Ranma with flames when he was hit at high speeds from the side. "MOO?!"


Tarou let out a pained Moo as he found himself not only not increasing in size, but instead shrinking and falling to the ground on his knees.


"MOOO!" Tarou screamed as his cursed body returned to its normal size.

"You know..." Ranma said as he stood next to Vali, causing the armored fighter to look at him. "I don't recall asking for your help."

"Fine," Vali turned to leave.

"Never said that I wouldn't accept it, just said that I never asked for it." Ranma replied, causing Vali to look at him again. Under his armor, Vali frowned in confusion. "Just don't do something stupid and get yourself hurt."

"You too. How are you standing there?" Vali asked, since Ranma was in mid-air with him. When Ranma pointed at his feet, Vali looked down to see two tiny cube barriers under his feet. "Interesting trick."

"Not all of us can fly, you know." Ranma smirked at him. "So get going, take out those magicians, I'll deal with Pantyhose boy."

"MOOO!" Tarou bellowed as he started to grow again.


Vali shook his head and took off, he wouldn't understand how that guy thought. 'Then again...' Vali's thoughts trailed off as he looked back at Ranma. "Ranma Saotome, there's something about you that's different from others, what is it?" He whispered to himself.

Dodging out of the way of an over-sized palm heading his way, Ranma shot a look at the old school building. "Dammit, Rias, Issei, what's taking you two so long?"


Lilith clapped her hands and a ball of energy formed there. "Try this! SHINE SPARK!" Throwing her hands up, the sphere got huge before she threw it at Morrigan.

"Oh nice!" The elder succubus grinned before her clothes disappeared, leaving her naked and a black wave of energy rushed out at the ball. "Shadow Dance!"

Lilith grimaced as her attack was stopped. "That sucks."

Morrigan's bats returned to her, as did her clothing. "Come on now, that can't be all you got."

Lilith smirked at her and snapped her fingers as lightning danced around her body. "Let's see, how about this?!" Snapping her arm to the side, a glowing bat surrounded by electricity rushed out at Morrigan.

"OH YES! That's more like it!" Morrigan took to the sky and grinned as the bat followed after her. "You might be more fun than I first imagined then." She laughed and twisted out of the way of another energy shot before seemingly disappearing and slamming into Lilith's stomach, feet first, at super high speeds, sending the younger succubus crashing to the ground. "I can keep this up all..." Whatever she was going to say was cut off as her body suddenly spasmed from an electric current running through her body from her feet. "NNNNGH!" She twisted and arched her body in mid air, only to scream as the electric bat slammed into her breasts from above, causing her to light up like a Christmas tree.

"...She gets off on electrical currents running through her?" Lilith asked, twitching as she felt the rush of what felt like sexual pleasure coming from Morrigan. "Good to know, I guess."


Azazel raised an eyebrow as Katerea held up her left hand. "Snakes?" He asked as the energy surrounded her body and she laughed. The next thing that he knew, a powerful black energy wave was sent at him.

"And that's that." Katerea smirked and turned around.

"Just so we're clear, that's not that." Azazel smirked and blocked a bare-handed strike from Katerea. "You know, you're pumping out a lot more power than a typical Devil King descendant, and I wonder if maybe it has something to do with those black snakes you just absorbed.

"I don't know why I should tell you, you're going to be dead soon."


Sirzechs and Serafall were both on the floor, face down, from when Grayfia pushed them when she saw the black wave of energy coming for them. "Lord Sirzechs, Lady Serafall, are you two okay?" Grayfia's voice, incredibly pained, spoke up.

"Yes, we're fine, are you..." Sirzechs spoke as he started to get up and turned to look at his wife, who still had her arms outstretched.

Her outfit was soaked in free-flowing blood, blood was running out of her mouth, down her chin and throat as she staggered. She coughed, causing more blood to come up, and smiled him. "I'm glad."

"Grayfia!" Sirzechs quickly stood up, followed by Serafall.

"I'll deal with her, help Michael with the barrier, and you!" Serafall said to Michael. "Don't look at what I'm going to do."

"I would never look at another man's wife in any way other than platonically, but I assume you must remove her outfit to see how badly she was hurt." Michael said as he pointedly looked away.

"Yeah," Serafall said as she grabbed at Grayfia's outfit. "Don't fight, lemme SEE!" With a yell, she tore Grayfia's top completely off, leaving her bare breasts hanging out. "Sunnvabitch!" Serafall cursed loudly as she saw the extent of the damage Grayfia had taken.

The woman was practically bisected from her right shoulder down through her left breast. Serafall wasn't sure if the attack had cut the other Devil's heart apart, but she wasn't going to take any chances. "I'm not good with healing magic, but I'll do my best."

Hearing that, Sirzechs, who was facing the outside, took a chance to look over his shoulder. What he saw almost made him see red.

His wife, the mother of his son, on her knees, blood pouring out of her like she was some sort of stuffed pig, on an injury he was certain would have killed nearly anyone else. He knew Grayfia was tough, durable and wouldn't die too easily, but that injury could do it, with the blood loss and the fact that he was certain it had almost cut her in half, he knew she wouldn't last much longer. "Blast it all." He growled and glared at the magicians who were continuing to bombard their position with magical beams. "If only Asia Argento wasn't frozen."

"Indeed. I must apologize to you, Sirzechs." Michael said, his tone sad. "If I could heal your subordinate, I would."

"You're wrong about one thing." Sirzechs said as he continued to hold the barrier up. "She's my wife."

"Right now," Grayfia coughed hard, "I'm your maid."

"Now is not the time for that!" Sirzechs yelled, his voice full of anger and worry. "Reprimand me at home later if you want, but right now I'm your husband and I'm worried to death over you!"

Michael mentally sighed as he listened to that. He couldn't fully appreciate how much Sirzechs was worried, but he sympathized greatly with the other leader.


"Hmm, I missed, I was aiming at Michael, to think that I would just hit a worthless maid, oh well."

"YOU BASTARD!" Kiba, Xenovia and Irina yelled at the same time, rushing in so fast that Bishamon couldn't even see them. Even so, Bishamon parried a strike from Xenovia, only to have the armor on its right flank removed by Kiba as he passed by. Swinging at Kiba had Irina come up from behind and deeply cut across the armor's back. Taking a stumbling step forward, Bishamon turned to swing at Irina, who had already gotten out of the way.

Xenovia screamed as she came in with a downward's slice, hitting the helmet of Bishamon and shattering the face-plate covering the left side of the face, revealing a shocked expression."Impressive." It commented as it took several steps back, parrying and protecting itself as best it could while the three continued to strike and carve off pieces of its armor. Bishamon quickly jumped back and parried while moving backwards, knowing that the fight was most likely lost.

The ghost sneered as the three kids continued to chase after it, screaming profanities at it.


"GASPER!" Issei yelled as he burst the door down, Rias right behind him. In front of them were a bunch of women with those weird hoods that made them look like they had three eyes in a line in the center of their faces. Gasper was bound to a magical barrier that looked like an ornate cross, Koneko was likewise bound, though she was upside down and her skirt was hanging upwards revealing her pink and white striped panties to him.

"Issei! Rias!" Gasper gasped out, tears coming out of his eyes, which were glowing and looked like they were cut into several slices. "You came for me."

"Of course we would." Rias smiled at him. "You're a member of my family, I'm not going to let some third-rate wannabe magic users use you like this."

"Enough!" The women pointed sword at Gasper and Koneko. "You know, you're a pathetic master. You should have had him under mind control so that you could easily control him."

"Rias! I'm sorry!" Gasper sobbed as he hung there helplessly. "This is all my fault! You should just kill me now!"

"Gasper, do you really think that will make me happy?" Rias asked and ignored his protests. "Besides," she smiled at him, "if you go out of control, I promise to punish you thoroughly and then give you lots of cuddles and love afterwords."

Gasper sniffled as he heard that. "You mean it?" Rias nodded and he smiled. "Okay!"

"Listen, Gasper." Issei spoke up as he held up his Boosted Gear. "You're a member of the Gremory family, and you can't just go and die freely like that."

"ASCALON" His Sacred Gear yelled out as a long blade erupted from just above Issei's knuckles.

"Now, Gasper, don't move." Issei put the blade on his unprotected palm and cut into his hand, drenching the blade in his blood.

"Enough! Just kill them already." One of the women yelled before Issei let out a yell and slashed down, covering Gasper's face with blood.

"Gasper, I know you don't like blood, but, dammit man! You're a man, aren't you? Why don't you show everyone what kind of man you can be?!" Issei yelled as the blood ran down Gasper's face.

The pointed eared boy stuck his tongue out and took a drop of blood into his mouth. A pulse of energy later and Koneko found herself on her feet next to Issei and Rias.

"Where did he go!?" One of the women yelled in shock, before crying out in dismay as her body was groped all over by dozens of shadow tendril hands.

"GRR! Kill their King!" One of the magicians yelled as she fired a magic blast at Rias's unprotected back.

"Watch out!" Koneko called out and Issei got in front of the blast but watched in shock as it stopped in mid-air.

"No way!" The magician who fired that yelled in shock, she yelped as more tentacle hands wrapped all over her body.

"It's no use!" Gasper's voice seemed to come from everywhere at once. The shadows against the wall suddenly all gained eyes and split apart, revealing many bats. "I can see EVERYTHING!"

The very air itself seemed to distort in colors and all the magicians found themselves frozen in time.

"Issei! Now!" Gasper cried out.

"Hell the fuck yeah!" Issei grinned as he quickly slapped each of the magicians clothes, leaving a red seal on their clothing. "Dress Break!" Snapping his fingers, the clothes exploded, leaving the women naked, other than their faces, which were still covered by their hoods, to the leering eyes of Issei. "Gasper! We did it!"

"Yeah!" Gasper cried out happily while Koneko gave Issei a flat look and Rias just sighed while facepalming.

"We can do anything when we work together! Now I need to get my hands on those jubblies!" Issei pounced for the girls only to be stopped as Rias smacked him on the top of the head.

"Down boy."

"Yes." He groaned pitifully and rubbed his aching head while Koneko just sighed and Gasper returned to his normal crossdressing form. "Gasper."

"Yes?" The half-Vampire blinked as Issei put a band around his arm. "What's this?"

"It'll help you control your Sacred Gear, okay?" Issei smiled.

"Alright, we need to hurry, let's get back out there." Rias said as the four left the room behind them.


It took only a few moments for the four to get back to the battlefield as evidenced by Issei blasting one of the magicians in the back of the head while Rias took Gasper to the classroom. Both of them gasped as they saw Grayfia's heavily injured body. The gray-haired woman looked like she was barely conscious as Serafall worked on healing her.

"Rias." Her brother's stern voice got her to snap back to reality. "Serafall's working on Grayfia, please do your part to buy us more time."

"Of course. Please watch over Gasper." Rias said as she stepped outside the barrier and created one of her own to stop the bombardment of magical blasts.

Outside, Issei and Koneko took up defensive positions and took out magicians that got too close to them and the barrier. "I wish we could get out there and kick their asses." Koneko grumbled as she picked up a rock and threw it as hard as she could at one of the magicians, taking them out.

"I know, but we need to hold a defensive position here." Issei didn't like it either, but they had to try and defend against the magicians.


Koneko and Issei both turned to the sound of the moo and stared stupidly at what they saw. They weren't sure what it was, but the thing was probably close to twice the size of the school at this point and getting larger as it swung its arms around to try and hit something, kicking up powerful gusts of winds that knocked several of the magicians through the air.

"Whatever that is, I'm glad I'm not fighting it." Issei commented when it started to breathe fire, getting a nod from Koneko.


Up in the classroom, Gasper could only watch in dismay as Rias tried, several times, to stop the attacks of the magicians, only to have her barrier get broken over and over again, and Koneko and Issei were doing a good job, but he knew it was only a matter of time before they were taken out, there was that giant monster that wasn't too far away that was mooing and scaring him. "This is my fault." He sniffled. "If only I wasn't such a coward, if only I could control this blasted Sacred Gear of mine."

"Do not blame yourself." Michael spoke to the distraught half-Vampire. "While you have the power, this most certainly is not your fault."

"Yes it is!" Gasper yelled as he walked up to a destroyed window. "Issei! Rias! I... I can't stand this! I want to be a man like Issei! I want to be able to stand tall and proud! I don't want to see my friends hurt anymore!" Reaching up, he grasped at the band around his arm. "I'm going to do it! I'll fix this!"

"Gasper! No!" Rias called out, knowing that if he used his Sacred Gear again, he might actually kill himself.

"Just watch me!" Gasper pulled it off, "I'm going to be a man!" His eyes flashed brightly and the air started to distort.

"Why does my internal clock tell me that I've been out of sync with reality for almost half an hour?" Atsuko asked as she looked around, seeing others who were likewise confused.

"Because you have been." Sirzechs commented as he watched Gasper stagger around. "Asia Argento, please heal Grayfia."

The blonde gasped as she saw the bloody form of Sirzech's maid and rushed to her. "Yes!" Her hands started to glow green as she put her hands over the injured body of Grayfia, getting a nod from Serafall, who stepped back and grimaced at her bloody hands.

"What's going on?" Akeno asked.

"Nevermind that!" Rias's voice was heard. "Get out here and help us take out these magicians! There's several powerful enemies out here as well!"

"One second." Sirzechs said as he stepped forward, his eyes smoldering. "I have something I need to work out." A red sphere of energy formed in his outstretched left hand. "For preventing me from helping my wife, I am most... Displeased."

The attack he used on the magicians closest to them was similar to Rias's Power of Destruction, so anyone who had seen her power in action knew what to expect. The level of power wasn't even comparable, however.

After the attack ended there wasn't so much as a scrap of cloth left of the magicians that it had consumed.

"And that's why he's a Devil King." Akeno muttered as her outfit changed from her normal schoolgirl outfit to her Miko outfit. "Come on! Let's not waste this chance!"


Rias suddenly grinned as an idea came to her. "Akeno, Mittelt, triple attack!"

"Got it!" The two yelled as a pink spear flew towards the center of a cluster of magicians, only to get surrounded by a red magical circle before Akeno's lightning blasted it, filling the sky with lightning and wiping out dozens of magicians while the others charged at the faceless magic users.


In the sky, Azazel smirked as he saw the magical barrier that the magicians had been using to teleport in fade away. "Well now, seems that they managed to turn off the time stop ability and disrupted the gate your side was using." Reaching into his kimono, he pulled out a dirk with a purple gem on the end. "So then, how about we get serious? I'm so bored right now, how about you?"

"What is that?" Katerea asked as Azazel started to slowly lift it up.

"Something more interesting that war, call it my hobby, if you will." He smirked at her as he held it up high, the gem in the air while the blade portion was pointing down. "This is the Downfall Dragon Spear. It's an artificial Sacred Gear developed by yours truly." He lowered it and started to glow. "Balance Break!"


On the ground, Issei saw the gem over his left hand start to glow brightly. "What's he doing?" He asked as he looked up at the sky.


The glow subsided and Azazel was covered in a golden armor that looked similar to Vali's Balance Breaker armor, except that the gems across the body were glowing purple, behind him, his wings gave it a sinister look. "Armor of the Fallen Dragon, Downfall Dragon, Another Armor." Behind his back a powerful looking bidet of light was in his right hand.

Katerea gasped as she saw it. "Aren't you powerful enough already!?"

"I don't want to hear that from someone who's using that Dragon's power to enhance herself." Azazel shot back. "Now come on!"

"I'll KILL YOU!" Katerea screamed as she rushed forward, only to scream in pain as Azazel met her charge and chopped her body from her right shoulder to her left breast, causing her to scream as her aura started to fade. Ignoring Azazel's laughter, she turned and her arms bloated up. "I am not needed for what's to come, if I can take out of the three great powers, then it's worth it! I will kill myself if need be!" Suddenly her arms extended and then burst into many small tentacle arms that latched onto his left forearm. "I'll take you down with me!"

"I hate to mock your hopes and dreams, but..." Azazel stabbed his own arm at the elbow, severing it. "It doesn't seem worth it!" He said painfully, ignoring the blood loss before he threw his spear right between the eyes of Katerea, killing her. "You're still going to die." As her body disappeared, Azazel's armor disappeared, his arm still bleeding as a purple orb formed in front of him. "I'm only willing to give up an arm for you." Slapping a barrier around his stump of a left arm, he grabbed the orb with his right one. "Thank you, Fafnir. But this Artificial Sacred Gear still has a long ways to go." He gave the gem a kiss.


"MOO!" Tarou's yell bellowed throughout the battlefield, those who hadn't been paying attention suddenly did and had to stare at the giant he had become.

"Are you sure you don't want my help?" Vali asked as the two dodged out of the way of another swing from Taro's hands.

"No, I'm fine." Ranma called back and jumped upwards, creating more barriers as stepping stones. "But I think it's time to put an end to this."

"Are you sure? Because I don't think you're going to be able to handle this."

Ranma smirked at Vali. "You said that I was in the top fifteen thousand of power, right?" Vali nodded as Ranma got above Tarou's head. "You're going to have to revise your statement after this one!"

Tarou looked around, finding it hard to see people who were about the size of gnats compared to him. 'Next time, I don't get this big, stop at about half this size maybe?' He had been able to control his size in his monster form for a long time, but this was the first time he had ever pushed himself this far.

When a blue light filled the sky, he turned to look up and stared stupidly. 'What the fuck is THAT?!'


Ranma grinned as energy started to form. "Flames of the sun, freeze my enemies to the core while the ice of Cocyutus burns the skin off their body." A blue ball of flame formed above him, before freezing, and then an outer layer of blue fire appeared around it. "You know, pantyhose boy, this was kind of fun! Too bad for you that you faced me instead of someone else."


"What is he doing?" Serafall asked as she felt the waves of magic coming from the rapidly expanding magic ball. She could tell that it was ice magic, but strangely, it felt like fire magic as well. When the temperature started to get rapidly colder and hotter at the same time, she tilted her head in confusion. 'Is he really mixing fire and ice magic together? But even so, to do a spell of this level...' Her thoughts trailed off as she pointed at a random magician and blasted him with an ice spear.


Tarou opened his mouth and prepared to breathe fire at Ranma, only to scream as his left eye erupted in pain.

"Leave my boyfriend alone!" Mittelt screamed at Tarou.

"Must be nice to have people who care for you, huh?" Vali commented as he watched the ball get larger and larger. "How big is this thing going to get?" He asked himself.

"HEY! PANTYHOSE BOY!" Ranma yelled as he saw Mittelt zip away. "EAT THIS! FROZEN FIRE FALL!" Dropping his arm, the HUGE ball of fire and ice magic descended downwards, engulfing Tarou and causing him to cry out in pain.

"MOOO!" The minotaur yelled as the energy consumed him. "MOOOO!" He could feel his core being frozen while the outer portion of his body felt like it was on fire. 'Oh shit, this burns, but it's so cold, but it BURNS! HOLY FUCK HOW THE HELL CAN SOMETHING BE SO COLD AND HOT AT THE SAME TIME?!' His body started to shrink as he fell.

As the ball of energy crashed into the ground, Ranma frowned, he didn't see a body as the ball of energy hit the ground. Several magicians has been caught up in the blast and were either incinerated or frozen before falling to the ground and shattering, a rather brutal way to go in Ranma's opinion, but he didn't think Tarou had died just like that.

"Impressive," Vali nodded at Ranma, "you're right, I do need to revise my statement of you." He put his hand on Ranma's shoulder. "But I'm still stronger than you."

"What are..."



Crashing to the ground, Morrigan groaned as her bruised and burned body started to smoke. "Let's never do that again."

Not far away, Lilith was on her knees and wobbling badly, her body covered in burn marks and bruises as well. "A..." She coughed hard, "agreed." Who would have guessed throwing two magical fireballs at each other was a bad idea? No one ever mentioned that they fed each other and became an out of control blaze instead of just blowing up upon contact.

At least the flames had been in the air, after a bit there was nothing to fuel them and they dissipated harmlessly.

Lilith slumped down and watched as someone limped over to Morrigan, picked her up and threw her over their shoulder before limping off. '...How?' She thought before she flopped onto her face, groaning in pain.


Grunting, Bishamon was staggering backwards when several swords pierced its feet, holding it still. "Good thing that I'm a ghost, otherwise that would have hurt." The female spirit said, the aura that surrounded her from Excalibur Betrayal having been spent.

"Let's finish this." Kiba said, getting nods from Irina and Xenovia. The three gripped their swords and were about to jump in when they found their legs and arms wrapped up, causing them to stumble and fall to the ground.

"You're still alive." Bishamon said as Tarou, with Morrigan over his shoulder, limped to the armor.

"Yep, have to hand it to Ophis, sacrificing most of the power that thing gave me to escape that attack from that magic freak..." Tarou, his left eye screwed shut. "I'll have to get a replacement eye though." Grabbing the armor, he pulled it straight up and off of the swords.

Turning to the trio who were glaring at him, he smirked. "Hey, tell that magic freak that I was fighting... What was his name? Satomi or something?"

"Ranma Saotome." Kiba answered him as he struggled to get free. 'What is this stuff made of?'

"Ah yeah, that guy, anyway, tell him that the only powers my benefactor gave me was the ability to control my cursed form and those energy snakes, the size changing and fire breathing was all mine. What was it called again?"

"Ruinous Animal Control." Bishamon supplied for him.

"Ah yes, that." Tarou chuckled and waved as a dark portal opened behind them. "Well, time to go." He gave Morrigan's butt a quick swat and squeezed it. "She's going to owe me for this one."

"Wait!" Nabiki yelled as she ran up to them. "Bishamon!"

"Hmm?" The armor, half of its face-plate missing, looked at Nabiki. "What?"

"Can you take off your helmet?"

"We don't have time for this." Tarou warned, he could sense some very dangerous powers making their way over to their location right now.

"No, it's fine." Handing Excalibur Destruction to the ghost spirits around its shoulders, the armor undid the helmet and took it off. Shaking its head and letting the ghost hair flow freely, the revealed woman smiled at Nabiki. "You've grown to be so big in the past eight years, haven't you, Nabiki?"

"M...Mother?" Nabiki's eyes widened in shock. "H...HOW?!"

"Sorry." The ghost of Kimiko Tendo waved her hand and walked through the portal after Tarou and Morrigan. "No time to talk today. Goodbye."

"Mother... MOTHER!" Nabiki ran after them but the portal closed just as she got to it. "DAMMIT!"

To Be Continued...


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"Well, looks like all the magicians have finally been eliminated, nice." Azazel said as he stroked his beard. He let out a grunt as something crashed into him from behind before he was blasted hard and sent barreling into the ground below and causing a crater that knocked Issei off his feet. "He got me." Azazel grumbled as he crawled out of the hole. "I must be losing my edge," he turned to look up at the sky. "Bad Vali."

"Vali?!" Issei gasped as he looked up at the guy in the white power armor. "So you're the reason they knew about this meeting?!"

"Sorry, Azazel, things just look more interesting from this side." Vali shrugged. "And you, Ranma Saotome..." He looked at the body he threw into Azazel. "You were right about one thing, after that performance I'd have to put you in the top two thousand in all the realms."

"Let me guess, now that you've tagged me you can Divide my power even if you focus on someone else, huh?" Ranma sneered in annoyance.

Getting up and dusting himself off, Azazel's wings formed behind him. "I can understand, but there's something I'd like to ask you."

As Azazel flew up, Vali just looked at him. "Hmm?"

Looking at the young man, Azazel grinned at him. "You know Shemhazai, my Vice-Governor General? Well he recently informed me that a faction was gathering the dangerous members of the three great factions, hero descendants and more. What were they called again? Oh yes, the Khaos Brigade."

"You always were well-informed, Azazel." Vali said as he looked at the man in front of him. Every instinct of his was screaming at him to ask for forgiveness for what he had done, but he couldn't listen to it, not right now.

Azazel just continued to smirk at Vali. "Considering just how many powerful members of the Khaos Brigade exists, I'm guessing that you're being led by Ophis, the Ouroboros Dragon, am I right?"

The name caused a commotion for the people who were able to pay attention, though Issei and Ranma were both confused about the name.

"No way," Rias gasped. "The Ouroboros Dragon? A Dragon so powerful even God feared its existence?"

"Yes, it is true," Vali admitted, "I am working with Ophis and the Khaos Brigade. But believe me, neither Ophis nor myself have any interest in world domination. We're simply a group that seeks to use our power for our own ends, nothing more or less."

"Well, that makes more sense." Azazel nodded at him. "I couldn't imagine you teaming up with Katerea otherwise. But then again, considering that you had your Devil title stolen as well, I wasn't completely sure."

"Wait, what?!" Serafall gasped. "He's a Devil King's descendant as well?"

"Indeed," Vali's right eye started to glow. "My name is Vali Lucifer."

"What?!" Sirzechs and Rias said at the same time.

"Lucifer?" Issei gasped in shock.

"I am one of the descendants of the dead Devil Kings. My mother was human, so I'm only a half-breed. My father was the grandson of the Great Devil King Lucifer. It was by pure chance that I got this Sacred Gear."

"All because you're part human." Azazel commented. "The fact that you have the blood of the actual Devil King Lucifer flowing through you and that Sacred Gear," he shrugged, "basically your very existence is a joke."

"I would say it's more of a miracle, really." Vali replied, eight black Devil wings forming out of his back.

Seeing that, Michael lowered his head and closed his eyes. "Dear God..." he sighed, wondering what sort of tragedy was to befall this world.

"The power of the Vanishing Dragon and Lucifer himself, huh?" Azazel casually commented. "I have a feeling this is the strongest White Dragon Emperor of all time, past, present and future."

On the ground, Issei could only look on in awe before Vali called his name. "What?"

"Fate can be cruel, huh? Me, the strongest Dragon Emperor with the blood of a Satan flowing through me, while you are barely a Devil, you lived a normal life with a normal family. In fact, if not for your Sacred Gear, you would be nothing."

"Well, if not for my Sacred Gear, I doubt I'd be a Devil right now." Issei shot back, getting a smirk from Vali, though no one could see it from behind his armor.

"Indeed," looking at Ranma, Vali shook his head. "Alas, I almost wish that you had gotten the Red Dragon Emperor instead, Ranma Saotome." Ranma looked up at him with a raised eyebrow. "Even without a Sacred Gear like that, your abilities managed to impress me. Had you gotten it, I'm sure that my destined rival would have been able to give me the fight I desire."

"Eh, don't flatter yourself, pretty boy." Ranma snorted at him. "If I had that Boosted Gear, I doubt you could touch me." He had been wondering why Vali insisted that he was stronger so much, if it was only the Sacred Gear, then Ranma had no doubt he wasn't that strong, but since he was descended from Satan himself, it made a lot more sense.

Vali actually laughed as he heard that. "That's what I mean! Even now I can feel my blood boiling, aching for a challenge! But alas, I have to settle for you, don't I, Issei?"

"Hey!" Issei snarled at him. "Just because I don't have your fancy level of power doesn't mean you're "settling" with anything!"

"Hmm, then again, I wonder..." Vali looked at the two of them. "Perhaps you could just take his Sacred Gear for yourself? Though it would kill him in the process."

"Yeah, how about no?" Ranma sarcastically bit back at him. "Sorry, I don't care how much stronger it would make me, I wouldn't sacrifice someone just to get to that level of strength."

"One day, Saotome, you may not have a choice." Vali shot back before looking back at Issei. "Well then, if the more worthy opponent won't take your power, then perhaps I just need to find a way to make you wake it up fully? Maybe I should kill your parents then?"

"Yeah, okay, shut up." Ranma said as he jumped into the air, a barrier forming under his feet. "I'm kind of sick of your big mouth."

"What can you do? Your power's been cut in half and I can do it again."

Ranma gave him a small grin. "Tell me something, Vali... Could you fight me without doing that divide power?"


"Come on. With all that talk about 'testing your power' and all that shit you don't want to win just by dividing power, right?" Ranma's smirk grew. "How about it? Fight me without dividing my power, because I know I can't beat that." Though Ranma felt that he could in the future.

Vali laughed. "Fine! I'll defeat you without using my Sacred Gear's power."

"Are you sure that's wise, Vali?" Albion spoke up. "Surely he would have a plan to fight you."

"It's fine, I won't use divide against him. Come on, Ranma, if you're holding something back, don't be afraid to use it."

"What could he be planning?" Sirzechs asked as he watched Ranma reach up to the wrist band on his right arm and tap it, a green magic circle forming on the underside of his arm. "Wait, is that a seal?"


Ranma's eyes were cast in shadow as he nodded. "Alright then... Power sealed, release your strength," the green circle shattered and the wrist band fell from his arm and disappeared. "Devil King... UNLEASH!"

There was an explosion of power as emerald green energy erupted from Ranma, spiraling around him into the sky.

"What the?" Vali hovered back, his eyes widening as he saw what was in front of him. "No way..."

"Devil wings?!" More than one person gasped in shock.

"Well..." Azazel muttered to himself as he watched from a distance. "This is interesting. How DID you become a Devil?"

"VALI!" Ranma's voice was heard over the roar and the White Dragon Emperor suddenly grinned in delight.

"YES!" He rushed in, punching at Ranma's face, only to have his fist slam into an invisible barrier before lightning crashed down on him from behind. "Well, you're interesting." Vali grunted and fired a Dragon shot at Ranma, blasting the barrier into pieces. When Ranma rushed at him, he flew right at him, both of them trading blows with each other.

"What's going on?" Serafall asked and looked at Mittelt, who was watching in worry. "You know what's going on, how is he a Devil and how did he get all this power?"

"I'm... Not completely sure." She shook her head. "When I met him, he was already a Devil, but he didn't want people to know."

Ranma grunted as Vali kicked him in the gut, though at least he got to see Vali's shocked face as his head armor shattered from the hundreds of hits Ranma tagged his face with. "Having fun yet?" Holding his hands to the side as he flew through the air, he threw two powerful Youki blasts at Vali, who grunted as he blocked them.

"Vali, his power is dangerously high, I suggest..."

"Enough, Albion." Vali grinned as he fired a Dragon shot at Ranma, who countered with a Youki blast, rushing in, he grunted as Ranma ducked under his attack and struck him in the face. "Fascinating. Simply fascinating." He gasped as his body started crackling with lightning.

"You're slow!" Ranma yelled as he dive kicked Vali in the chest, only to have his eyes widen as Vali grabbed his leg.

"Interesting." Vali grinned as he dive bombed to the ground, spinning and slamming Ranma into it, hard. "For someone who spent their life training with humans, I have to say I'm impressed. However, I trained with actual Gods growing up." Standing up, Vali kicked Ranma in the chest so hard that he went flying into the school building. "What can you do? Huh? Is that it?"

Ranma let out a yell as he punched the air rapidly, sending powerful air pressure shots at Vali. The White Dragon Emperor gasped as he was jerked from side to side by the attacks, cracking his armor. Grinning, Vali took off into the sky, followed by Ranma as they traded blows at super high speeds.

"Impressive." Azazel said as he watched. "Just how much longer can you keep up with him though, Ranma Saotome?" He could feel the energy Ranma had was slowly slipping away. "All that power and no control over the eruption, huh?"

Letting out a yell, Ranma kneed Vali in the back, causing the White Dragon Emperor to tumble through the air. Holding up his hands, Ranma formed a green Youki blast and sent it flying at Vali, causing him to head towards the ground for a moment, before he righted himself and took off back into the sky.

"Come on!" Vali yelled as he flew into Ranma's chest, elbowing him hard and causing Ranma to spit up some blood. "Is that all you've got?!" Several small, cylindrical barriers jabbed Vali from all directions, forcing him to pull back before they broke through his armor. "Interesting barriers."

Punching in, Ranma stared as Vali caught his fist. "Dammit!" He cursed as Vali kneed him in the stomach, doubling him over before smashing him out of the sky. Even when Ranma recovered, Vali was on him, driving his feet into Ranma's stomach and forcing him into the ground, creating a crater.

"That was impressive..." Vali floated up and panted as he watched Ranma get back up. "But all for naught."


Ranma let out a yell as he felt his power drain. "Fucker!" He hissed as his power drained even more.

"Don't feel bad, Ranma." Vali said. "Your power, your strength, they were superb! However you don't have any experience with your power at that level, even without the Divide, you would have lost as the battle ran on."

Ranma panted as he remained on one knee and looked up at Vali. "Now I see why... Why you could beat Kokabutt."

"As it stands, you may have been able to defeat him as well, but you cannot win right now." Looking back at Issei, he grinned. "Tell me something, Issei, could you give me that kind of fight? No, you couldn't, you couldn't give me what I wanted. You would need something to motivate you. Yes, I'll kill your parents. Or maybe I should kill your friends first and make you watch? Would that finally motivate you?"

Seeing his friend on the ground, hearing what Vali was saying, something inside of him snapped. "You stupid, selfish, sunnvabitch..." Issei was gritting his teeth as he felt his blood start to boil. "Why should I let you take away those that I love and care about for your own twisted, selfish IDEALS?!"


Issei was surrounded in swirling vortex of fire before it dissipated, revealing a red Dragon armor with green gems in its place. "NO ONE HURTS THE PEOPLE I CARE ABOUT! I DON'T CARE WHO THEY ARE!"

"His Balance Breaker!" Rias gasped as Issei finally obtained it.

"Well, well, about time you drew that out." Vali smirked under his helmet. "Come on, can you at least give me a token of a fight?"

On the ground, Issei started to glow as he glared at Vali. "Yeah, keep talking douchebag! ASCALON!"


Out of Issei's left knuckle a long sword appeared as Issei leaped into the sky after Vali, who dodged out of the way.

"The Dragon Slayer sword?" Albion commented to Vali. "I can't block that."

"Then I'll have to make sure that he can't touch us." Vali replied as he took to the sky, Issei following after him.

Watching, Ranma had to admit, that level of power was way higher than he was expecting from either of them. But as he watched, he felt his body trembling. 'You two... One day...'

"Weak! You're too weak!" Vali yelled as he danced around Issei, slamming him in the stomach with his feet.


Issei felt his power drain as his aura evaporated while he went flying to the ground. "Fuck, forgot about that power of his."

"You okay?!" Rias and Asia asked at the same time.

"Just fine." Issei replied as he struggled to get back to his feet.

"BOOST! Sorry, partner, but the best I can do is return you to the level of power you were before, but thanks to him touching us, he can Divide our powers every ten seconds."

"And you can only boost every ten seconds." Issei grumbled as he looked up at Vali. "Why are their particles coming out of his wings?"

"When he absorbs too much power, the wings help him vent the excess energy away."

"So he has a limit, huh?"

Vali formed two white spheres of energy in his hands. "You seemed to get upset at the thought of me killing your friends, Red Dragon Emperor. Perhaps I should do it right now? Let's start with... HER!" He yelled, throwing the spheres at Asia.

"NO!" Issei got in front of them, a barrier forming around his body as he blocked them entirely.

"How about her?" He charged at Rias before Issei tackled him into the air.


"That's it!" Vali grinned under his armor. "Get angrier! Hate me more!"

"Ddrag, transfer power to Ascalon!"


Issei's left arm started to glow before he punched Vali in the face, breaking the plate. "AGAIN!" He grabbed onto Vali's wings.


"What are you doing?" Vali stared in shock as he felt his power building up too fast.

"I'm boosting the power that you absorb, plus how much you already have absorbed, eventually your wings won't be able to handle it!"

When Albion warned him that the system was overloading and would need to restart, Vali realized that Issei was going to win this round.

"FEEL THE POWER OF ASCALON!" Issei screamed and punched Vali in the chest, shattering the armor and sending him to the ground, pieces of it scattered across the ground and a blue orb on the ground.

Grabbing his chest as blood dribbled out of his mouth, Vali coughed a few times. "I...Incredible. Well done."

When Vali stood back up, his armor reforming, Issei could only swear.

"The fight won't end until one of the two can no longer continue. This is how Dragons fight." Ddrag told Issei. The gem on his left hand started to glow and Issei held it up to him. When asked what was wrong, the Dragon responded, "the armband is almost at the limits of its effectiveness."

"Dammit, if only I was stronger." Issei cursed in annoyance. When told he should run away as the time limit was more of an enemy than Vali was, Issei shot that down. "I can't just leave everyone!" Looking down, he noted the cracked blue orb on the ground by his feet. "Ddrag, the Sacred Gear evolves according to my emotions, right?"

"Yes, but are you sure you want to do this? You will be putting your life on the line."

As he picked up the blue orb, Issei smirked under his armor. "I can't die yet, there's so much I want to do. I mean, I still have to get it on with Rias! Come on! For that alone I could take on the whole goddammed world!"

"HA HA HA!" Ddrag laughed in amusement. "Very well, then here's my determination!" As Issei held the orb up in the air, Ddrag continued to speak. "I am the mass of power known as the Red Dragon Emperor, and I will face this with my partner, together! Are you ready?"

"YEAH!" Issei grinned as his armor gems started to glow.

"What can you do so late in the game?" Vali sneered.

"Shut up, you Dividing Dragon Dickhead!" Issei then slammed the blue sphere onto his right arm's green sphere. "This is where, I TAKE YOUR POWER!"

"Issei, NO!" Rias cried out as she realized what he was about to do.

Screaming in agony, Issei's right arm twitched and spasmed while his body glowed. "HOLY FUCK THIS FUCKING HURTS!" Not even getting slashed by Excalibur Mimic or getting stabbed by spears of light after being turned into a Devil hurt this much!

Not far from him, Atsuko, who was barely paying attention, as she was looking for the others who hadn't gotten back yet, grimaced as she heard him scream. 'Hang in there, Issei.'

"What's going on?!" Gasper cried out in shock. "Is he okay?!"

"Are you really trying to take my power?" Vali asked, more amused than anything else. "Or perhaps you wish to die."

"SHUT UP!" Issei screamed as he fought back against the pain. "Kiba did it when he combined Holy and Devil Magic! Ranma did with that fire and ice magic attack!" He grinned, though it was pained. "Besides, Atsuko told me once, that sometimes you need to throw logic, reason and everything else to the wind and put everything on the line! So that's what I'm going to do!"

"Rather reckless," Albion spoke up, "we are conflicting entities. Have you gone stupid, Ddrag?"

"Ha ha ha!" Ddrag laughed at the White Dragon. "It's true that my partner's reckless, but that's what I like about him! Just kick logic to the curb and punch your way through, that's how we'll roll from here on out!"

Issei grinned, feeling the pain dying down. "If my abilities don't work, then I'll just find a way and punch through the wall in front of me! SO RESPOND TO MY POWERS ALREADY!"

"VANISHING DRAGON! POWER IS TAKEN!" Issei's right gauntlet changed to a white color, matching Vali's armor, while the gem over the wrist and elbow became blue.

"Impossible, this is impossible." Albion muttered in shock.

"You do realize that you gave up most of your lifespan with that reckless stunt, right?" Ddrag commented to Issei. "Most Devils live for thousands of years, you won't be one of them."

"That's fine, nothing lasts forever, still got shit I want to do before that though."

"Ha ha ha! Finally!" Vali laughed and spread his wings while floating up. "Now let me show you something of mine!" The air started to waver as Vali squeezed a fist at the school house. "Divide Dimensions!"

"What's going on?" Mittelt asked as she watched the building getting smaller.

"He's dividing the dimensional space," Michael noted in amazement. "It's a very dangerous ability that can shrink anything."

"How is that fair?!" Rias yelled in shock.

"It's not." Azazel said as he landed on the ground, his wings disappearing. "Hoo boy, what are we going to do with those two?" He sighed before smirking as an idea came to him. "Well, if Vali's going to be unfair, I think I'll cheat myself. Hey, Red Dragon Emperor, Issei."

"What is it?" Issei asked as he turned to look at Azazel.

"Let me make it simple for you, okay?" He gestured towards Rias. "Vali's power can divide anything, including Rias Gremory's bust line."

"HEY!" Rias protested.

"What?" Issei's pupils shrank. 'Divide her boobs? But they're perfect, I love her boobs. They'll become normal? I don't want to live in a world where Rias's boobs become normal.'

Turning to Vali, Issei snarled. "DON'T FUCK WITH ME!!" Looking up at Vali, he yelled. "RIAS'S TITTIES ARE PERFECT AND I WON'T LET YOU REDUCE THEM!!!"

"Wait, what?" Vali asked, stupefied.







As Issei started to glow and the winds around him erupted, blowing away the school building, trees and other things, forcing everyone to get behind a barrier or be blown away, Azazel started laughing while creating his own barrier. "This fight is hilarious!"


"This day has been full of surprises, but I guess it hasn't been boring."

"JUST TRY LAYING A FINGER ON RIAS GREMORY, I DARE YOU! I'LL DESTROY YOU SO COMPLETELY YOU'LL NEVER BE ABLE TO BE REBORN AGAIN! YOU HEAR ME, VALI?!" Issei screamed while lunging for the White Dragon Emperor, who took off into the sky, Issei then charged after him like a rocket, hitting him in the chest as hard as he could.

"What's with that speed?" Vali grunted in shock and flew away some more.

"SO WHAT?!" Issei screamed as he increased his speed and grabbed Vali's shoulder from behind with his left hand. "IF YOU HAD IT YOUR WAY WOULD YOU STOP AT RIAS OR WOULD YOU MAKE EVERYONE'S BOOBS SMALLER?!"

Vali was forced to turn and he gasped as Issei's white colored gauntlet came rushing at his face. "THIS IS FOR RIAS AND HER MAMMOTH SIZED MELLONS!"

"DIVIDE!" Ddrag screamed and Vali could feel his own power being drained at that moment.

"AND THIS!" Issei threw his head back before slamming it into Vali, shattering the helmet. "IS FOR AKENO'S HUGE HONKERS!"

Vali gasped in shock as Issei kneed him in several places, including between the legs. Normally that wouldn't bother him too much, but that was a really powerful blow and the armor didn't protect his most sensitive area at all.


A haymaker smashed Vali across his jaw with his right hand, causing him to spit blood.


Issei had tears falling out of his eyes as he imagined the next thing that Vali would divide. "AND WHAT ABOUT KONEKO'S POOR ITTY BITTY TITTIES?! YOU CAN'T DIVIDE THOSE! THERE'D BE NOTHING LEFT BUT SAD NIPS!"

Letting out a scream, Issei punched Vali with all his remaining strength, sending him crashing to the ground in a heap. Landing on the ground, but staggering, he panted and watched as Vali slowly got back to his feet.

"Interesting!" Vali grinned, his voice a bit high like he inhaled helium, as he saw Issei on his knees. "VERY interesting! Think you can handle something even stronger? Like my Juggernaut?"

"Forget it, Vali, this is not the right time for that." Albion spoke up.

Before anyone else could say anything, the sky seemed to break and a young man with a staff in hand landed next to Vali.


"Bikou, what are you doing here?" Vali asked in annoyance, his voice slowly returning to normal.

"Well, I saw you were having so much fun that I couldn't help myself. I just had to join in. Besides," he smirked at Vali, "we could use your help against the Northern Earth Gods."

"Who are you?" Issei asked as he stumbled forward.

"That's Bikou, the current Monkey King." Azazel said as he walked forward. "If you don't know, read Journey to the West, he's the latest incarnation of Son Goku."

Bikou laughed at that. "Yeah, well, it's time to go, Vali."

"Wait!" Ranma called out and stumbled forward, his left arm around his side, focusing on Bikou. "Tell me something, Monkey King, are others in your group as strong as you are?" Bikou blinked, confused, but nodded.

"Yeah, some are even stronger than me, sad as I am to admit it, why?"

Ranma suddenly grinned and pointed at him. "Then, I'll keep this short. This is an open invitation. Tell them that Ranma Saotome will take all of your pals on and I'll beat them all."

Bikou and Vali both stared at him in shock. The absolute confidence he had was astounding. "Very well," Vali nodded to Ranma, "I will, I'm sure Cao Cao will enjoy fighting you."

Bikou spun his staff and the two disappeared.

"Wait!" Issei cried out, his body giving out as his armor shattered into fragments of energy and he flopped onto the ground.

"Aiming to be the next Master, huh?" Azazel commented, surprise in his voice. "You have high aspirations."

Ranma smirked at the one-armed man. "Gotta have a goal, right?" Rias pushed past both of them, followed by her peerage.

End Chapter 5


Yeah, yeah, I know, I know, copying canon, blah blah. Did it for two reasons.

1: If I took away all of Issei's moments, what would be the point of having him in the story?
2: It was fucking hilarious in the English dub (yes, those lines are straight from the English dub)

Big, BIG thanks to KaristonDraconis on DeviantArt for comments and suggestions (none of you guys are giving me any). I was able to re-write some of this part of the chapter and I feel better with it now.


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End of this arc now.



Looking around the battlefield, Ranma frowned as he realized that some people were missing. "Hey, where's Lilith, Atsuko and Kiba?"

"Xenovia and Irina are missing too." Asia pointed out.

"No we're not!" Atsuko said as she walked out from behind a bush carrying a burned and injured Lilith in her arms while Nabiki, Kiba, Xenovia and Irina followed after her. "I went to find them."

"Sorry we missed the last parts of the fight." Kiba said, bowing to everyone. "We got tied up and weren't able to move until Atsuko broke us out of it." Though they certainly felt the last parts of the fight.

"Oh dear!" Asia ran over to Lilith, who was gently placed on the ground by Atsuko, "hold still, I'll heal you."

"Heh, this is the second time you've saved my glorious booty." Lilith smirked at her before looking at Ranma. "Master, you didn't come save me."

"Sorry, was busy with the giant flying monster and then I fought Vali after he went and kicked me into Azazel."

Lilith blinked, she'd have to get more information about that later. For now she just laid back and enjoyed the healing energies.

"Oh!" Kiba's eyes widened and he looked at Michael, Serafall and Sirzechs and sighed as he saw they were all there. "You're all okay then? That's good, I was worried that someone got hit by that sword beam."

"I was." Grayfia, with her clothes repaired, stated as she bowed. "Thanks to Lady Leviathan and Asia Argento, I managed to survive."

"Indeed," Sirzechs said as he looked at his wife. "When we get home, we will need to talk." Grayfia blinked at him, confused as to why he would say that, but nodded slowly.

Turning, the Devil King saw Ranma behing helped by Azazel over to them. "I was under the impression you weren't a Devil. May I ask how and what you did out there?"

Ranma sighed, wondering how to explain it. "Long story short, Nabiki thought she was still being chased by hunters and I became a Devil to give her protection."

"That wasn't a normal power you had." Sirzechs noted. "Though it was mostly Youki and not Devil magic, it was still an incredible amount."

Ranma sighed heavily. "Would you believe that I was given a King's piece and used that to turn into a Devil?" Sirzech's eyes widened in shock. "Look, I ain't got any idea how it works, I was just trying to help Nabiki out, okay?"

"We'll have to talk about this later." Sirzechs said to Ranma. "For now, allow me to give you my thanks for fighting against the Khaos Brigade."

Ranma smiled at him. "Hmm, I was wondering, you know the guy that created the Evil Piece system?"

"Lord Beelzebub? Yes, I know of him."

"I have a question for him regarding Evil Pieces, I figured the guy who created them would know more than anyone about them."

"I can ask and see if he can visit you some time." Sirzechs nodded, "however, it will have to be after we have a talk about that power you have."

"That's fine." Ranma shrugged at the Devil King. "Now if you'll excuse me, I'd like to get this power clamped down on again." He pulled the arm bracer from somewhere and put it back on his arm, a magic circle forming on it as it sealed up the King's piece power inside of him.

"You know, since we're asking for favors..." Issei began as he walked up to Michael. "Could I ask you for one?"

"Should it be within my power, I have no problem granting a request." Michael smiled at the young Devil. "What is it?"

Issei looked at Xenovia and Asia before back to Michael. "Could you make it so that Xenovia and Asia could pray to God and read the Bible without causing them tremendous pain?"

Everyone stared at him in shock.

"Even knowing God is dead," Michael looked at Xenovia and Asia, "would the two of you still be willing to pray?"

"Of course!" The two said at the same time. Asia would have been standing at attention, but she was still healing Lilith.

"Very well, I suppose having a couple of Devils praying to God won't cause any problems with the rest of the faith." Michael looked at the two girls and smiled. "Besides, Father always did say that if one seeks salvation in his name that we should listen."

"Thank you, Sir Michael!" Xenovia smiled and began to pray. "OWW!"

Michael laughed softly. "I have yet to update the system, please wait a week, okay?" The two nodded.

As Lilith's injuries finally faded away, she sat up and smiled at Asia. "Thanks!" The next thing the blonde girl knew Lilith pulled her close and was kissing her full on the lips.

"WOAH!" Issei's eyes widened and a trickle of blood came out of his nose. "Girl on girl kissing! WHOO HOO!"

The kiss didn't last long and Asia's face was redder than Sirzechs and Rias's hair was. "Wha, wha, wha?!"

"What?" Lilith blinked in confusion as she stood up. "I kiss all my friends on the lips when I become friends with them."

"Lilith..." Ranma sighed as he looked at her. "You're in your succubus form, I'm pretty sure that if you don't turn back into your human form you might accidentally cause Michael to become a Fallen Angel."

"Huh?" Lilith blinked and looked down at herself. "Ooops!" She blushed and giggled before energy bats surrounded her for a moment. When they faded, she was in biker shorts, a loose t-shirt and much shorter and flat-chested. "Better?"

"Much." Everyone said at the same time.

Michael looked at Nabiki and looked like he wanted to say something when he felt a hand on his shoulder. Turning, he saw Azazel behind him. "Is there something you want?"

"Look, I know we have our differences and all that, but I'm curious about it as well. But I'm sure that you need to get back to Heaven. I'll find out for you and send you the report, okay?"

"Very well." He nodded at the Fallen Angel, grateful that he had made that offer.

Not far away, Irina looked at Xenovia and bowed. "I'm sorry."

"Huh?" Xenovia blinked in confusion. "For what?"

Irina lifted her head and smiled sadly. "When you told me you became a Devil, I thought you had betrayed the church, even after we had the talk, I still thought you had betrayed us. I'm glad that I was wrong."

Xenovia smiled and walked up to her friend. "I am to." Hugging her, she was glad when Irina hugged her back. "But I knew you were more devout than I was." She let go of the hug and stepped back. "I couldn't tell you God was dead, I was worried it would break you."

"Even after becoming a Devil, you still look out for me, huh?" Irina sniffled, rubbing tears that were forming in her eyes.

"You're my best friend, of course I would!"

Michael stepped up to them. "I must go now. Irina, I shall give you a ride back to the Church so that you may report on what happened."

"Of course, Lord Michael." She bowed to him and walked over to the Seraph, before turning and bowing to the others. "Thank you all."

"Oh, Xenovia..." Michael smiled at the blue-haired girl. "I do not know what you did, but Irina was most happy when she left Japan last time, even if she was sad."

"Oh yeah!" Irina smiled and looked at Lilith. "Thanks for sending me back to talk to her!" She waved as the two disappeared in a flash of light.

Lilith frowned in confusion. 'But I didn't see her off, what did she mean by that?'

"Time for me to go as well." Azazel said as he walked off, waving with his remaining arm. "I'll see you kids later, okay?" He looked at Sirzechs and Serafall. "I'll get the information about Ranma for you later, okay? After tonight we all need to get some rest."

Sirzechs shook his head as the Fallen Angel leader took off. "Before I go, I have an order for those of you who weren't frozen by Gasper's power." He looked at Ranma and Lilith. "And for you two, I would like you to cooperate with us as well."

"Fine." Ranma said to him. "What do you need?"

"I need everyone who fought while Gasper's power was active to write a report and have it ready in three days." Sirzechs then looked at Akeno, Xenovia and Koneko before smirking as an idea came to him. "Oh, Issei, would it be too much of a hassle for Koneko, Akeno and Xenovia to move into your house?"

"Uh, I wouldn't mind, but it might be kind of crowded, I don't think we have enough room for everyone." Issei rubbed the back of his head.

"Don't worry about that." Sirzechs chuckled and ignored the annoyed looks he was getting from Rias and Grayfia. A moment later, he and Grayfia disappeared in a red flash.

Ranma walked over to Lilith and smiled as he saw Atsuko and Mittelt walking over to them. "So, shall we go?"

"Wait." Serafall walked up to them. "Can I ask you something?"

"Huh?" Ranma blinked in confusion. "Sure, what's up?"

"What was that big blue fireball you did?" Serafall couldn't place her finger on it, but it felt like it was made of ice as well.

"Frozen Firefall?" Ranma scratched the back of his head. "The guy who taught me magic said I was really good with ice and fire magic, so I found a way to fuse the two together and that's how I made Frozen Fire magic." He laughed as he remembered the look of surprise the old man had when Ranma had created fusion magic of fire and ice. "He even said that even though he was a sorcerer that he couldn't do something like that."

"You were taught by an actual sorcerer?" Serafall asked in surprise, getting a nod from Ranma. "Oh wow."

"Yeah, anyway, it's just a fusion of fire and ice magic, though it shouldn't be possible, but that's what it is." Ranma shrugged at the Devil King. "Is that all?"

"Ah..." Serafall had to swallow as her throat felt really dry for some reason. "Yeah, sure."

"Hope you weren't planning on leaving without me." Nabiki smirked as she put a hand on Ranma's shoulder.

"Of course not." Lilith rolled her eyes as the five were surrounded in darkness and disappeared.

"Well, it's time for us to go as well." Rias said to her peerage. "Come on." The group left one after the other.

"Sister?" Sona looked at Serafall, who was still looking at where Ranma left. "Shouldn't you be going too?" Serafall shook her head and smiled at her younger sister, her face slightly red. "Are you okay?"

"Huh? Oh, I'm fine Sona-chan!" Serafall, her hands still covered in Grayfia's blood, waved at her sister. "Bye bye!"

When her sister disappeared, Sona stared in shock. She didn't even try to hug or embarrass her at all. "Tsubaki, what just happened?"

"I have a few ideas." Tsubaki said as she smiled and pulled out her cell phone. "Anyway, I'll call the other members of the Student Council and have them come over here to fix this up."


Three days later...

Issei couldn't believe that Sirzechs had managed to get contractors to rebuild his house, it was practically a mansion! It even had underground rooms now and an elevator! And that was just yesterday no less!

Up above the school, Azazel looked down as Rias, Issei and the others came to school and smirked. "Vali, the White Dragon Emperor, only wishes to find a strong opponent. Issei, the Red Dragon Emperor, is driven by his sex drive. And then there's Ranma, aiming to be the next Master, huh?" He chuckled to himself. "In their own ways, each of them is pure. I can't wait to see where this goes."


"And I have a surprise today." Rias said as she opened the door to her club room. "We have some new members joining the Occult Research Club."

"Hey!" Ranma smiled as he, Lilith, Mittelt, Atsuko and Nabiki were in the room ahead of everyone. "Thanks for accepting us, Rias."

"Hey, no problem." Rias smiled at him. "Though, at this rate I might need a bigger room. Or more couches."

"And new chairs!" Azazel said from behind the desk, causing most everyone to snap their attention over to him. "No offense, Rias, but this chair isn't all that comfortable."

"What are you doing here?" Rias asked in surprise.

Azazel grinned at her. "I'm a chemistry teacher here now. And I'm the club's official advisor."

"Hey!" Issei pointed at Azazel's left arm. "How'd you get your arm back?"

"This?" Azazel waved his hand and grinned as the skin covering his fingers seemed to open up, revealing robotics underneath. "Just a prosthetic made by Fallen Angel tech." After the fingers returned to normal, he made a fist with it. "And I can do this." The fist fired off and flew around the room and under the girl's skirts, causing them to flare up and each girl's panties to be flashed as a result.

"Neat!" Atsuko's eyes started to shine. "Do you have finger bullets, lasers, a positron cannon, a black hole bomb and miniature neutron missiles in there too?"

As his arm reattached, Azazel blinked at Atsuko in surprise. "What? No!"

"BAH!" Atsuko crossed her arms under her breasts and huffed. "That's boring and lame! I'm going to call my mom up and she'll get you hooked up with some serious cutting-age tech for that thing."

The group started to laugh as they heard that.

"Well, I hope you all got your reports written up." Azazel grinned at the group. "Because it's forty percent of your overall grade." When the group yelled in shock, he mentally smirked, it was good to be in charge!

End Epilogue

End New Arc


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Dance With the Devil Shake Up Arc

Chapter 1

"So..." Azazel began after he read the reports in full. "Seems like everything matches up, I'll send these reports to Sirzechs and Michael later so they can look them over." He put all the reports he was given in a folder before looking at Ranma and sighing. "You need to take writing classes. I could barely understand that." Looking over the room, Ranma, Lilith, Mittelt, Nabiki and Atsuko were on the right couch while Rias, Akeno, Issei, Asia and Koneko were on the left couch. Gasper and Kiba were sitting on chairs across from him. The couches were pretty cramped and Azazel would have to make sure that another one was placed in the room soon.

Ranma snorted at him. "Get me a printer and I'll just type it up then."

"Told you we needed one." Mittelt grumbled as she sat down next to him. "So is that all?"

"Nope." Azazel shook his head and pointed at Ranma. "Out with it, Sirzechs has been riding my ass about this ever since the fight with Vali, so I need to know what you did." Well, whenever he could, the Devil King looked really disheavled for some reason every time they talked the past few days.

Ranma sighed and tapped his chin. "Well, the master of the guy who founded my school of martial arts gave him a gift of Evil Pieces a few hundred years ago. He forgot about them and then gave them to me. Nabiki thought she was being chased by hunters still and begged me to become a Devil through the King piece so that she could join my peerage and get protection."

"And Lilith, Mittelt and Atsuko?" Azazel asked.

"Lilith joined as my Queen, Mittelt asked me to turn her into a Devil and Atsuko is..." Ranma looked at her. "Unusual."

The girl in question just grinned. "I'm still surprised that it worked on me."

"That tells me both a lot and nothing at the same time." Azazel sighed and looked at Mittelt. "So why did you join him?"

"Because I thought you abandoned me." Mittelt groused. "The others I was with? While I was away, they all got their asses killed by Rias, and you didn't seem to care, so what was I supposed to do?"

Azazel sighed, this still raised a lot of questions and didn't give him a lot of answers. "So, that King's piece... What is your plans with it?"

"Not sure, really." Ranma answered him and tapped the arm band on his right arm. "This keeps the power from interfering with my daily life."

"What kind of person takes on a power that they have no clue what it would do?" Rias asked him.

"Someone who was actually worried for someone he cares about." Ranma shot back. "So, what's going to happen to me now?"

"Dunno. I'll let Sirzechs handle that. I suspect that it'll be kept under wraps until you get to talk to him in person." Azazel then pointed at Nabiki. "You know what I want."

"I'm not showing you my bare breasts." Nabiki shot back, smirking as Azazel face-planted into the desk while some of the people in the room to laugh at the Fallen Angel leader.

"I'm a very powerful Fallen Angel, can't I get some respect?" Azazel grumbled as he rubbed his head. "And what makes you think I wanted to see your bare breasts anyway?"

"You're God's boob lover and you developed Angel Fearing Pancakes." Nabiki shot back, causing everyone to look at her in confusion.

"Angel Fearing Pancakes?" Rias, Xenovia, Asia and Mittelt asked at the same time and turned to Azazel.

"I'm surprised you know that." Azazel laughed at her.

"Yeah, and I know that you need the egg of a Ziz." Nabiki shot back and Azazel laughed as he nodded.

"Yep. It's hard to get those eggs too! But man, they make the pancakes SO delicious that there were actually a few Angels that fell after having a bite." Azazel laughed as he remembered that. It was just after he had fallen. He had snuck into Leviathan's territory and stolen a Ziz egg to use as the base for a pancake. That's why he had named it Angel Fearing Pancakes after it caused a few pure Angels to become Fallen from just eating it.

"God's boob lover?" Issei, Ranma and Lilith asked at the same time, getting a laugh from Azazel.

"Why do you think I fell?" Azazel laughed at their dumbfounded expressions. Ignoring Koneko calling him a perv, he continued on. "Anyway, Nabiki, I'm curious, how did you see into Heaven?"

"Huh?" A few people asked and Nabiki sighed heavily.

"Still remember that?"

"Your message to Ranma told Michael to put a warning on the entrance to the seventh level of Heaven. And you got your Sacred Gear's Balance Breaker even." Azazel rubbed his chin. "Quite frankly, I had no idea you even had a Sacred Gear." Her work had helped him find some interesting artifacts and tidbits.

Mittelt frowned and looked at Nabiki. "I thought you said that your Sacred Gear was useless."

"It is." Nabiki sighed and ignored the shocked questions she was getting.

"Useless Sacred Gears?" Gasper asked in surprise. "I've never heard of that."

"Not surprised, neither have I." Azazel commented as he looked at Nabiki in confusion. "What do you mean useless?"

"Let me name the types of Sacred Gears so we're all on the same page." Nabiki pointed out. "Some Sacred Gears are like Issei's, Asia's or Vali's, that is State Change Sacred Gears. Some are like Kiba's that can create items within its limits. Some are Defensive Sacred Gears like a reflection ability. Then there's those that have elemental abilities." She looked at Gasper. "Yours is unusual as well, but it would fall under Space and Time. There are ones known as Independent Avatars that create actual living beings and Sealing type Sacred Gears."

"Yeah, those are all known." Azazel nodded at her. "I did the classifications myself, I should know."

"I didn't." Issei muttered, feeling stupid, but as he looked around he noticed that almost everyone had similar confused looks on their faces. "So what?"

Nabiki sighed at that. "Every single one of them has some combat potential. Every. Single. One." She gave him a small smirk. "Mine? It has zero combat potential."

"I suppose that makes sense." Mittelt muttered as she thought on what Nabiki told her. "Your ability only lets you search for things you know after all. Wait!" Her eyes widened as she realized something. "How did you see into Heaven then?!"

"I dunno." Nabiki admitted and shook her head. "I could ask my Sacred Gear, but I don't want to go insane again."

"Is it like Ddrag?" Issei looked at his left hand as a green gem formed on his wrist.

Nabiki laughed at that. "If it was that simple."

"So?" Azazel looked at her expectantly. "What do you mean?"

"Easier to show you..." Nabiki gulped. "God's Eye, Balance Break."

A dome surrounded everyone in an instant, stars filling the air before screens formed on all sides of them.

"What the hell?!" More than one person said in shock as they stood up and looked around in awe.

"God's Eye, can you limit what information is sent into my head?"


"Lovely." Nabiki grumbled as data started to fill her head. "Gunna be insane for a while after this, I bet. Anyway, God's Eye, can you tell me why my Sacred Gear is so different from others?"


When it didn't say what it was, Nabiki hung her head and groaned. "Well, why is my Sacred Gear different from others?"


"What does that mean?" Azazel asked, finding this fascinating.


"Yeah, I knew that." Azazel muttered, wondering why it didn't tell him straight up.


"Wait, WHAT?!" Everyone screamed at the same time.

Azazel's pupils shrank as he realized that it meant "So you mean, the fact her Sacred Gear is called called "God's Eye" is because..."


Nabiki gripped her head and groaned. "Fuck, off! OFF!" The dome and the screens all disappeared and she sighed. "Vali's living grandfather it's over."

"What?" Xenovia asked as she and others looked at Nabiki in confusion.

Taking a deep breath, Nabiki closed her eyes and gave the girl a wry smirk. "I had alien skunks all information panhandle fans of reality hitting my Dragon Balls at the same time." She groaned in dismay. "So sometimes I cat waffles randomly."

"Need help?" Lilith asked as she sweat-dropped.

"I'll be POTATOES after a few hours." Nabiki rubbed her head and groaned. "Sorry about that. Hey, that was Ple Two!"

"Did it happen like this before?"

"Bonkers!" Nabiki answered Azazel's question. "I'm guessing I still, Dragons like bananas by the way, have a bit of information overload from last time I used it, so it didn't take as apples!"

"Omniscience." Kiba spoke up, drawing everyone's attention. "Your Balance Breaker gives you Omniscience, so you know everything in reality at the same time, but you have no filter for it, huh?"

"Living Potato Dragons!"

Azazel thumbed his beard and looked at the group. "I don't think I need to say that nothing you learned leaves this room, do I make myself clear?" The teens all nodded, this was the most serious they had ever seen Azazel in their lives. "I'm guessing there are others, and if what your Sacred Gear said is true, about the Great Devil Kings leaving behind pieces."

"But you wouldn't be able to find them, would you?" Asia asked him. "From what Nabiki said her power wasn't useful for combat."

"And I would bet that other Irregular Sacred Gears would be easily overlooked since they wouldn't have obvious combat potential." Rias summarized.

"I'm confused." Xenovia spoke up. "Wouldn't her Omniscience be useful?"

"Not if she gets all the data at once." Kiba commented. "What about the basic form?"

Nabiki shook her head and looked at Ranma pleadingly.

"She can't use it like you would think." Ranma answered for Nabiki. "Nabs said that she can only find things if she knows they exist and knows what she's looking for. Like if we asked her to find something she doesn't know about, she couldn't find it."

"And even if she knows everything thanks to her Balance Breaker, without any way to filer the information, it's all meaningless." Azazel saw the problem instantly. "I'll have my guys work on a way for you to filter the information so you don't have it burning your brain out." Nabiki nodded at him in thanks.

"Question." Akeno raised her hand and looked at Nabiki. "You said your Sacred Gear can look at anything so long as you know of it and know what to look for, right?" She nodded, wondering what Akeno was getting at. "So, you could find anyone if you knew what they looked like?"

"I could see what Lord Sirzechs was up to if you want." Nabiki said, getting a giggle and nod from Akeno. Her eyes went blue as she did that.

"Really? You want to see what my brother's up to?" Rias muttered in annoyance. "He's probably just doing some paperwork or something else."

"...I'd say something else." Nabiki's face was as red as Rias's hair. "He's currently got Grayfia bent over his desk, skirt up, her underwear down and is riding her harder than racers at the Kentucky Derby. And has apparently been doing that almost non-stop since she was nearly killed. And Grayfia's complaining about him trying to get her pregnant again."

Akeno, Issei and shockingly Asia all had nosebleeds while Koneko looked away, twitching. Kiba, Gasper, Mittelt and Atsuko all had blushes on their faces as they imagined it. Lilith and Azazel had identical grins on their faces while Ranma just face-palmed, his face slightly red as well.

Rias, however, was twitching hard. "I did NOT need to know my brother's sex life! GAH! It's like finding out my parents are having sex on my bed or something!"

"Well, that's something to use for later." Azazel chuckled as he regained control of himself. He had to hand it to Sirzechs, Grayfia was a fine looking woman.

"If I knew what your parents looked like, I could tell you." Nabiki told Rias.

"Don't. You. Dare." Rias said to her peerage through gritted teeth.

"Well, as amusing as this all is." Azazel fought down the urge to laugh more. "Since we now know that there's Irregular Sacred Gears out there, I have a mission for everyone." When everyone had calmed down and looked at him calmly, he nodded. "We're going to have to keep an eye out for people with unusual abilities that don't seem to have any combat potential."

"What about your sister?" Lilith asked Nabiki, who's eyes widened as she remembered that little tidbit. "I'm pretty sure that what she does has to fall under..."

"Ophis has her!" Nabiki hissed, causing Azazel and Rias to both stiffen in shock. "She said, what... Devil's Alchemist or something? Anyway, yeah, has to be another Irregular Sacred Gear."

"Ophis, sunnva..." Azazel grumbled, wondering what that Dragon wanted and if Nabiki's sister was okay.


"AHHH!" Akane screamed as she fell off the cliff side and into the flowing river.

"She needs to learn not to jump backwards when near a cliff." Kuroka muttered as she jumped in the river after the younger girl.


"Something else you should know." Nabiki said slowly as she rubbed her forehead to try and fight off any onslaught of information. "Most Irregular Sacred Gears activate when you're young and are always on."

"That's an interesting piece of information." Azazel muttered as he looked at her. "Anyway, not much else we can do here."

"Are you serious?" Rias asked, exasperated. "We just found out about Irregular Sacred Gears and..."

"Will do absolutely nothing with this information." Azazel finished for her as he sat back in his chair. "Think about it, Princess, even if we know about this, what good does it do us? I'll contact Sirzechs and Michael later to discuss this development, of course, and then after we've had a chance to talk it over, will we make a move." He smirked at her. "Of course, nothing will happen anyway until after the big summit meeting in a month's time."

"What big summit?" Issei asked, confused.

"Well, after the whole meeting here a few days ago, the three sides have sent negotiators to hammer out the details, we'll be given a chance to look over the details before the signing, make sure that they're favorable to all sides." Azazel gave the group a small grin. "But more importantly, we're going to be having representatives from various pantheons showing up to sign as well."

"Really? Who?" Lilith asked, getting a waggling finger from Azazel.

"Not important right now, anyway, we scheduled it to happen during the summer break that starts tomorrow." Standing up, he smirked at them. "So, anyway, you're all dismissed, go have some fun after school today or something, because tomorrow..." His smirk turned almost shark-like, "you may not enjoy yourselves as much."

"As lovely as that threat is," Ranma said as he stood up, "I won't be participating in any club activities over the break." The surprised looks he got had him chuckling as he walked to the door. "No offense, Azazel, Rias, but I have something I need to take care of over the break."

"Don't forget that I'm coming with." Mittelt spoke up, getting a sigh from Lilith.

"You all suck, I have to stay here." Lilith pouted as she thought back to what Ranma told them.


"Anyway," Nabiki said as she looked at the other four, "I saw something really bad happening if Ranma doesn't go and deal with it. If Lilith goes with it would make a bad situation worse."

"Are you serious?" Ranma asked, getting a sigh from Nabiki as she held a finger up.

"I only remember bits of it, I saw way too much information at once and I still sometimes see bits and pieces of it." She sighed, her Sacred Gear really was useless. "Anyway, Ranma and either Atsuko or Mittelt need to go with him, figure it out."

Lilith was pouting heavily, though she perked up when Ranma said he'd give her exclusive one-on-one sessions until he left.

"How will I know if we're in the right area?"

"Trust me," Nabiki smirked at him, "you'll know."

*End Flash*

"What are you talking about?" Azazel asked, before shrugging as he didn't get an answer. "That's fine, Lilith did say that she has no official power to make any decisions in regards to Makai anyway, so it's unlikely that you being there will make too big of a difference."

"Hey!" Issei spoke up as an idea popped into his head. "Azazel, remember that takeout food we had when you contracted me that first time?"

"Huh? Oh yeah, it was pretty good, why?"

"Well, since this is the only time we're all together for some time, how about we stop and eat up?" Issei rubbed the back of his head at the looks he was getting. "I was thinking about it for awhile, but I've been wanting to take everyone out there, and figured now would be a good time."

"Sure, why not?" Azazel shrugged as he stood up. "Lead the way."

"Great, you're paying." Ranma smirked at the look Azazel gave him. "Aren't you the club advisor?"

"Fine, but only this once." Azazel grumbled, wondering if they knew what kind of salary he got as a teacher.


As they walked out of the building, Issei put his hands in his pants pocket and frowned before patting himself down. "Shoot! Must have left my cell back in the club room."

"Well, hurry up, we can wait." Rias smiled as he ran back into the building and shook her head. 'What am I going to do with him?'


Checking the couches where he had been sitting, Issei smiled as he found not only his cellphone but three thousand yen in the seat cushions. "Awesome!"

As he stood up, Issei looked around, wondering why everything was suddenly black.

"I wonder how much longer..." A familiar female voice said from behind him. "How much longer you can keep this farce up." Slowly turning, Issei's face was pale and his pupils small as he saw Raynare standing there in her Yuma form, her arms crossed under her breasts and the pink wrist bracelet he had gotten her on his date over her left wrist.

"Raynare, no, you're dead." Issei shook his head. "You can't hurt me."

"Oh Issei." She gave him a soft look. "You're right, I can't hurt you." Sighing, the Fallen Angel looked off to the side. "But then again, I don't need to, do I?"

"What are you talking about?" Issei growled before taking a step back as she ran up to him and grabbed his right hand.

"Silly," she giggled at him, "don't you remember what I told you? I'm sure you didn't forget."

"You raped me, tortured me, and then killed me, you think I give a damn about what you said!?" He hissed at her as he yanked his arm away.

"Oh, but Issei," she pouted and put her hand up to her lips, "I was wrong, I shouldn't have done such a mean thing to you. But you have to admit..." She smiled as her form changed, her outfit became a dominatrix-style outfit and her black wings formed behind her, "I wasn't wrong, was I?"

"Get out of my head, Raynare! You're not really here!" Issei spun and was about to leave when he felt Raynare hugging him from behind. "What are you?"

"Shhh..." She whispered to him and cupped his chin, making him turn his head to her and kissed him on the lips. "No matter what else, you know I was right." She whispered before disappearing and leaving him one last statement. "And you'll never get rid of me, ever."

The room seemed to return to normal, though Issei was standing there, panting and swallowing hard. 'Sh...No, she's dead, how could she, but I swear, it felt so real.'

With that thought in his head, he staggered out of the room.


"Hey!" Issei waved, surprised no one was angry at him. "Sorry it took so long."

"You were only gone for two minutes." Rias answered him. "Any faster and I'd swear you turned into the Flash or something." She smiled at his surprised look.

"Or in his case, the Streak." Lilith giggled, getting confused looks from everyone. "REALLY?! None of you have ever heard that song?" Everyone but Ranma shook their heads. "BAH! When summer break ends I'm going to make everyone watch it! I'll even make sure it's subbed!"

Azazel laughed as they walked off school grounds, he was sure it would be amusing.


It took over twenty minutes for the group to get to the place in question.

"Nekohanten?" Koneko blinked as she looked at the place in question. Giving Issei a flat look, she snorted. "They better not serve dead cats or something."

"Master, you don't..." Lilith began before Ranma smiled and opened the door.

"Hey! Old Ghoul! You here?"

There was a cracking sound and Ranma found himself flying across the street.

"Honestly." Cologne huffed as she stood before the open door, much to the shock of most everyone there. "No respect for your elders."

Ranma rubbed his head and laughed as he saw her. "Good to see ya! I was starting to miss this."

Cologne smirked and looked at the group of onlookers who were looking at her in surprise. "Well, I suppose if a group of Devils and a Fallen Angel of your stature want food, who am I to say no?" She shrugged and bounded inside. "Mousse! Shampoo! We got a large order coming in!"

"Is anyone else weirded out by the fact that she knew instantly that we were Devils?" Issei asked, dumbfounded.

"She's not an exorcist from the Church, so I have no clue how she would know." Xenovia answered.

"Eh." Ranma dusted himself off and walked into the place. "Something about being descended from Athena and Hercules or something, anyway, you going to come in and eat or just stand there looking stupid?"

End Chapter 1


Arc is named as such because it'll shake things up. *Ducks from all the shots and boos from the pun*

As for the Irregular Sacred Gear, well that's thanks to Innortal after he read Nabiki looking into Heaven and pointed it out to me. And thus that's how that plot point was born.


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Glad to help, glad to see what is coming. Keep it up.


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Chapter 2

"Urgh." Mittelt grunted as she stepped over a dead animal corpse. "What the hell? You'd think scavengers would have picked it clean by now."

Ranma was silent as he helped her over a large rock. "You doing okay?"

The petite blonde sighed heavily. "Not really, I'd love to just spread my wings and fly, but here we are, trudging through China. WHY can't we fly again?!"

"Because the Chinese military doesn't need another reason to come to this part of the country." Ranma replied to her. "We're making good time. The last time I came through China it took me over two weeks to get this far."

"Yeah, but weren't you stopping more often?" Mittelt asked and pulled out a water bottle. "Where are we, anyway?"

"That and Lilith didn't warp us half-way across China like she did this time." Ranma chuckled as he pulled out a map and looked at it. "Hmm, I'd say we're here." He pointed at around the middle of China's Western side. "At our current pace it'll take us another three days."

"Why are we in such a hurry anyway?" Mittelt asked and sighed as Ranma shrugged. "Nabiki tells you 'hurry to China, go to the West part of it, no, don't ask, just go West, you'll know what to look for when you see it' and doesn't even tell us WHY we need to hurry?"

Ranma threw his hands up helplessly. "She's the one who can see all the futures at once, not me."

The blonde sighed heavily before blushing softly. "Hey, um, Ranma... It's been about three days and... Um..."

"Hmm?" Ranma looked at her. "What?"

"We haven't been having sex as much as I thought, so I was wondering..." Mittelt's face was scarlet as Ranma hugged her tightly.

"Sure." Ranma rubbed her back. "When we stop tonight, okay?" Mittelt nodded against his chest and Ranma let go. "So, anyway, shall we..." He trailed off as he heard the bushes shift. "Who's there?"

A woman in her twenties with white hair and white wings and a torn outfit stumbled out into the clearing. "H...Help..." She groaned and fell face-first into the dirt, groaning in pain.

"Mittelt, get the bandages, I'll check on her." Ranma put the backpack down and went over to the woman.

"She's not an Angel." Mittelt said as she pulled out the first aid kit. "What's going on?"


It was more than an hour later when they heard a groaning sound. Turning to see the winged woman slowly sitting up, Ranma and Mittelt sat a bit away from her, waiting for a reaction from her.

They didn't have to wait long.

"You!" She pointed at the two. "Landlings, where am I?"

"Landlings?" Ranma and Mittelt asked in confusion before looking at each other and shrugging.

"Beings who lack wings and cannot fly are called such." The woman huffed before scowling as Mittelt started to giggle out of control. "And what's so funny, tiny one?"

Mittelt smirked as jet black feathery wings popped out of her back. "You think you're special just because you have wings? You, who lacks any sense for the supernatural, thinks to lecture us on what it means to be special?" A scary grin came to her face as a pitch-black spear formed in her hands. "I've not used my Devil Powers against someone yet, maybe I should stab you a few times until I feel better?"

"That's enough of that." Ranma slapped Mittelt's ass and gave it a squeeze, getting a moan out of the girl as her spear disappeared. "No threatening injured people because they insulted you." He said while rapidly squeezing and fondling her butt.

"N...No fair." Mittelt's face was red as she moaned and squirmed. "You know that I... Ngh... Nnnngh... NGHAAAAHHH!" She screamed and slumped to her knees, trembling. "No...Fair..."

"You must really be backed up if you came that fast." Ranma shook his head and looked at the shocked woman. "First of all, my name's Ranma Saotome, this is my girlfriend, Mittelt. What's your name?"

"...My name is Kiima."

Ranma smiled at her. "Good, now that we have that out of the way," his smile vanished and he gave her a serious expression, "what happened?"

Kiima thought about not telling them, but sighed and hung her head. "Fine, I can tell you. It started a day or two ago."


"Halt!" Two guards with wings pointed their spears at a pair of travelers, both had blonde hair, though they were of opposite genders, the male was holding a bag in his left hand.

"Ho?" The man raised an eyebrow at the two of them. "What's this?"

"Now, brother, we were warned about this." The girl smiled at him and lifted her dress as she curtsied for the guards. "My name is Ravel Phenix, this is my elder brother, Riser Phenix." She smiled at the two guards. "We mean you no harm, but we wish to see the one known as Saffron. We heard he recently was reborn?"

"What do you wish to know about our Lord Saffron?" A new voice said and everyone looked up as a woman wearing light armor, a sword in her right hand and white wings on her back landed in front of the guards.

"Lady Kiima!" The guards gasped.

Ignoring everyone, Kiima narrowed her eyes at the portly man who was behind the two outsiders. "Guide! Why did you bring these two outsiders here?! You know the penalty!"

"Ah!" The man gulped and wrung his hands as he bowed. "Forgive me, but I am a humble guide." He said in Chinese. "They specifically asked for a route to Phoenix Mountain, I warned them against it, but they insisted."

Kiima sighed and narrowed her eyes at the two outsiders. "What purpose do you Landlings have for seeking out Lord Saffron?"

"I think you have a misconception about us." Ravel smiled as flaming wings formed behind her and Riser. "Your Lord Saffron happens to be our cousin."

Everyone took a step back and Kiima gulped softly. "My apologies then, I shall lead you to our lord personally then."

Ravel continued to smile at her. "Why thank you, that would be most pleasant." She and Riser followed after Kiima and the two guards up the mountain.

On the ground, the Jusenkyo Guide gulped and turned away. 'This is bad, very bad! If the Musk and Amazons find out about this...' He didn't want to think about the fall-out from the ensuing war that would happen.


"You're back?" A little boy with golden brown hair snorted as he saw Kiima. "And who are these two?" The room he was in was fairly extravagant and large

"Milord." Kiima bowed to the young boy. "This is Ravel and Riser Phenix, they claim to be your cousins."

"Phenix?" Saffron blinked in confusion as he looked at them. "Sorry, having just hit this age after my last life ended, my memories are a bit fuzzy."

"Understandable." Ravel smiled at him and put her hand on her chest. "If you must know, we come from the Phenix Clan, one of the seventy-two top clans of Hell."

"Devils?" Saffron tilted his head and frowned. "Oh yes, I vaguely recall something..." He trailed off as the air seemed to distort. "What's going on?"

"Something's wrong." Ravel frowned as she held up her hand. "What's going on?" Flames that came so easily to her weren't forming like normal.

"Kiima." Saffron said to her. "What's going on?"

"I'm not sure." Kiima gripped the hilt of her sword. "I'll go and find out."

"Brother..." Ravel said nervously as Kiima left.


"Too weak." One of the three intruders muttered as several of these weird bird people were stabbed with what looked like crystallized tubes. "Far too weak."

The second one, who was taller and thinner, just grinned cruelly as he tapped the ground with his staff and several of the Phoenix people were trapped inside box-like barriers. "Now then." With a squeeze of his fist, the boxes imploded, killing all those inside. "Pathetic. Oh well. Not everything tainted by the filth of the supernatural can stand up to us."

The last one, a more burly man than the rest, said nothing as he encased the heads of three Phoenix people before imploding the boxes. "No need to treat them the same way we do Demon spirits after all."

Rounding the corner and seeing their people being slaughtered by bald monks in Buddhist clothing, the next wave of Phoenix people slammed into a barrier before most were stabbed to death by cylindrical barriers piercing their bodies.

"Let's keep moving, Cho, Azanu." The first one said and walked towards the stairs, only stopping as more came down. "Feh."

When their heads were all encased in barriers and crushed, Azanu, the burly one, snorted. "Jiro, let's just hurry it up." He let out a snort as he saw a white haired woman with white feathery wings round the corner. "Look at that, Cho. A woman playing warrior wishes to challenge us."

Cho smirked at the rage he was seeing. "Well, let's play with her a bit."

Jiro snorted and sent several piercing barriers towards the woman, laughing as she was pinned to the wall like a bug. "How pathetic."

"You missed her vital points." Azanu pointed out and tapped his staff on the ground. "I'll just crush her head and be done with it."

When the wall exploded behind the woman, revealing the outside, the three turned to see an old man with some sort of cannon in his hands.

"The Phoenix People may die today." The old man said as he narrowed his eyes. "But you will not kill all of us."

"Well then, we'll have to make do with you." Cho laughed.

*End Flash*

"So what happened after that?" Mittelt asked, having recovered from the impromptu masturbation session Ranma put her through.

Kiima sighed heavily. "I don't know, the explosion knocked me loopy, but I got free of what was holding me down. I don't even know if Lord Saffron's still alive or those two outsiders or anyone!"

Ranma narrowed his eyes, a deep green aura surrounding him as he heard her story. "Those fucking bastards?! Some of them are still alive?! I thought I killed all of them four years ago!" Both Mittelt and Kiima stared at Ranma in shock and flinched at the sheer rage that was rolling off of him. "Fucking Kekai assholes! Going on about the purity of humanity and purging anyone who's remotely got supernatural blood in their bodies. They damn near killed me and Lilith years ago."

"Um..." Mittelt gulped as Ranma spun around.

"Now I know why Nabiki wanted me to come here. I have unfinished business to deal with." Ranma snarled, he couldn't believe that he missed such bastards. "Mittelt, we're going." Black bat-like wings popped out of his back as he said that. "Kiima, can you fly?"

"Yeah, my wings are a bit sore, but..." Kiima stood up, her body covered in bandages and blushed as she realized she was naked. "HEY! My clothes!"

Snorting and reaching into his backpack, Ranma threw a tank-top and a pair of pants at her. "Put those on if you're embarrassed to be seen naked." Kiima nodded and quickly put the pants on, but she was having trouble with the shirt. "Oh fer..." Ranma walked over to her and helped her put it on. "There."

Mittelt mentally laughed as she saw Ranma with Devil wings, Kiima with white Angel-like wings and her, with black feather wings. "So, now what?"

Ranma grabbed his backpack and looked to the sky. "We fly."


Hours later...

"Why are we stopping here?!" Kiima hissed, she could see Phoenix mountain not far from their current position.

Dismissing his wings, Ranma turned to look at her. "You can fly, tell me, if I'm expecting someone who can fly to return, where would I watch from?" He snorted as her face turned red. "Anyway, we need to prepare."

"What are we expecting from those three?" Mittelt asked as Ranma pulled out some paper.

"If they've reached master level then they can form barriers anywhere and at fast speeds." Ranma replied as he pulled out a brush. "Anyway, the problem is those damn barriers are near impossible to shatter without overwhelming force." He smirked as he began to paint on the paper. "Good thing I've had time to practice ways to defeat them then."

"It's probably too late, by now Lord Saffron and his cousins..." Kiima looked away, not enjoying the thought. "How did they..."

"They probably were just gunning for Saffron." Ranma replied. "If what you said is true, about him having strong fire powers then they probably had a barrier prepared ahead of time that could weaken and disrupt fire powers just enough so they could get in and take everyone out."

After observing him for awhile, Mittelt put her hand on Ranma's shoulder. "You're trembling. What did they do?"

"The reason Lilith woke my Youki up was because of these bastards, but even then, I didn't care too much. We took care of them. It was what happened about a year later that caused me to hunt them down and kill all of them."


"I was thirteen, we were near Kyoto and a large group of those fuckers..." He hissed, remembering it. "They had captured some of the local Youkai and were slowly torturing them to death. There was a little girl, she was only eight." Ranma started to glow as he remembered that. "They nearly killed her, had her trapped in a barrier and were about to implode it, they were slowly closing it down to crush her in it."

"But what about the leader of Kyoto?" Mittelt asked, shocked as she listened in. "Wasn't she there?"

"She was out of the city, looking into a disturbance not far, these... They nearly killed a little girl for the sake of their purity of humanity."

"...Ranma?" Mittelt gulped softly. "You're taking this personally."

"OF COURSE I AM!" He roared as the brush in his hands snapped. The fifth ward finished off. "That girl nearly died because of those bastards, I thought we got all of them that day. I guess some got away."

"Who was that girl to you?" Kiima asked softly.

"...My daughter."


In a large open room inside Phoenix Mountain...

Cho snorted as he saw the three creatures in three different barriers. The tallest one was missing an arm as it had gotten caught outside the barrier. "So, Jiro, why aren't we killing them?"

"Because, I want the one who got away to come back, thinking we left only to find these three trapped inside the barriers still." Jiro shrugged and looked at the girl who was trembling. "Hmm, tell me something, are you monsters scared?"

"The only monster is you." She spat at him and looked at the tall man again. "What did you do to us?"

"We were contracted to take out the brat." Azanu shrugged at her. "Nothing more, nothing less. We knew about his abilities so we came prepared. Guess it's your bad luck that your powers were the same as his, huh? Good thing you're insides these smaller barriers, we don't need the one we had up around the mountain anymore."

"Couldn't even teleport out." The girl hissed, wondering how they were going to get out of this one.

"Hmm?" Jiro suddenly grinned as an idea came to him. "Hey, Cho, Azanu, I wonder just how similar to humans these monsters are."

"Got something in mind?" Azanu asked as Jiro's grin turned sadistic.

When Jiro tapped the ground with the butt of his staff, the girl stiffened and looked down, her face incredibly pale. "Well, if she were human, then..." Snapping his fingers, the girl let out a scream of pain that could shatter glass.

"WHAT DID YOU DO TO MY SISTER?!" The male screamed and slammed his arms on the barrier helplessly as he watched his sister scream and thrash around as much as she could in her barrier. "WHAT DID YOU DO!?"

Jiro threw his head back and laughed. "Well, I guess monsters that look human have human baby rooms too, huh?"

"YOU!" The man snarled and flames erupted around him for less than a tenth of a second before dying out.

"Got nothing to say, brat?" Cho looked at Saffron, who was glaring daggers at them.

"You'll die, I swear it."

Azanu snorted at him. "Unlikely. You ain't the Demon brat. I'm not afraid of three firebirds that can't do any of their fancy fire."

"IT HURTS!" The girl screamed in pain and thrashed around. "IT HURTS!"

"You know, maybe we should make her feel better?" Cho snapped his fingers and a barrier surrounded the girl's ears. "Here, now she won't hurt so much down there." When the barriers imploded, the girl screamed even louder. "Sheesh! We're doing her a favor and this is how she repays us?"

Azanu shook his head. He would have rather crushed all three of those monsters and been done with it, but with the barriers they were in keeping their powers suppressed, he supposed it didn't matter. "Been curious." He looked at the bag that they had thrown on the table and dumped out its contents. "Feh, just three little bottles and a red vial of some sort?"

"Maybe it's perfume to cover up how much they stink?" Jiro laughed as he continued to torment the girl. "Let's see... How about those? Monsters don't need things like breasts or anything."

The next thing any of them knew, a crackling sound was heard in the air a moment before a powerful streak of lightning filled the room and hit Jiro with enough power that his eyes burst and he fell over as a smoking corpse.

"JIRO!" Cho and Azanu yelled before turning and seeing a very angry person marching forward.

"You all should have stayed hiding." Ranma narrowed his eyes at them. "And I'm going to enjoy doing to you what you did to that girl."

The two took up defensive stances. "Just you?" Cho asked before jumping out of the way of a pink spear that flashed past Ranma and nearly bisected him in the face. "Fuck! Demon brat has help?!" He couldn't see who was firing the spears, which meant they were likely out of his range.

Azanu took a step back as Ranma seemed to disappear and reappear in front of him. "Fuck you, brat! You'll pay for what you did in Kyoto!" Barrier pillars erupted out of the ground in front of Ranma, forcing him back. "I won't be caught unawares like they were!" Several square barriers formed in front of him and he pushed them after Ranma, forcing him to dodge. "What's the matter, Demon brat? Wasn't the blood of my clan enough for you?"

"You freaks of nature should have died off ages ago!" Ranma snarled and shot a ton of miniature Youki blasts at Azanu, who blocked them off. "It's one thing to kill creatures that harm humans and are a threat to civilization, even Devils hunt their own in that case." Clapping his hands together, several narrow barriers popped up in front of him. "But you fuckers kill EVERYONE, the guilty and innocent alike!" He sent them forward at Azanu, who countered with his own narrow barriers from below.

"You stole our techniques as well?!" Azanu growled at Ranma. "How dare you?! To kill our clan and steal our techniques?! That's a more grave sin than being a worthless Demon!"

"Oh fuck off!" Ranma threw his left arm down, several bolts of lightning filling the air as more barrier pillars formed around him. "The only grave sin is the fact that I let you get away!" Ranma's eyes widened as he was surrounded by a barrier on all sides. "SHIT!"

Cho grinned as his barriers held off Mittelt's spears. "Got you, you little shit!" When his barrier surrounding Ranma shattered like glass, his eyes bugged out. "HOW?!"

Ranma snorted and pulled out a piece of paper. "Ain't the first time I was caught in one, you moron. Kiima! NOW!"

"What?!" The two gasped as Kiima flew past them at high speeds and slapped a piece of paper on each of the barriers that had Ravel, who was still screaming, Riser, and Saffron.

Ranma smirked and snapped his fingers as all three of the wards glowed and caused the barriers to shatter. "You dun goofed."

Seeing Riser's body cloaked in flame as he glared at them, the two barrier users could only scream as they were incinerated down to the bone.

Riser snorted and quickly ran over to the table and grabbed a small vial. "Ravel!" He popped the top and poured it on her body, sighing in relief as she stopped screaming in pain and looked at him, tears in her eyes as her body shook. "Are you okay?"

She nodded and gulped softly. "I am now." Sitting up, she groaned and grimaced. "Can I have another bottle?"

"Of course." Riser nodded and blinked as he was offered one. Turning, he saw Ranma standing there offering it to him. "Riser does not know who you are, but you saved my sister, Ravel, thank you." He took it from Ranma and gave it to Ravel.

Gulping it down and sighing as she knew the Phoenix tears would fix her body completely. "Brother, is your arm?" She nodded as a burst of flame restored his lost arm. Standing up, she looked at Ranma and bowed. "I thank you, from the bottom of my heart. Had you not shown up when you did, I doubt that I would be here right now."

"Lord Saffron!" Kiima knelt down, her head bowed. "I failed you completely!"

"Whatever." Saffron snorted at her. "What could you do? You saved me." He sighed as he realized that all the rest of his people were gone now, however. "If I had been in my adult form this would have never happened."

"Oh yeah!" Ravel snapped her fingers. "That vial, it was why we came here. It's Phoenix Blood. It should restore you to your true self."

"You mean this?" Ranma asked as he held up the vial. "Didn't know what it was." Offering it to Saffron, the small kid popped the top off before taking a drink of it.

Flames quickly erupted from his body and blew all of them across the room, save for Mittelt, who had been further back.

"Woah!" Ravel's eyes widened as the flames immediately returned to Saffron, who was now a young man in his twenties, a pair of golden wings behind him and an aura that made all of them, even Riser, gulp softly.

"I truly am sorry." Saffron sighed and looked down. "My people are all gone. I may have been a Devil, but I truly cared about them."

"So we're done here?" Mittelt asked Ranma, who nodded and sighed. "Good."

"Blasted humans..." Saffron growled. "I'll..."

"Do nothing." Ranma answered him, causing the reborn Phoenix's powers to flare up and start to melt the rock around him.

"You had best explain yourself before I take my displeasure out on you." Saffron narrowed his eyes at Ranma. "Give me one good reason why I shouldn't take my aggression out on the people who did this to me!"

"Because you're a Devil." Ranma answered honestly. "Right now the three great factions are working on a peace treaty. If a Devil as powerful as you goes around vaporizing humans you'll put the Devils at a disadvantage and force them to come after you."

"He's right!" Ravel answered and stepped forward. "Lord Saffron, please, if you do try to take revenge then more Devils will suffer as the other two great factions may think of this as a trick and a new war could start up."

"Besides." Ranma continued. "Those humans are gone. Those were the last of them."

Saffron let out a powerful snort. "Very well." Looking at Ranma, he took a deep breath to calm down. "Tell me, what is your name?"

"Ranma Saotome."

"Saotome, huh?" Saffron nodded. "I shall remember this." Looking at the insides of his once proud people, he shook his head. "Now what?"

"You can always return home with us?" Ravel suggested to him.

"I may. Please give me some time to think."

"Riser is just glad this is over." Riser looked at Ranma. "You, Saotome. I thank you, again, for saving my sister."

"You used a pronoun that time." Ranma pointed out, getting a laugh from Ravel and a groan from Riser. "Wait, Riser... You wouldn't happen to be the guy who was engaged to Rias Gremory, would you?" The taller man grimaced and nodded. "Hey, um, I heard what happened to you, sorry man."

"Riser doesn't like to think about it." The taller man sighed and turned away. "Do you have any idea how much I have suffered as a man because of that... That..."

"Overpowered nut punch?" Ranma offered, getting a nod from Riser.


Ranma blinked a few times as Riser walked off. "Really? Well, in that case, I know someone who can help you."

"You do!?" Riser spun in surprise.

"Yeah." Ranma pulled out some chalk. "But I'm going to need a clean, unused room with a bed."

Everyone blinked at him.


"Okay, so like this, and... There." Ranma finished putting chalk up on the wall.

Sitting on the bed in just his pants, Riser looked at what Ranma was doing in confusion. "What is this supposed to do?"

Ranma just gave him a smirk as the sigil he drew up started to glow and a door opened. "Hey!" He waved at the people who came into the room.

"Lord Ranma!" Several female voices all squealed in delight. "It's Lord Ranma!"

"Uh..." Riser stared at the scantily clad, large breasted women with wings and tails. "Who are they?"

"My fangirls." Ranma laughed as they pouted.

"That's not fair, Lord Ranma!" A pink haired cutie with large breasts pouted.

"Yeah!" A blonde with a more petite body huffed. "You're married to Lady Lilith, the Succubus Queen! Of course we call you Lord Ranma."

Ranma waved them off. "They're Succubi, anyway, girls." He jerked a thumb at Riser. "This guy here had some sexual trauma happen to him and now he's having trouble getting it up."

"Oh no!" They all gasped in horror.

"So... Use your succubus healing to fix him up. And no, you can't drain him dry. Any of you try and he'll burn you to cinders, got it?"

"YES!" They all cheered as Ranma left the room.

"Have fun." Ranma smiled and closed the door behind him.


"Considering that a slaughter happened here, I'd ask why you think this is a good place to help my brother." Ravel said as Ranma walked into the room, but sighed. "But I can't complain, I guess, I mean, I don't know if it'll help him at all, but..."

"What's wrong?"

"Nothing's wrong!" Ravel turned away, her face flushed. "I mean, I'm only talking to the guy who saved my life, saved my brother's life and is trying to help my brother. Nothing's wrong at all!"

Ranma chuckled at her. "You're a good girl." He mentally laughed as her face got redder. After a few moments, he decided to change the subject. "Tell me something, what are your thoughts on the current Red Dragon Emperor, Issei Hyoudou?"

"That bastard." Ravel hissed. "It's bad enough that he hurt my brother like he did, but do to it like that... GAH!"

"I can imagine." Ranma nodded and put a hand on her shoulder, causing her to stiffen and blush hard. "If I can ask for a favor, could I ask that you forgive him?"

Ravel balled her hands into a fist before taking a deep breath and slowly letting it out. "I suppose. If only because you asked."

"Good." Ranma patted her shoulder and walked off, leaving a flustered girl behind.

"Hey!" Ravel cried out, causing Ranma to stop and look at her. "Where do you live?"

Ranma blinked, that was an unusual question, but he shrugged it off. "Kuoh City right now. Why?"

"My mother's been talking about sending me to the human world to learn how to interact with humans." The girl twiddled her thumbs and blushed hard. "If it's not too much to ask, could I ask for you to show me around the city when I start school there?"

Ranma scratched his head and shrugged. "Sure, I have no problem with that."

"Thank you." Ravel bowed, her face blushing hard. "Now then..."


"Well..." Ranma laughed softly. "That didn't take very long."

A few feet away, Mittelt scoffed before walking up to them. "You know, you still owe me at least a few days." She poked Ranma in the chest and looked at Ravel. "...How old are you?"

"Fourteen, though I turn fifteen soon, why?"

Mittelt pouted and walked away, a gloomy aura about her, muttering something about being flat-chested forever.

"Uh..." Ravel sweat-dropped heavily and looked at Ranma in confusion. "What's that all about?"

Ranma waved her off. "Don't worry about it." When he heard steps walking into the room, he and Ravel turned to see Saffron, in ornate flame robes and Kiima, in casual attire, walk into the room, holding several crates of stuff. "Yo, Kiima, Saffron, what's with the crates?"

"I have decided to visit my extended family." Saffron nodded to Ravel. "Kiima will accompany me. I assume that there's no problem for humans to be in Hell?"

"No." Ravel shook her head. "Though, she looks more like an Angel."

"Oh!" Ranma snapped his fingers as something came to him. "Kiima, can I ask you to keep certain things a secret for now? Namely, how we got here."

"Ah!" Kiima blinked but nodded slowly. He had saved Saffron, she could keep the fact that he had Devil-like wings a secret if he wanted to keep it a secret. "No problem."

"What?" Ravel asked, blinking a few times as no one was willing to talk before sighing heavily. "Fine, but, Lord Saffron, what's in those crates?"

"Instant Jusenkyo packets." Saffron answered her. "They temporarily grant you the ability to change into something else with an application of cold water, while a spray of hot water will return you to your birth form. You will need to reapply the temporary curse if you wish to use it again."

"Can I take them?" Ranma asked, raising his hand. "I've got a Jusenkyo Curse, I was wondering if that can be used to cure it."

"On a temporary basis." Saffron answered him. "We use these to fit into the human world. But if you want them, you may have them."

"Sweet!" Ranma grinned as an idea came to him. "Mittelt."

"Yes?" The Fallen Angel blinked as Ranma gave her the most mischievous grin ever. "What?"

"We're going to buy squirt guns when we get back." He chuckled at her confused look.



"Interesting." He tsked as he saw the way the events played out. "Oh well, that's one less piece to use." He had others, he could wait.

End Chapter 2


If you were wondering what happened in Kyoto, there you go. More details to come later, but that should give you a good idea as to what happened.

As for the barrier monks, if the powers seem familiar, it should, I based them off of the "Kekaishi" series. That being said, no, none of the characters from that series will make an appearance proper.

Told you that this arc would shake things up.
Just one thing, eight and thirteen means that Ranma would have been a Father at six...