Dance with the Devil


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Chapter 3

As the teleportation circle finished, Ravel looked at Ranma and smiled at him. "Are you sure you don't wish to come with us? My parents would give you anything in their power for saving our lives."

Ranma waved her off. "No, that's fine." His hand wandered to his pocket and he frowned as he reached in and pulled out a small container. "Oh, what's this anyway?"

"Phoenix Tears." Riser replied to him. "A single drop can heal any wound in an instant."

"I wanted a second to make sure I was good and healed." Ravel looked down blushing. "But!" Her eyes widened as an idea came to her. "You can keep that, okay? If you want more, just ask."

"Do you even know where he lives?" Riser smirked as Ravel groaned and hung her head in dismay. "He does seem to know Rias Gremory though, so..."

"Yeah, I do." Ranma nodded at the two. "If you're ever in Kuoh City, I'm part of her club."

Ravel's eyes lit up and she nodded, a blush on her face. "Thank you!" Waving goodbye the last thing they saw was her smiling face as the four disappeared.

"Why didn't you take their offer to go to Hell?" Mittelt asked as they left Mt. Phoenix behind.

"Well, you know that we still have time before the summer break is over, right?" Ranma asked, getting a nod from Mittelt. "I've always wanted to visit Tibet." Though considering the distance, it would take them some time to get there. Oh well, a good hike through the mountains never hurt anyone.

The blonde tapped her chin, but nodded. "Sure, why not? But can we get back in time for school?" She sighed when Ranma just smiled at her and the two only stopped to pick up their backpacks before heading West.

After more than a few hours and lots of distance from Jusenkyo later, Mittelt had a thought cross her mind. "Hey, Ranma." She asked as she used her light spear to cut away a tree branch that got in front of her. "I thought that the leader of Kyoto's Youkai group couldn't leave Kyoto?"

"Hmm?" Ranma looked back at her and shrugged. "Nah, she can, but she's just at her strongest in Kyoto. If you're wondering where she was when those bastards were killing kids, she was dealing with some troubling spirits an hour away from Kyoto and her daughter was on a class trip is all."

"...That... That doesn't make me feel any better." Mittelt answered and looked at the sky "The sun's starting to set, you want to set up camp?"

"Sure." Ranma nodded at her. "Besides, we just found a clearing."

"Good." Mittelt smirked at him. "I haven't had sex in a good few days, you're going to fuck me until my ass and pussy are so sore that I can't feel anything for the next two days." When Ranma gave her a surprised look, she was blushing hard. "I'm tired, alone with you, more horny than I know what to do with and masturbation doesn't seem fun when I can ride your dick!"

Ranma laughed at her. "As my lady commands." He bowed mockingly, getting a laugh from Mittelt.


Meanwhile, in Nerima...

Lilith walked around the district, Nabiki had spent several days at the Mishima Heavy Industries, talking to Atsuko's parents about something and leaving her with nothing more to do. "You'd think that a town known for weirdness would have something going on." She muttered as she turned a corner and found herself face to face with someone she hadn't seen in awhile. "Ah, Kuno-Sempai."

"Forsooth! Doth mine eyes deceive me? Is it the Angel of my dreams?" The tall kendoist smiled brightly. "This is surely a sign that Saotome's evil magic has faded and you have come to me willingly!"

Lilith rubbed her head in annoyance. "First of all, I'm bound to Master for the rest of my life. If he dies, I die." Which, thanks to them both being Devils now, wouldn't happen for at least a few thousand years. "Secondly, Kuno-sempai, call me an Angel again and Heaven might send an actual Angel down to smite you." She grinned at his dejected face. "And finally, you couldn't give me what I need."

"But I have money, status and..."

Lilith held her hand up to stop him. "No, just no. Those aren't what I need. Master has what I need, you don't."

"But I..."





"NO!" Lilith screamed, her eyes flashing and a ball of fire forming in her hands. "Now you can be a good boy and leave under your own power, or I'll throw this fireball at you and make you explode. Which is it?"

Kuno sighed heavily and slumped. "Truly, the foul Demon has you enthralled so powerfully, Heaven must weep for such an atrocity."

"No, not really." Lilith muttered and walked past him.

"Alas," Kuno started, causing Lilith to stop and look at him, "with the fierce Tigress Akane Tendo missing for awhile now, life has gotten dull. It was my greatest hope that perhaps you would date me to take my mind off of such a tragedy."

Lilith frowned as she heard that. She knew why Akane was missing, but telling Kuno that the most powerful being alive had Akane in its clutches would do more harm than good right now.

Though it would be amusing to tell Kuno that bit of information and have him run off and challenge Ophis to a fight only to get turned into paste, Lilith knew that it wouldn't be the right thing to do. Still... "Don't worry." She smiled at him. "I'm sure she's fine. Akane's probably just dealing with something personal."


"RUN, BITCH, RUN!" Kuroka laughed and fired multiple blasts of energy at Akane. "If you stop for even a moment you'll be spending the night outside naked again!" She laughed more as Akane ran even harder to avoid the energy attacks.

"She's getting better." Bikou nodded as he watched. "How much longer do you think?"

"Hmm, at the current rate she's going? I'd say two more months at most." Kuroka laughed as a blast hit Akane in the butt, sending her falling face-first into the ground. "STAY WHERE YOU ARE AND REMOVE YOUR PANTS BEFORE YOU CAN RUN AGAIN!"

"YOU PERVERTS!" Akane shot back, but did as she was told and tried to ignore the whistling Kuroka sent her way as her bare ass was exposed.

Bikou shook his head in amusement. It reminded him that Akane was in need of some clean clothes and soon. "Well, I'll see ya, I'll head into town and get her some new threads."

"Have fun and don't do what I wouldn't do."

Bikou snorted, but was thankful Vali, who had left some time ago, had left them with enough money to at least get fresh clothes for the girl every so often. Taking one last look at the two, he left them behind and flew into town on his flying nimbus.



Nabiki frowned as she looked at the information that Akiko and Kyusaku had worked on. "No, this isn't right."

"Oh?" Akiko asked as she watched Nabiki's fingers go over the keyboard. "What was wrong with it?"

"Energy output's too low, energy wavelengths were all off, the outfit was way too restricting." Nabiki listed off things that were wrong with what she had seen. "Plus Atsuko's breasts have grown lately. She's a cup size larger than when she left." She coughed when Akiko asked how she knew that. "We had to buy her new tops when she started to workout topless after she complained about her boobs being too uncomfortable."

"I suppose with her new body she would grow in some places, huh?"

"Yep." Nabiki nodded as she worked on the program. "So instead of stiff clothes, it should be a nano-tech solution that can grow with the user, provide optimum defense while exposing as much skin as she can get away with."

"You know that's my daughter you're talking about, right?"

Nabiki didn't bother looking away as she continued to type. "We are literally trying to create technology that can help a former cat-turned-android-turned-Devil-cyborg fight against really dangerous things and you're worried if someone sees too much skin?"

"...Fair point." Akiko nodded as she looked the specs that Nabiki had wanted for the weapons. "The regular armaments are easy to make, but the two strongest weapons... It's almost like you want something that can destroy a God."

"I do." Nabiki answered and finally turned to look at him. "We're not making a normal weapon, we're developing a Longinus for Atsuko."


Meanwhile, in Hell...

"So, Azazel..." Sirzechs began as he, Serafall and a Fallen Angel he hadn't seen since the war, took their seats at the conference table. "Is there a reason you called us here to speak face-to-face? And, Shemhazai, how are you doing?"

"I hope this won't take long, Tsubaki-chan got me this nice package and said that I should look at it when I'm alone." Serafall wondered what was in it, Tsubaki had said it was full of photos and some DVDs but left it at that.

Nodding to Sirzechs, Shemhazai, a fallen Angel with silver-white hair and purple eyes, answered. "I'm fine, thank you for asking, though I'm not sure why Azazel pulled me away from my wife today." Adjusting his purple trench coat, he awaited answers from his commander and friend.

"And I do deeply apologize for that," Azazel commented to him, "I know how few days you get off, don't worry, after this conference is over I'll give you a month to spend how you see fit unless an emergency comes up, of course."

"Thank you." Shemhazai nodded as he sat down.

"Anyway, just waiting for... Ah, there he is." Azazel smirked as a holographic image of Michael appeared in the room.

"Forgive me for being unable to attend personally, but I've made sure that this line is secure." The leader of Heaven said.

"I'm not expecting the Leader of Heaven to come down to Hell, it wouldn't look good to your followers if they knew you came down here whenever." Azazel dismissed his concerns. "Anyway, considering the conference in three weeks, I'm sure that no one will raise a stink about the leaders of the three factions meeting in private. If anyone does just tell them that we were ironing out some details that were troubling us." Putting his hand up to his mouth, Azazel cleared his throat. "Anyway, putting that aside, Sirzechs, this room is properly warded, correct?"

"Indeed, I doubt that even the leaders of the other mythologies could see into this room, much less the enemies we have."

"Good. Before I bring up why I called you all here, let me ask you a question, Michael." The leader of Heaven gave him a nod. "If you found out that there was a fragment of God that was still in the world after his death, what would you do?"

"I would have mobilized the entire forces of Heaven, sparing nothing to find the fragment and prevent it from falling into the hands of Hell."

"Sirzechs and Serafall," Azazel began as he looked at the two Devil Kings, "if there were fragments of the Great Devil Kings still around?"

"Much like Michael, we would have mustered all of our forces to find them and keep them out of the hands of either the Grigory or Heaven." Sirzechs responded.

"And like the two of you, I would have sent everything I had available to me to keep either of your sides from getting the powers from your fallen leaders if it meant that you wouldn't gain an advantage."

"Why bring this up?" Serafall asked the leader of the Fallen Angels. "Surely you knew what our answers would be."

Azazel smirked and held his hand up like he was holding a goblet. "Indeed, so then let me get to the point, it recently came to my attention that there's another type of Sacred Gear out there."

"Another type?" Shemhazai raised an eyebrow. "Surely that's not too surprising."

"Normally not." Azazel agreed as he leaned back in his chair. "What makes these Sacred Gears so unusual though is the fact that they would be over-looked by everyone. Not only are they next-to-useless for the purposes of combat, they have other quirks that makes them hard to control."

"That... Is unusual." Sirzechs nodded in agreement. "But hardly worth bringing to our attention."

"Normally yes," Azazel may have been leaning back against his chair, but he had the most serious look any of them had ever seen on his face, "but what if I told you that those Irregular Sacred Gears, as they're called, are a result of God and the four Great Devil Kings leaving behind parts of themselves?"

The shocked looks from the others had him nodding. "Allow me to explain then." Azazel leaned forward. "Nabiki Tendo, you remember her from the meeting at Kuoh Academy, well her Sacred Gear allows her to see anything if she wants to know where something or someone is. The problem? She needs to know what she's looking for and what it is."

"Not exactly the most useful if in a pitched battle or if you need Intel on the enemy." Shemhazai nodded to him.

"Exactly." Azazel nodded at his second in command. "However, despite never having been to Heaven, she was able to use her Sacred Gear to look into Heaven, and not only that, she was able to see all the way into the seventh level of Heaven."

"I've been wondering how she knew about that stuff." Michael said softly. "What does this have to do with Irregular Sacred Gears?"

"I'm getting to that." Azazel hated having to completely explain everything. "Turns out, when she got into the final level of Heaven, her Sacred Gear went out of control and her Balance Breaker activated. The name of her Sacred Gear? God's Eye."

"God's..." Serafall repeated softly.

"...Eye?" Shemhazai finished for her. "I think I'm starting to see, but..."

"Her Balance Breaker lets her see and know everything at once. Does that sound familiar to you, Michael?"

"Dear God." He gasped as his pupils shrank. "She has Father's Eyes as a Sacred Gear?"

"And she's not the only one to have an Irregular Sacred Gear either. From what I can confirm, her younger sister has one as well, called Devil's Alchemist." Nabiki hadn't told him too many details, just something about it being able to turn food into dangerous items or something.

"Sounds like the Great Devil King Leviathan." Serafall spoke up, getting a nod from Azazel to continue. "Leviathan liked to work in alchemy and mix stuff together, but nothing truly interesting came of it, from what I hear."

"Because there was no time to delve into the secrets of Alchemy, I suspect." Sirzechs rubbed his chin in thought. "There are probably others as well then."

"If any of the Old Satan Factions found out about this, they would stop at nothing to obtain those Sacred Gears if they thought it would help them regain their powers." Serafall admitted, not liking that idea.

"Can we find the others then?" Sirzechs asked, getting a sigh from Azazel. "I take it that's a no?"

"Not at this point in time, no." Azazel was tempted to tell them that Akane Tendo was in the hands of Ophis, but held that bit of information back for right now. Not because he wanted to manipulate them or anything, but if they knew now, Azazel had no doubt that something bad would come of it. "However, my subordinates are working on a way to help Nabiki control her Sacred Gear."

"She needs help? But with her Balance Breaker..." Sirzechs trailed off as Azazel shook his head. "What's wrong?"

"Nabiki's Balance Breaker may give her omniscience, but there's a catch."

"She can see everything at once." Michael realized instantly. "Even if she's now a Devil, she used to be human, only Father could handle that much information at once."

"Exactly." Azazel nodded at him. "It's a rush of information, no filter to help control it and when her brain starts to get overloaded, she starts saying random things without rhyme or reason."

"I don't think I need to say what the rest of us are thinking, but as soon as you can find the rest of the Irregular Sacred Gears..." Sirzechs trailed off and Azazel smirked and shrugged at him.

"Of course I wouldn't hold back this information. Even if the remnants of our fallen leaders aren't the same as having them back, I have no doubt that it would be better for all of us if we all knew." Azazel had some suspicions as to a couple of others, but until he was certain there was no need to bring it up.

He mentally smirked at that. 'Besides, if I'm right, the Balance Breaker of that one will make things... VERY interesting.'

"If it's okay with everyone, I'd like to go, I have stuff I need to do." Michael said as his image faded away.

"Yeah, I got something I want to look at too!" Serafall stood up and teleported out in a flash of blue.

The other three left the room at their own pace.


Serafall smiled as she got into her room and closed the door. "Let's see." She picked up the package and pulled a letter off the top of it.

"Lady Leviathan,
I hope you enjoy this package.
It was not easy to put together.
This is a gift from your sister.
Though she had me put it together.

"YEE! Sona-chan sent me a gift!" Squealing and kicking her legs up and down, the Devil King quickly, but gently, unwrapped the box and opened it up. Her eyes widened as she saw dozens of photos. All of them of Ranma Saotome in various states of dress as he worked out. "Oh..." Her eyes widened as she saw a few naughtier images, some of Ranma in the shower and some with him and the girls he was living with in various sexual poses.

With trembling fingers, she put in the first DVD and hit play.

When the video came on and showed Ranma, Lilith and Mittelt in a very kinky three-some, it took all of Serafall's willpower to not tear off her clothes and start masturbating right then and there.

When Mittelt was taken anally from behind by Ranma while shoving her face into Lilith's crotch, Serafall gave up, tore her clothes off and started rubbing herself.

'I wonder what it would be like to be in their place.' She wondered as her breathing got heavier while her fingers got wetter. As she got closer to her own orgasm, Serafall wondered if maybe she could get away with heading up to Earth, kidnapping him for one day and having him bed her.

The thought of him, pinning her down, dominating her and doing all sorts of naughty things had the Devil flopping backwards, her breasts bouncing as her back arched and she orgasmed, pussy juices spraying out all over her bed.

"That..." She panted heavily. "Was a good orgasm."

"Master..." Lilith's voice came from the TV and Serafall sat up, only to gape as she continued on. "Don't screw her ass too hard, I want some of your cum too."

"You know he won't wear out that easily." Mittelt was moaning as she flopped to the side. "But go ahead, my butt needs to recover now."

'...He has multiple partners, they don't mind sharing him AND he can stay hard?!' Serafall's mouth was suddenly dry as she watched the next round, and the round after that, and the round after that. 'He never runs out?! Damn!'

Serafall just hoped that she didn't dehydrate with all of this masturbation material to watch.


The next day...

"I can't believe we covered the distance from Jusenkyo to Tibet in a couple of hours." Mittelt said, panting as as she tried to catch her breath. "How fast were you moving? I had to work to keep up with you!" And he hadn't even been flying!

Ranma shrugged at her. "Hmm, I think I was going about the speed of a car on the freeway or something like that. I could have gone faster if not for the mountains in the area."

"I think they're plateaus, actually." Mittelt muttered and shook her head. "I knew that Devils were physically better than humans, but this is a bit much, don't you think?"

Ranma gave her a confused look. "What are you talking about? I've been able to run faster than cars even before I became a Devil."

"...Seriously!?" She gave him a look of disbelief. "But that's... That's insane!" The forces on the human body, that shouldn't be possible!

"Really, I haven't let myself go since becoming a Devil or even tried to see how my King's piece affects me."

"You just said something incredible and I don't think you really understand just how insane that sounds." Mittelt muttered and took a deep breath. "So what are we doing in Tibet anyway?"

Ranma grinned at her. "Mostly sightseeing, but I want to visit some of the monasteries here." Mittelt gave him a disbelieving stare with her right eyebrow raised. "What? These guys are world famous for their training regiments."

Mittelt laughed as they walked further into the Chinese province. "Considering some of the training you do, I doubt they have anything they can do for you."

Raising his palms to the air, Ranma shrugged before adjusting his backpack. "Eh, either way, we've been gone for less than a week, we can take our time, see the sights, visit temples. Who knows what we'll find."

Mittelt nodded and smiled. "Right!" This was a lot more fun than what she used to do after all! "Say, Ranma, what do you think Issei and the others are doing right now?"

"Hmm, I think Rias mentioned something about them needing to up their training, so I'm sure they're all fine."


"WAAAAAAGH! HELP ME!" Issei ran while screaming as balls of flame chased after him while a giant Dragon let out a Kaiju-styled yell.

"Move faster, partner, or Tannin will burn you." Ddrag said.

"I KNOW THAT!" Issei called back before tripping over a tree-root and tumbling head over heels several times before crashing into a rock.

Seeing the fire coming his way, Issei could only screw his eyes shut as he was blasted by the heat.

Tannin shook his head. "We have a long way to go, huh?" The former Dragon King knew Issei would draw out the power of the Red Dragon Emperor, it was just a matter of time.


"I'm sure everyone's fine." Ranma smirked at her. "Anyway, rested up enough? Let's go."

Mittelt grumbled as she followed after him as she ran over the grassy plateau. Oh well, if putting up with this annoyance was the worst thing she had to deal with, it wasn't bad.

Besides, he gave her so many toe-curling orgasms last night that she wasn't going to complain today.


Back in Kuoh City...

Sitting on the steps to the Shinto shrine where Issei had gotten Ascalon, Atsuko sighed as she had her chin between her hands, her fingers drumming across her cheeks. "I'm bored. I just wish something would happen."

She blinked as thunder was heard. "...Strange, it's completely clear outside."

When people started screaming, she stood up and grinned. "YAY! Excitement!"

End Chapter 3


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Chapter 4

It was over a month later when Issei found himself at home again. 'Ugh, after all that craziness in Hell, I just want to sink into the bed for the next month.' Training with the Dragon, fighting that Bikou guy and finding out Koneko had an older sister was a shock, but then facing Loki and his kids? 'Note to self, read up on all mythologies in the future so that you know what kind of insanity will be heading your way next.' Nearly dying because Fenrir had teeth strong enough to chomp through his scale mail was not pleasant. 'Thank Satan for Phoenix Tears.'

Another thing that had been a shock had been seeing Irina at the signing ceremony and finding out that she had become an Angel since he last saw her. 'Kind of appropriate there.' He was sure that she'd be a great Angel. Hearing that she was transferring to Kuoh Academy to be Heaven's representative was also a shock, but at least it was a pleasant one. 'Almost as pleasant as her boobs.' A perverted grin covered Issei's face as he thought about Irina in class. 'That means she'll be in gym class and I'll get to see what kind of underwear Angels wear! And her boobs!'

"Really?" A hauntingly familiar voice said softly and Issei's eyes snapped open as reality seemed to darken. Sitting up, he saw Raynare sitting at the foot of his bed in her Yuma form. "Issei, I'm hurt! Forgetting me for a reincarnated Angel?"

"Get out of my head, Raynare!" Issei yelled, getting a laugh as her form changed into her more mature and endowed self, though she kept her schoolgirl outfit on for some reason.

"Didn't I tell you, Issei? Right before I died? That you'll never forget me."

The next thing Issei knew, she was naked and straddling him. "You aren't real! You aren't!"

"Now, now..." She cupped his face and gave him a gentle smile. "I'm here, aren't I? And I can make you feel everything you ever wanted."

"I don't need you!" He grabbed her wrists and pushed her away. "I have Rias! Akeno! Koneko! Asia! Xenovia!"

Raynare laughed before pouncing on Issei and burying his face in her breasts. "Silly boy." She whispered as she ran a hand through his hair. "You think that you have them, but I already told you." Issei couldn't say anything from between her breasts and the Fallen Angel continued. "There isn't a woman who wants you for you. They want something for you. And if not for your Sacred Gear, there wouldn't be any of them who would be interested in you."

"You would know, wouldn't you?" Issei managed to lift his head up and glare at her. "After all, you only took an interest in me because of my Sacred Gear."

Raynare nodded, it was true. "Yes, but tell me, Issei, do you think that Rias Gremory would have revived you if you weren't housing your Sacred Gear? Do you think that Akeno would give you the time of day if you weren't in Rias's peerage? And Xenovia already told you what she wants from you, didn't she?" Gently pushing Issei onto his back, he blinked as his clothes disappeared. "So then..." She reached down and he gasped when she grabbed his dick. "How about you just forget about them and join with me? Hmm? Just be with me forever and ever."

Issei could only watch as she slowly descended onto his hard dick. "n...No...Stop!"

"..ei... ...sse... ...Issei!"

Issei gasped as he shot up, his eyes wide. Panting hard, he looked around wildly. "What..." The next thing he knew, he felt two pair of hands on his arms. "GET AWAY!" He yelled and jumped away, spinning and preparing to fight Raynare off when he saw the shocked and hurt faces of Rias and Asia, both in bed naked, looking at him.

"Are you okay, Issei?" Asia asked as Issei's scary look slowly faded while he panted.

"Yes... Just... Just a dream. Just a dream."

"Must have been some dream." Rias commented as she and Asia grabbed Issei's hands. "You were tossing in your sleep and going "no" constantly."

Issei continued to take deep breaths to try and get his breathing under control. "Just... Just a dream, nothing more."

Rias and Asia just continued to look at him in concern.


Later that day...

"No shit, really?" Ranma asked Issei as the two of them walked to the club room. "So Irina's an Angel now? That's cool. But you fought an actual God, huh?"

"And found out that there's a Dragon as strong as Ophis." Issei shook his head in amazement at the thought of that. "So much that I don't know about the world."

"Eh, it's a big place." Ranma shrugged at him and waved as they saw Atsuko, Lilith, Koneko and Asia walking up to the building from the side. "You'll find that there's lots of things you didn't know."

"So what did you do while we were gone?" Issei asked.

"Eh, visited Tibet, met some monks, traveled around with Mittelt, that was fun." Ranma had wanted to climb Mt. Everest, but Mittelt shot that idea down after she learned Ranma was going to do it without rope. Sure, he could just bring out his Devil wings and fly, but there was no need to risk him getting hurt badly after all.

"You went sight-seeing and I was training with a Dragon! That's so unfair!" Issei felt like crying.

"I actually wanted to see if I could run up Mt. Everest without hiking boots, but Mittelt said if I did that she was tying me to the bed and riding my dick until I couldn't get it up anymore." Ranma smirked as Koneko gave him a dirty look, Asia blushed and Issei's nose started to bleed. "Anyway, got something for everyone when we get into the club room."

Seeing Ranma's grin, Asia wondered if maybe she should refrain from going into the room.


"Well, I hope that your vacation was fruitful." Azazel laughed as Lilith pouted at him as the small group walked into the club room. "Not fun?"

"Master was in Tibet the whole time and I was forced to stay in Japan to watch Nabiki." Lilith pouted more. "Where's everyone else?"

"Curious about that myself, but more curious as to why all the furniature is covered in plastic." Azazel looked at Ranma, who was grinning heavily. "Okay, spill it, what's going on?"

Ranma just continued to grin.

"I'm scared." Asia whimpered as the door opened to reveal Kiba, Gasper and Atsuko.

"Sorry we're late, everyone!" Gasper smiled as he waved. "We were just talking with Atsuko about what we did over the break."

"Speaking of which," Kiba looked at her, "what did you do?"

Atsuko grinned happily. "I got to kill mutant killer tomatoes!"

Everyone but Lilith, who heard this already, stared at her stupidly.

"There was an attack..." Ranma began.

"...Of killer tomatoes?" Azazel finished, before putting his hands on his mouth and laughing. "That's the silliest thing I've ever heard!"

"What's the silliest thing you ever heard of?" Rias asked as she, Akeno and Nabiki walked into the room.

"Did you tell them about the killer tomatoes?" Nabiki asked Atsuko, who nodded at them.

"They don't believe me!" Atsuko pouted, why couldn't the attack have happened later in the month?

"Is there a reason everything's covered in plastic?" Akeno asked as she looked around, not bothering to think about the craziness of killer tomatoes.

"Hey!" Xenovia walked in, followed by Irina and Mittelt. "Sorry we're late, had to deal with a large group of people."

"Is there a reason that everything's covered in plastic?" Irina asked while Mittelt closed the door.

"That's the third time that's been asked, so..." Azazel looked at Ranma. "You seem to know what's going on, why is everything covered in plastic?"

"Well," Ranma began. "Shortly after the vacation started, Mittelt and I were in China and saved... Um..." Ranma looked at Mittelt, who sighed.

"Ravel Phenix, Riser Phenix, Saffron and Kiima."

"Right!" Ranma nodded, thankful she was better with names than he was. "Anyway, got some stuff from Saffron as a result and I thought I'd share. And as for why everything's covered up, that's simple! It's so it doesn't get wet." The next thing anyone knew, Ranma pulled out a large squirt gun and pulled the trigger, dousing Koneko with water. Before anyone could say anything, she disappeared and her clothes flopped to the floor.

"What the hell?!" More than one person said at once.

"QUACK!" A little white duck came out of the clothes and seemingly glared at Ranma.

"WHAT THE HELL DID YOU DO?!" Rias yelled, hoping Ranma didn't just do what she thought he did.

"Temporary Jusenkyo Curse." Mittelt answered her and pulled out a squirt gun of her own. "Just get her wet with warm water and she'll be back to normal with no negative side-effects."

"Could have warned us more." Rias muttered before ducking a shot aimed at her, which sailed over her and soaked Issei, who was standing behind her.

"HEY!" Issei yelled, his eyes widening as he patted his chest down before reaching down between his legs and suddenly screaming. "AHHH!!! I'M A GIRL!"

"You think he'd be more happy about that." Kiba muttered and blushed as he saw Issei, who now had blue hair, was a head shorter, and had a rocking pair of huge breasts that were straining her shirt.

"...You're right!" Issei grinned! She could finally find out the secrets of the girl's body! Her friends were going to be so jealous!

"Hey, give me one!" Xenovia yelled as Ranma tossed her and Irina one. "Irina!"


"GOT'CHA!" They yelled and sprayed each other at the same time.

"MOO!" The cow that was in Irina's spot mooed in surprise.

"BAHHH!" The goat that was in Xenovia's spot looked around and then ran out the door, followed by the cow.

"Should we stop them?" Kiba asked before being sprayed by water. "WOOF! WOOF!"

"Okay, that's enough of, EEEK!" Rias yelled as Akeno sprayed up her skirt with water. "AKENO!"

Everyone stared as Rias got taller, more muscular and her large boobs disappeared. Her hair turned from red to black and the neo boy blinked in surprise. "Well..." Rias's voice was several octaves lower. "This is a surprise." Looking at Issei, he licked his lips. "This might work out after all."

Asia would have protested, but she was currently a duck along side Koneko after Ranma had sprayed her.

Azazel was yelling at the kids to get him some hot water. Of course, it was hard to tell since he was currently a sloth and not reacting to much of anything.

"WAAAAH!" Gasper cried out, tears forming in his eyes as he felt his crotch. "I've been turned into a girl too!"

"You know," Issei started to speak, "since you like cross-dressing so much, it would work for you." Hell, Gasper hadn't even lost height or had his hair color change.

Akeno giggled before being sprayed with water and disappearing. "HISS!" The snake she became looked around for who sprayed her.

"Is there a reason you didn't spray Nabiki, Lilith or Atsuko?" Mittelt asked.

"Need people to get hot water so we can return everyone to normal. Plus I'm not sure how Atsuko and Jusenkyo would mix." Ranma replied and blinked as Rias grabbed Issei and ran out of the room. "Um... Lilith, I think..."

"Yeah, I think so to." She sighed and went to fill a couple of glasses with hot water before those two did something they'd regret.


"Um, President?" Issei yelped as she was pulled into a classroom and bent over one of the old desks. "What are, eeek!" She yelped and moaned as Rias pressed up against her from behind and fondled her new breasts. "Ah! Please tell me that's a large marker that I'm feeling on my butt!"

"No." Rias whispered and Issei whimpered as Rias's new male form completely dominated her. "Oh Issei..."

"H...Hey!" Issei yelped as Rias pulled her pants and underwear down. "Come on! Calm down! I know that everything's new and all. But this is completely, YEEEK!"

"You're right, this is backwards, but frankly, I don't..."

The next thing that either of them knew, hot water splashed them both, shocking them as they returned to their birth forms.

"I don't really care if you two want to do gender-bent sex, but I think that both of you would regret it when you turned back to normal." Lilith answered and smirked at the blushes the two had as they quickly split apart and Issei fixed his pants. "It might be a kinky idea, but trust me, neither of you could handle the sensations that would happen if you got off as the opposite gender."

It was so satisfying to see the two blush so hard that they were practically lighting up the room.

"Issei, I... I..." Rias sputtered, trying to find a way to ask Issei for forgiveness for what she had almost did while male.

Before Issei could say anything, Lilith cleared her throat. "No doubt you two are wondering just why you were reacting that way and it's very simple, under normal circumstances, you can control the hormones that flow through your body. Sure, sometimes you're less successful than other times, but you're used to it as your brain's dealt with them your whole lives. But suddenly finding yourself in the opposite gender? Your brain has all sorts of new sensations to handle and it doesn't know what to do."

Both of them stared at her and she laughed. "The first week Master was a girl was full of surprises for him." Lilith giggled more as they blushed even harder. "Anyway, shall we go back and get everyone back to normal?"

"Yes." The two nodded, still blushing hard.

"And later--when you have a nice healthy sex life that doesn't involve sleep-fondling, come to us to get some packets to experiment with--preferably in your homes where I can record it."

"That's a good ide--wait!? You're recording us!?" cried Rias.

"Nah, I just look in your window," Lilith waved off. "Seriously, you guys aren't really doing anything. At least Asia occasionally grabs his junk."

The two blushed more, unsure what to think of that.


A few minutes later and everyone had returned to their birth forms.

"Well, that was interesting." Akeno giggled as she thought about being a snake. "Hey, Rias, did you and Issei..." She laughed as they blushed harder. "Oh come on! I could just imagine how delicious it must have been, you both were really sexy in your gender-bent forms." Of course, they were both sexy in their birth forms as well, so that probably helped.

"Um, I think we're forgetting something." Asia looked around, trying to figure out what they had forgotten.




Sona blinked several times as she and Tsubaki were passed by two animals. "Tsubaki, did I see what I thought I saw, or did my sister drug my drink again to make me start hallucinating?"

"I suggest that we pretend we never saw a cow chasing a goat and go about our business." Tsubaki adjusted her glasses.

"I agree." Sona nodded and walked in the opposite direction of where the animals had been heading. At least they weren't making a mess of the place.


Running into the girls changing room, the two animals headed straight for the showers. The goat was never more thankful than now that the showers were simply levers that you had to push up and not valves that needed to be turned.

When the water warmed up enough the two animals transformed into two naked girls, Xenovia on her butt and Irina on her hands and knees, and they found themselves giggling at how hilarious that had been.

"Oh man, it was nice just to cut loose and run around like that." Irina laughed as she and Xenovia stood up.

"I know. Did you see the looks everyone was giving us? You know they were wondering if they were dreaming, drugged or if they should take up drinking."

Irina laughed at what Xenovia said and turned the water to cold. When the cold water rolled over them and they didn't change, she sighed in relief. "That's good. I was a little worried that the curse was permanent."

Xenovia nodded and blinked as the doors to the dressing room burst open and a bunch of people stood there, looking around. "Can I help you?" She asked, uncaring about her nudity.

"Boys! Don't look!" The girls yelled and pushed the boys out of the room.

One of the girls coughed. "Sorry, but did you see a cow and a goat run in here?"

Xenovia shook her head. "I never saw a cow or a goat run in here." Which was true, she had been the goat and she had been in the lead when they entered the room.

"And how would a cow get in here anyway?" That was something Irina wasn't sure about, how HAD she gotten in so easily? "Besides, I don't see a cow or a goat in here."

Seeing everyone agree and leave, both girls got out of the shower and with a quick application of magic had their clothes restored to their bodies. "Man, imagine losing your clothes every time you transformed into an animal." Xenovia said, getting a shudder from Irina.

"No thanks. I'm just glad that Lord Michael taught me how to change my outfit so easily."


It didn't take them long to get back to the club room where they saw everyone back to normal. "Sorry about that." Xenovia said and blinked as she looked at Azazel. "Why is he so glum?"

"I was turned into a sloth. I would have preferred a woman at least!" A splash of water hit Azazel between the eyes and he blinked at Nabiki, who was holding a small squirt gun. "Well..." Azazel, her voice pitched upwards, said as she stood up, revealing clothes that were suddenly loose on her new body.

"Wow! You look good as a woman." Ranma nodded, Azazel had lost some height, her hair had turned green for some reason and she was having to adjust her pants to keep them from falling off, but the new woman wasn't too bad looking.

"I'm going to ask you for a few of those packets." Azazel commented as she finished adjusting her pants and rubbed her chin. "Hmm, going to be weird not having a beard until I get some hot water."

"You're not commenting on your boobs?" Issei asked, getting a laugh from Azazel. It was her normal laugh, but hearing it coming from a woman was just weird.

"I'm going to do lots of fun experiments with them." Azazel continued to laugh as most of the teens blushed.

"Oh, Azazel." Nabiki pulled out a thumb drive and tossed it to the woman, who missed it and had it land right on her chest and slide under her shirt and between her boobs. "Not even ten seconds as a woman and you already know how to store things like one."

"Boobs are awesome." Issei muttered before grunting as Koneko jabbed him in the side. "Oww!"

"He's still a guy, no playing with boobs belonging to guys." The little girl said briskly before crossing her arms over her chest and huffing in annoyance.

Issei just chuckled before gawking as Azazel reached down her shirt and between her boobs and pulled out the thumb drive. "That is the hottest non-sexual thing I've ever seen." He gasped as Koneko jabbed him in the side again. "Oww!"


"But why?" Issei muttered. "Ranma let me do it."

The room went quiet, as they slowly turned towards the only one there with a full-time curse.

"He was dealing with something, I wanted to help."

"And then he took it too far," stated Koneko, it was pretty obvious to her.

"Like a moth near a bug zapper," Ranma replied. "So he got banned from even getting near them."

"I demand a retrial!" Issei proclaimed, wanting what he couldn't have. Sure, he could have Asia's and Rias's whenever they slept, but he wanted what he couldn't have as well.

"No." More than one person said at the same time.

"So..." Azazel spoke and ignored the floor show. "What's this for?"

"Over the past month I've been using my Balance Breaker sparingly, just long enough to get information I want without severely overloading my brain." Nabiki answered the temporary woman. "Anyway, I know you're still working on that artificial Sacred Gear of yours, so I looked up how to perfect it for you."

Everyone stared at her in shock and she sighed. "It won't have any special abilities or anything, it's based on the one you have now, but it would just be an empty shell unless you put an element or a powerful beast in it."

"Interesting." Azazel looked at the thumb drive and put it in her pocket. "If you had this before the peace treaty was signed, would you have given it to me?"

Nabiki gave the neo-woman a flat stare. "Are you insane? If one side could create artificial Sacred Gears and give them special abilities and the other two sides found out..."

"Good." Azazel nodded to her. "I'm glad that you're not an idiot." Though she wouldn't have minded having a perfected Artificial Sacred Gear when Vali betrayed her over a month ago.

"So what are you going to do with it?" Rias said, sighing as Azazel just grinned at her. "I guess you telling me was too much to ask."

"Don't worry about it so much, you're young." Azazel smiled at her. "You should focus more on enjoying yourself and not worrying about stuff so much. Let us old fools worry more about things like this."

"Speaking of fools..." Lilith looked at Irina. "So you're an Angel now?"

"Uh huh!" Irina smiled and spun around, her white wings forming behind her while a halo formed over her head. "Pretty neat huh?"

"I thought Angels had to be made, how did you become one anyway?" Xenovia asked.

"The question I have is why is she here?" Mittelt asked, confused.

"I'll handle both questions." Azazel smiled. "Without God running the show, Heaven can't make new Angels, so as part of the truce between our factions, Lord Beelzebub gave Michael the secrets to the Evil Piece system so that the Angels could do something similar and reincarnate humans and other species into Angels. As for why she's here..." She trailed off.

"That's because Lord Michael feels that we need more people to fight the Khaos Brigade." Irina winked. "So you don't need to fear, with me around I'll face down those blasted Khaos Brigade fighters and give everyone Sir Michael's Blessing, amen!"

Ranma and Issei both sweat-dropped heavily. "Well, her enthusiasm hasn't changed a bit." Issei commented, but was glad she was around.

By mutual consent, the meeting didn't last much longer and the group left the building to do stuff.

"Hey, Ranma..." Issei began as they walked out of the building. "What did you do to Riser and Ravel?" When Ranma blinked in confusion, he explained.


"Oh, you're Issei Hyoudou." Ravel, in a red and orange dress, said as she looked at him. "Here."

"Huh?" Issei blinked at the tube-like thing he was given. "What's this?"

"I'd call it a gift to you, but that would be too kind." She huffed and crossed her arms under her breasts. "I owe a favor to your friend Ranma and he asked me to forgive you for what you did to my brother, so this is the result."

"Woah." Issei chuckled and put the object in his inside coat pocket. "Um, how is your brother these days?"

"Issei!" A male voice spoke up loudly, and Issei turned to see Riser standing behind him grinning. "You wouldn't happen to be trying to hit on Ravel now, would you?"

"Brother!" Ravel yelled in exasperation.

"Ah, you're not..."

Riser laughed at Issei's nervousness. "Normally Riser would be upset with you over what happened still, but after your friend Ranma helped Ravel and myself out, I figure that there is no reason for Riser to still remain angry."

Issei chuckled nervously. "He's a pretty decent guy, huh?"

Ravel blushed as she thought about Ranma and shook her head. "He's more than a pretty decent guy." She huffed and walked off, annoyed.

*End Flash*

"So... What did you do?"

"Eh, just dealing with a problem of mine. They nearly died before I helped them out." Ranma shrugged and continued to walk before blinking as he realized he was the only one walking. Turning, he saw the shocked expressions from most of the group. "What?"

"Considering that the Phenix Clan is known for having really powerful healing abilities that makes them borderline immortal," Azazel began to clarify for him, "the fact that you saved their lives is rather impressive."

"Remnants of a Hunter clan that saw everyone that wasn't human as monsters and tried to eradicate them."


Ranma just raised an eyebrow while everyone else stepped back nervously. Hugging Lilith, he rubbed the back of her head, "shhh, it's okay, they're all gone now, the last three are all dead." After Lilith calmed down somewhat, Ranma looked at the large group. "Anyway, they apparently were there for someone else, but that person had similar powers, so..."

"Getting caught in a trap meant for someone else that neutralized their powers, huh?" Azazel tapped her chin and nodded. "Explains a lot. Anyway, why don't you kids get going? I'm going to head out and get this thumb drive to the guys down in the tech labs." With that, she disappeared.

"Should we tell her that people might get confused now that she's a woman?" Kiba asked, getting a laugh from Akeno. "What?"

"Considering that Azazel likes to experiment and such, I'm sure that they'll just think it was an experiment gone wrong."

"That's... Surprisingly accurate." Kiba nodded.

"Hey, you guys wanna join us?" Issei asked Ranma. "We're throwing a welcoming party for Irina and Rossweisse."

"Who?" Ranma asked at that last name.


At the Hyoudou Residence...

Sitting on a couch with her knees up to her face in a gray business suit, Rossweisse, a tall woman with long gray hair, green eyes and a large bust, whimpered. "Lord Odin, why did you forget me again?!" She cried though no one would hear her. "Just because I'm the only Valkyrie that doesn't have a boyfriend or ever had a boyfriend or lover or anyone to warm her bed doesn't mean you have to leave me alone! Sure, maybe I'm a little older, but come on, it's not like I want to be all alone, can't you take pity on me and bring me back? Of course, why would you? You're always complaining about me dragging down the mood and not letting you go out to the local titty bars!" Breaking down, Rossweisse started sobbing into her legs. "IT'S NOT FAIR!"


"I'd love to, but I do have some other concerns I need to deal with." Ranma shook his head. "Though Atsuko, Mittelt and Lilith could go if they wanted to."

When Mittelt, Lilith and Atsuko all gave similar excuses, they were waved off.

"Well then," Issei smiled, "more food for us."

The rest of the group laughed at that.

End Chapter 4


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Chapter 5

A few weeks later...

Kiba, wearing the school's gym outfit, ducked out of the way of a large red ball before grabbing it off the ground and returning fire, hitting the one who threw it in the arm and tagging him out.

Dodgeball was a lot of fun, so long as no one got hit in the face.

'The only problem...' Kiba mentally trailed off as he looked at the other side. Ranma was on the other team and wasn't aiming at him, for which he was thankful, but he had taken out most of Kiba's team by himself. Still, Kiba had returned the favor in kind and was taking out most of Ranma's team.

"GAH!" Issei yelled as a shot hit him in the gut and sent him flying into the wall. "I'm out." He coughed, wondering how Ranma could throw those things so hard.

Kiba laughed softly as he saw it was just him and Ranma left. "Well, this'll be fun." He said dryly, wondering how to handle this.

Ranma just smirked at Kiba. "You know, it won't be very fun if you hold back against me."

"Come on, Kiba! Do your best!" Some of the girls watching were heard cheering him on.

"See?" Ranma's grin soon caught on to Kiba and he wore an identical smirk on his face.

"Well then, I guess I can't disappoint."

To the onlookers, things didn't seem too different, until both Kiba and Ranma started to blur and almost disappear at points while the balls were flying so hard that they bounced off the wall on one end of the court and flew back to the other side.

"Dear GOD!" Surprisingly, or not, Irina was the one who screamed that out as she watched them move. "I knew that Kiba was fast, but seeing someone keep up with his speed, that's unbelievable!" She had thought that with Ranma wouldn't be able to keep up with a Knight Devil, even if that Devil was a reincarnated human like Kiba was, but the newly reincarnated Angel was finding that wasn't exactly true. 'I guess I owe them an apology.' She wondered if they remembered what she said so carelessly and if they did if they'd forgive her over it.

When the match really started to kick into high gear, the two contestants became a blur of motion, making people wonder if this was a fight out of those shonen battle anime that they watched growing up or something.

"Hey, Ranma," Kiba said casually as he ducked under another ball, "just out of curiosity, that first week after you visited Jusenkyo, how much fun did you have when it rained?"

Ranma stumbled as he heard that. "Yo! What the heURK!" He groaned as a ball hit him in the face.

Kiba grinned as he won. "Payback for the training trip."

"...Fair." Ranma said flatly after the ball fell to the floor. "You've gotten a lot better."

Kiba laughed softly.



"Hey, Nabs." Ranma said into his cellphone as school let out and he left to take care of something at home.

"Don't call me that." Her voice came across the phone, irritated.

Ignoring the tone, Ranma continued. "How do I set Kiba's fangirls on him, with the belief that if they don't act rashly and quickly, he will slip into yaoi and forever abandon them?"

"A little sore on losing today?"

"Nah, don't care about the loss." Ranma dismissed what she said. "It's what he said that caused me to lose. Can't allow that to go unchallenged."

"Fine, I'll handle it."

"Thanks, I owe ya." Ranma turned his phone off and ran off.


The next day...

"ISSEI YOU PERVERT!" Several girls screamed as they saw Issei walking onto school campus.

"HUH?!" Issei blinked as he saw several girls that he recognized from Kiba's fanclub. "Um, what did I do wrong this time?"

"You're trying to take Kiba away from us and keep him all for yourself!" One of them yelled.

"My..." Akeno, who was behind Issei, raised an eyebrow in amusement. "And I thought Issei was straight. Does this mean that you've been leading a life as a swing agent?"

"Issei?" Asia pouted heavily. "Even after sleeping in the same bed as me and the President, you still go after Kiba?"

"Even you, Asia?!" Issei gave the girl a look of betrayal. "Oh come on!" He threw his hands up in the air. "I didn't do anything with Kiba. We're just friends, okay?!"

"What's going on?" Kiba asked as he and Gasper walked upon the group.

"Kiba-sama!" The girls all squealed in delight.

"Please tell us that it isn't true! That you don't spend long hours alone with this pervert!"

Kiba blinked a few times and scratched the back of his head. "Well, we do sometimes have to spend long hours working together. Plus I owe him a lot for showing me things that I wouldn't have otherwise known." Some of those anime that Issei had borrowed to him were absolutely hilarious or perverted or both. And Kiba didn't mind any of it.

"OH COME ON!" Issei yelled as the girls all glared at him, a red aura of doom surrounding them as their eyes seemingly started to glow. "I'LL GET YOU FOR THIS!" He ran off, chased by the girls.

"Oh my." Akeno giggled at Kiba. "I didn't know that you were like that, Kiba."

Asia pouted heavily. "No fair!"

Not far away, Ranma watched as Issei was chased by the girls of the school and rubbed the back of his head. "Well... That backfired."


Later, in-between classes...

"I don't see why you're complaining," Ranma said.

"The kendo club tried to kill me!" Issei whined.

"Yes, and now they have refocused all their efforts into deflowering Kiba," Ranma replied.

"...Pretty boys are evil," Issei muttered.

"Yes, and your training has given you the ability and skills needed to avoid receiving one shinai hit or violent female attack," Ranma offered.

"..." went Issei, glaring at his hated rival--no matter what his Sacred Gear said about some white dragon being their rival.

"Keep this training up, you might even be able to pleasure a succubus soon," Ranma smirked.

"Hah! I could do it now!" Issei declared.

"Oh really?" Ranma asked. "And how would Rias and Asia react to coming home and seeing you in bed with one?"

"..." went Issei, torn between his fantasies and his brain's attempt to force reality into the train of thought.

"What's more," Ranma continued, "aside from nudity, what studying have you done to know a woman's pleasure centers, how to read her reactions to know you're doing it right, and the control not to 'one and done' yourself before the thirty minute mark?"

"..." went the now pale Issei, as aside from some videos, he realized he had no clue what to do.

"But I'm sure you have put in the effort since being a Harem King is your dream," Ranma chuckled.

"..." At that point, Issei had gone Blue Screen.

Ranma chuckled. He wasn't going to call--then they'd know his general location, and damned if they wouldn't show up hunting for him. No, he'd let Issei stew. Maybe it would motivate the pervert.


Later that day...

Azazel, having returned to his birth form since the instant Jusenkyo incident, looked at the group, though there was only Rias, Akeno, Issei, Ranma, Nabiki and Lilith at that moment. "I'd ask where the others are, but this doesn't require the whole club. First of all, I want to say, whatever Jusenkyo is, it's potent stuff, even the weakened version was giving my guys in the R&D department fits as they tried to figure it out." He'd have to see about getting a sample of the actual stuff to do experiments on. "Secondly, thanks to Nabiki, I should have an a finished artificial Sacred Gear with no drawbacks soon."

"How soon?" Akeno was curious and wondered how he'd use it.

"Sadly not until after the time the school's yearly Kyoto trip is to take place."

"Kyoto?" Ranma asked, perking up. "It's been three years since I was last over there."

"...Kyoto?" Lilith asked, trembling. "Who's all going?"

"Well, you and everyone in your year." Azazel let her know.

"NOOOO!" Lilith screamed and hid under the couch. "I'M NOT HERE! YOU CAN'T MAKE ME GO! I NO WANNA GET TURNED INTO TOFU!!!"

"Uh..." Issei blinked in confusion. "What's going on?"

"Don't worry about it." Ranma replied and got up to walk behind the couch. "Anyway, Lilith, if you don't come out right now, I'll tell the big tittied Fox MILF that you planned to seduce her daughter."

"NOOO!" Lilith screamed and dashed out from under the couch before zipping into the closet. "I HAVEN'T EVEN SEEN THAT CUTE GIRL SINCE THREE YEARS AGO! MASTER! YOU WOULDN'T!"

"...Big tittied Fox MILF?" Issei asked and blinked as Ranma pulled out a picture and showed it to him. "HOLY MAMA!" His eyes bugged out in shock. The image showed a woman who looked in her mid-twenties to early thirties at most with golden eyes, long blonde hair tied up in a ponytail with long hair that framed her face and two long strands of hair hanging down her front. She wore a yellow kimono and had a pleasant smile. But the thing that caught Issei's attention the most was the HUGE rack the woman had. It was one of the largest pair of boobs he had ever seen in his life.

"...Do I need to ask?" Rias looked at the closet in concern.

"Lilith joked that she was going to seduce the big tittied Fox MILF's daughter and was dragged off to another room for twenty minutes." Ranma supplied as he took the photo back from Issei.

"Yasaka didn't seem that bad when we went last year." Akeno spoke up, before covering ears as Lilith let out an ear-splitting scream of pure terror. "WHAT THE HELL!?"

"And this is why I call her the big tittied Fox MILF instead of by her actual name." Ranma sighed and walked over to the closet and opened it up. "Lilith, shadow, now."

"WAAAAH!" Lilith cried as she disappeared into Ranma's shadow and cried softly.

"She'll be unable to do anything for the rest of the day." Ranma shook his head and sighed. "I'm gunna head home then."

Seeing Ranma leave, Azazel just shook his head. "Well, that was unexpected." Clearing his throat. "Before I forget, Nabiki, the guys in R&D should finish the tech to help you control your Sacred Gear more fully pretty soon. Though don't expect them to ask you to test it right away."

"Good." Nabiki hated the headache she got from her Sacred Gear.


Later that evening...

Ranma, wearing just his boxers, sighed as he sat on the floor of his room. "Lilith... Come on out."

"No!" She cried from his shadow. "I won't come out! There's a scary fox MILF who will turn me into tofu if I come out!"

"She's not here." Ranma shook his head. "I promise you, she's not here."

"You're lying!"

"Well fine, I guess I'll have a threesome with Atsuko and Mittelt then."

"They're not there!" Lilith yelled from his shadow. "You can't tempt me with the thought of hearing Mittelt's cute moans or seeing Atsuko's awesome boobs bouncing as she rides your dick."

"Really?" Ranma asked, as the door to his room opened up. "Because they just walked into the room."

"Is she still freaked out?" Mittelt, who was wearing a transparent nightgown, asked and shook her head in amusement.

Atsuko was just wearing her underwear. "Well, I guess we can just have fun without her then."

Lilith finally poked her head out of the shadow. "...No scary fox lady who will turn me into Tofu and eat me?"

"No." The three said at the same time.

Pulling herself out of the shadow completely, she hugged Ranma. "Okay, fine, but I want to be pampered tonight."

Ranma smiled at her. "Sure."


The next day after school Issei and Asia found themselves walking downtown, getting some groceries for dinner that night and talking about various things when Issei stumbled across a flyer for the upcoming inter-class contest. "Oh yeah! Can't wait for that!"

"What's this about?" Asia asked as she saw it.

"Basically all classes compete against each other to see which class is the best." Issei replied to her.

"Wouldn't it be unfair to the other classes, considering..." Asia trailed off, getting a laugh from Issei.

"Yeah, but it shouldn't be a problem." Turning, he walked off. "So what competition do you think you'll be in this year?"

"I don't know, even though I was at the church, I wasn't very, EEEK!" She tripped and would have fallen down had someone not grabbed her shoulders.

"Asia, are you..." Issei turned and looked at the person who grabbed her. He was a bit taller than Issei was, slender, with short dark hair, wearing a fancy suit and a fur coat, but his eyes were screwed shut into slits. "...Please tell me that your favorite catch phrase isn't "a secret" or something."

The man looked at Issei in confusion. "I have no idea what you mean by that." Chuckling a little bit, he let Asia go, "I just happened to be here, that's all. But it must be fate that this is the second time we've met, Asia Argento."

Asia gave him a surprised "huh?" when he said that.


After moving away from the crowd and to a forested area, the man opened his shirt to reveal a x-shaped scar on his chest.

"That scar..." Asia gasped as she looked at it. "Now I remember, you were the Devil that I healed, weren't you?"

Adjusting his outfit, the man nodded. "Indeed. My name is Diodora Astaroth and..." The next thing that Asia knew, he was on his knees and holding her right hand, gently kissing it. "I want you to know that I am completely smitten with you."

"Hey!" Issei yelled as Asia blushed. "Get your hands off of her."

Standing up and letting go of Asia's hand, Diodora turned to leave. "I would be honored, though, Asia Argento, if you decided to marry me."

Asia gasped, staring stupidly as Diodora disappeared in a blue flash of light.


"Diodora Astaroth, huh?" Rias shook her head as she heard about the event. "I don't think you should worry about it. He probably just feels really grateful that you saved his life." Rias wasn't sure if the youngest descendant of the Great Devil King Astaroth was thinking, but she hoped it was just him being smitten with Asia. "Just ignore him long enough and he'll give up and go away, okay?"

"Okay." Asia nodded, agreeing to that.

"Hey." Issei put his hand on her shoulder. "If he tries anything, I'll lay him out for you."

Asia just smiled, grateful that she had friends willing to protect her.


Later that night...

"Well..." A familiar female voice was heard as Issei opened his eyes. "I didn't expect Asia to find a better man already."

"Raynare." Issei groaned and hung his head. "Can't you leave me alone already?"

Instead of speaking, the now-naked, Issei wondered how he missed that, Fallen Angel walked up to him, her hips and breasts swaying in such a way that he couldn't help but stare at them. "Issei, it's okay, you don't have to be like this."

"I don't?" He gulped as her finger went over his bare chest and he wondered when he got naked. "What do you mean?"

"I mean I warned you, didn't I?" She leaned in close to him, her breasts pressing against his chest as she whispered to him. "That one day any woman around you would leave you."

"That's not true!" Issei yelled and pushed her off, or rather tried to as his hands grabbed her large tits and squeezed.

"Oooh my!" Raynare huffed softly. "But, really, Issei, don't you think it's better this way?"

"Issei!" A new voice spoke up and he turned his head, his hands still on Raynare's breasts, and saw Asia, dressed in a very fancy dress and smiling at him. "Thank you, for everything, Issei. But I'm getting married now."


Raynare pulled away from him and got behind Issei, hugging him and pressing her breasts against his back. "See, Issei? She's going to find someone better than you and leave you."

"Who did she find though?" When Diodora showed up and spoke, he could hear anything, couldn't react and could only watch as Asia was taken away. "But... Why?"

Raynare gently bit his ear before licking it. "Because, silly boy... None of them truly love you. It's like I said, no woman will ever love you for you, if any of them..."

"Choose to be with me, it's because they want something from me." Issei finished, his tone flat as his body started to slacken.

"Exactly." She reached down and rubbed his crotch. "But me? I'll be here for you, forever... And ever..."

Issei shook his head. "No! This isn't right! You aren't real! You're dead! I saw Rias kill you!"

"If I wasn't really here..." She whispered to him. "Then you wouldn't feel this, would you?" She asked as she squeezed and rubbed his dick.

"Hard to argue that logic..." Issei conceded and groaned as her fingers worked their magic on his shaft. "But... You're still dead..."

"The dead can't do this, can they?" Raynare whispered to him as she stroked him some more.


Issei blinked as Raynare disappeared and things started to shift around him.


"Who?" Issei asked softly as his eyes blinked and he saw the concerned face of Asia over him. Like usual, she was naked as she slept in bed with him.

"Issei? Are you okay? You were looking really distressed in your sleep."

"I was?" Issei blinked, trying to recall what was bothering him, before gasping. "Now I remember. I dreamed you were getting married and were going to leave me."

Asia blinked a few times and shook her head. "No, I wouldn't do that. If I got married, I wouldn't want to leave you. You're too precious to me."

Issei smiled at her, tears forming in his eyes. "Thanks."

"Ngh, what's going on?" Rias, who was sleeping naked on Issei's right side, rubbed her eyes as she woke up. "Everything okay?"

"Yeah, just some bad dreams of Asia getting married to that Diodora jerk and leaving." Issei replied and tried to get up but found a weight on his hips. "What the?"

Flipping up the sheets, he saw Koneko resting on his hips. "What are you doing?" When he saw that she was in her nekomatta mode with her white cat ears out, she smiled up at him and did a cat-like pose while going "nya" to him.

"Cute." Issei, Rias and Asia said at the same time.


"So, Master..." Lilith began as they walked towards the school. "What's your plans for the big school event?"

Ranma shrugged at her. "There's nothing that you, me or Atsuko wouldn't dominate that's physical. Would be kind of boring, unless we work with the other classes to go against each other."

Lilith giggled as a thought came to her. "Maybe we could have a wheelbarrel sex race?"

Ranma just face-palmed and groaned. "That would be hot, but I'm sure that it would be against more than a dozen city laws."

"When has that ever stopped us?" Lilith asked with a smile.

"You? Never. Me? Only when I knew jail time wouldn't let me have some peace and quiet."

"Plus now with your curse, you'd be the best milkshake in all the yard!" Lilith chirped.

"...So that's a double hell fucking no to the events."


Smirking as Lilith complained that those laws weren't very fun, as they turned a corner, they ran face-first into a giant pair of breasts and found themselves toppled over as the person those breasts belonged to crashed to the ground.

"OOOOMPH!" The woman, who they noted had blue hair that wasn't too long, though some of it was striped black, was wearing a black over-coat covering her shoulders, a white, nearly see-through t-shirt and black pants. "Sorry about that." She laughed as they got off of her. "It's hard to see down sometimes and I tripped so I didn't see you coming around that corner."

Ranma rubbed the back of his head. "No, it's fine, just shocked..."


The woman blinked. "Evil Kyoto... OH! Yasaka! I haven't seen her in ages! She must have grown up since I last saw her!"

Lilith was shivering and looking left and right, worried that merely mentioning the Evil Fox's name would bring her down upon them like the wrath of God and destroy everything around them.

"Yeah, she has a daughter now." Ranma was still shocked that the woman could move without her spine breaking. "Wait, what? You don't look like you're that old."

The woman giggled at him. "You know, for some reason, you remind me of my old student." She tapped her chin. "Been almost three hundred years, Happi! Yeah! I haven't seen him in so long."

"...You don't mean Happosai, do you?" Ranma asked, before yelping as she was bent over and her chocolate brown eyes were looking into his, excitedly. "Uh..."

"You know little Happi!? Is he still alive?! I haven't seen him since he left me!" She jumped, causing her breasts to ripple and bounce and almost burst out of her shirt. "I was going to leave the city because I was bored, but if Happi's here, I wanna catch up on old times with him!"

"Master, how about I go ahead and you lead her back? I'm sure that he's still there." Lilith wanted to get out of there as soon as she could. The longer she was around this blue-haired big tittied monster the more likely that the evil fox woman would show up and eat her!

"Uh, sure..." Ranma chuckled as the woman jumped more. When a tearing sound was heard and her shirt burst into pieces, her large breasts spilling out, he gaped at her. "...Inverted nipples?"

"Oh pooh, it's so hard to find shirts that fit too." She ignored his question and cast and illusion spell over her breasts. "There, now no one will see them until I get another shirt."

"Well, just follow me."


"HAPPI!" The Devil screamed in joy as she saw the old grandmaster of Anything Goes sitting on the floor. Letting her illusion drop, her bare breasts came into view and she laughed as Happosai pounced on them.

"Ahh! This is heaven! Ranma m'boy, you do your master proud, bringing me the breast bed I've had since I left my teacher."

The woman giggled and rubbed Happosai's back. "Silly! It's me! The one who taught you those life-extending techniques."

Happosai's eyes widened and he stood up on her boobs and looked at her face. "It... It really is you..." His eyes watered up and he hugged her breasts. "I thought you were going to be gone forever! You were carted off and they never told me what happened to you."

"Yeah, yeah, now why don't you two enjoy yourselves and get caught up." Ranma waved them off as Mittelt, who was glaring at the woman and her large tits, and Atsuko, who was carrying her bike, left the building.

"Shhh... It's okay. I had to spend a couple of centuries in prison for stealing those Evil Pieces from Lord Beezlebub." She tapped her boobs as she realized something. "You didn't use them, did you?"

Happosai looked at her in confusion. "Evil Pieces? Nope, I never used them."

"Oh good." She sighed in relief. "Because that would be bad."

"How bad?" Happosai asked her as she gave him a grave expression.

"Bad enough that if someone drew out the full power of it they could destroy half of Earth by accident."

"...That's bad." Happosai was suddenly glad that he didn't use it. Though he wasn't sure what Evil Pieces were. Did she mean evil pieces of women's lingerie? Underwear? Was it women's silky darlings, worn by a man? He felt that was evil...

Did she give him any? Not that he could recall, but that was about three centuries ago...

"Anyway..." The woman looked around the building and smiled softly. "Lots of sexual energy in this place."

"I know!" Happosai grinned happily. "That boy has quite the healthy sex life."

"Is he your heir?" The woman asked as Happosai settled back on her breasts.

"Hmm, he needs a little more of a push, needs to enjoy things a little more, but otherwise there's not much I can teach him on the path of the pervert."

"Alas, so sad." The woman frowned softly. "Hey!" An idea came to her. "Want to leave this town? Go on a tour of Japan?"

"But what about the silky darlings that need liberation?" Happosai pouted. "And what about all this delicious energy here?"

She stood up, her large tits bouncing and almost throwing Happosai off of them. "Who said we wouldn't liberate all the silky darlings? We'll go on a cross-country tour! Stop at all the local hotspots! Liberate all the women's underwear and we'll send the nation into such a rut that we'll single-handedly save the birth rate on our own!"

Happosai's eyes sparkled at that. "ONWARDS!"

After quickly writing a note and then having his master re-write the same note for him, the two packed up and left Kuoh City for a trip of panty thievery and fun.


Later that day...

"Hey, Lilith..." One of the girls in gym class spoke up suddenly as everyone was changing after class. "I was wondering..."

"I've never had tentacle sex, don't ask." Lilith smirked at the blushes that the girls had. "I'm kidding. Anyway, what's up?"

"You seem to have a lot of experience in those matters..." The girl was blushing hard as Lilith grinned hard. "So, I'm just wondering, how are you not, um... How are you not a mom?"

"Specialized protection." Lilith gave the girl and the others a stern look. "Trust me, I'm a special case, but you should all make sure to take precautions because if you don't, you're going to have little brats running around."

Xenovia raised a hand. "I heard that just because you have sex that doesn't mean you'll get pregnant, is that true?"

"Complete crap-shoot." Lilith shot back to her. "You could be on your most fertile day, have the guy shoot into you a bunch of times and you'll still not end up pregnant." She sighed at the looks she was getting. "Seriously, it happens. Anything else?"

Irina raised a hand. "How old were you when you started to have sex?" She might have been an Angel, but she was still curious about stuff like this.

"Hmm... Started about four years ago I think." Lilith shrugged, the exact date wasn't important.

"Is that why you keep calling Ranma your master?" Xenovia asked.

"Because Master is my Master, I'm his Servant and I'll do anything he orders me to do, so long as it doesn't kill me." Thankfully Ranma rarely ordered her to do anything, so it wasn't too big of a deal.

"Really?" Aika grinned and adjusted her glasses. "Even if it was depraved or had you bang a bunch of other guys?"

"One, Master would never have me bang other guys." Lilith huffed at the perverted girl. "Two, I've done more depraved things than you could imagine. And three," she grinned at the girl, "Master's more of a man than you could ever hope to handle."

"Well, I know he's got the size part down." Aika's face flushed softly. "Only guy in our class that rivals him is Issei."

Lilith blinked and raised an eyebrow. "You've seen Master and Issei naked?"

"Nope." The girl grinned and adjusted her glasses. "With these specs I can see just how much junk the guys are hiding."

"Um, what are they talking about?" Asia asked, though she was blushing at the tone the two girls were using.

"Really?" Lilith tapped her chin. "Maybe I underestimated him a little bit. If he wants to be a Harem King he just needs some experience now." In a lot of ways, but that would come with time.

"You know, most girls get disgusted at him when he says that." One of the girls from their class said and shook her head.

Lilith shrugged. "What? Should I be disgusted by that? The guy's honest."

Aika started to leer at Lilith. "So, you call him Master... Does he have a collar and leash with your name on it?"

"Yeah, but we hardly use it." Lilith laughed as most of the girls in the room face-faulted. After getting dressed, Lilith left the room while the rest of the girls recovered.

After several minutes and regaining her senses, Aika smirked at Asia as an idea came to her. "You know, you should hurry with your skinship with Issei."

"Eep." The girl blushed hard as she thought about it.

"If not, maybe some alcohol, see if you can entice him and Saotome into spit-roasting you." Several girls blushed hard as they imagined it.

"...I assume that isn't something murderous," Asia asked.

Aika smiled. Oh, this girl was so easy.



"What was that?" Issei asked in the boys gym locker room.

"If I had to guess," Ranma said, "I think someone just explained a sexual euphemism to Asia."

"DAMMIT!" Issei ran out, he knew who would do it too!

Ranma just chuckled as he watched Issei run off. 'This'll be amusing.'



"DIE, ISSEI!" Screamed the other girls in the locker room as they threw things at him, hitting him over and over again until someone threw a metal pan at his head, knocking him over.


Ranma blinked at the sound. "Seriously, where in a locker room do they hide a metal pan?" he asked himself. It was like tomatoes in a crowd. They were there somewhere ... but it never appeared until needed. "Maybe some forgotten spell of something," he muttered.


After school, Rias smiled as her peerage sat on the couches in front of her, well, Koneko was snacking on some sweets on Issei's lap, off to the side on chairs, Irina, Ranma, Lilith and Mittelt were sitting. Atsuko had said something about wanting to go biking after school and since the meeting was about an upcoming Ratings Game, Rias had no problem with her taking off. "Anyway, I'm glad you're all here." A screen popped up in the middle of the room, revealing a fight between a giant of a man with short dark hair and a rather impressive build. "This is from Sairaorg's last victory last year." When her cousin tanked the magic bullets that were fired at him and then leaped up at his opponent and punched through several barriers, it left most of the room stunned. "Anyway, as you can see, Sairaorg is considered the favorite to win this year's Young Devil Championship as well."

"He seems tough." Kiba muttered, getting a nod from Rias.

"He is, lacking any of the talent that the Bael family typically has, he sought to carve out his place in the world through pure determination and skill." Rias explained to them. "Now, normally this tournament is held near the end of the summer break, but due to Loki and the Khaos Brigade's attack, that didn't happen this year."

"So what's going to happen?" Gasper asked her.

"The tournament will have to be staggered, but otherwise it's still going on. And due to the nature of it being spread out over the course of time, it'll give all teams a chance to study their opponents and even boost their numbers if needed." Normally that wouldn't happen, but this was a special occasion after all.

"I hope we're not paired against Sairaorg right away." Issei muttered. "I think we'd be beaten if that was the case."

"Yes, like I said, Sairaorg is the favorite to win this tournament again this year." Rias nodded to her pawn. "However, we won't have to face him. In fact, I've looked at the pairings and the only chance we have to face him will be the finals."

"Wait, the pairings were already chosen?" Koneko asked, getting a nod from Rias. "Well, that's messed up. Who are we facing?"

"Diodora Astaroth." Rias said as the screen turned off.

Just as she said that, a blue magic circle formed in the room before revealing the person in question. "Hello there, Rias Gremory," he bowed, his eyes still closed while he smiled. "I'm here to talk."

"Speak of the Devil and he appears." Irina muttered, now knowing why that phrase was used.

"Well, Diodora Astaroth, what do I owe the pleasure of your visit?" Rias asked, having a general idea what the other Devil wanted.

"I'm here to propose a trade for Asia Argento."

End Chapter 5


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Chapter 6

"Trade for Asia?!" Issei yelled in shock. "What do you mean?"

"Calm down." Rias ordered him. "It's a fairly simple and common procedure among Devils. For younger Devils who wish to participate in Ratings Games with a full set they can trade unused pieces to other Kings, generally family members, to get a start on their own peerage. Other times Devils in a peerage get to high class and are rewarded with their own set, so the original King is short a piece or three if the member who left trades their newly unused pieces for some of the peerage that he or she was closest to. And unfortunately, there are times a member of a peerage dies and needs to be replaced."

"Indeed," Diodora nodded to her. "The process is quite simple, though lengthy, and requires that we trade equal pieces with each other." He looked at Asia and his smile widened slightly before turning back to Rias. "So, what do you say?"

Before Rias could reply, Lilith cleared her throat, causing everyone to look at her. "While I can sense that he has... feelings for Asia, they are neither lust, love nor admiration." Diodora gave her a surprised look. "You're good at hiding your feelings from getting to your face." Lilith gave him a smirk. "But to me? You're an open book. You got this whole "I want her to have her" vibe going on."

"And who are you to make such a declaration?" Diodora asked, confused. "Do you have some sort of Sacred Gear or something?"

"Nope." Lilith shook her head. "I'm just that good."

"Needless to say, even if Lilith hadn't told me that, I wouldn't have agreed anyway." Rias answered Diodora. "Asia is a part of my household and on top of that, she's a valued friend and member of my family."

"Tis a shame, oh well, I'll see you at the Rating Game then." With a blue flash, he was gone.

"Lilith..." Ranma began. "What did you see with him?"

Lilith closed her eyes and didn't bother opening them as she continued. "He didn't have lust, admiration or anything for Asia, all I could feel was a feeling of want and possessiveness with him."

"You mean..?" Asia gasped and trembled. "What do you mean?"

"He wanted you, yes, but not for any good reasons, probably as a trophy or something." Lilith grumbled in annoyance. "Reminds me of someone for some reason." Getting up, she patted her skirt down. "Now if you'll excuse me."

"That's fine, I was going to dismiss everyone anyway." Rias said as she looked at Asia's worried expression. "Asia..." She trailed off after Ranma and Mittelt had left. "Don't worry, we won't let that jerk use you, okay?"

Asia nodded and smiled softly. "Thank you."


It was late at night that Mittelt found herself standing on top of the school in her gothic lolita outfit, waiting for someone. When a flash of light to the side alerted her to someone teleporting in, she turned to face the person. "Azazel..."

"Hey." He smiled at her. "Is there a reason you're meeting me here at night instead of being with your boyfriend?" He smirked as she blushed. "Don't be like that, I can tell that you two are close." When she nodded, Azazel smiled, "well, congrats, I hope that you two are happy together, but I feel that's not why you called me out here."

She shook her head. "Tell me something, Azazel, you know all there is to know about us Fallen Angels, right?"

"I would like to think that I know a great deal about the Grigory, yes." He stroked his beard. "Is there something you want to know specifically?"

"It was something Kokabiel said to me when we fought against him." The blonde looked away, a troubled expression on her face. "He said that I was his daughter, I haven't thought about it much since then, but..."

Azazel sighed and shook his head. "Why do you want to know? It doesn't change who you are."

"I just do!" She yelled, an angry expression on her face. "If he's... If he's my father, then... All the memories I have of meeting God, they were all false, weren't they?"

Azazel looked at her troubled expression before sighing and turning to the side before looking up at the sky. "Mittelt, can you tell me what you think of Ranma?"

"Huh?" She looked at him in confusion. "He's a nice guy, a bit of a jerk at times, but mostly a nice guy, great lover, a bit sarcastic and a smart-ass too, why?"

"Do you think he'd be the kind to intentionally harm a child?" Azazel asked and looked at Mittelt out of the corner of his eye.

"What?! No!" Mittelt shook her head. "No way he'd do that. He killed to protect a little girl!" Not that she had seen that personally. "Why?"

"How much do you know about Ranma's parents?" Azazel had done research into Ranma after meeting the martial artist.

"I know that his father taught him martial arts and there was the whole Neko-ken thing."

Azazel raised an eyebrow. 'Cat fist, huh? Guess that's more to look into.' "Did you know that the first thing his mother said after meeting him after ten years was that he had to be a "man among men" or he would have to commit ritual suicide?"

"...What?" Mittelt said flatly. "What do you mean?"

"Exactly what I said." Azazel was glad that Issei had a rather loose tongue when he was relaxed after talking about breasts. Sure, they didn't get a whole lot of time to talk, but Azazel had his own research to fall back on. "And you know about his father being his trainer. Have you stopped to think about the type of training that Ranma would have had to have been subjected to growing up?"

Mittelt shook her head. "What's that got to do with anything?"

Azazel sighed. "Ask Ranma about his training sometime, he can tell you better than I ever could. But I'll say this right now." He looked at her and gave her a bit a smirk. "It's not where you come from that determines who you are, it's the events in your life that determine it. You've changed quite a bit since you met Ranma." Azazel smirked as he turned and walked away. "Oh, and just so you know, I've come up with a training regime for you to further your Fallen Angel powers."

Mittelt's eyes widened as she heard that. "You have?"

"Yep. Can't have you falling behind because you lack understanding with your abilities. I'll give it to you tomorrow, okay?" He disappeared in a flash.

"I guess it doesn't matter if he was my father or not, I'm not him and I won't become him." Letting her Fallen Angel wings flash out, she took off into the night sky to go home.


A few days later...

"So this is it, huh?" Ranma said to Issei as he and the rest of Rias's peerage stood in a magic circle. "Have fun."

"Oh, you know it. I'll kick some ass and take some names."

"Hey, Issei..." Lilith spoke up. "I normally wouldn't say this, but... Do to this Diodora jerk what you did to Riser and punch him in the dick with a multi-boosted punch, will ya?"

Everyone sweat-dropped before Rias and her peerage disappeared.

"Really?" Ranma gave Lilith a flat stare. "Punch him in the dick?"

Lilith crossed her arms and huffed. "Pretty boys like that who probably have too many secrets and tell you that they have secrets need to be punched in the dick. Plus he's a creep. And he wants Asia and not in a good way."

"Guess I can't argue that logic." Really, Ranma wanted to hit that guy in the dick and he just met him once!

"So, Master..." Lilith began as they left the club room and walked out of the old school building, "what are we going to do now?"

"Same thing we do every day, Lilith."

Lilith's eyes gleamed in delight. "Lots of sex!" She skipped ahead, humming to herself.

Ranma laughed softly, that wasn't what he was intending, but he didn't complain about it. "Lilith, that's..."

".e.r me.."

Ranma blinked and looked around. "Who's there?" He could have sworn he heard a woman's voice just now, or at the very least a very effeminate man's voice.

"Master!" Lilith popped her head out from around the corner. "You coming or what?"

"Did you hear a voice?" Ranma asked, getting a confused look from the succubus. "Guess not. Oh well, let's go home."

"They say the first step to going crazy is hearing voices in your head." Lilith pointed out, getting a snort from Ranma.

"So does that make Issei insane for having a Dragon in his head?" Ranma asked, getting a laugh from Lilith.


After getting home, Ranma opened the door and stared, along with Lilith, at the guest that was sitting in the room. "Hey, Atsuko," Ranma called to the long-haired girl, "who's the old guy and why does he feel like he could wipe out most of East Asia without a problem?"

"Hmph, impertinent brat, but at least your senses are sharp." The man stood up, revealing that he was a bit taller than Ranma was, with long white hair, a long beard that went from his chin down to his feet, he was wearing a mostly white robe with the shoulders being blue, his left eye had a white monocle with a gold outer ring. On his head was a gold and black hat that had several mini-sections. "My name is Odin, King of the Norse Gods, perhaps you've heard of me?"

"The same head God that gave up his eye for nigh omniscience?" Lilith gasped and gulped. "Ah heh, no wonder you feel like you could wipe out most of East Asia with ease."

"If I was so inclined, I probably could." The God laughed at her nervousness. "Oh, don't be so scared, I was just checking out the city, since it seems like a lot of Angels, Fallen Angels and Devils took a shine to this place. But seeing a Demon here as well? That's surprising."

"So..." Ranma trailed off and looked at Atsuko. "How'd you meet him and why is he here?"

"I picked him up!" Atsuko grinned and Odin laughed.

"I didn't know you were into old men." Lilith muttered, getting another laugh from Odin. "So, I take it you actually picked him up, so..."


"Bah!" Odin grumbled as he finally ditched his bodyguards. "Little kids, they're not fun, I'd rather spend time at the titty bar than with them." Turning a corner, he walked down the sidewalk before looking around in confusion. "Why do I hear a bell getting closer?"

Turning around, his eye bugged out as a bike, moving at super high speeds, rammed into him, knocked the God into the air and caused him to land in the front basket of the bike.

"EEEK!" Atsuko's eyes widened as someone appeared in front of her. "I'M SORRY!"

*End Flash*

"I didn't know where to take him, so I brought him home." Atsuko blushed, bowing her head.

Odin laughed at her. "I'm not mad, not very often that a cute girl picks me up and takes me out for a fun ride around town." Grinning, he looked at Ranma more closely. "So you're the brat I've heard about, huh?" Ranma blinked in confusion and Odin let out an annoyed sound. "Bah, not too terribly impressed with you. But I'll say this, for a brat who doesn't have a fancy special power given to him at birth, you're an interesting one." Before anyone could respond, he stretched and yawned. "So, know any good strip clubs around here?"

"Note to self, do not let him and Happosai meet." Ranma muttered softly as Lilith began to talk to the elder Norse God about the best spots in town, as well as the best times to get to all of them. 'And when did she have the time to hit up the strip clubs anyway?'

After a few minutes, Lilith tilted her head in confusion. "How come you're not speaking in Limerick?" Odin tilted his head at her. "The legends say that you spoke in Limerick."

The old man grinned at her. "Don't believe everything you read, girlie."


It was hours later, Odin had left, stating that he had to head to Hell for something, leaving Ranma, Lilith and Atsuko at home alone. "Something wrong, Ranma?" Atsuko asked as they sparred.

"Well, for one, I don't know where Nabiki and Mittelt are."

"Oh!" Atsuko ducked under a kick. "Nabiki called earlier and said that she and Mittelt were out shopping at the mall and had other stuff they wanted to do." She punched at Ranma, who caught it and threw her over his shoulder.

"Really?" Ranma gave her a flat look. "Shopping?"

Just at that moment, the door outside opened up and Nabiki and Mittelt walked in. "Hey!" Nabiki called out, having just one bag under her arms. "Sorry that took so long, finding what I wanted took forever."

Mittelt gave her an annoyed look and walked over to Ranma, hugging him and burying her face in his chest.

"You okay?" Ranma asked, rubbing her back as she shook her head. "What happened?"

"Some guys hit on me, said it was nice I was looking after a little kid and if I wanted to ditch her for them." Nabiki rolled her eyes. What they had said was far more crude, but no need to have anyone here going after a bunch of idiots for insulting anyone. "Naturally I refused, so..."

"They said that I was a little kid and that I was too small and flat-chested to get anyone's attention." Mittelt said softly, causing Ranma to sigh and rub her back. She knew that what they said wasn't true, but it still hurt.

After calming Mittelt down, Ranma looked at Nabiki and the bag she had. "So... What's with the bag?"

"Clear quartz crystals." Nabiki said as she pulled them out. "I figure they might come in handy if Azazel keeps his end of the deal up and makes it so I can control God's Eye more easily. I saw some glimpses of stuff and wanted to actually try it out."

"...Sounds like the old man's student." Lilith muttered to herself, causing Nabiki to look at her curiously. "The old man that taught us said he had a student that could use magic but used gems to amplify their magic."

Nabiki wondered if that was what she had seen, but shrugged it off. "Oh well. Anyway, finding clear quartz crystals took forever."

"We met God!" Atsuko said brightly, causing Nabiki and Mittelt, who was still hugging Ranma, to look at her stupidly.

"She means we met a God by the name of Odin." Lilith commented, getting a pout from Atsuko.

"Oh come on! I was all hyped about them going 'no! That can't be! He's dead' and then I would go 'no! Really, we met God! He has one eye and everything!' but now you ruined it." Atsuko huffed in annoyance.

Ranma sighed as he stepped away from Mittelt and walked over to the window.

"What's wrong, Master?" Lilith asked in confusion.

"You ever feel that we're being left out of the action intentionally?" Ranma asked, getting a shrug from Nabiki.

"Personally, I'm glad that I'm not drawing all the weirdos who seem to want Issei or one of the girls around him for some odd reason." Nabiki sighed as Ranma twitched. "So what's the problem?"

"It's just... Something doesn't feel right." Ranma frowned. "I can get those Ratings Games are for Devils, but since making that declaration, I was half expecting at least two or three of those Khaos Brigade guys to show up."

"Maybe they think you're with Issei?" Lilith suggested.

"Or they're planning something big." Mittelt argued. "Back when I was skulking around with Raynare and the others we'd always lay low right before we made a big move. So maybe they're trying to gather their forces for a big move?"

"But what?" Ranma asked as he thought about what he knew about the Khaos Brigade. "And why would Ophis want to bring them together?"

"To get enough power to beat up Great Red." Nabiki answered him. "Ophis's power is near infinite, same with Great Red's power, so Ophis wants strong people to help defeat Great Red." She coughed as everyone looked at her in surprise. "I've used my Sacred Gear a few times over the break to find out what Ophis wanted, okay?"

"Might be kind of hard." Ranma muttered before looking at his right arm and the armband on it. "Why do I feel like this will be more important in the future?"

"I dunno, you're the one who put it on, not us." Mittelt commented.

"Bah, whatever." Ranma snorted and decided to not worry about it right now. He had other things to worry about.



"Ho?" Jedah Dohma raised an eyebrow as he felt a familiar person enter his domain. "Ah, Prince Rizevim, the son of Satan, how may this humble Devil serve you?"

"Don't give me that crap." The older-looking man with dark silver hair and a chin beard snorted at Jedah before taking a deep breath. "When are we going to make our move?"

Jedah smirked at Lucifer's son, "don't worry about it."

Rizevim narrowed his eyes at Jedah. "Watch your tone, Devil. You may be a ruler of Makai, but you are nothing compared to myself."

"Of course." Jedah bowed to him. "Just wait a little longer, your unholiness, and I guarantee you that what you want you can obtain."

Rizevim snorted and walked away. "I have no interest in dominating the world like my father or revenge like the rest of the Old Satan faction." He turned and grinned at Jedah. "I just want chaos, destruction and brutality."

When Rizevim disappeared in a flash of light, Jedah frowned to himself. "I guess I'll have to step up my plans then." He would have to wait for a bit more before he could make any real moves, but that didn't mean he couldn't set things in motion. Looking at the Youkai that came before him, Jedah gave a sinister grin. "You can do it, can't you?"

"So long as you keep your end of the bargain."

Jedah waved the Youkai off. "The revival of your master and the death of his greatest enemy, yes, yes. As soon as I have the chalice from those Vampires I'll be able to do all of that." When the Youkai disappeared, Jedah leaned back in his chair and frowned. "Now, how do I deal with your chosen mate, Lilith?" Killing him outright was a possibility, but that was unlikely, plus he could potentially be helpful in the future.

Jedah smirked, "there's always a way, I just have to wait for the right time." After all, he knew Rizevim would dispose of him soon if things didn't hurry up, but he also knew that Lucifer's son had his own plans in motion. "But I'll worry about that later." He also knew that Morrigan would kill him as soon as she got what she wanted.

"Such fools, all of them, wanting shallow things and only thinking about themselves."

His plans, of course, were far grander than that.

End Chapter 6