Ranma ½ Dance with the Devil


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Chapter 3

As the teleportation circle finished, Ravel looked at Ranma and smiled at him. "Are you sure you don't wish to come with us? My parents would give you anything in their power for saving our lives."

Ranma waved her off. "No, that's fine." His hand wandered to his pocket and he frowned as he reached in and pulled out a small container. "Oh, what's this anyway?"

"Phoenix Tears." Riser replied to him. "A single drop can heal any wound in an instant."

"I wanted a second to make sure I was good and healed." Ravel looked down blushing. "But!" Her eyes widened as an idea came to her. "You can keep that, okay? If you want more, just ask."

"Do you even know where he lives?" Riser smirked as Ravel groaned and hung her head in dismay. "He does seem to know Rias Gremory though, so..."

"Yeah, I do." Ranma nodded at the two. "If you're ever in Kuoh City, I'm part of her club."

Ravel's eyes lit up and she nodded, a blush on her face. "Thank you!" Waving goodbye the last thing they saw was her smiling face as the four disappeared.

"Why didn't you take their offer to go to Hell?" Mittelt asked as they left Mt. Phoenix behind.

"Well, you know that we still have time before the summer break is over, right?" Ranma asked, getting a nod from Mittelt. "I've always wanted to visit Tibet." Though considering the distance, it would take them some time to get there. Oh well, a good hike through the mountains never hurt anyone.

The blonde tapped her chin, but nodded. "Sure, why not? But can we get back in time for school?" She sighed when Ranma just smiled at her and the two only stopped to pick up their backpacks before heading West.

After more than a few hours and lots of distance from Jusenkyo later, Mittelt had a thought cross her mind. "Hey, Ranma." She asked as she used her light spear to cut away a tree branch that got in front of her. "I thought that the leader of Kyoto's Youkai group couldn't leave Kyoto?"

"Hmm?" Ranma looked back at her and shrugged. "Nah, she can, but she's just at her strongest in Kyoto. If you're wondering where she was when those bastards were killing kids, she was dealing with some troubling spirits an hour away from Kyoto and her daughter was on a class trip is all."

"...That... That doesn't make me feel any better." Mittelt answered and looked at the sky "The sun's starting to set, you want to set up camp?"

"Sure." Ranma nodded at her. "Besides, we just found a clearing."

"Good." Mittelt smirked at him. "I haven't had sex in a good few days, you're going to fuck me until my ass and pussy are so sore that I can't feel anything for the next two days." When Ranma gave her a surprised look, she was blushing hard. "I'm tired, alone with you, more horny than I know what to do with and masturbation doesn't seem fun when I can ride your dick!"

Ranma laughed at her. "As my lady commands." He bowed mockingly, getting a laugh from Mittelt.


Meanwhile, in Nerima...

Lilith walked around the district, Nabiki had spent several days at the Mishima Heavy Industries, talking to Atsuko's parents about something and leaving her with nothing more to do. "You'd think that a town known for weirdness would have something going on." She muttered as she turned a corner and found herself face to face with someone she hadn't seen in awhile. "Ah, Kuno-Sempai."

"Forsooth! Doth mine eyes deceive me? Is it the Angel of my dreams?" The tall kendoist smiled brightly. "This is surely a sign that Saotome's evil magic has faded and you have come to me willingly!"

Lilith rubbed her head in annoyance. "First of all, I'm bound to Master for the rest of my life. If he dies, I die." Which, thanks to them both being Devils now, wouldn't happen for at least a few thousand years. "Secondly, Kuno-sempai, call me an Angel again and Heaven might send an actual Angel down to smite you." She grinned at his dejected face. "And finally, you couldn't give me what I need."

"But I have money, status and..."

Lilith held her hand up to stop him. "No, just no. Those aren't what I need. Master has what I need, you don't."

"But I..."





"NO!" Lilith screamed, her eyes flashing and a ball of fire forming in her hands. "Now you can be a good boy and leave under your own power, or I'll throw this fireball at you and make you explode. Which is it?"

Kuno sighed heavily and slumped. "Truly, the foul Demon has you enthralled so powerfully, Heaven must weep for such an atrocity."

"No, not really." Lilith muttered and walked past him.

"Alas," Kuno started, causing Lilith to stop and look at him, "with the fierce Tigress Akane Tendo missing for awhile now, life has gotten dull. It was my greatest hope that perhaps you would date me to take my mind off of such a tragedy."

Lilith frowned as she heard that. She knew why Akane was missing, but telling Kuno that the most powerful being alive had Akane in its clutches would do more harm than good right now.

Though it would be amusing to tell Kuno that bit of information and have him run off and challenge Ophis to a fight only to get turned into paste, Lilith knew that it wouldn't be the right thing to do. Still... "Don't worry." She smiled at him. "I'm sure she's fine. Akane's probably just dealing with something personal."


"RUN, BITCH, RUN!" Kuroka laughed and fired multiple blasts of energy at Akane. "If you stop for even a moment you'll be spending the night outside naked again!" She laughed more as Akane ran even harder to avoid the energy attacks.

"She's getting better." Bikou nodded as he watched. "How much longer do you think?"

"Hmm, at the current rate she's going? I'd say two more months at most." Kuroka laughed as a blast hit Akane in the butt, sending her falling face-first into the ground. "STAY WHERE YOU ARE AND REMOVE YOUR PANTS BEFORE YOU CAN RUN AGAIN!"

"YOU PERVERTS!" Akane shot back, but did as she was told and tried to ignore the whistling Kuroka sent her way as her bare ass was exposed.

Bikou shook his head in amusement. It reminded him that Akane was in need of some clean clothes and soon. "Well, I'll see ya, I'll head into town and get her some new threads."

"Have fun and don't do what I wouldn't do."

Bikou snorted, but was thankful Vali, who had left some time ago, had left them with enough money to at least get fresh clothes for the girl every so often. Taking one last look at the two, he left them behind and flew into town on his flying nimbus.



Nabiki frowned as she looked at the information that Akiko and Kyusaku had worked on. "No, this isn't right."

"Oh?" Akiko asked as she watched Nabiki's fingers go over the keyboard. "What was wrong with it?"

"Energy output's too low, energy wavelengths were all off, the outfit was way too restricting." Nabiki listed off things that were wrong with what she had seen. "Plus Atsuko's breasts have grown lately. She's a cup size larger than when she left." She coughed when Akiko asked how she knew that. "We had to buy her new tops when she started to workout topless after she complained about her boobs being too uncomfortable."

"I suppose with her new body she would grow in some places, huh?"

"Yep." Nabiki nodded as she worked on the program. "So instead of stiff clothes, it should be a nano-tech solution that can grow with the user, provide optimum defense while exposing as much skin as she can get away with."

"You know that's my daughter you're talking about, right?"

Nabiki didn't bother looking away as she continued to type. "We are literally trying to create technology that can help a former cat-turned-android-turned-Devil-cyborg fight against really dangerous things and you're worried if someone sees too much skin?"

"...Fair point." Akiko nodded as she looked the specs that Nabiki had wanted for the weapons. "The regular armaments are easy to make, but the two strongest weapons... It's almost like you want something that can destroy a God."

"I do." Nabiki answered and finally turned to look at him. "We're not making a normal weapon, we're developing a Longinus for Atsuko."


Meanwhile, in Hell...

"So, Azazel..." Sirzechs began as he, Serafall and a Fallen Angel he hadn't seen since the war, took their seats at the conference table. "Is there a reason you called us here to speak face-to-face? And, Shemhazai, how are you doing?"

"I hope this won't take long, Tsubaki-chan got me this nice package and said that I should look at it when I'm alone." Serafall wondered what was in it, Tsubaki had said it was full of photos and some DVDs but left it at that.

Nodding to Sirzechs, Shemhazai, a fallen Angel with silver-white hair and purple eyes, answered. "I'm fine, thank you for asking, though I'm not sure why Azazel pulled me away from my wife today." Adjusting his purple trench coat, he awaited answers from his commander and friend.

"And I do deeply apologize for that," Azazel commented to him, "I know how few days you get off, don't worry, after this conference is over I'll give you a month to spend how you see fit unless an emergency comes up, of course."

"Thank you." Shemhazai nodded as he sat down.

"Anyway, just waiting for... Ah, there he is." Azazel smirked as a holographic image of Michael appeared in the room.

"Forgive me for being unable to attend personally, but I've made sure that this line is secure." The leader of Heaven said.

"I'm not expecting the Leader of Heaven to come down to Hell, it wouldn't look good to your followers if they knew you came down here whenever." Azazel dismissed his concerns. "Anyway, considering the conference in three weeks, I'm sure that no one will raise a stink about the leaders of the three factions meeting in private. If anyone does just tell them that we were ironing out some details that were troubling us." Putting his hand up to his mouth, Azazel cleared his throat. "Anyway, putting that aside, Sirzechs, this room is properly warded, correct?"

"Indeed, I doubt that even the leaders of the other mythologies could see into this room, much less the enemies we have."

"Good. Before I bring up why I called you all here, let me ask you a question, Michael." The leader of Heaven gave him a nod. "If you found out that there was a fragment of God that was still in the world after his death, what would you do?"

"I would have mobilized the entire forces of Heaven, sparing nothing to find the fragment and prevent it from falling into the hands of Hell."

"Sirzechs and Serafall," Azazel began as he looked at the two Devil Kings, "if there were fragments of the Great Devil Kings still around?"

"Much like Michael, we would have mustered all of our forces to find them and keep them out of the hands of either the Grigory or Heaven." Sirzechs responded.

"And like the two of you, I would have sent everything I had available to me to keep either of your sides from getting the powers from your fallen leaders if it meant that you wouldn't gain an advantage."

"Why bring this up?" Serafall asked the leader of the Fallen Angels. "Surely you knew what our answers would be."

Azazel smirked and held his hand up like he was holding a goblet. "Indeed, so then let me get to the point, it recently came to my attention that there's another type of Sacred Gear out there."

"Another type?" Shemhazai raised an eyebrow. "Surely that's not too surprising."

"Normally not." Azazel agreed as he leaned back in his chair. "What makes these Sacred Gears so unusual though is the fact that they would be over-looked by everyone. Not only are they next-to-useless for the purposes of combat, they have other quirks that makes them hard to control."

"That... Is unusual." Sirzechs nodded in agreement. "But hardly worth bringing to our attention."

"Normally yes," Azazel may have been leaning back against his chair, but he had the most serious look any of them had ever seen on his face, "but what if I told you that those Irregular Sacred Gears, as they're called, are a result of God and the four Great Devil Kings leaving behind parts of themselves?"

The shocked looks from the others had him nodding. "Allow me to explain then." Azazel leaned forward. "Nabiki Tendo, you remember her from the meeting at Kuoh Academy, well her Sacred Gear allows her to see anything if she wants to know where something or someone is. The problem? She needs to know what she's looking for and what it is."

"Not exactly the most useful if in a pitched battle or if you need Intel on the enemy." Shemhazai nodded to him.

"Exactly." Azazel nodded at his second in command. "However, despite never having been to Heaven, she was able to use her Sacred Gear to look into Heaven, and not only that, she was able to see all the way into the seventh level of Heaven."

"I've been wondering how she knew about that stuff." Michael said softly. "What does this have to do with Irregular Sacred Gears?"

"I'm getting to that." Azazel hated having to completely explain everything. "Turns out, when she got into the final level of Heaven, her Sacred Gear went out of control and her Balance Breaker activated. The name of her Sacred Gear? God's Eye."

"God's..." Serafall repeated softly.

"...Eye?" Shemhazai finished for her. "I think I'm starting to see, but..."

"Her Balance Breaker lets her see and know everything at once. Does that sound familiar to you, Michael?"

"Dear God." He gasped as his pupils shrank. "She has Father's Eyes as a Sacred Gear?"

"And she's not the only one to have an Irregular Sacred Gear either. From what I can confirm, her younger sister has one as well, called Devil's Alchemist." Nabiki hadn't told him too many details, just something about it being able to turn food into dangerous items or something.

"Sounds like the Great Devil King Leviathan." Serafall spoke up, getting a nod from Azazel to continue. "Leviathan liked to work in alchemy and mix stuff together, but nothing truly interesting came of it, from what I hear."

"Because there was no time to delve into the secrets of Alchemy, I suspect." Sirzechs rubbed his chin in thought. "There are probably others as well then."

"If any of the Old Satan Factions found out about this, they would stop at nothing to obtain those Sacred Gears if they thought it would help them regain their powers." Serafall admitted, not liking that idea.

"Can we find the others then?" Sirzechs asked, getting a sigh from Azazel. "I take it that's a no?"

"Not at this point in time, no." Azazel was tempted to tell them that Akane Tendo was in the hands of Ophis, but held that bit of information back for right now. Not because he wanted to manipulate them or anything, but if they knew now, Azazel had no doubt that something bad would come of it. "However, my subordinates are working on a way to help Nabiki control her Sacred Gear."

"She needs help? But with her Balance Breaker..." Sirzechs trailed off as Azazel shook his head. "What's wrong?"

"Nabiki's Balance Breaker may give her omniscience, but there's a catch."

"She can see everything at once." Michael realized instantly. "Even if she's now a Devil, she used to be human, only Father could handle that much information at once."

"Exactly." Azazel nodded at him. "It's a rush of information, no filter to help control it and when her brain starts to get overloaded, she starts saying random things without rhyme or reason."

"I don't think I need to say what the rest of us are thinking, but as soon as you can find the rest of the Irregular Sacred Gears..." Sirzechs trailed off and Azazel smirked and shrugged at him.

"Of course I wouldn't hold back this information. Even if the remnants of our fallen leaders aren't the same as having them back, I have no doubt that it would be better for all of us if we all knew." Azazel had some suspicions as to a couple of others, but until he was certain there was no need to bring it up.

He mentally smirked at that. 'Besides, if I'm right, the Balance Breaker of that one will make things... VERY interesting.'

"If it's okay with everyone, I'd like to go, I have stuff I need to do." Michael said as his image faded away.

"Yeah, I got something I want to look at too!" Serafall stood up and teleported out in a flash of blue.

The other three left the room at their own pace.


Serafall smiled as she got into her room and closed the door. "Let's see." She picked up the package and pulled a letter off the top of it.

"Lady Leviathan,
I hope you enjoy this package.
It was not easy to put together.
This is a gift from your sister.
Though she had me put it together.

"YEE! Sona-chan sent me a gift!" Squealing and kicking her legs up and down, the Devil King quickly, but gently, unwrapped the box and opened it up. Her eyes widened as she saw dozens of photos. All of them of Ranma Saotome in various states of dress as he worked out. "Oh..." Her eyes widened as she saw a few naughtier images, some of Ranma in the shower and some with him and the girls he was living with in various sexual poses.

With trembling fingers, she put in the first DVD and hit play.

When the video came on and showed Ranma, Lilith and Mittelt in a very kinky three-some, it took all of Serafall's willpower to not tear off her clothes and start masturbating right then and there.

When Mittelt was taken anally from behind by Ranma while shoving her face into Lilith's crotch, Serafall gave up, tore her clothes off and started rubbing herself.

'I wonder what it would be like to be in their place.' She wondered as her breathing got heavier while her fingers got wetter. As she got closer to her own orgasm, Serafall wondered if maybe she could get away with heading up to Earth, kidnapping him for one day and having him bed her.

The thought of him, pinning her down, dominating her and doing all sorts of naughty things had the Devil flopping backwards, her breasts bouncing as her back arched and she orgasmed, pussy juices spraying out all over her bed.

"That..." She panted heavily. "Was a good orgasm."

"Master..." Lilith's voice came from the TV and Serafall sat up, only to gape as she continued on. "Don't screw her ass too hard, I want some of your cum too."

"You know he won't wear out that easily." Mittelt was moaning as she flopped to the side. "But go ahead, my butt needs to recover now."

'...He has multiple partners, they don't mind sharing him AND he can stay hard?!' Serafall's mouth was suddenly dry as she watched the next round, and the round after that, and the round after that. 'He never runs out?! Damn!'

Serafall just hoped that she didn't dehydrate with all of this masturbation material to watch.


The next day...

"I can't believe we covered the distance from Jusenkyo to Tibet in a couple of hours." Mittelt said, panting as as she tried to catch her breath. "How fast were you moving? I had to work to keep up with you!" And he hadn't even been flying!

Ranma shrugged at her. "Hmm, I think I was going about the speed of a car on the freeway or something like that. I could have gone faster if not for the mountains in the area."

"I think they're plateaus, actually." Mittelt muttered and shook her head. "I knew that Devils were physically better than humans, but this is a bit much, don't you think?"

Ranma gave her a confused look. "What are you talking about? I've been able to run faster than cars even before I became a Devil."

"...Seriously!?" She gave him a look of disbelief. "But that's... That's insane!" The forces on the human body, that shouldn't be possible!

"Really, I haven't let myself go since becoming a Devil or even tried to see how my King's piece affects me."

"You just said something incredible and I don't think you really understand just how insane that sounds." Mittelt muttered and took a deep breath. "So what are we doing in Tibet anyway?"

Ranma grinned at her. "Mostly sightseeing, but I want to visit some of the monasteries here." Mittelt gave him a disbelieving stare with her right eyebrow raised. "What? These guys are world famous for their training regiments."

Mittelt laughed as they walked further into the Chinese province. "Considering some of the training you do, I doubt they have anything they can do for you."

Raising his palms to the air, Ranma shrugged before adjusting his backpack. "Eh, either way, we've been gone for less than a week, we can take our time, see the sights, visit temples. Who knows what we'll find."

Mittelt nodded and smiled. "Right!" This was a lot more fun than what she used to do after all! "Say, Ranma, what do you think Issei and the others are doing right now?"

"Hmm, I think Rias mentioned something about them needing to up their training, so I'm sure they're all fine."


"WAAAAAAGH! HELP ME!" Issei ran while screaming as balls of flame chased after him while a giant Dragon let out a Kaiju-styled yell.

"Move faster, partner, or Tannin will burn you." Ddrag said.

"I KNOW THAT!" Issei called back before tripping over a tree-root and tumbling head over heels several times before crashing into a rock.

Seeing the fire coming his way, Issei could only screw his eyes shut as he was blasted by the heat.

Tannin shook his head. "We have a long way to go, huh?" The former Dragon King knew Issei would draw out the power of the Red Dragon Emperor, it was just a matter of time.


"I'm sure everyone's fine." Ranma smirked at her. "Anyway, rested up enough? Let's go."

Mittelt grumbled as she followed after him as she ran over the grassy plateau. Oh well, if putting up with this annoyance was the worst thing she had to deal with, it wasn't bad.

Besides, he gave her so many toe-curling orgasms last night that she wasn't going to complain today.


Back in Kuoh City...

Sitting on the steps to the Shinto shrine where Issei had gotten Ascalon, Atsuko sighed as she had her chin between her hands, her fingers drumming across her cheeks. "I'm bored. I just wish something would happen."

She blinked as thunder was heard. "...Strange, it's completely clear outside."

When people started screaming, she stood up and grinned. "YAY! Excitement!"

End Chapter 3


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Chapter 4

It was over a month later when Issei found himself at home again. 'Ugh, after all that craziness in Hell, I just want to sink into the bed for the next month.' Training with the Dragon, fighting that Bikou guy and finding out Koneko had an older sister was a shock, but then facing Loki and his kids? 'Note to self, read up on all mythologies in the future so that you know what kind of insanity will be heading your way next.' Nearly dying because Fenrir had teeth strong enough to chomp through his scale mail was not pleasant. 'Thank Satan for Phoenix Tears.'

Another thing that had been a shock had been seeing Irina at the signing ceremony and finding out that she had become an Angel since he last saw her. 'Kind of appropriate there.' He was sure that she'd be a great Angel. Hearing that she was transferring to Kuoh Academy to be Heaven's representative was also a shock, but at least it was a pleasant one. 'Almost as pleasant as her boobs.' A perverted grin covered Issei's face as he thought about Irina in class. 'That means she'll be in gym class and I'll get to see what kind of underwear Angels wear! And her boobs!'

"Really?" A hauntingly familiar voice said softly and Issei's eyes snapped open as reality seemed to darken. Sitting up, he saw Raynare sitting at the foot of his bed in her Yuma form. "Issei, I'm hurt! Forgetting me for a reincarnated Angel?"

"Get out of my head, Raynare!" Issei yelled, getting a laugh as her form changed into her more mature and endowed self, though she kept her schoolgirl outfit on for some reason.

"Didn't I tell you, Issei? Right before I died? That you'll never forget me."

The next thing Issei knew, she was naked and straddling him. "You aren't real! You aren't!"

"Now, now..." She cupped his face and gave him a gentle smile. "I'm here, aren't I? And I can make you feel everything you ever wanted."

"I don't need you!" He grabbed her wrists and pushed her away. "I have Rias! Akeno! Koneko! Asia! Xenovia!"

Raynare laughed before pouncing on Issei and burying his face in her breasts. "Silly boy." She whispered as she ran a hand through his hair. "You think that you have them, but I already told you." Issei couldn't say anything from between her breasts and the Fallen Angel continued. "There isn't a woman who wants you for you. They want something for you. And if not for your Sacred Gear, there wouldn't be any of them who would be interested in you."

"You would know, wouldn't you?" Issei managed to lift his head up and glare at her. "After all, you only took an interest in me because of my Sacred Gear."

Raynare nodded, it was true. "Yes, but tell me, Issei, do you think that Rias Gremory would have revived you if you weren't housing your Sacred Gear? Do you think that Akeno would give you the time of day if you weren't in Rias's peerage? And Xenovia already told you what she wants from you, didn't she?" Gently pushing Issei onto his back, he blinked as his clothes disappeared. "So then..." She reached down and he gasped when she grabbed his dick. "How about you just forget about them and join with me? Hmm? Just be with me forever and ever."

Issei could only watch as she slowly descended onto his hard dick. "n...No...Stop!"

"..ei... ...sse... ...Issei!"

Issei gasped as he shot up, his eyes wide. Panting hard, he looked around wildly. "What..." The next thing he knew, he felt two pair of hands on his arms. "GET AWAY!" He yelled and jumped away, spinning and preparing to fight Raynare off when he saw the shocked and hurt faces of Rias and Asia, both in bed naked, looking at him.

"Are you okay, Issei?" Asia asked as Issei's scary look slowly faded while he panted.

"Yes... Just... Just a dream. Just a dream."

"Must have been some dream." Rias commented as she and Asia grabbed Issei's hands. "You were tossing in your sleep and going "no" constantly."

Issei continued to take deep breaths to try and get his breathing under control. "Just... Just a dream, nothing more."

Rias and Asia just continued to look at him in concern.


Later that day...

"No shit, really?" Ranma asked Issei as the two of them walked to the club room. "So Irina's an Angel now? That's cool. But you fought an actual God, huh?"

"And found out that there's a Dragon as strong as Ophis." Issei shook his head in amazement at the thought of that. "So much that I don't know about the world."

"Eh, it's a big place." Ranma shrugged at him and waved as they saw Atsuko, Lilith, Koneko and Asia walking up to the building from the side. "You'll find that there's lots of things you didn't know."

"So what did you do while we were gone?" Issei asked.

"Eh, visited Tibet, met some monks, traveled around with Mittelt, that was fun." Ranma had wanted to climb Mt. Everest, but Mittelt shot that idea down after she learned Ranma was going to do it without rope. Sure, he could just bring out his Devil wings and fly, but there was no need to risk him getting hurt badly after all.

"You went sight-seeing and I was training with a Dragon! That's so unfair!" Issei felt like crying.

"I actually wanted to see if I could run up Mt. Everest without hiking boots, but Mittelt said if I did that she was tying me to the bed and riding my dick until I couldn't get it up anymore." Ranma smirked as Koneko gave him a dirty look, Asia blushed and Issei's nose started to bleed. "Anyway, got something for everyone when we get into the club room."

Seeing Ranma's grin, Asia wondered if maybe she should refrain from going into the room.


"Well, I hope that your vacation was fruitful." Azazel laughed as Lilith pouted at him as the small group walked into the club room. "Not fun?"

"Master was in Tibet the whole time and I was forced to stay in Japan to watch Nabiki." Lilith pouted more. "Where's everyone else?"

"Curious about that myself, but more curious as to why all the furniature is covered in plastic." Azazel looked at Ranma, who was grinning heavily. "Okay, spill it, what's going on?"

Ranma just continued to grin.

"I'm scared." Asia whimpered as the door opened to reveal Kiba, Gasper and Atsuko.

"Sorry we're late, everyone!" Gasper smiled as he waved. "We were just talking with Atsuko about what we did over the break."

"Speaking of which," Kiba looked at her, "what did you do?"

Atsuko grinned happily. "I got to kill mutant killer tomatoes!"

Everyone but Lilith, who heard this already, stared at her stupidly.

"There was an attack..." Ranma began.

"...Of killer tomatoes?" Azazel finished, before putting his hands on his mouth and laughing. "That's the silliest thing I've ever heard!"

"What's the silliest thing you ever heard of?" Rias asked as she, Akeno and Nabiki walked into the room.

"Did you tell them about the killer tomatoes?" Nabiki asked Atsuko, who nodded at them.

"They don't believe me!" Atsuko pouted, why couldn't the attack have happened later in the month?

"Is there a reason everything's covered in plastic?" Akeno asked as she looked around, not bothering to think about the craziness of killer tomatoes.

"Hey!" Xenovia walked in, followed by Irina and Mittelt. "Sorry we're late, had to deal with a large group of people."

"Is there a reason that everything's covered in plastic?" Irina asked while Mittelt closed the door.

"That's the third time that's been asked, so..." Azazel looked at Ranma. "You seem to know what's going on, why is everything covered in plastic?"

"Well," Ranma began. "Shortly after the vacation started, Mittelt and I were in China and saved... Um..." Ranma looked at Mittelt, who sighed.

"Ravel Phenix, Riser Phenix, Saffron and Kiima."

"Right!" Ranma nodded, thankful she was better with names than he was. "Anyway, got some stuff from Saffron as a result and I thought I'd share. And as for why everything's covered up, that's simple! It's so it doesn't get wet." The next thing anyone knew, Ranma pulled out a large squirt gun and pulled the trigger, dousing Koneko with water. Before anyone could say anything, she disappeared and her clothes flopped to the floor.

"What the hell?!" More than one person said at once.

"QUACK!" A little white duck came out of the clothes and seemingly glared at Ranma.

"WHAT THE HELL DID YOU DO?!" Rias yelled, hoping Ranma didn't just do what she thought he did.

"Temporary Jusenkyo Curse." Mittelt answered her and pulled out a squirt gun of her own. "Just get her wet with warm water and she'll be back to normal with no negative side-effects."

"Could have warned us more." Rias muttered before ducking a shot aimed at her, which sailed over her and soaked Issei, who was standing behind her.

"HEY!" Issei yelled, his eyes widening as he patted his chest down before reaching down between his legs and suddenly screaming. "AHHH!!! I'M A GIRL!"

"You think he'd be more happy about that." Kiba muttered and blushed as he saw Issei, who now had blue hair, was a head shorter, and had a rocking pair of huge breasts that were straining her shirt.

"...You're right!" Issei grinned! She could finally find out the secrets of the girl's body! Her friends were going to be so jealous!

"Hey, give me one!" Xenovia yelled as Ranma tossed her and Irina one. "Irina!"


"GOT'CHA!" They yelled and sprayed each other at the same time.

"MOO!" The cow that was in Irina's spot mooed in surprise.

"BAHHH!" The goat that was in Xenovia's spot looked around and then ran out the door, followed by the cow.

"Should we stop them?" Kiba asked before being sprayed by water. "WOOF! WOOF!"

"Okay, that's enough of, EEEK!" Rias yelled as Akeno sprayed up her skirt with water. "AKENO!"

Everyone stared as Rias got taller, more muscular and her large boobs disappeared. Her hair turned from red to black and the neo boy blinked in surprise. "Well..." Rias's voice was several octaves lower. "This is a surprise." Looking at Issei, he licked his lips. "This might work out after all."

Asia would have protested, but she was currently a duck along side Koneko after Ranma had sprayed her.

Azazel was yelling at the kids to get him some hot water. Of course, it was hard to tell since he was currently a sloth and not reacting to much of anything.

"WAAAAH!" Gasper cried out, tears forming in his eyes as he felt his crotch. "I've been turned into a girl too!"

"You know," Issei started to speak, "since you like cross-dressing so much, it would work for you." Hell, Gasper hadn't even lost height or had his hair color change.

Akeno giggled before being sprayed with water and disappearing. "HISS!" The snake she became looked around for who sprayed her.

"Is there a reason you didn't spray Nabiki, Lilith or Atsuko?" Mittelt asked.

"Need people to get hot water so we can return everyone to normal. Plus I'm not sure how Atsuko and Jusenkyo would mix." Ranma replied and blinked as Rias grabbed Issei and ran out of the room. "Um... Lilith, I think..."

"Yeah, I think so to." She sighed and went to fill a couple of glasses with hot water before those two did something they'd regret.


"Um, President?" Issei yelped as she was pulled into a classroom and bent over one of the old desks. "What are, eeek!" She yelped and moaned as Rias pressed up against her from behind and fondled her new breasts. "Ah! Please tell me that's a large marker that I'm feeling on my butt!"

"No." Rias whispered and Issei whimpered as Rias's new male form completely dominated her. "Oh Issei..."

"H...Hey!" Issei yelped as Rias pulled her pants and underwear down. "Come on! Calm down! I know that everything's new and all. But this is completely, YEEEK!"

"You're right, this is backwards, but frankly, I don't..."

The next thing that either of them knew, hot water splashed them both, shocking them as they returned to their birth forms.

"I don't really care if you two want to do gender-bent sex, but I think that both of you would regret it when you turned back to normal." Lilith answered and smirked at the blushes the two had as they quickly split apart and Issei fixed his pants. "It might be a kinky idea, but trust me, neither of you could handle the sensations that would happen if you got off as the opposite gender."

It was so satisfying to see the two blush so hard that they were practically lighting up the room.

"Issei, I... I..." Rias sputtered, trying to find a way to ask Issei for forgiveness for what she had almost did while male.

Before Issei could say anything, Lilith cleared her throat. "No doubt you two are wondering just why you were reacting that way and it's very simple, under normal circumstances, you can control the hormones that flow through your body. Sure, sometimes you're less successful than other times, but you're used to it as your brain's dealt with them your whole lives. But suddenly finding yourself in the opposite gender? Your brain has all sorts of new sensations to handle and it doesn't know what to do."

Both of them stared at her and she laughed. "The first week Master was a girl was full of surprises for him." Lilith giggled more as they blushed even harder. "Anyway, shall we go back and get everyone back to normal?"

"Yes." The two nodded, still blushing hard.

"And later--when you have a nice healthy sex life that doesn't involve sleep-fondling, come to us to get some packets to experiment with--preferably in your homes where I can record it."

"That's a good ide--wait!? You're recording us!?" cried Rias.

"Nah, I just look in your window," Lilith waved off. "Seriously, you guys aren't really doing anything. At least Asia occasionally grabs his junk."

The two blushed more, unsure what to think of that.


A few minutes later and everyone had returned to their birth forms.

"Well, that was interesting." Akeno giggled as she thought about being a snake. "Hey, Rias, did you and Issei..." She laughed as they blushed harder. "Oh come on! I could just imagine how delicious it must have been, you both were really sexy in your gender-bent forms." Of course, they were both sexy in their birth forms as well, so that probably helped.

"Um, I think we're forgetting something." Asia looked around, trying to figure out what they had forgotten.




Sona blinked several times as she and Tsubaki were passed by two animals. "Tsubaki, did I see what I thought I saw, or did my sister drug my drink again to make me start hallucinating?"

"I suggest that we pretend we never saw a cow chasing a goat and go about our business." Tsubaki adjusted her glasses.

"I agree." Sona nodded and walked in the opposite direction of where the animals had been heading. At least they weren't making a mess of the place.


Running into the girls changing room, the two animals headed straight for the showers. The goat was never more thankful than now that the showers were simply levers that you had to push up and not valves that needed to be turned.

When the water warmed up enough the two animals transformed into two naked girls, Xenovia on her butt and Irina on her hands and knees, and they found themselves giggling at how hilarious that had been.

"Oh man, it was nice just to cut loose and run around like that." Irina laughed as she and Xenovia stood up.

"I know. Did you see the looks everyone was giving us? You know they were wondering if they were dreaming, drugged or if they should take up drinking."

Irina laughed at what Xenovia said and turned the water to cold. When the cold water rolled over them and they didn't change, she sighed in relief. "That's good. I was a little worried that the curse was permanent."

Xenovia nodded and blinked as the doors to the dressing room burst open and a bunch of people stood there, looking around. "Can I help you?" She asked, uncaring about her nudity.

"Boys! Don't look!" The girls yelled and pushed the boys out of the room.

One of the girls coughed. "Sorry, but did you see a cow and a goat run in here?"

Xenovia shook her head. "I never saw a cow or a goat run in here." Which was true, she had been the goat and she had been in the lead when they entered the room.

"And how would a cow get in here anyway?" That was something Irina wasn't sure about, how HAD she gotten in so easily? "Besides, I don't see a cow or a goat in here."

Seeing everyone agree and leave, both girls got out of the shower and with a quick application of magic had their clothes restored to their bodies. "Man, imagine losing your clothes every time you transformed into an animal." Xenovia said, getting a shudder from Irina.

"No thanks. I'm just glad that Lord Michael taught me how to change my outfit so easily."


It didn't take them long to get back to the club room where they saw everyone back to normal. "Sorry about that." Xenovia said and blinked as she looked at Azazel. "Why is he so glum?"

"I was turned into a sloth. I would have preferred a woman at least!" A splash of water hit Azazel between the eyes and he blinked at Nabiki, who was holding a small squirt gun. "Well..." Azazel, her voice pitched upwards, said as she stood up, revealing clothes that were suddenly loose on her new body.

"Wow! You look good as a woman." Ranma nodded, Azazel had lost some height, her hair had turned green for some reason and she was having to adjust her pants to keep them from falling off, but the new woman wasn't too bad looking.

"I'm going to ask you for a few of those packets." Azazel commented as she finished adjusting her pants and rubbed her chin. "Hmm, going to be weird not having a beard until I get some hot water."

"You're not commenting on your boobs?" Issei asked, getting a laugh from Azazel. It was her normal laugh, but hearing it coming from a woman was just weird.

"I'm going to do lots of fun experiments with them." Azazel continued to laugh as most of the teens blushed.

"Oh, Azazel." Nabiki pulled out a thumb drive and tossed it to the woman, who missed it and had it land right on her chest and slide under her shirt and between her boobs. "Not even ten seconds as a woman and you already know how to store things like one."

"Boobs are awesome." Issei muttered before grunting as Koneko jabbed him in the side. "Oww!"

"He's still a guy, no playing with boobs belonging to guys." The little girl said briskly before crossing her arms over her chest and huffing in annoyance.

Issei just chuckled before gawking as Azazel reached down her shirt and between her boobs and pulled out the thumb drive. "That is the hottest non-sexual thing I've ever seen." He gasped as Koneko jabbed him in the side again. "Oww!"


"But why?" Issei muttered. "Ranma let me do it."

The room went quiet, as they slowly turned towards the only one there with a full-time curse.

"He was dealing with something, I wanted to help."

"And then he took it too far," stated Koneko, it was pretty obvious to her.

"Like a moth near a bug zapper," Ranma replied. "So he got banned from even getting near them."

"I demand a retrial!" Issei proclaimed, wanting what he couldn't have. Sure, he could have Asia's and Rias's whenever they slept, but he wanted what he couldn't have as well.

"No." More than one person said at the same time.

"So..." Azazel spoke and ignored the floor show. "What's this for?"

"Over the past month I've been using my Balance Breaker sparingly, just long enough to get information I want without severely overloading my brain." Nabiki answered the temporary woman. "Anyway, I know you're still working on that artificial Sacred Gear of yours, so I looked up how to perfect it for you."

Everyone stared at her in shock and she sighed. "It won't have any special abilities or anything, it's based on the one you have now, but it would just be an empty shell unless you put an element or a powerful beast in it."

"Interesting." Azazel looked at the thumb drive and put it in her pocket. "If you had this before the peace treaty was signed, would you have given it to me?"

Nabiki gave the neo-woman a flat stare. "Are you insane? If one side could create artificial Sacred Gears and give them special abilities and the other two sides found out..."

"Good." Azazel nodded to her. "I'm glad that you're not an idiot." Though she wouldn't have minded having a perfected Artificial Sacred Gear when Vali betrayed her over a month ago.

"So what are you going to do with it?" Rias said, sighing as Azazel just grinned at her. "I guess you telling me was too much to ask."

"Don't worry about it so much, you're young." Azazel smiled at her. "You should focus more on enjoying yourself and not worrying about stuff so much. Let us old fools worry more about things like this."

"Speaking of fools..." Lilith looked at Irina. "So you're an Angel now?"

"Uh huh!" Irina smiled and spun around, her white wings forming behind her while a halo formed over her head. "Pretty neat huh?"

"I thought Angels had to be made, how did you become one anyway?" Xenovia asked.

"The question I have is why is she here?" Mittelt asked, confused.

"I'll handle both questions." Azazel smiled. "Without God running the show, Heaven can't make new Angels, so as part of the truce between our factions, Lord Beelzebub gave Michael the secrets to the Evil Piece system so that the Angels could do something similar and reincarnate humans and other species into Angels. As for why she's here..." She trailed off.

"That's because Lord Michael feels that we need more people to fight the Khaos Brigade." Irina winked. "So you don't need to fear, with me around I'll face down those blasted Khaos Brigade fighters and give everyone Sir Michael's Blessing, amen!"

Ranma and Issei both sweat-dropped heavily. "Well, her enthusiasm hasn't changed a bit." Issei commented, but was glad she was around.

By mutual consent, the meeting didn't last much longer and the group left the building to do stuff.

"Hey, Ranma..." Issei began as they walked out of the building. "What did you do to Riser and Ravel?" When Ranma blinked in confusion, he explained.


"Oh, you're Issei Hyoudou." Ravel, in a red and orange dress, said as she looked at him. "Here."

"Huh?" Issei blinked at the tube-like thing he was given. "What's this?"

"I'd call it a gift to you, but that would be too kind." She huffed and crossed her arms under her breasts. "I owe a favor to your friend Ranma and he asked me to forgive you for what you did to my brother, so this is the result."

"Woah." Issei chuckled and put the object in his inside coat pocket. "Um, how is your brother these days?"

"Issei!" A male voice spoke up loudly, and Issei turned to see Riser standing behind him grinning. "You wouldn't happen to be trying to hit on Ravel now, would you?"

"Brother!" Ravel yelled in exasperation.

"Ah, you're not..."

Riser laughed at Issei's nervousness. "Normally Riser would be upset with you over what happened still, but after your friend Ranma helped Ravel and myself out, I figure that there is no reason for Riser to still remain angry."

Issei chuckled nervously. "He's a pretty decent guy, huh?"

Ravel blushed as she thought about Ranma and shook her head. "He's more than a pretty decent guy." She huffed and walked off, annoyed.

*End Flash*

"So... What did you do?"

"Eh, just dealing with a problem of mine. They nearly died before I helped them out." Ranma shrugged and continued to walk before blinking as he realized he was the only one walking. Turning, he saw the shocked expressions from most of the group. "What?"

"Considering that the Phenix Clan is known for having really powerful healing abilities that makes them borderline immortal," Azazel began to clarify for him, "the fact that you saved their lives is rather impressive."

"Remnants of a Hunter clan that saw everyone that wasn't human as monsters and tried to eradicate them."


Ranma just raised an eyebrow while everyone else stepped back nervously. Hugging Lilith, he rubbed the back of her head, "shhh, it's okay, they're all gone now, the last three are all dead." After Lilith calmed down somewhat, Ranma looked at the large group. "Anyway, they apparently were there for someone else, but that person had similar powers, so..."

"Getting caught in a trap meant for someone else that neutralized their powers, huh?" Azazel tapped her chin and nodded. "Explains a lot. Anyway, why don't you kids get going? I'm going to head out and get this thumb drive to the guys down in the tech labs." With that, she disappeared.

"Should we tell her that people might get confused now that she's a woman?" Kiba asked, getting a laugh from Akeno. "What?"

"Considering that Azazel likes to experiment and such, I'm sure that they'll just think it was an experiment gone wrong."

"That's... Surprisingly accurate." Kiba nodded.

"Hey, you guys wanna join us?" Issei asked Ranma. "We're throwing a welcoming party for Irina and Rossweisse."

"Who?" Ranma asked at that last name.


At the Hyoudou Residence...

Sitting on a couch with her knees up to her face in a gray business suit, Rossweisse, a tall woman with long gray hair, green eyes and a large bust, whimpered. "Lord Odin, why did you forget me again?!" She cried though no one would hear her. "Just because I'm the only Valkyrie that doesn't have a boyfriend or ever had a boyfriend or lover or anyone to warm her bed doesn't mean you have to leave me alone! Sure, maybe I'm a little older, but come on, it's not like I want to be all alone, can't you take pity on me and bring me back? Of course, why would you? You're always complaining about me dragging down the mood and not letting you go out to the local titty bars!" Breaking down, Rossweisse started sobbing into her legs. "IT'S NOT FAIR!"


"I'd love to, but I do have some other concerns I need to deal with." Ranma shook his head. "Though Atsuko, Mittelt and Lilith could go if they wanted to."

When Mittelt, Lilith and Atsuko all gave similar excuses, they were waved off.

"Well then," Issei smiled, "more food for us."

The rest of the group laughed at that.

End Chapter 4


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Chapter 5

A few weeks later...

Kiba, wearing the school's gym outfit, ducked out of the way of a large red ball before grabbing it off the ground and returning fire, hitting the one who threw it in the arm and tagging him out.

Dodgeball was a lot of fun, so long as no one got hit in the face.

'The only problem...' Kiba mentally trailed off as he looked at the other side. Ranma was on the other team and wasn't aiming at him, for which he was thankful, but he had taken out most of Kiba's team by himself. Still, Kiba had returned the favor in kind and was taking out most of Ranma's team.

"GAH!" Issei yelled as a shot hit him in the gut and sent him flying into the wall. "I'm out." He coughed, wondering how Ranma could throw those things so hard.

Kiba laughed softly as he saw it was just him and Ranma left. "Well, this'll be fun." He said dryly, wondering how to handle this.

Ranma just smirked at Kiba. "You know, it won't be very fun if you hold back against me."

"Come on, Kiba! Do your best!" Some of the girls watching were heard cheering him on.

"See?" Ranma's grin soon caught on to Kiba and he wore an identical smirk on his face.

"Well then, I guess I can't disappoint."

To the onlookers, things didn't seem too different, until both Kiba and Ranma started to blur and almost disappear at points while the balls were flying so hard that they bounced off the wall on one end of the court and flew back to the other side.

"Dear GOD!" Surprisingly, or not, Irina was the one who screamed that out as she watched them move. "I knew that Kiba was fast, but seeing someone keep up with his speed, that's unbelievable!" She had thought that with Ranma wouldn't be able to keep up with a Knight Devil, even if that Devil was a reincarnated human like Kiba was, but the newly reincarnated Angel was finding that wasn't exactly true. 'I guess I owe them an apology.' She wondered if they remembered what she said so carelessly and if they did if they'd forgive her over it.

When the match really started to kick into high gear, the two contestants became a blur of motion, making people wonder if this was a fight out of those shonen battle anime that they watched growing up or something.

"Hey, Ranma," Kiba said casually as he ducked under another ball, "just out of curiosity, that first week after you visited Jusenkyo, how much fun did you have when it rained?"

Ranma stumbled as he heard that. "Yo! What the heURK!" He groaned as a ball hit him in the face.

Kiba grinned as he won. "Payback for the training trip."

"...Fair." Ranma said flatly after the ball fell to the floor. "You've gotten a lot better."

Kiba laughed softly.



"Hey, Nabs." Ranma said into his cellphone as school let out and he left to take care of something at home.

"Don't call me that." Her voice came across the phone, irritated.

Ignoring the tone, Ranma continued. "How do I set Kiba's fangirls on him, with the belief that if they don't act rashly and quickly, he will slip into yaoi and forever abandon them?"

"A little sore on losing today?"

"Nah, don't care about the loss." Ranma dismissed what she said. "It's what he said that caused me to lose. Can't allow that to go unchallenged."

"Fine, I'll handle it."

"Thanks, I owe ya." Ranma turned his phone off and ran off.


The next day...

"ISSEI YOU PERVERT!" Several girls screamed as they saw Issei walking onto school campus.

"HUH?!" Issei blinked as he saw several girls that he recognized from Kiba's fanclub. "Um, what did I do wrong this time?"

"You're trying to take Kiba away from us and keep him all for yourself!" One of them yelled.

"My..." Akeno, who was behind Issei, raised an eyebrow in amusement. "And I thought Issei was straight. Does this mean that you've been leading a life as a swing agent?"

"Issei?" Asia pouted heavily. "Even after sleeping in the same bed as me and the President, you still go after Kiba?"

"Even you, Asia?!" Issei gave the girl a look of betrayal. "Oh come on!" He threw his hands up in the air. "I didn't do anything with Kiba. We're just friends, okay?!"

"What's going on?" Kiba asked as he and Gasper walked upon the group.

"Kiba-sama!" The girls all squealed in delight.

"Please tell us that it isn't true! That you don't spend long hours alone with this pervert!"

Kiba blinked a few times and scratched the back of his head. "Well, we do sometimes have to spend long hours working together. Plus I owe him a lot for showing me things that I wouldn't have otherwise known." Some of those anime that Issei had borrowed to him were absolutely hilarious or perverted or both. And Kiba didn't mind any of it.

"OH COME ON!" Issei yelled as the girls all glared at him, a red aura of doom surrounding them as their eyes seemingly started to glow. "I'LL GET YOU FOR THIS!" He ran off, chased by the girls.

"Oh my." Akeno giggled at Kiba. "I didn't know that you were like that, Kiba."

Asia pouted heavily. "No fair!"

Not far away, Ranma watched as Issei was chased by the girls of the school and rubbed the back of his head. "Well... That backfired."


Later, in-between classes...

"I don't see why you're complaining," Ranma said.

"The kendo club tried to kill me!" Issei whined.

"Yes, and now they have refocused all their efforts into deflowering Kiba," Ranma replied.

"...Pretty boys are evil," Issei muttered.

"Yes, and your training has given you the ability and skills needed to avoid receiving one shinai hit or violent female attack," Ranma offered.

"..." went Issei, glaring at his hated rival--no matter what his Sacred Gear said about some white dragon being their rival.

"Keep this training up, you might even be able to pleasure a succubus soon," Ranma smirked.

"Hah! I could do it now!" Issei declared.

"Oh really?" Ranma asked. "And how would Rias and Asia react to coming home and seeing you in bed with one?"

"..." went Issei, torn between his fantasies and his brain's attempt to force reality into the train of thought.

"What's more," Ranma continued, "aside from nudity, what studying have you done to know a woman's pleasure centers, how to read her reactions to know you're doing it right, and the control not to 'one and done' yourself before the thirty minute mark?"

"..." went the now pale Issei, as aside from some videos, he realized he had no clue what to do.

"But I'm sure you have put in the effort since being a Harem King is your dream," Ranma chuckled.

"..." At that point, Issei had gone Blue Screen.

Ranma chuckled. He wasn't going to call--then they'd know his general location, and damned if they wouldn't show up hunting for him. No, he'd let Issei stew. Maybe it would motivate the pervert.


Later that day...

Azazel, having returned to his birth form since the instant Jusenkyo incident, looked at the group, though there was only Rias, Akeno, Issei, Ranma, Nabiki and Lilith at that moment. "I'd ask where the others are, but this doesn't require the whole club. First of all, I want to say, whatever Jusenkyo is, it's potent stuff, even the weakened version was giving my guys in the R&D department fits as they tried to figure it out." He'd have to see about getting a sample of the actual stuff to do experiments on. "Secondly, thanks to Nabiki, I should have an a finished artificial Sacred Gear with no drawbacks soon."

"How soon?" Akeno was curious and wondered how he'd use it.

"Sadly not until after the time the school's yearly Kyoto trip is to take place."

"Kyoto?" Ranma asked, perking up. "It's been three years since I was last over there."

"...Kyoto?" Lilith asked, trembling. "Who's all going?"

"Well, you and everyone in your year." Azazel let her know.

"NOOOO!" Lilith screamed and hid under the couch. "I'M NOT HERE! YOU CAN'T MAKE ME GO! I NO WANNA GET TURNED INTO TOFU!!!"

"Uh..." Issei blinked in confusion. "What's going on?"

"Don't worry about it." Ranma replied and got up to walk behind the couch. "Anyway, Lilith, if you don't come out right now, I'll tell the big tittied Fox MILF that you planned to seduce her daughter."

"NOOO!" Lilith screamed and dashed out from under the couch before zipping into the closet. "I HAVEN'T EVEN SEEN THAT CUTE GIRL SINCE THREE YEARS AGO! MASTER! YOU WOULDN'T!"

"...Big tittied Fox MILF?" Issei asked and blinked as Ranma pulled out a picture and showed it to him. "HOLY MAMA!" His eyes bugged out in shock. The image showed a woman who looked in her mid-twenties to early thirties at most with golden eyes, long blonde hair tied up in a ponytail with long hair that framed her face and two long strands of hair hanging down her front. She wore a yellow kimono and had a pleasant smile. But the thing that caught Issei's attention the most was the HUGE rack the woman had. It was one of the largest pair of boobs he had ever seen in his life.

"...Do I need to ask?" Rias looked at the closet in concern.

"Lilith joked that she was going to seduce the big tittied Fox MILF's daughter and was dragged off to another room for twenty minutes." Ranma supplied as he took the photo back from Issei.

"Yasaka didn't seem that bad when we went last year." Akeno spoke up, before covering ears as Lilith let out an ear-splitting scream of pure terror. "WHAT THE HELL!?"

"And this is why I call her the big tittied Fox MILF instead of by her actual name." Ranma sighed and walked over to the closet and opened it up. "Lilith, shadow, now."

"WAAAAH!" Lilith cried as she disappeared into Ranma's shadow and cried softly.

"She'll be unable to do anything for the rest of the day." Ranma shook his head and sighed. "I'm gunna head home then."

Seeing Ranma leave, Azazel just shook his head. "Well, that was unexpected." Clearing his throat. "Before I forget, Nabiki, the guys in R&D should finish the tech to help you control your Sacred Gear more fully pretty soon. Though don't expect them to ask you to test it right away."

"Good." Nabiki hated the headache she got from her Sacred Gear.


Later that evening...

Ranma, wearing just his boxers, sighed as he sat on the floor of his room. "Lilith... Come on out."

"No!" She cried from his shadow. "I won't come out! There's a scary fox MILF who will turn me into tofu if I come out!"

"She's not here." Ranma shook his head. "I promise you, she's not here."

"You're lying!"

"Well fine, I guess I'll have a threesome with Atsuko and Mittelt then."

"They're not there!" Lilith yelled from his shadow. "You can't tempt me with the thought of hearing Mittelt's cute moans or seeing Atsuko's awesome boobs bouncing as she rides your dick."

"Really?" Ranma asked, as the door to his room opened up. "Because they just walked into the room."

"Is she still freaked out?" Mittelt, who was wearing a transparent nightgown, asked and shook her head in amusement.

Atsuko was just wearing her underwear. "Well, I guess we can just have fun without her then."

Lilith finally poked her head out of the shadow. "...No scary fox lady who will turn me into Tofu and eat me?"

"No." The three said at the same time.

Pulling herself out of the shadow completely, she hugged Ranma. "Okay, fine, but I want to be pampered tonight."

Ranma smiled at her. "Sure."


The next day after school Issei and Asia found themselves walking downtown, getting some groceries for dinner that night and talking about various things when Issei stumbled across a flyer for the upcoming inter-class contest. "Oh yeah! Can't wait for that!"

"What's this about?" Asia asked as she saw it.

"Basically all classes compete against each other to see which class is the best." Issei replied to her.

"Wouldn't it be unfair to the other classes, considering..." Asia trailed off, getting a laugh from Issei.

"Yeah, but it shouldn't be a problem." Turning, he walked off. "So what competition do you think you'll be in this year?"

"I don't know, even though I was at the church, I wasn't very, EEEK!" She tripped and would have fallen down had someone not grabbed her shoulders.

"Asia, are you..." Issei turned and looked at the person who grabbed her. He was a bit taller than Issei was, slender, with short dark hair, wearing a fancy suit and a fur coat, but his eyes were screwed shut into slits. "...Please tell me that your favorite catch phrase isn't "a secret" or something."

The man looked at Issei in confusion. "I have no idea what you mean by that." Chuckling a little bit, he let Asia go, "I just happened to be here, that's all. But it must be fate that this is the second time we've met, Asia Argento."

Asia gave him a surprised "huh?" when he said that.


After moving away from the crowd and to a forested area, the man opened his shirt to reveal a x-shaped scar on his chest.

"That scar..." Asia gasped as she looked at it. "Now I remember, you were the Devil that I healed, weren't you?"

Adjusting his outfit, the man nodded. "Indeed. My name is Diodora Astaroth and..." The next thing that Asia knew, he was on his knees and holding her right hand, gently kissing it. "I want you to know that I am completely smitten with you."

"Hey!" Issei yelled as Asia blushed. "Get your hands off of her."

Standing up and letting go of Asia's hand, Diodora turned to leave. "I would be honored, though, Asia Argento, if you decided to marry me."

Asia gasped, staring stupidly as Diodora disappeared in a blue flash of light.


"Diodora Astaroth, huh?" Rias shook her head as she heard about the event. "I don't think you should worry about it. He probably just feels really grateful that you saved his life." Rias wasn't sure if the youngest descendant of the Great Devil King Astaroth was thinking, but she hoped it was just him being smitten with Asia. "Just ignore him long enough and he'll give up and go away, okay?"

"Okay." Asia nodded, agreeing to that.

"Hey." Issei put his hand on her shoulder. "If he tries anything, I'll lay him out for you."

Asia just smiled, grateful that she had friends willing to protect her.


Later that night...

"Well..." A familiar female voice was heard as Issei opened his eyes. "I didn't expect Asia to find a better man already."

"Raynare." Issei groaned and hung his head. "Can't you leave me alone already?"

Instead of speaking, the now-naked, Issei wondered how he missed that, Fallen Angel walked up to him, her hips and breasts swaying in such a way that he couldn't help but stare at them. "Issei, it's okay, you don't have to be like this."

"I don't?" He gulped as her finger went over his bare chest and he wondered when he got naked. "What do you mean?"

"I mean I warned you, didn't I?" She leaned in close to him, her breasts pressing against his chest as she whispered to him. "That one day any woman around you would leave you."

"That's not true!" Issei yelled and pushed her off, or rather tried to as his hands grabbed her large tits and squeezed.

"Oooh my!" Raynare huffed softly. "But, really, Issei, don't you think it's better this way?"

"Issei!" A new voice spoke up and he turned his head, his hands still on Raynare's breasts, and saw Asia, dressed in a very fancy dress and smiling at him. "Thank you, for everything, Issei. But I'm getting married now."


Raynare pulled away from him and got behind Issei, hugging him and pressing her breasts against his back. "See, Issei? She's going to find someone better than you and leave you."

"Who did she find though?" When Diodora showed up and spoke, he could hear anything, couldn't react and could only watch as Asia was taken away. "But... Why?"

Raynare gently bit his ear before licking it. "Because, silly boy... None of them truly love you. It's like I said, no woman will ever love you for you, if any of them..."

"Choose to be with me, it's because they want something from me." Issei finished, his tone flat as his body started to slacken.

"Exactly." She reached down and rubbed his crotch. "But me? I'll be here for you, forever... And ever..."

Issei shook his head. "No! This isn't right! You aren't real! You're dead! I saw Rias kill you!"

"If I wasn't really here..." She whispered to him. "Then you wouldn't feel this, would you?" She asked as she squeezed and rubbed his dick.

"Hard to argue that logic..." Issei conceded and groaned as her fingers worked their magic on his shaft. "But... You're still dead..."

"The dead can't do this, can they?" Raynare whispered to him as she stroked him some more.


Issei blinked as Raynare disappeared and things started to shift around him.


"Who?" Issei asked softly as his eyes blinked and he saw the concerned face of Asia over him. Like usual, she was naked as she slept in bed with him.

"Issei? Are you okay? You were looking really distressed in your sleep."

"I was?" Issei blinked, trying to recall what was bothering him, before gasping. "Now I remember. I dreamed you were getting married and were going to leave me."

Asia blinked a few times and shook her head. "No, I wouldn't do that. If I got married, I wouldn't want to leave you. You're too precious to me."

Issei smiled at her, tears forming in his eyes. "Thanks."

"Ngh, what's going on?" Rias, who was sleeping naked on Issei's right side, rubbed her eyes as she woke up. "Everything okay?"

"Yeah, just some bad dreams of Asia getting married to that Diodora jerk and leaving." Issei replied and tried to get up but found a weight on his hips. "What the?"

Flipping up the sheets, he saw Koneko resting on his hips. "What are you doing?" When he saw that she was in her nekomatta mode with her white cat ears out, she smiled up at him and did a cat-like pose while going "nya" to him.

"Cute." Issei, Rias and Asia said at the same time.


"So, Master..." Lilith began as they walked towards the school. "What's your plans for the big school event?"

Ranma shrugged at her. "There's nothing that you, me or Atsuko wouldn't dominate that's physical. Would be kind of boring, unless we work with the other classes to go against each other."

Lilith giggled as a thought came to her. "Maybe we could have a wheelbarrel sex race?"

Ranma just face-palmed and groaned. "That would be hot, but I'm sure that it would be against more than a dozen city laws."

"When has that ever stopped us?" Lilith asked with a smile.

"You? Never. Me? Only when I knew jail time wouldn't let me have some peace and quiet."

"Plus now with your curse, you'd be the best milkshake in all the yard!" Lilith chirped.

"...So that's a double hell fucking no to the events."


Smirking as Lilith complained that those laws weren't very fun, as they turned a corner, they ran face-first into a giant pair of breasts and found themselves toppled over as the person those breasts belonged to crashed to the ground.

"OOOOMPH!" The woman, who they noted had blue hair that wasn't too long, though some of it was striped black, was wearing a black over-coat covering her shoulders, a white, nearly see-through t-shirt and black pants. "Sorry about that." She laughed as they got off of her. "It's hard to see down sometimes and I tripped so I didn't see you coming around that corner."

Ranma rubbed the back of his head. "No, it's fine, just shocked..."


The woman blinked. "Evil Kyoto... OH! Yasaka! I haven't seen her in ages! She must have grown up since I last saw her!"

Lilith was shivering and looking left and right, worried that merely mentioning the Evil Fox's name would bring her down upon them like the wrath of God and destroy everything around them.

"Yeah, she has a daughter now." Ranma was still shocked that the woman could move without her spine breaking. "Wait, what? You don't look like you're that old."

The woman giggled at him. "You know, for some reason, you remind me of my old student." She tapped her chin. "Been almost three hundred years, Happi! Yeah! I haven't seen him in so long."

"...You don't mean Happosai, do you?" Ranma asked, before yelping as she was bent over and her chocolate brown eyes were looking into his, excitedly. "Uh..."

"You know little Happi!? Is he still alive?! I haven't seen him since he left me!" She jumped, causing her breasts to ripple and bounce and almost burst out of her shirt. "I was going to leave the city because I was bored, but if Happi's here, I wanna catch up on old times with him!"

"Master, how about I go ahead and you lead her back? I'm sure that he's still there." Lilith wanted to get out of there as soon as she could. The longer she was around this blue-haired big tittied monster the more likely that the evil fox woman would show up and eat her!

"Uh, sure..." Ranma chuckled as the woman jumped more. When a tearing sound was heard and her shirt burst into pieces, her large breasts spilling out, he gaped at her. "...Inverted nipples?"

"Oh pooh, it's so hard to find shirts that fit too." She ignored his question and cast and illusion spell over her breasts. "There, now no one will see them until I get another shirt."

"Well, just follow me."


"HAPPI!" The Devil screamed in joy as she saw the old grandmaster of Anything Goes sitting on the floor. Letting her illusion drop, her bare breasts came into view and she laughed as Happosai pounced on them.

"Ahh! This is heaven! Ranma m'boy, you do your master proud, bringing me the breast bed I've had since I left my teacher."

The woman giggled and rubbed Happosai's back. "Silly! It's me! The one who taught you those life-extending techniques."

Happosai's eyes widened and he stood up on her boobs and looked at her face. "It... It really is you..." His eyes watered up and he hugged her breasts. "I thought you were going to be gone forever! You were carted off and they never told me what happened to you."

"Yeah, yeah, now why don't you two enjoy yourselves and get caught up." Ranma waved them off as Mittelt, who was glaring at the woman and her large tits, and Atsuko, who was carrying her bike, left the building.

"Shhh... It's okay. I had to spend a couple of centuries in prison for stealing those Evil Pieces from Lord Beezlebub." She tapped her boobs as she realized something. "You didn't use them, did you?"

Happosai looked at her in confusion. "Evil Pieces? Nope, I never used them."

"Oh good." She sighed in relief. "Because that would be bad."

"How bad?" Happosai asked her as she gave him a grave expression.

"Bad enough that if someone drew out the full power of it they could destroy half of Earth by accident."

"...That's bad." Happosai was suddenly glad that he didn't use it. Though he wasn't sure what Evil Pieces were. Did she mean evil pieces of women's lingerie? Underwear? Was it women's silky darlings, worn by a man? He felt that was evil...

Did she give him any? Not that he could recall, but that was about three centuries ago...

"Anyway..." The woman looked around the building and smiled softly. "Lots of sexual energy in this place."

"I know!" Happosai grinned happily. "That boy has quite the healthy sex life."

"Is he your heir?" The woman asked as Happosai settled back on her breasts.

"Hmm, he needs a little more of a push, needs to enjoy things a little more, but otherwise there's not much I can teach him on the path of the pervert."

"Alas, so sad." The woman frowned softly. "Hey!" An idea came to her. "Want to leave this town? Go on a tour of Japan?"

"But what about the silky darlings that need liberation?" Happosai pouted. "And what about all this delicious energy here?"

She stood up, her large tits bouncing and almost throwing Happosai off of them. "Who said we wouldn't liberate all the silky darlings? We'll go on a cross-country tour! Stop at all the local hotspots! Liberate all the women's underwear and we'll send the nation into such a rut that we'll single-handedly save the birth rate on our own!"

Happosai's eyes sparkled at that. "ONWARDS!"

After quickly writing a note and then having his master re-write the same note for him, the two packed up and left Kuoh City for a trip of panty thievery and fun.


Later that day...

"Hey, Lilith..." One of the girls in gym class spoke up suddenly as everyone was changing after class. "I was wondering..."

"I've never had tentacle sex, don't ask." Lilith smirked at the blushes that the girls had. "I'm kidding. Anyway, what's up?"

"You seem to have a lot of experience in those matters..." The girl was blushing hard as Lilith grinned hard. "So, I'm just wondering, how are you not, um... How are you not a mom?"

"Specialized protection." Lilith gave the girl and the others a stern look. "Trust me, I'm a special case, but you should all make sure to take precautions because if you don't, you're going to have little brats running around."

Xenovia raised a hand. "I heard that just because you have sex that doesn't mean you'll get pregnant, is that true?"

"Complete crap-shoot." Lilith shot back to her. "You could be on your most fertile day, have the guy shoot into you a bunch of times and you'll still not end up pregnant." She sighed at the looks she was getting. "Seriously, it happens. Anything else?"

Irina raised a hand. "How old were you when you started to have sex?" She might have been an Angel, but she was still curious about stuff like this.

"Hmm... Started about four years ago I think." Lilith shrugged, the exact date wasn't important.

"Is that why you keep calling Ranma your master?" Xenovia asked.

"Because Master is my Master, I'm his Servant and I'll do anything he orders me to do, so long as it doesn't kill me." Thankfully Ranma rarely ordered her to do anything, so it wasn't too big of a deal.

"Really?" Aika grinned and adjusted her glasses. "Even if it was depraved or had you bang a bunch of other guys?"

"One, Master would never have me bang other guys." Lilith huffed at the perverted girl. "Two, I've done more depraved things than you could imagine. And three," she grinned at the girl, "Master's more of a man than you could ever hope to handle."

"Well, I know he's got the size part down." Aika's face flushed softly. "Only guy in our class that rivals him is Issei."

Lilith blinked and raised an eyebrow. "You've seen Master and Issei naked?"

"Nope." The girl grinned and adjusted her glasses. "With these specs I can see just how much junk the guys are hiding."

"Um, what are they talking about?" Asia asked, though she was blushing at the tone the two girls were using.

"Really?" Lilith tapped her chin. "Maybe I underestimated him a little bit. If he wants to be a Harem King he just needs some experience now." In a lot of ways, but that would come with time.

"You know, most girls get disgusted at him when he says that." One of the girls from their class said and shook her head.

Lilith shrugged. "What? Should I be disgusted by that? The guy's honest."

Aika started to leer at Lilith. "So, you call him Master... Does he have a collar and leash with your name on it?"

"Yeah, but we hardly use it." Lilith laughed as most of the girls in the room face-faulted. After getting dressed, Lilith left the room while the rest of the girls recovered.

After several minutes and regaining her senses, Aika smirked at Asia as an idea came to her. "You know, you should hurry with your skinship with Issei."

"Eep." The girl blushed hard as she thought about it.

"If not, maybe some alcohol, see if you can entice him and Saotome into spit-roasting you." Several girls blushed hard as they imagined it.

"...I assume that isn't something murderous," Asia asked.

Aika smiled. Oh, this girl was so easy.



"What was that?" Issei asked in the boys gym locker room.

"If I had to guess," Ranma said, "I think someone just explained a sexual euphemism to Asia."

"DAMMIT!" Issei ran out, he knew who would do it too!

Ranma just chuckled as he watched Issei run off. 'This'll be amusing.'



"DIE, ISSEI!" Screamed the other girls in the locker room as they threw things at him, hitting him over and over again until someone threw a metal pan at his head, knocking him over.


Ranma blinked at the sound. "Seriously, where in a locker room do they hide a metal pan?" he asked himself. It was like tomatoes in a crowd. They were there somewhere ... but it never appeared until needed. "Maybe some forgotten spell of something," he muttered.


After school, Rias smiled as her peerage sat on the couches in front of her, well, Koneko was snacking on some sweets on Issei's lap, off to the side on chairs, Irina, Ranma, Lilith and Mittelt were sitting. Atsuko had said something about wanting to go biking after school and since the meeting was about an upcoming Ratings Game, Rias had no problem with her taking off. "Anyway, I'm glad you're all here." A screen popped up in the middle of the room, revealing a fight between a giant of a man with short dark hair and a rather impressive build. "This is from Sairaorg's last victory last year." When her cousin tanked the magic bullets that were fired at him and then leaped up at his opponent and punched through several barriers, it left most of the room stunned. "Anyway, as you can see, Sairaorg is considered the favorite to win this year's Young Devil Championship as well."

"He seems tough." Kiba muttered, getting a nod from Rias.

"He is, lacking any of the talent that the Bael family typically has, he sought to carve out his place in the world through pure determination and skill." Rias explained to them. "Now, normally this tournament is held near the end of the summer break, but due to Loki and the Khaos Brigade's attack, that didn't happen this year."

"So what's going to happen?" Gasper asked her.

"The tournament will have to be staggered, but otherwise it's still going on. And due to the nature of it being spread out over the course of time, it'll give all teams a chance to study their opponents and even boost their numbers if needed." Normally that wouldn't happen, but this was a special occasion after all.

"I hope we're not paired against Sairaorg right away." Issei muttered. "I think we'd be beaten if that was the case."

"Yes, like I said, Sairaorg is the favorite to win this tournament again this year." Rias nodded to her pawn. "However, we won't have to face him. In fact, I've looked at the pairings and the only chance we have to face him will be the finals."

"Wait, the pairings were already chosen?" Koneko asked, getting a nod from Rias. "Well, that's messed up. Who are we facing?"

"Diodora Astaroth." Rias said as the screen turned off.

Just as she said that, a blue magic circle formed in the room before revealing the person in question. "Hello there, Rias Gremory," he bowed, his eyes still closed while he smiled. "I'm here to talk."

"Speak of the Devil and he appears." Irina muttered, now knowing why that phrase was used.

"Well, Diodora Astaroth, what do I owe the pleasure of your visit?" Rias asked, having a general idea what the other Devil wanted.

"I'm here to propose a trade for Asia Argento."

End Chapter 5


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Chapter 6

"Trade for Asia?!" Issei yelled in shock. "What do you mean?"

"Calm down." Rias ordered him. "It's a fairly simple and common procedure among Devils. For younger Devils who wish to participate in Ratings Games with a full set they can trade unused pieces to other Kings, generally family members, to get a start on their own peerage. Other times Devils in a peerage get to high class and are rewarded with their own set, so the original King is short a piece or three if the member who left trades their newly unused pieces for some of the peerage that he or she was closest to. And unfortunately, there are times a member of a peerage dies and needs to be replaced."

"Indeed," Diodora nodded to her. "The process is quite simple, though lengthy, and requires that we trade equal pieces with each other." He looked at Asia and his smile widened slightly before turning back to Rias. "So, what do you say?"

Before Rias could reply, Lilith cleared her throat, causing everyone to look at her. "While I can sense that he has... feelings for Asia, they are neither lust, love nor admiration." Diodora gave her a surprised look. "You're good at hiding your feelings from getting to your face." Lilith gave him a smirk. "But to me? You're an open book. You got this whole "I want her to have her" vibe going on."

"And who are you to make such a declaration?" Diodora asked, confused. "Do you have some sort of Sacred Gear or something?"

"Nope." Lilith shook her head. "I'm just that good."

"Needless to say, even if Lilith hadn't told me that, I wouldn't have agreed anyway." Rias answered Diodora. "Asia is a part of my household and on top of that, she's a valued friend and member of my family."

"Tis a shame, oh well, I'll see you at the Rating Game then." With a blue flash, he was gone.

"Lilith..." Ranma began. "What did you see with him?"

Lilith closed her eyes and didn't bother opening them as she continued. "He didn't have lust, admiration or anything for Asia, all I could feel was a feeling of want and possessiveness with him."

"You mean..?" Asia gasped and trembled. "What do you mean?"

"He wanted you, yes, but not for any good reasons, probably as a trophy or something." Lilith grumbled in annoyance. "Reminds me of someone for some reason." Getting up, she patted her skirt down. "Now if you'll excuse me."

"That's fine, I was going to dismiss everyone anyway." Rias said as she looked at Asia's worried expression. "Asia..." She trailed off after Ranma and Mittelt had left. "Don't worry, we won't let that jerk use you, okay?"

Asia nodded and smiled softly. "Thank you."


It was late at night that Mittelt found herself standing on top of the school in her gothic lolita outfit, waiting for someone. When a flash of light to the side alerted her to someone teleporting in, she turned to face the person. "Azazel..."

"Hey." He smiled at her. "Is there a reason you're meeting me here at night instead of being with your boyfriend?" He smirked as she blushed. "Don't be like that, I can tell that you two are close." When she nodded, Azazel smiled, "well, congrats, I hope that you two are happy together, but I feel that's not why you called me out here."

She shook her head. "Tell me something, Azazel, you know all there is to know about us Fallen Angels, right?"

"I would like to think that I know a great deal about the Grigory, yes." He stroked his beard. "Is there something you want to know specifically?"

"It was something Kokabiel said to me when we fought against him." The blonde looked away, a troubled expression on her face. "He said that I was his daughter, I haven't thought about it much since then, but..."

Azazel sighed and shook his head. "Why do you want to know? It doesn't change who you are."

"I just do!" She yelled, an angry expression on her face. "If he's... If he's my father, then... All the memories I have of meeting God, they were all false, weren't they?"

Azazel looked at her troubled expression before sighing and turning to the side before looking up at the sky. "Mittelt, can you tell me what you think of Ranma?"

"Huh?" She looked at him in confusion. "He's a nice guy, a bit of a jerk at times, but mostly a nice guy, great lover, a bit sarcastic and a smart-ass too, why?"

"Do you think he'd be the kind to intentionally harm a child?" Azazel asked and looked at Mittelt out of the corner of his eye.

"What?! No!" Mittelt shook her head. "No way he'd do that. He killed to protect a little girl!" Not that she had seen that personally. "Why?"

"How much do you know about Ranma's parents?" Azazel had done research into Ranma after meeting the martial artist.

"I know that his father taught him martial arts and there was the whole Neko-ken thing."

Azazel raised an eyebrow. 'Cat fist, huh? Guess that's more to look into.' "Did you know that the first thing his mother said after meeting him after ten years was that he had to be a "man among men" or he would have to commit ritual suicide?"

"...What?" Mittelt said flatly. "What do you mean?"

"Exactly what I said." Azazel was glad that Issei had a rather loose tongue when he was relaxed after talking about breasts. Sure, they didn't get a whole lot of time to talk, but Azazel had his own research to fall back on. "And you know about his father being his trainer. Have you stopped to think about the type of training that Ranma would have had to have been subjected to growing up?"

Mittelt shook her head. "What's that got to do with anything?"

Azazel sighed. "Ask Ranma about his training sometime, he can tell you better than I ever could. But I'll say this right now." He looked at her and gave her a bit a smirk. "It's not where you come from that determines who you are, it's the events in your life that determine it. You've changed quite a bit since you met Ranma." Azazel smirked as he turned and walked away. "Oh, and just so you know, I've come up with a training regime for you to further your Fallen Angel powers."

Mittelt's eyes widened as she heard that. "You have?"

"Yep. Can't have you falling behind because you lack understanding with your abilities. I'll give it to you tomorrow, okay?" He disappeared in a flash.

"I guess it doesn't matter if he was my father or not, I'm not him and I won't become him." Letting her Fallen Angel wings flash out, she took off into the night sky to go home.


A few days later...

"So this is it, huh?" Ranma said to Issei as he and the rest of Rias's peerage stood in a magic circle. "Have fun."

"Oh, you know it. I'll kick some ass and take some names."

"Hey, Issei..." Lilith spoke up. "I normally wouldn't say this, but... Do to this Diodora jerk what you did to Riser and punch him in the dick with a multi-boosted punch, will ya?"

Everyone sweat-dropped before Rias and her peerage disappeared.

"Really?" Ranma gave Lilith a flat stare. "Punch him in the dick?"

Lilith crossed her arms and huffed. "Pretty boys like that who probably have too many secrets and tell you that they have secrets need to be punched in the dick. Plus he's a creep. And he wants Asia and not in a good way."

"Guess I can't argue that logic." Really, Ranma wanted to hit that guy in the dick and he just met him once!

"So, Master..." Lilith began as they left the club room and walked out of the old school building, "what are we going to do now?"

"Same thing we do every day, Lilith."

Lilith's eyes gleamed in delight. "Lots of sex!" She skipped ahead, humming to herself.

Ranma laughed softly, that wasn't what he was intending, but he didn't complain about it. "Lilith, that's..."

".e.r me.."

Ranma blinked and looked around. "Who's there?" He could have sworn he heard a woman's voice just now, or at the very least a very effeminate man's voice.

"Master!" Lilith popped her head out from around the corner. "You coming or what?"

"Did you hear a voice?" Ranma asked, getting a confused look from the succubus. "Guess not. Oh well, let's go home."

"They say the first step to going crazy is hearing voices in your head." Lilith pointed out, getting a snort from Ranma.

"So does that make Issei insane for having a Dragon in his head?" Ranma asked, getting a laugh from Lilith.


After getting home, Ranma opened the door and stared, along with Lilith, at the guest that was sitting in the room. "Hey, Atsuko," Ranma called to the long-haired girl, "who's the old guy and why does he feel like he could wipe out most of East Asia without a problem?"

"Hmph, impertinent brat, but at least your senses are sharp." The man stood up, revealing that he was a bit taller than Ranma was, with long white hair, a long beard that went from his chin down to his feet, he was wearing a mostly white robe with the shoulders being blue, his left eye had a white monocle with a gold outer ring. On his head was a gold and black hat that had several mini-sections. "My name is Odin, King of the Norse Gods, perhaps you've heard of me?"

"The same head God that gave up his eye for nigh omniscience?" Lilith gasped and gulped. "Ah heh, no wonder you feel like you could wipe out most of East Asia with ease."

"If I was so inclined, I probably could." The God laughed at her nervousness. "Oh, don't be so scared, I was just checking out the city, since it seems like a lot of Angels, Fallen Angels and Devils took a shine to this place. But seeing a Demon here as well? That's surprising."

"So..." Ranma trailed off and looked at Atsuko. "How'd you meet him and why is he here?"

"I picked him up!" Atsuko grinned and Odin laughed.

"I didn't know you were into old men." Lilith muttered, getting another laugh from Odin. "So, I take it you actually picked him up, so..."


"Bah!" Odin grumbled as he finally ditched his bodyguards. "Little kids, they're not fun, I'd rather spend time at the titty bar than with them." Turning a corner, he walked down the sidewalk before looking around in confusion. "Why do I hear a bell getting closer?"

Turning around, his eye bugged out as a bike, moving at super high speeds, rammed into him, knocked the God into the air and caused him to land in the front basket of the bike.

"EEEK!" Atsuko's eyes widened as someone appeared in front of her. "I'M SORRY!"

*End Flash*

"I didn't know where to take him, so I brought him home." Atsuko blushed, bowing her head.

Odin laughed at her. "I'm not mad, not very often that a cute girl picks me up and takes me out for a fun ride around town." Grinning, he looked at Ranma more closely. "So you're the brat I've heard about, huh?" Ranma blinked in confusion and Odin let out an annoyed sound. "Bah, not too terribly impressed with you. But I'll say this, for a brat who doesn't have a fancy special power given to him at birth, you're an interesting one." Before anyone could respond, he stretched and yawned. "So, know any good strip clubs around here?"

"Note to self, do not let him and Happosai meet." Ranma muttered softly as Lilith began to talk to the elder Norse God about the best spots in town, as well as the best times to get to all of them. 'And when did she have the time to hit up the strip clubs anyway?'

After a few minutes, Lilith tilted her head in confusion. "How come you're not speaking in Limerick?" Odin tilted his head at her. "The legends say that you spoke in Limerick."

The old man grinned at her. "Don't believe everything you read, girlie."


It was hours later, Odin had left, stating that he had to head to Hell for something, leaving Ranma, Lilith and Atsuko at home alone. "Something wrong, Ranma?" Atsuko asked as they sparred.

"Well, for one, I don't know where Nabiki and Mittelt are."

"Oh!" Atsuko ducked under a kick. "Nabiki called earlier and said that she and Mittelt were out shopping at the mall and had other stuff they wanted to do." She punched at Ranma, who caught it and threw her over his shoulder.

"Really?" Ranma gave her a flat look. "Shopping?"

Just at that moment, the door outside opened up and Nabiki and Mittelt walked in. "Hey!" Nabiki called out, having just one bag under her arms. "Sorry that took so long, finding what I wanted took forever."

Mittelt gave her an annoyed look and walked over to Ranma, hugging him and burying her face in his chest.

"You okay?" Ranma asked, rubbing her back as she shook her head. "What happened?"

"Some guys hit on me, said it was nice I was looking after a little kid and if I wanted to ditch her for them." Nabiki rolled her eyes. What they had said was far more crude, but no need to have anyone here going after a bunch of idiots for insulting anyone. "Naturally I refused, so..."

"They said that I was a little kid and that I was too small and flat-chested to get anyone's attention." Mittelt said softly, causing Ranma to sigh and rub her back. She knew that what they said wasn't true, but it still hurt.

After calming Mittelt down, Ranma looked at Nabiki and the bag she had. "So... What's with the bag?"

"Clear quartz crystals." Nabiki said as she pulled them out. "I figure they might come in handy if Azazel keeps his end of the deal up and makes it so I can control God's Eye more easily. I saw some glimpses of stuff and wanted to actually try it out."

"...Sounds like the old man's student." Lilith muttered to herself, causing Nabiki to look at her curiously. "The old man that taught us said he had a student that could use magic but used gems to amplify their magic."

Nabiki wondered if that was what she had seen, but shrugged it off. "Oh well. Anyway, finding clear quartz crystals took forever."

"We met God!" Atsuko said brightly, causing Nabiki and Mittelt, who was still hugging Ranma, to look at her stupidly.

"She means we met a God by the name of Odin." Lilith commented, getting a pout from Atsuko.

"Oh come on! I was all hyped about them going 'no! That can't be! He's dead' and then I would go 'no! Really, we met God! He has one eye and everything!' but now you ruined it." Atsuko huffed in annoyance.

Ranma sighed as he stepped away from Mittelt and walked over to the window.

"What's wrong, Master?" Lilith asked in confusion.

"You ever feel that we're being left out of the action intentionally?" Ranma asked, getting a shrug from Nabiki.

"Personally, I'm glad that I'm not drawing all the weirdos who seem to want Issei or one of the girls around him for some odd reason." Nabiki sighed as Ranma twitched. "So what's the problem?"

"It's just... Something doesn't feel right." Ranma frowned. "I can get those Ratings Games are for Devils, but since making that declaration, I was half expecting at least two or three of those Khaos Brigade guys to show up."

"Maybe they think you're with Issei?" Lilith suggested.

"Or they're planning something big." Mittelt argued. "Back when I was skulking around with Raynare and the others we'd always lay low right before we made a big move. So maybe they're trying to gather their forces for a big move?"

"But what?" Ranma asked as he thought about what he knew about the Khaos Brigade. "And why would Ophis want to bring them together?"

"To get enough power to beat up Great Red." Nabiki answered him. "Ophis's power is near infinite, same with Great Red's power, so Ophis wants strong people to help defeat Great Red." She coughed as everyone looked at her in surprise. "I've used my Sacred Gear a few times over the break to find out what Ophis wanted, okay?"

"Might be kind of hard." Ranma muttered before looking at his right arm and the armband on it. "Why do I feel like this will be more important in the future?"

"I dunno, you're the one who put it on, not us." Mittelt commented.

"Bah, whatever." Ranma snorted and decided to not worry about it right now. He had other things to worry about.



"Ho?" Jedah Dohma raised an eyebrow as he felt a familiar person enter his domain. "Ah, Prince Rizevim, the son of Satan, how may this humble Devil serve you?"

"Don't give me that crap." The older-looking man with dark silver hair and a chin beard snorted at Jedah before taking a deep breath. "When are we going to make our move?"

Jedah smirked at Lucifer's son, "don't worry about it."

Rizevim narrowed his eyes at Jedah. "Watch your tone, Devil. You may be a ruler of Makai, but you are nothing compared to myself."

"Of course." Jedah bowed to him. "Just wait a little longer, your unholiness, and I guarantee you that what you want you can obtain."

Rizevim snorted and walked away. "I have no interest in dominating the world like my father or revenge like the rest of the Old Satan faction." He turned and grinned at Jedah. "I just want chaos, destruction and brutality."

When Rizevim disappeared in a flash of light, Jedah frowned to himself. "I guess I'll have to step up my plans then." He would have to wait for a bit more before he could make any real moves, but that didn't mean he couldn't set things in motion. Looking at the Youkai that came before him, Jedah gave a sinister grin. "You can do it, can't you?"

"So long as you keep your end of the bargain."

Jedah waved the Youkai off. "The revival of your master and the death of his greatest enemy, yes, yes. As soon as I have the chalice from those Vampires I'll be able to do all of that." When the Youkai disappeared, Jedah leaned back in his chair and frowned. "Now, how do I deal with your chosen mate, Lilith?" Killing him outright was a possibility, but that was unlikely, plus he could potentially be helpful in the future.

Jedah smirked, "there's always a way, I just have to wait for the right time." After all, he knew Rizevim would dispose of him soon if things didn't hurry up, but he also knew that Lucifer's son had his own plans in motion. "But I'll worry about that later." He also knew that Morrigan would kill him as soon as she got what she wanted.

"Such fools, all of them, wanting shallow things and only thinking about themselves."

His plans, of course, were far grander than that.

End Chapter 6


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Remember when I said this arc was about shaking things up?



Chapter 7

Mittelt was flying high in the sky, using illusions to keep people from noticing her and watching the chaos unfold on the ground. "I know that they're supernatural beings, I know that they're extraordinary, even for the standards of supernatural beings, but this is just..." The blonde loli trailed off, not sure how to describe what she was seeing.

"Ludicrous?" Nabiki asked next to her, her Devil wings out as she floated in mid-air.

"Yes." Mittelt nodded. The two watched as Ranma, Atsuko and Lilith raced around town, kicking up a dust cloud and sending random things flying in various directions. "How do they not hit anyone?"

"Who knows? Reality never seems to work right when Atsuko's on her bike anyway." Nabiki grumbled, getting a look from Mittelt.

"What do you mean?"

"I mean, the laws of physics seems to get turned off when she's on her bike. Dunno why, but I looked it up and got that answer last time I checked."

Mittelt sweat-dropped heavily. "That's both convenient and just weird." Ignoring Nabiki, the Fallen Angel looked back at the race and sighed as they took it to the rooftops. "...You know, I think Azazel's right. I have changed."

"Hmm?" Nabiki was curious as to what Mittelt was talking about.

Mittelt pointed to where the trio had jumped up onto the roofs and continued on. "There was an elderly woman there, they jumped off the ground to avoid hitting her and I'm glad. Before I became a Devil I wouldn't have cared."

Nabiki smirked, she knew that to be true. "That reminds me, you still owe me for draining my bank account dry."

Mittelt turned and gave Nabiki a nervous look. "Um... How much did I make you spend on me again?" She trembled at the scary smile Nabiki had on her face. "I'm sorry!"

After a few moments, Nabiki laughed and looked away. "No worries, I told Azazel about it awhile ago, he already paid me back for it and he told me to tell you that you don't need to pay him back."

Mittelt blinked but smiled softly, thankful Azazel had done that. She'd need to talk to him sometime about that.


"I win!" Atsuko grinned as she got back to their home a moment before Ranma and Lilith got there.

Lilith was lightly panting, as was Ranma and glared at her. "You had a bike, you cheated."

"You said I could use the handicap!" Atsuko stuck her tongue out at Lilith.

Rolling his eyes, Ranma, who had already caught his breath, looked up as Mittelt and Nabiki landed on the ground. "Have fun flying?"

"So long as we don't do anything else, none of the other supernatural factions will pay us any mind." Mittelt answered, and as long as she only used her Fallen Angel wings, there wouldn't be any questions shot her way.

"You'd think that flying would be pretty awesome, wouldn't you?" Nabiki grumbled and looked away. "But do you guys have ANY idea how freaking terrifying it is to fly up and then realize that if you get shot down you're going to go splat when you hit the ground?"

Ranma, Mittelt, Lilith and Atsuko looked at Nabiki, who was looking away.

"...Are you afraid of heights?" Mittelt asked, getting a twitch from Nabiki. "I'll take that as a yes."

"If I'm not up too high, it's not a problem, it's when I'm up higher than a skyscraper that it bothers me." Nabiki couldn't help it, she was a normal person before being reincarnated into a Devil.

"Well, how about..." Ranma trailed off and turned around. "Come on out, I know you're there."

"I was wondering when you'd sense me." A familiar voice seemed to come out of thin air before the air rippled and Genma Saotome stood there, surprising everyone. "Hello, son."

"Pops? What are you doing here?"

Genma smirked at him. "I think it's time to teach you the two schools of martial arts that I personally developed."

Ranma raised an eyebrow. "What? Are they all about getting out of a lunch bill or something?" Genma face-faulted as he heard that. "You brought that on yourself."

"Fair." Genma stood up. "No, I developed two schools of martial arts so powerful and dangerous that I sealed them away before you were born, but I think it's time for you to learn them." After all, if Ranma was going to deal with the supernatural, he would need the power of these martial arts. "But before I begin, Ranma, you need to realize something." Genma had an unusually serious expression on his face as he looked at his son and ignored the girls. "If you mess up training with these, you could cause serious harm to yourself, to others or you could actually die."

"Shockingly serious for you." Lilith said as she narrowed her eyes. "You know that I'm with Master when he learns new skills."

"I will only teach these to Ranma." Genma said to her. "I would prefer if no one else ever learned these techniques, but that's for the next master of Anything Goes to decide."

"Master?" Ranma blinked in surprise.

"Master these two schools, and I'll officially recognize you as a Master of our style." Genma said, causing Lilith and Ranma to stare in shock at him.



Akane Tendo groaned as she crawled out of the river that Kuroka knocked her into.

"Nyah? Already worn out?" The dark-haired Nekomatta purred as she poked Akane's head. Jumping back, she avoided the swipe Akane took at her. "Oooh, almost, if I was standing still you might have actually hit me."

"Hate you... So much." Akane panted and stood up, her outfit was in tatters, soaked in water, mud and who knew what else, and yet, despite this, Kuroka could see actual muscles across the girl's frame.

"Nyah? Why? I'm not the one making you train." Kuroka smiled before sneezing so hard that her breasts popped out of her top again. "DAMMIT!"

"AND STOP FLASHING YOUR MIS-MASHED BOOBS AT ME! I GET IT, YOU'RE BIGGER THAN ME!" Akane screamed as Kuroka tucked her boobs back into her outfit. She grumbled and looked away. "Why do you hang out with the Monkey King and that Dragon guy?"

"Mrow? You mean Bikou and Vali?" Kuroka grinned at her. "Simple! I want to mate with Vali, but he doesn't want to mate with me." It was sad, she didn't care if Vali didn't want to stick around after that, after all, her parents weren't around when she was growing up either.

"Slut." Akane muttered before yelping as she dodged out of the way of a Chakra blast. "Sheesh!"

"I'm just honest, unless you know of someone stronger than the White Dragon Emperor or the Red Dragon Emperor, I've only got a couple of choices, don't I?" The Red Dragon Emperor was a virgin, but if even a sliver of his power carried over to her kids, then she wouldn't care if he wasn't a very good lover.

"I dunno, you could try not being a slut!" Akane yelled back and dodged another shot before twisting out of the way as Kuroka dive-kicked her. She ducked a kick at her head and even blocked the follow-up knee to her face, though she was still thrown back due to the power in the attack, she at least didn't take a direct blow.

"My species is endangered, girl." Kuroka narrowed her eyes as Akane landed on her feet and slid back. "Wanting to make sure that my children have the strongest genes isn't me being a slut."

"You sure dress like one." Akane yelled as she picked up a rock and threw it at Kuroka, who dodged it, though the rock tore through a tree behind her.

Running up to Akane, Kuroka jumped at her and grinned as Akane tried to block as Kuroka landed feet first on her arms, forcing the other girl to land on her back and slide across the ground. Leaning in, she purred and stroked Akane's face. "Maybe I should pin you down, strip your clothes off and show you some of the skills I've learned, hmm?" Kuroka reached behind her and ran her fingers over Akane's belly. "Mmm... I could just..." She trailed off as Akane raised her hips and put her feet on both sides of Kuroka's head and flipped the nekomatta off of her.

"YOU FREAKY PERVERT!" Akane yelled as she stood up and glowered at her.

Licking her finger while purring, Kuroka grinned at her. "And what's wrong with that? You're young, in the prime of your sexual shelf life, you should experiment now. You don't want to turn thirty and go 'I want to have a baby' and find that all the guys your age are ignoring you for the tight pieces of ass coming out of high school, do you?"

Akane growled at her. "I'm not a floozy!" She ran at Kuroka and punched at the older woman, who easily swayed away from it.

"But for all your complaints that you have about the boys your age," and boy did Akane complain about them when she got the chance, "you like the attention." She ducked under a roundhouse kick, noting that it came out fast enough that she had to block a follow-up punch to her mid-section. "And you're going to keep getting that attention while you're young. But when you hit your thirties? Most men start ignoring you." She threw Akane over her shoulder and back into the water. Turning, Kuroka smirked to herself. "She's getting better, I dare say that she's almost skilled."

Climbing out of the water again, Akane coughed as she staggered back to her feet. "I'm gunna..."

"Enough." A new voice spoke up and Kuroka turned to see Ophis standing on the water, floating towards them. "Is she ready?"

Kuroka threw her hands up as she shrugged, causing her breasts to jiggle. "Possibly, I'd say there's a good chance she survives, another month and I'd say that there's no chance she doesn't die."

Ophis looked at Akane, who was panting and dripping with water and mud. "That's enough. Tell me, Akane Tendo, do you wish to control your Sacred Gear and get stronger?"

Akane panted and glared at Ophis. "I've come this far! Now what do you want?" When a large snake appeared in front of her, she yelped and jumped back, only to notice it wasn't moving.

"Eat the snake." Ophis said to her. "Survive and you'll have control of your Sacred Gear completely."

"...Survive?" Akane asked with trepidation. "Is it poisonous?"

"No." Ophis shook her head. "But it could break your Sacred Gear, and then you will die." It didn't matter if she died to the loli if Akane did die, she'd just find another way to beat Great Red.

"Doesn't it take like a week to recover?" Kuroka asked, getting a nod from Ophis. "Lovely."

"Well?" Ophis looked at Akane expectantly.

Trembling, Akane grabbed the back of the snake's neck and lifted it up, noticing it wasn't moving. "Um, do I have to eat it all at once, or..."

"Just put it to your mouth, it will do the rest." Ophis said.

Gulping, Akane did just that and her eyes bugged out as the snake suddenly stiffened and went into her mouth and down her throat, causing her scream out around it, though her voice was muffled. Dimly, her mind noted that this is what those girls in those tentacle videos Yuka had shown her once must have gone through.

When Akane coughed, hacked and then screamed as snakes seemed to erupt from all of her pores at once before turning and biting her on the skin, Ophis nodded. "It seems to be working."

Kuroka turned away, she hated watching that, it looked painful, disgusting and gross.

"Take her back to camp and have her rest." Ophis told Kuroka. "I must check on the Dragon Emperors."

"I wonder how they're doing." Kuroka muttered.


In Hell...

"ASIA!" Issei screamed, no longer able to think of anything but killing the bastard that made her disappear.

"BOOST! BOOST! BOOST! BOOST! BOOST! BOOST! BOOST! BOOST! BOOST! BOOST! BOOST! BOOST! BOOST! BOOST! BOOST! BOOST! BOOST! BOOST! BOOST! BOOST! BOOST! BOOST! BOOST! BOOST! BOOST! BOOST! BOOST! BOOST! BOOST! BOOST!" Ddrag screamed out as Issei's Balance Breaker was completely changed from what it was before, looking more Dragonic than before. "LONGINUS SMASHER!"


"Bah, I'm sure that they're fine." Kuroka said to herself as she picked up Akane, who just groaned and returned to camp.


Two days later...

Sitting in front of the small campfire, Kuroka suddenly stood up and looked at the hole that appeared out of nowhere. "Arthur..." She muttered as a blonde man in a black business suit stepped out. "What are you doing here?"

"Vali requests your help." The man said sharply to her.

"Are you sure?" She asked the blonde haired man in the dark suit. "Look, I get that Vali..."

"It's a simple job, really." Arthur said to her. "There's an artifact in Egypt that's caught Vali's attention, but apparently Bastet's blessing is all over it, so..."

"Yeah, yeah, I get it." She wondered what kind of artifact the Egyptian Cat Goddess had that Vali wanted. "I'm a Nekomatta, I can probably ignore Bastet's protection, but..." She looked at Akane's sleeping self. "I'm not keen to leave Ophis's pet project alone and you need to take me to Egypt, so..."

"We could take her with." Arthur said before turning to the side as a black magic circle appeared and a tall person appeared before them. "Jedah Dohma, I presume?"

The tall Devil grinned at the bespectacled blonde man. "Arthur Pendragon, descendant of the once and future king of the same name, you presume correctly." He bowed, noting the two Holy swords by Arthur's side.

"Is there something we can help you with?" Arthur asked as Jedah stood up.

"No, it's what I can do to help you." He looked at Akane and then back at the two of them. "I happened to get ahold of a bottle of Phoenix Tears, that should be useful in restoring Akane Tendo after she absorbed some of Ophis's power, would it not?"

"Perhaps." Arthur adjusted his glasses. "Is there another reason you are offering to heal her?"

Jedah bowed to him. "If she manages to survive, I shall test her Sacred Gear for Ophis. If it works like she hopes it will, we should make sure, do you not agree?"

"Very well. You have been helpful in finding many of us and bringing us together." Pulling out Caliburn, he cut open a hole in space and stepped through it, followed by Kuroka.

After they were gone, Jedah grinned and pulled out the bottle of Phoenix Tears. "Amazing how easy it is to get this stuff." He would have thought that the Phenix Clan would have taken better care of this stuff. Popping the top off, he poured the few drops in the small bottle onto Akane's body and watched as she glowed pink for a moment. "Now then..."

"Nnngh..." Akane groaned and slowly sat up. "What... Where..."

"Congrats!" Jedah grinned as she stood up and stared at him with wide eyes. "You successfully survived Ophis empowering your Sacred Gear."

"I don't..." Akane frowned, no, now that she thought about it, she felt different. "What is..."

"Call your Sacred Gear by its name." Jedah said softly as he knelt down behind her. "I believe it was... Devil Alchemist. Call out your Balance Breaker."

Akane's eyes seemed to flash orange. "Devil Alchemist... Balance BREAK!"

There was a flash and a crack as a large black cauldron appeared in front of Akane, full of bubbling liquid that had multiple colors to it, a lid to the side and a wooden ladle over the top.

"Fascinating." Jedah stood to his full height and looked at the cauldron. "I wonder what you could make in this."

"I don't know." Akane muttered as she walked up to it and touched it. "But I feel like I could make... Anything."

Jedah raised an eyebrow. "Hmm, no ingredients around. But how about we test it then?"

"Test how?" Akane looked at him.

"You should know, girl, that I am a Devil." Jedah smirked as her eyes widened. "Relax, if I wished you harm I would have already dealt with you. I want you to use that and create something for me."

"What?" Akane gulped as Jedah suddenly grinned, his teeth shining.

"I want you to create a small sliver of glass."

Akane gave him an incredulous stare. "...That's it?"

"No!" Jedah snapped at her. "The sliver needs to have special properties to it. Since this is a test, make it so that any Devil that gets close to it will feel their power rapidly drain away and their life force being attacked directly."

"...But that's..." Akane wondered why he'd want that.

"I didn't stutter, this is a test to see just how it works." Jedah said to her, getting a nod from Akane who took the wooden ladle and started stirring.

"Sliver of glass that can harm Devils just by being near it, draining them of power and attacking their life force." Akane muttered, wondering what she was doing. When the liquid inside started to glow brightly for a moment, she pulled the ladle out. On top of it was a single sliver of glass. Holding it up to Jedah, the Devil wondered if it worked, before his eyes widened and he grunted, falling to his knees and gasping in pain. Sweat started to pour down his face before he fell backwards and weakly raised his hand to wave it off.

After Akane dropped it back into the cauldron, Jedah gasped and started to pant, his eyes wide. "Unholy...Shit..." He couldn't believe how effective a tiny sliver was, and it wasn't even that close to him!

"Are you okay?" Akane asked as Jedah forced himself to stand to his full height.

"Just perfect." Jedah grinned, knowing that things were ready to proceed now.

"So, um..."

"Did you know that Ophis has one goal and only one goal?" Jedah asked as he walked in a circle around Akane slowly. "There's a Dragon of near-infinite power called Great Red that lives in the Dimensional Gap between the layers of reality." When Akane shook her head, he sighed. "Well, that's to be expected, Ophis kidnaps you, leaves you with Kuroka and Bikou for training and then disappears. Tell me, would you like to go back to your life?"

Akane nodded, she enjoyed this, but she was tired of it. "Yes, I just want to go home now."

"Then let's help Ophis get what she wants!" Jedah threw his arms wide to the side. "Do you know what a malto-chocolate ball is?" Akane nodded and Jedah smiled at her. "Good. Make one of those, small enough that a child could eat it in a single bite. Before you ask, Dragons can shape shift and take other forms if they wish."

"Ah! Okay, what kind of properties should it have?"

"Anti-Dragon properties." Jedah continued to smile. "That if a Dragon of near-infinite power ate it, they would find themselves losing power rapidly and nearly dying from just ingesting it."

"Why not make it so that they die instantly?"

"Not possible with Great Red." Jedah shook his head. "The thing's power was beyond that of even God's power." He ignored the massive pain that went through his body by invoking the creator's name. "So instead of killing it outright..."

"We weaken it so it can be taken out, huh?" Akane nodded as she continued to stir.

"Indeed. But you need to make sure that it has a super crippling effect attached to it."

"I get it." Akane growled and watched as the liquid in the cauldron glowed brightly and the liquid lowered by a substantial amount. "Done." She pulled out a few small chocolate balls.

"Why more than one?"

"I was hungry for a chocolate malto-ball after all of this." Akane blushed as Jedah laughed and took two of them and put them in his pocket. When Akane took the other one and ate it, her eyes widened. "This is so good!" She couldn't believe it! She had made something edible! And it was tasty!

"Good thing you're not a Dragon then." Jedah chuckled. "Now then, there are other Dragons in the world. There are five known as the Five Dragon Kings, a sixth Dragon King that apparently was turned into a Devil and the two Dragon Emperors." He sighed at the confused look Akane gave him. "They are... Powerful, for a lack of a better word. Far too powerful and I fear that if they tried, they could easily kill any Devil, Demon, Angel or even a God if they wanted to."

"Wouldn't that be good for the world?" Akane asked in confusion and Jedah shook his head.

"If Angels disappeared the world would cease to exist." Akane's eyes widened in shock. "Yes, it's that bad. And these Dragons are too dangerous to just let run free. So remember that glass sliver you made to hurt me? Create a bunch of crystals, make them look like, hmm... Ah, I know, make them look like a big crystal in the center with smaller crystals coming out of the base."

"You mean like what you see in anime all the time?" Akane asked, getting a confused look from Jedah. "No worries, I know what you want in looks."

"Anyway, make sure to make it so that they have the same properties as that sliver of glass had, except that instead of harming Devils, it harms Dragons, those who are born with Dragon power and those who use Dragon power." Jedah tapped his chin and nodded. "And make as many as you can."

"Of course." Akane nodded and stirred. "So after this, I can go home, right?"

"Certainly, but we must call Ophis here and show her what you've done." Jedah smiled at her as she went to work.

It was more than thirty minutes and an empty cauldron later when Akane dismissed her Balance Breaker and sat down, sighing. "I'm beat."

"I bet." Jedah smiled as he made all the crystals disappear. "There, all stored up." He wasn't like that fool Kokabiel, he wouldn't let either of the Dragon Emperors foil his plans. "Now then..." He created a sigil and made it disappear. "She'll come now."

"Ophis, huh?" Akane was just glad that her role in this was done.

A moment later, Ophis appeared, looking at the two of them in confusion. "You recovered quickly."

"Indeed she did." Jedah nodded. "In fact, she made you a treat." He reached into his pocket and pulled out the chocolate malto-ball. Ophis's eyes widened as she saw it. "It's a very sweet treat, I know you like chocolate."

"Gimme!" Ophis took it from him. "Thank you." She turned and nodded to Akane, who nodded back at her and popped it into her mouth, munching on it and swallowing it.

Behind her, Jedah's grin could only be called sinister.

A moment later, Ophis's eyes widened and she felt her whole body throb. Grabbing at her throat, she tried hacking, but nothing came of it. Black mist came out of her back as she tried to retch the food she had just eaten out of her.

"Wh...Wh...What's going on!?" Akane gasped in shock as Jedah started laughing. "What did you do!?"

"Me? I did nothing!" Jedah laughed as a firangi sword with a pink blade appeared in his right hand. "You, on the other hand, did this to her."

"How?!" Akane could only stare in horror as Ophis fell to her knees and had one hand on the ground with her other hand at her throat.

"Oh? Didn't anyone tell you?" Jedah gave her a nasty smirk. "Ophis, here, is a Dragon of near-infinite power."

"And I just..." Akane couldn't believe what she had done. "NO!" She got up and was prepared to try and save Ophis from her cooking when a hand grabbed her from behind before she was thrown into a rock at high speeds, stunning her.

"Just sit down." Jedah narrowed his eyes as he pulled his hand out of the hole in space he had made. Stepping up to Ophis, he grabbed her back and pulled, causing her soul to become visible.

"What are... You..." Ophis groaned as she looked over her shoulder and watched as Jedah grinned at her.

"If I was Belial, I could just sever your soul easily, but I'm not him, so I need this sword to do it for me."

Akane watched helplessly as Jedah cut across Ophis's soul, severing it and dislodging it from her body. "No."

"Now then..." Jedah smirked, if he was right, he had just gotten about half of Ophis's power and soul with that. Opening a hole in space, he put the soul fragment away. "There, that'll keep it from dissipating until later." Snapping his fingers, the Pasha sword disappeared and instead a large crystal appeared in his hands. Putting it on the ground just outside of Ophis's reach, he watched as she gasped and rolled over to get away from it, only to twitch in pain. "Just wait right there." He stood up and walked over to Akane.

"You... Bastard. I'll..."

"Never tell anyone." Jedah grinned as he knelt down. "And you will help me and my army deal with the powers here. My plans are coming to fruition." Black gear-like rings formed behind his back. "Rejoice! You are the first step in my goal of salvation of this decaying world."

"What are..."

"Savage Control, Balance Break!" Jedah grinned as his body was covered in a black fur coat. Pointing at Akane, he watched as she slackened and slumped down. "From now on, you will work for me." He chuckled, stood up and watched as she did the same, just mechanically and slowly. Walking back over to Ophis, he picked up the crystal and frowned. "This needs a name... Hmm... Dragon...Ice. Yes, Dragonice, that is its name."

"How?" Ophis coughed as she looked at Jedah. "You're not human."

"Indeed, but there are rituals to remove Sacred Gears from people after all." Jedah laughed at her. "Sadly, this one, as useful as it is, has too many limits, much like Akane Tendo's Sacred Gear, to be useful for combat." He made the crystal disappear as he picked up Ophis.


Jedah smirked at the loli. "You should have done more research into Sacred Gears, you may have discovered that there were Irregular Sacred Gears that existed."

"Where..." Ophis groaned as she felt her conscious slipping.

"Some fool from Ryugenzawa, poor kid had no memory because of this thing. I did him a favor by removing it from him." Of course, that idiot was dead now, but that was a small price to pay.

Jedah grinned as he, Ophis and Akane disappeared in a black flash. "Soon."

End Chapter 7


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Chapter 8

"Wakey, wakey." Jedah's voice caused Ophis to groan as her eyes opened slowly. In front of her was a blue and purple blur. "It's been almost twelve hours, how long will an immortal being like you keep sleeping, I wonder?"

Ophis opened her mouth to reply but Jedah pushed something into her mouth and massaged her throat, forcing her to swallow it. "There."

"What?" Ophis groaned as she tried to move, only to find that wasn't possible. Her vision fully came back to her as she realized that she was in the center of a large room, her arms held out to the side and upwards, shackles on her wrists, chains extending from them to the ceiling and on her feet, which were spread out wide as well, were similar shackles and chains to the floor. "...Why am I naked?"

Jedah just smirked at her. "You have no need for clothes. And you probably shouldn't think about trying to escape." Jerking a thumb over his shoulder, Ophis could see several small crystals lining the walls. "There's plenty of Dragonice crystals all over this room in the walls, you surely can feel a great amount of discomfort, can't you?"

Ophis grit her teeth, that was true, and her powers seemed to be heavily restricted for some reason.

"The crystals are small enough and far enough away that they won't cause you any true problems..." Jedah chuckled heavily. "But should you get free, however, it will cause you serious pain and suffering."

"What did you give me?" Ophis asked him.

"Just a Dragon suppressant, nothing more." Jedah shrugged as he turned to walk away. "Every day you'll get one, it'll keep your powers restrained and your power at the level of a little girl that you pretend to be right now."

"Sacred Gear... How did you..."

Stopping at the door, Jedah chuckled and looked back at her. "I'm a master of manipulating soul energies. I took half of Morrigan's soul and turned it into Lilith, once I found out about the Sacred Gears, I looked at humans on this world who had one that would be useful to me." Sure, the more powerful Longinus Sacred Gears would ultimately be the most useful, but they were also the ones most heavily watched for, since they had the ability to disrupt the balance of power in the world. "When I found one that had an ability of hypnotic suggestion, that's all I needed."


"Ah yes, it is useless most of the time." Jedah conceded to her. "In fact, in its partially awakened state it was actually stripping its owner of his short-term memory. Fool actually thought I was his grandfather." Jedah smirked, that was too easy. "Savage Control, in its base form originally made it so that animals are more likely to come to you and listen unless enraged, and the Balance Breaker form..." Jedah snorted, so many restrictions on this Sacred Gear, it was annoying. "Hypnotic Control of large amounts of animals. Naturally useless for what I want, so I modified it."


"Soul manipulation, my dear Dragon." Jedah grinned as he walked out of the room. "I just changed the properties of the Sacred Gear to affect things other than just animals, nothing more, nothing less." Of course, the Balance Breaker could no longer influence large groups anymore, but no one needed to know that.

As he walked off, Ophis slumped, wondering if she'd ever get home now.


Meanwhile in Hell...

Walking into a large guest room at the Gremory mansion, Akeno sighed as she saw that there was no change in Issei's status. She thought back to what happened a few days ago when Issei obtained his Juggernaut Drive. While it had been absolutely terrifying to behold, the way to get him out of it had been rather hilarious. 'Seriously, singing the Oppai Dragon song and letting him touch Rias's nipples gets him out of it?'

However, what concerned her was that Issei had fallen into a deep slumber and hadn't woken up since that battle. Looking at his bed, she smiled as she saw Rias and Asia sitting next to him, both looking rather disheartened for different reasons. Rias could only sit at the side of the bed and hadn't moved, save when they forced her to get cleaned up or eat. Asia had been even worse off, crying her eyes out after she recovered from being in the Dimensional Gap and blaming herself for what happened.

Looking at the far wall, she wasn't surprised to see Kiba sitting on a chair, slumped over. She knew he didn't have many male friends, but he was taking this almost as hard as Asia and Rias were. It wasn't like Akeno didn't care about Issei, she had spent almost as much time in this room as the others, but she didn't know what else to do.

Walking over to Kiba, she sat next to him and gave his shoulder a squeeze. "How are you holding up?" She asked softly. He shook his head and she sighed, knowing that it was weighing on everyone. When the door opened and Gasper, Koneko, Irina and Xenovia walked in, she could see that they were looking just as depressed as everyone else was.

"If only there was something we could do." Irina said softly. "Is there anything we haven't tried yet?"

"Physically he's fine." Xenovia said, remembering what the doctors had said. "The Phoenix Tears fixed him up instantly, but he's still in that coma..."

"Issei..." Koneko whispered and slumped. "Please come back."

"Um..." Gasper poked his fingers together. "I know this is a long-shot, but maybe Issei's got something wrong with him mentally?"

"None of us are psychic nor can any of us read minds." Akeno sighed heavily as she looked at Rias, the girl looked like a mess and wasn't reacting to anything as she sat by Issei's side and watched him.

"No, but, um, we know someone who might be able to help." Suddenly everyone, even Rias was looking at the blushing blonde boy. "Eeek!"

"Gasper..." Kiba said slowly, trying to calm the boy down. "What do you mean?"

"This morning, I remembered a story I was told when I was younger." Gasper poked his fingers together and blushed more. "I was told succubi are supposed to be able to enter people's minds and give them good dreams."

"What's that got to do with anything?" Xenovia asked him.

"Well, Lilith is a succubus, right? Maybe she can go into his head and see what's wrong with him?"

A red flash of light filled the room and everyone looked to where Rias was supposed to be.

Except that she wasn't there anymore, her spot was vacant.

"Rias..." Akeno said softly, hoping that this worked.


Meanwhile on Earth...

Lilith yawned as she sat at the table with Mittelt. "So, have fun last night?" She leered while the blonde blushed heavily. "Oh come on, even after all this time you're still blushing like it's your first time?"

"You keep teasing me about liking anal!" Mittelt whined and buried her face on the table. "It's not fair that my butt's really sensitive now."

Lilith giggled as Ranma walked downstairs, his body damp from showering, pants covered his legs while he had no shirt on, just a towel over his neck. "Are you teasing her again?" Ranma asked in exasperation.

"Master, I have no idea what you're talking about." Lilith gave a look of fake innocence. "Oh, I guess that name means more now, doesn't it?"

"Haven't completely mastered the two schools yet." Ranma muttered in annoyance.

"You learned them in under three days, you just need to practice them some more, but your father gave you the title of "Master of Anything Goes" anyway." Mittelt shook her head in amazement. "Seriously, I don't get it, I know you're good, but learning an entire school of martial arts in two days?"

"Two schools." Ranma held up two fingers.

Lilith shrugged at the Fallen Angel. "He's always been a fast learner. I still say that we should get your eyes checked to make sure they can't turn red or something."

"I am not an Uchiha." Ranma rolled his eyes in annoyance. "I actually practice my skills."

Before anyone could say anything more, there was a knocking at the door. The three looked at each other before Ranma went over to the door and opened it. He blinked at who he saw. "Rias, you okay?"

"May I come in?" The redhead asked and Ranma stepped aside as she did so. She looked horrible, bags under her eyes, her skin was looking almost gooey and her hair was lacking its usual luster.

"You look horrible." Mittelt said as she looked at Rias and frowned in concern. "What happened?"

"Issei..." Rias walked up to Lilith, tears in her eyes. "Please help Issei!" She yelled as she got onto her knees and bowed to Lilith. "Please! He did something really dangerous, passed out and he hasn't woken up since!"

Ranma and Lilith looked at each other.


A red flash in the room caught the group's attention, when Rias reappeared with Ranma and Lilith, the tension in the room seemed to deflate a little bit.

"I can't guarantee anything, if he's just in a coma the most I can do is find his mind and go 'hey, wake up' and slap him a couple of times." Lilith muttered as she looked at Issei. "Hmm..." She tilted her head. "Well, no time like the present." Hopping up on the bed, Lilith straddled Issei's chest and put her head against his while her hands were on either side of his head.

"While she does that, any of you skilled in ritual magic?" Ranma asked, getting a raised hand from Gasper. "Good." He pulled out some chalk. "Because the two of us have to hurry."

After Ranma explained and the chairs around the bed were cleared out, the two quickly went to work in drawing up a runic circle around the bed and on the walls.

"What are you doing?" Kiba asked.

"This circle will help Lilith by filtering out ambient magical energy." Ranma replied as he worked on the circle. "It's better if I used woad or blue paint, but I doubt anyone would just let me paint all over everything."

"Plus it amplifies what Lilith is doing, so it should help her out more." Gasper said as he and Ranma finished the circle.

"Now what?" Rias asked as the two stepped away from the circle.

"We wait."


Walking through the mists, Lilith sighed as everything was gray and dull. "Well, the brain sure isn't working at full capacity right now." Still, she could tell he wasn't brain dead. "So what exactly happened that's keeping you out cold, huh?"

"I told you, didn't I?" A female voice spoke up and Lilith watched as the mists cleared out of the way, revealing Issei, who was on his back and naked, with a dark haired woman who was equally naked and boucing on top of him. "You're stuck with me, forever and ever."

"R...Raynare... stop..." he whimpered out as she laughed.

"That's it, just give me your everything. You don't need anyone else, do you?"

'Lovely, a freaking...' Lilith's thoughts trailed off as she watched the woman morph and change, becoming more like a shadow than anything else. 'Oh fuck! A Shade?!' She didn't know how Issei had one of those possessing him, but this wasn't good, and from what she could tell it was empowered by at least one curse.

"Now, Issei..." The Shade whispered to him. "Just admit it, none of them are here, none of them care about you. You're all alone, but I'm here for you."

Lilith frowned, dealing with the Shade, she could do that. 'But that wouldn't solve it permanently, would it?'


"GAH!" More than one person jumped back when a transparent Lilith formed on the bed.

"What?" The transparent Lilith huffed. "Listen, I'll only say this once, but Issei's being attacked from within by a Shade. I'll explain later if you want to know, but it's someone by the name of Raynare."

Rias, Akeno, Asia, Kiba and Koneko's eyes all widened when they heard that name, they thought she was long dead.

"Anyway, long story short, he's being consumed by the Shade, I could kill it, but it might do some serious damage to him. I'd recommend exorcism normally, but with Issei having a Dragon in him, that might not be the best option."

When the transparent Lilith disappeared, Rias looked at Ranma almost pleadingly. "Is there anything we can do?"

Scratching his head, Ranma thought about it. "Touch Lilith's butt with one hand and someone touch her other butt-cheek and then form a circle and focus on Issei and you should be able to get... GWAH!?" Ranma gaped as Rias was already beside Lilith and squeezing her ass with her left hand while Asia was on the other side and squeezing Lilith's other butt-cheek with her right hand. Akeno grabbed Rias's hand and held her hand out where Kiba took it, next to him, Irina took his hand and Xenovia took her hand while Gasper took Xenovia's hand and Koneko took both Gasper and Asia's hands.

"We're all worried about Issei," Rias began.

"So we won't let him fight this alone," Akeno continued.

"He's our friend," Kiba said next.

"Our comrade," Irina smiled.

"I'd never be able to live with myself if I didn't try to help." Xenovia said.

"And Issei taught me to be a man, what kind of man lets his friend face danger alone?" Gasper asked.

"I want him back." Koneko said softly.

"I will never forgive myself if something happens to him." Asia said. "So I want to save him like he's saved me."

The magic circle started to glow brightly and Ranma shook his head in amazement. "Good luck everyone." Really, it shouldn't have worked, the circle had several footprints all over it, but he just shrugged it off. Magic didn't always make sense.


"Now, Issei, just relax and let me..." Raynare cut off what she was saying as she grabbed Issei and jumped back from a lightning attack that would have blasted her had she remained there. "HOW?! I know that we're inside his head, so none of you should be here!"

Rias said nothing as she gave the Shade that took on Raynare's form a glare so fierce that even the spirit was trembling.

"How dare you?" Akeno asked as her finger crackled with lightning and tears formed in her eyes. "How dare you still hurt him even after all this time?!"

Raynare suddenly grinned as Issei seemed to be absorbed into her body, his head remaining between her breasts, leading to a few of the people looking on in disgust. "How dare I? Ha ha ha! That's rich coming from all of you!" She pointed at Akeno. "You see him as your cute under-classman, don't you? You love laughing at his misfortune." Akeno's eyes widened and her lightning died down. "And you!" She pointed at Irina. "For someone who's supposedly his childhood friend, you were quick to discard him when you came back and discovered he had become a Devil. Didn't it even occur to you that he may not have had a choice in the matter?" Irina took a step back and she pointed at Kiba. "Don't tell me that you care about him. Even after all this time the only reason you put up with him is because you have to." She laughed at his angry look. "Don't give me that look, you'll give me chills." Raynare then pointed at Koneko. "Haven't you proclaimed that you hate him on more than one occasion? Haven't you hit him over his perversions?" Koneko twitched and Raynare pointed at Xenovia. "You've made your intentions clear. You only care about the fact that he's the Red Dragon Emperor." Looking at Gasper, she snorted. "The only reason you even try to be nice to Issei is because he tried so hard to get you to come out of your shell. Had you known kindness from your family you wouldn't have bothered with him." Gasper stuttered and Raynare looked at Asia. "You're in the same boat! An inexperienced little tart, oh I'm sure that it was the best time of your life, but what do you have to compare it to? Nothing!" She swung her hand to the side. "The only reason you like Issei is because you don't have a choice, you feel guilty that he likes you." With that, she looked down at Rias as Raynare's form had grown into a tall shade, though Issei's head was still visible. "And finally you, princess. You see him as your servant and someone who's convienent to you. Admit it, you wouldn't have cared about him in the slightest if it wasn't for the fact that he's the Red Dragon Emperor. You even offered him sex just to get out of getting married."

"It's true, I did offer my body to him just to get out of getting married." Rias admitted, her arms crossed under her breasts. "But you're wrong about one thing, Raynare."

"Oh? And what's that?"

"He's not just my servant. He's someone who's dear to me!" Rias yelled and blasted the Shade with a powerful blast, causing it to scream as it fell backwards, returning to Raynare as Issei, who was actually dressed, fell out of her and flopped to the floor.

Akeno glared at the Fallen Angel, tears in her eyes. "Maybe I do find his misfortune amusing, but when I was at my most vulnerable, when I opened my heart to him completely, he accepted me, all of me."

"So what?" Raynare yelled as she stood up, only to get blasted by lightning, causing her to scream as she was lifted into the air. Akeno glared before snapping her wrist down and dragging Raynare towards the group.

Landing on the ground and sliding forward, Raynare looked up to see Koneko glaring at her and cracking her knuckles. "I hate perverts, but I like Issei, got it, bitch?" Grabbing Raynare by her hair, she lifted the girl up and then headbutted her in the face, breaking her nose with a satisfying crunch and sending the Shade flying.

"You know," Irina's white wings were out as she flew above Raynare, "you shouldn't talk about things you don't know. I was genuinely hurt by the thought of Issei being a Devil and the fact that I might have to fight him. I actually wanted to cry when I found out." A whip of light lashed out and slammed Raynare in the face, sending her tumbling backwards.

"You are right about one thing." Xenovia said as Raynare tumbled to a stop in front of her. "I did want his babies because he was the Red Dragon Emperor. I won't deny it, but I've come to see Issei as Issei and not as the Red Dragon Emperor." Throwing her right foot back, she grinned and kicked Raynare in the head, punting her over to Kiba, who had a sword drawn.

"Issei's my best friend." Kiba glared at Raynare and jumped up, cutting her limbs off and enjoying the screams she gave off. "Even if I get embarrassed by him, I would never abandon him in the slightest."

"And Issei taught me how to be a man!" Gasper yelled at Raynare as he stopped her in mid-air. "So you're wrong! He's my precious friend!"

Asia glared at Raynare. "You... You hurt me, you hurt Issei, you're still hurting Issei. Why? Why can't you just let him live his life in peace? LEAVE MY ISSEI ALONE!"

"You heard all of us, Raynare." Rias said as a concentrated ball of destructive energy was in her right hand. "It's time for you to go for good." Snapping her hand up, she smirked as Raynare's terrified face and scream was the last thing that she saw of the Shade that had taken on the Fallen Angel's form. "And never come back." She whispered before running up to Issei. "Issei! Issei!"

"Ngh..." Issei cracked an eye open. "What... What are you all..."

"Issei!" Rias hugged him tightly. "Come back to us, we all want you back."

"Hey," Lilith's voice spoke up. "I'd LOVE to let you all talk in his mind, but I'm running out of power right now. And if I keep this going any longer I'm going to sex all of you up when we get out of here. No, seriously, I will."

Rias let go of Issei and stepped back as she and the rest all started to disappear. "Come back, Issei."

After everyone was gone, Issei blinked and stood up fully. "What..."

"I was wrong." Issei took a step back as he heard Raynare's voice, but he couldn't see her. "This is all that's left of me, and I don't have long, so, Issei, let me say this. Go forward, forget about me and realize that they love you for you."

"Goodbye, Raynare." Issei closed his eyes as he felt her remains slowly fade away. "I won't see you again."

"Maybe in another life we could have been actual lovers." She whispered.

"No." Issei shook his head as he couldn't feel her anymore. "But, Raynare, even if it was just to trick me, you were the first girl who ever showed me any interest. So long."


Groaning as white light filled his vision, Issei slowly sat up and looked around blearily. "H..."

"ISSEI!" More than one person yelled at the same time and he found himself being hugged by Rias, Asia, Akeno, Koneko and Xenovia.

"I think if you don't let go he's going to die from a lack of air." Gasper spoke up, getting everyone to jump off of Issei, who was coughing and gasping for air. "Welcome back, Issei."

"Well, this is a lovely sight." Issei said lightly, smiling up at everyone. "And... Thanks, for saving me."

"Hey man, it's cool." Kiba said to him. "You'd do the same for any of us, we'd do the same thing a hundred times over."

Rias nodded. "Welcome back."

"Yeah..." Issei smiled and hugged the girls as they got close to him again. "I'm back."

End Chapter 8


Originally this was much longer, but I broke it up into two parts. This is chapter 8, I turned the other part into chapter 9.


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Since I broke chapter 8 in half, I figured I'll be nice and give you chapter 9 today, since it's the other half of chapter 8.
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Chapter 9

Meanwhile in the hallway...

"Master..." Lilith smiled at him. "Why'd you make them squeeze my butt?"

"You complaining?" Ranma asked, getting a shake from Lilith. "Anyway, we should see if there's a spare bedroom or something, you're looking tired."

Lilith grinned at him. "If you don't get me some place private, I'm going to just feed on you right here."

"I'd request that you don't." A familiar female voice spoke up and both Ranma and Lilith turned to see Grayfia walking towards them with a young boy with red hair and red eyes, wearing a suit with short pants and a woman who wore a casual white dress with black trim who had purple eyes with short, flaxen colored hair. "It would be such a pain to clean up." Grayfia continued.

"Hello." The young boy smiled and bowed to them. "Are you new members of Rias's peerage?"

"Ah, no." Ranma rubbed the back of his head. "Rias came and got us because she needed some help though."

"Oh?" The woman with flaxen colored hair and, Ranma couldn't help but noticed, incredible breasts smiled at him. "That was nice of you to help my daughter out."

"Wait, what? Daughter?" Lilith stared at the woman. "Okay, no, no way. I've heard of MILFs before but you look like you're Rias's sister, not her mother."

The woman giggled at Lilith. "Oh dear, you'll make me blush."

"My apologies." Grayfia curtsied towards the two. "This is Lady Venelana Gremory, the lady of the House of Gremory and this young man is her grandson, Millicas Gremory."

"Hello." Millicas smiled and waved.

"Wait, GRANDMOTHER?!" Lilith twitched heavily. "I know that Devils age slowly, but wow!" She smiled at Venelana, "I hope you didn't stop at just two kids."

Venelana laughed with her hand over her mouth. "Oh goodness, you sure do know how to flatter a woman."

"I am a succubus." Lilith said as if that explained everything.

"OH!" Venelana's eyes widened. "You're the two that helped fight off the Khaos Brigade back on Earth when they tried to hurt my son and daughter-in-law?"

"I didn't really do that much." Lilith muttered. "Master, here, however, fought off a giant flying minotaur."

"That's so cool!" Millicas yelled in glee.

"Keep your voice down." Grayfia said sternly.

"Sorry, mom." Millicas apologized to Grayfia, causing Ranma to give Grayfia a strange look.

"Right now I'm a maid, not your mother." She said in a tired tone, as if she had had this conversation many times before. "Anyway, Lady Venelana, Young Millicas, this is Ranma Saotome and his succubus servant Lilith Aensland."

"You're the one who saved young Ravel and Riser Phenix?" Venelana said, causing Ranma to blink in surprise. "From what Lady Phenix told me, her daughter wouldn't stop talking about how brave you were. Grayfia, perhaps we should call Lady Phenix and let her know that her daughter's savior is here?"

"That might not be a bad idea, if you'll excuse me." She bowed and turned to walk off.

"Hey, Grayfia." Lilith spoke up, causing the maid to stop and turn. "Congrats, by the way." Grayfia, Millicas and Venelana gave Lilith a confused look. "I mean on the twins that are on the way, also, can I have a spare bedroom, I am *REALLY* hungry right now and unless you want the little guy to get a crash course on where babies come from, I suggest you help me out."

Ranma just sweat-dropped. "My apologies."

Venelana shook her head in amusement and motioned to a maid. "Please make sure that our guests find a spare room and make sure that no one goes inside until they come out."

"Yes ma'am." The maid bowed and led Ranma and Lilith away.

"Grayfia, please make a doctor's appointment to have yourself looked over." Venelana looked at her daughter-in-law. "If you are, in fact, expecting more children, I will have to adjust your workload."

"Even if I am expecting, it has yet to be two months, so I am not showing." Grayfia knew that she would have to have most of her duties relieved during the pregnancy and at least the first year after giving birth if she was, it wasn't something she enjoyed, but it was understandable. "Also, I shall have to talk to Lord Sirzechs about this."

"Of course." Venelana smiled at her. "Go do that but make sure to call Lady Phenix as well and invite her and her daughter over today."

"Yes, milady." Grayfia bowed and left.

"Grandma, what's going on?" Millicas asked his grandmother, who knelt down and smiled at him.

"Well, if what that nice girl said is true, you're going to be a big brother soon." She smiled as his eyes lit up. "And that means you have to help your mother out more."

"Of course!" He nodded, happiness written all over his face.

"Excellent. Now then," she got up and walked into the room that Issei and the rest were at. "Hello, everyone."

"Mother?" Rias stared, surprised she was there. "Are you okay?"

"I'm fine." Venelana smiled gently. "But I think all of you need to get cleaned up. And I'd like it if you stayed until noon tomorrow."

"But we have school." Rias protested, sighing as her mother had already told her that she had called ahead of time. "Very well."

"Missing an extra day won't hurt you that much." Besides, she wanted to make sure that there was no negative side-effects of whatever Issei had gone through. It wouldn't do if the boy Rias had chosen over her fiance was suffering any nasty side-effects after all.


Meanwhile on Earth...

"So Ranma and Lilith went to Hell to help Issei out?" Atsuko asked, getting a nod from Mittelt as they walked to school. "...No fair!" She pouted, causing Mittelt to give her a weird look. "It was my turn with Ranma in bed tonight!"

Mittelt face-faulted, flashing her white and green striped panties at anyone who was walking behind them.


Back in Hell...

It was hours later when Ranma, damp from taking a shower, finally emerged from the guest room, Lilith was still on the bed, sleeping with a large grin on her face. "Hey." He waved at the two maids who were standing guard and blushing hard. "Sorry you had to watch the door and listen to that."

"It's... Quite alright." One with brown hair said. "Thankfully no one tried to enter while you were, ahem, preoccupied."

"If I might ask." The maid with blonde hair done in a long, loose ponytail spoke up next. "Do you need new clothes? Those may be dirty from..."

"Nah, used a self-cleaning spell on them while I showered, same with the room, other than the sheets being ruffled it shouldn't be hard to clean up." Ranma blinked at the astonished looks the maids gave him. "What?"

"I hate to speak ill of Rias-sama, but could you teach that spell to her? Her room is..." The brown haired one hesitated for a moment. "A bit of a disaster. She's a bit of a hoarder and never cleans up after herself."

"Huh, would have never thought she was like that." Ranma muttered. "Well, if it's okay I'd..."

"Oh there you are." Venelana said as she came from around a corner. "If you're done and cleaned up, I'd like you to follow me." For some reason, Ranma found himself following without complaining, he wasn't sure why, but just chalked it up to some sort of overwhelming charisma or something like that. As they came upon the dining room, Venelana turned to him. "I'd like to thank you, for helping both of my daughters and my son out." She bowed to him and Ranma rubbed the back of his head and tried not to look too much down the woman's exposed cleavage. "If you keep doing what you're doing," she said as she straightened herself out, "you'll be regarded as a hero by most people in Hell."

"I don't know why." Ranma shrugged. "I'm not a hero-type person." Sure, he'd save people if they were in trouble, but it wasn't like he found villains to stop constantly or something.

"Really?" Venelana smiled as she opened the dining room doors. "You should tell that to her."

Ranma blinked and looked inside as he saw a girl in a purple dress he hadn't seen in awhile and an older looking woman in a brown dress with her. "Ah, you're Ravel, right?"

The blonde girl smiled brightly as she stood up. "Why yes, I'm glad you remembered me."

"So this is the one who saved your life." Lady Phenix smiled pleasantly. "I must thank you, both as a mother and as the Lady of the Clan Phenix, for saving my youngest children's lives."

"I didn't even know who they were." Ranma answered her, feeling uncomfortable. He wasn't used to all this praise he was getting. "I just wanted to kill those as...err...jerkwagons for what they pulled a few years ago. Saving a cute girl and a couple of others was just a side benefit."

Ravel's face turned red as the flames she could conjour up.

"Indeed," Lady Phenix smiled at him. "You know, I was thinking about having my daughter go to school in the human world, but after what happened on Earth, you can imagine that I'm justifiably nervous about letting her go back. Perhaps if she had a bodyguard, but I doubt that anyone I could assign her would be comfortable for her."

For some reason, Ranma felt like he was walking into a trap. "I suppose she'd have to learn how to be around humans, you Devils take contracts and fulfill wishes, right?"

"Yes, but alas, after the events last time she went to the human world, I just don't know. I could ask Rias Gremory to put her up at her current residence, but my daughter... Isn't the most enamored with the current Red Dragon Emperor."

"I can't imagine why..." Ranma muttered, remembering what Issei did to Ravel's older brother.

"I don't suppose that you... Would happen to know someone who's strong enough to fight off nasty Devil Hunters, protect my little girl and have a room or two to spare, would you?"

Ranma sighed, now he saw what the woman was trying to do. "If you want her to move in with me, I don't have a problem with it. But you should know that my place is pretty spartan. It used to be a big warehouse that was modified so we could live in it."

Lady Phenix just smiled at him. "Don't worry about that."

"Mother..." Ravel said, her face flushed. "Please don't go over-board."

Ranma rubbed his head, this was going to be a pain, wasn't it? Lady Phenix nodded at him. "Now I hear that there's a trip to Kyoto for your school coming up in a week or two?"

"Sounds about right, supposed to last a couple of days or something." Ranma nodded to her.

"Very well," she smiled at him, "thank you."

"Now then!" Venelana clapped her hands, startling Ranma. "Why don't you two go for a walk and get to know each other a bit more while we talk?"

After Ranma and Ravel were outside, he looked at the blushing girl and sighed. "Why do I have a feeling that your mother would engage us if she thought she could get away with it?"

Ravel blushed more and looked down. "I mean, mom probably would."

Ranma sighed, if Lilith was here, she'd be making some crude remarks and would probably scare the girl off. "So, what's it like being in a Devil family?" Listening to her talk about how she grew up and her elder brothers, Ranma chuckled. "Must be nice, having siblings I mean."

"Not really." Ravel grumbled. "Some days I wish they'd disappear, but I still love them, you know?"

"Only child, I wouldn't know exactly."

"Oh." Ravel nodded. "Well, my father's harem was nice to grow up around."

"...Wait, your dad has a harem?"

Ravel nodded to him. "Yes. Most high class and Ultimate class Devils have harems of some sort, except for the four Devil Kings."

"So they can't have harems, anything against them being in one?" Ranma asked, curious, causing Ravel to blink.

"Hmm, I don't know exactly, but I can't imagine any of them willing to play second fiddle to anyone." Ravel shrugged at his question. "Though I suppose there's loopholes for all rules, huh?"

"I guess." Ranma shrugged and frowned as a thought came to him. "I was wondering something."

"Hmm? What?"

Ranma gestured around to the area. "How come Hell isn't all fire and brimstone? I swear I'm in the forested areas of Japan or something."

Ravel blinked a few times. "What do you mean, fire and brimstone?" When Ranma explained what humans thought of when they thought of Hell the young blonde twitched heavily. "That's stupid! Sure, I'd have no problem living in that kind of Hell, same with the rest of my clan, but others wouldn't be as lucky."

"I'm actually glad." Ranma answered her as he looked around and smiled at the trees and mountains in the distance.

"Can I ask what you plan for the future?" Ravel looked at him, wondering what went through his mind at times.

"Mostly I want to get stronger, get as good as I can get. I'm aiming to become known as the Master."

Ravel hadn't heard of that title, but it sounded impressive. "Um... Hey, if you ever become a Devil, I wouldn't mind, um... Becoming part of your peerage." Ranma stared at her as she blushed. "You saved my life, if you asked me to, I would be yours forever."

Sighing, Ranma rubbed his forehead and wondered why she didn't know exactly that he was a Devil. It would be easy to show her that he was a Devil, very easy, but that wasn't something he felt he could do, not yet at least. "Is this some sort of marriage proposal?"

Ravel looked down and kicked the ground. "If you'd rather not have me, that's fine."

Ranma was silent for some time before gently putting his hand on her shoulder. "I never said that, Ravel, but I don't want you making a life-time decision so quickly, okay?" She looked up at him, blinking. "I don't mind if you feel gratitude towards me, but I don't want you giving up your future by jumping head first into the first thing that you think is good, okay?"

"Uh huh..."

"Hey, I just remembered," Ranma snapped his fingers, "you were hurt pretty badly back on Earth, are you okay now?"

Ravel nodded at him. "Uh huh. After I got back, I visited the doctor and had a full body check-up. Got a completely clean bill of health!"

"That's good." Ranma smiled at her.


Not far away, watching the two silently, Venelana and Lady Phenix smiled to each other and closed the window they had opened to spy on the two. "It's almost a shame that we can't engage them right now." Lady Phenix sighed.

"True, perhaps I could adopt him into the Gremory household." Venelana tapped her chin. "Though I doubt he'd fit in with high class society very well for some reason."

"Probably not."

"I'm curious though." Venelana looked at Lady Phenix seriously. "Is there a reason that you're in favor of this? He is part-Demon. Surely the old farts would be against this."

"I think it's time to start changing the way things are done in Hell." Lady Phenix stated to Venelana. "Obviously drastic changes would cause too much strife, but the whole adherence to being pure blood will only cause problems down the line. Besides," she smiled and looked out as she saw Ravel laughing at something Ranma had told her, "I think the time for political marriages should come to an end."

"...I agree." Venelana nodded at that.


It was getting close to evening when Lilith found herself wandering around the hallway. The sheer amount of maids was rather impressive if she did say so herself. 'Must... Resist... Urge to seduce the maid staff.' She was sure Rias wouldn't approve and she knew Ranma wouldn't approve of it either. 'Gah, I swear, those two are so damn alike that it's not funny.'

"Hello." A familiar voice spoke up as she turned the corner.

"Ah, you're... Millicas, right?" She looked at the young boy, who smiled at her.

"Uh huh." He nodded. "Thank you for helping Rias-onee-chan out."

"Well, I guess we're friends, friends help each other out, right?" Lilith winked at him as he giggled. 'GAH! He's so cute! I want to hug him!'

"Do you want to walk with me? Everyone's busy right now."

Lilith shrugged and held her hand out. "Lead the way." As Millicas took her hand, she followed after him and looked around in amazement at the place. "This is pretty fancy." Lilith wondered just how rich the Gremory clan was if they had such fancy carpets and maids from one end of the hallway to the other end.

"Really?" Millicas asked her. "Is it fancy?"

"Well, yeah." Lilith nodded and gestured towards the maids that stood at the walls. "Most people, if they have maids at all, don't have this many." Unless they were royalty or eccentric old rich guys. She remembered hearing about one who had his maids flip pancakes from the kitchen across dozens of skillets until they dropped it on his head.

"Okay!" Millicas smiled at her.

"Say, Millicas..." Lilith trailed off as he looked up at her. "You say Rias is your big sister, but I know that her mother is your grandmother, so I'm a little confused."

"Oh!" Millicas smiled at her. "Rias-onee-chan isn't my real big sister, she's my aunt, but I've seen her as my big sister ever since I was little."

"Uh huh... Wait!" Lilith's eyes widened. "You're Sirzechs's son?" Millicas nodded and Lilith started sweating. "Please don't tell me that your dad's going to show up and try to vaporize me for being near you."

"Why would he do that?" The redheaded boy asked curiously. "Dad's a nice guy. Or do you think all Devils are evil?"

Seeing him pout, Lilith shook her head frantically. "No! No! I'm a Demon, kid, my dad is, err, was, one of the rulers of Makai. It's just... Um... Last time I met a cute kid with a really powerful parent... Things didn't go well for me."

Millicas looked at her in confusion. "Oh, okay. Wait, your dad was the ruler of Makai? What happened? Did he retire?"

"No, he's no longer with us." Lilith couldn't really be sad, she never knew her father anyway.

"I'm sorry."

"Don't be." Lilith waved him off. "I didn't really know him." Heck, he didn't even know that she was alive, but her situation was complicated and no one needed to know. "If you want some advice though, make sure you treasure the moments you have with your parents and grandparents. You never know when they'll be gone and you won't get to see them again."

"Okay!" He smiled brightly at her. "Do you have moments you treasure?" Millicas asked.

"Not as many as I want," Lilith sighed. Hell, she didn't know if even Morrigan had any.

"Well, my dad is awesome." Millicas threw his hands in the air. "He's one of the rulers of Hell, he even has a TV show, he united Hell after a long war and everything."

"Sounds like you really love him." Lilith smiled as Millicas nodded.

"Yeah. When I get older I'm going to make a peerage like what dad has."

She couldn't take it anymore, this kid was just too cute. "HNNNGH!" Lilith suddenly knelt down and hugged Millicas to her. "You're so cute and I want to take you home with me and corrupt you!"

"AHEM!" An annoyed female voice said from behind Lilith.

"I said I want to, I didn't say I would." Lilith said in annoyance as she let go of the hug and stood up, turning around to face an annoyed Grayfia. "Your son is too cute for his own good."

"We should talk." Grayfia said in a tone that had Lilith stepping back.

"Uh heh heh..." Lilith sweat-dropped heavily. There was a real oppressive aura in the air and the succubus gulped. "After thinking about it... Bye."

An explosion of bats filled the air, causing the maids, Grayfia and Millicas to cover their faces while Lilith ran, stark naked, down the hallway.

"Get back here." Grayfia ran after her.

"You're pregnant with twins!" Lilith shot back.

"I haven't begun to show yet!" Grayfia shot back as she sped up after Lilith, who turned a corner and ran past Issei, who was coming out of the bathroom.

Issei blinked as he saw Lilith, butt naked, running past him, followed by Grayfia, who had a very upset look on her face, and then Millicas, who waved at him. "...I must be dreaming still."

It took a moment before he blinked. If this was a dream, then ... he was awake in a dream...

And if he was awake in a dream ... he could control how it went...

He looked around. No shades, no versions of his friends there to encourage him...

"YES!" he cheered. Now he could live the dream! "Where are the girls!?" he looked quickly. He had to move before something woke him up!


Meanwhile, outside...

"Really?" Ravel was giggling at a story that Ranma told her. "A village of mermaids tried to eat you?"

"Hey, they were scary! Tried to feed me their scales or something, saying I'd become immortal if I survived." Ranma shook his head. "But if you don't survive you turn into a horrible monster that needs to die."

"So what happened next?" Ravel was really curious.

"Lilith came out of nowhere, dive-bombing the old woman that tried to feed me the scale and then blew up the rest."

"MASTER!" Lilith's voice was heard. Ranma and Ravel turned to see a stark naked Lilith running to them her arms outstretched and then she jumped into his shadow, disappearing.

"...Kind of like that, just with more explosions and flying bodies." Ranma pointed out, getting a laugh from Ravel.

"Excuse me," Grayfia panted softly as she came out. "I need to speak to Lilith in private."

Ranma sighed heavily. "What did she do this time?"

"I did nothing! I swear!" Lilith's voice came from Ranma's shadow.

Grayfia gave the shadow a glare. "You said you wished to corrupt my son."

"I NEVER SAID I'D DO IT!" Lilith's voice yelled back, causing Ranma to sigh. "Master?"

"Just be quiet." Ranma said to Lilith before looking at Grayfia. "She was probably joking, as poor of a taste as her jokes can be sometimes."

"Not a joke I can over-look." Grayfia said, causing the air to get tense.

Ranma sighed heavily. "Lilith..."


Ranma rubbed his forehead. "You and your weakness for cute kids." Looking at Grayfia, he sighed and then turned to Ravel. "Would you excuse me, I need to placate another angry parent."

Ravel nodded as Ranma asked Grayfia to find them a private room to talk and walked off. "...Saved my life, fought a giant flying monster and cares about his subordinate?" She smiled to herself. He was like the perfect knight or hero from all her stories that she read when she was younger!

Yes, this was a good plan. She'd start with moving into his place, get friendly with him and those around him, and then she'd work her way into his heart.

His pants could come soon afterwards.

Shaking a blush off her face, she saw a familiar form running on an upper walkway, muttering some names.

"Right," she muttered, before heading towards her room. She needed to do something for the guy who smashed her perverted brother in his ... danger zone.

"I think I have a slutty cousin," she muttered. Seemed like the guy running around without pants on might appreciate that.


After a long hour and a half of talking, Ranma had gotten Grayfia to calm down long enough to accept an apology from Lilith as well as accepting that Lilith didn't mean anything by it and that she was just over-come with how cute Millicas was.

Thankfully Grayfia, once she understood that it was an inherit trait almost all succubi had to deal with, was far more forgiving, comparing it to some of the creatures of Hell. "Still, shouldn't you keep it under control?"

"It's easier for me to stop breathing than for me to stop being a sexual deviant." Lilith, now out of Ranma's shadow and fully clothed, shot back. "Heck, why don't we ask birds to stop flying or whales to walk on the land while we're at it."

"I get it." Grayfia said tiredly. "Is it really that bad?"

Lilith looked at the older gorgeous Devil and smirked. "Tell me, how many days did your husband have you servicing him after the whole event at Kuoh?"

"Um... Almost a week." Grayfia's cheeks were tinged pink. "I don't..."

"I was in my succubus form, I wasn't even trying to influence anyone and look what happened." Lilith sighed and grumbled. "Think I don't know that my way of thinking is messed up compared to everyone else? I NEED sex to survive. Well, I, personally don't, but my species in general does."

"Which makes me wonder why they're going extinct." Ranma muttered, causing Lilith to groan.

"Because the current generation of succubi in Makai are all morons that only care about pleasure and don't think about the survival of the species!" Lilith groused in annoyance. "And since we can go "nope, not going to have your kids" at any time we want, they live for about three hundred years, keel over and die and leave nothing behind!" She snarled in annoyance. "When I have kids, and I'm going to have a lot of them, they're all going to live as humans, all of them, and find someone to love and have kids with so that all of them won't be as fucking stupid as the current crop of succubi are!"

"...I had no idea." Grayfia spoke up, causing Lilith to look at her in confusion. "I thought you were just a deviant for the sake of being one."

"I'm that too!" Lilith grinned as Ranma groaned in dismay. "But, yeah, things aren't always as simple as you think and yet are less complicated than we make them out to be."

"So long as you don't try to corrupt my son, I'll forgive you." Grayfia said as she stood up. "And I mean that too."

"Duly noted." Lilith nodded as Grayfia left and sighed. "I like her."

"No." Ranma said flatly. "You are not going to try to steal her away from her husband."

"Of course not." Lilith smiled as Ranma sighed in relief. "You are." She giggled as Ranma face-faulted.

"Are you trying to set me up for Issei's dream?" Ranma growled.

"Of course not," Lilith waved off. "He only seeks to be a harem master or king or whatever. I don't even think he's truly considered what comes after female tits. No, I want you to become..." Lilith paused for dramatic effect, "a Sex God!" she declared.


"Too late, some of the succubi already have a shrine to you!" she chirped causing Ranma to zap her forehead with a mild Youki blast. "Owwie!"


An hour later...

"Lord Gremory, Lady Gremory," one of the maids in the house bowed to the two as she entered the living room. "Lord Lucifer has graced the Gremory estate with his presence today."

"Oh?" Zeoticus Gremory, a man who wore a white suit with black lining, scratched his red goatee, before nodding. "I wonder what Sirzechs is here for, he usually announces his visits ahead of time." Getting up, he and Venelana followed after the maid.

It didn't take them very long to come across Sirzechs, who was being greeted by Millicas and Grayfia. "Hello," Sirzechs smiled at them, "I hear that you have a few guests here today, particularily one that I'm interested in seeing."



"Yo." Ranma waved as he and Lilith walked out of the house and into the yard where Sirzechs was. "You said you wanted to see me?"

Sirzechs nodded to Ranma. "Yes, would you please sit?" He asked and motioned for them to sit across from him at the small outdoor table, Grayfia right behind him. Ranma and Lilith both took a seat. "I hear that you saved Issei's life."

"All I did was make a mess of the room he was in with chalk." Ranma replied. "Lilith was the one who saved his life."

"Indeed," he nodded to Ranma. "I think it's time we had a talk about that King piece that you have." His tone became serious, causing both Ranma and Lilith to straighten up unconsciously.

"Should we be talking out in the open like this then?" Ranma asked, "wouldn't it be better to be in a private room with wards put up to prevent anyone from spying on us?"

"My, aren't you paranoid?" Sirzechs said, a gentle smile coming to his face. "No, there are no maids or anyone from the Gremory household other than Grayfia in the area."


"Sorry," Lilith bowed to him, "but we've dealt with people coming after our lives many times before, we have anti-scrying, anti-teleportation, alarm wards and many others around our current house, not having them around is... A little nerve-wracking."

"Understandable." Sirzechs nodded to her. "Let me ask you something, Ranma, what do you know about the King Piece?"

"Not that much." He rubbed the back of his head. "Apparently it lets me become a Devil and I can use other pieces with it or something."

"There was some discussion amongst myself and Lord Beelzebub, as well as Lord Asmodeus and Lady Leviathan, if we should allow you to keep the King's Piece." Sirzechs paused for a moment. "Tell me something, why did you become a Devil?"

Ranma sighed. "To be honest, I wasn't thinking ahead at the time. Nabiki explained that she was worried over her life and wanted someone to help her. She said if the King's piece worked and it turned me into a Devil that she could join my peerage and if hunters showed up..."

"I see..." Sirzechs nodded. "And from what Azazel told me, you have not only Nabiki, but also Mittelt, Lilith and Atsuko?" Ranma nodded. "Alright, then, Ranma Saotome, what are your plans?"

"Other than becoming the next Master, not much."

Sirzechs shook his head. "I should have clarified, I mean what are your plans involving the King's Piece you have?"

"Huh?" Ranma blinked in confusion. "Nothing. In fact, I kind of hate the fact that it gives me such a power boost." Sirzechs raised an eyebrow. "Nabiki wasn't sure what it did exactly."

"Not a surprise." Sirzechs nodded at him. "There are only nine King pieces officially known."

"Officially?" Lilith asked, narrowing her eyes, "that makes me think there are more."

"You'd have to ask Lord Beelzebub, but even so, the King Pieces are dangerous."

"So what's going to happen to me then? I can't imagine that it'll go over well with Devils that I bypassed all the normal steps to become a King."

"Indeed. That's why we aren't going to reveal it." Sirzechs said, much to their shock. "Your involvement against the White Dragon Emperor officially doesn't exist."

Ranma shrugged, he didn't care about that.

"Excuse me." Lilith said after glancing to the side for a moment. "I need to use the restroom." She got up and left the three behind.

"Revealing that you're a Devil wouldn't be a problem under most circumstances, but that would have people question who your King was and..." Sirzechs trailed off as Ranma nodded. "Devil Politics are never fun."

"Makai politics are a lot more fun." Ranma grinned at Sirzechs. "According to Lilith the only rule that matters is whatever the strongest person says. If they say 'jump at nine', you do that."

Sirzechs laughed at that. "Truly, Demons are a different breed from Devils." There were plenty of similarities, of course. "Anyway, I'd like you to..."

"AAAAH!" A female voice was heard yelling, causing the Devil King to stand as Lilith walked out from behind a pillar, a familiar blonde girl being held up by her. "Lemme go! Lemme go!" She kicked her legs, hoping that Lilith's hold on her dress wouldn't tear it.

"Found the spy!" Lilith grinned and dropped her on her ass.

Sirzechs sighed heavily. "This is lovely. What is the youngest daughter of the Phenix family doing here?"

"Ah!" The girl blushed as she stood up and bowed deeply to Sirzechs. "Lord Lucifer, my apologies, my mother announced that we were to head home soon and I wished to find Ranma to tell him goodbye when I stumbled across your conversation."

"And how much did you hear?" Sirzechs asked.

"Um, since Ranma said he had a peerage?" She said, her voice tiny as she poked her fingers together. "I didn't even know he was a high ranking Devil."

"I'm not." Ranma sighed. "Now what?"

"I suggest a good spanking!" Lilith grinned. "Naughty girls who eavesdrop on adult conversations deserve to be spanked!"

"Naughty girls who joke about things they shouldn't around parents also deserve to be spanked." Grayfia said, causing Lilith to step back, grimacing.

"Fair enough!"

Sirzechs sighed and looked at Ravel. "Considering that this is a secret I would rather not get out, I would be well within my rights to erase your memory of what happened."

"I'm sorry." She whimpered, shivering and knowing he could do it and get away with it. "I just wanted to say goodbye, that's all."

Ranma drummed his fingers on the table for a few moments before a thought came to him. "Sirzechs, um... Lord Sirzechs, right?" The Devil looked at him and nodded. "I'd rather you not erase the memory of a member of my peerage." Sirzechs raised an eyebrow as Ravel stood up straight, her eyes wide and face flushed. "Didn't you say you wanted to be part of my peerage if I became a Devil?"

Ravel nodded rapidly. "Uh huh! I knew that someone like you would quickly become a King, you're too good to not become one. If I had known you were a King sooner I would have requested mother trade me to your peerage... Um, if you have an open Bishop that is."

Sirzechs sighed and sat back down. "Ravel Phenix, I cannot state this clear enough, you must keep this a secret. Should this get out in any way, shape or form, you will be punished over it."

"You mean..?"

"Think of it like a test." Sirzechs told her. "As for you, Ranma. The only reason that Lord Beezlebub did not come after you right away to remove that piece is because I wanted to know more about you."

"So you just trust me with this powerful thing in me?"

"No." Sirzechs shook his head. "However, if you are going to face the Khaos Brigade personally, you may need it. So this is my order to you." He gave Ranma a serious look and let his power leak out to emphasize it. "So long as you do not use the power of the King's piece for personal gain and use it wisely, you may keep it. However, should you be found to abuse its power, I swear, as one of the four Devil Kings, that you will be imprisoned in the depths of Cocytus for more than a century." He looked at Ravel Phenix, who was sweating lightly. "As for you, miss Phenix, do remember that him being a Devil is not well-known at this time." He stood up and bowed to them, the oppressive aura dissipating. "If you'll excuse me, I must be going."

"Oh!" Lilith's eyes widened as she just remembered something. "Did your wife tell you that she's expecting twins?"

Sirzechs blinked and looked at Grayfia, who's face was lightly pink. "...When did you find out?"

"Today, but I haven't had a doctor examine me yet, so..."

"Still, this is wonderful news! I shall announce it to all of Hell." Sirzechs took a pose and was about to run off before Grayfia pinched his cheek to stop him. "Grayfia!" He practically pouted at her. "I want to announce it!"

"At least wait until I've confirmed with a doctor, okay?" She said as they walked back into the house.

"...You know, I didn't expect the Devil King to be like this." Ranma muttered, getting a nod from Lilith and Ravel. "So... Ravel, now that you know, what will you do?"

"I want to be part of your peerage." She said and bowed to him. "While the only way for me to do so right now would be to have mother trade me to you and with the desire of Lord Lucifer to keep that a secret, that's impossible, I still wish to be a part of your peerage."

"And you're okay with Master having several lovers already?" Lilith asked, getting a nod from Ravel.

"It's very common for Kings to have harems." Ravel righted herself and looked at Lilith.

Lilith grinned at her. "I like her. And she's what? Fourteen?" Ravel nodded. "Master!"

Ranma sighed and reached out before flicking Lilith on the forehead so hard that she was knocked on her ass.

"Owwie!" Lilith whined and rubbed her forehead, tears in her eyes. "Master's so mean!"

"Um... I hope you don't want me to call you Master as well..." Ravel trailed off as Ranma shook his head. "Okay, no offense, but I'd rather call you by your name."

"Especially when you're in bed with him and he's causing you to see stars from orgasming too hard." Lilith laughed, before yelping as a Youki bolt hit her butt. "Owwie!"

Ranma shook his head and looked at Ravel, who was blushing. "Anyway," he cleared his throat, "didn't you say you were leaving?"

"AH!" Her eyes widened. "Yes!" She stood up, as did Ranma. "Thank you for spending time with me and, um... I might be moving in with you soon."

"I look forward to it." Ranma smiled at her.

Blushing, Ravel ran off.

Lilith got up and giggled. "If she could get away with it, Master, she would have had you push her over the table and mount her from behind."

"Not everyone's a degenerate like you." Ranma muttered.

"...That sounds fun!" Lilith flopped over the table. "Take me! Let's dirty the outdoor table!"

Ranma rolled his eyes and walked back into the house.


End Chapter 9


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Nabiki shook her head partly in amusement and partly in exasperation. "So you literally went straight to Hell, helped out someone who you seem to barely tolerate at times, had wild monkey sex..."

"It was rather tame, no wires or airborne sex." Lilith groused in annoyance.

"And I don't mind Issei, he's one of the few guys I'd call a friend." Ranma shot back at her.

"And then you had to stop a diplomatic crisis when Lilith couldn't control herself around Lord Lucifer's son?!" Nabiki gave Lilith a look that expressed how much she couldn't believe the succubus would try something like that.

"To be fair, the kid is really cute." Ranma said in her defense.

"You're REALLY not helping your reputation of being someone who's into young-looking people right now." Nabiki grumbled at him.

"The situation got resolved, why are you so grumpy?" Lilith muttered, causing Nabiki to glare at her.

"Because I'd rather not be on Lord Sirzech's shit list, okay?"

"I'd normally be surprised that you're showing him so much respect, but he is a ruler of Hell, so..." Ranma shrugged at her. "Look, it ain't like I don't respect the guy, okay?" The Devil King really was powerful, Ranma could respect that and from what he could gather from the maids and Millicas he was a really good guy too. Ranma just didn't fear the guy.

"I guess that's just like you, huh?" Nabiki grumbled to herself mostly.

"Hey! I'm back!" Atsuko cried out as she walked in, her bike over her shoulder. "Nothing much happened, though I think I ran over an army of gingerbread men somewhere along the way."

"That sweets Devil isn't back is he?" Lilith asked, getting a shake from Atsuko.

"Nah, didn't see or sense him." Atsuko tapped her chin. "Oh right! They were army toys! Someone had moving army toys that could talk and fight without a controller and they were all fighting a bunch of moving and talking monster toys and I ran them all over."

Everyone sweat-dropped as they listened.

"What DO you get into when no one's looking?" Nabiki asked in amusement.

"You'd be surprised at the weird things in the world that aren't supernatural." Ranma answered her, even though he found this one to be rather silly.

After putting her bike away, Atsuko gave Ranma an upset look. "It was my turn last night, you were gone!"

"Issei was going to die if we didn't help him out." Lilith pointed out.

"Oh, in that case it's okay." Atsuko smiled, no longer upset.

"Sometimes I wonder if she's just naturally cheerful or simple." Lilith shook her head in amusement.

Atsuko just giggled.


The next day...

"Hey man!" Matsuda waved to Issei as he walked into class followed by Asia and Xenovia. "Where you been the last few days?"

"Dealing with some personal issues." Issei answered as he walked over to his desk and slumped into it. "I'm just glad it's all done with now."

Motohama walked up to them and grinned. "Yo! I heard the best rumor! We're getting a new teacher! And she's a total hottie!" Both Matsuda and Issei looked at him in interest. "I caught a glimpse of her earlier, she's kind of tall and has white hair and oh man, those tits!"

"That sounds..." Issei trailed off as the door opened and a familiar face walked in. "Thought so."

"Hello, class," the new teacher spoke up and smiled at them. "My name is Rossweisse, and I'm your new teacher starting today."

"Oh man!" Matsuda openly drooled as he saw Rossweisse. Sure, she wasn't wearing anything overly sexual, but the way she filled out that brown business suit made her look incredible!

"You guys can drool over her, she's still single." Issei muttered to them and sighed, knowing how much of a sore spot that was with the Valkyrie.

Behind Issei, Lilith grinned and turned to look at Ranma. The instant she turned around an eraser hit between the eyes. "Master!" She whined.




"Sorry that we wasted your time, Kuroka." Arthur Pendragon said as a tear in reality became visible. "I was so sure that it was something important."

"Not your fault, nya." Kuroka smiled at the blonde man and looked at the ring that was connected to a chain around her neck. "How was any of us supposed to know it was a trinket by Bastet to let you communicate with cats more freely?" Letting it go, it bounced on her breasts before settling in-between them, the chain around her neck keeping it from falling to the ground. She was surprised it wasn't a Holy artifact, but she wasn't complaining about it.

"Well, she is a cat Goddess." Bikou answered and looked around the campsite. "Didn't we leave the little missus here?"

"It has been about a week." Arthur commented. "Perhaps Ophis returned her to her home?"

"Well, whatever." Kuroka didn't dislike Akane, it was a lot of fun to train her, but if Ophis had no more use for her, that was that. "Hey, Arthur, can you take me to your sister? I need some clean clothes."

"I swear, you really need to learn to clean your own clothes."

"Nya?" Kuroka gave him an annoyed look. "I could always run around naked." Her eyes widened and she gasped. "Oh no! Arthur's a giant pervert!"

The man sighed heavily. "No, I'm not. And if you hint that my ancestor was actually a woman who knocked her sister up with a magic penis and was later killed by her daughter again I will stab you."

Kuroka stuck her tongue out.


A few days later...

"Well, congrats to everyone," Azazel smiled at the group as they sat around in the club room. "The whole school competition was a big hit this year."

"Juggling?" Issei looked at Ranma, who shrugged.

"Hey, if I did anything else it would have been boring."

"But... Martial Arts Juggling?" Xenovia asked, getting another shrug from Ranma. "I mean, I watched it, and I STILL don't know where you pulled the flaming chainsaw, the bowl of fruit, the katana and the motorcycle from."

"Ancient Martial Arts secret." Ranma intoned, pitching his voice up in a mockery of old martial arts masters.

"I was more concerned when Master started juggling Rossweisse." Lilith muttered.

"That was the most terrifying thing I've ever been a part of both as a Valkyrie and as a freshly minted Devil!" The silver-haired woman said, trembling. "HOW DID YOU NOT NOTICE ME?!"

"I was trying not to drop the flaming chainsaw into the active motorcycle and you stumbled into my arms." Ranma said, sweating as Rossweisse started yelling at him some more. "You need to get laid." He watched in amazement as she stopped yelling and slumped down, a blue aura of despair surrounding her.

"It's not my fault I can't get a guy, I just want to be loved too, but nooo! No one wants to spend time with me, they keep saying I'm a buzzkill and Lord Odin kept mocking me saying that I will never get a guy and I just want to have a boyfriend to go on a date with, maybe hold hands and do a few other things, it's not like I want to be a virgin at my age, WAAAAAH!"

"Ouch, Master, that was harsh." Lilith smirked at him.

"Anyway..." Azazel spoke up to try and get the topic off the lonely woman. "Nabiki, my boys in the tech lab think they have a prototype that should help your Balance Breaker out."

"About time." She muttered. "So where is it?"

"Well, they built two versions, one for testing and one that they'll attach to you. You're going to have to spend a few hours with them." He smirked when Nabiki shrugged. "Anyway, most of you are going to Kyoto next week, and as one of your chaperones." Azazel looked at Rossweisse, who was still whimpering, "as is Rossweisse, we'll be making sure that you don't get into trouble."

Ranma scoffed at that. "You could bring an army and we'd still end up getting into trouble."

Azazel laughed, not doubting that.



"Interesting..." Jedah smirked as he looked at the latest thing that Akane had created. Reaching down, he couldn't believe it. "You can even make replica Sacred Gears like Boosted Gear, huh?"

Akane said nothing, her eyes lifeless as Jedah's hypnotic spell held sway over her completely.

"Interesting." A new male voice was heard. Walking into the room, a man a little under six feet in height with silver hair done up in a braided ponytail and wearing a silver robe with several accessories on it looked at the replica of Boosted Gear. "But without a Dragon's soul in it, it's useless."

"Indeed." Jedah grinned at the newcomer and looked at Akane. "I wonder what other Sacred Gears you can replicate with this cauldron."

"I thought her Sacred Gear was unsuitable for direct combat." The other man said, causing Jedah to laugh at him.

"Because going into combat with a cauldron is such a smart idea." He smirked. "No, alchemists and the like aren't direct combatants, they've always made things that are useful for combat, but they, themselves aren't useful in a fight. Unless you want her to make some dangerous food or something."

"I don't..." The man trailed off and pointed at Akane, causing Jedah to turn and gape at the horrible blob of tentacled flesh, teeth and screaming.

"GRAAAAAR!" The thing lunged at the two of them, trying to eat them.

"I THOUGHT YOU SAID SHE WOULDN'T DO ANYTHING WITHOUT A DIRECT ORDER!" The man screamed as he blasted one of the tentacles that had grabbed his chest. His eyes bugged out when a tentacle grabbed him between the legs. "BAD TOUCH! BAD TOUCH!"

Jedah pulled a scythe out of thin air and sliced the creature in half, stopping the impromptu rampage. "She must have taken me saying "make some dangerous food" as an order and... OH FUCK ME!"

Akane held up five more of the monsters, who were all grinning at Jedah.


End Epilogue

End Shake Up Arc


Onto Kyoto next!


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Dance With the Devil Kyoto Arc


"So you spent all day yesterday getting punched in the face by Rias's cousin?" Ranma asked, laughing when Issei nodded at him.

"Master!" Lilith waved at him as she ran up to the two of them as they waited for the train. "Did you remember your pass?"

"Pass?" Issei asked as Ranma pulled out a talisman.

"Yeah, Demons and Devils normally can't enter any of Kyoto's more important temples." Ranma answered Issei. "Of course, mine's a bit special."

"Special how?"

"Due to an event that happened over three years ago," Lilith frowned as she realized it was almost four years by now, "Master's pass lets him not only bypass the defenses of the temples but he's a special VIP who can see the leader of the Kyoto Yokai association without needing to wait."

Issei stared as Lilith started to shiver. "Is the leader that scary?"

"She's evil! She'll throw you in flour, wrap you in seaweed, or some other food stuffs, throw you in boiling oil and turn you into tofu before she eats you alive!" Lilith's face was blue as she trembled.

"...Wouldn't you normally die from the boiling oil?" Issei looked at Ranma, who shrugged.

"Dunno." Ranma walked over to where Atsuko and Mittelt were at as they waited with some of the other girls from class. "But knowing the big tittied Fox MILF, she'd find a way."

Issei sweat-dropped, he'd have to remember not to piss that woman off.


Settling down at the back of the train, Ranma sighed as he tried to relax, but was finding it hard to do.

"What's wrong?" Mittelt asked. There were only two seats back at the end of the train and she had won the game of rock paper scissors to sit next to Ranma. Atsuko and Lilith were a couple of seats in front of them.

"Not used to riding in the train." Ranma muttered. "I was usually chasing after it to keep it from dragging me everywhere." Mittelt raised an eyebrow and Ranma elaborated. "Tied to a chain, forced to run as fast as the train or my legs would have snapped and my body would have been a broken and bloody mess."

The blonde gave him a stupefied look. "That is... How in Heaven's name did you pull it off?"

"Very, very carefully." Ranma said, wondering how he had survived some of his training exercises growing up. "Most of the time, if we caught a train, we rode on the roof."

One of the girls that he recognized from the morning crowds that liked to chase Issei around, poked her head over the top of her seat. "You can't expect me to believe that. No one does things like that."

Ranma gave her a flat stare. "I can juggle a fully grown woman who's taller than me, throw her under my leg without having her butt touch the ground while juggling a katana, a motorcycle, a bowl of fruit and a flaming chainsaw. If I really wanted to I could have had her naked before I finished." He smirked as the forehead girl's eyes widened. "And, really, chasing after a train isn't even that hard to do. Try riding on one in winter when it's windy."

"THAT SUCKED!" Lilith yelled from the other side of the chairs.

Mittelt shook her head. "How are you not insane, a psychopath or a mass-murdering monster?" She had known Angels who fell because they saw people abusing children. The fact that Ranma was pretty normal, outside of his sex drive and ideas for what constituted normal training, was a miracle in and of itself.

"Who says I'm not?" Ranma said so softly that only she could hear.

Mittelt looked at him in concern.


Hours later...

"Porno party, porno party!" Issei and his two friends were chanting to the side, much to everyone's annoyance.

"Seriously?" Mittelt gave them a flat stare as she rested her head on Ranma's lap. "You'd think they could wait a few hours before talking about that."

"You'd think." Ranma said as he ran his hand over her side softly, causing Mittelt to sigh happily.

"We will be arriving in Kyoto in a few minutes." The conductor's voice was heard over the loud speaker. "Please collect your things and be prepared to depart."

"Aww, I liked this." Mittelt said as she sat up and stretched, groaning as she felt the tension on her sides. "Gunna suck that we can't be in the same room." She muttered.

Ranma shrugged, though he agreed.

A couple seats up, Lilith just grinned to herself.


"Woah!" Everyone stared in shock at the hotel they were going to be staying at.

"Fancy!" More than one person said as they looked around, they couldn't believe the school had gotten them a hotel this extravagant.

"Too fancy for my tastes." Ranma muttered, sure, he could enjoy it, it looked nice, but this was way beyond what he was used to.

Then again, considering that he spent most of his life sleeping in tents, on dirt, grass, rocks and snow, saying he wasn't used to this was like saying someone from a developing nation wasn't used to clean running water.

"Listen up, everyone," Azazel said as he and Rossweisse stood in front of the group, "miss Rossweisse has a statement for all of you." When Rossweisse started talking about things on sale and other things, Azazel sighed and grinned. "And don't get into trouble with the law, stick together if possible yadda yadda. Okay, everyone go to your rooms, get your stuff unpacked."


Opening his room, Ranma just shook his head in amazement. It was a typically designed hotel room, though the bed was huge! It could easily fit four people on it and still have room for a large dog at the foot of the bed. There was also a mini-fridge near the door, a bathroom to the side and a large flat-screen television on the wall across from the bed. "And why do I have such a large room anyway?"

There was a knock on the door and he turned around to open it, blinking as he saw Atsuko, Lilith and Mittelt. "Lilith..." Ranma started slowly. "Did you perhaps hypnotize Azazel, Rossweisse, the rest of the chaperones and the clerks at the desk into letting all of us have this lovely room?"

"Why Master! I have no idea what you mean! It's not like I was telling them to look me in the eyes when the room assignments were handed out. And I surely didn't tell them to breathe the air when they were looking at my eyes. And there's no possible way that I left any sort of hypnotic suggestion on them making them think that if they split us up that they'd be doing a really bad thing or anything." Lilith gave him an innocent look.

Ranma shook his head and chuckled as he stepped aside and the others came in. "Good, because I wouldn't know what to do with all of this bed."

"I can think of a few things." Atsuko, shockingly, said as she gave Ranma a blush and a naughty grin.

"I'd love to, but..." Ranma sighed, getting a nod from Lilith.

"Yeah, something's not right." The succubus frowned, getting confused looks from Atsuko and Mittelt. "You two can't feel Ki or Youki, we can."

"And the energy feels..." Ranma frowned as he tried to explain it in a way they could all understand. "I guess like a rubber band pulled as far it can go and it's ready to snap off and fire into someone's eye."

"So what should we do?" Mittelt asked as she put her suitcase on the side of the bed. "Because I want to explore Kyoto."

"That's what we're going to do." Ranma said to her. "Listen, I don't know what's going on here, but with the energy so tense in this city, I want to see what's causing it."

"Good thing I got extras of these." Lilith tossed a talisman to Mittelt and one to Atsuko. "Since you're Devils now, you need that to visit the temples."

Ranma reached into his bag and pulled out a scroll and unrolled it on the bed. "This has all the leylines around Kyoto on it. Atsuko..."

"Already memorized." The cyborg gave him a thumbs up. "I'm taking it those large spots are the temples?"

"Yeah." Ranma nodded as he pointed to each one and listed them off. "However, there's plenty of other nodes around the city I want to explore. There should be some Youkai in those spots."

"Master, you don't think that..." Lilith trailed off as Ranma re-rolled the map.

"I sure as fuck hope not, this city doesn't need another blood bath." Ranma narrowed his eyes. "Let's go."

Opening the door, the four ran into Rossweisse, who was in a red track suit. "Oh! I was just coming to tell you that you have free time for the rest of the day, so you're free to explore Kyoto how you want."

Ranma smiled at her. "Thanks."


"Anything?" Ranma asked Lilith, who shook her head. "Fuck." He picked up his cell phone. "Atsuko, what do you know?"

"Less than I wish I did. I can't tell if there's anything wrong. Mittelt says that the energy lines aren't damaged, so that's something."

"Alright, head to the thousand door temple, we're heading there next." When she answered, he hung up the phone and started to head towards the temple in question.

"Do we have to?" Lilith whined, she did NOT want to see the person in charge of that temple.

"Only way to find out why things feel so tense is to go see her, Lilith." Ranma said without looking back, causing Lilith to whimper as she followed along, grumbling. He didn't even know why Lilith was upset about this, it wasn't even the head temple in Kyoto and there was a chance that Yasaka wasn't there at that time.


Ranma and Lilith got to the temple gates right behind Issei and the others. "Hey!" He waved as Issei, Xenovia, Asia and Irina turned around to see him. "What's up?"

"Just heading up to see the temple. Where have you been?" Xenovia asked.

Ranma gave them a serious expression. "I know none of you have been here before, but there's something seriously wrong with the Ki in the air."

"What do you mean?" Asia asked, getting a sigh from Lilith.

"What Master means is that there's something really wrong with this city right now and he can't tell what it is."

"So we're hoping the big tittied Fox MILF has some answers." Ranma really hoped his worst fears weren't happening.

After a few minutes of walking, Issei ran off, saying he had something to do.

"Say, Ranma..." Irina began, "you say you can feel the Ki in the city? How does it compare to before?"

Ranma shook his head at her. "Sorry, I don't know, I was still learning how to properly sense Ki and Youki at the time..." His eyes widened. "Sunnva!" He took off so fast that a gust of wind was all that remained.

The girls all looked at each other and took off after him.


"Outsider!" A little child in a red and white priestess outfit with blonde hair, though the tips were a light red in color, yellow eyes, several fluffy tails behind her and fox ears on the head glared at Issei. "How dare you?! Return mother to me right now!" Behind the child there were several people with black wings and bird-like faces hovering in mid-air. On the ground there were several people in fox masks and shrine priest outfits holding swords.

"...Huh?" Issei blinked in confusion, wondering what this was all about. "What are you talking about? I don't know anything about your mother."

"Liar! I won't be..."

"Hey!" Another male voice yelled out. "What's going on?"

"Another outsider?!" The little child yelled from on top of the gate. "Who d...ares..?"

The others around the child all gasped and started whispering.

"...Kunou?" Ranma asked as he came into view fully. "Is that you?" When the child got down from the gate and stood on the rocky steps trembling, eyes watering, Ranma got down on his knees and smiled. "Wow, you've gotten so big girl." Opening his arms slowly as she took one trembling step after another towards him. "It's me, Ranma Saotome."

"DADDY!" Kunou yelled, tears falling out of her eyes as she tackled Ranma as hard as she could, sobbing into his chest. "DADDY! MOMMY IS! MOMMY! WAAAAHHH!"

"Shhh..." Ranma hugged her and rubbed her back as she cried. "It's okay, I'm here."

"...Daddy?" Issei asked in confusion as the others looked at Ranma and then at Irina, Xenovia, Asia and Lilith as they caught up. "Is there something you're not telling me?"

Lilith sighed, she knew this was going to be a long explanation. "Listen, why don't all of you go see Azazel and let him know that Master and I aren't going to be around tonight, okay?" She sighed as she saw Kunou continue to cry loudly. "Scratch that..." Walking over to Ranma, she put her hand on his shoulder, causing him to look at her. "Why don't you get caught up with her? I'll head back with the others, okay?"

Ranma nodded, thankful she decided to leave.

"...Daddy?" Issei muttered, still trying to figure that one out.

After everyone left, Ranma looked at the Youkai as they knelt down to him. "Okay..." He said as Kunou was calming down while he rubbed her back. "Can one of you please explain what's going on? And how come I can't feel Yasaka in the city?"

End Prologue


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Chapter 1

"So Ranma stayed back with the little fox girl who calls him daddy?" Azazel asked as he and Rossweisse listened to the story. It was later in the afternoon when the group got back to the hotel.

Lilith nodded as she and Issei reported on what happened. "Don't ask, I won't tell, that's for Master and Kunou to explain, not me."

"Interesting. I didn't know that Ranma knew Lady..." Azazel trailed off as he saw Lilith shiver. "Err, the leader of the Youkai Association personally."

"It's a good thing he did, because those guys all looked like they wanted to tear a piece out of my hide for some reason." Issei chuckled nervously.

"If you don't mind waiting," Lilith said to them, "Master will explain the situation as to why he's Kunou's father and everything later." She turned to leave.

"Why don't you? You know a lot." Azazel asked, getting her to stop.

"Because," Lilith turned to look at him and all three in the room were taken aback by the look in her eyes, "if I start talking about it, I'll fly into a murderous rage." Her hands balled into a fist as she thought back to that time. "Please, I don't want to talk about it unless Master's here."

After she left, Issei shuddered and looked at the two adults. "That... Was terrifying."

Azazel gave the door a look that Issei couldn't explain while Rossweisse looked at Issei in concern.

"Listen, Issei," the Valkyrie-turned-Devil spoke up, "I'm curious as well, but there's things you shouldn't snoop into until the people who were involved are willing to talk, okay?"

Issei nodded and headed to his room.


Later that night...

Atsuko walked down the stairs to go into the bathing area with the other girls and blinked as she saw Rossweisse and Issei talking on the stairs. "Am I interrupting something?"

"No." Rossweisse pointed at Issei. "He wants to see girls naked."

"I'm more interested in the boobs, but what she said!" Issei leered suggestively.

Atsuko looked at them in confusion. "Didn't your friend bring you porn to look at?"

"It's not the same as seeing a girl's hooters right in front of you!" Issei shot back, getting a groan from Rossweisse.

"You know, Issei, I wonder what the President would say if she heard you talking like this." Rossweisse asked him.

"She'd probably go "why don't you look at my boobs? Aren't they good enough for you? Issei you jerk! How dare you stare at other girls boobs without my permission!", am I right?" Atsuko asked, causing both Issei and Rossweisse to look at her and nod slowly.

"How did you get her down so pat?" Issei asked.

Atsuko just grinned at him.

"Anyway," Issei cleared his throat, "you know, you're too controlling, Rossweisse, and I hate to say it, but that's why you don't have a boyfriend."

Rossweisse gasped and looked at him, tears welling up in her eyes. "It's not like I want to be a virgin at my age! I want to have a sexy boyfriend who will do naughty things with me at any time I want too!"

Atsuko watched as Rossweisse got more and more upset as she ranted before calling up her magic. "Um, are you sure that it's okay to do that out here?"

"Someone who mocks me for being a virgin must be punished!" Rossweisse yelled and attacked Issei, who called up his Boosted Gear and blocked her attack. "No way! Is he actually stronger than usual?"

"Of course I am! I won't rest until I see some naked titties!"

Sighing heavily, Atsuko grabbed the bottom of her shirt and pulled it off. "Over here."

"HAUH?!" Issei's eyes bugged out as Atsuko stood there, topless. "WOAH MAMA!"

"Miss Natsume! Cover your boobies this instant!" Rossweisse yelled, her face completely red.

Atsuko gave her a flat stare. "He's just looking, so long as he doesn't touch, it doesn't bother me."

"Can I touch your boobies?!"

"You aren't Ranma, so no." The cyborg said, causing Issei to slump on the stairs.

"Wait!" Issei's eyes widened as he realized something. "Does that mean you and he are..."

Atsuko nodded. "Yes. When it's my turn he's mauling my boobs, my butt, other spots as he drives his erect penis in and out of my various holes, causing me to mewl and cry out his name every time. It feels really good when he rocks his hips and hits those really deep spots inside."

Rossweisse's face was redder than Atsuko's hair as she listened in. "A...a...a...as y...your te...teacher! I must protest you having underage relations with a man!"


"Because it's not proper!"

Atsuko blinked and shrugged, causing her breasts to bounce in several directions as Issei drooled openly. "What we do at home in our spare time isn't really any of your concern." She blinked as an idea came to her. It wasn't a normal idea, it wasn't something most people would think of, but it was something Lilith would think up. "Unless you want to be Ranma's girlfriend as well so you can lose your virginity?"

"Wha, wha, wha, wha?!" Rossweisse stuttered, steam coming out of her ears as she tried to imagine it. "N...No! It wouldn't be proper! I'm a teacher! He's a student! I can't do something like that!"

Atsuko shrugged again, causing Issei to drool even more. "Okay." She looked at Issei. "Enjoyed staring at my titties?"

"Uh huh..."

"Good." She put her shirt back on, causing Issei to groan in disappointment.

"NOOO!" cried Issei. "Why did you hide them from me!?"

"You said you wanted to see them, you saw them. There was no time limit given."

Issei blinked, before he slapped his forehead--with the hand that did not have his gear on it.

He had at least learned that hard truth, but had yet to realize: be specific with what you want.

"I do understand the enjoyment of naked boobs though, Lilith and Mittelt have such cute little ones that I can't help myself and I lick and kiss them when we have threesomes and more." Atsuko giggled as Issei's nose erupted with blood, sending him flying down the stairs.

"How inappropriate!" Rossweisse gasped, her nose actually bleeding as well. "That's entirely inappropriate!"

Atsuko tilted her head. "No it's not. We share and share alike. That's why it wouldn't be a problem if you joined us." When the Valkyrie started to stutter and twitch, before her ears started to steam again, Atsuko sighed and walked past Rossweisse. "I need to take a bath now."


It was several minutes later when Azazel found Issei, covered in a pool of his own blood and grinning and Rossweisse sitting in the hallway, her face heavily flushed. "Well, this is interesting, did you offer him your virginity and then realize what you said and that's why you're both like this?" He laughed when they were startled back to reality. "Anyway, Miss Rossweisse, could you make sure to gather up Miss Atsuko, Mittelt and Lilith? Lady Leviathan wants to have dinner together."

"Lady Leviathan's here?" Issei asked no one in particular.


"Hi!" Serafall, wearing a kimono that was dark on one side, red with flower patterns on the other side and held up by a yellow obi, with her hair done up in a loose bun behind her head, waved at everyone as they entered the house that she was using while in Kyoto.

"Did you cut your hair?" Atsuko asked, "last I saw you, your hair was really long."

Serafall giggled at the cyborg. "No, silly, I just put it up because of the kimono I'm wearing." Looking around, she saw someone missing. "Where's Ranma?" She had been looking forward to seeing him again.

"Currently with the Youkai of the city." Azazel answered her. "We'll go see him tomorrow, okay?" He was amused when Serafall's eyes lit up in delight at that. "Anyway," he said as everyone sat down at the table, "I did some research into why the Youkai were being unusually aggressive towards Issei and the others and found out that," he looked at Lilith, who tilted her head in confusion, "the leader of the Youkai association here in Kyoto was kidnapped a few days ago. I don't know exactly how she was captured, but we'll find out more tomorrow." He had a sneaking suspition that it was the Khaos Brigade that had captured Yasaka. To make things worse, with the amount of normal humans with them on the school trip it made making a move against them really hard to do.

"Do you think it's the Khaos Brigade?" Issei asked, getting a shrug from Azazel.

"It wouldn't surprise me one bit." Azazel answered him. "Serafall, where's..."

"I apologize for being late." Sona said as she, Saji, Tsubaki and a couple of others from her peerage entered the room. "We had a small disaster that had to be taken care of."

"I'm terribly sorry." Saji bowed and Sona adjusted her glasses.

"No, it's my fault for stopping to answer my phone when you had your hands full." Sona sighed and shook her head in dismay. At least it was just a broken screen this time and not the whole phone.

"Hey, Saji." Issei waved at the blonde guy in the group. "How's your trip been?"

"It sucks." Saji groaned as he sat down at the table followed by Sona and the rest of her peerage. "Since I'm on the student council I've been helping teachers instead of having fun."

"The only reason that we're even able to be on this trip in the first place is because we're on the student council." Sona replied, getting a nod from Saji.

"Anyway," Azazel said to the group, "you should all take your time and enjoy yourselves while you're here. Let the adults handle the hard stuff. Make some memories while you're here or whatever it is you're supposed to do."

Serafall clapped her hands. "Well then, let's eat."




"Are you sure that it's okay for us to be walking around, Daddy?" Kunou asked as she held Ranma's hand while the two walked around Kyoto.

"I'm sure." He smiled at the fox girl. "Besides, anyone who messes with us would have to be stupid to do so."

"I just want my mom back." Kunou said softly. "Why? Why did this have to happen?"

Ranma knelt down to look her in the eyes. "Trust me when I say that we're going to find the jerks who took your mom away from you, and we'll make them pay."

Kunou nodded at him. "Thanks."

"Anyway, we should..."

"EEK!" A woman's voice was heard and Ranma stood up and gawked as a man was grabbing a random woman on the street from behind. "HELP! MOLESTER!"

"The heck?" Ranma asked as several other men in the crowd grabbed the man and pulled him off of the woman. "What's going on?"

"Man, another one?" A man said from the side. "This is like the fifteenth case of a random groper today."

Kunou cupped her chin and frowned. "Between this and the random panty thief that's been stealing lots of women's undies in town, I'm getting worried."

"Panty thief?" Ranma asked and frowned. "Kunou, come here." When she stepped up closer to him, Ranma picked her up and put her on his shoulder before running up a nearby hill.

"Daddy?" Kunou asked as she grabbed his hair to keep from falling off. "What's wrong?"

"Has your mother taught you how to find people using the Ki of the area?" Ranma asked.

"I was going to start learning that soon, actually."

"Okay, good, then I don't need to explain." Ranma smiled as they stopped at the top of the grassy hill and put Kunou down. "In fact, why don't I show you how to do it?" Kneeling down, he put his hands on the ground and Kunou's eyes widened as the ground seemed to light up.

"Cool! You're activating the Ki in the leylines around here!"

Ranma nodded. "Yeah, it's not a practical thing to do unless you're a master at manipulating your energies and the surrounding environment and such." And Ranma knew he still had plenty of room to grow in that regard. "But in places like Kyoto? It's easy."

Kunou knelt down next to Ranma and put her hands on the glowing ground. "Okay, now what?"

"Close your eyes. You're going to send a small pulse of your energy into the Ki."

Kunou nodded and did so. "So now, WOAH!"

Ranma smirked, though the little girl couldn't see it. "You just saw the whole city, didn't you?" Kunou nodded, her eyes still closed, but her face expressing shock and awe at what she was seeing. "Okay now, focus, I know it's overwhelming, but try to focus on those with above average or abnormal presences."

"Let's see..." Kunou tilted her head in confusion. "I'm seeing... One, two, three... At least twelve, and they're all really strong, plus it's weird, it's like there's someone else there but I'm not..."

"That's probably Azazel, Issei and the others." Ranma spoke up. "The one you can't sense is likely Atsuko."

"Weird. Huh, there's some sort of red orb flying around."

"...Huh, that's odd." Ranma frowned and watched as the orb disappeared into a person and that person's body lit up and turned red. "I'll have to tell Azazel about this." That couldn't be healthy for people to have some sort of parasite flying around. "It would suck if that was some sort of alien lifeform that wanted to turn humanity into its slave or something."


Ranma suddenly found Kunou glomping him and trembling. "...You know I was kidding, right?" He sighed as the girl continued to tremble. "There aren't aliens who are going to turn humanity into their slave."

"There aren't? She asked in a soft voice.

"No, because if aliens tried to that, the other aliens on the planet would beat them up."

The little fox girl blinked and slowly climbed off of Ranma. "There are other aliens?"

"Yeah, met some sentient space teddy bears once." Ranma laughed softly at the memory. "They had this one girl with them, but she died... More than once. We left her to this crazy redhead who screamed about serving someone and got ran over by a truck before being revived somehow."

Kunou gave him a weird look. "Just what kind of people do you hang out with?!" The little fox girl couldn't imagine something like that. That sounded completely insane.

"It's a big world out there. That's just Earth, there's Hell, Heaven, the other realms, parallel dimensions, other planets." Ranma shrugged as Kunou boggled at the sheer scope of everything. "Don't worry about it."

"But that's so..."

Ranma sighed and straightened himself out to look the young girl in the eyes. "Yes, it's scary to think about, how there's probably something out there that you can't even begin to understand that could crush you in an instant. You wanna know what my magic teacher once told me?"

Kunou sniffled. "What?"


The old man snorted at Ranma and Lilith. "Well, I've taught you brats everything you need to know, just learn on your own from here on out." The two nodded as he pulled a short, jeweled sword out of his robe and cut a hole in reality. "Just remember this, there are things out there that you can't face through logic and reason, so just throw away logic and reason and find a way through whatever you're facing. If there's a wall in front of you, find a way through it."

*End Flash*

"Uh..." Kunou blinked in confusion. "What's that got to do with what you were talking about?"

Ranma smiled at her. "Because if you ever get scared, just remember, if you don't give up, you'll find a way to overcome any obstacle."

Kunou nodded, now she understood. "Okay!"

Putting his hand back on the ground and causing it to glow, Ranma continued, "anyway, I think we need..." He trailed off and grinned. "Well, just found them. Come on. It's going to be a long run."

Kunou nodded as Ranma picked her up and took off to the West.


Five minutes later...

"Ha ha ha ha!" A woman was laughing at her companion. "That was so funny! You actually stole that fox woman's panties! I can't believe you got away with it."

"And gave her shapely rear a nice squeeze!" The man cackled in delight as he held the pair of underwear in his hands. "It's too bad that they're so plain though." He pouted. "Oh well, not often I get a fox Youkai's silky darlings." Tossing them into a large knapsack that was more than four times his size, he tapped his chin. "But what I'd really like to do is get the panties of the leader of the Yokai here in Kyoto."

"Yeah, I'm going to have to say no to that." Ranma said as he touched down on the railing that was just outside of the room the two were in. "Hey, perv, big tittied perv, how are you two?"

"Ranma!" Said perv yelled at him. "How could you? Aren't I your master?"

Snorting, Ranma put Kunou down. "Technically you're my old man's master and he's my master, so I guess by degrees of separation, you are."

"Big tittied perv?" The blue haired Devil pouted at him. "Come on, that's not nice, even if it is true. Oooh! Who's the cute little fox?"

"My name is Kunou and what are you two doing with that bag full of women's underwear and what's that about wanting to steal my mother's panties?!" The little fox girl pointed at both of them angrily. "How dare you steal panties from the women of Kyoto?!"

Sighing as Kunou was about to rush them, Ranma grabbed her by the back of her Miko outfit and lifted her off her feet.

"Hey! Lemme go! Lemme go!" Kunou yelled as she kicked her feet wildly and comically.

"Calm down, there's probably a total of five people in the city, including me, that could beat these two in a straight up fight." Ranma explained. "So don't get so upset, okay?"

Slumping, the fox girl nodded. "Okay, daddy."

"Daddy?!" Both Happosai and his master exclaimed in surprise.

"Don't ask, it's complicated." Ranma muttered. "Anyway, have you two noticed anything odd about Kyoto since you got here?"

"The Ki of the area is warped." Happosai's master pointed out. "Not sure why, but it feels like it's being forcibly directed somewhere."

"But, why though?" Kunou asked in confusion. "To do that would take a lot of mages and a lot of time. Sure, Kyoto's felt pretty weird for a few days, but to direct all the Ki in the area in one direction?"

"I don't know." The blue-haired, big breasted, Devil shook her head. "All I know is that it's only going there a little bit. All the Ki like a flowing river, the diversions are, right now, just tunnels dug to the side that's drawing the Ki to the specified area."

"That sounds..." Ranma trailed off and looked at the Devil. "What would happen if all the Ki in the city were to be forced to one spot?"

"Hard to say." She admitted. "If someone was using it as a way to cast magic, maybe do something impossible, that would be possible if you used so much power that you could overcome anything." She shrugged helplessly. "I'm not an expert on Ki-based magic, so I don't know."

"I've studied it." Happosai admitted. "You usually need a medium, a focus, so that you don't burn yourself out when using Ki to cast magic. Of course, if you used all the Ki in Kyoto, you'd need something of tremendous magical potential, like a few Holy Swords or something, to be the medium."

Ranma frowned as he thought about this. "Kunou, tell me something. What would happen if a Youkai was exposed to this much Ki at once?"

The little girl blinked in confusion. "Well, you know that we're spiritually sensitive and we use the Ki of the surrounding area to power ourselves up. If a Youkai gets too much Ki, they can go berserk and harm lots of people."

"SUNNVA!" Ranma bit back the rest of his cursing and the other three looked at him in confusion. "That's how... I figured it out."

"Huh?" All three asked in confusion.

Ranma gave them a serious look. "Whoever kidnapped Yasaka is planning on flooding her with all the Ki of Kyoto."

"But that would..." Kunou gasped in shock. "Even if she doesn't destroy Kyoto in a berserk state, the amount of Ki would cause severe damage to mom and kill her!"

"Over-saturation, huh?" Happosai grimaced, it wasn't hard to understand. No matter who you were, you had limits to how much power you could take on at one time.

"So what do we do?" The blue-haired Devil asked, her expression serious. "Unless you don't have a plan."

Ranma shook his head. "Sadly, I don't got anything, unless we could, I dunno, drain all the Ki in Kyoto away from the focal point or something."

"It's possible." The Devil admitted, much to the shock of the other three. "We'd need something that can draw Ki into it as a start, but that wouldn't work since there's so much, eventually the Ki would flow back to the original focal point and nothing would change. Unless you could store it in something."

"Like what?" Kunou asked. "All the Youkai in Kyoto and the surrounding area put together couldn't handle it."

The Devil grinned at her. "Don't worry, I already know how to deal with that. Anyway, the problem comes down to using a catalyst to draw the energy away from the focal point."

Happosai blinked as she looked at the knapsack full of panties. "WHAT?! NO! YOU CAN'T!"

"Happi," his teacher pouted at him, "can't you do it, for me? Your student wants to save my friend."

"Wait, you know Yasaka?" Ranma asked in surprise. She nodded at him and he shook his head in amazement. "Anyway, perv... How about we make a deal?"

Happosai sniffed. "What? There's nothing you could offer me that would make me give up these..."

"What if I could get you an Angel's, a Valkyrie's and Yasaka's underwear?" Kunou gaped at him in shock and Ranma sighed. "What's more important? Your mother's underwear or her life?"

"You're right." Kunou nodded and prostrated herself, bowing to Happosai. "Please! Save my mother!"

Happosai sighed, he had a soft spot for kids after all. "Fine... But I want more than just their panties. I hear there's a female Satan, I want her panties too!"

Ranma scratched his head. "Well, I'll see about that."

"Sweeto! Let's do this!"

"The problem is..." Ranma began, "we have to wait, if we move too soon..."

"Plus we need some skilled magic users to help in this endeavor." The Devil muttered. "Say, little girl, are there skilled magic users among the Youkai?"

"Of course!" Kunou said as she sat up and looked the big breasted, blue-haired Devil in the face. "Maybe we're not as good as some, but we're still skilled. If you help save my mother then we'll forgive you for the crime of massive panty theft!"

"Speaking of which, how many do you have?" Ranma asked.

"Five bags..." The Devil jerked a thumb at the large knapsack Happosai had. "All as big as that."

Ranma grinned as the four began to iron out the details of their plan.

End Chapter 1


Yes, that was an Excel Saga reference.


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The next day, in Hell...

Walking through a stereotypical lab, Nabiki would have wondered what to expect, but Azazel had assured her that the boys in the lab wouldn't harm her. "Over here, Miss Tendo." One of the Grigory said to her as she walked over to the chair.

"Looks like a dentist chair." Nabiki said as she sat on it. "So, what are you... Okay, hold up, is that Cerebro?"

One of the Fallen blinked in surprise. "You know that series? We've only seen the animated versions, but it was so cool that we had to design this project after it."

"Then this should be a wheelchair!" Nabiki protested loudly. "Preferably a hovering wheelchair! I want a wheelchair for this!" The internet was wonderful for many things, including finding American animated programs that were awesome. Plus the first animated version of that series had gotten dubbed into Japanese and was one of her favorite shows when she was younger.

The Fallen Angels around her laughed in amusement. "Sorry, we don't have any wheelchairs around here. No one gets crippled enough to warrant one."

"Drat! And here I was hoping I could get a picture and post it to 2chan or something." Nabiki snapped her fingers. "Oh well."

"Please don't." One of the Fallen said as he lowered the helmet onto Nabiki's head. "This isn't information that should be in the hands of normal people."

"I'm not stupid." Nabiki rolled her eyes. "Please tell me that there's a portable version of this."

"Of course." One of the other tech heads said. "This is the test version, we want you to use your Balance Breaker and we'll see if this works like we hope it does."

"We'll be monitoring the data over here." One of the Fallen said at a computer. "If it works like we hope, we'll download everything into a portable version that we can attach to your body so you don't have to worry about your brain getting overloaded again."

"That would be great." Nabiki sighed. "Is it on?" When they confirmed it, she closed her eyes. "Balance... Break."

The Fallen Angels watched in amazement as several screens formed in front of Nabiki, allowing them to see what she was seeing...

...Which was surprisingly not much as all of them were blank.

"Is that it?" One of the Fallen asked, a little disappointed.

Nabiki tapped her chin, maybe this was blocking all the information from flooding her head at once, so maybe she needed to... "Can you show me all of the meteors in the Asteroid Belt between Mars and Jupiter?"


The screens were all suddenly lit up with every single piece of rock, dust, debris and speck of ice that was between the two planets.

"Okay, that was cool..." Nabiki muttered to herself. "Show me how Stonehenge was made." The screens revealed how that was done and Nabiki nodded. "Okay, now show me who wins every major sporting event for the next thirty years." She shrugged at the looks she was getting. "Hey, I want to make sure that I have all my bases covered."

"Well, regardless, it looks like it was a success so far." The one who put the helmet on Nabiki nodded. "However, you said that after awhile your head gets overwhelmed by information? Let's keep this on for a bit longer."

"Nah, easier way to find out." Nabiki waved him off. "Tell me, can the portable version that they're going to attach to me keep information overload from happening as it is now?"


"Well then..." Nabiki grinned at them as she turned off her Balance Breaker. "Let's get it on."

"Very well. I warn you, you'll have a headache for a few days when we put this on you." The lead tech head said as he removed the helmet. "Oh, and we're putting a tattoo on your body."

Nabiki tapped her chin. "...Fine, but I get to decide where."

"Very well." The tech head nodded. He could agree to that.

Nabiki knew why they did that, it was to announce to anyone who was looking that the Grigory had worked some technology into the person. She didn't understand it, but a tattoo was a small price to pay.

Besides, she always wanted a butt tattoo.


Kunou yawned as she woke up. She and Ranma had spent far too long out at that wicked pervert's place, but if the plans they made could save her mother, she was all for it. Groggily, she got dressed and walked out of her room.

"Ah! Good morning, kiddo." Ranma smiled at her as she came down to the main area. "We got some vistors."

Blinking, the small fox girl looked around the room and saw other leaders of the nearby Youkai branches that were sitting in the area, followed by two people she didn't recognize. "Um..."

"So you're Lady Yasaka's daughter?" The man asked, getting a small nod from Kunou. "My name is Azazel, Governor General of the Fallen Angels. And this woman next to me..."

"Hi!" She smiled at Kunou. "I'm Serafall Leviathan, one of the four Devil Kings, I hope we didn't wake you. Ranma was saying you were up late last night."

"I'm fine, thank you." Kunou said as she sat next to Ranma. "I remember hearing that you were going to be coming here."

"Yeah, but it looks like now isn't a good time." Azazel commented. "We've been briefed about what happened. Believe me, we don't want your mother in the hands of whomever captured her."

"Before we go any further, Lord Ranma said he had a plan?" The Tengu asked, getting a nod from Ranma.

"Yeah, I've got some stuff set up that might throw a monkey-wrench in the plans of whomever captured her." Ranma frowned heavily. "I don't get it though. If they wanted to destroy Kyoto, it would have been easy to do now that Yasaka's in their possession. No offense to you two," he said to the other Youkai leaders, "but she's the strongest Youkai in the area. If someone could capture her..."

"Perhaps they want something else?" Serafall asked, getting a nod from the others. "But what?"

"Whatever it is, it can't be good." Azazel sighed and pulled out his phone as it buzzed. "Hello?" He nodded as the person on the other end filled him in on the details. "Alright, thank you." Hanging up the phone, he rubbed his eyes. "...Lovely."

"What?" Everyone looked at him.

"Seems that whoever kidnapped Lady Yasaka was part of a group." Azazel narrowed his eyes. "I think it's safe to put this down as the work of the Khaos Brigade."

"Daddy..." Kunou tugged on his sleeve. "Can we save mother?"

Ranma ruffled her hair. "I promise. We'll find her and save her, okay?"

"That reminds me..." Azazel trailed off. "Lilith said something about you being her father, but you're too close in age for that to happen naturally, so..."

Ranma sighed and shook his head. "Listen, I'd rather not explain this more than once, how about we get everyone who needs to know over here first and then I can explain what happened almost four years ago." He smiled as he felt Kunou hugging his side. Raising an arm, he hugged the little girl back.

"Please bear with us." The Tengu leader said to Azazel. "It's something only Lord Ranma, Lady Yasaka and Lady Kunou can speak about, the rest of us can only add small details."

Serafall nodded "Very well, shall we get the others?"

"Nah." Azazel shook his head. "It's still early in the day, let them enjoy seeing Kyoto for a few more hours. Speaking of which, Ranma, you should go see your classmates."

Chuckling, Ranma got up and nodded. "Sure." He sighed when Kunou whimpered. "I'd take you with me, but there's normal people who don't know about Youkai, kiddo."

"Oh!" She let go of him and sighed. "It's just, the last time you left me... I didn't see you again."

Ranma ruffed her hair. "I'll be back later, okay? I promise."

Kunou sniffled but let go. "Okay."


As Ranma made his way out of the temple, he stopped and looked around, frowning. "...Who's there?"

"C.. .ou .e.. me?"

"Yes! You!" Ranma yelled at no one in particular.

"Can y.. he..?"

Ranma sighed and closed his eyes, seeing if there was anyone nearby that was hiding. When he didn't feel anything, he sighed and walked off. 'Who was that? That voice sounded like a woman's voice, but...'

"Can you..."

Ranma looked around in confusion as he stood on the stairs. "Okay, this is getting weird, I know I'm hearing something, but whoever it is isn't speaking clearly. LISTEN! I CAN HEAR YOU! WHAT DO YOU WANT?!"

When he didn't get an answer, Ranma sighed and shook his head. "I must be going crazy." It wouldn't surprise him.


"Well, look who finally showed up." Aika Kiryuu smirked as she adjusted her glasses. "I don't know why the teachers decided you could be away from us overnight, but don't do it again."

Ranma raised an eyebrow at the slender girl. "What? You worried about me or something?"

"Or something." She jerked a thumb as Lilith, who was walking up to them. "Your servant's been all mopey all morning without you."

"Master!" Lilith brightened up as she saw him. "So what's going to happen now?" As she ran up, Aika walked off to hang with her other friends.

Ranma waved her off. "Nothing much, Azazel is going to discuss things with Serafall and the Youkai association." He kept his voice low. "We may have other problems than just the big tittied Fox MILF disappearing."

Lilith's eyes widened, that didn't sound good.



"You know," a male voice spoke up and Jedah turned to see Rizevim walk into the room where he kept Akane Tendo. "You could do so much more if you forced her to make more than she is."

Jedah snorted at the son of the original Lucifer. "This is just the test phase." Looking at the gauntlet on his left arm, he grinned. "For the most part, I've kept her to making a few weapons, crystals and some other small trinkets."

"And how goes the project of making a body for the part of Ophis you stole from her?"

"It will take a couple of months. Considering the amount of power that I'm working with, if I rush it, things could blow up and all that power could return to Ophis." He looked at the older-looking Devil. "Tell me, do you think that you could handle an angry, full powered Ophis, oh son of Satan?"

Rizevim snorted. "Just keep doing what you're doing to keep her powers suppressed." Looking at the dirty human, he watched, interested as a familiar-looking spear popped out of the kettle. "That is..."

"A replica of the True Longinus, yes." Jedah smirked as he picked it up. "Excellent, I can feel the raw power of this thing."

Rizevim grinned as he looked at it. "Excellent, we should..." He trailed off as Jedah walked over to the kettle and threw the spear back in. "What are you doing?! Think of the things we could do with those!!"

Jedah gave Rizevim a look. "That was merely me testing what she can make, nothing more. And you're an idiot, if we had that many True Longinus, what's to stop someone from stealing it and using it against us?" Tapping his chin, he looked at Akane. "Can you create a living being from that?"

"I do not know." Akane's voice was soft, flat and monotone.

"Then try it." Jedah grinned. "Create a Dragon, whatever comes to mind."

"What are you doing?" Rizevim hissed at the tall, blue Devil. "I merely tolerate you because..."

"GRAWR!" Rizevim and Jedah both looked as a small Dragon that was pure white with a long head, sharp fangs and blue eyes floated around Akane.

"I take that back, how pathetic." Rizevim snorted. "A tiny Dragon like that couldn't hurt anything." Seeing Jedah's annoying smirk, he walked over to the Dragon. "Allow me, I'll just..."

"GRAWR!" The Dragon screamed and fired a blue-white blast of energy from its mouth that sent Rizevim flying across the room and into the wall.

"GAH!" The elder Devil coughed up some blood. "The fuck?!"

"That is why you shouldn't underestimate what she can do." Jedah chuckled as he cut a hole in space, reached through it and grabbed the Dragon. "Now what can I do with you, hmm?"

"GRAWR!" The Dragon hissed before gears formed behind Jedah.

"None of that." He smirked as the Dragon became docile. Chuckling, he had an idea. "This could be very... Interesting." Idly, he wondered where Akane had gotten the idea to create a Dragon like this.

If Jedah knew that Akane had based the Dragon off of a manga she had read once, he would have laughed at the absurdity of it.

Seeing Akane sweating and looking pale, he sighed. "Go get some rest." She nodded and dispelled her Balance Breaker before walking over to her bed and flopping down, passing out.

"You're too soft on her." Rizevim said to Jedah as he clutched his stomach. "You could easily make it so that she could create an army of those little Dragons!"

"Doing so would break her, and I have no need for broken servants."

"And I should care if she's broken ...why?" Rizevin growled.

"Such a spoiled brat you are," Jedah sighed. "Only thinking of what you want now, never the future."

"You ass--"

"Because if you do think of the future," Jedah spoke over him, "you would realize you need troops in the future, soldiers to die for you in whatever endeavor you wish, when your current war is finished. What good is your empire if the soldiers to guard it are a sliver of the power of those that made it?" Jedah threw his arms to the side. "I'll tell you. It is the soldiers who work for Nero, not those of a God."

As Rizevim departed, rubbing his injured midsection, Jedah sneered. The elder fool... Did he think no one could read him?

During that war, he didn't hide for fear. He hid so he could kill whoever won and cause chaos in reality. The plan failed when those who won were stronger together than him came together.

He was also a piece of insanity who thought of only how much cruelty and destruction he could bring to those around him.

Lucifer's so-called son was nothing but a spoiled brat, who cared nothing of the future. He felt if anyone stood against him, then they deserved to die, and if they kept challenging him, he'd wipe everything out.

"And that was supposed to be a Super Devil," snorted Jedah, as he returned to his lab. That was no Super Devil, merely a babe with a lot of power, who no one had taught the purpose of it.

But Jedah knew. Akane would survive, perhaps one day, be made immortal, if only to fuel his war machine.

Heaven, Hell, Earth, Makai... These would fall before him, become his to command.

Of course, none of that was his true goal, when he obtained that, nothing else would matter.

And then? Then, he would find new worlds to conquer, perhaps one day need more powerful soldiers to take them.

"...I've changed my mind," Jedah chuckled. "Perhaps the brat does have a use..."

He wondered what Sacred Gear he could have Akane make ... using that Super Devil's pathetic soul.

"As for that Dragon..." Jedah trailed off and grinned as the replica of Boosted Gear formed on his left arm. "Yes, this will work nicely, won't it?"


Meanwhile, in Kyoto...

It was later in the day when Ranma, Lilith, Issei, Xenovia, Asia, Irina, Rossweisse found themselves meeting with the Youkai Association leaders, Azazel and Serafall.

Atsuko and Mittelt were with Kiba, making sure to watch out for any unpleasant nasties that couldn't be handled by the local Youkai.

"Thank you for meeting with us." The Tengu leader said as everyone sat down on the mats forming a square. Kunou and Ranma sat across from Issei, Irina, Xenovia and Asia with Lilith right behind them. On the sides, Azazel and Serafall sat across from the other leaders of the Youkai Association.

"So what have we learned?" Ranma asked Azazel, who sighed heavily.

"It's as we feared." Looking at the others, he cleared his throat. "It seems that a few days ago, the leader of the Kitsune faction of the Youkai Association was scheduled to go to a meeting with the leaders of the Tengu faction. However, she never made it there."

Serafall continued for him. "From what we've been told and have been able to gather, it seems that several people were able to ambush the Youkai leader and kidnap her. When the area was investigated, the Youkai assumed that the culprits were still in Kyoto and were on the look-out for anyone who looked suspicious."

"And that's why they tried to attack you all yesterday." Azazel finished. "Luckily we have someone that the Youkai know and trust." He turned to look at Ranma. "I asked about you and it seems that you're held in quite the high regard around here."

"Not for the best of reasons." Ranma replied to him.

"Lord Ranma," the Tengu leader said as he looked at the teenager. "While you went through a traumatic experience no doubt, you did a great boon for all of Kyoto, none of us can repay what you did."

Ranma sighed heavily and saw the curious looks on the faces of those who didn't know. "I suppose I can tell. It was... About four years ago, right?" He looked at Kunou. "You're about to turn twelve then, aren't you?" She nodded at him and hugged his arm. "Anyway, pops, myself and Lilith were passing through the area and a large Youkai appeared to the North of the city. We were going to leave, but..."

"But?" Azazel asked.

"Master spotted a large group of people standing around with above-average powers and a bunch of other people near them on their knees and looking terrified." Lilith continued on. "Kunou was one of them."

The little girl screwed her eyes shut and trembled, the memory was so bad. "They... They trapped me in a clear barrier box and I had to watch as they... They..."

"The people in question," the Tengu leader spoke up, "were a group of extreme Devil Hunters who hate all things non-human."

Ranma bit his lip as he recalled what happened next. "It wasn't pretty, they started by executing a four year old." Everyone who didn't know looked on in shock, even Azazel and Serafall, veterns of the Great War were disturbed what they heard. Irina and Asia had their hands over their mouths in shock while Xenovia and Issei could only stare, their mouths open. Rossweisse's face was grim, this wasn't something that she enjoyed thinking about, but had been exposed to in her life. "The three of us against all of them? It wasn't easy."

"Master, myself and Genma did drive them off, though Master learned the skills that those Hunters were using." Lilith didn't want to think about what happened as much as possible. "Little Kunou was put into a cube and was nearly killed, thankfully Master broke her out of the barrier she was placed in."

"Lord Ranma, his father and Lilith managed to deal with the vast majority of the Hunters." The Tengu leader addressed the group. "When the Youkai of Kyoto converged on the scene, we took care of the few that remained."

Issei looked at Ranma and Kunou and saw the looked they shared. "You were twelve?"

"Thirteen. And it wasn't the last time I ran into those guys either."

"Lord Ranma?!" The Tengu leader looked at him in shock. "What do you mean? There wasn't a single one that escaped, was there?"

"There were at least three that escaped." Ranma told him. "I met up with them in China a few months ago. I took care of them."

"I see, I shall have to send an order out to the other Youkai in Japan and in the orient to make sure that no others got away."

"Daddy..." Kunou hugged Ranma tightly. "It's okay."

"So, um..." Issei scratched the back of his head. "I know this is going to sound a little unusual, especially after everything else you shared, but how are you Kunou's father?"

Ranma sighed and slumped while the elder Youkai in the room laughed at his discomfort. "It's... Kind of embarrassing."

"Anything to lighten the mood after that somber story." Azazel said as he grinned. "So, out with it, how did you end up that little girl's father?"

"Well," Ranma shook his head, "it was a few days later and Yasaka was helping me with some paperwork to get me registered as part of the Youkai Association." The others looked at him in interest. "I'm a freelance member, anyway," he waved his hand to dismiss the questions they may have had, "we didn't pay enough attention to all the paperwork and when we turned it in, um... Well..."

"Lord Ranma and Lady Yasaka are officially married." The Tengu leader said, much to most people's shock. "Though no one takes it seriously..."

"Daddy's married to mother, therefore he's my daddy." Kunou protested, getting a pat on the head from Ranma.

"So, to sum it up, you were filling out paperwork, filled in some extra blanks by accident and turned it in and were declared married?" Azazel had an amused look on his face. "That is the most hilarious way to get married."

Serafall pouted softly, he was already married? That sucked. Then she remembered the video and pictures that she had seen and decided to ignore it.

"There was no ceremony nor did Master take her on a honeymoon." Lilith muttered in annoyance. She didn't care if Ranma was married to other women. But Yasaka was a scary bitch! 'Why does master have to be married to her?! WHY?!'

"You know, in a way, it's pretty romantic." Irina said, causing everyone to look at her. "Think about it. After saving her daughter, Lady Yasaka couldn't help herself and ends up marrying the man who did such a great thing for her."

Serafall giggled. "Enemy of all Magical Girls, a Hero of Kyoto, married to the head of the Youkai Association and who knows what else? You sure do have an interesting life."

"Anyway, as amusing as this all is," Azazel spoke up, "we still don't have any idea as to why she was taken, but from what we can tell, it was the Hero Faction of the Khaos Brigade."

"So what should we do?" Issei asked.

"For now," Azazel spoke up, "go back to the hotel tonight and relax, okay? Kunou here offered to act as a tour guide for the group tomorrow, okay?"

"Right!" The teenagers nodded.

"As for the Khaos Brigade," Serafall spoke up, "just keep your eyes open and keep safe. We'll inform the others who know so that they keep themselves protected in case there's an attack."

"Daddy..." Kunou hugged Ranma's side. "You'll save mother, right?"

Ranma smirked at her. "Between me, Lilith, Issei and the rest, there's no way we can't save her." Seeing her face light up, he ruffled her hair. "So don't worry, we'll save your mother."

"Anyway," Azazel stood up, as did everyone else, "I know that you want to spend time with your father, but I'm worried that you'll stay up too late and miss the chance to be a tour guide tomorrow."

"Right." Kunou said as she stood up and bowed. "Goodnight everyone, I'll see you tomorrow."

The others gave their goodbyes, though Ranma was the last one in the room. "Hey, Kunou..." She looked at him. "I promise you, those guys who took your mother... They'll pay." She nodded as he turned to leave.

"Daddy..." The little fox girl whispered to herself. "Please be safe."

End Chapter 2


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There has to be a reason that we don't know that Yasaka isn't getting the marriage annulled.


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Just blame her daughter. XD


Chapter 3

As he laid down in his hotel room, as small as it was and he still thought it wasn't fair that he got a tiny room with a broken down television while everyone else practically had luxury suites, Issei looked at the ceiling and sighed as he thought about everything he learned today. 'Between those Hero faction douchenozzels and everything else, this whole trip hasn't been as much fun as it should be.' Then there was learning what happened four years ago. 'What kind of monsters would see a kid like Kunou as dangerous?'

He needed something to take his mind off of everything. Hearing a knock on the door, he sat up. "Uh, yeah?" The door opened and Asia walked in. "Hey, Asia, what are you doing here?"

Closing the door behind her, she smiled shyly. "Well, after everything that happened, I thought it would be nice to relax, so I was wondering if you wanted to play some cards? I invited Lilith, Xenovia and Irina to join us."

Issei smiled, he didn't mind playing cards and it would probably help him relax. "Sure, I don't..."

"Hey! Issei!" He heard Motohama at the door.

"Crap!" He hissed and grabbed Asia. In a panic, he opened the closet and pushed her inside and jumped in after her before closing the door.

Opening the door to the room, Motohama frowned as he looked around. "Did he take off without us?"

"That punk better not have, I'll bust his face in if he does." The nearly bald Matsuda grumbled.

"Well, you know what this means," the glasses wearing Motohama grinned, "more fun for us."

"Yeah!" Matsuda walked off and closed the door behind him.

Issei sighed and leaned back against the wall. "Sorry about that, Asia."

"It's okay." She blushed and realized that she was alone, with Issei, in a small space. Gulping, she lightly bit her lip and leaned in close. "Issei..." She whispered. When he turned to her, she leaned in fully and placed her lips on his.

Issei's eyes widened in shock. 'Okay, this is nice, but this is Asia, but this is nice, but it's Asia and... Oh bless it all to Heaven!' He not only started to return the kiss, but he put his left hand on her butt and gave it a squeeze. When she didn't fight against it, he continued to squeeze and used his right hand to reach up and grab her chest. 'Oh man! She's totally into this, and...'

His thoughts were broken, as was the kiss, as the door to the closet opened up and Lilith, Irina and Xenovia were standing out in the room.

"Well, we found them." Irina said, giving them an annoyed look.

"Woah! A PG-13 moment!" Xenovia pushed Irina out of the way, her eyes sparkling. "Will this go into Rated R or maybe M for mature?"

Poor Asia was so overwhelmed that she fainted while blushing.

Lilith giggled as Xenovia and Irina climbed into the closet. "Ah hell, there's enough room in there for me." She joined them and closed the door behind her. It was cramped now, but she could just phase through the wall if she had to.

She remained quiet and watched as Xenovia declared that they should make memories and stripped naked.

"Yeah, memories! Not babies!" Issei protested.

"Irina!" Xenovia gave her friend a lewd look, "you should get in on this." When Irina protested about becoming a Fallen Angel, Xenovia shook her head. "You don't know if you'll become a Fallen Angel. You'll never get another chance at this."

"Having the Red Dragon Emperor's child? That would be a massive boon to Heaven." Irina gasped, her halo forming above her head and lightning up the closet.

Lilith sighed and touched Irina on the back of the neck, causing the girl to stiffen and shiver before her body glowed lightly. "There."

"What did you do?" Irina asked.

Lilith smiled at her. "Just suppressed your hormones. You could watch the most intense porn and not get turned on right now." She held a hand up at the disappointed look Irina gave her. "One, it's temporary and two, you don't want to become a Fallen, right?" Irina shook her head. "If I get a chance, I'll see about finding a way so you can have sex without becoming Fallen, okay?"

"Okay..." Irina trailed off and watched as Xenovia slipped her pants and underwear off.

"Okay, mister, strip!"

"But, you know..." Issei yelped as she pushed his shirt off. "I'm not ready to be a father, you know? None of us have protection and..."

"Oh that's no problem!" Lilith grinned as she reached in and grabbed Issei's crotch. When his body glowed a light purple for a moment, she pulled her hand back. "There, all done." Seeing the looks she was getting, Lilith sighed. "Just a little succubus magic. Your little swimmers aren't going to be swimming for a week."

"Seriously?!" Issei yelped, his voice breaking and going high pitched. "You mean..."

Lilith grinned and nodded. "Yep! Best part is, that spell also prevents you from getting or spreading any sort of diseases. So go ahead and practice."

"Well then..." Xenovia smiled as she slid his pants off of his hips. "There's no problem if we begin, huh?"

Issei gulped, wondering if someone was going to interrupt like usual. 'Then again, not getting interrupted wouldn't be bad.' He gulped as his pants were around his ankles.

"Not bad." Lilith grinned as she saw him. "Now then, Xenovia, I'll help you out so that you two don't hurt yourselves."



Standing in the hall with several girls, Rossweisse glared at the stairs. "Stand firm girls, we won't let those perverts do what they want this time!"

"There's one!" One of the girls shouted as they saw someone coming up the stairs.

"Huh?" Ranma blinked as he saw several angry girls glaring at him. "...Did Lilith do something stupid again?" Why else would they be mad at him?

"Pervert! You're coming here to peep on us!" One of the girls pointed at him.

Ranma raised an eyebrow at them and raised a hand and held up one finger. "One, I can see naked women at any time I want." A second finger joined the first one, "two, I've got Lilith to deal with those urges if I need to handle them," along with Mittelt, Nabiki and Atsuko, but there was no need to tell these girls that, "three," a third finger joined them, "if I wanted to peep on you, I could easily be in your rooms or in the shower with you and none of you would ever know," he held up a fourth finger, "and finally, I was looking for Rossweisse, not you girls."

Most of the girls were put off by the open perversion that he was displaying, but the fact that he wasn't trying to perv on them went a long way to keep them from wanting to hurt him.

"Me?" Rossweisse blinked in confusion. "What do you want to see me for?"

Ranma jerked his head to the side. "Can we talk in private, there's something that I need to talk to you about."

"EEEK!" One of the girls yelled as she saw Matsuda and Motohama coming up behind Ranma. "You pervert! You were trying to distract us from them!"

"Huh?" Ranma turned to see Issei's friends and turned back to the girls, shrugging. "Do what you want with them, I hardly know them."

"HEY! That's a violation of the bro code!" Matsuda yelled.

Ranma rolled his eyes and walked up the steps. "Ladies, feel free to beat them. Rossweisse, can we?"

"Uh, sure." She blinked and followed after him.


"So..." Rossweisse began as they walked into her room. "What did you need to see me for?"

"You were a Valkyrie, right?" Ranma asked, getting a nod from her.

"Yes. Until Miss Gremory offered me a better job, I was the personal bodyguard of Lord Odin. Why?"

"I was just noticing that you're walking a little weird." She blinked at his comment and Ranma sighed. "It's not really noticeable, but I'm betting your muscles are pretty tense for one reason or another."

She blinked in confusion. "Well, my shoulders have been stiff I admit. Why do you bring it up?"

Ranma gave the Valkyrie a smile. "Ever have a deep tissue massage?"

Rossweisse blinked.


Asia shook her head as she woke up. Her eyes widened as she saw Xenovia, butt naked, positioning herself over Issei's hard dick. "H...Hey!" She protested before being pulled back by shadow tendrils. "What?"

"Calm down." Lilith said to her softly. "You were out cold and Xenovia wanted to get a head start."

"Hey, come on, don't I get a say in this?" Issei asked, though he admitted, what he was feeling was really nice.

"You can protest and not get any, or you can just enjoy a nice, fresh, virgin pussy taking your virginity." Lilith grinned at him. "Well?"

"When you put it that way." His eyes widened as he watched Xenovia slowly lowering herself down. "Um..."

"Besides, if you want to be a Harem King, you'll need to actually have sex, you know?" Lilith grinned as Issei nodded rapidly.

Irina just watched, her eyes wide. "Wow, will that actually fit?"

"I hope so." Xenovia said. "Babies are supposed to be bigger than this and they come out of this hole, so..."

Issei was just thankful that Lilith's spell would make it so he wouldn't have to worry about that.


"Alright, now then..." Ranma began as Rossweisse laid on her bed, face down, in just her panties. "Let's start up here, since you've been complaining about your shoulders being stiff."

"Do I really need to be in my panties?" She asked, blushing hard. They were a small pair that she wore because they were cute, but they really made her ass stick out.

"Because I want to make sure that I'm getting your knots right. Your clothes would get in the way." Plus she wasn't human, so he wasn't sure if the muscles, pressure points and other parts of her body were like a human's were.

Rossweisse lightly bit her lip as Ranma put his hands on her shoulders. "I don't..." She trailed off, gasping as his hands quickly and deftly found the knots in her shoulder area and working on them. "NNNNGH!" Her eyes widened as it felt like her whole back turned into a giant rock.

"Shit, you've never had a massage, huh? Would have thought you would have gotten one at least once." Ranma said as he felt the tension in her muscles float to the surface. Hearing her moan in protest, he sighed. "These are cramps that have been there for awhile, so they're really hard."

"How did... NNNOOOOOH!"

"Simple, you were walking wrong for a woman of your height and weight." Ranma told her. "Oooh..." He frowned as he followed the tension in her back. "This is a long muscle knot, it's going up your neck even."

"NNNNGH!" Rossweisse's eyes rolled into the back of her head as he did that. When he rubbed up to where her neck met the base of her skull, she cried out in pain, slamming her hands on the bed while kicking her feet up and down, feeling a massive headache coming on. "Oh my... Lord Odin, this hurts!"

"It'll be worse if we stop." Ranma said but let go, letting her pant and try to relax. "It hurts because your body's used to the tension, but now that I'm working on it, all the pain your body's feeling is going to your brain."

"When did you..." Rossweisse panted heavily.

"Martial Arts Massage Therapy."

"HUH?! That doesn't even make sense!"

Ranma laughed as he worked on her neck again. "Yeah, but it's one of those things that I ran into during the training trip. I'm a certified massage therapist because of it. Those martial arts chiropractors were a real pain to beat though."

"...I don't want to know, do I?"

"Nope." Ranma smirked as he worked down her back. "Just so you know, I'm going to be massaging your butt too."

"...Fine, but don't make fun of me for having a saggy butt or something."

Ranma blinked in confusion. "But you don't." Really, if she wore yoga pants, Rossweisse would probably cause a few accidents as people would be too distracted by her ass of mass distraction.


Issei groaned as Xenovia laid on top of him, his hands were on her butt as she rocked her hips up and down on him. "I... I... NNNGH!"

Xenovia gasped, her eyes wide as she felt him cum inside of her. "W...Wow! So that's... That's what it's like to have a man not only in you, but... Wow..." She had already orgasmed a few moments before Issei shot his load in her, it was quite... Intense.

Issei panted and yelped as he felt a hand on his dick, pulling it out of Xenovia before hearing a slap on Xenovia's ass, getting a yelp from her as well.

"Now then..." Lilith grinned as she pulled Xenovia to the side. "Issei, your blonde girlfriend here needs some loving too."

Seeing Asia there, butt naked and blushing hard, Issei looked down and realized that he was still quite hard. "Um..."

"Please..." Asia whimpered, her face red. "Be gentle."

"Wow!" Irina watched as Asia crawled over to Issei. "I've never seen this. An actual threesome right in front of me, and I don't feel anything at all as I watch."

Lilith smirked at her. "Don't worry." She helped Asia position herself for sliding down Issei's dick before turning her attention to Xenovia. "Now then..." She grinned at the blue-haired girl and licked her lips. "I wonder if anyone would complain if I cleaned you up myself, hmm?" Ranma wouldn't, though he would be annoyed with her and that was the only opinion she cared about right now.

Asia trembled. "I...I'm scared!"

"You don't have to." Issei said to her and cupped her face. "If you're really scared, you don't need to."

"But I..." Asia blushed hard. "I want to, and I don't want to lose you, Issei." She trembled. "It's just... I'm scared it'll hurt really badly."

Sitting up slowly, Xenovia had hit her head when she bounced on his dick and nearly knocked herself out after all, Issei hugged her. "Hey. You don't need to hurry, okay? I kind of just... Um... It was hard to say no, I wasn't really ready for what happened either."

"Um, hey..." Irina spoke up as something came to her. "That was really romantic, but aren't you three like really close to Rias?" All three of them stiffened and paled. "How do you think she'll take it if she knows what you're doing?"

"Way to kill the mood." Lilith muttered in annoyance and sighed. "Before you say anything, no, don't keep it from her. If it comes up, don't keep it from her. I'll take the blame, okay?"

The others looked at her and she sighed. "Hey, it kind of is my fault."

"No, it's mine," Issei sighed.

"Totally." Lilith nodded in agreement.

"HEY!" he cried, pointing at Lilith. "You just said it was yours!"

"Yeah, but I would have totally nailed Rias by now ...probably Asia too," she replied. "You've slept naked with her for months now, and not even touched danger zones. Now who is really at fault here?"

"...Um... the demon whose aura is weakening our wills?" asked Irina.

"...All true, but how does this explain Issei unable to perform for Rias?" Lilith asked.

No one had any answers.


Meanwhile, in Hell...

Riser Phenix whistled as he walked out in the garden. "Truly, tonight..." He was cut off as everything around him was covered in ice, including himself, before more than twenty feet of wet snow dropped on top of everything.



Back in Kyoto...

"OH YES!" Rossweisse yelled in delight as her body spasmed and she flopped onto the bed, limp. She was panting and drooling, her body twitching. "Wooow... I needed that." She sighed while slurring her speech.

Ranma blinked in shock. "Wow, an actual massagasm, I never thought I'd see one." Her panties were absolutely soaked with her fluids and would need a change though. "I hate to say it, Rossweisse, but your body needs a few more sessions."

"That's fine..." She slurred, her body feeling like a limp noodle. "Want to be my boyfriend? I want this every day."

Ranma chuckled and gave her butt a light swat. "I'd be honored, but you aren't thinking clearly, so not until you fully recover, okay?"

"mmm..." Rossweisse nodded before passing out.

Ranma chuckled and got off the bed before slipping the bedding out from under her and covering her with it. "Good night." He wondered if she'd like having a damp spot on the bedding or sleeping in her soaking wet panties, before nodding and lifting the bedding and pulling her soaked panties off of her. "There, now you won't feel as bad when you wake up." Looking at her pink and purple panties, Ranma was tempted to throw them to the side so they could get washed later, but remembered the deal he made with Happosai, so he stored them in a sub-space pocket and sighed, hoping Rossweisse would forgive him. He then walked out of the room.

As he walked through the hallway, he found Mittelt, who was in shorts and a loose shirt. "Hey."

"Huh?" She blinked and yelped as he picked her up, put her over his shoulder and walked off. "HEY! What are you?! A caveman?!"

"Me Ranma, you Jane, me take you to den now." Ranma said with fake grunts.

"...Well, if you put it like that." The blonde Fallen Angel blushed lightly.

Watching Ranma walk off with Mittelt, Aika adjusted her glasses and frowned. 'He's already got Lilith, he's admitted that already, just what is his relationship with the other girls?' That could be fun to find out. 'Speaking of other girls, where's Asia?'


"I'm so sorry." Irina said as she held cards in her hand before putting one of them down on the pile.

"Eh, don't worry about it." Issei shook his head. On one hand, this was the best day of his life! He finally got laid! On the other hand, well, it got awkward REALLY fast after that. 'At least I didn't lose my real virginity to someone like Kiryuu.' He couldn't imagine doing it with the glasses wearing pervert girl. And really, that would be just weird. Throwing a card onto the pile, he sighed heavily. "So, um... How do we go about telling Rias about this?"

"I suggest, if you don't want her to get the wrong idea about it," Lilith began as she threw a card onto the pile, "that you keep your clap trap shut about what happened to everyone who doesn't need to know. And, no, your two loser friends don't count for people who need to know."

Asia blushed hard as she threw a card onto the pile. "I'm really sorry, I was just... So nervous that I froze up."

"So, Lilith," Xenovia trailed off as she threw a card onto the pile, "your spells on Issei and Irina aren't permanent, are they? Also, uno."

"Nope." Lilith shook her head at the blue-haired girl. "It'll wear off in a week at most." She gave Issei a grin as Irina put a Draw Two down on the pile to make him draw more cards. "Unless you plan on actually doing that with Rias when you get back to make it up to her?"

Issei blushed hard. "I...I'd love to, I would, but... She's probably going to be too mad with me." Plus he figured she was way out of his league. Throwing a card onto the pile, he sighed and shook his head. "Man, this should have been the best day of my life and now I'm worried about what happens when I get back!"

Lilith shrugged and threw a card onto the pile. "Reverse, but that's the way it goes. I'm pretty sure she won't kill any of you. Spanking or making you sleep on the couch is a possibility though. Also, Asia, you're fine, lots of people are nervous their first time."

The game only lasted until Xenovia's turn as she had a wild draw four in hand.


The next morning...

Standing out at a park, Issei watched as Irina, Xenovia and Asia all acted like last night hadn't happened and mentally sighed. 'Well, at least I'm not a virgin anymore. I can die happy now!' Not that he wanted to die, he still had so much he wanted to do after all.

"Hey, Issei..." Turning, Issei saw Motohama and Matsuda walking up to him, their faces all bruised and battered.

"...What happened?" When they explained it, he was glad he wasn't in the area, he would have been beaten along with them and not gotten any last night.

Aika Kiryuu walked up to them. "Yo, are we going anywhere today or are we just going to wait around for that tour guide you said you got us?"

"Just a few..."

"Hello." A new voice spoke up, interrupting Issei. Turning around, everyone saw a little blonde haired girl with yellow eyes in a red and white Miko outfit standing behind Issei. "I promised to guide you around Kyoto today, and mother would be very upset if I didn't keep my promise."

"Hey, Kunou," Issei smiled at her, noting that her fox ears and tails were hidden from view.

"OH SHE'S SO CUTE!" Aika squealed and knelt down to hug and rub her cheek against Kunou's cheek.

"Let go of me, you plebian." The little girl said in annoyance.

"She even talks like a princess!" Aika cooed as she let go.

Looking around, the girl had a disappointed look. "Um, where's?"

"Ah, right!" Issei coughed and put his fingers to his forehead. "'Hey, Issei, can you watch after Kunou today? I have something I need to do, I'll meet up with you guys in the afternoon, I have to meet some people about the plan we made' is what he said."

"Well," Kunou was disappointed, but nodded, "very well, that's fine with me. Let's go." Just because she wouldn't have her favorite person with her didn't mean she would shirk on her duties.



"So, Master, what are we doing?" Lilith asked as she, Atsuko and Mittelt walked behind Ranma. "And don't say 'we're exploring Kyoto as well' because we could have done that with Kunou."

"Nah, we gotta meet up with..." Ranma trailed off and frowned. "...Any of you hear that?"

"Hear what?" Atsuko asked and looked around in confusion. "Hmm, maybe if I adjust my senses a bit, I might be able to hear at a frequency that no one has heard of before, especially if I go to the Zeta wavelength and," she frowned, "nothing, I can't..."

"You're not an Android anymore." Ranma shook his head. "You likely lost a few abilities in becoming a cyborg."

"I still have the internet, a phone and a lot more in my head." Atsuko pointed out, grumbling that she couldn't adjust her hearing like she wanted to.

Ranma shrugged. "It's not like I have any freaking clue. I really didn't think that you could be turned into a Devil, so who the heck is calling me?"

"Master's gone insane, we need to tie him up and administer emergency nookie protocols." Lilith intoned.

"...There are emergency nookie protocols?" Atsuko asked.

"What's nookie?" Mittelt asked, having never heard that phrase before.

"Sex." Ranma said as he continued to walk on. "Don't ask me where she learned that term from."

"So what are we going to do anyway?" Mittelt asked, wanting an answer finally.

"Well..." Ranma trailed off as the four of them got to the top of a hill. "This is a good spot. Anyway, Lilith, we're going to be setting up a ward around here. Mittelt, Atsuko, you two need to learn how to do this too."

The girls all looked at each other in confusion, wondering what he was doing. When he explained what they were going to do, they were even more confused, but followed along with his instructions.


A bit later...

Issei looked in at an outdoor bar and blinked in surprise at seeing Azazel and Rossweisse sitting at the counter. "Isn't it early to start drinking?"

"See?!" Rossweisse slammed her hand on the counter. "I told him the same thing, but did he listen to me?! NOOOOO!"

Azazel sighed, it was just some sake, it wasn't like he was drinking a German drink or something. "You know, Miss Rossweisse, this is why you don't have a man."

Issei grimaced as Rossweisse planted her face on the counter. "Low blow, Azazel." He muttered.

"FINE! You think I'm just a buzzkill?" Rossweisse grabbed the saucer of sake out of Azazel's hands. "Lemme show you how a Valkyrie drinks!"

Azazel watched as she downed the sake. "Gee, thanks, I paid for that you know?" He couldn't complain too much, he did antagonize her after all.

"Hey!" Rossweisse's voice was slurred. "You're like... Not cool. It's not my fault that Odin always..." She grabbed the small bottle of sake. "He always... Hee hee, always going out to the titty bars." She downed the bottle in one shot and Azazel sweat-dropped.

"You got drunk off that little bit?"

"I'm not STRUNK!" She spun around in her chair. "Hee hee... I'm like a limp noodle. Bartender! Another! I need, like, hic, someone who can give massages and such. But no one wants, WAAAAH!"

Azazel sighed heavily. "Hoo boy, she's probably going to be like this until she calms down and passes out." He looked at the group. "Why don't you guys go on ahead?"

"Sure!" Issei waved as they left the group behind.



Sighing as the last wards were put down, Ranma frowned as he heard his phone start to ring. "Now what?" Reaching into his pocket, he answered it after pulling it out. "What's up, Nabs?"

"Don't call me that. Anyway, good news, Azazel's tech guys did a miracle, I'm not overwhelmed with information anymore."

"That's good."

"Bad news, the Khaos Brigade's in Kyoto."

"Yeah, we figure it's the Hero Faction."

"Not just them, but there's another..."

"Nabs..." Ranma trailed off as he saw some people walk onto the street. "I'm going to have to call you back. We just ran into them."

"Well, well..." Lilith grinned as she saw two of them that she recognized. "If it isn't the pathetic pantyhose guy and Bishamon..." Her grin fell as she looked around. "Where's Morrigan?"

"Don't call me that, you little bitch!" Tarou screamed as he balled his hand into a fist.

"...How'd you get your eye back?" Mittelt asked as she saw Tarou's left eye was there. "I thought I stabbed it."

"You'd be surprised at some interesting things you can find in the world." Tarou smirked at her. "As for Morrigan, she's back in Makai today, instead, we got a new friend."

The ground shook as a big, lumbering person walked out of the shadows, groaning.

"Oh goodie, Frankenstein's monster." Atsuko muttered as she saw the brute. He was huge, over eight feet tall and he wore brown boots, orange pants and a green sleeveless vest, he had yellow hair, his skin was blue with a large scar on his chest and large bolts where his ears should have been.

"Name is Victor, not Frankenstein." The creature growled slowly. "If Victor defeats you, then Victor can have what Victor wants."

Lilith shrugged, an amused look on her face as she held her hands up in the air. "A possessed armor, a pantyhose boy and Victor, how lovely."

"STOP CALLING ME THAT!" Tarou yelled in anger.

Lilith gave him an annoyed look. "For someone who uses pantyhose to fight, you sure get triggered by that word."

"If you haven't noticed," Ranma spoke up, "you're out-numbered four to three and Morrigan's not here. So why don't you just..."

"Hold it right there." A new voice spoke up and Ranma looked up to see Bikou on a telephone pole. "I think it's now even. Besides, after seeing you face Vali and that open invitation, how could I refuse the chance to face you?"

Ranma smirked at him. "Well, facing the current Monkey King, huh? That sounds like a lot of fun."

"Victor take you." The giant pointed at Atsuko.

"Then I'll take on the bitch that took my eye out." Tarou grinned. "Oh, and just so you know, I can still control my curse."

Seeing him shift forms, Mittelt gulped and took a step back. "Is he bigger than last time and... THE HELL?! TENTACLES?!"

"That explains how he got his eye back then," Atsuko muttered, "if those are Octopus tentacles, then he'd be able to regrow his eye since some marine life-forms have a form of regeneration."

Bishamon nodded, the faceplate gone revealing Kimiko Tendo's face. "Indeed, he went back to Jusenkyo and poured Spring of the Drowned Octopus on his back when in his cursed form, it bonded with his original curse and now he has tentacles."

"...HOW DOES AN OCTOPUS DROWN?!" Mittelt yelled at the absurdity of it all.

"That's... A pretty good question actually." Bishamon nodded as Excalibur Betrayal formed in front of it. "Now then, shall we dance, little succubus?"



"Watch out!" Azazel yelled as he threw up several barriers as a powerful Holy energy attack blasted through them in an instant and blasted him off of the bridge and into a far-away building. He was thankful that the purple mist, whatever it was, seemed to push everyone off into a separate dimension so that no innocent bystanders would get hurt.

"Oops! My bad." A Chinese man wearing a Maoist outfit said as he gently tapped an ornate spear on his shoulder. "That was rude of me."

End Chapter 3


Yes, Issei just got laid, Hell officially froze over! Now how many of you saw that coming?

As for Rossweisse, not sure what to do with her 100% yet. We'll see how things go. Maybe you guys can give me some suggestions?


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Chapter 4

Standing on top of a telephone pole, Ranma looked at Bikou, who was standing on top of the next telephone pole over. "So, tell me something, where's Vali?"

Bikou chuckled as he stood on one leg, his staff held across his shoulders. "Visiting some family of his. I won't say who though." When Ranma shrugged, Bikou tilted his head. "Tell me something, why did you make that challenge back in Kuoh?"

Ranma grinned at him. "Blame Vali, he got me excited."

"How kinky." Bikou grinned as they leapt at each other.

"Just for the fight," Ranma spoke as they exchanged punches before landing, "any areas I should avoid?"

"Such as?"

"Dragonball jokes?"

"...Yeah, may want to avoid those," Bikou stated. "Brings up some bad family issues."

Ranma blinked. "I'm sensing a running theme for your group... and the area here in general."


Victor let out a grunt as he got punched by Atsuko and slid back several feet, his weight being so heavy that he tore up the street while he slid. Grinning, he ran at Atsuko and punched at her, only to hit air as she jumped away from him.

"Guess I don't need to hold back against you, huh?" Atsuko asked no one in particular and rushed in, hitting Victor in the stomach so hard that the air itself shook from the blow.

As he was lifted off his feet and sent flying, Victor blindly reached down and grabbed Atsuko before he got too far away. Grinning at the surprised girl, the bolts on his head seemed to flash for a moment before raw electrical power raced down his arms and entered Atsuko's body, causing the cyborg to scream out in pain as her whole body was flooded with electricity. This lasted for a few moments before Victor crashed into and through several trees and landed on his back when he let go of Atsuko, causing her to land hard on the ground, flopping around and jerking as her body spasmed in pain.

Victor stood up and walked over to the downed girl as she twitched and tried to get to her feet. "Victor is sorry, but Victor must beat you to get what Victor wants."

"Thanks for your consideration." Atsuko managed to get out through gritted teeth as she pushed herself away from him. 'Note to self, cyborg body is weak to electricity, have to work on that.'

Victor then grabbed Atsuko and picked her up before jumping into the air and slamming her onto her back on the ground and creating a crater.

"...Oww." Atsuko muttered and kicked up, smashing Victor and causing him to fly backwards where he landed on his butt. Standing up, the cyborg shook her head. "Thanks for slamming me though, it got me good and loose."

Victor grunted as he got up. "You're very strong." If it wasn't for certain things, he would enjoy this.


"Hey!" Mittelt yelped as she flew away from Tarou. "How can you fly? Those wings are too tiny for your frame! MEEP!" She yelped as she ducked under a gout of flame from the tentacled Minotaur's mouth. "AND HOW ARE YOU BREATHING FIRE?!" She yelled as she threw several pitch-black spears at Tarou, only to watch as his tentacles knocked them away or got pierced to prevent them from hitting Tarou. "Dammit!" She growled and yelped as several tentacles, far more than before rushed up at her. "Ha! You'll never..." She trailed off and her face turned blue as she felt one wrap around her ankle. "...I knew that I shouldn't have watched Legend of the Overfiend before coming to Kyoto." She whimpered as she was pulled rapidly towards Tarou, who punched her body and caused her eyes to bug out before the tentacle loosened and she was sent flying.

"Hurr hurr hurr..." Tarou grunted and grinned. 'That was for my eye, you little bitch!'

Groaning as she landed hard on her back, Mittelt got to her knees before putting a hand to her mouth and expelling the contents of her stomach.

After a few moments, she coughed and looked up as a shadow formed over her, she only had a moment to realize what was going on as tentacles snaked around her ankles and lifting her up into the air, upside down and causing the skirt she was wearing to fall down, exposing her panties and Mittelt's face turned scarlet in response. "EEEK! YOU PERVERT!" To make it worse she was wearing her sexy panties too, they didn't cover very much.

Seeing Tarou pull an arm back, Mittelt wasn't sure she was thankful he wasn't trying to do something perverted with her or not.


Bishamon slashed down at Lilith, who jumped backwards and retaliated with several energy bats at the armor, who quickly parried them with Excalibur Betrayal. "Oh dear, I guess..." The spirit of Kimiko Tendo grinned as the sword started to glow black. "I can't hold back. I was intending to deal with you right away."

"Well then..." Lilith crossed her arms and snapped her fingers as her body seemed to glow. "DEMONIC LIGHTNING STORM!" Throwing her arms to the side, she let out a yell as lightning crashed down all around her and Bishamon, crashing into the armor and forcing it to its knees. "The hell? That should have been enough to put you down."

"Normally you'd be right." Bishamon said, its aura having dissipated, before it stood back up. "But the combined Holy, Youki and Cursed aura that Excalibur Betrayal gives me grants me some heavy resistances."

"Well, poop." Lilith muttered as she dropped to her knees. "Try this then!"

Bishamon looked down as several shadow tendrils came out of the ground and wrapped themselves around it. A burst of its aura and the tendrils dissipated. "Nice try. Now..." The sword started to glow black and Bishamon swung it horizontally, sending a powerful crescent arc of energy out at Lilith, who took off to the air and sent a ball of fire back at the armor. Sneering, the armor swung the sword upwards and an energy wave bisected the fireball and rushed up to Lilith, who had a surprised look on her face as the the energy wave crashed into her and exploded.



Kunou, being watched over by Asia, gave Issei an annoyed look after he used a technique he called "Boobylingual" to apparently read his opponent's breasts' minds 'who knew boobs had minds?' she thought to herself, and then he followed it up by stripping all of them naked. Sure, his armor was cool as heck and made him look really strong, but to use such a perverted technique?

In the air, Azazel, using his Downfall Dragon Balance Breaker, was going toe-to-toe with the guy who introduced himself as Cao Cao. "What is it that you want, anyway?" The Fallen Angel leader asked as his bident of light parried the True Longinus. 'To think that the person with the strongest Longinus would appear here. Not to mention Dimension Lost and Annihilation Maker? How the hell did those three Longinus get into one group's hands?'

"Think about it, Azazel." Cao Cao said as he held his spear behind him, the tip pointing to the ground. "Dragons, Gods, Devils, Demons, Angels, Fallen Angels and everything in between, they have incredible powers yet it's always the humans who are the Heroes in the stories. It's kind of embarrassing, really. So I wanted to know, just how far can I go as a weak human fighting among the Gods. Surely you can understand that."

Before Azazel could retort, an orange sigil opened up in the sky and a huge golem-like creature that looked like a gargoyle appeared, dropping out of the sky and landing in the water, which only came up half-way up its legs.

"Gogmagog?!" Azazel gasped in shock. "That was created by the Ancient Gods as a weapon of mass destruction, but I heard it was abandoned in the Dimensional Gap. What is it doing here?"

"Yoo hoo!" A cute blonde girl in a blue witch's outfit cheerfully announced herself as she flew in on a broom from another orange sigil. "Hi! I'm Le Fay Pendragon, Arthur's sister." She waved at everyone before flying over to Cao Cao. "As for you," she coughed to clear her throat and lowered her voice a couple of octaves while putting her fingers to her forehead, "you shouldn't interfere, Cao Cao, Issei is mine to defeat." She smiled at him. "That was my Vali impression, pretty good, huh?" She asked as her voice went back to normal. "Anyway, Goggy woggy, can you smash those annoying Annihilation Maker dolls, please?"

The creature's eyes seemed to light up before it threw both of its hands up in the air and brought them down, destroying not only the mass-produced golems, but also the bridge most everyone was on.

'I'm glad we're shunted off from reality.' Azazel thought to himself. 'This would be a pain to fix.' He turned his head to the side and gaped. 'What is she doing here?'

Grabbing onto one of the segments of the bridge, Issei pulled himself up and blinked as the cute blonde from earlier flew up to him. "Um, hi."

"Oh my gosh! It's the Red Dragon Emperor! I'm a HUGE fan of your show! Can I shake your hand?"

Issei blinked, dumbfounded and raised his right hand to her.

"YEEE!" Le Fay squealed as she squeezed his hand and shook it. "If you ever need someone to teach you magic, give me a call."

"...I don't even know your number."

She winked at him. "Don't worry, I gave you my card." Not understanding, Issei looked at his right hand and stared at the card in it. "So, if you ever want to advance your magic studies, give me a call, okay?"

"Uh huh..." Issei nodded as he pulled himself up and turned around. "Is everyone... Huh? Rossweisse?"

Stumbling towards the bridge, the drunk Valkyrie glared at everyone. "I was, hic, trynna take a freakin nap... AND NONE OF YOU WILL SHUT UP!" She screamed before the sky was filled with many, many magic circles.

Looking at that, Cao Cao raised an eyebrow. "If swords come flying out of there, I'm out of here."

Letting out a yell, the entire area was bombarded with magical attacks, causing Issei, Cao Cao, Le Fay and others to quickly vacate as her attacks demolished the bridge.

"Well, this is entertaining." Cao Cao grinned as Rossweisse flopped onto her back, passing out from being drunk. As a shadow came over him, Cao Cao looked up and saw Gogmagog raising its arms to crush him. "Oh yeah, I better deal with you, huh?" Pointing his spear at the creature, he grinned as it extended towards the golem. "Got...What the fuck?" His spear seemed to go into a hole in space before popping out the backside of the golem.

"Now, now, I'd ask you not to do that." A new voice spoke up as a black sigil appeared over Gogmagog and the creature disappeared as it washed over the golem's body.

Retracting the True Longinus, Cao Cao looked backwards and up as a blade appeared out of thin air and cut a hole in space. "Oh, it's you."

Looking up, Issei could only stare as a tall blue-skinned Devil with a purple outfit stepped out of the hole. "What's going on?"

"I'm terribly sorry." The tall Devil smirked and bowed. "My name is Jedah Dohma, one of the three rulers of Makai."

"What?!" Azazel stared in shock. 'If this Jedah guy is one of the rulers of Makai, that means he's probably in the Satan-class of Devils.'

"Now that introductions are out of the way." Jedah shrugged. "I regret to inform you, Cao Cao, that the plan is no longer necessary. Ophis has what she needs now and you won't need to do what you originally planned on doing."

"Well, that's disappointing." Cao Cao groused in annoyance. "And to think we wasted all that time."

"And for that, I'm terribly sorry, I had completely forgotten you were here in Kyoto until just now," Jedah said before his eyes lit up. "I've got it! Let's play a game then..."

"A game?" Issei narrowed his eyes at the flying Devil. "What kind of game?"

"Perhaps you've heard of Soul Bees?" Jedah grinned at the looks of shock he was getting. "I'm thinking of releasing a couple dozen into the city tonight."

"Are you where Kokabiel got them from?" Azazel asked, getting a shrug from Jedah.

"Perhaps, but that fool never knew how to properly use the tools around him. Even when he stumbled into Makai four years ago, he thought he could take over, such a pathetic fool." Jedah said dismissively, causing Issei, Kiba, Xenovia, Asia and even Azazel to get a bit worried. Jedah was seemingly dismissing Kokabiel as a threat and a fool, which made them wonder just how strong he truly was. "As for the leader of the Youkai..." A grin covered his face. "Well, I'm sure that the Hero faction would be willing to face off against your best fighters who aren't dealing with the Soul Bees. The winner gets to decide what to do with her."

Cao Cao snorted. "I'm in no mood to play with children if there's nothing else of interest. The only reason we captured her was to draw out Great Red."

Jedah smirked. "Maybe you should use the power of the Ley Lines, cause her to go berserk and kill her to prove yourselves?"

"Hmm... That..." Cao Cao grinned. "Could be fun."

"You can't!" Kunou yelled up, tears in her eyes. "If you do that, it'll cause serious damage to mother and kill her after only a little while!"

"Well then," Jedah smiled at the little fox girl. "You best not waste time. At ten tonight, the Nijo Castle is your destination. Of course," he narrowed his eyes at the group, "if any of the great alliance shows up more than ten minutes early, I can't guarantee that I won't do something horrible to her."

"Well, you heard him." Cao Cao smirked as he walked back into the mist. "I think we'll continue our fight then, don't you?"

"Wait!" Azazel yelled as the mist picked up.

"See you at ten." Cao Cao grinned as the mist washed over the battlefield.



"Not bad." Bikou grinned as he panted and wiped a trickle of blood coming out of his mouth. "I can see how you gave Vali a hard time."

"Yeah, same to you." Ranma grinned. This fight was everything he wanted, the opponent was fast, skilled, tough and strong. "You live up to your title. Also, next time you see Vali, you need to let him know that I won our last fight." Bikou blinked in confusion. "He used Divide on me," Ranma smirked at the Monkey King, "the terms were to not use Divide."

Bikou laughed before grimacing. "Hmm, must have busted a rib or three. Of course, you're not any better off, are you?"

"I heal quickly." Ranma retorted, though he was pretty much in the same boat at this point. "Tell me, why did the Khaos Brigade kidnap Yasaka?"

"Couldn't tell you." Bikou responded. "That's Cao Cao, not me, I wanted to fight you and..." He blinked as an orange sigil appeared. "Le Fay?"

"Yoohoo!" She grinned as she flew into the area. "Sorry to say, Bikou, but Jedah said we have to go now."

Ranma sighed in annoyance. "I'm not finished yet."

Bikou smirked. "I bet more than a few women have said that to you."

"Oh dear!" Le Fay blushed at that. "Speaking like that around a lady. Anyway, bye bye, and Ranma Saotome, next time we meet I wanna learn your icy-fire magic, okay? I'll teach you some of my magic if you do." She waved as she grabbed Bikou and disappeared.

Ranma grumbled, he was winning too! Then again, he was certain that Bikou was holding back against him. "Next time then, Bikou, Le Fay."


Groaning from where she was on the street, Mittelt looked at her handiwork and gawked at what she saw. 'Note to self, master this damn power already!' She screamed to herself as she thought back to what happened.


As Tarou punched forward, Mittelt, in desperation, threw her hands out and sent a pink spear at his right shoulder, as well as a pitch-black spear. "...Ooops." She gulped as the two connected at his left shoulder at the same time...

...And at the same place no less.

The resulting explosion sent her flying several blocks away.

*End Flash*

"Did I kill him?" Mittelt asked no one in particular as she stood up. "...I hope no one was hurt by that!" The hill they were fighting on was completely missing, several pipes had burst, spraying water everywhere and power lines were down, touching the water, electrifying it. "Hoo boy! I *REALLY* hope that no one was around when I did that."

When a giant fist broke through the ground, she jumped back and gawked as she saw Tarou pulling himself out of the ground...

...Except that he was missing his left shoulder and arm...And wing...And half his tentacles...And some of his face.


Tarou was panting before letting out a massive bellow and the missing parts of his body regrew.

"...That was impressive." Mittelt muttered and watched as Tarou slowly shrank and returned to his human form. "Okay, how?"

"Heh..." Tarou panted heavily. "Ruinous Animal Control, my Sacred Gear, if not for my cursed form it would be useless. Make an animal larger or smaller or enhance their abilities..." Cursing, he fell to his knees and groaned.

"Makes sense, though where does the fire come from?"

Before Tarou could answer, Bishamon crashed down next to him, its arms removed, though they were held by the spirits around its shoulders, along with Excalibur Betrayal. "Well, that hurt." Bishamon muttered and looked up at Lilith, who had blood running down her left leg and right arm, both of them hanging loosely in the air. "Shall we call this a draw?"

"Fuck you." Lilith muttered, her right eye screwed shut.

"No thanks, I don't have those parts anymore." A hole in reality opened up behind the armor. "Sorry, I'd love to fight you some more, but I think it's time to..." Bishamon was cut off as lightning crashed into it, sending it flying into the hole. Tarou jumped in after the armor.

Groaning, Lilith fell to the ground and was caught by Mittelt. "Thanks, love you." She kissed the Fallen Angel on the lips for a moment. "Can we find Master and call Asia? I need healing."

"Yeah." Mittelt nodded and looked back at the hill. "How are we supposed to explain this one?"

"I don't know, maybe there's something to unmake this damage somewhere?" Lilith looked around. "Where's Atsuko?"


Atsuko let out a scream as she was being flooded by lightning. That hurt, but the worst part of all of this was, in her opinion, was that Victor was grabbing her by his ass and holding her in place. 'HOW THE HELL CAN HE DO THIS?!' She mentally screamed before Victor threw her away.

Victor took a stumbling step forward. "Victor not..." A hole in space opened up and Tarou leaned his head out. "What?"

"We're done here. I'm out of strength, Bishamon needs to be repaired and Bikou ran off."

Victor grumbled and walked towards the hole. "Victor finish this later."

Atsuko panted and glared at the spot where he was at a moment ago as the hole disappeared. "Dammit." She muttered and looked up as Ranma came over to her. "You were facing the Monkey King, how are you not hurting?"

"Five broken ribs, a dislocated shoulder that I put back into place, a few bruised organs and other small injuries." Ranma said to her. "Bikou had more than a few injuries himself." He helped Atsuko up. "Come on, we need to get Asia for some healing." He looked at the destroyed hill and sweat-dropped heavily. "And talk to Mittelt about not over-doing it."

Atsuko nodded as she saw Mittelt flying over to them with Lilith in her arms.


Back at the hotel...

Ranma sighed as Asia healed him, Mittelt, Asia and Atsuko as they sat in Issei's hotel room, thankful for the near-privacy, standing next to the door was Azazel, who listened to what happened in concern.

"You seriously destroyed that hill?" Azazel asked and sighed as Ranma nodded. "Dammit, did you at least ward the area to keep people from investigating?"

Ranma gave him a flat look. "No, we had a pitched fight with a giant monster, the Monkey King, a possessed armor and Frankenstein's monster where anyone could see it. Of course we warded the area."

"No need for sarcasm." The older man muttered as he made a note to make sure that the hill was fixed up.

"Are you okay now?" Asia asked, getting a nod from Ranma. "That's good. I'm sorry that you got hurt."

"Meh, don't be. Just wish you were around when I was training." He then thought about it and shook his head. "On second thought, I'm glad you weren't. Knowing my old man, he would have taken it as an incentive to push the training to the point of nearly killing me every day and have you heal me right afterwords."

Azazel shook his head as they sat in Issei's room. "How did you get in here without anyone seeing you anyway?"

Ranma smirked at him. "My old man's a lot of things, but he's a damn good martial artist and developed some really dangerous skills, one of them can make me go invisible. I just made sure to include the others."

"I bled all the way up here!" Lilith giggled as her injuries faded away. "Thanks, Asia, I owe you."

"Oh, no, it's fine." The blonde girl blushed. "I'm just glad you're okay."

"I dunno if we'll see those four again tonight." Ranma said to Azazel. "Apparently Mittelt blew away most of Tarou's cursed body when she blew up the hill."

"I don't get how a Sacred Gear can do that." Mittelt muttered. "I mean, he added octopus tentacles to his monster form, how does that..."

"Ocotopi can regenerate lost limbs completely." Atsuko replied. "Much like Starfish can, except that their tentacles can't grow into new octopi, his Sacred Gear must have enhanced the octopus curse."

"And he said it would have been useless without his cursed form." Mittelt frowned before her eyes widened. "Wait, you don't think that..."

"Probably," Azazel nodded, "it might be another Irregular Sacred Gear." Probably related to Lucifer or Beelzebub, now that he thought about it, those two were the most closely associated with animals after all. "Anyway, Mittelt, I don't recommend you ever mix your Holy and Devil powers like that again. We don't need an anti-matter explosion going off each time you do." The blonde girl blushed hard. "On the other hand, congrats on surviving said explosion."

"So, what's going on with Yasaka?" Ranma asked Azazel.

"Apparently she's the prize for tonight's game." Azazel shook his head. "I don't want to play their game, but if we show up too early, apparently Jedah Dohma will kill her."

"Jedah?!" Lilith gasped out. "What's he doing with the Khaos Brigade?!"

"You know him?" Azazel raised an eyebrow.

"Of course I do." Lilith threw her arm to the side. "He's the reason I have this body in the first place!"

Ranma sighed as everyone looked at her in confusion. "Alright, I guess since the bag's open..." He pointed at Lilith. "She was originally half of the soul of Morrigan Aensland. Eight years ago, Jedah apparently took her soul and molded a body for it, and named it Lilith."

"So that's what you meant when you said that your father didn't know that you were alive, or that you didn't have any power with Makai." Azazel cupped his chin as he thought about it. "Wait, can half a soul even survive?"

Lilith shrugged. "I'm still alive, so apparently." She sighed heavily. "I've known... I've known for the past eight years that one day Morrigan and I will face off for one final time..."

"What will happen then?" Mittelt asked.

"We'll fight for control over our soul." Lilith sighed. "I mean, yeah, I'm a Devil now, but when we fought in Kuoh, I could still feel the pull, my soul wanted to merge with hers. If that happens... One of three things will happen."

"You'll be the dominant part, Morrigan will or the souls will merge into a new entity that's neither of you." Azazel spoke up, getting a nod from Lilith. "Yeesh, I don't know what to say about that."

"Lilith..." Mittelt said softly, causing the succubus to look at her. "If you fight Morrigan and lose, I'll never forgive you." She looked away blushing. "I mean, you're the only girl that has boobs that aren't bigger than mine in the group, I don't want to be the smallest one."

"We're getting off track." Ranma said, "what's this game?"

"Jedah plans on releasing a couple dozen Soul Bees into Kyoto at ten tonight." Azazel didn't like this, from what he had heard, they were basically Locusts and then there was that ability to multiply if they injected themselves into a body. "So we've got to have a strike force to deal with them, get people to Nijo castle to fight the Hero Faction and there are other problems as well."

Ranma sighed and nodded. "Lovely. And Kunou has to have several of the Youkai mages in the area helping out with my plan in case things go South."

"Um," Asia raised her hand, "what is your plan?"

Ranma smirked at her. "That's a secret."

"Master needs to stop reading those Light Novels." Lilith muttered in annoyance.

"Anyway, are you sure your plan will work? Because if not, I've got someone I can call." Azazel was going to make the call anyway.

Ranma grinned at the Governor General. "Don't underestimate me. We'll save Yasaka, I guarantee it."

Azazel nodded at him. "Alright, why don't you all go get some rest for a few hours, okay? Meet back here at eight, we'll discuss what we're going to do then."

The teens nodded and left the room, leaving Azazel to himself. "Hopefully we won't have to deal with any other members of the Khaos Brigade getting involved."

End Chapter 4


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Regarding Rossweiss, I still like her interactions with Issei. Throwing her headlong into Ranma's camp is only going to drag Ranma into underworld politics far earlier than he'd ever want, let alone like. He seems to have enough on his plate as is, but we could play on some of his bits with Issei. Train Issei up to at least be a good enough masseuse that he could take Ranma's place, make up that a Harem King needs these kinds of skills to please the harem.


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Considering how much Serafall is sniffing around Ranma that will do far more to bring him into the politics than Rossweiss ever could


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It was eight when Azazel had the members of Sona's peerage, Rias's peerage, Ranma and Serafall meet in Issei's room. "So this is what we know. In exactly two hours, a powerful Devil will be releasing dangerous creatures known as Soul Bees into Kyoto. Some of you already know how dangerous these things are, so I won't waste time explaining it. Just remember that if you see one, kill it immediately. The last thing we need is this infestation to get worse." Everyone nodded and he continued. "On top of that, Lady Yasaka is going to be the prize of this so-called game that's been set up. I don't think I need to explain how disturbing this is."

Ranma tuned out Azazel as he talked about the foundations of Kyoto and thought about what was going on.

"I've made a call to someone who's an expert at handling situations." When asked who, he just told them that they would know the person when they saw the person. "Anyway," he looked at Ranma, "you said you had a plan for dealing with the Hero Faction?"

"It's more like we planned on screwing up whatever they're planning." Ranma replied. "I noticed the Ki of the area was out of whack when I first showed up. Thankfully a couple of people are in town that can use this to our advantage."

"Care to fill us in on the details?" Azazel asked, getting a smirk from Ranma.

"If you compare the way Ki is set up in this city to a flowing river, I guess you could say that we're going to create a large drainage ditch to cut the flow from going downstream." Ranma shrugged at the looks he was getting. "It'll screw up what those bozos have planned. Anyway, the Youkai Association is having their best magic users help on this." He looked at the others. "And this is going to sound very weird, but if you come across large piles of laundry laying on the ground, don't touch them, no matter what. We need them for this plan to work." He shrugged at the looks he was getting. "Trust me, don't ask, you'll keep your sanity longer that way."

Azazel put his hand over his mouth and coughed softly. "Very well," putting his hand down, he looked at the others, "I'll only say this once. This trip isn't over until everyone gets home safely. As for taking care of the Soul Bees, I want the Sitri family to deal with them." He looked at Issei and the others, "Irina and the Gremory family will go to take on the Hero Faction."

"Right." Both groups said at the same time.

"I want Saji to join the Gremory family. Just in case." Azazel looked at Saji, who nodded. "Issei, you're responsible for him if something goes wrong, so make sure that he survives." Issei nodded, even if they were rivals in some things, he still considered Saji to be a friend of his. "Ranma," Azazel looked at him, "what do you and your group plan on doing?"

"We're going with Issei and the others to save Yasaka. Besides, there's a chance that Bikou and his group might show up again and that would really suck for everyone." Ranma replied, his tone serious.

"Very well." Azazel nodded. "Unfortunately, I'm going to be monitoring everything from here, so I won't be able to go with. On top of the Soul Bees, there's a good chance that some of the Hero Faction may try to escape in the chaos or cause more problems."

"Anything we should know about Soul Bees specifically?" Saji asked.

"Yeah, if they sting you, you're as good as dead." Ranma told them. "Not kidding, if they stick their stinger in you, they're going to inject themselves into you and then kill you from inside." Everyone listening in turned a bit green at the thought.

"Which is why I want you all to take extra care when out there." Azazel told them. "I do have some good news though." He reached into his coat and pulled out a couple of vials. "I managed to round up some Phoenix Tears for this. Sadly..." he trailed off and looked at the two he put on the table. "That's all I could get. Each group gets one."

"But that's not enough." Saji protested.

"Sorry, that's all I could get." Azazel shook his head. "Anyway, we've been here long enough. Prepare yourself and leave at nine." He looked at Issei. "Make sure that you don't enter the shrine until ten minutes to ten at the earliest. Any earlier and who knows what will happen."

Issei nodded at him. "Roger." As he picked up the Phoenix Tear bottle, he wondered if there was a way to mass produce the stuff.



Jedah grinned as he picked up another bottle of Phoenix Tears that popped out of Akane's cauldron. "Most impressive." Looking at Akane, he wondered just how far this cauldron could take things. "I wonder, can you fuse stuff with this cauldron?"

"Perhaps. But I do not know." Akane answered mechanically. "Is there something you wish to see fused together?"

Snapping his fingers, a screen popped into view. "You see this?" He pointed at the person on the screen. "This Sacred Gear is a very potent one, however, it lacks a physical form."

"Then how can..." Akane blinked and nodded as she saw where the Sacred Gear was stored. "Do you wish for this for yourself?"

"No." Jedah shook his head. "For a... Companion of mine." He chuckled and grinned. "Unlike Boosted Gear, this one doesn't need a powerful beast inside of it. For now, don't worry about it, but I will need it later."

"Of course." She nodded.

"Anyway, it's time for me to go. Go and rest or whatever." He bowed and disappeared in a flash.

Akane walked over to her bed and laid down to rest.



"Hey, Issei." Azazel spoke up, catching the attention of Issei and the others as they prepared to leave the hotel. "Come here for a sec."

"What's up?" Issei asked as he walked over.

"I was taking a walk outside when a pervert tried groping a woman just outside the hotel. Naturally I helped restrain him until the police arrived, however," Azazel reached into his coat pocket and pulled out a reddish gem the size of a baseball, "when I did, this fell out of him."

"I don't believe it." Ddrag was heard from Issei's left hand.

"What's wrong?" Issei asked as he took it from Azazel.

"Believe it or not, that's the thing that came out of the box Elsha gave you."

"...Wait, what?! THIS IS MY POTENTIAL?!" Issei yelled in dismay.

"Well, that makes sense," Azazel sighed. "When I grabbed it, I couldn't help but notice it felt like Issei."

"So on top of dealing with the Khaos Brigade, we'll have to deal with the fallout from this too, huh?" Rossweisse sighed in annoyance. "As if I didn't have enough, urk!" She put her hand to her mouth and ran off, looking for a bathroom.

"You'd think she would have puked everything out by now." Azazel muttered. "What's wrong?" He asked as he noticed Issei was looking rather glum.

"I was wondering... What does it mean to be a Hero?" Issei sighed heavily. "When I was a kid, I looked up to Heroes as awesome, but after everything here recently, I just wonder if they really are awesome."

"Issei," Ranma spoke up before Azazel could, "I don't consider myself a hero, but the truth is, a Hero is just someone who does something no one else can do. That's all."

"He's right." Azazel continued before Issei could say anything, "but that doesn't matter. What do you want to do with your life?"

"Duh!" Issei grinned, "I want to be a Harem King!" He then laughed and rubbed the back of his head, "but right now all I want is to be the best I can be for Rias and help my friends."

"There's nothing wrong with that." Azazel smiled at him. "Whether big or small, whatever goals you have in life, it's important to be true to yourself."

"And at this moment, I just want to beat the crap out of those Khaos Brigade douchebags." Issei grinned, getting a nod from both Azazel and Ranma.


A bit later...

Ranma groaned as he looked around. "I feel like Ryoga, but, where on Earth are we now?" Nearby he could see Lilith, Atsuko and Mittelt all looking around in confusion. "Okay, we were at a train station, then Kunou showed up and demanded to help save her mother, then a purple mist showed up after we agreed to let her join."

"Eh?! Where did you four come from?" A male voice spoke up. Turning around, Ranma saw a man with spiky blue hair and a muscular build in blue pants and a white shirt, looking at them in confusion. "I was, uh... How do you say, sitting here and then poof!"

"You're not from Japan, huh?" Ranma asked, getting a shake of the man's head.

"England, just traveling, you four appeared from nowhere."

"Lovely," Ranma sighed, "you wouldn't happen to know where Kyoto is, would you?"

The man blinked and pointed to the North. "About a hundred kilometers in that direction, I think."

"Lilith, can you teleport us back?" Ranma asked.

"I can..." Lilith frowned heavily. "Shit!"

"What?" Mittelt asked in confusion.

"I just tried to connect to Kyoto, but the barrier being used by Serafall and Azazel to prevent the Hero Faction from teleporting out is blocking me from teleporting in."

"Lovely." Ranma grumbled, even at top speed it would take twenty to thirty minutes to get back to Kyoto. "Alright, ladies, we're going."

"Can I fly finally?" Atsuko asked. When Ranma nodded as his wings spread out, she jumped in glee. "YAY!"

Watching the group all gain wings and take off into the air, the man known as Jon Talbain blinked, rubbed his eyes and shook his head. "What the hell is going on here? What kind of Darkstalkers are those four?"

In the air, Ranma pulled out his cellphone as it rang. "Issei, what's happening?"

"We all got split up, but we're all in Kyoto, where are you at?"

"About thirty minutes out of Kyoto. We tried teleporting in, but it seems that the barrier to block teleportation prevents anyone from warping in."

"Alright, fine, but don't whine when you get back here and the battle's already wrapped up."

Ranma smirked, he could live with that. "Fine, see ya." He hung up his phone and frowned. 'Yasaka, Kunou, Issei, be safe you guys.'


As he and Kunou got to Nijo Castle, Issei waved at Kiba, Xenovia, Asia and Irina. "Where's..." He trailed off as he saw Rossweisse on her knees puking the the grass with Saji helping her out. "Gross, anyway..." He looked at Xenovia and her new sword. "What's this?"

"It just arrived from the church a few moments ago." Xenovia smiled at him. "They combined the Excalibur fragments they had with Durandal and remade this so I can more easily control it." The blade was just as long as before, but it looked closer to a sawed off gun barrel attached to a sword hilt with a sword blade attached on top of that.

"Well, that's convienent timing." Issei grinned before blinking as the door to the castle opened up. He could feel the power resonating from inside.

"We best not keep them waiting then." Kiba said as they walked up the stairs and to the castle.

"Well, well, looks like you finally showed up, and exactly ten minutes early." Cao Cao said as he and three others stood on top of the castle. "You've met Siegfried from the bridge," he gestured to the dark-skinned, white haired man with a sword in each hand, "this is Jeanne," he pointed to the blonde haired woman in orange armor behind him, "and this is Heracles." He jerked a thumb to the big guy with tanned skin and silver hair who wore some sort of armor over a Japanese school outfit to his left.

"Where's mother?!" Kunou asked, glaring at him. When Cao Cao pointed to the side, she gasped as she saw her mother surrounded by a few people she had never seen before. "Mother! It's me! Kunou!"

When the blonde woman didn't respond, Kunou turned back to Cao Cao and snarled. "What did you do to her?!"

"Nothing much." Cao Cao shrugged. "Merely a hypnotic trance, it'll wear off soon, oh..." He snapped his fingers and grinned as the sounds of battle were heard across Kyoto. "Ah yes, the Soul Bees will be lots of fun."

"You bastards." Issei growled at Cao Cao. "You could have let her go, you gain nothing for doing this!"

"Yeah but it's more fun this way." Cao Cao grinned at him. "Now then..." He snapped his fingers again and Yasaka groaned as her body started to glow before she changed into a Dragon-sized fox. "Ah yes, the absolute pinnacle of Youkai, it'll be fun to have her rampage across Kyoto, won't it?"

"Enough!" Xenovia yelled as she held her sword up into the air, a pillar of yellow light erupting from it. "EAT THIS!" She screamed and slashed downwards, destroying the castle in an instant.

"WHAT THE FUCK!?" Issei screamed as Xenovia let out a sigh of contentment. "DON'T JUST ACT LIKE YOU DIDN'T DO MUCH! YOU DROPPED A FREAKING BLASTING ZONE ALL OVER THIS PLACE!" He couldn't believe it, that sword took out a chunk of Kyoto like a freaking asteroid had just crashed down on it.

Squirming while shaking her hips and blushing at her handiwork, Xenovia grinned. "When they fused the Excalibur fragments into Durandal, it gained all their abilities. I'm naming this new Durandal, Ex-Durandal. I just wish those guys had been tougher, I wanted more fun."

Just as she said that, Cao Cao, Seigfried, Jeanne, and Heracles all climbed out of the soft dirt. "Well, that happened." Cao Cao muttered partially in amazement and partially in amusement.

"Can we hurry it up?" Siegfried asked in annoyance. "As amusing as this is, we won't have much time as soon as we start."

"Fair point. Georg," Cao Cao looked to the side where a young man with brown hair, glasses and a red coat was standing, "could you please start us off?"

"Of course." Georg said as he walked up the stairs he was on and started casting a complex array of magic spells.

Rossweisse gulped as she watched him work. "Infernal Magic, Fallen Angel Magic, Holy Magic, Norse Magic, Fairy Magic, Light and Dark Magic all at the same time?" She couldn't believe it, the number of spellcasters in history that could use that many spells at once were limited to a small handful. She could probably count the amount of people who could do that on one hand and have fingers left over.

When the spell arrays disappeared, Georg fired a magic blast at the fox Youkai, causing it to start howling. "There." He said to the group. "It's done. In a few moments all the Ki of Kyoto will start to overwhelm her and she'll go berserk."

"NO!" Kunou yelled as she trembled.

"Saji!" Issei yelled at the blonde. "Can you and Vritra keep her from destroying Kyoto?"

"Not a problem." Saji grinned as he called up his Sacred Gear. "Alright, Vritra! PROMOTION!" A flash of powerful dark energy formed around him and his body was replaced by a large serpentine Dragon.

"So that's the Dragon King, Vritra, huh?" Cao Cao muttered in amazement. "It's almost a shame that he can't run free, I would have loved to fight him at his peak." Shaking his head to clear it as the dark serpentine Dragon moved to engage with Yasaka, he looked at the Devils in front of him. "Well then, let's get this over with." Cao Cao smirked. "Who do you want to fight, Siegfried?"

"Hmm... I think..." He pointed the Demonic Sword Gram at Kiba and then his other sword at Xenovia. "Those two should be most fun for me."

"Jeanne? Heracles?"

"I'll take that Angel cutie." Jeanne grinned at Irina.

"I guess I'll take the last one." Heracles pointed at Rossweisse, who held up a finger and turned to puke again. "...What's wrong?"

"She doesn't hold alcohol well." Issei muttered. "I guess that means you and me, huh, Cao Cao?"

"Indeed." He grinned at Issei. "Just so we're clear, I just want to test myself, but there isn't a lot of time before she goes insane, so..."

The others spread out to face off with their chosen opponents.

"WELSH DRAGON! BALANCE BREAKER!" Ddrag called out as Issei was engulfed in flames before his red scale mail covered him.

"Asia, Kunou, watch over each other." Issei said as he walked up to Cao Cao.


After exchanging a few blows with Xenovia and Kiba, Seigfried grinned as his Twice Critical Sub Species pulled out another Demonic Sword. "This is Balmung."

Xenovia reached up to one of the chambers of Ex-Durandal and a cylinder popped out, transforming into a sword. "A two sword job, huh?"

"I really should tell you," he grinned at them, "that I've got more than just one extra arm here. Twice Critical, Balance Break!"

Kiba and Xenovia watched as three more arms erupted from Siegfried's body, two off of his shoulders and one on his side, each of them reached into his coat and pulled out three more swords. "Six arms?" Kiba asked, wondering where the hell this came from.

"This is Nothung," Siegfried waved the sword above his left shoulder, "Tyrfing," the sword above his right shoulder waved, "and in my other hand is a Light Sword, perfect for you Devils. This is my Twice Critical Chaos Edge Asura Ravage."


Dodging out of the way of various Holy shots Irina was shooting at her, Jeanne grinned up at her. "Wow, look at you, Angel-chan! You're killing it." Twisting around, she swung her rapier to the side, sending a wave of Holy Swords at Irina, who gasped and flew back. "How do you like my Blade Blacksmith Sacred Gear, huh? It's basically the Holy version of that cute blonde's Sword Birth over there." Grinning, she swung her rapier backwards. "Now how about I show you? My Stake Victim Dragon Balance Break!"

Irina gasped as a dome of Holy swords were formed, before shattering and revealing a Dragon made up of Holy swords appeared. "Fighting the reincarnation of the Holy Maiden and a Dragon made up of Holy swords? Scary, but I have to do this, both because I'm Lord Michael's Ace and because I won't let my friends down!" With new determination, she flew at Jeanne.


Letting out a roar, Heracles grinned. "Variant Detonation - Mighty Comet, BALANCE BREAK!" He screamed as a yellow aura erupted around him before his body was covered in spiky armor parts around his shoulders, legs, knees and elbows. "Let's have some fun!" His hands were covered in what looked like missile heads before he punched at Rossweisse, the hands flying right at her as she took off to avoid them.

Grinning as they exploded, Heracles watched as a green aura surrounded Rossweisse. "Well then." He grinned and jumped after her, shooting her with more missiles.


Cao Cao shook his head as he watched the other three fight. "Well then, shall we begin in earnest?"

"Why not just whip your Balance Breaker out as well?"

"No thanks." Cao Cao grinned at Issei. "I don't need it to beat you."

Growling, Issei rushed forward as his Dragon Scale Armor ignited boosters on his back to increase his speed. Punching forward, he found his right hand parried by Cao Cao as he spun around and then thrust the tip of the spear at Issei's head. Using his right hand, he parried that to the side before rolling and cartwheeling over Cao Cao, who had used his momentum to get away from where Issei was going to land before thrusting the butt of his spear at Issei's face, hitting the side of his armor and causing him to stagger. With a grim look, Cao Cao thrust his spear upwards and stabbed Issei in the stomach before stepping back as a red mist erupted from Issei's armored body and forcing the armored Devil to his knees. "This round belongs to me." Seeing Issei get enveloped in a green aura, he stepped back. "Really, it's not your fault. You're not weak, you've just got a lot of openings."

Grabbing the lone bottle of Phoenix Tears that he had in his possession, Issei sprayed it on his wound, stopping the mist from erupting. "Holy crap, that hurt!"

Grinning at Issei, Cao Cao couldn't help but chuckle. "You were really close to dying, you know that? Just so you know, this spear isn't just a fancy spear, it's the True Longinus, the spear that pierced Christ's body, and that makes it one of the strongest Holy weapons in reality. So no matter how strong you get as a Devil, you can never overcome this power."

Grimacing, Issei stood up. "Screw you."

"Well, I'm impressed, I would have thought you would have ran away in fear."

Issei glared at him. "You think I'm not scared? I am, but if I can't land at least one blow on you, I don't deserve to be the Red Dragon Emperor."

Laughing, Cao Cao pointed his spear at Issei as he took a stance. "I see! I see now! This is why Vali likes you so much. You may not be that much of a threat, but you're entertaining enough."


A powerful red blast formed in front of Issei before he punched it at Cao Cao, who slashed upwards, disrupting the shot and causing it to scatter. Before he could fully recover, Issei was charging in, Ascalon extending from his left gauntlet and cutting Cao Cao's left arm off as the spear user slashed at him. "How's that!?"

Cao Cao jumped back and stuck the butt of his spear into the ground as he caught his dismembered arm. "Well, that happened."

"You're damn right, now I'll, HUH?!" Issei watched, perplexed as Cao Cao pulled out a vial of Phoenix Tears and poured several drops on the severed arm. "Oh come on! How'd YOU get those?!"

"Well, it wasn't exactly legal, I admit." Cao Cao put the severed arm onto his bloody stump and Issei could only stare as it reattached.

"Okay, time out! Why did the blood disappear and how the hell did your clothes fix themselves?"

Before Cao Cao could answer, several cracks appeared in Issei's armor and a huge hole appeared on his chest. "Huh?!" He couldn't believe it as he slumped down to one knee.

Rotating his arm to make sure that it worked properly, Cao Cao grinned. "While you were taking my arm, I was busy landing a few blows of my own on you."

"No fair!" Jeanne's voice was heard as she carried an unconscious Irina over to them. "You're still fighting?"

"Well, he is facing the Red Dragon Emperor." Siegfried replied as he carried Xenovia and Kiba with his four Balance Breaker arms.

"No fair! I wanted to fight him too!" Heracles sounded annoyed as he threw Rossweisse on the ground in front of him.

"You're not weak, really," Cao Cao said to Issei, "it's just that compared to us, you're not good enough. Georg, what's going on?"

"The Dragon King is really giving her a hard time, but since she's berserk, she doesn't care what happens to him or herself." Georg shrugged as he watched the giant fox stomp around on the ground over and over, spewing fire at the Imprisoning Dragon King. "However, I can feel her life force diminishing with each moment. Too bad, really."

As Irina, Xenovia, Kiba, Rossweisse and Issei were all covered in green healing energy, Cao Cao tapped the spear against his shoulder. "Well, that's unfortunate. I guess we win, huh? We'll just have to wait until she burns herself out or Vritra defeats her, whichever comes first."

Issei tuned him out as he tried to move. 'Dammit, what good is this power? Huh? What? Just good enough to hold my own for a little bit? I can't even... I can't win this fight, can I? I can't beat him.'


"Huh?" Cao Cao looked up as two figures dropped from the sky. "Who's this, the B-squad?"

"Hmm? Isn't that the boy who challenged the entire Khaos Brigade?" Siegfried asked. "I remember Vali and Bikou commenting on it."

"Oh yeah, now I remember their description." Cao Cao grinned. "Ranma Saotome, I assume? I hear you gave Vali a good fight."

Ranma ignored them and turned to Issei. "YOU IDIOT!" He screamed before rushing up and kicking Issei in his injured chest.

"GAH!" Issei screamed as he fell onto his back. "WHAT THE HELL, MAN?!"

Ignoring Issei for a moment, Ranma looked up at Mittelt and Lilith, who were floating in the sky. "You two, see that Vash the Stampede wannabe over there?"


"Kill him." Ranma said, his eyes narrowed. "And make it so that when he gets to the Land of the Dead, the Grim Reapers go wonder who he is."

"WHY THE HELL DID YOU KICK ME?!" Issei yelled.

"You were going to give up, weren't you?" Ranma asked him, his eyes narrowed as he threw his hand to the side in anger. "Is that the kind of man you are? Is that the kind of man you taught Gasper to be? Is that the kind of man you want Rias to love?!"

Issei couldn't say anything to that.

"What kind of man just gives up like that, huh?" Ranma pointed at Cao Cao. "You really want to tell me that you gave up when facing this whiny bitch?"

"Who's a whiny bitch?" Cao Cao asked, annoyed that he'd be called that.

"Whaaa! I'm a weak human! Pity me!" Ranma said in an annoying, whiny voice.

"...Do I really sound like that?"

"Sometimes." Jeanne replied.

"Face it, Issei, you'll never beat Sairaorg if you can't punch through the wall in front of you." Ranma turned and scoffed. "Unless you're that pathetic. Go ahead, stay down, but if you give up now, Issei, you'll never be able to fight anyone better than you."

"I'm not like you! I can't just go "ignore reason and logic" and hope to win!" It hurt to yell right now, why couldn't Ranma just see this?

"YOU DUMBASS!" Ranma yelled and turned back to him. "You don't need to ignore reason and logic, you just need to keep trying! If you give up before you truly give your all, what's the point of even trying?!" He turned and scoffed again. "But go ahead, be a weak coward if that's all you can be. But I thought you were better than that, better than him, better than those who doubted you. I guess I was wrong."

"Ranma, I..."

"If you can't believe in yourself, then realize this, everyone else believes in you! Draw strength from that instead then!"

"Hey, Master!" Lilith called out. "I don't know why, but for some reason that purple mist he's using is blocking our attacks!"

"That's Dimension Lost, the third strongest Longinus." Cao Cao supplied for her. "It can teleport people away, trap them in a pocket dimension, oh, and it can completely block any and all attacks." He smirked. "Still, a couple of people coming this late? It's too bad, Lady Yasaka has about... I think one minute left."

"Hold that thought." Ranma said as he pulled out his cell phone and dialed a number. "Ah, big tittied perv, you picked up. I'm putting you on speaker for everyone."

"Who are you calling a big tittied perv?! Anyway, what took you so long?! I was thinking you were going to let poor Yasaka die!"

"Warped out of the city and the wards around the city Azazel put up were preventing us from warping back here right away. Lilith didn't know enough of the area around Kyoto to warp to any place safely. Anyway, activate the plan."

"Ranma!" Happosai's voice was heard. "You owe me big!"

"Yeah, yeah, just get on with it."

Before anyone could ask what was happening, five pillars of purple energy erupted to the South of their current position.

"What the hell is that?" Cao Cao asked and looked at Ranma, who grinned at him. "What are you planning on doing?"

"DO IT NOW!" Ranma yelled.

"Gladly!" Happosai's master cheered. "I'll drain all the Ki in Kyoto into myself with this! Hadou No Yen SATSU!"

Seeing Yasaka stop thrashing around and slow down, Cao Cao looked at Georg. "What's going on?!"

"I...I don't believe it. All the Ki in Kyoto is being drained into one spot!" The brown haired Longinus user gasped in shock as he watched Yasaka shrink and return to her human form, obviously drained. "HOW?!" He was so shocked his glasses almost fell off of his face.

Ranma just grinned at him before looking at Yasaka, who was on the ground, unconscious. "One more second." He rushed over to Yasaka, who was being held by a crying Kunou. "Hey." He reached into his pocket and pulled out a vial. "Good thing I still have this, huh?"

"What?" Kunou sniffled as Ranma opened the vial and poured the drops onto Yasaka, who groaned as the drops worked on her. "MOTHER!"

"Nnngh... Kunou?" She opened her eyes and smiled as her daughter hugged her. "I'm sorry." Yasaka's eyes widened as she saw who was behind her daughter. "Ranma? It's been... So long."

"Yeah, I know." He smiled at her before turning to face the Hero Faction. "Just stay and rest, I'll catch up with you later." He looked at Vritra, who turned back to Saji. "Hey, since you're still good, can you make sure to get her and everyone else out of the fight zone?" Saji nodded and helped Yasaka to her feet. "Thanks."

"How the hell did you have Phoneix Tears?" Issei asked as Ranma walked back over to them.

"Got them when I was in China from Ravel. Never used them though." Ranma shrugged at him. "Now then, how about we deal with these douchebags? Or are you too tired to keep fighting?"


"As amusing as this is, there's no point to keep going." Cao Cao said and shrugged. "You won, you got Lady Yasaka back and she's alive, so there's nothing more for us to do here."

"Oh no..." Ranma snarled as he walked forward, energy crackling around his body. "You fuckers aren't going anywhere. I'm going to lay all four of you out by myself if I have to."

"Oh?" Cao Cao grinned at him. "And why is that?"

"Because," Ranma snarled, "Yasaka is MY WIFE!" He screamed, an eruption of green energy forming around him. "AND I'LL TEAR ALL OF YOU APART MYSELF IF I HAVE TO!"

Watching his power surge and listening to what he was saying, Yasaka felt her cheeks turning red. 'Well, I never did get that honeymoon.'

The sound of whirling blades filled the air and everyone looked as a helicopter hovered over the battlefield.

"Now what?" Cao Cao asked in annoyance.

"Yoo hoo! Atsuko! Honey!"

"Mama-san?" Atsuko blinked in shock. "What are you doing here?" Though she was certain that Akiko couldn't hear her.

"Raise your right arm! I got something for you!"

Pointing his spear at the helicopter, Cao Cao prepared to blast it. "These distractions are getting annoying." When an emerald green blast came his way, he quickly spun and cut the attack, shattering it.

"And so are you." Ranma snarled at him. "Issei, can you fight or are you done?"

"Give me a second and I'll get back up." Issei groaned in pain. "After that speech you gave me, it'd be pretty pathetic if I didn't get back up and fight."

Ranma grinned at hearing that. "Good, because if you gave up, I'd lose all respect for you." Issei looked at Ranma in shock. "Despite how I treat you, you are a friend, and maybe one day you'll be a good rival."


"Yo! Mama!" Atsuko waved her right arm in the air. "What did you want from..." The sound of something being fired broke through the air and she blinked as something latched onto her arm. "A watch?" Her eyes widened as she realized it was a lot more than just a watch, it was melding to her systems and enhancing them. "Hey, Issei..."


"What's that armor of yours called again? When you turn into it?"

"Um, my Balance Break?"

Atsuko grinned at hearing that. "Since everyone else has one, I think I'll join in too! NUKU NUKU BALANCE BREAK!"

End Chapter 5


Darn Cliffhangers! You'll now have to wait TWO whole days to see the conclusion.


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An eruption of energy had everyone shielding their eyes and looking away. When the light died down, everyone looked at Atsuko and stared at her new outfit.

On her head, her pointed metal ears were popped out of her head, her hands and arms up to her elbows were covered in metal greaves, with her fingers ending in claws, with her arms from her elbows up to her shoulders and her neck covered in the black bodysuit, on her feet up to her knees were covered in metal leg coverings with her thighs being mostly exposed and the sides of her hips had side flaps covering them. Her black bodysuit was, for a lack of a better word, skimpy. Her back was completely exposed, along with her butt, as the only covering she had on her backside was a thong that went deep between her butt-cheeks, above her butt a metallic tail was extended. Her stomach was completely exposed, as was most of her breasts as the outfit only covered the outside of her boobs and only provided coverage to her nipples. Her sides were covered and the top, insides and bottom of her boobs were completely exposed. As for her crotch, if her outfit was any lower, it would expose her pussy completely.

"What a slutty outfit!" Jeanne exclaimed, scandalized.

"I like it." Ranma, Issei and Saji all said at the same time.

"Neat!" Atsuko looked at herself and twisted to take a good look at her backside as best she could.

In the helicopter, Arisa Sono looked at her boss. "Who came up with that design?"

The other pilot, Kyouko Ariyoshi, shook her head. "Who cares? Let's get out of here! I don't want to be anywhere near here." She had seen the giant Dragon fighting the giant Fox and didn't know if they'd come back.

As they flew away, Akiko made a note to contact Atsuko and explain a few things about her NK-SG-D mode and to contact Nabiki about designing something so... SKIMPY!

"Will she be okay?" Arisa asked and Akiko nodded. "Ma'am?"

Akiko had a shark-like grin on her face. "That outfit, that she said... Balance Break, right?" The other two nodded, remembering what they heard over the microphones. "It's true name is the NK-SG-D prototype."

"Um..." Kyouko was confused. "What does that mean?"

"Let's just say..." Akiko looked back at the battlefield, "those who rely on their special powers are about to get a nasty awakening."

Back on the battlefield, Jeanne looked at the two aghast. "You like it!?"

"If anime and magic girls have taught me anything non-traumatic," Ranma said, "it is that the less you have covering you as a female, the more powerful you are."

Atsuko grinned as her body was engulfed in flames. "Ooooh! Now I can do this?! Awesome!" She bounced around, revealing that even though the outfit was covering her body, somewhat, it didn't stop her breasts from bouncing as she jumped.

"Feh! Just a fetish outfit." Heracles snorted. "Just stab her in the gut and be done with it."

Atsuko blinked in confusion. "What are you talking about? Every inch of my body is actually covered by a nano-filament fiber-optic transparent body armor that can mold and shift to provide me with maximum protection from stabbing, punching, explosions, fire, magic, energy beams, lightning, ice, toxic fumes and other nasty things you can throw at me."

Everyone stared at her.

"Huh?" Cao Cao asked after several moments.

Sighing, Atsuko hung her head. "You can see my skin, but it's being covered by clear armor made up by tiny robots, okay?" Seriously, how hard was it to understand what she said before? It wasn't like she used any specific terms. "So, Ranma, there's four of them and three of us, who gets what?"

"Let's see... Issei, you good to go?" Ranma looked at the Devil in question, who nodded shakily.

"Yeah, but I'm not at full capacity, but I'll kick some ass."

Ranma smirked and looked at the four. "In that case, punch that whiny bitch's face in for me. If I take him on I won't be able to restrain myself. Atsuko, you want multi-armed freak, the gal who called your outfit slutty or the big guy?"

"Hmm... I'll take the girl on. Can I have the big guy too?"

Heracles snorted. "I had enough disapppointment in women for one day. If that big hot-shot wants to fight, I'll fight him."

"Indeed." Siegfried nodded and pointed all six of his swords at Ranma. "You made an open challenge to the Khaos Brigade, so we're here to accept."

Ranma's smirk slowly turned into a grin. "Well then, I can't disappoint, can I?" Like he was shot out of a cannon, Ranma was in front of Siegfried so fast that the white-haired swordsman couldn't react as Ranma punched him in the jaw and sent him flying away. Ducking a swing from Cao Cao's spear, he rolled forward and jumped on Jeanne's head before using it as a spring board to jump into the air, flip over to avoid another stab by Cao Cao and land behind Heracles. When the big guy turned around, Ranma grabbed him by his wrist, spun and threw him in the direction of where Siegfried disappeared to.

"YAY!" Atsuko cheered before rushing in at Jeanne, who was fast enough to jump away from her punch, which caused another crater in the ground at the near miss. "Oh come on!" Atsuko yelled as she jumped after the blonde, who gasped as Atsuko caught up to her in an instant.

"What are you?" The reincarnation of the Maiden of Orleans gasped as Atsuko did a flip in mid-air and her feet hit Jeanne in the chin, sending her spiralling up and over the large crater that Xenovia made earlier and into a tree.

"Wow..." Cao Cao muttered as he watched them. Turning to Issei, he couldn't help but chuckle. "I actually wish that I had met them sooner. They'd make for good opponents."

Issei was standing on shaky legs, but he couldn't help but grin. "You know, you're not wrong." For all the crap that Ranma and Lilith gave him over his dream to be a Harem King, the two were never disgusted by it and all the criticism they had seemed to be aimed more at the fact that he didn't have a clear-cut idea how to be a Harem King than the fact that he wanted to be one.

"Well..." Cao Cao ignored a Dragon's roar in the background. "Time for round two, can you give me a good fight as injured as you are?"

"You know," Issei said and grinned, though Cao Cao couldn't see it, "I'm sore, hurting, I can barely stand and I don't know if I can move much right now, but Ranma's right about one thing." Cao Cao gave him a confused look as Issei pointed at him. "You're a wall in front of me and if I want to get anywhere in life, I'm going to need to punch through you."

Cao Cao laughed as he heard that. "Well said! Now come on!"


Seigfried rubbed his sore jaw and stood up as Heracles landed on his feet near him. "Well, he certainly packs a punch." That speed was worrisome as well. Looking up as a green energy blast came his way, he and Heracles jumped away as it landed where they were and exploded outwards.

"SCREW YOU, PUNK!" Heracles bellowed. "MIGHTY COMET!" Once more his knees, elbows and shoulders were covered in spikes while his hands were covered in what looked like missile tips. "TAKE THIS!" He fired them at Ranma, who just looked at them.

Ranma held up his right hand and snapped his fingers and several tube-like barriers popped up around him before Ranma snapped his fingers again and pointed at Heracles, causing the barriers to rush at the missiles, causing them to explode shortly after they were launched from his hands. "Did you really beat Rossweisse with that?"

"Don't underestimate me." Heracles grinned at him. "I'm the most durable, strongest and toughest human around!"

Ranma tilted his head in confusion. "Your name isn't Happosai or Cologne, so how can you be any of those?" When Heracles glared, he smirked. "Besides, the real Heracles was the son of Zeus and last I heard, that guy was one of the top Gods to ever live."

"So what's your point?"

"Aren't you just a pale imitation of the real thing then?" Ranma asked in a mocking tone, shrugging as Heracles screamed and rushed him. "Too slow." Ranma twisted to the side as Heracles punched at him. He grinned as Heracles continued to punch at him at increasing speeds before ducking under a haymaker to his face and then punching Heracles in his torso as hard and as fast as he could.

"That won't..." Heracles's eyes went cross-eyed as his armor shattered around him and he fell to his knees, clutching his stomach. "URK!"

Jumping back, Ranma shook his arms up and down several times. "Sheesh, you are one tough bastard, aren't you?"

"What did you..." Heracles grunted in pain.

"I trained with a little old lady who had a technique that made the Emperors of China quake in their boots for over three thousand years." Ranma winked at him and jumped away as Siegfried swung at where he was a moment ago. "And I just hit you over three thousand times in a moment." Though he couldn't do that very often, it made his arms sore as hell and was extremely tiring to do that.

"Well, isn't that something?" Siegfried narrowed his eyes. "However, I won't make the same mistake of underestimating you."

Ranma just smirked.


Swinging her rapier out, Jeanne sent another wave of Holy blades at Atsuko, who punched the wave, causing all the blades coming at her to shatter into several pieces. "What the heck?! Since when can you do that?"

"Come on! Is that all you got?" Atsuko asked, the flames around her body getting bigger. "Come on! Do what you did against Irina and bring out your big guns!"

"You're going to regret that." Jeanne narrowed her eyes. "Balance Break!" A dome of Holy swords formed in front of her before shattering and revealing a blue Dragon with white wings. "Angel-chan couldn't handle this and I can create more swords."

Atsuko tilted her head and nodded. "Okay!" She grinned and rushed forward as the Dragon roared. Moving at speeds that the Dragon wasn't prepared for, Atsuko punched its left front leg, shattering it in an instant and causing the beast to nearly topple over.

"No way!" Jeanne gasped in shock. "What the heck?! Are you related to Saitama or something?!"

"Nope! I'm just Atsuko." She grinned as she jumped on the beast's back and grabbed its wings. She could feel her feet and hands starting to burn from touching these Holy weapons, but it was just a mild burn, nothing serious.

Jeanne watched, her eyes bugging out as Atsuko not only ripped the wings of her Holy Sword Dragon off, but then used them to cut the head of her Balance Breaker off with one wing and then cut the beast's legs off with the other wing. "What? How? HOW?!"

Jumping off of the beast as it fell and shattered into nothing, Atsuko dusted her hands. "I guess Mittelt was right. I'm the only Devil that doesn't have to worry about Holy or Light Weapons and powers." She smiled at Jeanne. "Is that all? Because if so, I'm going to kick your cute little butt all over the place for hurting my friend."

"Not at all! I can do more than just one!" Jeanne growled as three domes appeared in front of her, forming three Dragons. "And I'll do more if I have to!"

Tapping her chin, Atsuko nodded and snapped her right arm out to the side. A tube that looked like a sword hilt appeared in her hand. "Well, let's see, it's supposed to go like this, right?" She asked no one in particular as a metal blade snapped out of the hilt. "Neat! Now I got a sword too!"

"As if that could stop my Dragons."

"It's a sword made out of Damascus steel with a nano-tech fiber solution coating, refined and forged with the most modern equipment possible, using lasers to make the edge so sharp that it can cut through almost anything and the core seems to be made up of something as hard as diamonds." Atsuko said to her.

"...HUH?!" Jeanne gawked at her. "What did you say?"

"It's a very sharp sword that's very durable." Atsuko simplified it. "Also, it can do this." She grinned as energy erupted from the hilt of the sword, turning it from a one handed sword into a zweihander with the blade being a light blue in color and nearly transparent.

"Wait, what? How do you know all of that?!" Jeanne asked in shock. "That's not a real Sacred Gear, so what is this power you have?!" Jumping back, she watched, flabbergasted as Atsuko ran up to her Dragons and swung her sword to the side, shattering the one closest to her in an instand, before swinging her sword back the other way and shattering the next one that got close and then turning and slamming her sword down, bisecting the final one, causing it to fall to pieces. "HOW?!"

"How?" Atsuko asked as the energy dissipated and her sword returned to normal. "Simple, this told me everything." She pointed to her right arm. "The watch Mama-san got me flooded my mind with all the information that I needed to know about this. This sword? It's called the Star Shattering Saber." The flames seemed to die down as Atsuko walked closer to the scared French girl. "And this outfit? I call it my Nuku Nuku Balance Breaker. But it's real name?" She swung her sword and parried the sudden lunge by Jeanne before grabbing the blonde girl's head. "It's real name is the NK-SG-D. Or the Nuku Nuku Sacred Gear Destroyer." She said before running at full speed and slamming Jeanne into and through several trees.



"I don't get it, what does that NK-SG-D have to do with those guys?" Arisa asked her boss. "You said it was the Nuku Nuku Sacred Gear Destroyer, so..."

"It's based off of something called the Sacred Gear canceller." Akiko didn't know what that was, but it sounded very useful. "I was told only one person has it, but it's very powerful. If Atsuko goes up against someone with a Sacred Gear, she should be able to handle them with no problem."

"So what are you going to do about the outfit design?" Kyouko asked, getting a shrug from Akiko. "Ma'am?"

"Right now, it's just a prototype, everything Atsuko has is. It needs some fine-tuning, but the more she uses it, the more data we'll get from it."

"Neat!" Arisa smiled, that was always fun.



Happosai watched as his master continued to absorb the Ki of Kyoto and noticed she was starting to stagger. "Hey! Have you finished cutting off the Ki flows to Nijo Castle?"

"Almost!" One of the fox Youkai said. "Another ten seconds."

"HURRY! HURRY!" The blue-haired Devil groaned in dismay as she held her hand up, a white ring above her and purple energy flowing from the five pillars into the ring and into her. "If I take any more power in, my breasts will start developing their own gravity fields!"

"How horrifying!" Everyone gasped at the same time.

"DONE!" The Tengu mage yelled. "You can stop now!"

Sighing as she dropped her arm and the pillars started to dissipate, the Devil groaned. "Okay, I'm going to return all the Ki in Kyoto that I absorbed."

"We're ready!" One of the fox Youkai called out. "Feel free to release it any time!"

Nodding, the Devil put her fingers in a diamond shape and pointed them into the air. "Satsu no Hado RETURN!" Her body started to glow before a HUGE blast of Ki was launched in the air and lighting up the night sky.

"That reminds me..." Happosai muttered to himself as he shielded himself from the intense light show. "I wonder how that little girl I taught this technique to is doing."


Back at the Nijo Castle area...

Lilith grimaced as Georg countered her spell with one of his own. "I hate fighting expert magic users." This guy wasn't a sorcerer, but she was certain he'd give the old man a run for his money if they ever fought each other. What made it worse, in her opinion, was that stupid fog he was using to block all their attacks.

"Listen, you should give up." Georg called out to them. "I'm not against letting you go, but if you keep this up I might just have to use my Longinus on you and trap you in the Dimensional Void." He sighed as the Fallen Angel threw several pink spears and several black spears at him, all of them failing to pierce Dimension Lost.

"Of course, giving up would be easy." Lilith said as she threw a large fireball and followed it up with a lightning bat. "But I'm not one to give up just because things are tough!"

A bit further away, Mittelt glared at the pink smoke and shook. "I'm so sick of this bullshit! Everywhere I turn there's always some fucking bastard that shows up and goes 'look at me, I've got a new power that you've never seen before, let me kick your ass with it' and I've HAD IT!"

Lilith and Georg both looked at her, Lilith in concern and Georg with interest as they felt her power suddenly spike upwards.

"I get it!" Mittelt yelled as black energy formed in her left hand and pink energy formed in her right hand. "I'm just a grunt of a Fallen Angel! I was never very strong! I was cast off by everyone!" Tears started to form in her eyes as memories of her time with Ranma, Lilith and Atsuko flooded her mind. "I've never had more fun than when Ranma took me in." Raising her head, tears leaking from her eyes, she glared at Georg. "AND YOU MADE MY BOYFRIEND UPSET, YOU FUCKING BASTARD!" Clapping her hands together, she ignored Lilith's warning as a pink and black spear formed in her hand and she threw it at Georg, who sighed in annoyance, before gasping as it exploded on his barrier. "DIE! DIE! DIE! DIE!" She screamed as she threw more and more spears of light and darkness flew threw the air. "JUST DIE!" She put her hands in the air and more than a dozen spears of that type formed above her head and she threw her hands down, causing them to fly at Georg, exploding and kicking up a ton of dust and obscuring their vision of him.

"Wow..." Lilith gasped as she looked at Mittelt. "WOW!"

Panting, Mittelt looked at Lilith. "What?"

Lilith pointed behind her. "When did you grow a second set of wings?"

"HUH?!" Mittelt twisted so she could see behind her and gasped as she saw a second set of wings under her first set. "...I want to ask how, but at this point, I'm just chalking it up to the fact that you and Ranma have broken every rule of the Moonlight World that I thought I knew since I met you."

"We love you too." Lilith giggled before looking down and seeing the smoke clear.

"Well..." Georg nodded in appreciation. "Most impressive, actually, so this is a four winged Fallen Angel, huh? Never thought I'd see one in my life."

Before anyone could respond, a powerful surge of raw magic rushed over the battlefield.



Heracles growled as he got to his feet and watched as that slippery bastard dodged around Siegfried's attacks and retaliated with a large green blast that Siegfried had to block. "You little..." He rushed at Ranma, who jumped away and landed in a crouch. "You okay, Siegfried?"

"Just fine, a little sore, but nothing I can't handle." The multi-armed sword fighter grinned. "This is a lot of fun, but alas, how about we end him?"

"Gladly!" Heracles grinned.

Standing up, Ranma tilted his head to the side and then smirked at them. "You two are right about one thing, we should wrap this up."

"Just a question," Siegfried began, "you're not that much stronger than those we beat, so how are you doing so well?"

Ranma shrugged at him. "If I had to guess, it's because right now I want to kill you two. And I don't make it a policy to kill people I just met." Slowly raising his right arm, Ranma narrowed his eyes at Siegfried, "tell me, which of your arms is your favorite?"

"I don't see what that has to do with anything."

"Enough talking!" Heracles roared and charged at Ranma. "I'm going to..." He was cut off as he ran into a clear barrier that popped up in front of him.

"Just wait, I'll deal with you." Ranma muttered. "Okay, so I guess it doesn't matter, huh?" He snapped his raised arm down. "Kijin Raishu Dan!"

"Demon God Assault Bomb?" Siegfried asked before his eyes widened in pain and he looked at his right Sacred Gear arms, the one with the light sword, which slowly slid off and fell to the ground with a thud. "You... WHAT?!"

"Vacuum blades." Ranma said simply as he looked at the two severed arms. When Heracles shattered his barrier, Ranma simply snapped his fingers. "Frozen Fire Vortex."

"Huh?" Heracles looked down as blue flames spun around his feet for a moment before erupting upwards, engulfing him in icy flames. "ARRRRRGH!" He couldn't believe something could burn and freeze him at the same time. "NNNGH!" Grunting and ignoring the pain, he jumped through the flames, much to Ranma's shock as his sweaty face came barreling at him at high speeds. "YOU LITTLE SHIT!" He screamed and punched Ranma in the face, sending him tumbling away. "I'M GUNNA RIP YOUR GUTS OUT!"

Grimacing as he rolled to his feet, Ranma blocked an attack from Heracles, only to get knocked away from the explosion. "FUCK!" He knew that the big guy had a Sacred Gear, and now he was seeing what it could do when it wasn't firing missiles.

"JUST DIE!" Heracles screamed as he punched Ranma in the face again, only to blink in confusion as a wooden log replaced his opponent. "WHAT?!"

"Body Swap technique, pretty easy to do honestly." Ranma said from behind him. Before Heracles could react, he felt his body jerking from the punches Ranma was landing on him from behind. Jumping away as Heracles grunted and fell to his knees, Ranma just shook his head in amazement. "You might be a pale copy of the real thing, but at least you're a durable piece of shit, huh?"

"You!" Ranma turned to see Siegfried glaring at him. "HOW DARE YOU CUT MY ARMS OFF?!"

"It's not that hard to do." Ranma said as lightning crackled around his body. "Now I do believe it's time for you to go."

Siegfried glared at him. "You worthless Demon! You only won because of that."

Ranma just gave him a sweet smile. "You're wrong about one thing. All these techniques I use?" He snapped his fingers as lightning crashed down on Siegfried's swords, sending the strong electrical current into the sword user. "Were developed by humans, not Demons." He smirked as Siegfried let out a yell before falling to his knees and onto his face, twitching as lightning crackled over his body.

"Oh, you're done?" Atsuko asked as she dragged a bloodied Jeanne forward by her hair.

"Just about," Ranma looked at Heracles, "this guy's..." he trailed off as he felt a surge of raw power erupt from where Issei was at. Looking in that direction, he stared as a red pillar of energy erupted from where he was sure Issei was at. "Well, let's get these guys back and see what this is all about."

Atsuko nodded and watched as Ranma hit Heracles on the back several times before walking over to Siegfried and blasting him with more electricity to keep him from doing anything.


A few moments before...

As he knocked Issei down again, Cao Cao sighed. "Is this really all you've got left in your tank? You should have just let me fight the others."

Groaning as he got back up, his armor practically falling off of him, Issei stood up again. "Screw you, hippie. I don't care how many times you knock me down, I'm going to keep getting up and I'm going to win." By this point the only thing left of his armor was on his arms, shoulders, head and around his feet, and even that was horribly cracked and broken in several places.

"Listen, I respect that, but you're practically dead as you are." Cao Cao sighed. "Really, this isn't fun anymore, just accept that you can't win."

'Dammit,' Issei glared at him, 'as I am, I'm too weak, how the hell do I win this fight?'

"If you release your potential, you'll be able to win no problem." A familiar female voice spoke up and Issei blinked as he saw Elsha, a woman with long blonde hair, green eyes and was wearing a purple, shoulder-less dress that did nothing to hide how awesome her breasts were, stood there, smiling at him. "Now is the time to release it." Issei looked down at his hand and saw the orb that had escaped on the train. "Hold the orb up to the sky and call the boobs that are meant for you."

When Issei started to glow red, Cao Cao took a step back, wondering what was going on.

When silhouettes of people came out of the ground moaning "boobies", Issei wondered the same thing.

"Well, this is weird, and also a first, is that an army of Zomboobies?" Cao Cao asked, amused by it.

"What's happening?" Issei asked before Elsha told him that it was the remnants of everyone the orb had infested since escaping on the bullet train. "I guess it really was an Zombie-pervacalypse, but with shadow molesters..." Seeing the sheer number of them, he sweat-dropped heavily. "Wow, that's... A lot." He said as he watched them march and form a circle before turning to each other and sinking into the ground, forming a magic sigil on the ground. "Now what?"

"Call the boobs meant specifically for you." Elsha smiled at him.

Nodding at the words of the spirit of the strongest Red Dragon Empress, Issei took a deep breath. "Summon... TIG OLE BITTIES!"

A pillar of red energy erupted into the sky before cracking open a portal. Looking up, both Issei and Cao Cao watched as Rias Gremory, in only a pair of light pink lacy panties and a bra appeared in the sky and slowly descended onto the battlefield.

"Huh?" She could only stare in surprise at seeing Issei. "What am I doing here? Where am I?" Seeing Issei in front of her with blood erupting from where his nose was, she looked really confused.

"Give 'em a poke." Elsha encouraged Issei as Rias's breasts bounced and her bra fell off of them. "Poke those pillows."

"Why am I glowing?" Rias asked and watched as the aura started to shrink until it was surrounding her breasts. "Um, Issei, what's going on?"

"Uh..." Issei chuckled as he walked up to her, his helmet disappearing to reveal his face. "Would you believe me if I told you that I need to poke your nipples to unlock my full power?"

Rias sighed heavily. "Considering that's how you unlocked your Balance Breaker the first time without some sort of help, yes I can." She couldn't believe it, she was summoned to where Issei was and was exposing her breasts to everyone and now he wanted to poke her nipples? '...No, wait, I can totally believe it. He did the same thing when in Juggernaut Drive to calm down.'

Releasing the clawed hands around his fingers, Issei raised his hands upwards. "You ready to do this, Ddrag?"

"WAHHHHHH!" His Sacred Gear started to sob and Issei sweat-dropped heavily.

"Sheesh, just because you don't like the name Oppai Dragon Emperor. You'd think a Dragon would have more mental fortitude." He muttered before reaching forward and pressing on Rias's nipples as hard as he could, getting her to throw her head back and moan in pleasure.

It was at this moment that Ranma and Atsuko, dragging the other members of Cao Cao's team, came upon the scene. "...What the..." They muttered at the same time and watched as Rias suddenly started glowing red and launched into the air like a rocket.

"...You're welcome?" Issei asked in confusion.

Cao Cao blinked a few times and shook his head. "Yeah, okay, that makes perfect sense." The sarcasm in his voice was heavy.

Issei felt a throb throughout his body at that moment. "Wait... This is..."

"OH YES!" Ddrag screamed in near ecstasy. "I haven't felt this in so long. It feels like when I was back in my real body."

Issei's eyes widened and his body started to tingle before power that he hadn't felt before erupted from every pour of his body. "This is... Holy crap!" This was far more potent than his normal Balance Breaker.


"Let's end the fight here for the day." Sairaorg, a large man with a very muscular body and shaggy dark hair with Go Nagai-styled sideburns, smiled at Issei.

"But I'm not finished yet!"

"That's what she said." Sairaorg shot back. "But I can tell. You're on the verge of a new evolution of power. I'd rather face you after you unlock it, then I'll have a real fight."

*End Flash*

"So this is what he meant." Issei muttered, grinning as his armor fully repaired itself and his helmet and clawed hands reformed. "CAO CAO!"

"Hmm?" The Longinus user tapped his spear on his shoulder. "What?"

"You're about to get it... My new power!" Issei's body started glowing red like flames erupted around him, his green gems turned crimson in response. "PROMOTION! WELSH DRAGONIC BISHOP!"

Ranma watched, amazed as Issei's armor started to mold and shift, his legs becoming like a camera tripod holder and large cannons forming on his shoulders. "Woah!" The power spike Issei was going through was also intense.

"Cao Cao!" Issei snarled as his leg armor clamped down on the ground to brace him. "For everything you did in Kyoto! For all the people you hurt! FOR MAKING ME FEEL WORTHLESS!"


"SUCK MY DRAGON CANNON!" Issei screamed as he built up a charge in his shoulder cannons.

"Is that all?" Cao Cao snorted. "I'll just block it like I have everything else."

"FIRE!" Issei screamed as he launched a powerful red and green blast at Cao Cao.

"On second thought..." Cao Cao muttered and jumped to the side, barely dodging the attack as it destroyed the ground he was on a moment ago.

Watching what happened, Lilith's eyes were wide. "Holy fuck! Did Issei just blast a hole in time and space with that?!" She could only stare as the area of the sky that the blast passed through looked darker and was warped and crackling with energy.

"At the very least he just warped Dimensional Space." Georg muttered, also shocked by that. "Is this the true power of the Heavenly Red Dragon?" No wonder he had been feared by all in his prime if that was the case.

Mittelt shivered for more than one reason. "This is going to catch the attention of the Gods, isn't it?" Some of them were stupidly strong and she didn't look forward to dealing with them.

Issei growled as his canons dropped off and his leg armor returned to normal. "I'M NOT FINISHED YET!" Dragon wings formed on his back and he took to the sky. "CHANGE! WELSH DRAGONIC KNIGHT!"


Issei could feel his speed increasing by a tremendous amount and he grinned. "ARMOR PURGE!" The Dragon wings and most of his armor, save for his gauntlets and his helmet, disappeared, leaving him in a skin-tight version of his armor as he zipped through the sky at Cao Cao, who had gotten up and was trying to counter him. "TOO SLOW!" He could actually see the attack this time as he twisted to avoid it drove a hyper-sonic kick into Cao Cao's body, causing him to cry out in pain and spit up blood before Issei flipped off of him. "CHANGE! WELSH DRAGONIC ROOK!"


Cao Cao grimaced and stabbed at Issei, only to watch in dismay as his armor got thicker and bulkier, especially around the arms, which Issei used to block his attack. 'Ah shit, he turned into the Big O.' It was one of the few television shows he had gotten to watch in his life and he had enjoyed it tremendously. 'Wait, that means his punch is going to...' His thoughts were cut off as Issei punched him in the jaw and into the sky, boosters erupting from the back of his elbow. 'Knew it!' His mind was able to get out from the pain he was feeling.

"NOT DONE YET!" Issei yelled as he flew above Cao Cao and did a dive bomb onto Cao Cao, driving him into the ground and creating a small crater. Jumping off of Cao Cao and landing several feet away, the Dragon Scale Armor returned to normal. "Holy... Ddrag, that was amazing!"

"Indeed! I haven't felt like that in ages!"

A moment later, Cao Cao walked out of the crater, looking only slightly scuffed up. "Well that happened." If not for the True Longinus he would have died right then and there. He was so glad the thing was the most powerful Sacred Gear around, because there was no way he could have survived all the fights he had gotten into without it.

"YEAH! You want some more!?"

"No thanks." Cao Cao shook his head. "I can tell, that took a lot out of you, you probably got another half a minute in your normal Balance Breaker form there at best, huh?" He smirked at Issei.

'Shit, he's not kidding, I feel like I used up almost everything I've got with that move.'

"And on top of that," Cao Cao sighed, shaking his head, "you used an illegal move." When Issei asked him what he meant, he shook his head. "It's a common rule in chess. If you do something that breaks the rules, it's an illegal move."

"Personally I prefer to think of it as a Triana." Ddrag spoke up.

"After the Greek Ocean God's Trident?" Cao Cao raised an eyebrow and nodded, he could see it, after all, it was a three-pronged attack.

"Bitchin'!" Issei grinned as he pumped a fist. "From this day forth, that'll be called "Illegal Move - Triana" then!"

Cao Cao smirked and looked up at Ranma and Atsuko. "Can I have my subordinates back now?" When Ranma threw a twitching Siegfried and his swords down on the ground, followed by a groaning Heracles, Cao Cao blinked in surprise. "I'm surprised you let them live." Jeanne joined them a moment later, moaning in pain and revealing how bloodied her face was.

"You and wannabe Vash are the two I want to kill." Ranma responded, his eyes narrowed as Georg appeared next to Cao Cao.

"Cao Cao, we need to retreat!" Georg said as he began the preparations.

"I suppose so, we've lost this fight completely." Cao Cao didn't sound upset in the slightest. "Red Dragon Emperor, you have to get stronger, because otherwise the next time we fight it will be your last." He grinned at Issei and watched as Ranma and Atsuko slid down the slope next to Issei. "Wait a second, Georg," he pointed at Atsuko, "you, young lady with the skimpy battle armor, tell me something, what are you?" Atsuko pointed to herself and he nodded. "Yes, you. Because I know a Nekoshou that's a master of Senjutsu and she can't hide her aura as well as you can. So what are you?"

"I'm Atsuko!" She grinned at him. "The All Purpose Cultural Catgirl Nuku Nuku!" Seeing Cao Cao give her an annoyed look, she shook her head. "Fine, but if you really want to know, know this! I used to be a cat, who was adopted by a young boy, then I was shot to near death and that boy's father put my brain into an android's body and I've since obtained a body that's a perfect mixture of organic and technological."

"Oh, so you're some sort of cyborg, huh? Makes sense I guess..." Cao Cao muttered and nodded at Georg. "Though I guess Jeanne won't be happy about losing to an artificial being like you."

"What did you say?" Atsuko's pupils shrank. "What do you mean?"

Cao Cao grinned at her. "Exactly what I said." He shrugged at her. "I think it's neat how far technology has come along, but that's all you are..." As Atsuko trembled, he turned away from her. "Just a robot, nothing more."

"HOW DARE YOU?!" Atsuko screamed, a red aura erupting from her body and knocking Ranma and Issei back. "HOW DARE YOU SAY THAT I'M JUST A ROBOT?!" She put her hands on her chest. "I can feel, I can breathe, I HAVE A HEART!"

"I think you made a mistake." Georg pointed out as three magic rings formed in front of Atsuko. "What the heck? I've never seen that magic style before." They looked almost like gears of some sort and they seemed to spin and bounce off of each other.

"Whatever, we need to..." Cao Cao trailed off as he looked back at Atsuko and saw what she was doing. "...That's a big gun."

Coming out of the circle and hovering in front of Atsuko was a large cannon that was in the shape of a rectangular tube. A hatch on the top near Atsuko opened up and she punched forward. "CONNECT!" She yelled as she shoved her fist into the hole, lines of energy went from her arm down into the cannon, lighting up several lines. "HEY! CAO CAO! GET A TASTE OF MY STAR BLASTING CANNON!" The sides of the cannon around the end of the barrel split open into four segments as energy started to condense there.

"Hey, Ddrag, you thinking what I'm thinking?" Issei asked as an idea came to him.

"If you're thinking what I think you're thinking, I like it." Ddrag responded. "BOOST! BOOST! BOOST! BOOST! BOOST! BOOST! BOOST! BOOST! BOOST! BOOST!"

"Hey! Atsuko!" Issei called as he grabbed the girl's butt. "Take this!"


"MRAW!" Atsuko's eyes shot wide open as her power spiked by a tremendous amount. Her body started to tremble as the cannon shook and electricity started to spark all around her as the ground started to shake from the power build up.

"REALLY?!" Ranma yelled at Issei. "You HAD to grab her ass?!"

"I couldn't help it!" Issei stepped back, rubbing the back of his head. "It was too inviting!"

Ranma tilted his head and nodded. "Okay, that's an acceptable excuse, but don't do that again."

"I'm going to go flying if I fire this thing!" Atsuko gritted her teeth and blinked as Ranma was behind her, hugging her from behind and acting as a brace. "Thanks!"

"Georg, will you be a dear and block this attack?" Cao Cao sighed as purple mist started to cover them. "Let's show them how useless it is and then get out of here."

"Plus we need to get Leonardo." Georg nodded at him.

"Ready!" Atsuko grinned. "AIM!" Her eyes widened as Ranma suddenly grabbed her breasts. "What?"

"I figure if this works for Issei, why not do it too?" Ranma asked as he put his fingers where her nipples were at. "FIRE!" He yelled as he pushed her nipples hard.

Atsuko let out a loud scream as the energy attack suddenly shrunk before firing out a red and black blast that pushed her back, despite Ranma bracing her, several feet.

Georg grinned, he could stop this no problem, before his eyes widened as he realized something. "OH FUCK! DODGE!" He screamed and pushed Cao Cao down as the blast came barreling through Dimension Lost and plowed through his body unimpeded, and just barely missing the downed forms of Heracles, Siegfried and Jeanne as it blasted out of Kyoto, across the country-side and into the ocean before it finally dissipated...

...A few hundred miles North of Hawaii...

...Where it exploded in a dome that had all of the nations on Earth take notice at its power.

Everyone watching what happened could only stare, wide-eyed at the results of that attack.

"...Star Blasting Cannon?" Lilith muttered in awe. "Appropriate name."

"HOLY FUCK!" Mittelt was far more crude but far more accurate with how she described the situation. Sure, it wasn't as awesome as warping space and time, but that was still seriously impressive.

Atsuko was on her back, on top of Ranma and the cannon she had been using was smoking and crackling with electrical energy. "Well, we found out the upper limit of that thing." She giggled as her cannon and suit both dissipated and she returned to her normal mode, just with a fancy watch on her right arm. Getting up off of Ranma, she helped him up and looked back at what happened. "Woah."

"Georg?" Cao Cao could only stare at where his subordinate had been a moment ago. Growling, his eyes seemed to blaze. "THAT'S IT! YOU'RE ALL DEAD!" He screamed as his spear started to glow. "I DON'T CARE IF I DIE! I'M KILLING ALL OF YOU RIGHT NOW!" He started to chant as his power started to build up.

"Well, shit..." Issei muttered, he was beginning to understand why Cao Cao didn't bother bringing it out before as the power he was feeling was at least as strong as his was when he was using the Triana.

Just before Cao Cao finished the chant, he felt a hand on his shoulder. Turning, he saw Georg, his clothes in tatters, glasses missing, most of his hair burned off, skin horribly burned and bloody, but still alive. "N...No..." He coughed and staggered. "We need to get out of here."

Cao Cao growled as he canceled the activation of his Sacred Gear's Balance Break. "Red Dragon Emperor! Robot Girl! Ranma Saotome! You three! Get stronger! Because the next time we fight I won't be holding back!"

Ranma glared as the purple mist surrounded the group and the fighters all disappeared. "Good, because next time we meet, Cao Cao, I'm taking your life."

Canceling his Scale Mail armor, Issei fell onto his butt and sighed. "What a day."

End Chapter 6


Well, that was a lot. If you can't figure out Atsuko's "ring" magic symbol, it's the I.S. ability from Nanoha StrikerS. As for her outfit? Basically Green Heart's black outfit from the Neptunia franchise. The sword attack I based off of Dreamcast's "Dream Blade" from the Neptune vs Sega Hard Girls game and the cannon is based off the BFG from Gakuen HxH. NK-SG-D? Come on, obvious reference to the NT-D system of Gundam Unicorn is obvious here.

Funny enough, I was planning on Atsuko getting a sword and gun combo when I thought to this point in the story and I looked up some information on DxD and what do you know? There's a Sword and Gun combination Longinus in canon that's not part of the original 13. Yes, there's 5 more Longinus after the first 13. I just took the name and ran with it. As for what she fired? Well... If she started chanting "darkness beyond twilight", you might recognize it. XD

Did I ever mention that I *HATED* how things in season 4 went in canon? Seriously, everyone gets regulated to "Issei cheering squad" and anyone without a Sacred Gear (and in Kiba's case even he got hit with this) was hit with the WORF effect. It's like a Balance Breaker Bargain Sale in season 4. Hell, even Akeno and Rias got WORF'd hard in season 4. At least Xenovia got one win in.


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Need to explain why she was in her underwear when summoned, since she should have been helping them deal with the Soul Bees, if not at the temple.


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Because she was in Kuoh City and was getting ready for bed because it was getting late at night. Growing Devil teenagers need their sleep too.


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Let's wrap this arc up.

Epilogue to come

"Amazing..." He muttered to himself as he watched from a distance. "Simply amazing." He floated in the sky around Kyoto, having watched the fights unfurl. "So this is what a fully realized Red Dragon Emperor can do, huh? And Lilith's mate is pretty good as well." A grin came to his face as he thought about what he had seen, he was a little surprised Georg had survived that, but imagined that the Longinus user had warped out of reality with Dimension Lost at the exact moment the attack hit him. "Excellent! I can..." He trailed off as he heard a throat clearing itself in an exaggerated amount. "Hmm?" Turning around, he came face to face with a large green Dragon and an old man who looked more like a monkey than a man on the Dragon's head, holding a staff in one hand, a pipe in his other and had a black visor over his eyes. "Ah, I do believe that I've not met either of you. But I suppose I could introduce myself. My name is Jedah Dohma."

"Well, I was here to punish that nasty little shitstain Cao Cao, but it looks like the Red Dragon Emperor and his buddies took care of that for me ahead of time." The old man grinned at him. "I guess since you introduced yourself, I can return the favor. I'm Sun Wukong and this is my buddy Yu-Long."

"One of the Dragon Kings?" Jedah raised an eyebrow at the large Dragon. "I see. You're the famous Sun Wukong, huh? The monkey Youkai that became a Buddah and serves the wargod Indra?"

"Well, for a giant blue condom with purple packaging, you're well-informed." The old monkey Youkai took a puff of his pipe and blew out the smoke slowly. "Considering what you did to Princess Yasaka, I think I should dole out some punishment for that young lad that caught her attention on you."

Jedah raised his hands in the air in an attempt to show that he was harmless. "Don't mess your adult diapers, old man. I know enough not to fight one of Indra's flunkies directly. As strong as I am, catching the ire of one of the ten strongest beings on this planet is a bad idea."

"You're forgetting about me." The Dragon said to Jedah. "Are you not concerned with me?"

Jedah scoffed and grinned at Yu-Long. "Tell me, are you as strong as one of the Heavenly Sky Dragons or Ophis?" When Yu-Long answered negatively, Jedah chuckled. "Then I have nothing to fear from an over-sized lizard like you."

"What did you say?" Yu-Long hissed in anger. "I am one of the five Dragon Kings! And a lowly Devil like you will treat me with some respect!"

Jedah put his hand to his mouth and laughed in the Dragon's face. "Your power is strong, I admit that you would trounce me if we were to fight, but I'm not scared of you regardless."

"THAT'S IT!" Yu-Long charged at Jedah. "You're going to die now!" The Devil continued to smirk at the Dragon and just before he could get to Jedah, he felt his being throb and power start to drain away. "Wh...at?"

"Oh, I'm sorry," Jedah pulled out a crystal and grinned as Yu-Long cried out in pain and started to fall out of the sky, "I forgot to mention that there isn't a Dragon short of Ophis or Great Red that I fear right now."

"That won't work on me." Son Wukong stood up and pointed his staff at Jedah. "I'll deal with you and..."

"Tell me something," Jedah looked at the elder monkey Youkai, "how bad would it be for your boss if the Norse, Heaven, Hell and the Grigory were informed that he's supporting the Hero Faction?"

"What?" Son Wukong asked in shock as Jedah put the crystal away and Yu-Long was able to steady himself. "How do you..."

Jedah smirked at the old monkey. "Cao Cao is very... Shall we say, informative about who was helping him before he joined the Khaos Brigade." Holding up his left hand and crossing it over his chest, Jedah bowed again. "I'll take my leave, but know that if you had tried to do something to me, the information on the wereabouts of the entire Hero Faction would have ended up in the hands of Michael, Azazel and Sirzechs."

Watching the Devil pull out a scythe and slice the air, cutting a hole in it, Son Wukong frowned. "You're the most dangerous being I've ever met. What is your game?"

Jedah smirked at him. "Just tell your boss that I have no interest in whatever petty games he wishes to play," stepping into the portal, he chuckled as it started to close, "domination of a religion, petty grievances against other factions, fear of the current Dragon Emperors, I am beyond all of that! I will have everything I want soon enough."

When he disappeared, Son Wukong frowned heavily. 'Just what is this young pup planning?' He knew from the feel of that Devil's power that he was at least as strong as any of the current Devil Kings that were in power. In a way, he was glad that Jedah didn't desire a confrontation, since such a fight wouldn't be beneficial to either of them. Sure, he was sure he could win out in the end over that arrogant brat, but he was sure that the blue and purple condom Devil would find a way to win even if he lost regardless.

"I...I'm sorry." Yu-Long panted, sweat on his face. "Whatever that crystal was, it was causing such severe damage to me that I felt like I was dying."

"No way we could have prepared for that." Son Wukong admitted as he chewed on his pipe. "I'm going to have to talk to Azazel and Indra about this, this Devil is probably the most dangerous person on this planet right now. And as an apology, I'll treat you to some of the best food in all of Kyoto, okay?" People with power and ambition, especially if Jedah considered what Indra was doing and planning as a petty game, was far more dangerous than anything else. 'What are you planning, Jedah Dohma?'


Meanwhile at Nijo Castle...

"Where's Yasaka and Kunou?" Ranma asked, looking for the two.

"Over here, daddy!" Kunou yelled and waved at him from a nearby row of trees. "I helped Asia and Vritra's host pull Issei's girlfriends over here too!"

"I guess that describes me, not sure about Irina and Rossweisse though." Xenovia said weakly before smirking at Kiba, who was blushing hard. "I thought you were a boy, Kiba. I guess I didn't know you were a cross-dresser."

"I didn't mean that!" Kunou yelled, blushing as she realized her mistake. Looking up as Ranma walked up to them, she smiled at him. "We're all safe, daddy." She blinked as Ranma knelt down next to her and pulled her into a hug. "Daddy?"

"Just glad you're okay." He said and let go, before walking over to Yasaka, who was resting against a tree. "Sorry I'm late."

Yasaka stood up, took a stumbling step forward, before grabbing Ranma and pulling him close to her, kissing him on the lips. The kiss didn't last long and was rather chaste over-all, but still had most people blushing at it. "I knew you'd come for me." She sighed and slumped down and let go as she fell to her butt. "I'm a bit too worn out from what I did."

Watching that, Irina practically swooned. "So romantic!"

Kiba shook his head. "So, what happened out there?" He stood up slowly.

Ranma shrugged at him. "Showed up right after you guys were beaten by the jerk squad, fought them off, Issei got a new power, beat up Cao Cao with it, then they all left after Atsuko nearly killed their Vash wannabe."

"You... Beat them?" Kiba stared in shock. "How? Siegfried beat both myself and Xenovia easily."

"Yeah, I don't get how he did that myself." Ranma frowned at Kiba. "Seriously, you're a damn good sword fighter, how'd you lose to him?" He then pointed at Rossweisse. "And you?! How'd you lose to that wannabe demi-God anyway?"

The Valkyrie pouted. "Those missiles hurt! Plus I'm still suffering a hang-over." Her face turned green and she turned away, dry-heaving.

"How did you win?" Kiba asked, hoping to pick up some tips in case they fought again in the future.

"Hit Heracles with over three thousand punches in an instant, blasted the Ashura wannabe with lightning, then hit their pressure points to take out their voluntary muscle control." Ranma replied, causing the others to look at him in shock. "What? They're strong and tough, sure, but they're human and have all the human pressure points. I train with two masters who are both over three hundred years old and they use a lot of pressure point attacks since their bodies can't handle taking the blows that they used to be able to take." Though no one would be able to tell, considering how tough and durable Cologne and Happosai were.

"I'm more shocked that you can punch that many times in an instant." Xenovia muttered, unable to believe it.

Ranma shrugged as he helped Yasaka to her feet. "There's a reason that speed punching technique has kept the Emperors of China quaking in their boots for over three thousand years after all." Yasaka put her weight on Ranma and rested against him. "So... Who's got the energy to move long distances right now?" Most everyone groaned and he nodded. "Yeah, thought so." He slowly sat down, pulling Yasaka down into his lap. "How about we stay here for a bit until some people come to pick us up?"

"I don't mind." Yasaka threw her arms around Ranma's neck and rested her head against his shoulder, sighing happily.

"AWW MAN!" Issei was heard yelling and everyone looked up at him. "I WANTED TO RUB MY FACE IN THOSE TITANTIC TETONS!"

Most everyone just groaned in dismay.

"They are not for you, young man," Yasaka stated firmly, as she pulled Ranma closer. "Don't you have some woman here who might let you do that?"

"Several," muttered Mittelt. "But for some reason, he won't touch any of them, no matter how much they want him to."

"...I heard they have a blue pill to fix that now," the Kitsune replied.

"I DO NOT NEED VIAGRA!" Issei yelled.

"...Should that young male over there cuddle you?"


"So your penis works and you prefer women ...and yet when offered, you don't molest them," she replied. "You have some major issues."

"We're working on that." Asia and Xenovia said at the same time.

Mittelt looked around, wondering where Lilith was. "Hey, where are you, Lilith?"

"SHH!" Lilith was heard from inside her shadow. "If the scary fox MILF doesn't know I'm here, she can't eat me."

Mittelt would have said something but the sound of wings flapping had her looking up as Azazel came upon the scene. "Well, at least we don't have to worry about pick-up anytime soon."


Back at the hotel, Lilith had decided to stay in Mittelt's shadow while everyone else was escorted to their room under the pretense of breaking some school rule or something and was being punished. After all, she didn't want to run afoul with Yasaka, even if the big tittied fox MILF was tired, that woman was scary when she was mad!

Looking at Azazel as he got her into her room, Mittelt took a deep breath. "Azazel-sama!" He looked at her and she stepped into the room fully. "Can you close the door? There's something I want to show you."

"Hmm?" Azazel looked at the small blonde. "What is it?" He asked and closed the door. "I do want to say though, good job out there. I wasn't able to see what happened, but the fact that you all survived is testament to how far you've come along." The leader of the Grigory smiled at her.

"Well, I want to show you something!" Her eyes seemingly lit up as she unfurled four Fallen Angel wings from behind her. "I got a promotion!"

Staring in shock, Azazel had to shake his head to clear the shock away. "That shouldn't be possible. You're a Devil now, correct?" Mittelt nodded and one of her Fallen Angel wings disappeared, being replaced with a Devil wing. "Okay, I have never, in all of my life, ever seen a Fallen Angel that was reincarnated into a Devil get a promotion and gain additional Fallen Angel wings."

"I've begun to just accept it as being part of Ranma's family." Mittelt said to him. "Our unofficial motto is 'do three impossible things before breakfast', you know? So if this is impossible, well... Just blame it all on Ranma."

Azazel sweat-dropped at the thought of charging into Ranma's room yelling 'Ranma! This is all your fault!' and had no idea why it felt like reality was sighing in relief at hearing someone think that. "Well, either way, even if I've never seen it happen, I guess it doesn't mean that it can't happen." Smiling, he put his hand on her head and ruffled her hair. "Good job, Mittelt." He pulled his hand away and grinned at her annoyed look. "I mean it, too. I'm glad that you got a promotion. Keep working hard, okay?"

Mittelt smiled, her face flushed in glee. "Yes!"

"Anyway, you should get some sleep, we're leaving tomorrow." Azazel said as he left her room. Sighing as he saw everyone off to bed, he made his way out of the building and looked into the night sky. "...I almost wish I smoked." He looked to the side and gave a wry smirk. "You sure were late, old monkey."

"Calm down, whippersnapper." Son Wukong grumbled at him. "Ran into that blue and purple condom Devil. Called himself Jedah or something."

"I take it things didn't go as planned?"

"BAH!" Wukong grumbled in annoyance. "He's too arrogant for his own good, but he's probably the most dangerous Devil this world has seen since the four Great Devil Kings." Looking at Azazel, the Fallen Angel leader could feel the original Monkey King's seriousness permeating through his pitch-black visor, "I have no idea what he game is, but he's cautious enough to have something that made Yu-Long nearly fall out of the sky. If your boy, the Red Dragon Emperor, fought against him, he might actually die."

Azazel bit his lip at that. That wasn't a pleasant thought. It wasn't like he had major plans for Issei, other than helping the boy reach his potential and dreams. But Issei was key for helping unite the factions, since he was the Red Dragon Emperor and his desire for peace carried a lot of weight in the Moonlight World. Vali didn't care for war either and just wanted to find a strong opponent to fight and potentially die against, which was helpful in that regard as well. 'Besides, I've got something that might help him get what he wants soon enough.'

"I want to warn you." Wukong looked up at the sky. "That Devil, Jedah Dohma, is planning something big. I don't know what, but I do know that he's using the Khaos Brigade."

"There's someone that I know that might know, I won't say anything more than that." Azazel liked Son Wukong and respected him enough, it was the Buddah's boss that Azazel neither liked nor trusted in the slightest. It was too bad that Indra was so strong that there was no way that Azazel could hope to deal with him on his own. "So what will you do now?"

"I'll report back to Indra and tell him everything, I guess." Wukong took a drag of his pipe. "I should warn you though, what your boy did against Cao Cao is going to have more than a few of the Gods of this world looking at him with more than a little concern." He nodded at Azazel's discomfort. "I can put a good word in for the boy, but the best you can hope for is that one of the ten decides he's not worth killing and asks the others to not harm him."

Azazel sighed and nodded at the first Monkey King. "Thanks."

When Azazel turned back in and walked off, Wukong shook his head and took a drag of his pipe. "I don't mean to put that weight on your shoulders, kiddo, but I don't want you to be uninformed if the Gods move against your boy." He knew his boss and Azazel didn't get along, it wasn't outright hatred of each other, but the distrust between the two was palatable.


The next morning at the train station, Azazel stood by the train, along with Issei, Asia, Xenovia, Kiba and Irina, smiling at Yasaka, Kunou and Serafall. "I'm sorry that we weren't able to forge a true agreement while we were here."

"It's fine." Yasaka smiled at him. "I'm just glad that things didn't turn out as badly as we all feared."

"Something's bothering me though, I haven't seen Ranma since the battle." Azazel knew that Ranma had requested to spend time with Yasaka after the fight and he couldn't begrudge the young man for wanting to spend time with her. "You wouldn't happen to know anything, would you Lady Yasaka?"

The elder fox's cheeks turned a light shade of pink. "Well, I never did get a honeymoon."

Azazel stared, gob-smacked, before laughing softly. "I hope you weren't too much for him." When Yasaka shook her head, blushing more, he couldn't help but be impressed. "You mean he wasn't worn out by you?"

"If anything, he was wearing me out." She said, coughing into her hand.

"OH COME ON!" Issei cried out in annoyance. "HOW IS THAT FAIR?!" Issei started grumbling loudly. "First he has the hottest loli in school in an open master-servant relationship, now he's flaunting his relationship with the hot fox mama and he's not even here!"

Yasaka coughed softly. "If it's okay, I hope you don't mind me keeping him here for the next week. I know you're his teacher and all that..."

Azazel waved her off. "No, no, I don't have a problem with it." He wondered if Mittelt or Lilith would have a problem with it, but decided he'd find out when he got back to Kuoh city. "Have fun on your honeymoon, but do remember that we need to get the treaty done between our groups."

"Of course." She smiled at him and looked at Serafall. "Lady Leviathan has offered to stay in Kyoto for an extended time to iron out the details of the pact."

Azazel nodded and looked at Serafall. "Well, enjoy your stay here."

"Of course!" She winked at him. "We'll have the agreement hammered out in no time flat. I wouldn't want to keep a wife away from her honeymoon for too long after all."

Issei grumbled about Ranma being a lucky bastard. "So not fair."

"You have the hottest redhead in school after you," Lilith said from Issei's shadow, if Yasaka couldn't get her, she couldn't get eaten after all, "and you and Xenovia actually broke the ice finally, stop complaining."

Issei looked down and jumped. "What the heck?!"

"Lilith, is that you?" Yasaka asked in surprise. "Come on out of there."

"No! You'll eat me! Issei! Get me to the train! If she pulls me out of here I swear I'll give you dreams of a bunch of guys dicking you in the ass!"

Everyone blinked in shock at the sudden gust of wind that took Issei's place. "I'M NOT TAKING ANY CHANCES!" Issei yelled from the train doors.

"Well, I guess that means it's our time to go." Azazel chuckled, though he didn't blame Issei in the slighest. Raising his hand to Yasaka, he gave her a firm handshake. "We'll see you around."

"Of course." Yasaka smiled at him. "Oh, and tell Lilith that I wanted to thank her for her help."

"I'll tell her, I don't know if she'll listen." Azazel chuckled as everyone said their goodbyes.



Laying on Yasaka's bed, Ranma blinked as he sat up, completely naked. "What a dream..." He muttered, wondering why he had dreams of a woman with blue, pink and green hair and wore a blue kimono with a golden Dragon embroidered on it. "Why was she asking me to go to Nepal anyway?" He had never even been in Nepal, though he knew it had a lot of mountains, seeing as it was located by the Himalayan mountains. Yawning and stretching, Ranma made a note to head there sometime, just to seee the place. "Hmm, maybe I can ask Nabiki to look into it."

"Who's Nabiki and why are you asking her to look into something?" Yasaka's voice came from the doorway.

Looking at the large breasted woman, Ranma just smiled at her. "Someone who has a Sacred Gear that gathers information, I wanted to ask her about Nepal. Got a dream saying to head there but I don't even know where to start looking."

Yasaka nodded, she could believe it. Dream visions weren't her specialty, but she knew enough to not doubt something like that. "I see..." She walked towards the bed, undoing her robe and letting it fall to the floor, revealing her nude form. Crawling onto bed, her face was flushed as she crawled over Ranma. "Up for a repeat of last night?" She asked, her eyes widening as she felt something hard poke her thigh. "Well..." She fanned her tails out and wrapped them around Ranma. "I take that as a yes."

Ranma smirked at her as he ran his hands over her sides and positioned her over him. "I'm good to go anytime." He said before kissing her large breasts.

Shivering, Yasaka knew she'd enjoy what was going to happen. "Let's make this a honeymoon to remember." She moaned as he bit on her nipple in response.


Meanwhile, on the train...

"Mind if I sit here?" Irina asked Mittelt, who looked at her and nodded. The blonde was sitting next to an open window in the back row just looking out. "Thanks." She smiled and sat in the seat next to her.

"So what do you want?" Mittelt asked her.

Irina smiled and softly clapped her hands together. "I heard that you got a promotion to be a four winged Fallen Angel." She said so softly that only Mittelt could hear her.

"Oh." Mittelt nodded at her. "Yeah."

"What's wrong?" Irina gave her a confused look. "I would think you'd be estactic. I mean, you're the top Angel of the Occult Research Club now. Well, besides Azazel."

"I..." Mittelt sighed as she looked out the window. "You know, for years I dreamed of raising my rank, becoming more important to the Grigori, to help our leaders out."

"So what changed?" Irina asked softly, wondering what was bothering the blonde. If she had gained a second set of wings, she would have been on cloud nine for days, but Mittelt just seemed depressed for some reason. "Is it because your boyfriend is still in Kyoto?"

Mittelt blushed and shook her head. "No!" She hissed, trying to keep her voice down, before slapping her forehead. "Hold on." Tapping the arm rest, she whispered a few words and Irina blinked as the sound around them seemed to disappear. "Sound dampening skill. It helps when you need to talk in class and don't want to disturb anyone."

"Neat!" Irina would have to learn this, it sounded so useful.

"Anyway, no, I'm not upset that Ranma's still in Kyoto." It would be stupid to be jealous or get upset that he was probably rocking that fox's brains out right now, after all, she was already sharing him with a few other women, so what was one more that probably would only be a part-time thing anyway? "It's..." She sighed, wondering how to explain this. "I should be happier, I mean, I am, but..."

Seeing Mittelt go quiet, Irina grabbed her hand and gave it a squeeze. "Hey, you can talk to me. We're friends, aren't we?" Seeing Mittelt's surprised look, Irina looked at her in confusion. "Aren't we?"

"Just admit that you're only friends with me because of the treaty." Mittelt said and looked away. "No way a pure Angel like you would bother with me otherwise."

"Now that's unfair!" Irina gave Mittelt a stern look. "Look at me." Mittelt turned to look at her and Irina continued. "The only reason I fought against Devils and Fallen Angels in the past was because our factions were at war."

Mittelt closed her eyes. "Do you know Lord Kokabiel?"

"I know of him, I never met him personally." And Irina was grateful for that, from what she had heard from the Angels, both Pure and Fallen, that knew him personally, he was a really bad person. "Why?"

Mittelt sighed softly. "He saved my life once." Irina stared, gob-smacked at her. "It was a few years before the Grigori pulled out of the war. I was fighting against some Exorcists from the Church and losing. I know that he probably didn't care about me, or even care that he saved me, but Lord Kokabiel showed up and in a rain of light arrows eradicated all of them." She gave Irina a wry smirk. "He said to me "you need to take better care of yourself, the next time I won't be there." I know that he was probably just encouraging me to fight harder, but..."

"You really respected him, huh?"

"Hard not to." Mittelt nodded to Irina's question. "He was strong, ruthless, cunning and really skilled." She pulled her knees up to her chest and hugged them. "I guess I developed some sort of hero worship of him after that. I did what he wanted, without question. And, of course, I looked up to Lord Azazel too." After all, he cared about all of the Grigori, even if he was pretty aloof at times.

Seeing Mittelt sigh and tremble, Irina wondered just what the other girl was going through. "Mittelt?"

"Looking back at what I went through..." She chuckled, though it was empty to Irina's ears. "In the end it didn't even matter, did it? When I wasn't useful to him or Lord Azazel, they threw me away, would have left me to die if Ranma and Lilith didn't take me in." She looked at Irina, her eyes shining with unshed tears. "I'm just a stray, someone to be used and discarded when I'm no longer useful. It'll happen again. No one will care when it happens then. Maybe I've already been discarded..." She was cut off when Irina hugged her to her chest. "What..."

"Shh, none of that!" Irina chided the Fallen Angel and held her. "Even if you're a Fallen Angel, you're my friend. I won't abandon you."

"You say that now, but if you were told to kill me by Michael, you'd do it, wouldn't you?" Mittelt said, bitterness in her voice. "It's fine, wouldn't be the first time that I was abandoned."

"No!" Irina grabbed Mittelt by her shoulders and pushed her away. "Listen to me! You're my friend. And I don't think Ranma abandoned you. I'm sure that he'll be back in a week." Irina wasn't a psychologist, but she was beginning to suspect that Mittelt had some deep-seated fears that needed to be worked out. 'Something to ask Azazel, I guess.' There had to be psychologists for what Mittelt was going through. After all, there were psychologists for Dragons. Though Irina still wasn't sure how Ddrag was supposed to take anti-depressants while sealed in Boosted Gear but decided to not think about it too much.

"You sure?" Mittelt asked, getting a nod from Irina.

"Yeah. If he's gone for even one minute longer than a week, I'll personally fly to Kyoto and bring him home, okay?"

Mittelt smiled as Irina let go of the hug. "Thanks." She leaned back into her chair and looked out the window.

"Hey, Mittelt," Irina spoke up after a few moments, "just how did you get a second set of wings anyway?"

"You'll laugh." Mittelt said softly, her face flushed as she tried to look away.

"No I won't. I swear as Lord Michael's Ace! I won't laugh at anything you tell me." Irina smiled at her. "Come on, what caused you to get your promotion?"

"Well..." Mittelt went on to explain what had been going on in her mind to the best of her recollection. "I mean, I was pretty pissed and..."

"YEEEE!" Irina suddenly squealed and rapidly bounced her feet up and down, much to Mittelt's shock. "You got a promotion because you're in love!" Mittelt blinked as Irina blushed lightly. "That's so romantic! Love for your boyfriend caused you to grasp hold of new power." She put her hands on Mittelt's shoulders and smiled brightly, much to Mittelt's slight discomfort, the girl was getting too excitable. "This proves all the stories I heard about Fallen Angels, that they're devious, trecherous and incapable of love, completely false!"

Mittelt sweated slightly. "Well, it's not like I could return to Heaven since I'm a Devil now."

Irina blinked at that. "...Would you want to?"

"Huh?!" Mittelt was shocked by the question. "Look, I'm a Devil and a Fallen Angel on top of it, there's no way they'll allow me back up there." It would be nice, though she doubted that it would go over well with the Church's followers.

"Oh don't worry about that." Irina smiled at her. "If Lord Michael can make it so that a couple of Devils can pray without any problem, I'm sure that he can make it so that you can come home at least once in awhile."

"I doubt it, but thanks." Mittelt smiled at her and looked back out the window.

"Oh! Excuse me, I just remembered something." Irina clapped her hands together softly and blushed. "Sorry."

Mittelt just rolled her eyes as Irina ran off. 'It's not like you have to force yourself to be around me.' It wasn't like Mittelt wanted to be all mopey after all of that, it was just that unwanted memories flooded her mind and she couldn't help but be downcast after all of that. 'Stupid memories.' She thought to herself as she dispelled the sound dampening ward.


Several minutes later...

"Hey." A male voice spoke up and Mittelt turned her head, looking up in shock at seeing Azazel standing over her. "Mind if I sit down?" Mittelt rapidly shook her head and he smiled as he did that. "Thanks."

"Um, Lord Azazel, what are you..." She blinked when he waved his hand.

"Enough of that," he gave her a serious look. "I've heard you're dealing with some separation anxiety lately." Mittelt looked away and he sighed. "Really, I should have seen this coming since the meeting at the school." He shook his head, how could he not have seen it? The girl practically glued herself to Ranma or Lilith during regular school hours and had asked if she had been abandoned by him and if he would have left her to die with Raynare, Kalewarner and Dohnaseek back then. 'And the worst part is, I flat-out admitted that I did too.' It was just another regret he had in a long list of them. 'At least I can try to make this one up.'

"It's not like you knew." Mittelt muttered.

"Yes, but I think that you need to see a specialist about this." Azazel watched as she looked at him with wide eyes. "No, I don't think you're crazy, stupid or anything like that. You have issues that you need to work through and there are people that can help, okay? In fact, I know someone who can help you out specifically." Privately, Azazel was starting to wonder why he didn't order the entire Grigori that suffered through the Great War to seek out professional help. It might have helped some of his followers like Kokabiel from becoming more crazy.

"So I'm just a screw up after all." Mittelt sighed, knowing that's the only reason she was going to get help.

"You're not a screw up." Azazel said to her. "If anything, I'm the one who screwed up." Mittelt looked at him in confusion. "Back at the conference, you asked about if I had abandoned Raynare, Kalewarner, and Dohnaseek and I, stupidly, admitted that I had, because I had thought you four had gone rogue and were causing trouble for no reason."

"But your orders were to..."

"Simply observe Issei." Azazel cut her off, glad that he had put a ward up to prevent others from paying attention to what they were saying. "I never intended for Raynare to kill him. In fact, if anything, I would have wanted Issei to join the Grigori freely."


"I don't know why Raynare decided to kill Issei, it's a moot point now anyway." It wasn't like he could bring back the dead and there were others he would want to bring back first anyway. And even if he could bring them back, he'd have to find some way to keep them in check. "But there is something I want to say about all of this."


"I'm sorry." Those two words had Mittelt staring at Azazel, utterly shocked. "I should never have said that for one, and for two, I should have shown up in Kuoh City to diffuse the situation, protect those three and offer to help Issei gain control over his Sacred Gear as a repayment for Raynare's actions." He could have sent Shemhazai or Barquiel as well, they could have diffused the situation. 'Well, Barquiel might not have been able to considering Akeno.' That was another thing he blamed himself over. "I really should have taken a more active role in Kuoh myself."

Mittelt stared at him, completely dumbfounded and shocked. "Lord Azazel..."

"So I want to ask if you can find it in your heart to forgive this old fool." He held up a hand to forestall her for a moment. "I know you might not blame me, but I know that this is my fault, Mittelt. So, please, don't be hasty, okay?" He stood up and was about to leave. "I'll get you an appointment with that specialist, okay?" Mittelt nodded softly and watched as he walked off.

"Lord Azazel." She muttered softly and sighed. "Thank you." She whispered to herself, glad that he had come to see her and talk to her over these matters. At least she felt better now.


As he stepped back into his train car, Azazel nodded to Irina, who was sitting on a chair and looking at him nervously. "Thank you. I would never have noticed what she was going through if you didn't tell me."

"You're welcome. I don't like seeing people suffer from problems."

Azazel gave her a small smile. "You're going to go far." She was the kind of person that this world needed, able to emphasize with others and help them over-come problems. 'I know you can't see this, Kokabiel, but Mittelt, Irina, Akeno, Rias, Issei and even Ranma are proving you and everyone with your mentality wrong. The world doesn't need warmongers like you anymore.' He idly wondered what Father would think about all of this before mentally laughing at what he imagined God would say.

"The fact that forces that are opposed to each other could come together for the betterment of the world should fill everyone's hearts with hope for a better tomorrow."

'You're right about that, Father, you're right about that.' Azazel had a small grin on his face, knowing that true peace between the various factions of the Moonlight World was possible, but it wouldn't be easy. 'And I know of the perfect way to appease those who desire conflict without needing to spread to war on top of it.'


A few hours later in Kyoto...

Yasaka was panting hard as Ranma pulled out of her pussy with a loud pop, cum running out of her abused hole. "I think... I think that's enough." She panted, suddenly remembering something from when she first met Ranma over three years ago...


Yasaka giggled as the visiting youth looked at the Youkai Kama Sutra book. Oh, the embarassment that he would show when...

"Done it, done it," Ranma said, going through the pages. "Done that, this one is missing several steps, that one nearly threw out Lilith's hip."

She blinked at that.

"Did it, did it, don't have a tail, so I can't do that... Unless I change step six with a variant of... That could work..."

So... He had power, wisdom, and had nearly dislocated the hip on a succubus!?

"Can't do that one unless my spine is double-jointed, can do this one if I can hold some low-level lightning magic on my fingers, done it, done it, did it last weekend...

"Is this like the first book of a series, or is there more?" Ranma asked.

"..." Oh, she was SO marrying him. He was the perfect age for it by human standards!

Or had that changed? They changed those rules so damned often...

*End Flash*

'Well, this is what I wanted.' Yasaka thought to herself and panted. "You're still this..." There was a thud and Yasaka sat up, wrapping her tails around her and yelping. "Who?! Lady Leviathan?" She blinked in shock as she saw Serafall on the floor at her open door.

"I'm sorry!" Serafall clapped her hands and bowed. "I overheard you two having sex and I couldn't help but listen in and..." The way her face was flushed, the fact that her yakuta was almost completely open, and the smell coming from her clued to two in on what she had been doing. "I couldn't help it, it was too hot!"

"Could you at least close the door?" Yasaka grumbled and Serafall nodded and grabbed the door and started to walk out. "Hey, wait!" She called to Serafall and looked at Ranma. "I need a break, eight rounds is too much for me all at once."

Ranma gave her a confused look. "Really?" Yasaka nodded tiredly. "So..."

"I normally wouldn't say this, but..." She turned to Serafall. "Lady Leviathan, seeing as you were... Peeping on us, would you care to join? I need a break or I feel I won't be able to sit up tomorrow."

Serafall's eyes lit up. "Uh, you mean it?" When Yasaka nodded, she closed the door behind her, threw off her yakuta and leaped into the bed. "Take me, you glorious hunk of man meat! I've been wanting to ride you since I saw those DVDs!"

Ranma blinked as the Satan pushed him down. "...What DVDs? I knew that Lilith and Nabiki wanted pictures of me in the shower, working out and having sex, but when did they record DVDs of me?"

"Shh!" Serafall put her finger to Ranma's lips. "Less talky, more fucky."

"Well, can't complain about that." Ranma chuckled and put his hands on her bare ass.


Later in Kuoh City...

Sitting on the floor, sieza-style, Issei, Kiba, Irina, Asia, and Xenovia all looked at an upset Rias, Akeno and Koneko. Gasper was there, but he wasn't looking as upset. On the couch sat Azazel and Rossweisse, the latter of whom was still suffering the effects of her hang-over.

"I can't believe you didn't call us." Akeno said, pouting softly. "We got so worried about you."

"And then you summoned me out of nowhere." Rias had a light blush on her face, though it was masked by her annoyance.

"I'm sorry!" Issei clapped his hands and bowed to her. "I really am. I didn't mean to summon you in your undies in front of everyone."

"Eh, give him a break." Azazel chimed in. "He managed to help save Lady Yasaka, unlocked a new power and accidentally set off an international crisis in the process."

"HUH?!" Issei yelled, shocked. "What are you talking about?!"

Azazel blinked in surprise. "Didn't anyone tell you?" Issei shook his head, as did the others and Azazel sighed before pointing a remote at the very wide-screen television on the wall and turning it on.

A female reporter was seen. "...And while no one has any real idea who set off the powerful nuclear blast in the Pacific Ocean, Russia, China and the United States all immediately denied their action in this. North Korea has blamed Japan for attempting to make them look bad and Japan officially has no idea why the blast is being traced to Kyoto, which recently withstood a terrorist attack that destroyed Nijo castle, a small hill and did considerable damage to the surrounding area."

Turning it off, Azazel smirked as everyone but Rossweisse, who wasn't paying attention, had a large sweat-drop when they heard that. "Yeah, so congrats on scaring all the nuclear-powers in the world, Issei. You officially did more to shine light on the Moonlight World than everyone else did despite fighting for centuries."

"Well, I guess since everyone's okay, I guess I can forgive you." Rias muttered, happy that everyone was home, safe and sound.

"Good." Koneko nodded and leaned in close to Issei, sniffing at him. "So, perv, how come you smell like Xenovia?"

Both Issei and Xenovia's faces turned red as everyone but Rossweisse, Irina and Asia turned to look at them. Rossweisse was in too much pain, Asia was blushing as well as she twiddled her thumbs and Irina had a blank look on her face. "Um, well, that is..." They both said at the same time before looking at each other and wondering how to explain things. Sure, Xenovia wanted to copulate with Issei for some time, but she wasn't sure it was right to talk about it after the fact.

"You should just tell them." Irina said and the two gulped.

Clapping his hands and bowing his head to the floor, Issei trembled. "I'm sorry! I really am! But it got hot and heavy and before I knew it..."

"What's with all the noise?" A new voice spoke up and Issei jumped backwards in surprise. Everyone watched in surprise as Lilith pulled herself out of Issei's shadow, yawning and stretching. "Oh, we're back in Kuoh?"

"You were still in my shadow?!" Issei yelped in surprise. "I thought you would have left!"

"I fell asleep." Lilith said as she finished stretching. "Oh, hi, Rias, Akeno, Koneko, Gasper, what did I miss?"

"The perv was about to explain why he smells like Xenovia." Koneko gave Issei a dirty look.

"Huh?" Lilith blinked before realizing what they were talking about. "OH! Yeah, that's my fault." She giggled and rubbed the back of her head. "See, Issei and Asia were making out in the closet and Irina, Xenovia and I came across them, I got a bit too excited and it made Xenovia and Issei too excited and they ended up sexing each other up in the closet."

Everyone who hadn't seen it happen stiffened to the point that they looked almost like statues, well, except Azazel, who was grinning at Issei and giving him a thumbs up in congrats.

"You didn't need to say it so bluntly." Issei muttered through gritted teeth as he waited for the reaction. When no one said anything, he tried standing up. "Well, now that we have that cleared up, how about we..."

"SIT. DOWN." Rias ordered, finally able to react.

"Yes, ma'am!" Issei yelped as he did just that.

Rias slowly turned to face Lilith.

"Lady, please," the succubus snorted. "I fear few things. Your angry face is not one of them."


"And in his defense--and bless you for making me do THAT," Lilith continued, "you've been with him for how long? If you wanted to break his wrapper, why didn't you make the first move? Or ...order him--as his King--to pound you like pledges at a frat?"

"Now that's a saying I've not heard before." Azazel muttered in amusement.

Rubbing her head, Rias directed an angry glare at the rest of her peerage before taking a deep breath. "Did any of you think about any possible problems that could stem from this? Are any of you ready for what such a thing entails?" Granted, taking care of any babies wouldn't be too hard, her family was rich enough that getting baby sitters wasn't a hard thing to do.

"Yeah." Lilith nodded and put her hands behind her head. "I may not have stopped what was going on, and encouraged it, but I'm not stupid. A little magic spell kept his little swimmers from swimming for a week."

"I'm more curious how Irina's not a Fallen Angel if she watched that happen." Azazel looked at Irina, who had her halo pop out in response. "Okay, I know for a fact that Angels who observe sex that closely will have trouble staying pure, so..."

Lilith raised her hand. "I also thought of that, so I made it so that she wouldn't feel anything for a few days in regards to sexy time."

"That reminds me." Irina looked at Lilith, "this will wear off, right? No offense, but I don't think I'd like having part of me cut off."

"None taken, and it will, though I think it's a total dick move by your dead boss to not let Angels at least have sex without falling."

"We used to." Azazel told her, causing everyone to look at him. "What? Don't you remember the story of Noah? God had to flood the whole world for over forty days and nights because the Nephilim, you know, children of Angels and Humans, were doing too much harm to the world and humans specifically. It was after that event that the first of us Angels fell." Not that he blamed the old man, their brats had been stronger than their parents and even most of the Gods out there.

Lilith tapped her chin. "Nephilim? Wait, they were all giants, right?" Azazel nodded, it was a long time ago, it was like a human talking about their dead grandmother or something. "Hmm, neat." Privately she wondered if her father, Belial Aensland, had been one. The information Jedah had put into her mind about her father had him as a giant that towered over everyone in Makai after all.

"So..." Rias looked at them. "What do you have to say?"

"Sex is awesome and I'd totally do what I did over again." Issei responded, sweating as Rias had a dark look covering her face.

"Oooh, wrong answer." Lilith muttered as she and the others slid away from Issei to avoid Rias's anger.

"Issei, you JERK!" Rias yelled and ran off, tears in her eyes.

"Rias!" Issei tried to move, but was stopped by Koneko. "What?"

"Right now, I wouldn't go near her." Akeno answered for everyone. "Quite frankly, I'm feeling quite upset myself right now." She looked at Xenovia, who was at least looking at the floor in shame. She didn't blame Xenovia, it was probably amazing, but Rias was understandably upset over everything. "If you want to talk to her, give her some time to calm down."

Issei nodded, sighing as he saw Koneko and even Gasper's looks of disgust. He didn't bother looking at anyone else, he knew they'd all react the same way.

"And this is why I told you to not tell others." Lilith said to him. "Because the rumors would have gotten to Rias before the truth did."

Asia was pouting heavily. "Can't believe I froze up and missed my chance to do that with Issei." Her eyes widened and she slapped her hands over her mouth as her face flushed.

"Well..." Azazel chuckled at that. "Good thing you didn't say that in front of Rias."

"Must you still be here?" asked Akeno.

"Oh, I must," Azazel smirked. "Someone has to remind you of your own failures, from time to time."

"Our failures?" growled Koneko.

"Well, you each wanted him, each desired him," Azazel stated. "But none of you were willing to take the first act, to make a move to attain that dream you wanted. You expected young Issei to do such. Well, you got your desire," he said, his face blank. "He made a move, someone had sex, because they were willing to take action." Turning to those who were glaring at Issei, he kept his eyes focused. "Don't complain that those who chose to take no action, didn't win. Like the lotto, if you don't play, you can't complain you didn't win."

"Jerk!" Koneko narrowed her eyes at Azazel before turning to Issei. "You know that none of us cared if you started to go to pound town with any of us, but you should have did Rias first."

"Everytime I try someone always jumps in." Issei responded. "I didn't even like that my first time was in a closet with three others watching." Though he didn't complain about Lilith being there too much, she was a big help in making sure that the first time was really pleasant for the both of them.

"You sure weren't complaining when you were grabbing my butt and sucking on my boobs." Xenovia said, before her eyes widened and she blushed. "DANG IT!"

"As a teacher," Rossweisse groaned, "I should be against you having adult relations while on a trip. But as a woman, I want to hear more about your first time."

"That's because you're still a virgin." Lilith said, sighing as a blue aura of despair covered Rossweisse. "SERIOUSLY! The reason you're still a virgin is because you act like that! Men don't like women who cry about some bad luck!" Standing up, she walked over to the Valkyrie and tapped her shoulder. "Listen!" Rossweisse looked up, sniffling. "If you want a man, stop being so damn pitiful!" She pointed at Xenovia. "Don't be as aggressive as her, but having confidence in your sexy butt and big boobs, lovely hair and pretty face already! If you want to get laid, you can ask Issei or Master! Either of them will gladly plow your unused fields!" She sighed when Rossweisse's face turned red and she passed out, steam coming out of her ears. "Sheesh, I swear, if she doesn't get laid in six months, I'll take care of it myself."

"I'm not sure she'd appreciate that." Kiba finally spoke up, grateful no one had turned their ire on him.

"I think I'm forgetting something." Azazel muttered, trying to remember what it was that he had forgotten. "Oh well, I'm sure that if it's important I'll remember it later."


Up in her shared room with Issei and Asia, Rias laid on her stomach, face buried in her pillow. She wasn't crying, she was just upset. "Stupid Xenovia! Stealing my man before I got a chance to take him first!" She knew Issei wanted a harem, heck, she grew up with her father having a harem, so the idea didn't bother her in the slightest. She just wished that she had been the one to take Issei's virginity! Considering what Raynare did to him and now Xenovia, Rias couldn't claim to take any of Issei's firsts. 'Wait, did either of them give him a titty fuck or a blowjob?' She could at least do that for him.

Still, it bothered her that he had to get away from her to get laid. 'Maybe I should ask mom how she handles dad's harem.' She knew it was set on a day to day basis or something and heavy scheduling that her mom meticulously planned out so that everyone was able to be satisfied and happy.

Rias sighed and laid there for awhile, she wasn't sure how long, when she heard the door to the room open and then close. She felt a body sit down on the bed next to her. "Rias..." She heard Issei's voice. When she felt his hand on her shoulder, she rolled over and pulled him down on top of her. "WAGH!"

"Issei," tears were shining in her eyes, "am I not good enough for you?"

"What?!" Issei stared at her in shock. "No! If anything you're too good! No matter how I look at it, you're way out of my league! You're gorgeous, wonderful, rich and absolutely perfect. Me? I'm just a screw up who's no one really special."

"Even with a Dragon inside you?" Rias gave him a wry smirk. "No matter how you cut it, Issei, YOU are the special one, me? I'm just a high ranking Devil that happens to have a really powerful ability from my mom's side of the family. Don't let the fact that you were a normal human before you were turned into a Devil distract you from the fact that you are the Red Dragon Emperor."

"Yeah, but..." Issei shook his head. "Even with that, I'm nothing really special. Every day that I'm able to wake up with you in bed with me, I'm happy. Just being near you is more than I could have hoped for back when I entered Kuoh Academy."

Rias was silent for a few moments before nodding to herself. "Tell me something, Issei, when you think of me, what is that you think of?"

"The best woman in Kuoh Academy, with the best breasts, beautiful red hair, a killer bod that would make anyone go nervous just being near." Issei rattled off what he thought of, "and that's not even going into the fact that you are Rias Gremory, the most perfect, beautiful and gorgeous woman that I've ever met."

"...Flattery will get you nowhere." Rias giggled at him. "Issei, tell me," she stopped giggling and ran her hand over his arm and enjoyed him shivering, "you know who I am, who my family is, do you think anything differently of me?"

"Um, I think you're way out of my league and I'm thankful that you even bother to talk to me." Issei answered, wondering why she was asking. "I've thought that since I first saw you, since you first turned me into your servant."

Rias smiled at him and cupped his cheeks. "Do you see me as "Rias Gremory, the heir to the house of Gremory" or do you see me as "Rias Gremory, a person"?"

"...That's a stupid question." Rias stared at him in confusion. "Who cares if you're the heiress of a major Devil family? To me, you'll always be Rias Gremory, the best woman I could ever hope to be near and... MMMPH!" Issei's eyes widened as Rias suddenly pulled him down and kissed him on the lips.

For Rias, that was all she wanted to hear, and she was thankful that Issei saw her as a person, not as a status symbol. She knew he did, but it was nice to hear confirmation of it.

After she broke the kiss with Issei, the boy blushed hard. "Um, so, does this mean you forgive me?"

Rias smiled at him and nodded. "Yes. You know..." She moved her hands away from his cheeks and ran a finger over his chest even as her face slowly turned red. "If you want... I wouldn't mind giving you my virginity."

"Like... Right now?!" Issei's voice was cracking and pitched upwards in his excitement.

"Well... Didn't Lilith say that you couldn't get anyone pregnant for a week?" Rias was blushing hard. "Besides, if you want to be a Harem King, you're going to need experience, right?"

"You..." Issei blinked as she put a finger on his lips.

"If you do this, just call me Rias, please?" She asked and Issei nodded, mentally cheering as he slid out of his clothes while Rias made hers fall off of her body. "Well, someone's happy." She blushed as she looked at what he was packing. It was weird, she had seen him naked plenty of times in the past, but seeing him naked now, it felt... A lot different.

"YES! YES HE IS!" Issei's voice was stiff and loud before Rias shushed him and pushed him down onto the bed.


Meanwhile downstairs...

Lilith grinned and started giggling pervertedly. "I guess they made up." In truth, she was happy for those two. She liked Issei, despite her teasing of him, and if Rias wasn't obviously head over heels in love with him, she would have tried to hook the redhead up with her Master. Idly, she wondered if Rias and her Master had a kid, how crazy-strong that kid would be before dismissing it. 'Bah, Master wouldn't steal Rias away from Issei anyway.' Though maybe in a few decades she could bring up the idea of partner swapping.

Irina clapped her hands together and sighed. "How romantic!"

Asia pouted, it wasn't fair! Now Rias and Xenovia were a step ahead of her! And she had already chickened out once. No way Issei would be as interested in her after all of that.

Azazel was smirking, happy for the two. He'd have to talk to Issei about making sure to use protection every time, because he had no doubt that the kid would sire a lot of brats in his life if he wasn't careful.


Meanwhile in Hell...

"ARRRRRGH!" Riser's scream of frustration was heard all across the land.


At the Phenix estate...

Ravel looked outside and slumped. "Where does all this snow come from? I am sick and tired of seeing it!" When she heard her brother scream again and start swearing, she could only agree. "Mother, I can't..."

"I've already gotten the transfer papers written up." Lady Phenix said as she looked outside the estate. "I begin to tire of this endless snow myself."

Ravel nodded, glad to be getting out of this place until the insanity ended.

"Oh, Ravel, dear, that reminds me, we do need to check out the place of your hero. I don't want you sleeping in a hovel after all."

Ravel blushed and poked her fingers together. She hoped that Ranma didn't mind her moving in with him. Her face got redder as her mind started to wander into naughty territory.

Seeing how flustered her daughter was getting, Lady Phenix shook her head in amusement. 'Ah, to be young and in love.' Idly, she wondered what Ravel's hero was up to at that moment.


In Kyoto...

Sneezing lightly, Ranma blinked as he woke up. "Nnngh, what time..." He looked to the left but found it really hard to look any further as his face was obscured by a fleshy wall. Blinking a few more times to clear his eyes, he realized that he was looking at Yasaka's boobs, or rather, one of them, as his head was using her other breast as a pillow. 'This is great.' He thought to himself before shifting slightly and realizing there was a weight on his body. Looking down, he saw the sleeping and nude form of Serafall Leviathan and mentally sighed. 'Dammit, Lilith! I really did Seduce the Satan.' Ranma then mentally groaned at what he thought while his hands ran over Serafall's back.

'Bless you, Lilith, this is all your fault!' He thought to himself before he decided to go to sleep.

End Chapter 7