Dance with the Devil


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One week later...

Sighing as he got off the bullet train, Ranma shook his head. "Well, we're here." He turned to look at the two that came with him. "You didn't have to see me all the way back home you know."

"If you think you're going to disappear on me again, daddy, you got another thing coming!" Kunou pouted at him as she put her hands on her hips. "Mother already put in the transfer papers to Kuoh Academy."

"And I merely wish to make sure that your place is safe." Yasaka added, though she suspected that anyone stupid enough to cause trouble in a city with the Fallen Angel leader, the younger sisters of two Devil Kings, the Red Dragon Emperor and her husband was either suicidal or stupidly over-powered. She had no doubt that there were those who could cause trouble in the city, but she also knew that the amount of people that could or would was limited in scope. "It's just too bad that I cannot stay for more than a few hours."

"I told you, I'll get you a room set up so you can visit whenever you want." Ranma shook his head, not minding one bit. "Oh well, since we're here, I may as well give you the tour." Grabbing Kunou's large suitcase, he led the two into the city.


Twenty minutes later...

"This is your house, daddy?" Kunou stared at the building. "Wow! You made it sound like you didn't live in a fancy house."

"I don't." Ranma frowned as he looked at it. Sure, it was in the right spot, but... "Okay, either someone remodeled the place while I was away, or the warehouse up and moved away and this place replaced it." It was a rather large two story house that was about the same size as the warehouse, though he had a feeling it was much bigger inside. "Well, let's see if this is the place or not." Knocking on the door, he blinked at the blonde girl who opened it. "Ravel Phenix?"

"Hello." She smiled at him. "Welcome home." She looked at the two people behind him. "Oh! I didn't know you were bringing guests."

"Something like that, what's going on, what happened to the place?"

"If you come in, I'll explain." She smiled at him and led the three inside.

Looking around, Ranma raised an eyebrow at the appearance of walls, doors and stairs that weren't there before. "I take it that you have something to do with this." At least the entrance was quite large. "Gunna have to check the wards on this place."

Ravel nodded to him. "Yes, my mother wanted to make sure that I wasn't going to sleep on the dirt or something, so she sent some contractors in to fix up the place."

"Uh huh..." Ranma nodded as he looked around. From what he could see, the old kitchen area was taking up almost a third of the downstairs, which was nice if he was going to have a bunch of people living here. The old one was getting crowded after all. Off to his right side, he blinked in surprise as he looked in the room there. "...Why is there a pool table, dart board and an air hockey table in there?"

"Because Lilith said she wanted them for some reason." Ravel replied, though she thought she heard Lilith mention something about wanting to play more than just pool on that table. 'Whatever that means.'

"Neat!" Kunou's eyes lit up as she looked around the room. She couldn't wait to try some of these out sometime.

"So this is the living room then and... Where did the couches, the television, Azazel, the chairs and... Azazel?!" Ranma yelped in shock. "Why are you here?" He briefly noted that Mittelt and Nabiki were in the living room as well.

"Nabiki called me over today, said that I should show up." He grinned at Ranma. "Got here a few minutes ago." Spying Yasaka and Kunou behind Ranma, he smirked. "So... Were you so good of a lover that your wife stepped down from her position to come live with you?"

"I would if I could." Yasaka said, her face tinged pink. "However, it would not do the association any good if I stepped down at this point in time."

"I'm joking." Azazel chuckled as Mittelt got up and walked over to Ranma and hugged him tightly, burying her face in his chest. "Just to remind you, Mittelt, your first session starts tomorrow after school." The girl nodded and Azazel sighed at Ranma's confused look. "From what I can tell, she might be suffering from Acute Separation Anxiety Disorder." It was something that typically affected young children, but that didn't mean it couldn't affect others for one reason or another.

"Oh." Ranma said and gently hugged her back. "Did you think I left you?" She nodded against his chest. "Well, stop that. Even if I leave for some time, I'll always find a way to come back, okay?"

Mittelt nodded against his chest and Ranma sighed, he'd have to deal with this soon enough.

"MASTER!" Lilith yelled as she ran in from somewhere in bike shorts and a tank top. "I missed you so muAAAAAAAAAHHHH!" Lilith finally saw Yasaka standing behind Ranma and was so unprepared for it that she fell to the floor with a thud, her mouth foaming over as her body twitched.

"...Sheesh, I knew I should have called ahead to give her a warning."

"Glad you didn't." Nabiki was giggling as she watched on, her hand on a camcorder. "I've been wanting to record that reaction for some time." Putting the camera away, she smiled at him. "Glad to see you're back. Mittelt was mopey all week." Nabiki looked at Kunou and sighed. "You just HAVE to have the same name as one of my former classmates, don't you?" Kunou blinked in confusion. "Back in Nerima, one of my classmates was named Tatewaki Kuno. He was an idiot, good source of quick cash, but an idiot."

"Don't worry, Kunou's going to be going to Kuoh Academy starting this week." Ranma looked at Azazel. "Is there another reason you're here?"

"Can't I just enjoy this amusing sight?" Azazel chuckled, he had never seen Lilith act like this. "Okay, okay, sheesh," he muttered at Ranma's flat stare, "I'm leaving, but you should know that you're going to have to catch up on a week's worth of school work. Irina already agreed to help you get caught up." He gave Ranma a wry smirk. "No seducing the Angel. Oh, and Ravel, don't be late on your first day of school." Ravel nodded, she had no intention of being late at all, her mother would have her hide!

"Contrary to what Lilith wants or what I do with my women, I'm not someone who can only think with his other head." Ranma rolled his eyes as Azazel laughed and stood up. "See ya tomorrow."

The Fallen Angel leader nodded and disappeared in a flash of light.

"Well," Ranma let go of Mittelt and looked around, "so where's the training area?"

"Oh!" Ravel spoke up, having been watching everything in amusement, "this way! It's in the back."

"Back?" Ranma was confused as he followed after Ravel. "The only thing in the back was a bunch of bushes, rocks and who knows, woah!" Ranma's eyes widened as Ravel showed him the new training area. "This is bigger than what we had before." It was an honest-to-goodness dojo attached to the house, having various training objects all over the place.

"Yep." Nabiki said as she walked up behind them. "Not by much, I admit, but Lilith and Mittelt already warded this so that you can train in peace without freaking every supernatural being from here to Kyoto and Tokyo out by accident."

"Cool." Ranma nodded and looked around. "So, what else is in here?"

"Should I show you the hot-springs bath downstairs or the bedrooms upstairs?" Ravel asked.

"We have a hot-springs?" Ranma asked in surprise.


"...We have a hot-springs." Ranma looked around in shock. They were more like hot tubs at swimming pools than an outdoor spring, but the baths were large.

"Well, they're all set to different temps. I was thinking of putting a swimming pool in here, but decided against it, it would take too much work to maintain and I couldn't ask mother to expend Phenix Clan resources to help maintain a pool." Ravel rubbed the back of her head. She pointed at the large bathtub against the far wall. "That's the cooling bath though, so if you get too hot in the tubs, you can use that to cool off."

"Hope it's not too cold, you can go into shock." Ranma muttered and looked around. "Well, this is nice."

Ravel smiled at him. "Well, let's go show you the rooms."


"I didn't ask for a bed this size." Ranma sweat-dropped. This was at least as big as the hotel bed that he had in Kyoto, though, now that he thought about it, he didn't even sleep on it. 'Man, wasted opportunity.' Next time he saw that Cao Cao guy, he wondered if he could steal the True Longinus and pawn it off for some cash. 'Nah, knowing my luck, he could dismiss it like Issei does with his Sacred Gear.'

Nabiki coughed softly. "Well, think of it this way. You won't kick any of us out of bed by accident." She laughed as Ranma rolled his eyes at her. "Even you sleep sometimes."

"Once in awhile." Ranma muttered before turning and leaving. "Well, whatever. We need to get Kunou and Yasaka a room for themselves."

Mittelt looked at the extremely busty woman and twitched. 'How is her back not screaming at her?' Looking at her flat chest, she sighed and wondered if her boobs would ever grow to be decent sized. "You're moving in?"

"No." Yasaka shook her head. "My daughter is, oh, and on that note, honey," she said sweetly and Nabiki and Mittelt both froze, shivering at the tone she was using, "if something... Untoward happens to Kunou before she turns fifteen, at least, I shall... Let my displeasure be known."

Kunou sighed at hearing that. "Mother, I don't know what you mean exactly, but I'm sure daddy won't let something bad happen to me."

"That's not exactly what I was worried about." Yasaka shook her head and looked at Ranma expectantly.

"Trust me, no one in this house will do anything to her." He couldn't guarantee that Issei or his two perverted friends wouldn't do something, whether by accident or on purpose however. 'No, wait, Issei wouldn't, he might be a perv but at least he has some sense.' The guy never wanted to do perverted things to Asia and despite Koneko being all over him, he did nothing more perverted to her than simply making her clothes explode from time to time.

Still, he guessed it wouldn't hurt to at least talk to Issei and make sure that he kept his two friends in check if they saw Kunou. 'Wasn't one of them a total lolicon?'

If Nabiki, Akane or Lilith heard his mental question, they would have all called him a hypocrite.

"Anyway, I'm getting a room set up for Yasaka so she can come visit whenever she wants." Ranma frowned and tapped his chin. "I'm forgetting something, aren't I?"

"What about Lady Leviathan, daddy?" Kunou asked, causing Ranma to slap his forehead.

"Ah, right. Serafall said she wanted a place to stay when she was in the area, since Sona's always too busy to let her stay over for some reason."

"...You're setting up one of your spare rooms for Lady Leviathan?!" Nabiki yelped in shock. "How? What? Why? When?!"

"Probably when she joined me on my honeymoon for a few days." Yasaka giggled and Nabiki and Mittelt both went stiff as a board. "Honey was... Very thorough with both of us."

"YOU HAD SEX WITH SERAFALL LEVIATHAN?!" Nabiki and Mittelt yelled at the same time in shock.

"Yes, and I'd do it again." Ranma told them, wondering why they suddenly face-faulted. "So, anyway, let's get those rooms set up."

"Right." Both Yasaka and Kunou said at the same time as they left the two twitching girls on the floor behind them.

Looking at them, Kunou sighed. Adults were weird and she was worried she'd be just like them when she got older.

End Epilogue

End of Kyoto Arc


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"Hey, what do you got there?" Ranma asked as he and Kunou walked into the Occult Research Club. Sitting at the desk, Azazel was looking at some sort of large knife. "I didn't think weapons were allowed on campus."

"Yet we allow you, Issei, Rias, Akeno, Saji and Lilith to come here." Azazel smirked at him. "Anyway, this is my perfected Artificial Sacred Gear." He was a little disappointed that it wouldn't work with his Downfall Dragon Spear, but he just needed to do some tweaks and his original artificial Sacred Gear would be a proper Sacred Gear. "Unlike the Downfall Dragon Spear, this doesn't put excessive wear and tear on the body and doesn't wear the user out simply for using it. Sadly, right now it's just a fancy paperweight. Well, more like fancy letter opener."

"Unless you needed to go hunting." Ranma looked at it. "I think some American army guys once showed me one of their hunting knives, it looked a lot like that." From what he could remember, those knives were useful for stabbing, cleaning scales off of fish, gutting dead animals, skinning their fur, cutting away small branches and more.

"Oh?" Azazel raised an eyebrow and looked at it. "A hunting knife, huh?"

"Yeah, useful for a lot, can be used for skinning and cleaning animals, cooking and other stuff."

"Neat!" Azazel smiled, he'd have to try it the next time he went fishing. "Anyway, that's all it is, without a spirit or something, it's not very useful outside of being a knife."

" it w..."

Ranma blinked, wondering why he heard that voice again before suddenly remembering he needed to ask Nabiki to look at Nepal for him. "Well, if you're not going to use it, can I have it?" Azazel gave him a surprised look. "...What? Everyone else has a fancy Sacred Gear these days, why can't I have one? Besides, you said it yourself, it's kind of useless right now."

"A little jealous of Issei, are we?" Azazel chuckled in amusement as Ranma scratched his cheek.

"Not really, I don't like power that's just handed to me. I only took on that King's piece because Nabiki needed help, I even sealed it away."


Ranma sighed and shook his head. "It's not like I need it, but after the debacle in Kyoto, it feels like there's a Sacred Gear Balance Breaker Bargain Sale going on. I'm shocked that neither Asia nor Gasper have Balance Breakers yet."

Azazel shrugged at that. "Each Sacred Gear is different. Saji hasn't unlocked his true Balance Breaker yet, if that makes you feel better. But trust me, I get the desire to have one. It's part of the reason why I started researching them." Flipping the knife over, he held it by its blade. "Tell you what, if you want this, catch it." Ignoring Kunou's yell of shock, Azazel threw it at Ranma, who simply held up his hand and caught it between his index and middle fingers. "...If you had dodged, I wouldn't have let you have it."

"And if I got hurt?" Ranma asked as he flipped the blade over. "Got a sheath for this?"

"Nope." Azazel chuckled as Ranma rolled his eyes and made the Artificial Sacred Gear disappear. "But I knew you could do that, so I wasn't worried about it. After all, can't you catch rotten fruit and throw it without breaking it?"

"Kiba told you, huh?" Ranma asked, getting a nod from Azazel. "Anyway, how do you like your first day of school, kiddo?" He asked Kunou, who's eyes suddenly lit up happily.

"It was great! Some of the kids were a bit pushy, but I had lots of fun in class."

"That's good." Ranma looked up as Irina walked into the room. "Ah, you're here."

She smiled at him and held up a pile of notes. "Well, if we're going to get you caught up I thought I'd hurry here and help you out."

Ranma shrugged, he had no problem with that. "Alright, sure, I was a bit confused in math class today."

Azazel smiled as he watched Irina and Ranma compare notes and go over stuff that had been learned in class while Kunou pulled out some of her own homework. He had never had kids, despite having over a thousand harems in all of his life, so seeing this was rather relaxing for him. 'It's probably why I pick up strays like Vali all the time.' Privately he wondered what his adopted son was up to.


"ACHOO!" Vali shook his head and sniffled. "Sorry about that, but are you sure, Le Fay?"

"Uh huh!" The blonde witch pouted and scuffed her foot on the ground. "My poor widdle Goggy Woggy got stolen away from me in Kyoto and I can't find it."

Vali frowned. Le Fay was a very skilled magic user, he knew of only a few, Georg and Mephisto both came to mind quickly as being in her league, that could surpass her in ability. To have her say that she couldn't find the Gogmagog he had dug up was... Disconcerting. "Hmm, you said it was Jedah?" When she nodded, he sighed. "I guess it's time to talk to our benefactor then. I'm getting a little worried about Ophis, I haven't seen her in awhile."

"So that's what's going to happen now, huh?" Kuroka said as she walked up to the two of them, with Bikou and Arthur following behind her. "You think that Jedah has done something untoward Ophis or something?"

Vali scoffed, that Devil was strong, easily on par with any of the four Devil Kings, but he was nothing compared to the likes of Ophis. "I'm more interested in why he took Gogmagog myself, or why he finally made himself public in Kyoto."

"Should we just show up out of nowhere?" Arthur asked as he adjusted his glasses. "Even with my abilities it might be hard to bypass his defenses, and as much as it pains me to admit it, I have no idea where Makai is in relation to our world, so getting there is next to impossible."

"We could ask the Vampires." Bikou suggested. "They might know. Or perhaps we can head to England and see if B.B. Hood is in, she's been to Makai."

The entire group grimaced at the thought of dealing with B.B. Hood, but as one of the few people that had managed to get to Makai and come back alive, she was a solid bet for getting to the Demon Realm.

"I think I'll just see if I can't contact him first." Vali muttered, not wanting to deal with B.B. Hood. He had met her once in his life and the resulting fallout from that meeting had him deciding that he never wanted to be on the same continent as the blonde gun nut.


"Hmm?" Jedah blinked as a screen popped up showing Vali, Bikou, Kuroka, La Fey and Arthur. "Ah, White Dragon Emperor, what do I owe the honor of this call?" He asked and leaned back in his chair.

"Where's my poor widdle Goggy Woggy!?" Le Fay yelled, pouting in such a way that Jedah actually found her adorable.

"Goggy..." Jedah muttered softly before his eyes lit up. "Oh! You mean that weapon I took from Kyoto? I'm simply studying it. It's just fascinating what the Ancient Gods created to fight for them." Sadly, as big as it was, he couldn't have Akane make a copy of it. That was actually pretty sad. "I have no problem returning it right now, but I'd like to have a chance to look it over more fully.

"I, however, am curious about where Ophis is." Vali narrowed his eyes at the blue Devil. "We've lost contact with her sometime ago and that's not like her."

"She's simply visiting Makai, saying that she wanted to see what the Demon Realm was like." Jedah gave him a disarming smile. "She'll be back when she's done with her tour." A beeping sound caught his attention and he looked to the side. "Well, as much as I would love to continue this conversation, White Dragon Emperor, I have a call that I can't ignore, have a good day." Before he cut the call off, he gave a small grin. "Just so you know, I've heard that someone of great interest to you will be in Eastern Europe in a little over a month from now." Vali raised an eyebrow. "Well, if you want to know, you'll have to wait until then to find out, won't you?"

The screen cut off and Jedah had a nasty smirk on his face. "Well then, that's one more piece to this game. I wonder what you'll do next, oh son of Satan." Chuckling, he pressed the button and watched as a new screen lit up with a message on it. "Excellent. Time for part two." Oh he still had things he had to do, but things were getting interesting now.

In a black flash, he was gone.


Back in Kuoh City...

"I can't believe a new food place opened up a few days ago." Rias said as she, Koneko and Akeno walked into the club room.

"What's this about a food place?" Kunou asked.

"Some new place opened up, I went there a couple of days ago with Akeno and Issei, they serve really delicious food." Koneko said. "It's run by two people, but they're able to keep up with lots of orders at once."

"Oh?" Azazel's eyes lit up. "I've been getting tired of instant cup ramen lately, so what food do they serve?"




"They're all gone..." A young woman wearing a badly torn red dress that was holding on by threads but doing nothing to cover her torn bra and panties held a black sword with an axe blade near the hilt slumped to her knees. 'Damn Youkai.' She couldn't believe it, even after everything they had gone though, everything she had trained for in her life, what good was it now? She looked up and saw her best friend, her cousin, her mother, her grandmother and a couple of others, all frozen as stone statues. "Now what?" The attack had come out of nowhere when her cousin had come to visit. She hadn't thought much of the Youkai at first, seeing as it wasn't that strong, but then it revealed a frightening power. "So why aren't they turning back?!"

"Simple." A male voice spoke up and she jumped up, her body trembling from how tired she was, and pointed the sword in her hands at the person who appeared behind her. "Lower your weapon, hunter." The tall, blue-skinned creature in front of her said as he held his hands up in a non-threatening manner. "Had I wished to kill you, I could have done so when you were on your knees." Seeing her glare intensify, he chuckled. "There's no doubt that you could kill me with that sword. Ages of your family slaying Devils, Demons and Youkai has given you tremendous affinity for doing such."

She snarled at him. "Even if it won't bring them back, one less Devil in this world is always a good thing!" Squeezing her hands around the hilt, she charged forward.

"But I know who's responsible for your family being frozen." He smirked as she practically stumbled to stop herself. "And I know how to undo the curse."

"You do?" She asked, looking at him wearily.

"Another Devil, one who, I admit, is far more dangerous than I care to like, plus his power goes beyond mine, is the culprit responsible for this." The Devil sighed and shook his head. "The truth is, he's a threat to myself and the rest of the world the longer that he walks freely."

"And why should I believe you? And who are you?"

The Devil grinned at her. "My name is Jedah Dohma. The Devil responsible for this is known as Rizevim Lucifer, the son of Satan himself. He cares nothing for anything but his own selfish desires of carnage and destruction. To him," Jedah looked at the frozen statues, "this was simply fun because he could do it."

"Thank you for telling me, now where can I find him?" When Jedah chuckled, she glared at him. "What?"

"The instant I tell you that, you would kill me. And, no," he held up a hand to stop her protests, "as you are now, he would sense you coming and strike you down before you could get close." Snapping his fingers, a red and black hooded cloak and a red hockey mask with black lines under the eye sockets appeared. "These will hide your power and any sort of killing intent you would have towards him."

Smirking as he turned to leave, Jedah threw a piece of paper on top of the mask. "That flyer will let you contact me if you want to find him."

"Tell me something, Devil." The hunter narrowed her eyes at him. "What do you get out of this?"

"If you kill him, that's one less powerful enemy that I have to deal with. If he kills you, well, that's one less powerful enemy that I have to deal with." Jedah looked back at her, chuckling. "Either way, I win. If you want to stop him, you best make up your mind. You have two weeks, afterwords I assume that you've given up."

Watching him disappear in a black flash while laughing, the Devil Hunter slumped to her knees and trembled. 'What should I do?' Working with Jedah would get her what she wanted, but he was a Devil, how could she work with them on this? He even admitted that he would prefer if she died.

"This sucks."

End Prologue


In canon Azazel tried to sell Artificial Sacred Gears to regular people and had them all confiscated by Shemhazai as a result. So him giving one to Ranma is perfectly in line with how he acts. XD

Also, After as in "After Kyoto" is the arc.


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Chapter 1

Walking into the club room with Gasper and Kiba, Issei waved at the group. "Hey."

Lilith, who had gotten there a few minutes before him, waved back. "Hey, you should get in on this." She waved him over to where she, Kunou, Koneko and Akeno were playing cards. "We're playing blackjack for fun."

"Sure, why not?" Kiba smiled and walked over there, along with Gasper.

"So anyway," Azazel continued to speak to Rias, "should we plan for everyone to show up or not? Because I've seen some of you eat, and I kind of pity the staff, not to mention my wallet, if everyone goes."

"Hmm, probably, it wouldn't be right to not include everyone."

"What are you talking about?" Issei asked as he ignored Irina helping Ranma catch up on his homework.

"Oh, we're planning on heading to the new food place, the one that everyone's talking about." Azazel answered him. "They serve, what was it again?"

"Okonomiyaki." Ranma replied to his question. "Strange, every time I say that word, I feel like I forgot something."

"I wouldn't know!" Lilith piped up. "I've never had the stuff. I think your dad might though."

"Oh yeah!" Issei's eyes lit up. "Matsuda said he went there a few days ago. There was like one waitress and she was really pretty, like a traditional beauty or something. From what he said, she was petite, not too short, kind of small breasts and wore a kimono of all things while serving foods and drink. He said that she was really fast and graceful."

"Who's fast and graceful?" A female voice spoke up and Issei turned to see Xenovia and Ravel walk into the club room.

"What's the cuntucky fried chicken doing here?" Koneko grumbled in annoyance. She didn't think that Ravel was a bad person, per-say, but she just didn't like her.

"What did you say?!" Ravel yelled as she zipped across the room and got up in Koneko's face. "Say that again!"

"What? Is your hearing as bad as how over-cooked fried chicken tastes?" Koneko gave her a deadpan look.

Ravel's eyes turned white from anger. "I'd rather be a fried chicken than an empty pussy!"

Koneko stood up, her eyes turning white as she glared at Ravel. "At least I know that anyone I'm with won't need a trip to the emergency room for third degree burns."

The two started growling at each other and sparks started to fly between them.

"...Um..." Ranma scratched his head in confusion. "Why is Koneko hating on Ravel?"

Kiba chuckled softly. "Cats and birds aren't exactly on good terms."

"Koneko's a cat?" Ranma asked and looked at the little white haired girl. "...Explains some things then." Namely why he felt nervous around her at times.

"A Nekomatta, to be specific." Rias answered and sighed heavily at the two as they flung insults at each other. "Thankfully that's all they're doing."

"It probably doesn't help that they're the same age and Ravel's breasts are far bigger than Koneko's are." Akeno giggled in amusement.

"At least I don't need to be a big breasted slut to get my man to look at me."

"I'm still a virgin, you mangy feline!"

"You're living with the biggest pervert in the room, he probably has you bent over his bed and mounts you every night."

"I WISH!" Surprisingly, or not, that was Lilith who chimed in.

"You know, this is kind of getting obscene." Irina muttered, wondering if anyone would stop it.

"Oh, is that so?" Koneko grinned, "even with tits like that you can't possibly get a guy to bed you, huh?"

Ravel's face lit up in embarrassment. "At least I don't..."

"Okay, that's enough," Azazel spoke up, interrupting them, "Koneko, be nice to Ravel, this is her first day here. Ravel, don't respond to Koneko's barbs, you'll only encourage her." He sighed when the two huffed and turned away in annoyance with their arms crossed over their chests. "Anyway, Ravel Phenix and Kunou are the two newest members of the Occult Research Club, so I want you two to," he gave Ravel and Koneko a stern look, "even if you don't like each other, at least tolerate each other and keep the insults down a bit." As amusing as it was, he didn't want to have to deal with this every time he showed up.

"This room's getting a bit crowded." Irina commented, noting how it was getting harder to move around in the room.

"I know, that's why I'm refurbishing one of the old classrooms into a true meeting room." Rias commented. "This room will basically be for storage and showering after next week."

"Neat." Irina smiled. "So..."

"How about this?" Azazel grinned. "How about Rias takes a few of the group to look around and see which rooms would be best to refurbish into a meeting room? Because we're still missing some people and I don't know if this room can hold any more."

"Good idea." Rias nodded and looked at the group. "Akeno, Kiba, Irina, Issei and Lilith, you come with me. Koneko, for being such a potty mouth, you have to stay here with Ravel." Seeing the young girl slump, Rias turned and left. She didn't mind if the girl had a dirty mouth, but some of those insults were just obscene.

"Oh goodie!" Lilith grinned and jumped on Issei's back. "Forward, horsie!"

"Since when am I your ride?" Issei groused, though he was smiling in amusement.

"Oh like you should complain! Most guys would love to have a cute girl riding them."

"Yep." Both Azazel and Ranma said at the same time as the group left the room.


"So," Lilith said after getting off of Issei and looking around one of the larger classrooms, "this wouldn't be too bad."

"If we clear enough stuff out of here, we can even put some pull-down beds against the front and back walls if we need to crash over-night for some reason." Rias pointed out before giving Issei and Lilith, both of whom had naughty looks on their face, a stern look. "No, there will be no sex in the meeting room."

"Aww!" Both of them let out identical sounds of disappointment.

Kiba shook his head. "Perhaps we should limit it to just a couple of beds if we install them? You never know when you might need one for one reason or another." Plus it would give them all a chance to rest after school if they were too tired for whatever reason.

"True." Rias tapped her chin. "Akeno, what do you think?"

"A Queen sized mattress! Then we can pull it down like they do in those old American movies." Akeno's eyes lit up in delight. "Oh! I know! We could put a one-way door on the wall that the bed would fold up and face, in case anyone was sleeping in the bed and we flipped it up on them, they'd get dumped into the hallway."

"Not a bad idea." Rias nodded, between Lilith, Koneko, Ravel and now Kunou, there were enough girls who were pretty small in the group and might get lost under blankets by accident.

"Speaking of decent ideas," Lilith spoke up and looked at Issei, "how'd you like to upgrade your boobielingual?"

"SERIOUSLY?!" Issei's eyes were wide as he looked at her in shock. "What more could I want with it?!"

"Right now it sounds like you can only read surface thoughts with it." Lilith pointed out, to which Issei nodded, "how would you like to see the target's deepest dreams and desires?"

"This is going in a dangerous direction, isn't it?" Irina asked no one in particular. She couldn't even begin to imagine what an upgrade to boobie reading could be. "Wait! You're not going to make a woman's boobs vibrate so much that their shirts explode, are you?"

Lilith blinked and looked at Irina with a slow-growing grin. "No, but now that you've said that I want to do just that. Issei! We'll call it boobiebomb!"


"No!" Rias and Irina yelled at the same time.

"Eh, don't worry, I'd have to figure out the specifics of it, maybe ask Master how he made Shampoo and Atsuko's clothes explode by accident when he was sparring with them." Lilith tapped her chin and looked up. "Hmm, maybe some vibrating air current that, when it hits a woman's boobs, causes the flesh and fat that makes up the boobies to start moving and vibrating on their own uncontrollably? Oh! If a woman has boobs that are big enough, the boobiebomb could make them get slapped in the face with their own breasts!"

"...Just so you know, that's both painful and hilarious." Akeno pointed out, causing everyone to look at her in shock. Coughing, she hefted her own breasts. "One time I tripped when my girls grew in and they bounced up and... Well, my face was stinging afterwords."

"AW MAN! I WISH I HAD SEEN THAT!" Both Lilith and Issei groaned at the same time.



"We must perfect the boobiebomb immediately!" The two yelled at the same time, grasping their hands and the air around them started to sparkle.

"Yep, this went in a dangerous direction." Irina sighed, though she imagined it would be hilarious. "So what is the upgrade to Issei's boob-reading powers you were talking about?"

"AH!" Lilith let go of Issei and rubbed the back of her head. "Sorry about that, but the boobiebomb idea is awesome!"

"No." Rias said flatly.

"Alright, alright, sheesh." Lilith grumbled for a moment. "Anyway, Issei, since you have the ability to read surface thoughts on women, I thought I'd give that power an upgrade." She winked at his look of curiosity. "It's not true mind-reading, but you can see past the surface of someone's thought and see their deepest desires and fantasies. I call it..." She pointed dramatically as spotlights seemed to focus on her and the rest of the room went dark, "Succutasy!"

"So... How does it work?" Issei asked, wanting to use it.

"Simple, use your boobielingual on Rias and I'll power it up." Lilith grinned.

"Wait! Why me?!" Not that Rias minded too much, but she was curious as to why she was being chosen.

"I don't want to have Irina fall by accident and Issei couldn't handle Akeno's thoughts." Lilith couldn't directly read minds, but she could feel emotions and the taller, dark haired girl had some emotions that reminded her of the Evil Kyoto Fox for some reason.

Rias sighed heavily. "FINE!" She just wanted this to be over with. Holding her arms to her side, she just wanted this to be over.

"REALLY?!" Issei grinned. "Alright! Let's do this! Eh?" He blinked as Lilith put a hand on the back of his head. "What are you?"

"Just use Boobielingual, okay?" Lilith waited for Issei to do so. "Okay! UPGRADE!" Lilith yelled out as she synchronized her aura with Issei's.

Issei's eyes widened as he saw Rias's bare breasts before it felt like his mental picture of them was zooming in on something. He watched, transfixed as he saw... Himself and Rias, naked on a boat somewhere.

"I've got an idea!" The other version of him said as Boosted Gear formed around his arm. After five quick boosts, that Issei grabbed Rias's breasts and transferred to her. "There!" He dismissed Boosted Gear and grinned at the flushed Rias before grabbing her breasts. "Your boobs are now thirty-two times more sensitive than before."

"OH YES!" Rias screamed out as she jerked and juices exploded out from her crotch.

The scene faded away and Issei slapped his hands to his nose. "WHY DIDN'T I EVER THINK OF THAT?!" He screamed, hoping he could hold back his nose from erupting blood.

Issei looked around and wondered why things were still dark, before they faded away and he saw Rias and himself standing in front of class, though he could see people were in the seats, he couldn't see their faces.

"Issei!" Rias called out, her face flushed as the Issei next to her ripped her clothes off and pushed her over a desk.

"Tell them all! Tell them what you want! Tell them who you belong to!"

"You!" Rias cried out and Issei watched the Issei behind her suddenly drop his pants and mount her from behind. "I WANT YOU! I LOVE YOUR BIG, THICK, HARD COCK! I BELONG TO YOU! FUCK ME!"


Issei couldn't stop his nosebleed this time and he fell over, giggling.

Lilith blinked as Issei suddenly fell over when his nose erupted blood. "I don't know WHAT he saw, but," she looked at Rias, who was suddenly looking away and blushing, "what kind of fantasies do you have?"

"I don't know what you're talking about!" Rias said quickly.

"Ara ara, should we try it on someone else?" Akeno asked with a smile.

"Not Asia," quickly responded Lilith. "Either it would fry her mind ...or worse! It'll turn her into a version of me... BEYOND ULTRA!"


"Seriously, woman, watch some hentai!" complained Lilith.

Kiba just shook his head in amusement and looked at Irina. "Well, this went in unexpected places."

The twin-tailed girl pouted and got on her knees. "Lord Michael, please forgive me for giving Issei and Lilith the idea about the Boobiebomb, I didn't mean to!"


"You think we were forgotten?" Asia asked Atsuko as the two of them and Mittelt cleaned the classroom.

"Nah, they'll probably wait for us to show up when we get done cleaning." Mittelt pointed out. "Besides, I need to get going, I've got to see the shrink."

"Have fun." Atsuko smiled as Mittelt put her stuff away. "We'll finish up then."

"Alright, thanks." Mittelt said as she finished putting her stuff away and left.

The two worked in silence for a few more minutes until the classroom was done. "Well," Atsuko stretched after putting everything away, "how about we get to the club room?"

"Sure." Asia nodded, smiling.


Meanwhile in Hell...

"Are you sure?" Sirzechs asked Serafall as the two looked over the data in front of them.

"There's no doubt. There's been a major decline here, here and here." She pointed to various data points on the papers in front of him.

"This is serious. If we don't do something soon, it could spell the end."

"Perhaps we should ask your sister's club to help out?" Grayfia asked from behind. "Maybe they have an idea how to fix our problem?"

"Might not be a bad idea." Serafall nodded and privately she was grateful someone brought it up. "Although I'm not sure they'd be able to reverse the trend."

"I'm sure that they can think of something." Though Sirzechs didn't want to wear Rias and her peerage out too much, after all, the rating game against Sairaorg wasn't too far away.

"Well, I hope so! I don't want to have my show canceled because of low ratings!" Serafall had tears welling up in her eyes as she thought about it. "How will I teach younger Devils about the joys of love, justice and being a magical girl otherwise?!"

"And I don't want the Satan Rangers to be canceled either." Sirzechs muttered. He knew that the Oppai Dragon Emperor was the most popular show in Hell right now for younger Devils, but maybe there was a way to at least fix some of the ratings their shows were having? "Anyway, Grayfia, would you be so kind?"

"Of course." Grayfia bowed, before her face turned an interesting shade of green and she ran off. "My apologies!"

"Morning sickness, huh?" Serafall asked, getting a nod from Sirzechs.

"Yes. It's gotten to the point that we use a substitute when she needs to be there for anything." At least she wasn't showing too much just yet. He'd have to get a replacement actor for her soon. Sirzechs knew that Grayfia enjoyed playing the part of Satan Yellow, but she wouldn't be able to keep this up for much longer. Unlike some human comics that he had seen once, sending a pregnant woman out to fight and be a Hero was insanely stupid.

"That's okay." Serafall grinned suddenly and ran off. "I'll let her know that she can take it easy and I'll go to Earth!"

"Just don't be gone for a six days." Sirzechs muttered and raised an eyebrow as Serafall pouted, though her cheeks were flushed. 'Hmm, what happened when she was in Kyoto for all that time?' When Serafall had returned, rumors quickly spread that she had apparently came back with a goofy grin on her face and was walking with a limp, which lead to speculation that she had found a lover in Kyoto. If she had, he was happy for her, she deserved some happiness in her life that wasn't based around making Sona embarrassed with the magical girl cosplay and fun.

"Azazel, I gotta hand it to you, you were right about one thing... Not needing to worry about fighting and war has made it a lot easier for Devils to focus on having families." Sure, the birthrate was still incredibly low, but last he heard there were more than a few pregnant Devils running around. He knew things were still tense, especially with those who had fought in the great war between the three factions, but the younger generation seemed to have no problems adjusting to the peace between the factions. 'The fact that Rias works with two known Fallen Angels and a Reincarnated Angel helps.' Plus Shemhazai had gone public with his marriage and soon-to-be born child with a Devil woman. Azazel had mentioned that if the whole situation with Kokabiel hadn't happened he would have used the child, when it was born, as an example of Devils and Fallen Angels not needing to fight anymore.


Their only warning that someone was teleporting in was a blue sigil that appeared in the middle of the room.

"Wait, isn't that..." Ranma trailed off as the person in question appeared in the room. "Thought so, hey, Serafall."

"Hi!" She grinned at him before turning to Azazel, who had stood up. "We've got a serious problem!"

"What?" Azazel knew that it had to be serious if Serafall had to come to Earth personally. "What's wrong?"

Serafall pouted heavily. "Both the Satan Rangers and Mahou Shoujo Levia-Tan shows are slipping in ratings! If we can't get the ratings up soon our shows will be canceled!" She blinked as there was a loud thud. Looking around, she scratched her head as she saw most everyone face-first on the ground. "...What?"

Azazel groaned as he pushed himself off of the desk when he fell over. "That was so... Unexpected that I have no words for it."

Serafall rubbed the back of her head and giggled nervously. "Sorry."

"Hey, sorry we're..." Atsuko blinked as she and Asia walked into the room. "Okay, who did the silly thing this time?"


Ten minutes later...

"So you want us to help you plan out a killer episode for the next season of Levia-tan?" Issei, his face cleaned up, asked as everyone gathered in the abandoned classroom as there was actually room to move around now. "And Satan Rangers?"

"I play characters on both shows, so yes." Serafall nodded.

"Ever do a sixth ranger shows up and is actually a bad guy plot?" Lilith asked and Serafall tapped her chin as she tried to think back to the previous seasons.

"That might help, but only for the Satan Rangers, I have no clue how to help my other show." Serafall sighed, if only she had some sort of idea.

"Too bad we can't use the Oppai Dragon Emperor show to promote your shows." Kiba said, chuckling.

"CROSSOVER!" Lilith yelled as she slapped her hands together. "I got the perfect idea too! Kiba! You're a villain on Oppai Dragon, right?"

Rias mentally groaned, she did NOT want to do the whole "Switch Princess" role again and blamed Bikou for that stupid nickname. Sure, the show was a great hit, but it was... so embarrassing to go through.

"What's going through your mind?" Ranma asked Lilith, privately amused by this.

"I always wanted to beat up the Power Rangers." Lilith started giggling at the confused looks everyone gave her. "Anyway, how about a villain so dangerous that it takes powerful allies to stop? Hmm, we'll need minions. Killer robots or something."

"Oh, I can get those." Atsuko spoke up. "I'm sure that Mama still has a few hundred killer robots laying around that I didn't get around to smashing yet."

"Wait, your mother has killer robots that you smashed?" Rias asked in confusion.

"Yep!" Atsuko grinned at her. "I guess technically Eimi and I both counted as killer robots at the time too."

There was a loud thud and everyone turned to look at Nabiki, who had a stack of papers next to her. "Already saw the episode and everything, this is the script, it'll work, trust me, and yes, Atsuko, your mom is going to be needed for this."

"Darn, there goes any ideas I might have had if she already saw how this is going to go." Lilith muttered as she took a script. "OOOH! I like my role in this!"

Serafall took a script and slowly grinned. "I don't know how you saw this, but I love it! We need to do this immediately!"

"And where am I supposed to..." Ranma trailed off as he flipped through the script himself.

"He'll be back tonight." Nabiki answered, knowing what he was going to ask.

"So I guess we're doing this, huh?" Rias sighed as she looked through the script. "Well, this isn't too bad, I guess."

"I'm going to take some of these with me, we'll get the episode fully fleshed out and everything." Serafall grinned as she took a few of the scripts and disappeared in a flash of light with them.

"So..." Ranma looked at Nabiki. "When were you going to tell us that you used your Sacred Gear to watch children's television programming?"

Nabiki stuck her tongue out at him.



There was a ringing at the door and a woman with long black hair done up in a single long ponytail that flopped against her shoulder and wearing a red and white kimono with flower patters on the top smiled as she saw the group walk in. "Welcome to Ucchan's! Oh dear, this is a large group isn't it?" Besides the tall man with the two-color hair, she saw fifteen others follow him in. "One second, I'll get the large table set up." She bowed and turned to do just that. "Ukyo-sama! We have a table of eighteen!"

As they were seated around a large table and the female waitress quickly dropped off eating utensils and menus, she bowed and left quickly and quietly.

Ranma frowned as he looked around. It was a nice place, very comfortable, there were seats to sit around near the counter, but something was bothering him. 'Why does the name Ucchan sound so familiar?' He couldn't figure it out. Shaking his head, he looked at Mittelt, who had sat down next to him. "So how did your meeting go?"

"Pretty good, the shrink says I've got a lot more issues than just anxiety." Mittelt could believe that. Thankfully the pyschiatrist was one that specialized in dealing with the supernatural.

"Don't worry about it." Ranma shrugged. "We all got stuff to work through, ya know?"

"Man, Matsuda and Motohama weren't kidding." Issei said as he watched the waitress zip around and serve other customers. "She's pretty, not like a supermodel, but a classical beauty." He wasn't that interested, unless he could see her breasts, but he could appreciate a cutie when he saw one.

"I dunno," Akeno giggled and pointed at the chef. "He's pretty cute too." The chef had long brown hair and brown eyes, but otherwise wasn't too bad looking.

Ranma looked at Lilith, who was grinning softly. "You want to tell them or should I?"

"Nah." Lilith shook her head, finding this completely amusing. "It's more fun this way." She frowned softly as she felt a wave of raw... Anger, hatred and... Longing? 'The fuck? What's with these emotions?' Lilith couldn't even place the last one as longing, maybe it was desire? But she couldn't really figure it out. 'That's odd, I usually can figure these out easily.' Especially when it was coming from the chef when the chef looked at the table. 'Or rather, I think at Master, but why?'

After ordering the food and waiting, which was a shorter wait than they expected, considering how many people were ordering, everyone dug into their food.

"Oh wow!" Issei's eyes were wide. "This shrimp okonomiyaki is awesome!"

"Mmmm! This is so delicious that it's melting in my mouth!" Akeno practically moaned in delight. "I've never had such delicious food like this before."

"It's probably going all to your boobs." Koneko muttered and took a bite of her chicken okonomiyaki, her eyes widening and if her nekomatta ears were out, they'd be twitching in delight. "Wow! This is really good."

"All this needs is a strong beer and it would be like I never left Valhalla." Rossweisse commented, though Azazel, Kiba and Issei all shot down the alcohol when the waitress asked if that was what she wanted.

Ravel and Asia were too busy moaning around their food as they ate.

"It's like my brain is orgasming!" Lilith squirmed in delight. "This pork okonomiyaki is awesome!"

"This Tofu is almost as good as mother's!" Kunou couldn't help but squeal in delight. "If we were in Kyoto, I'd tell mother to have the chef become her head cook!"

Ranma took one bite of his okonomiyaki and his eyes widened. 'This flavor...' He had ordered the secret sauce on a whim and his brain was suddenly flooded with memories that he had long since forgotten. 'Ucchan?' NOW he remembered why that name seemed so familiar. 'But why is Ucchan here? And since when was he a girl?'

End Chapter 1
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Chapter 2

"So..." Ukyo asked the waitress after the large group had left. "What do you think, Konastu?"

Konastu, Ukyo's waitress, shook her head. "The man with the multi-colored hair, the two girls with the large breasts, the little girl with the purple hair I would say are the ones we want to anger the least, the rest all felt about the same level as each other, though the guy who was ogling my butt the whole time made me nervous, Ukyo-sama. What if he found out that I'm actually a guy?!"

"Then we would see another hilarious reaction to someone finding out that you're a guy." Ukyo smirked at him. "Still, I'm glad that you warned me ahead of time to not try anything." The whole city was making Ukyo nervous, but finally she had found the target of her ire. "So, how should we handle him?"

"School would be a bad place, I think." Konastu mused. "I suspect that there are others like those in the group at that school. Then again..."

"No one would expect it." Ukyo nodded. "Still, we've only got one target, maybe we can isolate him somehow?" She had no doubt that there were more like that group at school.

"I might know of a way." Konastu bowed to her. "Though I guarantee that I'll be in harm's way if I do it."

"Could you escape if needed?"

Konastu smiled at her concern. "I'm not the most gifted kunoichi of my generation for nothing."



"You want me to do what?" Nabiki asked Ranma as Lilith, Mittelt, Atsuko, Ravel and Kunou sat around their living room.

Sitting down on the floor, Ranma flopped backwards. "Use your Sacred Gear and look up Ucchan for me."

"You mean the chef?" Nabiki frowned as she activated her Balance Break. "What about him?"

"Her." Ranma corrected Nabiki. "Unless Ucchan has a way to modify her aura, that's a girl."

"And the waitress was a guy!" Lilith chimed in, giggling at the looks she was getting. "REALLY convincing cross-dresser too, I've seen transgenders that look more masculine than he does."

"Yeah, anyway, I'm curious about some things. Plus I can't remember much of anything from that time, so I was hoping..." Ranma trailed off and Nabiki sighed.

"Fine, fine, I'll help you remember her." Nabiki rolled her eyes as they were surrounded by screens which faded to black before focusing on a young looking Ranma.

"Oh so cute!" Ravel, Lilith and Mittelt said at the same time as they looked at the little version of Ranma.

"How old was I?" Ranma asked in confusion.


"...Was this before or after the Nekoken?"


"Lovely." Ranma grumbled before sighing. 'Yet another thing that damned technique stole away from me.'

"Wow, Master!" Lilith gasped as she watched. "You were pretty mean to her, huh?" In a way, Lilith could understand the idea behind the whole "if you can beat my child in combat, you can have a free okonomiyaki", after all, it would incentivize both kids to do their best.

"I was six, how was I supposed to know better?" Ranma asked in annoyance.

"So I'm training my son to be the best martial artist of his generation." Genma was heard saying to the other man, whom they all assumed was Ukyo's father. "It's been going well so far."

"Interestin'," the man nodded at him, "say, it seems yer son and my girl get along pretty well, huh?" Genma shrugged at the question. "How's about this? You wanna have yer boy marry my girl?"

"I've already got..." Genma trailed off as another Okonomiyaki was put in front of him. "That is.." Another one. "I really..." A third one. "So... What do you mean?"

"Well, see, mah wife passed away a couple years ago, and I got no idea how ta raise muh little Ukyo. If she ha been a boy, it woulda been easy, ya know?" He laughed as Genma nodded while eating. "Anyway, I was figurin that it be easier on me if I knew her future was secure and all that. So how bout it? I know it's kind of ole fashioned in this day 'n age, but can ya blame me? I wanna make sure that she's got a future."

"We're probably teaching the last generation of martial artists anyway." Genma sighed heavily. "And either way, I'm not sure it would work even if I agreed to it."

"Heh, how's about you take 'er wit ya then?" The man grinned at Genma. "Tha way I know 'er future's secure and yer boy 'as a sparrin' partner."

Genma frowned and looked at him, and then at the food. "I dunno."

"Tell ya wha, you take 'er wit' and I throw in this food card as her dowry, how's 'bout it?"

"I'll have to ask the boy, it's his future."

Ranma just groaned, was this really what happened? 'I've got a bad feeling about this.'

"So, boy..." Genma began as he gripped the food cart while Ranma ate off it. "What do you like more? Ukyo or Okonomiyaki?"

"Okonomiyaki." The boy answered without hesitation while stuffing his face.

"Well, that's good, we're off then!" Genma yelled while running and pulling the cart behind him, little Ranma still sitting on the top while eating.

"WAIT FOR ME, YOU JACKASS!" Ukyo ran after them, tears in her eyes while Ranma waved goodbye.

"Are you..." Ranma began.

"Fucking..." Mittelt continued.

"Kidding..." Lilith muttered in shock.

"Me?" Atsuko finished, utterly baffled by what she had just seen. "Ranma, no offense, but you were an asshole!"

Ranma sighed. "One, I was six, two, I was stuffing my face when he asked, three, I probably didn't know why he was asking and finally, you just watched it happen, how is that my fault?"

Lilith sighed. "No Master, I'm taking Atsuko's side. You done fucked up."

"What!?" The pigtailed martial artist yelped as he looked to the succubus. "I thought you were on my side?"

"I am!" She chirruped sweetly. "And as your proverbial and NOT literal guardian angel, it's my job to let you know when you fucked up."

The raven-haired Asian teenager blinked his eyes once, twice. "...I fucked up?"

Nodding her head, the petite succubus replied, "You fucked up."

"And how do you propose I fix it? I don't even know what happened to her after this."

"Oh, I know!" Nabiki grinned as she made her Balance Break reveal what happened next.

"I can't believe it." Ukyo's father sighed and looked at the little girl in annoyance. "Tah think that my son couldn't do a simple thing."

"But I'm your..."

"I danna have a daughter!" The man stood up tall and bellowed at Ukyo. "From this day forth ya are mah son! Ya shall live as a boy, grow up as one and be treated as one."

"But daddy!"

"NO BUTS!" The man yelled at Ukyo. "Yah mah son. I be training ya for revenge agains' Saotome and 'is son. How ya do it is up ta ya. Kill 'em, bake 'em inta Okonomiyaki, or, perhaps if ya find him he decides ta marry ya, then ya can be mah daughter again."

Ukyo sighed and slumped. "Yes... Father."

"...That's messed up." Atsuko muttered.


"Still your fault." Atsuko shot back at him.

"If it helps," Nabiki offered, "he had no idea exactly how to raise a daughter, part of that was just to make it easier for him to raise her."


"Oh, it is still a good deal your fault," she added, as Ranma sulked. "Just not the twenty-five percent it was before. The way I figure it, Genma was at least half at fault for making the deal, her father was a quarter of it for appealing to Genma's gluttony and getting the deal finalized, and maybe another five percent for him just being a dick in general and too prideful to bother asking for help in raising a daughter."

"So how is this twenty percent my fault!?"

"It's just one of those things that the universe makes standard, and you have to accept, while condemning God for being stupid enough to somehow make this the rule of life ...which now that I think about it, will probably somehow turn out to be an Irregular Sacred Gear as well."

"Fine!" Ranma groused, no point in arguing this, "how do I fix this?"

"You could always marry her." Lilith shrugged, she didn't mind the idea of another woman in the group.

"She's still human." Ranma pointed out. "I'd rather not watch her grow old in only a few decades."

"You could always turn her into a Devil." Ravel pointed out. "Don't you have open slots? Even if you don't want to, you just need to wait a few decades then, this problem will sort itself out naturally."

"...Harsh." Ranma pointed out, though she wasn't wrong, most humans barely lived to be a hundred at best.

"Why not try talking to her and making it up somehow?" Atsuko asked, getting a shake of Ranma's head.

"No, she had to give up on being a woman because of that agreement, I kind of doubt she'd be willing to go "oh well, let's make up" that easily."

"Though marrying her is on the table." Lilith pointed out. "Question is, will she go along with it?"

Ranma shrugged. "I guess it couldn't hurt to ask. If she doesn't go for it, I'll see what I can do to make it up to her." Even if it was his fault, and he didn't believe it was, there had to be something he could do to do to fix this problem.

"I can't believe her father would do that to her though." Kunou frowned in confusion and anger. "I know mother would never do that to me."

"Knowing your mother, she'd have all the Youkai in the orient drag whomever abandoned you back to Kyoto and then eat them." Lilith shivered. "Or worse."

"You know that mother wouldn't actually turn you into tofu and eat you, right?" Kunou pointed out.

"Your mother can go toe to toe with one of the five Dragon Kings, I am NOT taking any chances!" Lilith crossed her arms into an X pattern.

"Anyway, if that's all," Nabiki turned her Balance Breaker off, "I'm tired."

"Probably not a bad idea to get some sleep early tonight." Ranma muttered before sweating at the look Mittelt gave him. "Well, I guess I won't be getting to sleep early then."

"Good." She smiled at him.


The next day...

Ranma frowned as he sat at his desk in-between classes. Something was tickling his senses. 'Is someone challenging me or something?' Getting up, he walked over to Xenovia, who was chatting with Irina and Asia about some stuff. "Hey, Xenovia, Irina..."

"Yes?" They asked at the same time.

"Either of you feel something in the air?"

"What? Like a bug or something?" Xenovia asked and shivered as she felt around her back. "Please don't tell me there's a tick on me or something." She hated those things, such disgusting blood suckers and even when it was gone, the damn thing felt like it was still all over her skin.

"Or leeches." Irina grimaced as she quickly patted herself down. "I don't think it's a mosquito."

"Maybe a horsefly?" Xenovia asked before her pupils shrank. "You don't think it's a bee, do you?"

"I hope not!" Irina shuddered. "I had one sting me on the butt once! It hurt to sit down!"

"Though that snake that bit me in the thighs that one time was probably more painful, since it was venomous." Xenovia shuddered at the memory. Thankfully they had been near a hospital at the time and gotten some anti-venom in her. "Not a fan of snakes now."

"I can imagine." Ranma drawled out. "Well, thanks." He walked to the door. When someone asked where he was going, he just smiled at them. "Wouldn't you like to know?" He asked and left the room.

Aika huffed in annoyance. "I don't get that guy, if he needed to go to the bathroom, he could have just said so." Oh well, she had other things to worry about. "So, what do you all think..."


Ranma walked down the hallway before stopping at the stairs and turning to walk up. If someone asked, he would just say that he was going for fresh air.

After getting to the roof, he closed the door behind him and took a step away from the door. "Alright, come on out, whoever you..." He trailed off as the waitress from Ucchan's appeared before him, only in a green kunoichi outfit. "...I'm honestly impressed, I didn't sense you." Not to mention that the kunoichi outfit really did mold well to the cross-dresser's body in ways that made him almost go "why boner" when he looked at the guy in front of him.

"I'm glad that you felt my call." Konastu said as he got up from his crouch. "I would have hated to find another way to contact you."

"You could have called my cell phone, you know? It would have been easier." Ranma crossed his arms over his chest and wondered why this gender confused ninja was bothering him. "If you're here for a fight, I doubt that anyone would appreciate it." Especially Sona. He didn't really mind the flat-chested girl that much, but she was too strict for his tastes. 'How in the world is she related to Serafall anyway?'

"Believe me, fighting you in a school full of supernatural beings isn't something I would survive." Konastu said, causing Ranma's eyes to narrow at him. "I'm a ninja, the best Kunoichi of my generation, even if I'm male, but there isn't a ninja in Japan that doesn't know about the Moonlight World." He bowed to Ranma. "Though, I should let you know that Ukyo-sama wishes to speak to you." He shook his head to stop Ranma from asking his question. "Not here." Standing up, he turned away from Ranma. "If you wish to know, follow me."

Ranma sighed as Konastu seemingly disappeared before following after him. He just knew this was trouble, but Konastu didn't give him many other options besides staying behind.


Lilith frowned, for a moment, she felt Ranma disappear. She could still feel the connection, but she couldn't feel him. 'Who's putting a bounded field up out there?' It was the only thing she could think of. The old man had shown them the effects of such a thing in the past. 'Master, be careful.' She needed to find a way to slip out of class, though that got harder when the teacher walked in and prepared to teach class world history. 'If only you knew the real world history.' She thought to herself in amusement.


"Kind of a risk to put up a bounded field, even as small as this one, so close to another one." Ranma commented as he and Konastu landed in a small clearing surrounded by trees. He sighed as he saw the other person in the clearing. "...Ukyo." He couldn't call her Ucchan, even seeing what he did in the past, he couldn't feel the emotions attached to them. He knew they had been friends and that he got her gender wrong. 'Guess I can't make fun of Issei over that with Irina anymore.' He thought to himself. But the problem he had was that while he now remembered her and saw everything that happened, the emotions he felt were muted.

Wearing a blue shirt and dark pants with a bandoleer over her chest and a large spatula on her back, Ukyo narrowed her brown eyes at him. "I never thought I'd get to speak to you again."

Ranma sighed, he might as well not beat around the bush. "Before we begin with anything, I want to ask you something, what happened after your dad declared you to be a man?"

"So you know, huh?" Ukyo narrowed her eyes at him. "Then you also know that..."

"Yeah," Ranma nodded at her, "believe me, I had no clue about any of that, I only found out yesterday."

"You lie!" Ukyo snarled before taking a deep breath when Konastu grabbed her shoulder. "Anyway, you know that the only way for me to be registered as a girl again is to either kill you or marry you, right?"

Nodding, Ranma wondered if he could work through this somehow. "Yeah, I saw that. I don't think I'd taste good as an Okonomiyaki."

"Oh, don't worry, we'd just feed you to the animals." Konastu answered helpfully. "I don't think any of us want to get Kuru from eating human flesh."

Ukyo shivered, she had seen the effects of that disease and wanted no part of it. "What Konastu said. Now, I have a question for you."

"Actually, before you ask, I want to know how you two met." Ranma shrugged at the looks he was getting. "Hey, I'm curious, okay?"

"Ukyo-sama found me one day and saved me from my horribly abusive step-sisters and step-mother who made me do all the chores while belittling me on a constant basis."

Ranma blinked at that. "...Are you Cinderella's reincarnation?"

Konastu and Ukyo both blinked at that. "You know, sugar," Ukyo tapped her chin while looking at Konastu, "that would make a LOT of sense if your soul was hers at one point."

"Anyway, that's all I wanted to know." Ranma waved his hand. "So, what do you want to ask me?"

"You were in Kyoto over three years ago, weren't you?" Ukyo asked and Ranma narrowed his eyes at her. "I heard what happened, how you slaughtered dozens of people."

"...Do you really know what happened then?" Ranma asked, hoping she had the full story and not some bastardized version.

"I heard the story from some of the survivors. How you laughed while killing them all, how your eyes glowed red and how there were markings all over your body."

"I don't recall that part, no one told me that I had glowing eyes or markings all over my body." Though he might have had some on his arms, but he couldn't recall. He was too blinded by rage when he killed those bastards. "But, yeah, I did kill dozens of people. Why?"

"Do you regret it?" Ukyo asked, her tone almost pleading with him. "Do you regret killing all of those people?"

Closing his eyes, Ranma took a deep breath and slowly let it out. Looking her in the eyes, he wondered what her reaction would be to this. "After what those bastards did, the innocents they slaughtered for the worst reasons ever...

No, not one bit. If I could, I'd bring them back and kill them all over again."

Ukyo screwed her eyes shut and balled her hands into fists. "I see..." Opening her eyes and grabbing her battle spatula off her back. "I had hoped that those survivors were wrong, but I guess..." Unsheathing her spatula, she nodded. "You're nothing more than a monster that needs to be put down."

The attack was so fast that the casual observer wouldn't have been able to follow it, even Ranma, for as fast as he was, had trouble dodging it. "That's a Holy weapon?" Ranma asked as he looked at the cut on his arm that the weapon gave him. The pain was a shock, but what surprised him more was the fact that he couldn't sense it until it cut him.

"Not really. There's plenty of broken Holy blades in the world. This is just simply them being reforged into something else." Ukyo shot back at him. "Coated in silver and blessed by a priest, I'm surprised you couldn't sense it."

Ranma grimaced, that was something he'd have to work on. Idly he wondered if it was because the spatula, despite being made up of Holy blades didn't have a core and put off a much weaker Holy aura than a true Holy weapon did. "Do we really need to fight?"

Ukyo gave him an incomprehensible look. "Did you need to kill those people?" Pulling off a few spatulas, she threw them at Ranma, who dodged out of the way. "Konastu!"

Before Ranma knew what was happening, there was a tearing sound and the air around him was suddenly covered in a white dusty powder substance. "What..." Ranma started coughing and fell to his knees. "The heck?"

"You're probably wondering what's affecting you." Ukyo spoke to him as Ranma continued to cough. "It's based on a Youjutsu technique that's designed to poison Devils and those who use Youki to power their bodies. And I heard about you, how you're contracted to a sex demon. Combined with everything else..." She sighed, she couldn't believe her childhood friend had become a monster.

"Will," Ranma coughed and forced himself to his feet, "you listen to me?" He was really starting to understand how Issei felt when he met Irina for the first time in years.

"You killed dozens of people, you've been traveling around with a sex Demon for years," Ukyo pointed out, "those survivors were right."

"Did they tell you what they did?" Ranma was unsteady as he coughed some more. "How they killed little kids?! Did you know that they tortured a Devil for simply being in the wrong place at the wrong time?"

"Just as you feared," Konastu spoke up as he held a dagger in his hand, "he doesn't see what he did as wrong."

"Fine," Ukyo sighed as she gripped her spatula tightly. "I guess I can..." She blinked as Ranma started laughing, though it was marred by coughing. "What's so funny?"

"Sorry, Ukyo," Ranma smirked, though he coughed again, "I ain't dying because some monsters told you that I killed others of their kind." A blue aura of fire surrounded him, forcing the two to jump away. "No choice, Saotome School Final Technique!"

"What?" Ukyo and Konastu gasped at the same time and braced themselves for a powerful attack. They both wondered what he could do with the powder affecting him negatively, but they would avoid it and then finish him off.

"FAST BREAK!" Suddenly the aura gutted out and Ranma turned around and ran away as fast as he could.

The two stood there, blinking for several moments as they realized what just happened.

"YOU JACKASS! GET BACK HERE AND DIE!" Ukyo yelled as she ran after him, followed by Konastu.

Panting as he bounded from tree to tree, Ranma looked back just in time to see a small spatula flying at his face. Twisting, he avoided it and landed on a tree branch, both Konastu and Ukyo not far away from him. "You're both pretty good." Whatever that damn powder stuff was, it was really messing with him.

He jumped off the tree branch as a bunch of shuriken and spatulas were thrown at him. Landing on the ground, Ranma coughed some more, feeling the effects of that powder finally subsiding. The next thing he knew, chains wrapped around his torso before some kunai hit the edges of the chains and pinned him to the ground. "...The heck?" He grimaced as he realized that he couldn't move. "Lemme guess, you got this from some exorcists." Ranma hated to admit it, but he was in over his head. Ukyo had this whole thing planned out and had stuff that was shorting out his abilities.

"From when I was training with ninjas, actually." Ukyo pointed out. "Thanks to Konastu, I found a teacher who taught me how to fight against sex monsters like you." She walked forward and grabbed his pants. "I might be registered as a boy, but I learned..." She gave him a small grin, "I learned the best way to kill sex monsters is to drain out their essence, their spirit and their power through sex."

"...You wouldn't happen to be talking about a certain group of tentacle monster hunters, would you?" When Ukyo nodded, Ranma swore. "You're going to try and kill me through sex?" Ukyo nodded, he grimaced and tried to move as she removed his pants completely. "You know," he gasped as she worked his shaft to full hardness, "this is pretty ironic."

"Well, if you had just let the poison kill you, I wouldn't have to do this." Ukyo shot back. "At least when you're dead my honor will be restored."

"I'll keep a look-out for anyone who tries to interfere." Konastu said as Ukyo dropped her pants and disappeared.

"Now then..." Ukyo smiled at him. "It's time to go."

"...I'd rather you just try and stab me to death, honestly." Ranma said to her. 'Lilith! Lilith! HELP!'


Blinking, Lilith looked out the window slowly before twitching. She didn't know what was going on, but there was something... Horrible happening. Closing her eyes, she tried to focus on Ranma and twitched. "Master is getting... Uh oh." She stood up and ran to the door.

"Miss Aensland, what are you doing?"

"Sorry, teach! Give me detention if you want, family emergency!"

The teacher sighed, he'd have to have the Student Council talk to Lilith about running out in the middle of class, but if it was a family emergency, he could forgive it, somewhat. 'Wait, how did she know that?'


"What's that supposed to mean?" Ukyo growled. "Not sexy enough?"

Rolling his eyes, Ranma looked back at her. "You do know that saying I will die afterwards does NOT help the mood, right?" Ranma asked. "I mean, you gave it no emotional boosts, you just said it like it was a run-of-the-mill execution. Seriously, I don't think any tentacle monster would even stay erect after hearing that."

Ukyo smirked at him. "Well, too bad, you're plenty erect now, huh?"

Ranma grimaced as she slowly lowered herself down on him. "You know that's just a physiological reaction, right?" He smirked at her confused look. "I do a lot of reading when I have spare time." Which wasn't much, he had to master speed reading techniques when learning from his magic teacher so he could learn as much as he did.

"Well, it doesn't mater, does it?" Ukyo said as she got over his erection. "I'll drain your balls dry and kill you that way."

Ranma grimaced as she slowly sank onto his dick. Sure, it was nice and wet and felt good, but the thought of dying like this as just asinine. "So... Why like this and not the stabbing option?"

"Because sex monsters find ways to survive stabbing." Ukyo pointed out and Ranma sweat-dropped, that wasn't completely inaccurate. "Now quiet down, you should enjoy the last pussy you'll ever feel."

Ranma smirked at her. "There's a problem with that, Ukyo..." She blinked in confusion. "You know that I'm bonded to a succubus, right?" She nodded and continued to lower herself on him. "Did you know that I'm psychically linked to her, right?"

Ukyo's eyes widened before a kick hit her in the chest, sending her flying off of Ranma's dick, which bobbed and swayed from the action, and across the clearing.

"Sheesh, Master! I leave you alone for a few minutes and you're trying to get laid." Lilith grumbled in annoyance. "And you didn't even invite me to the party!"

"Yeah, sorry, but it seems like she wanted to fuck me to death." Seeing Lilith's incredulous look, he sighed, "I can't move, the chains are restricting my Youki."

"So why didn't she try stabbing you to death?"

"THAT'S WHAT I SAID!" Ranma yelled in exasperation.

"So... Why didn't you break out with your other energy?" Lilith asked.


"Were you forgetful or setting a scene here?" She smirked at him and went to pull the chains off of him. Lilith let out a yelp and jumped back when she touched the chains. "The fuck?!" It felt like all her power had suddenly slipped away at that moment. "Sorry, Master, I guess I was wrong."

"These are designed to help pin down Demons and Devils, you think I didn't try magic?" Ranma groused as Lilith pointed a finger at the chains. "This is going to hurt, huh?"

"Maybe?" Lilith said as she fired a beam of energy into the chains, snapping them. "I'll never understand how things meant to bind and hold something down, that drains power, snaps when someone fires a concentrated beam of that power at the chains."

"Drink water from a firehose at full power and tell me how that goes." Surprisingly it was Ukyo that answered and Lilith spun to see Ukyo and Konastu facing her down. "I guess we missed our chance, huh?"

Lilith cracked her knuckles and grinned. "Oh, I'm going to have fun kicking your crossdressing ass from here to Tokyo and back."

"Sorry, but we have to go." Konastu bowed to her. "Please feel free to come by and eat again, we don't attack customers when they're eating." Pulling out a smoke bomb, he threw it to the ground and covered them up with smoke that dissipated quickly, revealing that they weren't there anymore.

"So..." Lilith looked at Ranma. "You could have fucked her into unconsciousness, why didn't you?"

"They used some sort of powder that poisoned," Ranma coughed again, "me, felt most of my strength getting sapped from that, then there's the fact that she learned how to deal with sex monsters from those sex ninja clans that hunt tentacle monsters."

Lilith grimaced, she was thankful that they had mostly avoided those clans after meeting that one purple-haired girl. Seeing her use her pubic hair as a weapon against tentacle monsters had been just weird. "Master... On second thought, don't add Ukyo to your harem."

Ranma just sighed. "I wasn't planning on it."

"So..." Lilith grinned at him. "Want me to deal with your erection?"

Ranma rolled his eyes and pulled his pants up. "No. Besides, those two might still be around, I'd rather not get stabbed when I'm having sex."

Lilith snapped her fingers. "Drat, I love after-battle sex."

End Chapter 2


Kuru is a real disease that comes from eating human flesh. It takes 10-50 years to see any symptoms, which include weird holes in the tongue, spasming, loss of muscle control. It was called the "Laughing Death" by the people who suffered from it.


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Chapter 3

It was noon when an emergency meeting of the Occult Research Club was taking place. "So..." Azazel, sitting in his chair, began, "our resident chef that made that awesome meal happens to be a Devil Hunter, huh?" Just lovely, he had been looking forward to eating that delicious food again.

"Should have guessed it was too good to be true." Rossweisse muttered. Beside her, Rias, Akeno and Issei were all looking at Ranma and Lilith with grim expressions.

"She almost killed you?" Issei was shocked, he didn't think anyone could kill Ranma that easily, not after what happened in Kyoto.

Ranma shrugged at that. "What can I say? Ukyo was prepared, had all the tools needed for the job, and I didn't really want to fight."

"Aw man, that means that cute waitress is an enemy!" Issei groused as he realized this. "What did you do to that guy?"

Ranma sighed. "Well, first of all, apparently, Issei, you and I have a lot more in common than we first thought." Issei tilted his head in confusion. "I mean I thought Ukyo was a guy, turns out, she's a girl, my childhood friend and now she's trying to kill me."

"Boy, that sounds familiar." Issei, Rias and Akeno all muttered at the same time.

"And apparently Master's engaged to her too."

"Boy, that sounds familiar." Issei, Rias and Akeno all muttered at the same time.

"So..." Azazel looked at Ranma. "What do you want to do with miss Ukyo then?"

"Not really sure." Ranma shrugged at him. "She's probably already out of town by now." He knew she couldn't have gotten too far if that was the case.

"I can't let this go unchallenged," Rias said as she stood up. "Even if you aren't a member of my peerage, you're a friend, you've helped us when we needed your help and I don't like having someone trying to kill one of my friends."

"Thanks, but this is a personal matter." Ranma said to her. "After everything I saw, she probably only wants to kill me."

"Master, there's no way I'm letting someone who can use sex combat arts run around unchecked." Lilith huffed in annoyance. "Especially if she has weapons that can seal your power up."

"Wait! What's this about sex combat arts?" Issei asked, eagerness in his voice.

"Combat arts that are designed to fight off sex Demons and monsters of various types, typically involve finding ways to pin the other party down and fuck them into submission." Ranma explained and both Issei and Akeno had leering grins on their faces, though Akeno hid hers well, "when I say fuck them into submission, I mean it. A good chunk of the training involves controlling your orgasms, making your opponent orgasm first and doing things like making them your slave, destroying their mind or draining them through their orgasms to cause death by snu snu." He shrugged at the looks he got with that last one. "Saw an American cartoon once, space Amazons used that line, anyway, point is, Ukyo's been trained to fight like that, so I don't recommend Lilith or Issei face off against her."

"No kidding." Rias and Rossweisse muttered at the same time, much to Issei's hurt look.

"It wouldn't be that bad, I could..."

"No offense, but even if you could boost how many times you could orgasm before you die, you'd probably still die." Ranma told him.

"...Ddrag, could I use boost to increase how many times I could orgasm or how long I could last?" Issei asked the gem on his left hand.

"DON'T ASK ME FOR SOMETHING SO PERVERTED!" The Dragon shot back at him. "And just for your information, you can boost nearly anything, so probably."

"That actually brings up a question I've had for the Dragon." Lilith looked at the gem. "You said you can boost anything, right?"

"Yes. What about it?"

"What about attacks? Like if someone fired an arrow, could you boost how fast the arrow would fly? Or if they tried throwing a big energy beam at you, could you boost the distance between you and the energy beam?"

The entire room went silent at Lilith's questions.

"I... Have never tried that, I admit." Ddrag said after a few moments of contemplation. "I don't believe I could do that, but seeing as I've never tried that..."

"Well, I mean, Albion can divide space, so why can't you boost it?" Lilith asked him.

"...Partner, if you can find a way to do that, I shall forgive you completely for the Oppai Dragon Emperor title I have."

Issei scratched the back of his head. He had no idea how to pull something like that off. "Didn't Michael say it was a really dangerous thing to do though?"

"It is." Azazel answered him. "Warping space like what Vali did can cause serious damage to the time-space continuum. Granted it's more on the space side than time, but messing with stuff like that was never a good idea. After all, he could have accidentally created a Quantum Singularity if he wasn't careful." Azazel really needed to talk to Vali to make sure he never tried something like that again.

"That's... Bad, right?" Issei asked, looking around and was thankful that neither Rias nor Akeno seemed to be too sure either.

"It's another name for a Black Hole." Azazel casually stated, causing Issei to gulp audibly. "Yep." He smirked at the group. "We don't need to stress out the poor Time-Space Continuum any more than it already is." Of course, the chances of creating a black hole were rather slim, it wasn't a lottery ticket anyone wanted to punch and win after all. "Anyway, if that's all, you should all get going to class, lunch is about to end."

"Oh, Azazel," Ranma said as he got up after the others had left, "Nabiki told me to tell you that Sirzechs needs to see you when it's convenient for you." Azazel raised an eyebrow and Ranma rolled his eyes. "She can see the future, remember?"

"Alright, fine, I guess I can see him soon, but I'd like to make sure none of my cute little club members end up dead via snu snu first." Azazel laughed as Ranma rolled his eyes.

After Ranma left, Azazel sighed heavily. "Never thought I'd be looking over a bunch of kids like this." Really, these kids were the most fun he could remember, outside of the times he got to watch Le Fay blast Vali the few times his adopted son accidentally walked in on her in the shower.

"Speaking of showers..." Azazel chuckled as he remembered the one time he had walked in the club-room when Rias had stepped out of the shower with just a towel on covering her body. "Issei, you're a lucky kid." He wouldn't make a move on Rias with her being so close to Issei, but he could appreciate a fine beauty like her.

"Still, can't believe someone would attack school in broad daylight." Sure, it happened off campus and in the trees that surrounded the school, but that was no excuse. "If that had been Cao Cao instead of a jilted lover..." He didn't like the thought of their security being so weak that they were that vulnerable to an attack.


Meanwhile in another part of the world...

"Ah, Cao Cao..." Jedah trailed off as a spear was pointed at his face. "My, my! Such hostility that I'm sensing from you. If you hadn't been ignoring all my calls, I wouldn't have come to see you directly." He chuckled while raising his arms up. Seeing the glares that the other members of the Hero Faction were giving him, he gave them all a smirk. "Are you all upset that you bit off more than you could chew in Kyoto?"

"You set us up." Cao Cao glared at Jedah. "You knew that Saotome was the most dangerous member of that group, you kept that information to yourself and set us up to fail with that little stunt."

Stepping back, Jedah chuckled and stroked his chin in amusement. "Is that what you think?" He smirked as their glares intensified, Georg's bald and burned face was especially hilarious. "I will admit that I was... Curious as to just how strong Lilith's chosen mate was, but all the information I had on hand didn't show me conclusively just how strong he was." Though Jedah wondered how he had gotten so strong after fighting Vali. Sure, he hadn't been divided like that time, and he had been fresh, but the power that he had sealed was still sealed. 'There's something about that King's piece, but what is so special about it?' He had looked into those things as soon as he had found out about it and there was no indication of what they could do. 'Amazing what a sensor bug can do, huh?'

"Spare us your crap!" Heracles growled at him. "You knew more about him than you were letting on, but you didn't bother telling us."

"And like, that robot girl! How was I supposed to fight someone who can rip off the wings of my Holy Sword Dragons?!" Jeanne pouted at him.

"First of all, I had no clue about the outfit, sword and canon that girl got. Secondly, she's a cyborg, perfect mix of organic and technological." Jedah pointed out. "She has circuits in her skin from my observations but seems otherwise completely organic." There were some things that he knew about her that he wasn't telling, but none of them needed to know that. "As for her strength, back when she was an Android she smashed helicopters and pilotable mechs for fun. Anyone else want to bitch about something that I couldn't control? Like that Fallen Angel gaining a second set of wings?" He looked at Georg. "Or Lilith's mate knowing a speed punching that your ancestor," he looked at Cao Cao, "feared in his life? Or perhaps you want to bitch at me for him knowing how to lock up your muscles with a few jabs to your back?" He looked at Heracles. "Or perhaps you're upset that you pissed off an actual Hero?" He smirked at Cao Cao. "Despite not having a Sacred Gear, a lowly half-breed Demon managed to become a Hero while you're still trying to be one while..." Jedah was cut off as he created a hole in space as Cao Cao tried to stab him in the face. "I think I've made my point."

"I'm more pissed that he broke one of my Sacred Gear's arms clean off!" Siegfried yelled in anger. "I can't even fix it! WHAT KIND OF TECHNIQUE IS THE DEMON GOD ASSAULT BOMB?!"

"One I didn't even know existed," though it was similar to what Jedah could already do, which was concerning to the Devil, if that boy could do something like his multi-blade attack then he'd have to actually pay closer attention to him. "I don't see the problem."

"I CAN ONLY USE FIVE SWORDS NOW!" Siegfried yelled. "My Balance Breaker can't be called Ashura Ravage now! More like Gimped Ravage."

"Plus with one arm down," and Cao Cao had no clue why it hadn't been repaired yet, most Sacred Gears recovered quickly after a bit of time, "he can only be boosted eight times instead of sixteen." Twice Critical may have been a common Sacred Gear that more than one person had, but it was still a powerful thing when fully realized.

"Oh yeah, that too." Siegfried muttered softly.

"Perhaps an exchange then?" Jedah grinned at them before pulling out a familiar red vial. "I do believe that this can fix Georg easily enough. As for your Sacred Gear's arm, I happen to be working on something that might be interesting to all of us, but..." Jedah looked at the smallest member of their group, "I require Leonardo's assistance."

"Huh?" The Longinus user blinked as he heard his name being called. He hadn't been paying attention as he played games on his phone. "What did you want?"

"You can make anything with Annihilation Maker, correct?" Jedah asked, "well, so long as it's a monster of some sort, right?"

"Yeah? Why? Do you need a monster to go flatten a village in Makai or something?"

Jedah shook his head. "Perhaps you can create Phantasmal Creatures of Legend? Like the Hydra that the real Heracles killed? Or maybe the legendary Ziz?"

Leonardo frowned as he thought about it and ignored Heracles's yell of anger. "I dunno, maybe if I used my Balance Breaker? But if I created them normally they wouldn't have a soul at all, they'd be no different than those dolls I made on the bridge."

Jedah nodded and grinned. "See, I found someone with a Sacred Gear that allows her to do potent alchemy." Too potent sometimes, Jedah still remembered the monsters that Akane created by accident when he mis-spoke around her. "However, creating creatures from scratch is tiring for her."

"I see, you want me to use my Longinus to create creatures for her to use in alchemic experiments?"

Jedah grinned at him. "Indeed, and in exchange..." With a snap of his fingers a large metal crate appeared in front of them and the top opened up to reveal dozens of vials of Phoenix Tears. "I give your whole team this."

"How did you get so many?!" Jeanne gasped in shock. "That's like... More than the Phenix Clan has on hand at any time."

Jedah smirked at her. "The power of the alchemist's Irregular Sacred Gear."

"Irregular?" Cao Cao asked, confused by what he meant.

Jedah waved him off. "Don't worry about it, just know that it's something that requires a lot of work to control." Grinning at the group, he continued. "So, how about it? Allow me to borrow Leonardo for awhile and you can have all of this, no strings attached."

"You won't work him to death, will you?" Cao Cao narrowed his eyes at Jedah. He may not have been a very good person, but he did care about those closest to him in the Hero Faction. But only them, the rest that joined him, he didn't care about unless they proved themselves to him.

"Of course not!" Jedah scoffed at him. "I am many things, but wasteful of useful resources like what Leonardo can create, I am not."

"Well?" Cao Cao looked at Leonardo. "This is all on you."

"Sure, why not?" Leonardo shrugged as he put his phone away. "Might be interesting."

Jedah nodded and resisted the urge to grin like a savage. "Very well, thank you for your cooperation." When Leonardo walked over to him, the two disappeared in a black flash of light.

"Tsk, I hate that bastard." Heracles grumbled in annoyance. Still, at least he had Pheonix Tears this time. "When are we going to get rid of him?"

"As soon as he's no longer useful for us." Cao Cao answered. He didn't know what game Jedah was playing, but he knew that when the time came, the blue Devil would be the first one dead at his hands.


A flash of black light and Leonardo looked around. "Interesting, other than the person, the cauldron and that bed, there's nothing here."

"That's right." Jedah said, "oh, Leonardo, can you look at me for a moment?" The small child did and gasped as Jedah pointed at his face. "Balance Break."

He would have his army, one way or the other, and these two Sacred Gears had the potential to do a lot more than even he could imagine. "If only everyone knew that they're all dancing to the tune that I'm setting forth."



"We have no choice then." Tatewaki Kuno looked at his sister, who had a sad, but determined look on her face. "If we are to find the fierce tigress Akane Tendo, we must hunt down her sister." He looked to the side. "You're sure what you heard, Sasuke?"

The midget ninja nodded. "Yes. She's in Kuoh City with the Demon Saotome."

"Very well, we shall head to Kuoh City in the morning!"

Kodachi nodded, hoping that the middle Tendo sister had the information on where Akane was.

Tatewaki had another reason for going, he wished to see his Angel, Lilith, once more. 'Then I shall use my new power.' He looked at the metal sword in his hand. 'Yes, this Holy Katana, with it I shall slay the Demon Saotome and free the Angel of my dreams from his grasp!' He resisted the urge to throw his head back and laugh like a mad man.

Just barely.


Later in the day...

"I have to say, I'm rather disappointed by what I heard." A voice from behind Ranma spoke up, causing him to turn around in the hallway and come face-to-face with Sona-Kaichou. The people in the hallway quickly removed themselves from the area, wanting to avoid any potential wrath that might come their way. "Cutting classes without a valid excuse?" Sona asked as she adjusted her glasses. "Perhaps we should have a talk in private about not skipping classes?"

Ranma sighed as he saw Tsubaki and Saji, both of whom were giving him an apologetic look, behind Sona. "Sure, why not?" The sooner he got this done the better. Besides, he couldn't sense any real anger coming from Sona. Either she was really good at hiding her emotions or she needed to talk to him and was using this as an excuse to do so.

'The rules of the Moonlight World suck.' He thought as he made a big showing of looking like he was following them to his doom.


In the Student Council club-room...

As soon as they were all inside, Sona turned to look at Ranma. "While I am upset about you cutting class, I'm more concerned about the fact that there were two Devil Hunters in town and I wasn't informed about this fact."

"Just found out today," Ranma shrugged at her. "Anything you wish to know?"

"How'd they slip past all the bounded fields and not trip any of them off?" Sona needed to know because there had been a lot of people in the past year or so who just slipped in without triggering the bounded fields in the city. It was beyond concerning at this point.

"They're trained ninjas, if that helps." Ranma sighed at her annoyed look. "Listen, for one, they're after me specifically, I'd rather not get anyone else involved in my personal affairs."

"That's noble of you, Saotome," Sona could appreciate that, she could, "however, as much as I hate to remember it, my sister gave me quite the earful when I didn't ask for her help when I needed it."

"...The whole school attack awhile back?" Ranma asked, getting a nod from Sona. "Your sister is..."

"Serafall Leviathan, or did you forget?" Sona pointed out.

"Only saw you two interact once, wasn't really paying attention to the fact that Serafall's your sister." Internally Ranma wondered how Sona would react if she knew that he had sex with her sister, before ignoring it. "So one of the Devil Kings, huh? Boy, I bet that was a lot of fun."

"Loads." Sona drawled out and mentally shivered at the threats that her sister had used on her.


"Sona-tan, I love you so much that I want to cuddle, hug, snuggle and kiss you all over and then maybe get you to kiss me back and then people will be like, woah that's hot, but I'm not that happy with you right now." Serafall pouted at her younger sister. "Not only did you try to keep the whole family day at your school a secret from me, but you didn't call me in to help you deal with Kokabiel!" She held up a hand. "And don't give me that "I could have handled it, sis" line either! Kokabiel was way out of your league! Do you know how many times I've had to thank Azazel for sending Vali to deal with Kokabiel back then?!" Serafall sighed and took a deep breath to calm down. "If you ever, and I mean, ever, get in over your head against someone like that again and don't call me, I will be so upset at you that I'm going to make you not only join me in my show for two seasons, but I'm going to make you wear a super sexy outfit!"

Sona gulped and started to sweat. "You mean..."

Serafall nodded. "The thong with a loose skirt that barely covers your butt-cheeks and crotch and the top that has the straps just over your nipples, leaving everything else exposed."


*End Flash*

Ranma sweat-dropped heavily as he looked at Sona's stoic face, marred by the twitching of her left eye and the large blush on her face. "I... See..."

"And that's why, Saotome, I can't let you deal with personal problems on school campus like that." Sona coughed into her hand to try and calm down. "Even if they're your personal problems initially, they've spilled out onto campus and can potentially affect all of us. Especially if they're Devil Hunters that can nearly kill you." She blinked when he smiled at her. "What?"

"Nothing much, I just realized that you aren't as heartless as some of the rumors about you have said, you really do care about others."

"Of course I do." She adjusted her glasses, "I might be stern with people, but that's because I want the best from everyone and unlike the Gremory clan, I may not shower people with love and affection," which was a big reason why she had problems with Serafall, her big sister was the abnormal one in the clan, "but I make sure that those around me have the tools needed to survive." Sona blinked as she recalled his words. "You wouldn't happen to know who's spreading those rumors about me, would you?"

Ranma scratched his cheek. "Well, I overheard Issei's two idiot friends talking about you and saying you'd totally be into S&M and that you're pretty cruel and heartless to people."

"I see..." She gave him a smile that had him taking a step back as her glasses seemed to shine and the light around her got pitch black. "I thank you for that, Saotome. I'll overlook you cutting class this once as a thank you." She stepped past him with Tsubaki following right behind her. "If you'll excuse me, I would like you and your club to meet with mine after school, please relay that message to Azazel and Rias."

"Right." Ranma nodded as she and Tsubaki left. "...Why do I feel like actually praying for Issei's two friends?"

"Because Sona-Kaichou's going to go full sadist on them." A girl with shoulder-length, reddish-brown hair done up in twin pigtails giggled from the side and Ranma spun to look at her with a raised eyebrow. "Tomoe Meguri, and before you ask, I was here the whole time. So what's this about a Devil Hunter?"

Ranma sighed and explained the situation to her.

"Oh, sheesh, that sucks! I liked that place too. It was hell on my figure though." She pouted and sighed. "Anything I should know about this Devil Hunter? Maybe I've heard of them?"

"Probably not." Ranma shook his head. "Unless you know a few of the more perverted ninja clans out there."

Tomoe gave him a flat look. "Is this Ukyo person from the clan that fights other ninjas and tentacle monsters?" Ranma gave her a surprised look. "I used to be a Hunter before I became Sona-Kaichou's Knight."

Ranma nodded to her. "So you know that clan as well, huh?"

She sighed and rested her cheek on her palm. "I, unfortunately, know of them, never met any of them, thankfully. No offense to them, I'm sure they do good work, but after seeing the perverted trio, I can only imagine how bad it would be if they were trained by those ninjas."

Ranma grimaced and turned blue in the face. "Every single person here would be dead, there would be no survivors." He said in a monotone voice.

She giggled and Saji laughed in amusement, they could see it too.

"Well, if that's all, I need to get going." Ranma waved them off.

"Oh!" Tomoe suddenly spoke up as he put his hand on the doorknob. "Before you go, can you tell me something?"

"Sure, what?"

She gave him a bright smile. "Can you give me some tips on how to attract a cute little boy?" Ranma blinked stupidly at her as she squirmed, blushed and started panting. "That Gasper Vladi boy, he's really cute, I was kind of hoping that you had some tips on how to get someone who's small and cute to like you." Ranma sweat-dropped as she continued to babble on. "I mean, aren't you the big boss lolicon of Kuoh?"

Ranma and Saji both face-faulted at hearing that.

"What?" Tomoe asked, a surprised look on her face. "It's known that you're really close with Lilith and then you have that Mittelt girl all over you all the time too. So I was wondering how you did it and if you could help me get Gasper to like me like that."

"I don't believe it," Ranma muttered softly, "I don't believe it, a shotacon is asking me to help her, as Lilith would say, "Seduce the Shota" like this."

Tomoe pouted as she heard that. "Is that a no go?"

Ranma gave her a flat stare as he got up. "That's a no go." Sure, he had lost his virginity when he was way too young, had been way too sexually active for his own good sometimes, but this was a bit... "You know, now that I think about it, I have no room to be disgusted by someone who's into little boys."

"So you'll help me?!" Tomoe squealed in delight as she jumped up and down, clapping her hands together.

Ranma sighed and hung his head. "If I was human, I'd say I was going to Hell for this, but since I've been to Hell, I'll just say that I'm probably getting exiled to the Abyss when I die." Throwing his hands into the air, he shook his head. "Well, anyway, here's what..."

"I'm out!" Saji threw his hands in the air, interrupting Ranma and walked to the door. "If I'm not here, Sona can't punish me for what you two do." Besides, this was getting uncomfortable for him.

Ranma shrugged as Saji left. "Anyway," he began and continued to talk and plot with Tomoe. Part of him wondered if maybe getting laid when he was so young screwed him up in the head but decided to not worry about it.

"Thanks!" She grinned at him.

"Why do I feel like I just told a future child predator how to entrap a minor?" Ranma muttered as he left the room, eager to get away from her. It wasn't like he had any room to talk, after all, Lilith was almost nine years old. 'Then again, for a succubus, that means she's almost fully grown.' He shook his head and wondered if losing his virginity when he was twelve messed up his way of thinking somewhat.



Gasper shivered and looked around nervously.

"What's wrong, Gaspy?" Koneko asked as she saw her friend looking like he was about to try and find a box and hide in it.

"Have you ever felt like some evil pervert is going to do something bad to you if you're not careful?" The cross-dressing half-Vampire asked her.

"All the time." Koneko said flatly. She wouldn't mind if it was Issei, but she wasn't sure about his two idiot friends. Especially the bald one. She wasn't sure what to make of Ranma, on one hand, he was an open pervert that had no problem with lolis, on the other hand, he never openly acted perverted like Issei and his two idiot friends. It confused her and most of the female population at school, since most of them knew about his Master-Servant relationship with Lilith.

"I don't want to be seduced!" Gasper yelled and hid under his desk, much to the surprise of everyone in the classroom.

Koneko sighed and turned to all of them. "Forgive him, he was traumatized by a perverted middle aged man." Thankfully most everyone nodded and looked at Gasper in sympathy before turning away. 'That reminds me, I need to kick Lilith in the butt for doing that to Gaspy.'


Looking at Xenovia, Irina and Akeno as they changed after gym, Mittelt sighed and looked at her own chest. Sure, she knew that Ranma didn't care about her boob size, but that didn't mean that she liked the fact that she was as small as Koneko. 'Not for much longer, that girl's starting to hit puberty and her boobs are starting to grow in.' It wasn't fair! She had been a Fallen Angel for a long time and she was still stuck in this stupid underage looking body!

"Hey, what's wrong?" Irina asked as she looked at Mittelt. "You seem upset."

"Dang boob monsters." Mittelt grumbled and wondered where the sudden urge to get a red version of her favorite gothic lolita outfit, complete with a hat and a giant hammer came from. "Sorry, just a bit jealous of the fact that all of you have rocking boobs and here I am in the itty bitty titty committee." It wasn't even the fact that she was flat-chested that bothered her, it was the fact that she was so young-looking that bothered her.

"You know that you can use magic to alter your appearance, right?" Akeno offered to her. "It's not that hard to do either."

Mittelt blushed and poked her fingers together. "I... Um... I don't know how to do that."

"I can help you." Akeno smiled at her. "After all, it's not right for a woman to not be able to grow things that are important to her when she has the option to do so, right?"

"Thanks." Mittelt just didn't want to have tiny titties for the rest of her life. Besides, compared to Atsuko, Ranma's own girl form or Yasaka, she felt completely inadequate.


"You're doing what?" Nabiki asked Mittelt as she heard what the blonde was planning on doing. The two were at home after school and waiting on the others to get there.

"Going to learn how to use magic to alter my form so that I don't have to have tiny titties forever." Mittlet rolled her eyes. "Like I didn't just get done explaining this or something."

"...Why?" Nabiki tilted her head in confusion. "I took a peek at all of our futures, and provided that something majorly unexpected doesn't happen, I saw what happens to you in about ten years." Actually it was closer to nine now that she thought about it.

"...What happens in ten years?"

"I shouldn't say this, but..." She looked back and forth before nodding. "Thanks to Lilith giving Ranma some of her succubus essence and his King Piece being flat-out unusual... We all got some succubus traits in us."


Nabiki poked her own breasts. "Let's just say that in fourteen months, when Lilith turns ten, she won't be confused for a loli anymore."


Nabiki sighed, might as well not beat around the bush anymore. "In ten years you're going to have a body that most women would kill for since we're all absorbing a little bit of Lilith's succubus traits, including how they mature."

"...So I'm going to..."

"Yes, you're going to have large breasts and a big butt, if you were curious. Your boobs will be even larger after you have some kids."

"YES!" Mittelt yelled as she jumped up in the air in joy. "HA! About time!"

"So are we all going to be like Lilith?" asked Atsuko as she walked in the room, having heard the whole conversation.

Nabiki shook her head. "We just get the minor traits: a bit higher sex drive, maturity hits a bit earlier with greater effect, easier to stay in shape, and so forth. Our children will still grow at a human rate, so we won't be having to explain to fifth grade teachers why our children look like they can legally get drunk."

"What about Lilith's?" asked Mittelt.

"Oh, those will probably be near-purebred succubi." Though Nabiki knew that Lilith was going to have them live as close to normal people as possible while growing up.

Atsuko looked at her breasts and frowned. "Will I get bigger than Yasaka then?"

"Maybe?" Nabiki shrugged. "If you're worried about it, you can learn how to modify your body with magic from Akeno then."

"Good, because I don't think I'd like having to have boobs that big bouncing around all the time." Atsuko knew she had time before that would happen, Nabiki did say that it would take ten years after all. "...Wait, does the whole ten year rule apply to only those Ranma turns into his peerage or does it apply to anyone he takes into his peerage as well?"

Nabiki blinked and tilted her head. "I...I'm not sure, but... Oh right! Ravel wants to join doesn't she?" That girl was busty enough, Nabiki could only imagine how big her boobs would get with Lilith's influence.

"Don't care, I don't have to worry about being a wash board for the rest of my life! YAY!" Mittelt threw her hands in the air and giggled in happiness. "New goal! I'm going to be the Angel with the best breasts around!"

"Good luck outdoing Gabriel's perfect titties." Nabiki muttered before an idea came to her. A horrible, terrible, malicious idea that she knew would have all four of the Seraphs blast her with Divine Retribution if they found out.

"I really should head to Tomobiki and ask the lech up there how he survives that Oni's lightning attacks." Nabiki muttered before smirking. "Azazel is *SO* going to owe me for this!"

Mittelt and Atsuko both gave her shocked looks, with Mittelt jerking back, her pinky, thumb and index fingers all extended while her ring and middle fingers were curled up in an attempt to try and ward off the evil she was feeling. "I'm scared..." Mittelt whimpered as Nabiki started laughing.

Atsuko twitched before poking her own boobs. "Don't get as big as Yasaka's boobs." She ordered them. Looking at Mittelt, who was giving her a weird look, Atsuko shrugged. "Hey, if Issei's boobielingual lets him read our breasts's minds, then maybe they'll listen to me when I tell them not to get that big."

Mittelt sweat-dropped heavily.

End Chapter 3


Fun fact: Tomoe and Ranma's conversation wasn't originally planned and it made me uncomfortable after I got done with it. And that rarely happens. And yes, she's part of Sona's peerage AND she's a total shotacon that wants Gasper.


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Chapter 4

"You know..." Issei began as he, Asia, Koneko and Lilith walked to the club room after school. "I like the upgrade to my boobielingual," he ignored Koneko's look of disgust at that, "but I was wondering, could you teach me that awesome enter the mind trick you do?"

"NO!" Lilith jumped back, her eyes wide and her arms crossed in an X-shaped pattern. "No! No! No! No! No!" She panted as the three looked at her with wide eyes. "Sorry, not going to happen, nah uh, no way, no how, nada! I refuse to teach it to anyone, even Master isn't allowed to learn it."

"Uh..." The three began, wondering what brought this reaction on.

"Sorry." Lilith took a deep breath to try and calm down. "The mind dive ability puts your mind in direct contact with the other person's mind."

"But we did it before when Issei was being attacked by that Shade." Asia pointed out.

"No, *I* did it before, *YOU* simply came along for the ride." Lilith sighed heavily. "Okay, let me explain. If any of you did the mind dive ability, your minds would merge with the other person's mind and both of you would cease to exist."

"But when Issei-sempai..." Koneko began, only for Lilith to shake her head. "What?"

"Consider this, I'm a very powerful Demon, right?" The three nodded at her. "Even as I am now..." Lilith trailed off, trying to figure out how to put it. "Let's just say that Issei would need at least ten boosts to come close."

"But didn't Bishamon..."

"Cursed Holy Sword." Lilith cut off Asia. "Besides, I was trying to avoid drawing too much attention my way. Anyway," she waved them off, "you remember how Morrigan felt back when the Khaos Brigade attacked the conference?" They shook their heads and she slapped her forehead. "Sorry, guess none of you were there. Okay, shoot, dunno how to explain it. Anyway, you know that I'm strong, right?" The three nodded at her. "Tell me something, how long were we in Issei's mind?" They all shook their heads, unsure. "Less than a minute. In that short amount of time I burned through most of my available energy."

"So what does that have to do with why you won't teach us the mind dive?" Issei asked, confused.

"I was GETTING to that." Lilith twitched. "If I taught Issei how to do the mind dive and he tried jumping into Asia's mind, the two minds would instantly merge together, and that doesn't even factor Ddrag into the equation."

"I think you're underestimating my partner." Ddrag joined the conversation. "Surely it wouldn't be that bad."

"No, I'm not." Lilith shook her head. "Issei doesn't have a strong enough of an Ego to survive such a thing. And by Ego, I mean a sense of self, not an arrogant attitude."

"And you do?" Issei tilted his head.

"Succubus, remember? I have a naturally strong Ego, plus my kind has other defenses to keep my mind from merging with someone else's mind." Lilith waved him off. "And just to understand how bad it would be, picture Issei doing a mind dive with Rias, okay?" The three nodded. "His mind and Rias's would meld together completely. First thing that would happen is that Issei's body would die as there would be no more brain activity." The three gulped heavily. "Then Issei and Rias's minds would fight for control in Rias's body. If Issei's mind won, then he'd be Rias and Rias would be gone forever."

"WHAT?!" The three and Ddrag all yelled at the same time.

"Yep." Lilith nodded at their shocked and disturbed expressions. "And if Rias won, she'd have some of Issei's traits, namely being a bit more perverted, but Issei would cease to exist. You couldn't even be reborn in a new life."

"On second thought, I DON'T want to learn the mind dive." Issei shuddered, it wasn't worth it. "Wait, you risk that EVERY time you do one of those?"

"Yep." Lilith gave him a tight smile. "It drains a lot of energy, which is why my kind typically only does it in an emergency or to give our targets a really nice dream while we absorb their sexual energy."

"Um, does that apply to reading a mind?" Asia asked, nervous about Issei's abilities.

"Huh? Oh, no, go hog wild with that. You aren't merging your mind with your target's, you're just hearing what they're thinking." Lilith waved that off. "If you think of the mind like a swimming pool, mind reading is just looking into the pool, maybe sticking your ears against the water while mind diving is going head first into the deep end of the pool with a lead suit on if you don't know what you're doing."

"Got it, no mind diving." Issei said, getting nods from Koneko and Asia.

"Besides, it's not as much fun to go into a mind as you think. It's always so gray and boring until you trip a memory or something."



Azazel looked at the business that used to be Ucchan's and sighed in annoyance. 'Looks like Ranma was right.' He thought to himself. The place had been packed up and cleaned out to such a degree that he was honestly impressed. The only thing that let him know that this place had even been used in the first place was the fact that there was no dust and debris on the floor or on the tables. "It sure can't be cheap to open a business, run it for a few days, then close up shop like that." Then again, he suspected that it might not be too hard, all they'd need would be a food cart and they could sell food across the country anywhere.

As he walked through the empty building, Azazel wondered, not for the first time, why this Ukyo person would do what she did. "This isn't the action of a jilted lover and I don't know of too many Hunters that act like this. What is going on?"

Azazel wondered if maybe it was time to bring the various Devil Hunter clans into the fold and form an alliance with them. 'Hmm, not just them, I'd probably have to make that alliance with Magical Girls as well, won't I?' Both were risky propositions, but he was tired of the constant fighting in the Moonlight World and he was sure that there was more than a few Hunters and Magical Girls in Japan who would love to not have to worry about if supernatural forces were going to eat their loved ones.

Still, such a thing was risky so long as the Khaos Brigade was running around and causing problems. Especially with a powerful Devil like Jedah being in a position of power and capable of ordering the Hero Faction around.

"Oh well, nothing in life worth doing is easy." Azazel smirked as he walked upstairs. "Besides, even if we help propose it and get the various leaders and factions to agree, it'll be on the next generation of Devils, Angels and the like to make it work."

Thinking about stuff like that actually made him somewhat sad, that his generation hadn't been able to make peace until very recently. Sure, the Devils had their own problems and the Angels had to deal with the fallout of God's death and his faction wasn't really in any position to try and attempt peace either.

"You look deep in thought." A female voice spoke up and Azazel blinked as he saw a familiar blue-haired Devil in the room he had just entered. "I was checking in on the city and saw you."

"So you broke into this place and waited for me upstairs?" Azazel raised an eyebrow at the large breasted woman. "What would you have done if I didn't come upstairs?"

"Take a nap." She giggled as he snorted. "So tell me, what are you thinking of?"

"Just thinking that the stalemate between Heaven, Hell and the Grigori did more harm to the Moonlight World than we all first realized." It was easy to ignore it back then when all three sides not only had to worry about the other two, but also other pantheons trying to jump in and eliminate them. "I just wonder how many Devil Hunter clans came into being simply because we couldn't make peace with each other."

"More than were probably needed." She nodded at him. "And thanks to centuries of the supernatural acting like savages towards humans..."

Azazel sighed and nodded. "I'd love to fix this, but there's so many scattered across Japan alone."

"I wouldn't worry about it too much right now." She smiled at him. "You do look stressed though."

"A bit, why do you ask?"

She smiled at him and walked over to the bed. "I'm feeling a bit hungry, care to feed me?"

Azazel snorted, he knew what she meant by that too. "Well, I'm not one to let a lady starve when she requests a meal." He said as he walked over to the bed. Besides, he wasn't going to turn down the opportunity to get laid if someone was offering it.



"So that's what happened in Kyoto and since you got back, huh?" Cologne asked Ranma as he, Kunou, Ravel and Atsuko sat at the counter, eating some ramen. "I'm surprised you were nearly killed if you fought the Hero Faction and survived."

"So you know them?" Ranma asked the old woman, who nodded.

"Indeed, they've made a name for themselves as freelance mercenaries that hunt down the supernatural." Cologne shook her head. "A dangerous group, if they're a part of the Khaos Brigade it's even worse. I'll send a letter back to the village to warn them of this development."

"I'm surprised that you have no problem with me being here," Ravel admitted, blushing as Cologne looked at her, "I mean with my distant cousin being an enemy of your tribe and all that."

"You came here in peace, have made no aggressive gestures towards anyone and you show respect to your elders." She cackled, enjoying the way that Kunou and Ravel cringed at her laughter. "No, girl, your cousin was a threat to everyone in the Jusendo Valley when he was fully awakened and causing problems. Most of the time he stayed up on the mountain with the rest of his people and just acted like a powerful old radiator and hot water heater since winter got pretty cold up there."

"We go kill wayward hunter now, yes?" Shampoo said as she cleaned the floor before sighing. "Sorry, I mean, do we go track down who tried to kill you and deal with her?"

"You're getting better with your Japanese." Ranma commented but shook his head. "No, I... I'm not sure if dealing with her like that is a good idea or not."

"She tried to kill you." Ravel pointed out. "I'm sure that she has no problems with doing it again."

"Irina and Issei met after years of separation and were enemies when they met up again," Ranma pointed out, "your enemy today may be your ally tomorrow, but not if you kill them."

"Well said," Cologne nodded at him, "however..."

"I know, I know, if fighting I have no problem killing someone to defend myself or others." Ranma cut her off. "However, I don't think Ukyo's a bad person. From what she was saying, it sounds like she got bad information about what happened in Kyoto a few years ago."

"And due to the fact that she already was training to kill you because you basically left her at the altar," Atsuko gave Ranma a wide grin as he rolled his eyes, "plus the fact that you're bonded with Lilith..."

"Yeah, I'm guessing that she put all those things together and came to the conclusion that I'm a monster that delights in killing people." Ranma sighed, shaking his head. "So I don't blame her for thinking that I need to be put down." After all, sometimes Youkai and Demons became drunk on their own power for one reason or another and had to be put down before they became too big of a problem. "Doesn't help that I admitted that I'd revive those bastards that tried to kill Kunou just to kill them all over again if I could."

"Defending one's family is important." Cologne nodded to him. "I, for one, do not blame you. I've killed my fair share of people who threatened my family in my life. One must make sure that they take no pleasure from the taking of another's life."

"No worries there." Ranma shook his head. "I don't like to kill if I can help it."

"Daddy..." Kunou looked at him. "You're not a monster. Monsters delight in the suffering of others, you're not one of them."

Smiling, Ranma reached over and ruffled her hair. "Thanks, kiddo. Ready to go?" She nodded and Ranma pulled out some money and paid for the food. "Thanks, Old Ghoul."

There was a cracking sound and Ranma found himself flying to the door, which Shampoo was holding open so he didn't break it, and out into the street. "Thank you, come again." Shampoo waved at Ranma as he flew past her.

"Hmph! No respect." Cologne grumbled, though there was some amusement in her voice.

"...I still don't know how you did that." Atsuko muttered in amazement. "I've seen you do it before but I still can't follow it."

Cologne just smiled.


The next day...

Ranma tilted his head as he, Lilith, Kunou and Ravel made their way to the school. "What's with the limo?" He asked himself more than the other two, knowing they wouldn't know either.

When the back door opened up and Ranma and Lilith saw who got out, they instantly knew things were going to get stupid.

"Ah! My eyes doth not decieve me! The Foul Demon Saotome and the Angel of my Dreams are, indeed here!" Tatewaki Kuno loudly proclaimed as he got out of the limo.

"Who's this lunatic?" Kunou asked as she saw the tall boy and shuddered, something about him made her feel like using Fox Fire on him in an attempt to make him go away and then taking a hot shower afterwords to clean herself.

Ranma laughed as Kunou figured out Tatewaki in one moment. "That... Is Tatewaki Kuno, an idiot who thinks he's destined to defeat me or something, I never really could figure him out."

"...Wait! Is he the idiot that Nabiki was complaining about having the same name as me?!" Kunou gasped as she looked at him.

"Hmm? And who is this little fox?" Tatewaki asked, causing Ranma and Lilith to look at him weirdly. "Please, Saotome, I am no fool, surely anyone with a lick of sense can tell she is hiding her ears and tails."

"HOW THE HELL CAN YOU FIGURE THAT OUT WHEN YOU CALL ME AN ANGEL!?" Lilith yelled, shocked that Tatewaki could figure out who Kunou was.

"Brother, dear, are you telling them lies?" Kodachi said as she got out of the limo after Tatewaki. She looked at the little fox girl and smiled. "Ah, the daughter of the Youkai Association's leader."

"...And how the HELL do you know that?!" Lilith yelped, glad that people were only paying them a cursory glance instead of paying attention.

"As much as it pains me to owe that man anything, our father knows about this stuff and left pictures and information back home." Tatewaki grumbled as he thought about his father.

Lilith just twitched, before she began to rub her temples. "Oh, so this is what an aneurysm feels like."

"Just a heads up," Ranma said to the two teens. "Kunou is an innocent: start a fight here, you don't leave here."

"Agreed," said Kodachi. "I would never involve such a cute little one in my usual antics ...though I cannot speak for my brother."

"OH COME ON!" cried Lilith. "You call a kid, 'cute', everyone is fine. I do it, and they start trying to kill me!"

"Because you're an evil sex Demon." Ranma pointed out, getting a pout from Lilith. "Anyway, what are you two doing here? Don't you have school?"

"We took today off because," Kodachi looked troubled and Ranma tilted his head in confusion, "Akane Tendo has been missing for months now! She's my first and only friend and she's been gone for so long! Where did she go?"

"We had hoped that the fierce tigress's elder sister would be able to know, since she knows everything it seems like." Tatewaki grumbled before sighing. "I would... Be inclined to put aside our past differences if you would help us."

Ranma stared, shocked. "Did you just offer to bury the hatchet?"

"Not in the slightest!" Tatewaki bellowed at him. "You are still an evil Demon that needs to be put down and when I, the Blue Thunder of Furikan!" A blue crack of lightning tore across the sky at that moment, "do so, surely Heaven will reward me!"

"...No, I'm sure that Heaven won't reward you, in fact, I'm sure that Heaven will probably try to punish you." A new voice spoke up and Kuno looked past Ranma to see a girl with long twin pigtails and blue eyes glaring at him. "In fact, I can guarantee that Saint Michael would never reward someone who threatens my friends. And if you think that I would wish to be friends with someone who makes me want to find a Longinus and smack you upside the head with it, forget it!" She turned to the brown-haired boy that was next to her. "In fact, Issei, can you use Boosted Gear and punch him in the face?"

"Wouldn't that be a grievous misuse of its power?" Issei asked, wondering how he was being pulled into this. "Sure, he's..." Issei tilted his head. "Okay, he's got this face that just screams 'punch me! Punch me!' but I don't think it would be a good idea to do so."

Lilith just shook her head. "Why is it before a fight breaks out, Heaven is always somehow involved?"

"Can we please focus on saving Akane?" asked a tired Kodachi. "Brother-dear, you can continue this pissing contest or whatever the male euphemism for this situation is, later. But first, we must work on saving Akane."

"...Fine," Tatewaki grumbled, before he stared at Irina. "And I shall not forget this affront to my honor, Demoness!"

"...Dude seriously needs his eyes and meds checked," grumbled Lilith, as Irina reacted in shock to being called ...a Demoness.

"He figures out that I'm a Fox Youkai but he calls Irina a Demoness?" Kunou muttered to herself.

"HEY!" Issei yelled at Tatewaki. "Don't call Irina that! Apologize right now!"

Ranma just sighed as Tatewaki and Issei started to get into it. "Oh..." His eyes widened and he grabbed Lilith and Kunou and stepped away. "Let's get out of here before we get into trouble."

The two blinked before looking where Ranma was looking and gulped. Seeing an angry Sona Sitori coming their way was not something they wanted to deal with.


Several minutes later in the Student Council Room...

"So..." Sona said, her face calm, other than the twitching of her eyebrow. "You came to Kuoh City because you were looking for someone who had transferred to this school and you needed some information from her?" Both Tatewaki and Kodachi nodded. "Because Akane Tendo disappeared?" They nodded again. "Did you file a police report?" They nodded again. "I see... So why in the nine levels of Hell did you decide it was smart to cause a commotion in front of the school?"

"My apologies." Kodachi spoke up. "Brother-dear means well, but he is... A little, shall we say, overly enthusiastic at times."

"Lovely." Sona muttered before looking at Nabiki, who had been brought in when she got to school. "Well?"

"Last I heard, my sister went on an extended training trip to further her martial arts studies." Nabiki told them. "Her trainer is incredibly unorthodox and only takes people that they find interesting." Nabiki really wished that she could tell them what she knew, but that would raise so many questions and there was no need to have that come out. "As far as I know, Akane's both unhurt and still alive." Though it had been awhile since Nabiki had checked on her sister.

"Truly?" Kodachi looked at her seriously. "You mean it?"

"I'm many things, Kodachi, heartless towards my family is one thing I'm not." Nabiki crossed her arms under her breasts and gave the girl a stern look. "I promise you, if something bad happens to Akane, I'll make sure that you're among the first to know."

"Thank you." She smiled in relief.

"That's good and all, however," Sona looked at Tatewaki with narrowed eyes, "there's the fact that you were causing problems at this school. Considering that there was no violence, though it certainly felt like it was about to become violent, I'd be willing to ignore it so long as the two of you leave the school grounds immediately." She didn't care if they stayed in the city, but she didn't want to deal with them. 'Besides, something about them makes me want to violently murder them and I have no idea why.' It didn't make sense to her, even when she was around Issei and his two friends before Issei's reveal as the Red Dragon Emperor came to light, she never wanted to hurt them permanently.

These two, however, made her want to hurt them. 'But why?'

"Very well," Kodachi nodded to her. "Come along, brother-dearest, if you stay I will not allow any of the Kuno family funds to be used to pay for your hospital stay."

Nabiki sighed as they left. "Sorry about that, I should have looked in on them to make sure that they wouldn't get too insane after my sister disappeared."

"It's fine, you can't control everything." Sona replied to her. "But are you okay with your sister missing?"

"Nope, but I know that the police will never find her." Nabiki shook her head. "If you're curious, just know that my sister got pulled headfirst into our world without any sort of warning beforehand."

"Lovely." Sona sighed, wondering what would happen next.


After getting into the limo and ordering the driver to leave, Kodachi pursed her lips. "I am... Concerned."

"About the firey tigress?"

"Yes, but beyond her, there were plenty of people at this school that just... Bothered me for some reason." Kodachi couldn't put her finger on it, there was something that was seriously annoying her about this place and she wanted to get away from it. "It was after that girl you called a Demoness appeared. You felt it too, huh?"

"Yes." Tatewaki nodded and leaned back. "I wonder why. The last time I felt this annoyed by someone when I just met them, it was the foul Demon Saotome."

"If I may," the driver spoke up through the open window, "perhaps you should talk to your father? It has been a long time since you saw him, has it not?"

Both of them grimaced, but nodded.


There was a ringing in his pocket. Reaching in and pulling out his phone, he raised an eyebrow at the number. "Hello?"

"Hello, father..."

"Ah! Mah sweet wahinine! It's been so long dat da big kahuna thought you no longa wanna see him."

"Father, please, you can talk normally with me."

"What does daddy's sweet wahinine want?"

"Can we talk at home? I want to gather my thoughts and something unusual has come up."

"Ah, very well, da big kahuna will return in three days if mah little wahinine wishes it!"

"Thank you."

After he hung up the phone, he looked at the old man across from him giving him an amused look. "What?"

"Nothing, oh big kahuna."

The man snorted at the old man. "For your information, Son Wukong, those two are my kids, never had much aptitude for my powers and I had no interest in having to deal with my enemies trying to use them against me."

"So you put a seal on their powers then?" The old Monkey King raised an eyebrow as he took a puff of his pipe. "That's unlike you, Indra."

"Never needed to before, they never manifested anything resembling my powers before." The wargod snorted and walked off. "Well, it doesn't matter, does it? Perhaps their powers are finally waking up and they need some guidance."

"Should I tell Azazel you don't plan on killing the Red Dragon Emperor then?" Wukong asked, getting a snort from Indra.

"Just tell him that so long as he keeps the brat in line then I got no problem letting that punk live." Indra waved him off as he left.

Son Wukong shook his head. "Well, never knew the boss had kids before."

End Chapter 4


Go look up Indra on the DxD Wiki. You can NOT tell me he doesn't look like Principal Kuno!

Oh, and he's the God of Storms, Thunder and Rain.

Think about that and think about how often it rains in Nerima, plus Tatewaki doing that whole "Blue Thunder" trick.

Also, next chapter preview...


And, sadly, as I'm not finished with the next arc, I'm going to have to delay the posting of it for awhile.


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A few days later, in Hell...

"I can't believe we're doing this." Mittelt muttered as she stayed hidden out of view from the children who were watching the show with great interest.

"I don't see the problem." Atsuko grinned, she was finding this Oppai Dragon Emperor show to be a lot of fun. They were in a large, open field theater for the current episode, seeing as the four Devil Kings were actually funding this episode directly, there was a lot of hype for this episode, though Atsuko wasn't sure exactly what they were excited for. "Besides, this might be fun."


"Darkness Knight Fang!" The Oppai Dragon Emperor pointed at his arch-nemesis, a blonde Devil wearing a dark outfit and holding a sword. "Today your evil is finished!"

"Mwahahahahaha!" Darkness Knight Fang laughed. "You were expecting the same Darkness Knight Fang! But it was me, True Darkness Fang all along!"

The crowd gasped as True Darkness Fang spun around, revealing an outfit that made him look even more buff and dangerous than before, complete with a purple glow.


"How did..." Mittelt trailed off as Atsuko ran off. "What are you doing?"

"Gotta fill in for an actor." Atsuko waved her off, leaving Mittelt to blink in confusion.

"I have to say, Kiba and Issei are really ramping the crowd up." Irina smiled as she watched, getting a nod from Xenovia.


On the set, Kiba, in his role of True Darkness Fang, grinned. "For you see, Oppai Dragon Emperor! I have gone beyond what I was before! I have transcended the limits and achieved a level beyond a mere Knight of Darkness!" True Darkness Fang took a dramatic pose.

"No. I shall stop you." A monotone voice spoke up and a little girl with white hair and wearing skin tight black leather pants, a black vest that only covered her chest, elbow-length black gloves and a black eye-mask on her face appeared on top of a tree.

"Hellcat-chan!" The Oppai Dragon Emperor called out happily, as did most of the crowd of Devil children.

"Mwahahahahahahaha!" True Darkness Fang suddenly laughed and pointed his sword at Hellcat-chan. "You may be a strong opponent, Hellcat-chan, but you will fall today!" His body started to glow a bright purple. "Taste this! My new master's power!"

The crowd gasped in horror as Hellcat-chan was surrounded by blue flames. When they died out, she was gone.

"NO! Hellcat-chan! What did you do to her, you fiend?!" The Oppai Dragon Emperor yelled at True Darkness Fang.

"MWahahahahahahaha! I've banished her from this world! You will no longer have Hellcat-chan to support you. So long as my new master empowers me, you shall never have a chance!"


Watching the episode from behind the curtain, Azazel grinned, this was great. He couldn't wait to see the next part of this episode.


"New master?!" The Oppai Dragon Emperor gasped and took a step back. "You fiend! Who is this master?"

"Mwhahahahahaha!" True Darkness Fang laughed again and gestured to a raised platform as spotlights focused on that spot. "Behold! My master! The Abyss Lord Satome and the Dark Mistress Lilim!"

Rising from below the stage, Ranma and Lilith, dressed in dark outfits, in Ranma's case he was in a black suit with a white mask on his face and a top hat with a large cape on his shoulders with the collar being large and sticking up, revealing that the liner of his cape was red, his eyes were closed and he had his right hand on his forehead. Lilith had changed her hair color and length, making it long and green, but her eyes remained red, she was dressed in a pitch black leotard with a skirt around her waist, elbow length gloves, boots that went up to her knees covered her feet, on her back was a purple ribbon right above her butt and on her chest was a black star gem. Her hair was done up in twin pigtails that had two buns on the top of her head. On her forehead was a tiara.

"Hahahahahahahaha..." The Abyss Lord laughed darkly. "Excellent work, True Darkness Fang!" He threw his arms to the side, causing his cape to flutter. "Not even the Oppai Dragon Emperor has enough power to stop us! The Dark Lords of the Abyss! We shall defeat the Oppai Dragon Emperor and rule this miserable plane of reality."

"HOLD IT!" A new voice yelled.

"Now what?" The Abyss Lord looked and saw five people, all dressed in spandex of different colors. "Who are you?"

The crowd started to cheer as they recognized who had appeared behind the Oppai Dragon Emperor.

"We are..." The five took poses and the background exploded behind them in various colors.

"Satan Red!" The one in red yelled.

"Satan Yellow!" A female voice called out.

"Satan Blue!" The one in blue pointed at the Abyss Lord.

"Satan Green!" A male voice was heard.

"Satan Pink!" The last one took an aggressive stance.

"And together we are!" The red one took a pose.

"The Satan Rangers!"


Watching from the back, Grayfia actually pouted. She wanted to be out there as Satan Yellow, but with her baby bump no one would let her have fun. At least that nice Atsuko girl was filling in for her as Satan Yellow. Privately, she wondered who was filling in for Serafall since she wasn't playing Satan Pink in this episode.


Behind the mask of Satan Pink, Sona was wondering how her sister managed to talk her into this but decided that since she didn't have to show her face it was less embarrassing than being in Serafall's show.

"I see! It seems that the Oppai Dragon Emperor has powerful allies. Nevertheless!" The Abyss Lord snapped his fingers and the air was filled with a buzzing sound. "Face this! My Mecha Soul Bee army!"

In the air there were over a dozen bee girls with various parts of their bodies showing robotic enhancements.

"You fiend!" Satan Red pointed dramatically. "Bringing the Terror of the Demon Realm to Hell! Have you no shame!?"

"Shame? What is that? I laugh at shame and spit in its face!" The Dark Mistress put her hand to her mouth and grinned. "OHOHOHOHOHOHOHOHOHO!"

"Oppai Dragon Emperor!" A female voice yelled out and a redheaded woman in a pale lavender dress ran out. "You must not give up! If those Mecha Soul Bees get free, they will consume everything and kill everyone." Mentally Rias was sighing and wondering why she had to do this.

"Switch Princess!" The Oppai Dragon Emperor yelled out. "You're right! We must stop them at all costs! Satan Rangers, we must work together."

"Of course!" Satan Green nodded. "To protect Hell, we shall join up to fight this unspeakable evil!"

"You know nothing of true terror, Satan Rangers!" The Abyss Lord threw his arm back, causing his cape to flutter. "Prepare yourself for my most powerful and loyal minion!"

"You can't mean!" True Darkness Fang gasped. "Not him! The terror of women's underwear everywhere!"

"Indeed!" The Abyss Lord seemingly spun around and threw his hands into the air. "COME FORTH! EVIL PERVERT HAPPOSAI!"

"MWAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA!" A little figure rose from the ground, dressed in a red outfit with two little horns on the head, a spade-like tail sticking out the back and a pitchfork in his left hand. "It is I! The Evil Pervert! I am here to grope all the women's breasts and steal their power so that you may never have them for yourself, Oppai Dragon Emperor!" He leered at the Switch Princess, who turned blue in the face and covered her breasts while stepping back. "In fact! I shall take the Switch Princess's panties for myself!"

"HOW HORRIBLE!" The Satan Rangers and Oppai Dragon Emperor all gasped at the same time.

"I cannot allow this!" A new voice yelled out before a dazzling array of energy filled the area and a new person appeared next to Oppai Dragon Emperor. "Magical! Lyrical! Maou Shoujo Levia-tan is here!" Serafall Leviathan in a pink mini-skirt that barely covered her panties, a top that only covered her breasts, a beret on her head and a magical wand in her hand winked at everyone as sparkles filled the air around her.

The crowd cheered seeing an unusual and legendary triple team-up.


In the back, Grayfia openly gawked, well, for her it was gawking, to most people it looked like she was merely raising an eyebrow in surprise. "So that's why she didn't bother playing a Satan Ranger today." She muttered to herself.


Ranma mentally sweat-dropped at hearing that and looked at Lilith. "You didn't happen to tell her about beam-spam-chan did you?" He whispered to her.

Lilith merely gave him a smug look.

"Oppai Dragon Emperor! Satan Rangers! Though we may not be the closest of allies, we all stand against threats to Hell. Let's send these Dark Lords of the Abyss back from whence they came!" Levia-tan pointed dramatically.

"MOUUU! That's so unfair!" Dark Mistress Lilith threw her arms up and down. "A triple team-up?! Fine! But we're going to do this, we need appropriate music!" She snapped her fingers and several people appeared in the background, much to everyone's surprise.

"...Did you seriously kidnap Maasaki Endoh for a Devil's Children's TV show?" Ranma asked in a low tone of voice.

"Yep. Don't worry, we'll erase his memories after this."

Maasaki Endoh blinked a few times before the music started to play. 'Well, since we're here...' He already knew what he was supposed to sing, he didn't think he'd be brought out on stage for this.


"Well, let's GO! ATTACK MY ROBOTIC MINIONS! GO FORTH AND BUST A CAP!" The Abyss Lord yelled and the mecha soul bees charged forward.

"Satan Rangers! Let's go!" Satan Red yelled and the whole group charged at the Mecha Soul Bees.


Satan Green let out a yell as he punched a Mecha Soul Bee in the face. "Take that, you mechanical monster! You Soul Bees shall not harm anyone in this world so long as I am here!"


"The Switch Princess's panties and Levia-tan's panties are mine!" Evil Pervert Happosai laughed as he jumped, before getting punched by Oppai Dragon Emperor, much to the crowd's cheering. "How dare you!? I AM THE MOST EVIL PERVERT IN THE WORLD! TAKE THIS! HAPPO FIRE BURST!" The little pervert pulled out a swirly yellow ball with a lit fuse on it and threw it at the Oppai Dragon Emperor, where it exploded and causes him to jerk violently with his arms thrashing around from it.

"MWAHAHAHAHAHAHA!" True Darkness Fang rushed forward. "Oppai Dragon Emperor! Take this!" He swung his sword, only to find it blocked by Satan Red's sword. "You dare?!"

"Only a coward attacks someone when they are unable to fight back." Satan Red declared as the two clashed their swords a few times before they traded sword slashes on each other, causing explosions to happen and causing them to flail wildly as they stumbled away from each other.



Azazel shook his head as he listened in on the song. The beat was rocking and easy to sing along to. 'I need to know where the original song comes from, but this is pretty awesome.'

"Just where did we get mecha soul bees from anyway?" Mittelt, who was standing next to Azazel and Irina asked.

"Apparently Atsuko's mother had a bunch of killer robots that were just sitting around in the warehouse, so we remodeled them." Azazel answered.

"Wait!" Irina and Mittelt both said at the same time as they turned to look at him slowly. "Killer robots?!"


"We're using KILLER ROBOTS on a children's TV show?" Irina gawked while Mittelt's eyebrows were raised and twitching.

"Yes." Azazel grinned at them. "They're programmed properly."



As the last of the Soul Bees exploded into pieces, the Abyss Lord threw his head back and laughed. "EXCELLENT WORK! However you now face *ME*!" Letting out a yell, he threw his left hand forward and arcs of lightning zipped across the battlefield, crashing into all of the Satan Rangers and the Oppai Dragon Emperor, causing them to jerk back from several explosions.

Levia-tan rushed forward, only to find her wand was blocked by a staff held by the Dark Mistress. Serafall blinked as she looked at the staff. It was a crescent shaped top, white hilt and a pink gem on the end. Two prongs from where the shaft met the top slid out, revealing what looked like mufflers and then the shaft opened to reveal two pink wings. '...Why do I have a bad feeling when I look at that thing?'

Meanwhile Lilith really hoped they finished up this episode quickly, she wasn't sure how long her theft of this magical staff could go unnoticed before the owner found out. "Take this!" She swung her staff back and was prepared to bonk Levia-tan on the head with it.

"Dragon Kick!" Oppai Dragon Emperor flew in and kicked the Dark Mistress away. "Are you okay, Levia-tan?"

"Yes! Thank you, Oppai Dragon Emperor!" Levia-tan pointed dramatically. "And now... Levia-BEAAAAAAAAM!" Her eyes gleamed for a moment before two long range beams came flying out of her eyes and blasted the Dark Mistress who found herself jerking and shaking from the attack.

"No... NO! MASTER! FORGIVE ME!" She yelled and threw her hands out to the side before an explosion engulfed her.


"MWAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA!" The Evil Pervert laughed, a gleam in his eyes. "VERY WELL!"

"EEEK!" Levia-tan let out a squeal as Evil Pervert ran close to her.

"Levia-tan!" Satan Pink yelled before summoning a large mallet and flattening Evil Pervert with it. 'Where the blazes did THAT come from?' Sure, Sona was defending her sister, but it was supposed to be in character.

She didn't even own a mallet for crying out loud! And it wasn't Satan Pink's standard weapon, either!

"Curses!" Abyss Lord gasped as he saw Evil Pervert's flattened body. "Giant mallets! Evil Pervert's one weakness! How did you know?!"

"So ...worth," hissed the flattened pervert, as he slowly breathed in pain.

"Oh, he's still alive," the Abyss Lord muttered. "Neat... Now then, where were we?"

"Um ...we were fighting," offered Levia-tan.


"Oh no!" squeaked Satan Yellow.

The Abyss Lord shrugged. "Sad, but true. After all, cannon fodder isn't what it used to be, making us evil overlords actually have to fight now."

True Darkness Fang pulled out a sword. "Do not worry, Abyss Lord! I am here with you!"


Rossweisse had to admit, this wasn't too bad of an episode, over-all, though as she looked at the flattened "Evil Pervert" she wondered why she felt the urge to give whoever was playing Satan Pink a hug and take them out to dinner in thanks for doing that.

Seeing the lightning flying around the stage, she sweat-dropped. "I know it's toned down, but that looks like it actually hurts." Even Lord Beelzebub had expressed concerns about throwing actual magic around on stage like that but Ranma had demonstrated that he could keep it low enough to hurt but not actually do damage. "Did he have to use me as a test subject though? My hair was all floofy from that." She pouted, remembering the electrical attack she had taken, which was literally no worse than touching a metal doorknob with woolly socks on over a carpet.


"Ready!" The Satan Rangers, holding a large cannon, pointed it at the Abyss Lord. "AIM!"

Panting and putting a hand on his chest, the Abyss Lord staggered on the ground as rock music really started to pick up in the background.



As the beams of light washed over him and yellow electricity started to crackle around him, Abyss Lord staggered and waved his arms around slowly. "Curse you! SATAN RANGERS! OPPAI DRAGON! LEVIA-TAN! I WILL RETURN! AND WHEN I DO, I SHALL HAVE MY REVENGE!!" Abyss Lord threw his hands to the side before he was engulfed in an explosion that removed him from the stage.

"MASTER! NO!" True Darkness Fang gasped as his body started to glow. "Curse you, Oppai Dragon Emperor! You've not seen the last of me!" He yelled before bounding off and running away while his body returned from True Darkness Fang back to Darkness Knight Fang. It wasn't much, but his outfit did get a bit lighter in color.

"And I'll be waiting for you." Oppai Dragon Emperor said as he watched him flee.


Nabiki shook her head in amusement as the episode was drawing to a close. "Well that..." She trailed off as she saw something that made her go pale. "Oh crap!" One of the destroyed Mecha Soul Bees was still somewhat operational. Somewhat because it had only one arm, most of its upper body and head left, but it was crawling towards a child. "LOOK OUT!" She screamed from the back.


Sitting in the front row, a small child with brown hair looked down and cried out in terror as one of the Mecha Soul Bees seemingly appeared in front of it. "HELP!"

There was a flash and the Oppai Dragon Emperor was driving his feet into the skull of the Mecha Soul Bee, destroying it. "Are you okay?" The child sniffled and nodded. "Remember, Soul Bees are bad creatures, if you ever see one, run away and get help, all they want to do is eat."

"Thank you, Oppai Dragon Emperor."

For some reason, Issei was disappointed no one said 'now we know'.

End Chapter 5

Onto the epilogue

Sadly, as I am not done with the next arc yet, I will have to delay posting it until I finish it. Considering how much life has been kicking me in the balls since Christmas, I can't give you a timetable, hopefully before too long, because it's been over 3 weeks since I started on the next arc. I have the general arc planned out, I just gotta get those pesky details filled in. XD


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And now, to wrap up this arc.



In the changing rooms in the back, Ranma sighed as he slumped back against his chair. "Oi, that was a lot of work." Sure, the kids seemed to like it and he didn't mind doing the whole "Abyss Lord" thing one bit. Heck, it wasn't the first time he did stuff like this either, though he had never done something like this for a children's TV show. It was a lot of fun.

"Hey." A male voice he hadn't heard before spoke up and Ranma looked at the dressing room door to see a rather tall Devil with shaggy black hair, side-burns that reminded him of some Go Nagai manga he had read when he had free time and a rather muscular frame that was enhanced by the tight shirt he was wearing. "So you're the Hero of Kyoto I've heard about."

"Didn't know I was famous down here." Ranma answered him. "You are?"

"Sairaorg Bael." The man nodded at Ranma.

"Oh! Rias's cousin that spent that one day punching Issei's face in." Ranma's eyes lit up in understanding while Sairaorg laughed.

"I wouldn't call it punching his face in when we sparred, but you're right about Rias being my cousin." He walked in and Ranma stood up. "I watched that episode you and Issei put on, you were a big hit with the crowd."

Ranma shrugged at that. "I wouldn't know. So what brings you here?"

"Well, I was going to talk to Issei after the episode was done airing, but you know, wrap up stuff and time with fans and all that." Sairaorg waved it off. "Mostly because my Rating Game with Rias was pushed back a few days for this episode to get aired."

"Been looking forward to it, huh?"

Sairaorg grinned at Ranma, who matched his grin with one of his own. "You have no idea. However, I want to say this, I wouldn't mind facing you some day in the future." Ranma raised an eyebrow. "See, Demons have a reputation of being pretty weak, most of the ones we know of on Earth and in Hell aren't really that strong compared to the top ranking Devils, Angels or Fallen Angels, yet you, despite being only a partial Demon, seem to be pretty strong. Surviving a fight against someone with the True Longinus?"

Ranma snorted. "Most of that was Issei, I was taking the whiny bitch's friends out." He smirked as Sairaorg laughed. "So is there a reason you're telling me this?"

Sairaorg grinned at him. "I admit, I'd love to have a mock battle with you some time." Ranma raised an eyebrow. "What? Is it wrong of me to wish such a thing?"

"Nope. Sadly I'm going to have to decline for right now." Ranma shook his head at Sairaorg's confused look. "I have a journey to take care of after this and you have to face Rias and her peerage, right?"

The muscular Devil grinned at him. "Indeed, I didn't mean right now, obviously, but if you've got some time in the future, I'd love to challenge you."

Ranma gave him a smirk right back. "Might be a few months from now, we'll see, but I'd love to fight you as well." Not that he planned on losing, but from what he had been told beating this guy would be like Kasumi trying to punch a mountain to dust.

Ranma suddenly sweat-dropped at the idea of Kasumi being upset with a mountain enough to want it to turn to dust. 'Hell, she'd probably just go "Mr Mountain, I'm not happy, please go away" and it would turn into dust on its own.' An amusing idea, he had to admit, but it was unlikely.

Sairaorg grinned and held his hand out and squeezed Ranma's as he took it and the two shook hands. "It's a date then, just let me know when you're open for it, I'll make sure to set time aside."

Ranma grinned back at him.



"What happened to you?!" Mittelt gasped as she saw Lilith's bruised and battered body. "You said you had to go somewhere for a little bit and now..."

"Remember that staff I was using in the show?" Lilith asked, getting a nod from the petite blonde. "Well, the magical girl that I borrowed it from without asking wasn't too happy when I returned it to her and she decided that I needed to... And I quote "cool my head" a little."

Mittelt sweat-dropped heavily. "...And you let her?"

"She's one of the few magical girls that doesn't try to kill me for being a succubus, so yes." Lilith wobbled in place for a bit. "So, in the interest of saving time, I need a nap." She fell forward and landed face-first into Mittelt's embrace. "Mmm! Love you." She slurred out before passing out.

Another sweat-drop joined the ones on Mittelt's head before she smiled in amusement. "Love you too." She whispered, kissing Lilith on the forehead and helping her to find a place to lay down and rest.

Watching them, Irina smiled happily but didn't say a word. Despite what Mittelt had said before, she thought of the Fallen Angel as a friend and was happy for her.


"Ah, Ranma." Sirzechs smiled at him as he saw the person in question. Turning to Ajuka Beezlebub, he nodded his goodbye to the other Devil King and walked towards Ranma. "Is there something I can do for you?"

"Well yeah, I was..."

"RANMA!" A delighted voice suddenly yelled and Ranma found himself being tackled to the floor by a rather giddy Serafall Leviathan who was hugging him while in her Levia-tan outfit. "That was the bestest best episode ever! The kids all loved it! Even the adults did! You need to come onto my show next season as the main bad guy that Levia-tan has to fight."

"Wouldn't that be a downgrade for the bad guy?" Ranma asked in confusion. "I mean, it took five Satan Rangers, the Oppai Dragon Emperor and you to deal with my character."

"Oh that's simple, we can just play it off as you reviving too soon and you don't have all your powers or something." Serafall grinned as she got off of Ranma. "Sadly, this season just started, so it'll probably be about six months at least, and that's if nothing else comes up."

Sirzechs was laughing as he watched that. It was actually pretty adorable. "My apologies, Serafall, Ranma was about to ask me about something."

"Oh!" Ranma rubbed the back of his head. "Yeah, think you could transport me to Nepal?" Sirzechs blinked in confusion. "Got something I need to take care of over there, we talked about it before the show started."

"Oh right!" Sirzechs nodded as he remembered that meeting. "Thank you for reminding me, I would have forgotten."

"I can take you." Serafall piped up. "I've not been to that area of the world very often, seeing as the Hindu Gods run that area."

Ranma sweat-dropped. "So you're not worried that they won't show up and decide 'hey, intruders' and try smiting us?"

Serafall grinned at him. "Nah."

"What Serafall means is that despite our problems with several pantheons and their Gods, there's a live and let live policy in place for everyone." Sirzechs pointed out, though he made sure not to mention that some of the Gods out there probably wouldn't care about it. "So long as none of us take any aggressive actions in their territory, they won't pay us any more than a cursory glance." Though, he admitted, he didn't like the thought of Serafall going into potentially hostile territory without some serious back-up. Not only was she one of the four Devil Kings, she was also a friend of his and had been there since the four of them defeated the Old Satan Faction. "Still, Serafall, I'd..."

"Oh can it." She winked at him. "I haven't been to Earth for no reason in a long while, besides, I'll only be up there for a little while and then come back, Satan's honor."

Sirzechs shook his head. It wasn't like he could stop her. "Just be careful, okay?"

She winked and in a flash both Ranma and Serafall disappeared.

Sirzechs sighed as he thought about what was to come. "I wonder if you're going to tell her, Ranma, and if not, I fear how she'll react." He muttered to himself. Walking down the hallway, he paused as he saw Azazel walking towards him. "You best prepare, it's started."

"Lovely." Azazel muttered, but nodded and continued on. "You better take good care of your wife, okay?"

"I always do." Sirzechs smirked as he continued to walk down the hallway.


On Earth...

A flash of light and Ranma and Serafall found themselves on a grassy flatland surrounded by some large rocks. "So..." Serafall looked around. "This is Nepal?"

"Yeah." Ranma pulled out his phone and checked the GPS on it. "Yep, we're on the Southern tip of Nepal. It should..." He trailed off as a shadow covered the sky. Looking up, he nodded. "That's where I have to go."

"...A floating island?" Serafall gawked as she looked at it. "I thought those were fake!"

"Not this one." Ranma smirked at her. "Anyway, I need to..." Ranma trailed off as Serafall put her lips on his. "Serafall?"

"That old man who you had working the show with us?" Serafall whispered to Ranma, "he stole my panties."

"...Before or after the show?"

Her face was bright red. "Right before the show started, I didn't have time to get new ones, so I used magic to keep my skirt from fluttering up." She walked over to a rock and put her hands against it before reaching back and hiking her skirt up, revealing her naked butt and damp crotch. "I'm really turned on right now."

"Well, can't say no to that invitation." Ranma said as he got behind her and dropped his pants. "How long can you stay here?" He asked as he slid inside of her.

"Hmm..." Serafall giggled at him. "Who knows? Just make me feel it." She moaned in delight.

"Will do."


Hours later in Hell...

Rias raised an eyebrow as she watched Sona pacing back and forth in the dressing room. "You know it's time to go, don't you?"

"I haven't seen my sister since the end of the shoot and Lord Lucifer said that she went to Earth for a bit, I'm just worried."

"Anything that could hurt your sister isn't something she'd want you messing with." Rias calmly explained to her friend. She knew Sona was really protective of Serafall, but there wasn't anything that could be done.

Before Sona could respond, there was a flash of light and Serafall appeared in the room. "Oh! So-tan! Ria-tan!" The Devil King blinked in surprise. "What are you still doing here?"

"Sona was waiting for you." Rias grinned as Sona's face flushed in embarrassment. "What are you doing here?"

"Ah! I forgot my magic staff here and I really didn't want to forget it." Serafall giggled nervously. "Anyway, I'll go get it and go home. See you girls later." She said while quickly running out of the room.

Sona blinked several times in confusion. For one, Serafall didn't dote on her too much, which was incredibly odd. For two, her face was way too flushed and she looked like she was actually glowing from something other than her own power. The third thing she noticed was that her sister seemed to be walking with a bit of a limp. And the last thing she noticed was the strange puddle that was where Serafall had been when she teleported in. 'What the heck?'

Rias just smiled at Sona. "Told you she was okay."

"Okay, you win." Sona sighed and shook her head. "Let's go home too."


On Earth...

After seeing Serafall off, Ranma looked up at the sky and grinned as he saw that the floating island hadn't moved too far away. "Well..." He muttered and spread his wings. "Time to see who's been calling me for the past few months." With a flap of his wings, Ranma took off into the air after the island.

End Epilogue

End After Arc