Ranma ½ Dance with the Devil


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Well, here's the final part of the epilogue.

I hope you've enjoyed everything.


Part 2

Back on Earth...

Ranma looked at Kunou, Atsuko and Leonardo. "So you three are going to stay here?"

Atsuko nodded. "Yeah, someone has to watch over everyone and keep them safe, right?" She had a pensive look on her face. "But, um..." The next thing Ranma knew, she was hugging him tightly. "Nuku Nuku will miss you."

Ranma chuckled and hugged her back. "If you need me, I'll come back. I still have teleportation circles around here and I'll get you a portable one for later, okay?" Atsuko nodded while burying her face against his chest. "Hey, Atsuko, I love you."

"I know," she sighed softly and let go of the hug. "I'll call when I need you for something."

Ranma smiled and looked at Leonardo. "You sure about this?" Leonardo nodded. "Okay, same goes for you too, bud, if you need to talk, just give me a call, I'll come to visit you." He looked behind Leonardo where Genma and Nodoka were at and raised an eyebrow. "Are you two sure about moving here? I mean, Kuroka's going to be in Makai when she gives birth."

"Oh, it's fine." Nodoka smiled at him. "Besides, this way I can be close to my grand-daughter and son and help raise them both."

"And I have a job here, remember?" Genma asked and Ranma gave him a flat stare. "Don't worry, boy, I'm not going to force anyone into what I put you through."

"Good, because you'd be arrested if you tried it with anyone else." Ranma said and looked at Kunou, who ran up and glomped him. "Hey, kiddo." Ranma chuckled as she wrapped her arms around his neck and her legs around his torso.

"Daddy, why can't I come with?" The fox girl asked as she hugged Ranma tightly. "I want you to stay."

"I know." Ranma told her as he held one hand under her butt and one on her back, rubbing it. "But if you come with me to Makai, it might do bad things to you. I don't know how your body would react to that much negative energy in the air."

Kunou nodded and sighed before pulling her head back and giving Ranma a determined look. "Then I'll grow big and strong so you don't have to worry about me." Ranma nodded and Kunou blushed. "...And when I get to be big and strong like mother, you'll marry me too, right?"

Ranma sweat-dropped at the request and mentally sighed at her expression. "When that time comes, we'll see, okay? After all, by then you might find someone else you like."

Kunou nodded and to Ranma's surprise, she leaned in and gave him a chaste kiss him on the lips. "It's a promise, daddy! Don't forget now!"

Ranma nodded and put her down. "I promise. But if you find someone that you like during that time, don't worry, okay?" Kunou nodded as Ranma walked out of the door.

After closing the door, Ranma took a few steps away from the building and looked at it and took a deep breath. "Well, it sure was fun being here."

"Having second thoughts, Saotome?" Nabiki asked as she walked up to him.

"Nah." He shook his head. "Just going to miss this place is all. Lots of fun stuff happened here."

Nabiki smirked at him. "Well, just to remind you, Kunou's only a few years younger than you and will likely want to keep her promise. And our species do live a long time, so..."

Ranma waved her off. "I'll worry about that in the future." He turned to walk off before pausing and chuckling. "Well, can't say that I'd turn down the thought of a Kunou and Yasaka three-some."

Nabiki just shook her head as Ranma disappeared in a flash of light. "Later, perv, love you."


Once Ranma arrived in Makai, he blinked in surprise at the castle. "I thought it would still need work." He looked at Ravel, who had a smug look on her face. "Your family works fast."

"Of course we do." Ravel nodded and turned to look at one last person, who was walking up to them.

"Miko Mido?" Ranma asked as he saw the purple-haired girl wearing a maid outfit. "I guess you chose this, huh?"

Miko sighed and hung her head. "Lilith forced me to wear this. It was either this or she'd do something worse to me." She looked up at Ranma before bowing. "Before anything more, I'd like to apologize for what I did during the Rating Game to you. Please forgive me."

Ranma sighed softly. "I'm not fond on remembering how you raped me, but at least I can say that I understand Issei a bit better." He rubbed the back of his head as Miko straightened up. "That said, you're going to be working you ass off to keep this place clean. We'll get more people as time goes on, but you need to learn how to clean and cook."

Miko felt her eyes watering. She was a college student! Not a maid!

'Then again,' Miko thought to herself as she fidgeted in place, 'I'm supposed to be a girl, not have a dick and balls dangling down there. This sucks!'


A bit later, in the castle...

Ranma walked down a random hallway as he tried to remember every single corridor, knowing it was impossible before he turned the corner and bumped into someone. "Oh, sorry Yohko." He chuckled as she took a step back.

"Hmph!" Yohko gave him an annoyed expression.

"Uh..." Ranma blinked a few times. "What's wrong?"

"What's wrong, he asks..." Yohko growled. "I'm the only one who's still a virgin! That's what's wrong! I've gone to Hell and back for you, I'm part of your group and you still haven't claimed me yet!" She threw arms to the side. "What do I need to do?! Strip naked and shake my ass at you?!"

Ranma blinked a few times before shaking his head as he grabbed Yohko and planted his lips on hers, making out as he tried to find a room before all their clothes fell off of them.

He failed at finding a room and instead Yohko was bent over a balcony as Ranma took her from behind.

It was during that time that Yohko discovered that she had a exhibitionism kink as she orgasmed extremely hard while Lilith and Mittelt watched them from outside.

Mittelt and Lilith looked at each other, grinned, got naked and flew up to join them.

After all, an outdoor foursome sounded like the best thing to do with someone who just lost their virginity.


A month later...

Yukiko, formerly known as Kiba, sat in a waiting room with Koneko, who smiled at her as she clasped her hands together and fidgeted. Looking up as one of Ajuka's servants came out to greet her, she stood up and smiled. "Well?"

"I would suggest that you get your name legally changed to Yukiko." The servant told the blonde girl. "From what we were able to asertain with all of the data that the Sitri clan and the Fallen Angels provided, it seems that your transformation..." The servant gave her a wry smile. "Well, if you have a girlfriend, I hope she's into women, because you're going to be stuck as a girl for a long time. Lord Sitri and Lord Ajuka both said something about chaotic magic not behaving and that's all I'll say on that."

Yukiko nodded and blushed. "So... I'm a girl forever, huh?"

Koneko sighed and patted the neo girl's shoulder. "You're going to need new clothes, yo. And if you want to sleep with Issei too, clear it with Rias first."

"Ah," Yukiko blushed and nodded, "S-sure."

She wasn't sure about sleeping with Issei just yet, but the thought didn't bother her in the slightest.



Bennia, sitting in a dark cell, looked up as the door opened and her guard stood there. "So, am I to be executed or given back to Lord Hades?"

"Neither." The guard stepped aside and Bennia grimaced at the light that came in until another person walked in. "He's got a proposition for you."

Bennia tilted her head as she looked at Issei. "...What proposition?"

Issei smiled at her and held up a knight piece.


Four months later...

Leaning back on a large chair in one of the castle's many rooms, Ranma sighed and leaned back to look up at the ceiling. "Never thought managing a castle was so hard." He looked up as the door to his room opened up and Mittelt walked in. "Hey, what's up?"

"A couple of letters." The petite blonde said as she held them up. "Want me to read them for you?" Ranma nodded and she opened them up to read them. "It seems that Azazel wants you to show up in Kuoh for some reason." She then opened the second one up and blinked a few times. "And your wife in Kyoto is saying that she needs to see you as well."

"Well, guess I'll be heading back to Earth tomorrow then." Ranma sighed softly and rubbed his head before blinking as he felt Mittelt playing with his pants. "Um..."

"...I haven't had sex in awhile." The blonde said with a blush, "so shut up and fuck me."

"With pleasure." Ranma grinned as he lifted his hips so she could lower his pants before she reached up and undid her pants, letting them drop to the floor before climbing onto his lap. The two made out as they fondled each other before Ranma lifted her up and slid into her.

The room was quite loud for several hours after that.

End Rating Games Arc


Did you guys REALLY think the story was going to end THAT quickly?

...So, who wants a preview of the next arc? If you do, lemme know.


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So I know that some of you might be curious about the next arc.

I have 3 scenes left to write out and it's done.


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Note: My proof-reader hasn't gone over this arc yet, so it might be a bit "raw". Final version on FF.Net will be fixed.


Dance With the Devil

Shinto Arc


"So..." Cologne looked at the letters Ranma put on the table. "You're going to be heading to Earth then?"

Ranma nodded and looked around the large table. "For a couple of days, maybe a week, depending on what happens. Shouldn't be bad, but I want to meet up with our friends and see my family in Kuoh and Kyoto."

Bulleta snorted as she leaned back in her chair. "No offense, I'd rather stay here. I've got no reason to go to Earth for a few days." She waved her hand and looked up at the ceiling. "Besides, I'm going to go put some zombies down in the Pulgaria region."

"I'll go with you." Yohko said. "The two of us haven't worked together much."

"Looking to become a bounty hunter?" Bulleta asked and Yohko shrugged. "Or is there something else?"

"Well, I figure that eventually we'll have to go and deal with various rogue problems in the world," Yohko told her and looked at Ranma, "you were saying we can do that for a living?"

"It should be possible." Ranma told her. "It'll probably take about five years before things get set up fully, but I'll teach you teleportation magic before that and there's natural portals between Makai and Earth on top of it."

Bulleta grinned and got up from the table. "Alright, we'll see ya all later. You said a week, right?" Her grin became savage when Ranma nodded. "Just remember to bring me back something neat then."

Yohko just shook her head. "Are we sure she's getting better?" She asked as she left the table.

"I'm going with." Lilith said from her spot next to Ranma with her arms crossed under her breasts and her eyes closed. "I need to meet up with Nabiki anyway, we've been working on something for the past few months and I think it's finally ready to work."

Ranma raised an eyebrow and nodded. "You'll be coming to Kyoto as well then. I haven't seen my wife in a long time." He pursed his lips as Lilith shivered like a chill went through her body. "You need to..."

"I know, I know..." She sighed as she tried to calm down. "Even now, I'm terrified of that woman." Lilith hung her head in dismay. "Is this what trauma is like?"

Ranma smiled and patted her back. "If it makes you feel better, she should be about five or six months pregnant right now, she probably can't use any magical power."

Lilith perked up. "Speaking of which, master... Now that things are starting to calm down here, I want your kids too."

Ravel smiled and shook her head. "I'd love to go with, but with La Fey moving in this afternoon, I figure someone besides Kuroka should be here for her." She looked to her side to see the pregnant form of Kuroka, who was dressed in a large gray shirt and was looking miserable. "You knew that morning sickness was a possibility, silly kitty."

Kuroka gave her an annoyed look. "I'd love to go see Shirone, but even jumping gives me nausea. Can't even begin to imagine what teleportation will do to me." She raised her arms above her head and stretched before reaching down and rubbing her large and still growing belly. "Five months along." She sighed in annoyance at the fact that she was still a bit away from giving birth.

Cologne stood up from the table, chuckling. "Well then, I think I'll stay behind as well." She winked and walked away from them. "Someone has to keep this place clean for when the master returns."

Ranma sweat-dropped as Cologne dusted her outfit off. "...Why are you wearing a maid outfit?"

The lavender-haired woman chuckled and winked at Ranma while holding up a finger. "No one expects a maid to be able to kick their ass, so I'm having fun. Besides, with the kids I expect you to be having, you'll need someone with experience in raising lots of brats to help out. Plus that Miko Mido girl feels better when I'm wearing it."

Ranma sweat-dropped heavily. "That's true, I suppose."

"Besides, I heard about that Grayfia woman being a maid to the current Lucifer's family, I thought it sounded fun." Cologne giggled and walked off.

"She's enjoying being young again way too much." Ranma muttered, though he supposed that he couldn't blame her. He finally turned to the last person at the table. "What about you, Lillie? Do you want to come to Earth with me and Lilith or stay here?"

The ponytailed girl pursed her lips and thought about it. "...Leonardo? Kunou?"

"Yeah, we're going to go see them too." Lilith smiled at the small Dragon, who perked up. "I guess you're going with us, then?"

"Yes." Lillie said with a big smile on her face. "That will be fun."

"Just keep your clothes on." Ranma reminded her. "You run around here naked almost all the time, you can't do that on Earth."

Lilith grinned and poked Ranma's cheek. "Master likes looking at her little naked butt all the time."

Ranma gave her a flat stare. "Careful or I'll say my wife's name."

Lilith stiffened up and nodded, sweating heavily. "I'm a good girl."

Suddenly Ranma chuckled and rubbed her head. "Yes, yes you are." He looked at Lillie. "You should know that we're also heading to Kyoto on this trip, you'll meet my wife there." Lillie nodded. "Besides, I miss Nabiki, Kunou and Atsuko."

"I'm sure that they miss you too." Lilith grinned at him. "That's the reason for the week, huh?"

"Sort of." Ranma smirked at her. "Anyway, let's go to Earth." He'd say to pack some clothes, but neither he nor the two girls needed to pack clothes as they could use magic to create clean clothing.

Idly, Ranma wondered just what the letters were really all about. "Oh well, I'll find out when we get to Earth." He grinned as he created a transport gate that sent the three through and to Earth.

Meanwhile, Cologne was walking down the hallway to the main entrance. "Well, he's gone..." She smiled as she entered the greeting area and saw a merfolk, a zombie and a minotaur walking through the front doors. "Ah, the master is out. I know that he offered anyone the chance to rule Makai if they could beat him, but since he's not here..."

"Feh, just a worthless maid." The minotaur scoffed, his shoulders slumping. "And I was hoping to have a good time."

Cologne's eyes shined as she heard that. "Ara ara... I almost wish I wore glasses so I could push them up my face. How about we step outside? I hate cleaning blood off the floors."

The three monsters were glad to step outside to face what they thought was a weak maid.

Their screams quickly filled the air as Cologne demonstrated that she was far more than a simple maid.

"You're all three hundred years too early to beat me." Cologne chuckled as she winked over her shoulder at the defeated trio while holding up her right index finger and curling her left leg backwards. "Hmm, maybe I should put my hair into a ponytail?" She mused as some of her hair got in the way of her eyes. It was too bad that Miko had went to visit her family, but Cologne supposed it was for the best, the girl needed more time to fully assimilate to being a maid after all.

End Prologue


Yes, this is the Shinto Arc. And I admit, I'm a touch nervous about this arc being one that "Jumps the Shark" so to speak. Well, I'll try to make it good still.


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Chapter 1

Swinging a wooden practice sword around, Nodoka Saotome, dressed in tight pants and a loose t-shirt, let loose a sigh and grabbed a towel to wipe the sweat off of her face. "It's not easy getting old." Sure, she wasn't quite yet fourty, but she could feel her physical abilities starting to decline, even if just a little bit.

Even though her demon blood kept her from aging too much, that didn't mean that she didn't feel the effects of aging. "I wonder how full-blooded Demons and Devils handle aging?" She mused, knowing that there were stories of Demons living hundreds of years with ease in her family's history.

A bright light appeared not far away and Nodoka turned to see what was going on when three people walked out of it and the light faded away. Nodoka stared in surprise.

"Greetings, human, take us to your leader." The male of the three said in a monotone tone of voice.

"Ranma?" Nodoka gawked in surprise. "What are you doing here?"

"There is no Ranma, only Zuul."

Suddenly a giggling sound broke the tension and Ranma looked to his side where Lillie was trying to stop her laughing. "S-sorry."

Ranma let out a huff of air before grinning. "Aw come on, I was having fun." He looked back at Nodoka, who was grinning back at him. "Sorry, mom, you were looking surprised, I just did the first thing that popped into my mind."

"By pretending to be an alien of some sort?" Nodoka asked in amusement before she put down her training sword and walked over to him. "My, you're looking more manly than the last time I saw you." She turned her attention to Lilith and smiled. "So, when can I expect grandchildren from you?"

"Within a year." Lilith winked at her. "We finally have things settled down enough with the castle and surrounding Demons that Master and I are going to have children soon." Part of the reason Lilith was so eager to have children was to find out just how Succubi had children, since she couldn't figure it out, no matter how much she looked into it and Nabiki wouldn't tell her, saying that she'd find out when she gave birth.

Nodoka nodded and looked at Lillie. "And how have you been, dear? Both Kunou-chan and Leonardo miss you." Leonardo didn't say much, but considering how often he paused whenever he walked past Lillie's old room, Nodoka could tell that he missed her. Part of her thought it was adorable but another part of her knew it was because the boy had very few people around that cared for him when he was younger.

Lillie gave her a thumbs up and Nodoka chuckled softly.

"Lillie-chan still doesn't talk much, huh?" She asked Ranma, who shook his head.

"Nope. She'll speak when she has to, but most of the time she's silent." Ranma wondered if it was a hold-over from being part of Ophis. "I think part of it is because she used to be part of Ophis and since Ophis likes it to be quiet..."

"Ah, that makes sense." Nodoka nodded and smiled at Lillie. "There's nothing wrong with being quiet, but don't hesitate to speak up if you want something."

The ponytailed Dragon nodded and took a step closer to Ranma, hugging his arm.

Ranma smiled and moved his arm so that his hand was against Lillie's back and hugged her to his body while rubbing her back in small circles and turned his attention to Nodoka. "So, we're going to head to Kuoh Academy to meet with Issei and the others." A smirk came to his face. "And see how our pregnant Princess is doing."

Nodoka suddenly doubled over laughing and the other three stared at her in surprise. "Oh, hahahahaha! You have NO idea!"

"Well, we should..." Ranma trailed off as another flash of light caught his attention and he looked past his mother to see someone teleporting into the yard. "...Are the wards out or something? Oh!" His eyes widened as he saw who it was when the light faded away. "Serafall."

The twin-tailed Devil's eyes widened as she ran up to Ranma, who walked over to her, and she glomped him, slamming into him so hard that he had to spin around a couple of times to keep his balance while holding her. "Ranma! I was hoping to see you today. Sona never lets me come over to her place and since I know that you don't mind me coming here, I thought I'd come here before I went to go see my sister."

Ranma gave her a quick kiss on the lips and put her down. "Oh? Going to tell her then?"

Serafall giggled as she skipped in a circle before looking at him and winking, causing the air to turn yellow with some star-shaped objects to appear around her. "You know it." She said while sticking her tongue out in a cute way. Seeing Ranma smile at her, she turned to Lilith and ran up to the other girl, grabbing her hands and shaking them while bouncing up and down. "Lilith! It's been too long!"

Lilith gave her a wry smirk as she shook hands with the excitable Devil King. "Serafall, it's only been eight weeks since we last saw each other."

"I know!" Serafall pouted. "Being a full time diplomat for Makai and a Devil King really drags, you know? I still need to do my show! I don't want to go on hiatus for too long. But I might have to soon with this season."

"Well, not really." Ranma said and Serafall turned to him, her eyes sparkling. "Remember how you wanted me to make a return on your show?" Serafall nodded. "So why not have a new bad guy "revive"," Ranma put the last word in air quotations, "my character from the crossover episode and the first thing I do is seal you away for the season? We'd need to work with some magical girls, but I know some that wouldn't mind taking over for you for this season."

"Oooh!" Serafall's eyes sparkled. "But..." Her eyes returned to normal as a thought came to her, "do you think that Magical Girls will really help a Devil out?"

Both Ranma and Lilith started to laugh, causing Serafall to look confused. "I know one who most certainly will, though her friends will tease her about her nickname becoming a reality if she does."

Lilith fell to her butt and started laughing. "Oh man! I hope that the hammer loli is nearby when you ask, Master."

Ranma sweat-dropped and knew just how that would turn out. "Anyway, let's go to the academy."

"Have fun." Nodoka smiled and waved. "Your father should be working there right now." Ranma nodded. "I have to make sure that dinner and snacks are ready for everyone when they get home."

"Oh!" Ranma snapped his fingers and pointed at Nodoka. "After we're done here, I'm going to be heading to Kyoto, want to come with?" Nodoka's eyes sparkled and she nodded. "Cool, I'll let you know when we go."

As the four left, Nodoka merely turned and walked inside. "I should make sure to make plenty of food then." After all, it had been nearly five months since she last saw her son.


A bit later...

"Man, things haven't changed here, have they?" Lilith asked rhetorically. "Oh, wait, I think some things had to get fixed around here." She could feel a twinge of repair magic in the air and knew that something big had happened since she had last been to Kuoh Academy. 'Though, from how faint it is, it must have happened over a month ago.'

Serafall giggled and put a hand up to her mouth. "I heard that there was a big commotion in the school when it came out that Rias was pregnant with Issei's baby."

Ranma chuckled and couldn't wait to hear what happened. "Anyway, let's go inside, looks like school's ending for the day." The others nodded and walked inside.

After getting inside, some of the students gathered around them in shock.

"Wow! Is that you, Lilith? What happened to you?" One of the girls from the volleyball club gasped in surprise. "What happened?"

"Puberty came in like a wrecking ball." Lilith grinned at them while winking and sticking her tongue out.

"What about you?" One of the girls pointed at Ranma, who blinked and pointed at himself. "Where have you been?"

Ranma jerked a thumb at Lilith. "I've been living with her. We had to go to her ancestral family home to deal with some issues and it took several months just to get time to come back for a little while."

The next thing anyone knew, there was some clapping and everyone got quiet and the crowd split apart, revealing three people.

"Seriously, why is everyone... URK?! S-sister?!" The first person, Sona, gasped in surprise as her glasses slid down her face. "What are you doing here? Dropping in so suddenly at that."

Serafall's eyes sparkled and she suddenly rushed forward, glomping onto Sona. "Sona-chan! I tried to give you a heads up that I was coming today, but you never picked up your phone! Why, I even tried to contact Tsubaki-chan but she never answered me either!"

Tsubaki blushed and looked away. "I apologize, I was low on battery on my phone and could not find my charger, so I didn't answer the phone for anyone unless they texted me first."

Serafall smiled and let go of the hug. "Ah, so that's what it was, well, that's understandable, but please don't ignore me if I call in the future, okay?" A sudden aura surrounded Serafall that was invisible to nearly everyone, but everyone in the room, except Lilith, Lillie and Ranma, shivered in fear.

"N-noted." Tsubaki nodded. "I shall endeavor to keep my phone charged in case you call me so I can at least warn Sona about your arrival."

The aura disappeared around Serafall as she smiled and skipped in a circle. "Goodie! Goodie!"

"So, um, big sister..." Sona was blushing and wished that this would end soon so she could get away from Serafall. The sheer amount of people that looked at her weirdly was starting to bother her. "Why did you come here?"

Serafall smiled and grabbed Sona's hand, bouncing up and down. "I just wanted to let you know that you're going to be an aunt soon."

"Oh, is that all?" Sona said, sighing in relief, "I'm glad it's..." She trailed off, her eyes going white and blank as she registered what Serafall told her. "Huh?"

Serafall giggled and bounced over to Ranma, hugging him. "We're going to have a baby together."

"HUH?!" Sona yelled in shock.

She wasn't the only one as everyone in the hallway had a similar reaction.

Serafall pouted and looked at Ranma. "I tried to tell her before, but she never answered me."

Ranma nodded and gave her hand a squeeze. "Well, it can't be helped then." Serafall nodded.

Lilith let out a long-suffering sigh. 'I can't wait to get this whole thing over with so Master can breed me.' She thought to herself.

Still, the reactions were hilarious, especially as Sona had steam coming out of her ears while her face turned red and she fainted.

"Sona-chan!" Serafall gasped in surprise while Tsubaki grabbed her King. "Oh dear, what happened?" She had a scared expression on her face. "I hope Sona-chan is okay."

"She'll be fine." Tsubaki told Serafall, "she was just over-stimulated by the announcement, my lady."

"...Oh." Serafall giggled and rubbed a knuckle against her head while sticking her tongue out. "Silly me."

End Chapter 1


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Had dental work done today. It's been 8 hours, I'm still numb.

And lots of stuff happens in this chapter. And yes, that phobia is a real one, I looked it up.


Chapter 2

Azazel found himself laughing when he heard what happened. "That's, hahahahaha! She had steam coming out of her ears?" Ranma nodded and Azazel just shook his head as his laughter slowly died down. "That's hilarious, but more importantly." He smiled at Serafall, "congrats. I assume that you just found out?"

"Well..." Serafall smiled, blushing, "not really, I knew, but wanted to confirm, plus I wanted to wait on the announcement in case something happened before I confirmed." She hugged Ranma. "Even though he and Lilith both confirmed that I was pregnant, it's not an easy thing to believe, you know?"

Azazel chuckled and nodded as Nabiki and Asia walked in.

Nabiki gave Ranma a smirk. "The rumor mill is going crazy right now. Plus with the amount of people still pissed about Rias being pregnant, you just made things more crazy around here."

"Speaking of which..." Ranma began as he looked at her while Serafall went and sat down on one of the chairs next to Lillie, who was doing something with some dice. "How did that go over?"

"About as well as could be expected." Asia said with a nervous expression on her face. "Rias didn't announce it until she started to show, when someone finally saw the baby bump, well..."


"WHAT?!" Most of the girls in Rias's class gasped as they saw Rias's stomach and the swell it had. "When?! Who?!"

Rias sighed, she was just starting to show, but it was pretty noticeable, considering how she wasn't exactly super big around her stomach. "Around two months ago..." She knew how crazy things were going to get as soon as the father was announced. She looked at Akeno, who was simply smiling at her and she knew that her friend wasn't going to help her in this case. "Yes, he knows that I'm pregnant and that's all I'm going to say on the matter."

"So the rumors of you and Hyuudou are true!" One of the girls gasped and Rias twitched.

"That bastard!" One of the other girls cried out. "How dare he defile our pure, sweet princess?!"

Rias sweat-dropped heavily. "I'm the one who seduced him."

"He must be at fault! To arms!" The same girl yelled and before Rias or Akeno knew what was happening, the classroom had cleared out and were rushing to find Issei.

Rias rubbed her forehead and pulled out a phone. "Akeno, could you..."

"I'm on it." Akeno said as she rushed out.

*End Flashback*

"By the time Akeno, Sona and Tsubaki calmed everyone down, the gym was heavily damaged, a few trees destroyed and some suspensions handed out." Asia said and hung her head. "Issei didn't get suspended, but he and Rias did spend some time going through parenting classes to prepare for the baby."

"How is Rias doing?" Serafall asked as she rolled some dice into a box.

"She's..." Nabiki trailed off as the door burst open.

"Hear me! Hear me!" Rias, wearing an impossibly pink dress, walked into the room. "I want a horsey, a chocolate sundae and my feet rubbed and... Oh, hey, Ranma! Lilith! Lady Leviathan, do any of you have a kitty I can pet? I want to hear it purr in my hands."

"She's gone a bit crazy." Asia smiled nervously. "The other day she wanted to go swimming in the pool."

"That's not so bad." Lilith muttered, "what's the catch?"

Rias pouted and her eyes teared up. "No one would fill it with chocolate pudding!"

Akeno rubbed Rias's back. "If you want a small pool of chocolate pudding to lay in, I'm sure that we can get that at home."

"But I want the school swimming pool to be full of chocolate pudding!" Rias stomped her foot and walked over to the couch in the corner and started to sob while Akeno walked over to comfort her.

"Yeah, she's been like that." Nabiki said and Ranma sweat-dropped heavily. "She can keep it under control during school hours, but when she's in the club room, it all comes rushing out."

Ranma shook his head. "That's kind of terrifying. ...And she still has another four months or so of this, doesn't she?"

Asia and Akeno actually groaned when they heard that.

"She keeps us up at night wanting one of us to get her something random from the store." Akeno said with a tired smile and rubbed Rias's back, only for Rias to sit up and lean back, laying on Akeno's lap. "Rias?"

"Akeno, have I told you that I love you?" Rias asked with a blush on her face as she reached up, cupped Akeno's face and pulled her down while leaning up and kissing her on the lips.

"And this happens a lot." Nabiki said as she walked over to where Lillie was, who was watching what was going on with great interest. "Hey, kiddo. Anyway, there's supposed to be some guests showing up in a few minutes and then we can talk about some stuff."

"Guests?" Asia asked, getting nods from the others. "Why wasn't I told?"

"Well, all I know is that one of them is going to be from Heaven." Lilith told them. "Nabiki and I worked out something for them. Dunno who the other one is, or if there's more than just one more."

Azazel merely shrugged when a flash of light flooded the room, forcing everyone to look away, when it was over, Azazel looked at who was in the room and he couldn't contain his grin.

Dressed in a casual white dress was Gabriel, who was pushing a strand of her golden hair out of her eyes. "Hello, I hope that I'm not late for this meeting."

"AH!" Serafall's eyes were white and blank as she jumped to her feet and pointed at Gabriel. "It's you! My biggest rival!"

Gabriel blinked adorably and pointed at herself. "I am? For what?"

"Don't give me that!" Serafall yelled and looked to be ready to jump at Gabriel when Ranma put his hands on her shoulders to stop her. "You and I are the female leaders of Heaven and Hell! That makes us rivals!"

Gabriel scratched her head while Ranma leaned down and whispered something to Serafall to get her to relax and nod. "So, if we're rivals, how do we settle this?"

"I suggest strip poker." Azazel grinned. "It could be fun."

"No thanks." Ranma shook his head. "I'm horrible at cards. I can get good hands, but my poker face is the worst on the planet." He gave Azazel an annoyed look when Azazel opened his mouth. "Don't ask, I don't play that game in my girl form either."

"Speaking of girl forms..." Nabiki spoke up, "if you're wondering about Kiba, she goes by Yukiko now and has adapted quite well to being a girl. Most of the girls in the school were really upset about Kiba leaving for America."

Sitting up, Rias perked up. "Yukiko is a really good girl too. Though she doesn't quite like shopping like us yet."

"I'm glad that she's adapting." Lilith said and looked at Gabriel. "As for you, no, you're not early, in fact, I was wondering something, Lady Gabriel."

The fact that Lilith was going so far as to speak to her in such tones had Gabriel giving the other woman her full attention. "Go on, what is it, Lady Aensland?"

Lilith smiled at the Archangel. "How much would it mean to you if I told you that I could restart the system your father left behind?"

Gabriel's pupils shrank at the implications. "That is..."

Suddenly the door to the room burst open and two people walked in. One was a shorter woman with bright red hair done up in a twin tail style similar to Serafall, a large bust, purple eyes and was wearing a black dress with a black cloak over her shoulders. The other one was a bald man with a goatee holding a fairly large box of some sort.

"Ah, Falbium and..." Azazel stared at the woman. "Isn't that..?"

"Where's my grandbaby?!" The woman yelled and looked around the room before spotting Rias and practically teleporting over to her. "Oh! If only I had been awake sooner, I would have loved to have given you a hug. And where's the father?"

Rias stared in shock. "Wait, aren't you Runeas Gremory? The first generation Devil that was the founder of the Gremory clan?"

"Fufufufufufu!" The shorter woman giggled and stood proud with her hands on her hips. "That's right!" She did a small pirouette and winked while putting her fingers up to her face in a v-shape. "I'm back for a little while!" She blinked in surprise at the others all staring at her dumbfoundedly. "Oh, where are my manners, I..." She trailed off as she looked at Ranma, her pupils shrinking and she pointed at him with a shaky finger. "A...A...Azrael?! What are you doing here?! Where's my daughter!? Why aren't you with her?!"

"Azrael?!" Gabrial gasped in shock. "My big brother?!"

Ranma gawked at Runeas and then at Gabriel, who looked like she was about to cry and then at Lilith, who looked hopelessly confused. "Well, that at least answers one of my questions at least."

"Which one?" Lilith asked while most everyone was still looking shocked, well, everyone but Lillie, who was rolling dice and Rias, who was looking like she wanted something.

"I was wondering who Azrael was, when Jedah mentioned his name a few months ago when we beat him."

Azazel coughed into his hand, drawing attention his way, well, except for Gabriel, who was still looking lost. "My brother, Azrael, was the Archangel of Death for Father and was extremely loyal to Him. Really, I thought he had died during the war." He glanced at Gabriel, who was looking somewhat recovered, "the reason that Hades and his reapers took over harvesting souls after the war was over was because Azrael disappeared."

"Do you all really want to know?" Nabiki asked and everyone looked at her in surprise. "I've been holding off on telling anyone about this, but since I can look into the past, I thought it was time now."

"Hmm, sure why not?" Runeas smiled and sat down in a chair. "It might be fun to revisit the last time I saw him and my daughter." Everyone looked at her in surprise and she giggled. "I've slept a lot over the centuries, it kept me from going crazy, I guess that's why I have clear memories of that time and of him?"

"Probably," Azazel nodded as he sat back while Nabiki activated her Sacred Gear, 'how come I never realized that Ranma looks like Azrael? Then again, I've seen so many people with similar features to him that it would be just foolish to assume that they were Azrael... Or maybe..?'

Considering what Runeas had said, Azazel narrowed his eyes in thought, 'Ranma in his girl form looks a lot like Rias, and red hair like that is very uncommon in Japan, is it possible..?'

A large screen appeared in the room and it showed Azrael, a tall man with raven black hair done up in a loose ponytail, wearing a black robe with ten golden wings on his back while a young woman with a sizeable chest, blue eyes and red hair stood behind him, trembling. Across from them was a familiar blue and purple Devil, who grinned at the Angel.

"Really, Azrael, I don't know why you're protecting her." Jedah smirked as he strolled forward. "I could make more use of that Gremory brat, so hand her over."

Azrael chuckled and a scythe formed in his hands. "Sorry, fiend, but I have my reasons for what I'm doing."

As the two charged and started to fight, Ranma frowned in confusion. "That's the scythe Jedah had, he said that he was the only one who could hold it, what did he..."

A tearing and squelching sound filled the air and the two backed off, Azrael falling to his knees and gasping in pain as he gripped at his right arm.

Jedah, who had several deep cuts on his body, chuckled as he walked forward. "And what will you do now, Archangel of Death?"

Azrael just smirked and stood up. "Really? You foolish Devil." He flexed his bloodied left hand as power pooled around him. "You know nothing. You lack the foresight to understand God's plan." Suddenly the sky was filled with arrows of light that lanced out at Jedah, who spent the next minute dodging, blocking or countering them.

Azrael turned and grabbed the girl he was with. "Quickly, with me."

"Yes." The girl smiled though she was gripping her head in pain. "Also, please don't say His name again, it hurts when you do so." Azrael looked at her and nodded as they ran away and the scene changed.

"Hold on, Nabiki," Azazel spoke up, "how did Jedah use that scythe? It's supposed to be something only a warrior of Heaven could use."

"...Good question." Nabiki muttered as she pushed some buttons and the screen focused back on Jedah, who was panting and grimacing with the holes in his body. "How did you do that?"

Jedah walked over to the scythe and grabbed it, crying out in pain as his hand burned from just touching the shaft. "What the..?" He stared, his eyes wide. "No wonder he wasn't worried about leaving it here, if I'd have this kind of reaction to it." Jedah stared at the arm, which was severed up to the elbow and then at his right hand. "...Yes, this could work, I think."

"What is he doing?" Akeno asked, frowning in confusion before gasping in surprise as Jedah extended the claw on his left hand and severed his right arm at the elbow. "He wouldn't..."

"...Are you telling me that Issei's crazy idea with Albion's power wasn't the first time it happened?" Azazel asked, staring in shock as Jedah grabbed Azrael's severed arm and then attached it to his right arm, causing him to scream in pain. "This is..."

"The fact that he can revive himself..." Lilith whispered in awe, "he knew that even if he couldn't survive this, he'd just come back to life later on."

Jedah was on his knees, his new arm spasming in pain as he dropped the scythe. "You think that this will work on me?!" Jedah yelled as he looked up at the sky and gripped his arm. "I can manipulate souls! I will overcome this! YOU WILL SEE, YOU WORTHLESS GOD! YOU WILL SEE!"

With a yell, power pooled around the newly attached arm before spinning around the arm, causing the newly-attached arm to come to resemble Jedah's other arm.

Jedah sat, panting for several minutes before he raised his right hand up and flexed the fingers several times. "Hahhaahahahahahahahaahaha!" He stood up, laughing even more. "TAKE THAT, WORLD!" He grinned as he looked at the sky. "See?! I can control even an Archangel's power!" Panting, he walked over to the scythe and reached down to touch it with his left hand, hissing as his fingers burned just touching it. "I still can't touch it?" Jedah asked and looked at his right hand before reaching out and grabbing it. He grimaced, obviously preparing for pain before blinking as he held the scythe with no problem.

After taking a few swings with the scythe, Jedah laughed and dismissed the scythe. "Yes! This world! This world..." He gripped his head and shook it. "Urgh, I need to rest and recover after this, I feel like my soul was almost split in half."

The screen turned off and several people were silent as they processed what they had just seen.

"...Big brother..." Gabriel whispered as she looked troubled. "Please, Nabiki, can you show me what happened to Azrael after that?"

Nabiki nodded and the screen lit up again, this time showing Azrael with a bloody stump that was wrapped in bandages, the same girl as before and Runeas Gremory standing in a forest.

"That's the best I can do for you, Azrael." Runeas smiled at him. "Are you sure about this? I know that you're extremely loyal to your father and doing this will hurt him."

Azrael smiled softly. "Lady Runeas, I..." He looked at the other girl and nodded. "I couldn't help but long for your daughter after I saw her. I loathed my brothers for lusting after human women, but I'm no better, huh?"

The other girl shook her head. "No! Just because your father forbids relationships for Angels, that doesn't make you wrong for how you feel."

Runeas sighed softly. "Go ahead." She turned her head as a soft golden light filled the air, revealing a golden-haired woman, who smiled at them. "Take good care of them for me, Amaterasu."

Azazel, Gabriel, Serafall, Ranma, Lilith and Rias all gasped in surprise as they stared at the woman with a sword.

She nodded to Runeas. "Yes, I shall protect them from your war, but in exchange..."

"I know," Runeas nodded and sighed softly, "I won't be able to see my daughter or her descendants ever again." She turned away from the Japanese Sun Goddess and looked up at the sky. "The only reason I'm doing this is because I love my daughter so much." She gave Azrael a glare, "if you don't take care of her, I'll personally find you and tear you apart, agreement be damned."

"Of course." Azrael nodded as he and Runeas's daughter disappeared with Amaterasu.

The screen turned dark after that and Nabiki smiled weakly. "Sorry, I tried looking ahead, but I think Amaterasu had some sort of block in place that prevents scrying on him, preventing me from looking."

"It's fine." Gabriel smiled at Nabiki, "just knowing my brother was still alive, it's more than I could have hoped for."

Ranma frowned in confusion and stood up. "So, if Jedah had his scythe and no one should be able to hold it..." Suddenly the scythe that had been in the video appeared in Ranma's hands. "How the heck can I hold it?"

"Oh, that's simple!" Runeas smiled while holding up a finger and winking. "If you think about it, logically, grandson, you should be able to figure it out."

"...Master... You're descended from Azrael..." Lilith muttered softly. "...Wait, that means that you and Rias are cousins!"

"That WOULD explain why your female form looks so much like Rias, other than being shorter." Akeno said softly. "Wow, descended from the Gremory family and the Archangel of Death, you sure do have a crazy bloodline there."

Ranma chuckled and rubbed the back of his head with his free hand. "I guess so. Kind of weird if I think about it too much." Ranma looked at Rias, who was looking introspective.

"...I propositioned my cousin for sex." Rias said, gasping slightly before looking up and smiling at Ranma. "Thanks for actually turning me down."

Lilith gave Ranma a weird look. "Master, are you okay? You didn't fuck your incredibly hot and sexy cousin?"

Ranma gave her an annoyed look. "Yeah, I turned her down. I could tell, even back then, that she had the hots for Issei and you know I'm not into cucking anyone if I can help it."

"Oh, good point." Lilith nodded and looked at the scythe. "So what are you going to do with that?"

"About that." Gabriel smiled at Ranma. "May I have it? I'd like to return it to Heaven." Ranma nodded and walked over to her, handing it to her. "And, I'd like to talk to you in private before I go back." She smiled and made the scythe disappear.

"Sure." Ranma said. He looked at Runeas curiously. "How come you were willing to let your daughter go with someone who was your sworn enemy?"

"She didn't like fighting and I tried to keep her safe." Runeas told him with a soft sigh. "Azrael saved her life and I could tell he was smitten with her. I actually met with him in private and the two of us came up with a plan so that he and my daughter could disappear from the war."

"...I see." Ranma nodded, knowing what the plan was from what Nabiki showed them.

"So, does anyone else have any Earth-shattering revelations before the day is over?" Azazel asked. "Anyone want to reveal that they're secretly Cthulhu's love child? Or perhaps someone is an alien?"

"Nah, I know some, but I don't think anyone here is an alien." Ranma waved his hand and ignored the looks he was getting as he walked back over to Lilith.

"Well, I might have one." Falbium said as he walked over to where Ranma was and put the box down. "This is a gift from the Asmodeus clan to you." Ranma blinked in surprise. "See, apparently the late Asmodeus left this behind and had a seal on it that no one can unlock. Even I can't, and what's left of the clan decided to trust it with you, since you have part of Lord Asmodeus's soul bonded to you. If you can't open it, then no one can."

Ranma shrugged and put his hand on the center of the top of the box. "So, should I just pour magic power into this and, bwah?!"

The box started to glow and shake, causing Ranma to step back as the top slid apart, glowing brightly.

"AH! After so many years I'm free!" A female voice cackled from the box as it opened up. "It's time to conquer some booty!"

"Huh?" Serafall and Gabriel both asked at the same time.

Standing in the box was a miniature girl with bronzed-colored skin who was wearing a red and black dress that hugged her body. She had decent sized boobs for her size. She had purple eyes and hair that was mostly green with red and purple stripes in it.

Azazel tilted his head and realized that the girl in the box was around thirty centimeters tall, maybe a little taller. "Who in the world are you?"

The girl turned to look at Azazel and grinned while standing tall. "Don't you recognize me, Azazel? It it I! The Great Devil King Asmodeus in the flesh!"

"HUH?!" More than one person yelled in shock as they stared at the mini-girl, who not only giggled, but puffed her chest out in pride.

End Chapter 2


Well, THAT was quite a few bombshells, wasn't it?

There's more to come, of course.


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And this was the chapter where I start to worry that I might jump the shark.


Chapter 3

"The Great..." Ranma began, while staring stupidly at the mini girl.

"Devil King..." Gabriel whispered in shock.

"Asmodeus?!" The rest, minus Lillie, who was looking at the miniature girl in confusion, screamed in shock.

"...But I thought Asmodeus was a man?" Rias asked, looking confused.

The miniature girl nodded. "That's right, normally I am a man, except when I want to be a woman." She pointed at Rias and winked. "But when I put myself in here, I was a woman! That's why I look like this!"

Ranma sweat-dropped heavily. "Was it so you could get tentacles shoved deep inside all of your holes and have them ravish you for hours on end?"

Asmodeus turned and looked at Ranma weirdly. "...That can happen?" Ranma nodded and her eyes sparkled as she jumped up and grabbed his hand, shaking it while tiny wings came out of her back. "Oooh! Why didn't anyone tell me sooner?! I would have LOVED to have done that!" She sighed and let go, floating onto the table and stretching. "Ngh, so stiff, just like a good hard dick, huh?"

"Um," Falbium coughed into his hand, "Lord, err, Lady Asmodeus, I distinctly remember you being a man. ...And much bigger."

"Yeah!" Serafall pointed at the mini-girl. "And even though you hid yourself away for almost a year, you were spotted in the final battle against Heaven where you died!"

Asmodeus blinked a few times and put her finger up to her chin as she tilted her head. "Did I? I wouldn't know, all I know is that I was put in..." Her eyes widened. "AH! Now I remember!" She made a fist with her right hand and slapped it into the open palm of her left hand. "The me that made me was going into labor at the time and made me to keep all her memories in case something happened."

"Oh that makes sense," Azazel nodded before his eyes bugged out. "WHAAAA?!"

Asmodeus stuck her tongue out and closed both eyes as she dug her knuckles against her head. "Ha ha ha! Silly me! How could I forget that? Especially since I remember what I told myself as I was sealed away."

"And what was that, if I might ask?" Akeno asked, amused and curious to the revelations that they were getting. 'After all, who would have thought that the Great Devil King Asmodeus was going to give birth?'

Asmodeus smiled and held up a thumb before pausing, her eyes going white and blank and a distressed look came over her face. "Ahhhh! I don't actually remember what I told myself!" She fell to her knees as tears fell out of her eyes. "I'm a failure of a memory. I'm supposed to help guide the next Devil of Lust in case I died while giving birth or if something killed me and I can't even remember what was said!"

"I think," Azazel sweat-dropped heavily, "you just did. I don't suppose you can remember just who got the, um, other version of you pregnant?"

"Oh, that's simple!" Asmodeus said as she stood up and looked proud. "The only Nephilim that survived father's world purge."

"...That's my father." Lilith said softly as she stared at Asmodeus. "Wait, wait, wait... How is that possible?! According to Morrigan's memories, mother was a succubus with green, purple and red... Oh crap, you have those hair colors. But you're a Devil."

Asmodeus giggled at Lilith. "I don't know what the baby was named, or even if it was a boy or girl, but if I was going to have anyone's kids, it was going to be someone who was stronger and more powerful than me!"

Ranma sighed and looked at Nabiki. "This is getting us nowhere, can you confirm?"

"Already have." Nabiki said as she turned a screen to them. "Alright, did Asmodeus turn himself into a girl, sleep with Belial Aensland, and give birth to Lilith?"

The screen lit up to explain. "Asmodeus did not turn into a girl, rather Asmodeus returned to her original gender and was impregnated by Belial Aensland and later gave birth to Morrigan Aensland."

"See?" Asmodeus said with a smile and a wink. "Wait, I gave birth to twins? No, it said I only gave birth to Morrigan, hmmm..." She narrowed her eyes at Lilith in confusion.

"Wait, I was born on the day that my great-grandfather died," Lilith looked confused, "what's going on?"

"Well, how about we find out?" Nabiki asked as she pushed some buttons and the large screen turned on, showing what happened the last day of Asmodeus's life.

The screen revealed a woman with multiple colored hair, and wearing a light colored dress, sighing as she winced. "Oh, so this is what labor is, huh?" She stood up and rubbed her extremely swollen belly. "I can't have this one here, too much of a risk. Dammit, Lucy, I just wanted to have sex, you're the one that wanted to rule the world." Her eyes widened as a squelching sound was heard. "Oh shit, my water broke?" She looked down as her dress was soaked through. "I don't have time for this." She walked over to a table where a box was and put her hand on it. A glow covered her and eventually revealed a small, miniature version of herself, only wearing a black dress. "Listen, in case something happens to me, you have my memories. I need you to relay what I've done to my future descendants." She then put her hand on the box again, causing the top to close over the miniature girl. "This seal will hold unless I or one of my descendants opens it up."

She winced and doubled over. "Oh sheesh, I seriously underestimated how painful labor pains were." She looked up and teleported away. "Belial, you're going to have to raise our child by yourself, I think."

The screen went dark shortly afterword.

"I think I can fill the missing pieces in." Azazel mused, "Asmodeus went to Makai, gave birth to Morrigan and then went to face Father in battle, as a man, but was severely drained, both from creating... Well, her," she pointed to the Asmodeus on the table, "and having given birth to Morrigan."

"So, wait, I've always been a Devil?" Lilith asked, confusion on her face, "I thought I was a Succubus?"

"What's a Succubus?" Asmodeus asked and more than one person gave her a weird look. "Hey, come on, some of my memories are a bit scrambled, so give me a hand and help me out on this."

"A sex demon that drains their partner of life energy." Lilith supplied to Asmodeus. "For some reason, they're very... Limited in numbers and hardly have children."

Asmodeus tapped her chin a few times and tilted her head. "OH!" Her eyes lit up as she realized what Lilith was talking about. "You mean those Yokai who transformed into sex fiends after being around me for a few minutes?" Everyone jerked in surprise and she rubbed the back of her head, giggling. "Yeah, sorry about that, if those are what we call a Succubus, they're pretty minor, since they're just a reaction that Youkai had to my aura." She held up a finger and closed her eyes as she started to walk in a circle. "As for my child, that one was born in Makai, I'm guessing that the atmosphere had some sort of effect on it, I don't know, but you probably are a true Succubus, since you were born from me."

"...So the fact that all other succubi die off in just three hundred years wouldn't apply to myself?" Lilith asked and Asmodeus nodded.

"Actually, I think that Belial splitting her soul into three parts had more of an effect on her being a succubus than anything else." Nabiki mused, getting a sharp look from several people.

"He could do that?!" Gabriel, Serafall, Runeas and Asmodeus all yelped in surprise.

Nabiki nodded and pointed at Lilith. "He was worried that her power, or rather, Morrigan's power, was too strong for a newborn child to handle, since it actually surpassed his own and he was already one of the ten strongest beings in our world when he was alive."

"And a newborn has no way to control her powers..." Lilith mused, "well, that makes sense." She looked at Asmodeus. "...So, I guess that makes you... My mother?"

Asmodeus grinned and put her hands behind her head. "Yep."

"As interesting as this has been," Gabriel spoke up and walked up to the miniature girl, "things have changed since our father died in battle, fallen sister," she gave Asmodeus a cold look, "are you looking to reclaim your post as one of the Devil Kings and restart the war?"

Asmodeus blinked a few times and tilted her head. "...Why would I do that? Unlike Lucy, fly boy and the lake monster, I just wanted to have sex with everything that ever lived. But dad was like "no, you can't do that, it's wrong" so I said "screw you, dad! I want to get laid!" and left with my three brothers and became one of the Great Devil Kings."

"My entire image of the four Great Devil Kings has been ruined beyond belief." Akeno muttered as she gawked, "are you telling me that you... Were simply teenagers rebelling against your father?" Asmodeus nodded and Akeno slammed her hands down. "Do you have any idea how many people's lives you ruined because of that?!" Asmodeus paused for a moment before slowly shaking her head and Akeno stood up. "Excuse me, I don't think I can be in the same room as this... Thing!" She hissed and stormed out. Asia looked conflicted, but bowed and followed after Akeno.

"Um..." Asmodeus blinked in confusion. "Can someone explain that to me?"

Azazel sighed softly. "Akeno is the daughter of one of my subordinates, Barquiel. At one point, he was away on my orders and people who hated Fallen Angels attacked where Akeno and her mother were at, severely injuring Akeno and killing her mother. She only recently forgave her father and myself over that incident. But it wouldn't have happened had you and the other Devil Kings not started a three-way war."

"...Oh." Asmodeus sat down, her shoulders slumped. "...I really didn't mean for things to get out of control. I just wanted to have lots of sex, that's all I wanted."

Ranma sighed softly and nudged Lilith. "Why don't you talk with her for awhile and fill her in on some details of what's been going on lately? Lady Gabriel, you wanted to talk in private?" Gabriel nodded and followed Ranma out of the room.

Asmodeus looked up as Azazel, Serafall and Falbium all stood over her. "...So, are you going to imprison me, kill me or torture me?"

"Honestly, they probably should." Lilith grumbled and pointed a finger at the miniature Devil King. "With your power, you could go and destroy so much, it would be best..." She trailed off as Asmodeus fell over backwards, laughing. "What's so funny?"

"That any of you think I have any sort of power right now." Asmodeus sat up and smiled at them. "I have, at best, ten percent of my real self's power. I'm still strong, but I can't do anything like ruin the world. Hell, it would take a lot of power to get my full-sized body."

"That still doesn't mean you can run around freely," Falbium said and looked at Azazel and Serafall, "if word of her being Asmodeus got out, there would be a lot of people looking for revenge on her."

"I have a suggestion." Nabiki said while raising a hand and everyone turned to look at the girl. "We could always make her form a pact with someone."

"You mean like what I have with Master?" Lilith asked and Nabiki nodded. "...That could work, then she'd be unable to go against her master's orders and would have to do whatever he or she said."

"Oh come on!" Asmodeus whined, "I don't want to be the servant of someone."

"Tough," Nabiki told her, "it's either that or we let some of the other factions have fun tearing you apart while keeping you alive so they can get their pound of flesh out of you."

Asmodeus sweat-dropped heavily. "...I guess being someone's servant isn't TOO bad, but who'd be crazy enough to do it with me?"

"Master would." Lilith said to the Devil King. "He formed a bond with me when he was little and now we're linked to each other."

Nabiki suddenly frowned in confusion. "Wait, that... That explains it then!" She snapped her fingers as suddenly something fell into place for her. "That explains everything then!"

"What?" Serafall asked Nabiki, "what are you talking about?"

"Ranma got his hands on a Devil Piece set back on Earth and somehow activated the King's piece, but that never made any sense. Even if he had a Sacred Gear that was made up of part of Asmodeus's soul, it shouldn't have worked." Nabiki had a look of wonder on her face. "That's right, he shouldn't have been able to use it, but if his soul is linked to Lilith, who was a Devil, that would allow him to use it, since the King piece could be used by any Devil. But because Lilith's Soul was in pieces, she wasn't an actively realized Devil..."

"But because her mother is Asmodeus, she was able to basically jump-start the pieces to regain her Devil heritage." Serafall mused and nodded, "wow, that's a weird coincidence."

"Like the fact that Lilith is Azazel's grand-daughter?" Nabiki asked and Azazel grimaced slightly. "Hey, you were the one who was curious about who the parent of Belial Aensland was, not me."

The blonde Fallen Angel grumbled softly. "I legitimately thought that I didn't have any children of my own, okay? Anyway, we're getting off-track here."

"Look." Asmodeus held up her hands, "I don't know everything that happened because of the war, but if it makes everyone feel better, I'll enter into a contract similar to what my daughter has with... What's your master's name?"

"Ranma Saotome." Lilith answered and Asmodeus nodded.

"Very well, I'll become his personal servant and do what he tells me to."

Azazel sighed softly and nodded. "I doubt this will make things better, but I should assume that we can keep this amongst ourselves?" The others nodded. "Akeno, Asia, Ranma and Gabriel will need to know as well." He looked at Lillie, who was still rolling dice. "Can you keep it quiet, miss Dragon?"

Lillie looked at him and blinked cutely. "...Keep what quiet?" She pointed at Asmodeus, "new friend?"

Asmodeus's eyes sparkled and wings formed on her back as she flew over to Lillie. "I like you! What's your name?"

"Lillie." The ponytailed Dragon blinked as Asmodeus hovered in front of her and booped her on the nose.

"Then, Lillie, you shall have the honor of being this Former Great Devil King's friend!" The multi-colored mini-girl giggled and sat down next to Lillie. "So, what are you doing?"

Azazel sighed and looked at Falbium and Serafall, "is this okay with you?"

"Not especially," Serafall sighed and shook her head, "but she doesn't want her position back, so I guess it's okay."

Runeas Gremory folded her hands behind her head and huffed, "since there's no more war, I don't care what you do to her."

Suddenly the door opened and a blonde girl, Xenovia, Issei and Irina all walked in. "Sorry we're late," the blonde girl said with a smile. "The rumor mill was out of control and people were hounding us for a lot of stuff."

"It's okay, Yukiko." Azazel smiled at her. "It's fine, we'll get you all up to speed soon enough."

"Wait," Issei stared in surprise, "what's going on? How come two of the Devil Kings are here? Lilith? What are you doing here?"

"And who's the tiny cute girl on the table?" Irina asked as her eyes sparkled upon seeing Asmodeus, who stood up and puffed out her chest.

Azazel, Serafall and Falbium all sighed and hung their head.

"I'm glad that my pregnancy is only a few weeks along, because this amount of stress isn't good for a pregnant woman like me." Serafall said with a rueful chuckle.

"EH?!" Yukiko, Issei, Irina and Xenovia all gasped, as did Asmodeus.

Serafall raised her head and smiled at them. "Yes, and before you ask, Ranma's the father."

Issei twitched and swung a fist into the air. "DAMN YOU, SAOTOME! Knocking up the sexy Devil King!"

Serafall just giggled and nodded. "I'm only a few weeks along, but I really need to figure out what to do with my show. I don't want it to go on hiatus."

Azazel chuckled as the room started to get rowdy. 'Well, at least things are about what I expected here.' He just hoped that things were better with Akeno and Gabriel. 'Actually...' He got up and left the room. 'I should check on Akeno.'

After all, he had enough sins that weighed on his soul, the least he could do was make sure that Akeno was okay.

End Chapter 3


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Okay, so, just to clarify some stuff from previous chapters...

I knew what was coming up, what I've written and stuff, but I had forgotten WHEN it was coming up.

So, that's why I mentioned "phobia" a couple of chapters ago even though there was no phobia that popped up. It WILL pop up.

And "jumping the shark" was a moment I WAS worried about in this chapter, but not anymore seeing as what happens later in the arc.


Chapter 4

"Akeno..." Asia said from where she stood a couple feet behind her black-haired friend. The two were on the roof of the old school building and Akeno was standing at the edge, holding onto the guard rail.

Well, bending the guard rail with her strength was far more accurate.

"Asia, I don't.. I can't..."

Asia walked up to her friend and rubbed her back. "I'm sorry."

"For what?" Akeno asked as she turned to Asia. "Why would you be sorry? It's not like you went back in time and said to Lucifer and the others," Akeno lowered her voice as she continued to speak, "hey, you know what would be awesome? Betraying your father and starting a war with him and other Angels! It'll be great! People will die! Thousands will suffer and..." Tears were falling out of Akeno's eyes as she continued to rant, "and people will lose their parents because of what we're going to do! That sounds great!" Akeno lowered her head as her voice returned to normal, "you didn't do that, so why are you sorry?"

"Because I'm your friend." Asia said with a soft whisper and hugged Akeno.

Akeno hugged her back and the two held each other for nearly a minute, with both girls having tears silently falling from their eyes. After a minute, they let go of the hug and Akeno wiped her eyes. "Thank you, Asia, I needed that." Asia smiled at her and Akeno turned her head to see Azazel leaning against the door frame. "Did you come to plead for me to forgive your sister like you did with my father?"

Azazel shook his head. "No," he stepped away from the door and walked over to her. "That's between you and her." He stopped in front of her and sighed softly. "I'm not going to ask you to forgive her, but I don't think I was any better. I was no better than a teenager when I fell from Heaven."

"...But you grew up." Akeno told him and he nodded. "What? Are you telling me that she will?"

"I can't say that." Azazel admitted to her. "Kokabiel sure as hell didn't change. Many of the members of the old Satan clans are the same now as they were back then." He sighed and walked past her to look out at the school yard and into the city beyond. "...It's just more proof that we all screwed up." He turned back to Akeno. "I'm not asking you to forgive her for her part in the war, Akeno. I'm not even going to ask you to give her a chance. I just don't want you to harbor those feelings of anger and lash out at someone who doesn't deserve it."

Akeno closed her eyes before nodding. "I can agree to that." She smiled at him. "Thanks, I know that you mean well." She then sighed, "do you mind if I stay out here for a bit? I just don't want to go back yet."

Azazel smiled and nodded. "Of course. And, Akeno, if you need to talk, I'll listen." Akeno nodded and Azazel walked away.

Asia fidgeted and smiled at Akeno. "If you want to rant, Akeno, I'll listen. Is it okay if I stay?" Akeno nodded and turned back to look out at the city, a troubled expression on her face. "Um..." Akeno turned to look at Asia, who was smiling at her. "I think your mother would be happy for you." Akeno looked confused and Asia continued to smile, "because you were able to find friends, family and someone to love despite what happened to you." She blushed and looked down, "that is, Akeno..." she looked back up at Akeno, "please don't let hurt and anger consume you." She hugged Akeno. "I love you. I love Issei. I love Rias. I love Koneko and Irina and Xenovia and Yukiko and Rossweisse. You all showed me so much. I love Lilith and Ranma too. All of you! You're like my family and more." She raised her head. "I know that they feel the same way to you too."

Akeno blinked a few times before smiling and hugging Asia back. "Thanks, I love you too."

Even if they shared the same man, there was more than one kind of love in the world after all.



Ranma closed the door behind him. "This is the old club room," he looked and saw the couch that was there, it was new, he could tell from how little people had sat on it, but it looked identical to the old one, "and you wanted to talk, Lady Gabriel."

She nodded and walked over to the couch and sat down, looking slightly out of it. "...I loved my big brother."

"Azrael?" Ranma asked and Gabriel nodded. "Yeah, but he's your brother." Gabriel shook her head. "Oh!" His eyes widened. "You loved him like a woman?" She nodded and Ranma scratched the back of his head. "...You didn't want Azazel to know that you fell in love with someone? Since he wants to do that with you?"

Gabriel smiled and looked at him. The smile was one of longing and sadness. "Sort of. I..." She sighed and her smile disappeared, "the last day that I saw him, I knew something was wrong. If only I hadn't listened to him..."


"You're leaving." Gabriel said as she looked at Azrael sadly. The dark-haired Angel turned to look at her and nodded. "I..." She fidgeted and ran up to him, hugging him from behind, "take me with you!"

"The world hardly needs an Angel of Death." Azrael said, his deep voice filling the air, "but it still needs you to look after women."

"But," Gabriel let go of the hug and ran in front of him, "if this is about me Falling, aren't you going to do the same?!" Azrael jerked in surprise and Gabriel smiled at him. "I know... You fell in love with someone, I don't know who, but I can tell. If you stay by Father's side, surely, when this war is over, he can make it so that you can be with whomever..." She trailed off and blushed when Azrael put a finger on her lips.

"No, it won't be possible." Azrael told her. "I can sometimes see the future and I saw the end of Heaven. I... I don't know when or how, but I cannot be here." He lowered his hand and leaned in, kissing her on the forehead. "Gabriel, I love you as my sister, but I can never love you as a woman."

Gabriel had a look of pure shock as Azrael walked away.

"Forget about me, sister, and protect the virtues of women everywhere."

Gabriel fell to her knees as her brother disappeared in a flash of light.

*End Flash...*

"I sometimes wonder..." Gabriel said softly, a truly troubled expression on her face, "if I had gone after him, if he'd still be alive." She sighed and hung her head, "at least he found love and had children."

Ranma could feel a swirling of dark emotions coming from the Angel. Mentally sighing, he walked over to her and put his hand on her shoulder, causing her to gasp and look up at him. "If you had gone with, Heaven would have lost you as well."

"I..." Her eyes teared up, "I would have given up everything to be with him. I would have become a Fallen for him. Why couldn't he see that?!"

Ranma sat down next to her, "I think he did, and that's why he chose to leave you. He knew that you were needed for Heaven's future and maybe he didn't think he had a place in Heaven."

Gabriel looked away. "...Am I horrible? So many of my brothers and sisters fell and I couldn't stop any of them. I tried, none of them would listen to me." Tears fell out of her eyes as she continued to speak, "why? I knew that my brothers and sisters were troubled and I tried to stop them from Falling, but none of them would listen to me."

Ranma frowned as he felt a swirl of emotions through her that he couldn't decipher what she was feeling. Reaching forward, he put his hands on her shoulders, causing her to gasp as he hugged her. "You did nothing wrong, Lady Gabriel." He said softly.

Gabriel's eyes were wide as she heard that and her emotions started to bubble up. "...Don't call me that. Just... Just call me Gabriel, please?"

Ranma nodded as she hugged him. "Yes, Gabriel, I..." The next thing he knew, he was on his back and Gabriel was kissing him on the lips. Ranma's eyes were wide as he saw the tears falling out of her closed eyes and he could feel a lot of emotions rushing through her before he broke the kiss. "Stop."

Gabriel panted and blushed. "I... I'm sorry, I couldn't... I couldn't stop myself. I..."

"If you went any further, you would have become a Fallen." Ranma warned her, "and Heaven doesn't need to lose any of their leaders." He sighed as he felt her emotions start to get dark and he pulled her into a hug. "Please, Gabriel, I'm honored, but right now, your mind isn't in the right place."

Gabriel nodded and buried her face against his chest, sobbing and finally letting years of pain and anguish pour off of her. "I miss my family, all of them, so, so much."

Ranma didn't say anything as he held the beautiful Angel in his arms. Even though the thought of bedding her was incredibly enticing, he wouldn't do it.

Not because he didn't want to.

But because he knew it was wrong. Because taking advantage of Gabriel when she was at her most vulnerable wasn't something he could stomach.

'...So, this is what restraint feels like.' Ranma mentally chuckled as he rubbed Gabriel's back as she sobbed into his chest.

'Surprised I haven't, oh, there it goes, she just triggered my curse.' Ranma mentally chuckled as she turned female under Gabriel. 'Well, at least she'll calm down, I hope.'

The redhead just continued to hold the blonde as she sobbed, both for her family who died and left her, but also all the people who died during the war.

"I'm so sorry," Gabriel said in-between her sobbing, "I never wanted to see so many die, I..." She lifted her head up and Ranma reached up to rub the tears out of her eyes.

"It's okay." Ranma smiled at her. "Even if no one else will say it, I will, you aren't at fault over what happened, Gabriel." The redhead hugged Gabriel. "You did your best, so don't blame yourself."

"I..." She trembled and when Ranma put her hand on the back of Gabriel's head, she sighed and lowered her head.

"Just rest for now," Ranma told her. "It's okay to let it all out."

Gabriel nodded and just rested her head on Ranma, sighing at the contact and enjoying the warmth. "...Why didn't you take advantage of me? You could have made me into a Fallen Angel so easily."

Ranma smiled, even though Gabriel couldn't see it, "I don't like taking advantage of people when they're at their most vulnerable. It doesn't sit right with me."

"...Is that why you turned Mittelt into a Devil?" Gabriel asked her. "I heard from Irina that Mittelt was all alone."

"She was a special case. Even then, I let her leave. She came back and felt like she had nowhere else to go." Ranma told her. "So I never took advantage of her."

Gabriel sighed softly and nodded. "...Can I stay like this for a little longer?"

"Sure." Ranma said as he rubbed her back. She didn't mind giving comfort to Gabriel like this.

After all, no matter how strong of a person you were, there were always times that you needed support.

End Chapter 4


I have a plan. ...Believe me! Please?


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Chapter 5

It was nearly thirty minutes later when Ranma, back in his male form, and Gabriel, who had washed up walked back into the normal club room. While Gabriel's eyes were a little red, she was mostly recovered by that time.

When they got inside, Ranma and Gabriel both had identically confused looks on their faces as Lilith sat in the middle of the room with an amused expression on her face while shadow tentacles were coming out of the ground and were juggling Leonardo, Ophis, Lillie, Gasper and Koneko. Another batch of tentacles were holding Rias up while some were wrapped around Rias's bare feet and squeezing. "...Lilith, what the heck is going on?"

Lilith looked at him and grinned. "I was getting annoyed by the kids, so I thought to use shadow tentacles and show them my juggling abilites and Rias wanted her feet rubbed."

"So that's why her arms, legs and breasts are surrounded by those tentacles?" Gabriel asked in confusion.

"Nah, I just wanted to squeeze those parts of her." Lilith giggled as she lowered everyone to the ground.

"So..." Ranma looked around and paused, "wait, where's everyone else?"

"Food run." Rias said as Runeas walked over and helped her to her feet. "I wanted food and Lady Leviathan said she was hungry too, so..."

"Ah, that makes sense." Ranma nodded as the door opened up and Ranma turned to see Issei and Irina walk in with a few pizza boxes. "Oi! Issei!"

"You!" Issei yelled as he put the boxes down on a nearby chair. "How dare you get the sexy Devil King pregnant?!"

Ranma sweat-dropped heavily. "Issei, Serafall and I have been lovers for awhile now. She wanted a baby, and I had no problem with it."

Issei growled and pointed at Ranma. "Do you even know how much work it is to raise kids?!"

Ranma was about to answer and tilted his head. "You've been getting lectures from Rias's parents and brother, haven't you?" Issei sighed and hung his head, nodding. "Well, I can't stay that I do, but then again, does anyone who's never had kids before?"

"No, no, he's got a point." Another voice spoke up and Ranma turned around, staring in surprise as he saw Asmodeus pinned against the wall...

...While upside down...

...And both her arms and legs spread so she looked like an "X".

Asmodeus smiled with a wide open smile. "Hi! Can you be a good boy and get your mother-in-law down? Everything feels funny."

"No one trusted her while they went to get food and I'm on babysitting and pregnant Rias duty." Lilith said with a tight grin. "Anyway," she walked over to Ranma and put her hands on his shoulder, "master, before you let her down, you need to do to her what we did years ago."

Ranma looked confused for a moment before his eyes widened. "...Are you sure it would work? I mean, isn't that an artifical body and only part of her?"

Asmodeus sighed from where she was upside down. "Even if I have only part of myself, I'd still be bound by the terms of a soul-binding contract. It would be more of a geas contract for me than actually linking me to you like how you and my daughter are linked." She gave Ranma a contemplative look and nodded. "Fine, I'll do it, can I ask for a couple of concessions from you?"

"You're in no position to ask for anything." Gabriel told Asmodeus, who nodded.

"These are simple requests, sister. I'm not going to ask for anything like being able to run around and seduce children or anything like that, okay?" Asmodeus gave Gabriel an annoyed look.

Ranma grabbed Gabriel's shoulder and gave it a gentle squeeze, which caused Gabriel to blush. "I won't say I'll agree, but I'll listen to your requests."

"Yay!" Asmodeus cheered. "One, I want to know what it's like to have tentacles ravage me. Find me some that won't tear me apart and let me have fun with them." She giggled at the stares she got. "Did you all forget that I'm the former Great Devil King of Lust? If it can move, I want to fuck it." She suddenly growled. "Darn horny Egyptian Cat Goddess banging animals before me!"

"You mean Bastet?" Ranma asked and Asmodeus nodded her head several times. "...That was CENTURIES ago though."

"I WANTED TO BE FIRST!" Asmodeus yelled before taking a deep breath to calm herself down. "Okay, the second thing is that I want some freedom of movement."

"Rejected." Both Lilith and Gabriel said at the same time.

"I don't mean traveling wherever I want!" Asmodeus shot back. "I knew that was out of the question, I just mean I don't want to have to be around him every second of every day."

"Oh." Ranma waved her off. "I have a castle, you can use that, but you can't leave unless I do."

"Fair enough." Asmodeus nodded. "The last thing that I ask is that you don't torture me." She smiled nervously. "Despite what my reputation might have led you to believe, I'm actually not into pain as a way to get off." Everyone gave her a flat stare of disbelief and her eyes went white and blank. "It's true! I liked sex and would try anything once, but I don't like getting whipped, or hot wax or enemas or other weird things! I know all the positions, but I like the more basic stuff, okay?"

"And yet you want to be tentacled?" Lilith asked the miniature girl.

"I just want to know what it's like to have tentacles buried in me!"

Ranma sighed and nodded as he walked up to the miniature girl. "Only if you agree to never betray me, my family or my friends."

Asmodeus smiled at him. "Sure! I can be a good girl!"

Ranma nodded at her. "Alright then, let's start."


Carrying several boxes of food, Asia, Irina and Azazel, walked into the clubroom. "Oh?" Azazel blinked as he saw Asmodeus sitting on the desk with a contemplative look on her face. "You're freed?"

"Well, Master was kind enough to let me down and, bwah?!" Asmodeus suddenly had her eyes tear up as she looked at Ranma, "do I have to call you that?!"

"Compulsion of the soul binding, I'm afraid." Ranma answered her.

"You get used to it." Lilith smirked at the miniature girl. "Meaning if Master orders you to walk out in snow bare naked, you have to do it."

Asmodeus sighed and crossed her arms, sighing softly. "I get it, I'm his slave, I know how this stuff works."

"Oooh!" Rias suddenly sat up, "is that food for me?!"

"Not all of it." Azazel told her and walked over with a box in his hands, "just for you, some chocolate-strawberry donuts covered in maple syrup."

"Yummy!" Rias threw her hands in the air as she cheered.

Issei sweat-dropped and looked at Runeas, who was smiling at the scene. "Did you..."

"Go through this?" Runeas grinned. "Oh, not QUITE this bad. I merely wanted to eat my weight in cake. And then I wanted to ride one of my cute camels until..." She trailed off as Rias suddenly let out a scream and jumped back, trembling. "...Rias?"

"Camels are scary and evil and mean and they want to eat me!" Rias yelled while shaking and holding her knees up to her chest. "No! No eating me! I'm sorry!" She looked up as someone touched her and saw Issei smiling at her. She suddenly hugged him, crying loudly.

A few moments later, Akeno and Xenovia walked into the room. "...Who triggered her kamilaphobia?" Akeno asked, getting more than a few confused looks from people. "Ah. Rias was traumatized by camels when she was little. She thought they were silly looking and teased one who not only spit on her, but bit her hand. Ever since then, she's had an extreme fear of camels, which is kamilaphobia."

Ranma looked at Rias, who was openly crying. "Rias, no matter what anyone says, it's perfectly normal to be terrified of scary demon animals." Suddenly Rias was in front of Ranma, grabbing his hand while her eyes sparkled.

"You understand where I'm coming from?"

Ranma nodded as he squeezed her hand back. "Yes, evil demon cats tried to kill me when I was a child."

Asia walked up to Asmodeus. "Um, Lady..."

"You don't need to use honorifics for me." Asmodeus said to the blonde and smiled at her. "I'm no longer a Devil King, just call me Asmodeus then."

Asia nodded. "Okay, um, Miss Asmodeus, you were one of the Angels that underwent a ritual to become a Devil along with seventy-two human families, right?"

Asmodeus nodded at her. "Yeah, that's right."

"But," Asia frowned in confusion, "I've read many of the Church's records, there's no Angel that was ever mentioned in Heaven with the name Asmodeus." Asmodeus had a neutral expression as Asia continued on, "were you one of the humans who made a pact with Lucifer and became a Devil King?"

"Nope, I was an Angel before the Damnation ritual." Asmodeus said while shaking her head. "In fact, I remember Runeas being there on the day when Lucy offered her and the other humans great fortune."

"Yeah!" Runeas nodded, "I was there that night and I distinctly remember four male Fallen Angels who undertook that ritual."

Azazel looked at Gabriel, who was looking troubled, "and besides that," he looked at Asmodeus, "I also don't recall any Angel by the name of Asmodeus."

Asmodeus sighed and stood up. "It's because I wanted to hide who I was. See, I saw Father's first humans and saw them and other animals mating and I was curious and watched over humanity while they grew. When you and our other brothers and sisters all went to Earth to bed humans, I was enthralled." A small smile came to her face as she remembered the things she had witnessed. "I wanted, no, I needed to know why it was so important for humans to copulate as often as they did." She sighed as her smile faded away, "Lucifer knew that and convinced me to follow him. Yeah, I was mad at Father for making that stuff forbidden to Angels, but I didn't want to fight a war over it. I just wanted to show Him that sex had to be something that was lovely and wonderful." She sighed. "As for who I was, only Lucifer and Father knew this about me, but I could freely shapeshift between male and female forms." A lewd grin came to her face, "Lucifer was like "hey, don't you want to know what it's like to use a penis and have sex with a woman?" and I jumped on it."

"So, who were you then?" Gabriel asked her. "I would like to know who you really were."

Asmodeus pursed her lips and nodded. "Hold on, I need..." She held out her hand and a croquet mallet appeared in her hands. "And now..."

A flash of light covered her and when it faded both Azazel and Gabriel stared in absolute shock.

Standing on the table was a girl in a white dress, light brown hair, purple eyes with stars for pupils on her face. "Hi!" Her voice was super high pitched and bubbly. "My name is Miniel, the Angel that induces love to everyone in the world!" She tilted her body and put the hammer over her shoulder while putting her left middle and index fingers up in a "V" shape while winking at everyone.

"The Angel of Love became the Devil of Lust." Azazel whispered softly. "...That's..."

Asmodeus returned to her normal form and sighed as she dismissed her hammer. "I decided that when I left Father's service that I couldn't be the Angel of Love anymore and Lucifer suggested that I become Lust, since it was the sinful version of Love." She shrugged and sat down. "That's it, that's all. Anything more, Master?"

"Master..." Lilith spoke up and looked at Ranma. "I need to go with Gabriel to Heaven." She looked at the blonde woman, "that is, if she wants to have the system that her Father left behind to be turned back online or not."

Gabriel stared at her in surprise. "...What are you going to do?"

"Mostly turn it back on so Heaven can do miracles again and make some small changes." Lilith held up a hand, "don't worry, I'm not doing anything crazy. It's just..." She looked at Irina, who had been silent for a long time, "when Irina was influenced by those tentacles, she nearly became a Fallen Angel and the thought of her becoming a Fallen because of something that she couldn't control made me so mad. Nabiki and I worked out a list of changes to help Heaven out. Don't worry, we kept things to be in line with what your followers are taught."

"But it might..." Gabriel looked hestitant and Lilith shook her head.

"...Nabiki will help me make sure that the system in place is fully working properly." Lilith told her. "In the end, I leave it up to you, but if you agree, it'll go a long way to fix a lot of issues that Heaven is having with less and less people believing." Lilith gave Gabriel a serious look. "The questions for you is one, do you trust me and two, do you want to try this?"

"I..." Gabriel bit her lip.

"How about I make it easier for you?" Ranma asked and Gabriel looked at him. "Lilith Aensland, as your master, I command you," Lilith suddenly stiffened as she started to glow, "you will not do anything that would sabotage Heaven, turn the Angels into Fallen Angels or cause harm to any followers of Heaven."

The glowing ended and Lilith nodded at him. "Yes, Master." She fell to her one knee and bowed to him. "I promise you, that I will only cause the system to reboot and any changes that I do to the commands of the system will be to help Heaven out and be in line with their own teachings."

Ranma looked at Gabriel. "I don't like using that on her, is that okay?"

Gabriel nodded and smiled at him. "Thank you." She walked over to Lilith and reached out with her hand. "Then let us go."

"I'll go with." Nabiki said as she walked up to them. "That way I can keep an eye on anything that needs immediate attention."

"Very well." Gabriel nodded and looked at Irina. "Are you coming with?"

"Yes." Irina nodded and walked over to the four as they disappeared in a flash of light.

"...So that's what it's like when you force your will on someone." Asmodeus muttered softly. "...I don't know why, but that was hot and I wish that I was three times my current size so you could fuck me right now."

A splash of cold water was the only answer she got.

End Chapter 5


So, the name Miniel? That's the name of the actual biblical Angel of Love.

THIS is the chapter that I had the phobia that I was thinking of.

And yes, that's the actual name for having a phobia of camels.


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I have been UTTERLY exhausted from work. Three days in a row where I left work around midnight or later.


Chapter 6

"So Falbium went home," Azazel looked at Ranma, "and you're here for how long?"

"Probably just a day or so." Ranma mused and looked over at Issei, who was sitting with Rias, cuddling and rubbing his hand on her belly, "just a question, what kind of wedding are you two having?"

"I want a Japanese-style wedding." Rias perked up, smiling at him. "It may not be as popular even among Devils, but I really like Japanese culture, so..."

Serafall, who was playing dice with Leonardo, Lillie, Ophis and Gasper, nodded as she heard that. "It's always nice to have whatever wedding you want." She looked at Ranma and blushed. "I was hoping to have a European-style wedding myself."

"Well, I guess we should probably have that in a couple of weeks, since you probably want to have it before you start to show." Serafall nodded, blushing as she rubbed her still flat stomach.

"One thing," Issei looked at Ranma, "you're going to have a lot of kids, it seems, how are you going to support them all?"

"Oh, I'm filthy rich." Ranma told him and Issei gawked. "Before you ask, it's a recent development. After getting to Makai, we went to the lands of the other dead rulers and even Demitri's home and there's a LOT of expensive stuff there."

"Surprised that they weren't stolen by other Demons." Akeno mused and Ranma shook his head.

"Most Demons don't really care for wealth and riches." Ranma shrugged. "Most of them just want to be left alone in their territory. It's when other Demons encroach on their territory or try to force them to do something that it becomes a problem."

"You make it sound like most Demons are animals." Akeno said with an amused look on her face.

"Sort of." Ranma admitted to her. "They're quite intelligent and most of them can hold conversations beyond what to eat, kill and breed. But it's an extreme survival of the fittest mentality there and if you want to rule, you have to be strong. So for most of Makai, wealth and the like means nothing to them."

"Meaning you just get to come in like a thief and take it?" Issei asked, confusion evident in his face and voice.

"The dead aren't going to use it." Ranma shrugged, "what about you? I imagine that Rias's family is supporting you for now?"

Issei nodded, "yeah, after I get out of school, I'll be working to support Rias so I don't have to rely on her family. They told me that I don't have to, but it's not right to just mooch off of them."

"And that's why I love you." Rias smiled and kissed him on the cheek, getting a small blush from Issei.

Ranma was about to say something when a noise caught his attention and he looked at the door as it opened and someone walked in.

"Sorry, I'm still getting used to living in this place." The girl smiled and blinked. "AH!" Her eyes went white and blank as she pointed at Ranma. "What are you doing here?"

"Bennia, is that you?" Ranma asked in shock. "What are YOU doing here?"

"Hee hee..." She stuck her tongue out and rubbed the back of her head. "I'm a Devil now."

"More specifically," Azazel spoke up, "the whole situation with Hades was causing headaches and we couldn't just give Bennia back to Hades but because of Jedah's known ability to brainwash people, we couldn't hold her for committing crimes like we normally could. Thankfully, as Issei is a new King, he needed to fill his peerage out and he made the offer and she accepted."

"I bet Hades wasn't happy about that." Ranma mused and smiled at Bennia. "Well, congrats, Bennia, I hope things work out for you."

"I hope my dad is okay." Bennia mused.

"Oh, he will be." Azazel told her and she perked up. "I only found out this morning, but apparently Indra, Shiva and Odin were putting pressure on the Greeks to deal with Hades. Since Bennia told us all about his plans, our options were limited, since he hadn't acted any of them out, our hands were tied." Azazel shrugged. "That said, for some reason those three gods decided to put pressure on Zeus and he agreed that Hades needed to be punished for what he was planning. The others in his little group have been rounded up and imprisoned as well."

Issei sighed softly and looked at his left hand. "...I still can't get that power I had against Jedah. I can't even remember how I did it."

A multi-colored gem appeared on his wrist and started to flash. "Don't worry about it, partner, I can't figure out how you did it either."

"Considering that most everything is calming down," Rias smiled at him, "I don't think that there's a need to rush and figure out how to master your Balance Break."

"It's not that." Issei said softly as images of Jedah flashed through his mind, "both Jedah and Vali's grandfather had no problem pissing off a lot of people. Heck, Jedah had a way to counter Ophis!" He looked at the Dragon, who looked at him with a disgusted face, "sorry."

"It's fine, I just hate remembering him."

"And Vali's grandfather was strong enough to keep Jedah in line." Issei continued, "plus there was talk of something called Trihexa..?"

"Beast of the Apocalypse," Azazel clarified, "Father sealed it away, but the ordeal weakened Him enough where Asmodeus, Lucifer, Leviathan and Beezlebub were able to kill Him in a final showdown."

"There was something about another world," Ranma told Azazel, "that Trihexa came from."

"And what if other beings over there are that strong?" Issei asked. "From what I've been told, many Devils from the older generation all love to fight and cause destruction. If Vali's grandfather was a Super Devil..."

"Scary thought." Serafall said as she looked uncharacteristically somber. "Even your Balance Break wouldn't be enough to deal with something that strong."

"But when I was using that Mastered form..." Issei squeezed his left hand into a fist, "I had so much power that I couldn't comprehend it."

"And Nabiki was a dead end, she said something about not being able to comprehend it herself when she looked it up." Azazel sighed softly. "The only thing she got was that it's different for each wielder and they have to overcome their weakness."

"Question!" A female voice broke into the conversation and everyone looked at Asmodeus. "What are you all talking about? What's a Balance Break? And why does the voice in that gem sound familiar?"

"Issei is this generation's Red Dragon Emperor." Azazel said and Asmodeus's eyes widened in surprise. "And you don't know... OH!" His eyes widened in surprise. "I almost forgot. Balance Breaks came around only sometimes after your final battle against Father. Basically," he gestured to Issei, who stood up and called up Boosted Gear, "this is their normal form."

"And this..." Issei was engulfed in a red flame as he was covered in a Dragonic armor. "Is my Balance Break."

"So those Sacred Gears that Father made could do something like this?" Asmodeus mused as wings appeared on her back and she floated over to Issei, circling him with a contemplative expression on her face. "This looks like you were able to borrow a lot of power from the Dragon inside of you."

"You figured it out that quickly?" Azazel asked in amusement. "Yeah, that's about it. There's more to it than just that, but for Issei, that's true."

Asmodeus floated up and landed on Issei's head and sat cross-legged while crossing her arms over her chest and closing her eyes. "Hmm... This form is more than powerful enough. Anything stronger could probably destroy the planet by accident."

"Sounds about right." Ranma mused, "but Issei, can't you use a Holy version?"

"Right." Issei nodded and let loose a long, drawn-out breath before his body changed colors from red to gold. "This is the Holy Dragon form."

Asmodeus's eyes snapped open and she jumped off of Issei, pointing at him with a trembling finger. "How... How did you do that?! That wasn't your power! That wasn't D'draig's power! That was power from somewhere else!" Issei pointed towards Xenovia, who waved with Asmodeus looked at her.

"How in the bloody abyss did you do that?!" Asmodeus started flying in circles as she tried to comprehend what happened. "You literally took power from a girl? And it powered up the Dragon?"

"If it helps," Xenovia waved at Asmodeus, "I can use the Holy Sword Durandall."

Asmodeus tilted her head, lifted it up and started doing something with her left hand, as though she were pointing out various things in front of her. "Nope!" She shook her head. "That still doesn't make sense."

"Well, I can use D'draig's power too." Xenovia said. "I should have used it against Lilith, but I wanted to know how good I was without using it."

Asmodeus gave her an exasperated look and then looked at Issei. "Please explain!"

"Well, the two of us went through an aura synchronization process..." Issei explained, "where we tried to meld our auras and the result was this. Now I can do it freely."

Asmodeus scrunched her face up. "But to do something like that, you'd have to not only have your auras in synch, but they'd have to basically meld together."

"Wait, you know how to do this?" Issei asked as he reverted back to his normal state.

Asmodeus gave him a flat stare. "I'm one of the oldest Angels before I became a Devil, I've seen lots of shit in my day." She pointed at him. "When you used that Mastered form, what were you thinking?"

Issei blinked a few times and cupped his hand under his chin. "...I wasn't, I was just so pissed because he tried to use Rias and my child against me."

Asmodeus pulled out a tiny paper fan and smacked Issei on the head. "You dummy! You can't figure it out because you're being dumb!" She spun and pointed at Azazel. "And you! I can't believe you didn't figure it out already! You were smarter than me and were so obsessed with these Sacred Gears!"

"What?" Issei asked sarcastically, "did you figure it out?"

Asmodues crossed her arms and closed her eyes with an annoyed expression on her face. "Considering that you got a stronger Balance Break by synchronizing with that girl, why didn't you do the same thing with your Dragon?"

If music had been playing, there would have been a record scratch as Asmodeus stared at Issei.

"Wait..." Azazel's pupils shrank. "...Of course, something that was never done before, it would have to be the key for Issei to unlock his Mastered Balance Break."

"But..." Issei looked at his left hand. "Aren't we completely in synch?"

"I dunno." D'draig answered him. "She makes a good point though, if you doing that with Xenovia allowed you her Holy power, then if you and I were able to synchronize like that, you'd be able to obtain that form again."

"That was..." Akeno muttered softly, "how did you figure that out so fast?"

Azazel shook his head. "Asmodeus was actually more terrifying than the other three Great Devil Kings to face on the battlefield. Barqiel and Kokabiel fought him at the same time but he was adapting to how they fought so fast that even when I joined in, the best we managed to do was drive him off."

"You mean "her"?" Rias asked.

"I was a man when we fought." Asmodeus told her. "Besides, you can call me male or female, I don't care." She narrowed her eyes and pointed an angry finger at Issei's left hand "However!" She yelled in anger, "I can't forgive your Dragon!"

"What did I do?" D'draig asked in confusion.

"When your fight with Albion came over where the war was happening!" Asmodeus screamed in frustration. "There was this cute Fallen Angel that I had bent over a tree stump and I had prepped and was about to ride for hours when your stupid fight crashed through the area and I had to get blue balled until you two stupid lizards were dealt with!"

Everyone sweat-dropped heavily.

"I'm sure that there were plenty of cute girls for you..." Issei trailed off as Asmodeus gave him a bewildered look. "...What?"

"I never said I was going to fuck a girl." Asmodeus told him and she rolled her eyes at his disgusted face. "If it moves and has a hole, I'll shove my dick in it. Boy, girl, male, female, beast, monster, doesn't matter to me."

"...You were bending guys over and..."

"Banging their cute butts, yes." Asmodeus nodded with a pleased expression on her face.

"...I'm suddenly reminded of a girl with a dick deciding to do that to me." Issei grumbled and Asmodeus perked up.

"Why didn't I think of that? Being a girl with a dick means I'd get the best of both worlds!" Suddenly her eyes teared up. "Oh no! The chance to have introduced so many different levels of perversion into the world! All gone! Waaaah!"

Ranma sighed and slumped. "Great, she's as bad as Lilith is. ...Which makes sense, she is Lilith's mom, I guess."

He just hoped things were going well in Heaven.


In Heaven...

Lilith stared at the gears as she and Nabiki stood in the highest level of Heaven. "This is..." She whispered as she touched the slowly moving gears. "This is why they call what humans get a Sacred Gear?" She giggled softly. "Alright," she looked up at Michael, Gabriel, Uriel and Raphael were standing around the system and she nodded, "I can give this thing a strong jolt to get it going, but I can't do what your Father did for it. While I could create Angels for you, they would be tainted and not what you need."

"That's fair." Michael said to her, "do know that I do not fully trust you. Not because of what you are or who you are related to, but..."

"I know, I'm not exactly super trustworthy." Lilith told him as she put her hand above the gears and started to glow brightly. "Nabiki, keep an eye on this while I work."

"Right." Nabiki nodded and had her Sacred Gear running data over the screen. "Keep going."

"Just let me know when I screw up." Lilith said as she focused on the system God left behind. 'If it was just powering this up, I could do it, no problem, but I need to change some of the laws of reality, I don't want to break it.'

Nabiki pursed her lips. 'What you're doing won't create new Sacred Gears, but it will allow for miracles again.'

It was nearly ten minutes later when Lilith stopped glowing and stood up, panting and sweating. "Th...there..." She smiled as the gears were moving at a much faster speed than before, but they were moving. She looked up at the four leaders of Heaven as they came over. "So, let's go over what I did for you."

"Of course." Michael smiled at her. "I... I don't feel any corruption or darkness, for that, I thank you."

Lilith nodded at him. "Alright, so I can tell you that you can't create new Sacred Gears with this, but the artifical Sacred Gears can enter this and become real ones once the user dies and they'll go through the same process than normal Sacred Gears have. You can't create new Angels with this, so you still need the Brave Saint thing." They nodded and Lilith continued on. "So, speaking of which, you can create miracles again. I couldn't get the highest level of ones, but miracles can happen again." She smirked at their shocked expressions. "The atheists are going to be so pissed when they can't explain things with science and logic." Lilith stretched her arms and winced as she felt some tightness in her back. "Okay, so, this next one is important because I changed some rules." She shook her head at the frowns she got. "Don't worry, it's nothing bad. The first thing is that, unless a Devil says His name in vain, we can say God without pain."

"That's..." Michael began but trailed off at the savage grin on her face. "...What did you do?"

"I made it so that if ANYONE says His name in vain, they get super painful headaches as a punishment."

Lilith wasn't about to tell them that if they said "God" during sex that it wouldn't count as blasphemy and wouldn't trigger the headaches, but that wasn't important.

"So..." Lilith clapped her hands. "This next one is important. Angels can have sexual relations with anyone without becoming Fallen."

"What?!" The four leaders said in shock.

"Okay, that's only partially true." Lilith admitted. "There's rules that I put in place to keep it in line with what you teach your followers. Angels can only have sexual relations with people that they marry and only for the purposes of procreation. Actually, before I begin, can we get Irina in here, since this matters to her too."

Raphael nodded and disappeared before reappearing with Irina.

"Okay," Lilith smiled, "as I said, Irina, you can now have sex with Issei even on Earth without becoming a Fallen." Irina gasped and Lilith held up a hand. "But there's some rules here. One, you have to be married, which you are, and you can only have sexual relations with your spouse for the purposes of having children and not pleasure." Lilith nodded at the surprised look that Irina gave her. "Trust me! That was hard for me to put there! Two, Angels can only marry if both parties are in love with each other. Should an Angel have a spouse, they cannot take another spouse. The Angel's spouse cannot take another spouse or lover while married or it will cause the Angel to become Fallen. However, there is one loophole. Should the Angel fall in love with someone who has a harem, the leader of the harem must marry the Angel. In regards to that..." She gave Irina a smirk, "while sexual relations must be for the purposes of procreation, if the Angel marries someone who has a harem, then he or she can obtain pleasure from the co-spouses, but only if the spouse they married is in the same room as them."

"Uh..." Irina scratched her head. "That was..."

"Basically you can have lesbian sex with Xenovia and Asia, but only if Issei's there partaking in it as well." Lilith cut her off, causing Irina's face to turn redder than Rias Gremory's hair while she put her hands on her cheeks. "Despite this, there's one rule that all Angels must understand, even with the new changes..." She gave Irina a grin, "no self-indulgent pleasure."

"You mean..." Irina began while still blushing hard.

"Even if you're with Issei and he's having fun with one of the other girls, you may not touch yourself for the purposes of pleasure." Lilith explained to her. "Don't worry about positions and what-not, so long as it's all for the purposes of procreation, there's no worry about Falling. But, again, both parties have to love each other." She looked at Nabiki, "that was about it, right?"


"I see..." Michael coughed softly. "If that's..."

"Oh!" Lilith's eyes widened in surprise. "I almost forgot! The other dimension room that you guys set up? You can still use it. I re-wrote the rules of that room while charging the system up. In there, so long as you're married, you can do ANYTHING you want with your spouse, even if it's just for pure pleasure. But you have to be married and when you're done, you'll need to go through a super-long purification ritual."

Michael sweat-dropped heavily. "Thank you, Lilith. Irina, if you would, please return Lilith and Nabiki to Earth."

"Of course, Lord Michael." The Angel smiled as she walked over to the two and they all disappeared in a flash of light.

"Well, this was interesting." Michael said and shook his head. "Still..." A small smile came to his face. "I'm glad that it worked out."

"I was against it," Uriel said as he looked at Gabriel, "why did you agree, sister?"

A scythe formed in Gabriel's hands. "...Our brother, Azrael, didn't die." She missed the looks of shock from her brothers as she looked at the scythe in her hands. "This was his, he lost it. And he had children." She looked up at Michael, "remember that boy, Ranma?" Michael nodded, wondering why she brought his name up. "He is Azrael's descendant."

"That's..." Michael furrowed his brow, "how did I not notice before? He looks like our lost brother, but with Japanese features."

"From what I know, he is heading to Kyoto in a few days to speak to the Shinto faction." Gabriel told Michael, "I request permission to go with to discover what truly happened to our brother."

"Will you be okay?" Raphael asked and Gabriel smiled as she looked at him. "Gabriel?"

"I will, I was able to deal with my anguish, I just want to close the book on what happened to him is all and know for sure."

"Of course." Michael smiled at her. "But I request that you undergo some purification rituals, sister, before-hand. Just as a precaution."

Gabriel nodded in agreement. "Very well."

End Chapter 6


Just been so tired. Hope you all like this chapter.


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"Okay, that's only partially true." Lilith admitted. "There's rules that I put in place to keep it in line with what you teach your followers. Angels can only have sexual relations with people that they marry and only for the purposes of procreation. Actually, before I begin, can we get Irina in here, since this matters to her too."
Only for the purpose of procreation? Do you mean 'no birth control', 'vaginal only with no pulling out', or 'baby-making only' with no sex at all outside of that? Because the third one would be pretty damned harsh.


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Only for the purpose of procreation? Do you mean 'no birth control', 'vaginal only with no pulling out', or 'baby-making only' with no sex at all outside of that? Because the third one would be pretty damned harsh.
Basically the third one.

Hands and mouth are foreplay and that's allowed to be used anywhere on the body. (Gotta fill the pool up before you dive in after all) But as for non-foreplay? Yeah, just baby-making only.

Just think how someone who is Catholic is supposed to have sex (just baby-making and nothing else) and that's basically what Lilith gave Angels. Exceptions for Angels who marry into harems, which was only intended for Irina since Lilith didn't think any other Angel would be interested. Even that's got limitations.

Still more than what they were given before. And just remember, supernatural species, like Angels, have low birth rates.


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Just think how someone who is Catholic is supposed to have sex (just baby-making and nothing else) and that's basically what Lilith gave Angels. Exceptions for Angels who marry into harems, which was only intended for Irina since Lilith didn't think any other Angel would be interested. Even that's got limitations.
Nah, Catholics are just 'no cheating, no birth control, and no anal'. Hell, there's a quote in the Bible somewhere (I forget the passage) that it's more moral to have sex with a prostitute than to masturbate.


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Nah, Catholics are just 'no cheating, no birth control, and no anal'. Hell, there's a quote in the Bible somewhere (I forget the passage) that it's more moral to have sex with a prostitute than to masturbate.
Ah, misunderstanding on my part as I was never Catholic. But, yeah, something like that.


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Chapter 7

As everyone started to leave, Azazel leaned back in his chair and thought about what he had learned that day. 'To think so much of what we thought was wrong.' The thought of Asmodeus being a woman didn't really bother him. Azazel smirked as a thought came to him, "it's a good thing that I couldn't turn into a girl, I might have had lots of lesbian encounters in my life."

"But still..." The amusement left his face as he thought about what Asmodeus said about Issei and D'draig. "To think that it's something so simple-sounding. But it's not, is it?"

It was one thing to let your host use your power.

It was another thing to become so in tune with them that it was impossible to tell where one began and the other one ended.

"Hmm, overcoming weakness..." He mused and thought about Nabiki. "Her future self mastered her Sacred Gear... Does she need to be able to use her Balance Break without the aid of the inhibitor chip?"

Azazel imagined that Vali and Albion would have to do the same as Issei and D'draig to obtain a Mastered Balance Break. 'But what about the other Longinus and Sacred Gears?' Those that had spirits of powerful creatures like the Nemian Lion were simpler than those without.

"And what if Issei is right?" Azazel asked himself as he stood up and walked to the window with his arms behind his back. "I can't imagine that Rizevim would have been excited about another world if it wasn't full of powerful beings."

And if something stronger than the beast that was ultimately responsible for God's death existed in that world, then they were in a lot of trouble.

"After all, if Rivezim knew about that world, who's to say they don't know about ours?"

Azazel just hoped that he was simply over-reacting and that it wouldn't be as bad as he feared.


Nodoka looked up as the door opened and Ranma walked in, on his shoulders was Kunou, who had the largest, brightest smile on her face that Nodoka had ever seen. "Welcome home, oh!" Her eyes expressed surprise as she saw Serafall walking in after Ranma. "Lady Leviathan, I had no clue you'd be staying."

Serafall smiled at her. "Unless something major happens, I'm currently on a small break from work."

Lilith, Lillie and Leonardo walked in after Serafall and Nodoka was surprised to see a small girl on Lilith's head. "Who's the cute one?"

The bronze-skinned girl grinned. "I am Asmodeus, one of the Angels that betrayed the Lord in Heaven and became one of the first Great Devil Kings."

Nodoka blinked a few times and slowly nodded. "Uh... huh. Well, I'm glad for you. Anyway, I'll have supper finished in an hour, do you want to relax until then?"

"An hour?" Ranma mused and nodded. "Might not be a bad idea, but..." He smirked. "Sorry, kiddo, I'll need to put you down now."

"Aww..." Kunou pouted, her tails waggling behind her. Her eyes lit up and she bent over. "Love you, daddy." And planted a kiss on Ranma's forehead before jumping off and landing a couple of feet away as a loud thumping sound was heard.

Ranma looked to the top of the stairs as Atsuko, wearing just a black sports bra, white panties and socks, slid to a stop before crashing and landing on her butt. "Hey, Atsuko, surprised you weren't in school."

"When did you get here?!" The cyborg asked as she got to her knees. "And to answer your question that you didn't ask, I was chasing down some out of control robots that mama-san made that were rampaging all over Japan this past week and I was so exhausted that I slept all day!"

Ranma chuckled and jumped up to the top of the stairs and helped her to her her feet. "You're looking good." The next thing he knew, she was hugging him tightly. "Urk, you're still stupid strong." Ranma grunted as he hugged her back. "You could have come with."

"Mouuu..." Atsuko let go of him and gave him a smoldering look. "It's been five months, I'm not letting you go tonight."

Ranma chuckled and nodded, grabbing Atsuko and putting her over his shoulder. "Sorry, mom, I'm going to be busy tonight."

Nodoka nodded, smiling as Ranma disappeared with Atsuko. "So manly..." She looked at Serafall, who had an amused look on her face and Lilith, who was just grinning, as was Asmodeus. "Oh, Serafall, I hope you're not upset..."

Serafall waved her hand dismissively. "These things happen, I am carrying his child, so I don't worry about him leaving me."

Nodoka's eyes sparkled as she grabbed Serafall's hands. "Truly?! Oh blessed days, err..." She trailed off as she saw Serafall's grimace. "I apologize."

"It's okay." Serafall smiled at her and patted her on the shoulder. "But since you did that, I have a request for you." Nodoka blinked and slowly nodded. "See, I'm in need of some villains for the next season of my show. I won't be able to partake since I'm expecting, but would you like to be the main antagonist for next season?"

"Well, sure, if you need some help, I can do that." Nodoka nodded and suddenly got nervous as Serafall was seemingly covered by a dark aura while her eyes had stars in the pupils. "Uh..."

"Excellent!" Serafall squeezed Nodoka's shoulders. "We shall begin working on your choreography."

Lilith walked past them while Asmodeus jumped off of her head. "Have fun with that, I'm going to get some food." She chuckled and jumped up the stairs. "And by meal, I mean I'm going to join those two and play with Atsuko's cute body."

Asmodeus floated over to Kunou. "Hey, kiddo." The fox looked at her and Asmodeus gave her a lazy smile. "You seem to like your daddy, huh?" The small girl nodded, her eyes sparkling and Asmodeus just giggled. "So, can you tell me how he's your daddy?"

"Sure." Kunou said while telling her, Lillie and Leonardo, the latter two having decided to listen in, the story of how Ranma became the Hero of Kyoto.

And more important to Kunou, how he became part of her family.

As she listened in, Asmodues tilted her head. "I see, he's a great person huh?" Kunou nodded and blinked at the sudden look of arousal that came across Asmodeus's face. "Ooooh!" She put a hand on her chin and an atomic blush covered her face. "If only I could have been there to see the slaughter, I would have found a way to triple my size so he could have ravished me while we were surrounded by dead bodies."

Lillie, Leonardo and Kunou all had looks that varied between confused, disturbed and weirded out. Asmodeus didn't care as she turned and floated away from the three. As she flew into another room, her blush disappeared and a more measured look took its place as she sat on a large table with several balls on it. "I wonder what this is for." She mused before shaking her head. "Boyo certainly has a lot of coincidences that happens around him." She sighed and crossed her arms before looking up. "...There's something more, isn't there?"



It was a few hours later as the day was starting to creep into evening that Akeno found Asia putting her shoes on. "Asia? Is something wrong?"

"Huh?" Asia looked at Akeno and shook her head. "Oh, no, I just want to go for a walk. I was thinking about something and a walk might help me come to an answer." Seeing Akeno's confused look, Asia just giggled. "I was thinking about some school work, that's all."

"If you're sure." Akeno said with a concerned look. "If there's something you need to ask..."

Asia shook her head. "No, it's fine, don't worry, I'll be okay." She smiled and held up her right index finger as a small, blue Dragon appeared just behind her. "Rassie will be with me."

Akeno smiled at her. "Okay, but if you want to talk about something, we'll all listen."

Asia nodded and went out the door with Rassie.

Akeno watched Asia go down the street, until she turned a corner and disappeared from sight. "I know that she's strong but..."

"You can't help but worry about her, huh?" A voice asked from behind and Akeno turned to see Yukiko standing there with a concerned expression on her face. "I'm sure she'll be fine, unless someone really strong shows up, but she can still summon Fafnir if needed."

"I know, but..." Akeno trailed off as Yukiko nodded. "...Should we go out after her?"

Yukiko held up an open palm. "Let's wait five minutes. That way we can't say that we were too worried about her." Akeno nodded and they both hoped things would be fine.

Even if Kuoh was a safe community, there were still crazy things that happened.

"Let's just hope that we don't have another toilet paper wizard." Akeno grumbled, that had been such a pain to deal with.

"At least we have three years of toilet paper stocked up now?" Yukiko giggled and Akeno nodded with a smile.


As she walked through the streets, Asia's thoughts drifted all around. 'Am I useful?' She knew, as a healer, how useful she was, but Asia didn't want to have to worry about that. Beyond healing, she wanted to be able to at least protect her family. 'Issei wasn't wrong, there are really strong enemies out there, I don't want to be a liability for them and...'

Her thoughts were cut off as Rassie growled. Asia shook her head and looked to where Rassie was growling. Her eyes, aided by her Devil-enhanced sight, widened as she saw the figure standing in the dark alleyway. "You're..."

The man was wearing black clothes, he was tall, his hair was long and had black and blonde stripes running through it, as well as mis-matched eyes. Smirking, he walked out of the alleyway. "So you're one of the Red Dragon Emperor's mates, huh?" He raised an eyebrow as Rassie got between him and Asia. "Relax, little one, I'm not here to hurt your mistress."

Asia looked at him and nodded. "Rassie, it's okay, I believe him." She gently scratched Rassie's head.

"That will get you kiled some day." The man shook his head. "As for me? Call me C.C. if you want. My name is Crom Cruach." He pointed at Asia. "You, however, interest me." Asia stared in surprise. "A familiar that's a Dragon, a contract with a Dragon King and the mate of the Red Dragon Emperor." A savage grin came to his face. "I saw that fight that he had against the White Dragon Emperor and my former boss's pupil. I want to fight him when he can control that power."

"Why are you telling me this?" Asia asked and Crom Cruach chuckled. "What?"

He grinned at her. "I can tell what you're thinking. That you're not good enough to be one of his mates." Her eyes widened in surprise. "Your hand, give it to me." Asia looked confused as Crom held out his hand. "Well?"

Asia gulped and held out her right hand. He grabbed it and Asia's eyes widened as she felt power flow into her arm. When Crom pulled his hand away, Asia was surprised to see her right hand and arm covered in a black, skin-tight glove. But what was surprising was that the glove looked metal at first glance, she could see it was covered in glossy scales.

"A payment." Crom told her when she looked at him in confusion as he walked away. "I was going to go looking for someone else, but I found you instead." He smirked and chuckled to himself. "That glove will give you what you seek."

"What does it do?" Asia asked as she reached out to stop him.

But Crom said nothing as he disappeared.

Asia looked at her arm in confusion. "...I hope this isn't permanent." She really had no idea what to do. She knew who Crom Cruach was. After all, he made Albion and D'Draig nervous enough that both Vali and Issei were actually scared of him. When Rassie sniffed and poked it with his head, Asia wondered just what it was capable of doing. "...Maybe I should see someone about this?"

Rassie just nodded and the two ran off.

Standing on a rooftop not far away from where they had been, Crom Cruach watched Asia and Rassie rush off. "I wonder if you'll be able to master that power, Dragon Mistress." He grinned as he thought about it. "The thought of her using that power... Boss, are you sure about this?"

A transparent image of a shadowy body appeared in front of Crom. "Yes. Giving her some of your power to help her grow... I am interested in what will happen in the future."

Crom chuckled in amusement. "If she and her mate can get strong enough." A crazed grin came to his face. "The thought of facing them at their strongest." He practically moaned in delight.

The person nodded and Crom could see a smile on their face. "I'm glad we agree, anyway, you should not tarry long."

"Ah, fine." Crom said as he disappeared in a black flash while the image disappeared.

End Chapter 7


Actual author notes that relate to what I just posted.

When Future Irina and Future Nabiki called into the past, I WAS going to have Irina say that something happened to Asia, but I could NOT, for the life of me, figure anything out to that regard, so Nabiki stopped Irina from spoiling anything.


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Chapter 8

Nabiki sighed as she gave Asia an exasperated look. "Well, good news, from what I can tell, this isn't harmful."

Asia nodded. She, Nabiki, Rassie and Serafall were in the living room while Lillie and Leonardo watched what was going on from the couch. "That's good, but..." She moved her right arm to emphasize what the problem was. "I don't mind it, it looks cool, but I want to turn it off."

"Oh! That's simple!" Serafall said with a smile. "You just need to twinkle and sparkle and make it disappear." Both Asia and Nabiki gave her a look that showed they were completely lost and Serafall giggled. "If it's like a magical device..." She held up her right index finger, which glowed and sparkled. She motioned for Asia to hold out her right arm and touched the girl's middle finger before running along the back of Asia's finger, across her hand and up to her shoulder. "Okay, do you feel that?"

"Oh!" Asia's eyes widened. "I see, I wasn't looking the right way." She smiled at the twin tailed Devil King. "Thank you, Lady Leviathan." Serafall smiled and nodded while Asia closed her eyes and a soft, blue glow covered her arm, when it was over, all that remained was a black band around Asia's wrist with a gold symbol that looked like a Dragon's head on it.

"Well, that's solved at least." Nabiki nodded and looked at the data that was coming up. "So, there's no name for this, at least not yet." She gave Asia a small smirk, "so go ahead and name it whatever you want." She looked at the data a bit more closely. "As for what it does..." She frowned in confusion. "...Odd..."

"What's odd?" Serafall asked as she looked at the data. "What's this, potential power alignment thing?"

Suddenly the screen flashed and new information came across the screen. "Potential Power Alignment refers to the potential that lies within the item that was given to Asia Argento by Crom Cruach. Much like a Sacred Gear, this device will grow with the user. Should the user decide to be supportive while using it, it will grow that way, if the user wishes to become aggressive and attack, it will grow and reflect that, should the user wish to be more defensive instead of aggressive or supportive, it will grow to reflect that."

"Interesting..." Nabiki mused and tilted her head. "So what is it?"

"It is the crystallization of a portion of Crom Cruach's power linked to Asia Argento."

Asia looked at her wrist and a thought crossed her mind. "This is..." She bowed to Nabiki. "Thank you, I'll work on making sure that I can use this effectively in the future."

There was a knock on the door and Leonardo went to the door and opened it up, revealing Akeno and Yukiko, who both sighed in relief as they saw Asia standing in the living room safe and sound.

"Asia, I got a message from Nabiki that something happened." Akeno asked and Asia nodded, walking over to them.

"Yes, but I'm okay." She smiled at them. "I'm sorry for worrying you."

Akeno smiled and hugged Asia as she got close. "Of course I worry about you. If something happened, we'd all be hurt."

Yukiko bowed to Nabiki and Serafall. "Thank you for looking after her."

Serafall smiled while Nabiki nodded. "Don't worry about it," Serafall winked at the trio, "and Asia, remember, you need to treat that like a magical device." She gave Asia a stern look, "or I'll be so upset if you mistreat it." A dark aura filled the room that had Nabiki and Leonardo sweating. Lillie just looked confused.

Asia, Akeno and Yukiko all gulped as their faces turned blue. "Ah, yes, Lady Leviathan, I won't let anything happen to it."

The aura disappeared as Serafall smiled happily and clapped her hands. "Yay! Okay, you three have fun and don't get lost out there."

"Who'd get lost in their own hometown?" Yukiko asked in confusion as she, Akeno and Asia left the house.




"Sir, this is a library, please be quiet."



After they left, Nabiki sighed and shut down her Sacred Gear. "I already know how to master my Sacred Gear." She chuckled as she flopped back onto the couch. "The brain chip that was put in me to control it, I'd have to have it removed and not get overwhelmed by the Balance Break."

"Can you do that?" Serafall asked her as she walked over to sit down next to her. "I mean, I don't have that and sometimes I feel like I have to go bam! Whoosh! and Pow!" She emphasized each word by punching the air. "Get what I mean?"

Nabiki gave Serafall a weird look. "...Have you ever been tested for ADHD?"

"No, what's that?"

Nabiki shook her head. "Don't worry about it, it probably doesn't apply to Devils." Though, if it did, Serafall would be the poster child of such a problem.

Serafall gave her a confused look. "I'm curious, what is that?"

"Well," Nabiki shifted so she was sitting up more fully, "ADHD people tend to hyper-focus on stuff that they find interesting and constantly need their brain stimulated, get bored super easily, are really lazy when it comes to stuff that needs to be done but it doesn't need to be done right away or isn't new or a challenge. They also get distracted really easily."

"Easily distracted, lazy, in need of stimulation and can hyper-focus on things?" Serafall sweat-dropped heavily. "That sounds like a pain in the butt."

"Like you wouldn't believe." Nabiki shook her head. "Anyway, I doubt you have it, or if you did, it's pretty mild."

Serafall smiled at her. "Well, I never heard of it before, so maybe I do. Or I'm just crazy."

"All Devils are crazy." Nabiki muttered in annoyance. "Issei decides to put part of Albion into his soul, despite it nearly killing him, Ranma wants to fight Vasco for fun, Rias's brother seems to have the hots for her..." She trailed off and smiled nervously at Serafall, "you have the hots for your sister."

"It's more than finding So-tan cute and adorable and I want to just have lovey-dovey sexy time with her and..." Serafall hugged herself and squealed in delight. "But I'm also super worried about her." Serafall pouted cutely. "She's the heir to the Sitri family, do you know how many people would love to marry her solely for the purpose of improving their social status?" A pensive look came to Serafall's face as she thought about it. "Even though she has me as a sister and her own reputation to blow off suitors, I worry someday someone will find a way to seduce her and won't truly care about her." Her eyes teared up. "That's why I want her to be with me, then I know she'll be taken care of, but instead, she might become vulnerable since she doesn't have a lot of experience with anyone."

"Did you before you hooked up with Ranma?" Nabiki asked her and Serafall smiled and blushed softly.

"Well, I did try to date Sirzechs-chan, but Grayfia already staked her claim on him when I asked him out." She giggled and rubbed the back of her head. "I tried to offer a threesome and Grayfia would only agree if she could go full BDSM queen on me, so I had to turn that down. Um..." She blinked and tapped her chin while looking up. "...I can't say that I have a lot of experience otherwise, being a Devil King makes it hard to get time to have a date."

Nabiki stared at the Devil King in shock. "...Wait, are you saying your first real relationship is with Ranma? ...Were you a virgin before he got you?"

"Well, I didn't really do a lot of romantic pursuits." Serafall told her. "As for a virgin, I lost that a long time ago, but it's been a few centuries since I last had sex, so I was basically a virgin." A determined look came to her face. "Besides, with Gabriel as my rival, I cannot let myself get too bogged down in case she shows up and wants to fight!"

Nabiki sweat-dropped as she heard that. "I don't think she wants to fight you though." Really, Nabiki didn't think that Gabriel thought of Serafall as a rival to begin with. "If anything, she might want to be friends."

"HA!" Serafall laughed as she leaned back against the couch. "I don't see her as an enemy anymore, but friends? I don't think that would happen."

Nabiki just shrugged. "You can be rivals and friends, you know?" Serafall looked at her with a raised eyebrow. "Xenovia and Yohko quickly became rivals and friends. Xenovia used to be with the church and hunted down the supernatural and Yohko was a Devil Hunter. They both like to fight and use swords. Last I checked, Xenovia won the last three sparring matches they had. But they smile after they're done and help each other after each match." Nabiki smirked as a thought popped into her head. "I really should call Yohko and have her come here this weekend, I'm sure that Xenovia would love another sparring match."

Suddenly the door creaked and Nabiki and Serafall looked over at the door. "Didn't they close that when they left?" Nabiki asked as she got up and went over to the door to close it and blinked in surprise as she saw someone behind the door. "Ah, Sona?"

Sona's eyes widened as Nabiki was shoved out of the way and Serafall grabbed her and pulled her into a hug. "ACK!"

"So-tan! So-tan! So-tan!" Serafall giggled as she jumped up and down while hugging Sona to her chest, which Nabiki found comical as Sona was taller than Serafall.

"Um, Lady Leviathan, if you keep bouncing like that, your sister's glasses are going to go flying and break... Also, I think she needs to breath." Nabiki sweat-dropped as Serafall let go of the hug and giggled nervously while Sona fell on her butt and took some deep breaths to fill her lungs with oxygen.

"Th-" Sona took a deep breath to calm down and coughed lightly, "thank you, Nabiki. Sister, while I understand that pregnancy can mess with your hormones, please don't do that again." She had a pensive look on her face as Serafall looked upset, "...Fine." Sona whispered and opened her arms up while her face flushed as Serafall let out a squeal and jumped into her arms, hugging her little sister, who hugged her back. "Just don't hug me like you did before, okay?"

"Sure!" Serafall grinned and leaned back to look her sister in the face. "So, So-tan, are you going to join me and Ran-tan in a kinky, sexy threesome? Hmm?" Sona's face turned red as a tomato while Serafall's face got flushed as well. "I'm sure that he'll be the perfect gentleman to you and make you feel oh-so good and you won't want anyone else."

"Ack!" Sona let go of the hug and got out of her sister's embrace. "I knew I shouldn't have hugged you!" Sona ran away, running up the stairs and down the hallway.

Nabiki sighed as Serafall looked like she was about to cry. "May I suggest something?" Serafall looked at her and nodded, sniffling. "Ease up on the sexy time suggestions." She saw the Devil King start to get agitated and Nabiki grabbed her hand. "Just wait, I don't think Sona would mind the thought of you and her in a threesome, but you come across so strong that she gets flustered and I think she'd like someone who was a bit more reserved."

"...Why didn't I ever think of that?" Serafall asked as her eyes lit up in understanding and she thought about her sister and realized that Sona really did like things more mellow and structured. "I should apologize to her."

"I'm sure she forgives you." Nabiki smiled and let go of Serafall's hands. "Come on, sit down and... Oh!" She gasped as she saw Nodoka walking in from the dojo. "Auntie, you disappeared on us."

"Oh, I was just enjoying some peace and quiet is all." Nodoka smiled at her. "Plus dinner isn't quite ready yet, but I need to check on it." Nabiki nodded as Nodoka walked towards the kitchen. "Anyway, oh! Miss Asmodeus, where have you been?"

"Exploring that table with the holes in the side." Asmodeus told her. "All the holes end up in the same place, it wouldn't be a good place to hide since you'd slip all the way down and crash into a bunch of hard balls." The bronze-skinned mini-girl suddenly started laughing. "I like stuff like that, but that wasn't what I meant."

"I figured." Nodoka smiled at her. She found it surprisingly easy to not get flustered over what Asmodeus was saying, considering that even when she was younger and training to be Shinto shrine priestess, she had heard about the legendary sex Devil.

Meanwhile, at the end of the hallway, Sona was panting and blushing. "I wish that big sis wasn't so..." She paused as a door near her opened up and Ranma, wearing just boxers, walked out. Her blush increased as she saw his near nude form. "A...Ah... R-ranma?"

"Hmm?" Ranma turned and blinked a few times. "Sona Sitri? What are you doing here?"

Sona stammered a few times. "Ah, that is..."

"Hold that thought." Ranma said and turned around to walk a few doors away. "I need to use the bathroom."

"Oh." Sona said and nodded as Ranma disappeared into the bathroom and she was able to calm down. '...he's got great muscles.' Her face turned redder as she suddenly had a mental image of herself, Ranma and Serafall all on a bed with her sister and Ranma doing lewd things to her. "ACK!"

A few moments later, Ranma came back out of the bathroom while rubbing his hands with a paper towel. "So, Sona, what did you come here for?"

"Well..." Sona tried to think of anything other than having a threesome with her sister. "I wanted to speak with your father about the payment for his services?"

Ranma frowned in confusion. "Is pops being lazy with his training?"

Sona shook her head. "No, quite the opposite, he's far too effective. I had a rating game two weeks ago and, to my surprise, we managed to win without a single loss due to your father's psychological tactics and tricks. My opponent wanted to know who my team's coach was and after some discussion I realized that I was not paying your father enough for his services. It would reflect badly upon the Sitri clan if people knew that I was being stingy with my payments."

"Makes sense." Ranma nodded. "Sadly, I don't know where my pops is."

"Ah, that's fine." Sona told him. "I did need to talk to Nabiki as well, but big sis, ah..."

Ranma saw her blushing and nodded. "She came on hard again, didn't she?" Sona nodded. "She does that sometimes." Ranma turned and stopped as Sona grabbed his arm. "Something wrong?"

"Actually..." Sona said and let go. "I want to thank you." Ranma gave her a confused look. "I... I worry about her. She might be really strong, but she's got a weird personality and I was worried that someone would come along and seduce her just to get the prestige of having slept with a Devil King and not really care about her."

Ranma smiled at her and nodded. "You're a good sister, but yeah, I'm not going to just pump and dump her. I have reasons for it, but I do love how she's so silly and energetic."

"...You... You actually LIKE my sister's antics?" Sona asked, gawking in surprise and Ranma nodded. "...Really?"

Ranma chuckled. "As much as I get annoyed with Lilith's antics at times, I do enjoy them. Your sister isn't any different, really. Besides, I seem to attract crazy girls."

Sona smirked at Ranma. "Don't stick your dick in crazy."

"Too late." Ranma laughed at her. "Now I gotta get back to two of my crazies before they come out here and drag you in with us." Sona blushed as Ranma walked towards the bedroom he had been in. "Unless you want to lose your virginity that way, I suggest you leave this hallway."

Sona nodded and after Ranma went into the room and closed the door behind him, she fidgeted for a moment before finally sighing and walking out of the hallway. She blinked in confusion as she saw Lillie sitting on Leonardo's shoulders and Asmodeus standing on Lillie's head while all three stood taller than Serafall, staring her down. Suddenly Kunou came out of nowhere and jumped on Serafall's shoulders, putting the two of them taller than the three person tower. "...What's going on?"

"So-tan!" Serafall waved at her. "We're just doing a human tower, we need one more person, want to be on top?"

"Ah, no." Sona shook her head. "I wanted to actually ask Nabiki about some help with something."

"Oh?" Nabiki asked as she looked up from where she was lounging on the couch. "About what?" She asked and sat up as Sona came down the stairs and sat next to her.

"Well, remember the monsters that were rampaging in Northern Japan a month ago?" Nabiki nodded, she had Atsuko go to help Sona with them. "It turns out that there were some Fallen Angels and members of the Old Satan Faction that were leading the monsters."

"Atsuko mentioned something about that. She said something about an Angel helping out?"

"Dulio, specifically," Sona explained to her. "One of those monsters was a slime that kept splitting in half and was immune to most attacks and it kept getting bigger. We would have lost had Dulio not decided to cause an instant minus thirty-nine degree blizzard with twenty kilometer hour winds to freeze the thing so we could shatter all of them. I was left with a very stark realization." She said as she pulled out a tablet. "While I can create a lot of water and create water Dragons, I could use something to cause a large area of effect and I couldn't think of anything until today. To create a flood similar to what was used to wipe out the Nephilim."

"You want to cast a biblical-class spell?" Serafall asked as she put Kunou down. "The amount of power and control is pretty intense to get something even close to what drowned the Nephilim." She smiled at the shocked looks that she was given from Nabiki and Sona. "I wasn't there, but our parents were able to view what happened."

"Well, it's not like I want to flood the whole planet, but being able to create powerful storms, floods and even just making heavy water fall in one spot would be helpful, I think." Sona sighed and tapped the tablet and a holographic image of an extremely complex spell array appeared. "But I'm having trouble with it. Theoretically, it should work, but when I try to use it, the spell blows up in my face." Her cheeks turned lightly pink. "It's why I came over here. My peerage had to clean my apartment up after I destroyed most of it from the explosion."

Nabiki sweat-dropped heavily. "Mis-casting spells and they explode on you. Why do I have a feeling this will happen again in the future." She shook her head at the look Sona gave her. "Not you, but I was thinking that future generations of magic users will have something similar happen to them."

"Hmm..." Serafall looked at the spell array. "It looks like you're mostly correct, but there's like... Four or five parts of this array that are off." She reached out and touched one, causing it to glow before touching another four spots. "And there's these..." She double tapped another five spots. "I think that this is right, but if you change the values of the first ones, these will become inaccurate."

Sona looked at it and her eyes widened. "You're right! I didn't even realize that I did the math wrong here."

"Hmm..." Serafall tapped her chin and tilted her head. "Sorry, So-tan, but I would need to look at it more closely, I can see what's wrong, but fixing it isn't something I can do at the drop of a hat."

"Well, I can." Nabiki said as a clear keyboard was in front of her and she typed away at it. Clear cords reached out and connected to the tablet Sona had as Nabiki hit a few buttons and Sona and Serafall watched as the parts of the spell array that were wrong were cleared away and new lines and arrays were put in their place. "There. This should be what you wanted." She smirked at Sona, who stared in awe. "If you tell me what you want, I can make it happen. Still, you did most of this on your own, that's impressive."

"No, that's not..." Sona paused and she adjusted her glasses. "Nabiki Tendo, would you like to enter into a contract with me?" Nabiki tilted her head curiously and Sona elaborated. "I wish to become a teacher in the future and I would like to help create new spells that haven't been thought of before. While I can theory-craft, as you saw, sometimes I hit walls and I can't figure it out."

"Right, and my ability would allow you to figure it out quickly then." Nabiki asked and Sona nodded. "What kind of payment are we looking at here?"

"Standard pay rates, increased based on how much you need to fix any of my mistakes. Obviously I will attempt to craft the spell arrays," Sona said as she turned her device off, "on my own and practice them before I come to you. But I would like to know that I can send over what I have if I cannot fix it."

Nabiki nodded and stood up. "I have no problem with that. We can write up the contract later."

"Of course." Sona said as she stood up and shook Nabiki's hand. "If you'll excuse me..." She smiled nervously. "I should get back to my apartment. I worry what my peerage will do if I'm gone for too long."

"That bad?" Nabiki asked and Sona sighed.

"The last time I left them alone for too long, they started playing mini-golf in the apartment and accidentally broke a light bulb." It wasn't much, but Sona really didn't want to deal with that again.

"I'll see you out." Serafall said as she walked Sona out of the building. Once outside, Serafall wanted to say something before she paused and turned to walk back inside.

"Sister." Sona said and Serafall turned to see Sona looking at her with a contemplative look on her face. "I think that Ranma is a good man for you." Serafall's eyes widened and Sona smiled at her sister. "If you want, I'll be the maid of honor for your wedding."

The next thing Sona knew, Serafall was hugging her tightly and bouncing around while cheering her name. Before Sona could react, Serafall put her down and gave her a kiss on the lips. It was quick and relatively chaste, but it still had Sona blushing hard while Serafall's face was flushed and the elder Devil winked at her sister.

"I think he'd be good for you too, So-tan." She giggled in delight. "If you want to join the two of us, just ask, okay?" She turned and swayed her hips while walking back into the house.

"...ARRRRGH!" Sona yelled while turning and running away from the Saotome compound.

End Chapter 8


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Chapter 9

"So, why aren't we just using the teleportation matrix in your room?" Atsuko asked Ranma as the two of them, Nodoka, Genma, Kunou, Leonardo, Nabiki, Lillie and Serafall all stood at the train station.

"That's not designed to take so many people at once." Ranma told her. "Besides, I liked the train."

"Better inside the train than outside, huh?" Genma asked with a smirk and Ranma gave him an annoyed look. "What? I wasn't going to pay for a train ride when we had working legs."

"Where's Lilith?" Serafall asked as she looked around. "I didn't see her this morning."

"She's sleeping." Ranma pointed down to his shadow. "If she sleeps like this, she'll come with me."

"...And what if it gets really bright and your shadow disappears, Master?" Asmodeus's voice said from inside a bag that Ranma had. Opening it up, the bronzed mini-girl gave him a glare. "And why am I in here?"

"Because you're so small, it's easy to hide you in the luggage." Ranma explained and held up a hand above his head where a sphere of super bright light appeared. Most everyone winced and turned away. "My shadow isn't completely disappearing." Ranma said as a small, black circle remained under his feet and he let the light magic disappear. "Does that answer your questions?"

Asmodeus nodded before jerking a thumb behind her. "Sure, I get that, but why is my sister here?" Everyone turned to see Gabriel, in a white and blue sundress, smiling at all of them.

"What are you doing here?!" Serafall gasped in surprise. She was about to move when Ranma got next to her and grabbed her arm, whispering something to her and she sighed, nodding and relaxing as she rubbed her belly.

"Well," Gabriel smiled nervously, "I wanted to go to Kyoto and find out what happened to Azrael, since maybe Amaterasu's followers know what happened to him. And..." She blushed and fidgeted in ways that should not have been so cute on an adult woman, "I've never ridden on a train before."

"You're lucky that I'm pregnant." Serafall grumbled and the next thing she knew, Gabriel was right in front of her, grabbing her hands, her eyes sparkling.

"Oh, that's wonderful news. While I'm sure that you wouldn't appreciate any blessings from me, may I at least pray that your child is born safe?"

"...Just not in front of me." Serafall said before Gabriel hugged her. "Ack! We're rivals!"

"We are?" Gabriel asked as she let go of the hug. "But we've never really interacted before." She had a confused look on her face and Serafall growled.

Ranma just chuckled and hugged Serafall from behind. "Now, now... If you want to fight her, challenge her to something that doesn't involve physical fighting. Like darts, pool or video games. And didn't Serafall mention she was pregnant yesterday?"

Gabriel blinked a few times and tapped her chin. "...Maybe, but I was so shocked by finding out that my brother didn't die back then that I might have forgotten." She giggled and rubbed the back of her head.

Nabiki sweat-dropped as she watched the antics. 'Boy, it's a good thing that no one who knows Serafall is around, they'd probably pass out in shock.' Nabiki herself was having a hard time believing what she was seeing, with Serafall acting like she was getting weirded out by someone else. 'Then again, maybe it's because Serafall sees Gabriel as her rival?'

Nabiki blinked and wondered why she suddenly saw the two women wearing similar clothes and smiling at each other with Ranma between the two of them with both of them hanging off of his arms before shaking her head. 'The day that those two share someone is the day that I know Jedah was right and the universe is coming to an end.'

"I wonder why Runeas isn't here." Ranma muttered, remembering how she reacted to him. "You'd think she'd want to know what happened to her daughter."

"I called Ria-tan," Serafall told him, "and Runeas was there, so I asked her and she said that the fact that her daughter had children that made it to the modern age is good enough for her."

"...I guess that makes sense." Ranma nodded. "If her daughter's still alive, I guess we can at least let her know." Serafall nodded.

There was a ding and a voice came over the loudspeaker telling everyone that the train to Kyoto was arriving soon and would be departing shortly.


Unlike the last time that Ranma, Atsuko and Nabiki had ridden on the train, there wasn't too many people, so everyone got their own sections to sit and spread out.

Which worked out well, as Serafall was sitting as far away as she could from Gabriel, who was simply smiling as she enjoyed the ride.

Atsuko sweat-dropped as she looked at the Devil King and the Seraph. 'Sheesh, there's more tension between those two than there was between me and Emi back when she was trying to steal my body.'

Sitting near the front, Ranma opened his bag and Asmodeus crawled out, grumbling while Ranma cast a quick silencing spell. "You said you wanted to talk to me about something private, this is the best I can do, so talk."

Asmodeus gave him a glowering look before sighing. "Dang it, Master, whatever you did to me make it hard to stay mad at you. But I was talking to Nabiki and Serafall last night about Sacred Gears, since they didn't have Balance Break forms when I was alive." Ranma nodded. "Nabiki explained them and then the Mastered version of them and I was thinking..."

"You know how to master my Sacred Gear?" Ranma asked and Asmodeus nodded, smirking. "So, how do I?"

"Well, I can't completely confirm how..." Asmodeus admitted, "but, seeing as your Sacred Gear is carved from a piece of my soul, there's only one way." Ranma raised an eyebrow as she pointed a finger at him. "You simply need to let someone breed you while you're in your girl form."

Ranma gave her a flat stare. "...What?" When Asmodeus nodded, Ranma growled and grabbed her in his fist. "While I've had sex in my girl form, I'm not interested in having some guy put a kid in me."

Asmodeus gave him a knowing smirk. "Random guys, no, but if someone was strong enough and wasn't someone you hated, you probably would say yes." Ranma twitched and Asmodeus sighed. "I'm not saying you need to do that right away. The only kid I gave birth to was Morrigan after all." Asmodeus let out a contemplative hum. "Well, there is another option, I suppose, but it's completely crazy."

"...And what option is this one?" Ranma asked her.

Asmodeus grinned at him. "Simple! Since your Sacred Gear is technically part of me, if we fused together, you'd have it mastered in an instant, but that's..." She trailed off and her grin disappeared as Ranma had a contemplative look on his face. "Look, I don't know what you're thinking, but you can't fuse two beings together. Even when we Devils did body possession, that was puppetry magic, or we ate the soul and wore a human's body as a skin suit, so I don't know what you're thinking."

"...Your body is an artificial construct, isn't it?" Ranma asked and Asmodeus nodded. "...Then there MIGHT be a way."

Asmodeus gave Ranma a flat look. "You seriously know someone who can fuse with other people?"

"...Sort of." Ranma explained to her. "When we're done in Kyoto, I'll have to swing through another city and see if she's around." He paused as he let Asmodeus go. "...Then again, I don't remember where her house is, guess I'll have to go visit one of her friends."

"Who ARE you talking about?" Asmodeus asked and Ranma smirked at her.

"You'll have to find out." He chuckled before frowning in confusion. "I think I'm forgetting something about her... Hey, Lilith, wake up, I need to ask you a question." Two eyes opened up in Ranma's shadow and looked up at him. "You awake?"

"Barely, I want to sleep, Master. What is it?"

"Remember the girl you borrowed the magic staff from that cooled your head?" Ranma asked and the shadow bobbed up and down. "Remember her friend? The one with the book? I feel like I forgot something about her."

"...You mean how she, despite being in a wheel chair, somehow launched herself across the room just to grab my boobs when she rolled in on us about to have sex in her guest room and if not for the pink swordswoman, would have lost her virginity to us then and there?"

"...Oh yeah, that did happen, didn't it?" Ranma chuckled at the memory. "The hammer loli still hates us, doesn't she?"

"Maybe." Lilith told him as she pulled herself out of his shadow, yawning. "Though I think the non-magical blonde hates you more. You stole her first kiss and she kept calling you dummy after that."

"Who ARE you two talking about?" Asmodeus asked in frustration.

"You'll have to find out." They said at the same time and Asmodeus twitched before nodding.

"Fine, but I'm coming with." The bronzed mini-girl grumbled, wondering what kind of silly things she was about to see.


A bit later...

"Welcome to Kyoto." Kunou said as she led the group out of the train. "Seeing as this is my hometown, I don't think anyone has a problem of me leading?"

"Of course not." Gabriel smiled at the small fox girl. "Please do."

Kunou nodded and smiled back. "Okay, let's go, I've got some friends I want to say hello to and that will give the messengers enough time to let mother know and prepare for us."

Nodoka smiled and poked Genma in the side. "I think our granddaughter just wants to show off."

Genma smirked and put his arm around her shoulders. "Maybe, but I haven't been to Kyoto in years, let's enjoy the tour."


An hour later...

The group walked up the stairs to the main temple as several Youkai guards bowed to the group.

"Lord Ranma." A tengu said as he walked out of the shrine. "I wish we had been given more advanced notice of your arrival. We would have prepared a fine feast."

Ranma chuckled at the man. "It's okay, I've only been back in Japan for two days now. Is Yasaka in?" He asked and noticed that Lilith was twitching out of the corner of his eyes.

"Your wife is very much in and it's taken us considerable effort to keep her from rushing out here to greet you."

Ranma nodded and he looked at the others. "Mind if Kunou and I go in first?" They all shook their heads and Ranma and Kunou went inside.

Once inside, Yasaka's eyes lit up as she saw Kunou and Ranma walk in. "Greetings, husband, daughter." She said in a subdued voice that was dripping with happiness. "I have missed both of you."

"Mother." Kunou smiled and walked over to her kneeling mother and hugged her. "How are you and the twins doing?"

Yasaka chuckled as Kunou knelt down to put her head against Yasaka's large belly. "They're fine, Kunou, it won't be long now." She looked up as Ranma stood in front of her. "Husband." She raised a hand and he helped her stand up before picking her up to hold her in a princess bridal carry. "I missed you." She whispered as she wrapped her arms around his neck and kissed him on the lips, which he returned with a vigor. "Nnngh!" Her eyes widened and she looked down at her belly. "The twins are saying hello to you too, daddy." Ranma sat down with her in his lap and put a hand on her belly, enjoying feeling them move. "Oooh! There they go again." She smiled as Kunou put her hands on her mother's belly and had a look of pure awe on her face as she felt her little siblings moving around.

After nearly ten minutes of that, Ranma pushed himself up to his feet, while still holding Yasaka and gently put her down before kissing her on the lips again. "I'd love to catch up, but there are people who are here and have some questions that maybe you can answer." Ranma told her and Yasaka nodded at him and looked at the guards, who nodded and let the others in.

"Oh my." Gabriel smiled as she saw Yasaka's condition. "First I find out Serafall is expecting and now I see that you are as well."

"Oh?" Yasaka gave Serafall a knowing smile. "Yes, my husband is quite manly isn't he?" She ignored how Nodoka squealed in delight. "And you are?" She asked Gabriel.

"I am Seraph Gabriel, one of Heaven's leaders." The blonde Angel said as she gave a curt bow to the other woman. "I come seeking some answers that I hope that you or someone else can answer about one of my brothers that I recently discovered may still be alive."

"Perhaps I can." Yasaka told her. "Can you tell me his name?"

"He was the Archangel of Death, Azrael." Gabriel responded and Yasaka had a contemplative look on her face. "If you do not know, that is fine, I merely wish to see if there is anything in your records."

Suddenly a purple and orange light filled the room and Yasaka turned around while Gabriel and the rest stared in shock as the orange light, which was a circle with triangles that surrounded it to look like a sun, and the purple light, which was in the shape of a crescent moon, both condensed into a woman and a man. Both were wearing ornate kimonos as they appeared in the center of the room. The man's kimono was mostly dark with light purple highlights and the woman's kimono was gold and red. The woman had a metal folding fan while the man sat and looked at everyone calmly. The woman had pale skin, golden eyes and blonde hair and the man had black hair, purple eyes and fair skin as well.

"You are..?" Yasaka gasped, though she knew, deep down, who these two were.

"I am Tsukiyomi," the man spoke, "the god of the moon."

"And I am Amaterasu," the woman spoke after him, "the goddess of the sun." She gave a small smile to everyone as they stared in shock. "I believe that you have some questions that need answering."

End Chapter 9

And THIS is why it's called the Shinto Arc.

Two more chapters before some REAL fun begins.

Which includes a 5 part flashback chapter.

And why is Artificial so damn hard for me to spell?! I keep forgetting the third "i".


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Chapter 10

"Lord Tsukiyomi." Yasaka gasped in surprise. "Lady Amaterasu."

The guards, Nabiki, Nodoka and Kunou were already bowing deeply to the two deities while Genma, Ranma and Leonardo followed suit shortly after. Atsuko was on one knee with her head bowed deeply. Lilith, Serafall and Gabriel gave polite bows to the two deities. Lillie did not bow, however Yasaka's face showed her flustered embarrassment as she found it hard to bow. "Forgive me, I..."

"Relax child," Amaterasu told the pregnant woman. "You may all relax." She said while she and Tsukyomi gave Lilith, Serafall and Gabriel respectful bows in return. "You are expecting two children, expecting you to properly bow when you are more than halfway through your pregnancy is expecting too much."

"Neither of us would force a pregnant woman to hurt herself or her unborn children." Tsukiyomi told the assembled group. "We overheard that you," he motioned towards Gabriel, "have a question that our followers could answer."

Gabriel nodded. "Yes. My brother, the Archangel of Death, Azrael, was thought dead many years ago, but there was no confirmation of such. I recently discovered that he was not dead, but he fled the war with a Devil of the Gremory family and was taken in by the Shinto faction." She bowed again as tears welled up in her eyes. "Please! I beg of you, I merely wish to know what happened to my brother. The thought of one of my family being alive that I thought was dead..."

"I see," Amaterasu said slowly as she took a deep breath. "Please raise your head, Seraph Gabriel." Gabriel looked up and Amaterasu smiled at her. "Your brother, if he was here, would feel very fortunate indeed. But..." Her smile slipped off of her face. "I'm afraid that neither Azrael nor his wife are alive today."

"...Oh." Gabriel felt herself slumping to her knees as what she feared was true. "...May I ask how they died?"

"Old age, I'm afraid." Amaterasu said as she tapped her chin with her folding fan. She nodded at the shocked looks she was given. "Yes, he and his wife lived to be quite old before passing away, over two hundred years as humans."

"...I'm completely lost." Atsuko muttered.

"No way..." Lilith's eyes shrank to pin-pricks. "...There's a way to turn us into humans?!"

"Please relax." Tsukiyomi told her. "It's a very complex ritual that takes nearly a month to complete and both parties must completely wish for it to happen in order for it to happen."

"However, I should clarify something before you completely misunderstand." Amaterasu spoke up, "we didn't turn them into humans, we sealed away their powers as an Angel and a Devil and they lived the rest of their lives as normal humans. The power that they had was still in their bloodline, but dormant. They would have children, age and die like regular people."

"I see." Gabriel said softly. "May I ask where they were buried? I would at least like to pray for them."

"Of course." Amaterasu nodded at her. "You may pray after we leave. After all, this shrine is their tomb." She was amused at the looks of shock that the entire room had. "Now that's settled... There are more questions I suppose that you may have. First, for your brother, Seraph Gabriel, he had many children and lived a happy life with his wife."

"Lady Amaterasu, you should tell them about your blessing."

"Oh yes." Amaterasu nodded at Tsukiyomi. "Thank you, I would have forgotten. In exchange for allow us to conduct our ritual on him and his wife, I gave them a blessing that for them and their descendants, that they could and would be able to always find a mate among the Youkai of Japan. Even when the Youkai would give into their more base instincts and become Demons, Azrael's descendants would find that all but the most blood-thirsty Demons would be more friendly towards them, including finding them to be an appropriate mate." She smiled at Yasaka and Ranma's shocked expressions. "Considering that this one has a powerful Divine Artifact that made him more sexually attractive to anyone interested, even at a young age, it should not be a surprise that you would end up marrying one of Azrael's descendants."

"You knew all this about me?" Ranma asked and the two Deities nodded. "...Isn't it kind of... I dunno odd to focus on one mortal?"

"Why wouldn't we?" Tsukiyomi asked Ranma. "After all, you and your father's family have been watched by the Japanese Deities for nearly three thousand years."

"This is going to be amusing." Nabiki muttered softly. "Why would you watch one family?"

Amaterasu giggled softly, it was a melodic, calming sound. "Because, hee hee, Genma's ancestor was quite the lady's man and scoundrel back in those days."

"I have a bad feeling." Ranma and Genma both muttered at the same time.

"Your ancestor tried to steal from Lady Benzaiten's shrine three thousand years ago. She was quite upset and appeared before him to punish him," Tsukiyomi continued for Amaterasu, who was laughing and unable to talk, "instead, he managed to use his silver tongue to convince her not to punish him and even ended up seducing and impregnating her."

"...Master," Lilith boggled at what she was hearing, "your dad's ancestor knocked up the Japanese Goddess of Luck?!"

"...So THAT'S why I can even use a Holy weapon?!" Ranma gawked at the two Deities. "Mom's side of the family has the Archangel of Death and dad's side of the family has the Japanese Goddess of Luck?!" The two Deities nodded at him. "But..."

"Relax," Tsukiyomi said while Amaterasu tried to control her giggling, "that was so long ago, around three thousand years ago, any and all Holy power within you should have been a tiny spackle at most. However, your family is blessed with the weirdest luck..." He gave Genma a meaningful look. "After all, did not your mother tell you stories about how she was supposed to be in Hiroshima on that fateful day but she had over-slept, she was robbed and she was kicked by a horse?"

Amaterasu took a deep breath and let it out slowly to calm down. "And young Ranma, you should not have your Holy powers awakened at all, but due to someone..." She looked at Lilith, "deciding to try and suck your soul out when you first met, she jumpstarted all of your family's bloodline all at once."

"...That is..." Ranma shook his head. "So weird."

"...It makes sense." Serafall spoke up and Ranma looked at her. "The fact that you can mix fire and ice into an attack that no one has ever seen before, you would need an extreme amount of control, which is something that the Gremory family was known for. The fact that you could use any Holy Weapon and even hold Azrael's weapon..." She gave the two Deities a concerned look. "What about his children?"

"Relax, Lady Leviathan," Tsukiyomi told her, "any children that you have with him will be fine." He smiled at her, "after all, a blessing that I gave Azrael was that all of his descendants would be born healthy."

Ranma suddenly stood up, to the shock of everyone. "I need to step outside and get some fresh air and think about what I've learned the past couple of days."

"Of course." Amaterasu smiled at him. "Even if you are used to weird things happening to you, I can't imagine that this is easy." After Ranma left, the Deity looked at the rest of the room. "Does anyone else have any other questions?"

"How did you hide Azrael from Heaven?" Nabiki asked her. "I have the ability to see into the past, present and future and I couldn't find out what happened to him."

"A trade secret, I'm afraid." Tsukiyomi told her. "If you must know, the ritual made it impossible for anyone looking for Azrael to find him."

"We must go now." Amaterasu told them. "I apologize if this was not everything you wanted to know."

The two disappeared in an orange and purple light.


Standing on the top of the building, Ranma sighed and looked up at the sky. "...I mean, it doesn't change anything, but..."

"It changes your world-view, huh, Master?" Ranma turned to see Lilith up on the roof with him. "...Never thought that the two of us were technically distant cousins, huh?"

Ranma blinked a few times before his eyes widened and he realized what she was talking about. "I don't think it's, ha ha ha, the same thing."

Lilith smiled and walked up to him, putting her arms around his neck and pressing her body close to his. "Regardless of anything else, Master... You are my Master and I am your slut."

Ranma chuckled and hugged her back, his hands actually staying on her back and not traveling anywhere. "Thank you." He whispered, his body trembling softly. "Thank you."

Lilith closed her eyes and smiled. "No matter what trouble you're in, I'll be there with you. You are mine, I am yours."

"So why don't you two get married already?" A new voice spoke up and Ranma and Lilith turned to see Kunou smiling at them. "Come on! That way you two can both be married to mother." Seeing Lilith wince, Kunou shook her head. "Mother wanted to speak to you, Lilith. In private."

Lilith gulped and let go of the hug, nodding. "...I'll go see what she wants." It wasn't something that she looked forward to as she walked away and jumped off of the roof.

Ranma walked over to Kunou and sat down next to her. "...Your mom won't do anything to her, will she?"

Kunou hummed and shook her head while crawling over and sitting in Ranma's lap. Though, to Ranma's surprise, she was facing him while wrapping her legs around him and putting her arms on his shoulders and blushing. "Uh, Kunou..?"

The small fox girl blushed and smiled at him. "I love you, daddy." She leaned forward and buried her face against his chest, shifting as she did so.

Ranma sweat-dropped and hoped that this was just her being affectionate and not her about to try and seduce him. 'Yasaka would kill us.' Well, he was sure that she'd kill him at the very least.


In a private room in the back of the shrine, Yasaka sat on her bed as Lilith walked into her room. Yasaka gave her a stern look. "Close the door behind you." Lilith did so and Yasaka patted the bed next to her. "Come here. I promise, I will not harm you."

Lilith nodded and gulped as she did so. "Look, I know that..."

"Do you hate me?" Yasaka asked, a pensive look on her face. "...I know that you're terrified of me for what I threatened to do to you if you seduced my daughter years ago." She looked at Lilith, who nodded. "...I see." She sighed and had a sad look on her face. "It wasn't my intention to scar you for life. I just wanted Kunou to be able grow up without being corrupted and seduced before she was ready."

"...The way you're speaking..."

Yasaka chuckled softly. "If Kunou takes after me, she'll be entering into her first heat within the year. When that happens, I won't be able to protect her anymore."

"...So..." Lilith gulped as the big breasted fox gave her a small nod. "...You wouldn't care if I..."

"I don't want her losing her virginity to you and I don't want you to tempt, trick or push her in a specific way." Yasaka's eyes started to glow red and Lilith gulped. "However, she'll be a teenager soon and..." Yasaka sighed. "My little girl is growing up."

"They always do." Lilith nodded and stood up in an attempt to get away from Yasaka. "Well, I'm glad that this was settled, I'll just..." She stopped as a hand grabbed her wrist. "Uh..."

The next thing Lilith knew, Yasaka pulled her into an embrace. "Should not a wife know how to please her husband's first woman?"

"Huh?" Lilith gasped as she was flipped onto the bed and Yasaka had opened her outfit, letting her large breasts, which were lactating, spill out. "...Oh, I have no problem, but..."

"I want to mend our relationship." Yasaka whispered to Lilith. "And I have no problems with a threesome. I know you can call my husband and get him to show up."

Lilith chuckled as she reached up and gave Yasaka's extra large and sentive breasts a squeeze, watching in fascination as milk oozed out of the nipples. "Well, I've never been able to have sex with a pregnant woman before." She muttered and sent a signal to Ranma to join them. "Also, if Kunou joins us, it's not my fault."

Yasaka nodded, knowing the guards would keep everyone out unless it was an emergency.

End Chapter 10


Someone pointed out that those two needed to mend their relationship somehow.


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Chapter 11

Serafall was many things. Slightly crazy, silly, powerful and dangerous to anyone she deemed to be an enemy. She wasn't, however, heartless. And seeing Gabriel kneeling and praying in the center of the room with tears falling from her eyes freely caused her to sigh and walk over to the Angel. "Just so you know..." She said as she put a hand on Gabriel's shoulder, "you're being a bother to our hosts."

"I know, but..." Gabriel shuddered and Serafall sighed softly.

It was a couple of minutes later that Serafall spoke again. "I have a younger sister." She said softly while Gabriel looked at her in confusion. "So I know how it is to care deeply about a sibling." Some would say that Serafall was too close to Sona and Serafall knew it wasn't like that. While she enjoyed the thought of seducing Sona and having her sister with her, that was because she wanted to protect her sister from the world and its threats. "If something happened to So-tan," a black aura surrounded her, "I don't care who it is, I would see them suffer in ways that most people alive today can't imagine. And even then, I wouldn't let them die, I would sink their bodies into Cocytus where their soul would be frozen for the rest of time."

As the aura dissipated, Gabriel gave her a small smile and turned back to the center of the shrine. "...I want to thank you, for trying to comfort me."

Serafall shifted and turned away with a huff. "Well, I can't have my rival being all sad and depressed, can I?" She stood up and started to walk off. "You should probably be thankful that he didn't take you with him." Serafall said as she looked back at Gabriel, who gave her a confused look. "If you had, I wouldn't have a rival."

Gabriel chuckled softly. "Perhaps I should start treating you like my rival then?" She asked, though her words had no heat in them. "...I would have given up everything for him. Even my position in Heaven."

Serafall gave her another look and shook her head. "What good would that have been?" She turned and walked out of the room and to the city outside. "Heaven would be worse off without you there." She left Gabriel staring at her in shock.

As she got outside, Serafall walked away from the shrine as she tried to clear her head. "Why am I helping her?" She had always fantasized about defeating Gabriel and proving herself to be the most powerful and beautiful female of the three great powers. Serafall narrowed her eyes as the look of pure anguish on Gabriel's face upon hearing what happened to her beloved brother and sighed. '...If something like that happened to So-tan, I'd be no different, would I?'

Maybe that was why she felt an urge to help Gabriel out.



Atsuko, Nabiki and Lillie all walked through the streets of Kyoto. "So, what do you think about all of this?" Nabiki asked Atsuko.

"I don't care." Atsuko said with her hands held up behind her head. "I mean, so what if Ranma has some crazy weird heritage, I was a cat until I was hit by a car, then I was a robot girl, now I'm a Devil Cyborg with a brain that has a cat brain that was evolved by Devil magic and nanotechnology. Ranma is Ranma, Nuku is Nuku and Lilith has big boobs."

Nabiki laughed and nodded. "Yeah, that's true. So are you moving to Makai?"

"Not any time soon." Atsuko shook her head. "There's stuff I want to do here on Earth still." She looked down at Lillie while putting her hands on her thighs and leaning forward. "You're pretty quiet, aren't you?"

Lillie looked up at her and nodded.

"I kind of wish you'd talk more." Atsuko said as she reached up and scratched the back of her head.

"I can." Lillie said and Atsuko jerked in surprise. Even Nabiki was floored. Lillie's voice was soft and quiet, yet for some reason, they could hear it despite the background noise that was going on. "I do not like speaking though. It's loud."

"Then why do you like Ranma? He's super loud." Nabiki asked her.

"...I like him." Lillie told her. "I like the others with Ranma too. They're fun." The ponytailed girl walked forward a few feet before stopping. "...Ranma wants me to live like a normal girl. I like that." She tugged at her shirt. "...I don't like these."

"Please don't take them off." Both Nabiki and Atsuko said at the same time.

Lillie looked at them and nodded. "Only at home."

Atsuko and Nabiki both nodded before pausing and giving each other a worried look. "Do you think she runs around naked?" Atsuko asked Nabiki.

"In Makai? Maybe, but I haven't looked over there." Nabiki answered her. "Then again, who's going to arrest anyone for a naked girl running around?" Both Nabiki and Atsuko looked at each other and sweat-dropped heavily. "...Great, I foresee a bunch of Demon police appearing in the future and kicking doors down randomly."

"You mean like American police forces?" Atsuko asked and sweat-dropped. "...You know, I can connect to the internet and I've seen lots of stories of police being evil over there. You think they're being controlled by Demons?"

"...That wouldn't surprise me." Nabiki muttered and shook her head. "I've not looked into other parts of the world, but I probably should start." The idea of government or police forces around the world being controlled by Demons or the Old Satan Faction was terrifying in multiple ways.

"...Maybe we should do that?" Atsuko muttered. "I mean, controlling a city so Demons and Devils can live there peacefully."

"...Well," Nabiki thought about it, "maybe in the future. But it's a pain in the ass, I think. Besides," she gave Atsuko a side glance, "a good chunk of humanity thinks that Demons, Devils, Angels and Gods are fake. Besides, cities where the supernatural can coexist with humans... Not a bad idea." Nabiki crossed her arms behind her head and looked up at the sky. "But that's quite a ways off, isn't it?"

"Well, it's not like we're constrained by time." Atsuko said with a nod and a smile as she looked up as well. "After all, we're Devils."


It was late at night when Ranma walked out of Yasaka's private room, his hair dripping with some water after cleaning himself up. Rubbing his head with a towel, Ranma paused as he saw Gabriel sitting with her knees pulled up and her head resting on them. With the way her eyes were closed and how she was breathing, he could tell she was asleep. He looked around the room and saw Serafall curled up on a small couch, sleeping as well and he shook his head before walking over to Serafall and picking her up. She moaned and shifted in her sleep and Ranma found her slipping out of his hands before he used some barriers to steady her body and shook his head before walking over to Gabriel and shifting Serafall so that he was holding her in his left arm, he reached under the sleeping Angel and picked her up in his right arm. Again, he used some barriers to hold her in place so she didn't fall out.

Carrying the two of them wasn't too hard, the hard part was that they were asleep and not able to consciously help him adjust so they didn't fall.

Sighing softly, Ranma made his way down the hallway of the shrine and nodded at a guard, who opened a guest room up. After getting inside, Ranma walked to the bed and somehow put the two sleeping women on the bed at the same time before laying down between them. When both Gabriel and Serafall rolled over to hug him in their sleep, he just mentally chuckled and closed his eyes. With Yasaka using Lilith as a body pillow, he knew he didn't have to worry about them.

'Besides, this is nice.' He thought to himself as the two women cuddled his side. He cracked an eye open and reached down on Serafall, giving her butt a small squeeze. 'You were looking after her, huh?' He knew that couldn't have been easy for her and an idea came to him. 'I guess I'll head out in the morning, huh?'


It was early in the morning, the sun was just starting to creep over the horizon and most people were still sleeping.

That didn't stop loud noises coming from the head shrine in Kyoto. "EH?!" More than one person gasped at once when Ranma made his announcement. Behind him Serafall was blushing and looking away while Gabriel was blushing hard.

'How did we end up rolling around in our sleep?' Serafall asked herself, her face turning redder by the moment. 'And how did my head end up between Gabriel's boobs?!'

Serafall didn't want to admit it, but Gabriel's breasts had been the most comfortable pillow that she had ever slept on.

Gabriel was blushing hard and trying not to look at anyone. 'I shared a bed with two other people last night. I...'

Ignoring the concerns of the others, Ranma nodded. "Yeah, I need to go see someone I haven't seen in years." He reached into his pocket and pulled out Asmodeus, who merely smiled at everyone. "Because I need some help with her."

Nabiki, who was only awake because of the coffee in front of her, stared blearily at Ranma before drinking some more of her coffee. "Huh, that's odd." The only reason she was even up was because Ranma had made her wake up on threat of being tossed out of the bed she had been in bare naked.

"And I need Lilith to help give me directions, I kind of forgot the layout of the city." Ranma looked at Lilith, who nodded.

"I could just tell you." Nabiki told Ranma, who nodded. "So..."

"I haven't been there in five years." Ranma told her, "it would be more fun to explore and see how the city's changed." He then looked at the blushing Serafall. "And Serafall, do you want to meet some magical girls?"

Like a switch, Serafall's blush disappeared as her eyes sparkled. "Really?!"

Ranma nodded as Serafall grabbed his hands and jumped up and down. "Yeah. Trust me, you'll love these girls." He looked back at Yasaka and Kunou and then looked at Gabriel and Serafall. "Actually, I was wondering if you two could help me with another thing?" Both Serafall and Gabriel had confused looks on their faces but nodded. "The very atmosphere of Makai is dangerous to most Youkai, it makes them turn into Demons. Nabiki already confirmed that if the atmosphere was changed to be safer for Youkai and humans that it wouldn't hurt the Demons. Plus I'd like the magic of Makai to be safe for Youkai."

"I don't have a problem with making a dangerous place safer for people to live," Gabriel told him, "but why?"

"Well, I can't expect my wife, daughter and unborn children to not be able to live with me and stay a family, can I?"

Serafall sighed and crossed her arms. "While I can get you the materials needed for such a project and even the spells needed, I can't do it for free."

Ranma nodded. "Right, something this big I wasn't planning on doing for free anyway. Nabiki, you can work out the details of the contract, right?" He turned to look at her and she smirked.

"Who do you think I am? Of course I can." Nabiki smirked. "But where are you going anyway?"

"Uminari City." Ranma told her.

End Chapter 11


Yes, that's right, this fic is officially bringing in the Lyrical Nanoha franchise.

The next five chapters are going to be flashback chapters to show how Ranma and Lilith met the group.


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Since it's a 5 part chapter...

I see no reason to hold back.


Chapter 11.5
Part 1

The clicking sound of gears and a watch was heard in the distance.

"Uminari City." Ranma said.

As he said that, the gears and watch started to spin in reverse, going faster and faster as images through Ranma's life ended up going on rewind into the past by seven years before the gears and watch stopped moving and then started to move forward at a normal speed.

"Um-in-ari?" Ranma, a young boy of ten years old wearing a white training gi, frowned in confusion. "Pops, what are we doing here?"

Next to him, a small girl with short, purple hair who was wearing what looked like a tube top and black shorts that clung to her, for her age, wide hips, giggled at the question. "Ranma, your dad probably spent all the money he had while we were training with the old magic man."

Genma, who had thinning hair, which was covered by his bandanna, rolled his eyes. "Boy! Girl! You both need to realize that you always need a source of money to do anything in the world. And no, I didn't spend it all." Genma huffed. "But as for why we're here, well, we don't have enough money to make it to the next part of our trip, so I need to spend the next few weeks here to gather up enough money and supplies to continue our journey." Adjusting the backpack on his shoulders, Genma pointed at them. "And you two need more education. A martial artist that can only use his hands and feet is defeated by a warrior who can use his head and think up new plans on the fly."

Ranma gave Genma an annoyed look, but didn't argue. After all, as dumb as Genma's ideas were at times, like making him learning to swim while throwing him into the middle of a lake, they seemed to work out in the end.

Lilith just grinned at Genma. "You just want someone to watch us while you work all day so that you don't get in trouble with the cops again, huh?"

Genma twitched, remembering the last time he had stopped in a city for more than a few days and nodded reluctantly. "Yes, but that's neither here nor now. Let's go and see if we can't find a good place to camp before I figure out what school to get you two into for a couple of weeks."


After locating a park that was near the edge of the city and that allowed camping, Genma nodded. "Alright, get your tents pitched here and then explore the city. Meet back here in a couple of hours." He said that to Ranma and then looked at Lilith, who grinned. "Just do whatever you want to do."

"I always do." Lilith said as she stretched and popped wings out of her back before flying off.

"How does she do that without being noticed?" Ranma asked and looked at Genma.

"Most people spend their lives looking straight ahead." Genma told him. "Very few people look up. It's why I've taught you how to fight in the air and jump to roofs." Genma got up and left. "Anyway, hurry up or you'll waste all your time putting your tent up."

"Already done." The ten-year-old Ranma told his dad. Genma looked at Ranma's tent and nodded. "See ya."

"Just don't get into more trouble than you're worth." Genma muttered as his son ran off. "...I'm getting too old, I'm starting to actually worry about him." Idly, Genma wondered what his life would have been like if he hadn't summoned Lilith before laughing. "I'd probably have more hair."


Nine-year-old Arisa Bannings was having a bit of a rough day. She was supposed to meet up with her friends and go to the park. Instead, when she got to the meeting point, she got a call from Suzuka that she was running late but would be there with Nanoha in five minutes. Which wasn't too bad, but it was annoying.

However, after two minutes, two large guys in street clothes walked up to her and she gulped, taking a step back.

"Miss Arisa Bannings?" The first said as he looked at her. "You'll have to come with us."

Arisa shook her head, turned and ran as fast as she could.

Which only got her half a block before the two men caught her and a car zipped up to them. "HELP!" Arisa screamed before one of the guys stuffed something into her mouth and she was thrown into the car. The two men got inside and the car zipped off. "MMMPH!" Arisa screamed and thrashed, but her thrashing was stopped as the first guy grabbed her by her throat and gave a squeeze. Not hard, but enough to make breathing hard.

"You behave, or you're going to find today gets a whole lot worse for you, got it?" The man asked gruffly and Arisa nodded, tears streaming down her face as she was dropped to the ground. As she laid there, she reached up and pulled out the item that had been stuffed into her mouth...

...Which was a paper bag.

Arisa didn't know what was going on, or why they were doing mean things to her. All she knew was that she was scared...

And she was missing a shoe!

Arisa didn't know how long the car ride was, but she did notice when the inside got dark and the car came to a stop. The men in the car got out and reached to grab her, but she kicked at his arm and scrambled out of the other car door, only to get grabbed by a couple of new people before she was picked up and slammed against the car. "OWWW!" She screamed as her arms were pulled above her head and she was tied up. "Let me go! Let me go!"

"Dang it, Bob! Bill!" The one tying her up glared at the two guys. "Why didn't you tie her up?"

"She was good and quiet over here." One of them replied back as he got up and walked over to Arisa, who was struggling even as another guy grabbed her legs and tied them up. "Listen, girl." The big man said as he grabbed her by her throat and lifted her up. "I guess we're going to have to get rough with you, since you won't shut up."

"Hey!" A new voice spoke up and a man wearing a casual suit walked into the center of the room. "Careful with the merchandise. We can't have her hurt or we can't get the full price for her."

'Full price?' Arisa thought to herself before she was dropped on her butt, coughing.

"Fine, fine." The big guy told the person in the suit.

"You know..." A skinny man said as he looked at Arisa and licked his lips. "We just have to make sure that nothing's permanent or visible, right?" Most everyone groaned but no one stopped him as he approached Arisa and pulled out a knife. "Let's have some fun, little girl." He grabbed her by her hair, getting a scream from Arisa as she was dragged away from the car. "Don't worry, I'll get her to shut up."

The boss rolled his eyes. "Freak. Anyway, I'll give those Bannings a call. If they don't hurry with the money, well, I can't stop you from having more fun with her."

The man chuckled and tossed Arisa into a pile where she cried out. "Now then..." He put the knife against her cheek and Arisa stiffened, staring in surprise. "Shh...shh... I don't want to hurt you. You'll be a good girl, won't you?" Arisa nodded and he grinned as he slowly and lightly scraped the knife across her cheek and down to her shirt. There was a tearing sound as his knife cut her shirt open, revealing her still developing body. "I love 'em when they're young."

"NO!" Arisa screamed, tears in her eyes as she realized that she couldn't get away while he cut down to her dress, leaving her in her panties and tattered clothes.

"Now, let's have some fun with you, girl." He licked his lips as he leaned in.

"NO! HELP!" Arisa screamed. "PLEASE!"

A soft crackle filled the air and suddenly the man who was tormenting Arisa jerked and spasmed before falling straight down.

"Huh?" One of the guys asked, before yelling in pain as something that looked like blue-white lightning slammed into his body and caused him to jerk as he fell over.

Arisa had no clue what was going on as some sort of white and black blur bounced around the place that they were in. Eventually the blur stopped, revealing a boy around Arisa's age with messy black hair that was tied up in a single rat-tail to keep it out of his eyes, in the center of the room with lightning crackling around his arms while people laid on the floor. Arisa didn't know what to make of what she was seeing. She had never seen anyone have electricity running across their arms and she had never seen anyone moving so fast and she had never seen someone get hit by electricity, get up and pull out a weapon. "LOOK OUT!" Arisa screamed as the boy turned as the guy pulled out a gun and fired it. While he was able to dive out of the way, the bullet stll hit his arm.

"That hurts!" The boy screamed as fire seemingly erupted from him and started to engulf the area.

Arisa watched as the boy rushed forward and struck the adult in the stomach several times, causing him to fall to his knees and grabbing his stomach before coughing and falling over. "W...wh...what?"

The boy hissed as he looked at his left arm and felt it. "That sucks." He muttered as the fires around him died out. Shaking his head, he ran over to Arisa. "Are you okay?" He asked and untied her.

Arisa stared at him before she started to sniffle and she hugged him. "WAAAAAH!"

"ACK!" The boy had a disgruntled look on his face and his cheeks turned pink as he realized that he had a nearly naked, crying girl clinging to him. "Knock it off, will ya?"



It was nearly half an hour later that found Arisa, now wearing the boy's shirt, trembling while she hugged him. The boy looked extremely uncomfortable as the police sirens pulled up to the side of the building.

"ARISA!" Two adults, who had come in their own vehicle, cried out as they saw the girl. The male of the two was rather tall and wearing a blue shirt and white pants. He had blue eyes and short, blond hair. The female of the two had honey-brown hair that hung down past her shoulders, light colored eyes and was wearing a casual mini-skirt and top with a short-sleeved jacket over her shoulders.

"M...mama?" Arisa sniffled as she recognized their voices. "Pa-papa?" She looked up and started bawling as they pulled her into a hug. "IT WAS SO SCARY!"

A young woman dressed up as a nurse walked up to the group. "I apologize, but if it's okay, may I make sure that everyone is okay?" The woman frowned as she saw the boy trying to walk off. "Excuse me, young man, your arm."

"It's fine." He waved her off before wincing. "Ah."

"Let's at least make sure that you get wrapped up, I don't think you want to get an infection, do you?" The nurse smiled as she pulled the boy to the side while another nurse took Arisa to a nearby ambulance and did did discreet checks on her body as she saw the state her clothing was in.

The adult man who had came to check on Arisa, nodded to his wife and she went to go with Arisa while he walked over to the boy who was getting his arm treated. Seeing the boy hiss and try to get away from the stinging ointment that was being put on his arm made the man chuckle. "Hello, son," he smiled at the shirtless boy as the nurse wrapped up his arm. "My name is David Bannings, and you seem to have saved my daughter, Arisa."

"Ah, that's her name?" The boy asked him and David nodded. "I just saw her getting thrown in a car and calling for help, so I ran after the car and ended up here."

"My, you seem to be quite good if you can do that." David smiled and looked up as he heard some footsteps. "Ah, officers."

"Morning." The taller of the two said and looked at the man. "I don't know what happened in there, but it looks like all of the crooks were taken out." He looked at the boy. "Son, I'd like to ask you some questions." He frowned in confusion as the boy shuffled away from him. "Hey, it's okay."

The shorter of the two elbowed his partner. "Just stay here." He walked over to the boy and crouched down to look him in the eyes. "Listen, son, I just want to know what happened here."

The boy nodded and backed up. "Sorry, don't got a lot of good experience with cops."

"Ah," the officer nodded, knowing many reasons why that was. 'Kid might be thief or something.' It didn't matter to the officer, "don't worry, I just want some information. Do you know what happened in there?"

"One of them had a knife and cut that girl, um..." The boy paused, "Arisa, right?" He looked at David, who nodded, "yeah, he cut her clothes off and looked like he was going to do something more, so I hit him in the head and knocked him out."

The officer raised an eyebrow. "You probably don't even weigh twenty kilos. How'd you knock out a full-sized man?"

The boy scoffed at him. "I'm a martial artist!" He said like that explained everything.

Shockingly, the officer who was kneeling in front of him nodded. "Ah, a training journey then?" He asked and the boy nodded. "What school do you practice?"

The boy's eyes lit up as he stood to his full height. "I'm Ranma Saotome of the Saotome School of Anything Goes Martial Arts!"

"Anything Goes?" The man stared in shock. "Oh, okay, now I believe that you could do that."

"You do?" David and the officer's partner asked as the man stood up and nodded.

"Yeah, I saw some crazy stuff when I was younger. My sister told me stories about a garden gnome that stole her panties when she was in the public baths." He shook his head. "Anyway, kid," he handed Ranma a card, "if you need help, give me a call on that number there, okay?"

The officer then walked away from Ranma and got his partner to go with him to check on Arisa.

David waited until they were gone and looked at Ranma. "You said you were on a training journey?" Ranma nodded and he paused. "Hmm... Well, I can't just turn down someone who saved my daughter." He smiled at Ranma. "How about I treat you to dinner?" The boy's eyes lit up. "Oh, you're not alone, are you?"

Ranma shook his head. "My pops and... I guess leech are with me too, we're supposed to meet at a park in a bit."

David nodded and smiled at Ranma. "How about I give you a ride there?" He looked at his wife, who held Arisa in a blanket. "Jodie!" The woman looked up at him. "Could you call the servants to bring another car down here? I'm going to give this young man a quick ride and then be back to the house."

She smiled and nodded. "Of course."

It was another few minutes before another car showed up and David shuffled Ranma into the car and it took off to go to the park where Ranma and his father were staying.

"Are you sure about letting him go, Lou?" The taller of the two officers asked.

"Yeah." Lou said with a nod. "Listen, Mal, if you want to live a good, long life, you have to realize that there's some things out there that you don't go digging too deeply into. We take care of normal things."


"If he had said he was practicing any other style of fighting, I would have said he was a liar." Lou continued on. "When we get back, I'll give you the files on that fighting style that we have on record." He chuckled. "When you're done reading that, you'll understand why I didn't bother to detain him or anything."


Genma frowned in confusion as he saw Lilith, with her wings hidden, poking the ground with a stick. "Where's the boy?"

"I'm not his keeper." Lilith snorted dismissively. "How should I know where he is?" She smirked at Genma. "Maybe he ran away?"

Genma snorted, he doubted that. "Well, whatever, if he's not here, I guess I'll..." He paused as he heard his son's voice. "Hmm?" He turned to see Ranma running towards him while another man, with blonde hair, walked behind him. "Boy! What's going on?!"

The man behind Ranma smiled at Genma. "Let me thank you for raising such a fine young man, sir." Genma and Lilith both had confused looks on their faces, "your son saved my daughter from criminals who kidnapped her for ransom."

"Oh?" Genma looked at Ranma and then back at the man. "Well, I'm glad that your daughter is safe."

"Yes, from what your son told me, you'll only be in town for a few weeks and he mentioned something about school." Genma nodded slowly and the man smiled and bowed to him. "My name is David Bannings and I would be quite willing to help these two kids get into school for a few weeks and even ensure that you have enough funds for the next leg of your training journey."

Genma blinked in confusion and looked at Ranma. "Boy, what did you do?"

Ranma explained what happened and Genma nodded. "Ah, good job then." He looked at David. "Well, I'm not one to turn down hospitality." He smirked at the blond man. "I hope you have a large enough food budget."

David chuckled and nodded. "That's not a problem."

End Part 1


Yes, David and Jodie are, in fact, Arisa's canonical parents.

As for this, it's not canon Lyrical Nanoha. It's a mix of Triangle Hearts 3 and Lyrical Nanoha...

...Which means I have no clue if Nanoha's father is still alive or not. No, seriously, I don't.

I should mention that I had written several chapters before one of my pre-readers pointed out "we need a flashback to see how they met", so that's why this is a 5 part flashback. ...And why certain things are the way they are, I wrote myself into a bit of a corner. XD


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Part 2

It was three days later that Ranma, Lilith and Arisa went to school. Arisa had been held out of school as her parents had taken her to see a psychologist to help her with any lingering trauma and neither Ranma nor Lilith really cared to go to school. Since the Bannings had been nice enough to put them up for their stay, the two took complete advantage of it.

Genma looked at David as the latter man got ready for work. "You know..." He paused. "Your girl gets along pretty well with my boy."

"Sometimes." David chuckled, knowing how Arisa tended to be a bit stand-offish at times. "Why do you bring this up?"

"Well, if they were to marry..." Genma paused as David held a hand up.

"Genma, I appreciate the thought, but I'm not going to arrange a marriage for my little girl when she's barely even ten years old." He shook his head. "I do admit that I think that your boy would be good for Arisa, but I'd rather they got married on their own accord, not because their parents arranged things behind their backs."

"Ah, a shame." Genma nodded, though he was disappointed. 'If he had accepted, then I'd rather return here when we're done with our trip.' Soun would be majorly disappointed, but Genma would have had to convince his friend to push it to the next generation. After all, the schools would still be united and Genma could live a comfortable life in retirement. 'Too bad.'

Privately, Genma thought about stealing from the Bannings before he left with Ranma and Lilith, but decided against it. Not because he had decided that stealing was wrong, but rather, with how rich the Bannings were, he would never be able to get away with it for too long.

There were limits to how much you could get away with, after all. And people who were as rich as the Bannings were tended to have lots of connections with the kinds of people Genma didn't want to deal with.

No, it was probably for the best that Genma didn't steal from the Bannings while he was there.

The missing silverware made out of actual silver didn't count.


Riding in the car with Arisa, Ranma grimaced as he tugged at the white school uniform he was wearing. "This sucks."

"Get used to it." Arisa, who was sitting in the back seat with Ranma and Lilith, said as she crossed her left leg over her right knee. "Also," she fidgeted, "you won't tell anyone..."

"That you were so sick that you threw up on Ranma the first day we met?" Lilith asked with a grin. "That your mother's extremely distant cousin, who wanted to take his two kids on a cross-country trip to meet every member of the family, was shocked that you were allowed to answer the door when you were so sick?"

"Ah..." Arisa blinked a few times and nodded, remembering the cover story that her parents had come up with to keep her out of school for the past few days. "How did..?"

Ranma held a finger up and attempted to deepen his voice to sound like Genma. "Boy! There are times that you have to keep a secret for one reason or another, so always remember your cover stories and don't screw up or it'll cause a lot of trouble for everyone."

Arisa gawked, sure it was a poor imitation of Genma's voice from what she heard from the older man, but it was pretty good for what it was. "Well, yes, but you know what I meant." Ranma and Lilith both gave her a confused look and she almost screamed. "You know what I mean!"

"It's your story to tell, not mine." Ranma told her as he crossed his arms over his chest.

The small blonde stared in surprise. "Uh... Okay." There was no way she was going to tell anyone that she had been kidnapped.

Especially not her two closest friends.


Nanoha Takamachi, a young girl of nine years old, who was wearing a white school uniform. She had reddish-brown hair done up in two short pigtails on the side of her head, her eyes were a deep blue, bordering on purple.

Next to her, Suzuka Tsukimura, a girl the same age as Nanoha, who had long, purple hair flowing down her back, her eyes were a lighter shade of blue compared to Nanoha's. She wore the same white school uniform as Nanoha as the two walked into the school building. "I hope that Arisa-chan is doing well."

Nanoha nodded in agreement. "Don't worry, you and I can go over to her house today with all the homework and help her get caught up if she's still sick." Suzuka nodded with a smile. "And she can meet Yuuno."

Suzuka smiled and nodded. "Such a silly name for a ferret." Both of them giggled as they thought about the wounded animal that Nanoha had found just the other day. "I'm glad he's okay. Especially with that weird explosion at the vet's office."

Nanoha just smiled and nodded. "Yes, it's a good thing that he was inside and not outside, otherwise he might have gotten hurt."

After getting inside and getting their supplies from their locker, the two went to their classroom and were greeted by a pleasant surprise. "Arisa-chan!" Nanoha gasped as she and Suzuka quickly made their way over to their blonde friend, who was sitting at the desk and looking out the window. Arisa turned and her face lit up upon seeing her friends. "Are you okay? I heard you were sick." Nanoha asked.

Arisa nodded and smiled. "I'm not completely better, but I'm not going to puke everywhere."

"That's good." Suzuka said with a smile as she and Nanoha sat in their desks next to Arisa. "I was worried that you weren't coming back."

Arisa laughed nervously. "Oh please, it would take more than some icky bug to keep me out of school forever." Her friends nodded. "So, can you help me get caught up?"

"Of course." Nanoha smiled at her. "We were going to bring over what you missed out on tonight if you didn't show up today."

"Thanks." Arisa nodded as the teacher came in.

"Okay, class, settle down." The teacher, a young woman in her twenties with short, dark hair, smiled as she walked in. "We have a new student joining us for today." There was some murmurs of confusion as she smiled and looked at the door as a boy wearing a male school uniform walked in. "Please introduce yourself."

The boy nodded as he turned to the class. "Hello. My name is Ranma Saotome and I'm traveling with my father to see all the different parts of Japan." There were various sounds of impressed kids and the teacher told them to calm down. "My father has some distant relatives in town and we're visiting them while we're here and plan the next part of our trip."

"Excellent." The teacher smiled at him. "Why don't you take an open seat near the window there and we can begin our classes?" Ranma nodded and made his way over to the window, which put him right behind Nanoha.

While Ranma quickly found the lessons boring, he privately hoped that Lilith wasn't causing too much trouble in her class, as she was put into the class a year before his.


As the school day let out, Ranma let out a yawn. "Soooo boring!" He groused as he walked out of the school, bleary eyed. He saw Lilith standing by the entrance grinning. "...What did you do?"

"Nothing." The small girl said with a mischevious smirk on her face. Ranma gave her a flat stare and she pouted. "You're no fun."

"No, it's just your idea of fun, for some reason, involves whipped cream, rope and clothes pins and I STILL don't know what you're doing with all of that."

"I still need to find a weed-eater and a live chicken." Lilith muttered and shook her head. "Nevermind that, I found some fun stuff!" She grabbed his hand and dragged him off of school grounds.

"Like what?" Ranma asked as the two ran down the street.

"I was bored in class," Lilith said in a quiet tone, "so I used some shadow magic to sneak around town." Ranma nodded, wishing that he could do that. "And I found something interesting at a shrine."

"What's at the shrine?" Ranma asked as the two turned another corner and continued to run. He didn't know where Lilith was taking him, but he suspected that it was towards the shrine.

As they ran, they passed a small, yellow ferret that was on top of a stone wall. The ferret turned its head to look at them curiously. The ferret let out a sound before turning and running after them.

After several minutes, the two kids got to a set of large, stone stairs and ran up them.

"So what's out here that's got you so excited?" Ranma asked as Lilith let go of his arm and ran forward to the area right in front of the stone statues. "What's that?" He asked as Lilith bent over and picked something off of the ground.

"I don't know." She said as she turned around and held a small blue gem that looked like it was created in the shape of a lemon. "But it's pretty and it has magic of some sort in it."

Ranma sweat-dropped heavily. "Didn't you learn anything from last time?"

"Oh come on!" Lilith yelled at him while stomping her foot on the ground. "How was I supposed to know that touching that pizza would get you, me and Genma all trapped in it while that monster tried to cook us?"

Ranma wanted to say something when the jewel in Lilith's hand started to throb. "Uh..." He stared at Lilith's right hand. She looked down at her hand and stared as it was glowing blue. "Get rid of that thing before it, BWAH?!" He let loose a yell as Lilith was suddenly engulfed in energy. "This isn't good."

When the energy subsided, Lilith was standing there, except much taller and more mature. She had large C-cup breasts, was taller than Genma and her arms and legs were quite muscular. Her hair was pitch black, her pupils were green with black sclera surrounding them. On top of her head were two horns and giant wings were extended out of her back, along with a long, spade-like tail. "Interesting..." Lilith purred.

"You idiot!" Ranma yelled at her as he jumped up and belted her on the top of her head. "You're supposed to keep this hidden! What are you thinking?" Lilith frowned at the hit and looked at Ranma. The next thing Ranma knew, Lilith's fist was buried in his gut and he was blasted across the shrine grounds and into a tree. "GAH!"

"I think..." Lilith began, her voice deeper than Ranma was used to hearing. "That I want my meal." She spread her wings before they suddenly broke apart and a swarm of bats flew at Ranma, who was coughing while on his hands and knees.

"Look out!" A voice said as a green barrier formed in front of Ranma, blocking the attack.

"W...what?" Ranma asked as he blinked in surprise. "A ferret?"

"Are you okay?" The ferret asked him without looking at him.

Ranma blinked a few times and sat up. "...A talking ferret... Who uses magic... Well, that's odd." It wasn't the weirdest thing ever, but it was different. He shook his head as he built up some magical power. "Can you keep that barrier up?" The ferret looked back at him and nodded. "Okay, thanks. Let's see, it goes... Um... Oh right." Ranma nodded as he remembered the incantation. "Lightning, come to the palm of my hand..." He held up his hand as clouds started to darken above him. "And defeat my enemies. Lightning..." The ferret watched in surprise as a small bolt of lightning crashed down on the boy, pooling into his right hand before he snapped it forward. "Blast!"

"A wild mage?!" The ferret gasped in surprise. "I thought this planet didn't have very many magic users."

The lightning blasted out and hit the transformed Lilith, who let out a loud groan. Suddenly a pulse of power erupted from the transformed girl, causing the lightning to dissipate. "That hurt, Ranma!" She growled at Ranma. "You should treat a girl better!"

"I don't suppose you can do more than just a barrier?" Ranma asked as he held up his hand and several balls of fire formed around him. "Fire missile, rocket forth! Fire!"

The ferret shook his head as the fireballs launched themselves at Lilith, who simply flapped her wings, dissipating them. "No, I might have recovered somewhat from my injuries, but I don't have any real offensive magic. I'm sorry, I'll try and get help from someone." He gasped as Lilith held up her hands and a sphere of pure dark energy formed above her head. "That's too strong! I won't be able to block it."

"Well, whatever you need to do." Ranma said as he grabbed the ferret and jumped out of the way as Lilith dropped her arm and the sphere of energy crashed into the ground, sending out waves of power that caused Ranma and the ferret to go flying away. "GAH!" He cried out while hitting the ground hard, but still rolling with the attack and keeping the ferret safe. "You okay, animal?"


"Huh?" Ranma blinked and looked at the ferret.

"My name is Yuuno." He said to Ranma. "And help is almost here."

Ranma nodded and put Yuuno down. "Well, whatever, if you got super ferrets coming, that's fine with me." He ran forward, jumping off of trees as Lilith's wings suddenly became tendrils and lashed out at him. Landing on a tree, Ranma closed his eyes and focused on his magic. "Dang it, if I was stronger, I could..." He opened his eyes and gasped as Lilith was in front of him and grabbing him by his head before she rushed to where Yuuno was and slammed Ranma's body against the barrier that Yuuno threw up, getting him to cry out.

"Oh no!" Yuuno gasped before he felt something wrap around his body, looking down, he saw a shadowy tendril wrapped around his torso as he was yanked up and off of the ground and he was thrown into the air before the tendril, which was still around his body, yanked him down and into Lilith's hand.

"Well, well, well..." Lilith, who was getting bigger and more muscular by the moment, grinned as she looked at Ranma and Yuuno. "I have two cute boys in my hands, I'm going to enjoy this meal."

"...Say ah." Ranma said.

"Ah?" Lilith asked in confusion before Ranma snapped his arm out and blasted her mouth with lightning, causing her to cry out in pain before she threw both Ranma and Yuuno away from her. "THAT HURT!"

Ranma groaned as he landed on his butt. "That was the point!"

The next thing Lilith knew, she was stumbling forward as an explosion rocked her from behind. Turning around, she saw a young girl with reddish-brown hair, blue-purple eyes in a white dress with pink wings on her feet while holding a white staff with a crescent moon top that surrounded a large, red gem.

"Nanoha!" Yuuno cried out in relief. "Be careful! She's really strong."

Nanoha nodded as several pink orbs formed around her. "Don't worry, Yuuno-kun, I got this!" She gasped as several blades of darkness were launched up at her.

"Protection." A feminine voice was heard as a barrier formed in front of Nanoha. "Master! Behind."

"Huh?" Nanoha turned around, only to find Lilith driving her foot into Nanoha's stomach and launching the small girl to the ground. "AH!" She cried out as she bounced on the ground.

"Nanoha!" Yuuno cried out as Nanoha got up while clutching at her stomach. "Are you okay?"

Nanoha nodded as she pointed her staff at Lilith. "Divine... Shooter!" She launched the orbs at Lilith, who flew up, but much to the transformed girl's surprise, the orbs changed directions and flew up at her, crashing into her large frame before she got to high and causing her to fall down.

"Hey!" Ranma shook his head as he stood up. "You ain't going to be able to beat her that easily, trust me, she doesn't run out of energy very easily. Do you got some way to tie her down and get rid of that gem in her chest?"

"Yes." The feminine voice that came from the staff spoke up.

"Cool, I'll distract her." Ranma said as Lilith came crashing through the trees. "Hey! Lilith!" The transformed girl looked at him and he pointed behind her. "Oh my god! Is that a naked man?!"

"HUH?!" Lilith spun around. "Naked man?! Where?!" There was a rumble below her feet and she looked down as a pillar of fire surrounded her body, causing her to cry out.

Ranma was on his knees with his hands on the ground, sweating. "If you got something that can deal with her, do it! I can't keep this up for long!"

Nanoha nodded. "Right!"

"Restrict lock." The feminine voice from her staff spoke up and Lilith found herself wrapped up in chains that trapped her arms by her side. "Now, my master."

"Yes!" Nanoha said as she flew up to Lilith as the fire pillar died down. "Ready?" She asked as her staff started to glow with power. "Take this!"

Both Ranma and Yuuno sweat-dropped as Nanoha used her staff like a mace and swung upwards, hitting Lilith in the jaw before slamming it into her chest where the Jewel Seed was at. "Nanoha! Raising Heart is a delicate Intelligent Device! Please don't use it like a bludgeoning insturment!" Yuuno yelled out.

"Jewel Seed sixteen, sealed." Raising Heart said as Lilith was engulfed in light.

"Ahhhhh!" Lilith's monstrous voice was heard as she shrank, her voice returning to normal as she turned back into her human form. "Urgh..." Lilith staggered around before falling on her butt. "I don't feel good..." She put her hand over her mouth before trying to scramble to a tree. Nanoha grabbed her and helped her up as she made it to the grass and vomited all over the grass and trees.

"Eww..." Nanoha, Ranma and Yuuno all said at the same time.

"Sh..." Lilith tried to speak before she threw up again. "Shut up!" She screamed and wiped her mouth off. "That evil gem tried to kill me!" Lilith's eyes went cross-eyed as she suddenly puked again. "Ugh... I don't feel good."

Nanoha smiled nervously and rubbed Lilith's back. "There, there, it'll be okay..."

Lilith shuddered and much to Nanoha and Yuuno's shock, wings popped out of her back and on her head, as did a spade-like tail from just above her butt.

"Oh dang it." Ranma yelled and ran over to her. "Lilith! Lilith! Stop!" He yelled and grabbed her shoulders, spinning her to look at him. "Calm down!"

The girl was panting, her eyes wide. "Hungry!"

The look in Lilith's eyes was scary and Ranma wasn't able to do anything as Lilith grabbed his arms and leaned in.

There was a loud smacking sound as Nanoha dropped Raising Heart on the top of Lilith's head, causing her to stiffen before slumping down. "Nyahahahaha...." Nanoha rubbed the back of her head. "She was being scary, so I thought I'd knock her out. But..." Nanoha looked at Lilith. "What is she?"

Ranma sighed as he picked Lilith up. "Come on, we should find a bench, I'll tell you then." Nanoha nodded as she transformed back into her school outfit and Raising Heart turned back into a small, red gem.

After getting away from the battlefield and getting to a bench that was out of view, Ranma put Lilith down on her front on it. "There." He adjusted her wings. "She'll be a bit sore, but she'll be fine."

"So..." Nanoha looked at Lilith, who was groaning. "Ah! You're awake?"

"Urgh, what the... OWWW! Dang it!" Lilith sat up and grabbed at the top of her head. "Did Genma kick my ass in training again?"

"No, you got possessed by an evil magic item and tried to eat me again." Ranma told her.

Lilith looked at him and her eyes widened. "Ah crap!" She groaned and rubbed the sore spot on her head. "Sorry, I couldn't control myself."

"But you're back to normal now?" Nanoha asked and Lilith nodded before pausing and turning her head to see Nanoha smiling at her nervously. "You were really scary when you were a big monster." She looked at Lilith's wings and tried to think of something to say. "...Your wings are cool to look at."

"AHH!" Lilith screamed in surprise and jumped up before falling to her knees. "URGH! Oww! My head hurts!"

Nanoha just laughed nervously.


Several minutes later...

"So..." Nanoha asked as she, Ranma, Lilith and Yuuno, who was on Nanoha's lap, all sat on the park bench. "What are you?"

"I'm a martial artist." Ranma told Nanoha, she looked at him in confusion. "Ah, I'm traveling across Japan to train with my dad and learn everything I can about martial arts and magic thanks to her," he gestured towards Lilith, "coming into my life."

"That's cool." Nanoha smiled at him. "My family has a dojo and my big brother and big sister like to train with the sword."

Yuuno looked at Lilith. "And you?"

"I'm a Succubus." Lilith smiled at him as she reached over and rubbed the top of the ferret's head. "And you really are cute, aren't you?"

"EH?!" Yuuno gasped in surprise. "A legendary Demon that's talked about on other worlds as tempting men and women, sucking out people's energy and sometimes going on killing rampages?" He quickly scurried to the top of Nanoha's head and trembled. "Nanoha! She's dangerous!"

Lilith pouted at that. "But I haven't done anything like that other than today. I haven't eaten anyone's soul or anything like that!" Heck, she was still a virgin for crying out loud!

Nanoha looked at Lilith curiously. "...Do you mean it? You haven't tried anything bad?"

"No!" Lilith shook her head. "I like fighting, it's why I travel with him." She pointed at Ranma. "He and his father are traveling across Japan and I go with them."

"Well..." Yuuno said and let out a small sigh. "I apologize then. I thought you were going to try to eat me."

Lilith waved her hand. "Maybe in a few years." Yuuno went stone white and Ranma kicked Lilith in the butt. "HEY!" She growled and got right up next to Ranma while rubbing her butt. "That wasn't nice!"

"Stop doing that succubus thing where you tease people just because you can." Ranma growled at her.

"Sure, I'll do that when you stop being a total jerk to me." Lilith growled at him. "And I mean it! You like to taunt me too much."

"Oh, like you're any better!" Ranma yelled at her. "You use that big, fat ass of yours to sit on my face when you want me to get up in the morning!"

Lilith smirked at him while her eye twitched. "I'll have you know that most guys and girls would love it if I sat on their faces with my big butt!"

"I don't know why! Your butt stinks!" Ranma growled at her.

"You take that back!" Lilith growled and tackled him to the ground.

"Nyahahahaha..." Nanoha laughed nervously as an errant breeze made her pigtails sway in the air. "Well, they're good friends."

Yuuno sweat-dropped as he watched Ranma and Lilith roll around on the ground while arguing. "...I guess?"


After a few more minutes of the two arguing, they were both sitting on the bench again, just covered in dirt, grass and leaves from where they had been wrestling.

"Well, at least now I know how Nanoha has so much magic power." Yuuno said, which caused the three kids to look at him curiously. "These two... They're wild mages."

"Huh?" Ranma, Lilith and Nanoha asked, confusion in their voices.

"Well, Wild Mages, or Native Magic Users as they're sometimes called," Yuuno began, "they use a different style of magic than what I or Nanoha use, but it's pretty strong, even if wasteful."

"Huh?" The three kids asked again and Yuuno rubbed the back of his head as best as he could.

"Well, I guess I should explain a bit, huh?" Yuuno asked and they nodded. "Okay, so, the magic system that I and Nanoha use is called Mid-Childan style. We use magic circles and mathematical formulas with magical energy to do our spells." The three nodded as they followed along. "In addition, we have a magical organ that lets us concentrate our magic. Most Wild Magic users don't have this organ and it flows through their bodies. So they typically need to chant, do a ritual to use magic power from another source or use a magic item. And it's different from Raising Heart." Yuuno said as he saw Nanoha open her mouth. "Raising Heart helps you cast spells, yes, but it's your own talent and hard work that lets you use them. If someone with less power than you holds Raising Heart, they won't get to use the same level of power. But a magic item that Wild Mages use has most of the power in the item. If it gets broken, then the power is gone. If Raising Heart gets broken, you can still use your magic, Nanoha."

"Ah!" Nanoha nodded, her eyes lighting up. "That makes sense."

"What do you mean, wasteful?" Ranma asked and Yuuno nodded.

"Well... Nanoha, could you create a magic sphere?" Yuuno asked and Nanoha did, holding up a palm as a magic orb formed above it. "Can you create one that big?" Yuuno asked and Ranma frowned as he focused his energy. While it took a few moments, eventually he created a bright green energy ball above his hand. "See? It took you a lot more effort to create the same size as Nanoha."

"So our style is bad?" Lilith asked and Yuuno shook his head.

"No, I've seen Wild Mages use spells that were a lot stronger than what they should be able to do, but there's a lot of energy that bleeds off is all." The ferret explained. "That's why Wild Mages can focus the energy and concentrate it and it becomes stronger, even though it's the same amount of power being used in the attack."

Lilith nodded as she thought about it. "So if we can stop the bleed off of power, we'd get a lot stronger?" Yuuno nodded. "So, Ranma, do you think your dad's back at Arisa's yet?"

"Probably." Ranma said with a nod.

"EH?!" Nanoha gasped in surprise. "Are you talking about Arisa Bannings?" They nodded to her. "She's one of my best friends. I was going to go see her today before Yuuno called me to come here! How about we go and see her?"

"Sure." Ranma nodded and the three got up and ran off towards the Bannings estate.

End Part 2


And that's how Ranma and Lilith met Yuuno and Nanoha.
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I am absolutely freaking bored!

So here's the next part of the flashback.


Part 3

Lilith walked around Uminari City by herself. It had been a week since she had been affected by that stupid Jewel Seed thing that Nanoha had pried off of her body and she had sworn off going anywhere near those things if she could help it.

"Then again, her brother has the right idea with them." Lilith giggled as she remembered the pool and how Nanoha's brother had used the Jewel Seed to want all the cute girls to lose their swimsuits. That had been a lot of fun seeing all those naked girls being held up by water tentacles. What had been interesting was the fact that Nanoha and Miyuki, Nanoha's elder sister, were the first two victims of the wish. 'Hmm... Maybe he's into his sisters?' Not that Lilith disagreed with the thought. Nanoha was super cute and Miyuki had a sensual beauty to her.

As she thought about Kyouya, she grimaced as she remembered his girlfriend. "Bleah... Sure, she's beautiful, but..." Lilith grumbled and grimaced. 'Something about her makes me want to hurt her. Same with her little sister.'

Thankfully she didn't have to go over to Suzuka's home, since Ranma had extreme ailurophobia, it was best that neither he nor Lilith went over there if they could help it.

"I still don't know why." Lilith muttered softly. It wasn't like either of them had done anything to her, but for some reason when she was around either Shinobu or Suzuka, she felt like she was around someone who let out the smelliest, wettest fart on a crowded elevator.

At least it was just a general distaste and she could ignore it since they were both nice girls, but it was still there.

As she walked around a corner, Lilith blinked as she realized that she was downtown and it was pretty late. "Huh, I guess I was more distracted than I thought." She was about to turn around when she felt something tickling the back of her head. Looking around, she frowned in confusion as she walked towards the sensation. "Did someone put a magic barrier up or something?" She asked herself while looking around at the skyscrapers around her. "What is this?" Lilith whispered as she touched the front door of one of them and her eyes widened as she felt something surrounding the building. "Interesting." She said as she walked around the building and into the alley between that building and the one next to it. 'There's a mage that's hiding in there.'

Part of her wanted to go get Nanoha, Yuuno and Ranma before trying to go inside but she decided against it. 'After all, none of them can do this." She whispered and walked into a shadow before disappearing into it. Two eyes popped out of the shadow before a black blob crawled across the wall and slipped in and past the barrier. 'The fact that someone didn't think of creating a barrier to stop me like this... Weird.'

She worried that it wasn't a barrier to prevent people from going in, but one to warn the mage in the tower that someone was there. 'Then again...' Something about the barrier had the feeling of "there's nothing here, go away" that most people would be affected by and just ignore the building as though it wasn't even there. Slipping into the elevator shaft, she ran up the side of the shaft until she got to the top floor and slid out from under the door. 'Let's see...' She thought as she materialized back into her regular form. "What's up here?"

"Fate..." A female voice she didn't recognize called out to someone and Lilith floated off of the ground as she slowly made her way down the hallway. "Fate..."

"What is it, Arf?" A soft voice asked and Lilith paused before floating up to the ceiling and flew to the only room that had any light in it before lowering her head to peek in through the open doors.

In the room was a large bed with a small girl with long, blonde hair who was wearing just her underwear laying on it. Next to her was a more mature girl with large breasts, red hair and, to Lilith's surprise, a tail and dog ears. The bigger girl was rubbing some sort of cream onto the smaller girl's back. She was wearing short-shorts and a tank top and nothing else. 'Woah, she's hot.'

"Why?" The older girl asked with a soft voice. "Why do you let that woman do that stuff to you?!" She asked as she rubbed some cream over the girl's back and Lilith's eyes widened as she saw the red marks on the girl's back.

'Those aren't from a fire, someone hit her with something.' Lilith narrowed her eyes.

"Mother is..." Fate shivered as she closed her eyes and sighed from the cream. "Just awkward. I'm sure that things will be fine when we get the rest of the Jewel Seeds for her." She yawned and shifted slightly. "If you're done, I'll go to sleep now, Arf."

Arf paused and nodded, getting off of the bed and putting the cream away before going to Fate and shifting her so that she could rest near the head of the bed. "I'll go scout for a bit."

"Okay." Fate said softly as Arf put a light blanket over Fate's body and then went to the window and jumped out of it, before her body was engulfed in orange light and she flew away.

'Okay, so they must be like Nanoha and Yuuno then.' Lilith thought to herself as she dropped down from the ceiling and floated over to where Fate was. 'What is going on?'

Well, there was one way to find out. Lilith put her head against Fate's head and closed her eyes as the girl slept.

Lilith blinked as she looked around. "What is this place?" She asked, seeing the mostly empty room. At the center of it was an older woman with large breasts, long, dark hair and was wearing a purple dress and cloak. "Who is...?"

"Mother." Fate said as she looked at the woman. "I have a Jewel Seed for you."

"Just one?" The woman growled as she stood up and Lilith paled as she could feel a tremendous amount of magic coming from this woman.

'Dang, it's like I'm looking at the old man who taught me and Ranma magic all over again.' The woman was like a barely held-back torrent of pure magical energy and Lilith didn't want to think about what she could do with it. When she heard a gasp, Lilith turned and stared in shock as she saw Fate suddenly held up with chains in the air. "Okay, what in the name of the Abyss is going on?"

She heard a sound and turned her head to see, much to her shock, the woman's staff changing from a staff to a whip. "Wait, is that one of those devices like what Nanoha has? Does this mean they can turn into anything?"

"You FAILURE!" The woman yelled as she snapped her whip out, striking Fate across the stomach and getting a cry of pain out of her. "I gave you time and training, it's been almost a week and all you can get me is ONE Jewel Seed?!"

Lilith watched, her face pale and eyes wide as the older woman struck Fate over and over again. She could only watch in horror as the whip struck Fate everywhere. Her legs, her arms, her chest, her stomach, her back and butt, destroying the girl's outfit and leaving small, but deep cuts on her skin. "...You're her mother! Stop it!"

Sure, Genma might have been an idiot at times and he could be a harsh trainer, but he never, ever struck either her or Ranma simply because he was mad at them. He made them work harder or retrain what he thought they were missing. Any strikes that Genma did to her or Ranma were simply a result of sparring.

In fact, the only time that she could recall Genma ever hitting her or Ranma outside of training was simply a slap on the butt or back of the head as a reprimand, not a full-on whipping like this woman was doing to Fate.

When the whipping was over, Fate was dropped onto the ground like a sack of potatoes, where she trembled and fought back tears. "...M...Mother..."

The woman's whip turned back into a staff and she knelt down to look at Fate. "I didn't want to do that to you, Fate. You have to understand, it's very important that you get me the Jewel Seeds." Fate nodded. "Now, get out of here and don't come back without at least eight of them."

"Y-yes, mother." Fate got up, trembling as she staggered out of the room.

As the memory faded, Lilith growled as she returned to her body. "That's wrong! That's wrong!" She wanted to scream louder, but she didn't want to make Fate wake up. "Hmm... Maybe..." She put her head back on Fate's forehead. "Are there any good memories in here?"

She blinked as she appeared in a room that looked like a normal kitchen.

Sitting at the table was a much younger version of the old woman that was sitting alone. Lilith couldn't accurately figure out the age of the woman, but the way her face was relaxed, the smiles on her face, it made her think that she was only a few years older than Genma in this memory. '...Either something happened to make her really old or something's not right here.'

Much to her surprise, Fate was sitting right next to her, looking only a few years younger than her. "Huh?"

"That looks really good, Alicia." The woman smiled at the girl, further confusing Lilith.

"Who's Alicia?" Lilith asked in confusion. "I thought her name was Fate."

For some reason, she heard Fate's voice echoing throughout the memory. "I'm not Alicia, I'm Fate."

"...Maybe Fate had a sister named Alicia?" Lilith scratched the back of her head and watched as the woman and the blonde girl, who Lilith thought was Alicia. "Did Fate have a twin sister? Or maybe an older sister?"

There was just one thing that didn't make sense to Lilith. "Where's Fate?" If this was her memory, she should have been here. She shook her head and got out of the memory. Standing in a dark void, she frowned before an idea came to her. "Here." She waved her hand and the scenery changed to a meadow. "I'll give you some private dreams, Fate, you'll have a happy memory here."

Coming out of Fate's mind, Lilith blinked a few times as she felt herself being suddenly grabbed and pinned to the floor. "GUH!"

A loud growl was heard and she looked over her shoulder to see Arf glaring at her. "Ah, you came back pretty fast."

"Who are you? What are you doing here? What were you doing?!"

Lilith smiled at Arf. "Would you believe that I'm just a lost little girl and I wanted to ask for directions?" When Arf growled more, she sighed. "It was worth a shot."

Arf growled at her. "You have three seconds to talk or I'll rip your arm off."

Lilith gave her a small grin. "You know, your hold isn't bad and I don't mind you sitting on me, but..."

Arf's eyes widened as the girl that she was holding suddenly rolled with the way she was pulling, flipping onto her back and knocking Arf to the side. Before she could recover, Lilith gave Arf a quick jab to the throat, which caused Arf to cough and let go of Lilith, who jumped away from her and took a martial arts stance. "That..." Arf coughed a few times. "Was dirty."

"No, me sticking my fingers into your sexy ass would be dirty." Lilith said and looked at Fate, who was still sleeping. "Hey, how about we leave this room so she can sleep?"

Arf looked conflicted and Lilith looked outside. "Well?"

"Follow me, I know you can fly." Lilith yelled as she ran out of the window and jumped into the air before spreading her wings and flying upwards.

"...She has wings?" Arf asked as she flew up after Lilith, who was hovering in the air above the skyscraper.

"Before we begin, can I ask you something?" Lilith asked with her back to Arf. "Does the name Alicia mean anything to you?"

Arf was confused and tilted her head. "No. Why?"

Lilith turned her head to look at Arf. "Because I can see people's memories and dreams. I was wondering what happened to Fate to leave her so banged up so I took a peek in her mind and I came across an interesting memory..." She shrugged at Arf's glare. "Calm down, sexy doggy or I won't tell you." Arf growled and took a battle stance and Lilith sighed. "Fine, fine, there was a memory of her and her mother, but the woman was younger and called Fate "Alicia" and I was wondering if maybe Fate had a twin sister or an older sister."

Arf blinked in confusion. "...I've never seen a sister and I've known Fate since I was a puppy."

"Huh..." Lilith scratched her head. "Anyway, I didn't do anything to her, I just gave her a peaceful dream where she's happy." She then took a dramatic pose with her left arm fully extended and an open palm pointing at Arf. "Hear me! My name is Lilith Aensland! And I absolutely do not like Fate's mother."

Arf's eyes sparkled as she suddenly rushed forward and grasped Lilith's hands. "You mean it? You don't like that woman?"

"No!" Lilith shook her head. "Look..." She had a conflicted look on her face. "Let me come here every night and I'll make sure Fate gets plenty of sleep, okay?" Arf nodded and Lilith grinned at her. "And I get to play with your boobs."

"Huh?" Arf was confused as Lilith pouted. "Why?"

"Because they're nice and big and I want to play with them." Lilith told her. "Also, I'm not going anywhere near those Jewel Seeds, they make me sick."

"Just..." Arf grimaced. "Look, fine, you can do what you want if you help Fate. Can you convince her that her mother isn't a good person? We should run away and..." She paused as Lilith shook her head. "What?!"

"That woman has too much power." Lilith shivered in fear. "She's really strong. You couldn't escape her. I'll help Fate recover so she can do what she needs to do, but..." She grinned as an idea came to her. "Okay, I'll help her relax, but you can't be there." Arf blinked in confusion. "I work best when I'm by myself."

"Ah... Okay." Arf nodded, though she gave Lilith a dirty look. "You hurt Fate and..."

"Don't worry." Lilith smiled as Arf let go of her hands. "I'll make Fate feel REALLY good."


It was hours later when Fate found herself shifting and snuggling against a warm body in her bed. "Ngh, Arf, is that you?"

"Nope." A voice had Fate gasping and trying to sit up, only to find herself pinned to the bed as someone got above her. "Morning, Fate."


The girl smiled at her. "You're really cute, you know that?" Fate, for some reason, found herself blushing as she heard that. "My name's Lilith. I'm a friend."

"Friend?" Fate asked in confusion as Lilith's hands trailed down her arm. "H, hey..." She hissed and Lilith pouted.

"You poor girl." Lilith cooed softly as she gently rubbed the spot where Fate had been struck. "You shouldn't go through this."

Fate winced as she felt a tingling sensation on her arm. She blinked as Lilith pulled her hand away and Fate stared in surprise as the wound was gone. "This..."

"I can't do much for healing." Lilith told her. "And it works best if I lick the wound, but can I?" Fate hesitated for a moment before nodding as Lilith grinned and leaned in, her eyes glowing softly, which caused Fate to relax. "Just enjoy the sensations. This will be the first time you ever feel like this." She licked her lips. "I wonder just how much you'll enjoy this."


Meanwhile, outside of the room...

Arf was sitting by the door, which was closed, and listened in.

"Feels good, doesn't it?" Lilith's voice was heard.

"Ah, yes, nnngh... Ooooh!"

"Just relax, let your feelings burst and..."


Arf wondered what was going on, it didn't sound like Fate was in pain, but whatever Lilith was doing to Fate had the blonde letting out weird sounds.

It was almost ten minutes later when the door opened and Lilith and Fate emerged from the room. Fate was blushing hard and fidgeting while Lilith looked completely refreshed for some reason.

"That was good." Lilith smiled brightly while Fate's blush got bigger. "Anyway, I'm sorry, I'm going to wash up and then I have to go to school." Fate and Arf gave her a confused look and she sighed. "I don't like it, but since I'm traveling with a couple of people, I have to stay with them and go to school when ordered." With a flash of magic, she was in her school uniform and walking to the elevator. "I'll see you after school again. Arf, you can check her body, she's fully recovered."

After Lilith left on the elevator, Fate looked at Arf and fidgeted. "Um... Are you going to lick me all over as well?"

"HUH?!" Arf yelled in confusion. "What the heck?!"

End Part 3


It was just licking to heal Fate.

...Fate's just really, REALLY sensitive.


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2nd to last part of this flashback chapter and then back to our regularly scheduled updates.


Part 4

Genma nodded at Ranma and Lilith as they walked out of the school. "We're leaving tomorrow morning." Both of them nodded at him. "Go say your goodbyes tonight, we'll be gone by dawn." With that, Genma walked into the school building to begin the process of withdrawing the children from school. "It never gets easy." He muttered, knowing that it was hard on his kids to make friends. "...When did I start thinking about her like that?"

He supposed it didn't matter, she was an excellent sparring partner for Ranma and having a companion to talk, explore and play with when not training was more beneficial than Genma had first thought. 'If I had known that, I would have brought that one girl with us.' He tried to remember her name before sighing and shaking her head. "Then again, that was a few years ago." He shook his head and smiled as he walked into the principal's office.


"EH?!" Arisa yelled as she, Suzuka and Nanoha all got the news that Ranma and Lilith were leaving in the morning. The small group was at the Midoriya Cafe, which had only a couple of customers looking around. "You're leaving?!"

Ranma nodded and scratched the back of his head. "Yeah. Pops said that it's time to go. It's been a fun month though."

"So soon." Suzuka said and looked at Lilith, who looked away from her. "Although..."

"Oh!" Lilith smiled nervously at Suzuka. "I ran into your big sister the other day when she was shopping and we got to talking. Turns out that your family and my family had a falling out a long time ago." Ranma gave her a confused look as Suzuka's face had a look of understanding on it. "Don't worry, that was a long, long time ago, it was just some stories that I heard when I was younger is all."

"Oh." Suzuka smiled at Lilith. "I'm glad, I'm sorry that I didn't know."

"Hey, it's okay." Lilith smiled at her. "And I wasn to say that I'm sorry too, I shouldn't have been such a meanie to you."

"Now if only she'd get rid of those evil furry demons." Ranma muttered before she got a smack on the back of the head. He glared at Arisa, who let out a noise of annoyance as she turned away from him.

"Now, now..." An older woman with a supple body, long, reddish-brown hair, said as she came up to their table and put a small tray of food on the top for them. "Here, have some food. And Ranma, Lilith..." She smiled and handed them two bags. "A going away present from us to you. You two have been good friends with Nanoha, I know that she'll be sad to see you two leave."

"Thanks, Mrs. Takamachi." Lilith smiled at her.

"Your mom is really pretty." Ranma said to Nanoha, who just laughed.

"Oh goodness me!" Nanoha's mother smiled at them. "You keep saying that about me. Even though I'm old enough to be your mother."

"But it's true." Ranma protested and the older woman just smiled at that.

"Just for that, you two can call me Momoko, okay." She winked at them. "But please remember, I'm a bit too old for you."

Nanoha, Ranma and Lilith all laughed while Suzuka and Arisa just looked on in confusion.


It was an hour later that found Nanoha, Yuuno, Ranma and Lilith at the shrine where they all discovered each other had access to magic. "Sure is nice when someone isn't corrupted by alien magic stuff, huh?" Ranma asked, getting a nod from the others.

"So..." Nanoha began, her voice soft, "what are you going to do next?"

Ranma shook his head. "Not sure. We're going to be traveling, eating under the stars, training and moving around. Unless the guy who taught me and Lilith magic shows up again." He looked at Lilith in confusion. "So, what's the real story with you and Suzuka anyway?"

"Yeah!" Nanoha pouted at Lilith. "Was that a lie?"

Lilith shook her head. "No, it's true..." She looked around before nodding. "See, Suzuka's family, like four or five hundred years ago, used to live in Makai with my dad."

"Your dad is that old?!" Nanoha's eyes were white and blank, her twin pigtails were standing on end.

"Yeah." Lilith nodded at her question. "I've never met him, but anyway, Suzuka's big sister recognized my family name. She wanted to make sure that I wasn't here to try and do something bad to her sister since apparently Suzuka's ancestor did something that made my dad super mad and he kicked her family out of Makai."

"Why would Suzuka-chan's family be in Makai?"

Lilith shrugged. "I dunno, but she's apparently got some ancestor from Makai, so she has some demon blood in her family. Shinobu asked me not to tell Suzuka for now and that she'll find out in the future on her own."

"Well..." The ferret spoke up from where Nanoha was holding him. "Suzuka seems like a nice girl, so whatever her family did in the past shouldn't be held against her."

"I'm not." Lilith shook her head. "I just felt like "eww" when I first met her. I don't feel like that now." She looked at Yuuno. "So, when are you going to show them your real form?"

Nanoha looked confused and Yuuno just laughed nervously. "Well, I guess I've healed enough now." He jumped out of Nanoha's hands and glowed, transforming from a ferret to a young boy with short, blond hair and green eyes. He was wearing cargo shorts and a tan shirt. "What gave it away?" He asked Lilith.

Lilith just grinned. "Ferrets can't talk."

"Ah, good point." Yuuno nodded. "Though..."

"AHHH!" Nanoha screamed as she pointed at Yuuno. "F-f-ferret! Boy! Not boy! Not ferret! AHHH!"

"...Didn't I show you this form when we first met?" Yuuno asked in confusion.

"NO!" Nanoha shook her head, her eyes white and blank. "How come?!"

"Uh..." Yuuno thought about it before his eyes went white and blank. "AH! That's right! I was injured and turned into a ferret to heal before I contacted Nanoha for help!"

Ranma looked confused as he looked at Lilith, who was right next to him, and then back at Nanoha, who was still was screaming. "I don't get it. He was a ferret, so what? It's not like he saw you naked."

"But he did!" Nanoha protested and rushed up to Ranma and grabbed him by his shirt. "He saw me! And Miyuki-onee-chan! And mama! And Arisa-chan! And Suzuka-chan! And Falin-san! And Shinobu-san! And, and and and..."

"Calm down, I get it." Ranma pulled her hands off of his shirt. "Sheesh, I don't get why you're upset. It ain't like you got much of anything to look at."

There was a crack that echoed in the distance and Nanoha lowered her head. "Oh? Is that so?" Her voice, which had been borderline hysterical a moment before, was suddenly deeper and quieter.

"Uh..." Ranma gulped as he saw a pink aura surrounding Nanoha as she looked up at him, her eyes glowing brightly. "...Yes?"

"RANMA YOU DUMMY!" Nanoha yelled as the area was surrounded by pink orbs that bombarded Ranma. Sadly for Lilith, as she was right next to Ranma, she was caught up in the pink explosions.

When the explosions were over, Yuuno sweat-dropped as he saw Ranma and Lilith face-down in the dirt, smoking from the attacks. "Ah, Nanoha... That was too much, I think."

"Don't make fun of a girl's figure!" Nanoha huffed in anger.

"N-noted." Ranma groaned.

"What the hell?!" Lilith yelled as she pushed herself up to her knees. She was covered in soot and dirt. "I get that you're upset, but you don't need to blow up people who tease you." Nanoha pouted and Lilith stood up and walked over to Nanoha and threw her arm over Nanoha's shoulders. "Come on, I'll show you the best way to get back at someone for teasing you."

Yuuno walked over to where Ranma was and crouched down, poking him with a nearby stick. "Hey! You okay?"

"Yeah..." Ranma groaned as he pushed himself up. "She's cute but scary."

"Well," Yuuno smiled at him, "in my clan, there's a saying, the cuter the girl, the more likely she'll have a temper on her, so don't make them mad."

Ranma glowered at him. "Could have warned me."

Several minutes later, Nanoha and Lilith came back over to where Ranma and Yuuno were at. For some odd reason, Nanoha was looking at Ranma oddly. If he was older, he might have called it coy. "So..." Nanoha smiled at Ranma. "You think I don't have much to look at?"

Ranma and Yuuno looked at each other in confusion and then back at Nanoha, who was tugging at her collar, pulling her shirt down slightly and exposing more of her body than either boy was used to seeing. "See?" She winked and bent over before reaching down with her left hand and tugging at the waist of her skirt, showing a hint of her white panties. "Are you sure that I don't have anything to look at?"

"That is..." Ranma sputtered as he saw the way she was showing skin and her panties, along with the amused look on her face. "But, I..."

"Butt?" Nanoha gasped in surprise. "You want to see my butt?"

"No, yes, I, ARRGH!"

Suddenly both Nanoha and Lilith started laughing as Nanoha pulled her hands away from her clothes. "See?" Lilith told her. "That's better, isn't it?"

"Y-yeah." Nanoha nodded, though her face was red from what she had done. "You were right."

Lilith smiled at her and put her hands on Nanoha's shoulders. "Keep practicing your teasing and soon it'll be second nature to you."

For some reason, that made both Yuuno and Ranma terrified.

"Anyway, I need to go." Lilith told them. "I gotta go meet with someone and tell her goodbye."

Both Ranma and Nanoha nodded as Lilith extended her wings and flew up into the air. "You know, I don't know how no one sees her." Nanoha wondered.

Ranma shrugged at that. "People don't bother to look up."

Nanoha nodded, that sounded reasonable.


Landing in the penthouse where Fate and Arf were staying, Lilith sighed as she saw Fate sleeping on the bed with Arf, in her wolf form, laying at Fate's feet. Walking over to Fate, she gently shook the blonde awake. "Hey..."

Fate yawned and blinked a few times. "Lilith?" She looked around blearily. "You're here early. You usually come after dark."

"Yeah, well..." Lilith sighed softly. "I have to tell you that I'm leaving in the morning." Fate gave her a surprised look. "Yeah, it's time that I left with Ranma and Genma."

"Ah." Fate had a sad look on her face. "I'll miss you."

Lilith paused as she looked at Fate and then at Arf before an idea came to her mind. "Fate!" She grasped the tiny blonde's hands. "Come with us."

"Huh?" Fate gasped in surprise. "What do you mean?"

"I mean it!" Lilith told her. "Forget your mother! She hurts you. Come with me, Ranma and Genma! You can travel with us! See Japan! We'll protect you from her."

"But..." Fate pursed her lips and shook her head. "Mother will know if I leave and she can attack you from where she is. I don't want her to hurt you."

Lilith smiled and pulled Fate into a hug. "Fate, if you want to leave, just say so. Ranma and I can call our magic teacher and he can either take all of us out of this world or he could even fight your mother for you."

Fate trembled and hugged Lilith back. "Thank you, my friend. I want to help mother though."

Fate just knew that if she got the Jewel Seeds for her mother that her mother would give her the praise and happiness that she used to give her.

Lilith sighed and nodded. "Alright." She smiled as she heard Fate yawn. "Do you mind if I stay here with you for a bit?" Fate shook her head and the two snuggled into bed. "I'm not going to be here when you wake up though." She whispered and kissed Fate on the forehead. "Have some good dreams." Lilith hoped that Fate's dreams would come true and that her mother really could be saved by those Jewel Seeds.

It was too bad for Fate that she would soon discover that she was a clone of Precia Testarossa's real daughter, Alicia Testarossa and Precia never cared about Fate the same way she did her daughter.

Fortunately for Precia, she only revealed this after Ranma, Lilith and Genma were gone. It was never a good idea to make a Succubus angry after all.

End Part 4


And thus Ranma and Lilith leave the Nanoha franchise... Until the next part.


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Alright, final part of this flashback chapter.


Part 5

The clicking sound of gears and a watch was heard in the distance.

Suddenly the gears started to spin fast as they moved forward, before slowing down and resuming their normal speed.

Hayate Yagami, an eleven-year-old girl with short, brown hair and blue eyes, smiled as she moved around in her wheelchair. "I was hoping to be able to walk today too." She patted down her sweat-shirt to wipe some dust off of it.

A more mature woman with blue eyes, short, blonde hair, who was wearing jeans and a casual t-shirt, smiled at Hayate. "You've been working hard. The doctors said that some days where your legs don't want to work is perfectly normal, Hayate-chan."

"I know, Shamal." Hayate sighed softly. "I just thought that after two years I wouldn't have bad days again."

"Well, I wouldn't worry about it too much." Shamal told her. "You've been doing really well with your physical therapy. You should be fully recovered within the year."

"Yeah." Hayate nodded, smiling brightly. "I'm looking forward to when my legs are working right all the time."

Shamal smiled before sighing softly. "Sadly, Hayate, I and the others have to go on a small mission. It's not much, but we'll be gone for the day."

"I know." Hayate nodded. "I'm going to go to the library today to hang out with Suzuka-chan and read some books." Shamal smiled at that. "But, please, don't let the Bureau be too mean to you."

Shamal chuckled softly. "Don't worry, the Bureau's been really nice to us. They haven't asked us to do anything beyond what we can do as a team and they haven't tried to do anything lewd to us either."

Hayate had a smile on her face. "That's good, because I was worried that they were doing perverted stuff to you, Signum and Vita-chan and that maybe they had female mages doing bad things to Zafira too."

Shamal sweat-dropped heavily. "I told you that being online was bad for you, you're getting weird ideas in your head again."

Hayate smiled and rolled to the door. "Well, I'm off." She smiled as the newest member of the family flew right at her. "Rein?"

"I wanna come with, daddy!" The short girl, only thirty centimeters tall, with long, silver-white hair and bright, blue eyes, who was wearing a blue and white outfit, smiled at Hayate while waving her tiny arms and legs up and down on the side of her body.

"Only three days old and you call me daddy." Hayate sighed softly. "Okay, but most people don't know what to think about a tiny girl like you, so..." She grabbed the miniature girl and shoved Reinforce Zwei between her modest and still-developing breasts. "I'll show you to Suzuka-chan when we get there, but until then, stay there."

"Okay." Reinforce Zwei said between her boobs.

Hayate grabbed a coat and put it on as well as an umbrella. "We're off." Hayate said as she rolled out the door. She was suddenly stopped as Shamal grabbed her wheelchair. "Shamal?"

"At least let me take you to the library." Shamal smiled at Hayate. "Besides, it rained yesterday and I don't want you getting splashed on the way there. I'll have to leave in a few minutes, but we can get to the library before I have to go."

Hayate smiled and nodded as Shamal pushed her out of the house.


A little later...

"We're here." Shamal said to Hayate as they got to the library grounds. "I'd love to push you inside, but I have to go."

"It's fine, Shamal." Hayate smiled as she wheeled herself towards the handicap ramp. "I'll be fine."

"Good luck then, Hayate!" Shamal nodded before turning and leaving.

As she rolled up the wheelchair ramp, Hayate paused for a moment, applying the brakes and looking around. "It sure is nice outside." Sure, it was still wet, due to how heavy the rain was the day before, but it was nice to see the world after rain.

"It is pretty." Reinforce said as she poked her head out from between Hayate's boobs."

"Yeah, it would be nice if things could stay peaceful like this." Hayate nodded and undid the brakes and went to grab her wheels, before pushing forward. "Ah!" She gasped as she realized that she didn't push hard enough and the chair was rolling backwords too fast. "Oh no."

"Daddy! I'll..."

Whatever Reinforce Zwei was going to say was cut off as Hayate's backwards momentum was suddenly stopped. "Huh?" Hayate asked as she realized that she wasn't moving. "Shamal, is that.." Hayate turned her head and gasped again. "You?"

Standing behind her was a boy that was a little older than her, with black hair done up in a loose ponytail and clear, blue eyes. He was wearing a slightly tattered white training Gi and he smiled at her. "Are you okay?"

Hayate, for some reason, found herself blushing as she looked at the boy. "Ah, yes, thank you."

"Master!" A female voice called out and Hayate turned her head as a girl, who looked to be about her age, with short purple hair, red eyes and was wearing a similar outfit to the boy, walked up behind them. "We haven't been in town for even ten minutes and you're trying to do what you did in Kyoto again?"

"Come on, Lilith, I wasn't going to let someone roll off the ramp like that." The boy told her.

Lilith rolled her eyes. "Seriously, Master..." She sighed and shook her head. "Hello."

"Ah, hi." Hayate smiled at her. "Miss Lilith?"

Lilith shook her head. "Just Lilith is fine."

"And..." Hayate looked at the boy. "Mister Master?"

The boy sighed as Lilith suddenly clutched her stomach and started laughing hard. "My name's Ranma, not master. Ranma Saotome," he jerked a thumb at the laughing Lilith, "her name's Lilith Aensland. We've been traveling together for four years now."

"Ah!" Hayate nodded. "My name is Hayate Yagami." She smiled at him. "Thank you for stopping me from going back too far. I stopped to admire the scenery and didn't catch my wheels."

"So, returning a book or something?" Ranma asked as he pushed her up the ramp to the library proper.

"Or something." Hayate smiled as the doors opened up so the three of them could go inside. "I was meeting with a friend of mine." She waved at one of the librarians, who smiled and waved back. "Thank you so much for taking me in here, I'm sure that..." Hayate's eyes widened and she pointed at someone sitting at a table. "That's her!" She rolled forward and Ranma and Lilith looked at each other before following after Hayate. "Suzuka-chan!"

Suzuka smiled as she got up from the table. "Ah, Hayate-chan, it's..." She gasped in surprise as she saw who was behind Hayate. "You two..."

"Oh!" Hayate blushed softly and gestured behind her. "Where are my manners? This is Ranma Saotome and Lilith Aensland, we met just outside and they helped me inside."

"Wait, is that Suzuka?" Lilith gasped in surprise as she saw the girl in question. "Wow! You grew big boobs in the past two years, huh?" Suzuka blushed and covered her chest while Hayate turned her wheelchair to look at Lilith more fully.

"You like them?" Hayate asked Lilith, who nodded. "Well good, I helped Suzuka-chan and Arisa-chan and Fate-chan and Nanoha-chan all grow their boobs through constant fondling. Nanoha-chan and Arisa-chan's boobs are still a little small, but Suzuka-chan and Fate-chan's boobs are coming in just fine!"

Suddenly Lilith was in front of Hayate and grabbing her hands, shaking them up and down. "Oh! You are such a perfect child!" She looked at Ranma, who was sweat-dropping heavily. "Can we adopt her into the family? I'd love it if Master had a little sister that was this cute and loved boobs as much as she does."

"Big brother?" Hayate blinked a few times and looked at Ranma before her face lit up. "Can I call you my big brother?"

Ranma chuckled nervously and rubbed the back of his head while his face got a bit flush. "Well, I guess... It wouldn't be a bad thing to have a little sister that was as cute as you are."

"Um..." Suzuka spoke up and caused Ranma, Lilith and Hayate to look at her. "Hayate-chan, why are you in your wheelchair? I thought you had recovered."

Hayate sighed, a disappointed look on her face. "Sadly, my legs decided right after dinner last night to stop working and I fell to the floor. Thankfully Vita-chan was at home and got me my wheelchair. We called the doctor and I was told that sometimes setbacks happen. So I guess it's just a bad day today." She then smiled and gently clapped her hands. "I'm sure that it's just a temporary set-back and not permanent." She rolled her wheelchair over to the table. "Actually, I wanted to show you someone." She reached into her shirt and pulled out a miniature girl. "This is Reinforce Zwei."

"Oh my goodness!" Suzuka gasped in surprise. "She's so cute."

Reinforce giggled while Ranma and Lilith both looked at her curiously. "Master..." Lilith whispered and Ranma nodded.

"Yeah, I've never seen a small girl like before." Ranma whispered back. "Now that I look more closely, Hayate has a lot of magic too, doesn't she?" Lilith nodded. "I wonder if Suzuka..."

"So, Hayate..." Suzuka spoke to the wheelchair-bound girl. "How come you didn't just use magic to float around?"

"Eh, I shouldn't waste my magic like that." Hayate waved her hand. "If I did..." Her eyes widened and she looked at Ranma and Lilith, who were giving her a startled look. "Ah, that is..."

"Well, at least we don't need to wonder if Suzuka knows about magic." Lilith chuckled and sat down at the table. "How'd you find out?"

"Nanoha-chan told me and Arisa-chan about it." Suzuka told her and Lilith nodded. "And, my big sister told me about our family's history with yours so..."

Lilith waved it off. "Don't worry, that was then, this is now. I might say or do something mean, but I don't mean it." Suzuka nodded. "Plus Master would spank my ass if I did something too mean."

"Master?" Suzuka asked in confusion and looked at Ranma before looking back at Lilith and pointing at Ranma. "You mean him?"

Lilith sighed and nodded. "Yes. Ah... Let's just say..."

"I died." Ranma told her and Suzuka and Hayate both stared at him in shock and surprise. "Lilith, for some stupid reason, decided to bring me back to life, in doing so, she gave up like half of her life to bond herself with me. If I die, she dies. If she dies, I die."

Lilith let out a huff as she crossed her arms over her chest. "And I told you before, Master, I made my choice. You're alive because of it." She grimaced and looked away. "Even if it means that all the Devil Hunters we come across now think of you as some kind of evil Demon."

Ranma sighed as he saw her apologetic look. "Lilith... I don't mind that you saved my life, it's fine." He smiled and walked over to her, putting a hand on her head. "What I don't like is that you gave up half your lifespan to save me."

"I'm a succubus," Lilith told him, "I'll live for a couple of centuries and then die anyway, might as well make use of my life by helping you out, Master."

"So big brother's servant is a succubus?" Hayate asked as she blinked in confusion. "Wow!" She clapped her hands. "This is like a manga!"

"So..." Lilith looked at Reinforce Zwei. "What are you? I've never seen a tiny girl with magic power like yours before."

Reinforce Zwei had a broad smile on her face as she put her hands on her hips. "Huhuhuhuhuhu... I'm Reinforce Zwei! The Tome of the Azure Sky! A Unison Device that supports daddy and the Wolkenritter in battle!"

"Volkenritter?" Ranma asked in confusion.

"No, Wolkenritter!" Reinforce Zwei shook her head. "It sounds like Volkenritter, but it's Wolkenritter."

"Wait!" Lilith gasped in surprise. "Unison Device? Is that like Nanoha's Raising Heart thing?"

"Ah!" Hayate perked up. "Rein's similar. She's got her own mind and can think her own thoughts and can even fuse with me to help me cast my magic spells, since I got my magic differently from other people, I don't have a lot of control and mostly do big spells. So Rein helps me speed up my casting and makes it more accurate."

"Ah, okay." Ranma nodded at her and looked at the little miniature girl. "So... Why does she call you daddy then?"

Hayate blushed while Suzuka giggled. "Well, that is..." Hayate began, "see, I had another Unison Device named Reinforce, but she was broken and had to be sealed away so she wouldn't hurt anyone. I took what was left of her and then used some of my Linker Core to make Reinforce Zwei."

"Oh." Lilith nodded, "so you really are her daddy."

Hayate hung her head and pouted. "I'm not a boy."

"Yeah, you're too cute to be a boy." Ranma said with a nod and Hayate's eyes sparkled as she looked at him. "Unless..." Ranma looked at her lap.

Hayate put her hands over her lap and her face turned red. "I DON'T HAVE A...!"

"SHHHHH!" Someone from nearby hushed Hayate, who looked away.

"Sorry." She said meekly. "As I said, I don't have a penis, big brother." Hayate was blushing and fidgeting.

"Sorry." Ranma said. "I believe you." Hayate smiled up at him. "Sorry, but Lilith and I should go. We were just near by and wanted to stop and say hi to our friends here before leaving."

Hayate pouted at him. "Couldn't you stay overnight? You could meet my family?"

"Ah, Lilith and I have to talk to pops about it and..." Ranma trailed off at Hayate's look. "How about this? We'll show up tomorrow and meet them then?"

"But you don't even know where I live..." Hayate trailed off.

"Well, if you're friends with Suzuka..." Lilith spoke up, "I bet you two go to the same school." They nodded. "So, get any new friends since we were away?"

"Well, there's Fate-chan..." Suzuka said and Lilith's eyes lit up, quite literally as they started to glow. "Ah?"

Lilith's eyes stopped glowing as she looked at Suzuka in excitement. "Blonde hair, red eyes, soft voice, cute as a million puppies and so adorable that you can't get mad at her with an amazing butt?"

Hayate giggled and nodded. "Yes, that sounds like Fate-chan."

"She got away from her mother." Lilith whispered, smiling softly. "That's good."

"By the way," Hayate had a grin on her face, "if you're curious, Fate-chan's boobs are just as good as her butt."

Lilith's face lit up at the thought of Fate's boobs being as good to look at as her butt was. "Master, we have to show up tomorrow after school so I can meet with Fate again."

Ranma nodded, "yeah, that sounds good to me." He looked at Hayate and Suzuka. "Can you two keep it a secret from the others?" He asked while giving them a pleading expression.

"Well, since it's coming from my beloved big brother, how can I say no?" Hayate asked and giggled. "But only if he sees me as his little sister." She giggled as Ranma's face turned red. "It's okay, I'll wait for you."

After waving Ranma and Lilith off, Suzuka smirked and looked at Hayate. "I'll wait for you?" Her smirk grew as Hayate's face started to turn red. "It sounds like you're in love with him and saying that you'll wait for your husband to come back from the battlefield."

Hayate continued to blush. "Well, maybe." She wasn't sure what she felt, but she knew that her big brother was really neat and for some reason she just wanted to be with him all the time.


The next day...

Lilith skipped right next to Ranma as he walked towards school. "Hey, hey, Master, I bet that Nanoha and Fate are super sexy..." A mischievous smirk came to her face. "And if Arisa's anything like them..." She giggled as Ranma rolled his eyes.

"Look, we're here just to say hi, meet Hayate's family and then we have to leave." Ranma sighed softly as he thought about leaving her. "Though I suppose we could spend one night here." Genma was having them head off to the Southern parts of Japan for the next couple of years on the training trip. After that, Ranma wasn't sure what was going to happen.

As they got to the end of the block, Lilith suddenly went pale. "Um, Master, whatever you do, do not look to your left."

"Huh?" Ranma blinked and turned his head to do just that.

And saw the most terrifying, repulsive and dangerous thing to ever walk the planet.

"Meow." The tiny black kitten, which was sitting on the wall, said.

"C-C-C-C-C-CAAAAAT!!!" Ranma screamed and suddenly bolted from the area while Lilith clutched at her head and fell to her knees.

As Ranma ran, all he could think about was getting away from the evil, furry creature that wanted to torture him, gut him, eat him and then sleep on his corpse. In his panic, he didn't see the tree root that was poking out of the ground that caused him to trip. Thankfully, his skill and training allowed him to avoid the worst of it as his body reacted while his mind was pre-occupied.

He only crashed into a street sign, knocking it over as he landed on it and slid forward, face down.

It was much better than tripping, falling and tumbling in a rather comical matter after all.

Ranma just groaned and stayed face-down on the ground for a bit while he tried to collect himself. 'Damn cats! Why can't they just...' His thoughts were interrupted as he heard someone saying something above him. He lifted his head up and the first thing he saw was a white skirt. "Lilith," he growled and flipped his arm up, "quiet, my head hurts."

Sadly for Ranma, he didn't completely control his strength and his arm caused the skirt to flip completely up, revealing that the person who was standing above him was wearing green panties.

"AHHH!" A voice that sounded familiar to Ranma caught his attention as he got up and he realized that the person in front of him wasn't Lilith, but someone he hadn't seen in over two years in Arisa, only her hair was starting to grow out past her shoulders.

"You jerk! You just flip up anyone's skirt in front of everyone?!" Arisa yelled as she pushed her skirt down, blushing hard. "Why the heck would you do that?! Huh?! Just going around and doing MMPH?!"

Ranma, in his panic-addled mind, couldn't even think straight, the only thing he wanted to do was quiet down the person who was yelling at him and Lilith often mentioned the best way to quiet someone down was by putting something on their mouth.

The fact that he was putting his lips on hers to quiet her down was proof that Lilith's soul bonding was quite effective in more ways than one.

More than one person gasped in shock and surprise.

Ranma broke the kiss and blinked a few times as his mind started to reboot properly and his thoughts became more rational. "Ah, Arisa... Oh crap, what did I..?"

"RANMA YOU JERK!" Arisa screamed and slapped his cheek so hard that he found himself on his back as she ran off, crying.


A little later...

"Gee, big brother, you shouldn't have done that." Hayate admonished Ranma as he pushed her to her house.

"The fact that my cheek still hurts tells me that more than words ever could." Ranma answered, the red handprint of Arisa's slap still fresh and vibrant. "And the fact that Nanoha is giving me dirty looks still despite being behind me doesn't hurt either."

"I could make it hurt." Nanoha glowered at him. "How could you do that to Arisa-chan?!"

Ranma sighed and hung his head. "You know my problem with cats?" Ranma asked and looked back at Nanoha, who was looking at him confused. "I don't like them. I need to run away from them."

"Oh, you have ailurophobia?" Hayate asked and Ranma looked back at her in confusion. "An unreasonable fear of cats."

"It's not unreasonable!" Ranma protested loudly. "They're evil, furry, want to eat me, eyes..." He shuddered and both Nanoha and Hayate had concerned looks on their faces as he trembled. "The eyes, they're looking at me... No! No more! I don't want this anymore! Stop!"

Suddenly Ranma found himself on his knees with his face against Hayate's chest as she held him. "H...huh?"

"Poor big brother." Hayate whispered softly as she patted his back. "I had no clue. No wonder you were acting like that at school, your mind must have been scrambled from the fear."

"Great, now I feel bad for getting mad at him." Nanoha sighed softly. "Look, Ranma, I'll tell Arisa-chan what happened when she calms down, okay? But you need to apologize to her before you leave. Or at least leave a letter."

Ranma let out a soft sigh and nodded as Hayate let go of her hug. "Yeah, thanks, I..."

"Maaaaassssttteeerrrrr!" Lilith's voice was heard and Ranma looked up in time to catch Lilith as she tackled him from above. "Master! I finally got over that really bad fear headache you gave me!" She pouted at him. "Why didn't you listen to me?! I told you not to look."

"That only makes me more likely to look!" Ranma protested from where he was on the ground. He sighed at the look she gave him. "Okay, I'm sorry, and I know what's wrong, we'll take care of it later, okay?" Lilith nodded and got off of Ranma, helping him to his feet.

"...Master?" Nanoha asked in confusion. "What happened?"

"Oh, this and that." Lilith told her. "Master is now my master and I'm his servant." Seeing Nanoha's confused look, Lilith sighed. "Master kind of died and I brought him back to life by giving up some of my life."

"You gave up half of your life." Ranma reminded her.

"And I don't regret it, Master." Lilith told him with a huff. "Anyway, it's a side-effect, so he's my master now."

"Oh, so you're his slave?" Nanoha asked and Lilith nodded. "Ahhh! Ranma's an evil slave owner!" She stuck her tongue out at the looks that Lilith, Ranma and Hayate gave her. "And that's for kissing Arisa-chan in front of everyone!"

Lilith gawked before suddenly laughing. "You were teasing?! Hahahahahahaha!"

"Nanoha-chan is really good at teasing. She does it all the time to us." Hayate groused. "We can never tell when she's being serious or not."

Ranma gave Lilith a dirty look as she sweat-dropped. "That's all your fault."

Lilith giggled and rubbed the back of her head. "Um, where's Fate? I wanted to say hello."

"Fate-chan had to leave school early." Nanoha told Lilith. "She just had a doctor's appointment is all." Nanoha waved her hands as Lilith looked concerned. "No, no, Fate-chan's fine, she just needed a standard check-up is all. Her appointment happened to be just before school ended, so she didn't get to see you. If you want, I could tell her that we'll be at Hayate-chan's place." Lilith nodded and Nanoha closed her eyes for a moment before nodding and smiling. "And done. She'll be coming over after she's done."

"Telepathy?" Lilith asked and Nanoha nodded. "Neat, you should teach that to me so Master and I can talk over long distances." She grinned. "Or even... Heh heh heh..."

Nanoha and Hayate both looked confused while Ranma blushed. When Lilith didn't stop chuckling, he slapped her ass and grabbed Hayate's wheelchair, pushing it towards Hayate's house.

"Mouuu..." Lilith whined as she rubbed her butt. "Master, that hurt."


Lilith narrowed her eyes and suddenly jumped on Ranma's back, wrapping her legs around his waist while hugging him, which caused him to stagger and glare up at her. "Gimme a piggyback ride then!"


Lilith pouted. "My butt hurts since Master was sooo mean to me, spanking me in public. Why, I might get arrested for public indecency if I was caught rubbing my butt."

Nanoha giggled as she walked after them. "I was worried that Ranma and Lilith changed because they're master and slave, but I'm glad that they haven't." Even if the relationship was different than what she remembered, the two seemed like they were still good friends with each other.


"I'm home!" Hayate called out as she entered the door.

"Hayate!" A young voice was heard and there was a pitter-patter of feet before a young-looking girl wearing shorts and a t-shirt with blue eyes and red hair in braided pigtails ran into the room. "Hey, uh..." She narrowed her eyes at Ranma. "Who's that?" She didn't even register Lilith, who was next to Ranma.

Hayate opened her mouth before an idea came to her. "Vita-chan, I want you to meet my big brother."

"Huh?" Vita said blandly.

"And we're getting married."

"HUUUUUH?!" Vita, Ranma and Nanoha all said at the same time.

Hayate suddenly grinned as she put her hands over her mouth. "Hahahahahahaha! You all bought it!"

Ranma sweat-dropped heavily. "...My little sister is super dangerous."

"Hahahahahahahaha!" Lilith was on the floor, kicking her legs up and down as she laughed.


After calming both Hayate and Lilith down, Ranma and Lilith were introduced to Signum, Shamal and Zafira. A few minutes later, there was a knocking on the door and Vita opened it, revealing Fate, who was smiling. "Hello, am I late?"

"Fate-chan!" Nanoha waved at the blonde. "Look! A couple of old friends were in town and wanted to meet you."

"Ah!" Fate saw Lilith and her face turned slightly red. "Lilith and I were friends from back then."

"You were?!" Nanoha yelped in surprise and looked at Lilith with a suspicious look on her face. "Just when did that happen?"

"When I was looking around town for something to do, I came across where Fate was sleeping and became friends with her." Lilith said while shrugging and she walked over to Fate with a grin on her face. "You've gotten a lot more pretty, haven't you?" She giggled as Fate had a flustered look on her face and she looked away. "You were cute like all the puppies in the world, but now you're just flat-out pretty."

"Lilith, stop teasing her." Ranma groaned and shook his head. "Sorry about that, Fate."

"It.. It's okay." Fate said with a soft smile on her face. "She was like that even when we first met. I'm glad that she hasn't changed."

"I think I should make some snacks." Shamal said as she got up from where she was sitting and went into the kitchen.

Seeing Shamal going to the kitchen to make some snacks, Hayate and Vita both sweat-dropped. "Ah, Shamal, do you want some help?" Hayate asked her.

"Don't worry, Hayate, I'm just going to make some sandwiches." Shamal said as she went into the kitchen. "I won't even use the toaster this time."

"For some reason, I'm still worried." Vita muttered as Zafira followed after. "Hold on, I'll make sure that you don't."

There was a weird sound that filled the room that had everyone pausing in fear before they all made their way to the kitchen.

"AHHH!" Shamal yelled as she ran water over a plate that was on fire. "I tried to make sandwiches and it set itself on fire!" She cried, tears falling from her eyes. "How did that happen?!"

"Um, maybe you should just try to serve ice cream?" Lilith offered and Shamal's eyes lit up.

"Of course!" She nodded as the fire died out. "Ice cream! It can't betray me!" She walked over to the freezer and grabbed a pint of ice cream and a bowl that had been washed earlier. "Surely this won't do anything weird."

As Shamal scooped out the ice cream, everyone, including Shamal sweat-dropped heavily as the ice cream spontaneously combusted, both what was in the bowl and what was in the original container.

"If God is real," Lilith muttered softly, "this is surely his idea of a sick joke."

"Or it's a curse." Ranma muttered as Shamal cried while Signum and Vita quickly worked to contain the fire. By the time it was put out, the bowl had turned into a liquid puddle that had melted into the table.

"...We'll have to get a new table." Signum said with a sigh.

"Or we keep this and have a funny story to tell in the future." Hayate said with a soft giggle.


A little later...

"So..." Ranma looked at the blue wolf, "you and the others, I can feel some sort of magic between you four and Hayate, but..."

"You could call me her Guardian Beast." Zafira told him. "I don't wish to go into details, but Hayate gives us magical power so we can live, in exchange we protect her with our lives."

"Oh, like a familiar?" Ranma asked and Zafira nodded.

"Yes, but I'm from Belka, so I'm a Guardian Beast."

"...Velka?" Ranma asked the blue wolf, who sighed and hung his head.

"Everyone gets it wrong. Yes, that's what it sounds like, but it's Belka." Zafira corrected him and Ranma nodded.

"So..." Ranma scratched his head. "Are you just a wolf or do you have a human form?"

Zafira chuckled at Ranma's question. "While I can become more human, I stay in this form constantly. It reduces mana drain from Hayate, plus there's less questions if people wonder why a young girl has an adult male living with her as opposed to a large wolf."

"That makes sense." Ranma said as he looked at the fur.

"If you want to pet me, go ahead." Zafira said as he laid down and Ranma walked over and ran his hand over Zafira's fur. "I don't find it offensive in the slightest."

"Well, when talking to anything that looks like an animal that can talk back, it's not right to assume anything. I met a raccoon that could talk and I tried to pet it and the thing kicked me between the legs." Ranma grimaced at the memory. "That wasn't fun."

"I bet not." Zafira said as Ranma continue to pet him. "But that's a good rule to have for the future."


Lilith stood outside of Hayate's house, leaning against the wall as Fate came outside. "So, you wanted to talk?" She asked as the two of them stood in Hayate's back yard.

Fate smiled. "I missed you." Fate grabbed Lilith's hands and gave them a squeeze. "You were my first friend..." Lilith smiled and squeezed Fate's hands back. "But Nanoha and Hayate, they're good friends too. I wish I could have contacted you."

"For what?" Lilith asked in confusion and Fate sighed softly.

"Lately, whenever I think of Nanoha, I just..." She blushed and fidgeted. "I remember when you healed me and what you did to me."

Lilith blinked a few times before her eyes widened in shock. "Oh! You want me to do that again?" She grinned as Fate blushed more. "Oh, the things I could do to you..."

"Well..." Fate fidgeted. "I wouldn't mind it, but when I think about what you did to me, I was thinking I wanted it to be Nanoha who did it, but..." She sighed softly and let go of Lilith's hands. "For some reason, Nanoha seems to not understand how I feel about her. I don't know how to tell her."

Lilith blinked a few times before she slapped her forehead. "Ah, let me go talk to her."

Fate nodded as Lilith walked back inside and found Nanoha talking with Hayate. "Hey, Nanoha, can I talk to you in the hallway?" Nanoha blinked and nodded as she walked with Lilith to the side. "You know..." Lilith said before turning around. "I think Fate's in love with you."

Nanoha looked confused. "Eh?! But I love her too. We're friends."

Lilith shook her head and pulled Nanoha into a headlock. "Moron, she loves you like Kyouya loves Shinobu."

Nanoha was confused for a moment. "...Oh?" Suddenly her eyes lit up in surprise. "....OH!" Lilith nodded. "Bu-but-but..."

"She has a really nice butt." Lilith said as she let go of the headlock. "Look, even if you don't know how you feel about her, you should at least know how she feels about you, dummy."

"Nyahahahahaha..." Nanoha giggled nervously. "Where is Fate-chan?" Lilith pointed to the backyard. "I guess I need to talk to her." Lilith nodded. "...How did you..?"

"I'm a succubus, I can feel other people's emotions, you know?" Lilith winked at Nanoha, spun her around and slapped the girl's butt loudly, getting a yelp from Nanoha. "Now go before I decide to steal Fate away from you."


It was a few hours later that found Ranma laying on the bed in the guest room. His eyes were closed before he felt someone climb into bed with him. "Huh?" He felt someone's lips on his and he didn't resist as he kissed back. He didn't even resist as he felt that person's hands on his pants, undoing them and sliding them down. After his pants, his underwear went along with them and the kiss was broken and he opened his eyes to see a naked Lilith straddling him.

"Oh?" Lilith grinned as she rubbed his rapidly hardening dick. "Is this for me, Master?" Her left hand rubbed his dick while her right hand rubbed her crotch.

Ranma grunted. "We... We shouldn't do this here." He said as Lilith smirked and positioned herself over him.

"And why not?" Lilith asked as she slid him into her. "Mmmm... That's nice. I'm hungry and you haven't fed me yet."

Ranma groaned and nodded. He wasn't sure about doing this, but it did feel nice. After all, this was only the third time that the two of them had done this thing and it felt really good, so it couldn't have been bad, right?

Lilith sighed as she rocked her hips on top of him. "Mmmm... This feels nice." Sure, she knew he'd get bigger as he grew older, but right now, he felt nice. Lilith grinned as she dropped her butt down again. "I'm going to make you into the perfect lover that knows how to use his dick. Any woman who you bed won't be able to think about anyone else when I'm done with you."

Ranma was blushing as he thrust his hips upwards. "And... What if I don't... Nmmmmgh... Want..."

"No, no, Master..." Lilith shook her head as she ran a finger over his chest. "Eventually you'll be able to outlast me. When that happens, you'll need lots of lovers to satisfy you." She had a blush on her face as she grinned at him. "It's okay to not have great stamina now, you can go more than once, so that's good for now, just..." Lilith cooed as she felt Ranma cum inside of her. "Mmmm... That's good, Master... I'll have to..."

"Oh!" A gasping voice had Lilith and Ranma both stare at the door where Hayate, dressed in light blue pajamas, was sitting in her wheelchair and was watching them with a weird expression on her face. "Big brother... Doing... Doing lewd..."

The next thing either of them knew, Hayate was pushing herself up out of her wheelchair and launched herself into the bed, tackling Lilith as she straddled the Succubus and fondled her small chest. "Heheheheheheheheh..." She grinned while breathing heavily. "Lewd... Lewd..."

"Ah..." Lilith blinked a few times as she tried to figure out what was going on with Hayate before she smirked and sat up slightly. She hooked a thumb under the waistband of Hayate's pajamas and slid them and her panties down, leaving her bare ass exposed. "Master, I think Hayate wants you to claim her." She giggled as she grabbed Hayate's butt-cheeks and spread them. "Come on, Master, you..."

"Just what the hell is going on?" A stern voice asked and Ranma and Lilith both turned to see Signum, Vita, Shamal and Zafira all at the door, glaring at them, glowing with magical power and all of them had their weapons drawn. "You two... If you are not out of this house in five seconds, we will remove you... Piece by piece."

"...Lilith, time to go." Ranma grabbed Lilith, who nodded and the two disappeared into a corner in the shadow.

Signum closed her eyes. "Shamal, are they still in town?"

Shamal's rings glowed as they detatched from her fingers and formed a circle in front of her. "Yes, near the edge of town."

"Vita, Zafira, you two come with me, Shamal, make sure Hayate is okay. We need to have words with those two."

"Aww!" Hayate launched herself at Signum, hugging her. "No! Please?! No hurting big brother?!" She asked with tears forming in her eyes. "Please?"

Signum felt her eye twitching, it was impossible to deny Hayate when she was doing the puppy dog eyes of her. "Hayate, if they come back any time soon, I will gut them, understood?" Hayate pouted, but nodded. "And pull up your pants!"

"Yeek! When did they get down past my knees?!" Hayate yelped and pulled her pants and underwear up. She then blinked as she realized that she was standing up with no issues. "...My legs are working again?"

"...At least something good came out of this." Vita grumbled as she tried to fight off the irritation she felt from not being able to smash Ranma's head in for trying to do bad things to Hayate.


Just outside of Uminari City...

"Let's go." Ranma told Lilith as the two left the city. "Pops is in the next city over, if we hurry, we can get there by morning."

"So..." Lilith began as she slid on the large backpack that she and Ranma had hidden just outside of the city. "Are we coming back, Master?"

Ranma shouldered his own backpack. "...It might be best to not return unless we need to. Between Arisa and the Volkenritter, I think that it's best if we don't come back unless we have to."

"You mean Wolkenritter." Lilith pointed out, but nodded. "I understand. It's too bad, your sister is super cute and adorable and perfect."

As they left the city, Ranma narrowed his eyes in thought. "Lilith... You weren't... Influencing my little sister were you?"

Lilith's eyes went white and blank. "Well, I don't think I was, but I was so hungry and horny that I probably was putting out an aura strong enough to make the dead get horny, so... Um... Maybe?"

Ranma sighed, at least that made some sense.

As the two walked off, the gears in the distance started to spin as time sped up, returning to the current day.

End Part 5

End Chapter 11.5


And that's how Ranma met the Lyrical Nanoha cast.

The next chapter will be back in present time.


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And now back to our regularly scheduled chapters.


Chapter 12

It was a bright day outside as Nanoha Takamachi, a sixteen-year-old girl with blue eyes, modest breasts and long, reddish-brown hair done up in a single side-ponytail, was getting dressed. "It will be a good day today, huh, Raising Heart?" She asked the air.

"Yes, my master." A red gem on her nightstand replied back while flashing a few times.

"Since today is one of our days off from school, I'm going to go and have fun." She already had plans to meet with her friends to just go strolling around the mall and having fun. Nanoha grabbed her shirt and sighed softly. "I know my boobs aren't tiny, but it's so unfair that Fate-chan and Suzuka-chan are so much bigger."

"Better to grope, master." Raising Heart said and Nanoha nodded, giggling as she remembered what one of her friends had said.

"I wonder how they're doing." She was happy that when Lilith had stolen Raising Heart that she had returned it...

...In exchange for Nanoha blowing her up, but Lilith didn't even try to dodge and, really, stealing an Intelligent Device from its owner was just begging for the owner to do something crazy in response.

After putting some short-shorts on, Nanoha tossed her shirt and grabbed a short, light blue dress and slipped it on, smiling as the dress stopped just past her shorts, giving everyone the illusion that they could see her panties if her skirt fluttered up. A small, sadistic grin came to her face as she thought about all the looks of disappointment that she would receive. "None of them get to see my panties."

"Yes." Raising Heart confirmed to Nanoha.

Grabbing Raising Heart and wrapping the string that was connected to the jewel around her neck, Nanoha ran to the front door and put her shoes on. "I'm off!" She called out to her parents and big sister.

As she ran out the door, she smiled upon seeing one of her childhood friends walking around the corner on the street. "Arisa-chan!" She waved and ran over to her friend, who grabbed her hand and shook it.

"Hey, Nanoha." Arisa, a girl with green eyes and short, blonde hair, who was wearing a halter top and loose skirt around her waist, smiled at her friend. "We're going to meet up with Fate and Hayate and go to the mall?"

Nanoha nodded. "Yeah, too bad Suzuka-chan has her family reunion today." A grin came to her face. "We'll just have to take lots of pictures and tease her about the fun things she'll miss out today."

Arisa gave Nanoha a flat look. "That dummy and his stupid pet did horrible things to you."

"Nyahahahahahaha..." Nanoha laughed and stuck her tongue out as the two walked down the street. "I don't know, Arisa-chan. It's a lot of fun to tease people."

"You've been teasing people since you were eleven." Arisa pointed out, causing Nanoha to laugh. "You teased that poor teacher."

"And it turns out that he was looking at kids younger than me naked." Nanoha pointed out. "Really, I did us all a favor."

Arisa knew that was the case, but she had seen Nanoha's teasing leave more than one person so hot and bothered that they had creamed their pants. Heck, she had been on the receiving end of it more than once and thankfully Nanoha had enough sense to not go that far with her, it still left her upset and flustered. "Yeah, but you shouldn't listen to dummies."

"Awww..." Nanoha pouted as she spun around and walked backwords. "But some of my best friends are dummies." Seeing Arisa's flustered look, Nanoha grinned. "Nyahahahahahahaha..." She got close and gave her friend a quick peck on the cheek before spinning and running off. "Love you, Arisa-chan!"

Arisa's face was bright red and she chased after Nanoha. "Don't tease me like that! I know that you're dating Fate!"

"Nyahahahahaha!" Was the only response Arisa got as they ran to Hayate's house.



Walking to a large house wearing jeans and a light blue shirt, Fate, a sixteen year old girl with fairly large breasts, long blonde hair tied up in a loose ponytail behind her head and red eyes, smiled as she waved at Signum, a woman who looked to be in her late twenties, who had green eyes, pink hair in a high ponytail behind her head and was wearing biker shorts and a halter top over her large breasts, who was wiping the sweat off of her body. "Been busy, Signum?"

"Ah, Testarossa." Signum nodded at the blonde. "I just finished some sword exercises."

"I guess that means I'll have to work and improve again if I don't want to lose all our matches." Fate said and Signum chuckled.

"With enough work, you might be able to catch up. I believe that the record is two hundred thirty-eight wins for me and sixty-eight wins for you." Signum smirked at Fate's flustered look. "One more win and you should ask your girlfriend for something nice."

Fate's face turned bright red. Even though she and Nanoha had been together for a few years at this point, she never could get over how her friends teased her about it. "W-we-well, you should watch out since Hayate might grope you again."

Signum sighed and nodded. "I've long since accepted that."

"Gee!" An annoyed voice called out from the door and Signum and Fate turned to see Hayate, a short girl with short, brown hair who had two hair clips, one that was a red "X" and the other one was a yellow one that looked like two parallel bars in her hair, her eyes were blue and she was wearing long, brown shorts, that went to her knees and a tie-died t-shirt on her upper body. "And here I thought that Fate-chan would be happy I helped her boobs grow!"

"I'd say that Nanoha helped them grow more." Signum said while Fate blushed hard. "Then again, it's just an urban legend. If that was the case, I'd have Z-cup boobs."

Hayate started panting as she flexed her fingers. "Imagine so much... OWW!" She rubbed her head and looked behind her as Shamal, a taller, mature woman with short blonde hair, green eyes stood behind her while wearing a doctor's lab coat over a black suit.

"Hayate, stop trying to think of making our boobs get bigger."

"I wouldn't mind my chest getting bigger." Another voice said as a short, young looking redhead, who had her hair done up in twin braided pigtails and blue eyes, walked out of the house. She was wearing long pants and a tanktop. "But then again, if that happened, I'd be as much of a boob demon as she is." Vita said and pointed at Signum.

Signum felt her eye twitching. "Are you looking for a fight?"

Hayate just giggled as Vita ran out and stared at Signum, who had to glare down at her. "Come on now..." She reached behind her and felt Zafira, a large, blue furred wolf, behind her. "It's not nice to fight all the time."

"Yeah!" The final person, a tiny girl who was about thirty centimeters tall, with long, silver hair and blue eyes, who was wearing a white outfit, which was made up of a vest, mini-skirt and long butt-cape that wet from her waist to below her knees. "You know that it's not good to fight."

"Leave it to daddy's little girl to stick up for her." Signum muttered and Hayate's eyes went white and blank.

"Oh come on, Signum!" Hayate waved her arms up and down. "Just because I took what was left of the Tome of the Night Sky, combined it with my Linker Core and had Shari create Reinforce Zwei doesn't mean that you have to keep calling me her father!"

"I dunno, Hayate-chan," Nanoha said as she walked up behind Fate, who stiffed in surprise as Nanoha wrapped her arms around Fate's stomach. "That sounds like how a daddy makes babies to me."

"AHHH!" Hayate felt her eyes watering up. "Even you, Nanoha-chan?! I know you like to tease us, but that goes too far!" Seeing the sadistic grin on Nanoha's face only caused Hayate to fall to her hands and knees. "I've been betrayed by my best friends and family. Big brother! Where are you? Come save me from these evil people!"

Nanoha just smirked at Hayate. "Oh, I dunno. I think..."

"Master!" Raising Heart yelled suddenly from between Nanoha's boobs. "High magical power detected."

"Huh?" Nanoha let go of Fate and pulled up Raising Heart. "What do you mean?"

"Sir." A male voice spoke up and Fate looked at her wrist, where a yellow triangle was flashing. "Dangerously high magic confirmed approaching at high speed. Distance fifty, fourty, thirty, twenty, ten..."

Arisa ran behind everyone as they prepared for a battle. "What is it? Are we being invaded by someone?"

"Zero." The male voice spoke up and everyone was prepared for a fight as someone walked into view from behind the wall.

"Oh! Cool! We found the place!" The person, a young man who was a little older than Fate, Nanoha and Hayate said as he smiled at waved. "Hey! Nanoha! Fate! Hayate! Signum! Vita! Oh! Is that Arisa? Been a long time, girls."

Before anyone could react, there was a sudden rushing of wind as Arisa ran forward as fast as she could.

"RANMA YOU DUMMY!" She screamed as she did a flying kick at Ranma, who caught her ankle and lifted her up. "Put me down, you idiot!"

"I missed you too, Arisa." Ranma chuckled and tilted his head. "Green panties? You wore those the last time I saw you too. Did you miss me that much?"

Arisa's face was bright red. "GAH! You jerk! First you flip up my skirt and flash everyone, then you steal my first kiss and now you're doing this?!"

Ranma laughed as he put her down on her feet as she glared at him and started banging her hands against his chest. "I missed you too."

"HMPH!" Arisa turned and pouted. "Who'd miss a big dummy like you?"

"BIG BROTHER!" Hayate suddenly cried out as she ran at Ranma and jumped at him, tackling him, or trying to, as he caught her without falling down. "It's been too long! I missed you!"

Ranma smiled at her and rubbed her head as he hugged her. "I missed you too, squirt. You're still short."

Hayate pouted at him. "I'm not short! I'm fun-sized!" Ranma laughed at hearing that. "And besides, I said the next time that I saw you I was going to have you take my virginity."

Ranma raised an eyebrow at her. "Oh? You want me to take you, right here and now in front of everyone?" Hayate nodded and Ranma reached down to grab her butt. "Well, if you're sure."

Feeling him squeezing her butt had Hayate's face turn red. "Ack! I was kidding!"

Nanoha just grinned and giggled while Fate sighed and smiled at her friends. "I'm glad that you're here, Ranma." Fate said as she walked over to the two of them. "We felt a tremendously powerful magic heading our ways and we were worried it was someone dangerous."

"What?" A new voice spoke up and Serafall and Lilith walked into the yard. "I'm not?" Serafall pouted as she looked at the blonde girl. "I should be offended, I should, but I'm not sure what to think about what you said."

"Oh?" Hayate's eyes sparkled as she saw Serafall. "A cute girl with twintails and big boobs?! Did big brother get a girlfriend? And is that Lilith?!" She gasped as she saw the taller girl. "She got big! And boobs! And has green and red hair and boobs!"

The next thing Hayate knew, Lilith was hugging her, smothering her face in her chest. "Yes! Now I have perfect smothering boobs that you can fondle and squeeze and..." She trailed off at the aura of doom that was filling the yard. "Huh?"

Signum, Shamal, Vita and Zafira were all glowing blue with their eyes white and blank while their faces were shrouded in shadow with Vita holding a hammer, Signum holding a sword and Shamal's hands were glowing.

"Hayate, step away from them, we must punish them." Shamal said. "For trying to corrupt and take away your purity."

Nanoha giggled at hearing that. "Is he any worse than the guy who keeps trying to hit on me, Fate-chan, Hayate-chan, Arisa-chan and Suzuka-chan at school?"

Fate's face was flushed as she thought about that boy. "I caught him trying to pressure Hayate into letting him pop her cherry and be his and then I saw him try to get into your panties too. And he knows that you and I are dating."

Ranma felt his eye twitching. "Hayate, show me where this guy lives."

"Why?" Hayate blinked as she looked at Ranma while keeping her head on Lilith's breasts. "Mmm... Lilith's boobs are bigger than Signum's boobs."

"As your big brother, I must meet with this guy and murder him for trying to steal my little sister away from me." Ranma said with a totally serious tone of voice.

"You can't just kill someone because they tried to seduce Hayate." Fate pointed out.

"I can't?" Ranma asked her and she shook her head. "Can I take him to Makai and let the Demons there eat him?"

"No." Fate shook her head again.

Ranma looked at Serafall, who was just watching and smiling. "Serafall, if someone was trying to get into Sona's panties and steal her away from you, what would you do?"

A sudden blinding aura flared up and everyone but Ranma, Lilith and Hayate, who was squeezing and nuzzling Lilith's breasts, who was enjoying it, became very nervous.

"I shall rip his soul from his body and tear his body asunder before sealing what little remains of him into the depths of Cocytus where he will never pester anyone ever again." A strange, demonic voice came out of Serafall's mouth.

Ranma sighed and walked over to her, hugging her. "Serafall, you're pregnant, no stressing out." The aura gutted out and Serafall's eyes were watering up as Ranma hugged her. "Hayate is to me what Sona is to you."

"Oh, so you want to do sexy, lovey-dovey time with her too?" Serafall asked and Ranma chuckled.

"I was going to take her up on her offer to fuck her in her front yard, but she got too flustered."

"I was kidding!" Hayate yelled and squeaked as Lilith squeezed her butt. "I want my first time to be with big brother in my room!" She blinked as she realized something important. "AH!" Hayate pointed at Ranma with a shaky finger. "Big brother has a baby on the way?!"

"More than one." Ranma admitted to her and blinked as Hayate was suddenly in front of him, gripping his hands and looking up at him with sparkly eyes. "...What?"

"Big brother needs to breed me so they stop calling me Rein's daddy!" Hayate had tears falling out of her eyes. "Since when am I a boy?!"

"You're as perverted as one." Arisa grumbled as she walked away from them. "I think I'll go..." She stopped as Nanoha grabbed her arm. "Nanoha?" She gulped at the teasing grin on Nanoha's face. "...What?"

"Arisa-chan is just upset that she wasn't bred by Ranma-kun, isn't she?" Nanoha giggled as Arisa's face turned bright red. "Hey! Ranma-kun! Arisa-chan is a virgin too! You should breed her too."

"NO!" Arisa yelled, her face red. "I do not want that stupid dummy to fondle me, feel me, kiss me, sex me up and hold me lovingly afterwords!"

"...So I should, got it." Ranma nodded and Arisa yelled and looked like she was about to run when her arms and legs were put in magical restraints and she fell over.

"Nyahahahahahaha..." Nanoha grinned. "I got her, Ranma-kun!"

Fate just shook her head as Arisa screamed that she didn't want that big dummy to touch her. "Really?" Fate asked Arisa, who nodded. "Well, I doubt Ranma will be here long, so who knows when you'll see him next?" Arisa huffed and looked away. "And I think the real reason that you're upset is because he kissed you at school when everyone was watching."

"I was eleven and this big dummy jerk steals my first kiss and then leaves!" Arisa yelled in frustration.

"Actually, about Serafall's pregnancy, that's why I'm here, actually." Ranma said and Hayate frowned in confusion. "Well, that and seeing my adorable little sister." Hayate beamed as he said that. "But, see, Serafall has a television program where she's a magical girl who defends the world against evil forces."

"But with my pregnancy..." Serafall said as she rubbed her belly. "I'm going to start showing before too long and it's not good for a pregnant woman to fight evil. And I don't want my show to take a season off and lose out to the Breast Dragon Emperor show."

"...Breast Dragon Emperor?" Arisa gawked at that. "What kind of dumb show is that?!"

"Careful, my best friend does that show." Ranma told her while squeezing Serafall's shoulder when she glared at Arisa. "She doesn't know the show like we do, Serafall, it's okay."

Serafall sighed. "I worked so hard to make the dancing of the Breast Dragon Song catchy too! Even Ophis and Lillie like it!"

"They are Dragons though." Ranma muttered, though he knew that D'draig didn't like it. "Anyway, I figured the best person to play a magical girl was an actual magical girl."

Serafall clapped her hands and smiled at the group. "So, please, could you do it? You'll be properly compensated for your time."

"I dunno..." Nanoha trailed off. "We have to..."

"I'll do it." Fate said, shocking Nanoha as the blonde smiled. "It might be fun. Are we stepping in the middle of a season or is this a new season?"

"A new season." Serafall nodded and Fate tapped her chin.

"Fate-chan?" Nanoha asked and Fate gave her a smile.

"Well, why don't we use this show to do what miss Serafall is doing, but we can also show everyone how the two of us first met?"

"Wait, you want to be the bad guy?" Lilith asked and Fate nodded. "Hmm... Ooooh!" She looked at Hayate and then at Signum, Zafira, Vita and Shamal. "...How about we bring all of you into the show? Like, the first part of the show is how Nanoha and Fate fought with Fate working for master in an attempt to destroy the world before Nanoha befriends Fate."

"Again?" Nanoha asked, giggling.

"Yeah." Lilith nodded. "And then we have Hayate's knights take over for most of the second half of the season before Hayate is revealed to be master's perfect magical girl to defeat Nanoha."

"We should ask miss Lindy." Nanoha tapped her chin. "I have an idea."

"So you'll do it?" Serafall asked and Nanoha nodded. "Yay!" Serafall threw her hands into the air. "Can you show me your transformation?"

"Sure." Both Nanoha and Fate nodded as they held up their devices. "Set up!"

"Standbye, ready." Raising Heart said.

"Set up." Fate's device, Bardiche, said as well.

After they finished transforming, Nanoha was in a long, white dress, her hair in twintails and her gem was now a staff.

Fate was in a black outfit that hugged her body, her skirt going down to the middle of her thighs and she had armored gloves on her hands with long, black leggings that covered her legs up to just under her dress, showing off a bit of her thighs and on her back was a white cape while her triangle device had turned into an axe.

"Hey!" Hayate yelled. "Don't forget me! Set up!"

"Aufstellen!" A robotic voice spoke up as Hayate's outfit changed, she had a short, black dress with an armored section around her waist and a long-sleeved vest over her upper body, on her back were six black wings and her yellow hair clip had disappeared. A long staff with a cross on the top appeared in her hands.

"Ooooh!" Serafall clapped. "Ran-tan! Your little sister and her friends are perfect! Your little sister even looks like a Fallen Angel like that! It's perfect for the next season!"


It was a few minutes later, with Nanoha, Fate and Hayate back in their normal outfits, that found everyone in Hayate's living room as they called Lindy Harlaown, a mature woman who had long, minty-green hair and green eyes with four dots on her forehead in the shape of a plus symbol and put her up on a large screen. After explaining the situation to her, Lindy frowned in confusion. "We had detected a large amount of magic, far more than you three girls put together, close to Hayate's place, and I was about to scramble when you called."

"That's probably my fault." Serafall said to her. "I should properly introduce myself to everyone. My name is Serafall Leviathan, one of the four Devil Kings that currently rules Hell."

"Big brother's girlfriend is a Devil?" Hayate asked from where she was sitting on the couch.

"Fiancee, and Lilith's a Succubus." Ranma told her and Hayate nodded as she snuggled up against him. "We're getting married soon, actually."

"I'm surprised that you're not..." Arisa gulped as Serafall gave her a look. "I mean..."

"We don't take people's souls anymore, that was always a bad idea, no one had the balls to tell the former rulers of Hell that it was stupid."

"It's surprising..." Lindy said as she stroked her chin. "I've lived in Japan for almost a decade at this point and I never knew that there was such a thing as Devils, outside of folklore."

"We tend to try to not stand out." Serafall said. "But magic-using aliens that look human... If possible, I'd like to establish formal relations with your organization." Serafall was in charge of foreign affairs and didn't want more enemies for Hell if she could help it.

"Of course." Lindy smiled at the Devil King. "So, Nanoha, you said something about an idea?"

Nanoha clapped her hands. "Miss Lindy, don't you have those fairy wings when you use magic? Want to be my magical advisor for the show?"

Lindy sweat-dropped heavily. "I admit, I used my magic to turn myself into a tiny fairy when I was younger, but I'd rather not do that again."

"Please don't." Ranma and Lilith both muttered at the same time and worried that the Fae would find out about someone mocking them.

Lindy laughed softly. "Very well, Fate, Nanoha, Hayate, you three along with the Wolkenritter and Reinforce Zwei have permission to partake in this show for a season. I'm sure that the bureau can handle you three not joining up for a few months."

"Don't worry." Serafall told Lindy. "If something comes up and you need their help with something, they'll be able to go." She smiled as Lindy gave her a curious look. "After all, I know what it's like to have multiple jobs. Some have to come first."

"There's one more thing..." Ranma said as he flipped his hand over and Asmodeus appeared in his hand. "This is one of the original Great Devil Kings from centuries ago, Asmodeus..."

"Hi!" The bronzed mini-girl waved at everyone. "About time you let me out of that pocket!" She huffed at Ranma. "So, I was told that there was someone who can fuse with others around here?" She blinked as another girl with silver hair, about her size, floated over. "You?"

"Yep, yep! I am Reinforce Zwei! The Tome of the Azure Sky, who gives support to the Wolkenritter and my master Hayate." The blue-eyed mini-girl winked cutely.

"...And you can fuse..?" Asmodeus asked and Reinforce nodded and looked at Hayate, who nodded and got up.

"See? Unison In!" Reinforce Zwei glowed white before slamming into Hayate, changing the girl's hair to a stark white and Hayate's eyes got brighter.

"...Okay then," Asmodeus said and looked at the fused Hayate. "This body is an artificial construct made by the original Great Devil King Asmodeus that has all of her memories up until the moment of my creation. Turn me into something like that girl so I can fuse with him." She pointed at Ranma.

Most everyone expressed surprise but suddenly Lindy was pushed off the screen and a woman in a white lab coat who had short, green hair, green eyes and was wearing glasses. "Interesting! A sentient being that wants to become a Unison Device?"

"Mariel..." Lindy groaned as she got up. "Bad mad scientist, bad."

"Aww..." Mariel pouted as she was whapped on the head with a rolled up magazine.

"Anyway, we'll get in touch and get things set up if that's what you want." Lindy said and Asmodeus nodded.

"Well, there are reasons." She admitted to Lindy. "But yeah, so long as it doesn't change my personality or something."

"It won't, but it's... Not like we've..."

Ranma slapped his head and pulled out a sheet of paper. "Nabiki gave me this before I came here, it's how you can turn her into a Unision Device with no problems."

"I'd say that you'd owe us a few years of service for this, but allowing us to contact a large section of people with magic that we had no clue about?" Lindy said and tapped her chin. "I think we still owe you."

"We'll figure something out." Ranma chuckled as the screen turned off and blinked as Hayate hugged him. "Hmm?"

"Big brother..." She whispered and Ranma tried to ignore the glares that Signum, Shamal, Vita and Zafira gave him. "You can't leave yet."

Ranma chuckled and shook his head. "Nah, I haven't slept much, so I think I'll stay for a little while."

There were reasons for it, beyond just seeing his adorable little sister again.

Nanoha started giggling. "It's too bad Yuuno-kun isn't here, he had such a crush on Lilith-chan."

Lilith grinned as she remembered the blonde boy. "Oooh! He was so cute! I hope he's still as cute as I remember him being." The next thing she knew, she was rubbing her head as Fate pulled back a rolled up magazine. "Oh come on! He's your age too! Which means he's old enough to make his own choices!"

"I can't let you prey on my friends." Fate said and Lilith grinned at her.

"So I can prey on you then?"

That got her a Bardiche strike to the head, which sent her to the floor.

Ranma chuckled in amusement. "If Fate didn't bop you on the head, you would have stolen Arf, Yuuno and Zafira and had your own petting zoo."

"It's not every day you meet people that can change between human and animal forms so easily!" Lilith protested. "And Arf had such a super sexy body too!"

Fate gave her an annoyed look. "No seducing my familiar."

"Maybe I should make her my familiar?" Lilith asked her and Fate gave her a glare. "Calm down! I don't mean for sexy reasons, though that could be fun, no, I mean, she has to be a big drain on your magic reserves. I've got a ton more magic than you'll ever have in fifty life times. I could support Arf, Vita, Signum, Shamal and Zafira easily and still not have any problems with my life."

"I'd rather you not become our master." Signum told Lilith. "I'm willing to put up with Hayate and her antics, but I would never let you do that to me."

Ranma scratched his head. "Wait, you four STILL need Hayate to support you?" He did a mental count. "...I still have a knight and seven pawn pieces left."

"Master," Lilith spoke up, "while I think Hayate would enjoy being a devil and being with you for the next few thousand years..." She stopped as Signum, Vita, Shamal and Zafira all glowed again. "Oh come on!"

"No turning Hayate into a Devil!" They said at the same time.

Hayate tapped her chin. "...Big brother..." Ranma looked at her. "What does it mean to be a Devil?"

Ranma paused and looked at Serafall. "Hey, Serafall you were alive when the four Great Devil Kings all died, right?" She nodded. "That was over three hundred years ago, huh?"

"Are you saying I'm old?" Serafall asked him and narrowed her eyes. "I'm still quite young for a Devil."

Ranma shook his head. "Not at all, just pointing out what some of the benefits are. The biggest downside is that anything you do reflects on me, so..."

Hayate nodded and tapped her chin. "Hmm... If I became a Devil, then I can be with big brother forever!" She gasped and hugged him. "Yay!"

"No!" More than one person yelled at once.

"Aww, come on!" Hayate pouted at her family. "It's not like I'd leave you all alone or anything."

"He's evil." Signum glared at Ranma. "If you weren't right next to him, I'd..."

Hayate frowned at Signum, who paused. "Signum, I love you, you're like my big sister and I thank you for stopping me when I was eleven from losing my virginity then, but I'm sixteen now."

Lilith whistled loudly. "Can we all calm down? How about we talk about this later?"

"No." Vita said as she glared at Ranma. "You can't turn her into a Devil!"

"Why not?" Hayate asked.

"BECAUSE YOU WOULDN'T BE HAYATE ANYMORE!" Vita yelled, tears falling out of her eyes. "I've read up on stories of Devils, they eat souls and are evil and cruel and..."

"I'm a Devil." Ranma told her and Vita glared at him. "I'm not going to eat anyone's soul."

"I've never eaten a soul." Serafall told Vita and knelt down in front of her. "Nothing bad happens to someone who becomes a Devil. If she wants this, she can take it. Are you against her making her choice?" Vita glowered at her. "If I was an evil Devil, why would I ask permission?"

Fate looked at Nanoha, who had a thoughtful expression on her face. "Nanoha?"

"Ranma-kun!" Nanoha suddenly spoke up. "Do it! Hayate-chan wants to be with you forever, so make it happen!"

Ranma gave her a look of confusion and Nanoha nodded before he looked around the room and sighed. "Hayate, if you're really sure..." He paused as she grabbed his hand and put it on her chest. "Hayate?"

"I've always loved you, big brother." Hayate smiled at him. "From the first time I saw you, I fell in love with you. I knew that a crippled girl who was trying to relearn how to walk wasn't going to be able to be with you. But I've recovered now." She leaned close to him and kissed him on the lips. "I want to be with you, forever."

"Well, if you're sure." Ranma said and she nodded. He looked at the others of her family and saw them looking upset. "If you're worried I'll do evil things to her, I promise you, I won't. I never force anyone to do anything they don't want to if they don't deserve it."

Signum twitched and glared at him. "So help me, Saotome, if you EVER hurt Hayate, I will personally gut you and feed your entrails to whatever manner of wild beasts I can find."

"And that's after Shamal cooks for you." Vita said as she cracked her knuckles. "And I get to crack your skull open. You understand me?"

Ranma nodded and smiled at them. "In that case, you four, I want to hire you to keep me in line. I need people who can make sure that I don't get too full of myself."

"What about me?" Reinforce Zwei asked as she waved her hands. "If you hurt daddy, I'll punch you in the nose!"

Ranma chuckled and nodded. "Alright, that's fair." He held up a pawn piece and Hayate frowned in confusion. "These are the pieces used to reincarnate people and other beings into Devils. I only have a Knight and seven pawns left."

"Why can't I be a knight piece then?" Hayate asked him.

"Because that's more suited for Fate than you, since it maximizes speed and sword use." Lilith told her. "Besides, pawn pieces might start weak, but they can become any other piece."

Ranma nodded and held one up. "Alright, pawn piece, do your thing and turn my little sister into a Devil." He said as he put it on Hayate's chest and frowned in confusion. "Uh..."

"She's pretty strong if she needs more than one piece." Serafall said in amusement. "Try another one."

Ranma nodded and did it again.

Again, no reaction.

Hayate's eyes started to tear up. "Does this mean I can't be with you?"

"Hmm?" Ranma grabbed a third piece. "Well, I've never used pawn pieces before but I was able to turn a freaking android girl with the brain of a cat into a Devil, so why can't I..?"

Suddenly all three pieces glowed and were absorbed into Hayate, who stared with wide eyes as she floated upwards in the air, gasping in surprise as power and dark energy crackled over her body. When it was over, she slumped to the ground and Ranma grabbed her to keep her from falling onto the floor.

"Hayate!" Everyone gasped in surprise and Serafall got in front of them, shaking her head.

"She's fine, the process of turning someone into a Devil is kind of extreme." Serafall said and looked back as Hayate hugged Ranma tightly. "She's fine now, she'll be a little weak for the next few hours, but she's fine."

Hayate panted and took a deep breath. "That was..." Her eyes widened as she felt a sensation on her back and two large, bat-like wings appeared on her back. "Oh dear."

"Devil wings." Serafall explained to her. "You can fly around now. You'll be slightly more weak during the day, but your eye-sight is really good as is your hearing."

"Okay." Hayate smiled and closed her eyes. "Sleepy."

"Master, go take her to her room and help her recharge." Lilith said and Ranma nodded as he picked Hayate up and carried her to her room. "So... About the guy who's trying to cuck Fate, Nanoha and Master." Lilith narrowed her eyes. "I need to pay him a visit."

"No killing." Fate said and Lilith smirked at her. "Uh..."

"Who said ANYTHING about killing?" Lilith grinned at Fate. "I can do MUUUCH worse than killing someone."

Fate saw the look on Lilith's face and looked at Nanoha, who had the same sadistic grin on her face and sighed. "Alright, but if you go too far, I'm shoving Bardiche up your butt."

Arisa watched as Fate transformed and flew off with Lilith, who simply had wings extend out of her back and shook her head. "The dummy got crazy since I last saw him."

"So..." Nanoha looked at Serafall. "Why did you start a magical girl show?"

"I LOVE magical girls!" Serafall gushed. "I wish I had known about you sooner! I would have made you part of my peerage!"

"NO!" Vita yelled as she was blue in the face. "If you do that, then that devil will REALLY become a Devil!"

Nanoha gave Vita a teasing grin. "You've always called me a Devil since I walked through that fire, Vita-chan. Maybe I should become one?"

"No!" Vita suddenly tackled Nanoha to the ground. "Please! I'm sorry!"

Nanoha just laughed and hugged Vita. "Even if I become a Devil, Vita-chan, I'm still Nanoha, okay?"



"So this is the guy?" Lilith asked as she and Fate hovered over a house and spied on a dark-skinned boy across the street who was putting a shirt on. "What's his name?"

"Keisuke." Fate said with an annoyed sigh. "He's a total pervert, louse and tries to sleep with anything that's female that moves."

"...Have you seen him fucking someone?" Lilith asked and Fate nodded.

"He is... Big, but he's got a rotten personality. I caught him and one of the cheerleaders when I went into the girl's locker room to look for her and he took his time to show me just how... Gifted he was down there and told me that my dyke ass was next."

"And you have a really sensitive butt too." Lilith muttered and Fate blushed. "Ah, right, we were both pretty young when I discovered that, weren't we?"

Fate looked away and muttered something. "While I thank you for helping Nanoha realize my feelings for her, please don't bring that up again."

"Of course." Lilith nodded and pointed her finger at the young man. "Alright, go to sleep."

As Keisuke got his shirt on, he flopped onto his bed, sleeping.

"Alright, I'll be right back." Lilith said as she glowed black and zapped herself across the street and into Keisuke.

Fate sighed and sat down. "I have a bad feeling about this."


Walking around in dream-scape naked, Keisuke looked around in confusion. "Where am I?"

"So..." A female voice spoke up and Keisuke turned around to see a naked Lilith. "I hear that you think you deserve all the women."

Keisuke snorted. "More like those sluts can't keep their hands off of me." He gestured down to his crotch and Lilith raised an eyebrow.

"Really? While you are big, I'm not sure about those warts on your dick."

"HUH?" Keisuke looked down, his eyes widening. "What the fuck?!" He stroked his dick to get the warts off and sighed as they disappeared. "I have no clue about that."

"But are you sure that you're special?" Lilith asked him and he snorted.

"Ain't no Japanese prick that can match up to my dick." He said and stroked his dick to full hardness. "See?"

Lilith shook her head. "Oh please, you think that's something?" She asked him and floated over to him. "I know two Japanese that have dicks bigger than yours."

"That's impossible!" Keisuke gasped in surprise. "I ain't heard of any woman who's disappointed by my dick!"

Lilith giggled at him. "Oh, you foolish boy. You're just pathetic..." She tapped him on the head and his eyes widened as he fell to his knees. "My master's dick is bigger than yours and you're going to feel and see how a real man uses his dick to please a woman."


Lilith grinned as she watched his dick throb. "When this is over, you'll never pester any woman again." Her eyes lit up as an idea came to her. "We are in your dreams, so..." With a snap of her fingers, Keisuke's hard dick disappeared from his body and reappeared between Lilith's legs. "Considering that Issei and Master were both anally raped by a dick girl, I might as well have you join them." She chuckled and forced Keisuke to his hands and knees as she got behind him and lined his dick up to his asshole. "When I'm done with you, the only girls you'll want are those with dicks."



Fate tilted her head as Lilith suddenly appeared outside of Keisuke's room, licking her lips and flying up to Fate. "You were only gone for two minutes."

Lilith shrugged. "Two minutes for you, twenty hours for me. Anyway, he won't bother you again." Lilith giggled. "In fact, unless there's any futas around here, he won't be interested in any girls ever again."

Fate sighed and nodded. "I don't agree with you, but thank you for not killing him."

The two flew off with no one being any wiser as to what happened on that fateful date.

Keisuke would later issue a public apology in school before leaving, but that was a story for another time.

End Chapter 12


Who's Keisuke? Just a guy who's part of a NTR RP that I know of. In the RP, he became Nanoha, Fate, Hayate, Arisa and Suzuka's master by having him steal them away from others. I just wanted to get back at him.

Besides, he was trying to steal Ranma's little sister! The nerve of him!


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Chapter 13

After getting back to Hayate's home, Fate transformed back to her normal form and walked in, sighing heavily as they landed in the front yard. "The only reason I even agreed to this is because I didn't want him to somehow find a way to trick myself, Nanoha or Hayate into his bed."

"Oh, trust me, he wanted more than that." Lilith told her as she stretched. "He wanted to break you, turn the three of you into cock-starved sluts who he'd make his personal baby factories. He had plans that involved you three, Arisa and Suzuka being his personal sex toys."

"...I take back all the reservations I have about you doing what you did to him." Fate said in a monotone voice as her pupils shrank. "He got off lucky."

"Did he?" Lilith giggled at Fate. "I took the time to take away his pride as a male." Fate jerked in surprise and Lilith held her index and thumb four centimeters apart. "His dick is that big now. The only way he's getting pleasure is getting a dick shoved up his ass."

"...Lilith, don't take this wrong way, but I love you." Fate said and Lilith giggled before hugging Fate, pressing their breasts together and kissing the blonde on the lips. "Mmmph!?"

The kiss only lasted for a few moments and Lilith grinned at her. "That's just the down payment." She winked at Fate, who was flustered and sputtering. "Come on, let's go inside."

Fate shook her head to clear away her embarrassment and followed Lilith inside.

...Where they were met by an annoyed looking Nanoha.

"In my defense," Lilith said, "she told me that she loved me for dealing with that jackass for you in a permanent way. I'm not trying to steal your girlfriend, I promise."

Nanoha huffed and nodded. "Fine, I'll forgive you this once. Next time you kiss Fate-chan without my permission, I'll show you all the new beam attacks I've learned since I was eleven."

"...So does that mean if I can talk you two into a lesbian threesome, it's okay?" Lilith gulped as she saw the aura of doom surrounding Nanoha. Despite her massive increase in power after merging with Morrigan, Lilith could still get nervous about justified anger and annoyance sent her way.

Especially when it was from people she liked.

The aura died out and Nanoha smiled sweetly. "Actually, that sounds like fun. You don't mind if the two of us dominate you, do you, Lilith-chan?"

Lilith grinned at her. "Not at all."

"Good," Nanoha nodded as she walked up to Lilith and openly pawed the Succubus's ass before leaning in and whispering. "Because your kiss with Fate-chan made me so wet."

"If you could NOT corrupt Nanoha any more than you already have, that would be great." Arisa grumbled at Lilith, who laughed and looked around in confusion.

"Huh? Where did Signum and Serafall go?"

"Oh, they're just in the kitchen with Shamal." Nanoha told her. "I hope that they don't try to feed her anything Shamal cooks."

"I heard that!" Shamal called out from the kitchen. "And I'm just making some sandwiches! AHHH! WHY IS THE BREAD ON FIRE?!"

Lilith sweat-dropped heavily. "Shamal still sets bowls of ice cream on fire?"

"She's gotten better." Fate spoke up. "She only does that once every five attempts now."

Arisa, who was sitting in the living room stood up and sighed. "I think I'll go home." She shook her head at Nanoha's concerned look. "I'm okay, it's just that with all the magic talk that goes over my head and the fact that our day is completely screwed up, I'll go home." She walked over to the entry way and put her shoes on. "Maybe next week?"

"Arisa-chan..." Nanoha frowned in concern. "Do you want me to walk you home?"

Arisa shook her head. "No, look, if Hayate wakes up and still wants to go shopping before the mall closes, give me a call, okay?"

"Oh jeez..." Lilith scratched her head. "I didn't realize that Master and I crashed your plans today, I'm sorry." Arisa gave her a shocked look, as did Nanoha, Fate and Vita, who was still in the living room. "Yeah, I was a brat last time we saw each other, I've grown up..." She looked down at her boobs. "In more than just my bra size."

Arisa scoffed at her. "You haven't grown up that much if you're still making lewd jokes."

Lilith chuckled and stepped over to Arisa and held out her hand. Arisa frowned in confusion but held out her right hand. A glow covered her wrist and on it was a silver band with a pink jewel in the center. "There. A gift from me to you."

"It's... Pretty." Arisa said as she looked at it. "What's the catch?"

"If you want to call me or Master to warm your bed, just tap the jewel and you can get ahold of us." Lilith winked and Arisa's face turned bright red as she ran out of the door. "Oh dear, I came on too strong."

Vita snorted. "Even if you've gotten bigger, you're still a brat." She narrowed her eyes at Lilith. "And how the hell did you grow boobs so big?!"

Lilith chuckled as she walked to the middle of the room and grabbed her breasts and hefted them up. "Puberty hit me like a freight train."

"Just so you know," Asmodeus, who was sitting on the corner table with Reinforce Zwei, both holding playing cards as tall as they were. "You only got that big because you think that's the ideal female form." Lilith jerked and looked at her in shock. "What? Succubi hit maturity at ten years old and Incubi hit it at six. Some of them choose to stay petite and small, most become super sexy bombshells though."

"I thought you didn't know what a succubus was?" Lilith asked her and Asmodeus rolled her eyes.

"My memories are still kind of swirled together, so sometimes I need to be reminded about stuff, but once I know what memories to look up, I know exactly what I'm talking about." Asmodeus nodded and puffed her chest out.

"...So basically everything is soup in your brain until you get told what to look for?" Lilith asked her mother.

"Basically." Asmodeus said in agreement. "Anyway, I'm sure that as more time passes my memories will clear up. Or not, who knows?"

There was a crunching sound and Lilith looked and stared in shock as Serafall was eating the crispy burned sandwich. "...You can eat that?"

"It's as good as So-tan's cooking." Serafall said with a smile and happily munched on the food, much to everyone's shock and surprise.

Lilith was about to say something about Sona's cooking skills, but held her mouth shut as she saw the absolutely delighted look on Shamal's face. "Well, that's nice, but make sure that you eat other people's food as well."

"Of course." Serafall said as she munched on the sandwich.

Vita stared in shock and couldn't keep her mouth quiet. "How the hell can you eat thammmmph?!" She didn't realize that Lilith had developed teleportation powers and had ended up next to her, putting her hand over Vita's mouth.

"Don't say anything, okay?" Lilith whispered to Vita. "She'll take it as an insult to her sister and it's worse than how you react when you think someone insulted Hayate."

Vita was suddenly reminded about the display of power in the front yard and nodded into Lilith's hand.

Serafall simply hummed to herself as she took a sip of water.

Suddenly Lilith staggered, her eyes going wide. She looked at Serafall, who was looking at her in confusion. "Serafall, can you take over for Master? He's needed."

"What happened?" Serafall asked as Lilith suddenly got behind her and pushed her towards Hayate's room.

"No time! Master!" Lilith screamed down the hallway. "MASTER! Hurry up! Something bad happened to Arisa!"

Nanoha didn't even need to wait, she was already rushing out the door to find her friend.


One minute later...

Nanoha, Lilith, Ranma and Fate quickly found where Arisa was. It was hard not to see where she was as she was in the center of the street, her body bent at various angles that shouldn't have possible, plus blood everywhere.

Nanoha stared with wide eyes as she looked at her friend before running up to her. "Arisa-chan!" Thankfully no one was around to stop her from getting to her friend, who was trembling and shivering. "Hang in there."

Arisa coughed and blood came out of her mouth. "N-nanoha... So-sorry... Didn't s-see..." She raised a hand up and Nanoha grabbed it. "C-cold..."

It didn't take long for Arisa to go limp, much to Nanoha's despair as she called out her friend's name.

Ranma looked at Lilith and Fate. "You two, do a large area memory alteration spell." They nodded and Ranma knelt down next to Arisa and pulled out a pawn piece. "Alright, pawn, do your thing and bring Arisa back to us." Nanoha looked at him, tears falling down her face as the piece glowed and was absorbed into Arisa's body, causing her to glow and crackle with power. "Come on." He said as he picked up Arisa's glowing body. "I'll get her back to Hayate's place, she needs to recover from this."

"I'm going with you." Nanoha said and Ranma nodded, he wasn't going to tell her no.

As they left, Lilith and Fate did their work to ensure that no one who saw what happened remembered anything. "What happened?" Fate whispered as she heard an ambulance coming.

"I can find out." Lilith said as she sank into Fate's shadow and then quickly zipped to the remains of the car before engulfing the driver, who was in real bad shape.

As she got into his mind, Lilith frowned as she saw it starting to crack and splinter. "You're dying." She whispered and found a man in his mid-thirties in a ball, rocking back and forth as waves of guilt and self-loathing came off of him in waves that made Lilith grimace.

"I didn't mean to. I didn't mean to hit that girl. I swear!"

Lilith walked over to him and knelt down. "Hey." She said gently and he looked up at her, tears in his eyes. "Relax, I'm here to help."

"A...are you an angel?"

Lilith was about to shake her head, but decided against it as she formed white feather-like wings on her head and back. "A different kind of Angel, but sure." She smiled at him. "May I please see what happened to you? I can't help you if I don't know what happened." The man nodded and Lilith put her right index finger on his forehead. "Just relax. You won't see anything."

Lilith closed her eyes and when she opened them, she was in a black and white office building where everything around her was shades of gray, black and white. 'Nothing more than a memory.' She thought to herself as she idly listened to what she assumed was the man's boss chewing him out and demanding that he work extra to get those reports done on time. "...Is this a problem in business?" She asked herself, knowing no one could hear her.

She sped up the time through the man's memories as he spent most of the next three days at the office to get the reports done before the day was over.

"I... Done..." The man stretched and shook his head as everything was blurry around him. "I got tomorrow off... I'm going home."

"No..." Lilith gasped as she saw the memories flash in and out, no doubt to his exhaustion and his brain not able to take in new information properly. "Stay in the office and sleep for at least twenty minutes, let your brain rest." She whispered, though she knew that she couldn't stop what was going to happen.

She watched, helplessly, as he got into his car and even though he could barely see, she watched him drive onto the street and swerve before shaking himself awake and hitting the gas pedal so he could get home faster. "Take your time." She whispered.

"Sooner I get home, sooner I can get to sleep." The man said as slumped forward, his head hitting the steering wheel and everything went mostly black, though a honking sound caused him to jerk awake and the last thing he saw was Arisa looking at him with a terrified expression on her face before everything went dark.

"So that's what happened." Lilith whispered as the man sat and sobbed. She smiled at him. "Please, be at ease, that girl will be fine."

"R-really?" The man asked, hope in his voice. "She's not dead?"

Lilith shook her head. "That girl, Arisa Bannings, will survive. She got lucky and mostly had scrapes. The ambulance has already taken her to the hospital and she'll be okay."

"Oh thank you!" The man lunged forward, sobbing into her chest. Lilith smiled and rubbed his back. "I... I was so..."

"It's okay," Lilith whispered to him, "you're tired, so just rest."

"Rest." The man nodded as Lilith pushed him onto his back and closed his eyes. "Sounds good."

Lilith stood up. "Rest well, maybe in your next life, you won't have to work yourself to death like that." She whispered and turned to walk away as his mind crumbled and cracked. "I'm sorry." She said as she disappeared.

Fate was in a nearby alleyway as she saw the mystical shadow come from the remains of the car and connected with her shadow. "What happened?" She asked as Lilith's body formed from the pool of shadow.

"Poor guy was suffering from extreme exhaustion and the only thing he could think of was getting home and getting into his own bed." Lilith shook her head and motioned for Fate to follow after her. "He couldn't see what he was doing and passed out while driving. His foot was slammed into the accelerator and he went in a straight line and straight into Arisa."

"...Could you have saved his life?" Fate asked her.

Lilith was quiet until they got close to Hayate's place. "...I might have been able to, but he didn't ask." Plus with how guilty he felt, she knew that he wouldn't ask her to save him. "The best I could do, was put his mind at ease so he could pass onto the next life without any regrets over what happened. I even told him that Arisa was in the hospital and was going to be fine."

When they got to Hayate's house, they walked inside and saw Nanoha sitting on the couch, rocking back and forth with a haunted look on her face. Fate was next to her in an instant and hugging her.

"What happened?" Shamal asked. While she, Vita, Signum and Zafira all had wanted to go with, they had stayed behind and hoped that things weren't as bad as they feared.

"The driver of the car was extremely exhausted after working several days in a row and just wanted to get home and get some sleep." Lilith shook her head. "Arisa just had bad timing."

"Bad timing..?" Nanoha whispered and Lilith could feel the anger building up in the girl. "Arisa-chan had to die because of bad timing?"

Lilith sighed as Fate hugged Nanoha tighter. "Sometimes, Nanoha, there are bad things that happen to good people. Arisa will be fine."

Nanoha looked up, tears in her eyes as she nodded. Instinctively, she knew that Lilith was right. "I just wish that I had been there with her, I could have gotten us out of the way."

"I know." Fate whispered to her. "I could have as well. No one thought that someone would come rushing through so fast that they would hurt Arisa like that."

Lilith walked over and sat down on the couch, hugging Nanoha as well. "She'll be fine."

Nanoha nodded and sniffled. "I...I should call mom and let her know that I'm going to stay at Hayate-chan's place for tonight."

"Might be a good idea." Lilith said as she stood up. "It's going to take a full night for Arisa to fully recover. She'll be awake in the morning."

Fate nodded and stayed with Nanoha. "You couldn't have stopped it, Nanoha, it's not your fault." Seeing her girlfriend's expression, Fate sighed and hugged Nanoha tightly. "Don't. Whatever you're thinking, stop. I don't want to see you crippled again because you pushed yourself too hard."

"What?" Lilith asked, her pupils shrinking. "What happened?"

Nanoha gave a small nod and Fate sighed softly as she looked at Vita, who was looking uncomfortable. "It was a year after you left. Nanoha and Vita were on a mission. But because Nanoha had over-used her magic, her body was extremely worn out and against enemies she should have had no problem with, she faltered and ended up getting stabbed in the stomach and through the spine and was in a wheelchair for several months while she went through physical rehabilitation."

"...Why?" Lilith whispered as she grabbed Nanoha's shoulders. "WHY?! Why would you push yourself so hard?! Master and I push ourselves hard, sure, but we have downtime to rest and recover. Why did you not do that?!"

Nanoha looked away. "I..." Memories of the tree that destroyed a good chunk of the city flashed through her mind. "I..." Memories of the Book of Darkness going out of control flashed through her mind next. "I don't want people to get hurt because I wasn't strong enough."

"And what good would it be if you can't move?!" Lilith yelled at the teenager, who growled and stood up.

"What would you know?!" Nanoha yelled and poked Lilith in the chest. "You're a Demon who has everything come naturally to her. I had to work my ass off to get this strong."

"Bullshit." Lilith shot back. "You have so much magic in you that even with just casual training, you'd be one of the five strongest human mages on this planet." She grabbed Nanoha's hand. "If you're working hard to realize your potential, that's one thing, but if you're working so hard that your body breaks down when you need it most, that's self-destructive. Even the Norse Gods give anyone who trains under them time off to rest and recover. So why?"

"Because if I had been better than..."

"Than what?" Lilith asked her. "Arisa wouldn't have gotten hurt? Unless you have some form of omniscienus, clarvoiyance or precognition, there's no way in all the realms that you would have known that was going to happen." Lilith could see Nanoha's resolve starting to waver and she had to push what she was saying. She knew it was a risk as Nanoha could just blast her and run off, but she had to break her friend of doing something stupid. "A friend of mine, his name is Issei Hyuudou, the current generation Red Dragon Emperor, once had to watch as someone he cared for deeply was damn near killed in front of him and he couldn't stop it. And he's got the power to slay gods." Her gaze softened as Nanoha trembled. "Stop trying to think that you can do everything on your own." She put her hands on Nanoha, who was shaking now. "You're only one person, Nanoha. And sometimes bad things happen that we can't control."

"I..." Nanoha hiccupped and hugged Lilith, crying into her chest. "I failed Arisa-chan."

"No you didn't." Lilith whispered as she patted Nanoha's back. "It just happened. You didn't fail." Nanoha nodded and Lilith sighed. "Besides, the real person at fault is that man's boss."

"What can we do about it?" Fate asked. "Do you even know who the man is or his place of work?"

Lilith giggled and nodded as Nanoha let go of the hug and rubbed her eyes of the tears. "Yeah, I got the information while I was digging around in his head. I was seeing his direct memories, the name of his company and boss came up a few times." She sobered up. "I'm going to need a couple of days to work out a strategy." Nanoha nodded, though she looked troubled. "Don't worry, Nanoha, Arisa will be avenged."

Nanoha just nodded. "Please, Lilith, I..." She paused as Lilith put a finger on her lips and smiled at her.

"I won't ask for anything, Nanoha. Arisa's my friend too. And," her eyes started to glow as she continued to speak, "you can mess with me all you want, but once you mess with my friends and family? That's when it's personal."

Nanoha nodded and went back to the couch and sat down on it, hugging Fate, who smiled and hugged her back.

End Chapter 13


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