Ranma ½ Dance with the Devil


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Well, here's the final part of the epilogue.

I hope you've enjoyed everything.


Part 2

Back on Earth...

Ranma looked at Kunou, Atsuko and Leonardo. "So you three are going to stay here?"

Atsuko nodded. "Yeah, someone has to watch over everyone and keep them safe, right?" She had a pensive look on her face. "But, um..." The next thing Ranma knew, she was hugging him tightly. "Nuku Nuku will miss you."

Ranma chuckled and hugged her back. "If you need me, I'll come back. I still have teleportation circles around here and I'll get you a portable one for later, okay?" Atsuko nodded while burying her face against his chest. "Hey, Atsuko, I love you."

"I know," she sighed softly and let go of the hug. "I'll call when I need you for something."

Ranma smiled and looked at Leonardo. "You sure about this?" Leonardo nodded. "Okay, same goes for you too, bud, if you need to talk, just give me a call, I'll come to visit you." He looked behind Leonardo where Genma and Nodoka were at and raised an eyebrow. "Are you two sure about moving here? I mean, Kuroka's going to be in Makai when she gives birth."

"Oh, it's fine." Nodoka smiled at him. "Besides, this way I can be close to my grand-daughter and son and help raise them both."

"And I have a job here, remember?" Genma asked and Ranma gave him a flat stare. "Don't worry, boy, I'm not going to force anyone into what I put you through."

"Good, because you'd be arrested if you tried it with anyone else." Ranma said and looked at Kunou, who ran up and glomped him. "Hey, kiddo." Ranma chuckled as she wrapped her arms around his neck and her legs around his torso.

"Daddy, why can't I come with?" The fox girl asked as she hugged Ranma tightly. "I want you to stay."

"I know." Ranma told her as he held one hand under her butt and one on her back, rubbing it. "But if you come with me to Makai, it might do bad things to you. I don't know how your body would react to that much negative energy in the air."

Kunou nodded and sighed before pulling her head back and giving Ranma a determined look. "Then I'll grow big and strong so you don't have to worry about me." Ranma nodded and Kunou blushed. "...And when I get to be big and strong like mother, you'll marry me too, right?"

Ranma sweat-dropped at the request and mentally sighed at her expression. "When that time comes, we'll see, okay? After all, by then you might find someone else you like."

Kunou nodded and to Ranma's surprise, she leaned in and gave him a chaste kiss him on the lips. "It's a promise, daddy! Don't forget now!"

Ranma nodded and put her down. "I promise. But if you find someone that you like during that time, don't worry, okay?" Kunou nodded as Ranma walked out of the door.

After closing the door, Ranma took a few steps away from the building and looked at it and took a deep breath. "Well, it sure was fun being here."

"Having second thoughts, Saotome?" Nabiki asked as she walked up to him.

"Nah." He shook his head. "Just going to miss this place is all. Lots of fun stuff happened here."

Nabiki smirked at him. "Well, just to remind you, Kunou's only a few years younger than you and will likely want to keep her promise. And our species do live a long time, so..."

Ranma waved her off. "I'll worry about that in the future." He turned to walk off before pausing and chuckling. "Well, can't say that I'd turn down the thought of a Kunou and Yasaka three-some."

Nabiki just shook her head as Ranma disappeared in a flash of light. "Later, perv, love you."


Once Ranma arrived in Makai, he blinked in surprise at the castle. "I thought it would still need work." He looked at Ravel, who had a smug look on her face. "Your family works fast."

"Of course we do." Ravel nodded and turned to look at one last person, who was walking up to them.

"Miko Mido?" Ranma asked as he saw the purple-haired girl wearing a maid outfit. "I guess you chose this, huh?"

Miko sighed and hung her head. "Lilith forced me to wear this. It was either this or she'd do something worse to me." She looked up at Ranma before bowing. "Before anything more, I'd like to apologize for what I did during the Rating Game to you. Please forgive me."

Ranma sighed softly. "I'm not fond on remembering how you raped me, but at least I can say that I understand Issei a bit better." He rubbed the back of his head as Miko straightened up. "That said, you're going to be working you ass off to keep this place clean. We'll get more people as time goes on, but you need to learn how to clean and cook."

Miko felt her eyes watering. She was a college student! Not a maid!

'Then again,' Miko thought to herself as she fidgeted in place, 'I'm supposed to be a girl, not have a dick and balls dangling down there. This sucks!'


A bit later, in the castle...

Ranma walked down a random hallway as he tried to remember every single corridor, knowing it was impossible before he turned the corner and bumped into someone. "Oh, sorry Yohko." He chuckled as she took a step back.

"Hmph!" Yohko gave him an annoyed expression.

"Uh..." Ranma blinked a few times. "What's wrong?"

"What's wrong, he asks..." Yohko growled. "I'm the only one who's still a virgin! That's what's wrong! I've gone to Hell and back for you, I'm part of your group and you still haven't claimed me yet!" She threw arms to the side. "What do I need to do?! Strip naked and shake my ass at you?!"

Ranma blinked a few times before shaking his head as he grabbed Yohko and planted his lips on hers, making out as he tried to find a room before all their clothes fell off of them.

He failed at finding a room and instead Yohko was bent over a balcony as Ranma took her from behind.

It was during that time that Yohko discovered that she had a exhibitionism kink as she orgasmed extremely hard while Lilith and Mittelt watched them from outside.

Mittelt and Lilith looked at each other, grinned, got naked and flew up to join them.

After all, an outdoor foursome sounded like the best thing to do with someone who just lost their virginity.


A month later...

Yukiko, formerly known as Kiba, sat in a waiting room with Koneko, who smiled at her as she clasped her hands together and fidgeted. Looking up as one of Ajuka's servants came out to greet her, she stood up and smiled. "Well?"

"I would suggest that you get your name legally changed to Yukiko." The servant told the blonde girl. "From what we were able to asertain with all of the data that the Sitri clan and the Fallen Angels provided, it seems that your transformation..." The servant gave her a wry smile. "Well, if you have a girlfriend, I hope she's into women, because you're going to be stuck as a girl for a long time. Lord Sitri and Lord Ajuka both said something about chaotic magic not behaving and that's all I'll say on that."

Yukiko nodded and blushed. "So... I'm a girl forever, huh?"

Koneko sighed and patted the neo girl's shoulder. "You're going to need new clothes, yo. And if you want to sleep with Issei too, clear it with Rias first."

"Ah," Yukiko blushed and nodded, "S-sure."

She wasn't sure about sleeping with Issei just yet, but the thought didn't bother her in the slightest.



Bennia, sitting in a dark cell, looked up as the door opened and her guard stood there. "So, am I to be executed or given back to Lord Hades?"

"Neither." The guard stepped aside and Bennia grimaced at the light that came in until another person walked in. "He's got a proposition for you."

Bennia tilted her head as she looked at Issei. "...What proposition?"

Issei smiled at her and held up a knight piece.


Four months later...

Leaning back on a large chair in one of the castle's many rooms, Ranma sighed and leaned back to look up at the ceiling. "Never thought managing a castle was so hard." He looked up as the door to his room opened up and Mittelt walked in. "Hey, what's up?"

"A couple of letters." The petite blonde said as she held them up. "Want me to read them for you?" Ranma nodded and she opened them up to read them. "It seems that Azazel wants you to show up in Kuoh for some reason." She then opened the second one up and blinked a few times. "And your wife in Kyoto is saying that she needs to see you as well."

"Well, guess I'll be heading back to Earth tomorrow then." Ranma sighed softly and rubbed his head before blinking as he felt Mittelt playing with his pants. "Um..."

"...I haven't had sex in awhile." The blonde said with a blush, "so shut up and fuck me."

"With pleasure." Ranma grinned as he lifted his hips so she could lower his pants before she reached up and undid her pants, letting them drop to the floor before climbing onto his lap. The two made out as they fondled each other before Ranma lifted her up and slid into her.

The room was quite loud for several hours after that.

End Rating Games Arc


Did you guys REALLY think the story was going to end THAT quickly?

...So, who wants a preview of the next arc? If you do, lemme know.


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So I know that some of you might be curious about the next arc.

I have 3 scenes left to write out and it's done.


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Note: My proof-reader hasn't gone over this arc yet, so it might be a bit "raw". Final version on FF.Net will be fixed.


Dance With the Devil

Shinto Arc


"So..." Cologne looked at the letters Ranma put on the table. "You're going to be heading to Earth then?"

Ranma nodded and looked around the large table. "For a couple of days, maybe a week, depending on what happens. Shouldn't be bad, but I want to meet up with our friends and see my family in Kuoh and Kyoto."

Bulleta snorted as she leaned back in her chair. "No offense, I'd rather stay here. I've got no reason to go to Earth for a few days." She waved her hand and looked up at the ceiling. "Besides, I'm going to go put some zombies down in the Pulgaria region."

"I'll go with you." Yohko said. "The two of us haven't worked together much."

"Looking to become a bounty hunter?" Bulleta asked and Yohko shrugged. "Or is there something else?"

"Well, I figure that eventually we'll have to go and deal with various rogue problems in the world," Yohko told her and looked at Ranma, "you were saying we can do that for a living?"

"It should be possible." Ranma told her. "It'll probably take about five years before things get set up fully, but I'll teach you teleportation magic before that and there's natural portals between Makai and Earth on top of it."

Bulleta grinned and got up from the table. "Alright, we'll see ya all later. You said a week, right?" Her grin became savage when Ranma nodded. "Just remember to bring me back something neat then."

Yohko just shook her head. "Are we sure she's getting better?" She asked as she left the table.

"I'm going with." Lilith said from her spot next to Ranma with her arms crossed under her breasts and her eyes closed. "I need to meet up with Nabiki anyway, we've been working on something for the past few months and I think it's finally ready to work."

Ranma raised an eyebrow and nodded. "You'll be coming to Kyoto as well then. I haven't seen my wife in a long time." He pursed his lips as Lilith shivered like a chill went through her body. "You need to..."

"I know, I know..." She sighed as she tried to calm down. "Even now, I'm terrified of that woman." Lilith hung her head in dismay. "Is this what trauma is like?"

Ranma smiled and patted her back. "If it makes you feel better, she should be about five or six months pregnant right now, she probably can't use any magical power."

Lilith perked up. "Speaking of which, master... Now that things are starting to calm down here, I want your kids too."

Ravel smiled and shook her head. "I'd love to go with, but with La Fey moving in this afternoon, I figure someone besides Kuroka should be here for her." She looked to her side to see the pregnant form of Kuroka, who was dressed in a large gray shirt and was looking miserable. "You knew that morning sickness was a possibility, silly kitty."

Kuroka gave her an annoyed look. "I'd love to go see Shirone, but even jumping gives me nausea. Can't even begin to imagine what teleportation will do to me." She raised her arms above her head and stretched before reaching down and rubbing her large and still growing belly. "Five months along." She sighed in annoyance at the fact that she was still a bit away from giving birth.

Cologne stood up from the table, chuckling. "Well then, I think I'll stay behind as well." She winked and walked away from them. "Someone has to keep this place clean for when the master returns."

Ranma sweat-dropped as Cologne dusted her outfit off. "...Why are you wearing a maid outfit?"

The lavender-haired woman chuckled and winked at Ranma while holding up a finger. "No one expects a maid to be able to kick their ass, so I'm having fun. Besides, with the kids I expect you to be having, you'll need someone with experience in raising lots of brats to help out. Plus that Miko Mido girl feels better when I'm wearing it."

Ranma sweat-dropped heavily. "That's true, I suppose."

"Besides, I heard about that Grayfia woman being a maid to the current Lucifer's family, I thought it sounded fun." Cologne giggled and walked off.

"She's enjoying being young again way too much." Ranma muttered, though he supposed that he couldn't blame her. He finally turned to the last person at the table. "What about you, Lillie? Do you want to come to Earth with me and Lilith or stay here?"

The ponytailed girl pursed her lips and thought about it. "...Leonardo? Kunou?"

"Yeah, we're going to go see them too." Lilith smiled at the small Dragon, who perked up. "I guess you're going with us, then?"

"Yes." Lillie said with a big smile on her face. "That will be fun."

"Just keep your clothes on." Ranma reminded her. "You run around here naked almost all the time, you can't do that on Earth."

Lilith grinned and poked Ranma's cheek. "Master likes looking at her little naked butt all the time."

Ranma gave her a flat stare. "Careful or I'll say my wife's name."

Lilith stiffened up and nodded, sweating heavily. "I'm a good girl."

Suddenly Ranma chuckled and rubbed her head. "Yes, yes you are." He looked at Lillie. "You should know that we're also heading to Kyoto on this trip, you'll meet my wife there." Lillie nodded. "Besides, I miss Nabiki, Kunou and Atsuko."

"I'm sure that they miss you too." Lilith grinned at him. "That's the reason for the week, huh?"

"Sort of." Ranma smirked at her. "Anyway, let's go to Earth." He'd say to pack some clothes, but neither he nor the two girls needed to pack clothes as they could use magic to create clean clothing.

Idly, Ranma wondered just what the letters were really all about. "Oh well, I'll find out when we get to Earth." He grinned as he created a transport gate that sent the three through and to Earth.

Meanwhile, Cologne was walking down the hallway to the main entrance. "Well, he's gone..." She smiled as she entered the greeting area and saw a merfolk, a zombie and a minotaur walking through the front doors. "Ah, the master is out. I know that he offered anyone the chance to rule Makai if they could beat him, but since he's not here..."

"Feh, just a worthless maid." The minotaur scoffed, his shoulders slumping. "And I was hoping to have a good time."

Cologne's eyes shined as she heard that. "Ara ara... I almost wish I wore glasses so I could push them up my face. How about we step outside? I hate cleaning blood off the floors."

The three monsters were glad to step outside to face what they thought was a weak maid.

Their screams quickly filled the air as Cologne demonstrated that she was far more than a simple maid.

"You're all three hundred years too early to beat me." Cologne chuckled as she winked over her shoulder at the defeated trio while holding up her right index finger and curling her left leg backwards. "Hmm, maybe I should put my hair into a ponytail?" She mused as some of her hair got in the way of her eyes. It was too bad that Miko had went to visit her family, but Cologne supposed it was for the best, the girl needed more time to fully assimilate to being a maid after all.

End Prologue


Yes, this is the Shinto Arc. And I admit, I'm a touch nervous about this arc being one that "Jumps the Shark" so to speak. Well, I'll try to make it good still.


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Chapter 1

Swinging a wooden practice sword around, Nodoka Saotome, dressed in tight pants and a loose t-shirt, let loose a sigh and grabbed a towel to wipe the sweat off of her face. "It's not easy getting old." Sure, she wasn't quite yet fourty, but she could feel her physical abilities starting to decline, even if just a little bit.

Even though her demon blood kept her from aging too much, that didn't mean that she didn't feel the effects of aging. "I wonder how full-blooded Demons and Devils handle aging?" She mused, knowing that there were stories of Demons living hundreds of years with ease in her family's history.

A bright light appeared not far away and Nodoka turned to see what was going on when three people walked out of it and the light faded away. Nodoka stared in surprise.

"Greetings, human, take us to your leader." The male of the three said in a monotone tone of voice.

"Ranma?" Nodoka gawked in surprise. "What are you doing here?"

"There is no Ranma, only Zuul."

Suddenly a giggling sound broke the tension and Ranma looked to his side where Lillie was trying to stop her laughing. "S-sorry."

Ranma let out a huff of air before grinning. "Aw come on, I was having fun." He looked back at Nodoka, who was grinning back at him. "Sorry, mom, you were looking surprised, I just did the first thing that popped into my mind."

"By pretending to be an alien of some sort?" Nodoka asked in amusement before she put down her training sword and walked over to him. "My, you're looking more manly than the last time I saw you." She turned her attention to Lilith and smiled. "So, when can I expect grandchildren from you?"

"Within a year." Lilith winked at her. "We finally have things settled down enough with the castle and surrounding Demons that Master and I are going to have children soon." Part of the reason Lilith was so eager to have children was to find out just how Succubi had children, since she couldn't figure it out, no matter how much she looked into it and Nabiki wouldn't tell her, saying that she'd find out when she gave birth.

Nodoka nodded and looked at Lillie. "And how have you been, dear? Both Kunou-chan and Leonardo miss you." Leonardo didn't say much, but considering how often he paused whenever he walked past Lillie's old room, Nodoka could tell that he missed her. Part of her thought it was adorable but another part of her knew it was because the boy had very few people around that cared for him when he was younger.

Lillie gave her a thumbs up and Nodoka chuckled softly.

"Lillie-chan still doesn't talk much, huh?" She asked Ranma, who shook his head.

"Nope. She'll speak when she has to, but most of the time she's silent." Ranma wondered if it was a hold-over from being part of Ophis. "I think part of it is because she used to be part of Ophis and since Ophis likes it to be quiet..."

"Ah, that makes sense." Nodoka nodded and smiled at Lillie. "There's nothing wrong with being quiet, but don't hesitate to speak up if you want something."

The ponytailed Dragon nodded and took a step closer to Ranma, hugging his arm.

Ranma smiled and moved his arm so that his hand was against Lillie's back and hugged her to his body while rubbing her back in small circles and turned his attention to Nodoka. "So, we're going to head to Kuoh Academy to meet with Issei and the others." A smirk came to his face. "And see how our pregnant Princess is doing."

Nodoka suddenly doubled over laughing and the other three stared at her in surprise. "Oh, hahahahaha! You have NO idea!"

"Well, we should..." Ranma trailed off as another flash of light caught his attention and he looked past his mother to see someone teleporting into the yard. "...Are the wards out or something? Oh!" His eyes widened as he saw who it was when the light faded away. "Serafall."

The twin-tailed Devil's eyes widened as she ran up to Ranma, who walked over to her, and she glomped him, slamming into him so hard that he had to spin around a couple of times to keep his balance while holding her. "Ranma! I was hoping to see you today. Sona never lets me come over to her place and since I know that you don't mind me coming here, I thought I'd come here before I went to go see my sister."

Ranma gave her a quick kiss on the lips and put her down. "Oh? Going to tell her then?"

Serafall giggled as she skipped in a circle before looking at him and winking, causing the air to turn yellow with some star-shaped objects to appear around her. "You know it." She said while sticking her tongue out in a cute way. Seeing Ranma smile at her, she turned to Lilith and ran up to the other girl, grabbing her hands and shaking them while bouncing up and down. "Lilith! It's been too long!"

Lilith gave her a wry smirk as she shook hands with the excitable Devil King. "Serafall, it's only been eight weeks since we last saw each other."

"I know!" Serafall pouted. "Being a full time diplomat for Makai and a Devil King really drags, you know? I still need to do my show! I don't want to go on hiatus for too long. But I might have to soon with this season."

"Well, not really." Ranma said and Serafall turned to him, her eyes sparkling. "Remember how you wanted me to make a return on your show?" Serafall nodded. "So why not have a new bad guy "revive"," Ranma put the last word in air quotations, "my character from the crossover episode and the first thing I do is seal you away for the season? We'd need to work with some magical girls, but I know some that wouldn't mind taking over for you for this season."

"Oooh!" Serafall's eyes sparkled. "But..." Her eyes returned to normal as a thought came to her, "do you think that Magical Girls will really help a Devil out?"

Both Ranma and Lilith started to laugh, causing Serafall to look confused. "I know one who most certainly will, though her friends will tease her about her nickname becoming a reality if she does."

Lilith fell to her butt and started laughing. "Oh man! I hope that the hammer loli is nearby when you ask, Master."

Ranma sweat-dropped and knew just how that would turn out. "Anyway, let's go to the academy."

"Have fun." Nodoka smiled and waved. "Your father should be working there right now." Ranma nodded. "I have to make sure that dinner and snacks are ready for everyone when they get home."

"Oh!" Ranma snapped his fingers and pointed at Nodoka. "After we're done here, I'm going to be heading to Kyoto, want to come with?" Nodoka's eyes sparkled and she nodded. "Cool, I'll let you know when we go."

As the four left, Nodoka merely turned and walked inside. "I should make sure to make plenty of food then." After all, it had been nearly five months since she last saw her son.


A bit later...

"Man, things haven't changed here, have they?" Lilith asked rhetorically. "Oh, wait, I think some things had to get fixed around here." She could feel a twinge of repair magic in the air and knew that something big had happened since she had last been to Kuoh Academy. 'Though, from how faint it is, it must have happened over a month ago.'

Serafall giggled and put a hand up to her mouth. "I heard that there was a big commotion in the school when it came out that Rias was pregnant with Issei's baby."

Ranma chuckled and couldn't wait to hear what happened. "Anyway, let's go inside, looks like school's ending for the day." The others nodded and walked inside.

After getting inside, some of the students gathered around them in shock.

"Wow! Is that you, Lilith? What happened to you?" One of the girls from the volleyball club gasped in surprise. "What happened?"

"Puberty came in like a wrecking ball." Lilith grinned at them while winking and sticking her tongue out.

"What about you?" One of the girls pointed at Ranma, who blinked and pointed at himself. "Where have you been?"

Ranma jerked a thumb at Lilith. "I've been living with her. We had to go to her ancestral family home to deal with some issues and it took several months just to get time to come back for a little while."

The next thing anyone knew, there was some clapping and everyone got quiet and the crowd split apart, revealing three people.

"Seriously, why is everyone... URK?! S-sister?!" The first person, Sona, gasped in surprise as her glasses slid down her face. "What are you doing here? Dropping in so suddenly at that."

Serafall's eyes sparkled and she suddenly rushed forward, glomping onto Sona. "Sona-chan! I tried to give you a heads up that I was coming today, but you never picked up your phone! Why, I even tried to contact Tsubaki-chan but she never answered me either!"

Tsubaki blushed and looked away. "I apologize, I was low on battery on my phone and could not find my charger, so I didn't answer the phone for anyone unless they texted me first."

Serafall smiled and let go of the hug. "Ah, so that's what it was, well, that's understandable, but please don't ignore me if I call in the future, okay?" A sudden aura surrounded Serafall that was invisible to nearly everyone, but everyone in the room, except Lilith, Lillie and Ranma, shivered in fear.

"N-noted." Tsubaki nodded. "I shall endeavor to keep my phone charged in case you call me so I can at least warn Sona about your arrival."

The aura disappeared around Serafall as she smiled and skipped in a circle. "Goodie! Goodie!"

"So, um, big sister..." Sona was blushing and wished that this would end soon so she could get away from Serafall. The sheer amount of people that looked at her weirdly was starting to bother her. "Why did you come here?"

Serafall smiled and grabbed Sona's hand, bouncing up and down. "I just wanted to let you know that you're going to be an aunt soon."

"Oh, is that all?" Sona said, sighing in relief, "I'm glad it's..." She trailed off, her eyes going white and blank as she registered what Serafall told her. "Huh?"

Serafall giggled and bounced over to Ranma, hugging him. "We're going to have a baby together."

"HUH?!" Sona yelled in shock.

She wasn't the only one as everyone in the hallway had a similar reaction.

Serafall pouted and looked at Ranma. "I tried to tell her before, but she never answered me."

Ranma nodded and gave her hand a squeeze. "Well, it can't be helped then." Serafall nodded.

Lilith let out a long-suffering sigh. 'I can't wait to get this whole thing over with so Master can breed me.' She thought to herself.

Still, the reactions were hilarious, especially as Sona had steam coming out of her ears while her face turned red and she fainted.

"Sona-chan!" Serafall gasped in surprise while Tsubaki grabbed her King. "Oh dear, what happened?" She had a scared expression on her face. "I hope Sona-chan is okay."

"She'll be fine." Tsubaki told Serafall, "she was just over-stimulated by the announcement, my lady."

"...Oh." Serafall giggled and rubbed a knuckle against her head while sticking her tongue out. "Silly me."

End Chapter 1


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Had dental work done today. It's been 8 hours, I'm still numb.

And lots of stuff happens in this chapter. And yes, that phobia is a real one, I looked it up.


Chapter 2

Azazel found himself laughing when he heard what happened. "That's, hahahahaha! She had steam coming out of her ears?" Ranma nodded and Azazel just shook his head as his laughter slowly died down. "That's hilarious, but more importantly." He smiled at Serafall, "congrats. I assume that you just found out?"

"Well..." Serafall smiled, blushing, "not really, I knew, but wanted to confirm, plus I wanted to wait on the announcement in case something happened before I confirmed." She hugged Ranma. "Even though he and Lilith both confirmed that I was pregnant, it's not an easy thing to believe, you know?"

Azazel chuckled and nodded as Nabiki and Asia walked in.

Nabiki gave Ranma a smirk. "The rumor mill is going crazy right now. Plus with the amount of people still pissed about Rias being pregnant, you just made things more crazy around here."

"Speaking of which..." Ranma began as he looked at her while Serafall went and sat down on one of the chairs next to Lillie, who was doing something with some dice. "How did that go over?"

"About as well as could be expected." Asia said with a nervous expression on her face. "Rias didn't announce it until she started to show, when someone finally saw the baby bump, well..."


"WHAT?!" Most of the girls in Rias's class gasped as they saw Rias's stomach and the swell it had. "When?! Who?!"

Rias sighed, she was just starting to show, but it was pretty noticeable, considering how she wasn't exactly super big around her stomach. "Around two months ago..." She knew how crazy things were going to get as soon as the father was announced. She looked at Akeno, who was simply smiling at her and she knew that her friend wasn't going to help her in this case. "Yes, he knows that I'm pregnant and that's all I'm going to say on the matter."

"So the rumors of you and Hyuudou are true!" One of the girls gasped and Rias twitched.

"That bastard!" One of the other girls cried out. "How dare he defile our pure, sweet princess?!"

Rias sweat-dropped heavily. "I'm the one who seduced him."

"He must be at fault! To arms!" The same girl yelled and before Rias or Akeno knew what was happening, the classroom had cleared out and were rushing to find Issei.

Rias rubbed her forehead and pulled out a phone. "Akeno, could you..."

"I'm on it." Akeno said as she rushed out.

*End Flashback*

"By the time Akeno, Sona and Tsubaki calmed everyone down, the gym was heavily damaged, a few trees destroyed and some suspensions handed out." Asia said and hung her head. "Issei didn't get suspended, but he and Rias did spend some time going through parenting classes to prepare for the baby."

"How is Rias doing?" Serafall asked as she rolled some dice into a box.

"She's..." Nabiki trailed off as the door burst open.

"Hear me! Hear me!" Rias, wearing an impossibly pink dress, walked into the room. "I want a horsey, a chocolate sundae and my feet rubbed and... Oh, hey, Ranma! Lilith! Lady Leviathan, do any of you have a kitty I can pet? I want to hear it purr in my hands."

"She's gone a bit crazy." Asia smiled nervously. "The other day she wanted to go swimming in the pool."

"That's not so bad." Lilith muttered, "what's the catch?"

Rias pouted and her eyes teared up. "No one would fill it with chocolate pudding!"

Akeno rubbed Rias's back. "If you want a small pool of chocolate pudding to lay in, I'm sure that we can get that at home."

"But I want the school swimming pool to be full of chocolate pudding!" Rias stomped her foot and walked over to the couch in the corner and started to sob while Akeno walked over to comfort her.

"Yeah, she's been like that." Nabiki said and Ranma sweat-dropped heavily. "She can keep it under control during school hours, but when she's in the club room, it all comes rushing out."

Ranma shook his head. "That's kind of terrifying. ...And she still has another four months or so of this, doesn't she?"

Asia and Akeno actually groaned when they heard that.

"She keeps us up at night wanting one of us to get her something random from the store." Akeno said with a tired smile and rubbed Rias's back, only for Rias to sit up and lean back, laying on Akeno's lap. "Rias?"

"Akeno, have I told you that I love you?" Rias asked with a blush on her face as she reached up, cupped Akeno's face and pulled her down while leaning up and kissing her on the lips.

"And this happens a lot." Nabiki said as she walked over to where Lillie was, who was watching what was going on with great interest. "Hey, kiddo. Anyway, there's supposed to be some guests showing up in a few minutes and then we can talk about some stuff."

"Guests?" Asia asked, getting nods from the others. "Why wasn't I told?"

"Well, all I know is that one of them is going to be from Heaven." Lilith told them. "Nabiki and I worked out something for them. Dunno who the other one is, or if there's more than just one more."

Azazel merely shrugged when a flash of light flooded the room, forcing everyone to look away, when it was over, Azazel looked at who was in the room and he couldn't contain his grin.

Dressed in a casual white dress was Gabriel, who was pushing a strand of her golden hair out of her eyes. "Hello, I hope that I'm not late for this meeting."

"AH!" Serafall's eyes were white and blank as she jumped to her feet and pointed at Gabriel. "It's you! My biggest rival!"

Gabriel blinked adorably and pointed at herself. "I am? For what?"

"Don't give me that!" Serafall yelled and looked to be ready to jump at Gabriel when Ranma put his hands on her shoulders to stop her. "You and I are the female leaders of Heaven and Hell! That makes us rivals!"

Gabriel scratched her head while Ranma leaned down and whispered something to Serafall to get her to relax and nod. "So, if we're rivals, how do we settle this?"

"I suggest strip poker." Azazel grinned. "It could be fun."

"No thanks." Ranma shook his head. "I'm horrible at cards. I can get good hands, but my poker face is the worst on the planet." He gave Azazel an annoyed look when Azazel opened his mouth. "Don't ask, I don't play that game in my girl form either."

"Speaking of girl forms..." Nabiki spoke up, "if you're wondering about Kiba, she goes by Yukiko now and has adapted quite well to being a girl. Most of the girls in the school were really upset about Kiba leaving for America."

Sitting up, Rias perked up. "Yukiko is a really good girl too. Though she doesn't quite like shopping like us yet."

"I'm glad that she's adapting." Lilith said and looked at Gabriel. "As for you, no, you're not early, in fact, I was wondering something, Lady Gabriel."

The fact that Lilith was going so far as to speak to her in such tones had Gabriel giving the other woman her full attention. "Go on, what is it, Lady Aensland?"

Lilith smiled at the Archangel. "How much would it mean to you if I told you that I could restart the system your father left behind?"

Gabriel's pupils shrank at the implications. "That is..."

Suddenly the door to the room burst open and two people walked in. One was a shorter woman with bright red hair done up in a twin tail style similar to Serafall, a large bust, purple eyes and was wearing a black dress with a black cloak over her shoulders. The other one was a bald man with a goatee holding a fairly large box of some sort.

"Ah, Falbium and..." Azazel stared at the woman. "Isn't that..?"

"Where's my grandbaby?!" The woman yelled and looked around the room before spotting Rias and practically teleporting over to her. "Oh! If only I had been awake sooner, I would have loved to have given you a hug. And where's the father?"

Rias stared in shock. "Wait, aren't you Runeas Gremory? The first generation Devil that was the founder of the Gremory clan?"

"Fufufufufufu!" The shorter woman giggled and stood proud with her hands on her hips. "That's right!" She did a small pirouette and winked while putting her fingers up to her face in a v-shape. "I'm back for a little while!" She blinked in surprise at the others all staring at her dumbfoundedly. "Oh, where are my manners, I..." She trailed off as she looked at Ranma, her pupils shrinking and she pointed at him with a shaky finger. "A...A...Azrael?! What are you doing here?! Where's my daughter!? Why aren't you with her?!"

"Azrael?!" Gabrial gasped in shock. "My big brother?!"

Ranma gawked at Runeas and then at Gabriel, who looked like she was about to cry and then at Lilith, who looked hopelessly confused. "Well, that at least answers one of my questions at least."

"Which one?" Lilith asked while most everyone was still looking shocked, well, everyone but Lillie, who was rolling dice and Rias, who was looking like she wanted something.

"I was wondering who Azrael was, when Jedah mentioned his name a few months ago when we beat him."

Azazel coughed into his hand, drawing attention his way, well, except for Gabriel, who was still looking lost. "My brother, Azrael, was the Archangel of Death for Father and was extremely loyal to Him. Really, I thought he had died during the war." He glanced at Gabriel, who was looking somewhat recovered, "the reason that Hades and his reapers took over harvesting souls after the war was over was because Azrael disappeared."

"Do you all really want to know?" Nabiki asked and everyone looked at her in surprise. "I've been holding off on telling anyone about this, but since I can look into the past, I thought it was time now."

"Hmm, sure why not?" Runeas smiled and sat down in a chair. "It might be fun to revisit the last time I saw him and my daughter." Everyone looked at her in surprise and she giggled. "I've slept a lot over the centuries, it kept me from going crazy, I guess that's why I have clear memories of that time and of him?"

"Probably," Azazel nodded as he sat back while Nabiki activated her Sacred Gear, 'how come I never realized that Ranma looks like Azrael? Then again, I've seen so many people with similar features to him that it would be just foolish to assume that they were Azrael... Or maybe..?'

Considering what Runeas had said, Azazel narrowed his eyes in thought, 'Ranma in his girl form looks a lot like Rias, and red hair like that is very uncommon in Japan, is it possible..?'

A large screen appeared in the room and it showed Azrael, a tall man with raven black hair done up in a loose ponytail, wearing a black robe with ten golden wings on his back while a young woman with a sizeable chest, blue eyes and red hair stood behind him, trembling. Across from them was a familiar blue and purple Devil, who grinned at the Angel.

"Really, Azrael, I don't know why you're protecting her." Jedah smirked as he strolled forward. "I could make more use of that Gremory brat, so hand her over."

Azrael chuckled and a scythe formed in his hands. "Sorry, fiend, but I have my reasons for what I'm doing."

As the two charged and started to fight, Ranma frowned in confusion. "That's the scythe Jedah had, he said that he was the only one who could hold it, what did he..."

A tearing and squelching sound filled the air and the two backed off, Azrael falling to his knees and gasping in pain as he gripped at his right arm.

Jedah, who had several deep cuts on his body, chuckled as he walked forward. "And what will you do now, Archangel of Death?"

Azrael just smirked and stood up. "Really? You foolish Devil." He flexed his bloodied left hand as power pooled around him. "You know nothing. You lack the foresight to understand God's plan." Suddenly the sky was filled with arrows of light that lanced out at Jedah, who spent the next minute dodging, blocking or countering them.

Azrael turned and grabbed the girl he was with. "Quickly, with me."

"Yes." The girl smiled though she was gripping her head in pain. "Also, please don't say His name again, it hurts when you do so." Azrael looked at her and nodded as they ran away and the scene changed.

"Hold on, Nabiki," Azazel spoke up, "how did Jedah use that scythe? It's supposed to be something only a warrior of Heaven could use."

"...Good question." Nabiki muttered as she pushed some buttons and the screen focused back on Jedah, who was panting and grimacing with the holes in his body. "How did you do that?"

Jedah walked over to the scythe and grabbed it, crying out in pain as his hand burned from just touching the shaft. "What the..?" He stared, his eyes wide. "No wonder he wasn't worried about leaving it here, if I'd have this kind of reaction to it." Jedah stared at the arm, which was severed up to the elbow and then at his right hand. "...Yes, this could work, I think."

"What is he doing?" Akeno asked, frowning in confusion before gasping in surprise as Jedah extended the claw on his left hand and severed his right arm at the elbow. "He wouldn't..."

"...Are you telling me that Issei's crazy idea with Albion's power wasn't the first time it happened?" Azazel asked, staring in shock as Jedah grabbed Azrael's severed arm and then attached it to his right arm, causing him to scream in pain. "This is..."

"The fact that he can revive himself..." Lilith whispered in awe, "he knew that even if he couldn't survive this, he'd just come back to life later on."

Jedah was on his knees, his new arm spasming in pain as he dropped the scythe. "You think that this will work on me?!" Jedah yelled as he looked up at the sky and gripped his arm. "I can manipulate souls! I will overcome this! YOU WILL SEE, YOU WORTHLESS GOD! YOU WILL SEE!"

With a yell, power pooled around the newly attached arm before spinning around the arm, causing the newly-attached arm to come to resemble Jedah's other arm.

Jedah sat, panting for several minutes before he raised his right hand up and flexed the fingers several times. "Hahhaahahahahahahahaahaha!" He stood up, laughing even more. "TAKE THAT, WORLD!" He grinned as he looked at the sky. "See?! I can control even an Archangel's power!" Panting, he walked over to the scythe and reached down to touch it with his left hand, hissing as his fingers burned just touching it. "I still can't touch it?" Jedah asked and looked at his right hand before reaching out and grabbing it. He grimaced, obviously preparing for pain before blinking as he held the scythe with no problem.

After taking a few swings with the scythe, Jedah laughed and dismissed the scythe. "Yes! This world! This world..." He gripped his head and shook it. "Urgh, I need to rest and recover after this, I feel like my soul was almost split in half."

The screen turned off and several people were silent as they processed what they had just seen.

"...Big brother..." Gabriel whispered as she looked troubled. "Please, Nabiki, can you show me what happened to Azrael after that?"

Nabiki nodded and the screen lit up again, this time showing Azrael with a bloody stump that was wrapped in bandages, the same girl as before and Runeas Gremory standing in a forest.

"That's the best I can do for you, Azrael." Runeas smiled at him. "Are you sure about this? I know that you're extremely loyal to your father and doing this will hurt him."

Azrael smiled softly. "Lady Runeas, I..." He looked at the other girl and nodded. "I couldn't help but long for your daughter after I saw her. I loathed my brothers for lusting after human women, but I'm no better, huh?"

The other girl shook her head. "No! Just because your father forbids relationships for Angels, that doesn't make you wrong for how you feel."

Runeas sighed softly. "Go ahead." She turned her head as a soft golden light filled the air, revealing a golden-haired woman, who smiled at them. "Take good care of them for me, Amaterasu."

Azazel, Gabriel, Serafall, Ranma, Lilith and Rias all gasped in surprise as they stared at the woman with a sword.

She nodded to Runeas. "Yes, I shall protect them from your war, but in exchange..."

"I know," Runeas nodded and sighed softly, "I won't be able to see my daughter or her descendants ever again." She turned away from the Japanese Sun Goddess and looked up at the sky. "The only reason I'm doing this is because I love my daughter so much." She gave Azrael a glare, "if you don't take care of her, I'll personally find you and tear you apart, agreement be damned."

"Of course." Azrael nodded as he and Runeas's daughter disappeared with Amaterasu.

The screen turned dark after that and Nabiki smiled weakly. "Sorry, I tried looking ahead, but I think Amaterasu had some sort of block in place that prevents scrying on him, preventing me from looking."

"It's fine." Gabriel smiled at Nabiki, "just knowing my brother was still alive, it's more than I could have hoped for."

Ranma frowned in confusion and stood up. "So, if Jedah had his scythe and no one should be able to hold it..." Suddenly the scythe that had been in the video appeared in Ranma's hands. "How the heck can I hold it?"

"Oh, that's simple!" Runeas smiled while holding up a finger and winking. "If you think about it, logically, grandson, you should be able to figure it out."

"...Master... You're descended from Azrael..." Lilith muttered softly. "...Wait, that means that you and Rias are cousins!"

"That WOULD explain why your female form looks so much like Rias, other than being shorter." Akeno said softly. "Wow, descended from the Gremory family and the Archangel of Death, you sure do have a crazy bloodline there."

Ranma chuckled and rubbed the back of his head with his free hand. "I guess so. Kind of weird if I think about it too much." Ranma looked at Rias, who was looking introspective.

"...I propositioned my cousin for sex." Rias said, gasping slightly before looking up and smiling at Ranma. "Thanks for actually turning me down."

Lilith gave Ranma a weird look. "Master, are you okay? You didn't fuck your incredibly hot and sexy cousin?"

Ranma gave her an annoyed look. "Yeah, I turned her down. I could tell, even back then, that she had the hots for Issei and you know I'm not into cucking anyone if I can help it."

"Oh, good point." Lilith nodded and looked at the scythe. "So what are you going to do with that?"

"About that." Gabriel smiled at Ranma. "May I have it? I'd like to return it to Heaven." Ranma nodded and walked over to her, handing it to her. "And, I'd like to talk to you in private before I go back." She smiled and made the scythe disappear.

"Sure." Ranma said. He looked at Runeas curiously. "How come you were willing to let your daughter go with someone who was your sworn enemy?"

"She didn't like fighting and I tried to keep her safe." Runeas told him with a soft sigh. "Azrael saved her life and I could tell he was smitten with her. I actually met with him in private and the two of us came up with a plan so that he and my daughter could disappear from the war."

"...I see." Ranma nodded, knowing what the plan was from what Nabiki showed them.

"So, does anyone else have any Earth-shattering revelations before the day is over?" Azazel asked. "Anyone want to reveal that they're secretly Cthulhu's love child? Or perhaps someone is an alien?"

"Nah, I know some, but I don't think anyone here is an alien." Ranma waved his hand and ignored the looks he was getting as he walked back over to Lilith.

"Well, I might have one." Falbium said as he walked over to where Ranma was and put the box down. "This is a gift from the Asmodeus clan to you." Ranma blinked in surprise. "See, apparently the late Asmodeus left this behind and had a seal on it that no one can unlock. Even I can't, and what's left of the clan decided to trust it with you, since you have part of Lord Asmodeus's soul bonded to you. If you can't open it, then no one can."

Ranma shrugged and put his hand on the center of the top of the box. "So, should I just pour magic power into this and, bwah?!"

The box started to glow and shake, causing Ranma to step back as the top slid apart, glowing brightly.

"AH! After so many years I'm free!" A female voice cackled from the box as it opened up. "It's time to conquer some booty!"

"Huh?" Serafall and Gabriel both asked at the same time.

Standing in the box was a miniature girl with bronzed-colored skin who was wearing a red and black dress that hugged her body. She had decent sized boobs for her size. She had purple eyes and hair that was mostly green with red and purple stripes in it.

Azazel tilted his head and realized that the girl in the box was around thirty centimeters tall, maybe a little taller. "Who in the world are you?"

The girl turned to look at Azazel and grinned while standing tall. "Don't you recognize me, Azazel? It it I! The Great Devil King Asmodeus in the flesh!"

"HUH?!" More than one person yelled in shock as they stared at the mini-girl, who not only giggled, but puffed her chest out in pride.

End Chapter 2


Well, THAT was quite a few bombshells, wasn't it?

There's more to come, of course.