Ranma ½ Dance with the Devil


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Chapter 14

Groaning in sleep, Hayate shifted and wondered why it was so warm where she was before cracking an eye open and she quickly realized some things very quickly.

The first, she realized that she was sleeping on and kneading someone's boobs. The second thing she realized was that she didn't know whos boobs these were. She had felt Nanoha, Fate, Vita, Signum, Shamal, Arisa and Suzuka, among others, enough that she knew how their boobs looked and felt like, and these boobs were none of her usual grab targets. The third thing she realized was that the owner of those boobs was naked, as was she. And finally, she noticed that there was another body under the blankets she was in. "Huh?" She muttered and sat up, pushing the large blanket off allowing her to realize new things. One, she was in her room, two the lights were off but she could see everything clearly. Three, Arisa was naked in her bed too. And finally, her big brother was naked and looking at her. Hayate blushed and looked down, her eyes widening as she saw his dick. "Ah..."

"First time seeing it?" A new voice asked and Hayate looked to see Serafall smiling back up at her. "Just so you know, you're still a virgin."

"...Why are we all naked?" Hayate asked in confusion, though she didn't mind the view and the way she was sitting up allowed both Serafall and Ranma to get a good look at her naked body.

"It's just easier to transfer Devil energy this way." Serafall told her. Clothing tends to get in the way, when a newly born Devil reincarnates from human or another species, most of the time they're really drained and need their master's energy to help recharge them. In my case, I'm really strong so it's no problem for me."

"So why is Arisa-chan here?" Hayate asked Ranma and she grinned. "She couldn't stay away from you, huh and had to sneak in here?"

Ranma shook his head. "No... Arisa was unfortunately caught in a traffic accident that ended her life." Hayate gasped and put a hand in front of her face. "Thankfully I was able to bring her back with a single pawn. So she needs to recover." He said while rubbing Arisa's back. "She'll be fine..."

"I've been up since Hayate started asking questions." Arisa said as she pushed herself up and looked around blearily. "I'm..." She paused and her face turned red as she realized that she was grabbing something large and meaty. "AHH!"

Ranma sweat-dropped as she bolted out of bed and crashed down onto the floor on her ass, her legs spread and revealing everything to everyone. "Yohko had a similar response."

"W-w-well when you wake up naked with people that you didn't sleep with, why wouldn't you freak out?!" Arisa yelled and pointed a shaky finger at Hayate. "And why aren't you freaking out?"

Hayate shrugged, causing her modest breasts to bounce in interesting ways. "The naked human body, or in our case, naked Devil body is a beautiful thing and I have no problem being naked among those who I'm close to."

"That includes me?" Serafall asked and Hayate tilted her head as she looked at the Devil King.

"Let me play with your boobs and don't hit me when I do and yes." Hayate said.

Serafall suddenly laughed and pulled Hayate into a hug, which mashed their breasts together. "I like you. No one else would ask such a thing other than Ran-tan."

"Anyone who's ever tried to ask that from you was too afraid and worried that you'd destroy them for doing so." Ranma said as he sat up and saw Arisa staring at nothing. "Arisa?"

"I'm a Devil, I died, I just realized that I died, I have to give up my life, don't I? I can't visit my parents again. I have to live with monsters, Demons and Devils..." Arisa started speaking faster and faster. "I'm not human anymore, I can't have any of my old friends, I have to leave my parents. They can't know that I'm alive and..." She started breathing heavy and the next thing she knew, Ranma was kneeling in front of her, hugging her naked body to his. "R...Ranma..."

"No one knows you were there." Ranma told her. "You don't have to give up your friends and family, but you're going to need to learn how to use your new powers." Arisa nodded and trembled. "Whether you tell your parents or not is up to you. But you're not going to have to leave your life behind."

Arisa felt her eyes water up as she hugged Ranma and started sobbing into his chest. "I thought... I was so scared." She squeezed him. "I didn't want to die. I didn't want to remember my last words to you as a big dummy or that I hated you."

Ranma said nothing as he held her. "I'm sorry for disappearing for so long, but I had other things to do." Arisa nodded as she sobbed into his chest. "I'll need you and Hayate to come with me to Kuoh, Kyoto and Makai to meet the rest of my family and peerage, but neither of you have to live in Makai."

Arisa nodded and Ranma just started rocking her back and forth as he held her. When Hayate came over and hugged her naked body to Arisa's back, the girl let out another sob. "I was so scared... I didn't want to die all alone."

"You weren't alone." Ranma whispered to her. "And you're alive." Arisa nodded and continued to sob softly.

Serafall smiled sadly. This was, unfortunately, fairly common among people who had died traumatically. Some developed some form of PTSD and others just broke down crying. 'Ran-tan's handing it very well.' She smiled as a warm feeling went through her body.

There was a loud thump and several crashed that had the four of them looking in surprise as Ranma got up and let go of Arisa. "Better see what that's about." Ranma muttered.

"Wait, we're naked, so how..." Arisa trailed off as Ranma glowed white and was suddenly engulfed in the same clothing as when he arrived. She turned to see Serafall doing the same. "That's not fair."

"It's a simple spell." Ranma told her and put his hand on her and Hayate's heads, using the spell to give them clothes similar to what they had on before. "It saves a ton on washing expenses."

"...Is it just magic clothes?" Hayate asked and Ranma shook his head.

"No, they're actual clothes, just magic modifies fabric so that it fits you."

Arisa stared in surprise. "...I have underwear on."

Ranma rolled his eyes. "I figured you wouldn't want to flash anyone with your skirt if it flipped up. Anyway..." He walked out of the room to see what was going on. "Uh..."

It didn't take him long to see what was going on as Reinforce Zwei was naked and tied up with her legs spread and some sort of tentacle binding was holding up Nanoha, Fate, Vita, Signum, Shamal and Zafira, all of whom were glaring at Lilith, who was likewise tied up.

It was then that Ranma noticed that Lilith was glaring at her hand, which was holding onto someone else.

"What in the name of the Abyss is happening?" Ranma asked them.

"Hi, master!" Asmodeus waved with her one free hand. "The other little girl and I were playing cards and she started to bet clothes and lost and I told her if she won I'd give her all her clothes and half of what I won form her back. But if she lost, she'd be punished."

"NO ONE SAID ANYTHING ABOUT THIS!" Reinforce Zwei cried out. "YEEK!" She squealed as she was lowered close to something phallic in shape.

Ranma sighed and walked over to the table, using his powers to create barriers around the tentacles, destroying them before nodding to Lilith, who let go of Asmodeus and then he put her in a similar cube barrier while Reinforce Zwei flew to Hayate, sobbing about being scared. "I'm going to let you know, right now, Asmodeus, you don't ever force or trick anyone into having sex." He poked the barrier. "I get that things were different in your time, but if I'm your master, you're going to listen to me, got it?"

Asmodeus glared at Ranma. "What kind of Sex King are you?!"

"One who knows that if I acted like you, I'd have all of the realms after me!" Ranma yelled back at her, causing her to gasp in surprise. "I'm glad that dad drilled into my head the importance of consent, because otherwise I'd be no different than you and I'd probably the enemy of all the realms at once." Ranma closed his eyes and took a deep breath to calm down. "Listen, Asmodeus, you can't trick or force people into having sexy fun. You need their permission. Doing that to Reinforce Zwei is a no-go. You got it?"

Asmodeus grumbled and huffed. "I'm stuck like this, I'm too small to please men or women what good is it?"

"If you go through the process to become a Unison Device, the first time I'll fuse with you, it'll be when I'm going to have a small orgy." Ranma told her and Asmodeus's eyes sparkled as she pressed her hands against the box.

"You mean it?!"

"Yes." Ranma nodded. "That said, you're too dangerous right now, so you're staying in that box as punishment until we leave." Asmodeus pouted and sat cross-legged. "And no masturbating."

"That's just cruel." Lilith muttered, but that was the furthest that she protested the issue.

"So..." Vita said as she poked the barrier. "How strong is that barrier?"

Ranma looked at her and smirked. "So long as you don't use any barrier-breaking skills, it should be able to take any attacks you throw at it." His hand glowed and the barrier shimmered for a moment before shattering into the shape of a sphere. He tossed it to Vita. "Go have fun with her."

"MASTER?!" Asmodeus screamed as Vita, Signum, Shamal and Zafira all had looks of delight on their faces.

"They won't kill you." Ranma told her. "The barrier takes a lot of punishment before it breaks. And I told you, this is a punishment for trying to rape Reinforce Zwei."

The tiny silver-haired girl trembled while Hayate hugged her and patted he back.

"You're evil, I hate you!" Asmodeus yelled as Vita summoned up her hammer and ran outside.

"I haven't heard that in awhile." Ranma chuckled. He turned and ignored the sounds of Graf Eisen smacking something round and the screams that came with it. He smiled as he saw Nanoha hugging Arisa and apologizing to her.

"Why are you apologizing to me for?" Arisa asked.

"Because if I had been there, I could have saved you."

Ranam let them argue over who could have done what and walked over to where Lilith was and sat down next to her. "How bad was it?"

Lilith groaned in dismay. "Master, is this how you feel all the time when I get out of hand, because if so, I'm sorry and I deserved more spankings."

"You like it when I spank you though." Ranma countered. "Don't worry, we've got time to break Asmodeus in fully."

"Eh, we're going to be here for a few days, between Vita and Nanoha, I'm sure she'll learn to behave." Lilith said and smirked. "Anyway, Arisa's going to need to take some time off from school and learn how to use her Devil powers. It's a different magic system than what Nanoha, Fate and Hayate use."

"Yeah." Ranma nodded and thought about it. "We'll figure something out. We'll have to take her back to her parents before the day is out."



"Welcome back, Gabriel." Uriel, a blonde-haired man wearing a white robe, nodded to his sister. "Is there something you needed?"

Gabriel, back in her typical Heaven White robes, nodded. "Yes, I would like to report what happened to our long-lost brother, Azrael." She saw Raphael, an angel with jet black hair, and Michael, walking towards her.

"Speak, sister, what happened to him?" Raphael asked.

"Sadly, while he did not die in the war, he did pass away two hundred years after he left." Gabriel told him. "He met Runeas Gremory's youngest daughter and fell in love with her. The two were protected by a seal that Amaterasu, Tsukiyomi and Susanoo put on them to seal away their powers and live as humans. Their descendants are still alive to this day."

"It is sad that he passed away." Michael said with a sad tone of voice. "But I am glad that it was not in a violent manner." He paused as he saw Gabriel's expression. "Sister, is there something more?"

"I wish to meditate and perhaps I am in need of some purification rituals." Gabriel hung her head. "Even though I have gone through them before, I find it hard to focus."

"Perhaps then we should get a replacement?" Raphael said and Michael gave him a sharp look. "Ah, that came out wrong. What I mean is that the four of us are the leaders of Heaven, but if something were to happen to one of us, if we were to fall, succumb to some deceit or be unable to do our duties, we should have Angels that we can raise to our level of power, to be our back-ups, so to speak, in case one of us has to step down."

Uriel nodded at Raphael's suggestion. "That makes sense to me. Shall we choose now or later?"

Michael put his left hand on his chin and thought about it for a few moments. "I suggest that we choose a few candidates and pick the four with the best chance to replace us should something happen. There are Metatron, Sandalphon, Raguel, Sariel, Remiel and Raziel who can replace us if something should happen." The other three nodded. "However, I feel that Raphael's suggestion is not a bad one as well, if something should happen to us and we need to be replaced, we should have emergency fall-backs, just in case. Sister, take a few days to meditate and go through whatever purification rituals you need first."

Gabriel nodded. "Yes, Lord Michael." She said as she disappeared and reappeared in her own meditation chambers. Sitting cross-legged in the center, she tried to filter out all that was bothering her. 'Big brother is dead, but he would have never chosen me.'

Gabriel's face turned pink as her thoughts went to his living descendant. '...No, I shouldn't. He isn't Azrael!'

The fact that he rejected her when she tried to kiss him and have him seduce her, when it would make her Fall, when she was vulnerable and willing to give up all that she believed and stood for, for a single night of pleasure.

He not only stopped her, but he gave her a good reason and he even made it so that Asmodeus's daughter would help get God's system running again.

"Am I... A bad Angel?" Gabriel asked and looked up at the sky. "Father, I wish you were here. I need your guidance."

For the first time in thousands of years, Gabriel didn't know what to do with her emotions.

And that was terrifying her.

End Chapter 14


This is actually going somewhere, I promise.


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Chapter 15

It was the middle of the morning when Arisa, Ranma, Hayate, and Serafall found themselves entering Arisa's home. "How come Lilith-chan didn't want to come with?" Hayate asked Ranma.

"Someone has to keep an eye on Asmodeus." Ranma told her. "Even if she's in that barrier, she can't be fully trusted yet. Also, she wanted to get caught up with Nanoha and Fate."

He just hoped that she wasn't telling them anything too crazy.


"EH?!" Nanoha gasped in surprise. "Ranma worked for the bad guy for awhile?!"

"I knew he was evil." Vita grumbled as Lilith explained what was going on. "So, when did he reveal he wasn't working for the bad guy?"

"Well, it took awhile..." Lilith explained to them.


"I'm sure it's fine." Ranma muttered to himself as Arisa opened the door and called out into the house.

"I'm home!" Arisa smiled nervously. "What am I going to tell them?"

"Whatever you think is right." Ranma told her and he looked at Serafall, who shook her head. "Well, try to keep some details hidden, okay?"

Arisa nodded, knowing that the knowledge of her being turned into a Devil was something that most people didn't need to know.

"ARISA!" Her mother's voice was heard and the next thing Arisa knew, she was being hugged by an older, sobbing woman. "I heard that there was an accident near where you were at and I couldn't get ahold of you and I was so scared and WAAAH!"

"...This seems familiar to me." Ranma chuckled as he looked at the older woman. "Wow," Ranma leaned close to Hayate, "you weren't kidding when you said that Arisa's mom was still pretty."

The older woman, who had shoulder-length hair that was brown in color and was wearing long pants and a short-sleeved shirt, looked confused at the voice and turned to Ranma and tilted her head. "You're..." Her eyes widened in shock and surprise. "Ranma?! Is that you?!"

Ranma smiled and nodded. "Yeah, it's me, Miss Jodie."

Jodie gave Arisa one more tight hug before letting go and walking over to Ranma. "Oh my goodness, you've grown to be so handsome." She grinned at him. "Maybe you should marry my Arisa, huh?"

"Mother!" Arisa yelled, her face flush as she looked away. "Why would I marry that dummy?!"

Hayate started giggling as she looked at Serafall, who was also laughing softly. "See? I told you that Arisa-chan would be fine."

"Oh!" Jodie gasped in surprise. "Hayate, I didn't see you there. And you are?"

Serafall smiled at her. "My name is Serafall Leviathan," she held out her hand, which Jodie took and shook, "your daughter did me a great favor today." Jodie blinked in surprise. "May we come in?" Jodie nodded and the group went inside.

Once inside, a man with short, blonde hair who was wearing blue shorts and a white shirt, ran up to Arisa and hugged her. "Oh! My dear girl! I thought you were dead!"

"Daddy..." Arisa sweat-dropped heavily.

After getting her father to calm down, Arisa huffed at her father. "I'm alive, I'm sorry that I didn't call sooner to let you know what happened, but my phone broke."

The man nodded and looked at Ranma before gasping in surprise. "Ranma? Is that you?" Ranma nodded and he smirked. "Wow, you really did grow up, huh?"

"Kids tend to do that." Ranma chuckled and reached out with a handshake to the man. "It's good to see that you're still doing well, David."

David smiled at Ranma. "Yes, I'm surprised that you're in town. You should have called."

"Well, I wasn't sure who I'd see first." Ranma told him. "And I forgot a lot of details, like phone numbers and addresses." He looked at Hayate, who was pouting, "I actually came back to see if my cute little sister was still living here since I wanted to tell her that I was getting married soon."

"Oh?" Both David and Jodie asked at the same time.

Serafall nodded, smiling at them. "Yes. Ran-tan and I are engaged to get married, and I'd love to have his cute little sister at my wedding." She let out a small squeal and hugged Hayate. "She's so cute and perfect! Almost as perfect as my little sister So-tan!"

Hayate just beamed and hugged Serafall back.

"It wasn't like I wasn't going to tell all of Hayate's friends." Ranma said as he saw the looks of disappointment on Jodie and David's faces. "I just wanted to tell her first. But as I went to her place, we met up with Nanoha, Fate and Arisa."

"Ah, such a disappointment." David shook his head. "I had hoped that you would have come back and married my little girl." He winked at Ranma while Arisa blushed hard. "After college, she said that she wanted to take over the family business."

A gleam came to Serafall's eyes as a thought entered her head. "If that's the case, I have a wonderful solution for you." She let go of Hayate and clapped her hands. "You see, I owe Miss Bannings my life, I wasn't paying close enough attention and nearly stepped onto the street when this crazed car came out of nowhere. Your daughter pulled me out of harms way and her phone fell to the ground and got shattered as a result. My family has stake in several banks and other businesses and we own quite a few." She winked at them. "If possible, I'd like to hire your daughter as an intern. After all, no one wants to be accused of getting where they are simply because they're related to someone, right?"

David nodded in agreement. "Yes, that is true." He looked at Arisa. "How about it, honey?"

Arisa nodded at the suggestion. "It wouldn't hurt to have more connections in business." After all, what one knew was far less important than who you knew.

"I'd like her to join as soon as possible." Serafall told David and Jodie, "but I understand that she has school and it's important to get a good education."

"Unless you're this dummy." Arisa grumbled as she thought about Ranma. "How far behind in school are you?"

Ranma sweat-dropped heavily, knowing that was true. "Yeah, I'm probably way behind in my classes, but I do have people who help fill in the gaps of my education."

Serafall nodded. "Indeed, don't worry, Ari-tan, Ran-tan has been getting tutoring for all the holes in his education that he needs."

"...Ari-tan?" Arisa muttered softly. "Urgh, whatever."

Hayate perked up and grabbed Ranma's hand. "Come on, Big Brother! Arisa-chan should show you around, it's been a long time since you were here last."

Ranma smiled nervously as Hayate led him and Arisa out of the room.

David chuckled as they ran off. "They're good friends."

"Yes." Serafall nodded with a smile on her face. "Tell me something, does your daughter do any sort of acting?" Both Jodie and David shook their heads slowly. "See, I'm looking for actors and actresses to work on a television show this upcoming year and I think your daughter would be perfect for it as well." She saw the concerned frowns on Jodie and David's faces and waved their concerns off. "This is just a side-gig. If she would partake, she'd just be a minor or background character." Serafall smiled at them. "Believe me, having work and a job as an actress is extremely difficult. Especially when you have enemies coming after you due to your work."

Both Jodie and David looked at each other with understanding on their faces and nodded. The trio walked over to the kitchen and sat down. "So..." Serafall began. "How did Ran-tan walk into your lives?"

David smiled as he remembered the little kid that was Ranma. "He ended up saving our Arisa from some kidnappers. How about you?"

Serafall sighed dreamily. "I met him at my younger sister's school and saw him do something so incredible that I was interested. It wasn't until I met him again in Kyoto that I fell in love with him. Due to some events that happened, he ended up becoming a big hero and, well, one thing led to another..." Her face was tinged pink, "he's quite a lovely man."

"I can imagine." Jodie smiled at the Devil King. "It's too bad that he's taken. Our Arisa was quite smitten with him."

Serafall giggled and nodded. "Ah, she's a classic tsundere, huh? Quite a bit different from my So-tan, who's all cool and aloof even when she's happy."

The three continued to talk for several minutes about various topics, including business, while Ranma, Hayate and Arisa walked around the mansion.


"Your room hasn't changed much." Ranma commented as Arisa led him and Hayate into her room. "Though, inviting a boy..." He didn't finish that as he got a face-full of pillow.

"Hmph!" Arisa narrowed her eyes at him. "You should be lucky that I'm letting you in here."

"Oh!" Hayate's eyes widened and she blushed. "Excuse me, I need to take care of something." She quickly left the room and closed the door behind her, leaving Ranma and Arisa alone.

Ranma pursed his lips and walked over to Arisa, who was sitting on the bed. "Still hasn't sunk in yet, has it?"

"No!" Arisa yelled and pounded the bed. "I'm so angry, confused, conflicted, I have to lie to my parents to keep them from knowing what's going on, I have to learn stuff that I never thought was possible before. I'm not even human anymore!" She flopped onto her back. "How...?" She looked up with tears falling out of her eyes. "How do you deal with this?"

Ranma tapped his chin. "I've grown up with a succubus who did lewd things to me when I was twelve, Arisa." She nodded, sniffling, "so, the idea of being a Devil, Demon or whatever doesn't matter to me as much, since they really aren't much different from humans, other than extremely long lives." There were, of course, real differences, but he didn't need to tell her that. Right now, that wasn't what she wanted to hear.

Arisa looked miserable on the bed and Ranma sighed before pulling out a piece of paper. "Here." He said and she looked at it in confusion. "If you need me. Just to talk, yell, scream or whatever, just focus on that and I'll be there."

Arisa growled and the next thing that Ranma knew, she was grabbing his head and planting her lips on his. The kiss only lasted for a moment and Arisa was blushing hard. "T-there!" She yelled as she let go of his head, grabbed the paper and shoved Ranma towards the door. "I stole back my first kiss from you!"

Outside the door, Hayate giggled as Ranma was roughly shoved out of the room before the door slammed behind her. "Well, big brother, she didn't call you a dummy this time."

Ranma sighed and nodded. "Hayate, you're a good girl."

The small brunette just beamed happily.


A few minutes later, Ranma, Hayate and Serafall all started to leave the Bannings manor. "I'm glad that you understand that we'd like to have Arisa around for a bit longer." David said and Serafall nodded. "Hopefully we'll see you around."

"Well," Serafall smiled and held out a business card, "if you want to come to my wedding, give this number a call and I'll have someone come and pick you up."

After they were no longer on the property, Ranma looked back for a moment and then walked off. He didn't know if he'd be back anytime soon.

He did know, however, that kiss was kind of nice. It was too bad that Arisa didn't seem interested in anything else at that moment.

"Well, we've got a few days." Ranma said to Hayate and Serafall. "Hayate, why don't you show us around town?"

"Sure!" Hayate beamed and led the two of them on a tour of Uminari City.


In her room, Arisa was blushing as she hugged a large pillow. 'I kissed him! I kissed him! That dummy! I kissed him!' She thought to herself.

And the worst part, for her.

She wanted more.

The blonde didn't know what to do as she rolled onto her stomach and let out a scream into her bed while kicking her legs up and down. When her hands went over a piece of paper, she looked up and blinked a few times.

"If you need me. Just to talk, yell, scream or whatever, just focus on that and I'll be there."

Arisa let out a huff of annoyance and put the paper on her dresser. "Who needs that dummy anyway?!" She was going to have to see him in the near future anyway, so it didn't matter to her at that moment.

It was a good thing no one was around to see the blush on her face.

End Chapter 15


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Chapter 16

Riding in a private train car to Kyoto, Ranma looked at the seat next to him. "How did you convince the school to give you a week off?"

Hayate grinned at him as she snuggled against his arm. "Simple, as an orphan, the fact that I have a long-lost brother that showed up and wants to introduce me to his family was enough of a sob story that the school was willing to let me take a few days to get to meet with my extended family." She pouted slightly. "It's too bad that Arisa-chan couldn't come with us."

"Yeah, well..." Ranma scratched his cheek. "After how her parents reacted, I can't blame them for keeping her at home for now." Hayate nodded and sighed softly. "I mean, the fact that Arisa's phone was destroyed and they couldn't get ahold of her for nearly a day made them think that she was dead."

Hayate winced, remembering the looks that David and Jodie, Arisa's parents, had when she, Ranma and Serafall all showed up at Arisa's mansion and explained what happened. "Can't believe that you and Miss Serafall came up with such an easy lie like that."

"What lie?" Ranma asked in confusion. "Arisa wants to go into business when she graduates from college, right? Serafall's family has several businesses that they own, so Arisa could intern there during the summer break," which was only in a couple of weeks, "and get some experience working in business."

Hayate gave him a flat stare. "I meant the story about how you were meeting me, since it had been years since you last saw me, you brought your fiancee with to meet me and the two of us and Arisa were walking and Miss Serafall started to cross when that car came out of nowhere and Arisa pulled your fiancee out of danger, but it cost her her phone."

"...Serafall is my fiancee, I did come to see you after many years and Arisa was walking and the car accident destroyed her phone." Ranma said plainly. He sighed at the look she gave him. "Listen, Hayate, you know that we have to lie to keep people from getting scared or worried. Mixing in the truth with the lie makes it easier to swallow."

"I know," Hayate said with a nod, "I was just getting annoyed by the smartass remark you were giving me, big brother."

Ranma chuckled and put his hand on her head, ruffling her hair and getting a giggle from Hayate. "So," he looked at the seat across from him, "why did you come with, Vita?"

Vita gave him an angry look and huffed. "Someone has to keep you from stealing Hayate's virginity. And you're lucky that I was the only one who could come, as Signum, Shamal and Zafira all got pulled away for a mission at the last minute today."

"Aww..." Hayate stood up and walked in front of Ranma before bending down and sitting on his lap. "But what if I want big brother to take my virginity?" She asked and wiggled her butt on Ranma's lap, causing Vita to blush and stammer. "You're so cute, Vita-chan." Her eyes widened as she felt Ranma's hands grab her hips. "Big brother?"

"Keep this up and you'll be riding my dick all the way to Kyoto." Ranma whispered and Hayate gave him a grin. "Didn't you want your first time to be in private?"

"Yes." Hayate said as she leaned back against his body. "But I want to tease my big brother and... yeek!" Her eyes widened as his fingers went over her thighs and gently touched, teased and caressed them. "Oh? You want to play dirty?"

"Who's grinding her butt on my dick?" Ranma asked as he leaned in and kissed her on the lips.

Vita glowered at them and turned to her side. "You're his fiancée, why aren't you getting upset?"

Serafall giggled and looked at Vita in amusement. "Harems are common among Devils. My father is married to my mother and another thirty other women that share his bed." Vita stared in surprise at that. "There's nothing wrong about him having more women. He has to make sure that he can please all of us is all."

Vita merely grumbled and tried to ignore how Lilith was giggling at her. "Shut up."

"I said nothing." Lilith smirked at her. "Also, Hayate, will your house be okay?"

After breaking the kiss and having a trail of saliva connect her with Ranma, Hayate nodded at the question, breaking the saliva. "Yes. If you're worried about Shamal cooking, Signum will make sure that she's fine. Too bad I had to leave Rein behind."

Ranma reached into his pocket and pulled out the still encased Asmodeus, who was glaring at him. "I'll let you out now," he said and dispelled the barrier.

"You're pure evil." She twitched before her face lit up. "You're the most perfect successor that I could have asked for!"

"Most people would probably think that's a bad thing." Ranma chuckled and hugged Hayate as she wiggled her butt against him. "Someone's a minx."

Hayate grinned at him. "That's why you love me."

Ranma nodded before putting his fingers on Hayate's stomach and tickling her, causing her to double over and start laughing like crazy. It only lasted for a few moments, but it still ended with Hayate on her butt on the floor, giggling. "Still ticklish there, huh?"

Hayate nodded and got back into her seat. "Yeah, that was mean."

Ranma shrugged at that. "If I could get more than a week, I'd take you to Makai with me."

"That can wait until the summer break." Hayate told him. "Miss Lindy said something about needing to get paperwork done to clear the whole turning miss Asmodeus into an Unison Device and that there was all sorts of paperwork that had to be done for the meeting of Hell and the TSAB."

"Tell me about it." Serafall groaned as she leaned back. "The fact that there are actual aliens out there that know magic is going to cause headaches for decades."

Ranma and Lilith gave her a confused look. "But I've known about these guys for almost seven years now." Ranma explained to her. "And I've met other aliens in Japan too. There's tons more aliens all over the world too." Serafall gave him an exasperated look and Ranma smirked at her. "Don't worry, most of them have tech and not magic, you won't need to interact with them if you're looking to connect with magical aliens."

Lilith giggled. "For a world that's so in the space boonies as one of the aliens puts it, we sure do get a lot of weirdos."

Ranma gave Serafall a look that he hoped was comforting. Seeing her response, he guessed that he failed. "Listen, Serafall, most of the aliens that live on Earth are just like regular people. They just want to live a peaceful life. The rest? Usually running from some responsibility or here on vacation. It's best that we all just ignore each other and pretend that we're all regular humans when we do meet."

"I guess so..." Serafall nodded and shook her head. "I'll still need some intel on it." Ranma nodded and she just groaned. "How many potential threats are on this planet?"

"Besides the aliens, Demons, Devils, Gods and random ancient super weapons hidden all over the place?" Lilith asked rhetorically. "It's probably best not to think about too much."

"It doesn't make me feel better." Serafall shook her head. "Listen," she spoke and the atmosphere changed, causing Vita, Hayate, Lilith and Ranma to suddenly realize that they weren't dealing with a bubbly, happy and silly Serafall Leviathan, who was enamored with magical girls and wanted to do lewd things with her younger sister, but rather, they were staring at Serafall Sitri, a young Devil who had fought in both the great war between the three factions and had survived the Devil Civil War to become one of the four Devil Kings. "I understand that for all of you, this isn't a big deal, but there are lots of Devils who wouldn't feel comfortable knowing about aliens on Earth. And not just them, but the other factions might see it as an affront to them and try to wipe them out."

"Which would be a massive pain in the butt." Vita grumbled. "The TSAB wouldn't hesitate to send an army of ships with the Arc En Ciel if they thought this world was far too dangerous to exist."

Hayate winced at that. Just one of those was enough to warp space and time and could destroy entire cities with ease. She couldn't even imagine if there was a fleet of them that came to Earth and decided to blast it at the same time.

Ranma sighed at the looks he got. "Alright, I can't say for the whole planet, but here..." He cast a quick spell to show a holographic map of Japan. "We're here, not too far from Kyoto." Ranma pointed out. "Nanoha and Hayate are from Earth, but the rest of the magic users are from another world. But there's only a few of them." Serafall nodded and Ranma slid the map towards Tokyo. "There's a section of Tokyo that has some aliens. They're the crazy aliens but they tend to leave anyone alone that doesn't annoy them." He then slid the map up to the Northern part of Japan. "There's a small shrine up here with a single alien family. Lilith and I went there because we heard stories of a great warrior that lived there many years ago. When we got there, there was an old man who ran the shrine and told us the story of a warrior who faced a powerful demon and won before settling down with a local woman and their descendants ran the shring before asking us to not return."

"Why?" Hayate asked in confusion.

"The man could tell Lilith wasn't human and I was close to her." Ranma explained. "He told us that he didn't want us around because if his enemies thought we were close, they'd come after us and would cause too many problems."

"At the time," Lilith continued, "Master and I thought it meant that it would catch the attention of the authorities or something. Now we know it's because it would draw too much attention his way."

Serafall nodded as she wrote notes down in a small notebook. "Very well, I'll keep the details to a minimum then."

Ranma dismissed the map. "That's all I know about the aliens in Japan. I don't know about other parts of the world, but maybe we should just leave it as is?"

Serafall nodded in agreement. "It's just with the whole grand aliance that's going on, I want to make sure that we know about these other worlders and to make sure that there's nothing too dangerous on Earth."

"Too dangerous..." Ranma muttered softly. "Serafall, you forget that Issei's watching Ophis and I'm watching Lillie?"

Hayate and Vita both had confused looks on their faces as Serafall shook her head. "No, I've not forgotten them, but you know what I mean. There are records of ancient evil Gods who laid curses down across places like in Africa, which turned the entire Sahara area into a desert." Ranma frowned in confusion and Serafall smiled at him. "That area was once the most fertile area for growing food in the world. The Lost City of Atlantis and other areas like that all existed there. Sadly, with the curse that turned that fertile land into the world's largest desert, most civilization around it was wiped out."

"Big brother..." Hayate spoke up, "Who's Ophis and Lillie?"

"Oh, right, you don't know them." Ranma said and Hayate nodded. "Well, they look like little girls right now, but they're actually two halves of the same Dragon."

"You mean like the two slug people from..." Vita began and Ranma nodded.

"Yeah, exactly that, except that if one dies, they don't both die. Anyway, point is, they're two of the strongest beings in the whole world and can do whatever they want. None of us have the power to tell them no."

"And yet, for some reason, Master, Lillie likes you and Ophis likes Issei." Lilith tapped her chin before giggling. "Who knows? Maybe you'll get to lewd the loli Dragon?"

Ranma just groaned. "Will you please stop it with the Lolicon stuff by now? You know that I'm not..."

"Well, you banged me for four years while I was a loli." Lilith giggled at his annoyed look. "I know that you're not a lolicon, it's hard to be a lolicon when you're still a kid."

"I'm seventeen." Ranma muttered. "And who was it that decided to seduce the shota when I was twelve?" Lilith looked away, whistling innocently and failing.

"Hey, big brother, is that true?" Hayate asked him. "You and Lilith were having sex when I saw you, so..."

Ranma sighed softly. "Lilith took advantage of me a few days before we got back to Uminari City and I couldn't fully control my libido at the time and she's a super horny girl." Lilith stuck her tongue out at Ranma. "So, yeah, I was just about to hit puberty and she took advantage of the fact that I was curious about girls and took advantage of me."

"The best meals are ones that you wait on." Lilith smirked. "Besides, how was I supposed to know that it was your Sacred Gear that protected you? The same Sacred Gear made you irresistible to me."

Vita let out a thoughtful sound. "A couple of Dragons, huh? Are they big and scaly?"

Ranma let out a laugh. "No. Ophis is a shapeshifter who happens to be a Dragon and at her strongest was a match for the guy who created everything."

"You mean, God, Master." Lilith said, she smirked at the looks of shock that Ranma and Serafall had on their faces. "Oh, I never mentioned that little tidbit? That I changed the rules for Devils? We can't say His name in vain or praise Him, but we can say His name as a matter of statement so long as it's just to clarify or explain. Asia and Xenovia, of course, are an exception for praising Him." She saw Hayate's confused look and clarified for her. "Up until a few days ago, it was impossible for a Devil to say God in reference to Him without getting a severe headache. I changed the rule, but I made it so that if ANYONE says His name in vain, that they will suffer a bad headache."

Serafall started giggling. "Oh, what I wouldn't give to look in on people who think "hurr durr, science proves that there's no such thing as Devils and Angels" and see the mass headaches that will happen over this."

Lilith joined her in giggling about the situation. "I bet Michael and a bunch of Angels are having a good laugh at some of the politicians on Earth getting severe headaches."

"Train destination Kyoto in five minutes. All passengers getting off please gather your items and depart. The train will depart in ten minutes after arriving."

"That's our cue." Ranma said as he and the others all started to get their stuff together. He stood up and grabbed some stuff out of the overhead compartments and sat back down. "Alright, Hayate this is, BWAH?!"

The top of Hayate's bag opened up, revealing Reinforce Zwei. "Hi!" She waved at Ranma.

"Rein, why did you stow away?" Hayate asked as she took Reinforce. "You know that Asmodeus is right here, right?" Asmodeus gave Reinforce Zwei a naughty grin and flexed her fingers, causing the other mini-girl to tremble in Hayate's hands.

"I just wanted to go with daddy, is that so wrong?"

Asmodeus suddenly laughed at hearing that. "A girl who's someone's daddy. I mean, I shouldn't be so surprised, I fathered several children." She shrugged with a smirk on her face at the look she caught Vita giving her. "What can I say?" She said as she suddenly glowed an in her place was a muscular, bronzed man with brown hair. "I was quite the stud when I was a young Devil."

Serafall let out a sputtering noise as she stared at Asmodeus. "THAT'S the Lord Asmodeus that I remember!"

Asmodeus glowed again and shifted back into his female form. "Yes, but this is my natural form, I only used the male body because people were more likely to respect me as a man."

"I swear, if any of my children end up with the same skin color as you, mother, I'm kicking your ass." Lilith grumbled and Asmodeus grinned at her.

"I'd probably enjoy it."

Lilith conceded that was a possibility. "GAH! I've changed! What the heck is wrong with me?! A year ago I would have been joining in that teasing."

Asmodeus frowned and tilted her head. "Well, you said that Belial split your soul into three parts, right?" Lilith nodded and Asmodeus tapped her chin. "Part of you stayed with Morrigan, part of you became Lilith. What about the third part?"

"Stayed with dad until the day before he died and he gave it back to Morrigan before she lost to Lilith and merged back together into me." Lilith said. "...When I say it out loud, it sounds like I died."

"You didn't." Ranma told her. "You and I are linked. I'd know if you died because I'd be dead too, doofus." Lilith smiled at that. "But you said that Jedah called you Liligan, if you want..."

"Nah," Lilith shook her head. "It's a good mix of Lilith and Morrigan, but Lilith was the dominant personality and promised Morrigan the first born daughter that she had with you, master, would be named Morrigan." She smirked at him. "Speaking of which, when we get back to Makai, I don't want to wait any longer, got it?"

Ranma nodded at her. "Agreed. Between Serafall, Kuroka and Yasaka, I'm going to have a lot of little ones running around."

"There's more that you'll be getting pregnant in the future too." Lilith smirked at him. "We're all Devils though, except Vita and Reinforce Zwei there, so there's no need to rush out a bunch of kids."

"Technically, Vita-chan and I are still on parole with the TSAB." Hayate told them and Ranma and Lilith both nodded while Serafall looked at her in confusion. "Vita and the others did a lot of bad things in the past before I got them. I was able to lessen their sentences by taking responsibility, so even though I wasn't doing anything, I'm a convicted felon in the eyes of the TSAB."

"Well, that's no good." Serafall shook her head. "Ran-tan's cute little sister can't be a criminal."

"That sounds like the title of an incest anime." Lilith giggled and grinned. "Hey, Serafall, you should take that idea and give it to an anime artist, it would be a big hit for all the otaku. Imagine it, a young girl who was forced into a life of crime by her family and a gallant, older brother saves her from her life of crime and has to protect her from both the crime family and the law enforcement who want her for questioning for the things she did."

While the girls were getting into it, Asmodeus spoke up, "but wouldn't it end in a tragedy? I mean, she's wanted by two factions and only has herself and her adopted big brother. She'd have to have training to kill and do stuff or she'd be worthless and an easy target. And eventually she'd be in a situation where the cops and the crooks would both decide that she's better off dead than alive."

That gave them all pause as the train started to come to a stop.

"Maybe she gave herself up to the authorities to protect her big brother?" Hayate asked. "I did to protect Vita-chan and the others after all."

Serafall was writing notes down as she and the others got up and left the train. "This still has potential, I think."

"That reminds me, Hayate." Ranma looked at her. "How long is your parole?"

Hayate sighed and shook her head. "At least until I'm thirty. After I turn eighteen, I have to move to Midchilda and serve in the military for at least another twelve years. After that, I think there's another decade or two before I can be free of any sort of lasting criminal charges. I was told that I'm being given very favorable circumstances, but it still sucks that I'll be an old woman before I'm no longer considered an ex-con."

"Well..." Ranma paused and smiled at her. "If you need to get away, you can always stay with me in Makai whenever you need to. We'll work out a long-range teleportation matrix for you."

"Thanks, big brother." Hayate smiled at him. "I hope that I'm not..."

"If you think being under a century is old for Devils, you're quite wrong." Asmodeus said to Hayate. "I'll have you know that I was thousands of years old before I created me, my little sister, Gabriel is only a few decades younger than me and she's the hottest piece of ass in Heaven. You're a Devil now, there are Devils who are married to people at least ten centuries older than them and they look the same age."

"She's right." Serafall said as they got off the train. "Anyway, we'll talk about this later." She looked at Reinforce Zwei and Asmodeus. "You two need to hide so people don't ask questions."

Ranma grabbed Asmodeus and put her in his shirt while Hayate did the same by putting Reinforce Zwei between her boobs. "Now stay in there and don't make a noise." He said as she nodded. "Anyway, Hayate, I'm sure that you'll love to meet my wife and daughter."

Hayate perked up at the thought of meeting her big brother's wife and daughter and wondered just what kind of people they were like.

Vita, on the other hand, feared what they were like, if one of them was married to Ranma and the other one was his daughter.


Several minutes later...

Hayate's eyes sparkled as she saw Yasaka, five months pregnant, sitting at the head shrine while Kunou, her daughter, was by her side. "Oh my! I'm surprised! Big brother never told me that he married a literal fox!"

Yasaka chuckled. "Oh? My darling husband never told me that he had such a cute little sister."

Ranma looked to the side, his face slightly pink, "well, I didn't want to drag my cute little sister into the craziness of my life. I only decided to do so when I unlocked this thing," he jerked a thumb at Asmodeus, who was smirking at him, "from her cage."

The large breasted, pregnant woman nodded. "I know," she turned her attention to Hayate. "Welcome, my sister-in-law. Oh! And who are those two with you?"

"My name is Hayate Yagami and this," Hayate smiled and motioned towards Vita. "This is Vita, the knight of the hammer and a part of my family that I've known since before I met Big Brother. This is Reinforce Zwei," she motioned towards the miniature girl, "who came into my life after her namesake, Reinforce Eins, gave her life to save the world."

"You can call me Rein."

Yasaka smiled and nodded. "Very well, Hayate Yagami, Vita Yagami and Reinforce Zwei Yagami, as I assume that those two have the same last name as you, my name is Yasaka, the leader of the Kyoto Youkai association, this is my eldest daughter, Kunou," the small girl bowed to them as Yasaka introduced them. "Please forgive me for not getting up, I find it difficult to get up some days while pregnant with my husband's children."

"It's no problem at all." Hayate said, "um, your boobs look fantastic."

Yasaka let out a little laugh upon hearing that. "Why thank you, other than my husband, you are the third person to say that to my face. The other being the Red Dragon Emperor."

Ranma shook his head. "If we let Issei and my little sister interact for too long, I worry for all the boobs in the world." The others in the room started to chuckle and Ranma sighed. "Okay, can we dump the formalities now?"

"I agree," Yasaka groaned and held out her arms. "Please help me up, husband?" Ranma was at her side in an instant and pulled her up to her feet. The two looked at each other for a moment before making out with everyone watching.

"Wow!" Hayate's eyes sparkled as she watched.

The kiss didn't last too long, as Yasaka was quite flustered after breaking it. "I just can't help myself," Yasaka said with a whisper. "Anyway, I welcome you, Hayate Yagami and family, to Kyoto."

Hayate nodded and fidgeted. "Um, miss sister-in-law, is it okay to ask you for a favor?" She asked and tapped her fingers together and Yasaka tilted her head and nodded. "May I fondle your boobs, please? They're the breast boobs I've ever seen! ACK!" She slapped her hands over her mouth as she realized that she slipped up with how to describe the biggest, most perfect boobs she had ever seen in her life.

"Like brother like sister, huh?" Yasaka laughed at her joke. "Very well, as my sister-in-law, I guess I can allow you to do this just this once, but not here. I'd rather not show them off to everyone."

Hayate nodded and followed Yasaka into her room.

Kunou was blushing hard and looked up at Ranma, who smiled at her. "Daddy..."

Ranma held his arms out and she jumped into them, hugging him. "Hey, kiddo, how come you're still here and not back in Kuoh?"

"Mother called the school and said that she needed me for some family stuff here in Kyoto." The younger fox girl said and Ranma nodded as he rubbed her back. "I hope my aunt isn't doing anything too much to mother."

"Nah," Vita spoke up as she walked forward with her eyes closed and a dismissive wave of her hands. "Hayate might like to grope anything with boobs, but she only does that to people she knows and won't get mad at her. She'd probably encourage your mother to squeeze her boobs to compare."

Lilith said nothing, knowing that Yasaka knew her way around a pair of boobs quite well. Sure, she was still nervous around the leader of the Youkai association, but after having a threesome with her and Ranma, well, at least she knew that Yasaka wouldn't turn her into tofu at eat her. The ways Yasaka could use her tails and tongue was rather interesting to Lilith as well, who really needed to learn how to better manipulate her own tail. Even if she didn't let it out very often, she really should practice with it.

After experiencing what so many fluffy tails could do to someone, she needed to know what she could do with her tail.


In her room, Yasaka smiled as she let Hayate grab, bounce and squeeze her boobs. Thankfully the brunette was kind enough to not grab hard, since her boobs were sore from the milk that was gathering in them. "So, how did you and my husband meet? I know you're not related to him by blood."

Hayate smiled at her. "He helped me when I needed some help and someone asked if he was my boyfriend and I said he was my big brother." She blushed softly. "I... It just came out, but for some reason, big brother really liked it and told me that I could call him that all the time."

Yasaka smiled at her. "You love my husband, huh?" Hayate nodded, while still feeling Yasaka's large breasts. "The real reason you asked to grab my chest, beyond what you're doing, is so we could talk, isn't it?"

Hayate nodded. "...Are you okay with big brother having all of these women around him?" She gave Yasaka a serious look.

Yasaka sighed softly. "I would be lying if I said I was, but due to how Kyoto is the only place I can safely stay for now, it's hard to be with him. Hopefully his plan to turn Makai into a place that more Youkai can live without turning into Demons bears fruit. I would love to live with him. I know that his children on the way and Kunou would all love it as well." She saw Hayate's confused look and she sighed. "The leylines of Kyoto are specifically tuned so that I can live here with no problems. I can leave for short periods of time, but Kyoto is where I must live."

Hayate saw the distressed look on Yasaka's face and nodded as she came to a conclusion. "Very well, if I can help, I will." Yasaka jerked in surprise as Hayate let go of Yasaka's boobs and stood to her full size, which was around one-hundred and fifty centimeters tall. "I might be small, but if I can help fix Makai so my sister-in-law can live with my big brother and have a big family with him, then I'll make it happen!"

"...You would?" Yasaka asked and Hayate nodded. "But such a thing can't be easy to do."

"I'll figure it out!" Hayate told her. "I've got smart friends and I can't let big brother not have his first wife with him as much as she wants."

Yasaka smiled at her. "Thank you." She adjusted her kimono stood up. "Little sister."

Hayate smiled at her. "Can I call you, big sister then?" Yasaka nodded and Hayate let out a cheer and hugged her.

Hayate didn't know if it was because she had been alone for several years before the Tome of the Night Sky, at the time known as the Book of Darkness, had activated and given her her knights, her friends and eventually her big brother and she never wanted to feel that loneliness again, even if it was through someone else feeling it. Or if it was because she genuinely wanted siblings, but whatever the reason was, calling Yasaka her big sister felt right to her.

Besides, anyone with boobs as big and perfect as Yasaka's just had to be because she was Hayate's big sister.

There was no other explanation for it.

End Chapter 16


IIRC, this was the last chapter I wrote before going back and doing touch-ups to previous chapters and flashbacks, so that's why some of the stuff is a bit... Off, maybe?

As for why I haven't updated much this week... I was just NOT in the right place mentally for anything. Nothing bad, don't worry, just work was beating the hell out of me and I hurt my foot while walking.


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Chapter 17

Standing in Heaven, Michael looked at Gabriel, Raphael and Uriel, before bringing his attention to the other Seraphs of Heaven, who stood near them in a circle. "Fellow Seraphs. It pains me to say this, but I have come to the realization that we have not been fully prepared for a major event." There were murmurs among the Seraphs and Michael quieted them down with a raised hand. "While it is true that Heaven is no longer in a war with the Fallen Angels or Devils, that is no excuse for us to not prepare for the possibility of one of us to be indisposed in some manner." The Seraphs all looked at each other and then back at their four leaders. "Some of our brethern became Devils, others became Fallen Angels and others perished during the great war. And while I would like to think that all of us are the best Father created, it is the height of foolishness and arrogance to assume that it will always remain this way. Therefore, I propose that each of us takes one of our Brave Saints and raises them to a level that they could, in case of one of us being indisposed in some way, replace us."

Sandalphon, a Seraph with red hair, raised her hand. "Lord Michael, are you anticipating that one of us will Fall or perish soon?"

Michael shook his head. "Not at all. However, one must always be prepared for the possibility of such a thing. Imagine, for example, the beast that Father sealed away before His death managed to get free, what it could do to Heaven." There were many murmurs and Michael held up a hand and gave the other Seraphs a gentle smile. "Be at ease, everyone. The Four Great Seraphs all agree that it is for the best to prepare for the worst case scenario. Should such a scenario thing come along, at least we will be able to rest easy knowing that Heaven's future will be protected. And, should it not be neccessary, then there will be enough Seraph-class Angels in Heaven that the ten of us can lessen in our duties while still keeping Heaven running. Or perhaps," he smiled as he remembered what Lilith had done for Heaven, "we may be able to do more in the future?" The smile faded from his face, though the pleasant look remained. "For now, however, think of Angels that you feel could, given time, reach our levels. None of us plan on leaving anytime soon." Michael continued in a strong voice, "you may rest assured knowing that."

"Yes." The other Seraphs said as Michael dismissed them.

After even Gabriel, Uriel and Raphael all left him, Michael stood alone and looked up into the sky. "Father, is this the way you would have wanted us to go? Things are changing for the first time in centuries, I worry that they are changing too fast."

Michael knew that there would be no answer forthcoming. He knew, however, that the only way to know the truth was to keep moving forward.


On Earth...

Yawning as he woke up, Ranma cracked an eye open and smiled as he saw Yasaka's sleeping, naked, pregnant body, next to his. Licking his lips, he leaned in and gave her a kiss on the lips. His eyes widened as he felt her tails suddenly shift and wrap around him, pulling him close to her.

"Good morning, husband." Yasaka gave him a look of pure lust. "I sure hope that you weren't trying to take advantage of little old innocent me."

Ranma gave her a look of shock. "What? Take advantage of my pregnant wife? I would NEVER do something like that. Now, fondle her boobs, suck on her nipples to see if her breast milk was tasty while feeling her pussy, which is obviously extra warm and fondling her big butt? I might do some of that."

Yasaka narrowed her eyes. "My butt is big, is it?" Before Ranma could respond, he found himself on his back and Yasaka sitting on his face. "Tell me how big it is now."

The only response she got was Ranma's hands on her butt while she felt his tongue on her underside, causing her to shiver and moan softly.

"Oh?" Yasaka blushed as she saw his body reacting. "Someone is eager this morning. As your wife, I should take care of that." She smirked as one of her tails tickled its way across Ranma's body before running across his hard shaft. "As my people love to say, enjoy my fluffy tail, husband."

Ranma would have said something about his wife being mean with the teasing, but he had to admit...

Her tail was super fluffy and felt amazing.

It was a good thing that neither of them had any business that morning, because neither of them were going anywhere for several hours.


Meanwhile in a large hotel room not far from the main shrine...

"Aww..." Hayate pouted at what Serafall told her. "You're leaving?"

"Unfortunately," Serafall told her, "while I can get away from my duties for awhile, due to being put in a diplomat role, I still have to return to Hell and get affairs in order." She smirked at Hayate's leering grin. "And not those kind of affairs."

"I know, but it's so..." Hayate squirmed before nodding. "What should I tell big brother?" Serafall simply smiled at her and Hayate blinked a few times. "Uh..."

"I apologize, it's just so nice to see a younger sibling who isn't afraid to show their older sibling that they love them." Serafall walked over to Hayate and hugged the shorter girl. "Even if Haya-tan isn't related to Ran-tan by blood, it's so nice that Ran-tan's cute little sister is a magical girl and she and her friends are going to help me out with my show and I'm so glad that I'm marrying Ran-tan since that means that Ran-tan's cute little magical girl sister will be my magical girl little sister and maybe I can finally get So-tan to..." Whatever else Serafall was going to say was cut off as Lilith appeared next to Serafall, cupped her cheeks, turned the Devil King's head and kissed her on the lips, stopping her from being able to speak more. Lilith even stuck her tongue out and poked at Serafall's mouth, which the Devil King answered by opening up and the two increased the passion of their kiss.

After a few moments, Lilith broke the kiss and the two had a trail of saliva connecting them. "The next time I see you, Serafall, we're going to put a show on for Master, the two of us."

Serafall nodded and smiled. "Yeah, that sounds amazing." She let go of Hayate and disappeared in a flash of light.

"Aww, I liked her boobs." Hayate pouted before letting out a small yelp as Lilith hugged the shorter brunette into her own chest.

Lilith grinned as Hayate immediately started nuzzling her boobs. "If you need to feel boobs on your hands and face, just ask, I won't say no." Lilith blinked as she saw someone walking into the room. "Lillie? When did you get here?" She asked and let go of Hayate.

"Stayed." Lilie told Lilith, who paused.

"...You stayed in Kyoto to wait for us?" Lillie nodded and Lilith smiled as she walked over to the Dragon and ruffled her hair, causing Lillie to close her eyes and enjoy the sensations. "Well, you just be careful. I know you can take care of yourself."

Lillie tilted her head and pointed at Hayate.

"Huh?" Lilith turned to see Hayate and her eyes widened as she got behind Lillie. "Lillie, meet Hayate Yagami, master's little sister."

"...Sister?" Lillie asked and Lilith paused.

"Oh, right, you wouldn't know about that, huh?" She blinked as she tried to explain it. "So you know how Kuroka has two babies growing in her belly?" Lillie nodded. "Those will be hers and master's children, and if one of them is a girl, that one will be the sister of the other one, okay?"

"...Female family?" Lillie asked and Lilith nodded. "Okay."

The next thing Lillie knew, Hayate was hugging her and spinning her around. "Oh my goodness! This little one is so cute! She's like a black-haired Vita!"

"Huh?" A sleepy voice spoke up. "Hayate, did you say my name?" Vita, who was wearing pajamas, walked out of the hotel bedroom and blinked a few times. "Who's that?"

"That's Lillie." Lilith told Vita. "The incredibly powerful Dragon that I told you about before." Vita's eyes widened in shock as she looked back at Hayate, who was just gushing over how cute Lillie was while hugging her and spinning her around.

"...And she just lets this happen?"

Lilith nodded, smiling. "Master convinced Lillie to live a life of a normal girl. So she lives like a normal girl and not as a super powerful Dragon." After all, Jedah and Rivezim had shown that just because one had a ton of power, that didn't mean that they were safe from threats.

Seeing Lillie have a blank look on her face while Hayate put her down and continued to gush over the small Dragon girl while talking to her made Lilith smile. "Besides, if Lillie didn't like the thought of living like a normal girl, I doubt that any of us could stop her."

"...That's nice, I guess." Vita muttered. "So, what's the plans for today?"

"After Master is done with his wife," Lilith grinned while Vita blushed and looked away, "you sure are a prude."

"Not a prude." Vita grumbled as she twitched. "I've been stuck in this body for centuries, I know what happens with adults, but I'm not one."

"Huh..." Lilith tilted her head. "All the more reason that Hayate should let me supply you with power. But then again, knowing my luck, you and the other three would turn into succubi and go on a sexy-time rampage that would end with everyone in a fifty mile radius losing their virginities."

Vita growled before looking away, her face flush. "A-also, people from Ancient Belka never did that stuff in public either! What happened between two lovers happened between the sheets of a bed, not in public!"

"Some of your memories came back?" Hayate asked as she and Lillie walked over to Vita, who nodded. "What more do you know?"

"Not much," Vita grumbled as she thought about the ancient days of the alien worlds she had fought on. "Ancient Belkans didn't do lewd stuff in public, there was lots of war and I couldn't see the stars because everything was cloudy." She scratched her head and growled. "Dammit! I know that there's lots of memories there! But because of the stupid malfunctioning book, I can't remember any!"

"Vita-chan..." Hayate said softly and walked over to her knight, hugging her. "It's okay, you don't have to try and remember what's not there."

Lillie tilted her head. "Forgot the past?" Both Hayate and Vita looked at her in surprise. "Remember?"

Lilith's eyes widened and she got between Lillie and the other two. "Listen, Lillie, I know what you're planning, but sometimes it's best to let the past stay buried in the past. I know you want to help, but there's lots of bad things that happened in Ancient Belka. You'd also help Vita remember everything she did in the past."

"Bad?" Lillie asked and looked at Vita, who sighed.

"Yes, no, maybe." She growled and rubbed her head. "I'm worried that if I remember the past, I'll go crazy because of all the bad shit that happened, but I still want to know."

"I don't know, Vita-chan." Hayate said softly and hugged her knight. "I like the kind and happy Vita-chan from now. I don't want her to lose herself to her memories."

Vita had a small smile and blush on her face and nodded. "Okay, then I don't want to remember them. If they come up, they come up, but I don't want to remember them if they're just going to hurt me."

Lillie nodded. "Okay." She walked over to Vita and patted her on the head. "No bad memories."

Vita wondered what Lillie was doing when her head throbbed and for a moment, she felt like she was sucked into the past.

Sitting in a black, single dress, Vita looked up at the night sky and glowered. "Damn this war."

"There you are." A male voice said and Vita didn't even bother looking at him. "Vita, master says that he wants all of us to come in."

"To go hunting for more Linker Cores, Zafira?" Vita asked her companion.

"No, he said it's time for dinner and it's his daughter's birthday."

Vita didn't smile, but she did nod and turned to walk towards the house. It wasn't often that their master gave them food. Even if it was just because his daughter was having a birthday, it was nicer than hunting down Linker Cores to power the Book of Darkness.

Vita blinked a few times and shook her head, gasping and staring at Lillie, who looked at her nervously. "You..."

"No bad memory?"

"...It wasn't unpleasant." Vita admitted and wondered if even that memory, which wasn't the most pleasant, was one of the better ones. "But Hayate's right, I don't want the other memories."

Lillie nodded.

"Anyway, we should get Asmodeus and Rein and get some food before going out into Kyoto." Hayate said before looking around in confusion. "...Wait, where are they?"

Lilith, Hayate and Vita all paused and ran to the bedroom.

Just in time to see a naked Asmodeus hugging Reinforce Zwei from behind. Like Asmodeus, Reinforce Zwei was completely naked and she had something stuffed into her mouth while tears came out of her eyes.

Asmodeus was currently licking along Reinforce Zwei's armpit and pouted at the glares she got from the others. "What? I can feel my son-in-law getting laid, I want to get laid too."

A metal sphere to the face courtesy of Vita was the only answer she got.

Lilith sighed and wondered if her mother was trying to become a masochist. "...Now that I think about it, Master really needs a Masochist." It was too bad that she didn't know any masochists. "Hmm, maybe I should train Miko to be a Masochist?"

She had mostly forgiven Miko over what she had done to Ranma by now. Mostly since Miko might have not been born with that dick between her legs, but she sure knew how to use it.

Of course, it helped that Ranma had forgiven Miko as well.

The hanyou was still forced to be a maid, since she was still, in every sense of the word, a complete slob.

Even Kuroka, who didn't even bother picking up her underwear when she got undressed, commented on it.

"Anyway," Lilith grabbed her mother and shoved the dazed Great Devil King into her pants pocket. "Let's get some food." She watched as Hayate gently pulled the object out of Reinforce Zwei's mouth and found that it was a small pair of panties. "We can figure out what to do next."

Hayate had a frown on her face and looked at Lilith. "I like you, I like big brother, I don't like that thing trying to take advantage of Rein."

"There's only so much I can do." Lilith admitted but nodded. "I'll try and keep her away from Rein though." Hayate nodded and the group went to order some room service.

And get Reinforce Zwei dressed again.

End Chapter 17


Why yes, Asmodeus trying to lewd Rein Zwei is a running gag, how did you guess?


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Chapter 18

It was the middle of the day that found Ranma, Lilith, Asmodeus, Lillie, Hayate, Vita, Reinforce Zwei and Kunou on the train back to Kuoh City. As the group took the train to Kuoh, Ranma gave Asmodeus an annoyed look. "You need to stop doing that to Rein."

She gave him a flat stare. "Can you give up having sex for any length of time?" Ranma was about to answer when she floated up and poked him in the forehead. "Don't give me any bullshit answer, have you, since you first got laid, got any real length of time without getting any tail?"

Ranma closed his mouth and grumbled.

Asmodeus had a smug look on her face. She rolled her eyes when she felt the glares she was getting from the others. "Alright, listen, I'll lay off on trying to seduce the only one that's around my height if you hurry up with this stupid thing to turn me into some sort of fusion device."

Ranma looked at Hayate, who shook her head. "How long do you think it will take?"

"Sorry, I don't know." Hayate smiled sadly. "It might take a few months, even with the notes that you somehow came up with." She gave Ranma a curious look. "How did you come up with that so fast, big brother?"

"I cheated." Ranma told her. "Anyway, you're going to love Kuoh..." He paused as a worrying thought came to his mind. "Whatever you do though, don't start talking about boobs with Issei."

Hayate tilted her head and nodded, wondering what would be so bad if she talked about boobs to someone. "You got it."

Ranma wondered if she understood, but decided to not press the issue as he leaned back in his seat. "Good, I'm going to rest before we get back then."

After Ranma closed his eyes, Hayate frowned softly. 'Does this Issei person not like boobs? I must help fix the error of his ways! No one should dislike boobs!'



Akeno looked at Asia, who had a contemplative look on her face as the two of them walked through the school hallway. "Is something wrong?"

Asia let out a small gasp and looked at Akeno. "Oh! I'm sorry," she smiled nervously at the older woman, "I was just deep in thought and I'm having a hard time focusing these days." The smaller blonde sighed softly. "With Rias's pregnancy, I guess I'm just worried about her and the baby."

Akeno nodded with a small smile. "Yes, I understand. I feel sorry for Rossweisse though, it's her turn to babysit Rias."

Asia sweat-dropped heavily as she remembered the last time that Rossweisse had to make sure that Rias didn't get too out of control. "Do you think she'll end up dressed in a gingerbread cookie outfit again?"

"I'm hoping for the bunny outfit that Rias shoved Irina into last week." None of them blamed Rias for acting out. The poor girl was under a lot of stress and having people, rightly or wrongly, upset at Issei for getting her pregnant didn't help. The fact that she was acting childish and doing silly things when someone babysat her was acceptable to everyone.

Besides, the first time Rias's pregnancy hormones started to go out of control, she wandered into town in a daze, bought everything from four toy stores and broke down crying in the middle of a park until Issei, Koneko and Xenovia had found her. It was quickly decided after that incident that Rias would have at least one person babysitting her at all times, in case she tried to do something like wander off in the middle of night while looking for a fifteen gallon tub of ice cream.

Which happened only three weeks ago.

There was a loud crash that had everyone gasping and looking to the source of the sound.

In the center of the hallway was Koneko and Atsuko both sitting on the floor with several large metal sheets around them. "Sorry." Atsuko laughed as she helped Koneko pick up the items. The objects weren't so big that they were taking up the hallway, but they were large enough that they would be obscuring each girl's vision. "Don't mind us!"

"...What the heck are they doing with that stuff?" Akeno asked as she and Asia followed after them to see just what was going on. More than a few people followed as well.

The two girls made their way to the gym where Issei, Gasper and Ophis were putting something together.

"We got the metal sheets!" Atsuko called out and Issei smiled.

"Great!" He blinked in surprise at the crowd that had come in. "Oh, hey, come to see us make a miniature Gundam?"

"...That's what this is about?" A male voice asked as Saji walked forward. "There was a huge commotion, how'd you get permission to make this?"

"Oh, Sona-taichou asked us to make a couple miniature Gundams." Issei explained and Saji stared in surprise. "She said something about needing props for something."

The crowd mostly dispersed, outside of Akeno, Asia and Saji, all three of which decided to help bring the miniature Gundam statues together.

"Ah, there you are." A voice said and everyone turned to see Sona and Tsubaki walking into the gym. "Issei Hyuudou, I thank you for helping me with this experiment." She looked at the two miniature Gundams. "Though I'm not sure why you chose this, I did just say that I needed something that was similar in shape to the human body."

"So what is this for, anyway?" Issei asked while the others looked on curiously as well.

"I'm trying a new type of magnetic magic." Sona told him. "Think of it like puppet magic, but instead of manipulating a corpse or using our clan's water power to control a human body, I'd like to try it on something like this."

"Ah, that makes..." Issei trailed off. "Wait, you can control people's bodies?!"

Sona gave Issei a neutral look. "The spells to do so are only known by the clan head and his or her spouse. When I take over as the head of the Sitri Clan, I will be given privy to those spells. Rest assured, such a thing is only meant for war and not for simple things like Rating Games."

"...But you could." Issei confirmed and Sona nodded with an annoyed look on her face. "...So you could have..."

"If I had those spells, Hyuudou, I still wouldn't have used them on you to keep you from peeping on me in the shower all those times." Sona said while her face was slightly flush.

"I've been good lately." Issei said and Sona nodded.

"Yes, which is the only reason that I let you know about this." Sona looked at the miniature Gundams. "Ultimately, I'd like to have magic amplification crystals in small flying drones around me that I can control with a thought to help increase my spells and power."

Issei sweat-dropped at the description. "What? Ranma's basically Kira Yamato in his Balance Break and you want to be Char?"

"...I have no idea who Char is." Sona admitted to him, "however, you are correct in one thing. Ranma's Balance Break allows him to control independent flying objects to increase the ways he can fire attacks. Something similar would be beneficial to me."

Issei sweat-dropped and wondered if he'd have to worry about all of Sona's peerage having something similar in the future. "Great..." He muttered and walked away. "D'draig, are we going to have to develop something like that?"

The gem on his left wrist started to flash. "I don't have that ability right now. You're still trying to figure out how to unlock that Mastered form fully."

The two watched as Sona used her magic to make one of the miniature Gundams move. At first, she just used her arm and had the machine follow her movements. She lowered her arm and frowned as the miniature Gundam continued to move, but much slower.

"I suddenly have a lot more respect for what Ranma can do so casually." Sona muttered as she shook her head. "This is obviously something that will take some practice." She turned to Issei and nodded to him. "Again, thank you for doing this for me."

"Hey, no problem." Issei said with a wave. "Anyway, see ya, classes will be starting up pretty soon for the rest of the day."

Sona nodded as Issei left with the others.


"So this is Kuoh City?" Vita asked as Ranma led her and Hayate through the streets. "What's so special about this place?"

"The random super boobs that wander through." Lilith smirked and Vita twitched. "But I'm sure that won't be a..." There was a thump and Lilith turned to see Vita on her back. "Are you okay?" She then looked at what Vita ran into. "Oh wow, I've heard of "speak of the Devil and she'll appear" but it didn't need to be so literal." Lilith muttered as she saw Happosai's master, who was blinking as she looked at the group.

Vita groaned and stood up, looking at what had hit her. "Who the...?" She trailed off as she looked up. "What the fuck?! Those mutant things are bigger than his pregnant fox of a wife!" She pointed at Ranma, who rolled his eyes.

"AHH!" Kunou yelled and pointed at the woman in question. "You're the one who used her boobs to save Mother's life!"

Ranma chuckled at the Devil. "Hey, what brings you back into town? It's been awhile." He paused as he heard heavy breathing and he looked at Hayate. "Uh..."

"Big brother, those boobs are from another world! I must feel them!"

The woman laughed and knelt down and opened her arms. "Dive in."

"BANZAI!" Hayate yelled and jumped, face-first, into the woman's large breasts, sinking into them. "Mmmm! It's marshmallows, clouds and water all in one."

The next thing the Devil knew, Asmodeus was right next to Hayate and snuggling the large breasts.

"I might have accidentally created all the succubi in reality, but I don't think any of them had boobs this great!" Asmodeus squealed in delight.

"Well, my mother was a succubus." The Devil commented as she thought about her family. "Anyway, I was looking for Happi, but I can't find him."

"The last I heard, he was in Hell, stealing panties." Ranma told her and her eyes widened.

"Oh no!" She gently pushed Hayate and Asmodeus off of her chest and stood up. "I must go save him! Who knows what kinds of horrible things are being done to him?!"

Ranma and Lilith both sweat-dropped, knowing Hell wasn't too bad. "When was the last time you were home?"

"About three hundred years ago." She admitted. "Bye bye!" She disappeared in a flash of blue and black light.

"Awww!" Both Hayate and Asmodeus pouted and Ranma sighed before grabbing Asmodeus.

"Hayate, you'll live without her boobs. Trust me, you'll love what you see at Kuoh Academy." Ranma smirked at his little sister, who nodded and the group made their way through the city again.


Tsubaki stood at the gates to Kuoh Academy as school was let out for the day and sighed softly. Most of the students had already left, except for those who had club activities, and she was just waiting for her King to leave the school before she could leave as well.

She turned just in time to see a girl wearing casual clothes, brown hair and blue eyes who was around twenty centimeters shorter than her looking up at her with stars in her eyes. "Ah, can I help you?"

"Wow, you're so pretty." The girl gushed as she looked at Tsubaki, which caused the normally stoic girl to jerk in surprise. She giggled and stepped back. "I apologize for that, I couldn't help myself. My name is Hayate Yagami."

"Ah," Tsubaki gave a small bow to Hayate, "I am Tsubaki Shinra, and I thank you for the compliment. May I ask if you are thinking of transferring to our school? Or perhaps you are moving into the city?"

Hayate smiled at her. "Well, big brother said that I'd have a good sight to see when I got to the academy, I didn't think that it was a beautiful woman like you though."

Tsubaki felt her cheeks turning slightly pink from all the praise. "Ah, so, who's your..." She trailed off as she saw who was behind Hayate. "You're back?"

"Just for a bit." Ranma admitted. "But, hey, Tsubaki, mind if we go to the clubroom?" She shook her head and Ranma smiled at her. "Thanks."


A few minutes later...

Azazel had an amused look on his face as the girl who introduced herself as Hayate Yagami could only stare in shock and awe at Akeno, Xenovia, Irina and Atsuko.

"Big brother... Is this Heaven?" Hayate asked, her voice soft. "No! It's better than Heaven! Boobs as perfect as these and on so many women can only be manufactured somewhere by someone who truly understands the best nature of humanity!"

"I fear when she and Issei meet." Azazel muttered softly, though he imagined it would be hilarious.

"Speaking of terrible things to happen." Ranma muttered as he held Asmodeus in a barrier again. "I told you to behave."

"It's not my fault!" Asmodeus protested as she crossed her arms over her chest. "Your daughter is too cute! I just wanted to feel her butt."

Ranma sighed and looked at Lilith and then at Azazel. "Excuse me, I need to deal with her."

Azazel nodded as Ranma and Lilith left the room.


After entering the old club room, Ranma closed the door behind himself and Lilith. "You know, mother," Lilith gave Asmodeus an annoyed look, "I'm getting tired of you trying to do things that even I'm not allowed to do."

"I can't help myself!" Asmodeus cried. "But what does it matter at this point?"

Ranma and Lilith both grinned as Ranma put a seal on the door and Lilith tapped the barrier that Asmodeus was trapped in, causing her arms and legs to be bound to the sides of the barrier.

"You're right about one thing, you need to get the edge taken off." Ranma said and Asmodeus's eyes widened as the inside of the box changed, turning mostly pink. "Minor tentacle demons from Makai. They were originally created to clean bodies... But they ended up being too thorough as they clean both inside and outside."

"Ah..." Asmodeus gasped as her clothing was torn off while the slimy tentacles wrapped around her body. "Is this a reward?" Her eyes sparkled in delight. "My first tentacle experience!"

"You won't think that in a few hours when they're not stopping." Ranma said as he put the trapped Devil on a corner table. "Have fun."

"Is it wrong that the thought of my mother being tentacled is making me so wet?" Lilith asked and Ranma gave her an amused look.

"Lilith, you know incest doesn't bother you in the slightest." Ranma said as he pulled her in for a kiss. After a moment, they stopped making out and watched as Asmodeus had several tentacles shoved into her holes, causing her throat and stomach to bulge while her fingers, hands, toes and feet were covered by the tentacles while they squirmed and wiggled around her body.



Hayate laughed as she listened to a story that Akeno told her about the time that Ranma had brought some instant Jusenkyou packets to the club room. "So everyone was able to just swap genders and those two," she pointed to Irina and Xenovia, "became animals?"

"It was quite the fun experience." Irina said with a smile on her face. "While I would not wish to have that on me permanently, the experience was rather enjoyable."

"What's so weird is how natural it felt." Xenovia commented as she thought back to what she had gone through. "While my mind was still there, the idea of moving around on four legs should have been hard, but I instinctively knew how to do it."

"Ah!" Irina's eyes lit up as she saw some people walking down the hallway to the door to the room. "Issei!"

"Huh?" Hayate turned around to see a brown-haired young man walking to the room with a couple of other people. "Ah! That must be who big brother mentioned! I need to talk to him!"

"Huh?" More than one person asked and Vita, who was sitting on a couch nearby, just groaned as Hayate walked out of the room.

"This is going to be stupid, isn't it?" Vita grumbled and wondered just what kind of craziness that was going to happen next.

Azazel nodded in agreement and subtly used some magic to keep the door open just so he and the others could listen in.

In the hallway, Hayate saw that Issei was with two young-looking girls, one with white hair, yellow eyes, one who looked like an anime character that she had seen once. 'I think her name started with a T, but it's been too long since I saw that show.' The last one was a girly-looking boy with blonde hair. Most people would be confused by the way he looked and the fact that he was crossdressing, but Hayate knew.

For some reason, she just had really good instincts to know if someone was a boy or a girl. The only time that it was thrown off was when she had to deal with both a crossdressing girl and a crossdressing boy and they had perfected acting like the opposite gender.

When asked about it, Hayate often joked it was because she had spent so much of her life fondling boobs that she just knew if someone was a girl or not simply because they had boobs.

Hayate walked up to Issei and smiled at him as he stopped to greet her. "Hello. You're the Issei my big brother told me about?"

"Uh..." Issei blinked in confusion at the shorter girl who was giving him a calculating look. "I guess..."

"I see... Oh!" Hayate smiled and rubbed the back of her head. "I'm sorry, I didn't introduce myself. My name is Hayate Yagami and..." She pouted at him. "There are so many wonderful women around you that have glorious boobs! How can you not like boobs?!" She blurted out, causing a large crash in the background that sounded like several people face-faulted at once.

"I don't?" Issei muttered in confusion.

"He doesn't?" Ophis, Koneko and Gasper all asked at the same time.

"I was told not to talk to you about boobs." Hayate answered him. "What else could it be? It's so horrible too. To not like boobs and being around so many girls with perfect boobs. I can understand that some people like butts more, after all, Nanoha-chan always comments on how perfect Fate-chan's butt is, but you can't just ignore boobs." She pointed at the three behind Issei. "Is that why you're with these three? Because they are the size that you like?"

"Ah, I think you're...."

Hayate blushed and smiled. "I mean, have you tried just fondling boobs? I'm sure that you can find someone who has nice boobs to let you squeeze, fondle and nuzzle."

Issei suddenly got a gleam in his eyes. "Yes ma'am! I don't really care for boobs, but I don't get to fondle them nearly as much as I'd like."

There was another loud crash as it sounded like an entire room had fallen over.

Koneko felt her eyes twitching and she turned to Gasper. "Gaspy, Rias-senpai was heading this way. Please go get her before Issei-senpai decides that he really doesn't like boobs. If that happens, Rias-senpai will make all of us wear something embarrassing to school for a month." Gasper nodded, before turning and fleeing the hallway.

"You poor, poor soul." Hayate said with a pout and grabbed his right hand. "To think that you have so many lovely women near you and none of them let you grab their boobs. The horrors of not knowing what it's like to fondle and feel boobs." Her eyes widened as she looked at Koneko and Ophis, both of whom had confused looks on their faces. "Unless..." She gasped in horror. "No! You're a lolicon?!"

There was an even larger thumping sound that was accompanied by several desks and chairs crashing.

Issei face-faulted as well. "HUH?!"

"She's got you there, Issei-senpai." Koneko said with a small grin on her face as Issei gave her a look of betrayal. "After all, you love shoving your dick into my ass."

Hayate gasped in horror and hugged Koneko. "Oh, you poor dear. Don't worry, I'll protect you from this evil lolicon who doesn't like boobs." She gave Issei a dirty look. "Sullying a young girl before she's old enough to have boobs! How could you?"

"It's fine, actually." Koneko said as Hayate let go of her. "Issei-senpai does like to fuck my ass, but he's not a lolicon."

"...That doesn't make any sense." Hayate muttered. "But still..." She gave Issei a look of pity. "To think that you don't like boobs and..."

"What?!" A new voice yelled and Hayate turned and saw Rias, who was looking at Issei with tears in her eyes. "My Issei doesn't like boobs anymore?! No!" The pregnant redhead suddenly lunged at Issei, tackling him to the ground. "Issei! No! Don't fall for the temptation of butts! While I and Akeno have nice butts, I take more pride in my chest. Please! Tell me that my boobs are still the boobs that you really like!"

Issei blinked and an idea came to him. "I don't know, Rias... I don't get to fondle your boobs enough lately..."

"You can fondle my boobs right now if you want!" Rias cried out and grabbed Issei's hands and put them on her milk-filled chest. "Please?! I like it when you grab, squeeze and suck on my boobs at night."

Hayate stared in shock and twitched. "...I think I misread the situation somehow."


After getting Ranma and Lilith out of the old classroom and explaining what happened, Ranma just facepalmed while Azazel and Lilith were on the floor, doubled over with laughter. "You seriously thought that because I told you not to talk to Issei about boobs that he didn't like talking about them?" Ranma asked Hayate.

"What else was I supposed to think?!" Hayate protested over Azazel and Lilith's laughter while the room was cleaned up by several others.

"You could have just asked us if Issei likes boobs or not." Akeno said with an eye-twitch. "Also, why did you tell your cute little sister not to talk about boobs with Issei?" She asked as she finished picking up papers and putting them on the desk.

"I was worried that the two of them would bond and go on a groping rampage." Ranma told her and twitched as Azazel and Lilith's laughter increased at that. "I could have worded it better."

"Aww, too bad though." Hayate said with the snap of her fingers. "I was going to let big brother's friend grope my boobs to show him the awesomeness of boobs."

Ranma twitched and looked at Vita. "Can I borrow your hammer?"

Vita blinked a few times before grabbing the pendant around her neck, which transformed into a croquet mallet, which caught the attention of more than a few people in the room. "Why?"

"Because..." Ranma gave Issei a dirty look. "I need to punish the pervert who tried to take advantage of my little sister."

"Oh come on!" Issei yelled as Ranma chased him out of the room.

It was obvious to everyone that neither of them were putting any effort into the chase and were likely just using it to get away from the room as Azazel and Lilith continued to laugh on the floor like crazy people.

"That was interesting." Akeno said as she sat down next to Vita on the couch. "I've seen some similar things before, but that wasn't anything I was used to. What was that?"

"An Armed Device that I use for various magical spells and attacks." Vita told her. "I'm not harmless without it, but it helps me cast a large swath of spells."

"Interesting, I'd love to learn more about stuff like this." Akeno said with a smile. "I might not look like it, but I do enjoy learning about new spells and ways to cast magic."

"Well, it's an ancient weapon that's been around for thousands of years now and..." Vita trailed off as the door to the room opened up and two blonde girls walked in.

"Um..." The smaller of the two looked around and sighed in confusion. "Can someone explain to Yukiko and myself why Ranma is chasing Issei around with a hammer, why Azazel and Lilith are laughing and who these new people are?"

Akeno giggled. "Sure, Asia."

End Chapter 18


I had a LOT of fun writing that chapter.

And yes, they left Asmodeus with the tentacles.


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Chapter 19

The next morning, Hayate stretched as she woke up and giggled as she got out of bed, grabbed some clothes and made her way to the large baths. While she had known Ranma's father since she was eleven, meeting his mother was quite the treat.

Espcially when Nodoka gave her son a grin and asked when Hayate was going to give her a grand-child.

Hayate's cheeks turned red as she entered the bath. "Big brother's babies?" The thought was appealing, but it wasn't like she had to hurry in having children.

After all, the Wolkenritter and Reinforce Zwei were childish enough at times.

After getting into the changing room, Hayate stripped out of her sleep wear and grabbed a towel before walking into the baths and gasped in surprise. "Oh!" She stared in surprise at seeing Kunou and Lillie sitting in the bath. "I didn't realize you two were in here."

"It's okay." Kunou smiled at her. "I wanted to talk to daddy's little sister anyway." Lillie nodded and Hayate smiled as she washed up and then got into the baths with the two smaller girls.

"Big brother didn't tell me he had a daughter." Hayate said and Kunou pouted.

"Daddy didn't say he had a little sister either." Kunou said as she looked at Hayate. "And grandma didn't say she had a daughter, so... How did you meet daddy?"

Hayate smiled and thought back to when she was younger. "I was eleven years old. Big brother ended up helping me out and I just..." She fidgeted. "Big brother was so handsome and..."

"Daddy really is handsome, huh?" Kunou giggled.

"He's nice." Lillie said with a nod, much to Kunou's shock. She gave Kunou a confused look and Kunou shook her head.

"You don't speak much, so it's a shock when you do." Kunou told her and Lillie nodded.

"Do you just not like talking?" Hayate asked and Lillie nodded. "Oh, that's odd. Even Signum doesn't dislike talking and she's all the strong, stoic and silent type." Unless she and Vita were teasing each other. Really, Hayate was glad that their arguments were mostly just them teasing each other. "What about you?"

"Daddy married my mother and so he's my daddy." Kunou said with conviction and Hayate nodded.

"Yes, there's no reason that family has to be limited to those who are linked by blood." Hayate said with a small smile. "Even if your relation is because you're adopted or because your mother married him, you're still his daughter." Kunou smiled at that and nodded. "I know the feeling, Vita, Shamal, Zafira and Signum..." She pulled her knees up to her chest. "They're good kids, but sometimes they do bad things and I need to act like their mother, even though they're all older than me." Vita wasn't, officially, but that wasn't the point in Hayate's mind.

"Do you like him like Lilith does?" Lillie asked the two of them and they both stared in surprise at her.

"Well..." Kunou said as she blushed and fidgeted. "He's mother's husband and he probably sees me as his daughter, so, even if I did, it wouldn't be good, right?"

Hayate was blushing and smiling. "Big brother... I love him. I want to be with him all the time, but I know I can't."

"Why...?" Kunou asked, curious.

Hayate sighed softly. "I'm a convicted felon." She gave them a weak smile as they jerked in surprise. "I took responsibility for what Vita and the others did for me so they wouldn't have harsh sentences, but as a result, I have to work for the Bureau for a few decades."

Lillie frowned at that. "Not right. I should wipe them out."

Kunou jerked in surprise. "No! No! You don't need to do that." She waved her hands and shook her head. "Right, Hayate?"

"That's right." Hayate scooped up Lillie and put the petite Dragon in her lap, hugging her. "I don't want to harm people just because it isn't easy. I'm okay with this. And, besides, I'm a Devil now, so what's a few decades when I'll live for a much longer time and stay young?" Lillie nodded and Hayate smiled. "You know..." She grinned in a way that had Kunou wondering when she grew tanuki ears and a tail. "Lillie, your boobs are small." She suddenly grabbed the Dragon's chest, causing Lillie to jerk in surprise and let out a sound of surprise. The petite Dragon started to squirm as Hayate squeezed and fondled her chest.

Kunou gawked in surprise. "You're... Squeezing a Dragon's boobs."

Hayate nodded. "If she wants me to stop, she can just tell me." Hayate giggled as she continued to rub Lillie's flat chest. "After all, if I didn't squeeze Nanoha-chan and Fate-chan, they might have ended up flat-chested, so I made sure to give them lots of squeezing and rubbing."

"Huh..." Kunou cupped her own budding chest and got across the bath to sit next to Lillie. "Can you help my boobs grow then?"

"Sure!" Hayate let go of Lillie, who scooted to the side as Hayate got behind Kunou and started to rub and fondle the Kitsune's small boobs. "Hmm, they're growing in nicely, I'm sure that with some help that they'll be even bigger than your mother's boobs."

Kunou blushed and squirmed as Hayate gave her nipples a pinch and tug. "Mmm... It feels weird."

Hayate was about to say something when she felt a pair of hands on her chest. "Huh?" She felt a body behind her as her boobs were squeezed and fondled. "Oh! Lillie, is that you?"

"Yes." Lillie said with a nod. "Help boobs?"

Hayate grinned and nodded as she continued to fondle Kunou, while getting fondled by Lillie.

It was about five minutes later when the door opened up and someone walked in. "Oh COME ON!" Lilith yelled in frustration. "I've been wanting to fondle Kunou's chest and feel her soft butt for years and I held back because of her mother and YOU get to do it?!" Lilith yelled as she marched into the bath and put her hands on Hayate's hands to help rub Kunou's chest while putting her breasts in Kunou's face.

Hayate giggled at Lilith's annoyed look before leaning forward and kissing her on the lips gently. "Love you too, big sis."

"Um..." Kunou said as she looked up. "Can you two stop? I feel weird."

Both Hayate and Lilith nodded and moved their hands off of Kunou's chest.

"That felt... So weird." Kunou shook her head.

Hayate was about to say something when Lilith put her hand over Hayate's mouth. "Don't worry about it," Lilith told Kunou, "this one just likes to squeeze all girls chests and rub them."

Hayate pulled Lilith's hand away from her mouth as the Succubus Queen settled into the bath with them. "Hmph! Just because I appreciate boobs doesn't mean that I squeeze everyone's boobs." She ignored how Lillie continued to squeeze and fondle her chest.

Lilith gave her a flat stare. "Nanoha told me about the time you squeezed a sentient book's boobs." She then poked Hayate in her boobs. "A sentient book, I remind you, that was a walking, out-of-control, planet destroyer."

Hayate pouted and gave Lilith a flat stare. "Reinforce didn't choose to have the protection program be corrupted and go out of control and be able to destroy planets."

"I suppose that's true."

"EH?!" Kunou gasped while Lillie stopped groping Hayate and was instead bouncing the brunette's boobs in her hands, getting a giggle from Hayate. "The planet was almost destroyed?!"

Hayate scratched her head. "Yeah, I was nine years old at the time and Reinforce couldn't contain the bad parts of the Book of Darkness and it went out of control and almost destroyed the world. We stopped it, but..." A sad look came to her face. "...Reinforce only got to stay for a little bit before she used a spell to kill herself so that no one would get hurt."

"Oh." Kunou looked away. "I'm sorry, I didn't mean..."

"I know." Hayate smiled at her as Lillie let go of her boobs and slid out from behind Hayate. "You done?"

Lillie nodded, stood up and walked over to Lilith, sat in her lap and started squeezing her boobs.

Lilith grinned at the loli Dragon and patted her head. "Heh, you like squeezing boobs now?" Lillie nodded. "Just remember, some girls don't like it when they get their boobs groped by people randomly. It's okay to do it to me, I don't care, but some people might get upset and hit you."

Lillie nodded before pushing Lilith's boobs together and then opening her mouth and put the Succubus's nipples in her mouth and she started sucking.

"H...hey!" Lilith gasped at what Lillie did so suddenly. "I don't mind, but you should make sure you have permission first."

"Oh?" Hayate grinned as she got up next to Lilith. "So if I wanted to suck on your boobs, I could?"

Lilith smirked and reached a hand up behind Hayate and grabbed the back of her head and pulled her in for a kiss, which the brunette returned. Hayate shifted so she was sitting on Lilith's lap and pushed Lillie off of Lilith's breasts. Lillie backed off and watched, along with Kunou, as Lilith forced her tongue into Hayate's mouth and the two dueled with their tongues for nearly a minute before breaking the kiss. The poor Kitsune was blushing and squirming while Lillie tilted her head and watched intently.

Both Lilith and Hayate were panting softly. "If we continue on," Lilith whispered to Hayate, "I'll be taking your virginity, and we need to get going soon and I'll keep you here, plus I don't think Master would appreciate it if either of these two watched us do that."

"Mouuu..." Hayate pouted and nodded as the four of them got out of the tub. "It would have been fun to have my first sexual experience be a lesbian one."

Lilith grinned and slapped Hayate's wet ass, getting a yelp from her. "Trust me, you'll love having those going forward."

Hayate rubbed her butt and glowered at Lilith. "Mouu... At least wait until I have panties on before you spank my ass."

Lilith grinned at her. "Well, I think I might..."

"Do it and I'll be smacking you with Graf Eisen." Vita grumbled tiredly.

"We're going to be going soon." Hayate said as she sat down behind Vita to clean the smaller girl. "Sorry you won't get to soak for too long."

"Bah." Vita grumbled as she sat on one of the benches, but didn't complain too much as Hayate scrubbed her back and head.

"After breakfast, we'll head to Makai." Lilith told everyone and gave Kunou an apologetic smile. "Sorry, kiddo. Until we fix the atmosphere, it's too dangerous for you, unless you want to turn into a Demon."

Kunou gave her a look that had Lilith start to sweat nervously. "What's the difference between Youkai and Demons anyway?"

Lilith sighed softly. "The biggest difference between the two is that Demons don't have the ability to control themselves that well." She reached forward and poked Kunou in the chest. "Remember when those jerks that kidnapped your mother forced her to turn into her true form?" Kunou nodded, remembering how painful it was to watch her mother thrashing around. "Yeah, if you go to Makai, you'll transform into a Demon and go on a rampage like that. When it's over, you won't be able to return to Earth."

"But... Aren't you a Demon?" Kunou asked and Lilith sighed.

"Yes... And no. But even though I'm nice," Lilith smiled and pulled Kunou into a hug, "I'm not a good person. When I met Master, the first thing I did was try to eat his soul." Kunou gasped in surprise. "I've mellowed out a lot since then, there's plenty of demons who do stuff like that, but ask yourself this." She let her fingers run down Kunou's back to where her tails would have been at if she wasn't hiding them, and down to gently caress the younger girl's butt. "If you turned into a giant fox, could you control your actions? And while I can restrain myself, it took me many years." She gave Kunou a light swat on the butt and let go of the hug. "Understand, Kunou?" The younger girl nodded. "Youkai might do some naughty things to people, but none of you try to do something like eating someone's soul on instinct."

"I didn't know." Kunou said softly. "I wanted to come and visit, but that will..."

"Yeah," Lilith smiled at her. "Don't worry, from what I was told, they'll start the clean-up next month and be finished in only a couple of months. Once that happens, you and your mother will get to come to Makai whenever you want." Lilith gave Kunou a pat on the back and the young Kitsune nodded and smiled back. "Anyway, let's finish getting cleaned up and go get breakfast."

"I won't be too long." Vita said as she slid into the bathtub.

After getting cleaned up and going out into the changing room to get new clothes, Hayate, as she pulled a clean pair of panties up over her hips, looked at Lilith in confusion. "Did you really? Try to eat big brother's soul?"

"Yep." Lilith answered her. "If not for his Sacred Gear activating at that moment, he would have been dead." She gave Hayate a sad smile. "I'm just glad that it didn't come to that."

"Same." Hayate nodded as she put her bra on, "so, how come you don't try... Um, sucking other people's souls out?"

Lilith giggled as she finished getting dressed. "Between Master's vitality and his Sacred Gear and the fact that he and I are soul-bonded, there's no reason for it. I'm never hungry."

"So why do you eat food?" Vita asked her.

"This and that are two different things." Lilith answered as the group walked out to the dining area. She looked around. "Where's Master?"

"With Atsuko and Nabiki." Genma said. "The fact that you're confused tells me that they aren't having sex, so I don't know what's going on in that room."

"Huh, odd." Lilith muttered and shrugged.


In Nabiki's room, Atsuko sat on the bed in just her panties as Nabiki frowned and did scans of her. "So..?" Atsuko began.

Nabiki sighed and shook her head. "I'm only telling you two this because it's weird to me, but she shouldn't have been able to become a Devil from an android. But it's a good thing that she did. Anyway, I caught a glimpse of the future this morning and I was being asked by Azazel, probably today, about some sort of cyberntic process that needs your nanotech to make work."

Atsuko blinked a few times. "So, you need to suck out some of my robo-blood?"

"Yep." Nabiki nodded and pulled out a needle. "From what I saw, it's supposed to help people who are suffering things like amputated limbs, severe injuries or disabilities by making part of their body cybernetic. Our friends from outer space have that technology, but, well, apparently the body rejects cybernetics, so he's hoping to be able to use your nanotech to overcome the high rejection rates."

"Oh, is that all?" Atsuko smiled and nodded, causing her bare breasts to wobble. "Sure." She held out her arm as Nabiki nodded and prepared to draw some of her blood. "Enjoying looking at my boobs hanging out?" She asked with a grin.

"Always." Ranma smirked at her. "Anyway, I was just wondering, school's on break in like four to five months, right?" Nabiki and Atsuko nodded. "Want to live in Makai for the break? We're going to have a couple of extra people that I turned into Devils, so I'd like everyone to be there."

Nabiki's eyes glowed blue for a moment and she smirked. "Your newest girl is cute. Sure, I'd like to get to know her." She stuck her tongue out at Ranma as he gave her a flat stare. "And done." She said as she pulled the needle out of Atsuko's arm, the syringe full of blood.

Atsuko was about to ask if she was going to get a bandage when she realized that there wasn't even a drop of blood that escaped from her skin. "...Nanotechnology is amazing... And scary."

"Eh, it's just a robotic version of what the planet's done forever." Nabiki shrugged as she put the syringe in a subspace pocket. "Just robots instead of germs and enzymes. The problem is when either of them go out of control. Anyway, I'll give this to Azazel later."

Nabiki paused for a moment and a screen formed in front of her as she typed in some information and lines of data ran across the screen. "Huh, there's a more than zero chance that something bad happens to someone, but..." She shook her head and dismissed the screen. "Sorry, it's not a huge chance, but it's a possibility."

Ranma frowned as he thought about it. "I hope I'm being paranoid, but now that you've said that, I've got a really bad feeling." Nabiki grimaced and Ranma sighed. "Not much that can be done about it, I guess." He said and turned to leave after Atsuko put her bra and shirt on. "Anyway, I'm going to head back to Makai after breakfast with Hayate and Vita."

"When are you coming back to school?" Atsuko asked him as she got off of the bed.

"Next semester." Ranma answered her. "Things have settled down enough in Makai that I can get back to school. ...Unless someone tries to end the world or something like that."

"Great," Nabiki said flatly, "you jinxed all of us. I'll look after breakfast, I'm too hungry to see if someone is going to end the world next semester."

Ranma chuckled and the three of them went to join everyone else at the breakfast table.


An hour later...

Hayate shook her head as she, Vita, Lillie, Lilith, Reinforce Zwei, Asmodeus and Ranma all appeared in a large courtyard. "This is Makai?" She crinkled her nose. "Eww, what's that smell?"

"The atmosphere." Ranma told her. "You get used to it, but it'll get cleaned up soon enough."

Vita smirked at Ranma. "An icky place for an icky guy." Ranma gave her an annoyed look. "What? I still don't want you doing anything with Hayate."

Ranma let out a huff of annoyance. He understood that Vita was just being protective. "Anyway, the others should all be here."

The doors to the castle opened up and a young woman with purple hair in a maid outfit walked out, smiling. "Welcome back, Lord Ranma, Lady Lilith, there have been two yetis, three merfolk and a killer tree that all wished to defeat you for the right to rule Makai while you were away."

"Ah, fun." Ranma chuckled. "I do hope they didn't make a mess, Cologne."

"Of course not." Cologne smirked at him. "They're currently in the back yard waiting for you to return. I should mention that they're all going to fight you at the same time."

"Well, I should take care of that." Ranma said as wings emerged from his back. "And Cologne, you don't need to talk like that."

"Like what, Master Ranma?" Cologne smirked at him. "Have fun and please, don't make too much of a mess this time."

"I'll try." Ranma said as he flew off.

"EH?!" Hayate, who had been jerking her head from side to side to keep up with the conversation, looked confused and lost. "What's going on?"

Lilith smirked at her. "After the castle was established, Master and I sent word across Makai that we were the new rulers and we put some rules down. Many of the Demons didn't like it, so we told them that if they wanted to take over Makai, they had to beat one of us. Master tends to get most of the challenges. On top of that, anyone can challenge Master at any time, but they can't put anyone else in danger."

"And they listened?" Vita asked, disbelief in her voice.

"Not at first." Cologne told them. "It was such a pain to clean up all of the body parts. Anyway, come on inside."

After getting inside, Lilith grimaced softly. "No offense, but I need to find the bathroom." The others nodded as she disappeared in a flash of white and black light.


Several minutes later...

"Oh!" A petite, blonde haired girl with her hair done up in twin drill pigtails, walked into the hallway. She was wearing a red and orange pair of pants and a top that hugged her fairly large breasts. "Cologne, I was looking for you."

"Oh?" Cologne tilted her head in confusion. "What is it, Ravel?"

"Well..." Ravel fidgeted slightly. "I'd like to become a maid as well." Cologne gave her a confused look. "I might be from a rich family and I know that our current family will get more wealthy as time goes on, but I don't want to be a lazy housewife, and this castle is pretty big, we don't have a full staff just yet."

"OH!" Hayate clapped her hands and her eyes sparkled while Vita sweat-dropped heavily. "If you want, I can design really nice outfits."

"It's a maid outfit..." Ravel sweat-dropped. "But then again, maybe something that's not standard wouldn't be a bad idea."

Hayate giggled as she ran over to the blonde and latched onto her arm. Idly, Hayate noticed that Ravel was only a little taller than she was, which was a rarity for her, as she was the shortest of all her friends, other than Vita and Reinforce Zwei.

Reinforce Zwei, who had been quietly observing everything, flew over to Hayate and sat on her head. "I'm going with you."

"Oh?" Ravel blinked in surprise. "A sprite?"

"Nope." Reinforce Zwei shook her head. "I'm a Unison Device."

Hayate smiled. "Come on, you can lead me to a room where I can help make an outfit for you and I'll explain." Ravel nodded at the three of them walked off towards one of the rooms.

Vita looked at Cologne. "Should I worry that she'll do something to Hayate?"

"I assume that you're talking in a sexual manner." Cologne said and Vita nodded, "if that's the case, no, you shouldn't."

"Too bad." Asmodeus said as she leaned back in the air. "Things would be more fun if people were more lewd."

Cologne gave Asmodeus an annoyed look. "I barely know you, and I dislike you."

Asmodeus grinned at her. "I'm the Great Devil King Asmodeus! One of the first four Devils who betrayed Father and underwent a ritual to turn ourselves and seventy-two human clans into Devils."

"...Devils were much shorter back in those days, I guess." Cologne said as she walked up to Asmodeus and grabbed the miniature girl. "Now listen here, Master Ranma might be pretty lenient with things, but I will lay some rules down. You will behave, you will listen to what Master Ranma and Lady Lilith tell you to do and you will not lewd children, understood?"

Asmodeus sweat-dropped and nodded. "Y-yeah, I get that a lot. I'll listen, I promise."

Cologne narrowed her eyes at the bronzed-skinned girl. "Good, because I would hate to have to break all of your bones if you didn't." Asmodeus gulped and nodded as Cologne let her go.

"...I like you." Vita said with a grin.



"So..." Hayate said as she looked at Ravel and then at the large, long box, that was open but was so pitch black that when Hayate stuck her hand in, she couldn't even see her hand, but she felt something in it. Pulling it out, she was surprised as she had the hat that she wore when she had her Barrier Jacket on. "Oh my."

Ravel smiled and nodded. "Yeah, that's something that Lilith came up with a few months ago. You just need to think about what clothes you want and it'll pop them out. It's pretty nice, but it doesn't compare to getting nice clothes from your family."

"So, you wanted a maid outfit?" Hayate grinned at Ravel. "Hmm... I got the perfect outfit for you!"

Ravel wondered what she had in mind.


Several minutes later...

Ranma wiped the sweat from his forehead as he looked at his defeated opponents. "Wow, you guys were pretty good. That was a lot of fun. Get stronger and let's do this again."

There was a collective groaning from the various Demons, but none of them argued as Ranma walked back to the castle while waving them off.

"Urgh..." One of the Merfolk grumbled as he got up. "He's the ruler of Makai for a reason."

"Screw this!" One of the Yetis said as it got up. "I've got a cute little thing back home to snuggle up with, I don't want to rule, I just want to fight."

"Well, good thing there's nothing wrong with that." One of the Demon tree said as it got up. "I'll kill you all next time."

"Whatever." The Yeti said as the group of Demons left the castle and went back to their lands.


As Ranma walked down the hallway, he was greeted by Mittelt. "Hey." He smiled and hugged the blonde when she came over to him. "I've only been gone for a few days."

"I know." Mittelt said and sighed against his body. "I like this, you feel nice."

Ranma chuckled softly and rubbed her back. "The past few days were tough, huh?"

"Not really." Mittelt said as she let go of the hug. "I've been working on some spells and been fighting some zombies the past few days. There were some tough ones. Yohko and I sparred yesterday and..." She shivered slightly. "That girl is really scary."

"Yeah, she's really strong." Ranma nodded and paused as he saw Hayate walking around. "Oh! Hayate!" He waved at her and she turned and smiled at him. "Come on," he motioned for Mittelt to follow him and the two walked down the hallway. "Mittelt, this is Hayate Yagami, my little sister. Hayate, this is Mittelt, a Fallen Angel that joined me awhile ago."

"Ah!" Hayate's eyes sparkled as she looked at Mittelt. "An actual gothic lolita?! And wearing a cute black outfit?! I need to have you and Vita next to each other so I can take pictures! You would be so cute together!" Idly, she noticed that Mittelt was slightly shorter than her. "Big brother likes short girls, apparently."

Ranma gave her a flat stare. "Height isn't anything that I concern myself with, but I seem to attract blondes and short girls all the time." He noticed Mittelt was giving Hayate a dirty look and he rubbed her back. "Besides, like you said, you're not short, you're fun sized."

Hayate giggled and nodded. "Hey, Big Brother, I met Ravel and I wanted to show you a new outfit that I got for her."

"Are you sure?" Ravel's voice was heard from around the corner. "It's kind of embarrassing."

"I told you that you didn't need to wear it." Reinforce Zwei's voice was heard from around the corner as well. "But you wanted to show off. And daddy probably has a much better outfit for you."

Hayate groaned while Mittelt had a confused look on her face. "It's complicated, but she calls me daddy all the time." Mittelt just nodded and all of them turned as Ravel walked around the corner.

"Woah..." Ranma said with a soft gasp as he saw the outfit Ravel was wearing.

Ravel had a white head-dress on her head, a white collar around her neck, a small corset that only covered her ribs, the bottom and the outside of her breasts, while leaving the top and middle part of her breasts completely exposed. Her stomach and thighs were also exposed as the she had a tiny mini-skirt that looked like a maid outfit around her hips, but her panties were visible as the waist band was above the skirt and even though Ravel tried to pull the apron on the front down a bit to cover her up, he could see her panties peeking out from between her legs, which were covered in thigh-high socks. Her thighs, like her stomach and shoulders, were completely exposed.

Really, while it was a maid outfit, it looked more like an exaggerated Halloween costume than anything else.

Ravel was blushing and smiled. "Welcome home, Master... Should I draw you a bath? Or perhaps you want dinner? Or maybe me?"

"You're supposed to be in a naked apron when you ask that!" Hayate protested and Ranma just tilted his head.

"Um... Ravel, that looks good on you." Ranma gave her a thumb's up. "But you probably shouldn't do any cleaning like that."

Hayate giggled at hearing that. "Don't worry, Big Brother, I only offered that as a joke, but she wanted to try it on. I got a real good outfit for her." She ran to Ravel and pushed her back to the room. "Be back in a minute."

"...Your sister is awesome and why weren't we told about her sooner?" Mittelt gave Ranma a confused look.

"There was a lot going on and I didn't have time to bring it up before. I didn't even tell you that Kunou was my daughter or that I was married before you met Yasaka, did I?"

"...Point." Mittelt nodded.

After a few minutes, Hayate walked back out with a broad smile on her face. "And this is Ravel's real maid outfit!"

Ravel walked out, smiling as she did so and Ranma and Mittelt both stared in surprise at what she was wearing.

She was wearing thigh-high socks and on her feet were short-heeled shoes. Right at the top of her socks was a short, red and black skirt that fluttered as Ravel walked, revealing a hint of her thighs. Her top was a red vest that covered her shoulders and went to her elbows, leaving her forearms and hands exposed. The vest had an open boob window that showed the top of her cleavage.

Hayate giggled at their looks. "Come on, Ravel, spin around a few times like a ballerina."

Ravel blushed and did so, causing the skirt to flutter up, revealing that she was wearing a white leotard under her skirt. However, while it covered her front, it was a thong leotard, leaving Ravel's butt-cheeks completely exposed.

"That looks really good." Mittelt said as she gave Ravel a thumbs up. "But why a maid? If you do this, you'll be busy all the time."

"Well, it's better than sitting on my ass all day." Ravel told her. "I don't mind the exercises and training we do, but this place is big and we don't have a full staff yet."

"Hmm... You have a point." Mittelt nodded and looked at Hayate. "So... Where in the world was Ranma hiding you at?"

Hayate grinned at her.


Hours later...

Flopping onto his bed, Ranma sighed and looked up at the ceiling. "What a day." At least Hayate had gotten along with everyone. Hell, even Bulleta took a liking to her. It probably helped that Hayate had absolutely adored her Red Riding Hood outfit and the two talked for more than an hour about how a good outfit and proper attitude could throw people off mentally.

He let loose a yawn and was about to try to sleep when he felt someone crawl onto bed. "Oh?" Ranma raised an eyebrow as Lilith, completely naked, straddled him. While he could feel her normal lust, there was a longing that wasn't there normally. "So... You sure about this?"

"Master..." Lilith said as she rubbed his chest. "I mean it, I want your baby now. Just one for now and I want a girl. I promised Morrigan that I would name my first daughter after her."

Ranma grinned at her as she undid his pants. "Well, I can guarantee that."

"I know." Lilith grinned as she kissed him on the lips. "I know."

Unknown to the two of them, Hayate was just outside of their door, peeking through and watching them while pleasuring herself. Part of her wanted to join in, part of her wanted to go back to her room.

But mostly, she just watched and fantasized about her being the one that was riding her big brother like Lilith was doing.

She didn't get much sleep that night.


It was early morning that found Ranma running away from Vita, who was chasing him with Graf Eisen. Ranma turned and fired an emerald green blast at Vita, who smashed it with her hammer. "Not bad."

Vita smirked and threw up a steel orb before smashing it forward at Ranma, who twisted out of the way while lunging at Vita, who fell onto her back and drove her feet upwards into Ranma's stomach. Ranma grunted as he was launched into the sky before he extended his wings. "Got quite the kick on you. I bet I can fly better than you can." Ranma complimented while rubbing his stomach.

"HA!" Vita yelled as she flew up into the air after Ranma, who flew off.

"...What are they doing?" Bulleta asked Mittelt.

"The redhead found Hayate outside of where Ranma was fucking Lilith and saw her masturbating, so the redhead wasn't happy about him apparently seducing Hayate." Mittelt said as she handed a cup of hot liquid to Bulleta.

"Thanks." Bulleta said as she took a sip of the drink. "She does realize that if Ranma was seducing Hayate, that she'd already have lost her virginity, right?" Bulleta looked at Mittelt, who just comically shrugged.

The chase went on for some time until Vita finally landed on the ground and sighed softly. A few moments later, she looked up as Ranma knelt over her. "Well?"

The next thing he knew, Graf Eisen was smacking him on the top of the head. It wasn't hard, but it was enough to have him give her a flat stare.

"I swear, I want to kill you for seducing Hayate." Vita glared at him. "I know Hayate's a big girl, but I know that you're an evil sex fiend."

"If I had seduced her, she wouldn't be a virgin." Ranma told Vita, who grumbled. "Besides, if she had come into the room, I would have invited her into bed."

That got him another bonk on the head, this one hard enough for him to feel it. "Perverted sex fiend." Vita grumbled and looked away.

"...Are you worried that I'll just throw her away if I have sex with her?" Ranma asked Vita, who turned back to glare at him. "Vita, if that's what you're worried about that, I promise you, I would never throw her away."

"...Prove it." Vita pulled Graf Eisen off of Ranma's head. "Prove that you'll stay with Hayate." Ranma raised an eyebrow and Vita blushed and twitched. "Marry her then!"

"...Fine, I'll marry her if that's what you want." Ranma nodded to her. "If she's okay with it, I'll marry her."

Vita nodded and held out her hand. "Shake on it."

Ranma nodded and took her hand, shaking it. "I swear on my life that I will marry her if that's what she wants."

Vita huffed and dismissed Graf Eisen. "...Just take good care of her. She's the first master I can remember doing good things for me, Signum, Shamal and Zafira. We love her so much."

Ranma smiled at her as he stood up. "I love her too."

Vita huffed and turned around to walk back to the castle. "Fine, whatever, but if you do hurt her, you won't be able to stop us from getting our revenge against you."

"If I hurt her, I'd give you full permission to hurt me like that." Ranma answered with a nod.

"Good." Vita said as they walked back to the castle. "Also, don't try to seduce me, Shamal or Signum."

Ranma raised an eyebrow. "Should I try to seduce Zafira instead?" He smirked at the dirty look Vita gave him. "I was kidding."

"I know." Vita said to him.

"And don't worry." Ranma told the petite redhead. "I don't try to force anyone to feel that way about me."

"Sometimes I wonder." Vita muttered softly as they were greeted by Mittelt and Bulleta, who threw them a towel. She watched as Ranma kissed them and bit her lip lightly. 'Well, he doesn't seem to be too bad.' She thought to herself.

That didn't mean that she completely agreed with Hayate liking him.

End Chapter 19


This arc is almost over. Two chapters plus an epilogue to go.

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A chapter I didn't originally write but added after the fact because I realize that I needed it.


Chapter 20

Standing in front of the mirror, Ranma twitched as he tried to adjust his tuxedo. "Can't believe that I'm actually going through with a wedding ceremony." Really, why couldn't everyone just be like Bulleta and just declare themselves married? Or just sign some paperwork like Yasaka and he did.

"Then again..." Ranma muttered, knowing that this was a special event, as Serafall, being one of the four Devil Kings, getting married would attract a lot of attention. "The fact that this is being broadcast everywhere..." As far as he knew, no one in Heaven was watching, but that was more due to the fact that it was bad for them to watch much of anything from Hell rather than them not wanting to watch.

"Hey..." Ranma turned to see Lilith peeking her head into the room. "Feeling nervous?" She asked as she walked into the room, revealing that she was wearing a light green dress that hugged her body in all the right ways.

Ranma chuckled softly. "Well, I'd be lying if I said that I wasn't." He rubbed the back of his head. "Even with all the security..."

"Nabiki's been looking, she says that there's no one around that could cause problems." Lilith told him. She walked up to him and adjusted his tie while fixing the flower in his coat pocket. "What's wrong?"

"...I'm worried that I'm not being fair." Ranma told her. "I know that Bulleta said she doesn't want one, but..." He stopped when Lilith put a finger on his lips.

"The fact that she's happy that she can call you her husband has less to do with the fact that she's calling you her husband and more of the fact that YOU are her husband." Lilith smirked at him. "You're the only person in this world who can put up with that sociopath." She put her hands on the side of his head and smiled. "And I don't need a wedding. We've been married since I bonded your soul with mine." She pulled him in for a quick kiss. "I can't say for any of the others though." Lilith chuckled. "I think you're going to need that tuxedo a few more times in the next few years."

Ranma nodded, he knew that. There was a knocking on his door and when it opened, Mittelt walked in, blushing as she saw him. The girl was wearing a pink dress that left her shoulders and arms bare. The dress went down to just above her knees and she was wearing white stockings and flat shoes. Her hair, which was normally two short pigtails, was done up in a bun on the back of her head. "Is it time?"

Mittelt shook her head. "N-no, I just wanted to see you." She fidgeted before walking over to him and hugging him. "Never thought, when we first met, that I'd end up here."

Ranma smiled and hugged her back. "Yeah, who would have thought a birdie showing up in Nerima would lead me to this place in my life?" He chuckled and rubbed her back.

The hug didn't last long and Mittelt let go. "It's been awhile since we've done anything together..." She trailed off, unsure about going further.

"Normally it's in bad taste to talk about this during a wedding," Lilith told her, "but I think Master should give you some attention."

Ranma nodded. "Sure, the next time it's the two of us, we'll go wherever you want to go." He sighed softly as there was another knocking on the door and it opened to reveal Issei, wearing a suit and tie himself. "Well, you're looking good." Ranma chuckled.

"The only reason I'm doing this is because you, for some reason, are one of my best friends." Issei muttered softly. "And, sorry ahead of time, but Rias wants our wedding to be more private, just our immediate families."

"I understand." Ranma nodded to him. "Just so long as I get to be the best man for your wedding to either Asia or Xenovia." Issei nodded. "Rias is waiting until after giving birth for your wedding?"

Issei nodded. "Yeah, she said that she wanted to look her best for the wedding photos."

"Plus her boobs would be even bigger than normal, huh?" Ranma smirked at Issei. "Speaking of which..."

"They are so much fun to rest my head on." Issei said with a grin. "I can't do what I want with them because of all the milk in there, but they feel so..." Issei really couldn't describe it.

"I know what you mean." Ranma told him. "Or did you forget Kuroka's pretty far along as well?"

"And Koneko's been kind of upset that she can't see her sister." Issei told him. "Despite how she gets, she still loves Kuroka, so..."

"She's always welcome to come and visit." Ranma told him. "I'll get you a transportation pamphlet to give to her later, okay? Kuroka spends all day at home since she gets really bad nausea. La Fey's taking care of her all the time."

"Alright, thanks." Issei nodded in agreement as he turned to leave. "Just so you know, you have two minutes."

Ranma took a deep breath and let it out softly. "Alright, I best go out, huh?"

Lilith nodded and she and Mittelt both gave Ranma a hug. "Your parents are already sitting in the front row."


After walking down the aisle, Ranma turned to wait...

...And wait...

...Before the music started to pick up and Serafall walked in.

Ranma stared in surprise. He knew she was beautiful, but seeing her in a white wedding dress that left the upper half of her breasts, chest and shoulders exposed was something else. The dress itself, from the waist down, had layers of ruffles that looked rather breathtaking on her. Her hair wasn't in its usual twin tail style, but rather, a loosely braided twin loops.

He didn't even realize when she got to the altar next to him. "You're staring." Serafall whispered in such a low tone that only he could have heard her.

"Can't help it, you're beautiful." Ranma sent back telepathically. When he felt her confusion, he clarified. "My little sister taught me telepathy recently."

"Dearly beloved..." The priest, who was dressed in non-Christian robes, began. "We are gathered here today..."



A man with long, dark hair, a tanned complexion stood on the top of a tree as he watched the wedding take place. 'Found you, Saotome.' His eyes were dark and mischievous, but they held a hint of malice behind them. "You will pay for your insults to me and mine." He was wearing brown pants, brown slippers and a brown vest that showed off his impressive physical body. "But not today, soon." He grinned darkly. "Enjoy the time you have with your new wife, when we make our move, you won't enjoy yourself again." He said before turning into a raven and flying away.

End Chapter 20


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This chapter is dedicated to Ichirou Mizuki.


Chapter 21

Serafall Leviathan, dressed up as her magical girl character, panted as she defeated a new enemy. "No way! Why do I feel so weak?" She groaned and fell to her knees.

"HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA!" A maniacal laughter filled the battlefield and Serafall looked up, gasping in horror as a being she had long thought defeated.

"Dark Lord Satome?!"

Dressed in a black outfit, complete with a flowing cape, the Dark Lord pointed dramatically at Serafall. "That's right, Mahou Shoujo Levia-tan! And with the carefully laid trap I set before you, your powers are weak and you are vulnerable!" He held his hands to his sides with his palms face up as flames of blue erupted from his hands. "And now! To do to you what you, the Satan Rangers and the Oppai Dragon Emperor did to me!" He thrust his hands forward and the flames rushed forward, circling around Levia-tan before she was engulfed in semi-clear ice, freezing her in place with an expression of shock on her face.

"AHAHAHAHAHAHAHA!" The Dark Lord threw his head back and laughed. "At last! There is no one who can stand in my way of conquering Hell!" He staggered and shook his head. "No... The process that accelerated my return has left me weakened?" Taking a deep breath, a magical sigil formed near him. "Very well! In that case! I shall leave everything to my underlings! Katana and Panda!"

An adult woman with red hair that hung down past her shoulders appeared before him wearing a red and black flowing dress. In her hand was a large, wrapped bundle as she knelt down to the Dark Lord. Next to her was a large panda, who held up a sign. "I'm a cute little panda."

"My lord!" Katana said as she bowed deeply. "How may this humble servant serve you?"

Dark Lord Satome swung his arm to the side. "Turn Hell into a pile of ashes! Let none stand in our way!" He snapped his fingers as a sigil appeared under Levia-tan's frozen form and a pillar of light appeared around the frozen statue before slowly shrinking inwards until it was completely gone. "I must retreat for now! I shall leave you two in charge! Do what you feel is needed to secure a victory!"

"Of course, my lord!" Katana said.

"GROWF!" The panda nodded in agreement.

After the Dark Lord Satome disappeared, Katana looked at Panda. "Quickly! We must create an appropriate lair of darkness. I have the most perfect plan for dealing with the remaining forces of Hell."


The two disappeared in a flash, leaving an empty wasteland. As a light breeze wafted through the area, a new person stepped onto the scene. "No..." This person was tall, she had green hair and was wearing a mint-green colored robe around her body. On her back were two translucent green wings. "Levia-tan was defeated? This cannot be allowed to stand." She held up her hand as magic formed around her. "We sprites cannot allow our long-time ally to be defeated. Thankfully, we have someone who can defend Hell and can hopefully free Levia-tan. Set up!"

Suddenly trumpets and trombones were heard playing as a someone started to sing.

"A girl of white, flying through the air..."

A darkened room suddenly lit up as a girl with reddish-brown hair dressed in a blue and white body outfit walked forward.

"Super Mahou Shou...jo Nanotan Zetto!"

She held up her hand as a large staff with a red gem on the end formed.

"A powerful magical force fighting for us all!"

The girl's body glowed as she spun around while naked, a white, sparkling light covering her body as she transformed.

"And now! Full power Set-Up!"

The girl, now fully transformed with her hair in twintails, winked as she struck a pose before black wings formed on her feet and she took off into the sky through a hole in the roof.

"Go! Orbs of Energy! Axel Shooter!"

The magical girl was greeted by several flying robot planes before she pointed her staff forward and she was surrounded by orbs of magical energy that she launched outwards, crashing through all of the robots in an instant.

"And here it is! Infernal Buster!"

A giant monster that looked like a lizard with a spiky turtle shell on its back confronted the magical girl, who pointed her staff at the monster and, amazingly, it changed and shifted, going from a simple staff to looking more like a magical rifle cannon. A build-up of power formed at the tip of the staff before a large, pink blast, rocketed out, blasting through the large creature, causing it to fall over with a loud crash.

"Nano Go! Nano Go! Nanotan... Z!"

The girl floated down and winked. "Here I go! Lyrical! Magical! Nanoha!"

A new voice spoke up. "Will this new magical girl be able to push back against the forces of Dark Lord Satomi? What will happen to Mahou Shoujou Levia-tan? Find out next week on Mahou Shoujo Levia-tan! Same magical time! Same magical channel!"

"AND CUT!" A new voice said as there was a clatter of voices and people moving around.

Nanoha smiled as she floated down. "That was fun." She smiled at Lindy, who was dismissing her wings.

"Yes, I can't believe that we're doing a television show for Devils." Lindy giggled and looked at the director. "Are you sure that it's okay to do this on Earth?"

"We do that sometimes." The director admitted to her with a smile. "Don't worry, since this is a television show and this isn't too populated, we can find ways to keep people from asking too many questions." The director turned and walked off while yelling at various people to get things set up for next week.

"That was great!" Serafall gushed as she and Ranma walked up to Lindy and Nanoha, who returned to her normal form. "I'm sure that it will go over great with the fans."

Nodoka and Genma, both still in their outfits from the show, walked up to the group. "So," Nodoka began, "what's the plan?"

"The next few episodes will simply be monster of the week with personal problems mixed in." Serafall explained to her. "Around episode ten, your boss, the Dark Lord Satomi, will call, expressing his frustration with your failures and demand that if you cannot deal with Nanoha, then he'll remove you and replace you with someone who can."

"That's when you reveal that your failures have been simply studying me." Nanoha smiled and looked to the side as Fate walked up. "And then Fate-chan comes in as my primary rival and your field commander who wipes the floor with me the first time we fight, but due to an injury in the battle, she must retreat and isn't able to finish me off."

"Which is similar to how things went when we were children." Fate said with a small smile on her face. "It will take me a few episodes to fully recover, during that time, Nanoha will take down various monsters and then I'll return to the fight, though it will be more even."

"And that's just the first half of the season." Serafall giggled as she bowed to Lindy, Nanoha and Fate. "Again, I thank you for doing this."

Nanoha waved her hand. "Hey, this is fun. I'm not going to complain about this."

"And since it's not far from where you go to school, you don't have to miss any time." Lindy said with a smile. "So I'm the mentor of this season then?" Serafall nodded and Lindy sighed. "Ah, how will we justify this to the viewers?"

"Maybe because you're not in your realm, you can't use your real power and you have to work through magical girls?" Ranma suggested and Lindy nodded.

"Yes, that's a great idea."


Weeks later...

"Master!" Katana cried out as she knelt in front of the holographic image of the Dark Lord Satomi. "Please forgive this worthless one! The monsters I send out are not enough to stop the Lyrical Magical Nanotan Z!"

"Then you are useless!" The Dark Lord Satomi yelled while spitting to the side. "I did not go through all the effort to summon you and Panda to this world only to have you completely fail me to this extent. Do I need to have you replaced?"

"No!" Katana protested with her head bowed. "If my master will give me another chance, I wish to inform him that I haven't just been sending monsters out and losing them. I've been studying Nanotan Z and have come up with a solution that will deal with her permanently!"

The Dark Lord Satomi crossed his arms. "You talk big, but can you deliver?"

"Yes!" The redheaded woman said as she stood up and stepped to the side. "Come forth! Deathtarossa!"

From a shaded corner of the room walked a blonde-haired woman with her hair done up in twintails. She had an impressively stacked body for her size as she walked forward in metal boots. Her body was covered in an armored black leotard with a mini-skirt over her hips and a black cape on her back. There was a collar around her neck and an axe in her hands. "Yes, my mistress." She said in a soft voice, her eyes cold.

The scene faded to black as the episode came to an end.

"And cut!" The director said. "Excellent job, everyone." The director walked off and discussed things with some of the others.

"I'm glad it's working out." Fate smiled at Nodoka as she transformed back to her normal outfit. "There's a holiday next week, right?"

"Yes, I believe the director told me that when we started recording." Nodoka said and flagged down one of the workers. "Excuse me, but I heard that there's some sort of Devil holiday next week?"

"Ah, yes." The worker nodded at Nodoka. "All new programs will be suspended for the next two weeks actually." She smiled at them. "So please, enjoy the time off."

"I'm glad that I can take a couple of weeks off." Nodoka smiled back. "My son's mistresses are getting so big now." The last time that she had seen Kuroka, the heavily pregnant catgirl was complaining about how big her fingers and feet had gotten."

"How's Lilith doing?" Fate asked as they walked off set.

Nodoka smiled as she thought to the Succubus Queen. "She's just starting to show." It was disappointing to her that Atsuko, Nabiki, Mittelt, Yohko, Bulleta and Ravel had refused to get pregnant at that time, saying something about too many people pregnant at once was dangerous. "I'm a little sad that Lilith-chan only has one baby on the way though."

Fate smiled at her. "I doubt that Lilith will stay at one child. The only reason that she doesn't have five children already is because of her ability to control her fertility."

"Most likely." Nodoka nodded in agreement and hoped that her son was doing well. "It's a good thing that Ranma can record those "holographic" messages for his underlings back in Makai and send them here, huh? I can only imagine if he had to be on the set."

"His women would be upset, I think." Fate giggled softly.


In Makai...

"Master..." Lilith, who had a small bump in her belly, pouted at him. "I'm getting fat! Soon you won't like me!"

From where he was on the ground, Ranma gave her a flat look as he finished his spar with Cologne and Yohko. The former Amazon Matriarch had won this round. "Curse you, old woman! I'll beat you yet."

Cologne merely giggled at him. "I look forward to you doing that." She dusted her maid outfit off and looked at Yohko, who was also face-down in the dirt. "For Devils, you two need a lot more work on your skill."

Yohko pushed herself up to her knees and spat out the dirt. "I mostly fight with a sword, so my unarmed skills are a bit lacking." She gave Cologne an annoyed look before grinning. "But this is fun."

The young-looking woman chuckled and walked off. "I have stuff to do."

"...I wonder why she stays around as a maid." Ranma muttered as he sat up and pulled Lilith into his lap. "And you're not fat, you're pregnant with one kid. Even if you had ten babies in you, you'd still be beautiful." Lilith pouted at him and huffed as she turned away from him while crossing her arms.

Yohko shook her head and got up. "I'm going to go shower." Ranma nodded as she walked off and slowly disrobed on the way out, much to Lilith and Ranma's appreciative gazes as she let her work-out shorts drop off, revealing her Brazillian cut panties before she disappeared.

Lilith giggled. "I can't believe that Lillie's corrupted all of us into accepting casual nudity."

Ranma rolled his eyes. "Well, so long as you're not expecting to do work or fighting or take a job, it's okay. Speaking of jobs, have you heard back from Bulleta lately?"

Lilith was about to answer when a screen appeared in front of them, showing Bulleta in tattered clothes and a wide grin on her face. "Ah!"

"Fuck that was so good!" Bulleta cheered in delight as the screen showed her sitting on the corpse of a giant sea monster. "If you were here, husband, I'd fuck you on top of this thing!"

Ranma smirked at her. "Well, I can be there in a few seconds if that's what you want." The look of pure lust coming from Bulleta caused Ranma to nod as he stood up and put Lilith down. "Alright, I'll be right there." The screen turned off and Ranma gave Lilith a kiss on the lips. "I'll be back later."

"Don't take too long." Lilith chuckled as Ranma disappeared in a flash of light.


Ranma appeared near the swampy lake and was tackled by Bulleta, who pushed him down and grinned at him. "You're enjoying this too much."

"I'm your wife, I get to fuck you when I'm horny." The petite blonde grinned as she tore off the remains of her outfit and threw it to the side. She reached down and undid Ranma's pants before grabbing his dick and stroking it to full hardness.

"You just like reminding me that you're my wife, huh?" Ranma asked and Bulleta snorted. "We haven't even had a wedding."

"I don't need a waste of time to tell me that I'm married to you." Bulleta scoffed at him as she positioned herself above Ranma's hard dick and rubbed her inner thighs with it. She grinned at him. "Besides, for some reason, I'm really happy every time I think about you being my husband and I don't know why."

Ranma nodded, smiling at her as he cupped her cheek. "Well, maybe there's something of a normal girl in you after all."

"BAH!" Bulleta grimaced and stuck her tongue out before plunging herself down on Ranma's dick in one thrust. "MMMmm! Still so big. If there is a normal girl in me, I'll have to find her, drag her out and shoot her." She growled as Ranma chuckled and put his hands on her hips. "Shut up and fuck me."

"Don't need to tell me twice." Ranma grunted as he bounced her on his lap. "Good thing that we're not close to the water."

"Ngh..." Bulleta grunted as he squeezed her ass while she grinded against him. "Oh? Worried that I wouldn't want to fuck you if you were a girl?"

"Nah, between Miko and Lilith, I don't have to worry about that anymore." Ranma chuckled and leaned up to kiss Bulleta's chest. "Right now, I just want to fuck my crazy wife until she can't think straight."

"Good answer!" Bulleta grinned as she moaned in delight as he took advantage of her body.

At one point, Ranma did end up splashed with water and Bulleta grinned as she used her tongue to enjoy her husband-turned-wife in various ways.

Ranma didn't mind as Bulleta ate her out. After all, it was nicer than tentacles at least.

End Chapter 21


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Standing in the auditorium of Kuoh Academy, Ranma, dressed in a black formal outfit, sighed heavily. "Kuroka and Yasaka are both due any day now, I should be there with them, not here." He spied Atsuko and Nabiki both wearing black dresses as they talked among the various people that were mulling about.

Lilith, who was four months pregnant, rolled her eyes. "Master, relax. Nothing will happen to either of them. The last time someone made Kuroka cry, La Fey turned them into a newt."

"At least they got better." Ranma muttered as he thought about the Demon that had made Kuroka cry. He looked up as he saw Sona Sitri and her queen, both in formal dresses walking his way. "Hello, Sona."

"The official proceedings haven't started yet, so I thought I would ask you something." Sona adjusted her glasses. "While you've dropped out of school and I have no problem if you wish to remain out of school..." She trailed off as Ranma held up a hand. "Saotome?"

"I'll be coming back to school next semester." Ranma told her. "As will Lilith and Yohko. Things have settled down in Makai with Demons, so we'll be able to come back and finish our schooling." Sona nodded in approval. "It's not like I don't want to finish going to school, I just had to focus and..."

"It's fine." Sona told him with a nod. "If something happened to my father and I would have to take over the clan tomorrow, while I would have help, I would have to drop out of school for a time as well until things were settled."

Lilith giggled as she realized something. "Is this your way of saying that you don't want your brother-in-law to be a dumbass?" Sona twitched and sighed softly, nodding.

"It still feels unreal to think of my sister as a married woman." Sona grumbled and gave Ranma an appreciative look. "Speaking of which, how do you do it?" Ranma gave her a confused look and Sona clarified. "I mean, my sister. She's peculiar."

Ranma shrugged. "Didn't I already tell you? I like that about her."

Lilith giggled softly. "Master seems to attract blondes and crazies to him. Though, how does Atsuko, Nabiki or Yohko fit in, I wonder?"

"Atsuko was a cat, cats are crazy." Ranma told her. "Yohko's as much of a battle junkie as I am and Nabiki is the only one who doesn't fit any sort of mold." Idly, Ranma patted his chest, feeling a magical item that was still there. "I'm grateful that my Nekoken problem isn't a thing anymore, but I'm worried about Kuroka and Yasaka right now and..." He stopped as Lilith squeezed his shoulder.

"Nabiki told you, didn't she? Your first wife will have her kids next week and Kuroka will have hers three weeks later." Lilith smiled at him. "And yeah, I'm nervous too. And Nabiki said that if something happens to cause your kids to come early, she'll let you know, she has her Sacred Gear monitoring them at all times to make sure that nothing happens."

Sona gave Ranma a smile. "But that's what I mean, Saotome. You're the only person I've ever met who has no problem courting my sister. You know her power, you know her... Quirks. Yet you have no problem with her."

Ranma looked at where Serafall, who was five months along and wearing a blue and white modest one-piece dress with her hair done up in French braid down her back, was greeting Azazel and a couple of people he didn't recognize. "You're a good sister, Sona." The glasses-wearing girl blushed at the sudden compliment. "How about you? Are you ready to be an aunt?"

Sona just smiled ruefully. "If my sister's kid ends up anything like her, no."

Ranma nodded and walked towards the other leaders along with Lilith. "Hello." Ranma said as he got close to them.

Serafall's eyes lit up and she pulled him in for a quick kiss. "Hello, dear." She smiled at him. "When are your sister and her friends getting here?"

"Soon." Ranma told her as he looked at Ajuka Beelzebub and Sirzechs Lucifer. "Where's the other Devil King?"

"Lord Asmodeus..." Ajuka shook his head. "He will be a little late. The idea of meeting aliens that use a mixture of magic and technology doesn't interest him as much as it does myself."

Ranma nodded and looked around the auditorium as more Devils, Fallen Angels and Angels mingled and talked about things. "Oh! There's Issei." He waved at his friend, who was there with Asia and Akeno. "I'm surprised that Rias isn't here."

"She hasn't been feeling well." Sirzechs told him. "She's seen the doctors and gotten a clean bill of health, and personally I think she's just nervous about her first child." He sighed softly. "If I could be there for her, I would. Thankfully Rias is currently at home. She's due any day now and we want to make sure that her child is born healthy."

"Probably for the best." Ranma admitted and looked at the two people with Azazel. "Ah, do either of you know who those two are?"

"The one in purple is Shemhazai." Serafall smiled at him. "And that woman is his wife." Ranma's eyes widened in surprise. "It's okay, you don't know them." She looked up as another woman walked towards them. This one was wearing a blue and beige business suit, high heels, she had fair skin and short, black hair with glasses on her face. "And this is..."

"I've not introduced myself." The woman said with a small bow, when she straightened up, they could see that her eyes were purple. "Lady Leviathan, Lord Lucifer, Master Saotome. My name is Amy, civilian leader of the Grigori." Ranma, Sirzechs and Serafall all gave her confused looks. "I suppose that you didn't know. While Azazel was our former commanding officer, since the ceasefire and subsequent peace treaty, there are many Fallen Angels who moved to live a more civilian-style life and I, for some reason, was chosen to be their President."

"...Amy?" Ranma asked, his voice full of disbelief. "Okay, hold on." He put his hands up in a T position. "I am used to Fallen Angels and Devils having names like Shemhazai, Azazel, Kokabiel, Lucifer, Beelzebub, Leviathan, there's the Behemoth and the like... And your name is... Amy?"

"You're caught up on a name like that?" Amy asked in confusion. "Not at the fact that there's a civilian leader for the Grigori? Or how I wasn't introduced until now?"

"...But it's so... Normal!"

Amy stared at him for a moment before her lips started to quirk and she started to giggle. "Well, it's not the first time that I've had people be surprised at my name before. Anyway, I'm here to make sure that everything runs smooth." She motioned to the crowd. "I hope that it's okay for the leaders of Makai to be away from their home for awhile."

Ranma nodded. "Yeah, things are fine." There was a flash of golden light and when it receeded, Michael, in his robes and Gabriel, who was wearing a cream-colored outfit that had long pants, a white dress shirt that stretched against her chest and an open, long-sleeved jacket over her shoulder.

Serafall hissed softly upon seeing Gabriel, but Ranma squeezed her hand, calming her down. "Lord Michael. Lady Gabriel." She said with the nicest tone she could muster. "I'm glad you could join us."

Michael smiled at her. "Lady Leviathan, I am glad to be here. The chance to meet more of Father's children, even if they do not originate from Earth, is not something I can miss out on."

Ranma looked at Gabriel curiously. "I'm not used to seeing you in such clothes. I thought you'd be in a more church-like outfit."

Gabriel smiled and blushed softly. "Well, I was going to, but I decided to come to Kuoh earlier today to meet with Irina, who was saying that she wanted a more appropriate outfit." She turned and nodded in a direction where Irina, who was dressed in a really nice light blue buisness suit, was talking to several Fallen Angels and Devils and the group was sharing a small laugh. "And while I was helping her find one, I came across this outfit." She held her arms to the side and looked down. "Sadly the tailor did not have enough to make, ah, full and proper adjustments to the outfit."

Seeing how the jacket wasn't closed, it was pretty obvious what Gabriel meant by proper adjustments. Ranma nodded at that. "Well, it doesn't hurt to have a change of pace once in awhile."

"Indeed." Gabriel smiled at him. She looked at Serafall and Lilith and her eyes sparkled. "Serafall, Lilith! You're both so beautiful!" Both Devils gave her a confused look and Gabriel just smiled at them. "Seeing new life being formed in front of me and the ones who are hosting the new life also in front of me, both healthy and full of love. There's nothing more beautiful in the world."

"I... Uh..." Lilith stumbled over her words as she stuttered while rubbing her pregnant belly. "That is..."

Serafall narrowed her eyes, though her cheeks were flushed at the compliment. "...I'll let you go this once. I have to think about my child before we can continue our rivalry."

Gabriel smiled and nodded. "Of course. I wish you both good health."

Sirzechs chuckled and put his hands on Serafall's shoulders. "Indeed, if you'll excuse me, I need to have a word with Serafall about a minor matter that I just remembered." Gabriel nodded as Sirzechs led Serafall away from her.

It was pretty obvious to everyone that Sirzechs was trying to keep Serafall and Gabriel apart, since he knew that Serafall didn't want to endanger her child, it was best to keep them apart for the moment.

After another few minutes, the doors to the auditorium opened wide and everyone quieted down as Falbium Asmodeus walked in, followed by a mature woman with green hair, a woman with short, purple hair and glasses, an older woman with fading pink hair, a young man with short, blue hair and a woman with gray hair that went past her shoulders, all were wearing the same style outfits that looked like they were out of some sort of military. Behind them were people that Ranma recognized as Hayate, Nanoha, Fate and Hayate's guardians, the Wolkenritter. Each of them had gotten dressed up, even Zafira had decided to attend in his human form instead of his wolf form.

Falbium nodded at the group before speaking up. "Allow me to introduce Lindy Harloawn, Leti Griffith, Midget Crowbel, Chrono Harloawn and miss Loro."

Lindy smiled at the Devil. "I thank you for having us." She said with a small bow, which was mimicked by the others. "We are here representing the Time-Space Administration Bureau in negotiating peaceful relations with your people."

"Of course." Falbium nodded. Normally, he didn't like to do any work if it could be avoided, but if it meant the betterment of Devil-kind, he could put up with working for that.

It just meant that he was going to sleep more over the next week.

Azazel watched as the aliens all introduced themselves and raised an eyebrow. "Those are aliens?" He couldn't keep the disbelief out of his voice. "I know you said that they looked completely human, but..."

Ranma chuckled and nodded. "Yeah, they're aliens, in the sense that they're not from Earth, but they're human otherwise."

Lilith grinned and nodded. "Yeah, I grilled Miss Lindy over biology when we were in Uminari City the second time. Told her that I've never seen an alien before and I wanted to know more about them. Turns out that they're basically humans, though apparently the magic they use has them age slow for humans." She nodded at the old woman. "From what I can tell, she's well into her seventies, but she only looks like she's fifty."

"That's still quite young." Azazel said with a chuckle. "So, what do you know about all of them?"

"I know that Lindy's an admiral and I think Leti is as well, Chrono is Lindy's son and I don't know the other two." Ranma admitted, "I suspect the old woman is pretty high ranking in their organization, probably an administrator of some sort or one of the people in charge of everything, the last one..." He tilted his head. "Maybe she's a secretary and is there to just observe and record what's going on?"

"I guess I could ask." Azazel chuckled as he walked over to where Lindy was and paused as she greeted him. "Hello... Admiral Lindy, yes?"

"Ah, yes," Lindy smiled and blinked as Azazel gently took her hand and brought it up to his face. "Ah..."

"I must say, I was expecting people from another world to look completely different. I wasn't expecting one to be as young and beautiful as you are." He gently kissed the back of her hand as he smiled at her.

Lindy smiled and nodded as she was hit on. "Ah, thank you for your kind words." Lindy was privately thankful that she was in a public setting and was able to mentally tamper down on her emotions.

Because it was taking all of her control not to turn into a stuttering, blushing mess. She couldn't even recall the last time someone had flirted with her so openly.

Shemhazai sweat-dropped as he watched the exchange. "Are you... What are you two doing?" He asked as Ranma and Lilith both had small notebooks out and were writing in them. "...Taking notes?"

"While neither of us have any issues with seduction," Lilith told him while writing information down, "we appreciate someone who has the good, old-fashioned ability to turn on the charm at a moment's notice."

Across the room, Issei was doing the same thing while Akeno giggled and Asia had a bewildered look on her face.

As the meeting went on, papers were signed and what they hoped to accomplish with the treaty was discussed.

As she finished signing her copy of the papers, Leti nodded and handed them to Loro, who nodded and put them in a container. "Obviously, it will take time to fully hammer out the details and finalize the agreement." She said to Michael, who nodded in agreement.

"Of course, naturally with our two worlds far apart, it will take time."

As the meeting dragged on, Gabriel found herself near Ranma. "May we talk?" Gabriel asked him and Ranma nodded to her before turning to Lilith and giving her a quick kiss on the lips.

While Ranma and Gabriel made their way out of the auditorium, Azazel was approached by Loro. "Excuse me." She said to the blond-haired man. "From what I've been able to gather, you are a researcher of some sort."

Azazel nodded with a small grin on his face. "I'm more of a hobbyist than a serious researcher, but I do love new challenges. Why do you ask?"

She put her hand on her chest and gave a small bow to Azazel. "While I do work as a secretary for the higher ups in the Bureau, I have a secondary role of gathering up resources, information and items for the Bureau to help in case of something bad happening. As such, I happen to know some scientists who partake in, shall we say, less than legal matters?"

Azazel glanced around and saw that most people weren't paying attention to him and he narrowed his eyes. "May I ask what makes these experiments less than legal?"

"It's more of a moral issue than anything else, I'm afraid." Loro stepped next to Azazel and pulled him over to the wall so she could talk more privately with him. "You see, we have access to cloning technology that can not only make near-perfect clones, but also imprint them with the memories of the original."

"Fascinating." Azazel muttered in surprise. "I assume that there's a high failure rate or something?"

Loro nodded. "Many clones end up only living a few months or years. The more perfected ones, however, almost always have mental issues that result from finding out that their memories are implanted from the original, who was usually dead at that point. As such, even a perfected clone is often the subject of experimentation and the people responsible for the clone's existance are arrested and removed from the picture." She closed her eyes for a moment and cracked an eye open. "Sadly, there's not much that can be done about the mental instability at the moment."

"No, but..." Azazel muttered and looked around before he saw Ajuka and waved the green-haired Devil over. "Lord Beelzebub, if there was a process for cloning that could bring someone back from the dead that left them with their memories..."

"Such a thing..." Ajuka frowned softly. "That would be impressive, but sadly we've had very little advancement on that front ourselves."

Azazel looked at him and then at Loro. "According to Miss Loro here, apparently her Bureau has scientists who have such a process, but it has flaws."

Loro looked conflicted for a moment. "Are you a researcher as well?" Ajuka nodded and she sighed in relief. "That is good. Again, this is highly illegal due to the problems that I mentioned, with a fairly high failure rate and the mental instability that comes with it. There's another route that we're working on..." She looked conflicted for a moment before nodding. "You see, there is a way to enhance humans with cybernetics in the Bureau, but there's a few problems. The failure rate is very high and it can only be done to children, specifically newborns. You can imagine the problems this could cause."

"Yeah." Ajuka nodded. "I suspect that if there was a way to turn people who were adults into cyborgs that didn't have a high failure rate, it would be done?"

"If it was possible, there's some people that could use it to save their lives." Loro sighed softly. "Buuut..." She reached up and a clear screen appeared in front of her as she tapped some buttons before a few papers appeared in front of her. "The scientist that I know that's working on cybernetics and cloning right now likes to open source his work." She offered the papers to them. "Perhaps the two of you could look this over? If it interests you..." She trailed off as Ajuka took the papers on cloning while Azazel took the papers on cybernetics.

"Interesting..." Azazel muttered as he read the papers over. "This is a unique form of magic that's tied to the circuitry of the cyborg. Impressive, but it seems limited."

"Sadly, that is true." Loro nodded with a disappointed look on her face.

"This is..." Ajuka's eyes shrank as he read the reports. "Similar to what we do with the reincarnation process with the evil pieces." Loro looked at him in surprise. "This is pretty impressive," he frowned as he saw a note. "What's this... Kaiser plan?"

"Ah!" Loro's eyes widened in surprise. "That wasn't supposed to be there." Ajuka gave her a stern look and she started to sweat. "Ah, see, apparently the scientist I'm working with managed to get DNA of a famous ruler of over a thousand years ago and we're about to start the process to bring them back to life, but it would take us years to have a fully functional body and..."

"Bring me the DNA sample." Ajuka told her before handing her a slip of paper. "When you get back to whomever has this, all you need to do is focus on that and one of my peerage will come and retrieve the DNA from you. If this is what I think it is, I could probably create a clone within a year." He gave Loro a look that froze her in place as she took the paper from Ajuka. "But I have to ask what you are doing reviving someone from a thousand years ago."

"...I, unfortunately, do not know." Loro said as she shook her head. "However, if you want to know, I could try to find out for you."

Ajuka nodded as he continued to read over the information. "Cloning huh?"

"I see..." Azazel muttered as he looked over the cybernetics. "That's why. There's no way to help the person grow or adapt after they've been implemented, of course this is going to have a high failure rate." He looked at Loro with a shake of his head. "I do, however, know a cyborg who might be able to help this... Combat Cyborg stuff work better. In fact, I might be able to make it so that you could turn someone who was sick or badly injured into a cyborg without the risk of rejection." He chuckled as a thought came to him. "The thought of using a Devil or Angel's blood to mix in might be amusing, but I don't think that would be a good idea."

"Probably not." Loro said. "...How long do you think it would take to..."

"About three or four months before I say it could be safe to even attempt." Azazel muttered softly. "But this is still interesting." A thought came to him as he looked over the notes about rejection. "If the person has a strong enough natural resistance to the process, it would interfere with the ability to fully mesh."

Heck, the mere fact that Atsuko was able to be successfully turned into a Devil was a miracle.

"That won't be a problem." Loro said to him. "There are ways to ensure that the person's Linker Core won't interfere and corrupt the process."

As Ajuka and Azazel discussed the various possibilities of this, Loro mentally smiled. 'This couldn't have gone better.'


Walking out onto an open balcony, Ranma privately wondered why this was here, but decided to ignore it as he turned to look at Gabriel, who was looking out at the school yard and into the city beyond. A light breeze caused her blonde hair to move softly.

"To think that this was where the peace between the three factions started." Gabriel said softly. "When Kokabiel tried to restart the war, wasn't this where it happened?"

"Yeah." Ranma said as he looked out at the school yard and remembered the battle in his mind. "I guess you could say most of the last two years is because of that one fight."

"He was someone I admired when he was in Heaven." Gabriel said softly. "He was Father's shining star, one that was so close to perfection that many of us felt somewhat envious of him."

"Did you?" Ranma asked her and she shook her head.

"No. All of us were Father's children," Gabriel said with a gentle look on her face, "when my brothers Fell and became Devils, I wept for them. When my other brothers and sisters Fell to form the Grigori, I wept for them as well." Her eyes moistened as she thought back to the war. "So much senseless death and destruction. But, my big brother, Azrael, I loved him so much. When he left and I got news that he had been felled, I spent years mourning his death." A look of pure sadness adorned her face. "In many ways, I never stopped mourning him. But after Father passed and I had to help run Heaven, I lost any spare time I could have had to mourn their passings."

Ranma gave her a look of concern as she walked up to the balcony and put her hands on the railing. "Gabriel..."

"I thought that I was done, that the scar of his leaving me was healed." She said softly. "But when I found out that he didn't die in the war, that he fled because he fell in love..." She put a hand between her breasts and closed her eyes as she looked up at the sky. "The old wounds opened up and all the feelings that I felt before came bubbling up. When it was revealed that you were his descendant..." A sorrowful look came to her face. "I could not control my emotions," she looked at him with tears seeping out of her eyes and down her cheeks, "and I wasn't fair to you. I saw you as Azrael, not as yourself. For that, I wish to apologize and I also wish to thank you. When I was at my most vulnerable, when I wasn't able to think clearly, I kissed you and you could have taken advantage of me, but you didn't, even warning me that I would Fall and it would be devestating for Heaven."

Ranma rubbed the back of his head. "Well, I can understand. There was a lot to take in all at once. So I don't blame you for being confused."

"Yes, confused..." Gabriel said softly as she rubbed the tears out of her eyes. "Forgive me, I'm being emotional again. Even now, four months since that day, I still do not know how I feel."

"Gabriel, why are you telling me this?" Ranma asked her softly, confusion in his voice and on his face.

Gabriel took a deep breath and bowed to Ranma. "Ranma Saotome, I wish to enter a courtship with you." When she didn't get an answer, she raised her head and saw him looking at her in confusion. "...I..."

"Courtship? You mean... You want to date?" Ranma asked and Gabriel nodded. "...Why? I mean, I'm flattered and I'm not turning you down, I just want to know why the Angel who's supposed to protect the purity of women is asking to date a Devil."

"That's fair." Gabriel nodded and she stood up. "It's because I am confused. I do not know how I truly feel, but I know..." She put her hand over the center of her chest. "That I haven't felt like this in a long time. I do not know if these feelings are genuine and directed at you, phantom feelings towards my brother or something else." She lowered her hand and gave him a nervous look. "I... I have tried so hard to figure these feelings out. And I know that both of us are busy, so we will not be able to date very often. But, I want to try. Because I need to know how I truly feel."

"Yeah, I understand." Ranma nodded and smiled at her. "Just a word of warning, things sometimes get silly and weird with me around."

"That's fine." Gabriel nodded at that. "But... Where should we..?"

"How about in Kuoh?" Ranma asked as he gestured out towards the city. "After all, this is where the peace between the factions was formed."

"Yes." Gabriel smiled at that. "You know... The day is young... When this conference is over," she looked out at the city, "would you like to..."

"Well, I'm sure that there's things we can do together." Ranma said as he nodded. "I wouldn't mind, I've been meaning to try out mini-golf."

"That sounds like fun, actually." Gabriel said with a smile. "I've played golf in Scotland a few times and it was pretty fun."

Ranma gave her a shocked look. "You've played golf before?" Gabriel nodded. "...Wow, I had no idea."

"It's popular in Heaven too." Gabriel giggled softly. "In fact, we often joke that whenever we play golf, it causes hailstorms on Earth."

"...That would explain why hail is often the size of golf balls." Ranma said.

The two looked at each other and started to laugh at their jokes.

"I should let Michael know what I'm going to be doing." Gabriel said. "He already knows my intentions towards you."

"...Is he okay with it?" Ranma asked her and Gabriel sighed softly. "No?"

"He's worried what this will do for our follower's image of me." Gabriel said with a sorrowful look on her face. "I worry about it too, but... I can't live with these confusing, conflicting feelings in me. I need to sort them out."

Ranma nodded. "I'll tell Lilith then." He knew Lilith wouldn't care and would probably just encourage him to...

"I already know, Master." Lilith said as she walked out onto the balcony. She smiled at him and Gabriel. "Normally, I'd encourage you to do something perverted on the date, but..." She shook her head. "I won't." She chuckled at Ranma's shocked expression. "I know, weird, huh? I'm just going to blame Irina and how I want her to be happy. I've never liked the fact that Angels couldn't enjoy sex without Falling, even if they fell in love and did everything that the Church teaches their followes." She gave Gabriel a stern look. "Whatever happens between Master and you, Seraph Gabriel, is between the two of you. I won't even encourage Master to do anything lewd to you while you date." She smiled and turned around. "Besides, if you two do end up marrying and having children together, I sure wouldn't complain."

"That is..." Gabriel began, unsure how to feel about it.

"Rather tame for her." Ranma finished and smiled at her. "So, my lady, shall we go for Mini-golf before the day is over?"

Gabriel nodded and the two went inside to find Michael so she could let him know that she was leaving.

Unseen by any of them, a female Angel had watched the entire exchange and turned to walk away, a heavy feeling in her heart. "Lady Gabriel, why are you feeling that way? You're the Angel of Purity, you should not have those feelings in your heart." She frowned as she remembered Ranma's face. "Especially not for a Devil. It's not..." She trailed off as she heard something in the air. "Wh...what's that?" She asked as she looked around. The sound was some sort of music that she hadn't heard of before. "Sounds like some sort of flute..." She didn't know where it was coming from, but for some reason, she felt like it was calling to her. Turning around, she started to walk off, staggering forward.

The music lead her to the roof of the school. Idly, she noted that there was another Angel, a couple of Fallen Angels and Devils mixed in. In total, there were six, two from each faction, on the roof.

"To those whose spirits are conflicted and confused..." A new voice said and the six looked as a man wearing a reddish-brown pair of pants, black shoes, and a open black vest, revealing a rather muscled physique, hovered in the air. His hair was brown, his eyes were green and his skin was tanned. "I bid you welcome." He smiled at them as he held a pan flute in his hands. "I offer all of you the chance to get what you want most."

"Who are you?" Someone asked and the man smiled before bowing.

"I have gone by many names in the past. Sometimes I was known as Pan. Othertimes I was known as The Pied Piper of Hamelin. But you may call me at this time..." He smiled at them. "Puck."

End Epilogue

End Shinto Arc


The story will end in the next arc for various reasons. There will be sequels, but I'm done writing this story.

The main reason is, I have nowhere else to take these characters, really. Sequels will let me focus on other characters and not drag in everyone. As for a meta reason? I'm just kind of tired. I need to take some time to rest, recharge, read some fics and manga that I have on the backburner and play some games. Plus I need to re-watch some of the Nanoha franchise.

And yes, Puck is a Fae, the same Fae that Ranma, Genma and Lilith have been all "do NOT fuck with" this whole time.


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*Deep breath* Okay! Time for the final arc of this story. I hope you've all been enjoying it.


Dance With the Devil Fae


Watching as Rias breast-fed her two-month old son, Asia smiled while Rias blushed heavily. "Do you have to watch so intently?" Rias asked her former Bishop, whom she had traded to Issei so he could have some members in his peerage. The fact that Xenovia and Rossweisse had both requested to be in Issei's peerage didn't bother her, she knew that she'd have opportunities to get new rooks in the future. Losing Asia was more troubling, since it meant that Asia wouldn't be in her peerage for Rating Games in the future.

Asia smiled and nodded. The two of them were at the Hyoudou home in one of the spare bedrooms. "Of course, Issei asked me to watch over you while he, Irina and Xenovia had to run to Tokyo."

"Seriously," Rias sighed softly as Akeno and Koneko came into the room with tea and snacks, "who in their right mind tries an uncontrolled demon summoning?"


In Tokyo...

Hikaru Gosunkugi sweat-dropped as the Demons he summoned turned out to be rather muscular tentacle demons that were currently plundering several women of the school and surrounding area. "I just wanted to get laid." He yelped as he was pushed down by a female Demon. "Ah..." He was surprised how female she looked, other than the horns on her head, the wings on her back, and the tail just above her butt. She had pink hair and green eyes. "You are..?"

"A succubus." The girl licked her lips. "I'm one of the youngest ones, only fifty-six years old. Lady Lilith has an order that I have to have a child before I turn one hundred."

The next thing that he knew, he was naked and she was frowning at him. "Ah..."

"You're not tiny, but I can tell, you don't have a lot of vitality." She sighed and shook her head. "Oh well, I guess I'll just fuck you to death."

"AHHHH!!" The pale boy screamed as the succubus had her wicked ways with him.


"Ikusu," Rias sighed softly as her son continued to suck on her breasts, "you're an only child, you don't have to worry about anyone stealing mommy's milk."

The redheaded child ignored her as he continued to suck on her breast.

"I'd say that's just like Issei, but he's probably just hungry." Akeno giggled as Rias stuck her tongue out at her Queen. Rias then turned her attention to Ikusu and a gentle smile came to her face as he opened his eyes and she saw him looking up at her with his chocolate-brown eyes.

Asia stood up. "Excuse me, I'll be right back." The others nodded as she left the room and walked off towards the bathroom.

Koneko ooked at Ikusu and tilted her head. "At the rate he's going, he's going to be eating more than I do."

Rias sweat-dropped heavily at that. "I sure hope not. If my son's primary sin is gluttony, you two together would cause a famine in some countries." Koneko gave her a dirty look, but nodded after a minute.

"You've got a point." Koneko said in agreement.

"Then again," Akeno pointed out with a smile, "Devils typically don't have their primary sin come in until they're a few years old, so who knows? Maybe he'll be lazy like his mother?" Rias gave Akeno a dirty look as the long-haired girl giggled. "You had that coming after what you said about Koneko."

Rias sighed softly. "I suppose I did, didn't I?"


In the bathroom, Asia washed her hands before splashing her face. "Ah, okay, time to..." She trailed off as she looked at the mirror and she saw someone behind her. The person looked like her, vaguely, but she had pale skin, yellow eyes and long, white hair. Asia turned around and gasped as she saw no one there. "What?" For some reason, the black glove that Crom Cruach had given her had fully activated and was glowing softly.

"My my..." A voice whispered and Asia looked around. "You sure are jumpy."

"Who?" Asia asked as she took a step backwards before gasping as she bumped into something, spinning around and jumping back, she gasped as she realized that she bumped into the bathroom sink. "I must be going crazy."

"Are you?" That same voice said and Asia looked up, gasping as she saw her look-a-like in the mirror smiling at her. "Or perhaps you're not going as crazy as you think you are?"

"Who?" Asia gasped as it felt like all the light around her disappeared and she was in a dark void.

"You should know who I am." The other her smiled. "After all, I've been with you your whole life. Every time you were hurt. Every time that someone took advantage of your kindness. I was there."

"...You're a shade?" Asia gasped and took a step back. "I'm not stupid. I know what your kind tried to do to Issei. I won't let you..." Asia stopped as her look-a-like started laughing. "What's so funny?"

"That you think that I'm a simple shade." She smiled at Asia. "No, I'm much more than that. I'm you, Asia Argento..." Her smile turned into a cruel mockery of Asia's smile. "But then again, that's not your real name, is it? Don't worry, you'll find out soon enough."

"Who... Are you?" Asia asked as the person in front of her slowly disappeared.

"I told you." The look-a-like said with a smile. "I'm you. Or rather, who you really are."

As the darkness disappeared, Asia found herself back in the bathroom, sitting on her butt on the floor. "...Who I really am?"

For some reason, those words terrified her in ways that she couldn't describe.

End Prologue


Poor Gos, but it was his fault, so can I really feel sorry for him?

And Ikusu *IS* the canonical son of Rias and Issei.


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Chapter 1

It was mid-morning in Makai as Ranma used the sword in his hands to parry Yohko's sword attack. He let out a grunt as Yohko used the momentum and hit him with a kick to the gut, which he responded with an emerald energy blast that sent her flying back. "Come on!" Ranma called out as his sword lit up with blue fire and he swung it out in an arc, sending a wall of cold fire at Yohko.

After landing on her butt, Yohko shook her head and looked up as the fire rushed at her. Jumping up and over it, she came over the wall of fire, only to gasp as Ranma was up there, waiting for her. The two smirked at each other and started trading sword strikes in mid-air, their blades clanging out through the air before both of them extended their wings and started to fly around as they clashed. Their attacks took them high into the air before coming back down as they spiraled around each other, striking and blocking as they got closer and closer to the ground. Eventually Ranma found himself on his back, disarmed as Yohko kneeled above him. "I win." Yohko said while she and Ranma panted to catch their breathes while she pointed her sword down at him.

"This time." Ranma conceded. "Though, I find it hot as hell that you're going commando while wearing such a tiny skirt."

Yohko smirked at him. "What can I say? You turned me into an exhibitionist. The thought of getting caught like this is pretty exciting."

Ranma chuckled at her. "Are you trying to tempt me or something?"

"Maybe." The brunette said as she got off of Ranma and helped him up. "So, why are you trying to learn how to fight with a sword so much anyway? You fight better bare-handed."

"That's exactly the reason I want to be better with a sword." Ranma told her as he recalled Excalibur Shadow to his hand. "There are times I don't want to touch something and enemies that are too hard to hit with magic or energy attacks." He thought back to some of the enemies he had fought. "Sure, I can figure a way out of it, but I like having options."

"So a Holy Sword is just an option?" Yohko asked with amusement in her voice.

"Not a Holy Sword." Ranma corrected her as he put it away. "It's a Fae weapon."

"What's the difference?" Yohko asked him.

"Well..." Ranma paused as he tried to think of the best way to describe it. "Holy weapons work best against Demons, Devils and other evil things like that." Yohko nodded, that made sense, "Fae weapons and magic work against anything that's not natural." Seeing Yohko's confused look, he sighed. "Alright, I told you about the fight against Jedah, right?" She nodded, "and how my ancestor's scythe seriously hurt Issei?"

"Yeah, what about it?" She asked as the two walked away from the training ground.

"If Issei was human instead of a Devil, the scythe would have hurt him a lot, but not as much as it did." Ranma told her. "As for how effective a Fae weapon is..." Ranma trailed off as he thought back to that fight and shivered. "Fae magic is terrifying."

"You don't really like to talk about them, do you?" Yohko asked him. "You've mentioned them before and every time you do, you and Lilith both act like they're the most terrifying things around."

"Possession, mind control, shapeshifting, manipulating the world around them, generally having a sense of morals completely alien to you or I..." Ranma rattled off and Yohko stared in surprise. "You know all the scary monsters in folk lore around the world?"

"...Somewhat." Yohko admitted, "I spent most of my time training, so most of that stuff doesn't stick, why?" Ranma gave her an amused smile and she blinked a few times before going pale. "ALL of them?"

"A good chunk," Ranma nodded, "most of them live in their own reality now, much like how most Demons live in Makai. Anyway, I just don't like dealing with them. They're too much of a hassle and not worth the effort. You know, like trying to built a sandcastle in the desert."

"Sounds like you tried." Yohko chuckled and Ranma nodded, causing her face-fault, which caused her skirt to flutter up, revealing her naked ass, which Ranma stopped to enjoy. The former Devil Hunter blushed and jumped to her feet while smoothing her skirt down. "Seriously?"

"I was five at the time." Ranma told her. "And it wasn't really a desert, just a sandbox, but I figure it counts." He chuckled at her odd expression. "Surprised that I can remember that?"

"Yeah, I mean, you said it yourself, you have a hard time remembering anything from before Lilith reincarnated you."

"The memories come and go." Ranma told her as he rubbed the back of his head. "Sometimes they come back and are super vivid, other times they're just vague images." As the two of them got off of the training grounds, they were greeted by the door to the castle opening. "Oh, Bulleta... Wow, you changed your hair?" He idly noted that she was wearing jeans and a red shirt with a hood that wasn't pulled over her head.

"I wanted a new style." She said as she twirled her hair, which was now in a side-ponytail that was hanging off of her left shoulder. "How does it look?"

"Pretty good, actually." Ranma nodded, "I was wondering why you've been growing your hair out lately. Going for a more mature look?"

"Well..." Bulleta smiled at him, "no one expects a calm and cheerful big sister type to suddenly," she had a wide grin on her face as she pulled out two Uzis from her pockets, "turn into a psychotic bitch as she shoots them full of holes?"

"Sounds about right." Ranma nodded as Bulleta giggled and did a slow spin around. "Those pants make your butt look nice."

"Thanks." She smiled at him. "Or do they make my butt look big?"

"A little," Ranma told her and Yohko gave him a sharp look, "but that's why I say your butt looks nice." He smirked as he felt Yohko's confusion. "Anyway, Nabiki, Atsuko, Hayate, her knights and Arisa are all going to be here this week." Ranma sighed at the look on Bulleta's face. "Do try to keep the craziness restrained for a few days."

"Fine," Bulleta huffed in annoyance, "but you're going to fuck me, Mittelt and Ravel tonight then." She smirked at the looks she got from Ranma and Yohko. "What? We're all blondes and I want you to really go to town on us."

Ranma was about to say something when he tilted his head. "Actually, can you wait until Hayate gets here?" Bulleta raised an eyebrow. "Don't worry, I'm not saying no, but I want to try something and Asmodeus should have been converted to a Unison Device by now." It was a weird thing to think of, but he knew that if it worked that she'd be a big help. "I promised her that after she was completely converted that I'd merge with her and have sex."

"That'll mean you've mastered your Sacred Gear, right?" Yohko asked and Ranma nodded. "...Oh, that's a scary thought."

"Or a damn good one." Bulleta grinned as she put her guns away. "It might make orgies a lot more fun."

"Or weird." Ranma admitted. "For all I know, a bunch of tentacles will come out of my crotch or something."

"Well..." Yohko blushed at the thought of that. "At least you'll be able to fuck all of us at once then. Or make Miko jealous and she'll join in."

"Double stuffed tentacles?" Bulleta mused. "Then again, who knows? Maybe they'd get upset at each other and use their tentacles on each other."

"Not the first time either of us have been stuffed with tentacles." Ranma muttered, causing both girls to grin and blush. "You two need to stop watching that video."

"It's the only time I get to watch you getting tentacle raped though." Bulleta grinned at Ranma. "Or watching you turn it around on her." She started to giggle and pant. "Fuck, that was hot."

"Face it, you and Lilith corrupted us." Yohko told him, while smirking. "And we all know that you let Miko have fun with your female form from time to time."

Ranma blushed lightly and gave her a dirty look. "It happens less often than you think it does." He huffed and walked into the castle, where he was greeted by Mittelt. "Hey, what's up?" He asked with a wave.

Mittelt had a bit of a conflicted look on her face. "Hey, I've been trying to increase the amount of wings I have, but I've been having trouble. I'm not sure if I should do something more crazy than creating anti-matter arrows or not."

"Well, if that's the case, we're going to have everyone in the peerage here soon." Ranma told her and she nodded, "I'll see what can be done."

Bulleta grinned and blushed as a thought came to her. "Maybe there's a way you can fuck her into getting stronger?"

Yohko giggled getting in on it. "Oh man, I could just see it too." She grabbed Bulleta and leaned over the shorter blonde. "Hey, baby," she said in a low-pitch tone of voice, "how about I inject some of my power into you?"

"Oh no!" Bulleta mock-gasped in a high-pitched voice. "I'm terrified of needles!"

"Don't worry," Yohko said, still using her fake male voice, "I don't need needles, but I'll use a hot, beefy, injection instead."

Both Ranma and Mittelt sweat-dropped as they watched Bulleta and Yohko act out an incredibly cheesy and nearly pornographic scenario. "...Am I that bad?" Ranma asked Mittelt.

"No, you actually discourage us." Mittelt told him. "But, if there was a way to do that..." She blushed and poked her fingers together. "At least it would be enjoyable."

Ranma shook his head. "I don't know of any way to do that..." He trailed off as a thought came to him. "...I bet I know someone who does though."

"HUH?!" Yohko, Bulleta and Mittelt all gawked in surprise.

"Okay, there MIGHT be a way..." Ranma told them, "the guy who taught me and Lilith magic, he was from a reality where they have a really weird magic system, if there's a way to use sex for that purpose, he'd probably know about it."

"...If there is," Yohko said as a blush came to her face, "well, at least it would make training more fun."

Ranma snorted at her. "I get stronger every time I have sex and let me tell you, it's not nearly as much of a boost as you think it is. But who knows?" He shrugged and walked off, thinking about it. A mental image of Bulleta, Ravel and Mittelt, all naked and on all fours in front of him with their bare asses pointed his way entered his mind and he mentally grimaced. 'Great, now I'm going to be horny all day.' Idly, he wondered what Atsuko and Nabiki were up to.


On Earth...

"Dang it!" Atsuko growled as she was wrapped up by tentacles and lifted into the air. "This won't work on me!" She yelled as she was surrounded by a firey aura that caused the tentacles that grabbed her to turn to ash. She then rushed forward and punched the tentacle monster in the body, lighting the whole thing on fire.

The amount of tentacle monsters and sex demons were starting to thin down, but Atsuko had seen dozens of people who had been raped by either tentacle monsters or by the Succubus demons that had been summoned to the world.

Well, some of the Succubi had actually, to her surprise, asked their victims before running off somewhere, saying that they wanted to keep their mate safe. "...I guess that's okay." She'd have to check on them after things had settled down, since she knew from her experiences with Lilith that Succubi both lacked some morals and the idea of restraint wasn't something that they knew very well.

A screen popped up near her and she looked to see Nabiki, who was somewhere else in the city. "Good news, the local monster hunters and magical girls should be able to handle the rest of this. Bad news, there's a few thousand people either dead or raped."

Atsuko winced at that. "And the worst news?"

"If this was just in Nerima, we could cover this up. It got out to other wards of Tokyo." Nabiki had an annoyed look on her face. "Anyway, I'll do what I can to cover this up, your folks are helping as well." She tapped a button in front of her. "Here, I sent you map of where all the Succubi who ran off with a willing partner."

Atsuko grimaced as the image was uploaded into her brain. "DANG IT! GIVE ME SOME WARNING! URGH! HEADACHE!" She yelled and gripped her head as she tried to shake it off. After a few minutes and taking a few breaths to recover from the sudden headache, Atsuko looked around and ran towards the nearest Succubi.

"Of course it's at a Love Hotel." Atsuko muttered and walked in.

"Hey!" The clerk yelled at Atsuko walked past her. "You need to pay!"

"I'm here on government business." Atsuko told the clerk. "Just checking in on a potential murder scene." Ignoring the clerk, Atsuko found the room that the Succubus and her partner were in before she saw the electronic lock and smirked as she put her hand on it. Her eyes seemingly had lines through them before a click was heard and she was able to open it up.

She wasn't surprised to see a Succubus with long, blue hair, a big ass and decent sized tits bouncing on the dick of some guy that looked like he was only a few years older than a high schooler. "Hey!" She called out and the Succubus turned to her, gasping in surprise.

"Lady Atsuko!" The Succubus said in surprise, though she didn't get off of her man as he was groaning and twitching. "What are you doing here?"

"Wondering if you're going to stop before you kill him." Atsuko told her.

"Huh?" The Succubus had a confused look on her face. "Why? Lord Ranma is human, or was, but he could go dozens of times a night."

"Most people aren't like Ranma." Atsuko told her. "Most guys can only handle three times a night at most before it starts to get hard to perform." She walked over to the Succubus, who was pouting and pulled her off of the man, who groaned as his dick slid free, and he was twitching and groaning in agony. "See?" She pointed at his face, which was sunken in. "He needs a few days to recover."

As she put the Succubus down, the Demon gasped in surprise. "I had no clue. I was just so hungry and I already made sure to have him knock me up, as per Lady Lilith's orders."

Atsuko pointed a finger at her. "I understand that, but you need to realize that humans are mostly fragile when it comes to this." She looked at the man, who was panting hard and raised an eyebrow. "By the way, nice choice."

"I know!" The Succubus grinned as she looked at the panting male. "He's cute, young, has lots of stamina and a nice dick! He's great!"

"Right," Atsuko nodded, "you need to give him a few days to recover, okay?" The Succubus looked at the man and nodded. "And you wait for him to make the first move."

"...Can I flirt with him?" She asked and Atsuko nodded.

"Yeah, he'll get turned on when he's recovered and then jump you. But you need to let him play with your body." The Succubus looked confused and Atsuko sighed. "I know that you're always wet and ready, but unless you want to accidentally kill him, have him play with your body until you cum at least twice, okay?"

"But, why?"

Atsuko poked the Succubus in the forehead. "Just so you don't try to kill him by accident, okay? Besides, there isn't a guy who isn't into girls who doesn't like a cute, loyal and sexy woman to stay with them."

"...Stay with him?" The Succubus asked in confusion. "Why?"

"Well, if you do, you'll have a constant source of food, so long as you don't kill him." Atsuko explained to her. "And, if you stay with him and don't kill him, then local magic girls and monster hunters are less likely to try and kill you."

"AH!" Her eyes widened and she nodded. "That's good, dying is bad!" Atsuko nodded and smiled, patting the naked Succubus on the shoulder. "Um, Lady Atsuko..." She fidgeted before hugging the pink-haired Devil. "Thank you."

Atsuko smiled at her. "There's one more advantage to staying with him." The Succubus made a confused sound and Atsuko giggled. "If you don't kill him, you can train him to be a skilled lover and maybe he'll be able to keep up with you." The Succubus nodded and let go of the hug. "Anyway, you should just lay down next to him."

The blue-haired Demon nodded and jumped into bed, hugging the man, who groaned and opened his eyes, smiling at her. "I heard everything." He said with a groan. "Thank you for saving my life, miss..." He winced softly. "Sorry, I'm too sore to think right now."

Atsuko nodded. "Just stay with her, you'll both be happy together and if needed," Atsuko pulled out a talisman, "use that, and someone will help you deal with her." She put it on the nightstand next to them, "or you should tie her up. Most Succubi like a bit of S&M play."

Atsuko waved them off and took off to other locations. Thankfully she was able to stop most of the Succubi from accidentally killing their partners by accident.

There were a few that had to be dealt with, as they had given into their instincts and she had come across more than a few dead bodies as a result.

"No wonder Ranma doesn't want Yasaka or Kunou in Makai until after the atmosphere's fixed if this is what might happen to them." Atsuko muttered as she took care of the final Succubus. "...I need a shower."

She twitched as she realized that she was getting really horny too. "...I guess I'll be in there extra long tonight."

End Chapter 1


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Chapter 2

Standing at the edge of a park, Issei stood with Xenovia as both of them looked over to where Irina was talking to some girls who, to his and Xenovia's shock, were actual magical girls. They all had different colors on their outfits, but the fact that they all showed up at the same time and wore similar outfits was enough of a clue that they were actual magical girls.

The thing that was most disturbing was that they had attacked him with hardly any warning. Sure, he had been in his Scale Mail armor, thus he was able to keep himself safe, but it was rude as hell to have that happen!

"Most magical girls are a pain in the ass to deal with. Most of them shoot first and don't ask questions if you have any evil power in you."

"I thought Ranma's warnings about magical girls was made up." Issei muttered and Xenovia shook her head and sighed softly. "How's it going?" He asked as he looked towards Irina, who was a couple of blocks away from them.

Irina was talking adamantly to the group with her wings out. "Yes, I'm an Angel from Heaven." She told the one who looked more serious than the others.

"And them?" The serious one asked while pointing at Issei and Xenovia. "They feel evil to me."

"Ah, well..." Irina trailed off as she tried to explain their specific situation. "While they are Devils, they aren't evil. The blue-haired girl is my closest friend and we used to hunt monsters down in Europe that tried to hurt humanity."

"...What about the other one?"

Irina blushed while smiling. "He's my husband."

"Really?!" One of the girls said with an excited tone in her voice. "But you're an Angel, how can you be allowed to marry a Devil?"

"Well, he's not the same as older Devils." Irina told them. "He's someone who, if you get his loyalty and friendship, will go to the Abyss to save you and slaughter his way through anyone who hurts you."

One of the magical girls looked at Issei and Xenovia and then at Irina. "I want to trust you." The others all sighed and groaned in dismay, but didn't argue. "Please understand that we've had... Lots of bad experiences with people who have magical energy like those two."

Irina nodded at them. "I understand, a friend of mine warned us about this."

"Alright, we should go and make sure that there's not other problems going on." The tallest one said and the magical girls all nodded before jumping up high and seemingly disappearing.

Irina shook her head and walked over to where Issei and Xenovia were at. "You two heard everything?"

"Yeah," Issei said to her. "I'm... Kind of surprised that they would listen to you."

"Yeah, the way Ranma put it, I'd swear they'd shoot first and not stop until we were toast." Xenovia said with a disturbed look, "I don't want to have to fight a group of girls like that to the death."

Irina tapped her chin, "maybe they still have hope for their enemies to not be so bad?" She suggested and shrugged at the looks she got. "Anyway, Issei," she blushed and fidgeted, "can we hurry up, please? Some tentacle slime got on me and..."

Xenovia sighed softly and started to walk off. "I'll head back to Kuoh on my own then and..." She trailed off as Irina grabbed her sleeve. "What?"

Irina was blushing hard. "You know that the rules for Angels was changed, right?" She said and looked at Issei. "Since I married someone who has a harem, it... It's okay to have fun with both of you, so long as Issei's there with me."

"R-really?" Issei asked, gawking and Irina nodded. "...What's not allowed?"

"...So long as you don't use my butt and you finish inside of me in an attempt to conceive..." Irina fidgeted and squirmed as she let go of Xenovia's sleeve. "Almost anything goes. Apparently Lilith set it up so hands, tongues and mouths are all considered... Um, foreplay and that's allowed so... And so long as you don't boost too high, I probably won't get pregnant, so..."

The next thing Irina and Xenovia knew, Issei was glowing red and was in his Scale Mail armor before grabbing both of them, tossing both of them over his shoulder as he immediately rushed off to find a love hotel.



"Where are we?" A voice asked as they entered the room. It was a large conference room.

"Because," a new person said as they appeared in the room, sitting in one of the chairs, "it's time for you to meet the people that you'll be working with, dear Angels, Devils and Fallen." The familiar-looking silver-haired man grinned at the people who walked in.

"Puck..." Another voice said as a Raven landed in a chair next to Puck, before changing back into a bronze-skinned man, "it's been too long."

"Raven!" Puck chuckled. "These are some..."

"I know," Raven told him with a nod and looked at the few who were sitting down, "is this all?"

"Not quite," Puck chuckled and looked over as he saw a man with black and yellow hair walk into the room, "ah, Crom Cruach, I'm glad you could make it."

"And who is that?" One of the Devils in the room asked as they looked at the short person behind Crom Cruach.

The short person was wearing a large, hooded cloak that was gray with black stripes over their body, covering them completely, though the face was partially visible, being of a fair complexion. The person looked at the Devil who asked and sneered and looked ready to attack had Raven, who appeared behind them, not put a hand on their shoulder.

"Now, now, calm down, I know your problem, but there's..." Raven trailed off as a surge of power filled the room that was so intense that even Crom Cruach took notice. Puck and Raven both turned to the head of the conference table and stood up as three people appeared there.

The first that drew all attention was a tall man with green skin, long, white hair and an expression that somehow was annoyed, dismissive and incredibly intense all at the same time. He was wearing green robes that had golden colors and others seemingly embroidered into the design to give it a regal look.

The person next to him was a woman who was almost as tall as him with long, dark hair, eyes that showed nothing but amusement and disdain at the same time, her skin was green, just like the man's but it was a brighter shade of green. She was wearing a purple dress that hugged her curves, showing off her rather impressive bust to everyone who looked at her, while still showing off her shapely thighs.

The final person was a woman who was a bit shorter than the other two, wearing a red and brown robe that covered her body, yet still showed plenty of regality to it. Her skin was a dark purple, her eyes were dark and showed off a look of annoyance to anyone who looked at her, her blonde hair was short, though she had long bangs in the front.

What was terrifying to everyone who didn't know them was the amount of power that seemed to pulsate from the three of them. What made it worse, it felt like the very air itself was pulsating with each breath they took.

"Lord Oberon," Puck said as he bowed to the man, "Lady Titania," he said as he bowed to the woman with green skin, "Queen Mab," he bowed again to the final woman, "we were not expecting you three to come to this world."

"Puck," Oberon said with a voice that was distant, yet annoyed at the same time, "the mere fact that I have come from our realm here is unrelated to whatever you are doing."

"Interesting." Crom Cruach grinned as he started walking forward, "I haven't felt beings as strong as you since I killed those Gods all those years ago."

Oberon narrowed his eyes at Crom, who got up on the table and started running towards him. "Kneel, lizard." He held up his right hand, which glowed and Crom suddenly found himself grunting as his body refused to move, forcing him to his knees. "Begone." With a flick of his wrist, Crom was sent flying across the conference room and through a wall into the hallway. "Will there be any other annoyances or shall we begin this meeting?"

"Lord Oberon," Raven began, ignoring what just happened a few moments ago, "might this humble one inquire as to why you, personally, have come?"

Oberon sighed dramatically, "personal business, I'm afraid. However, it seems that the target of my personal business is close to that brat who dared to send his Vampiric teacher to taunt us into creating a fixed version of his cursed sword."

"...You're upset about being taunted?" One of the Fallen Angels asked in surprise. "That's it?"

"Were it merely him taunting us, I might have allowed it to pass." Oberon told the Fallen Angel. "However, what truly angers me is using someone to pretend to be a sprite for the purposes of entertainment!"

"...Are you talking about that actress who's playing a sprite for the newest season of Mahou Shoujo Levia-tan?" One of the Devils asked and Oberon growled as the power in the room increased, causing the chairs to explode.

"Now dear," Titania said as she gently squeezed his arm. "Calm yourself." As the power calmed down, she looked at the Devil who asked the question, "yes. You may not think of it as much, but after taunting some of our servants to get his sword repaired, he had the audacity to include a Fae knock-off for the purposes of entertainment. Such an insult must be dealt with personally."

"Lord Oberon, if that's the case," Puck said while kneeling, "allow us to handle him. We have teamed up with several of the Grand Alliance to bring forth our ultimate..."

"Be quiet!" Queen Mab snapped at Puck, "Oberon, Titania and I are not here for that. We know that you children are more than enough for that, we are here to collect someone that I thought I lost."

Oberon had a disgruntled look on his face, "apparently mother recently remembered that she had a child with a human awhile ago and we must collect her child."

"Alfea." Queen Mab told Oberon, "my daughter's name is Alfea."

"Yes, yes." Oberon nodded, "we must collect her." He looked up as Crom Cruach walked back in, only slightly scuffed up, "do you have another reason for being here, lizard?"

Crom's golden eye was glowing as he grinned at Oberon. "The fact that you're this strong, it makes my blood boil. I want to fight you."

"It would not be a fight," Oberon told him, "as powerful as you are, you are nothing to me."

Crom Cruach had a wide grin on his face. "I can't wait to tear you apart and prove you wrong."

The two stared at each other as the air itself started to get filled with a suffocating amount of power.

There was a clapping sound and the power cut off as they turned their attention to Titania. "Might I suggest that you work with these children?" Titania asked Crom Cruach as she gestured to the other Fae in the room. "Should you do so, perhaps my husband will entertain you with an actual fight, instead of simply destroying you? We Fae do like entertainment after all."

"Very well," Oberon said with a nod, "for now, we shall observe before we make our move."

Oberon, Titania and Queen Mab all disappeared in a flutter of wind.

"Boy," Raven looked at Crom Cruach and smirked, "you got lucky."

End Chapter 2


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Chapter 3

"Hey." Ranma smiled as he walked into the nursury, where Kuroka was resting on a chair. "You okay?" He asked as he walked over and gave her a kiss on the lips.

"Yeah, still recovering from child birth." Kuroka chuckled at his amused smirk. "Yes, I'm just being lazy, nya."

"That's fine." Ranma smiled as he looked at the crib next to her. "...Amazing to think that these two..."

"Your sons?" Kuroka chuckled and looked into the crib where their sons, one with orange hair and one with white hair, were sleeping and jerking their arms and legs. "I thought I was going to die when they were coming out." She gave his arm a hug. "Thanks for being there with me."

Ranma smiled at her and looked at his sons. "I'm a little surprised that neither of them have black hair."

"Eh, black hair seems to be recessive in my family." Kuroka shrugged. "My mother, my grandmother and my little sister all have white hair and father had blond hair himself. The fact that I have black hair is a rarity."

"...I don't know if genetics works that way, but whatever." Ranma shrugged as he looked at his sons.

The one with orange hair suddenly squirmed and rolled over, opening his amber-colored eyes and looking up before letting out a scream, which caused his brother to grunt, wake up and start screaming as well.

Kuroka sighed and picked up the first one while Ranma picked up his other son. "Daidama," she said to the orange haired boy as she bounced him up and down while rubbing his back, "you can't scream like that, you woke Tenma up."

The only response she got was a cooing and a pawing at her breasts. "Oh, you're hungry, huh?" Kuroka chuckled and slipped her kimono down so that her son could feed. Daidama immediately latched on to her nipple and started sucking hard while his orange cat ears twitched. "H-hey, don't suck so hard, you know that the milk bar's always open." Kuroka smiled nervously as she chuckled. "Ranma, our son is trying to eat my boobs."

Ranma was thankful that Tenma calmed down really fast while being held in his arms. His son looked around with his blue eyes while his white cat ears twitched above his head. Tenma let out a yawn and snuggled against his father's arms before going back to sleep. "Don't worry, he can't fit something that big into his mouth."

"Not for a lack of trying." Kuroka said with one eye closed. "I wonder if this is what it's like for all parents?"

"I wouldn't know."

"Well, get used to it." Kuroka told him. "I want more kids than just this." She nodded at his look of surprise. "Someone's got to repopulate the Nekomatta species, and Shirone and I are the only two who can do that."

"Speaking of your sister..." Ranma said before looking at Tenma in shock. "...Kuroka, is my son purring?"

"Good thing I stole that artifact from Bastet, huh?" Kuroka chuckled.

"Speaking of which, I should contact her and offer compenstation." Ranma mused.

"What did you do with that thing, anyway?" Kuroka asked, "because I've seen you naked and I haven't seen it anywhere on you."

"I used a ritual when I was working for Jedah to fuse it with my body." Ranma told her while tapping his chest with his left hand. "It didn't take long to do. Anyway, your sister called me yesterday." Kuroka perked up. "You were sleeping and she said she wanted to come and see her nephews soon."

"...Oh." Kuroka's voice was soft as she sat down and rubbed Daidama's back. "...That's nice."

"...What?" Ranma was confused as he looked at her.

"She still hates me." Kuroka said softly. "I don't know how to fix our relationship, but she hates me." She looked up as Ranma put a hand on her shoulder. "What?"

"If she hated you, she wouldn't bother coming to see her nephews." Ranma told her. "Issei and Rias have been working with her, I'm sure that she just doesn't know what to think is all." Kuroka had a hopeful look on her face and Ranma smiled. "Besides, Issei threatened to make her sleep in a cat carrier if she didn't try to be nice."

Kuroka's face looked weird as she tried to process what she heard. "Pfffft!" Her cheeks bulged before she started to laugh. "Hahahahahaha!"

While the laughter was nice, it caused Tenma to wake up and start crying again, which ended with him on Kuroka's free breast, sucking his mother's milk like it was going out of style.

Ranma and Kuroka looked at the babies eating and then at each other before smiling and laughing.


On Earth...

"So, we're supposed to meet someone here?" Atsuko asked as she, Nabiki, Lillie, Leonardo and Koneko got off of the train.

"We're meeting with Ranma's little sister and her friend before all of us head to Makai." Nabiki told Atsuko. "And Koneko wanted to meet her nephews."

Koneko closed her eyes and nodded. "It will be nice to see them."

"And your sister?" Atsuko asked and Koneko let out an annoyed grumble. "...Sorry."

Koneko let out a slow sigh. "I'll be nice. It's just... Difficult, okay?"

"No, I get it." Nabiki told her. "My sisters and I fought a lot when we were younger too. Even if it's not for the same reasons you and Kuroka had a falling out, we still argued and things were always awkward for awhile after that."

Lillie suddenly pointed ahead of them. "Here." Everyone turned to see Hayate, who was wearing casual clothing, walking towards them, smiling and waving while Arisa, who was looking a bit flustered, walked behind her. Behind Arisa was Signum, Shamal, Vita and Zafira.

"I thought it was just the two of them?" Atsuko asked and Nabiki shook her head.

"No, Hayate always has at least one of her four knights..." She paused as she saw Reinforce Zwei sitting on Hayate's head, "correction, five knights, with her at all times when she goes somewhere. Since she's going to be in Makai for a few months, they all came with." Nabiki then nodded to the group as she stepped forward. "Are we all good then?"

"Yes," Signum nodded, "we have all of our clothes packed up and put away in storage, along with that annoyance that keeps trying to do evil things to Zwei."

Reinforce Zwei just giggled nervously.

"I was about to ask where she was." Nabiki sighed and shook her head. "Really, she seems like she's more trouble than she's worth."

"Tell me about it." Signum groused.

"Anyway," Nabiki looked around, "we should get into a secluded..." The next thing she knew, she and the others in the group all disappeared before reappearing in Makai, "place..." She spun around to see Lillie giving her a small smile while her hands glowed, "you could have given us a bit more warning before you transported us." Lillie just nodded before running off.

"So this is Makai?" Signum asked as she looked around. "...Why does the air smell weird?"

"It's the atmosphere." Nabiki told her. "From what I know there's going to be some people coming in tomorrow to fix the atmosphere and stuff. As powerful as Lilith is, she doesn't have the fine control to fix the atmosphere, plus she's pregnant, so we're getting some help to fix it. The ones that created this place didn't care about making the atmosphere pleasant."

"Should we worry about being attacked?" Shamal asked as she looked around in worry.

"Not while we're here." Nabiki said before pausing as something ran towards them. "...Oh right, there are centaurs here, aren't there?"

A blue centaur ran up to the group and what was surprising to most of them was that this one was female. As she got close to the group, she stopped and bowed. "Excuse me, is the lord of this castle in?"

Nabiki jerked a thumb behind her and towards the castle. "We were going to go see him. You're challenging him?"

The centaur grinned. "That's right! My brother failed to become the King of Makai, so I shall fight and defeat Ranma and become the Queen of Makai!" She looked at the group and frowned. "Unless one of you wants to fight me instead?"

Atsuko grinned as she stepped forward. "It might be fun."

"Have fun with that." Nabiki said as she, Lillie and Leonardo walked towards the castle. "Are you all coming with?" She asked as she looked back at Hayate, Arisa and the others."

"Will she be okay?" Arisa asked as she ran after Nabiki while Hayate and her knights followed after, though they did chance glances back.

There was a sudden slamming sound and most of them looked back to see Atsuko slamming the centaur to the ground while putting her in a headlock.

"Yeah, I'm sure." Nabiki smirked as the group walked in and ignored how Atsuko and the centaur wrestled outside.

After getting inside and away from the door, Hayate spoke up. "That was surprising."

"What was?" Nabiki asked her, curious as to what she was thinking.

"I mean..." Hayate trailed off. "I've never seen a horse person before."

"They're rare in Makai," Nabiki told her, "I think only a few dozen exist. Apparently their ancestors in Ancient Greece fell through a portal that landed them on the outskirts of Makai and they've lived there since. Anyway, I know that most of you are only here for a little while, so..." There was a loud explosion heard somewhere in the castle. "Huh?" Nabiki asked as her eyes glowed blue. "What the heck just happened?"

She relaxed as she saw Bulleta covered in smoke while coughing. "Dang it!" Bulleta yelled in frustration. "Stupid exploding bullets! Why can't you be easier to make?!"

"Well," Nabiki's eyes turned back to normal, "just the local crazy girl having an accident while making stuff."

"...Which one?" Hayate asked, causing Nabiki to laugh. "What?"

"Sorry, just reminded of something. Let's..." Nabiki trailed off as she saw Ravel walking towards them. "Ravel, why are you wearing a maid outfit?"

"I like it." Ravel smiled at Nabiki. "Plus, I want to be able to pull my weight around here. We need to hire more maids for a full staff, but I want to help out."

"Huh..." Nabiki nodded, "well, we have others with us, so..."

Ravel smiled. "We don't have enough rooms prepared yet, sorry."

"It's fine." Signum told her. "We can make due."

Ravel nodded and motioned for them to follow after her. "Come, we'll get you all set up with rooms."


A bit later...

Ranma nodded as he and Lilith walked out into the main area where Mittelt, Nabiki, Atsuko, Bulleta, Ravel, Hayate, Arisa, Yohko, Reinforce Zwei, the Wolkenritter and Cologne were all standing around. "Well, I'm not one for speeches, but it sure has been awhile since we were all together. And I know that some of you want to know why we're here." Ranma said as he walked up to them. "Truth is, thanks to how the world works, and you being part of my peerage, all of you will be targets from various threats out there. So I wanted to have us get closer, train and learn how each other fights."

"I figured this was going to happen." Nabiki chuckled, "just a training camp?"

"Well..." Ranma trailed off and nodded behind them as a very pregnant Serafall Leviathan walked in, grinning. "Another problem is something Ravel pointed out to me... Politics."

"And who better to help you than one of the four Devil Kings who happens to be your wife?" Serafall said with a wide grin on her face.

Vita grinned as she cracked her knuckles. "I don't mind training, I train cadets back on Crannagan."

"Besides," Serafall continued, "with the International Games, all of you will be, at one point or another, be forced to participate."

Hayate and Arisa both sweat-dropped heavily. "Wait, why am I being dragged into this?" Arisa asked.

"You don't have a choice," Ravel told her, "as Ranma's pawn, you're at the bottom of the totem pole. Don't worry, we'll help you become adequet. I'm going to be training along side you as well."

"What about me?" Hayate asked with a raised hand. "I got my magic differently from most people and my spells are big and take a long time to fully cast."

"Well then," Ranma said as another maid landed on the ground next to him, "Miko, what is it?"

"I can help train them too." The purple haired woman said. She looked at Hayate, "and despite what you might think, I do have basic ninja training."

Ranma nodded, "well, I think this could work. We all need to know how each other fights so we can work together, whether against someone who's trying to seriously hurt us or in a Rating Game."

"You just wanted us together to make us beat each other up?" Arisa asked and Ranma shook his head. "Huh?"

"Like I said, it had been too long since we were all together, we can catch up when we're not training." Ranma smiled at her.

In the back of his mind, however, he thought back to what Issei had said before he had made Arisa and Hayate part of his peerage. 'What if there are beings in that other world stronger than the Beast of the Apocalypse?'

It was a terrifying thought.

After all, anything that could make an old-school Devil like Rizevim excited to fight wasn't something he wanted to deal with.

'And the best way to deal with that is to get as strong as possible.' Ranma thought to himself before he glanced at Signum, Vita, Shamal and Zafira and mentally smirked. 'Plus, it might be fun to fight those four, since I know they don't like me.'



"So," the Fallen Angel known as Ruax looked at the others as they stood in the conference room after most everyone had left, "we're in agreement then? While the current alignment is somewhat tolerable, we all know that the real issue is that rogue element that has the favor of our leaders."

"Yes," the Devil known as Uzza, nodded. "I dislike the fact that he was able to bypass all the normal means of becoming a high ranking Devil. I am not the only one."

The final person, a female Angel named Cassiel sighed softly. "I mostly dislike him because he tempts our Lady Gabriel. Before he came around, she was the Angel of Chastity, but I fear that she is giving into sin and she must be corrected in her actions."

Ruax suddenly grinned, "if we could kill two birds with one stone, I would suggest we take Gabriel out somehow and use her as bait to lure him in." His grin faded as he looked upset, "sadly, she is far too powerful for us to capture."

"There is a way." Cassiel told Ruax as she moved a strand of blonde hair out of her face, "I know of a spell that is used to seal the movements of Angels while they are forced to confront their sins. It should not work on her, but if we could modify it and make it stronger..."

"Allow this one," a fourth voice said the three looked at the speaker, "Puck can enhance any magic circle you make. Increasing it to seal away an Angel, even one such as the Angel of Destruction."

"Chastity," Cassiel growled as several spears of light appeared above her, "she has not been the Angel of Destruction since the end of the Great War and Father's death."

Puck held up his hands and smiled, "calm yourself, traitorous one, while I understand you care for her, I respect people who are very powerful." He held up his left hand, extended his index finger and wagged it while shaking his head. "Low level Angels who should have become Fallen already do not scare me." He disappeared and reappeared above Cassiel's head while resting his hands on her head and looking over her head while kicking his legs in the air. "Anyway, should you lure her into a trap of some sort and deploy the seal, this one shall increase its power to hold her. We can use her to draw in the one you dislike the most."

Uzza suddenly grinned as a thought came to him. "A challenge then." He looked at the others in the eye. "Whoever manages to kill Ranma Saotome will get to decide Gabriel's fate."

"Oooh!" Ruax had a gleam in his eyes. "Making her into a Fallen Angel was a major goal of the Grigori. I will love to do just that."

Cassiel gave Ruax a dirty look. "I shall have her memories of him erased so she can return to being the Seraph of Chastity and stop acting like a love-sick human."

"I merely wish to kill her." Uzza grinned. "But we will need more than just us."

Cassiel nodded, "of course, there are a few Angels who despise Ranma Saotome and will help out. We all run the risk of becoming Fallen, but we must take it if we wish to save Lady Gabriel from herself."

"The Old Satan Faction has a few members left," Uzza mused, "I can ask them for support."

"And there are Grigori who would love to have a good, old fashioned throw-down to the bitter end if possible." Ruax smirked.

Puck just grinned and nodded, "good, good. Let's draw up the plans. If you need a victim to be saved, Puck can play the victim for you."

Puck personally didn't care what happened to these pawns he was using. But the chance to hurt the one who brought shame and dishonor to the Fae? He'd be a fool to not take it.

End Chapter 3


So, the names Cassiel, Ruax and Uzza are actually names of biblical Angels, Fallen Angels. Naturally, I changed one of them to a Devil. I just needed names for characters, I got tired of writing "that devil/Fallen Angel/Angel" all the time.

Tenma - Heavenly/Sky Horse
Daidama - Orange Horse

What? Shouldn't I stay with the naming theme of Genma (Dark Horse) and Ranma (Wild/Chaotic Horse) for Ranma's first born sons?


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Chapter 4

"We're back." Akeno called out as she and Yukiko walked into the house. "Oh!" She gasped as she saw Asia sleeping on the couch. She and Yukiko put their bags down and Akeno walked over to where Asia was sleeping and pulled a blanket out from one of the ottomans and draped it over her sleeping friend. Smiling, Akeno leaned in and kissed Asia on the forehead. "Sleep well."

Asia let out a soft moan and shifted before letting out a soft snore.

Akeno just smiled and walked back to where the bags were at and nodded to Yukiko and the two took their stuff to their rooms to put away.


It was nearly two hours later when the door to the house opened up and Issei stumbled into the room, looking tired. "I just want to sleep." The only reason Irina and Xenovia weren't with him was because they had decided to go play in the batting cages before coming home.

"I told you dealing with that alchemist and her army of clay monsters wasn't worth the hassle." D'draig told him.

"But they had huge boobs!" Issei protested loudly, jerking Asia from her slumber. "Those boobs were as big as my head!"

"And you were almost suffocated by those same large boobs when you sank into them."

Issei grinned at that. "Hey, could you blame me?"

"I'd say you should focus more on the fact that you have a kid at home, but it's hard to make you change who you are."

Issei stood tall and tears came out of his eyes as he clenched his right hand into a fist and looked up. "I can never stop liking boobs! No matter how much trouble that gets me into!"

"Issei!" Asia yawned as she sat up. "When did you get home?"

"Just now." Issei smiled at her as she stood up before yawning again. "I'm sorry, Asia, I'm going to go see Rias and Ikusu before going to bed."

As he walked to the stairs, Asia fidgeted before getting off of the couch and running over to Issei, hugging him from behind.

"Huh?" Issei blinked and turned to look at her. "Asia?"

Asia let out a soft sound as she hugged him. "I heard that a hug gets rid of a third of a person's exhaustion and helps recharge them."

Issei smiled and turned around, hugging her back. "Thanks." He smiled as he patted her back. "I feel better."

Asia looked up at him with a blush on her face. "...I wonder how much a kiss will remove your exhaustion?" She put her arms around his neck and jumped up, wrapping her legs around his body before putting her lips on his. She moaned softly, her eyes closed, as Issei, out of reflex, put his hands on her ass to hold her up. She pushed her tongue out and Issei opened his mouth to take it in as he stumbled backwards until he was sitting on the stairs.

After a few moments, Asia broke the kiss, a trail of saliva connecting the two. "Issei, I..."

Issei hugged her tightly. "Asia, I'm really tired, can I owe you some private time after I wake up?" Seeing her disappointed look, he hugged her again. "Asia, I really am sorry. If I wasn't so tired right now, I'd bend you over the couch, pull your panties to your knees and mount you like two dogs in heat."

Asia giggled at the description and nodded. "Sounds like fun, Issei." She grinned and licked his ear. "When you wake up, I want you to use me until I can't feel anything below my waist." She giggled as she squirmed. "I see someone's feeling excited."

"...I think I can stay up for a few minutes." Issei muttered as he got up while holding onto Asia, walked over to the couch and put her over the arm of the couch before pulling her shorts and panties down, leaving her bare ass exposed while he got behind her and put his face between her legs, licking and teasing her while undoing his pants.

Asia grabbed the blanket that she had been sleeping under and put it over her mouth to keep her moans to a minimum as she felt Issei's tongue wiggling around deep inside of her. She bit the blanket as she felt an orgasm approaching. "Nnngh..." She stopped as she felt him pull away. "Huh?" She looked over her shoulder to see him standing above her, tears in her eyes. "I was getting close, Issei, it's not nice to tease me." It was then that she noticed that he was standing close to her and then she felt something pressing against her. "Oh." She blushed and arched her back while putting her face back in the blanket before groaning loudly as he slid into her, spreading her and stuffing her. Asia's eyes screwed shut as she bit the blanket while enjoying feeling his dick sliding into her little by little.

She let out a little yelp as she felt his hips meet her ass.

"You feel so good." Issei let out a low grunt as he leaned over and slid his hands up her shirt and onto her breasts. Asia let the blanket out of her mouth as she turned to face Issei, kissing him, their tongues entwining as he rocked in and out of her.

Asia closed her eyes and enjoyed the sensations of his body over hers, his dick thrusting in and spreading her insides, the way his hands squeezed and kneaded her breasts, the way he pinched and twisted her nipples that caused her to squeak and shiver as the orgasm that she was denied earlier came back in full force as her insides convulsed and squeezed Issei's dick.

When he grunted and his dick throbbed before cumming inside of her, Asia let a moan out as she felt him empty inside of her. "Nnnmmmgh..." She broke the kiss and smiled at him. "Thanks, I needed that."

Issei nodded and grinded his hips against her butt. "Sorry, your butt feels really nice." Asia smiled and blushed as the two stayed like that for a little while.

"Your way of copulating reminds me of animals." A new voice spoke up and both Issei and Asia's faces turned red as they looked up the stairs to see Ophis, who was squatting down while wearing a loose outfit. "Is there a reason that you decided to copulate like that compared to other positions that you could take? Is it easier to have children like that?" Ophis tilted her head in confusion at the shocked and surprised looks that the two had on their faces. "What? I was watching since Issei picked you up and put you over the couch."

"You... You watched us..?" Asia asked and Ophis nodded. "...Why didn't you say anything?"

"I was curious." Ophis said as though it was the most obvious thing in the world. "I feel weird, but for some reason I like it. Is that why you copulate?"

"Uh..." Issei sweat-dropped as he pulled out of Asia with a pop, causing her to leak bodily fluids out of her. "Um... I'm tired, it, um... It helps..."

Asia gave Issei a quick kiss. "I'm going to go get cleaned up, then I need to go see Lilith about something." Issei gave her a confused look and Asia smiled nervously. "Don't worry, I just want to ask her to look at something for me, that's all." Issei nodded as Asia ran off to get cleaned up.

"Lilith is that Succubus, yes?" Ophis asked and Issei nodded as he pulled up his pants and walked up the stairs. "Hmm..."

"I'm going to wash up myself and go to bed." Issei yawned as exhaustion started to creep up on him. "If you want to know more about sex, go talk to Lilith, she could help you understand it."

Ophis nodded as she got up. "Yes, that could work." She was about to leave when she remembered that Asia needed to talk to Lilith as well. Ophis then ran to the bathroom where Asia was cleaning herself up. Opening the door, she saw Asia as the latter stood in the shower, completely naked, holding the mobile shower head and was spraying herself off. "Are you ready to go?"

"AH!" Asia yelled in surprise. "Ophis! You need to knock!" Ophis frowned at her and she shook her head. "N-no, I need to make sure all the stuff is out of me and washed off, otherwise I'll be leaking and making a mess all day."

"Is that all?" Ophis asked and snapped her fingers causing Asia to disappear, causing the shower head to fall down and spray water into the air. Asia reappeared next to Ophis. "I left the body fluids he sprayed into you behind." There was a splat on the bottom of the shower to emphasize what Ophis had said and Asia sweat-dropped. "Let's go."

"Wait, I need to..." Asia and Ophis disappeared in a flash of light.


In Makai...

Lilith was walking down the hallway by herself, humming a tune when a flash of light happened right in front of her and the next thing she knew, Ophis, who was dressed, and Asia, who was both naked and soaking wet, appeared in front of her. "...Asia, I didn't know you were into casual nudity." Asia let out a shriek and Lilith giggled at her. "It's okay, half the time everyone walks around completely naked around here anyway."

"Oh good." Ophis said and grabbed her clothes, making them disappear so she could stand there naked. "This is more comfortable."

"Not for me!" Asia protested while trying to cover her crotch and breasts.

Lilith closed her eyes and smiled at Asia. "You just had sex, I can smell Issei on you, feel your hormones and emotions and you're embarrassed about being naked in front of a sex demon?" Lilith said while opening her eyes and raising an eyebrow.

"It's different for you, I'm not sleeping with you." Asia protested and Lilith tapped her chin.

"...So... Want to have a lesbian experience with me then?" Lilith grinned at Asia, who blushed harder. "Lesbian sex with a pregnant woman is quite the treat, you know?"

"I know," Asia said with a flat expression, "I had plenty when Rias was pregnant and..." She turned red and put her hands over her mouth. "You didn't need to know that! But, come on! I want some clothes!"

Lilith giggled before snapping her fingers and Asia sighed as she felt something on her body. "Sorry that it's not as fancy as you might be used to."

Asia looked at the outfit and was surprised that it was a white training gi that covered her chest and stomach. She raised a leg and saw the skin-tight leggings. "Ah..."

Lilith grinned as she snapped a finger and a full-body mirror formed behind Asia. She grabbed Asia and bent her forward while making her look back. "How else are you supposed to show off that great ass of yours, girl?" After admiring Asia's ass, Lilith let go of the blonde and looked at the two of them. "So... Why did you two decide to show up all of a sudden?"

The nude Ophis looked at Lilith with narrowed eyes. "She was copulating with the Red Dragon Emperor while bent over the couch and I wanted to know why like that?"

"Ah, doggy style?" Lilith asked as she looked at Asia, who nodded, while blushing. "Well, there's a few reasons for it. Namely it's fairly easy to get deeper into your partner while being able to squeeze their boobs from behind while holding them close. It also makes anal sex easier to do."

Ophis nodded as she listened in. "Is it easier to procreate that way?"

Lilith grinned at her. "Well, I can say that I got pregnant in that position after all." She winked at the Dragon while rubbing her swelling belly.

Ophis frowned and looked side to side. "Tell me, if the reason for copulation is simply procreation, why do they copulate so often?"

Lilith smiled at her. "Simple, it feels really good." Her smile faded at Ophis's confused look. "...I'm guessing that you've never done that before."

"Why would I?" Ophis asked and Lilith sighed, hanging her head.

"Well, I guess I'll have to teach you about that." Lilith said and looked at Asia. "So, why are you here?"

"I'm worried that I'm possessed by a Shade of some sort." Asia said and Lilith gave her a serious look. "Lately I've been having these bad dreams about something that looks kind of like me and I'm worried that either I'm going crazy or it's something like what Issei went through after Loki cursed him."

Lilith nodded. "Alright, let's get you to a couch and I'll get Nabiki to help me out." When Asia looked confused, Lilith pointed to her stomach. "I am NOT taking any extra risks right now. I'll need Nabiki's abilities to see for sure and know exactly what's going on."


It was several minutes later when Nabiki, who was wearing training clothes that included long pants and a tank top, Lilith and Ophis were standing about Asia, who was laying down on the couch. "Okay," Nabiki nodded as she looked at Asia and activated her Sacred Gear. "What's going to happen is that Lilith is going to do a dive into you and I'll follow along with my Sacred Gear here. But since I have this, I'll send a bunch of feelers out into your mind and Lilith and I can both look and see what's going on. If there's a Shade possessing you, we'll know and we'll get Issei and the others to fix the problem right away."

Asia nodded and closed her eyes, relaxing as Lilith put her forehead against Asia's.

"Alright, we're in." Nabiki said as data came up on the screens and she looked at it while her eyes went over everything she was seeing. "Are you seeing this, Lilith?" She asked as a screen popped up, showing Lilith, who nodded.

"Yeah, I'm also getting the feeling of what's in here, so it shouldn't be hard to figure..." Lilith trailed off and frowned. "Hey, what's that?" She pointed to a deep blue area.

"Hold on." Nabiki focused on it and frowned. "Huh, I'm not..." A notification popped up. "Okay, that seems like it's connected to the power that was given to her by Crom Cruach. She's been training really hard in her powers it seems."

"She told me that she doesn't expect to be a power house." Ophis spoke up, "but she wanted to be able to fight back so she wasn't a weakness."

"Makes sense to me." Lilith said as the screens zoomed out and she looked around. "I am not seeing or sensing anything unusual other than that. I'm not feeling anything that would hint at a possession here."

"Yeah, I'm not getting anything either." Nabiki said and frowned. "Alright, we should get you out of there."

"Yeah," Lilith nodded and disappeared as the screens shut off.


"So there was nothing." Asia said while looking upset. "I was kind of hoping it was something possessing me so that I could say that I wasn't going insane."

"Maybe." Lilith shrugged at her as the two of them and Ophis, who was still naked, sat around the table, "but maybe you're getting visions of something?" Asia had a confused, but hopeful look on her face, "I restarted God's system so that Heaven could do more powerful miracles and made it so the Artificial Sacred Gears could go through the reincarnation process like regular ones did and made it so Angels wouldn't need to worry about becoming Fallen if they had sex with their spouses. Maybe it caused a small glitch in the system and you're seeing visions of something that happened in another reality or a vision from the future because of it?"

"Maybe." Asia sighed softly. "Do you mind if I stay for a few hours? If I have one of those dreams again..."

"Sure." Lilith smiled at her. "We have a few spare bedrooms that you can sleep in. Plus Koneko's here seeing her nephews."

"Oh!" Asia perked up. "I want to see them too."

"Sure." Lilith smiled and the two got up. She looked at Ophis. "What about you?"

"I'll stay here." Ophis said before blinking as Lillie, who was just as naked as she was, walked in. "Oh, my other self."

Lillie looked at Ophis and waved.

Ophis looked at Lillie after Lilith and Asia left. "...So..."

Lillie held up her hands and a crystal appeared in it. "Gift for Ranma. Help make it better?" It looked like a blooming flower.

"Sure." Ophis said and the two naked loli Dragons sat at the table while using their powers to make the crystal flower more beautiful.

End Chapter 4


Hope you all like.


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It's technically a new day where I am, so...


Chapter 5

Looking rather uncomfortable, Koneko held Tenma in her hands as she sat in the nursery room with her sister. Kuroka tried to amile at her as she held Daidama in her hands.

Kuroka had no idea on what to say and the two had been in the room for more than two hours, sitting in uncomfortable silence as the twin boys slept in their arms.

Finally, Koneko broke the silence as she said something that was bothering her. "...You named him after the color orange?" Koneko asked as she looked at her nephew. "...Why?"

"...Your master named you little kitten." Kuroka pointed out.

"She was like ten." Koneko said while giving her sister a flat stare and looking down as she felt her nephew squirm and open his eyes to look at her. "...Hi?"

Tenma suddenly broke into a wide smile and laughed at Koneko, who had a small smile as she looked back at him.

"...They are cute." Koneko said and looked at Kuroka, feeling her mood change. "...Listen, I..."

"I'm sorry." Kuroka said with a sad look on her face. "I was hoping that maybe my sons could help you overcome your feelings for me."

Koneko bit her lower lip softly and got up to put her nephew in his crib. "Sorry." She said softly before leaving the room.

Kuroka just sighed and lowered her head. "...How can I make it up to you, Shirone?" The one thing that she wanted more than anything else was to make amends with her sister. When Tenma started to cry, she rocked and shushed him quietly. "It's okay, it's okay." She smiled at her son.

Outside of the room, Koneko leaned against the door with her eyes closed. 'I don't hate her, I know why she did it, why is it so hard to talk to her?' Closing her eyes and sighing, Koneko pushed herself off of the wall and started to walk away. "I know I'm being unreasonable, but every time I see her, think about her or try to talk to her..." Koneko said to herself softly as she tried to work through her emotions, which were a swirling mass of confusion and negative feelings.

She shook her head and walked down the hallway before turning a corner.

Which caused her to slam into Asia, knocking the blode on her butt. "Oh!" Koneko gasped and helped Asia to her feet. "Sorry about that, lost in thought."

"It's okay." Asia said while rubbing both her stomach and her butt. "I should have walked closer to Lilith."

"It's why we don't walk right next to the wall." Lilith shook her head in amusement. "We need to hire people." She had an annoyed look on her face. "I'll have to figure something out."

"Asia..?" Koneko had a confused look on her face. "Why are you wearing such..." She trailed off, not sure how to phrase it, "different clothing." She settled on after a few moments.

"Ah!" Asia smiled while blushing. "I was taking a shower when Ophis decided to grab me and bring me to Makai with her."


Lilith giggled at Koneko's look. "Asia showed up in front of me, butt naked and smelling of sex." Asia's face turned red and she spun around, grabbing Lilith's arms and tearing up. "And something else, but I just thought she changed her shampoo or something. Anyway, apparently she and Ophis had to ask me some questions in person and that's why they showed up."

"...Oh." Koneko nodded and tilted her head. "...Asia, did your butt get bigger?"

"EEK!" Asia slapped her hands over her butt and blushed. "I, ah, I've been doing squats a lot lately."

Koneko blinked and tilted her head. "Oh right, you were doing that, weren't you? Maybe I should do more squats too?"

"Hmm, maybe that's why I have a big butt myself?" Lilith mused as she reached behind and rubbed her butt. "Genma's training for me put a lot of emphasis on my legs."

There was a flash of blue light behind Lilith, who turned and saw Serafall, who was close to her own due date, in front of them. "Ah, Lilith, I'm glad you're here." Serafall smiled at her. "I'm going to begin teaching you and the others."

Lilith grimaced while Asia and Koneko looked confused. "I knew this was coming, but I'm not happy about it."

"It can't be helped, unfortunately." Serafall sighed and shook her head. "I don't have a lot of time and since Ran-tan's entire peerage is here, I don't want to have to teach this more than once."

"Um..." Asia smiled nervously. "Lady Leviathan, I'm confused, could you please explain?"

Serafall giggled and nodded. "Sure thing. See, Ran-tan and his peerage have been, for the lack of a better word, shielded since they were an unknown Devil group and have myself, Sirzechs-chan and Azazel-chan watching over them, and being on friendly terms with So-tan and Ria-tan while in the human world helps out as well. But with Ran-tan and Lili-tan being the rulers of Makai, they and their peerage need a crash course on politics for dealing with rulers of various factions."

Lilith had a tight smile on her face. "That and we've been getting requests from various older Devils to meet and form alliances."

Serafall nodded and smiled while patting Lilith on the shoulder. "Don't worry, I'll stick up for my husband's wives, but there's another reason that I have to teach you politics."

"You." Lilith said and Serafall nodded, looking sad. "Look, it's not your..."

"Yes it is." Serafall cut her off. "I know the rules. Devil Kings aren't supposed to have harems or marry into them." An annoyed look crossed her face and she shook her head. "It was something we all agreed to when we became Devil Kings so that we wouldn't have a ton of suitors who want to come after us just for the honor," she scoffed in annoyance, "of being a bedmate to the Devil Kings."

"Um..." Asia smiled nervously. "Was there a lot of issues when you announced that you were marrying Ranma, Lady Leviathan?"

"Unfortunately," Serafall started grumbling, "lousy older generations, I get it, you know more, but that doesn't mean, GAH!"

Lilith stepped up to her and hugged her, their pregnant bellies pressing against each other. "Calm down, you'll go into early labor if you don't." Serafall took a deep breath and nodded. "You never did say why they were okay with you being with Master."

Serafall simply smiled and rubbed a hand over hers and Lilith's bellies. "This is why. Most of the complaints were mollified over the fact that I was pregnant with his child."

Lilith blinked a few times as she stepped back. "Wait, the whole reason you had Master breed you was because you didn't want complaints?" Serafall nodded and Lilith had a grimace come to her face. "...That's..."

"I do love Ran-tan," Serafall told her, "I wouldn't have asked him to get me pregnant if I didn't. But this kind of opened a new can of worms that I didn't see coming until Ajuka-chan pointed it out to me the other day." Lilith, Asia and Koneko all had confused looks on their face as Serafall smiled nervously. "To understand, you have to realize that since Ran-tan and Lili-tan have come into our lives, Ria-tan, Grayfia-chan, myself, Lili-tan, Kuroka and Yasaka have all gotten pregnant or have given birth. All within the past couple of years."

Koneko gasped in surprise as she realized what was being said. "Devils don't have babies this close together."

Serafall nodded. "Exactly, and it's likely that Ran-tan will have more children in the next decade. That is very unusual for Devils." A serious look came to her face as she continued while holding up her right finger. "Since this isn't something that's tied to his Sacred Gear, but rather, his bond with Lili-tan, it's likely to pass onto all of his children."

"...Oh no." Lilith said with her eyes shrinking. "That means there's going to be a lot of Devil families who will be visiting if they have unmarried children."

"Exactly." Serafall told her. "And not just those who are unmarried, some will have harems but want to ensure that they can have children. And think about this, even families who have many children, such as the Phenex family. They're unusual and have four children. Their two youngest are more than a decade apart in age, which isn't anything for Devils. But think about Sirzechs-chan and Ria-tan? Or So-tan and myself? Even though So-tan and Ria-tan are mine and Sirzechs-chan's younger sisters, they were born less than twenty years ago, both Sirzechs-chan and myself were alive during the Great War."

"...Suddenly," Lilith spoke up, "the concept of age doesn't matter when you can measure life-spans into the eons."

"...That's hard to comprehend." Asia muttered as she realized just how long her life could be.

"And that's the bigger reason why I need to help you navigate politics." Serafall told Lilith. "This is just the crash course, after I give birth to this one," she rubbed her belly, "then I can give more lessons."

Serafall snapped her fingers. "That's right, I just remembered, the Angels, Fallen Angels and Devils that will clean up the atmosphere of Makai are ready to begin," Lilith's eyes lit up happily, "so, whenever you're ready."

"Do it." Lilith smiled and almost jumped up and down. "They can start whenever. Demons can survive anywhere, I just want this atmosphere to be less hostile to non-Demons."

Serafall nodded and pulled out a small phone and pushed a button on it. "This is Serafall Leviathan, you may begin. Purify the air, tone down, yes, do that, yes... Hold on," she looked at Lilith while putting a hand over the speaker, "my subordinate wants to know how far they should go out from the castle."

Lilith stroked her chin, "Makai is really big, how about we leave some sections alone, like some of the mountains and bay areas and some swamps, but have the area around this castle and forest and at least a few beaches and oceans purified? Make it like a big oval shape with this castle in the center if you can and then put a bounded field up to keep the atmosphere split between the purified and non-purified area? Let's go with... Sixty percent purified and fourty percent non-purified, that should still be enough for Demons so they feel at home, but more than enough for non-Demons to live comfortable lives if they want to."

Serafall nodded and relayed the instructions. "Okay, just call me back if you have any other issues. Okay, ja ne!" She said in a cutesy tone of voice while hanging up. "Anyway, shall we have our lessons then?"

"I'm going to head back to Earth." Asia said with a small bow. "I'll go find Ophis and return to Earth. Thank you, Lilith, for helping me out."

As Asia ran off, Serafall looked at Lilith in confusion. "What did she need help with?"

"Oh, just some sexual positions." Lilith had a lewd grin on her face. "Really, Master and I are working on a new kama sutra book." Both Serafall and Koneko perked up. "Well, with wings and the ability to fly, do you have ANY idea the different positions you can get into?" Lilith started breathing heavily and grinning. "And the thrill of fucking in mid-air, knowing that if you lose your concentration, you can fall down and get seriously hurt? Or just screaming your orgasms just above the houses and having everyone looking up to watch you have sex?"

Both Serafall and Koneko's eyes shrank down to pinpricks as they realized that there were a lot more sexual positions to try out since all of them could, in fact, fly.

"Anyway," Serafall coughed, her face somewhat red from the thoughts that entered her mind, "shall we?"

"Yes." Lilith said with a soft sigh.


Back on Earth...

Akeno sighed as she sank into the bath. "Feels good." She smiled and looked up as Irina joined her.

"Hey," Irina smiled as she slipped her naked body into the bath, neither of them had modesty towels on, which wasn't needed for them, they had both seen each other naked plenty of times after all. "Have you seen Asia or Ophis today?"

"No." Akeno frowned in confusion. "I'm sure that they're okay, especially if they're together, but I worry, I hope..."

Suddenly to figures appeared in the air and Akeno and Irina both stared in surprise before both figures fell straight down into the bath.

Akeno was more surprised that Irina, after all, it was hard to not be surprised when a butt unexpectedly crashed into her face.

Irina blinked a few times as the splashes obscured her vision. When the splashes died down, she saw Ophis in front of her and Asia where Akeno had been. "Ah, Asia..." Asia looked at Irina in confusion. "Welcome home, why did you cannonball on top of Akeno's face?"

"AH!" Asia jumped up as the water bubbled and Akeno stood up, the water coming off of her naked body in a cascade. "Sorry..."

Akeno had a tight smile on her face. "Sorry? Oh, you will be." She jumped at Asia, who shrieked as Akeno stripped the blonde out of her wet clothes and threw them out of the bath before Akeno started to tickle Asia all over her naked body.

"Bwahahahahahahahaha! Hahahahaha!" Asia squealed and squirmed while Akeno tickled her. "Stoopppahahahahahahahah!"

"No." Akeno told her. "For sitting on my face without permission, you must be tickled!" With that declaration, Akeno's hands roamed all over Asia's body, finding ticklish spots and attacking them while the smaller blonde laughed, squealed and tried to get away.

Eventually the two of them were outside of the bath with Asia on her back and Akeno on all fours above the panting blonde.

"That..." Asia panted, "wasn't nice."

"You're right." Akeno nodded and leaned in, kissing Asia on the lips gently, "there's my apology."

Asia blushed. "Ah, why..?"

"...Want to have a threesome with Issei?" Akeno winked at Asia, who perked up and nodded. "He should be getting back home soon, how about we give him a naked apron surprise?"

"Can I join in?" Irina asked. "I've always wanted to ask if Issei wanted a bath, a meal or me."

"Sure, but..." Akeno gave Irina a look of concern, "can you join us?"

"Oh yeah," Irina nodded and smiled while closing her eyes and putting a hand above her breasts, "so long as my husband is with us, it's okay, so long as I don't have anal sex and he orgasms inside of me at least once."

Asia and Akeno perked up and the two of them and Irina quickly washed up before leaving to get some aprons to wear.

Meanwhile, Ophis was completely naked as she just floated on her back in the tub. "...I like this place." There was a feeling of fun and excitment that didn't bother her.


Later that day in Makai...

Ranma, who was naked and kneeling on his bed, looked at the box that held Asmodeus and sighed softly before nodding and undoing the locks on it, causing it to open up and revealing an annoyed looking miniature girl. "So..."

"Why did you wait so long!?!" Asmodeus screamed as she threw her arms up and down and kicked her legs up and down. "Do you know how BORING it was in there?! They wouldn't even let me have a book to read!" She crossed her arms and spun around with an angry huff. "I have no reason to do anything with you again if all you're going to do is stuff me in boxes."

"...So you don't want to Unison with me while I fuck three hot blondes?" Ranma asked as the door to the bedroom opened up, revealing the naked forms of Ravel, Bulleta and Mittelt. Ravel and Mittelt were blushing while Bulleta was grinning.

Asmodeus turned with a narrowed expression on her face and floated up, poking Ranma on the forehead. "Never, ever, EVER, stuff me in a box again and I'll forgive you."

Ranma nodded. "Yeah, I won't." He stood up and closed his eyes. "Now... Balance... Break."

An aura washed over the room that had all four females trembling in delight, though it was obvious that Ranma himself was affected as well. Ranma's skin darkened slightly and when he opened his eyes, they were amber in color while his hair gained purple and red tips. "Alright," he nodded to Asmodeus. "Do it."

"Right, first time ever entering a guy that didn't involve turning male and shoving my dick going into their ass or mouth." Asmodeus grinned as she glowed. "Unison..." She zipped up to Ranma and merged with him. "In!"

Bulleta tilted her head as Ranma's hair turned white and his eyes became the same color. "Well, that's odd." She felt her throat go dry as the feeling in the air seemed to get heavier. "Ranma, are you in there?"

"Yeah." Ranma said as he looked at his hands and then at the three blondes, who got on the bed and crawled on their hands and knees over to him. Mittelt got to Ranma first as he kissed her on the lips while squeezing her butt while Ravel and Bulleta both licked up Ranma's legs and towards his crotch.

"Just wait," Asmodeus's voice was heard in Ranma's head, "it gets better."

Ranma wondered what she was talking about as he felt her guide the hand on Mittelt's ass so that it was rubbing her crotch.

As soon as he did that, Ravel, Bulleta and Ranma all stiffened in shock while Ranma continued to finger Mittelt's pussy.

"You feel it, don't you?" Asmodeus said in amusement. "And so do they. The three of you are feeling what you're doing to her." The miniature girl smiled and shivered, "so do I, but that's because I'm merged with you."

Ranma groaned as Ravel and Bulleta both licked at his dick and all three girls let out a moan. 'It works both ways?'

"That's right." Asmodeus said in delight as she moaned. "What you're feeling, they're feeling and vice versa. You don't actually feel your fingers on her pussy, you're just feeling the pleasure. Likewise they're not feeling their tongues on your dick, just the pleasure you're feeling. I tried to have the sensations of feeling while sex work like that and it was a mess, my lovers all went insane. Just trust me on that, it's not fun unless you hate the person and want to make them insane with sex."

Ranma wanted to say something but he felt Mittelt shiver and cum, her juices soaking his hand while Ravel and Bulleta both shuddered and groaned as well. '...Oh, this is going to be interesting.'

"Like you wouldn't believe." Asmodeus grinned, "now get those sluts lined up! I got a really good trick to show you."

Ranma nodded and gave Mittelt a kiss as he pushed her next to Ravel, who had Bulleta on her other side and he crawled behind them. "Asses up." He ordered and the three cooed in delight, raising their butts up into the air and letting him admire the view of their asses. Bulleta had the most slender ass while Ravel had the most meat on hers and Mittelt had the widest ass of the three. Positioning himself behind Ravel, he slowly slid into her while he fingered the other two.

Before he was even half-way in, his eyes widened and he found it hard to move as he was getting bombarded with the sensations from the girls.

Hearing the moaning from the girls caused his brain to restart as he finished thrusting into Ravel while he fingered Mittelt and Bulleta.

"And now I'm going to do something really nasty." Asmodeus had a nasty grin on her face. "Pay attention, because I'm not undoing this."

Suddenly the sensations coming from Ravel, Bulleta and Mittelt increased more than five-fold as they suddenly trembled and screamed while their pussies drooled out their pleasure.

"Just so you know, not only did I increase their sensitivity," Asmodeus giggled as Bulleta turned around and crawled up to him, kissing him on the lips.

"Cum... Let me cum, you bastard." She whimpered, a smoky look in her eyes.

"But I made it so that they can't hit release." Asmodeus laughed while Ranma was pushed down onto the bed and Ravel bounced on his dick more desperately, slapping her ass against his stomach before Mittelt grabbed her and made out with her, their breasts pressing against each other and Bulleta dropped her crotch on his face while grabbing his hair. "Oh dear, they're really desperate, aren't they?"

Ranma said nothing as he licked up the fluids that were coming out of Bulleta, who was begging for release.

"Fuck! Please!" Bulleta had tears coming out of her eyes. "I've never wanted to cum so much before!"

"Okay, to release it, you need to..." Before Asmodeus could finish, she was shocked as the spell she put the three girls under was undone by Ranma. "...You seriously figured it out that fast?"

That was amazing, and terrifying.

But whatever Asmodeus wanted to say was cut off as all three girls suddenly orgasmed so hard that a flood covered Ranma's face, crotch and the bed while Ranma himself came hard into Ravel's pussy. Asmodeus herself was shaking and shuddering as the sensations overwhelmed her and she orgasmed hard too.

The three girls shuddered and slumped down, flopping onto the bed.

"...I've never cum so hard before." Mittelt muttered as she was still trembling. "I can still feel all of that."

"That was... Fuuuuuck..." Bulleta grinned while her body trembled while she rolled off of Ranma.

Ravel laid on Ranma, her back against his chest as he hugged her. "Too intense. I don't think I can handle this every night."

"Yeah." Ranma nodded in agreement as he released his balance break. "That was too much."

"Your hair is purple." Mittelt pointed out before yawning. "Too tired, must rest."

"Yeah." Ranma nodded. It didn't take them long to fall asleep and Asmodeus unfused with Ranma as she floated above him.

"...If you had been alive during the Great War, whichever side managed to get you to fight for them would have had too much of an advantage." It wasn't his power, though it was obvious he was strong, but rather, his ability to adapt and learn on the fly.

Smiling, Asmodeus closed her eyes and did a quick chant, cleaning up the sexual fluids from the bed and bodies before putting a blanket over the four naked teens, letting them sleep. "Rest well, boyo." She floated out of the room quietly.


In the distance, Raven narrowed his eyes as he looked at the Aensland castle. "Calm yourself." He said to the short person next to him, who was growling. "Both of our targets are there, but going now would be a bad idea." He rolled his eyes at the one next to him kept growling. "Do note that my offer of help for you to get your revenge is limited, little one." He smirked as the person under the cloak looked up at him and growled. "Relax, we just need to do it at an appropriate time. Otherwise you'll be stopped. As soon as Puck makes his move, we make our move."

The other person nodded and the two disappeared from where they were at.

End Chapter 5


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Chapter 6

"What do you mean?" Hayate asked Signum as the two ate breakfast. "We've only been here two weeks.

"We're going to have to head back." Signum told her. "I got a call from Testarossa last night. She's going to be going on a mission to hopefull track down a target she's been trying to get for the past couple of years and we have to report in on Crannagan to our superiors for some debriefing and meetings."

Hayate sighed and hung her head. "I suppose if we have to, we have to." Despite the training that her big brother had subjected her to, and Hayate had no clue that he could be so evil, she had been having fun.

After all, she didn't need clearance to unleash all her magical attacks, and the other members of the peerage she was a part of were lots of fun, even if they were a bit crazy.

"Most of us are going to be gone for awhile." Lilith said as she walked in. "I wanted to go see Arf, so I'll come with you." She rolled her eyes at the look that Signum gave her. "What? I like her."

"You do realize that she's in the form of a small girl, yes?" Signum asked and Lilith sighed as she realized what Signum was getting at.

"First of all, I can control my urges around little children," she paused as she remembered some of the things she had done around kids she had thought were cute and sweat-dropped, "most of the time at least. Secondly, my desires are mostly muted and I just like to tease people."

"...I find that hard to believe." Signum muttered and looked at Hayate, who was grinning and then back at Lilith, "considering what you tried to do to Hayate when she was younger and how you didn't ensure she couldn't watch, you're just lucky that I consider it bad form to strike down a pregnant woman."

Lilith groaned and walked in a circle. "For crying out loud! I wasn't pregnant yet when Hayate spied on Master and I! And when I tried to have a threesome with her when she was eleven, I didn't have the perspectives I do right now, okay? I really do just want to meet Arf and since you have to go to Uminari City anyway before heading to that alien world, why not have me come with? Master set up a teleportation array at Hayate's home, so we can all go there when you're ready."

"You said everyone's going to be gone for awhile?" Hayate asked Lilith in confusion. "What do you mean?"

"Master has to check on his wife in Kyoto, since he hasn't seen her in a few weeks, plus he wants to see his daughters," Lilith looked up as she thought about what was going on, "there's a volcano that's causing trouble over on one of the islands, so Mittelt and Yohko are going to go see if it's a natural thing or if it's a Demon causing problems. Atsuko and Bulleta are going to deal with a forest that's going out of control, so they're just going to go find out what's going on and deal with it. Arisa's going to go with us, since she wants to see her parents, Ravel and Cologne often spend time cleaning this place up, and I don't know what Nabiki's doing."

"Probably sleeping." Hayate giggled, knowing how the older girl had weird sleeping patterns. Even though she had only known her for a couple of weeks, she knew that Nabiki kept a weird sleeping schedule.

"Probably." Lilith admitted, though she realized that she had no clue where Leonardo or Lillie were. 'I'm sure it's fine, those two are pretty close.'

"Alright, fine, we'll go after Shamal, Zafira and Vita get here." Signum conceded the point.

"Where's..." Lilith began but trailed off as she saw Reinforce Zwei sitting on a counter eating a grape that was bigger than her mouth. "Oh, there you are."

Reinforce Zwei smiled cutely, opened her mouth really wide and took a large bite out of the grape in her hands.



Nabiki, Leonardo and Lillie were all sitting in a large room in another wing in the castle. "Alright, you both know what I need to do." They nodded and she sighed softly. "I'm going to turn off the inhibitor chip in my brain and use my Sacred Gear and try NOT to go completely crazy because of all the information flooding my head. It's the only way to master this thing."

Leonardo tilted his head. "...Why?" He asked and she blinked at him. "...You could... Hurt yourself. You're family."

Nabiki smiled at him. "Thanks, little brother." It was odd, to think of the dark-skinned boy as her brother, but he was really sweet and mostly kept to himself, though he had started to join in on the group training sessions, as did Lillie, for some reason. When asked, the Dragon thought it was fun.

Nabiki thought that the ponytailed loli just wanted to have something to do since no one knew how to really handle her. It wasn't like the training did her any good. "Anyway..." She motioned to a remote that Leonardo was holding. "Just press that button when I activate my Balance Break. I'm going to try and master this." She knew it wasn't going to be easy or quick, but she had to try.

Leonardo frowned slightly and looked at the remote in his hands before getting up and walking over to Nabiki and hugging her, much to her surprise. "Careful."

Nabiki smiled and hugged him back. "Just remember to push that button if I start complaining or speaking in gibberish." He nodded and let go before pushing the button. "You have my message for when this goes stupid?" She asked Lillie, who nodded and held up a sign that explained what Nabiki was planning. "Good." Nabiki nodded and closed her eyes before taking a deep breath. "Okay, now then... Balance Break..."

Nabiki closed her eyes as her mind was bombarded with information. "Okay, so far, so potatoes." She groaned as she realized that she was being quickly overwhelmed. "Dammit, I so did not need to see Bastet's horse harem... Eww..."

Both Leonardo and Lillie grimaced as they looked at each other.

"I'm still somewhat okay." Nabiki told them as she opened her eyes. "It's getting potato pancakes." She grimaced and closed her eyes, grimacing and putting her hands to her head. "Why in the world is there Hades in a tutu while..." She cut herself off and looked at Leonardo, nodding to him as he pressed the button and she shut off her Balance Break. "Oh thank merciful alien warships that are powered by loli clones." She flopped onto her back and grimaced as her head was still hurting. "Pizza is a fruit snack!"

Both Leonardo and Lillie looked at each other in concern before crawling over to Nabiki and laid down on either side of her. She hugged them both to her and twitched as her brain tried to filter the information she had in her head out. Even with the inhibitor chip being back on and helping, there was a lot of information that had slammed into her all at once.


Standing in his room, Ranma looked at Asmodeus and sighed softly. "Okay, I have to say, fusing like that led to some amazing sex, but I don't want to do it too often."

"Afraid of getting addicted like I did?" The miniature girl asked and Ranma nodded. "Fair enough. Now, to answer your question, I've never heard of sex being used to give someone a power up to overcome weaknesses before. At least, not like what you're describing."

"I figured as much." Ranma muttered and sighed. "Well, in that case..." He pulled out a thin dagger that had jewels on it. "This allows me to contact the guy who taught Lilith and myself magic, so..." He focused on it and suddenly it glowed. After a few moments, Ranma let out a breath and the glowing stopped. "Alright, I contacted him, but who knows..." A sudden bright tearing in the fabric of reality formed in front of him. "...You came fast, old man."

Zelretch snorted at him. "What are you talking about? It's been three weeks for me, or did you forget the time difference between our realities?"

"...I did forget that, actually." Ranma chuckled. "No wonder you were able to train Lilith and myself so easily then."

"Bah, so why'd you call me?" The old man asked and Ranma explained the situation to him. "Huh, you're asking about a Tantric Sex Ritual?" Both Asmodeus and Ranma gawked in surprise at him and he smirked. "Yeah, some horny bastards in the past figured out how to increase their magic power by having sex. It's not exactly easy to do and quite messy, plus the effects are temporary at best." He gave Ranma a contemplative look. "Then again, no one who ever did that had an artifact given to them by Yahweh that could do what yours does."

Ranma pointed to Asmodeus. "Actually, it's part of her soul that was turned into a Sacred Gear due to some sort of hiccup in the system."

"Makes sense." Zelretch nodded and pulled out a thin book. "Anyway, everything you need to know about it is right here."

"...You carry that around with you?" Ranma asked as Zelretch tossed it to him.

"Eh, sometimes I give it to people who need to loosen up, just to watch their reactions, it's hilarious." The old man grinned at Ranma, who laughed at the thought of another version of himself that was uptight and getting this book. "Anyway, like I said, if you're trying to help any of your women get stronger, I can't guarantee anything would be permanent, though with this kind of ritual, you could set up a contract so that they could draw on your power, basically turning them into a pseudo-familiar."

"Interesting," Ranma mused, "if that's needed, I'll keep that in mind." He flipped through the book and paused as he came across some information, "Oh, this is how you do the contract, huh?"

Asmodeus looked at Zelretch and frowned in confusion. "You feel like a Vampire."

The old man grinned and the miniature girl was surprised to see rather long fangs form in his mouth. "Been a vampire for centuries. I impressed the moon enough that he turned me into one."

"...The moon?" Asmodeus asked and shook her head. "Whatever, don't care. I just don't sense the typical bloodlust of Vampires from you, that's what's confusing me."

Zelretch suddenly smirked as he pulled out his Jeweled Sword. "Hope you don't mind me, brat, I had a bout of inspiration."

Ranma sweat-dropped. "Don't do something that will get you killed."

"That only happened once." Zelretch said as he disappeared.

"...How is he still alive if he died?" Asmodeus asked Ranma after Zelretch disappeared.

"The guy can manipulate parallel realities." Ranma told her. "He's near impossible to kill fully, since there's always another version of him that exists, even in the same dimension, at all times."

"...That's ludicrious."

"I know." Ranma deadpanned. "Anyway," he put the book away, "ready to go meet my wife and daughters in Kyoto?"

"Always." Asmodeus grinned and Ranma narrowed his eyes at her. "...What?"

"You WILL behave around Yasaka and my daughters, understand." Ranma pointed a finger at her. "And I'm not saying this as a father, but because if you don't, my wife WILL make you suffer."

"...She's a Youkai, I'm a Devil." Asmodeus pointed out. "I don't..."

"Yasaka is on par with the five Dragon Kings." Ranma told her and Asmodeus stared and went pale. "Unless you think you're stronger than one of them as you are..."

"Okay, okay! I get it!" Asmodeus yelled and held up her hands. "I'll behave and I won't do anything lewd."

Ranma smiled and put a hand on her head, rubbing it gently. "See? Good girl. If you keep that promise and Yasaka's up for it, I'll let you fuse with me when I'm banging her."

The bronze-skinned girl grinned at the thought. "Well, we both know that sex is a lot better when we're fused."

Ranma nodded. "Right, so let's go." The two disappeared in a flash of light.


On top of the castle, Raven smiled as he sensed that Ranma and Asmodeus had left. He had seen Yohko, Bulleta, Atsuko and Mittelt all leave earlier. He turned and looked at his companion, who was looking more and more excited by the moment. "I told you, if you just wait, you'll be able to get your revenge." The person next to him grinned and Raven put a hand on their shoulder. "Let's wait a couple of more hours, to ensure that no one will be coming back because they forgot something. Then you can get your revenge."

A growling purr came from the person's throat. "I can't wait."

End Chapter 6


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Chapter 7

It was a mellow day in Kuoh City, the sun was bright, the birds were chirping, Irina was listening to music in her earbuds while running on the sidewalk as cars raced by.

When she saw someone familiar, she smiled and pulled the earbuds out of her ears. "Hey, Asia..." Irina said as she ran up to the blonde girl, who was looking up at some birds, or at least, that's what Irina thought, since there were birds in that general direction. "What are you doing out here?"

"Huh?" Asia blinked and looked at her friend. "Oh, sorry, I was just walking and was lost in thought." She smiled as Irina stopped running right next to her.

"Is there something wrong?" Irina asked and Asia sighed softly. "Come on, you can tell me."

"Well..." Asia fidgeted and nodded. "Lately, I've been having some nightmares. It feels like there's another me in my dreams and I'm not sure what it means. I thought I was possessed by a Shade or something and went to Lilith to ask her to take a look. She didn't see any signs of possession, so I'm stumped."

Irina frowned as she heard that. "Why didn't you tell any of us you thought you were possessed?"

"...If I was wrong, I didn't want to worry anyone." Asia said and the next thing she knew, Irina was hugging her tightly. "Irina?"

"Don't think we would get upset!" Irina yelled while hugging her. "I'm upset that you tried to keep it a secret!"

"I'm sorry." Asia said softly.

Irina nodded and let go of the hug. "Good. Because if you do that again, I... I..."

"Huh?" Asia asked.

"I'll tell Akeno to give you a spanking!" Irina's face went red as she realized what she had said and knew just where such a suggestion would lead to.

Asia's face was likewise as red, because she knew that Akeno would enjoy doing that to her. Plus Asia knew about the bondage stuff that Akeno had and was worried that her friend would bring that out to use on her.

'But then again,' a voice that was Asia's, but slightly different, echoed in her head, 'it might be fun, to be completely at her mercy, huh? You'd probably love it if she tied you up, paddled your ass until it was red, put a studded plug up your ass and ate you out before putting a strap-on on and taking you just like Issei did, huh?'

Irina blinked a few times as Asia's face got redder and redder and she started letting out weird noises. "Asia, are you okay?"

"A...A...Aaaahhh!" Asia screamed suddenly and fell onto her butt before blinking a few times. "AHH! Sorry! I just, um..."

"What?" Irina asked as she helped Asia to her feet. "What?"

"...I fantasized about Akeno doing things to me." Asia said in a voice just above a whisper and Irina's face turned as red as Asia's face was.

"...Oh. I can see why you would react that way then." Irina said while giggling nervously. The two laughed and walked towards a nearby street bench and sat down on it. "But, seriously," Irina gave Asia a stern look, "I don't want to hear about you holding stuff in, okay?"

Asia nodded and blinked in confusion. "Irina? Do you hear music?"

"...Music?" Irina asked and shook her head. "No, I don't hear anything."

"It sounds like someone's singing a song," Asia closed her eyes as she listened to it, "I swear, I've never heard of before, but..." Asia stood up and started walking off. "For some reason, I know this song, I know I've heard it," she opened her eyes as she started to walk faster and faster, "it sounds so familiar to me." As she said that, she started to run towards the source of the music.

"Asia?" Irina got up and scrambled after her. "Asia, wait! I don't hear anything!" What was terrifying to Irina was that Asia's face looked like she wasn't even paying attention to what was going on around her.

Something about this didn't feel right to her, but she didn't know what it was. She reached into her pocket and pulled out her phone and made a call. "Hello? Xenovia? Are you busy? If not, can you get Akeno, Issei and Yukiko and meet up with me? I'm currently chasing after Asia, who said she heard some sort of music and I can't hear anything. We're currently heading to the park on the North side of town. Okay, good, thanks."

If someone was trying to hurt Asia, she wouldn't let them, not without a fight at least, and she wasn't going to do it alone.



Entering the upper levels of Heaven, the angel known as Cassiel took a deep breath before nodding and entering. "Lady Gabriel," Cassiel knelt in front of Gabriel, who looked at her in concern. "I bring some bad news from Earth."

"What is it?" The blonde Seraph asked with concern in her voice and on her face.

Cassiel looked up at Gabriel and continued, "while I was in the human world, a stray Devil was causing problems. I was asked by a Devil to assist since the stray Devil was capturing children and feasting on them."

"How horrible." Gabriel said with shock on her face.

"Unfortunately, the stray Devil realized that we were chasing it and has possessed a young child and there's a powerful seal on the child, I'm asking for help as I do not wish to harm the child." Cassiel said and held up an orb, which glowed and showed a small boy writhing on the ground. "Currently, the child is in a sealing area to keep him safe, but we do not know how long it will last. While killing the child would free them from the control, I'm sure that you could make the stray devil come out and then it could get purged."

"Of course." Gabriel nodded at Cassiel, "such a thing, I'm glad that you can work together with a Devil to stop the stray Devil from harming more people, but it is troubling that this had to happen."

Cassiel nodded. "I know where the location is, I'll take us both there." Gabriel nodded and both of them disappeared in a flash of white light.


On Earth...

Gabriel blinked as she took in her surroundings, they were in a warehouse with pipes, lumber and chains all over the place. She ignored that as she saw a young-looking child surrounded by a circle that was glowing red, his head bowed as he was on his knees while his left hand was around his stomach and his right hand was on the floor, supporting him. "Hold on, I'll help you." She ran over to the boy and ignored the others as she knelt down and put her hands on the boy. "It will be okay soon."

The boy looked up at her, his green eyes looking at her with hope. "Big sis... Do you mean it?"

Gabriel smiled and nodded. "Yes, things will be better. Now hold on, this might hurt a little." The boy looked at her, smiled and snapped his left hand and the next thing Gabriel knew, a powerful magic sigil formed under her. "What?" She gasped as black tendrils came out of the sigil, wrapping around her legs, arms and neck, pulling hard, pulling her arms down and her neck back.

Gabriel gasped and tried to call up her power to stop it, but to her shock, she couldn't use her magic. 'This is...'

"A curious thing, a seal that stops Angel movements when your enemies needed you captured and restrained without killing you." The boy said as he stood up. "But for the Angel of Destruction such as yourself, even this wouldn't be enough. However, this one enhanced the power, so," he watched Gabriel sink into the sigil and crouched while smiling at her, "you'll be our guest."

"Guest?" Gabriel gasped out while the boy patted her on the head.

"Just sleep now." He said as she closed her eyes and disappeared into the sigil, which disappeared. "When you come to, your fate will be decided."

"That was..." Cassiel frowned in concern, "surprisingly easy, Puck, I thought it would be harder."

Puck grinned and held up his right index finger as he slowly turned away from her. "You underestimate one of the tricksters of the Fae," he grinned and pulled his right hand to his face while he cupped his chin, "plans such as these are child's play. Besides," he looked back at her with an amused grin on his face, "games are only more fun when they get past the opening plays."


In Makai...

Cologne was taking a basket of laundry to the laundry room when she closed her eyes. "I do hope, mister," she turned to look at the person behind her, who was a dark-haired man with reddish-brown skin, "that you aren't here to cause trouble."

"Perhaps I am," the man told her, "I am known as Raven."

"Cologne," the young-looking woman said as she put the basket down. "What are you doing here?"

"Mostly?" Raven asked as he flexed the fingers on his right hand, "just keeping you occupied." He said as the windows all opened and dozens upon dozens of black ravens flew into the hallway, cawing loudly and darkening the hallway, making it hard to see. Raven raised an eyebrow as suddenly the ravens that had been attacking Cologne were silenced and in her hands. "Rather impressive."

"Oh, this is nothing." Cologne smiled and narrowed her eyes at him as she held the Ravens, which suddenly burst apart, falling into a bunch of feathers that disappeared as soon as they touched the carpets. "I thank you for making that easy to clean."

"For someone so docile, you're a lot more capable than I thought."

"...Docile." Cologne smiled while closing her eyes. "Ohohohohohohoho..." She opened her eyes and Raven jerked at the intensity in them. "I've been called many things, but docile? Not even when I was a child was I called that."


The windows on the outside of the castle suddenly exploded outwards as Cologne, who had her hands on Raven's throat, drove him out of the building.

Raven merely raised an eyebrow and his body turned to mist, which allowed Cologne to pass right through him. She flipped and landed on her feet as the mist went to the ground and swirled back into Raven's body. "Rather impressive, I'd say." Raven said as he reassessed Cologne.

The young woman smirked at him. "I thank you for the compliment, so, what are you? A vampire?"

The very sky itself seemed to darken as Raven narrowed his eyes. "A useless blood sucker? Do not confuse a member of the Fae for one of those things."

"A Fae, huh?" Cologne mused and mentally grimaced. "I've heard stories about you from the lord of this castle."

Raven said something in a language that Cologne had never heard of when the ground shifted, she jumped off of the ground just as a hand came out of it. While in mid-air, she turned and saw a hand coming out of the castle. She put her hands on the hand and used it to push herself up and off of the hand while positioning herself to being upside down. "...Interesting, did you know that your underwear is on display?"

Cologne smirked as she threw her arms forward, launching things at Raven, who merely let the objects hit him. Cologne's smirk slowly died down as Raven showed no injuries or even a reaction to the things that hit him. "What are you?"

"I told you, panty-flasher, I'm a Fae." Raven calmly said as he pulled out a wooden stake that had slammed into his chest and threw it to the side, where it clanged on the ground.

"...Ranma wasn't lying when he said your type was more terrifying that we knew."

"As I said," Raven said as the sky was filled with numerous ravens, so many that the sky itself was blacked out, "I'm simply here to keep you occupied."

"Occupied for what?" Cologne asked before rushing at Raven yet again.


Elsewhere in the castle..

Koneko was sitting in the nursery, watching her nephews when she felt something. Her ears popped out of her head, as did her two tails from her backside as she spun around to face someone in an orange-colored cloak that had, to her surprise, two cat ears on the hood. "You're..?"

"Who we are is not important." The person said and growled at her. "Where is she?! The black one! The one who sentenced all of us to death!!"

Koneko didn't know what they were talking about but when she heard her nephews starting to squirm and cry, she hissed at the person in front of her. "You're upsetting my nephews, leave."

The person growled and rushed at Koneko, who jumped at the other person, tackling them in mid-air. "Get..." Koneko growled as she grabbed the other person by their shoulders, spun around three times and threw them at the door. "OUT!" Koneko blinked in surprise as she was still holding onto the cloak and the person that was under the cloak stood up, covered in dust.

The person coughed and stood up. They had pale skin, silver eyes that were slitted, short hair that was mostly white with an orange diamond pattern on the top. Their body was short and petite, though obviously feminine. They were wearing a black vest over their chest and black panties that looked like they were a size too small for how big their hips and thighs were, bandages covered the person's hands, arms, legs and feet.

But what surprised Koneko the most was the fact that this person had two tails coming out of her back and cat ears on her head. "Nekoshou?" She muttered and threw the cloak away.

The Nekoshou growled at her. "You're not our target." Her body glowed as orbs formed around her. Koneko lunged at the door, before jumping to the side as the attack slammed into the ground, sending out a splash of energy in all directions.

Koneko growled as she realized some of that attack had gotten close to her nephews. "BITCH!" She screamed, an aura of Senjutsu covering her, as she launched herself at the nekoshou, tackling her into the air and slamming several fists into the Nekoshou's body. "Leave my nephews out of this." The Nekoshou's silver eyes glared at her as two large hands of pure energy grabbed Koneko's arms.

"FINE!" She screamed as a pole of energy formed in her hands. "We didn't want to do this to you, but since you won't get out of our way..." She slammed the pole into Koneko's stomach, causing the other Nekoshou to grunt in pain.

"That all you got?" Koneko asked before she was smacked on the left side of her face, causing her head to snap that way before she was smacked on the right side of her face, causing her head to jerk in that direction. "Guess so." Koneko muttered before her aura exploded, making the hands that were grabbing her shatter and she dove down, slamming the other Nekoshou's head into the ground, before running forward while dragging her opponent's head on the ground, leaving a trail of destruction in her wake. As she got to the stairs, Koneko ran down the stairs, tearing them up and getting lots of thunks as she raced for the door. "Get OUT!" She yelled and threw her opponent out of the door.

Her opponent hit the ground and bounced before rolling to a stop.

Koneko walked forward slowly. When her opponent started to dissolve, she frowned in confusion, only to feel the hairs on the back of her neck stand up as she ducked out of the way as a large hand swiped where her body had been a moment ago. Spinning and sliding, she stared as she saw the Nekoshou she had seen dissolve just standing there, looking unharmed. "Ghost?"

"Something like that." Her opponent said before rushing at Koneko, who jumped at her. The two traded blows before Koneko landed a strike on her opponent's jaw, sending her flying away.

Even though she had struck her opponent hard enough to knock her away, Koneko hadn't escaped without a few taking a few hits herself, which was evident as she rubbed her lip, where a small cut had formed and was bleeding. "Not bad. Most people can't injure me." She put her hands on her ears as her opponent suddenly let out a loud scream. "What are you...d.o.i.n.g.?" Koneko gasped and looked down as she was no longer on the ground, but instead being lifted into the air as a spike came out of the ground and was impaling her through her stomach and out of her back. "Gah! HURTS!" Koneko screamed, her eyes screwing shut from the pain.

The Nekoshou stood up and created an axe out of pure energy. "If you had just not gotten involved, you could have lived, you aren't the target of our revenge." She jumped at Koneko, who was still impaled on the spike, before several explosions hit in the back, causing her fall down, while several explosions hit the pillar that was holding up Koneko, causing it to crumble apart. Before Koneko could even fall to the ground, she was grabbed by someone.

"Who?" Koneko opened her eyes and saw Ravel holding her.

Ravel smiled at her. "Not bad for a crispy, fried cunt, huh?" Koneko winced as Ravel put her down and pulled out some Phoenix Tears. "Hold on, this'll fix you up in an instant." Koneko sighed as the tears were dropped onto her gaping wound, healing her in an instant.

"How did you find me?"

"It wasn't hard when you destroy the hallway while running at high speeds." Ravel said and nodded towards where the other Nekoshou was. "Especially since your sister's pissed."

"Huh?" Koneko turned to see Kuroka growling and glowing. "...Big sis?"

"You..." Kuroka roared as she grabbed the Nekoshou by the throat and lifted her up before slamming her down into the ground. "You attacked my sons! You hurt my sister! You're dead!"

Suddenly the Nekoshou in her hands disappeared before reappearing a few feet away, giggling. "Dead? That's hilarious." A dangerous aura surrounded her as the air vibrated. "When you're responsible for us being like this in the first place!"

"Just who are you?" Kuroka asked as her aura surrounded her and focused into her hands. "I want to know who I'm about to kill."

The Nekoshou let out a roar as a pillar of power escaped from her. "We are the souls of every Nekoshou that was killed because of you, Kuroka!"

"What?" Kuroka gasped in surprise, as did Koneko and Ravel.

"DIE!" The Nekoshou screamed and lunged at Kuroka.

End Chapter 7


Yeah, the Fae are no joke, even the tricksters like Raven aren't easy.


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Chapter 8

"Move!" Ravel yelled as she, Kuroka and Koneko all jumped out of the way as the Nekoshou crashed into where they were. There was a yell of power as energy erupted from where she was at and from the pillar, hands of pure energy launched themselves at the three Devils, who quickly moved out of the way of the hands. The hands opened up and needle-thin blasts quickly covered the area, slamming into the ground, trees, castle and more.

Flying into the air, Ravel held her arms to her sides, her palms up as balls of fire formed in them. She raised her arms until her palms touched above her head and the fire merged, swirling around into a concentrated orb that erupted upwards into a big pillar of flame, which had the side-effect of creating an updraft that caused her hair and skirt to rise into the air, which showed off the red G-string panties that she was wearing.

Letting out a yell, Ravel dropped her arms, dropping the fire pillar down like a large sword that slammed into the energy pillar, which only seemed to change from blue and white to red in color.

"Hold on!" Koneko called out as orbs surrounded her before launching themselves upwards and surrounding Ravel's fire pillar, a moment later, more orbs, courtesy of Kuroka, surrounded the pillar of fire. With the energy pouring from Koneko and Kuroka, the power built and eventually crackled, traveling along the pillar of fire as though it was strands of animated electricity and into the pillar of energy that was building up pressure.

"Uh..." Kuroka gulped as the center of the pillar started to expand and grow. "Maybe we should..."

She didn't get to finish that as the energy build-up was so immense that it exploded, sending them all flying away.

The Nekoshou gasped as she was slammed into the wall, where she stayed for a few moments before slowly sliding to the ground as gravity took over. She growled as she landed on her feet and swayed while looking down. "We forgot that Kuroka was a prodigy, even by our standards. To think that her sister would be equivalent to her." She looked up as Kuroka, Koneko and Ravel recovered. "In that case..."

The Nekoshou let loose a yell as a dark aura erupted from her and suddenly there were six copies of her. "Go!"

"Yes!" The six nodded and rushed at the sisters and Ravel.

She grinned as the six jumped at the three that were standing still and watching. "Yes, soon you'll be..."

Before she could finish that, she found her legs getting kicked from behind, forcing her onto her ass and the next thing she knew, her legs were being sat on by someone as a click-clack sound was heard and she felt something against her stomach. Before she could react, there was something pressing on her shoulder and something sharp touched her neck.

"Well, well..." The person, a small blonde, the Nekoshou noted idly, sitting on her legs grinned. "It's too bad that you didn't rush in there with those copies, we wouldn't know which one to jump if that was the case."

"I would call them off before we decide to end you." The brunette with a sword to her throat said and the Nekoshou growled and opened her mouth to say something.

There was a bang and the Nekoshou gasped in pain as the one sitting on her legs shot her in the stomach before pointing a second gun over her shoulder and firing three times, destroying three of her copies. "Didn't we tell you to call them off?"

"Bulleta?" Ravel gasped in surprise as the other three copies all stood still, unsure of what to do. "Yohko? I thought you two left to check out that volcano."

"Huh?" Yohko blinked in surprise while keeping her sword pressed against the Nekoshou's throat. "Oh, we did. The two of us aren't the real ones." She jerked her left thumb over her shoulder, revealing Lillie and Leonardo standing at the door.

"...I sometimes forget that his Sacred Gear is that powerful." Kuroka muttered, knowing that Annihilation Maker could create anything the user could imagine. Being able to make copies of actual people hadn't occurred to her and she suspected that there were limits, but creating copies of Yohko and Bulleta?

That was obviously doable, and terrifying.

"...Leonardo," Ravel smiled at the dark-skinned boy, "please promise me that you will never create an army of Bulleta." He nodded at her. "And where did you get the idea to do this?"

Leonardo looked conflicted and looked at Yohko, who smirked. "Well, Ranma wanted to know what his Sacred Gear could do, so he asked Leonardo to create a copy of Ranma to spar against."

Bulleta grinned as the Nekoshou cried out in pain and pressed her gun against the creature's stomach. "Let's see... Either you calm down or I'll put another bullet in you. And my bullets and her sword are REALLY good at killing things like you."

"We've already died once." The Nekoshou glared at her with tears coming out of her eyes.

Bulleta suddenly had a wide grin on her face as she trailed the gun's barrel down from the Nekoshou's stomach, down to her thighs and then between her legs as she pushed the fabric of the Nekoshou's panties out of the way. "Oh really?"

"H-hey!" The Nekoshou had a look of discomfort on her face. "That hole is not meant for entering."

"Speak for yourself." Koneko muttered, while blushing at the looks she got. "...Too risky to have kids, I still want sex, okay?"

Kuroka shook her head. "Well, you got a good mate at least."

The Nekoshou growled but did as Bulleta and Yohko told her to do, especially since the gun was actually starting to push into her asshole. "That hurts." She growled while dismissing her clones.

"Good." Bulleta grinned at her. "Maybe I won't pull the trigger as I use this gun to rape your ass then?" Her grin turned predatory as the Nekoshou gave her a look of fear. "And just so you know, you can't do anything since Lillie put an anti-spirit field around here. Right now, you're just a little girl."


"Damn right!" Bulleta's grin was so savage that her teeth looked like fangs and were numerous.

Koneko leaned over to Ravel. "...Is the real one this bad?" She whispered.

"Only when she's in a bad mood. We're still cleaning up the zombie remains from a few months ago." Ravel whispered back.

Koneko sweat-dropped and nodded.


Meanwhile on the other side of the castle...

There was a large explosion that caused a crater almost ten meters away from the castle. Cologne wasn't breathing hard, though her breathing was elevated, but her outfit had tears and there were singe marks on her body. "You..." She stared as the smoke cleared, revealing an unharmed, outside of dirt on his body, Raven. "...I severely underestimated you."

"If it makes you feel better," Raven said as he dusted himself off, "I never thought a human could fight as well as you do. The fact that you reversed several magical attacks and actually forced me to expend effort is impressive. But..." A dark aura surrounded him as he crossed his arms and spoke in a language that Cologne couldn't understand. "I think it's time to wrap this up. My companion seems to need help."

Cologne staggered and looked down as vines were wrapping around her legs before more wrapped around her arms, squeezing and pulling, holding her still. "How the hell are you doing this?"

"All of nature obeys the Fae." Raven told her as his aura turned into a giant black bird. "Those that are unnatural have no chance against us."

Raven flew up into the air before diving at the prone form of Cologne, who could only watch as the attack came down at her.

There was a rumbling sound and the next thing Cologne knew, a giant hand was grabbing Raven out of mid air and slamming him into the ground.

"Oh dear me!" A female voice said as a cute blonde floated down to where Cologne was. "I disappear for a few weeks to see my brother and this happens." She said a few words that caused the vines holding Cologne still to loosen and let go.

"La Fey Pendragon." Cologne nodded her thanks. "I don't know how helpful you'll be," she said as La Fey turned and put a hand on her hat, "that's a member of the Fae."

La Fey blinked a few times before her eyes widened in surprise. "Oh, well, my family has a history with them." Cologne gave her a surprised look and La Fey smiled at her. "Excalibur was originally given to my ancestor by the Lady of the Lake after all, before it was shattered and reforged into seven pieces." She looked at where Raven was and smiled. "Oh Goggy woggy! Please take care of him!"

Gogmagog didn't say anything as Raven shook his head and looked up at the giant, whos eyes were glowing. "Ah crap, this thing?! Created by the Ancient Gods to fight against my kind?" He dodged out of the way as two powerful lasers blasted from Gogmagog's eyes, creating a domed explosion.

"What?!" Both Cologne and La Fey gasped at the same time.

"Before my time, but perhaps Queen Mab could shed more light on this, she was alive back then." Raven shook his head and gave Gogmagog a look of appraisal before grimacing as its right hand morphed into a machine gun. "It really isn't worth it to fight something that was designed to fight against my kind." He gave a two finger salute before disappearing in a flash of black light.

"Go." Cologne told La Fey, "take your golem and get to the other side of the castle. Hurry!" The blonde nodded and she, Cologne and the golem disappeared in a flash.


Kuroka was about to ask the Nekoshou something when the sky turned dark. She and the others looked up, only to see lots of ravens filling the sky before they dive-bombed everyone and started attacking them. Both Bulleta and Yohko were kicked off of the Nekoshou as Raven appeared next to her. "Time to go." Raven said as he grabbed the injured girl and threw her over his shoulder like a sack of potatoes.

"We do appreciate the assist, but we do not appreciate having our ass on display." The Nekoshou told him.

"Tough." Raven said and gave her butt a swat. "Also, why are your panties torn?"

"Blame the bitch with the gun, now get us out of here before they shoot us."

Raven rolled his eyes as the two disappeared in a flash of black energy. This had the bonus effect of having the ravens disappear just as Cologne, La Fey and Gogmagog appeared in the court yard.

"Damn, they got away." Cologne cursed as she quickly went over to check on how everyone was doing. La Fey ran over to Kuroka.

"Are you okay?" La Fey asked her friend, who shook her head. "What's wrong?"

"...We were fighting a Nekoshou," Kuroka told her and La Fey looked confused, "she said that she was the collected souls of all the Nekoshou that were murdered because of my actions. But, how is that possible?"

"Well, we're dealing with a Fae, so..." La Fey tapped her chin in thought before her eyes widened. "Oh right! Cat Siths!" Kuroka frowned in confusion as La Fey clarified for her. "They're Fae who deal with the dead! It wouldn't surprise me if that's how those souls all came together in a new body was because of that."

"...That makes sense." Kuroka nodded, before gasping. "My sons! They're probably scared!" She quickly ran back into the castle, followed by Koneko and La Fey.

Once the three of them got to the room, Kuroka grabbed Tenma and Daidama, who were screaming, and held them against her while trying to soothe their worries. "It's okay. Mommy's here. Shhh... Shhh... It's okay, it's okay."

Koneko walked over to Kuroka and nodded at her sister. "...Can I take one, big sis?" Kuroka had a look of surprise, before smiling, her eyes tearing up, as she handed Tenma to Koneko.

La Fey smiled as she watched the scene. 'It seems like you finally got what you wanted, Kuroka.' She thought to herself as the sisters worked to calm the babies down. 'Your sons are safe and your sister seems to have finally forgiven you.'


Meanwhile on Earth...

Walking into the park, Asia looked around, surprised to not see anyone walking through the park, but the music continued to get louder. As she walked forward, she eventually found a blonde woman wearing a sweater and pants sitting on a bench. "That song..."

The singer stopped and turned to smile at her. "Did you like it?" She asked with a smile. "I used to sing it to my daughter when she was a baby."

"Really?" Asia asked in surprise. "It sounds so personal though, I thought I heard it before."

"Well, maybe it's just similar to songs that you heard as a baby?" The woman smiled at her. "Oh, I should introduce myself. My name is Mab."

"Ah!" Asia's eyes widened. "My name is Asia Argento."

"Asia, huh?" Mab asked rhetorically. "Forgive me, but that name doesn't seem to fit you."

"Well, it's the name that I was given at the church's orphanage." Asia told her. "I was dropped off as an infant when my mother abandoned me." Mab gave her a sad look. Asia quickly waved her hands while getting flustered. "Ah! I know it sounds cruel, but I harbor no ill will towards my biological mother." Asia smiled and closed her eyes while clasping her hands together. "After all, it was that decision that she made that allowed me to meet my family."

Mab gave her a wry smile. "Still, abandoning you, that doesn't sound right." A whimsical look came to her face. "Then again, I'm not the best parent. My son had to wrest control of our people away from me due to how I acted in the past." She sensed, more than saw, Asia's confusion and waved her hand. "The past is the past, even rewinding time isn't something that I can do. It's unnatural after all."

"That doesn't mean that you can't wish to undo mistakes that you made in the past." Asia told her. "Maybe you wanted to change how you were in the past so you and your son could have a better relationship? Maybe you feel like you wasted your life in some way and wish that you were half your age and full of energy and would take better care of yourself?"

Mab suddenly snickered and threw her head back, laughing hard. "Hahahahahaha! You're much like my son, showing much more wisdom than I, who has seen many more sunrises than him." After calming down, she eyed Asia's covered hand. "An interesting ornament, may I see it?"

"Ah?" Asia looked at her gloved hand. "It's just a glove, it's nothing special."

"Really?" Mab gave her a knowing smile. "But gloves come in pairs, do they not? Why only one?" She smiled as Asia got more and more flustered as she got up and walked over to Asia and whispered in her ear. "And why aren't you using your real magic, Alfea?"

"Al...Fea?" Asia said softly, trying to comprehend where she had heard that name before. "Why does that sound familiar?"

"I would like to continue this, but it seems that we have people listening in on our conversation." Mab said as she closed her eyes and shook her head while putting her right hand on Asia's forehead. "Just rest, I'll deal with them."

"What are..?" Asia's eyes grew heavy and she slumped forward.

"Good girl, Alfea." Mab smiled as she caught the girl. "Your mother will make everything better."

Suddenly four people burst through the bushes and Mab raised an eyebrow. "Huh, is this the family that Alfea spoke of?"

"Who are you?" The girl with large breasts and long, black hair demanded. "What are you doing to Asia?"

"How rude." Mab said as her eyes glowed and a strong blast of wind came out of nowhere, blasting the girl off of her feet. "When lesser beings talk to those who are superior to them, use their proper names and titles! For your information, I am Queen Mab, former ruler of the Fae and Alfea's proper mother."

"I don't care who you are," the male with brown hair growled as his left arm glowed and a red gauntlet formed on it, "for attacking Akeno and doing whatever you did to Asia, I'm going to make you pay!"

"Welsh Dragon, Balance Break!"

Queen Mab raised an eyebrow as the male was covered in a red armor while the blonde girl pulled out a sword and the girl with twin tails grew two white wings and all three charged at her. Sighing softly, she whispered some words that none of her opponents would understand before she gently rotated her wrist.

"H-hey!" The boy in the red armor cried out as he found himself upside down. "Irina! Yukiko! What's going on?"

"I wish I could tell you!" Irina yelled as she was not only upside down, but also facing the wrong way. "I can't move my body!" She yelled, knowing her skirt had fluttered up, revealing her white panties to everyone.

"You three are naughty children." Queen Mab said as hands formed in the air behind Issei, Irina and Yukiko. "And as a mother, I must punish you for trying to attack me."

"Wait, what?" Yukiko gasped before she, Irina and Issei were all spanked by those disembodied hands. "Oww! That hurts!" Idly, she noticed that Issei's armor was instantly shattered by those hands as his ass was being spanked.

Queen Mab snapped her fingers and the three found themselves face-down on the ground. "Now, apologize and I might forgive you for your impudence." A crackle of power filled the air and Queen Mab looked up to see Akeno, with two black, feathery wings, covered in lighting as she flew at the former Queen of the Fae. "Oh? You can command lightning, huh?" A few words spoken in that same language caused the dirt itself to fly upwards and surround Akeno in a sphere of dirt and debris before crashing to the ground next to Irina and exploding outwards, covering all four of them with dirt.

"You..." Issei growled as he pushed himself up. "Bitch..."


"I won't..." Issei's gems were glowing while his armor instantly repaired itself.


"Let you take Asia from me!"


Queen Mab merely raised an eyebrow before holding a hand up. "Kneel, lizard."

A sudden crushing force pushed down on Issei, Irina, Akeno and Yukiko. The four of them gasped as it felt like their bodies were being crushed by the air itself.

Both Yukiko and Irina found it impossible to move after only a few moments while Akeno managed to force herself back up, as did Issei.


Queen Mab raised an eyebrow as Issei forced himself to his feet. "I see, that Dragon who powers you increases your strength, huh? Allow me to increase gravity even more then."

Suddenly Issei and Akeno were both pressed down into the ground, sinking into it as gravity became more and more intense. "This is..." Issei groaned as he felt his consciousness slipping away.

"Enough." A new voice spoke up and Queen Mab looked past them to see Ophis glaring at her. "Leave this place."

"...Ophis? The Dragon God?" Queen Mab asked and Ophis nodded. "Interesting, who are these to you?"

Ophis looked at Issei, Yukiko, Irina and Akeno and back at Queen Mab. "They're important to me." She pointed at Asia. "So is she. Give them back."

"I can give you these four." Queen Mab said as she flexed her fingers and Asia floated over to her. "But Alfea is my daughter. Even you, as strong as you are, have no claim on her." Queen Mab snapped her fingers and the gravity that was crushing Issei and the others returned to normal. "A fight between us would be glorious, but would not be worth my time."

"They will come for her." Ophis told Queen Mab, who nodded.

"We shall remain in this realm for three sunsets. The day of the fourth sunset, we shall depart for the Fae realm." Queen Mab said as she and Asia disappeared.

"A...Asssiiiaaa...." Issei slurred out as he watched Queen Mab and Asia disappear before he passed out.

Ophis walked over to him and sighed softly as she used her powers to return the four of them to their home. "...She's not someone that I could deal with as I am." She was just thankful that Queen Mab didn't realize that she was only half as strong as she used to be.

Which was still enough to be a match for her, but it wouldn't be an easy fight if they did fight.

'...I can't let Asia get hurt either.' Ophis thought as she appeared in the living room with the others and went to get Rias so they could figure out what to do next.

End Chapter 8
Chapter 9

Yasaka smiled as Ranma held one of the two daughters she had given birth to. "Truly," she smiled while holding her other daughter, who was sucking on her right breast, "I am forever blessed to have you as my husband."

Ranma smiled at her as he flicked his finger in front of his daughter in his arms, causing her to coo in delight as she tried to grab at it. "Sorry that I haven't been here since they were born."

"It's okay." Yasaka said to him as she looked down at the baby, who had pink hair with reddish-blonde tips, suckling on her. "Mae, here, has been a good girl. Though Kumi is a bit overzealous."

Ranma blinked and looked down at the girl, who looked like a baby version of Kunou and Yasaka, in his arms. "Kumi? Are you being a naughty girl for your mother?" Kumi just cooed and seemingly gave him a smug smile as her red eyes sparkled.

"She knows how to roll around. And the other day she rolled out of the room and down the hallway before someone caught her." Yasaka explained and looked at the other two who were with Ranma. "So why are you two with my husband?"

Asmodeus was sitting on a bookshelf, just grinning at her. "What? I have to be around master almost all the time or I'll be in trouble. Besides, I enjoy looking at big tittied foxy mamas like you."

Yasaka gave her an annoyed look and looked at Miko, who was smiling and waving. "And you?"

"Is it wrong to want to meet you?" Miko asked her. "After all, I've known about the fox princess of Kyoto for most of my life. I never had a chance to come here though." Yasaka raised an eyebrow and Miko smiled while rubbing the back of her head. "I should properly introduce myself. I'm Miko Mido, daughter of King Sekima of the Shikima."

"Ah," Yasaka had a look of understanding on her face, "I had no clue that I was in the company of royalty."

Miko was about to say something when a beeping was heard and a screen appeared on the wall, revealing Cologne, who was stepping back to reveal everyone at the castle, except La Fey, Bulleta and Yohko, the latter two because they weren't there at that moment, another screen popped open to reveal Issei, who looked rather worn out, along with Irina, Akeno, Ophis, Yukiko, Gasper and Rias. Another screen popped open, revealing Azazel.

"Okay, so this must be important..." Ranma trailed off as another screen popped open, revealing Lilith, Arisa, Hayate and her knights. "Well, everyone's here. What's going on?"

"Moon silver pot pies..." Nabiki said before grimacing and looking at Lillie, who nodded and held up a sign.

"I turned off the inhibitor chip and tried to control my Sacred Gear, but obviously failed, so I can't speak correctly." Azazel read off and gave Nabiki an admonishing look. "I doubt that you would call all of us for that."

"We were attacked," Cologne explained to Ranma, "two people. One by the name of Raven and one..." She trailed off and looked at Kuroka.

"The other one was the collected spirits of every single Nekomata that was killed during the genocide after I killed my former master." Kuroka explained. "The Nekoshou that resulted from it wanted to kill me for revenge and almost killed Shirone and hurt my sons."

"Are they okay?" Ranma and Yasaka both asked at the same time and Kuroka nodded, a relieved look on her face.

"Yes. La Fey is currently watching them." Kuroka told them. "Leonardo was a big help in protecting them and saving my life."

Ranma looked at Leonardo. "Thanks for saving them, little brother." The dark skinned boy smiled and blushed.

"As sweet as all of this is..." Azazel spoke up. "This is troubling, but why did you call all of us together?"

"Asia's been taken." Issei spoke up, causing Koneko to gasp in surprise. "I don't know who did it though."

"Queen Mab." Ophis spoke up and both Lilith and Ranma instantly stiffened, their faces going pale. "Yes, that Queen Mab."

"...Ophis," Ranma said, his voice cracking, "please, please, PLEASE tell me that you're joking and that absolute monster did not take Asia."

Ophis closed her eyes and shook her head. "I wish I was joking."

Lilith took a deep breath and trembled. "Why? Why is that monster here? There's no reason for her to be here."

"She called Asia Alfea and said that she was Asia's mother." Irina spoke up. "She was singing a song that had Asia running towards her. If she's a monster, I can believe it, she beat me, Akeno, Yukiko and Issei so easily." She looked to the side where Akeno was looking upset and then back at the screen. "It was like nature itself was doing what she told it to do."

Ranma suddenly started cursing up a storm that had more than one person staring at him in shock.

"What's wrong?" Issei asked. "I mean, sure, she kicked our asses, but I'm sure that we can..."

"Just get slaughtered if you fought her again." Ophis said in a sad tone. "Queen Mab is a Fae."

"Raven said he was a Fae as well."

"And you're alive?!" Lilith gasped in shock. "You didn't get turned into a puppy or something? Did you get possessed?" Cologne shook her head and Lilith almost fell over, if not for Hayate grabbing her and helping her sit down. "Thank you."

"Can you please explain why you two and Ophis are looking like the end of the world is upon us?" Azazel asked, a serious look on his face as he contemplated their reactions. "I've never known either of you or Ophis to be so terrified before."

"She's Queen Mab, former ruler of the Fae." Ranma explained to them. "The Fae are terrifying creatures and they're very good at making weapons and using magic."

"Is it really that bad?" Asmodeus asked, though she was beginning to figure it out from their reactions.

Ranma sighed and took a deep breath. "Miko, could you take Kumi for a little bit?" He asked as she walked over and took his daughter. "Thanks." He smiled and held up Excalibur Shadow, "hey, Azazel, do you remember when Bishamon used the fused version of this sword to easily cut through the barrier that you, Sirzechs and Michael all had up and nearly killed Grayfia?" Azazel frowned, but nodded. "And Issei, when you were in that Berserk state against Jedah, you took everything that Vali and myself had and neither of us could put you down, but all it took was a single attack from this sword to stop you."

"...I can't really remember it." Issei admitted, "what are you getting at?"

"Wait..." Azazel's eyes had shrunk to pin-pricks. "Grayfia is extremely durable and powerful, even if that attack was strong enough to break through barriers so easily, it should have been weakened..."

"It was." Ranma told him. "If it wasn't, she would have died after getting hit with this weapon."

"But it was a cursed Holy weapon, right?" Irina asked, "the curse obviously gave it..."

"It's not a Holy weapon." Ranma explained to her. "I didn't know it until my magic teacher gave this corrected version to me. But it's a Fae weapon. And that explains everything. Fae magic and weapons feel similar to Holy weapons, but they destroy anything that's unnatural. The reason everyone gets them confused with Holy weapons is because they kill Demons and Devils pretty easily."

"Okay, that explains the barrier then..." Azazel muttered, a look of pure astonishment on his face, "it makes total sense why it hurt her so badly, but..."

"If it's a Fae weapon, then it's just as Master says." Lilith told him. "Those things destroy magic, evil, anything unnatural."

"But that doesn't explain how that weapon stopped me so easily." Issei pointed out, confusion on his face and in his voice. "What? Is it anti-Dragon?" When Ranma nodded, he and a few others gawked in surprise. "Seriously?!"

"Fae magic is an anathema to Dragons." Ophis explained. "Even at my strongest, the Fae are difficult to deal with."

That was more than enough to silence any doubts anyone had about how powerful the Fae really were.

"You called Queen Mab a monster," Cologne spoke up, "I'm sure that there's a reason for it. If what Raven showed me is any indication..."

"Raven's a trickster Fae." A new voice said next to Ranma, who stiffened. "As is this one." A tanned man appeared next to Ranma with a grin on his face. "Relax, all of you, Puck has no intention of doing anything to anyone and instead simply wishes to relay a message. But to understand why Queen Mab would be considered a monster, even by our standards, she is not someone who is nice to non-Fae." Puck shook his head and sighed. "And some of my brethern see humans the same way that humans see butterflies."

"And you're talking about kids who tear the wings off of butterflies when you say that, aren't you?" Lilith asked, though she was obviously tense.

"Undoubtedly!" Puck said as he took a step forward, turned around and bent over so that his head was on the floor while looking at the screen.

"May I ask you something?" Azazel spoke up.

"Ask away," Puck disappeared and reappeared floating in the air, "depending on the question, this one may give you an answer."

"What ARE you?" Azazel asked.

"A Fae." Puck answered as though it was the most obvious thing in the universe. "But this one supposes that you wanted to know that Fae have existed since the primordial soup of creation at the dawn of time itself. That nature and creation are hand-in-hand with us."

"What the heck are you talking about?!" Issei yelled. "And why are you even here?"

"Urgh," Puck had an annoyed look on his face. "Really, that's the thing," he turned to look at Ranma with that same annoyed expression. "Truth be told, you were the one who invited this one to come down upon yourself. If not for your actions, none of us would be here."

"Wait, what did my husband do?" Yasaka asked and Puck leaned back while folding his hands behind his head.

"Well, if you must know," Puck began, "it was bad enough that you sent that bloodsucker with an abomination of our most prized sword to our realm. But for him to correctly point out that we could not stand it and then to trick us into using that cursed abomination to create a new sword just for you. Even with all of that, this one and others could have over-looked your arrogance."

Ranma sweat-dropped. "...So what drove you over the edge?"

"The fact that you're using our likeness for a show to entertain children!" Puck yelled in frustration while moving around like a toddler throwing a tantrum.

"Uh..." Everyone said at the same time as they looked at Puck in disbelief.

"...Are you upset about Miss Lindy's character in Mahou Shoujo Levia-Tan?" Azazel asked, disbelief in his voice.

"Of course!" Puck yelled and turned to look at Azazel while pointing at Ranma. "He never asked for our permission! I swear that there's some sort of law that humans have that covers this! I'll see all of you in court!"

"That's it?" Issei gawked in surprise and ignored how Ranma was shaking his head and waving his hands. "That's legitimately one of the dumbest reasons to be upset I've ever heard."

Puck felt his eye twitching as he heard that. "Dumb reason, huh? What would a lizard like you know about dumb reasons? Besides the fact that you're a dumb lizard."

"Hey!" Issei yelled at Puck. "I'm not a dumb lizard and..."

"Issei! Shut up!" Ranma yelled.

Puck had a tight smile on his face. "This one agrees with that one. Annoying lizards should shut up. Be a good doggie and lay down." He casually extended his right index finger, which was glowing and waved it through the air.

The next thing anyone knew, Issei was glowing and turned into an actual dog. "ARF! RUFF!"

"WHAT?!" More than one person screamed out in shock.

"Relax," Puck said with a smile on his face, "the spell wears off after only a few minutes, this one just doesn't like Dragons."

"Yeah, I get it." Ranma said while giving Puck a look of annoyance. "So you came here to get revenge against me? Why involve the others?"

"Puck is glad you asked!" Puck smiled and held up his left index finger. "At first, Puck and Raven were simply going to have some fun with you, mostly pranks and minor things, nothing dangerous, I assure you. However, after we got to the Earth, certain things came to our attention that needed to be addressed." He then spread his arms and grinned. "One of the few Fae that still lives in this world, a Cat Sith, had graced us with the spirits of many cat people who were slaughtered because of that one," he pointed at Kuroka, "and her actions. Raven and Puck simply helped to craft a body so that all the souls could be together. But it got this one thinking how to make our lesson stick, but even then, something else caught this one's attention."

"What?" Asmodeus asked, curious as to why such a powerful being was telling them this.

"Well, it seems that there are some white wings that are unhappy with that one," he pointed at Ranma, "for being interested in the Angel of Destruction."

"Angel of Destruction?" Ranma asked in confusion.

"...Do you mean Gabriel?" Both Azazel and Asmodeus asked at the same time, instantly recognizing Gabriel's old title.

Puck simply smiled and shrugged. "Puck believes that she goes by the Angel of Chastity these days, but what does this one know?"

Ranma narrowed his eyes at Puck. "...So some of the few remaining Angels in Heaven, upset at me due to how close I am to Gabriel, decided to work with you?"

"And black wings and the bat wings, yes." Puck grinned widely. "Betrayers they might be, but they delivered the powerful Angel right to Puck and urk!" He gasped as Ranma suddenly grabbed him by his neck and pulled him close. "This one is not amused."

"Cut the crap, what's going on?"

Puck chuckled at Ranma's glare. "A game. The prize is the Angel you are concerned about. This one finds it amusing urk!" His eyes widened as Puck tightened his grip.

"You need to chant to use any of your spells." Ranma reminded the Fae. "I know that crushing your throat won't stop you, but I'm getting annoyed with you."

Puck simply closed his eyes and nodded as Ranma let go. "You were so much easier to deal with when you were a child. Though seeing you scream because Coyote decided to make you see your worst fears while chained to a rock was amusing."

"Until I went insane." Ranma reminded him.

"Fair enough. Okay, so the game is," Puck held up a finger, "you must face the three groups that seek to end your life. The winner, whether it's you or the others, decides what happens to the prize."

"...And?" Ranma began, "what's the catch?"

"You must come alone." Puck smiled at him. "No mentors, no allies, no family, no servants and no familiars may come with you."

"...That's it?" Ranma asked and Puck just smiled at him. "...What?"

"This one simply wonders what you're going to do is all."

"Of course I'll go." Ranma said with an annoyed expression.

"Excellent!" Puck clapped his hands. "Now, as for the matter of Queen Mab," he turned to look at what Issei had been turned into, "and your blonde girlfriend. Whatever name you know her as, it's not her real name. She's actually the daughter of Queen Mab, known as Alfea."

"...Asia has another name?" Yukiko asked softly. "How did we not know?"

"On top of that," Azazel narrowed his eyes, "she was born with a Sacred Gear, she's human."

Puck smiled at him, "Queen Mab combined the essence of a powerful human into herself and Alfea was born. Puck is unsure as to when it happened..."

"It must have been sixteen years ago." Rias said and Puck laughed. "What's so funny?"

"Queen Mab, shortly after bringing Alfea into this world, was forced to return to the Fae realm. Something happened that caused her to leave Alfea behind and she only recently remembered her daughter."

"Yeah, that sums up your former ruler, doesn't it?" Ranma muttered. "So she came here looking for her daughter..."

"Ah, you misunderstand something." Puck had an amused look on his face. "Lord Oberon and Lady Titania are here as well."

"...The current King and Queen?" Ranma asked, his skin whiter than a ghost as Puck nodded. "...Why?"

Puck chuckled at the question. "Lord Oberon's sister, you think he would not have an interest in that?"

"Question." Puck turned to see Rossweisse, who was standing behind Issei with her hand raised. "If Asia is a Fae, how come her magic doesn't feel different from other humans who were reincarnated into Devils."

"Most humans can swim, but they need to be taught how to." Lilith answered. "Just because Asia's part Fae doesn't mean that she can use her powers."

"Bingo!" Puck said while winking. "The pregnant lady gets it!"

"Wait a second..." Lilith muttered as her eyes widened. "The reason Crom Cruach gave Asia some of his power... That was your doing, wasn't it?"

"Ah, the black and gold lizard?" Puck asked and he shook his head. "Not mine, but Queen Mab. She wanted to ensure that Alfea's Fae powers would start to manifest a few days before she came back with Lord Oberon and Lady Titania."

"Time moves differently in your realm." Ranma said. "A few days... That would be a few months for us... Dammit, it all works out, huh?"

"Indeed." Puck nodded. "As for where you can find Alfea, there's a building in a large city, Puck believes the city's name is Tokyo. But there's a school..."

"There are LOTS of schools in Tokyo." Azazel pointed out. "It would take us days to search for a single one."

"Well," Puck smiled at him, "this one is in the territory of the God of Storms and has a jungle in the basement."

"NERIMA!" Nabiki yelled out and she panted. "Okay, I think I'm somewhat back to burgers and kittens!" She frowned and sighed. "It's Furinkan pancakes and cream!"

"I get it." Azazel said with a smile on his face. His smile disappeared as he thought about what was going to happen. "You do realize, Fae, that we are going to attempt to save Asia Argento and Gabriel both, right?" Puck nodded and grinned. "...So why tell us all of this?"

"Who knows why this one does what he does?" Puck asked rhetorically. "As for the captured Angel, Puck will take you to her when you're ready." He tossed a flute to Ranma. "Just blow into that when you're ready to go, Puck will collect you then."

Ranma just glowered as Puck disappeared.

End Chapter 9


Yes, the question of "why did Ranma grab Puck's throat" WILL be answered, okay?

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Chapter 10

"I have one question," Azazel spoke up after Puck disappeared. "What the hell were you doing grabbing him by his throat if you were so terrified of him?"

Ranma sighed softly and closed his eyes. "Once I knew what he wanted, I knew he wasn't there to just fuck around with us. If he has a reason to be here, you can get away with a bit more. But if he's just here to mess around, then he's a lot easier to annoy, just ask Issei." He didn't even open his eyes as he felt Yasaka next to him as she hugged him tightly.

As soon as Ranma said Issei's name, the dog glowed red and Issei returned to normal, though he was in a crouching position. "Holy crap!" Issei gasped and fell backwards as Akeno and Xenovia hugged him. "That was terrifying."

"Yeah," Lilith nodded as she smiled at Hayate, "and the worst part is, Puck isn't even that strong of a Fae." She sighed at the shouts of disbelief that she was getting from the others on the call. "He's strong, but he's about average as far as a Fae is concerned. No, the real problems are the three he mentioned."

"Oberon, Titania and Mab?" Rossweisse asked as she tried to remember what had been said.

"Queen Mab," Ophis spoke up, "a Fae so powerful she might as well be a mutant. Back before my soul was split in half, I could have faced her with some difficulty."

"That's... Scary as what humans think Hell is." Azazel muttered as he thought about something so powerful that even the Infinite Dragon God, at her strongest, would have trouble with it. "And what of the other two?"

"From what I know about Lady Titania," Ranma said as he stroked Yasaka's back, "her power is formidable among the Fae, only a few, like Queen Mab, are stronger. But what's truly terrifying is that she has a sharp mind and a sharper tongue. What the old man told me was that she can manipulate people to do whatever she wants."

"For the sake of relative comparison..." Azazel spoke up, "can you compare Puck with Queen Mab and Titania using people or things that we know?"

"Um..." Ranma frowned in thought. "If I had to say... Puck to Titania and Queen Mab would be like comparing Irina to Metatron and Michael."

"Oh..." More than one person said at the same time, instantly understanding the difference in power.

"What about Oberon then?" Yukiko asked as she looked between the screen and Ophis. Seeing Ranma, Lilith and Ophis all quiet, she gulped. "He's that much stronger?"

"You need to know what a Fae is." Ophis told Yukiko. "The Fae are old spirits, they existed on this world back when the Ancient Gods of Old did. Like Dragons, they're beings of pure magical energy."

"But unlike most Dragons," Ranma spoke up, "they actually know how to use their magic power. Most Dragons are happy to use whatever breath weapon, their bodies and whatever power they innately have."

Suddenly a multi-colored gem formed on the back of Issei's left hand. "I find that offensive." D'draig spoke up, "even if it's not completely inaccurate."

Ranma suddenly smirked as a thought came to him. "Hey, D'draig, didn't you say that Sen, a mid-level Dragon, was someone that you never liked fighting back in the day?"

"Yes." D'draig answered him. "That Dragon was annoying to fight, spells of all sorts flying around, attacks that no Dragon should ever have and just being a pain in the tail to face. Sen was always able to punch above... What gender is Sen right now?"

"Last I checked, Sen's female right now." Ranma told him. "And I get it, she punched above her weight class. If she made you dislike fighting her, she's plenty strong. And you know why?"

"I have a feeling, but explain for everyone." D'draig answered.

Ranma blinked a few times before muttering something that no one caught. "She managed to use the vast magical power of a Dragon in ways that most of you couldn't do. Now imagine an entire species of beings like Sen, only curious and malicious and that's the Fae."

"Fae and the Super Ancient Gods of old didn't like each other," Ophis spoke up, "but there was hardly any interaction. That changed when Queen Mab became the leader of the Fae. She decided to wage a war against the Super Ancient Gods, declaring that the world was for the Fae."

"How could they have a chance?" Rias asked Ophis.

"Most Gods, like humans, dominate the world and force the world to bend to their will." Ophis explained, "the Fae are so in tune with nature that they can get nature to do what they want without dominating it. Their magic is much stronger as a result."

"That would explain why Raven was able to create those hands out of the castle walls then." Cologne muttered.

"The Ancient Gods created Gogmagogs, golems with the express purpose of destroying the Fae." Ophis continued. "With the power of the Ancient Gods and Gogmagogs, the Fae were facing extinction... Until HE appeared."

"Lord Oberon." Lilith said with a shiver. "He's so far beyond Queen Mab it's not funny. Anything any of the Fae can do, he can do, but on a much larger scale."

"He doesn't even need to chant for his spells." Ophis continued, "it was like creation itself decided that it wanted an avatar and impregnanted Queen Mab. He single-handedly stopped the war. But after defeating the golems, he simply forced the Fae to retreat. It was right around the time humans..." Ophis frowned in confusion. "They started making iron weapons."

"The iron age?" Azazel asked and Ophis nodded. "...Why would he retreat from the world?"

"Humans were poisoning the world and it was hurting the Fae." Ophis told him. "That's all I know, it's been thousands of years since he was last seen."

"I've met him." Ranma said and the others, except Lilith, looked at him in shock. "He's powerful. If he was living in this world full time, he'd be up in the middle of the ten strongest, maybe in the top three. Humans destroying nature would weaken him, but he'd still be really strong. However, in his realm?" Ranma shook his head. "Thankfully, he's pretty calm and understanding, so long as you don't insult him."

"How did you meet him? For that matter, how did you meet the Fae at all?" Issei asked.

"The guy who taught Lilith and myself magic decided to take us to the Fae realm." Ranma told him. "I annoyed one of the Fae and got tied to a rock and made to think there were cats everywhere. Went crazy and did some stuff. Ended up waking up in front of Oberon, who apparently found what I did amusing and forgave me for destroying a chunk of their realm and injuring a few Fae in the process."

"Then..." Issei stood up. "There's a chance to get Asia back." More than one person looked at him like he was crazy. "You said it yourself! He doesn't seem to be as bad as the others, so maybe..."

"I called him a scary alien and he laughed, but he finds me having Lindy play the role of a sprite offensive, Issei." Ranma told him. "Whatever your logic is, it doesn't apply to him. He doesn't think the same way that you or I do." He sighed at the crushed look on Issei's face. "That said, you might be able to convince Titania."

"...Why?" Issei asked him in confusion.

"She's half human." Lilith told him. "Or at least, she was forced to live among them so long that she understands humanity more than most Fae. Some of the first generation Fae that were still alive complained about Oberon marrying the "human tainted one" or some such."

"So give it a try, you might need to show him that you're worth his time." Ranma told Issei. "But, Issei, while I wish you luck, I want you to know that he might just decide to take Asia with him and there's little you can do about it." Issei looked troubled and nodded. "...Just keep it in mind, but if there's anyone who can talk sense into someone like Oberon, it's you." Ranma smiled at Issei's shocked look. "Hey, knowing you, you could talk a genocidal slime girl who hates all of humanity out of killing people simply because you think one of her slimes is cute or something."

"That sounds ridiculous." Rias muttered. "...But for some reason, I could see Issei doing that."

"Um..." Miko spoke up. "Fae are related to Fairies, right?"

"What most people call fairies are actually Sprites." Ranma told her. "Why?"

"If that's the case, then maybe there's a way to protect yourselves from them." Miko smiled at the looks she got. "See, awhile ago, there were some fairies that took over the Shikima realm for awhile trying to get to the Heart of the Skimia realm and they were really strong, but there was a potion that we made that helped us resist their magic." She grimaced at the hopeful looks she was getting. "But the key ingredients only grow in the Shikima realm, so..."

Ranma sighed and nodded. "Alright, we'll call your father in a little bit." He turned back to the screen. "Now, I need something from you, Azazel." The blonde man raised an eyebrow and nodded. "I'm going to need every advantage I can get here."

"Of course." He nodded.



Cassiel walked up to a large cross in the edge of the room. On it, chained up, was Gabriel, who was looking sad, her outfit was in tatters and barely holding her modesty together. "I truly am sorry, Lady Gabriel. But why did you..."

"Agree to go with you when looking back it was pretty obvious that it was a trap?" Gabriel asked as she raised her head. "Part of me was doing what I felt was needed to help humanity. If there was someone who was under a forceful possession by a stray Devil or from a member of the Old Satan Faction that even you couldn't free, then any reservations I had would only cause harm to the person." Gabriel gave Cassiel a sad smile. "My question is why? Why would you, someone I was considering to be my replacement in case something happened to me, betray Heaven?"

Cassiel shook her head. "Lady Gabriel, you have it wrong. I didn't betray Heaven. You did." The blonde Seraph looked confused as Cassiel continued. "You gave up your role as the Angel of Destruction to be the Angel of Chastity. Yet... And yet..." She balled her hands into fists. "You would simply throw it away because someone exists who is the descendant of Azrael? Someone who betrayed Heaven to fornicate with a Devil?" Tears formed in Cassiel's eyes as she trembled. "Why? Why would you give up everything? Even if you and him fall in love with each other, any children you would have would be tainted!"

"Why would you think that?" Gabriel asked her softly.

"Why else would you seek a courtship with him if not to have his children?!" Cassiel yelled as Gabriel looked utterly baffled. "I do not understand how you could throw away your position, just... Just because he made you feel weird!"

"I don't understand." Gabriel said softly. "I tried hard to not let my feelings interfere with my work in Heaven. I have only been able to meet up with him for two dates."

"And that's two dates too many!" Cassiel yelled as she turned and walked away. "Hopefully, Lady Gabriel, when this is over, you can forget about him." She continued to walk away, stopping at the door and looking back at Gabriel, "like you did your brother."

After Cassiel left and closed the door, leaving Gabriel alone, the Seraph struggled and let herself go limp when she realized that the chains were somehow blocking her ability to even call upon her Heavenly power. "But how are you not a Fallen?" From what she could tell, Cassiel was still a pure Angel. 'But that shouldn't be possible.'

If she managed to get out of this, she was going to have to investigate. 'If there's a way to betray Heaven and not become Fallen, it must be discovered and stopped or more Pure Angels will become Fallen.' And Heaven resources were stretched thin enough as it was.

Part of her wondered if maybe they should have had Lilith reboot God's system enough that new Angels could be born. 'Even though there would be a strong chance that they would become Fallen, surely it wouldn't have been so bad as to have the people reject Heaven, right?'

End Chapter 10


Just a plan and regroup chapter.