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Summary: The Watchtower was a marvel of modern engineering. It housed the last and first response to planet-level threats; it was conference congregation for matters of extra-terrestrial defense and the continued pursuit of a world without injustice. It also hosts a meeting room for their troubled domestic partners; seventh level, right next to the vending machine.

A/N: Personalities are ripped without shame from people on a certain forum that I frequent, or my perceptions of them. It's OC-Centric, so warning right there. Also, this verse is an amalgamation of the DCAU and the DC oldU. Or thereabouts.

Superspouses Not-So-Anonymous

The hum of the teleporter was an everyday occurrence on board of the barge that housed, according to the general public, the best line of defense that the human race had ever seen. Heroes got on and off, blinking here and there in instants to lend a helping hand to the under-powered populace. The Watchtower's redesign hadn't changed much aesthetically, and the familiarity of the layout made Mr Terrific, Coordinator and Head of Communications for the Justice League, thankful. His red-tinted eyes scanned lines upon lines of permission transmission, keen to intercept any possible hack into their base.

Granted, it rarely happened, but once was more than enough of a reason for constant vigilance; even with all of the Atom's and the Guardians' upgrades to the system. He didn't need Gorilla Grodd whispering sweet nothings into his ear while transporting a dozen Priority One threats on board... again.

'Mr Terrific.' He didn't even need to turn to see just who it was behind him. J'Onn J'Onnz always did enjoy pulling a Batman, even if he wasn't as good at it as its namesake. 'I wish to remind you that it is that time of the week again.'

There weren't any words needed to be said after that, as the jacket-clad man rose from his chair and offered it to its new occupant. J'Onn was assigned by the league to deal with these sort of things and the last thing he needed at the moment was the Martian Manhunter's annoyance at any sort of delay; it was that time of the week, after all, and that time of the week meant Level Two lockdowns on any public terminals that anyone not careful enough would find themselves nursing shock burns.

'You know, I'm an expert on most things with some sort of logic behind them.' Mr Terrific began, listening to the beeps The Martian Manhunter made as his hands made contact with the keyboard, standing instead of sitting. 'I don't see the point of having these... therapy sessions.'

J'Onn frowned, stopping his weekly keying-in of data.

'It is an exercise at social gathering. After so many close shaves, we had grown more protective of our loved ones, seeking more and more layers of protection to put upon them, especially those who do not possess the gifts and curses that make us who we are.' J'Onn gave a quick tap to a button, signalling an upload commencing. Mr Terrific put his hands in his pockets, slouching slightly against a small pillar next to the terminal; subtle notion for continuation. 'Over time, of course, a majority of those we had sought to protect with our ever-growing vigilance felt... pigeonholed and frustrated, some of them claiming to be inconvenienced to a tee with the double-lives that we lead.'

The monitor flashed several images and layouts, triangulating several targets across the globe upon its display.

'Misery loves company, and that leads us to where we are right and now and the patrons of the data I have uploaded for the umpteenth time this year who are about to board a secret base filled with wonders and secrets.' J'Onn gave a final tap on the keyboard and the teleporters, some way below, began glowing.

Mr Terrific smiled sardonically, feeling his throat show the slightest hint of amusement. He wasn't fooled.

'So it's a bitchfest.'

J'Onn returned the expression with his own bemused look.

'With a buffet.'

There was a quick flash of light on the deck below, and the crew welcomed eight new members aboard.​