Deus Ex/Megaman cross


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So I've been reading Mass Effect: Human Revolution, when I read the phrase "Jensen jacked into the omni-tool" or something to that effect. This lead to me thinking about Megaman Battlenetwork, which lead to thinking about Megaman franchise, which made me realize that a crossover between the two is actually pretty feasible.

On one end, you have enhancing humans to become superhuman. On the other end, you have attempts on making robots/androids more human. I'm thinking that a cross between the original Megaman series and Human Revolution would be the best mix, as we would have Dr. Light and David Sarif at opposite ends of the human/machine spectrum, working towards the middle where the lines blur.

What's really surprising though is that nobody has written such a crossover, not even a half-assed 500 word piece. I did a search and nothing came up for Deus Ex/Megaman crossovers.