Displaced Ch.2 Arrival

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Summary: Sometimes getting befriended leads to strange events, in this case a possessive doctor of theoretical sciences decides that someone has to be taught a lesson for being a friend. Yet someone else pays in ways even the 'good' doctor has no way of knowing. So Displaced in time can a young college grad make a new life and can he survive the changes yet to happen to him in the process?


Chapter 2: Arrival

By: Slie Amos

This is a fanfiction story and as such any characters from existing works, such as Sailor Moon, Ranma, Robotech, BGC, etcà, are not mine but belong to the authors that created them or their agents.



The overhead starts to display words as all attention turns to the briefcase as a bluish-green semi-transparent figure starts to rise from the glow. A figure of a youngish female with waist length hair and an odd looking outfit, almost like a leotard with a skirt and bows one her chest and lower back. Once she is at full height of about 30 centimeters she says in a pleasant voice, ôGood morning Doctors, Gentlemen, and ladies, I am called Temptress.ö Her right hand indicates the screen which now reads the following:

Te.M.P.Tr.E.S.S: Temporal and Multi-dimensional, Potentiality, Trial, Experimental System Set

ôI will try and answer your question, one thing I will say now is that I no longer have the ability to retrieve anything or anyone sent through my systems. That was damaged when I intervened to save the life of one Billy Rhodes-Tenashi. Right now I do not know if you will be able to repair my systems to allow me to recall him. So shall we begin discussing what happened and what can be done to reverse it? àö

Chapter 2: Arrival

Sr. Barstone asks a question before anyone else recovers from meeting the æspecialistÆ, ôWhat do you mean you æno longer have the ability to retrieve anythingÆ? And would we not be able to repair the systems that were damagedàö He trails off as he starts thinking about what that could actually mean and he looks around the room at the others and notices that a few others have started to make that connection as well, as noted by the widening of their eyes and sudden interest in Dr. Takado, who is leaning back and acting like nothing is happening right now.

ôIt means that I do not, and currently can not, do anything to help and get Mr. Rhodes-Tenashi back at this point in time.ö Replies Temptress, ôUntil such time as my systems are repaired that is. Now before anyone asks, my systems were not created by anyone in this time frame and reality, as far as the limited checking I have been able to do has indicated to me. I was created to help watch over events in time via a special artifact, it was to be my duty to monitor for events that were being changed from normal by outside forces. That is not as easy as it sounds as every choice Everyone makes will make some changes to events yet to happen in time. I was to watch for events that were changing with out the normal influences and alert the Time Guardian to the event taking place so that they could check into it more in-depth.ö

ôAs to my systems, I was never supposed to be sending or retrieving anything via my systems, besides sending packets of information in a physical form. Because of this my systems were only designed to handle something of less than two and a half kilos in weight. By intervening and forcing an override to that safety feature to save a life I had to deliberately damage my own systems, like one of you taking an injury to protect someone else from harm. I am designed to watch but to also protect if I am able and it was that protocol that allowed me to do what I did to save a life. Now I have already given a list of the parts and materials needed to repair my systems but whether or not you can do so is the main question as some of the items needed do not exist yet in this world, they would have to be created to repair my systems fully.ö

After listening to this information and statement, Dr. Sato asks something that is on many minds currently, ôAre you saying that you have been impeding our research into Temporal Piercing and Analysis? And why?ö

Temptress shakes her head and replies, ôNo, I have not been impeding your research, but I have been doing my best to mitigate mistakes and still insure you get the correct information for future attempts. Just so you all know there have been several attempts made that would have normally ended with your power systems going into a cascade style overload and taking out close to half of this city. Now ask yourselves if I was wrong in preventing these events from happening but still helping you get the information you needed to get closer to your goals as well. Lately I have had to do less and less to prevent disasters and such as you have been getting better at your research. I am not trying to stop you in piercing the temporal veil, as that event would help me in finding a way to at least send a copy of everything I have observed here back to my creators, they love knowledge as much as they care about those they are trusted to protect and provide for.ö

Here Dr. Takado speaks up, ôWe could spend forever on this subject and it will not help us in anyway with what we need to figure out, and that is if we can make repairs to the Temporal Systems so that we can see about returning Mr. Rhodes-Tenashi to his home reality and time. Until that event happens I only pray that he can survive and make a living where ever he is now. And now for some really bad newsàö he stops while several other groan or several questions are tossed at him about what could be worse, ôit seems that some how Katashi-Dono somehow gained access to TemptressÆs hard coded commands, this is the main reason we could not stop the event tonight besides his use of a personal encryption set. Temptress is not even sure when he gain a copy of the commands but he has been rooting around in her systems for almost as long as he has worked for this company, he may have stumbled on the list that way. But at this time no-one, and that includes me, has access to the temporal systems as Temptress has locked them out. Once we have cleaned the systems of all unknown and or unused system accounts we will start to reinstate the current active accounts.ö

At this point the phone at Dr. TakadoÆs seat rings and he answers it using the speaker phone, ôYes, Takado here.ö

ôSir, we have finally cracked the encryption Katashi used on his systems and have the password, he used a layered encryption set with each one different. We also have access to his personal notes and such, I can give you a very condensed summery of the information in the notes we have skimmed over so far if you wish, sir.ö William BlankÆs voice states through the speaker.

Dr. Lee mutters about it being to late on finding the password but having access to the systems in question may help figure out whyà

ôPlease give us the condensed report of what you have read so far Mr. Blank.ö Dr. Takado states.

ôWell in a nutshell sir, Dr. Katashi had planned on becoming famous over his findings in Temporal Dynamics, no matter who he had to step on to do so sooner rather than later. I will have my team make a full report on everything we found and had to do as soon as possible. And Dr. Lee we know it is too late, but wanted to get all the information we could to help nail the good doctor to the wall permanently.ö With that he disconnects the call.

At this point Tashi Ryou speaks up, ôwell at least things are falling into place and will allow Katashi-dono to be taken care of, either by the local courts or by the U.N. courts. I personally think it should be the U.N. that handles this one as it will allow security to be maintained over the project and keep the public from going nuts about certain things.ö

Ali Sha Knore just nods to this and says something to the effect of getting everything ready as soon as he is able.


Meanwhile in another place, Billy is starting to awaken groaning in pain and moving slowly yet jerkingly as he claws his way back to consciousness. The aches and pains in his body are insistent that he wakes up.

The room he is in now is huge yet empty. It has several smaller rooms or alcoves attached to it and Billy is in one of these rooms. One can not determine details as there is little light here currently, so one can not tell what the area is used for right now.

A short distance away are two guards on patrol of this area, they look at each other quickly when they hear sounds that are not normal for this area, which is normally very quiet with almost no background noise. They are each wearing a uniform with what looks like a light armor suit over it, the armor consist of a chest/back plate, small shoulder pads, upper and lower arm guards, hip guards, thigh pads, and a shin protector that is attached to their boots. The uniform itself looks to be a tunic of sorts with pants of a grayish color, the armor plates are made of some as yet unknown material but look to me a mix between metal and crystal. The guards are not wearing helmets though they do have an ear mounted radio as well as carrying a rife that looks sort of like the American XM-8 advanced assault system in carbine mode. On their belts, along with several pouches, is a holstered pistol of some sort.

As they turn toward the sound they heard one of them, a female from the curves of her armor, makes a report over her radio and receives a confirming response as they stat to move carefully to investigate what they heard.


Back in the meeting with the department heads, Temptress, and the contact representatives from the U.N., J.S.D.F., and the J.N.P.A. someone has asked just where Temptress came from and Dr. Takado is telling them the story about that event.

ôà back during World War II, my Great Great Grandfather was working for the Japanese as a scientist working on new ways to control equipment and such. He and a small group was sent to an island chain in the Pacific to research on a new computer system for use on ships and one day my grandfather was out for his daily walk when he spotted something in a cave. This was the first time that he or anyone of the group there had been this far into this area of the island so he should have gone back for an escort but as the island was firmly in Japanese hands he went and took a quick look first and found Temptress, or at least the main systems in a very large cave that it was figured later had been closed off until a few years before the Japanese sent anyone there. As it seemed to be a computer system of some sort my ancestor started to study it, even to the point of getting the assistance of others there to help him work on it, for you see they could find no way to actually take anything apart though they did figure out how to æbreakÆ the system into smaller section but never how to take a section apart and they where loath to try and use explosives less they damage or destroy what they were trying to study.ö

ôThe Japanese government funded the study of the new system all the way up till shortly after the end of the war, at this point funds for rebuilding was sorely needed and the project to study the system was scrapped, the team recalled and the system left on the island replaced in the cave and sealed for future research. The government had planned to return and keep studying the system but as sometimes happened back then, and today, the information on the system was misfiled and then lost. But my Great Great Grandfather never forgot about the system and one day returned after spending a large sum of the familyÆs fortune to get the island, he then returned with his family to start studying the system once again, this time enlisting the help of close family friends and those he could trust fully.ö

ôEveryone on the new team was sure the system was of alien origin and it took them almost four years to even figure out how to power the system. Once they did that Temptress made her first appearance and over several weeks learned how to communicate with those studying her systems. It was during this time that the idea of aliens creating the system was changed, this was due to the appearance of Temptress and several files that had images of other people in them. Though the idea was never fully let go as the language was nothing like any that was know at the time or even listed in the history books that were checked at the time. So now it was thought that the system was either made by humans or human like aliens, but as the system were so advanced most everyone leaned toward it being humanoid aliens as the creators.ö

ôIt wasnÆt until several years later that Temptress took my Great Great Grandfather and his family in her confidence and told them some of where she came from, and to make that long story short her origins are from a location on the moon within an empire that spanned all the know planets of this system, with knowledge of things we are still just scratching the surface of.ö

The others in the room start talking about what they have just been told and start to ask question when Temptress speaks up, ôPlease, everyone it will take time, a lot of time, to answer all of your questions but please understand I was designed and built to serve one main purpose and a couple minor ones. Though they all related to one thing and that is the monitoring for and reporting of changes made to the time stream from outside the time stream. In other words I was to be on the look out for anyone that was trying to change time for any reason, as to do this is also to threaten the lives of hundreds or more innocent people that have no idea what is happening outside their lives everyday.ö

Dr. Yoshiero Ayaka, the head of R&D speaks up here, ôOk, this will take time for all of us to grasp fully, someone else who already had a better understanding of Temporal Dynamics that we do currently. But you said before that you overrode your own directives to help Mr. Rhodes-Tenashi, exactly what do you mean by that and what did you do?ö Then to the rest of the people there, ôAnd doesnÆt anyone else find it odd that we have accepted Temptress without any questions about it, I mean an AI and we just accept it so easilyàö

The avatar of Temptress just smiles and responds. ôI think I can offer a general answer to your second question first, and that is everyone here is still in some form a shock over what has happened tonight. That and the fact that I am talking to you all in the same manner that you would talk to each other everyday is allowing you all to accept me so easily currently. Though I am sure that will change some over the next few days and weeks. As I said before all I have been doing if mitigating events so that a disaster would not happen while you all started to figure out things, it was also in my interest to prevent these events as I would have been destroyed along with you.ö She lets this sink in a little before answering the first question.

ôAs to my directives, the first and for most was to not interfere with events that other create unless it directly involves my systems or a list of people I have in protected memory, and no I cannot share that list with you as it is protected and only those with the correct pass codes can access it and those codes are as you say hard wired into my systems. I am also designed to do what I can to ensure my own safety at all times, thus why I have been working to help you all get your data but not kill yourselves in the process as I would most likely be destroyed at the same time. All of my other protocols fall under one of these two I just gave you.ö

ôNow as to what I did tonight that falls under both sections of my protocols as given, first this Katashi-dono was using my systems to interfere with the time stream and remove someone that was shown as remaining in the stream for the rest of their life, thus the first directive set was breached. The second protocol set was breached as what he set in motion would have ended with a full cascade failure of the both the power generation system and the power containment systems, the resulting explosion would have removed about 63% of this city from the face of the planet and damaged the remaining portion as well. So I overrode my system and, I guess, shunted Mr. Rhodes-Tenashi to the only recorded temporal location in my memory banks at the time, basically to where I came from.ö

ôNow if you would rather I did not step in and do what I had to to save several million people including everyone in this room, I am sorry for interfering.ö He Temptress stops and waits for a response, though everyone is silent as they realize just how close to a disaster they came, and just what Dr. Katashi was willing to do for his ærecognitionÆ.

After a couple minutes Moresoto Shou, the J.S.D.F. rep, speaks up, ôWell all this information is both informative and rather disturbing. Disturbing in the knowledge that there are scientist out there that really care only for their recognition and not the safety of others and how close we came to a major disaster tonight. Also, as to the existence of Temptress That will need to be kept secret and I am sure that the government of Japan will move to have that knowledge listed as a national secret unless the U.N. steps in first. To which the U.N. rep adds that the U.N. will be stepping in on this information about Temptress and her systems, as the people of Earth are currently not ready for this knowledge, and may never really be ready as he feels he was not really ready himself. He gets several responses that agree with that last statement.

The meeting last for about another 2 hours or so as things are dealt with and plans hammered out to be implemented as needed in the future, and a couple that will need to be adjusted as time passes and things change. Temptress states as the meeting is drawing to a close that she will keep working to lessen mistakes but ensure that the correct information will be gained so that disasters will not happen, though she does state that if something will only result in minor damage to systems or minor injuries she more than likely will not intervene. Also to allow for faster assistance and more coordinated assistance that one terminal linked directly to her should be setup in the Main and Secondary Access Control centers.

At this point Dr. Takado says that it is time for folks to get some rest and for the reports to be finalized and turned in. ôAt this time I am downgrading the Full Lock Down status here to a level Alpha 4, meaning that while people are allowed to come and go everyone will be checked by security when entering or leaving the building until further notice. Also come Monday only department heads, security personal, IT staff, and any one called in are to report to work. Everyone else will be given a short paid holiday for about a week as the last of the new security upgrades are installed. And Alpha 4 will be maintained until further notice. Good day everyone.ö

He gets up taking the case he brought in the avatar dissipating as soon as he touches the carry handle. It takes a couple minutes but soon everyone is gathering up their things and working on coming to grips fully with what has happened recently, and that is that some one has been displaced in time, and location, and it looks as if they will not be able to bring them home any time some, if at all.

A little while later Tenshi Chou, one of Dr. AikoÆs friends and co-workers here, along with a few others find Aiko in the infirmary crying. As soon as Chou is close enough Aiko latches onto her and really starts to cry and is all but incoherent as she goes on about what has happened to someone that she was fast coming to care for, just so Katashi could get back at her for something only he believed. Her friends spend the next hour there trying to calm her down so that they can at least get her home so she can rest there.

As Dr. Aiko and the others are getting ready to leave the infirmary Dr. Takado arrives and request to speak to Aiko in private for a few minutes. After some resistance and a statement about something that only Dr. Aiko and Takado seem to understand they both enter Dr. AikoÆs office. They are in there for about 20 minutes or so before Dr. Takado comes out with a very slight smile and states that Dr. Aiko will be remaining with White Star, but will be taking some personal vacation time before she returns to work. He says nothing else before leaving and wishing the rest a good time on their vacations, unless they are senior staff or one that has to report in Monday.

When AikoÆs friend enter the office she is placing a few things in her briefcase and looking strained, but she only says that a deal was worked out and that she needs some time to relax and center herself before returning to work. Before she heads out with them to go home she says, ôLook guys, what me and Dr. Takado discussed is confidential as it is related to the main project here. He wants to make an announcement in a couple weeks that will cover most of what we talked about, till then I cannot say anything, so please stop asking.ö Her friends here let it drop but it is clear that they are concerned and want to know what happened. When they get to the lobby they start breaking up as some are taking the bus home and other are heading to the parking lot and then home.

On her way home, with her window down and the wind blowing through her shoulder length blue-black hair and listening to some relaxing music, something starts beeping her in handbag, reaching in she pulls out what looks to be a fairly advance type of cell phone. She looks at it a moment before pressing a button and answering it, ôHello, itÆs been a while sense you called anyone, is there something wrong?öAs she listens to the answer her eyes go wide and she swerves in her lane, ôAre you sure?! Has a meeting been calledà There is one tonight at the usual locationà You better believe I will be there, I am sick of acting like I am someone else, it may be something you like but I do notà Yea I will see you and the others tonight, I really hope you will answer questions this timeà WeÆll see, Ja ne.ö She disconnects the phone and says to herself, ôNow things are getting interesting.ö (Ja Ne = See you (basically))


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Billy is still coming around even as the two guards approach the area in which they heard a disturbance. The intense full body-ache and feeling of having been used as a power conduit for a few hours is making it hard to think, and adding to that is the fact that he seems to be in a strange location even though the bed has not changed. The new location and intense pain he is feeling currently is making it so that Billy is disoriented and mentally unable to process the new situation right now.

Meanwhile the guards have reached the area and have spotted the new additions to the chamber consisting of a bed, part of a sofa and table, and some flooring and walling materials just standing in the middle of one of the smaller open spaces in this area and seems to be connect to nothing that they can see. They carefully approach the new items with their weapons ready but pointed down.

As they approach the bed, they notice that someone is in it and they seem to be in pain judging by their movements and the soft groans they hear now. Once again the female guard radios in that they have found someone and the situation currently. At this point the male guard stops and stands ready a short distance away as the female closes in to take a closer look at the person in the bed, a young man. She notices the burns on the covers and the person in the bed and smell of ozone that is some what heavy around the bed. She is just about to call this in when the young manÆs eyes snap open and he movesà

Billy sense someone near him and they are getting closer, but he is unable to focus on things through the pain and disorientation he feels currently and tries to focus his Ki on deadening the pain so he can concentrate better. Suddenly he realizes that someone is standing over him and he snaps open his eyes to see a woman wearing armor over a uniform and carrying a weapon. Seeing this he reach on instinct and strikes out, but to stun not injure. The sudden blow to their cheek/chin causes the female to try and dodge but instead she stumbles backward and into her partner making it so that neither are able to react to the young man jumping up grabbing the larger bag near the bed and heading off toward one of the darkened access passageways nearby.

This time the male calls in the event and makes a report even as they try and follow the man, even now they can tell he is in pain by how he moves. Even so he still is able to disappear into the shadows at which time the two guards stop and move back to the bed and other new items to await reinforcements in case the young man they saw is truly hostile and not something else.


The controller that the guards have been reporting to having checked the location of the intrusion, and finding that it is marked as a zone that must be reported to command at once, makes the report to command and what actions have been taken so far. Command returns to search and await further orders, which is relayed to the guards now heading to assist the first two.

The commander of the guards takes a deep breath before making his report to the royal chambers about the events in the lower levels, in an area that was once a high security zone. Activating the communication system he speaks, <ôYour Highness, I am sorry to disturb you but there has been an intrusion reported in zone 5 of the old research section Tempest. The guards on patrol there reported strange sounds, then reported finding a bed, and parts of some furniture, flooring and part of a wall in the middle of one of the support areas there. Shortly there after they reported finding someone in the bed that appeared to be in pain but that struck the guard who moved to check in them. They then proceeded to run off into the shadows and are now hiding. This was reported to me and I have reported to you are required by standing orders Your Highness.ö>

The regal looking woman who radiates serenity in almost palpable waves is entertaining several others when the report is made to her. Her silver hair that hangs down to her lower back in a beautiful flowing cascade is only complemented by the pure white dress she is wearing. Though the one thing that has the attention of those in the room is the surprise on her face at this news. Her response does not hide her surprise at the report, <ôThank you commander, I will send someone down to help in locating the intruder.ö>

She then turn to the assembled group with her, <ôWill you all please go and assist locating who ever the intruder is, I would like them alive so they can be questioned if at all possible. Now go, quickly.ö> She sits down and starts to regain her composure as the others take their leave and go to do as they were told, all but one who stops at the door to watch another approach their ruler, a woman wearing a stylized fuku of white with very dark green, maybe black, bows and skirt. She cannot hear what is said but she does notice the surprise once again on her monarchs face as the new arrival makes a report and hands over something.

As the others are leaving the room, a new woman enters through a side door and walks up to the silver haired woman, <ôSerenity, I must report that one of the secondary time corridors was activated just recently and something was sent through it. The problem is that it was the corridor assigned for Temptress to use for sending and receiving messages in emergencies.ö> Noticing the look of shock on SerenityÆs face she continues, <ôYour Highness, Temptress was able to send a message and a rather large data dump at this time, but also sent a large item or items to the location that was coded into her memory. Below in Z-5-Tempest-9 there is someone in place where we lost Temptress five years ago. He is not a threat, but a victim of a crime where Temptress is now.ö>

The silver haired Queen motions for the young lady that stayed behind to come to her, <ôQuickly now make sure the others understand that the person in the Tempest zone is not a threat but seems to be a visitor. Every effort is to be made to end this with out resorting to violence if we can. Go quickly now and tell the others.ö>

The young woman with shoulder length blue-black hair, black eyes that seem to have a hint of blue in them and a very gentle look about her just nods to the Queen and turns to leave at the same time she is pulling out a small portable computer from a case on her side and starts typing on it as she walks out quickly after the others.


Back in the lower levels Billy has found a place to hide for now in the back of an æLÆ shaped room with another door not to far in case he needs to move again. Though there are many items to hide behind here so he finds a location that has a decent view of the door and the rest of the room before taking time to relax and center himself so he can start trying to heal himself as one of his last instructors taught him, and to try and figure out what is going on and where he is now.

Also of note are the people that are here and seem to be looking for him, he has no idea if they are hostile or just doing their jobs. Even now he is not sure that following his instinct and striking out like he did was the right move at the time, now they may be hostile toward him. But first I need to heal up some in case something happens, though I am hoping I will not have to fight anyone just yet.

While Billy is trying to heal and figure out what is going on here, five of the people who were with the Queen arrive at the point where the two guards are and 4 other guards that just arrived. There are three young women and two young men, the women are all now wearing stylized fukus with orange, green, and red skirts while both men are in some form or heavy armor or maybe powered armor now. The guards here all stand up straight and differ to the new arrivals at once and fill them in on the situation fully. A couple minutes later they start to pair off, one guard with one of the others. It is at this point that the last young woman arrives, she is now also wearing a stylized fuku with a blue skirt.

<ôEveryone, I have a message from the Queen and Pluto. The young man down here is not a threat or intruder but a guest. He was a victim of some crime that sent him here, Pluto gave the Queen this information. She wants us to try and find him but we are not to engage if at all possible. I will wait here and disperse information as we get it.ö> She looks around and points to one of the guards, <ôUnless you have a partner I want you to stay here with me.ö> Everyone here but the one in the blue and white fuku seem surprised about this turn of events, though the ladies in the fukus and men in the armor seem the most surprised.


Back with the Queen and Pulto, the queen is asking if there has been any communications with Temptress at this time, <ôà it has been at least five years sense Temptress vanished while we were running the final activation test, so please tell me that you were able to communicate with Temptress to find out what happened then, and today.ö>

Pluto just nods to her and hands her a small blue-green crystal, <ôEverything is on this data crystal Your Highness, including who the young man below is, what happened today and five years ago, and everything Temptress has learned to date of the location she found herself in. It includes that fact that what happened today was a direct result of TemptressÆs protocols on saving lives.ö> She watches as the Queen once again has a shocked look on her face, though this time it does not last long.

<ôThank you for bringing me this maybe now we can figure out what happened five years ago, but first we need to take care of the current incident, will you join me below?ö> Serenity says as she starts to review the information on the crystal, somehow displaying it just above the crystal while she waits for PlutoÆs answer.

<ôI am sorry My Queen, but I need to return to the Gates and be sure nothing has been changed too drastically with events today. I will male a report in a few days of my findings.ö> She bows slightly before turning and heading back the way she came.

<ôDonÆt work yourself to hard Pluto, and thank you for this information.ö> Serenity says as the other leaves, she then turns and follows the rest out of the room and toward the old Temporal research area, at least it was used for that until shortly after Temptress vanished and they moved everything that was left to a new much more secure location. As she walks the Queen is reviewing the information, focusing on who the young man is and the information about his language, one that has yet to be developed on Earth and it seems that most of the languages used currently have died out or are not used much in his reality, maybe where he is from they never existedà Who knows if we did or did not exist where he is from or if we died out long before his time came aboutà thinks Serenity as she takes a lift down to the correct level to join the rest, looks like we are going to need a translator to end this easily, letÆs see what I can doà is her thoughts as she walks into the area that has a guard and a woman in a blue and white fuku.

The guard seeing his Queen approach goes to full attention and stays there answering any questions posed to him about what is going on and how the search is going, to which the young woman responds, <Slow due to the number of small access chambers here and the fact that some have several places to hide in them, Your Highness.ö>


Billy has now recovered enough to be able to think clearly and understand what is going on but not why or how it came to happen. But now the guards have support and aid in some heavy armored folks and girls wearing some sort of fuku, they had to be some kind of commander though as the guards and men in heavy armor seemed to be listening to them. Looking around he considers going through the door and seeing if he can get out of the box he seems to be in now as the searchers are slowly getting closer to his location, it seems to be just a matter of time before they find him.

At this point the Queen pulls out a communicator and makes an announcement to all the ones looking for the intruder, <ôThe young man you are looking for is in fact a victim of a few crimes of which deliberate and unapproved temporal displacement and attempted murder are the most serious ones.ö> She pauses here to let that sink in, while many here have looks of shock, the temporal displacement means that someone decided to send him to some other time with out any permission at all, even the victims, the attempted murder basically meant that who ever did this really did not have the means to do so and almost killed this young man and maybe many others. Judging by the looks on the two with her the Queen figures that that message was clearly received, before continuing.

ôHis actions when first found can easily be placed to disorientation and his sudden appearance in a new and unknown location, so when an armed and armored person got very close to him, leaning over him while he was laying down, he reacted to an armed unknown. Luckily he seems to have not been trying to hurt anyone. The information I have on him states he is a well trained hand to hand fighter and has a decent amount of weapons knowledge from his home. He is also highly educated there as well, so he is intelligent. This means do not approach him if you see him but do try to get him to stand down if you can, but he does not speak our language, it seems to not exist where he is from, nor do many of the others. And of the two or three that do he does not speak them. I am working on a temporary translator now. Sling weapons and only approach if you must, else make contact and stand so as not to force a confrontation.ö> She turns off her communicator and goes about using her magic skills to create something to allow them to communicate with this new young man, someone she hopes will be an ally for how ever long he is here. He is well trained and educated, while his knowledge is not exactly current here, he can still learn new information.

Even though only the two near the Queen can be seen to nod their acceptance of the new orders they all do, and the guards with carbines or rifles sling their weapons across their backs. The keep searching and are now taking the time to carefully search all the alcoves and rooms with things in them that allow others to hide. This turn of events worries Billy as they are now slowly nearing his location and he can see them searching all the small areas carefully now. Looks like it is almost time to head to a different areaà About this time he looses track on the girl in the orange skirt and her search partner, but there are several areas that he can not see from his location.

While Billy is considering trying to go to another location or not, the Queen finishes up her work on a translator and hands the new clear crystal to the girl in the blue skirt to use, and tells them that æonly those with in about 15 meters of the crystal will be translated to either his language or ours so you will need to move closer to him once he is spotted.Æ

The tall browned haired girl in the green skirt moves into the other end of BillyÆs hiding spot and starts looking around and behind some of the larger creates here, to which he moves to leave through the door near him. Only he is spotted moving toward the door by the one guard he struck before, and she calls out to him soon followed by the one in the green skirt. Looking over his shoulder as the tone of their calls are not angry or hostile but calm and they are not holding any weapons, the only weapons he can see are slung or still securely holstered. They are indicating something to him and keeping their hand in a natural position to indicate they are not hostile, Billy starts to relax when the door he was heading to opens to reveal the orange skirted girl and the guard with her, at the same time the one in green comms the Queen and the others to their location.

When the door opened Billy had dropped into a ready defense stance but did nothing else, the skirted girl was the one to open the door and she quickly takes a step back and holds her hands out like the other two, while the guard behind her stops and raises his hands as well. They all seem to be saying about the same thing but Billy has no idea what it is, he does relax his stance some but not fully. Asking them what they want in both English and Japanese but they seem to not understand himà

As Billy has been watching the one in the orange skirt and her search partner as they where closer and had a direct line to him, he notices that the two behind him have gone quiet and as he turns to look hears a new voice that is shortly overlaid by English and he sees the girl in a blue skirt that looks a little like Aiko speaking and holding a crystal up as she does.

(ôWe will not hurt you, we have been told what happened to bring you here. I am Guardian Mercury, please stand down and let us help youö) she is saying as she slowly approaches a little more before stopping and waiting to see what happens.

Billy takes a moment to look over the others that have arrived but are staying back behind the group of four including the current spokeswoman. Figuring that the two new ones had joined the others while he was paying more attention to the one in the orange skirt and her partner. Slowly he stands up dropping his ready stance and grins at the one in the orange skirt when she lets out her breath, it does seem that they did not want a fight and if what they just said is true I should be able to work with them at least, maybe they can help me outà though I may need to do something for them, guess weÆll see.

(Ok, Mercury. I will stand down and work with you. But please what has happened to me?ö) He responds slowly and watching the others, even though he has dropped his stance and is standing it is still easy to tell that he is tense in this situation.

Mercury smiles and responds, (ôWe will tell you all we know but first are you injured, do you need any medical aid right now? Also Venus, Mars, Please move away and everyone regroup back at the point this all started. Will that help you to relax more Mr. Rhodes-Tenashi?ö) Motioning to the others to move away, but not the one in green or the guard with her.

He gets a nervous look but then slowly nods and forces himself to relax more, (ôYes, it will help but how in the name of Kami do you now my name?ö) He is not feeling as relaxed as he wants to but if they know his name they may not be who they are sayingà

Mercury sighs when he goes tense then relaxes some what, (ôThe same way we know how you got here, we were told a lot about you and your education and training, even the training by your family. We really do want to help you, but until you let us we really canÆt, as if we have to fight you just to get you to the medics then I am sure that several here will be staying there for a short time at least, maybe even one or two of us Guardians.ö) Her last comment brings a startled reaction from all the others but the silver haired woman in the elegant white dress. They all seem to be looking at her, except for Mercury who is still watching Billy with what seems to be a bit of sadness in her eyes that he is not taking her word easily.

The lady says something that does not really carry to Billy but he can hear part of the translation, it is something along the lines of 18 years of training in his familyÆs fighting styles as well as a lot of time in schools learning. At least that is what he figures she is saying, and when all of the others look at him, he can see some respect as well as skepticism in their faces, the two in the heavy armor are the ones to seem to be skeptics, but then heavy armor and weapons will do that to a person.

(ôPlease it is late and I am sure you are not feeling your best, we can talk more later when we all have more time to relax. Besides I think you would be more open if there were less guards and armored soldiers around. I know I will be more relaxed. Besides we need to get Sergeant Ryo here to the medics to heal her bruise and I can see burns on your clothing from what happened to you. Let us get to the medics then tomorrow we can start talking about the details of what happened.ö) Mercury tries again though this time Billy nods and sighs deeply as his own injuries start to make themselves known as the adrenaline in his system starts to drain.

(ôWell at this point in time I do not have too much choice but to accept your help, and I will apologize to Sergeant Ryo for striking her in my disorientation. So how do we do this now, thought I know a way to help remove her bruise right now if you will trust me to do it.ö) He had started slowly walking toward the one named Mercury after giving his apology and bowing slightly to the guard he struck. She returns the bow stating that she understand with everything that seems to have happened and waking up in an unknown location in severe pain that she would most likely reacted in a similar fashion andà

(ôYes, if you know a way to remove a bruise so I do not need to see the medics then please show me.ö) As she steps forward to where she is easily in arms reach of Billy. He looks around at the others, even the ones that had backed off to a great distance, or as great as a large enclosed space allows, and see many with distrust, but most of the skirted females have a look of anticipation more than anything. Looking finally at the woman in the dress for her reaction and getting a small smile and a gentle nod he turns back and steps a little closer.

(ôAs you saw I looked at everyone here and most seem to want to see this, and you are trusting me so I will show you something that I just learned how to do. Please relax as best you can.ö) He then takes and brings his left hand up and over his heart, closing his eyes and slows his breathing. A second later MercuryÆs portable computer pings for attention when she looks at it her eyes go wide and then she turns and shows the reading to the Queen who like wise is a little surprised but she smiles and then looks back at what is unfolding before her. Also the girl in the red skirt seems to notice something happening that the others canÆt and her attention focuses on Billy.

Shortly Billy opens his eyes and looks at Sergeant Ryo and she find her breath caught in her throat at the power she can now see there, but it is also peaceful in how it makes her feel. He then moves his left hand from over his heart toward her bruised cheek and chin. As his hand moves Mercury, the guard and the Queen can see a faint glow around his hand and they feel the peace coming off it. His hand stops a mere few millimeters from the injury and then she feels a comforting warmth spread trough out the injured side of her face, a warmth that reminds her of her mothers embrace and her fathers hugs when she was just a little girl. She sighs very loudly when Billy removes his hand and the warmth slowly goes away. He says to them, (ôThere the injury I caused, even though I was disoriented, has been healed by my hand as well. Though I am still learning how to do things like this and it tires me to do this, though not much now.ö) He looks at Sergeant Ryo and smiles saying, (ôI guess what my teacher in this said is true then, that when done right the recipient will feel something that they equate to love and safety. Again I am sorry, I train to try and not be in this position, but you cannot train for every possible situation that may come to pass. You can only hope to be ready for what does happen.ö)

The guard just smiles and nods to him but does say (ôThank you, now I feel I need to contact my parents for it has been to long sense we last talked.ö) Both Mercury and the woman in white are smiling and seem to be very happy about what just happened here. The guard then goes on to say, (ôI am just glad that you did not strike to injure or worse, as the blow was a surprise to me you could have killed me easily. Thank you for showing restraint even in an unknown situation.ö) As the woman in white steps forward during these comments, she places a hand on the guardÆs shoulder before speaking.

(ôAs has been stated here, I too am glad you showed restraint today. Each and every member of the palace guards and staff are dear to me, as are all my subjects. I am Queen Serenity, ruler of the Silver Millennium Empire. As Guardian Mercury stated before we have the details of what has taken place today, but we need time to figure out how to help you. Even so I will have someone talk to you tomorrow about what we do know and I will try to be there or I may have to make time another day, but I am offering you our Friendship.ö) That comment sets off the others, all the ones in the skirts seem to be surprised but very happy and the guards, all but Ryo, are just surprised. (ôAs you can tell I do not offer Friendship like this to everyone. We have a lot of information to review before we can see about sending you back home, but barring a major issue I think we will be able to. In the mean time I think you can learn a few things from us, language and some skills, while we learn about where you are from and may be the languages you know in trade. Can you agree to this?ö) She holds out her hand to Billy with a peaceful smile on her face.

Billy just looks at her a moment before formally bowing in Japanese style with his hands at his sides and bent to about a 60 degree angle at the waist, and holds it for a couple seconds before righting himself and carefully taking her hand in his and stating calmly, (ôEither you have complete trust in the people here to protect you or you are very capable of defending yourself, or maybe even both. Yes, I will accept your offer of Friendship and aid while I am here in return for that and a chance to learn some new things I will teach you about where I am from and some of what I know. But I will also offer my skills and knowledge to you, Queen Serenity, under the oaths of friendship of both my motherÆs family and my fatherÆs familyàö) on saying this his eyes cloud over and he takes a deep breath, closes his eyes for a second and then continues (ôI offer this to you and those here freely and willingly, in hopes that we can all become better for knowing each other.ö)
Here is part 3 of chapter 2, it is also the final part of this chapter coming in at 3,360 words.

In this section there is something I have been thinking about but Ozzallos (TeflonBooger here) did it first in this setting and I have borrowed it with a few changes, I was looking at the item in a pure Ranmaverse setting, but his use of it in 'A Time Apart' just helped get it set up for the SM universe. For those wondering, it is Ki-Dancers.

And now here is the last part of chapter 2


As everyone is leaving the area, Serenity has one of the guards and a Guardian take his belongings to a guest room for the night and he will be shown there after seeing the medics. Turning to him she says (ôWhile I know that the information we have says you are highly trained can you tell me anything about your training in your familyÆs fighting styles, and exactly what you meant about family oaths of friendship, so we know clearly what you have offered us today. I offered you my Friendship and all the help I can lend you: money, a place to stay, training in anything you wish to try for, and a lot of other things. This is why everyone was surprised, I do not do this very much and have only extended my full friendship like this a bare handful of times.ö) Guardian Mercury seems very interested as well, as do the other Guardians that have gone with them, only Sergeant Ryo of the normal guards is still with them as Serenity wants her to be looked over due to the way her bruise was healed, as she has heard of this type of healing but has never seen it first hand.

Billy smiles at the questions and the explanation give to him by the Queen, (ôWhat I have offered you, the Guardians and the guard and soldiers there is my friendship, is basically the same manner you offered it to me, though I could do more if we were back home I could do more along the lines of your offer to me, here I am limited to my skill, knowledge and the abilities I have that I can offer you all. I am young and still learning, I was set to start a new job and continue my education as well as my training in other areas. In my familyÆs arts I have been training in back my fatherÆs style and motherÆs styles from the age of 2 till just a month or so ago due to graduating from university and interviewing for a job with a couple companies. Though I still practice my styles for at least an hour and a half every day and in any weather. Even with that I still put in several hours a day to studies and any jobs I may be doing at the time, I have been studying theoretical electronics, computer operations and programming, networking of computers, with some art, music and photography thrown in to the mix as well.ö)

Hearing this Mercury perks up, (ôHow are you able to do all this is the time you have a day? I mean while I like learning things and study, I find that I do not have time for everything I want to do in a dayà I mean even I have to relax at timesàö) The other Guardians here seem to find something funny in what she said causing her to scowl at them and huffs and starts to cross her arms only to find BillyÆs hand on her right upper arm in a gentle touch. She looks at him not understanding what just happened.

(ôEveryone has their own preferred ways of relaxing, reading a book, painting, playing music, listening to music, and many others. Each person has different ways to relax, and some like ways that others find tedious or strenuous. I had a friend in university that liked to run or do other exercises to relax and it worked for him, but not many others. My little sister likes to read and study things to relaxàö) once again his eyes cloud up for a second before he goes on, (ôAnd while I like to read, I can never relax if I am trying to study. And something tells me you are like my sister here, am I right Mercury? As for my studies I study what I find interesting and the art music and all are hobbies of mine that I like to do when I can.ö)

The Guardians and the Sergeant are looking at him strangely then the sergeant just shakes her head and mutters æhe is rightÆ just loud enough for the translator to pick up and translate. The others except for the Queen and Mercury just look at each other and then just nod that yes he is right. Serenity is watching Mercury and the slow smile growing there as she realizes just what Billy had said to her, she looks at the other Guardians to see their response and see them each give her a sheepish grin. She then turns to Billy to see him looking down and his face a mask with some tears in his eyesà all the others seem shocked when Mercury stops and bends down to see what is wrong.

Serenity just sighs, (ôI was worried about this when he paused when giving his friendship in return to us. He has a problem with not being able to contact his family. Though how strong it is we have to wait and see. Talking about his sister seems to have been the trigger here, I would guess that he cares for her very deeply. All we can do is try and be there for him to talk to when this happens. Unfortunately this will fall mainly to you five, as I do not think many of the others there tonight will really understand this hurt of his.ö) after saying this the Queen does something that none of those present expected, and gives Billy a hug which he slowly returns after a minute.

As she steps back from the hug, (ôI am a mother as well, young man, so I do know the fear of loosing family to accidents and many other things. Just remember that we will do our best to get you back to them as soon as we can. Though sadly I must be off as I have an early morning appointment, so Mercury, Jupiter, Mars, Venus, please see these two to the medics and then Mercury please escort Billy here to the guest room, I am sure you can find which one on your computer. Everyone good night.ö) turning to Billy she says softly, (ôYou have at least six friends here, five of who can easily make or find time to talk to you when the need comes up. Do not forget that I offered my friendship and these five will take my place as best they can when I cannot be there. Now go get checked over and then get some rest. I suspect that tomorrow will be a long and tiring day for many, but mostly you, me, and a couple others that will be directly involved.ö) What that the Queen places a soft gentle kiss on his forehead before turning and head off down a side passage leaving the others alone.

After a minute Mercury gently places her hand on BillyÆs shoulder, (ôFor what it is worth each of us Guardians miss our families and we are not always able to contact them when we would like to due to our positions. So we do understand what you are feeling to a point. And the Queen is right we can make time much easier than she can just to talk, even sergeant Ryo here I am sure will be willing to listen from time to time.ö) The others are nodding that Mercury is speaking for all of them here as they get going toward the medical center again. During the walk each of the young ladies remaining take a turn to talk about their family and what the miss the most, and Mercury surprises the rest in that she misses taking walks with her mother in the gardens near their palace. It is during this time that Billy finds out that each Guardian is in fact a princess of the planet that they represent. It is Ro that misses the quiet evenings at home reading a book, and this actually gets the Guardians to laugh, as once again what Billy said before is shown to be true, everyone is different.

As the come into sight of the medical center the other Guardians part company as they need to get back to their evening duties now, leaving Mercury and sergeant Ryo to go in with Billy. The staff at the medical cent seems to have been expecting them as they are greeted as soon as the walk in by name or rank. The Sergeant is checked over first and the medic tending to her exam says that if she had not know better, she would say that the Sergeant had never been injured recently as there is absolutely no indication that her face was been injured at all. (ôTalk to him as he healed the injury, though for the life of me I have no idea how.ö) is all she tells them before she is dismissed and has to head back to the guardsÆ office to report in before heading to bed. As she leaves she stops, kneels down in front of Billy and looking into his eyes tells him firmly that he has a friend in her and she will find time to talk to him and maybe show him around to area some later.

While another medic is checking over Billy he is looking around at the medical center and even points out things that do not exist in medical centers where he is from and the medic talks to him about the differences and offers a few suggestion as to why they exist, thinks like magic existing here though Billy has yet to actually see any, as well as a completely different type and level of technology. During the exam the medic states that his injuries seem to be not a severe as one would expect for an event as he was informed about prompting Billy to explain about his limited Ki training that he used to heal RyoÆs cheek and a good part of his own injuries before they arrived here. Asking for a demonstration they indicate a little girl that was recently brought in and was under going healing for a badly twisted shoulder from a fall while playing. While they could heal it faster it was not safe to do so with a young child. All Billy says is æif she is willing to allow me to help then I will try.Æ The medics talk to the little girl and she is willing but her mother has arrived and wants to watch, as she is concerned about this method.

(ôMiss, there is more danger to me than your daughter in this, but you would not be a mother if you were not worried about your daughter's well being. Also I may not be able to fully heal the shoulder in one shot but I should be able to speed up the healing process if nothing else. I wanted everyone here to understand that what I do is not magic but an extension of my own life force.ö) After getting a nod for each medic present, Mercury, and the girls mother he moves next to the little girl and sits down on a chair there, (ôWill you tell me your name young one? I also need you to relax if what I am going to do is to work best.ö)

She looks up at him and slowly she smiles, looks toward her mother who nods, and then says (ôMy name is Mera, and I do hope you can help, as I am so bored here waiting for my shoulder to healàö) MeraÆs mother starts to scold her for saying that but stops when Billy just raises a hand in a gesture to hold and smiles, while some of the medics are actually chuckling or giggling.

(ôMaÆam it is a well know fact that children dislike being forced to do nothing when they could be playing, with their families, or better yet both at once. As she gets older she will learn not to speak so plainly, but for now do not be too hard on her for being young, she reminds me a little of my younger sister back home.ö) Once again he sighs and the continues, (ôI am glad to see she wants to get out of here as it means she is health aside from her shoulder being hurt, now letÆs see if I canÆt at least speed up the healing and help her get out of here sooner.ö) As he finishes he brings both hands up to his chest and closes his eyes for a moment, before opening them and looking the young girl in the eyes as he carefully moves his slightly glowing hands to cover the little girls shoulder and upper arm. Both the little girl and her mother see the look in his eyes and gasp out loud, but then the little girl feels the comforting warmth spreading in her arm and shoulder and looks at her mother and smiles a hug smile as a medic checks the display behind her head noting the changes as they happen in the girls injury. After a minute or so Billy slowly removes his hands and the little girl feels the warmth slowly go away.

The medic looks over at the girls mother then his boss and just hands the girl a small pink crystal noting the shocked look on the faces of everyone in the room but Guardian Mercury, and the curious one on BillyÆs face he says to Billy, (ôThis is a healing crystal, it is spelled to help remove most minor injuries but her should was so bad that we could not give her one till we had slowly healed most of the damage using another method but now we can as her shoulder was all but fully healed, what did you just do, and how?ö)

Watching the Mera take the crystal and seeing the color dim as it did its job and healed the rest of her injury then seeing her smile as she got up and hugged her mother then ran to him and hugged him saying æthank youÆ over and over. He just smiled ad answered the medics question, (ôAll I did was what I was taught to do, focus on my life force and asked it to help me get her own Ki, or life force, to help heal her shoulder faster, though I had to use more of mine than hers in the process. To do so takes a lot of time and practice just to do it for yourself, even more to help someone else heal faster. That is the easiest way to explain it unless you have several days to listen to the in depth reasoning into how the process works for some and not others. And by that I mean that not everyone can learn to do this. Some just do not have the ability to do it, while others lack the patients to learn it in the first place.ö) After that he yawns, (ôThough doing this does tire you out faster the more severe the injury healed, and I have not been doing this for very long.ö)

After all this and his statement the medics start going on about a Ki-Dancer and how they are rare and usually never seen alone or just found in places and start asking questions to which Mercury puts an end to by stating that the Queen herself is handling the event in question. MeraÆs mother comes over and asks what she can do to repay Billy for what he just did for her daughter to which he answers, (ôLover her and raise her to be a caring and good person like her mother.ö) which just nets him another hug and a kiss on the cheek from her mother before she takes her daughter home.

Seeing MercuryÆs look at what he said to the girls mother he states simply, (ôChildren are the future of any society and to not care for them is about the same as not caring about the society you live in. At least in my and my familyÆs beliefs anyway.ö) The medics are still talking about what they just witnessed and asks if he knows what a Ki-Dancer is, when he says that while he knows what Ki is, he has never heard of a Ki-Dancer back home. The head medic here, and older woman replies that she will get some information to him about them as the can do things in healing that normal medics, healers and clerics are not able to even with magic.

(ôBasically a fully trained Ki-Dancer is able to do things that we healers can only dream of, while magic is broad and thus useful, this also makes it unsuited to precision for any length of time. Where as a Ki-Dancer trained in the healing arts can do things down to the cellular level with ease and over long periods and all they usually need is rest and a bit of extra food at times. To put it simply it is like using a ship engineerÆs tools to repair a miniature crystal computer link, or using a heavy crysteel sword over a crystal scalpel in an operation. While it can be done the difference is still there. I will see about getting you some information about Ki-Dancers but it may be a few days before I am able to get anything.ö) She bows slightly then continues, (ôNow you are tired and need rest, so please go and rest and maybe we will see you again sometime, hopefully under better reasons.ö) With that she returns to her office and her reports while thinking about the event she just witnessed.

Once they have left the medical center and are heading toward the room the Queen has placed Billy in for the night Mercury talks to him about some of his hobbies and what he likes to do for fun, and finding that they both like reading and music. They also touch on Ki-Dancers and what that may mean for Billy, as it sounds like he may be able to learn even more about this ability of his that usually does not manifest until the martial artist is well on in years and not barely 20 or 21 years old. Once they reach the room that he was given for the night all his bags are there by the door, and Mercury shows him around the room to be sure he can use everything in there correctly.

There is a message from the Queen that she will be able to talk to him in two days, but that Guardians Mercury and Jupiter will talk to him about events the next day to get things moving forward. Before Mercury leaves she does offer to give him a tour of the palace and grounds the next day either before or after the meeting the Queen has planed for them. Saying good night as she leaves him alone finally.

Once she has left he checks his bags over and finds that nothing has been moved or taken, grinning a little at his own paranoia he looks over the room, while it is not truly elegant or ritzy the room and bath are more of an understated elegance but everything is still rather large, I mean look at the bath 4 or 5 people can fit into that thing alone, this will take some getting use to. Though I hope I am not here that long. After checking his things and just looking around the room more by himself, Billy takes and does some stretching and then a short meditation session to put the days events into memory so he can organize them better later. Then it is off to bed and he is asleep quicker than he thought he would be, looks like he was more worn out for the events than he thought. Mom, Dad, Sis, I will find a way home one day. I promise you this, is his last conscious thought.

Chapter 2 Fin