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Ezit Meti

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I didn't see a general thread for Doctor Who ideas, so... Here goes. I got a few, and I'd like to share 'em. What follows are the current titles for those ideas, a sort of pitch for the story itself, and underneath that you'll find the spoiler for any plot twists that may or may not exist. Because it's pretty much impossible to talk about these ideas without spoiling the story a bit. Anyway, I'd like to hear what anyone interested thinks.

The Living Legend:
The Eleventh Doctor and the Ponds arrive in what appears to be a museum dedicated to The Doctor. The exhibits are automotons, and the building long since abandoned. But there's a trap hidden within this dusty old building. The Doctor must face an old enemy, and confront a legend. Contains oodles of references to the classic series.

This is actually set in the land of fiction. A fictionalised version of Omega, through sheer and impossible willpower managed to seize control over the land. This placed him in a situation similar to where he started: In a realm he had total control over, but no means to escape and nobody to keep him company. I intend to use this to parallel The Doctor in a sense: Omega is much more the lonely god than The Doctor ever will be. HIs ultimate goal here is to seize control over The Doctor's body and through that escape into the real universe.

Fall From Grace:
The First Doctor, Susan, Ian and Barbara arrive in a lush forest where the locals are beseiged by a centennial arrival of "Silver Demons" that systematically kill a tenth of the population, then vanish for another hundred years. The travellers investigate, and soon find themselves at the centre of one of the universe's greatest mysteries, and a growing conflict. Which will prevail? Design or evolution? Either way, by the time this day's work is done the universe will weep.

The Silver Demons are a race of sentient Raston Warrior Robots, touted in The Five Doctors as the most perfect killing machines ever designed. Despite their best efforts, they cannot break their programming and are compelled to kill. To mitigate this effect as much as possible, they constructed a temporal dome on a populated world, where their time moves much slower than the rest of the universe. Therefore, a hundred years outside is a matter of hours inside. Unfortunately, they have failed to consider the effects of evolution on the native population, especially since they've been doing this for a very long time.

The Raston Warrior Robots hunt by motion: If it moves, they can see it. Therefore, the local life adapts so that they do not move if they are observed. Further, they develop the ability to feed upon temporal energy, and yeah they're the Weeping Angels. To progress the plot forward, it is necessary for the heroes to find themselves in another temporal bubble that makes their time move even slower than the RWRs, so that evolution has enough time to get the desired result.[/size]

Fury of the Daleks:
The Doctor (possibly 8th, though 9th may work better) arrives at a station engaged in research into a strange crystal that transforms emotional responses into renewable energy. The Doctor knows this is impossible, but has no time to investigate before a Dalek invasion force arrives, apparently determined to get their hands on the crystals. Worse yet, they seem to know his every move and have prepared for seemingly every eventuality. When it comes down to it, not even The Doctor can stop the Fury of the Daleks!

They're not really Daleks. See, the crystals are inhabited by a kind of sentient emotion, which gains the power to manifest in reality by becoming the physical form of what is most strongly associated with that emotion by those in the area. The stronger the connection to that emotion, the easier it is for them to take that form. Since The Doctor arrived and associates Daleks with anger and fury, the appropriate emotional responses become Daleks and start behaving like Daleks. The irony here is that they did so to prevent the experiments from wiping them out, but they decide to just take over the universe instead. Their psychic connection to The Doctor allows them to know what he's thinking, and he turns that against them by observing that they're not "pure" anger or hatred anymore, because the Daleks are more than that. They're also arrogant, frightened of him, etc. This makes them turn against one another whenever any of them show emotion.

The Devourer of Gods:
Crossover with Code Geass. The Seventh Doctor and Ace journey to a parallel universe while investigating a peculiar anomoly. To find out more information, Ace joins the Black Knights while The Doctor uses his intelligence to bluff his way into Britannian high society. But, the threat is much worse than they think and an old adversary is playing a grand game of chess with a whole other world at stake.
It's Fenric. From the last season of the classic series, for those interested. I'm particularly taken by the idea of Nunnally rising from her wheelchair with green glowing eyes, proclaiming that once again the great game shall be played... Time Lord. Given that Fenric's favourite game is chess, this seems like a pretty perfect fit.

Anyway, those are my ideas for the moment. Just thought it might be interesting to see what you think of them, and if anyone would like to help me piece them together.

Prince Charon

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Once upon a time, there was a little girl with psychic powers. Her father and other scientists experimented on her, torturing her abominably, and she cried out for help. She cried out again and again, but no-one came.

Then one day, when she was about seven or eight, someone heard her. Someone who cared. Someone who could, and would, save her.

Beware, Harlan Wade, for a storm is coming, and you cannot withstand his fury.


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Just something that popped into my head.

The fabric of time is on the brink as someone has usurped the TARDIS from the Doctor and left him stranded him on earth's past. With no TARDIS or a sonic screwdriver, the Doctor has to rely on the rather "unorthodox" methods of a former AV star from Japan with a strange necklace.