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So I just found out about this thanks to a bunch of LoL streamers playing it during queue.

Anybody play it? Bjergson and Dyrus seemed to be of the opinion that it was 'damn amazing, but no one has ever, ever heard of it.'

I started an account but only did like two quests as an Archer before I went to cook stuff. Seems to have a TERA-esque battle system.


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Used to play it. Hell, was in the beta for it. Not bad as an action RPG thing, and when you can group up with people without lag it's got some fucking beautiful boss fights. But there's always going to be space issues. Unless there's been an update that gave players a fuckton more storage in their base bag, the beta players and cashers have the biggest lead on that shit. Cashers more so because they'll have a lot more of the epic gear.

Which also means don't bother with normal pvp modes for a while. I think there's a couple big arenas that have been fun, but the 1v1 stuff is practically a trap for the newbies.

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The game looks interesting but I literally can't play. I tried to sign up both through Steam and through their website but it always tells me "there has been an error with the service. Please try reloading the page/try again later." I've tried to sign up maybe 30 times over a four month period but it always failed, and their customer support couldn't help me so I just gave up. I guess I'm just forbidden to ever play Dragon's Nest for no apparent reason.


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There's a level up box that gives you some big discounts on storage space. If you're willing to drop 10 bucks on a character it will give you a fair bit of inventory and storage room.