Dynasty Warriors High School AU idea

Okay, I posted another thread a few days ago about how I don't think High School AU stories have to suck as long as a little effort is put into them, and I had an idea for an "in universe what if" story that takes place in the same time period of the game series.

It would fudge a few things, like character ages (which is necessity, since being %100 accurate to the novel and game chronology would be impossible), but it would be period appropriate (with some liberties taken with the game/novel canon), though I never thought of where this "academy" would be set (so far, I figured Luoyang would do, with the various senior members of the cast being the teachers and their kids and younger vassals being the students).

I even wrote a possible prolouge for such a plot below. The story would be somewhat comical, but would have some action scenes (as befits the series), and the characters would be as in character as possible....

But that's mostly chalk on a blackboard for now, below is the prologue, hope it sounds like a good start:

In the waning years of the Han Dynasty, a bunch of corrupt castrated guys almost ran the Han Imperial Court into the ground and they got killed off by Dong Zhuo and Lu Bu. Dong Zhuo almost ran things into the ground further, but thanks to a Han court backer named Wen Yun, he had his adopted daughter Diaochan convince Lu Bu that Dong Zhuo tried to take advantage of her without her consent one day (which turned out to be true).

And so, Lu Bu gutted his former boss like a fish and donated his corpse to a torch making factory low on animal tallow since he didn't have too many other good ideas at the time.

However, even though enough non corrupt people were running around to get the Han Dynasty going for a little while longer, most of them were really old, so there was going to be void of talented people to advise the Emperor, run the military, and manage the various provinces a few decades, so Wen Yun shared an idea he had with the Emperor.

Around the same time, a rebellion by a bunch of guys calling themselves the Yellow Turbans was put down by Yuan Shao (a senior member of the Han nobility), Cao Cao (who led the Wei faction of the Imperial Court), Sun Jian (who led the Wu), and Liu Bei (who led the Shu, and who also captured Zhang Jiao, leader of the rebellion, who he convinced to surrender peacefully and serve under him as penance for going off half cocked).

It was then the Emperor summoned all the above to the Imperial Court and unveiled his plan for making sure the next phase of China's politics didn't go down the toilet.

In short, an academy (funded by Wen Yun and assets seized from the dead traitor eunuchs and Dong Zhuo) would be started in Luoyang, and the various promising children and vassals of ability of the various factions would be given a chance to study the arts of war and politics, and whichever ones proved the most able would the ones to not only take over the various provinces their predecessors controlled, but would also be the ones to have a say in the affairs of the imperial court.

However, on top representing the main three largest political factions in China, other various students not particularly affiliated with any of the above three were also invited to attend what would be called the Mu Zho Academy, and the strategist Sima Yi was recalled from his early retirement to preside over this "extra" faction, which he called the "Jin".

And so the day for the school term to begin happened........