Earning Points (Gabriel Dropout)

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A story based on this image: http://imgur.com/UAB0442

“Not again.” Vigne sighed with defeat. She had once again had her stipend reduced for lack of demonic activity.

“If this continues, I won’t have enough to live on much longer. I may even have to take on a roommate. Maybe a part time job?” Either option seemed reasonable, if unappealing. She did have another option, but she had tried it before with little success.

“I’m just no good at being bad.” She felt resigned to her fate as a failed demon.

Thinking back on her visit home she recalled a conversation with her mother about the issue of her behavior. It’s not that she had wanted her daughter to be evil, but doing the dark lords work was important if she wanted her time in the human world to be a success. How would she find a job in hell if she failed out of her earth side studies, her mother worried. She had given her the card for a consultant, a demonic counsel available to those who need help in doing dark deeds.

Vigne pulled out the card and looked it over. “Devil’s Accountant. Demonic Counsel for those In Need.” It said. Maybe this was her best option?

That Sunday she got up early, as usual, and took the bus into town to meet the advisor.

“This must be the place.” She thought. The building had a large sign reading C-Com: Cable and Internet Service Center. She opened the door and walked inside.

“Welcome to C-Com, how can I help you today.” The fairly normal looking man directed at her as she entered.

“Oh! Uh… Hello sir. I was looking for… uhmm.” She drifted off as she looked around the room. Was it ok to just say it? There were three other workers behind the counter. Surely this was not discreet. “I was looking for, I guess, a consultation?” she said quietly.

“No problem, are you looking for a home or office?” he replied.

“Umm. Well, neither of those.” She said a little louder, still unsure of her situation.

“Oh, would that be a demonic consultation then?” He stated, shockingly un-phased.

“!! WELL! Uh, yes I suppose so!.”

“No problem, I can help you in our office just over here.” He motioned to the room at the corner.

“Oh. Uh, super! Ok!” Vigne replied, still nervously unsure of her surroundings. The two walked to the back room and the man motioned for her to have a seat in front of the desk. He closed the door behind himself but left the blinds open, walking to the other side of the desk and taking a seat.

“So, what can I help you with today.” He stated, still seeming completely normal.

“I’m having some trouble meeting my quota you see. My behavioral stipend, it’s been decreasing and I haven’t had much luck at doing bad deeds on my own. I just don’t seem to be very… evil? I guess... that? I don’t know, I like helping people much more than hurting them. I don’t want to do anything violent…” She rambled on before he interjected.

“Yes, lack of demonic self-motivation in the pursuit of devilish actions has become a common problem these days. I can help but there is plenty you can do to help boost your demonic activity score as well. Your goal should be to stack as many factors on one activity as possible. Stealing a soda is ok for example, but stealing a soda from a sick orphan who used his last bit of money to buy it on his birthday? That’s extra evil!”

“I see…” she hadn’t realized it was this complicated.

“Look for those extra evil modifiers and you’ll achieve more for less effort. Children and the elderly are good, kicking people when they are down, and acts against angels are obviously the best. Ultimately, the goal is to turn people to the darkness, so keep that in mind.”

Acts against angels, she thought. She reached out to accept a cheat sheet that the man was passing to her. It contained a long list of actions and modifiers with score estimates to illustrate their value.

“One last thing, take this pin. Should you be in need of some demonic inspiration, this pin will help.”

He passed over a skull shaped pin face down on the desk.

“Thank you so much, this is a big help!” She wasn’t sure how the pin was supposed to help though, maybe it looked menacing? Either way, with her cheat sheet she should be able to rack up some points with minimal effort.

“I’m a little surprised though, I thought this would be a little more… discreate? Your coworkers heard what I was here for, aren’t you worried?” she asked.

“Not at all! All C-Com employees work for the devil.” He stated proudly.

Makes sense I suppose, she thought.

Once back home Vigne went straight to her closet and grabbed her backpack. She had come up with the perfect plan on her bus ride back home. She would totally ruin Gabby’s day by forcing her to clean up, stop playing games and do her homework. Gabby would be totally annoyed and irritated! According to her cheat sheet, irritating angels was an 8x multiplier! Plus, she wouldn’t really hurt Gabby at all, seeing as she needed to sort herself out anyway. While loading up her bag, Vigne took a moment to inspect the pin she had been given. She noticed the eyes on the pin started turning from a flat grey to a dark, deep black. At the same time, she felt a little dizzy, sort of light headed. For a moment, she felt not herself but it quickly seemed to pass. Looking down she noticed her bag was now fully packed and it looked like she was heading out the door.

That’s strange, I thought I had just begun packing, she thought to herself. Probably just lightheadedness, she hadn’t had much to eat today after all.

“Come on Gabby, I know you’re home. You’re always home. Just open the door!” Vigne was tired of knocking, she had been outside the door for several minutes at this point. Finally, as she was about to knock again, the door opened lazily.

“Oh, Vigne, it’s you.” Gabby stated scratching her side.

“Don’t give me that, why did you take so long to open the door?”

“I was raiding with my party and I couldn’t get up. Actually we are still raiding, I should probably get back to it.” Gabby said as cries of angry party members asking why their healer was AFK could be heard in the background.

“Not today, Vignette the fearless demon.. uhh “ Vinge lost the nerve to finish her practiced speech noticing Gabby was already putting her headset back on.

“I’m here to prove my demonic worth Gabby! You had better prepare yourself!” Vinge had little luck getting Gabby’s attention back. Opening the blinds and letting in the light proved ineffective. Before long she realized she had cleaned Gabby’s apartment without causing her any trouble at all. Feeling depressingly like a failure, she decided to step it up a notch. Reaching down she shut the lid on Gabby’s laptop and lifted it into the air.

“HEY! What are you doing!?” Gabby jumped up and down trying to reach the laptop Vinge was holding over her head. “They need me, don’t you understand. It is my angelic duty to help them survive!”

“Not today. Today you have to do your homework.” She stated firmly.

“But you’ve already done yours, why not just let me copy it like usual?” Gabby sat back down looking guilty.

“Not today. Today you have to do your homework.” She repeated.

“No.” Gabby sputtered, pulling her phone out of her pocket.

“Hey no games!” Vinge reached out for the phone but Gabby simply rolled over and dodged the attempt. Several more swipes for the phone were met with similarly fruitless results. Gabby had rolled herself up against the foot of her bed using it as cover to protect her precious device.

Feeling defeated, Vinge walked over to her bag near the entryway, looking for her extra worksheets she had brought, incase Gabby tried to get out of it by saying she had lost hers. While looking through her bag, she found the skull pin she had be given earlier. Picking up with both hands she again felt lightheaded and dizzy, noticing the eyes turning dark black like before. Her eyes started to glaze over and she could feel her mind awash with demonic whispers. Her hands were rifling through her bag before she even had the thought to do so. There was a deep mischievousness that was entirely unfamiliar to her, a new feeling like a rush of adrenaline. She turned to look at Gabby and felt a stir of excitement. “An angel” she muttered to herself. “So carelessly vulnerable.”

Gabby was focused on her game and hardly bothered to notice Vignette standing in front of her and only bothered a momentary glance of disinterest.

“Vigne, what are you wearing? Is my next punishment a costume?”

Vignette reached down the snatched the phone out of Gabby’s hands, her speed a total surprise.

“Hey you are starting to get annoying, you know that Vigne? What’s next? You can’t force me to work you know. I will just go to sleep if I have to.”

Vignette didn’t respond, instead only staring at gabby with a sly look not often seen on her face. She stooped down and gabbed Gabby by her hands and with alarming strength, flipped Gabby onto her stomach.

“HEY!” Gabby protested.

Vignette dexterously tied Gabby’s hands behind her back, pushing the soft side of her wrists firmly together. Gabby squirmed on her stomach in an attempt to release herself but Vignette seemed unnaturally strong, her thrashing legs suddenly pressed hard to the floor by two palms on the back of her thighs.

“Say Gabby, you’re an angel, right? A vessel of heaven? Your body an extension of god himself.”

“What are you on about?” Gabby puzzled as she turned her head, pressing her cheek into the floor to get a look at Vigne’s face.

“I’ve never thought about it until now but there really is nothing more demonic than corrupting the body of an angel, is there?”

There was a long silence as the two stared at each other. Normally Gabby would never have cause to worry. Vigne was about the worst demon she had ever met at doing bad things. Normally she would feel confident in calling her bluff but something felt different. Much to her surprise, Gabby actually felt a little nervous at the serious look on Vigne’s face.

“Hey Vigne…”

Gabby’s heart beat slowly increased as she tried to think of an innocent explanation, trying not to focus on Vigne’s hands still firmly grasping her thighs.

“I get it now. I’ll do my homework if you are so serious.”

That had to be what this was all about, she thought.

“You really should be more careful you know. Not keeping your guard up when a demon is around, so recklessly negligent. I mean look at you! You are so exposed!”

Vignette slowly slid one of her hands up the length of Gabby’s leg and under her red jacket, all the way up to the top of her panty strap. This sudden escalation was reflected as Gabby’s eyes widened noticeably.

“Are these really your only protection? Not a very effective shield I’m afraid. Well, let’s get them out of the way, yes?” Vignettes smoothly confident tone made the scolding feel genuine.

Gabby felt her panties tug against her waist as they gave up their hold and slid down her legs, their tension lessening as her legs tapered down to her ankles. Though she couldn’t see, she could feel Vigne pull them off her feet. Feeling completely exposed, Gabby’s mind struggled to settle on just what was happening. As her heart raced she wondered if somehow Vigne was really going to do what it felt like she was indicating she was going to do. Would that be so bad, she thought? Vignette was very pretty after all.

Wait, what am I thinking? She scolded herself for a moment, knowing that even if she was a failen angel, some things were expressly forbidden. An angel shall never enjoy the pleasures of the flesh, it was said. Well she may have already broken that rule a few times. And a few more. Maybe many times but that was alone and in private. Involving another in such an act was a different level entirely, one that would not likely be overlooked. Vigne was a demon on top of that as well! Vigne, she thought. Vignette. It’s not like she hasn’t thought about her that way before… Gabby’s thoughts were abruptly interrupted as she was lifted onto her shins.

“Angels shouldn’t have such impure thoughts you know, maybe this will be even easier than I thought. Do you know how red your face is already? Do you want to just ask me to do it to you?”

Vignettes condescending tone really put Gabby at a loss. I forgot she can hear my thoughts sometimes, she remembered. I should be careful what I think about. Don’t think anything pervy. Yes, nothing pervy. Especially not anything about…

Gabby’s mind suddenly rushed with a flood of things she was trying hard not to think about. Vigne’s chest and how she would stare at it during class. Vigne’s hair and how perfectly groomed it always was. That time she had masturbated quietly while Vigne slept in her bed when she stayed over. Yes, definitely don’t think about those things. Wait, crap.

Vignette’s smile and condescending look made it clear she had failed to keep her secrets.

“Are you ready to be a defiled angel?” Vignette pushed up Gabby’s chin with one hand. “Not that your opinion matters, you really are powerless to stop it.” She said matter-of-factly as she slowly lifted up the bottom of Gabby’s jacket with her other hand.

Gabby felt like her heart would explode if it beat any faster. This was really happening. She knew she should put up a cursory resistance, the punishment would surely be more severe if it appeared she allowed herself to be defiled by a demon willingly. What though? Vigne was right, she really was powerless in this situation. She tugged at her bound wrists once again, straining against them being the only resistance she mustered. She couldn’t entirely suppress her excitement as Vigne’s face grew closer. She could feel how turned on she was, her sacred area panty-less and fully exposed.

“Don’t worry, I’m sure we will have a place for you as my servant afterwards.” Vignette chuckled. She moved her hand to touch Gabby’s stomach and slowly slid it downwards along her curve, stopping just above her target, feeling the warmth emanating. She moved her face until it was almost touching Gabby’s. “This won't be quick.” She whispered.

Gabby was ready, she was so completely ready. She didn’t care about being an angel, this is what she really wanted. The tension all over her body was so extreme she was stiff as a board. Relaxing one muscle at a time she let her head rest back a little as she pushed out her lips, ready to accept her fate.

Just then the skull pin on Vignettes hip had its eyes lighten and they rose back from their sunken position. Vigne blinked back into her own mind and gently shook her head. She took a moment to re-center herself before she took in where she was. Gabby was in front of her face, flush red checks with her lips pursed outward for a kiss with her eyes closed tight.

“….. Gabby… “was all she could muster.

Gabby opened her eyes and stared back at Vigne. Vigne looked down and saw her hand resting, well, down there. She could feel softness and heat before she came to her senses and pulled herself back.

“What!? What… was I doing!?” Vigne quickly stood and checked over herself. “And why am I wearing this outfit!? Is this my Halloween costume?” She was completely confused and disoriented. What had happened just now? Why couldn’t she remember having changed her clothes? Or being so close to Gabby like that? She looked down and noticed that Gabby had her hands bound behind her back. Did I do this? She thought.

“Gabby! I’m so sorry! I’m so, so sorry! I don’t know what got into me!” She said as she rushed over to untie Gabby’s hands.

“Eehh, heh that’s ok Vigne. You really weren’t yourself there for a minute, you know?”

Vigne thought over what had happened earlier and drew a clear conclusion.

“It must be this pin. The demonic advisor gave it to me earlier. It must have some kind of mind altering ability.”

Vigne finished untying Gabby’s hands and watched her feel her wrists where the cord had been.

“You really had me worried for a second there Vigne, hah!”

“Gabby I’m so sorry, I didn’t know what this pin did. Earlier when I was planning what to do, I had the same kind of experience. It must be something to do with looking into the skulls eyes.” Vigne looked down and saw the pin for a moment before realizing what she was looking at and averted her gaze. “Ah I should be careful!” She remarked as she reached down to remove it from the waste of her skirt. Before she could find it, she felt Gabby’s hand reach out and snatch the pin from her hip. She looked over to see Gabby staring directly in the skull, seemingly unaffected.

“Huh. Doesn’t seem to have any impact on me. Maybe it’s just a demon artifact?”

“Yeah, that seems likely, not many magical objects affect angels and demons in the same way.” Vigne stated, somewhat relieved.

There was a long silence as Gabby continued to stare at the pin.

“Hey… Gabby. Can… Shouldn’t you give me that pin back now? I’ll be careful this time.”

Gabby looked up at Vigne and then back down at the pin. She seemed to hesitate as if making up her mind. Turning the pin over to face away from herself, Gabby pushed the pin up directly in front of Vigne’s face.

“Hey Gabby, careful wi… with…” she blinked and squinted. “Careful with where you point that.” She said as her eye lids grew heavy. What was Gabby thinking, she had just told her what the pin does? She was always so reckless and irresponsible, especially for an angel. Somebody should really set her straight, she felt whispered into her thoughts.

Gabby could see the light fade out from Vigne’s eyes, if only for a moment, before coming back even brighter than normal.

“Hey Vigne…. Umm…?” She stammered.

There was no response, no words at least. Before she could lower her hands, Gabby was pushed back onto the floor, her hands held above her head with one forceful grasp. She felt another hand sliding up the inside of her thigh and pressed firmly against her sacred place, still left vulnerable from before.

“OHH! HE…MMMMmmmmMMM!” she tried to speak but her mouth was finally pressed completely against Vigne’s delicate lips, stifling any noises beyond a deep moan. She felt a surge of pleasure as Vigne’s fingers expertly danced over her creases. Forcefully holding down her hips with her palm, Vigne’s finger delicately found her target as she lightly swirled her fingertip over Gabby’s most sensitive spot, rapidly increasing her pressure and intensity as she sped up.

There was no point in trying to hold a train of thought, Gabby’s mind was lost somewhere in between any number of intense sensory inputs assaulting her at the moment. When she could force open an eye, it was Vigne’s delicate face with a menacing look that was there to greet her, staring at her writhing facial expressions as she worked. She couldn’t bear to return her gaze, feeling completely conquered at the moment. When she tried to raise her shoulders, it was pushed back down by the soft, unmistakable feeling of Vigne’s prominent chest pushing her back to the floor. When she listened to the sounds in the room, it was only the moans and labored breathing coming uncontrollably from herself that could be heard. Before long she felt a new sensation, parting her and forcing their way inside. For a moment, she felt aware enough to attempt a protest but before she could form a thought, there was the feeling of being filled and spread, an intense sensation as Vigne slid her fingers up inside her.

Without even a moment to adjust, Vigne’s hand which had been holding Gabby’s arms above her had moved down to her neck, grabbing the back of it firmly and holding her in place as she was rhythmically fucked by Vigne’s fingers below. Her knees were pointing towards the ceiling as that thought formed in her mind. She was being savagely taken and it was wonderful. More than wonderful, it was all consumingly amazing! It was SO… she never completed that thought as a wave of pleasure took over and wiped her mind clear. She clenched down hard as she felt herself climax as if in another world.

Slowly coming down from the orgasmic high she was experiencing, she managed a glaze at Vigne’s expression. Was… she laughing? No, it was more like snickering. She was still unbearably cute when she acted so devilishly. Gabby didn’t have long to relax before she felt herself lifted back to her shins and pushed towards her bed. Her hips stopped her from going completely onto it and her hair flew forward, covering her face and a good portion of the bed in front of her. With her hair close to her face she could hear her breathing, feel how hot it was. She felt a tug as her legs were pushed together, clapping as her thighs met, leaving a completely unprotected angle of attack at her angelic nethers. She waited anxiously for the next assault, nervously pushing her butt outwards anticipating the next contact. But time passed and it didn’t come. 20 seconds, 30 seconds.

“… ughmm… uhh~hh… mmm. Gabby?” Vigne sighed out.

“Oh… Oh crap, wait.” Gabby stammered as she fumbled with the pin in her hand. “Vigne, look.” She said as she twisted on the bed, uncovering her face from her hair and holding the pin face out at Vigne.

“What? Wait… is…” was all Vigne could get out before blinking heavily and seeming to regain her strength.

“Oh… so you are just a perverted angel then? You want more, is that it?” Vigne said, with a more labored breathy voice than before.

“Mmmm, yes.” She replied, unashamedly asking for seconds. She positioned the pin within her palm and held her hands behind her back, just above her hips, still pushed outwards above her pressed together legs. “You could use the cord again this time.”

Vigne obliged, binding her wrists together in the same fashion as before then gathering Gabby’s hair together tight into a bundle, pulling it taut.

“Mmmmmmm… “The unexpected gesture earning an approving moan from Gabby. Vigne reached behind her back with her free hand and released the clasp holding on her top, sliding it over one shoulder and then over her head. Moving closer she pressed the front of her lap against the backside of Gabby’s legs, lowering her breasts to rest on Gabby’s back before leaning in down to whisper in her ear.

“Keep a tight grip on that pin. You’ll need it for the rest of the night.”

The next Morning Vigne woke up in her bed at home, feeling a little bit of a headache and a solid amount of confusion. When had she gotten home? Was it tomorrow already? Glancing at the clock she felt at ease that she had plenty of time before she had to leave for school, but she hadn’t set her alarm. Lucky that I woke up now I suppose. Wasn’t I at Gabby’s place last? How did I get home? As she thought through her memories of the previous day she started to put things together.

“There was that demon artifact, the skull pin. Every time I looked at it I would fade out and snap back sometime later.” She thought. That had to be it, she must have been under the pins influence again at some point. Gabby… wait… Oh no Gabby! Had she done something horrible!? Was Gabby ok? Reaching out for her cell, she pressed down on the button tied to Gabby’s quick dial.

Ring Ring. Ring Ring.

“I hope she’s not hurt, I don’t know what effects that pin has exactly.

“Ring Ring. Ring… ugggghhh… uhuhuuuhmuuu”

“Gabby! Are you ok!”

“What? What time is it… too early, go away.” Gabby muttered barely audible.

“Gabby? I woke up at home but I don’t remember getting back…” she was interrupted before getting further.

“Eh? Let me sleep, everything’s fine, you left early because you said you felt tired. You didn’t even close the blinds before you left and two of my party members died while I was closing them.”

“Oh, I see. I’m glad then.” Vigne felt relieved. Gabby hung up on her shortly after, eager to get back to sleep, she would probably be late for class again Vigne thought.

Getting out of bed Vigne found she was strangely weak, her arms and legs felt like jelly and she had a growing headache. Brushing it off she went about her morning ritual, starting with checking her finance book.

“Wait... What!?” she was stunned to see her stipend had nearly doubled since yesterday. There was even a note next to her review score stating: “His Lord and Master very much enjoyed your contribution, please keep up the good work!”

Vigne just stared at the book with utter confusion.