Faction Quest: Birth of the Chaotic Age


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Conciousness is slow to come at first.

There's only the barest awareness that something is wrong. The realization that you're cold. That your bed is awfully hard. Around this point is when the first set of neurons in your brain really start to fire up, and add two and two together to come up with holy shit this isn't your bedroom.

The wall are made up of white marble, as is the floor. Brass inlays form strange patterns of lines and circles, like gigantic circuit boards. Transparent runes float across the wall, like foreign letters on a news ticker.

There's a moan. It isn't yours.

All around you, people are struggling to their feet. There must be at least a few hunded of you in here. Some people are starting to scream. Some are shouting in panic. Other stare at the walls, their minds not believing what is being shown to them.

What is this place? Who are all these people? Why are you here? For that matter, where is 'here'?

You don't know.

Alexia Ross

I ain't one to to wonder at the how's and why's of life. Not really.

There's just been what I want, and obstacles in between. I need to get through school, without causing a fuss? Fine. I just went through the usual routine of sit down, shut up, and pay attention. It's not like the classes were all that hard anyway, for all that some people would bitch about them.

Of course, that was only one of the simpler messes I'd found myself in. There's been plenty of stuff that I've had to really think about in order to get through. But, the answer is usually really simple.

Want food? Work.

Want safety? Let people know that you're more trouble to fuck with than you are to just leave alone. And that can usually be accomplished with a few fist to face to curb meetings.

But this place... whatever it is, ain't like anything else I've laid eyes on before. Holographic shit, fancy letters, and crowds of people aren't really anything I've had a lot of experience dealing with.

But I'm hungry now. And there's a door over there. There's no food in this room, so I'll go look in another for something to eat. Getting away from this bunch is just a side benefit, really.

Look for a source of food.


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Mortimer "Morton" Irving

"Hup!" Not one for waiting for the a mystery to solve itself, Mortimer threw himself upright in one go, a trick he'd mastered after countless falls off various footings even with his rather portly stature. With that single jump he was upright and ready to go, stretching a bit more before he decided to focus on the immediate task at hand.

"Now let's see what we have here." He said, rotating his arm around to get the last bits of drowsiness out as he gazed around the room. With that one glance he managed to process everything that stood out at once as he tried to figure out some sort of explanation to their situation or immediate course of action they needed to take.

The white marble room with a vast number of people, the fact that everyone seemed to be waking up at once and having varied reactions all seemingly tied to not knowing this location at all, that no one seemed to have anything with them but the clothes on their backs his own missing supplies included, the few doors around the area and so on. Countless little details quickly swirled around his mind as he tried adding them all together, before his mind immediately threw off that train of thought as it focused instead on the most interesting thing in the room, the strange circuit patterns and rune symbols on the wall.

Turning his full focus to this strange design, Mortimer unconsciously walked closer to the wall, trying to divine its purpose or nature. He shifted his gaze between the floating runes and circuit shapes similar to yet still unlike anything he'd ever seen before on the wall in front of him. Countless new questions started forming in his head, trying to fathom the purpose and origin of the runes and brass inlays.

However it didn't take long for him to realize there was no means of figuring out their purpose without some sort of means of manipulating it, which didn't seem to be around this part of the wall at least. Somewhat disheartened, he made a mental note to try and figure it out later if he could find some sort of control panel or something, there had to be something of that nature somewhere in here after all.

First however a team would likely need to be organized of the hundreds here to figure out just where they were, while the rest made sure no one else started panicking or wandering off at random. Which was what he thought at any rate, just before realizing he'd already walked right up to the nearest door, his feet seemingly automatically taking him in search of some sort of answers.

"Ah." He said, stopping himself just short of opening the door and walking right out with no proper plan of action. Thinking it over quickly and with no bias whatsoever, no siree, he figured someone else could probably handle setting up a leadership structure far better than he could.

"Wouldn't hurt to at least take a peek at what kind of stuff is around here after all." He said, mind already bursting with potential reasons for this building's strange design he already couldn't wait to verify for himself. Still completely focused on his thoughts, he didn't bother noticing whether or not anyone was following him or attempting to call him out just as he was about to try opening the door.

Explore the building and attempt to determine its nature, technological or otherwise.


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Pulling himself off the floor, Tristan checks to see if any of his weapons are there. Cursing to himself as none of them are where they should be. Of course.

"I'm in unknown territory. I'm unarmed, disoriented, and annoyed. And of course with my luck I don't have anything to protect myself with. Fuck. Double Fuck."

Muttering curses under his breath while he takes stock of the situation. A bunch of what seems to be civilians. The rooms sorta high tech way it looks. Okay I can work with this. Preparing himself he shouts at the room.

"Hey, I need whoever woke up first. I want to know if he saw anything before we did. Anything different that might come in handy. After that people we need to look for supplies. Anything that you think may help us out. "

Taking charge to make sure that the panicking people don't start getting violent with each other is only good thinking.

"You guys I want you to look for food. I know I'm hungry and I suspect it's been at least a day since most of us have eaten. Now I'm going to scavenge the area myself. See if I can find anything interesting."

Explore the area looking for useful materials.


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Mathew looked at his surroundings and decided he was dreaming so he lay there a little more. Sadly for him the cold proved real enough to keep him awake.

Standing he slowly retreated towards the walls, the strange markings looked fascinating and could be used on that game project he had in mind. The fact that this put him away from the center of people was an added benefit.

Keeping himself to the edges he wondered what criteria his kidnapers have had for their victims and why so many of them. He wasn't sure there weren't any kidnapers mixed among them but there wasn't anything he could do about it right now, but keep his eyes open.

Turning his back to the rest he began to examine the runes, luckily they would reveal something although he doubted it.

Examining the runes and trying to commit them to memory.


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Looking around the room Holden couldn't help but be reminded of the time he stuck a water hose down an ant hill.

There is chaos, and yet still Community. While panic, fear, and wariness exists in varying degrees in the eyes I end up meeting, they are not the only things.

Determination, Curiosity, and Hope.

Waking up like this, it is simply unreal. Perhaps if it seamed more real, less of an impossibility, there would be none of those three.

Logically if this many people disappeared, the technology, or the numbers, or the government cooperation... Whatever the cause...

It must be shock. Has to be shock. Before reality sets in something needs to be done. Decided.

If there was less people having a leader decided would probably be good enough.

A voice on the other side of the room started shouting although a few words were lost in the low hum usual to groups of so many people the message is clear.

Scavenge. Explore. Spread out.

In some ways it is a good idea. A goal to focus on, and confronting what is real and what is not all at once.

What if it is dangerous, and there are traps?

What of the people who are unobservant, but have other talents we may need later?

Coming to a quick decision I couldn't but help shout a response,

"And don't do any Indiana Jones bullshit, wondering off by yourself. No less than four or five in a group. Look out for each other!"

Why us?

Were we selected randomly?

Were we selected with a purpose?

Perhaps looking into who we are could help answer that. At a quick glance I don't notice anyone obviously beyond use.

Are we cogs in a machine?

I need to know more.

Turning to a young woman next to me I begin my interrogation, "Hi, I'm Holden. I'm good at cooking. Who are you, and what are you good at?"

Gather information about the skills of the group.


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Maribel spend her first few minutes just holding herself, trying not to gibber. This is the kind of thing that happens to people in stories, not boring college students! But... Eventually rationality wins out. This place is deadly. Even if their isn't any traps.. Mob Mentality isn't fun. No, she has to leave. Find safety. Food. Water.

...Someplace with privacy. This place is also to noisy. She's getting a headache.... And to many people she doesn't know. No friends, no family..

Go looking for someplace she can stake a claim of home on that will have privacy.


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ROLLED-100, follow up=100. Result: STUPID LUCKY

~NGD OMEGA~ said:
Explore the building and attempt to determine its nature, technological or otherwise.
Exploring the building tells you many things.

The first, is that it's very large.

Traveling in a mostly straight line, you estimated that you walked about a quarter of a kilometer in order to reach a window.

This window reveals to you many things.

The most immediately interesting one, is that you are high up in the air.

Very high. As in, above a cloud-layer. A long ways above a cloud layer.

You can't see through it, though. It reaches the horizon, like a sea of fog. There's no other landmarks. Apart from the blue sky, the sun, and the clouds below, there's nothing at all.

A glance to your left, and you can see the hall curve. There's windows at regular intervals. Taking a loose string from your sleeve, you carefully put it in an easily visible spot on the window sill, and start walking down the hall. As you went, you carefully created a mental map in your head.

It's a long walk.

The sun has moved across the sky, before you return to the string marking your starting point. You never made any turns, and just followed the curved wall with the windows facing the sky.

You walked in a giant circle.

You took a look outside the window again, this time trying to see down. Straight down. You can't see anything. Looking up yields much the same.

You remember passing lots of stairs on your walk. Steps leading up, narrow flights leading down, spiraling stairs going both ways. You take another look at the sun, before setting out again.

Eventually, you stop being able to see the sun out of the windows you pass. When this happens, you look for the shadow of the building.

what you see is a long grey line that seems to go on forever. You missed it the first time around, because of how well it blends with the clouds. Now that you've deliberately gone looking for it...

You can't tell where it ends.

You can see where the base must connect to the tower (what else could this place be?) but the end of the shadow is too far away to see where it fades away.

What kind of place is this?

Over the next few days, you spend some your time familiarizing yourself with the Tower.

You only explore about three floors. The one you started on, along with the ones above and below. The limiting factor to this is two fold. One, is that you don't want to get lost.

The second, is the appearance of monsters on the floors surrounding those.

Having seen them for yourself, you'd say they're more like androids and attack robots. It doesn't change the fact that they attack people who go into their territory, though.

Luckily, their weapons don't do more than bruise. Although, more than a few people gotten concussions.

You have discovered a few places of note on the accesible, non monster-infested floors, though.

There's a roomful of tablets, that no one can turn on. You're the only person who knows where it is right now, though.

A small area that looks like a cafeteria. There's machines that dispense food and water here. You can only get bread, butter, apples, and broccoli. Interestingly, you actually weren't the first person to find this place. A rather scary looking girl with a scar on her face was chewing her way through something when you first poked your head in. Since then, the knowledge about the location of the cafeteria reached everyone.

There's also a few bathrooms. They're nice, even if they're not really meant to accomadate as many people as you have right now. Thankfully, they're staying clean. Although, you're not sure who's doing it, you're grateful to them.

It's on your fourth day that something truly unusual happens...


Without warning, a giant sword appeared in mid-air.

It then slammed into the ground about a foot away from your face.

You definitely didn't squeal like a little girl. Not at all.

By the time you got your breath back from the action of scrambling away from a gigantic blade, you were calm enough to take enough to take another look.

This time, you were blinded by a flash of light.

After getting your ability to see back, you saw a girl standing in front of the sword.

"I am an A.O. of Security Administration. State your name, and purpose for infiltrating this facility, as well as those of the other personnel in your team."

Oh dear.


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ROLLED: 82. Result: Solid Success.

lightwave said:
Explore the area looking for useful materials.
There's... Not a whole lot of interesting materials to be had, honestly.

It took awhile to locate, but the group you led out of that starting room discovered a cafeteria. Your group wasn't the first one there, but at least you found something to eat for your guys.

You also located some blankets in a cupboard. Or possibly they're towels. Maybe they're tablecloths? Either way, they're better than sleeping on the hard ground without any covers at all.

While wandering close to the entrance of one of the stairs that lead to the floors with monsters though, you do find something interesting.

It's a stick.

Blue, obviously man made, with a grip set into the handle, and a button resting comfortable beneath your thumb, it's pretty interesting.

Shame the button doesn't do anything.

Get: 1x Stick (?)
Good Reputation: UP!


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ROLLED: 65. RESULT: Not bad, but nowhere near enough high enough for this shit

Urdarum said:
Examining the runes and trying to commit them to memory.
You spend a few days studying the runes flitting back and forth.

Without a way to record data or make notes, your ability to make progress is limited. You can identify at least four different styles of runes, though. There's some like Kanji, some that appear Norse, a few instances of trigrams, and quite a few other things that sort of look like letters that you can't identify.

The next major drawback, is that you have no idea what any of these symbols mean. Or a way to determine what they mean. They could be profound poety, vile cussing, instructions, or even music notes.

You just have no way to tell.


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ROLLED: 12. Result: Fail. The boring kind.

Schema said:
Gather information about the skills of the group.
Your attempts to gather information... Do not go well.

Most of the people you meet are at least slightly panicky, and your manner does little to reassure. This makes them suspicious, defensive, and generally not very fond of you.

In one memorable incident, you managed to make a girl start crying. When you tried to reassure her, you put your hand on her shoulder.

That was a mistake.


The scream almost immediately had you dogpiled under a half a dozen bodies and it's only thanks to luck you weren't seriously injured. You still came away from the incident with a black eye and some nasty bruises.

Most of the people here really don't like you right now.

Bad Reputation: UP!


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ROLLED: 88. Result: Excellent. Shame that there's nothing much available..

happerry said:
Go looking for someplace she can stake a claim of home on that will have privacy.
Most of this floor is made up of hallways and empty rooms.

The ones around the cafeteria are always noisy and filled with people, as are the places around the windows.

However, you end up lucking out and finding a closet that someone in the past converted to a snug little place. Most of it is taken up by a cot with some blankets, but there's also a little tablet, a key-ring, and a photograph stuck to the wall.

The tablet doesn't work, and you have no idea what the keys go to. They're stamped with a crescent moon, but you haven't seen another symbol like that anywhere. Or a door that requires a key, either.

The most interesting thing, is the photo.

A handsome man and a woman with wild look in her eyes are grinning into the camera. You can see the man's white sleeve out-stretched toward the camera, so he must be taking the picture.

This mean people were here once. This is proof of that.

But where did they go?

And why are you here, now?

Get: 1x Crescent Key
Get: 1x Tablet


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Mortimer "Morton" Irving

Shaderic said:
Despite the complete lack of success he'd been having with activating or even just learning about the technology of this building, Mortimer could easily admit to himself that the last few days had been quite the experience. However as he had so often found himself when exploring the wild, his tendency blindly seek out anything he'd found interesting had gotten him into trouble again. This time admittedly it wasn't a a bear sure, but considering the size of the blade belonging to what appeared as far as he could tell to be a female android might not be that much better an option.

"I am an A.O. of Security Administration. State your name, and purpose for infiltrating this facility, as well as those of the other personnel in your team."

'Oh Dear.' The large man thought to himself. His response here was going to be vital to deciding just how things were going to proceed for him and his group. Just his luck really. Of all the things that was necessary to determine the fates of all the hundreds of people here, it would naturally fall to him to try to determine it with a conversation of all things.

Once more it crossed his mind that he should have been conducting his explorations with a team as opposed to going it alone, though admittedly it was hard to tell if this Security bot had targeted him specifically because he was alone. Wouldn't it have been wise for security to be sent where most of these 'intruders' were?

'Focus Morton.' Before he could get lost in his thoughts on the unfairness of the world, Mortimer wrestled his mind back on track to consider how to respond here. Considering their circumstances and what little they had to go on at the moment, trying to guess at this A.O.'s intentions was impossible. However given the fact that it had asked for the information first, attacking them seemed off the table at the moment. He needed to make sure it stayed that way.

However, he quickly noticed the machine had let slip something interesting. Security at least was not aware of their arrival, meaning the actual supervisors of the building probably weren't the ones who'd brought them here. Not unless they just didn't inform security for some reason, which would really complicate their motivations quite a bit. What would be the point of sending them here if they were just to be thrown out by their own security after all. It wasn't much but at the very least it was something. Now he just needed to somehow draw out more information.

Of course the real question was how. If this gynoid intended to leave after his response to report to its superiors, he wasn't going to get anything out of this encounter. Straight up asking might not work either, he really needed to approach this carefully and wait for opportunities to ask questions of his own as they came.

'Only one way to go about this then.'

"State your name-"

"Mortimer Irving, No intended purpose, No affiliated team among the other people who found themselves in this building." There was no point attempting to persuade their investigator with some sort of quirky act, this was a machine. And he was intimately familiar with how machines worked. Down to the core it was all about the precise input and defined behaviors. Quick concise responses was all that it needed in this case, all the more so since it was investigating a security concern. However, he also needed information, so in order to prolong the conversation long enough to draw some answers out of it, his responses had to raise more questions than answers. He only needed to drag this out a bit after all, the longer this went, the more information he could draw out from the conversation.

He watched carefully as the gynoid processed his response.

"Clarify." It spoke again.

He almost wanted to sigh to himself. Drawing out the answers from a machine was really going to be difficult. Still this did let him lead into his intended mess of an explanation that would take this robot quite a bit of time to sort through. "Four days ago I found myself in this building with a couple of hundred other people in that large room a ways back. No one I recognized was among this group and seemingly none of us was aware how we'd gotten there. Some of us wondered off on our own for various reasons as they naturally would if they wok up to find themselves in an unknown location, myself included. I've spent the last four days trying to gather information on just where we are and haven't been operating with any sort of team from within that group."

He paused a moment, mostly for theatrics, as if he was thinking about how absurd his own response sounded. "Whether you accept this explanation or not, the fact remains that hundred people showed up in the middle of your facility with no clear purpose and considering your investigation no clear means of that many people entering out of nowhere. Presuming you've been keeping tabs on us for these four days, our general actions should at the very least show that most of us are just completely lost and trying to find our way out. We held no ill intent for this facility, whatever it happens to be, upon our arrival. Most of us just want to go home."

That he was not necessarily included in that last 'most of us' Mortimer purposefully left unsaid. Whether the gynoid would be advanced enough to pick up on that was probably up for grabs.

The robot kept her gaze on him for a few seconds after he'd finished his response, as if trying to determine the truth behind his statements. Mortimer naturally had nothing to hide. For a brief moment, in an almost human-like reaction, the machine's gaze softened a bit. However once it responded, its glare had returned. "What were you investigating?"

Not quite the followup question he'd been expecting, but it did leave a very nice opening for him to get some questions in if he went about this right.

"This building mostly." He said curtly. "The sheer size is unlike anything I've even heard of before, and the height itself completely outstrips every building I'm aware of. If I had to make a guess it appears to be a space elevator given the sheer size, but as far as I'm aware that particular structural endeavor was purely theoretical. If someone actually did try to make one, I'm not sure why it's not well known already."

"And that's not all." He paused a moment as he reached into his pocket. "The technology, structural circuit based design, and the symbols on the wall are unlike anything I've ever seen. Even those bots that tried attacking us, weak as they were appeared far more advanced than anything I've ever heard of."

"I found a bunch of these in a room a ways away." He pulled out one of the tablets he'd pocketed after he'd discovered that room earlier and offered it to her. "I'm very familiar with this particular design in terms of the shape, but the tech is foreign to me and it doesn't respond to anything I do."

Now here it was, the moment of truth. He was letting his curiosity lead him by the nose a bit here once again, but any answers at all could serve the entire group well in the long run. Regardless he had to go about it right or he might not get anything if he wasn't careful. "Are you allowed to tell me anything about this technology? Or about what this building is for?"

As he asked, he handed off the tablet to the machines accepting hand. Even if it couldn't answer either of those questions due to some protocol from her creators, if it could somehow reveal how the tech was activated that would serve his purposes just as well.

Try to prolong the conversation with the A.O. bot and get as much information out of it regarding to the technology of the tower and how the tablets work as he can.


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RE: Mortimer "Morton" Irving

~NGD OMEGA~ said:
Try to prolong the conversation with the A.O. bot and get as much information out of it regarding to the technology of the tower and how the tablets work as he can.
She's silent for a minute.

"This information conforms with previously gathered data. The movements of your group are chaotic and disorganized, and although none of you have the neccesary clearances to be in this facility, the lack of any informed actions, weapons, or Crests of any kind indicate that you have minimal ability to perform acts of espionage or sabotage."

"Deliberation is now underway as to whether or not to reclass your status to different threat and clearance level."

Another brief moment of quiet.

"After deliberating, it has been decided to change your status within this section of the facility from 'Intruder/Threat Minimal' to 'Guest/Mostly Harmless'." There's a amused lilt to her voice with the last bit. A tiny hint of emotion, that disapears as she begins to explain how the tablet you picked up works.

Or rather, why it won't.

It seems you need a Crest in order to use the device. Luckily, the AO predicts your next question and explains that a Crest is a spiritually implanted system that allows one to manipulate the force known as 'magic'. To use the tablet, along with most of the other items, devices, and some of the doors in the tower, you need a Crest. It'll also grant you understanding of the runes floating around everywhere. All told, the Crest acts like an ID card, power source, spell casting tool, and translator. At the same time.

She goes on to tell you that there's an automated Crest Engraver three floors above this one. With the push of a button, it'll implant a Crest in you.

You wonder why it's called an Engraver if it implants something.

As for the purpose of this building...



"At an unknown point in the past, there was an event that cause large amounts of data within this system to become corrupted and began to fracture. Since then, most of the facility has suffered from major system failures, as various AOs and AIs went rogue. At this time, it is postulated that the facility is operating at, under the most optimal conditions, 3.14 percent capacity." As the explanation goes on, her pitch becomes ever so slightly higher. The words slow, almost imperceptibly in some places.

And in her eyes, you see the faint stirrings of old sorrow.


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RE: Mortimer "Morton" Irving

Shaderic said:
And in her eyes, you see the faint stirrings of old sorrow.
He'd been looking for some sort of answers, and it seemed he'd hit the proverbial jackpot now. He'd been worried upon encountering the facility's security, but knowing so much more about the circumstances behind this tower proved just how fortunate a thing this was. Considering the building's sheer size and the current condition it was in, it was nothing short of a miracle that they'd been detected so soon.

"Ah... My blood's boiling now." A fortress made through the marriage of magic and technology left decaying and standing only as the last remnants of something that had once clearly been something great. He could no longer hide the ridiculous grin from his face anymore, any semblance of trying to prolong this conversation lost in the midst of his obsession getting the better of him once more. "I couldn't have asked for a more amazing place to explore."

Still he had enough good sense to reign himself back before rushing off to find this Crest Engraver. Despite his own desire to learn more about this place, there were a lot of other people here clearly wanting nothing more than to return. He turned his gaze back on the machine.

"Considering we haven't been shown the door, I'm guessing you don't have the means to send any of us out with the state this facility is in?" It was a question with a rather obvious answer to it, but one thing he'd learned over the years was that he couldn't force others into dangerous tasks just to satisfy his own curiosity. If people were given the means to leave now they probably would, meaning he couldn't waste this one chance to give it to them.

"At the current point in time the capability does no exist to transport any one outside of this facility in still living condition."

"Right so that's right out then." Mortimer replied instantly. Escape just flat out was not useful if they couldn't survive escaping in the first place. Pondering the information he had on hand at the moment he tried to figure out if he had anything else he needed answered before he would return to the others.

"Ah, right. Since it seems like the group going to be here for the long haul before any of them can escape, it's probably important to ask if there's any important features of this tower we should be aware of." At the machine's seeming confusing as to the nature of his question, Mortimer quickly tried to clarify.

"Well we found food and restrooms at least, but anything else that could be of use for the others in trying to get out of here would be much appreciated." Before he finished, the appearance of those attack bots suddenly came to mind. "As well as if there's any particularly dangerous places or features of this facility that they should avoid."

Mortimer paused a moment, as he scratched his head. "As far as we've seen the rogue machines, though aggressive, aren't a particularly large concern for us if we're careful. But considering how advanced things are here, it's probably best to make sure if there are any areas or locations in this facility that they'd need to avoid if possible." He glanced once around the room as if checking if any of those bots would appear before turning his gaze back to the machine.

"And your goal from here?" The machine asked in return.

Mortimer blinked, surprised by the question. He'd apparently not given the gynoid's programing enough credit, if it caught on that he hadn't been asking those questions for himself that quickly.

"Ah. Yeah, I still want to see what else I can learn about this place." He responded. He gave a rather soft grin before continuing. "There's something really amazing about this place, just seems a shame to let something this incredible fall into disrepair like this."

Mortimer glanced at the tablet in his palm once more. "This stuff's a bit beyond me probably but still, I always enjoyed learning new fields. Can't guarantee I'd be able to do much, but give me a year depending how things go and I might be able to get things back up to past pi at least."

He gave a small laugh to himself as he turned back to the machine. "But that really depends how things go, and most of us are probably more concerned with just getting back home anyway. I'll see if I can convince some of them to follow me along the way, but our biggest concern is making sure we don't get way in over our heads first."

Mortimer's rather somber gaze turned hard as he continued. "Now more importantly I need to make sure if there's something that the group should be aware of as we move on from here. Practically none of us have anything to put up any sort of resistance to attacks, and not many are in the greatest of physical conditions. So if there's anything in your databanks that we should be aware of that information would be very much appreciated."

Wrap up this conversation with A.O. to confirm if there's any other important locations we should look for/avoid if necessary before finally reporting back to the group at large with their new goal:

Find the Crest Engraver and use it in order to be able to to activate the tower's technology and potentially secure more data on the tower as well as a possible route of escape.


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Maribel blinks to herself as she takes in what she found.. there where people here.. sometime ago. Maybe she could find them? And they could help?.. And she can find someplace else that isn't so close to everyone else? Or markers to mark any rooms she wants?

[x] Action: Go Looking for more signs of other people that belong here being about.


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RE: Mortimer "Morton" Irving

~NGD OMEGA~ said:
When you talk about repairing the place, her eye lights up. Again, it's not too much, barely an expression at all. But her head tilts upward, and the corners of her mouth seem to be a little higher then before.

"The succesful implantation of a Crest boosts the human body's ability to recover, in addition to raising it's durability and installing a basic resistance to magic."

She pauses.

"Do not ever descend below the Sea of Mist. Outside the Tower, it is a highly caustic gaseous substance with various negative side effects. Entering the levels of the Tower below the upper level of the Sea is also inadvisable, as system corruption is at extreme levels in those areas. Proceeding upward at this time is most advisable."

She stops talking again, and her head angles down. There's the faint tinge of pink on her pale skin.

"Also, this unit is not equipped with the knowledge of how to maintain or repair the Tower, beyond contacting the requisite section formerly responsible for such things. However most requests for aid at this time are ignored or respsonded to with hostility beyond this unit's capablity to handle. Were you to somehow accomplish a feat such as restoring the Tower or enabling repairs through some other method..." She blinks. "This unit is unsure of what would be within it's capabilities, then. However, it would still strive to provide a positive and desirable response."

After that, the AO began to give you directions on how to reach the nearest dedicated Maintenance area so that you could hoperfully make direct contact with that system.

You go up.

A lot.

She also informs you that the areas that the AO is in control of are fairly limited. There's this floor, a minor security wing approximately six floors upward, and then there's a guard station a dozen floors above that. That is the limit of her territory.

She also explains that, in one form or another, the entire Tower is controlled by AOs and AIs. Those areas she was talking about? Those are all she has. The AOs and AIs are also constantly at war with one another, and although it is certainly possible that some of them form alliances and partnerships, they're also slightly corrupted and there's never any long term power blocs.

That she's met, anyway.

Shortly afterward, you part ways.

Before she goes however, she says that once you have acquired a Crest, you will be able to request to talk to her requesting to speak with a Security AO within one of her territories.



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After awakening in this strange place, Rick had done nothing. He sat back, watched, listened and tried to learn the what, where, why, and how of this strange place.

After three days, he hadn't learned too much, aside from one thing.

People stink.

Not in any sort of metaphysical way, but in a very physical way. Most people make an effort to shower every day, and change their clothes just as often. It had been three days, and the hundreds of people here had done neither of those things. It hadn't reached deadly levels of stink yet, but people were already wrinkling their noses whenever someone else came close. Soon it would reach the point where people couldn't stand their own smell, and their clothes would be tainted with the stench, and the only course of action would be to throw them away or burn them.

Hoping to avoid that particular experience, Rick finally started his first real action.

He stood up, and started looking for a god damn shower.

1-Attempt to find cleaning facilities
2-Attempt to find Clothes, preferably with pockets


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After being dejected for a little while about the misinterpreted ill will, attempts to fade into the crowd for a week.

He stays very far away from the girl who cried rape, partly by his own doing, but mostly by the mobs. For now the other people have lost his interest, going so far as to zone out of conversations not really paying attention to anything.

While wandering around, alone as he really didn't make any connections nor did anyone care if the potential rapist lives or dies he finds a staircase and flips a coin. Or more accurately a coin like piece of debris. Heads he goes up, Tails he goes down.

Either way he intends to get as far away from the group as he can. For now.

1- Flips a coin deciding to go up or down
2- Attempts to go as many floors as possible in that direction.


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Mathew shook his head, with his current lack of materials he would archive nothing, still he had to try.

He moves to the halls searching for anything he could use to write. He doesn't expect to find pen and paper but as long as he could find a replacement that was no problem.

Still he had a minor victory: classifing the symbol in four families; during his search he tries to find a parton in the use of this families hopping they are something like Kanji, Hiragena and Katakana each with their form of use. And keep track of which symbols are in front or near of each door, if any.

-Find something to write on and with.
-Search for a patron in the symbol usage.


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Tristan had been gathering his courage during the week. Ever since he heard of Crest Implantation. It had interested him a lot. Being able to use magic? Such a thing was potentially very useful. Hell it gave him a rather unique advantage. So with that in mind. He finally gave in.

[X]Implantation of Magic.