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Wizardry is in progress.

Stand by.



Wow. That took waaay too long.

I hope you guys are all still interested in this.

Anway, I'll be starting Week Two tomorrow, since I stayed up late getting this one done.

To hopefully tantalize you guys a bit, I'll share some data on the Maintenance AO.

She has a lot more personality, a lot more curves, and a lot more power than the Security AO you guys were just introduced to. The Security AOs are all good at direct conflict, but they're kind of shitty at everything else. Electronic warfare, social interaction, R&D, philosophy, these are not things they're good at.

Maintenance has had an in with R&D for a long time, so she's had quite a bit of upgrading done. Plus, being Maintenance, it's kind of a taboo to launch an attack on her. She fixes her allies up after they get damaged, and generally does all sorts of things to make her enemies fall apart quicker than they really should. She's not really a direct player though, being content with her admittedly sizable territory.

Also, she's currently being the 'S' in the relationship between her and R&D.


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Can't believe I missed this.

Name: Frederick (Rick) Collins

Appearance: Thin and wiry. Has green eyes and dirty blonde hair.

Personality: Rick is the quiet type. Likes to hold back and size up a situation before saying anything. He's well aware that saying the wrong thing can have disastrous consequences, and is more likely to stay quiet if he doens't know the right things to say as a result.

History: Rick has always been a big believer of the idea "Know Thyself." He always struggled to attain a greater understanding of himself, and has learned basic meditation to help him reflect on who he is. As a number of meditative forms can be martial arts, he has a passing understanding of them but focuses more on avoiding and evading until the opponent wears himself ou than beating them to a pulp. Though he wants to know who he truly is, he is aware enough that isolation is only going to make it more difficult, so he strives to avoid shutting himself off fromt he world completely.

Specialties: Focus (Zen) Movement (Dodging)


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You know what? Why not.

Go post your first week actions.


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Awesome. Didn't do too much with my first post, since I'm not sure how much knowledge is shared between the players right now. Since there's no separation, I guess we all know what we all know, but in case I'm wrong, decided to do something simple.


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... You know, the more actions you undertake, the higher your chances of failure, right?


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I did not know that, no. How is it calculated? Does difficulty increase by X after the first action, so difficulty 20 becomes 30, then 40, 50, and 60? Or are all actions calculated as one big thing, and the more I try to do the more likely they all fail? A quick explanation could result in me changing my current actions.


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Basically, you can do up to two actions per turn before it'll seriously start affecting you chances of success.

If you do two actions, then that's a minus ten penalty to your rolls.

If you do three, then it's a minus thirty.

Four is minus fifty, and I don't think any one is going to be ballsy enough to go for five.


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What is the definition of an action? I mean, I just went looking for a place I could sleep in and it doesn't sound like I spent more then a few moments on it. Does that really count as a week filling action?


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Shaderic said:
Four is minus fifty, and I don't think any one is going to be ballsy enough to go for five.
Five? Once I get my shower and pants, I'n going to do at least seven at some point. Probably either all useless, autosuccess activities like breathe air or drink water, or reversed actions like Try not to kill enemy or Stop being so awesome.

Just to see what happens.

Anyways, switched to just finding a shower and clothes. I'm set for now.


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I pronounce this thread dead.

Deader then a doornail.

Deader then Disco.

Deader then Batman's Grandparents.


Old joke is old.