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Well that's true of the first gen at least. Though both the third gen guys were able to do it themselves too I guess.
That's because they've got extra Dragon mojo inside them. Lacryma or whatever? Natsu probably manages it by having his base power level as an Etherious or whatever it is be strong enough.


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That's... a pretty excellent reveal actually. Makes the whole Mest thing and the disbanding make sense in one go, tying into Lumin History and actually expanding the world with other countries to boot which have a different system of government involved.

Really, the only thing holding it back is once again pacing. This would have been a fantastic reveal in a more key moment, but like a lot of things Fairy Tail tends to rush this stuff out haphazardly at times which sometimes borks the delivery. Admittedly wasn't terrible here as it makes sense why this is coming up now with the re-opening and all, but if we'd set up some more of this western country stuff prior to this, maybe have them be involved in that previous arc or something this could have tied a whole lot more stuff together at once for a truly epic twist.


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With the foreshadowing in previous chapters I fully suspect the Western Continent once they really gear up for war are going to be nearly wiped off the face of the planet by Acnologia and Zeref as the start of their "FINAL WAR".

Because I can think of little else that would unite the Entire World against them for the "Final Battle" Zeref was talking about.
So I finally decided to get around to reading Fairy Tail. My friend advised me that the overall best site I could use at current is on Mangastream, but that around the 101 mark I'd be better off switching to MangaPanda for there to 142.

Well, Mangastream must've updated a few chapters or something, because when I got to 101, I noticed it and MangaPanda's pages had the same translation--AND that Mangastream had the better scan quality. It was like that right up until chapter 105.

Now, I'm not sure which site to use to continue until chapter 142 and beyond. The translation seems to be different on either site for the start of the Laxus arc, but... well, both of them have instances where their translation seems better-suited than the other. Which do you people in the know recommend I follow?


(also yes I'm aware that early name translations before the anime are off, I'm not bothered by that--though the difference here between "Zatou" and "Zod" are significant enough to make me question which translation I should be following)

No longer necessary.
A classic Fairy Tail infiltration.

"So, bodies everywhere?"
"Bodies everywhere."
"Dammit, Fairy Tail."


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Rising Dragon said:
Well, this plotline just went off the bloody rails! Jesus fucking Christ, Mashima.
...So technically, douche tried to just kill their prince? I wonder if the Space lady knew about him...
Surprise Fairy Tail release today, and it answers a lot of questions and brings up some interesting tidbits as well as signals that this isn't just a new arc, it's a continuation of the Zeref arc. Apparently, Acnologia really is that fucking bad ass since Zeref himself built an entire empire to compete with him.
Zero and Ice Trail both ended, actually. I don't know what the state of Fairy Girls or Blue Mistral are at, but if they're both ongoing still, then we have three active spinoffs...
Cool! Having never played Dissidia I have no frame of reference for how hard or easy that was to do, but it looks really cool!


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They're fairly easy to make so if there are any crossover battle requests, let me know on the thread.


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Not sure how much of a bombshell it's gonna be really. We already know that Zeref is trying to bring someone back from the dead, and Mavis has that one friend she illusioned for herself...