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Hmmmmmm. Dead, but not quite dead all the way? More contradictions I guess.

Interesting chapter, if sad. Such questions.
Seriously, at this point despite his negligence and the remarkable amount of absolute horror that can be laid at his feet I honestly pity the poor bastard.


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Sounds like the Reiji Maigo to me.


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Please, please, please, let Fairy Tail get smashed at least this once.
I am sure that other guilds and the Ten Saints and the rest of that crowd are going to come to the rescue at some point, but may the bad guys manage to kick ass and take names at least once in the run of this freaking manga.


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Brace for lewdness.

And why is the cat that was introduced in the first chapter so much more useless than the rest?


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'cause he was raised by Natsu.

Also: Panther-Lily was/is a badass warrior and one of the elites of the Edolas court, while Carla is Exceed royalty. Happy is just some peasant scrub/a mascot character.


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Fairy Tail 465

...Huh. This was actually something I didn't expect.

And it kinda sorta makes a lot more things make sense in retrospect as well...
Does make me wonder if Mard Geer was just some random schmuck who found the Book and then proceeded to dick around with it and build a cult around it.
Probably not a random schmuck, but he's dick enough to pull shit like that, yeah.

That said, Gajeel and the other three being the same age as Natsu? Called it.

Igneel being unable to defeat E.N.D. out of love, rather than a lack of strength? Called it.

Igneel's actual connection to Zeref? Didn't see that one coming...
I dunno, Mard Geer went down like a punk, and we've been shown that its' possible to transition someone from Mortal to Etherious. Given Mard had Zero apparent knowledge of the truth of END, I'd think that he might just have been a random dude, who found the book, turned himself into an Etherious, and started a cult.


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Zeref explicitly stated that he created Mard Geer. If anything, what seems to have happened is that Zeref created Mard and several other Etherious, Mard found out about END, founded a guild around resurrecting END and killing Zeref since that had been the sole reason for their creation.

To be honest, this is the first chapter I have not enjoyed since the beginning of the series. I would have much rather had END been an evil mastermind that fought dragons to a stalemate and was sealed by Igneel who ended up caring for his human side.

It also doesn't make any sense. Igneel stated that Acnologia was terrified of END and Acnologia implied he knew END personally. And then there's Atlas Flame who made END out to be some sort of Demon God that everyone should fear.
Acnologia implied no such thing. Igneel said that the E.N.D. he feared no longer existed (basically, that the E.N.D. that was is no longer the same person as he is now), and Acnologia's response was that he feared nothing, not that he knew E.N.D..


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Igneel stated that END, who he very most definitely implied Acnologia feared and knew, was no longer alive. Acnologia definitely implied that he knew him; he didn't say "Oh I don't fear anyone" he explicitly stated that he has no fear of demons, implying he very much knew who and what END was. It's also troubling because the dragons only appeared to stop END's resurrection; Igneel states as much and says that by stopping face theyve stopped END's resurrection and that meant victory was theirs. Now yes, I get it, he loves Natsu, but that shouldn't play into his dire need to stop END to the point of bringing all the other dragons out, nor would he be so wary of Natsu opening that book. It heavily implies that END had some time to reign free and that Zeref is glossing over that for reasons yet unrevealed.

mentioning acnologia's direct fear of end and the second page has him rebutting that and mentioning that he knows exactly what end is mentioniong a demon from the books of zeref.
That doesn't imply he knew E.N.D.. Practically everyone knows that E.N.D. is a demon from the Books of Zeref. But if he knew E.N.D. himself, he'd recognize Natsu. He ignores Natsu like he does everyone else who isn't a dragon, a giant, or Zeref. It's the exact same plot hole we had with Mard Geer--why didn't any of the members of Tartaros recognize their former master? 'cause E.N.D. wasn't actually the master of Tartaros; they'd never laid eyes on E.N.D.. And neither has Acnologia.


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Rising Dragon said:
That doesn't imply he knew E.N.D..  Practically everyone knows that E.N.D. is a demon from the Books of Zeref.  But if he knew E.N.D. himself, he'd recognize Natsu.  He ignores Natsu like he does everyone else who isn't a dragon, a giant, or Zeref.  It's the exact same plot hole we had with Mard Geer--why didn't any of the members of Tartaros recognize their former master?  'cause E.N.D. wasn't actually the master of Tartaros; they'd never laid eyes on E.N.D..  And neither has Acnologia.
 Yes, clearly, because Mardi Geer looks exactly the same in his Etherious form as he does his normal form. I mean, it's not like we have any precedence of two people knowing each other for 400 years and one having a normal form that no one ever sees him in....except we do with Zeref and Acnologia. 

Either we got bad translations or Mishima has wrote himself a plot hole which he's never done before. And if the dragonslayers were all the same age and the dragons chose to go to the future why would they end up not the same age?
The fuck does Mard Geer have to do with anything? It's noted he doesn't go into his Etherias form very often anyway, 'cause he has no reason to, no one to threaten him. So he'd look human, yet he's recognized as a demon of the Book of Zeref. Particularly since he fucking announces it whenever he meets someone.

Also, given the nature of what Zeref was attempting to accomplish, there's no indication that E.N.D. HAS an Etherias form.

And every person who's mentioned E.N.D. to the cast has always mentioned that he's a demon of the Book of Zeref. Without fucking fail. Yet no one recognized him as E.N.D. except for Zeref and Igneel--not even the guy claiming that E.N.D. was the master of Tartaros. And, of course, neither does Acnologia, who at one point had Natsu crawling on his fucking body. He does not personally know E.N.D., and it's not a bad translation or a plothole--just your own misconception.
If you say so, kiddo. Because there's another issue that this chapter brings up. Natsu, gajeel, rogue, sting and wEndy appear to all be the same exact age when they were sent to the future, but, somehow natsu and gajeel are suddenly 5 years older than the others. They all awoke on the same day. 

And another interesting thought, Zeref and the dragons are indirectly responsible for Layla death.