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Prince Charon

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Basically, a thread for trying to find fan fiction sites that you've lost the URL for, and doesn't recall the name.

This first one is especially frustrating because I remember so little about it:

It had a bunch of interesting fics that I'm blanking on, beyond remembering liking them and wanting to read more, so something with only three-to-five fics wouldn't be it. I'm pretty sure it was not a forum, though.

I think it had something to do with anime, but I'm not sure.

The font was fairly small (not tiny, just smaller than average, I think), and I think it may have been yellow letters on a black background. The page style was simple.

I'm pretty sure I read it some time last year or in 2015, so it's not one that's been dead for years. I thought I bookmarked it, but apparently not (or it's one that I haven't checked, as I have a lot of bookmarks, and have been going through them for a while, failing to find it).

Any suggestions?