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Is anyone else getting their notifications with links like the following:

It's fucking horrible. Is it just me? I'm using Firefox, with uBlock Origin.


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I deliberately do not get email notifications from FF.NET, and I stopped using Office and Outlook in July (my workplace could no longer get Microsoft Office 2019 or later deals from Microsoft, and I refuse to get the cloud based Office 365 for my personal systems). So cannot say if it is just you... I do know they have been doing sever upgrades and migrations recently.

But in any case, what you describe would not be browser. That would be either their sending of emails, or your email client in conjunction with your antivirus.... I'm betting the latter based on the link itself.


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Are you talking about only the office suite of tools (Word/Excel/Powerpoint) or are also including an email server in your list? Reason I'm asking is that I do not trust google for important email (like banking/shopping/bills .. etc) and pay for a office 365 subscription for it instead. Am always on the lookout to know/hear what other folks do instead.



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I was, and to some degree still am, a long time fan of Microsoft Products.
- I used Microsoft Office Professional for literally over 2 decades 2001-2021
- I used Microsoft Visual Foxpro from between 1999 and 2010.
- I used Microsoft Visual Studio from 2003 to 2012
- Email I used Microsoft Outlook Free and Microsoft Mail from 2001-2009, and Microsoft Outlook from 2010 to 2021.

From 2011 to 2021, I even received business discounts on their software through my workplace, due to them being a Microsoft Certified Company.

The problem... Microsoft has been pushing hard to get everyone cloud enabled and using cloud based tools like Microsoft Office 365. And they've dropped any rebates or incentives on their non-cloud software. I am *NOT* a fan of cloud based tools, *AT ALL*.

So, since I upgraded all my systems earlier this year I changed around all the installed software as well. So... for all the main programs I now use:

- Internet - Browser - Mozilla FireFox (one of only a couple browsers left that still give a real menu bar)
- Internet - Downloading - DVDVideoSoft FreeStudio (plus addons)
- Internet - Email - Mozilla Thunderbird
- Internet - Feed Reader - QuiteRSS Team QuiteRSS (can be configured to look a bit like Mozilla products)

- Media - Burning - Canneverbe Limited CDBurnerXP
- Media - Codec - CodecGuide K-Lite Codec Pack
- Media - Metadata - MediaArea MediaInfo

- Software - Application - Jan Fiala PSPad (plus addons)
- Software - Application - The Document Foundation LibreOffice (I consider this slightly behind Office, but still quite good)
- Software - Image - dotPDN Paint.NET

- Utility - Anti-virus - AVAST Software Avast Free Antivirus
- Utility - File - Mareck Jasinski FreeCommander XE
- Utility - General - Glarysoft Glary Utilities
- Utility - Synchronization - Scooter Software Beyond Compare

- Portable Software - Drive - Bart Hakvoort G-Parted 32bit and 64bit ISOs
- Portable Software - Hardware - Malik Software HWiNFO Portable
- Portable Software - Software - Belarc Belarc Advisor Portable

I use other programs as well, but they are more specific utilities than full blown apps or suites. Like Raimond Eisele FanFictionDownloader.NET.


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That *is* helpful to know. Thank you!

Some years ago, I tried to move away from google-office to something either self hosted OR runs locally. The self hosting thing was troublesome to upkeep. Am still interested, but just do not have the time to maintain it. For running locally, I used libreoffice on Ubuntu for awhile, but that did not last long. Biggest reason was sharing stuff with family. i.e. at times we would be discussing something, I needed access to a file but it was not present on the nearest laptop we had lying around.

In the end, a compromise I did was to use the office 365 subscription we have for email. This is the business version of 365. There *is* a family edition available, but at the time I looked, it came with a lot of limitations that did not work for me - notably the lack of support for custom domains. A custom domain is probably not of interest to most people, but I wanted to own my own email. At the time, I was using Google for their free email, but their TOS always made me uncomfortable.

I won't say that o365 is a better email system. All I can say is that they aren't google. And if nothing else, Microsoft does not have a reputation for randomly (or at least without warning) blocking/banning their paying customers.



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Biggest reason was sharing stuff with family. i.e. at times we would be discussing something, I needed access to a file but it was not present on the nearest laptop we had lying around.
In regards to that type of issue, that is a non-issue for me. For over a decade I have used 2 Synology storage units connected to my house network as local NAS storage. Each is RAID 5 and with 4 1.5TB drives in it running embedded Diskstation software, which is a customized Linux core. I use them for purposes of backup, for storage and archiving, and sharing and quick sync ups. They use a lot less power than a dedicated server and can hold them in one hand each.

Which is also the main reason I use Beyond Compare, you can store comparison profiles and reuses them. I merely compare local directories to the NAS devices.If I download a new version of software for example, I can upload it to those units, then just walk over to the systems and install it from the copy uploaded. If I want to open a file not local on the other systems, I merely need to make sure it is current on the NAS, then open it from any system in house.

I could have done the same with cheaper units, but they are small, comparatively cheap, and power efficient and allow for individual passwords and profiles much like a server would for some security, though admittedly no where near the user security or flexibility of a full corporate server, which is not really needed for home situations..