Nasuverse Fate/Root Avalon (Storyboard)


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Fate/Root Avalon
The Igraine Grail War

Archer: Atalante
Lancer: Fionn Mac Cumhaill
Rider: Anne Bonny & Mary Read
(False) Assassin: Igraine Pendragon
(True) Assassin: Hassan-i-Sabbah (Hassan of Hundred Faces)
Berserker: Minamoto no Yorimitsu
Caster: Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart

Breakdown of Events:
The first Servant is summoned (Minamoto no Yorimitsu, Berserker Class) by the successor to the Origami magus family (Origami, Yumie) using a fragment of Raikou’s armor as a catalyst procured from the Mage’s Association in return for an unknown recompense.

The Church appoints an Exorcist as the representative for the Holy Grail War (Diana), alongside the Exorcist is a Church Executor who works in partnership with her (Phennic)

After transference of the family Magic Crest to the family heir (Luviagelita), the retiring head of the Edelfelt family (Daustin) is informed of the Holy Grail War’s arrival and summons a Servant before leaving for Fuyuki City, Japan (Fionn Mac Cumhaill, Lancer)

(True) Assassin’s master is killed and has her crest and command seals transplanted into a homunculus (Masochia) by a meddling Spiritual Doctor, the surgery is a success- but the homunculus’ mental state is impacted. Using a vial of the eponymous Lady of the Lake’s water (false), Saber is summoned (Mordred). The homunculus obeys Mordred’s interests in proving her power, and suffers from Alexithymia (inability to emote or empathize)

The first battle is held outside the city limits, Saber and Lancer clash and ultimately draw when Masochia wounds Daustin, forcing a withdrawal.
Engendering schemes of victory, the Origami family sponsor an orphaned English magus (Rhonwen) and force her into summoning (false) Assassin via Compatibility (Igraine) with false promises of safety and financial well-being after the War. Assassin has ulterior motives and proceeds with her own version of Warfare- seeking the Grail for her own means.

Berserker and Assassin clash over ideals, and- against her family’s wishes- Yumie becomes friends with Rhonwen. Yumie enlists Rhonwen in her plan to dominate the War with Berserker’s home-field advantage-powered strength and prowess.
Caster class Servant (Mozart) is summoned by a Mage’s Association Enforcer acting as a mole (Sieglinde Vogel). Caster and his Master create a hidden base of operations beneath Fuyuki’s streets to begin preparations for the War.

As part of a dispute regarding inheritance of the family Crest, Rider and Archer (Anne & Mary, and Atalante) are summoned by fraternal twins (Tsutsui Momo, and Tsutsui Eri). The two swear to kill one another and choose the War as the battleground for whom reserves the right to live. Despite attempts to attack one another repeatedly, the two fail to clash several times due to interference.

The War is recognized as having begun, Fuyuki city has an outbreak of illness described as anemia proceeding into unconsciousness. Daustin uses gathered magical energy to hasten his recovery and empower Lancer.

The Origami family gathers information on the participants of the War via connections. After learning of the presence of Lancer and Saber, Yumie insists on targeting Lancer’s master using Assassin. Neither Assassin nor Rhonwen are pleased, but nonetheless prepare to fight and kill the Magus.

Saber and Archer meet and clash; Archer’s master attempts to have her use her Noble Phantasm to kill Saber- or Saber’s Master- but is thwarted by the interference of Masochia’s creator- the Spiritual Doctor.

Before Assassin and Rhonwen can make their move, Rider and their Master encounter Lancer and claim the first victory of the War by killing Daustin while Lancer is distracted. Rider’s master attempts to salvage the Magus’ body, but Lancer fends them off with his last amount of magical energy and buries Daustin.
Daustin’s body is exhumed by the interfering Spiritual Doctor; Rider’s Master is attacked and killed by Assassin instead of her original target. Rider’s Independant Action semi-skill allows them to subsist. The paired Servant is found by the Doctor and tricked into re-contracting with him to supplement Saber in his bid to take the Grail.

After a few days, Saber and Assassin clash- with Assassin refusing to fight Saber after she discerns Saber’s identity, Rhonwen abides the wish to retreat. Saber chases after Assassin, mistaking her for someone else- but is soon fended off by Berserker- under orders from Yumie to keep Rhonwen safe. Saber is completely overwhelmed and is called back by Masochia.

Rider and Masochia get along, the two pirates intrigued by the homunculus’ nature and choosing to try to befriend her. Mordred, liking the free-spirited Servant, encourages this.

Yumie and Rhonwen discuss Assassin’s motives; Berserker and Assassin bond over maternal feelings. Several days pass.

Archer’s Master learns of Caster and the Enforcer’s involvement, and is then informed of the death of Rider and her master by the Spiritual Doctor- who (mistakenly) attempts to use Archer to attack Assassin and Berserker. Through some (magical) sense, Archer’s Master recognizes the remnants of Rider and attacks the Doctor alongside Archer. Ambushed, the Doctor is fatally decapitated by Archer’s Master before Rider can intervene.

Rider is left Masterless again, and only has enough mana left to subsist for a night. Having formed an attachment to Masochia, the paired Servants carouse with Masochia and Mordred before fading back to the Throne. Masochia cries openly, and questions Saber on the nature of her feelings and what it means to live. Saber insists that the two finish what they started.

Archer attacks Caster’s Master, wounding her. Caster and the Enforcer finally make their move as a result, and use a concert to generate a large amount of mana using Caster’s Noble Phantasm. Assassin, privy to this, encourages Rhonwen to order for engagement while Caster and Archer fight with one another. Rhonwen requests Yumie’s assistance in killing the two Servants, Yumie accepts.

Berserker easily outclasses Caster and Archer due to her specialties in combat. A brawl erupts when Caster and Archer temporarily align to try and defeat Berserker, forcing Assassin to enter combat. Assassin kills Caster with a surprise attack before Saber arrives. Still refusing to fight Saber, Assassin tries to finish off Archer’s Master but is unable to while Berserker clashes with Saber- the Knight trying to attack Assassin.

Wounded, Archer and her Master try to retreat, only for the last Tsutsui twin to be cut down by Masochia, leaving Archer masterless. The Tsutsui magus family is completely eliminated. Atalante cradles the girl’s body and laments, retreating to the Church where both twins are interred together. Archer fades away after bringing the twins to peace together.

With only Assassin, Saber, and Berserker remaining, Assassin encourages Rhonwen to flee and prepare for the final battle- not against Saber, but against Berserker and Yumie. Berserker and Yumie converse with Saber and Masochia, with the two preparing to go all out using their Noble Phantasms on each other when Assassin intervenes and threatens to drag both Saber and Berserker’s Master into her own Noble Phantasm in order to kill them both. Yumie accepts the threat and agrees to retreat, while Saber questions Assassin about her identity. Assassin agrees to meet Saber alone the next day, on the understanding that there won’t be a battle- but only a familial discussion.

Yumie questions Rhonwen on the agreement between her and the Origami family, and insists Rhonwen use her Command Seal to make Assassisn obey and kill Saber- then herself. Rhonwen pleads for another answer, but Yumie begins to distrust her friend. Rhonwen’s heart breaks, while Berserker laments on the nature of “Her two children fighting”, Yumie cries, but explains her motives and insists there is no other way. Berserker agrees.

Assassin and Saber meet at Ryuudou temple, where Assassin has caused the occupants to succumb to the anemic illness, Saber insists that Assassin reveal who she is, with Assassin readily giving away her True Name and admitting to being at a loss for what to do in the situation. Her plan had originally been to obtain the grail and use it’s magic to reconstruct her family in the modern age- effectively offering a second chance at a life to herself, as well as Saber and her parents (King Arthur and Morgan le Faye). Saber, confused, insists on questioning Assassin’s motive when they’re in the middle of a battle of life or death- with Assassin answering simply that “I was not a warrior in life, hence why you wear a sword and I keep the castle safe.”

Before the two can reconcile or begin to feud, Berserker arrives with Rhonwen in tow alongside Yumie. Threatening Assassin’s Master, Yumie and Berserker attempt to force Assassin to attack Saber. Playing along, Assassin half-heartedly engages in melee combat with Mordred while Masochia arrives with several Mystic Codes. Masochia insists that Saber use her Noble Phantasm to finish the War, and Saber begins to power up Clarent Blood Arthur, forcing Berserker to prepare to engage in return and leaving Rhonwen with Yumie to face down Masochia.

Assassin uses the chance to kill Yumie, even though the betrayal sparks Rhonwen’s willingness to use the Command Seals vindictively- attempting to have the Assassin kill herself to end the war. Instead of activating, Rhonwen’s Command Seals instead remain dormant. Assassin admits to having betrayed the young English girl since before she was even summoned- having used her Noble Phantasm to put Rhonwen- and thus Yumie and Berserker- under the illusion of having summoned Assassin. Berserker, requiring a sizable amount of mana to simply exist due to her strength, fades away nearly instantly.

Confused by the sudden change in dynamic, Rhonwen, Masochia, and Saber all are left in shock as the lesser Grail begins to manifest, and Assassin begins (the required) monologue.

Igraine admits to having been summoned to the Grail War fifty years ago as the Assassin-class Servant by way of a mulligan, having won victory for her Master and betrayed him at the last moment in order to obtain the Grail for herself, insisting that “He surely would have kept me from my wish if I had left him alive.” Igraine talks about the planning and interference she’d had to run (in both Rhonwen, and the Doctor’s lives) in order to ensure the success of the first part of her plan: That Mordred, Artoria, or Morgan was summoned to this war. Pleased with Mordred’s appearance, Igraine congratulates her on winning the War and insists she and Masochia make their wish. . .