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Put Your Hand Behind Me.

"That... That won't work, at all," Bathory said, as the newest Servant in Chaldea kept on stroking her tail with a small, yet forceful hand. "It isn't like yours, you idiot..."

Temptress, better known in life as Momo Belia Deviluke, pulled her hand back, disappointed. "Oh! What a shame, then..."

"Did I, at any point, ever imply you should stop regardless?!" the Lancer growled back at her, roughly grabbing the hand and putting it back on the tail.


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Fantastic Fou.

"This," Da Vinci smiled, gesturing towards the impossibly complicated looking latest device, "is my latest invention! The Accelerator of Cosmic Energy! It can gather and channel the universal forces out from outer space and super charge objects and even individuals, granting them fantastic abilities far beyond those of humans or Servants. Of course, it is still in the experimental stages of--"

"Sensei, Mash, look out!" Ritsuka cried. "It's about to explode!"

"... well, it didn't take long this time!" Caster observed while she, Mash and the Master quickly rushed out of the way to safety. Someone else, however, was not as fortunate...



"FOU!" Fou said, turning his upper limbs into super stretched legs that strongly walloped Avenger Jeanne across the room.


"FOU!" an invisible Fou's voice suddenly startled Lev, and then a massive invisible shield rammed against him, knocking him several blocks back...


"FOU ON!" Fou shouted, jumping up, turning his whole body into flames, and then blasting down a supernova at Alter Cu, frying him down.

"Oh my God, you've killed Cu-chan! You aren't human! You bastard!" Medb screamed, and thus this story's standard Cu Chulainn Death quotient was fulfilled.


"Fuu fuu fouh fouing fuuuu!" Fou proclaimed, armoring himself up with an orange rocky body and leaping onto Goetia, starting to brutally beat a bloody path through his chest...


"-- and that's why we really don't use Servants anymore," Ritsuka finished explaining, holding Fou before the new Director.

Gordof's face twitched just a little. "I... I see..."


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"We have come," Koyanskaya said, "to collect all your assets, seize your organization, and, oh yes, execute you, over the--"

Ritsuka interrupted her, standing his ground defiantly. "Over what? Over your goals to annihilate mankind? To succeed where Goetia failed? To--"

"Actually," she said, gesturing aside, "we are here mostly on reports of extreme animal abuse and cruelty."

Ritsuka followed her pointing hand with his gaze, towards the filthy, smelly cages where they kept a stupified, drooling Fou, a badly beaten and softly sobbing Tarasque, a shaken, battle weary Lobo with old wounds all over him, a few tropical island boars, a Tamamo Cat cramped into a small cage twirling a spoon within a steaming pot, and a panda who held his cage's bars while shouting "There's been a mistake! I'm actually a man! And I don't belong here! I'm from Melty Blood...!!"

Ritsuka grumbled, "Okay, fine, but having us executed over that is still a bit..."


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Eyes on the Prize.

"Okay," Ritsuka grimly said. "There's work to be done, no matter the risks. Let's get going."

"Yes," the Artorias said as one, nodding at the same time, and then Saber, Lily, Lancer, Lancer Alter, X, X Alter, Foreigner, Santa and Archer walked out the door.

Saber Alter was the last to exit, but just walked directly against the wall instead.

As she took a moment to wince and rub her face over the black mask covering her eyes, Ritsuka voiced a shy, "Um, you know, maybe it's time you stopped wearing that--"

"I will not hear anything on the subject," Saber Alter proudly said, finally marching out the door and then procceding to trip and fall down the stairs right outside.


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My Boy.

He left with little warning, one sunny day, with a sad little smile, a hug, and a promise of returning soon.

He'd write often at first, from several points of the world, allegedly working as a contractor, and over time he'd write less and less.

Every once in a while, Rin would come by on some business or another, and I would ask her about him. She'd always say, "Oh, he's okay, I saw him just last month!" and that would put me at ease.

I only saw him once afterwards, when he dropped by without calling first, and he was huge now, tanned and white haired, and I really couldn't recognize him at all at first. He hugged me, told me fondly "You haven't changed at all, Fuji-nee!" and we spent all day laughing, drinking and reminiscing before he left again. Only when he was gone, I realized how sad he actually had looked the whole time.

The pattern repeated itself after that, in that he'd write a fair lot at first, and then not so much, and finally he didn't write at all.

I once heard he had been executed. Another time, I was told he'd died in a warzone. I heard so many stories, and Rin never confirmed any of them.

We grew old and grey and had families of our own, and that soothed the pain of the loss, somewhat. But I never could forget my little brother, my poor lost Shirou.

My boy.


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Servants who Never Should be Summoned.



In the Eyes of a Ranger, the unsuspecting stranger
Had better know the truth of wrong from right.
'Cause the rule of law and order starts at the Texas border,
With the Lone Star of the Ranger shining bright.

Saber and Lancer stopped their duel when this strange song began sounding out of nowhere and everywhere, looking in the general direction of a man strolling confidently out of the shadows, followed by a meek young man with short black hair. The other man was tall, well muscled and red haired, past his prime years but still standing strong and vital, with a shade of a few days with no shaving, and a slight smile on his lips. He wore blue jeans over a red shirt and long, open yellow coat, and a cowboy hat on his head.

'Cause the Eyes of a Ranger are upon you;
Any wrong you do, he's gonna see.
When you're in Fuyuki, look behind you,
Cause that's where the Ranger's gonna be.

"I'm Servant Rider," the man said, and even the Archer, watching from above, felt a sudden chill running up his spine, under the shiny gold armor.

In the Heart of a Ranger, he'll never know the danger
From desperate men with nothing left to lose.
The Ranger keeps on coming; so there ain't no sense in running,
'Cause he's bound and sure to make you pay your dues.

Since Saber, Lancer and Archer were not insane, they gave up. Since Caster and Berserker were insane, they were spin-kicked in the face. Something happened to Assassin, whatever, who cares. The corrupted Grail was dealt with when Rider ripped his shirt off and manhandled it while easily shrugging the black mud off. When Waver went back to Clock Tower, the other Magi were spin-kicked in the face too just on general principle.

When a Ranger's on your trail, he won't know how to fail
And you can't buy him off at any price.
So if you decide to ramble, and with your life you'd gamble,
Know where you are before you roll the dice.


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The Last Master.

The Greater Grail had been dismantled, and peace had returned to the city at last.

And so, a man with long black hair could finally go up that hill overlooking Fuyuki, crouch down on the grass, and start setting up the candles for the fallen.

He set a candle for the man whose legacy he had inherited, for despite all his many flaws, now he could understand him better.

He set a candle for the doomed puppet of an ancient evil, who died without ever having his love returned.

He set a candle for the demented dog who would flood the streets with the blood of the innocent, for even the worst have to be remembered, lest we fail to learn from their misdeeds.

He set a candle for the proud and rich owner of the land who ended up losing everything.

He set a candle for the broken man of the grand dreams who had brought ruin upon his own family for their sake.

He set a candle for the foolish child twisted by his family's evil.

He set a candle for the obscure man who had failed to achieve anything at all, because of his own hubris and shortsightedness.

He set a candle for the jaded man of the dead eyes who gave everything for his love.

He set a candle for the tiny woman who never could mature because of others' choices.

He set a candle for the one who was backstabbed by that she trusted the most.

He set a candle for the perverse thing that had once been a human being.

He set a candle for the man who never could find solace in anything but that he had been taught to hate.

He set a candle for the young man who burned his life off for an ideal.

He set a candle for the loving girl who kept on waiting to the end for someone who never came back.

He set a candle for the brave young woman who fought along him to bring the nightmare to a definite end, and paid the price for it.

He sat down on the ground and paid his tributes in the necessary silence.

Finally, a younger man with much lighter hair came up the hill, smiling. "Aren't you done yet, Professor?"

He sighed, getting up as the wind blew the candles off. "Yes, I am now. Let's head back, boy. We have finished here."

Waver Velvet and Flat Escardos began the long way home.


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Fate Netorare Night.

"Bwa ha ha!" Illya laughed, sitting on the shoulders of her hulking Berserker. "Prepare yourself, Onii-chan! You and your ugly Servant will now be crushed by the powerful Lu Bu, General of Repetition!"

"Curses!" Shinji said. "Rider! Aim at the little troll, now!"

Drake grinned, turning her flintlocks at Illya's head. "Right between the eyes, Boss!"

"Shinji, no!" Shirou shouted. "Saber, do something!"

"Umu! Of course, Praetor!" the blonde charged ahead, her sword ready, only to be stopped when an austere man in a gray suit blocked her way, kicking her in the chin and back. "What felony--?!"

"Uh hu hu hu!" chuckled the rose haired Caster, stopping by her man's side. "I'll have your head yet, Saber! I have magically charged my dear husband, making him more than a match for your pathetic skills...!"

"Kuzuki-sensei!" Rin gasped. "Quick, Archer!" she turned to her Servant. "We'll have to ally ourselves with Emiya... again!"

"Geez, what a bother..." Robin Hood sighed, preparing his bow.

"Don't mind me, I'm just passing by, trying not to die, thank you," Elizabeth Bathory casually said, walking past them with her spear thrown over her shoulders.

Then the room's door flew open from the outside, and they all froze in place. Artoria, EMIYA, Cu Chulainn, Heracles, Medea, Hakuno, another Shinji, Rani VIII and Dan Blackmore all now stood tightly crowded at the doorstep, gaping and livid.

"How could you...!" Artoria finally said, outraged. "And you!" she turned on to Gilgamesh, who sat aside on a couch lazily caressing himself. "You were just watching...?!"

"This is the King's patrician fetish," Gilgamesh aloofly said, nose upturned.

Tamamo hiccuped a few times, then shook a fist high and screamed, "ASSASSIIIIIIIIIIN...! YOU HAD A JOB...!"

Outside, sitting at the gates, Li Shuwen and Sasaki Kojiro listened to the scream and shared a small smile, bumping fists. "Worth it," one of them said.

Julius grimly stood aside, hands in the pockets of his coat. "Someday, perhaps, I'll understand what the devil has transpired here..."


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Archer's True Identity.

Please don't ask which route this is, but Shirou, Saber, Rin, Archer, Shinji and Rider had just all pulled back from a violent three way battle at the park, each Servant silently flinching as they subtly nursed fresh, large wounds.

Well, Shirou, Saber, Rin, Archer and Rider were pulling back. Shinji had stood back the whole time. That had been mere strategic acumen and not cowardy, really, and he would prove so, by boldly standing behind Rider while pointing and saying, "Archer! Wait! Before this goes any further... listen to me!"

Shirou blinked. "Shinji? You still are here? I thought you had ran away!"

"I'm not talking to you, Emiya!" Shinji snapped.

"Well, actually--" Archer groaned, then shook his head. "Never mind. What do you want, then? Giving up already?"

"I have figured your identity out!" Shinji told him. "And that's why there's no reason for us to fight!"

"Oh, really?" Archer snorted, while Rin looked about to vomit all of a sudden, and Shirou, Rider and Saber only frowned in confusion.

Shinji smiled and nodded. "You are no famous, renowned hero in this era, that's for sure. Nothing about your attire or weapons, or even your fighting style, refers to any famous fighter from any particular legend. Yet you're obviously skilled, I'll give you that. And handsome."

Shirou blinked. "Shinji, are you trying to seduce Tohsaka's Servant?!"

"Well, I guess it's the best he could do by this point..." Rin snarked bitterly.

"I'm not!" Shinji stomped a foot down. "Archer, I've read on all there's available to learn about the Throne of Heroes. My family started the means to contact the damn place, after all! I know the leading theories are it's timeless, spanning past, present and future. That's why your legend isn't known to us; it hasn't been written yet! But it will, oh yes! You come from the future! And since Tohsaka is piss poor now and couldn't allow herself a catalyst, she must have summoned you through compatibility--"

"Spoken by the guy who lives in the Addams Family manor about to break down and covered in bugs!" Rin yelled at him. "When was the last time you could allow yourselves a decent exterminator?!"

Archer, meanwhile, was just scowling at this rambling idiot. Had he understimated him somehow?

Shinji kept on pointing at him, confidently. "And I've also learned use of several types of magic, mostly those allowing shortcuts to hardworking but otherwise... differently gifted types, may darken the sky and bleach the hair down! So, let's recap! Who is no doubt fated for a future of greatness, has a compatibility with Tohsaka, is a clever combat strategist, and is devastatingly good looking and cool?"

"Are you trying to tell us," a jaded Rin said, "Archer is me from the future?"

"Archer, you're clearly ME!" Shinji grinned. "You can drop the pretenses, Heroic Spirit MATOU! I know you have come here to witness my, nay, our triumph, and so now I welcome you as my ally, Handsome...!"

While Saber, Rin and Rider only blanched out in disgust, Archer blinked, clenched his teeth, looked as if brimming with untold white hot fury for several seconds, tightening the grip on his blades...

And then he began laughing hysterically, just at the same time as Shinji.

Shirou blinked, looking back and forth between them. "... wow. I suppose this explains why both of them hate me so much, then...!"


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Lo que Dice el Hombre Negro.

"Hello, amigo!" Quetzalcoatl cheerfully greeted him. "Nice to see you up so temprano! Why the larga cara, it's a very Hermosa day! Ah ha ha ha! Burrito!"

EMIYA Alter scowled. "Don't you have any shame, woman? I can speak better Spanish than that! Are you sure you're actually Mexican? You're always walking around sputtering random Google translator gibberish, but nobody has the guts to tell you how stupid you sound. Fuck's sake, you can't even get Mexican Christmas right, that hasn't anything to do with samba!"

Quetzalcoatl lost her smile, now replaced by a very deep and very scary frown, and a terrible aura hovered around her as she coldly addressed the gunman. "Now… Now listen, you little man. Just because I came from Mexico, it doesn't mean Spanish has to be my first language. My people were there centuries before the Spaniards came along to annihilate them. Spaniards destroyed our proud legacy and replaced it with their culture. If I bothered to learn this much Spanish, that's because our descendants speak it and that's not their fault, but I've got every good reason to hate it, and if you're smart at all, we'll never talk about this again. ¿Entendiste, pendejo?"

And she walked away with very marked, sonorous steps down the hallway.

EMIYA Alter just stared on after her for several moments before calling out somewhat weakly, "… little man?! For a Japanese, I'm big!"


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Every Evil in the World.

The villagers took him, bound and battered, to the central square, and began marking his flesh on red and black.

They spewed every curse on him, as if to spend them forever from their mouths. By purging themselves on this miserable being, they would purify those urges from their souls.

They punted him and hit him with rocks, to make sure Evil would be weakened when they buried It, and It would not break free to the surface. This, too, was logical and sound. No caution could be forgotten when dealing with Evil, after all. For virtue to triumph it must be comprehensive and vigilant of every detail, and the townsfolk kept that in mind the whole time.

The unwanted, the pariah, was allowed to shout his curses, so everyone would see him for what he truly was, for what he had been transfigured into by his own actions as much as by theirs. In truth, he had been a man like any other, with his vices and commendable traits, yet this, too, was part of the necessary course of action, for the Root of All Evil had to start an average man, even if one nobody would miss. Evil can, the wise men stated, spawn from any heart, and to embody the victory of good over perversity, the latter had to be a personification of that dilemma. This was not overlooked either.

Otherwise, they paid no attention to his blasphemies, for they'd be reduced to nothing by his banishment. And so they buried him alive, in a box within another box, as deep as they could dig, and then covered on rocks which were blessed by the priests. Only then, the villagers smiled, feeling the satisfaction of a fulfilled moral duty.

From that point, Evil would plague Man no more. They raised their hands and began chanting, but then stopped in horror, a chilling realization sinking in under the dying sun of the dusk.

Their hands were all now covered, forever, in red and black.


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My Experience as a Fate Writer.

"So in fact," they lectured me, "the principles of the Third Magic don't collide with the previous laws and limitations upon the system set by Nasu, they just happen to override them whenever the proper use of the correct Magic Circuits is applied upon the Reality Marble, thus bypassing the law of conservation of magic rather than rewriting it, except when it does, but that's only whenever Aoko wakes in the wrong side of the bed this morning!"

I blinked. "Um, sorry, I think I didn't get like half of that. Do I have to read Kagetsu Tohya, then...?"

They glared at me. "Get out of here, fucking secondary."


I blinked. "Okay! I guess I can start writing in full about this now! The franchise has gotten a lot more widespread, so odds are I'll be allowed more creative leeway and slack at the research now. A pity we had to lose Tsukihime, I barely remember any of it anymore beyond how much I liked Ciel, but that's life..."


"So after that," they told me, "I farmed for apples and got this CE Bond after grinding my Merlin to Bond 7 with my friend's Heracles! Aren't you excited about the rerun of NeroFest lasting this whole month? I'll use it to burn my One Stars to get more buffs for my Three Stars, and then hopefully I can roll for Castoria and level all my Busters and Arts! What about you?"

I blinked. "Um, sorry, I didn't understand absolutely anything of that. I don't play it, I just follow the lore, actually, and I only asked when did you think we'd get another new Servant, it's been three months now..."

They glared at me. "Get out of here, fucking secondary!"


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