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Fear the Superhero has updated to Chapter 15.
I've been quite enjoying that story.

But I do wish the ending on that newest chapter was a little better... Even rereading it I found it disjointed and seemed rushed...

Despite that, still look forward to more.


The Sentient Fanfic Search Engine mk II
It will do that if you are using IE... IE per microsoft is to be phased out 6/15/2022, but many companies have for months been refusing to allow it access to their sites, that includes both Google search and


California Crackpot
Nope. Using Firefox. It works on Edge, but I don't like Edge.


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Well, the first eight chapters are on AO3 : Fear the Superhero

It is also supposed to be on SB and QQ, but I don't go there.
Any particular reason why? QQ at least is great. SB has its ups and downs.