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“Come on, you can’t just leave it at that.” Lizard protested. Griselda was quietly grateful; it would be better to clear the air, instead of letting this while she had to converse with the boy about other things.
I feel like there's a verb missing in here somewhere....

Also, a general question:

Will there be an explanation later for the change from Tyrfing to Gram?
Grimlock made a strangled noise. “Are…” He began, before clearing his throat and trying again. “Are you storing cursed tools and Mystic Codes… in a Bible?”
I love Grimlock's frustration here. He wants to complain so much, but he can't, because to everyone else "it's just lore, dude."
Also, I like that, with Grimlock's advice, Hexi was able to multiclass to [Cleric]. The idea of "holy curses" is kind of a wonderful oxymoron, and it fits with his character.
Also also, forgive me, but I'm not well versed enough in mythology to know the implications of renaming the sword to [Gram], rather than [Tyrfing]. Care to shed some light on the key differences?
They're two completely different things. Tyrfing is as described in the story. Gram comes from a completely different part of Norse mythology, where it was the sword used by the hero Sigurd to kill the dragon Fafnir. It was also known as Balmung or Nothung in later German works.

It's comparable to Shirou naming the sword "Arondight" and Hexidecimal calling it "Excalibur" instead.


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Uhh.... Not checking in here meant I missed the update when it came out.

Anyway, good chapter. Love the lore building. Though the prayer bit kind of went over my head, but I'm sleepy at the moment.


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Also, a general question:

Will there be an explanation later for the change from Tyrfing to Gram?
"Later" = "now"
It's embarrassingly simple: I screwed up and typed one, when I meant the other.

It will be fixed when I repost with typo corrections.
2) I dunno if I’ve mentioned this before, but from Griselda’s guild, we had Griselda and Grimlock, right? And then the other named characters were Schmitt, Yulier, and Caynz. And I actually think of those three, Schmitt was the most implicitly interesting. Because while he was used in that arc as “the coward afraid of ghosts”… he was also the only one that was able to Git Gud, joining the DDA on the Front Line. Whereas Yulier and Caynz came up with this whole scheme to nail Grimlock? Meanwhile, Schmitt moved on with his life and became an elite. …Was Griselda’s guild holding him back the whole time? Like I said, interesting. Anyway, I’ve kind of preserved that here; in dialogue he mostly complains like Shaggy from the Scooby Doo crew, but he’s the only Tank, and thus mechanically he’s maybe the most irreplaceable member of the party.
Should the member of Griselda’s guild not be named Yolko insted of Yulier?
I noticed the same confusion of names in the actual chapter as well.