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Well that's... a gross misrepresentation of *that*.
Linda doesn't exactly stick to the canon depiction, this is her own little story.


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I have no idea about the cast/story in that comic strip, but found it cute. :)



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Well that's... a gross misrepresentation of *that*.
What, you're one of those weirdos who think Persephone actually hate Hades and her situation instead of the Hades/Persephone ship being the ONE healthy/functional relationship in the entirety of Olympus ? :p
I'd say it's likely that it started out that way, given that the Greek myth says she was tricked into it.

Doesn't mean it stayed that way.


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Misconceptions on Greek mythology: Hades wasn’t bad or particularly cruel, the dude was a hardass lawful neutral (his wife could make him bend the rules) people just feared him too much, but it was described that only him was basically free of any fear of betrayal; Aphrodite wasn’t a whore, she actually had aspects as a matron and a warrior; Athena wasn’t a saint, she just supported just causes more commonly but she was also a prick, Ares wasn’t a dumb tough guy, that’s the Athenians version, he just loved strength, courage and any demonstration of male virtue (sports, bull fights, wars, etc), Hera and Zeus were actually jerks, but they also were patrons of lawful good and most virtues... So either to our time the myths that survive were born as jokes or plays? Or the greeks had a very different concept of an all good god; Poseidon was actually the second more feared god in all Greece because he had the power of earthquakes tied very closely to Apollo whom could make you sick with his arrows; Artemis was a hardcore lesbian but she actually was a very respected goddess and was basically Ares but with boobies (she loved the hunt, sports, poesy and in her temple only females were admitted)